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  1. You destroyed Ham-mer, giving you 10 Tokens! Try again in 4 hours! You destroyed Chomp, giving you 25 Tokens! Try again in 23 hours!
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  3. Inside of it was 10 doubloons! Try again in 4 hours! Inside of it was an apple! Try again in 23 hours!
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  6. Tonight's game: https://skribbl.io/?9fKyR1QhTZbf
  7. 20. Moonlight Curse: Part II The Crimson Devil is sailing ahead, seeing the Eclipse Pearl making its way toward Isla de Condenar. Valek is furiously throwing around his artifacts and notes in his cabin. He had no clue why Treasure refused to heal him, but his plans had fallen apart. He could still salvage this by killing Treasure so nobody else could ever receive its powers. He strikes his sword across the stone tablet, marking Treasure with an x. As soon as the Dauntless was in sight, he would blast it into nothing, ridding himself of many problems. He did not care who was killed, even if that included the governor and commodore, who wanted to arrest him. At this point to him, nothing mattered anymore. Valek goes outside, seeing his remaining soldiers hard at work. Fog then begins to appear, and Valek realizes he’s close. Aboard the Dauntless, Tyrell comes across Higgs, recognizing him from when he was a sailor in the navy. Higgs is still looking after Treasure. “Vincent Higgs…you were once a respected sailor in the Royal Navy, and now a pirate. Why the turn away from such prestige?” Tyrell asked curiously. “Sometimes ye see the world in a new way, sorry lad.” Higgs replied, as Tyrell is not sure what to make of it. As the Dauntless sails closer, they spot a large red object through the fog. Through the thick, they make out the Crimson Devil, waiting to blast them and blocking their path forward. “Sir, it looks like the admiral is ready to fire on us!” Gravel said, seeing the crew readying the guns. “What is he thinking!?” Rose asked, thinking Valek had lost it. “We’re not wasting our firepower.” Tyrell said. “But I think he’s willing to waste his…” Mack noted, seeing the cannons aiming. “We’ll be dead the moment we try passing.” Rose said, worried. “And our ammo may not be enough for Valek’s ship.” Tyrell admitted. IR-44 calculates the situation and steps forward. “My self-destruct function has enough power to destroy the entire vessel. It’ll allow you to safely pass.” IR-44 explained, as the crew looks at it, realizing that would work. “But you wouldn’t make it.” Mara noted. “I know. I accept my fate to save you, my friends. There is no other way.” IR-44 replied, willing to sacrifice itself for them. “He has spoken.” Mack said, admiring the robot’s selflessness. IR-44 is seen taking one of the longboats, rowing it toward the Crimson Devil. It makes it through the fog undetected. IR-44 then begins climbing up the ship, as one of the soldiers sees the longboat below, confused. IR-44 walks onto the deck, as the soldiers look at it in curiosity. Stewart comes face to face with it, as IR-44 begins booting up its self-destruct sequence. Valek sees the commotion, wondering what is going on. “WAIT, NO!” Valek yelled, realizing it’s a bomb, and he jumps. IR-44 detonates, ripping the Crimson Devil apart in its explosion. Many of Valek’s soldiers, including Stewart, are killed in the blast, as the ship is blown into smithereens. Valek lands in the water, but the blast scarred half of his face. He angrily tries to swim through the wreckage. Mack salutes IR-44, as the ship passes by through the flaming wreckage. “That contraption’s bravery will be memorialized. Now, Stark, with me.” Tyrell said, grabbing Mack, as he escorts him onto one of the longboats for their part of the plan. Higgs sees the Eclipse Pearl coming into view through the fog, and wants to help the crew stowed away on there. He heads for a longboat, still holding Treasure, when Mara stops him. “You’re going to need help.” Mara said, as Higgs gladly lets her come. The two row the longboat toward the Pearl. Tyrell and Mack’s own longboat, shared with other soldiers, makes it closer to the cave. They spot the Eclipse Pearl, seemingly abandoned. Tyrell lowers his spyglass. “I don't care for the situation. Any attempt to storm the cave could turn into an ambush.” Tyrell noted. “Not if you're the one doing the ambushing. I go in, I convince Bedossa to send his men out with their little boats. You and your mates return to the Dauntless and blast the bejesus out of them with your little cannons, eh. What do you have to lose?” Mack asked. “Nothing I'd lament being rid of.” Tyrell replied, removing his arm from Mack’s shoulder. “Now, to be quite honest with you, there's still a slight risk to those aboard the Dauntless, which includes the future