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    Spin-Off Striker

  2. Steel Sponge

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    Oh god Truth or Square is going to get on here. Don't forget about me.
  3. Steel’s Bottom/Top 10 Hit Songs of 2012 You know, for a pretty iconic year in pop, I can’t adore this year more than I should. The good stuff that year was really spectacular, but…the bad stuff that year was also really, really bad. And I’m not saying this just towards the year-end list, I’m also saying this towards every other notable song that charted during the 2012 chart season. For every gem like “Midnight City,” “Dark Side,” “Lonely Boy,” “No Church in the Wild,” “Thinkin’ ‘Bout You,” “Love on Top,” “Safe & Sound,” and “Skyfall,” you also have trash like “Sorry for Party Rocking,” “The Hardest Ever,” “Faded,” “Turn on the Lights,” “Princess of China,” “Give Me All Your Luvin’,” that disappointing comeback single from No Doubt, and “Truck Yeah…” by Tim McGraw. Back on the topic of the year-end list, one thing I should say is expect some hot takes as I go through my choices for the best and worst hits from that list. Worst: Dishonorable Mentions: Boyfriend – Justin Bieber (#11) Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO (Backwash dishonorable mention) We Found Love – Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris (Backwash dishonorable mention) Drank in My Cup – Kirko Bangz Brokenhearted – Karmin The Motto – Drake featuring Lil Wayne Blow Me (One Last Kiss) – P!nk Wanted – Hunter Hayes Back in Time – Pitbull We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift Best: Honorable Mentions: Work Out – J. Cole (#11) Rolling in the Deep – Adele (Backwash honorable mention) Die Young – Kesha So Good – B.o.B. Paradise – Coldplay Mercy – G.O.O.D. Music (Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz) Love You Like a Love Song – Selena Gomez & The Scene Glad You Came – The Wanted We Are Young – fun. Featuring Janelle Monae Set Fire to the Rain – Adele Steel’s Bottom/Top 10 Hit Songs of 2012 Now that we’ve moved onto the year 2013 in pop, let’s break down every other year from this decade that I’ve covered, including this particular year. So, where does 2013 end up? 1. 2013 2. 2015 3. 2017 4. 2011 5. 2012 6. 2010 7. 2016 8. 2014 Yep, right at the top. Clearly enough, there’s a lot of good things I could say about 2013 in pop music, but before I get to that, I’m going to compare notes with every other pop year I’ve covered. The year-end list for 2014 sucked, with a vast scarcity of excellent pop songs. 2016 had a lot of bad stuff this year which was made it interesting compared to 2014, and it’s such a pity that it came before 2015, a year in which proved to be a major step-up. 2010: a little over the same level of quality as 2016. 2012: A strangely iconic year with a great amount of both good and bad hits. 2011: An immense disparity in its level of quality compared to 2010. 2017 was pop at its most diverse so far into this decade, whilst being provided with a lot of gems. 2015 was a major step-up from the lackluster year that it succeeded. However, it leaves a deep scar when it comes to songs like “Dear Future Husband,” “Watch Me,” and…”Marvin Gaye.” My rankings are very much like the typical Star Trek movie rankings, except it’s odd over even in this case. Some of you folks probably feel baffled that I consider 2013’s year-end list to be the best out of what we got so far into the decade. However, my appreciation towards this year in pop has to do with the fact that it’s a great year musically. 2013’s year-end list is just scratching the surface when it comes to brilliant music that came out that year. We got great albums from names including and not limited to Queens of the Stone Age, CHVRCHES, Daft Punk, The National, Janelle Monae, Arcade Fire (…speaking to those who are a bigger fan of this act much more than I am), and to a lesser extent, Kanye West. Another good way to describe 2013 in music is that it’s a year that’s so good, My Bloody Valentine came back to release a new album after 22 years. 2013’s year-end list is full of great pop songs and it’s gotten to the point where I decided to extend my list of ten honorable mentions into a list of twenty. Of course, I’ll have to talk about the B.O. from that year first. Why I ranked 2013 over 2015 is mainly because most of these songs are boring bad than irritatingly bad, so my #1 will be my most docile choice compared to my other number one worst crowners. Anyways, bottom 10 hit songs of 2013, let’s go: Worst: Dishonorable mentions: Cruise (remix) – Florida Georgia Line featuring Nelly (#11) #thatpower – featuring Justin Bieber One More Night – Maroon 5 (Backwash dishonorable mention) Harlem Shake – Baauer Pour It Up – Rihanna Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell Williams and T.I. The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) – Ylvis Let Her Go – Passenger Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus I’m Different – 2 Chainz Best: Honorable mentions: Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz (#11) Adorn – Miguel (Backwash honorable mention) Mirrors – Justin Timberlake The Way – Ariana Grande featuring Mac Miller Try – P!nk Treasure – Bruno Mars My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em’ Up) – Fall Out Boy A-Team – Ed Sheeran Carry On – fun. Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker It’s Time – Imagine Dragons (Backwash honorable mention) 22 – Taylor Swift Some Nights – fun. (Backwash honorable mention) Fuckin Problems – A$AP Rocky featuring Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar Berzerk – Eminem Die Young – Kesha (Backwash honorable mention) Body Party – Ciara Power Trip – J. Cole featuring Miguel Radioactive – Imagine Dragons Highway Don’t Care – Tim McGraw featuring Taylor Swift and Keith Urban I won't be planning on doing any more year-end Hot 100 reviews sooner or later, but except some more music-related reviews from me.
  4. Steel Sponge

