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  1. Alright fellas, I've been thinking about reviving this as of now. There is no deadline, but I would at least like to have 5-6 more submissions before I could consider making one. If you have a submission, PM me on here or DM me on Discord (or post it on one of the chatrooms, whichever you prefer).
  2. I have to say, in the grand scheme of the whole controversy surrounding the episode, whether it's about the portrayal of Mr. Krabs' character and how much of a scumbag the writers made him, or when it's about the infamous "suicide joke" I got in a good few petty arguments over in this same thread, what rubs me the wrong way about it is the way how some people romanticized how bad this episode was. Speaking of my past comments, please don't take anything I said on here years ago for granted, I was petty and sensitive with my comments back then and they don't reflect how I am with this episode now. If it makes more sense as to why I was acting so sensitive, I've seen people judging the episode like the whole series, in a general sense, is immoral and offensive, and I wanted to try and dispute that they're over-exaggerating their feelings towards the one scene. After seeing some more misinformation about the episode spread, however, I realized I should've ranted about this in the first place. In the past, people were spreading rumors about how the series creator apparently hates this episode with no legit source to back up that claim, as there were also people claiming that the episode teaches kids to drive other kids into committing suicide, or rather teaching them to bully other kids. Now, people are spreading rumors about how the series staff is personally ashamed of this episode (with one example of those claims being that Clancy Brown is said to have felt uncomfortable recording his character's lines), with no legit source I know of backing up these claims, and it's making me think about how sad it actually is that some people are so willing to defame something that is simply a poorly-written episode of a children's cartoon. Even if this new piece of information is legit, I wouldn't use it as an excuse to paint One Coarse Meal in such a bad light. People hating the episode because of its immorality, I can understand, but people spreading misinformation to justify how controversial it is...that I'll never understand and that is where I had to draw the line. Also, considering that I've gotten most of this information from TV Tropes, I'm now fully convinced that I shouldn't ever believe everything people write on there, so thanks TV Tropes for making me a dumb-dumb when I made those older comments on this thread!
  3. to be honest i wasn't expecting a spin-off festival to happen this year call me Steel Spyro.
  4. Alright, I should come clean about the delays, because I figured it's best that I don't have a scheduled date for this thing, at least for right now. I will go through with this soon, but I want to shift back into gear with my spin-off writing before then, which I've honestly done since all this month. So until I do that, I will announce an actual date for this session.
  5. The date is now moved to the 1st of May (and this should be the last time I'll have to end up delaying this).
  6. Shedding some more light on the forums with a thread for a recent Disney television animated series that hasn't been created until now. I haven't taken a look at this one yet, and aside from the facts that it peeved off a good number of Christian conservative snowflakes (of course it would though) and King being played by none other than Grunkle Stan/Soos/Bill Cipher/McGucket/Clamantha himself, Alex Hirsch, there isn't so much I've known about it, but it does intrigue me so. For sure, I'll catch this while I start catching up with DuckTales again.
  7. I felt like Ultra Lord but now I'm ultra bored

  8. I've decided to push the day to April 24th. That is all.
  9. First YTP with a different video editing software (AVS Video Editor):
  10. HeY iT's StIlL a SuMmEr ReLeAsE, riGhT GaRy??? Already said this on Discord, but I prefer that Nickelodeon/Paramount/whoever is in-charge of the film's release didn't have to make any promises and announced a new release date when the time feels right. At the rate we're currently in with the coronavirus outbreak, I wouldn't be surprised if they announced more new release dates, and like I just said, they're better off not doing that and I don't see why they're not considering releasing the film digitally or just leaving its release unconfirmed until the smoke starts clearing out.
