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  1. Some scattered thoughts: -I was honestly expecting "Someone You Loved" to be the #20. I even thought that the singer's debut album being legitimately titled "Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent" would've made a lock for that spot. -As for "I Don't Care," it is pretty bad and I'll admit it that I feel like I should hate this one more than I don't, but I can't take this one too seriously because a part me feels that Ed and Beebs are mostly effing around, especially when it comes to the music video. -Call me crazy, but if I were to acknowledge what I felt is one of the worst songs on the top 20 that week, that honor would go to "Hey Look Ma, I Made It," and I'm surely one of the only few people here who thinks it's an absolute trainwreck of a song. -I find it astonishing that Shawn Mendes is greatly improving considering that "Treat You Better" is one of my most hated hit songs of the decade. "If I Can't Have You" is the best of the two, but "Senorita" also comes close that quality for me. -The top three in your rankings plus "Sunflower" and "Talk" are the week's highlights IMO. Although I might be growing tired of "Old Town Road," I can agree that it is genuinely great.
  2. This doesn't look bad at all, although weird. I don't have any strong feelings for this, but I'd check it out once we get more from this.
  3. i'm 'bout to book a show at the dimmsdale dimmadome

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      Yes you may, if you spin around three times and say "I love my wife."

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  4. I could've made this announcement earlier, but I'm afraid that I'll have to cancel this project for now due to lack of interest. I could try this again at some later point, but maybe I won't. Right now, I'm going to keep focused on my FOP reviews (and I know, I haven't written out a complete season review in a year, but trust me when I say that I am planning on resuming my reviews).
  5. i want to be a mod

  6. Well, I first signed on here as spongebobfan200, so I'll have to go by that again.
  7. Oh man, I can't forget about Making Fiends either. Not only was the animated series screwed over so badly to the point where it only lasted for just six episodes, it especially feels more daunting when you realize that the series creator Amy Winfrey has not been able to make anything more for her own creation for a little over ten years because she's not allowed to, as Nickelodeon/Viacom still holds the rights to it.
  8. 19. Scrapped Spin-Off Ideas After going on about the spin-offs/lits of mine that never were, I'm now going to be focusing on the spin-offs that were by going through some of the ideas I've had for them, but never got conceptualized. Pisces Moon: -The main heir to the Pisces Planet kingdom, Kerberos (who was unnamed at the start of the series) was originally planned to be the main antagonist of the spin-off. As my vision for each one of my works kept changing overtime, I decided to create another character to take that place to avoid the old fashioned evil overlord cliche in favor of only the slightly less cliched evil mole turned overlord character archetype. -Lee's original name was Brad to coincide with Umbriel's typically named friend, Candy. For the same reason as the above in which I intended to avoid cliches, I decided to name him Lee, after a part of the lengthened version of the original name: Bradley. -While I'm still on the topic of Lee, his backstory was originally going to be explored in-depth in this spin-off. At the time I was to set up his backstory, Pisces Moon was nearing its end and I was mainly focusing on writing the fight scenes, elaborating more on the history of Pisces Planet, Makemake's intentions, and a slew of other things including a part of Pisces Planet's history with supernatural abilities, its ancestors, and the embodiments for each of the zodiac planets other than Pisces. I was already preoccupied with establishing all these points, and so my plan to develop more of Lee's character through a backstory ended up getting buried in my mind. However, Lee's backstory will soon be elaborated at some point for Oracle of the Cosmos. Z-Storm: -Quite like a few other spin-offs of mine, Z-Storm would've been a longer series. I originally planned for it to have two seasons with 26 episodes for each one. That was until I decided to cut the series' episode count in half so I wouldn't feel so stressed about giving myself a bigger workload than I felt that I needed, all while staying true to the two season format. And of course, that was until I decided to just discontinue the spin-off for a new and largely improved version of the story. -I had written episode title concepts for the originally 52 episode series, but of course it no longer exists since it was all written on paper and eventually thrown away. However, three unused episode titles have been preserved, those being "Evil Eye," "It's a Typhoon, Typhoon!", and "Cam's Past." Other than those three titles, I also remember very well conceiving "Long Lost Sal" as another one of the series' episode titles. Guru Gakuto: -Guru Gakuto was originally planned to be a 26 episode series before I eventually decided to condense it to 20. Within the depths of the Spin-Off/Lit news announcement thread, there exists a generous amount of unused episode titles: 13. Their Diamonds (Original episode title for "Lament") 14. Nutcracker Suite 16. The Scribble Seven 17. Long Time, No See 18. Amaze-zon Race 19. Finders Keepers 20. King Horacio 21. Frozen in Time 22. 