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    I wasn't honestly expecting "Sportz?" to be one of those post-SOOW episodes to make the list until I've just remembered that it wasn't very well-liked. Really though, it's that bad? I guess I might as well give it a re-watch sooner or later. I'm still expecting "Krusty Katering" to make an appearance, but I have a feeling I might be the only one here who can't stand that episode.
  5. Steel Sponge

    ThunderCats Roar

    ...Well, you know what they say. When in doubt, turn an action show that isn't going to rake in younger viewers into a predominantly comedic show.
  6. Steel Sponge

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    Face Freeze!: I can't hate this episode enough (gee, wonder how many times I'm going to be saying that), because a part of feels as though that the faces are clinically designed to be horrifying to look at, but they are also so in your face that you feel like you're supposed to find them funny. For certain, why I'm giving the designs for the "funny faces" some defense is that it's totally not because of an event that took place in this website whereas a particular artist working for the show had to come out and speak to us about his position as a character designer. ...Oh yeah, and the ending just flat out sucked, but at the same time, it ended so abruptly that I can't take it so seriously. Squidward's School for Grown Ups: This episode narrowly missed my bottom 25. I barely remember most of it, but I remembered the episode itself being really bad on my first viewing. The Cent of Money: To me, it's an example of an episode that develops very badly but ends on a very good note. Mr. Krabs abusing Gary wasn't funny at all, but the episode makes up for that massive mistake for making SpongeBob get over his obliviousness before lashing out against Krabs for having mistreated Gary. What's also satisfying is that Krabs does get what he deserves, by getting crushed by an onslaught of coins. If the episode was just Mr. Krabs getting off scot-free for his treatment of Gary and SpongeBob being oblivious the whole time, then this episode might as well have earned a spot on my list. A Day Without Tears: Okay, seriously? Are we still going to write off the episode like it's nothing more than those first three minutes? I'm also surprised that no one hasn't talked about the phone conversation between SpongeBob and Patrick that was only there to fill in the time (unless I missed someone). Atlantis Squarepantis: I used to really like this episode way back when in the days where I thought most people were overwhelming their negative reactions towards the episode. I'll admit it that I overwhelmed my positive reactions towards the episode. (I'm also kinda glad we moved past the "THE BUS IS FUELED BY SONG!?!?!?!" type of reactions) It took me a long while to realize it, but I've come to accept that the special had its fair share of incredibly dumb moments, and it's to the point where I have since ranked it below my top 100. While I felt that the special could've been better if it phased out all the time that was used for the Patchy segments, I thought the episode was still something from nothing and had some peculiar charm. Looking back on the special, it feels like a rejected, Yellow Submarine spin-off short film. It also had clear nods towards Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but I wouldn't say that it gives the special any less of an identity. Like, remember that one scene where Mr. Krabs gets stuck in a coin transferring tube, or the scene where Squidward turns into a blueberry? Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. For an episode that is style over substance, Atlantis was still a pretty sight despite providing a storyline that is played a little too safe at times. That's not to say that I think that the plot was THAT bad either. Once again, I feel like the episode is backed up by its very peculiar charm. In addition, the Patchy segments were the worst parts of the episode (except for one moment...), mainly because it had absolutely nothing to do with the special's central plot. Finally, an unpopular opinion: I thought some of the songs sounded genuinely good at best, if not all of them. also, this is one of the funniest moments from the show in general, and no one can tell me otherwise that it's not (sorry about the quality): Cephalopod Lodge: Copy and paste my commentary on the episode here. Tentacle-Vision: I did actually enjoy the episode, but goodness, I wouldn't say that it's on par with the quality of pre-movie. In fact, during the same era, I remembered very well that the episode had some contempt considering that it's a typical Squid Abuse. If there was any reason that this episode has had some overwhelmingly positive reactions (alongside some other episodes), I think it's because we've used to have this mindset where we've had to be a lot nicer towards post-movie episodes, 'cause if we were too negative, we wouldn't have the right to call ourselves SpongeBob fans. Just look at One Coarse Meal. Before most people made the assumption that the writers were playing suicide for laughs, most members gave it a positive reception. Funny for me to say, I thought "Tentacle-Vision" was okay at best, but then I came to realize that it had some genuinely funny moments in eyes, ignoring the annoying moments - and I still stand by that and I'm perplexed that the episode ranks below Cephalopod Lodge, Good Neighbors, and other episodes centered around Squidward. Having the spotlight constantly taken away from you and getting kicked out of your own home for being a ratings killer is really tame compared to being banned for life from your favorite cult, or having your Sunday completely ruined for incredibly unlucky reasons, or all that Squidward goes through in "The Thing," or [the scene that must not be named] from "House Fancy," as much as I didn't wanna have to bring it up. One other reason why I can't get myself to hate the episode is because after a while when Squid Abuse was clearly more prevalent towards the series' formula, I've come to expect that every episode about Squidward, until post-SOOW, would always result into some kind of abuse towards the character. The Play's the Thing: Is it bad for me to say that I remember this episode a lot more than most Season 8 episodes, or that I remembered this episode being somewhat enjoyable in my eyes? Although, I'll agree that it wasn't the most memorable episode from S7. Oh, and if you guys think I'm being too soft on Squid Abuse episodes, just wait until we get to "Ink Lemonade" and maybe then I'll redeem myself (that and "Choir Boys"). Are You Happy Now?: I haven't re-watched this episode in ages, which is why it's not in my bottom 25, let alone close to it, but the suicide jokes that are constantly brought up, I can see were clearly meant to be taken as jokes and they were not funny at all...and I will just leave it there. Pineapple Fever: Of all post-movie episodes, this is one that I'm willing to defend to death, but I think I've already talked about my thoughts on the episode in-depth a couple times, so I'm not going to repeat myself.
  7. Steel Sponge

    E3 2018

    There's a little more of a variety of stuff I'm holding on for compared to the previous years, with Kingdom Hearts III, Pokemon, and Spyro Reignited being my three branches of hype.
  8. spoiler for my best of animation 2017 list: gravity falls is #1.

    and if you think gf didn't release any new material that year, we got this, so it counts:

    that also technically means that I have a disney property as my #1 for the third year in a row. sorry guys, i guess i can't be diverse or fair when it comes to these lists.

