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  1. WumboJack Horseman

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    17. "What is he doing? All these tears... and the show tunes?" Welcome to the Chum Bucket, 166 points (9 of 32 lists. 2 #1 votes - jjs/Trophy) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Chum_Bucket Trophy: 18th in 2015 and 16th in 2015, my favorite episode is climbing up the lists, should be top 15 this year and if I'm lucky it may even make the top 10 in the list after this one in 2020! *gets notification for commentary spot* ....at least now it placed 18th, 17th, and 16th...hahaha Welcome to the Chum Bucket has remained my absolute favorite episode for years, and given how volatile my list is that never changing once for nearly half a decade says a lot. This episode has everything going for it. A believable setup where Krab's greed costs him (or because Plankton cheated, admittedly that line was a little bit forced in as an afterthought) SpongeBob is in character due to him not seeing Plankton as a serious threat and the thought of them playing cards every week despite being enemies while being funny, also shows that the animosity doesn't bleed over too much and they're somewhat friendly there. Krabs honors that he lost by not trying to steal SpongeBob, and this leads for an interesting showing of two dynamics. Even though Krabs showed his greed by betting his contract and can't try to get him back, we still see SpongeBob genuinely miss his boss and vice versa. The beginning scene shows them laughing together as friends as well as their boss/employee relationship, thus setting up the rest of the episode as one of SpongeBob's hardest hitting emotional episodes, all over something as simple as a fry cook job. Krabs does know it tanks his business given the bit with the closing sign, but besides that bit which was used as effective humor, his screentime is shown mourning for his mistake and moping over the fact that he can't do anything. Plankton has a stranglehold over SpongeBob and he lost a valued person to him, and SpongeBob missing Krabs sorely is shown as well and the impact hits harder than the typical "SpongeBob blindly likes his boss episode". I know this only got focus in the beginning and with the song, but this is the epitome of what the Krabs/SpongeBob dynamic should be like: boss/father and employee/son, and great friends. It wasn't shown by them being friendly, but instead by them being so broken over the separation. Where Krabs dynamic covers the emotional aspect of this episode, Plankton balances this with humor. Given that SpongeBob has to honor his contract (shown since he didn't quit his contract) Plankton only has to get him to make the patty. Problem is, he's an emotional wreck. Luckily for us Plankton makes sure this episode isn't melodramatic. After every impactful emotional scene we get something funny. At the announcement of losing the game Plankton tears apart their relationship with the crowbar. After SpongeBob arrives at the Chum Bucket he acts like a dictator. After the song he acts too kind and then fails with the robot chef. Plankton's role is the foil to Krabs in SpongeBob and it's used effectively enough for me to adore this episode. Doing the labor and work himself instead of SpongeBob was a brilliant switch from the expected, and his robo chef threat failed in a hilarious way. On the surface it's smart as it kept SpongeBob in line, but it's still SpongeBob's brain. To make it work at that point he'd need brainwashing technology but he's already reasonable driven insane by SpongeBob's behavior. Then he crawls back to Krabs for one last scene of him in agonizing defeat, one that I was glad to see as he still ruined the Krabs/SpongeBob relationship. At the end of the day, WttCB is the best episode by balancing the dynamic between Plankton and Krabs for a well rounded and compelling episode. The only flaws I see are really nitpicky, but I can easily overlook them for just how well tjis episode handles what it portrays. Maybe I'm looking too much into it, but this episode has always had a shocking amount of depth to it that has caused it to be my favorite. Wumbo: "This Grill Is Not a Home" is one of the most effective yet simple song sequences the show has ever done. That's something this episode gets done really well in general: emotion through simplicity. We get to see a deeper dimension through Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob's relationship simply based on the virtue of them being apart. You really feel for SpongeBob in this one as he gets transported to an unfamiliar and even scary environment. "The sign says kitchen, but my heart says jail" is such an affecting quote, the perfect one to lead into the song. But if the episode were just a cry-fest, it might be a bit of a downer. That's why it's great to have Plankton around to push the comedic moments. Clearly not standing for any of this, he tries everything he can to get SpongeBob to cook him a Krabby Patty, to no avail, even going so far as to place his brain into a robot. He definitely gets the best lines in the episode from start to end; his lack of empathy serves as a great. comedic contrast to Krabs and SpongeBob. This episode is fantastic the whole way through, and made it as high as #8 on my list this year. Always glad to see it on the list.
  2. WumboJack Horseman

    What else should I do?