  11. 23. Pokemon, let's go! ("Pokemon, I Choose You!") The season premiere of the SS:LiT spin-off is being worked on, but it will be a while before it's done. To make up for the lack of action towards the spin-off, here's another off-series special, which I have completed most of last year, but didn't think of posting and finishing the last small bits of until now. "Try and guess" which series and episode is the topic for this special. Most of the languages I've translated back to English are handpicked, starting with the series' country of origin (Japanese) and doing a lot of other Asian languages in this order afterwards: Japanese-Vietnamese-Korean-Indonesian-Chinese-Malay-Filipino-Lao-Hindi. As you'll later see, I did more than just the episode. Wanna be the best Is anyone here Catching them was my real test My goal is to train them! I cross the ground The search is on the rise. Learn all about Pokemon Powerful! Wow! Congratulations on your kindness! You and me I know it's my destiny! Wow! Oh you are a good friend In this world, we must protect! Wow! Congratulations on your kindness! Heart is true Our courage killed us! you taught me Wow! Congratulations on your kindness! Congratulations on your kindness! Wow! radio: Nidrino starts the fight with a thunderbolt attack! .../ Oh, but Gengar is back! .../ It's here! The power of hypnosis! .../ This is probably the end of Nidrino. .../ Wait, Coach remembers Nidrino. What is that Pokémon now? .../ Agate Giant Pokémon are now under attack. .../ Ah, don't fly. So far Gengar is very good… Gray: Yes! I'm ashes! Presenter: Ash Ketchum is a Palette City Boy. Gray: Now that I am 10 years old, I have got my Pokémon license. Presenter: In Professor Oak's hometown Pokémon, a 10-year-old boy may get a new Pokémon from an expert. Gray: Tour of Pokémon Training Minds. Here, I made a post about Pokémon World. Become a Pokémon Master. Pokémon! I am doing - Delia Ketchum: let's go to bed! By 11 am, you need to sleep. Gray: But tomorrow, I will start a Pokemon tour. I can not sleep. Delia: If you have trouble sleeping, at least you have to be ready for tomorrow. Hey! Professor Orc: Good evening, palette. Tomorrow is an important day for new Pokemon students. I recommend Fusigiden, Charmendar (French detected word for 'Charmander') and Squirrel. Everyone is for a newbie. who would you choose? Delia: When you're done, go to bed. Gray: This is good Delia: Wear pajamas Professor Orc: Development of special powers Gray: I am going Pokemon, let's go! Gray: Fusigidae were added. It will be very easy. Great for beginners .../ You are my choice .../ Next up is Squirtle. .../ Let's choose, edge! .../ Select or delete. Fives. .../ Wait a minute, Charmander. They say that this is the best way. .../ You choose, Charmander! .../ what? Do not! What's the time ! .../ .../ Squirrel Cheerleading: Gary, Gary, our man! If he can't, no one will! Gary, Gary Gray: Sorry! Cheerleading: Hello! Gary: Look where you are Yes, you must be ashes. I think it is better than the last. At least you had a chance to meet me! Gray: Gary? Gary: Gary! Explain respect! .../ Yes, sir, I slept and disappeared. I have Pokémon, but you don't have one. Gray: Do you have the first Pokemon? Gary: Yes losers and in this pocket Cheerleading: Let's go Gary and go Gary! great! Gary: Many fans! Thank you for your respect! I promise to be a Pokemon Master and tell the world about the city's palette! Gray: Please forgive me? Gary: Hey Gray: I wonder if you can find your Pokemon? Gary: This is right! Over time, you will get the best Pokémon Oak. It is a good idea to involve your grandparents in the Pokémon business. Cheerleading: Come on Gary! Gary: Thanks for viewing the production history! You learned about Gary Oak and Pokémon Trainer today. Gray: Oh tell me! Professor Orc: In the end, you finally decide to appear. Gray: Oh, Professor Oak, where is my Pokémon? Professor Orc: Your Pokémon? Gray: Yes i am ready Professor Orc: It looks like you're sleeping, but you can't train Pokemon. I do not think I am wearing pajamas. Gray: Oh, Professor, I made a mistake this morning, it was too late, but the Pokémon was ready. .../ .../ I was thinking a lot and it took several hours, but finally I made the choice… Oh! Professor Orc: The right people do it on time. Gray: Oh hope you can't sleep But now I choose Pokemon ... Fushigane! what? Professor Orc: Children do it very late. Gray: Oh, okay, interesting ... Oh, is that so! Professor Orc: In this case, wake up in the morning and have a worm or Pokémon. Gray: Does this mean