50 Strokes of Black and White 23. Wrong Kong 24. Fantasia 2022: Doodle Madness 25. The Social-Television Network -Among the originally announced full series episode titles, "Wisdom, Justice, and Love," and "Doodle Madness (albeit the Fantasia 2022 part)" ended up being used for the final product. As it should be pretty telling by these titles, I originally didn't have a very specific direction for Guru Gakuto and I was writing based on the ideas that I would form, which was why some bits of the series felt cluttered and pretty embarrassing to me looking back, admittedly. -Some originally conceived plot outlines for this spin-off include Kaan dying at the hands of DoodleBob, Horace, and their organization before being revived by Gakuto's seven revived kids with a Pebble of Life and an artificial body. "Long Time, No See" would probably of course been the episode where the seven main characters meet up with Savannah and Jordan again. -Jordan was originally named Justin until I decided to rename him during the last few bits of the series. IIRC, Jordan's original name is still intact in the S1 episodes he was in though. On top of that, Jordan and Kaiden were originally going to keep playing an antagonistic role during S2. -Also, according to one announcement I made at one point, S2 would've originally had "Impossible" as its subtitle. Underwater Survivor: SBC Style: -I've already let loose some original concepts about UWS in a Q&A thread for my spin-off club, but I do have some more information to share. Anyways, to start things off, for the thirteenth epsiode of UWS S1, I originally intended for both PokeSponge and Queen Malie to get eliminated instead of Dragiiin, but I changed their elimination spots after Jjs decided to take the reins in guest writing the episode and have Dragiiin eliminated through one of Sbs1fan's ruses. -4EverGreen was originally intended to be "the Heather of the season" until I decided it was not a good fit for his portrayal to be as such. It was also because I had planned for Algae to end up like TDWT's Team Victory. So, for a few episodes, I've had Captain52 fill in the Heather role until I decided that Sbs1fan would serve as a main antagonist before having Captain return as the final boss. -The original theme for S2 was actually very different from the final product. To reiterate what I said in the Q&A thread, The special for S1 had an It's a Mad (x4) World / Total Drama (x4) Island type of storyline, but it also had that weird plot element where some members would touch the briefcase that would transport them to an unspecified place. It was pretty out of place when I left that plot element in the special, but it could've made sense if I went along with my first idea of a theme for S2. Instead of the set of Legends of the Hidden Temple, all the unaffected members could've been taken into space and the transported members would be taken into random locations. The first few episodes would've revolved around finding the missing members, and they would either assist Jjs with the challenges or they would just be assigned to the peanut gallery, but most importantly, the theme for S2 could've been similar to Star Trek. I pretty much abandoned that idea since I've gotten a newer idea that I thought would be better suited for UWS...and because I never seen anything of Star Trek in full and realized that I was better off with something that I was more familiar with, so thus Legends of the Hidden Temple became the theme for S2. Also, iirc, I conceived the original idea before the Hawk-formerly-known-as-ACS first came to SBC. -RaeAndAnasRock was planned to last until the first merge challenge and MadameCat was planned to last until the alien hunting challenge before my guilt from continuing to write irrelevant TV.com members made me decide to eliminate her right after RAAR, write off both their portrayals completely, and then introduce a pair of OCs (which give you the idea that I could've also focused more on Goosey and Nathan's roles, but once again, the guilt that I faced in 2013 ate me alive, so I also wrote off their portrayals to leave room for an OC's role as the main antagonist of the season) that would end up being Malelimin and the original Hidden Underwater Triad. Then of course, I decided to write each of them off after the end of S2 when I realized how very out-of-place they felt in the series. -While S2 was early in development, I had also already conceived some ideas for S3. At the time, I had no specific theme other than that it would return to the original S1 roots. Other than that, I had originally planned for SpongeSebastian and MadameCat to return. For reasons already clear, MC was shelved from the S3 cast while SpongeSebastian's dwindling activity gave me less of a reason to have him in the S3 cast. -While S3 was in the production stages, JCM, Fa, WWESpongefan, Supergameman28 were originally considered for the S3 cast with JCM as a member of Team Legendary and the latter three being members of Team Calamity respectively until Jjs suggested that I should condense the cast as he felt that 28 contestants felt a little too bloated for the season. This was very good advice, especially once you compare the constestant size for Waterfall and 4EverGreen's Total Cartoon Global Cruise (absolutely no offense to 4EG btw). With Fa in the peanut gallery and WWE & SGM28 playing very small roles on UWS, JCM would eventually become S3's main Aftermath