    I've always thought your animation reviews were where you really shine, and it seems like the thing you're most passionate about. That gets my vote!
  3. WumboJack Horseman

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    18. "Hmm, that's two things in this house that won't work." Can You Spare a Dime?, 160 points (10 of 32 lists. 1 #1 vote - Prez) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Can_You_Spare_a_Dime%3F Trophy: Sorry to all the Steels and 4ever's out there, but this was 14th on my list this year and it deservedly belongs in the top 20. It took a while for me to truly appreciate this one as one of the funniest Squidward episodes but the best thing here is that nobody is exactly morally wrong. Krabs loses something sentimental, Squidward had the best chance of stealing it even though he didn't, and SpongeBob did spoil him too much thus raising Squid's expectations. Gags such as alphabet soup, the puppet show, SpongeBob dressing as a maid and more were enough to have this make my top 15. The only thing preventing it from being a bit higher is that the dime being in Krabs pants felt like a leap even for SpongeBob, but it's still one of those things bizarre enough for me to find funny and overlook. More: You don’t know how ecstatic I am that this episode surged up so far on the list this year. After some serious consideration I decided to put this in my Top 10, right at #9. This is nothing short of a masterfully crafted episode. Not a single frame was wasted; every sentence and joke helped carry the story. It’s packed with gags that help with the turning points, like the sudden transition to Squidward losing his home after bragging about how he’ll become a Spaceball playing mustache in England (Did I say that right?), the montage of SpongeBob’s good deeds, the French narrator changing mid-way, and the really cutthroat puppet show. It’s such a mature move that it literally cuts through time like this to emphasize how much of a spoiled brat Squidward became and show how SpongeBob suffered as a result. The role-reversal is excellently portrayed. I don’t know if it’s SpongeBob’s fault for not pushing him to get a job or if it’s a result of Krab’s pettiness (in fact, I don’t even know who’s in the wrong at any point, which is good nuance) but it adds a unique attitude that’s very satisfying as it all concludes when SpongeBob snaps. Definitely recommend this one, it’s hilarious and incredibly rewatchable.
  4. WumboJack Horseman

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    19. "We shall never deny a guest, even the most ridiculous request!" Krusty Towers, 151 points (10 of 32 lists. Highest Ranking: #3, Clappy) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Krusty_Towers SOF: this episode is great, from what I can tell, it has good jokes, the animation was decent, and all this Squidward vs Krabs slapstick is hilarious. I think the reason why it made me laugh a few times is that how everything was done in such a simple plot. Overall, another good episode from s4 IMO. OWM: Krusty Towers is one of the most fun, crazy and ridiculous episodes ever produced. The hotel itself is literally just twenty Krusty Krabs stacked up on each other, which is funny enough, but it only gets better. I like how everything that goes on in the hotel is completely dependent on the “deny no guest” plaque, and it gets taken to its full advantage. The best relationship in the episode has to be between Squidward and Patrick. Their entire scene at the front desk is absolute gold. Patrick’s complete unawareness is awesome and extremely quotable. “I didn’t know there’d be a test! I DIDN’T STUDY!” “This is a hotel?” Squidward having to put up with Patrick’s basic needs and getting nothing in return is fantastic as well. My favorite scenes have to be Squidward getting payment with a rock (and him motioning to throw it Patrick, lmao) and the peeled patty and how ridiculous it looks. Quotes are also everywhere here too. “I’m Squidward, and I have to work for a living!” “He said he didn’t wanna bother you. But he got over it!” However, this episode doesn’t truly pick up until Squidward makes the switch from employee to guest. His demands are even more hysterical and ridiculous, and I love seeing Mr. Krabs having to eat his own words while catering to Squidward’s every need. The misleading wordplay with the cheese, toenails and nose hair is a lot of fun, and also the Mrs. Tentacles scene. The misdirection there is so goddamn amazing and I love the way SpongeBob just smacks the bag with the shovel.
  5. WumboJack Horseman

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    I get that you may be more inclined to pick episodes to make the list to fit in more with the consensus. Believe me, you of all people I can understand taking that position. But part of what makes these lists so great is the diversity of opinion and thought. I'd hate to see your list be completely overhauled in favour of episodes you think are going to make the list, rather than ones you want to make the list. That goes for anyone, by the way.
  6. WumboJack Horseman

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    Yeah uh dude This isn't what you were supposed to do, and I was okay with picking a crowd favourite for your #1 but had I known you did the whole list this way I honestly would not have counted it.
  7. WumboJack Horseman

    Photoshoppin' and stuff.