of Juliet.” Mack replied. He watches Tyrell as he considers that. “Also, that Valek friend of yours…cannot say I liked him. You’re better.” Mack confessed to Tyrell. “That is one thing we can agree on.” Tyrell replied, as he keeps looking out. Lit by torches and shafts of moonlight, pirates move through the caves. They climb over rocks and through water, toward the center. Bedossa leads the way, tossing an apple. Sawyer, hands bound behind his back, is shoved along. “No reason to fret. Just a prick of the finger. A few drops of blood.” Gintell said calmly to Sawyer. “No mistakes this time. He's only half Turner. We spill it all.” Twip said. Gintell finds a good amount of delight in this. “I guess there is reason to fret.” Gintell replied. In the center of the cavern, Sawyer is pushed close to the stone chest by Koler and Twip, then shoved to his knees. Koler pushes Sawyer's head forward directly over the chest, the medallion hanging below his throat. Bedossa takes the stone knife from atop the chest of gold. “Excuse me. Pardon me. Beg pardon.” Mack said, trying to make his way through the crowd. “Begun by blood... by blood un…” Bedossa began chanting. Mack emerges from the crowd of pirates. Bedossa stares. “Mack!” Sawyer said “You’re quicker than I expected.” Bedossa replied. “Where's Juliet?!” Sawyer asked. “She's safe, just like I promised. And you get to die for her, just like you promised. So we're all men of our word really, except for Juliet, who is in fact...a woman.” Mack said. Pirates surround Mack, and Bedossa points a knife at him. “Silence! You’re next!” Bedossa yelled, and again puts the knife to Sawyer's throat. “You don't want to be doing that, mate.” Mack said, trying to stall. Bedossa glances back at him. “No, I really think I do.” Bedossa replied. “Your funeral.” Mack replied, shrugging. Bedossa presses the blade to Sawyer's throat, he truly wants to do it. He whirls back on Mack. “Why don't I want to do it? Didn’t ye want yer chance to kill me in my mortal form?” Bedossa inquired. “Well, because…” Mack was saying. Mack shrugs away from the pirates and steps forward. “Because the H.M.S. Dauntless, pride of the Royal Navy, is floating just off shore, waiting for you once mortal.” Mack explained. Bedossa hesitates, and the pirates react. Bedossa knows he’d be vulnerable once mortal, especially if Valek was in the mix. Seven long boats full of marines are positioned on either side of the cave mouth. Murray and Toby are in Tyrell's boat, directly behind him. “What we doing here?” Toby whispered. “The pirates come out, unprepared and unawares. We catch 'em in a crossfire and send 'em to see Ol' Hob.” Murray explained. “I know why we're here. I meant, why aren't we doing what it was... what Mr. Stark said we should do? With the cannons and all?” Toby asked. “Because it was Mr. Stark who said it.” Murray replied, as a beat follows. “You think he wasn't telling the truth?” Toby inquired. Bedossa listens as Mack argues his case. “Just hear me out, mate. You order your men to row out to the Dauntless, they do what they do best. Robert's your uncle, Fannie's your aunt, there you are with two ships. The makings of your very own fleet. Of course, you'll take the grandest as your flagship, and who's to argue?But what of the Pearl?” Mack asked. Mack smiles and spreads his hands. As he talks, he strolls toward Sawyer and the chest. “Name me Captain. I'll sail under your colors, I'll give you ten percent of me plunder, and you get to introduce yourself as 'Commodore Bedossa.' Savvy?” Mack asked. “And I suppose in exchange, you want me not to kill the whelp?” Bedossa asked. “No, no no, not at all. By all means, kill the whelp. Just not yet. Wait to lift the curse...until the opportune moment.” Mack said, giving a brief wink to Sawyer, and filling him in on the plan. Sawyer looks up at him, and recognizes the familiar phrase. Bedossa looks from Mack to Sawyer suspiciously. “For instance…” Mack continued, as he picks up some of the coins. “After you've killed Tyrell’s crew…every last one.” Mack continued, dropping coins into the chest. It's only Sawyer who sees Mack palm one of the coins. Bedossa gives the proposal some thought. “I want fifty per cent of your plunder.” Bedossa offered. “Fifteen.” Mack bargained back. “Forty.” Bedossa bargained back. “Twenty-five, and I'll buy you the hat. A really big one, Commodore.” Mack bargained, making Bedossa smile. “We have an accord.” Bedossa replied. He and Mack approach and shake hands. Mack turns toward the pirates. “All hands: to the boats!” Mack ordered in grand fashion. Bedossa shoots him a glare. “Apologies, you give the orders.” Mack replied. Bedossa steps forward as Mack grins, knowing that Bedossa is going to repeat what he said. “Gents, take a walk!” Bedossa ordered, and Mack’s grin vanishes. “Not