co-host. -While Jjs and I were reorganizing the cast of contestants for S3, PatBack would've originally had a spot as a member of Team Calamity. Jjs had also suggested for each team to have a captain, akin to the previous two seasons with OMJ, terminoob, Clappy, and Cha being considered as captains for Calamity, Legendary, Maelstrom, and Valkyrie respectively. -Before I decided to condense the quantity of S3's contestants, I had originally planned to have no Aftermath episodes for S3 and have one sole episode focusing on the peanut gallery. -I also originally planned for S3 to be four episodes shorter than the previous two seasons, with almost every episode except the first ep and the PG ep dealing with an elimination. On top of that, one episode was outlined to have a triple elimination. -Sand Stadium and the Poseidome were originally conceived as some of the SB locations for S3 while Channel Awesome, Google, Dramatic Static, and Memebase (yes, Memebase) were originally conceived for some of the Social Networking challenges. S.P.O.N.G.E.B.O.B.: -This spin-off miniseries was originally planned to have at least two seasons with around 26 episodes. "Determination," the series' subtitle, would've been only the subtitle for the first season. I had also unveiled episode titles for the full first season, but since it was presumably posted on a version of SBC that is now obsolete, it's safe to say that those titles are lost in the fire. Sub-Tropical Academy: -This spin-off's original episode count was narrowed down the more that I had slept on it. It went from being originally a 39 episode three season series, to a 26 episode two season series, and to, finally, a 13 episode series with only one season. Tiki Land: -Concept wise, very little about Tiki Land has changed overtime, but production-wise, this spin-off series started off as a collaboration project between me, Wumbo, teenj12, CNF1, and Box. Box would end up losing his spot in due to his feud with Nuggets to Sabre, but due to each of these members eventually becoming too busy with their personal lives and due to me taking my sweet time with developing this spin-off, Tiki Land ultimately became another one of my solo projects. Red Flag Savior: Rebirth of a Storm: -Very little has changed as well as for this spin-off during its writing process, but there were some unused ideas for it. First things first, Kinuyo was originally named Blair and her supernatural powers were originally sourced from her eyes. -Deacon, one of Seymour's bodyguards who works alongside Kinuyo during the fight, was originally named Hilliard. -Nike, the youngest of Seymour's bodyguards who will eventually serve a major role later in the story, was originally planned to be a young male named Sprig. Interestingly enough, Sprig was derived from the name the main character from Butch Hartman's failed Crash Nebula pilot, while also being a pun on "sprint." Because this was conceived during a controversial moment in Butch's career, Sprig was scrapped, but the concept regarding the powers of his jacket was kept. Additionally, before reinventing his character, I had renamed him to Ewan at one point. There may be more to what I left in the cutting room floor, but for now, this is all that I have to share.
  9. 6. For Whom the Bell Tolls Levi, alongside his associates Jasmine and Olivia, saw himself running up north towards a shrine in the distance, which was hoisted by a single set of steps. Along two differing directions were the other two pairs with Terrence, Sonia, and Jeff making their way to the shrine right from the perspective of Levi’s group while Dustin, Amber, and Clifford was going left from said group’s perspective. The closer that the two of them got to the shrine, Levi and Terrence immediately ran faster the other members of their respective group once they saw each other. At the same moment, the two made the first step on the treads leading to the shrine and climbed up to the entrance, thus resulting in… “Hey…I think…we’ve tied!” Levi said towards Terrence while out of breath. “No…there has to be one winner!” Terrence responded, also out of breath. “You two are pathetic,” Sonia remarked, making her way up the steps to the shrine. “Shut up!” Terrence jeered towards Sonia. “Maybe I would’ve been able to stay ahead if Jeff and I haven’t had to find you and drag you back into our group!” “I was kidnapped by my old ninja troop that I thought was still important to me,” Sonia argued. “What would I have done? I know I couldn’t have trusted them, but I didn’t know why they wanted me back when I suckered myself into rejoining them.” “Well, damn you anyway!” Terrence argued. As the group of six was stalled in the squabble, the last three students came running over to their spot from the left side. “We made it…did we miss anything?” Dustin asked. “You just missed a little spat that I got into, but it’s not important, so just forget about it,” said Sonia, leaving Terrence to set aside the words he could’ve then said. The nine students made their way high up the steps. There, they got a closer look at the interior of the shrine. The roof the building was curved. Outside of the shrine stood a bell, covered by a fenced, wooden structure and a roof structure much like that of the shrine. The entrance made the shrine appear to be dark inside and beneath it was an arch shape surrounding it. Before the students could make a step inside, a group of five sages came outside. “Are you the pupils that Master SquarePants and Master Cheeks spoke of?” One of the sages