    In Which All My Pics Are Broken Links
  8. WumboJack Horseman

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    20. "Until I know who the real Mr. Krabs is, nobody moves, nobody gets hurt!" (i know this isn't a very representative image of the episode but come on how could i not) Imitation Krabs, 148 points (10 of 32 lists. Highest Ranking: #2, Trophy) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Imitation_Krabs Trophy: I'm going to be completely honest: I love Plankton episodes. Each of my top 4 this year happened to be a Plankton episode, but this one as my second and my favorite have stayed as my top 2 for nearly half a decade while the others are new editions. Imitation Krabs is one of two episodes that are completely untouchable for my rankings, and it's always been a favorite. It has a pretty solid plot and uses SpongeBob's naivety in his trust of Mr Krabs to the extreme, and the interrogation scene where Plankton uses his knowledge of the Krusty Krab to his advantage was brilliant. While some may find the coin destruct a bit weak, it's honestly ironic enough for me to love it. Speaking of the humor, it is hands down the single best episode at comedy. From Plankton having to do this hour long routine, Krabs telling SpongeBob to not rip people's heads off, and even Squidward seeing the obvious phony and starting to care about it before taking his day off, every single bit of this episode shows greatness unlike no other but my absolute favorite. This may not be my number one, but I'll praise this episode just as much. Even though it's slowly climbing through the list, I'm glad to see this crack the top 20 and sincerely hope that one day it can even make the top 10. It fully deserves the recognition there. jjs: Imitation Krabs has always been a hilarious and fun ride for me, enough to be #3 on my personal list. The concept of itself is a fun one, but what really sells it is the comedy and execution. Things like the Bikini Bottom National Anthem and SpongeBob's general shenanigans with Robo Krabs make this an entertaining episode. It's a really interesting insight into how SpongeBob's naivety can be taken advantage of, and it manages to form a well-structured episode with this concept.
  9. WumboJack Horseman

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    21. "The only people who don't like Krabby Patties have never tasted one!" Just One Bite, 141 points (13 of 32 lists. 1 #1 vote - Wintermelon) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Just_One_Bite WhoBob: Sometimes when a joke gets told too many times, it loses its touch. That's what happened to me with some of the classic episodes like Chocolate With Nuts, a great episode but its jokes were quoted a lot that I can't find myself laughing at them. This is an exception for an episode like this one. It has some of the most popular moments in the show's history like grinning SpongeBob face, "I have no soul" and closeup of Squidward's ugly face still work as great jokes after many years and those aren't the only ones. I love SpongeBob desperately trying to make Squidward eat a patty. The whole aspect of Squidward being obsessed with Krabby Patties to a point of him dreaming of having a patty wife cracks me up so much and it's also a much better here than To Love a Patty. You know what else I love about this episode? It's a story about giving a food we've never tried a chance. Sometimes we get tired of people shoving food we haven't tried in our faces when we can't find the food appetizing, so Squidward's reaction to Krabby Patty came off as normal here. But that doesn't mean food you haven't tried is bad. The episode gave us the message of giving foods a chance but it also told us to never carry away with it or else your body explodes like Squidward's did at the end. Or maybe I'm just giving this episode too much credit here but still this episode is one of the funniest and the most memorable episodes of all-time. Wumbo: When putting together my best list this year, I looked for the episodes that have one corner of the market of what makes SpongeBob great locked down. And for my money, Just One Bite has the best facial expressions the series has ever had. This episode gave us "does this look unsure to you?", the image above, and this, to name a few. But good facial expressions does not alone make a good episode. That's why it's so great to have these moments in an episode with an engaging plot. I love episodes that feature a lot of sneaking around and deception; Squidward's quest to taste another Krabby Patty, and the trials and tribulations he goes through to do so, are downright inspiring. Add in SpongeBob to the mix, comically misunderstanding Squidward's motivations after the display he saw, and you have yourself an episode full of laugh-out-loud moments and great character conflict. This episode, in fact, does have a lot of soul to it, which can be attributed to the power of the almighty Krabby Patty. Just don't eat too many at once.
  10. WumboJack Horseman