all Pokémon are complete? Professor Orc: Okay, I have another one. Gray: Professor! Professor Orc: I think I need to warn you - there is another problem. Gray: Pokemon needs this. Professor Orc: Well ... Pikachu: .../ Pikachu Professor Orc: His name was Pikachu. Gray: Oh dear, how sweet! Professor Orc: I know. Gray: Oh, hello Pikachu. Pikachu: get ... Professor Orc: Electric rodents are considered shy, but sometimes have a personality. Gray: I understand what that means. Professor Orc: This is very strange. Get Pokémon and Pokébal today. Gray: Thank you ... YouUUUUU! Professor Orc: edge to edge! Gray: girl! Delia: Oh my, i'm so proud of you Starting with Pokémon Training you will eventually realize your dream. But I miss you so much, my son. .../ Hot chocolate includes shoes and socks, jewelry and interiors, favorite snacks and hot chocolate. But be careful not to burn yourself. New rubber gloves for clothes and dryer Gray: I feel so ashamed! Do you know that I am a big boy in front of these people? Pokémon trainers can take care of themselves. Delia: I know. Okay. Is that a Pokémon? Pikachu: Pikachu Gray: Yes, I am a Pokémon. Pikachu: Okay Gray: Anarchy ... Pikachu makes Pokémon around the world. Delia: I think all Pokémon are stored in the wallet. Why are you doing this? Gray: Yes yes pikachu, you get the ball Pikachu: chilli Delia: Oh, my friend. Gray: Is Pikachu a real friend? Delia: But this is a lie. Gray: It's weird Professor Orc: Maternal latex gloves helped. Gray: Why Professor Orc: Rubber capacitor. Gray: very good! Delia: Don't forget to change your underwear every day. Gray: Confession. .../ .../ Pikachu, can you get everything that way? Pikachu: Okay Gray: Is it because you don't like me? Pikachu: Shine. Gray: I really like you so much you are my Pokémon action. Do you think you will get better? .../ Why, what I mean What can you name it? Pikachu: Raid pie Gray: Now, as with all Pokemon, you have to do the same as Pokemon and insert Pokemon. Free photo album: Pokémon usually accompany the Pokéball during training. Gray: Do you understand Pikachu: Hold it! Free photo album: But they are very hopeful. Some Pokemon do not want to stick. Gray: The situation is improving. And get rid of it. Hello to him Pikachu: Okay Gray: rare? Pikachu: Raid pie Gray: .../ The pig Free photo album: Pizzi (Italian detected word for 'lace') is a flying Pokémon. The lightest and easiest way to catch all Pokémon. The first Pokemon trainer is a good place to test your Pokémon skills. Gray: special. That was our lucky day. Pikachu, Pikachu: Donuts Gray: I can hear you Pikachu: Donuts Gray: Why display text. I have no desire or need. I can take anything. Who is Pokémon? chilli! Pikachu: chilli! Gray: Okay, I swear to get all the Pokémon in the world. You are ready to take it to the next level and become a Pokémon Master. Enjoy a pig during the last moments of freedom. Pokable, we are surprised! .../ and me? .../ Oh, beat it. Free photo album: Often another Pokémon is fighting to catch a Pokémon. Gray: Now tell me, but I have to do it all myself! Wait, I have an idea. .../ Okay ... shut up ... nothing serious. Hello, baby ... .../ Please forgive me! .../ what happened Free photo album: Fiji winds cause storms. Another attack took place. Gray: man? ! .../ I don't think it's a lucky day. .../ Hello! Export. Free photo album: Pokemon Forest Lattatta - I love cheese, nuts, fruits and berries. Gray: Yes, but it is an open field, not a forest. Free photo album: They also went to places to steal silly food. Gray: Does that mean i'm stupid? Pig: .../ The pig Gray: Actually? .../ I will give you this time .../ This is good Free photo album: Unlike Pizzi, Sparrow's approach is not good. Very violent, sometimes attacking Pokémon and so on. Gray: Hey, get out of Pikachu! Do not lose rocks! Free photo album: Wild Pokémon are human-trained Pokémon. Gray: chilli! .../ Yes i understand Reduction of windows: Low windows! Gray: Hey! Pikachu: Pikachu Gray: Don't worry if Pikachu saves you, don't run. Hey! Let this one go, Javelin! .../ chilli! .../ go! .../ Hard: .../ Oh, is that so! Oh, is that so! Hey, ask! Oh yes, that would be perfect! .../ No, it's just children, Oh how are you Gray: Hey. Hard: not you! See what you do for the poor. Are you breathing Gray: Me, me ... I think so. Hard: There is a medical center and physician within walking distance. Now you should walk! Gray: Have you been to the hospital Hard: Yes Gray: Ok where am i going? Hard: other than this. Gray: .../ They returned! work! Hard: what are you doing