asked. “We’ve been notified that a group of people like you would be coming.” “Yep, that’s us,” Levi confirmed. “Good, we’ve been expecting and needing you for our task,” another sage spoke. “Come with us inside now.” Per the sage’s command, the nine students immediately got inside of shrine where they then saw the renowned koi statue at the center and between the wooden beams supporting the shrine’s structure. “So, what do you need for us to do?” Olivia asked the group of sages. “Sit beside us and the statue and we shall tell,” another sage spoke. “Our need of assistance involves a tale passed down to us from several generations past.” “Can I just ask why SpongeBob, Sandy, and Armando needed all of us for this?” Jeff inquired. “Who are all of you anyway?” “Ah yes, we shouldn’t forget to introduce,” said one of the sages. “We are sages. We collect and dedicate our lives to stories of old. I am Cong. My colleagues go by Shui, Wen, Ling, and Ju-Long. After the academy students exchanged each other’s names to the sages, one of the wise men, Wen, then spoke “Now, let me explain why you were all requested to be here. This shrine has a great deal of history for us to share, so listen well. We dedicated this sanctuary to a koi spirit named Jin Li. Jin Li is renowned as the “Incarnation of Resolve.” The story of the koi spirit goes back to a time where this world was mostly ruled by the sea. Jin Li sought to keep the world at peace for as long as it was able. One obstacle Jin Li faced was in the form of a Siamese carp named Dao Gou, who was termed as the “Incarnation of War.” Much like other legendary beings of Jin Li’s time, the koi fought with Dou Gou every so often, and every so often the koi won against the carp. It may sound crazy to be true, but it is a matter of fact that this place used to be a sight for one of Jin Li and Dou Gou’s battles, so we built this shrine and erected a statue of the very koi both in Jin Li’s honor.” “Long ago Jin Li’s body had left the face of the Earth,” Shui continued explaining, “but its spirit lives inside of this statue. Long story short, we requested for Jin Li’s spirit to possess the statue by making contact with the koi in the spirit dimension. That place is a world much like our own, except that it’s a place where ordinary beings can see, talk, and even feel the bodies of the spirits that reside there. Great spiritual abilities can also allow for spirits to coexist in the world of the living.” “So, what does all this have to do with our mission we’ve been assigned?” Levi asked. “We’ve been contacted by the head of the Shadow Bark,” Cong responded, “He gave us a warning that the spirit of Dou Gou, the Siamese carp, is coming to take the shrine for their own selves. We need you all to assist in summoning Jin Li from the other side of the world to fend off Dou Gou, for the greater amount of support we give to Jin Li, the greater the strength it receives.” “To be able to enter the spirit dimension, one must have a very composed mind,” Shui adds. “So, tell me, have any of you tried meditation before?” Jeff, Sonia, Dustin, Clifford, and Amber each voluntarily affirmed to the sage’s question while Sonia then responded, “I’ve learned about meditation before since it was an important lesson in the ninjutsu arts. I pushed myself through the ranks without it anyways, so I’m not very skilled at that.” “There’s nothing wrong with reacquiring knowledge about a subject you’ve learned in the past,” Shui continued. “As for the rest of you, consider this mindful practice as a new learning experience.” “So this is another lesson about karate we have to know?” Levi asked. “We have a job to do for these people, so this is still a mission,” Jeff reaffirmed. “Also, if I could make a suggestion, the leader of the Shadow Bark is trying to take this shrine for himself and the rest of his group with Dou Gou’s spirit at his side.” “Yes! That is our thoughts exactly,” said Ling. “Anyways, should we start the meditation lesson now?” All of the students agreed as Shui then said, “Now the key to travelling to the spirit dimension is to have great focus on the mind. It’s a fairly easy process. Get into a lotus position or a simple sitting position. Stay still and completely relax your body. Keep your eyes closed and just focus on your thoughts until you see yourself on the other side.” Following the advice of the wise men, all nine of the students positioned themselves with the sages to meditate. Each blanked out their vision to focus mainly on their minds. Shortly afterwards, they saw themselves inside of the srhine with eyes wide open. They viewed the koi statue, which was now emitting a visible golden glow. However, the first noticeable thing Levi noticed while now inside the other side of the world was the “Dream Monk.” “Why are you here?” Levi questioned. “Do you show up whenever I’m asleep now?” “I came to you when you were at near-death,” the Dream Monk responded. “I also came to give you guidance and from the looks of things, you seem like you could still use some.” “Do you ever go away at some later point?” Levi asked again. “Perhaps if you feel like you no longer need any guidance, I will come away,” the Dream Monk replied. “Alright,” Cong said towards the students once they were now all aware of their current surroundings. “To summon Jin Li’s body from inside the statue, we all must touch it gently.” “I could explain more about myself and of my purpose, but right now, there’s no time for that,” the Dream Monk continued. “You have your mission and your