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    22. "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" Sailor Mouth, 137 points (11 of 32 lists. Highest Ranking: #4, CDCB/Pat the Horse) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Sailor_Mouth
  11. WumboJack Horseman

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    23. "Hospitals, schools, retirement homes, and even ye olde bowling alley..." Dunces and Dragons, 131 points (12 of 32 lists. Highest Ranking: #3, SOF) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Dunces_and_Dragons More: Wow, were Season 4’s specials fantastic. While Have You Seen this Snail succeeded with its simple emotional core, Dunces and Dragons excelled by going all-out with adventure, action, and amazing settings and jokes. The balance between all these elements was just perfect, it simultaneously threw jokes at us every second while building up tension and action as they weaved more characters like Squidly, The Dark Night, and Planktonimor in and built up the stakes so that you’d wonder if the main cast could even manage to beat the dragon. Ironically they released the tension with Krabby Patties which was a fun SpongeBob spin on things. So much was explored and shown in this it’s hard to point out the sources of all of it. The brilliant art direction helps pay a lot of tribute to classic stories while poking fun at the tropes in a way only SpongeBob could. Every single joke is perfectly timed, the animation is perfectly choreographed, and the story never ceases to disappoint. So much inspiration clearly went into its creation. The only way I could see the episode being improved would be if it were given a sequel and a video game release, that’s how good this is.
  12. WumboJack Horseman

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    24. "Maybe I should stop making people smell me." Roller Cowards, 115 points (9 of 32 lists. Highest Ranking: #3, Honest Slug) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Roller_Cowards homie: If there's any proof that season 5 is a lot more brilliant of a season than most viewers give it credit for, Roller Cowards is that. Some really great jokes tie this episode together like the conditions for riding the Fiery Fist O'Pain, SpongeBob and Patrick literally falling into their own graves, Patrick being forced to take a picture with Glovey, and some of the best characterization of SpongeBob and Pat's friendship in post-movie mainly due to their mutual attempts to get the other to not ride the Fiery Fist O'Pain. There's a super refreshing plot here with a new location and a few characters to bounce SpongeBob and Patrick off of, plus Patrick fighting himself in the bathroom against SpongeBob hitting himself with his ice cream is one of the best single moments in season five. More: One thing I think almost every Season 5 episode had in common is that they weaned away from more mature humor and simplified the stories to make it more appealing for children. Sometimes we get Waiting where that means making the characters as annoying as possible, or Atlantis where they boiled them down to them singing about one already established trait to appeal to the kiddos. But when they handle it well, you get what’s arguably one of the most relatable conflicts of everyone’s childhood and one of the best tests of SpongeBob and Patrick’s friendship in the series. SpongeBob and Patrick both trying to act so kind to each other that they hide the fact that they’re terrified of the coaster to each other feels very genuine, but it also adds a lot of rising tension as they both want to impress one another. There’s a good balance showing when it’s appropriate to act courageous and when to tell the truth. The first time you watch it, the conflict was raised so high that you’d wonder if they would even go on the ride before it’s too late. The episode is packed with jokes at every corner which only emphasizes how absurd everything is, some of my favorites included when SpongeBob was having a conversation with the ice cream cone (was it alive?), the part where they were scared the old man was injured by the ride (when it was really pre-existing), and when even the Mitten terrified the two in contrast to the baby. This is bar none Season 5’s best episode and it’s up there with the best episodes of pre-movie. --- Commentators! How are you finding the commentary responsibilities? I'm trying to get at least two people per episode, but if things are getting too hectic I can dial it back a bit to one. Let me know!
  13. hopefully we finally go back to cracking down on the real evil: double posting congrats everyone!
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