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  1. Song vs. Song vs. Song: "Heavy" (Linkin Park), "Feels Like Summer" (Weezer), "Young and Menace" (Fall Out Boy). a.k.a.: Which comeback single is the most disappointing?

  2. I guess I ought to spill the beans and say that I was originally going to review 1971 at some point. I'm still not ever planning on reviewing it, but I'll at least say that I have 6 of those songs on my Bottom 10, with #5 being my absolute worst. I disagree with #6 though, it's a very decent song IMO. Also: "I don't think I've ever liked a song Donny Osmond touched." MISTER I'LLLLLLL. MAKE A MAN. OUT OF YOU.
  3. Always - blink-182
  4. My one complaint about Pinky Malinky upon first glance isn't that it's taking too much inspiration from Gumball, but I have a "I've seen it all before" relationship with the show in general. (The concept, the art style, the tone.) As far as I've seen, it looks like it doesn't have its own brand of anything...well then again, there's the shameless "Look, we're referencing social media and internet culture because we know much you kids like the internet!" kind of humor that's prevalent in most Nicktoon shows and Nick advertising. While I am going to see how Pinky Malinky functions as a show, I have a feeling I'm not going to enjoy it and I also have a feeling that it will be shipped to NickToons once the core channel decided that they stopped caring for it after 10 months or so.
  5. Okay, with all seriousness... This kind of thing is not new to me, (see The Muppets' Wizard of Oz and Christmas Carol.) but unlike what other properties have done, I see no reason for this to exist than to try to entertain its main demographic. It baffles me that the Tom & Jerry franchise now has the audacity to recycle past movie storylines and characters for a standalone direct-to-DVD movie, but this is harmless at best. From what I've seen from the trailer, I don't feel that the franchise is trying to butcher the original source material, and at the end of the day, it is what it is meant to do: entertain children. Also, it really could've been worse. This crossover would've been with Teen Titans Go....yeah, even if I'm tired of people talking about TTG, I had to bring that up. Still, while I don't think this crossover looks good, it doesn't look awful to me either.
  6. I think "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory update 2.0: Tom & Jerry DLC" would be the appropriate title.
  7. Seeing Nugs and Claps beef over their music preferences is now officially the main reason why I anticipate a new review from this thread. In terms of what year you should review, I figure that you should do something relatively older. 1957 1979 is my pick.
  8. I'm currently in the process of writing an essay for one of my college courses, and I've been coming back to ADoseofBuckley's rant on celebrity deaths from overdose, cuz' I've been thinking of looking into it for ideas of making some counterarguments, and my god does that rant frustrate me more whenever I come back to it. I do enjoy some ADoB's videos enough and understand the content that he makes, but that one video was just distasteful, even if it's a rant from 4 years back.

    Also, even though I'm talking about a video on drug overdose, I'm actually writing an evaluation on the causes of tobacco addiction. That sounds weird, but it's still true.

  9. Don't Take the Money - Bleachers
  10. what the heck is whatever's being popular on alternative/rock radio right now.


    1. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      hilarious song tbh

      only good song my alternative radio station keeps playing is death of a bachelor by panic at the disco

