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  1. Ditto. Been watching the good ol' episodes on Amazon. Happy anniversary to my homie SpongeBob!
  2. Saw the movie yesterday and I might as well review it while it's still fresh in my head. This movie definitely took it up a notch from the original - and from someone who absolutely adores the first movie, that's saying a lot. Honestly, I was expecting it to be of "meh" quality, especially after seeing the trailers, but it ended up blowing me out of the water in the best way possible. First I must address my three major worries that I had before seeing the movie: - The animated scenes were going to be of season-4-and-beyond quality. - The live-action scenes were going to take up the majority of the film. - The movie was going to mainly rely on cheap jokes and would try too hard to be hip and relevant. Instead I got: - The kind of SpongeBob storytelling that got me and everyone else into the fandom in the first place. - About two-thirds of the movie taking place in good old 2D Bikini Bottom (I guess 2½D in the 3D version) - The movie keeping me in stitches with its dialogue, jokes, and the right amount of randomness that was superb, even for pre-season 4 standards. One criticism that I would have in terms of the plot is that the movie seemed to be dealing with two conflicts: the Krabby Patty famine apocalypse and Burger Beard the Pirate. Even though they did a good job intertwining them, it kind of felt like I was watching two different movies at certain parts. That aside, I was very pleased to see that every main character-- especially Sandy, who was snubbed in the first movie-- had an important role to play. If I had to pick some of favorite moments, they would have to be the parts with SpongeBob and Plankton. And yes, those time machine scenes were TRIPPY AS HELL (that Pharrell song kept making me want to dance in my seat). The best scene had to be when they meet Bubbles the Dolphin. That was simply the most epic WTF moment in SpongeBob's history. I could go on and on about this movie, but to sum it up: two thumbs through the roof! I definitely want to make a point of seeing it again during its 3D run and maybe catch some stuff that I may have missed. Seriously, go see this movie. Even Mr. Krabs would agree that it's worth every penny.
  3. Wow, trailer did not disappoint. Shut up and take my money, as they say. SpongeBob seems to have his newer-season design, though, in cartoon form. Hope his character won't be much of a problem.
  4. I'd do away with SpongeBob. Let his cousin Stanley run the game from now on.
  5. It's hailing ping-pong balls outside!!!
  6. Pizza Delivery Ah yes, a good old buddy episode-- at least as SpongeBob would put it. Some of SpongeBob's most memorable antics are showcased throughout, as well as Squidward's grumpiness and his roll as the straight man. One of my favorite moments is when they are trying to find something to eat and Squidward tries to tempt SpongeBob into eating the pizza. Just that evil look on Squidward's face was priceless. As I recall this is the first episode in which SpongeBob cries (something that is heavily exploited in recent seasons). This scene is quite moving as we see Squidward still has sympathy for the yellow guy as he shows the rude customer what for. Gotta love those subtle bonding moments. Home Sweet Pineapple This episode is another example of humor that is well-timed and not too overwhelming. In my opinion, the whole nighttime scene with Patrick's rock is to SpongeBob SquarePants what the chocolate conveyer-belt scene is to I Love Lucy. I mean, how could you not love "SPIDERS! GET 'EM OFF ME!" or Squidward absentmindedly letting SpongeBob into his bed? One thing I must point out is that the cel animation really stands out in this episode, whether it be when SpongeBob's house is shrinking around him or when the background turns with the wrench. We'll never get a classic like this ever again.
  7. Boating School How appropriate I'm watching this episode on the day I finally get my own car! This one is also worthy of the "classic" title. In fact, it's one of the earliest SpongeBob episodes that I remember watching and that got me instantly hooked on the show. Here we are introduced to the female equivalent of Squidward, Mrs. Puff. (Come to think of it, why haven't those two gotten together yet?) Yet again, SpongeBob is eager and determined to pass his boating exam, only to fail for the 38th time. Being the season-one-only mentor that he is, Patrick decides to feed SpongeBob notes during the test on how to flawlessly drive a boat. Yes, I know what you're thinking. How in the deep blue does Patrick know so much about boating when he doesn't get his own license till season four? Back to the point, this was a very charming episode. My favorite scene is when Patrick is just randomly trying on SpongeBob's clothes and snooping through his diary. Also, you gotta give Sponge props for his integrity. After all, cheaters never prosper, am I right?
