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  1. ...And it turns out S9 will be MLP:FiM's last season. Thoughts? I was guessing that the series could have a 10 year long run, but I've also had this feeling like S9 could be the very last. Once this series ends, I'm hoping that it ends on a very remarkable note. This series has always never disappointed me, so I bet it will.
  2. This is the closest thing to your Eminem review, so I'm definitely down for this.
  3. Hey, does anyone remember when this was supposed to come out last year? Due to excessive changes in Nickelodeon's executive staff (and I believe this is a consequence from Cyma stepping down from her position), Static Cling's release is indefinitely on hold until we get another official word from Nick. It's even more depressing to think that Enter the Florpus! will end up being delayed as well for that same reason. And I thought that even if Nickelodeon goes through all these management changes, the company would be giving Static Cling their full support because Rocko = Stephen Hillenburg = SpongeBob = "O U R M A R V E L U N I V E R S E "
  4. I know it has been a while since the last episode, but new eps are on the way. There's just another series that I have to focus on first. However, while you wait, here's a very handy guide to the main characters of this spin-off: Norwegian-Malay-Ukrainian-French-Hawaiian Spongebob Squarepants SpongeBob Pants' The yellow anthropomorphic coatstone is shaped like double coconut cream for soft and white, white, and pink. He stays in a playground and works as a restaurant in a fast-food restaurant called Cruise Crab. He graduated from high school in politics, but he never went; The lack of car license is a little ridiculous of this feature. She has a great deal of passion and passion for her work and her friends. Bob Sponge Bob is also involved in tahili, red, playing with his favorite Patrick and the harm to his Skywird community. German-Luxembourgish-Sinhala-Chinese-Swedish Patrick Stal Patrick Starr has a pink chain and floral decorations that run under the rocks. His most famous role is his extremely low intelligence. He is SpongeBob's best girlfriend, knows the difficulties and difficulties with ignorance. Usually, Patrick usually does not have many job opportunities. But each chapter tells the story. He can usually be slow and relaxed, but can be as aggressive as a real star. Hausa-Turkish-Bosnian-Russian-Greek Scandalous plots Tentacles Squidward is a top quality octopus that works as a customer at Krusti (Latvian for 'Cross') Crab. Spongebob's neighbor is very close to a dry, cynical lack of sensation. He thinks he is an artist and a musician, but nobody knows what he can. Playing in the clarinet and hanging in his house Moai presents the pictures in his body. Though he does not want Spongebob and Patrick, they do not care about his behavior and they think he's a friend. Haitian Creole-Japanese-Urdu-Nepali-Azerbaijani Mr. Club Yuen Kakab is a creative crocodile pastry restaurant owned by Spin's Red Cakeb. Self sufficient, excellent and worth the money and value. She lives with her daughter in the Bible, Pearl, a candle. He does not spend money, but there are many efforts to make the pearl happy. Compared to the needs of their staff, their property is more concerned. He wants to talk about the navy as serious and surfing, wheels, sea bands and bandits. Turkish-Gujarati-Marathi-Norwegian-Bulgarian plankton Sheldon Plankton and Karen Plankton are owners of failed restaurants, against Crew Crab and Chumb Bucket. His job is a commercial failure because he sells incredible food made from the skin. Plankton is a small plankton keyboard, and Mr. Krebs has been declared an enemy. She is a talented inventor, and Napoleon is her least honor. Hmong-Swahili-Bengali-Malayalam Karen A super computer spokeswoman uses a plan to recover from CRB's secret recipes of Crubs Patrick's. She was married to Plankton and she often used the bucket bucket lab. Punjabi-French-Latvian-Lao-Welsh Sand Street Sandy Gecksx is a Texas Knitty that lives in a water-filled full-colored dome. When a creature comes in to his home, he needs to wear a helmet. Sandy works as a scientist, researcher and researcher. He is enthusiastic about radio sports, such as "Border" and Qatar. She speaks to the southern window and uses the name and expression of her joint committee. Swahili-Finnish-Urdu-Mongolian-Catalan Mrs. Puff Puff works as a boat instructor in Paranoo (Finnish for 'Paranoa'), a boat training center and a boat driver. He wore a suit and his school was a little bigger. SpongeBob is a very talented student and knows the answers to each oral question about the test, but it is sad to get to the board. When he's scared, he's going to put himself to the ball. Malagasy-Persian-Uzbek-Sesotho-Tamil The decorations of the cross Pearl Crabs is a woman's nurse and crabs. He wanted to share with his colleagues, but he did not see them at the meeting. Krusty Grab is growing when he is growing up with his father, but he has no problem in school and family affairs. Berlin's comfortable relaxation bottle Bottom Mall uses his father's credit card, buying things and listening to pop music. Maltese-Hungarian-Afrikaans-Urdu-Sundanese Gree - Rasa (Indonesian for 'flavor') Abu-Batin did the slime of the sea Spongebob live in this house and sing a finger-like analog. Although it is only a talk with the museum, but other characters can understand and speak. As expected to be a powerful role, Gary often functions as an excuse to cause Spongebob and have complete answers. Pink skin almost bloody.
  5. Maybe I've laid it a little too thick on my thoughts of the announcement (and I bet now some of you know how I felt when I tried to convince some of you that we were judging the third movie a little too much/too quickly). Most of my complaints were directed towards the article itself, as I felt it just shows Nickelodeon's desperation to keep its audience and how they're still very reliant towards their biggest hit. I did not make the assumption that this is against Hillenburg's wishes, but it's kinda tasteless for Nick to announce plans to make SpongeBob spin-offs when news about his death is still fresh in our eyes. I'd also want to at least see if any member of SB's current staff has any say towards Nick's decision to make a new SpongeBob series. I'll be fair and say that whatever spin-off we get that's based on the original series, I hope that it's actually good. I'm still probably never going to get over the "It's our Marvel Universe" comment though.