time is now.” “Everyone else can see you right?” Levi asked. “No they cannot. I exist in the dream world and in the spirit world, but I am your conscience and so I can only coexist with you.” “I’ll be happy to have you off my back, whatever it is that I’d do to make it happen.” The Dream Monk watched as Levi, alongside the sages and his other classmates, walked over to the koi statue to feel it until he saw the body of the koi spirit phase out from the effigy. “Can we call our job done now?” Terrence asked the sages. “We’re not quite done here,” Cong responded. “We also need you and the others to stay beside Jin Li and protect it.” After Levi felt the energy from the statue being released, he turned his head to look around the shrine. That was when he suddenly spotted a peculiar spirit approaching the shrine. Remembering the sages’ warning about a Siamese carp spirit, he instantly realized that it was Dou Gou and it was already summoned by the Shadow Bark. Levi then asked the sages, “Is that the spirit that you’ve all been warning us about? If so, then I say we got some real trouble on our hands.” “And so it is.” Ling said. “We knew this was going to happen eventually.” “Just leave the battle to Jin Li, young student,” Ju-Long urged. “This spirit dimension does not allow for us humans to interfere in the affairs of spirits.” “I’m still going to help the koi spirit though,” Levi replied. “Nothing says that I can’t, right?” “In protecting Jin Li, you must protect its statue,” Shui adds. “It must never touch it.” Listening to Shui’s command, Levi turned his head around to see the koi statue, standing tall and still as it does. He then turned his head back around to gaze at Dou Gou, who was reaching closer to the shrine. At that moment, the Dream Monk appeared in front of him once again. “I can sense that you’re on to something,” the Dream Monk remarked. “What is it that you’re planning?” “I’m going to prove my leadership skills,” Levi replied. “I’m going to give Dou Gou a surprise attack.” “Are you being serious?” The Dream Monk then asked. “I’m positive. I’m going through with this.” “Is this your way of defending Jin Li, or are you going to do this for yourself? If I must stop you, Levi, you should leave it to the masters of the shrine. They know what they are doing- However, while the Dream Monk continued trying to speak to Levi, the teenage student’s eyes were very focused on Dou Gou. “Here it comes…I’m going for it!” Levi cried out. “Levi! You’re the only one who can listen to me! As your conscience, please stop yourself! One thing you should know, humans and spirits cannot interact the same way! Levi!” Levi leapt once as Dou Gou entered the shrine. Jin Li was preparing a strike until the koi spirit saw Levi spring into action. Levi’s classmates, except for Jasmine and Olivia, and the sages came rushing over to where Levi when they noticed what he was doing. Levi couldn’t listen to his associates calling out for him to back away as he aimed to grab Dou Gou’s tailfin with both hands. However…Levi saw as his hands went through Dou Gou’s tail. Dou Gou then relocated its body to lock on Levi. With not enough time to react, Levi looked around to see that Dou Gou was about to plunge into him until Terrence hurried over to push him away from Dou Gou. “Dude, what the hell you were thinking!?” Terrence exclaimed towards Levi. “I was trying to help Jin Li,” Levi groaned. “Look,” Terrence replied as he then grabbed Levi’s head and then turned it so he could see Dou Gou landing the first hit on Jin Li. “What you just did was give our enemy a head start.” The sages and the nine students then came hurrying back over to the koi statue per the mission to stay by Jin Li’s side. That was when they all saw Dou Gou charging close to the very statue before getting interrupted by Jin Li itself, continuing their clash. Levi stopped to pant as he returned back to his intended spot as the Dream Monk returned in his sight. “Because you look awfully stressed, Levi, I should give you some important advice before something else happens for you,” the Dream Monk warned. “Keep your focus. If you don’t, you won’t be able to sta-“ At that very moment, Levi’s vision changed. He glimpsed at the sages and his classmates sitting alongside him in front of the koi statue, but their bodies were still and there were no spirits in sight. That was when Levi noticed that he had been snapped back into the real world. “Goddamn it!” Levi cried out while he held both sides of his head tight with his hands. “I’ve let myself out.” Bringing the mission back into his mind, Levi let go of his hands to reposition himself. He breathed in and out, closed his eyes back shut, relaxed his mind and body, and he then thought to himself, No big deal. I can get myself to return to the spirit dimension easy… Returning from his brief exit, Levi saw as the two spirits were still clashing with each other and that the sages and his classmates stayed put beside the koi statue. “It’s nice to see you back again. You better not jinx anything again,” Terrence chided towards Levi. “I won’t. I’ve learned my lesson,” Levi responded. “So you’re definitely not one to follow directions most of the time,” the Dream Monk uttered. “Just another bit of advice, you should keep your temper.” “Shut up,” Levi muttered. Jin Li and Dou Gou were in the midst of their battle as Dou Gou was ready to slam Jin Li with a charging attack. The Siamese carp spirit had also lowered its jaws, in preparation to damage Jin Li with a snap of its teeth. Jin Li