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  1. We all have songs we love. We have songs we loathe more than anything. Heck, we even have songs that we have trouble forming a concrete opinion on. But WHY do we feel this way about a particular song, or even a particular artist/band? Does it have to do with an emotional connection between the artist and their subject matter? Or the listener to both or either of those things? Or does it have more to do with the theoretical composition, or even the sound production? The answer? Any and all of the above. In this essay, I will I created this thread in the hopes that maybe hearing my thoughts and opinions on songs I love/hate/etc. will help answer this question, or maybe it will inspire you to listen a bit harder to what your ears consume. I will try to apply different perspectives (music theory, emotional response, etc.) to each entry so as to hopefully make good arguments? Idk I sound real pretentious I just really like music lol
  2. "Memories Can't Wait" - Talking Heads
  3. Hell yeah, more power to you, I guess?
  4. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The guitar part is very engaging and the vocals are mostly good (it goes sharp now and again). Who doesn't love a good song about "graduating", whether it be professionally or personally (to a higher state of living). A very driving song. I approve. Rating: 7/10 whipping boys
  5. Florida. What I wouldn't do to get out, lol.
  6. Maybe I'm being a little too pessimistic right now, lol. I'm not a critic, this is the first time I've tried my hand at it.
  7. I like Ween, so I'm already holding my expectations pretty high. So this song is obviously pertaining to the trip one experiences on drugs. Considering that, it encapsulates the concept incredibly accurately. The sweeping effects of the vocals did it for me, personally. The song itself is rather simple, but strangely calming. The lyrics were incredibly interesting, so props to Dean and Gene for those gems, including "Laughing lady liver lover/Ooh, sassy-frassy lassie/Find me the skull of Haile Selassie I". Rating: 7/10 wormlike tips To be honest, I gave that a bit of thought. I'm still out to lunch about it, but I have this concrete perception of what a song should be. Call me old school, call me pretentious, call me what you will. Please don't be rude.
  8. Alright, so I'm a tad tapped out of the dance songs. I'll be brief with this one. The only thing I enjoyed about this song was the use of brass instruments. It was varied enough to keep the song from getting boring. The generic beat and lack of lyrics, however, took away from the song's potential. Rating: 3/10 waving raccoons
  9. these songs I apologize if you like these songs a lot, because I showed no mercy, dude. I don't really know my opinion of Firestarter. On the one hand, the lyrics are strange, but I can tell a lot of thought and meaning was put in, and it shows. The beat was okay, but the music left much to be desired. Chord progression was completely absent. I danced about and all, but I didn't enjoy the song itself. Should definitely be saved for background music at clubs. Rating: 3/10 somber men in striped sweaters When I turned on "No Good (Start the Dance)", I was relieved to hear a chord progression (I'm sorry, but I need chord progressions in order to tolerate a song). However, it was basically more of the same thing, and this time it hardly contributed anything lyrically. Rating: 3.5/10 spinning men in sunglasses "Voodoo People" was, again, more of the same thing to me. But the middle section and lack of lyrics turned me off to anything else the song had to offer. Rating: 2/10 tire swings
  10. Okay, so there's not much to this song, but to be honest there doesn't really need to be. It's meant to be a song for dancing, not for leisurely listening, which is part of the reason why I could hardly get through the entire thing. I don't remember there even being any music in the song, but a back beat and the shouting of dance instructions. It wasn't a fun song to listen to, but it would probably be a good one to dance to. Or, perhaps, it can just play in the background at a party or dance as background music. Either way, the song has little merit musically, but it definitely doesn't suck because of what it is trying to be. 4/10 Orlando jerseys Stay tuned for more!
  11. Where do I even begin with this song. To be honest, when I first heard of this song, I couldn't begin to imagine that it was an actual song, one produced by serious companies by serious artists in order to be taken seriously. Imagine my disappointment when I actually HEARD the damn thing. Before I get to my biggest deal with the song, let's delve into the musical composition. The chord progression isn't too shabby, but the synth is completely abused in this song. I hate to break it to ya, Aqua, but blaring synth with a slight calypso theme and beat with a faint song of an acoustic guitar is not how you balance a song. The girl's voice, in the nicest words I can put it in, is incessantly annoying. Nasal and bright, just how we imagine our good ol' Barbie dolls to sound. Not only that, but what is up with Ken? I mean, is the male voice trying to overcompensate here? I don't get it. And is that an accent, and is it or is it not intentional? Need I mention the weird haircut he's sporting? Blech. BEYOND THAT, however, lies my freakin' issue with this crock of crap. This song practically sets back the feminist movement twenty years with it's talk of objectifying women as if they were nothing but little playthings for the big boys to control and "undress everywhere". It makes me sick how a message like that is completely okay to put on the radiowaves. I honestly hope I'm missing the point of this song, folks, and please tell me if I am. I'm convinced that this song is truly one of the worst, if not THE worst song to come out of the '90s. Rating: 1/10 detached arms More on the way! Sorry for such a downer!
  12. To answer your question, you could suggest albums, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'll review them. I'm thinking that I will only do albums occasionally, or not as often as I review individual songs. Feel free to suggest, though, because I will most likely give it a listen!
  13. Ah, I recognize this. Alright, so I'm not the biggest fan of the intro before the music kicks in ("Dee-groovy!"), but technically, that isn't part of the song itself, so I'm not letting the first impression faze me. The "dee-groovy" bass line was complex enough to not get taxing by the end of the song. The beat seemed incredibly promising until it broke until generic repetition around 0:46. The singer did a pretty good job with the first verse, but brought nothing all that special to the table until the chorus ("Groove is in the heart"). I regained most of my faith in the song when the saxophones were introduced, and I appreciated their role in the instrumental. The video is colorful and fun, although it strains the eyes at time. All-in-all a good song to boogie down to when it was at its peak. However, that's all it really CAN be. The term "club song" describes its full potential. Rating: 5/10 fake fur coats Don't worry, guys and gals, I'm working on the other reviews as you read this (if I haven't gotten to them already), so stay tuned!
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