    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      Personally I'd put Teen Titans Go: The Night Begins to Shine as my #1

    2. PatBack


      2017 was a shit year for mainstream animation tbh

    3. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      but mainstream animation in 2017 was no worse than being a part of the cartoon community that same year, whereas a majority of it either made constant headlines about TTG or didn't stop hounding on CN for the current direction that the company is in.

  9. Steel Sponge

    Spin-Offs and Literature PROJECT 2018

    Reminder to all that there is about a month and a half left until the deadline to submit or to request the survey. I'm still waiting on @MMM and @TJ to submit their responses.
  10. Steel Sponge

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    The Thing: This is a Squid Abuse episode that has had me feeling divided in some areas. I could forgive the painfully unfunny and unmerited abuse as the episode ends with Squidward winding up in a jungle and seeing Kelpy G in the flesh. I could also somewhat forgive the scene with Patrick trying to play with Squidward (as Smelly) that results into him calling Animal Control with part of the plot centering around SpongeBob and Patrick trying to free him as they felt the zoo that he ends up getting sent to is mistreating him. Gone: I'll be blunt when I say that my thoughts have softened towards the episode when Claps made some very solid points as to why he considers it as one of the best Season 6 episodes. What it does right is the plot of SpongeBob being driven to insanity (no pun intended considering that he gets surrounded by boats near the end). However, after several minutes of wondering why the rest of Bikini Bottom have all suddenly disappeared, the end of the episode kills all that momentum as it reveals that they were celebrating an event dedicated to SpongeBob, known as "National No SpongeBob Day." The idea of celebrating a day without one particular character just feels so mean-spirited. I can't even forgive the fact that SpongeBob was left all by himself in Bikini Bottom for a week, that in which made the surprise outcome feel so problematic Good Neighbors: I can't get myself to hate this episode like I feel like I should. I'm just so amused how this is the episode that led up to a whole lot of other poorly received Squid Abuse episodes, let alone some that are a lot worse than this. (Then again, I think the abuse in "The Lost Mattress" might've started the trend.) Sun Bleached: Copy and paste my commentary here, but I'll add that I'm happy enough to see that the episode is not sitting around on a fence so much like it used to. Whatever Happened to SpongeBob?: Now, this episode has moved up from being a lackluster 22-minute special in my eyes to an episode that has since earned itself a spot in my bottom 25. Jjs was spot-on with his commentary. The episode suffers from serious pacing and structure issues with the plot and the characters. Also, when you have an episode dealing with SpongeBob's friends being so upset with him that SpongeBob decides to run away before ending up in another town with amnesia, the special could've worked a lot better if it was longer. It's no wonder, back in my days, that several other fans were disappointed to know that the DVD runtime containing the episode wasn't the exact runtime for the episode itself (I also had this "I hate to say I told you so" moment, but that's not important to discuss). Also, given how the episode centers on SpongeBob having amnesia, I can't help but feel bothered by the fact that there are a good chunk of scenes in which SB doesn't sound like he has amnesia. I did like the entire scene with the Bubble Poppin' Boys (alongside guest actor Ray Liotta). This special would've been a major disappointment without them. Pet Sitter Pat: It's funny how most people can't seem to talk about this episode without talking about the infamous internet reviewer. I can't see myself hating this episode as much as I think I'd be required to, because I felt that Mr. Enter took this episode WAY too seriously (so seriously that some people developed a mindset in which writers who've only committed the crime of writing bad episodes are human scum irl.Thank god we've moved on past that). Compared to "A Pal for Gary," SpongeBob at least shows that he cares about his pet snail. Sure, Patrick's stupidly is painfully unfunny, but it's painfully unfunny in an over-exaggerated sense than in a type of way where I could see Patrick's actions as malicious.
  11. Hot take: "Santeria" by Sublime has aged quite poorly.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      Looking back on it since the last few times that I thought it was a great song, I've only realized how risque some of the lyrics are...:

      If I could find that jaina, and that Sancho that she's found.
      Well, I'd pop a cap in Sancho and I'd slap her down.