narrowly avoids the attack as it then hits Dou Gou with the slap of its tailfin before then slamming into the carp spirit. Dou Gou charges again, but is outmatched as Jin Li then fires a bright yellow beam from its mouth to successfully hit the carp spirit. At that moment, the koi spirit noticed that Dou Gou had barely any energy left to keep fighting, as it stopped. Jin Li, the sages, and the nine students saw as Dou Gou turned its back and began to slow swim away from their sight, guaranteeing that the koi spirit is still the keeper of the statue. Jin Li stared at the Siamese carp spirit until it ultimately decided to return to its post, phasing back inside the statue. “It’s best that you all leave this place now to stay safe,” Cong advised. “For sure, this situation turned out dangerous.” Following the sage’s order, Levi, Terrence, Jasmine, Sonia, Amber, Jeff, and Olivia instantly returned to the real world through their thoughts while Dustin, Clifford and the five sages remained in the spirit dimension. Before Clifford could focus on leaving the area, he glimpsed at the Siamese carp slowly turning its back. As he saw it charging into his and Dustin’s direction, Clifford abruptly returned to the real world from the shock and hurried over to Dustin’s side to see that he’s still in his relaxed state. “Dustin, please wake up!” Clifford cried out, shaking Dustin’s still body. Back inside the spirit dimension, Dou Gou saw as Dustin instantly disappeared from the world, prompting for him to pause at that very moment and continue to swim away from the shrine. Dustin saw his point of view instantly change to see what was causing the tugging sensation that loosened his focus. Immediately after Dustin returned from the spirit dimension, the five sages appeared awakened. But then came a surprise waiting underneath the shrine’s entrance. It was karate master Udon himself. “I hope you all don’t mind that I’ve dropped by here,” he spoke. “I need to make sure that my plan was making progress as it should be.” “We’ve had some trouble, but that acquaintance of yours shouldn’t be bothering Jin Li now, Udon,” says Wen. “I suppose you’re the big bad leader that our teachers have been telling us about,” said Levi. “What were you planning to do in taking this shrine from us anyway?” Ju-Long asked Udon, “I’m betting it’s only so you could turn a profit.” “My intentions are a secret kept by the Shadow Bark,” Udon continued. “But I’ll at least say that I have other reasons for this upheaval.” “Wait until Master SquarePants and Master Cheeks hear from you,” Ling retorted. “I would be pleased if they do know,” Udon replied. “If you people already want me to leave, I can already show myself out. A loss is a loss, but we will meet again.” Udon then bowed and, in an instant, made his exit by shrouding himself in the darkness and vanishing quickly afterwards. Meanwhile, the five sages escorted the nine students out of the forest and back to the academy where SpongeBob, Sandy, and Armando were waiting for them. “Wow! I’m so glad you all made it back here in one piece!” SpongeBob beamed. “Do y’all care to tell what happened?” Sandy questioned. “It’s a long story, but we can tell you all about it,” said Jeff. “These students faced a dangerous foe, but each of them did well,” Shui commented. “…Each of them except one, however. It’s late, so tomorrow we’ll report their performances back to you.” “Fair ‘nough,” Sandy responded and turned her head towards the nine students, telling them, “Tomorrow afternoon, SpongeBob, Armando, and I will give you your reports from the mission.” Tomorrow morning, the nine students have all gathered at their respective classrooms to continue their karate lessons. After every hour of lecture was up, the time came for SpongeBob, Sandy, and Armando, to discuss upgrades and of their respective past performances to the nine students. “After collecting all the information about the mission from all of you and from the sages, we can conclude that you’ve all done well,” Armando announced. “We also have some wonderful highlights to share,” SpongeBob added. “We commend Amber for coming to the aid of Levi’s group by delivering them medical supplies to help save Levi,” Armando spoke. “Sonia, we never expected you to get tied up in a situation with your old ninja troop, but we salute you for proving your loyalty to this academy by choosing to stick with your classmates. Jeff, you did excellent as usual, but it’ll still take a lot more to add to your black belt. Dustin, even though you needed the help of Amber and Clifford during your fight, you still managed to cooperate with them and show the enemy that you have guts. Not only that, but the sages told me that you have a very strong mind. Clifford, you showed your bravery by saving Dustin from an unexpected danger. Jasmine and Olivia, you both managed to show some of the techniques you’ve learned, but most of all, you two gave a lot of support for Jin Li by staying beside the koi statue at all times. Terrence, your disputes with Levi were distracting for some of the students, but you pulled through especially after you saved Levi from an attack in the spirit dimension.” Levi waited patiently as the three karate masters were about to mention him. “And of course, that leaves you, Levi,” said Sandy. “What kind of consolation prize do I get?” Levi asked eagerly. “We highly appreciate your fighting spirit and your determination, but…” SpongeBob was saying “…we’ve talked to your partners Jasmine and Olivia about your behavior during