  11. PG

    34a. Squidward and Bernstein A new student has arrived on the campus of PMU, and he went by the name of Bernstein. Interestingly enough, he was an octopus much like Squidward and Peterpus. Squidward decides to converse with him, to see if he’s willing to be friends with him, Peterpus, and Eeleen. Not only does Squidward form a friendship with Bernstein, but they got a lot in common: they have a love for smooth jazz, fine arts, and have an irrational hatred of undersea sponges. Squidward’s friendship with Bernstein went smoothly until Peterpus and Eeelen caught eye of Bernstein talking negatively about them behind their backs. This prompts for the both of them to ensure Squidward that Bernstein has been gossiping about them. Of course, Squidward still gets along with his new friend. It was a matter of time until Bernstein convinces Squidward to tell him things he’s never told any one of his other friends. After investigating on Bernstein and his school records, Peterpus and Eeleen tells Squidward that Bernstein has had a record of being dropped from various schools due to his behavior in spreading rumors about other students, then warning Squidward that his new friend could do the same. Squidward doesn’t believe him until he catches Bernstein at the exact moment when he talks with Peterpus and Eeelen about Squidward. Before Bernstein was going to talk about some of Squidward’s secrets, his friend rushes over to him and tells him to stop talking. Thereafter, Squidward then tells Bernstein about why Peterpus and Eeleen are two of his greatest acquaintances and that he can still be his friend if he stops using the lives of students for his sick kicks. Bernstein thought hard about this offer at first, but he then gets notified that he got expelled from PMU because of his behavior. And so Bernstein heads off to another college, never to be missed. First appearances: Bernstein Trivia: In some differing universes, the character's name is spelled "Bernstain." 34b. West Soap Story It was a fine day in Pacific Maritime University. It was the day the school was celebrating the founding of New Kelp City. All of a sudden, a bubble appeared from the source of the hand soap dispenser as the Headmistress points flippers over to a student in the background, scolding him. Squidward then remembers that bubbles are outlawed in New Kelp City, but begs to know why it’s such. Peterpus gives himself the pleasure to tell the story to Squidward of when the Bubble Poppin’ Boys came to hate bubbles and felt that they were a danger in the city. They were trying to get civilians to stop making bubbles, but were being faced by a rival gang that supports bubbles and the act of bubble-blowing. However, after a series of singing and dancing, the nice guys finished last. While the Bubble Poppin’ Boys were driven out of NKC, bubbles were still outlawed since the disappearance of Mayor CheeseHead. Squidward finds this petty and heads straight to Wobbegong’s office as he questions how anyone in the PMU campus could be afraid of a mere bubble. Squidward gives the background student a bail from punishment, but Wobbegong decides to temporarily arrange Squidward into a class filled with only the most irregular group of students: The Bubble Blowin’ Boys, or as some sources call them: “bubble blowing babies.” Squidward instantly tries to convince them that he doesn’t belong here, and after a couple weeks after getting out his temporary punishment does he realize that he became a part of their family. Squidward had the thought of criticizing bubbles in general, but ends up seeing the significance in them and eventually decides to convince the PMU campus that all parts of the ocean need bubbles, for resources such as bubble baths, drinking boba tea, or that it’s just because fish can’t move around without making bubbles. The entire campus hears Squid’s words, but Wobbegong still has some regulations against the use of bubbles on university grounds. After that little attempt in trying to change NKC history, Squidward runs into the Bubble Blowin’ Boys again and tells him that he honestly doesn’t want to see a bubble anywhere on PMU ever again. The guidelines also prompt for the BBBs to follow them, but since they still doubt them, they otherwise maintain doing it in a secretive fashion, hence that they’re now called the Secretive Bubble Blowin’ Boys. First appearances: The (Secretive) Bubble Blowin' Boys
  12. Disagreements: Put me in the crowd of people who liked or enjoyed "A Milli." (I'm not a huge fan, but still.) Also, unpopular opinion, but "So What" didn't age very well for me, but I'll support you for the song's placement since you have crippling insecurity. Additionally, while I don't hate "Take a Bow," I'm not a big fan of it either, but it may grow on me, after thinking about it. (Then again, 2007/2008 was such a good year for Rihanna.) Agreements: Everything else. Although, "Say" would be my #1 absolute worst over the Colby O'Donis track. Otherwise, great lists, man. And finally, I have some questions for: Dangerous Addicted Love Remains the Same Touch My Body 4 Minutes I'm Yours Whatever You Like (Honestly one of my favorites.) Into the Night Burnin' Up It's Not My Time See You Again Bleeding Love Low Like You'll Never See Me Again Independent