      And I won't think twice to stick that barrel straight down Sancho's throat.
      Believe me when I say that I got somethin' for his punk ass.

      That's also not limited to the subject matter. I can see that the band has a particular ska punk archetype that they're going for. A part of me feels like I shouldn't make a big deal out of the songwriting, but regardless, the rest of me does as I don't see the archetype working on "Santeria."

      The guitar melody for "Santeria" is still great though, which prevents me from loathing it, but I can't adore it as much as I used to do because of the subject matter of a jealous ex-boyfriend trying to win his 'jaina' back by trying to force the 'Sancho' out of the relatioship, even if brutal force is put into question, OR finding another 'jaina' of his own, if it would mean making his old one jealous. So currently, "Santeria" only strikes me as a good-sounding song (so I guess 'poorly' was too strong of me to say) with visible problems underneath those ska punk grooves.

      While I am divisive towards "Santeria", "What I Got," from the same band, is still at least a solid 90s ska punk song in my eyes. I could also name other songs from that genre and time period that hold up well for me including "My Best Friends Are Metalheads, "The Impression That I Get," "Walkin' on the Sun," and "Sunday Morning." Yep, this is by far one of my hottest takes and I'll accept any criticism against my stance (and I was expecting one of my takes for my upcoming year-end 2012-2013 reviews to be one of the hottest).

    3. WumboJack Horseman

      WumboJack Horseman

      as someone who rarely lets the lyrics make or break a song for me, I understand your opinion but disagree

    4. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      Hot take: Sublime sucks

  12. Steel Sponge

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    Plankton's Regular: Oh yes, this is the episode that would be considered to be pre-One Coarse Meal. I'm still baffled that Mr. Krabs is still considered to be the worst character in the episode and not Karen. The whole time, she set up Nat to pretend to enjoy Plankton's chum (and for him to get his stomach pumped several times), and she didn't do that to make Plankton feel any better, but rather to teach him that he never had a regular customer and never will. "But Mr. Krabs IS at his worst in the episode, he'll never even let Plankton have one customer!" No duh. Krabs and Plankton are sworn enemies. While I'll pass up Krabs' stubborness, I can't pass up Krabs' laughing at Plankton's pain. Besides the killjoy twist, I didn't like how the episode just ended on a sour note. The episode does at least end with Krabs and SpongeBob still in Plankton's trap, so the episode doesn't really have much of a winner. I can't complain about the episode's placement on the list, but I'll be honest when I say that I don't loathe this episode. Professor Squidward: I just love how the image chosen for the episode is how some of us would react if we realized that some fans still hate this episode to death. Unlike Best Day Ever's placement, I can understand why this would end up on the list. I don't hate this episode, but there are some elements from it that frustrate me. This episode has a Liar Revealed plot and it's easy to predict that it ends the way that it does. The way that the plot goes through is pretty absurd too. The music school headmistress mistakes Squidward for Squilliam and she didn't know that Squilliam is distinguishable from him until the end of the episode where she says that she's come to notice that the real Squilliam has a unibrow??? If you know me well, "Best Day Ever" is not going to be my biggest disagreement towards the bottom 50. I still have some hot takes that will probably end up on either this list or on the top 50. There are some episodes I hate that the majority doesn't (I don't hate Pranks a Lot as much as I used to anymore, so don't worry), as well as some episodes that I love but are considered to be one of the series' worst episodes. *cough* Truth or Square *cough*
  13. Steel Sponge

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    I'm not letting that happen this year around, so no need to blame me if it does.
  14. Steel Sponge

    SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever 2018 Edition

    Restraining SpongeBob: In my eyes, a typical Squid torture episode that had since left my memory banks. Off to a good start. Best Day Ever: And those good vibes are already dead, it seems. Some people still have reasons to hate it as of now, may it be because of the "Best Day Ever" song, the lack of humor, or the mere fact that it was killed by Nick's overhype (if you still stand by this, then I suggest looking back into this episode more). I really liked it. The characters were great (lest we forget the fact that Squidward put on a recital that the citizens ended up enjoying, thanks to SpongeBob giving him a replacement reed?), and it had a subtle moral: you don't have to fulfill everything you want to do with your friends to have the best day ever, as long as you do something good for your friends, you might as well still have something to call the best day ever. This episode is one of those times where SpongeBob is at its safest, but it has charm and that's enough to the point where it ranks fairly close to my top 100 episode of the entire series. Oh, and you know what the episode reminds me of? "The List" from Hey Arnold!, which I believe is one of the show's most beloved episodes. It's got a different moral, but it's got a similar story (and also has a musical number at the end to boot) and backs it all up with its charm. My thoughts exactly towards "Best Day Ever."
  15. Steel Sponge

    231b. Ink Lemonade

    'Yuck' isn't the only word to describe my feelings towards this episode. 11 minutes in, I was pretty much feeling something like this: You know, something we'd probably do when we found the next worst thing coming from SpongeBob. ...Oh, I'm kidding, but seriously though, "Ink Lemonade" was sooooo bad. Watching the episode feels like a lot of these post-movie demons repossessed the show's soul. The main issue I have with the episode is that it fails to grasp the nature of turning away from the mean-spirited tone of episodes centered on Squidward. What's so problematic is that it tries to play psychological torture for a comedic effect. None of what Squidward went through was funny, and the scene with a straight-up torture chamber was where the episode completely jumped the shark. The story is problematic too, like the Bikini Bottomites were still sucked into enjoying the taste of Squidward's ink, even after he tells them that he is the source of it all...and when Squidward splatters it all on the citizens, they suddenly realize they shouldn't have anymore of it??? Oh, and Patrick's character was nowhere near being likeable, but you know, I've seen worse portrayals of his character. "One Coarse Meal" didn't make the implication that Mr. Krabs was in the right for psychologically torturing Plankton (SpongeBob even says that he believes that Mr. Krabs might be going too far with his tormenting). In this episode, we're supposed to root for Patrick and find his antics funny, in addition to Squidward's torture. Patrick doesn't get any poetic justice and NO ONE has ever questioned his actions. Of course, he had to abruptly end his ink lemonade business, but then makes cookies out of spider eggs. At that point, you'd just want to see how Patrick feels if someone tried to scare him to death just so he could produce whatever comes from a sea star's metabolic system. I can't be too mad at this episode. I wouldn't say it was everything against all that post-SOOW worked for to improve SpongeBob, but this episode still left a very bad taste and it's already on its way of becoming the new One Coarse Meal/Pet Sitter Pat/etc. It's such a shame to notice that Kaz was the one who penned this. However, I think we should've already learned from Aaron Springer's post-movie mistakes is that how an episode is written matters more than who wrote it, when it comes to the quality. It should be worth noting that everyone's favorite scapegoats Casey and Zeus also wrote gems like "Bucket Sweet Bucket," "Patty Caper," "Sand Castles in the Sand," and "Tunnel of Glove." At the end of the day, I can't blame the episode for being written the way it was. While working in the television industry, you sometimes either end up with tight deadlines or not enough time to edit the script. Cha said it best that this episode can usually be enjoyed by hyperactive children who don't focus on the story and just focus on the comedy. In fact, it's really safe to say that the episode suffers from its larger emphasis on comedy to the point where it doesn't focus on its respective flaws. May that be a piece of advice: if you're really trying to write a episode that's comedic, pay attention to how you're writing the characters. Overall, the episode was a major disappoint and it's really deserving of the Yuck/5 rating. Adieu.
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