Gray: I'm in debt! Hard: Wait a minute, this is my bike! Gray: I'll be back one day! Hard: Hey! so it's you …… Gray: Wait a minute, we will come back too. chilli! .../ Pikachu ... It's impossible. .../ Pikachu arrived. I am worried that you will go there, but if you go I will help you. Pikachu please. believe me! .../ Do you know who i am Ash in the City Palette. I intend to be the best Pokemon owner in the world. I can't lose someone you love. I'll catch you and you! Heard? .../ Pikachu, the only way to get into Pokable! .../ Come in! .../ .../ Let's beat them .../ what is this Free photo album: No information There are Pokémon that are not forgiving. Presenter: This is Ash and Pikachu's incredible adventure. His journey is full of constant action, laughter, dangerous difficulties and endless fun. Together they meet good friends, bad enemies and most imaginative. As his story unfolds, we discover the secrets and mysteries of a mysterious place - the mysterious world of Pokémon. Next up is Pokérup. Then I had to pack Pokémon. Just singing, i miss the hard part to start I wanna be the best Yes, that's why you killed someone. Electrode Digre (Norwegian detected word for 'Huge') LAN Requirements Mankey West Java Latin Peers The pig Search Jortheon The dragons Proud Little horse Shameful Lemon Free butter Hold, hold, hold Pokémon I will explore this land and see it from a distance. Remove my hands and my inner strength Bored Folly and no There is no lid an objective Sores Sores look at that Victory Camp Tres Mall Great doctor Apart Necessary Destination Okay struggle Zip Dicipline Hold, hold, hold Get it all Jupiter Prima (Italian detected word for 'Before') Ph Dry Onyx The dead The fast Electric generator Eyes The buildings Yug (Bulgarian detected word for 'South') Tang Gold Lumbar I will cry The seal Gala Onion Slow Take everything and take everything (yes) Take everything and take everything (yes) Get it all Kabuto Persian Farah | Boarded Rating Magnesite Cadabra The bells were level as above Temple inside Male protection light bulb Yes The doll Pikachu 150 minimum reference It was my luck to be a Pokémon Master Aracajam (Hindi detected word for 'Record') A fool Benona The craft Kangas can do this The magnet Electronic audio Freon Explosive toys Polywar It's weird Be strong Lai Chu (Chinese detected word for 'come out') Quindo (Spanish detected word for 'I want') The bell rang again Why should it be me Yes, we are in the middle. What is "we", I try as much as I can Everything else is over Masur lentils Wide Old man Library Torii Silk Meet the full board laugh loudly Ricky Champagne Taurus Shower chair LAN Requirements blood vessels screen shake Polygon 4 Take everything and take everything (yes) Take everything and take everything (yes) Attapeu But no luck Must be there Bee training Ghost Squirrel Chance (Pokemon!) Worms My life is very interesting Wooden library Dugon The pig Laplace LOCON recently 150 minimum reference It was my luck to be a Pokémon Master worth Champasack Squeeze cough Dougrio (Greek detected word for 'Double') goat Your star Miracle Nine stories congratulation Oh, is that so ,. equipment Tent Dragon is empty Miracle Sorry, take a deep breath and shake your mouth Stay here for the next 24 hours Now it's tough, so listen carefully. Blows sand human nature Psydac Almond it's so late Author Kabutopus (Japanese detected word for 'Turnips') The apostles Dolatini to grow See? children Rock Ribbon rings Apparel (almost at home!) Take everything and all this (yes!) Take everything and get everything (hmm!) Get it all Order Tortoise Give two Tent Aerodactyl Okay Piece of pork picture Uniform (He's there!) Hold, hold, hold Oh i had to catch pokemon Hold, hold, hold Oh i had to catch pokemon Hold, hold, hold Get it all
  12. oh wow I can't believe I forgot to edit that out after this year's april's fools came and went Already fixed it myself though.
  13. Considering that most of my time is going to be spent self-quarantined for God knows how long, I've more of a reason to do another one of these. This time, it will be from 9(AM) to 9(PM), and it will land on a Sunday. Will cancel/reschedule if something inconvenient happens.
  14. In part of Disney's acquisition of SBC, all of my current spin-offs are now officially Disney-patented. Also, a live-action film adaptation of Pisces Moon is due for release in Winter 2021.
  15. Move over Chemist Bob, it's now Chemist Mickey's time to shine again now I have sold my soul to the mouse.
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