  13. Since...maybe the past year, people, including I, have been very argumentative about the state of Cartoon Network. Just recently, Cartoon Network Russia has announced a LEGO Movie spin-off for its lineup, and it is a spin-off based on Unikitty. Based on the first impressions that I've seen, people were skeptical about the series, because the style was very reminiscent towards Teen Titans Go, and some others saw it as an immediate cash grab. I feel this kind of skepticism was expected because we all had to live through the overexposure of Teen Titans Go, as well as the whole aftermath of the Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10 reboots. This spin-off will soon be broadcasted in Russia as well as across Cartoon Network Europe, without any possible indication that it could also be brought to the why are we worrying about this now? I guess the best way to start is to acknowledge the month of March in 2017, that in which was a serious drought for Cartoon Network in America, prominently because of its scheduling tactic. The network's schedule was grandiose in Teen Titans Go, Gumball, and the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs animated series of all things. As you can see, I have a lot in my mind about the current state of Cartoon Network, and this argument will detail all the topics that I'm meaning to discuss just now. The first thing I'm addressing Cartoon Network's emphasis on comedic cartoons, and unsurprisingly, this is the type of content that gets such fair treatment. However, let me point out that CN is not the only victim to this, as Nickelodeon's recent animated output have been infamous for its attempts in creating comedic content. Breadwinners, Sanjay & Craig, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, etc., they've all been derided for its lack of comedic appeal, and it's easier to determine that Nicktoon shows such as those have been brought out by the highers up of Nickelodeon Animation, so they could see if any one could try and match the success of SpongeBob. I can understand why some folks would complain about CN's emphasis on comedy, as it can be seen as a pitfall for the Network for not taking risks and balancing out more serious content, like when they did some time ago when they were branching out and giving us series like Regular Show, Adventure Time, Young Justice, Generator Rex, Sym-Bionic Titan, Thundercats, and Lego Ninjago in a two year time-frame. Of course, CN was also delivering shoddy animated comedies at the time, which almost led me to just stop watching CN. And I'll admit, I was too harsh on the state of CN over the course of 2010/2011. However, I was very annoyed with CN's...strategy, which included live-action shows, Problem Solverz, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, and some no-name Canadian cartoons at that time. Thankfully enough by 2012, the executives and CEO Stuart Snyder actually managed to prove that they cared about the integrity of the network. It was at the time CN was having a milestone celebration, but that was the point CN started to win me over. That wasn't even limited to the return of Toonami as an Adult Swim block, or the Cartoon Planet block, and at that point was CN improving spectacularly. ....Then came that point in time when Teen Titans Go was dominating the CN schedule. People all over the internet hated it, but when it came to the silent majority, or otherwise the target audience, the show was a success in the ratings and it was a matter of time until it started filling up slots outside of the DC Nation block. THEN by 2014, Stuart abandoned his CEO position before Christina Miller would take his place while Vishnu Athreya would be put in-charge of CN's scheduling in the same year, and now we're here with 150+ episodes of Teen Titans Go being aired in a weekly basis. To make my point across, CN's current schedule really sucks...but that's not the same for me to say that the network itself sucks right now. We still have Adventure Time for as long as it may last, we have Steven Universe, we have We Bare Bears, we have Gumball spite getting almost as much overplay as Teen Titans Go, we're getting that new OK K.O.! cartoon, we have Adult Swim and Toonami, so it should all certainly compensate for all the problems people are having with the network. And as some of you guys may beg to point out, yes I'm also aware of CN's treatment of their other animated shows. As some examples show that CN's problems are beyond the overexposure of Teen Titans Go, CN gave up on the broadcasting rights for Pokemon and gave them to Disney XD (If that's weird, remember that in the days of Toon Disney, Jetix has been airing anime, and I think DXD broadcasting Pokemon makes more sense since DXD is becoming a bit of a network for nerds, such as myself.), and there's also the complete, ongoing radio silence for the Total Drama series, Bunnicula, Wabbit, and Be Cool, Scooby-Doo. I could only imagine that this was all for giving TTG, a.k.a. Vishnu's supreme overlord of new favorite shows, more slots on the schedule, but I'm being delusional. Before some of you guys point out that I've gotten off-topic