the mission, and we’ve decided to come to the agreement that you really need to work on that if you want to be ahead of the other classmates.” “Meaning…?” Levi continued to ask. “Levi, we all know how important this place is to you,” said Sandy, “but y’all need to understand that the academy does not revolve ‘round you. We know too that you like playin’ the leader, but there are some things that don’t make you a leader. You shouldn’t have forced Jasmine and Olivia in the fight with one of the Shadow Bark members you’ve faced. You didn’t have to drag yourself into the fight with Dou Gou. You did a darn good job like everyone else, but there are some things y’all need to learn if you want to be on the right track.” “But Jasmine and Olivia openly refused to fight during our mission!” Levi argued. “Yet you’re giving them extra points for helping. I helped out too! Not only did I get my two partners to use karate, I did most of the fighting for them!” “And you got me to fight by firing insults at me,” Jasmine informed. “Shut up, I said I took them back!” Levi fumed. “You and Olivia were the ones who were backing out in the first place!” “Yes, but we were in great panic,” Jasmine responded to Levi, “and if it weren’t for Amber’s help, we would’ve quit the mission to take us back to the academy and bring you to a nurse.” “What about Terrence?” Levi questioned. “He was acting like a jerk to some of you during the mission!” “Hey, I wasn’t the one who thought it was a bright idea to interfere with a fight between two spirits,” Terrence pointed out. “Can y’all just calm the heck down?” Sandy ordered. “…Levi, you see what I mean now when I said that your behavior needs to change?” “Levi, you still handled the mission well. For that effort, we’ll only upgrade you to a yellow belt, but for everyone else, we’ll double them up to a green belt,” SpongeBob announced. Levi gave a deep sigh and then muttered, “Fine by me. I’ll do better.” The afternoon turned to night as Levi was shown inside of the dojo’s bed space. He laid back wide awake, staring at the ceiling with his hands at the back of his head, unable to stop thinking over his past actions. Out of frustration, he threw his pillow at a window before getting up, dressing himself into his regular clothes, carrying his belongings, and finally slamming the sliding door, leaving his uniform and yellow belt in the room. Levi now appeared outside of the academy, steadily walking over to the dock area. “I’ve always wanted to be appreciated as a good leader,” Levi mused. “Everything I tried to do about leadership…was I all wrong?” Levi mused. “Screw this karate school. They’re all probably better off without me.” Upon reaching the docks, Levi stood there impatiently and firmly. That was until Udon suddenly appeared next to him. “Say, what brought you here?” Udon asked the teenage student. “I’m wondering the same thing,” Levi responded. “Do you apparently have nothing better to do than find people like me?” “Sorry, where are my manners?” Udon continued. “We haven’t gotten the chance to know each other, have we? I am Udon, but if you please, call me Master Udon.” “I’m Levi and none of my business matters to you because I’m leaving anyways,” Levi replied. “I’m done with karate and I’m done being here.” “I feel bad to see you feel this way. Do you care to explain to me why you’re leaving the academy behind?” “Why do you care? It’s just that I don’t feel like I’m in the right place there, nor do I feel like I’m as good as everyone else.” “Well…I think you’re excellent and I know one place you’ll surely feel more at ease.” “I don’t trust you. I’ve been told numerous times that you’re a dangerous person who wants to take down my old academy, but you’re being nice to me.” “Say what you will about me. Master SpongeBob, Master Sandy, and I have had our troubles, but I prefer to leave that in the past. My troop of fighters, they are ruthless, but we like to seek determined and strong fighters like you. Besides, you are leaving your old academy behind. You should have no care for what happens to it, right?” “Maybe, but I’m not interested in whatever it is you want from me. I’m not as strong as you’re saying I am.” “But don’t you want to be stronger? If that’s what you wish to be, then I suggest you should come follow me to my keep. It’s alright if you don’t want to join me. That is completely your decision.” Finishing his talk with Levi, Udon strutted into the dark forest and left Levi’s sight. Udon’s talk had left Levi thinking about his own objectives in life. It was then that Levi decided to saunter into Udon’s direction until he left himself to ponder inside the dark forest. Levi walked on until he saw a large tree with a large black hollow. From the inside was a place that resembled a large conference room. There stood Udon exposed as well as eight of the other members in cloaks. The eight members sat with bended knees as their master Udon make his way to a podium. “People of the Shadow Bark, it is time to call roll.” Udon announced. “Zhong.” “Present,” Zhong, the snakehead member spoke. “Rico…” “What’s up?” The piranha member said. “Karmen…” “Right here,” the catfish member spoke. “Feng…” “Greetings,” the arowana member stated. “Alyssa…” “I’m here,” the candiru member confirmed. “Lamar…” “Good evening,” the tigerfish member replied. “Tao…” “Present,” the zebra bullhead member spoke. “And Daiyu.,,” “Present, master,” the silver carp member sounded. “For those who are not aware, we are missing two members,” Udon announced. “Min had to take a leave of absence after having to sustain injuries from his previous match and Chao Jin left us with a note of resignation as he expressed that he ‘does have the heart to keep fighting schoolchildren.’ However, we have already got someone willing to fill in one for one of those two empty spots. He may be a human, but I’m sure that you will all be able to cooperate with him. Without further ado, I’d like to welcome Tobey into our Shadow Bark family!” Tobey, adorned in the same cloak as the other members of the Shadow Bark, appeared upon Udon’s introduction. He walked nearer to the other members and sat beside them. “It’s a pleasure to be serving you,” he spoke. “The other members of my old ninja troop will probably gang up on me and call me a traitor, but as long as they’re still partnering with us, I don’t think they’ll mind it much. I don’t have much experience with karate but I’ve had experience from another form of martial arts, so I think I’ll be able to handle myself here.” “Very well, that should conclude tonight’s meeting,” said Udon. Before all the Shadow Bark members would leave their place, Udon saw Levi entering the group’s base of operations. “Hold it, it seems that we have another willing replacement member,” Udon announced. “I never agreed to that,” Levi asserted. “Huh, I didn’t know we were expecting someone else,” Tobey commented. Stepping out from the podium, he hurries over to confront Levi and then says to him, “I’m guessing that you have made up your mind.” “I’ve only just come here to look around,” Levi reassured. “I see your hideout still looks as dark as ever, if only slightly more revealing than the last time I saw it.” “We are the Shadow Bark after all,” Udon replied. “I would be pleased if you could stay because I have a deal to strike up with you before you could make your choice.” “What kind of deal are we talking about?” Levi inquired. “I know a way to give you great martial skills without having you go through months of training,” Udon explained. “I can transfer those powers to you.” “Thinking about it for a moment, Levi then responded, “Okay…I’m interested. Show me how it works.” “Listen, everyone,” Udon said, referring to the other members of the Shadow Bark, “return to your posts. I just need a moment with Levi alone.” As each of the other members has done as directed, Udon continued to Levi, “The first step is to enter the spirit dimension with me. Perhaps you already know how to do that?” “You bet I already do,” Levi said and got into his usual relaxed position. In a snap, Levi saw himself inside of the spirit dimension with Udon. Additionally, the Dream Monk reappeared beside him while he also saw Dou Gou by Udon’s side. “Here’s how the deal will work, young Levi,” Udon was saying. “If you consent, I will let Dou Gou transfer its battle skills to you. It will require a few days to become adjusted to them, but in no time, you will become a karate expert.” “Will it hurt?” Levi questioned. “The process, perhaps, but you’ll feel just fine afterwards,” Udon replied. “So, do we have ourselves a deal?” “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” The Dream Monk asked Levi. “Yes,” Levi answered. “I’ve made up my mind.” “You are free to make your own choices. I won’t keep pestering you, but you should remember, you’re making a very unwise decision,” the Dream Monk finished. After Levi gave his word to Udon, the Shadow Bark’s master gestured for Dou Gou to charge into Levi’s body. As the Siamese carp spirit entered his system, Levi bent over and groaned from a sharp pain, holding his hands on his head until Dou Gou exited through Levi’s body, commencing the end of the process. “Now, for a test,” Udon continued. “This is just so you know how these abilities lent to you feel. Go ahead and try to block me.” Udon prepared a back fist attack against Levi. Immediately before Udon would strike, Levi got into a position and used the hand block technique. Udon then prepared a knifehand strike, which Levi then manages to instantly block and shortly afterwards counterattack with the same knifehand technique. Udon then tested Levi with several other karate techniques, some of which Levi managed to evade as well as some that ended up hitting him. “The test is a success. Let’s return to the real world now, shall we?” Udon said. As commanded, Levi focused on his mind to return to the Shadow Bark’s base with Udon. “How did it feel?” Levi gave a small chuckle and then responded to him, “I think…I feel much better like this.” “There are some things you’ll need to practice before I send you out on a mission, so for now, put this on.” Udon then gave Levi a piece of cloth to wrap around his eyes. As instructed what to do, Levi had instantly wrapped the garment around, covering his eyes. “Once your time has come I will give you your task, but before I can send you out, you must answer this one question: do you accept your loyalty to the Shadow Bark?” “Yes I will...Master Udon,” Levi said solemnly. ------------------------------------------------- NOTES/TRIVIA: Character debuts: Jin Li, Dou Gou, Rico (excluding Rebirth of a Storm), Karmen, Feng, Alyssa, Lamar, Tao, Daiyu, the five sages of Jin Li (Cong, Shui, Wen, Ling, Ju-Long)
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  12. Coming to Netflix on August 9th.
  13. Several different sources say otherwise that either one of these is the title to the particular SB song. Choose wisely and without peeking at the video's title, of course.
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