  6. SW-5754-2541-4805 I very likely won't be using my Switch until the next Animal Crossing or Pokemon game comes out, but I'm open to some adds. Just ask permission from me before I could add you as a friend.
  7. Okay...I know this is coming from the guy who made like 100+ posts going to the defense of the third movie, but this is the point where I feel like Nickelodeon/Paramount/Viacom needs to stop. The sad thing about this news is that three of these entities all own SpongeBob in some form. The creator and staff had no complete rights to this series and of course, they have no control against the companies' call for their ideas for spin-offs. As for this whole pledge towards making spin-offs, I'm going to honest, I called it years ago when I said that SpongeBob is such a timeless series to the point where the franchise may be able to continue thriving through possibly reboots or spin-offs, whether we'd like it or not. Well, here we are with Nickelodeon opening the doors for new SpongeBob shows, but I'm not excited about this news at all. First of all, I think a spin-off series for SpongeBob being announced would make sense if the show had already ended its run, but this news is being announced while SpongeBob SquarePants is still running and is still nowhere near its end. Second of all, this news is being announced just a mere few months after Stephen Hillenburg's death. Because of that distinction, this move towards making SpongeBob spin-offs speaks nothing more to me than the greedy threesome trying to profit off someone's death. Like, nowhere does this news say that this project plan is dedicated to Hillenburg's contributions to the show, nor did they say that these spin-offs will continue to let Hillenburg's influence rub off on its viewers. This entire article is all about trying to keep Nickelodeon alive by announcing this move (among others) to make new shows based around the SpongeBob universe. I get it, cable is struggling, as it's acknowledged in the very first line...: In an era when young TV viewers are increasingly abandoning the traditional TV screen, Brian Robbins wants to make it very difficult for kids to give up on Nickelodeon. ...but there are ways to keep a stable audience without being so desperate. Brian Robbins can go eff himself. "That's our Marvel Universe." Let me be frank with you, mister. SpongeBob is NOT Marvel, and it was never made so it could be as big of a market as Marvel, nor Disney, Hanna-Barbera, DC, etc. etc. Stephen Hillenburg is NOT Walt Disney. All those jokes people have made about how very reliant Nick is towards SpongeBob and how the series is basically their life support, they have never been truer than ever, and I wish this isn't the fate that SB is clinically forced be stuck with. If this guy is meant to be our new future CEO and the future of Nickelodeon as a whole, then I don't want to live in that future.
  8. Disney really knows how to defy my expectations. I wasn't sure how Disney could manage to write a stellar sequel to Frozen at first, but now I'm very stoked for this. Now we wait for the rest of this film's advertising to be piled high with Olaf clips.
  9. So, how about 2018 in pop music? What? Am I already too late to share my own lists? At the very least, I’m not doing these too early like all of the Toddroids that have been swarming around YouTube. Anyways, my feelings on 2018’s Hot 100 year-end list is like this, in a nutshell: it’s one of those lists where it just felt like pop on autopilot, a similar feeling that I’ve had towards the pop music that represented 2014 and 1997 in their respective year-end lists. And just like every other even-numbered year of 2010s pop that I had to skim through, the bad music easily overshadows the good ones. For two reasons, I’ve made myself wait to get my two lists out. One, I was already preoccupied with writing out my long overdue top 10 list for animation in 2014 and second, forming both lists was not easy for me. To reiterate what Claps and Wumbo have said of their worst songs of the year, I didn’t care so much about most of the songs on my bottom 10 to discuss every one of them at length, and that’s partially because most of my choices are, well…easy targets. That’s not to say, however, that I do not have any outrageous choices on either list of mine, so be on the watch for those. Before I start counting down to my bottom 10, what I’m actually not going to do is list my dishonorable mentions from 2018’s year-end list. My rankings are exclusive to the official year-end list, but I’m going to make do with one particular trend from the Toddroids as I thought it would be more fun if I go beyond the year-end list and talk about the bad music that didn’t rack enough points than to try and elaborate on why I still hate “Shape of You,” why Maroon 5 and XXXTentacion continued to disappoint me and so forth. So, here are some dishonorable mentions to some particular hit songs that just couldn’t hack it, but yet still got under my skin: Dishonorable mentions: Steel’s Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 2018 That wraps up my bottom 10 countdown. I’ll unveil my top 10 soon and I’ll try to get that out before the end of this month.
  10. Surprised that no one has posted this, but this is coming out in just a matter of four days and we've already gotten a trailer for it a couple months back: Remember that one episode of KP where Kim and Ron's adventures were going to turn into a big-budgeted movie (and it was titled "And the Mole Rat Will Be CGI")? If you do, then that's all I need to say to justify why I'm not giving this any of my support besides the my usual "live-action movies based on cartoons have always never worked, so..." argument. Even if it has the creators' names attached to it, I still can't consider myself all in for this.
  11. Wait a minute, did you say "go wild?"
  12. hi, I'm the guy in the sweater who asks all of the obvious questions.

  13. I know there are other reasons people are going against the film, but this exact comment above was what I was exactly referring to when I said it was starting to feel like we're protesting against IAWS even including over a small misnaming from a internet news article, as if it meant that a part of Sandy's name was going to be retconned as well. That in which I don't think is probable.
  14. I haven't even watched all of S8 yet and I already have some good hopes towards S9. I've said it numerous times that MLP:FiM has kept a consistently good quality and I bet most others feel the same way. As for the possibility of G4 ending, I can feel it coming. I don't know much longer until FiM comes to an end, but when it does, I feel like G4's magic will rub off on the forthcoming one and make G5 something to look forward to.
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