for a moment, I haven't forgotten about the main argument on whether or not Cartoon Network is being heavily reliant on comedic shows, and what it means for aspiring ideas for series like Infinity Train. I'll get to that in a moment, but I think I can say it for just about anyone that CN has really brought their focus towards comedic animated shows. This is included but not limited to We Bare Bears, Clarence, Mighty Magiswords, and the Powerpuff Girls reboot, which were all under the time-frame of Christina Miller currently being CEO. One series that manages to click is We Bare Bears. It has a strong comedic approach, but it also leans towards serious slice of life storylines. What I'm saying is that an animated comedy can be done right if they don't have a complete emphasis on the comedy. And ever since Cartoon Network introduced us to Infinity Train, a lot of people were just begging to see it become a full-fledged series 4 months after it was released to YouTube. Now, let me make some things perfectly clear, I am very supportive of hopeful showrunners getting their work noticed by big companies like CN, and even I would seriously love to see Infinity Train become a full-fledged series. Here's the deal though....after all the news circulating that CN is greenlighting new original shows that aren't Infinity Train, let me point out that it takes quite a lot of time for something to be realized as a full-fledged series, and I mean it takes A LOT OF TIME. Don't believe me? Ian Jones-Quartey has been working to get his pitch for an animated show greenlit since he started animating the pilot for it in 2012. That show, in question, just so happens to be Lakewood Turbo Plaza, now known as OK K.O.! Alternatively speaking, it took 4-5 years for CN to realize full potential in Ian's pitch, and it'll probably take 4 years as well for CN to officially greenlight Infinity Train, or perhaps not depending on those who fear that CN will ignore it, and really...if we're going to expect any new information on the possibility of CN greenlighting Infinity Train, it'll be a long while before we see its fate. All animators in general work hard, but understand that Ian Jones-Quartey has also been working hard for his pitch and we could've pressured CN into greenlighting OK K.O.! some time ago in a similar vein to Infinity Train (IJQ is also a prominent man in animation, having previously worked on The Venture Bros and Adventure Time, as well as working on Steven Universe. He also debunked the myth that you have to be a CalArts graduate to succeed in animation.), but we didn't. Anyways, the only reasons for me to watch Cartoon Network at the moment is for Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, Toonami, and soon enough, OK K.O.! The network is not in a pleasant state at the moment, but I'm not saying that I feel that Cartoon Network sucks at the moment. My point is that I think we should all calm down right now about the state of the network (The reactions for the Ben 10 reboot would've also otherwise prompted for me to make this rant, as the disgruntled 2.1 rating on IMDB should be a given.) The first half of 2017 is going to be very stationery for CN, but I believe CN can do better than what people say that they aren't. Case in point, all big TV animation companies have made bad decisions. Furthermore, I don't think that means it's not worth the risk of working for Nick, Disney XD, Disney Channel, Adult Swim, etc., and just bail to Netflix for making an animated series. I mean, if you're an aspiring animated series showrunner and you want to work for Netflix, I'm perfectly fine with that, but you know, I would honestly rather take the "risk" of working for either one of these big name television animation companies before I give Netflix a chance. The animation industry itself is filled with risks. Heck, I've been brainstorming my idea for an animated series since 2011 and I still feel that my story hasn't come full circle, so I'll be willing to wait 10+ years for my idea to become a full-fledged series. So yeah, these all represent my thoughts on Cartoon Network as of now, and what I can say really is that the current quality of CN is the least of my worries, but I do have my doubts. Also, if you want Cartoon Network to be fixed, there's no need to complain and just hope it gets better. If you desire to, try and see if you could ever get accepted for a job at Cartoon Network and express your ideas of improving the network, that is my idea. tl;dr version: I don't think CN is at its worst at this point. I also think some people need to chill out about Cartoon Network for a moment. I have my doubts towards CN too, but I don't think that also indicates that the network is not worth working for, same as any other TV companies. While CN also has a large emphasis on comedy and is still heavily reliant on Teen Titans Go, the Unikitty spin-off should be the least of anyone's worries. So yeah, feel free to tell me what you think about my argument. Did I make some unclear points? Is there anything you disagree with? Do I have any good ideas, bad ideas? Tell me anything, and I'll be willing to read any responses that I can get.
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