  8. The summer temperature is starting to hit here. Right now it's been raining periodically.
  9. Naughty Nautical Neighbors At this point, we can start to see where the show's trademark humor started to really kick off. While this episode's premise was simple in nature, it wasn't as slow-paced as "Jellyfishing," and had some of the most appropriately timed gags anyone could ask for. The bubble-messenger scene in the beginning had many quotable lines such as, "Well, I think you're ugly! Yellow is ugly! Pbbt!" It's probably one of Patrick's most unexpected comeback lines that are later revisited in "New Student Starfish." SpongeBob and Patrick's bonding attempts with Squidward were just downright hilarious. There's just too many great moments to list .You could tell the writers had a blast coming up with each scene. Also, I don't know what it is, but something about Squidward's "Oh-ho! My back!" quote at the end always gets me.
  10. Plankton! Here we got introduced to the mainstay villain of the show: Plankton. Yes, he's cute. Yes, he's physically harmless. But man oh man, his superior intellect (as he would like to believe, that is) can sure make a dent on this little underwater society. Yet I can't help but feel sorry for the guy, especially during the scene when Plankton was trying to bond with SpongeBob to get him a birthday present. Sure, it was a ruse, but it seemed like he had a chance to become best buds with SpongeBob. Wouldn't we all love to see that? Wait for my "F.U.N" review for more.
  11. Jellyfishing If you're not a fan of Squidward abuse, this is probably one of your least favorite episodes. Boy, Squidward sure takes a pounding in this one... yet it's still timed at a pace that makes it funny. Staying true to the characters' original natures, it is made clear that SpongeBob and Patrick are under the assumption that Squidward's their best friend and have no intention of bugging him. If anything, Squidward really stands out as a complete grouch who would rather stick to his solitary biking routine than spend time with friends who mean well. The entire jellyfishing scene is played out pretty calmly, even during the big jellyfish confrontation -- a format you'll only find in season 1. Oftentimes the best kind of humor is the kind that doesn't over-complicate itself.
  12. Ripped Pants I don't think I've ever truly appreciated this episode until I watched it again this morning. If there's any episode truly deserving of the "classic" label, it's this one. First off, we're introduced to Larry's braggart yet somewhat likable character as he entertains Sandy with his incredible strength. Feeling jelly, SpongeBob tries to out-lift him to no avail, then turns to the only thing he knows best aside from patty-flipping: slapstick. Sure, the old ripped-pants gag was old to begin with, but luckily it's able to leave Sandy in stitches every time. That is, until he goes over the line by pretending to drown and quickly becomes another beach reject. I swear, this whole scenario sent me on a total feels trip. I just wanted to hug ol' spongey and say, "I know that feel, bro." Having a sense of humor myself, I know how it is to accidentally do or say the wrong thing and feeling rejected afterwards. Many of the children watching this show might not pick up on the message of the Ripped Pants song at the end, but man, is it the truth. Be true to yourself, don't miss your chance, and you won't end up like the fool who ripped his pants. Heartwarming, indeed.
  13. Bubblestand So, we're introduced to another one of SpongeBob's trademark hobbies: bubble blowing. This episode is a perfect example of how SpongeBob episodes with very simple premises can take some unexpected turns. SpongeBob's eagerness to mentor bubble-blowing novices through his incredible patience and wacky "technique" makes his character even more lovable. The Squidward abuse at the end was a tad bit depressing, but was carried out in a very mild manner compared to more recent episodes - almost like he just hit a bumpy road, is all. One interesting tidbit to point out is that this is the first episode where Patrick shows signs of stupidity... back when the writers knew the difference between "dimwitted" and "annoying."
  14. Tea at the Treedome One thing I adore about the very early episodes is their simplicity. While this story format only could have worked for so long, it's really a joy to go back and see how the writers cautiously pioneered this show. Sandy's character introduction was definitely amusing to say the least, and we got to see more of the wackiness that stems from SpongeBob's naivete. Watching this episode at my current age, I can't help but relate the pinky-out thing to how so many people try so hard to impress others with pointless tips their friends give them, only to end up making fools of themselves. If SpongeBob had been himself the whole time, he wouldn't have suffered so much. But man oh man, was it fun to watch!
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