to the boats?” Mack asked, confused. Bedossa's turn to grin as the pirates leave the caver. Pirates head toward the boats, and then past them. Gintell and Pagetti are among them. Suddenly, Sunno snaps a parasol across their chests, stopping them. Sunno smiles. The moon appears from behind the clouds. Moonlight shines down into the shallow waters. Distant figures appear, wavering in the shifting current. They move into the shadow of the Dauntless' keel. It's the pirates, walking across the ocean floor. The first figure, Koler, steps from the shadow into water-­filter moonlight, transforming to his skeletal form. Gentle splashing echoes from the cave mouth. The soldiers in the longboats on either side raise their rifles. A boat emerges, as Tyrell’s group stare. In the boat are Gintell and Pagetti in drag. The parasol shades them from the moon. “Hold fire.” Tyrell signaled to his soldiers. Gintell and Pagetti row past, toward the Dauntless. Pagetti fans himself. “This is just like history’s famous disguises, like in one battle, cept in that one they was in a horse n'stead of dresses. Wooden horse.” Pagetti rambled. Gintell tells him to shut up, and glances over his shoulder toward the Dauntless. Twip breaks the surface near the Dauntless, climbing the anchor. More skeleton pirates follow. Rose approaches the door and nods to the guard. “A moment, please?” Rose requested. The guard departs. Rose knocks lightly on the door. “Juliet?” Rose asked. He waits for an answer. None comes. He sighs. “I just want you to know…I couldn't be more proud of you, and you made a good decision. But, you know, even a good decision, if made for the wrong reasons...could be a wrong decision.” Rose explained, referring to her aiding Stark. Juliet stands before the stern window. She looks over her shoulder at the door. Twip peeks over the rail onto the deck of the Dauntless. A few lone sentries patrol. One of the soldiers spots something in the water. “Lieutenant?” A soldier said to Pearson. Pearson looks through a telescope; he and the crew of the Dauntless are transfixed and puzzled at the bizarre sight. Gintell and Pagetti are rowing toward them, as Pagetti waves. “Yoo-hoo.” Pagetti taunted. Twip gestures down to his comrades to follow him. Twip and all the other pirates begin climbing onto the deck of the Dauntless Rose is still at the door. He misinterprets the silence. “Juliet, are you there? Juliet, are you even listening to me?” Rose asked, curious. Rose moves to open the door and enters. Several knotted bed sheets hang from the cabin window. Below, Juliet rows through the water, the Dauntless receding behind her. She looks over her shoulder. Koler sneaks up behind the first Sentry and slits his throat. Sunno strangles another sentry, falling to the deck. The pirates advance towards the stern of the ship. Inside the cabin, Rose appears at the open window and sees the knotted sheets. He glances out, glances up, looks out at the black sea. “Juliet…what have you done?” Rose wondered, worried about her. Gintell and Pagetti near the Dauntless, parasols protecting them from the moonlight. They've been spotted. Pagetti waves and 'yoo-hoos' up to the ship. “Stop that! I already look like a fool.” Gintell yelled, livid. “Look nice, though.” Pagetti replied. Gintell takes offense at that and slugs Pagetti. Gintell drops his parasol, throttles Pagetti, who also drops his parasol, and the two are revealed as skeletons. Pearson gasps at the sight. Gintell realizes they're exposed, so he pulls a pistol and fires. Pearson's hat is knocked off by the shot, and he looks back ­too late. They drop down from the rigging like spiders. Swords clash and pistols are drawn. Rose, despondent, opens the door to see a body plummet to the deck in front of him. He sees the soldiers and undead pirates dueling. Rose shuts the door gently, trying to go unnoticed. Mack examines the pirate treasure, and Bedossa fixes him with an appraising look. “I must admit, Mack: I thought I had you figured. But turns out, you're a hard man to predict.” Bedossa said curiously. “Me? I'm dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly! It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for. Because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid.” Mack rambled. Mack moves near a pirate examining some of the treasure. In one quick move, Mack pulls the sword from the pirate's scabbard, kicks him into the water and flips the sword up right to Sawyer. Sawyer catches it behind his back and knocks the pirate guarding him into the water. Mack winks again to him, as Sawyer is impressed. Mack pulls out his own sword. Bedossa looks from Mack to Sawyer, not quite registering what is taking place. Mack had actually cared about Sawyer? He scrambles to his feet, and pulls out his sword. Mack and Bedossa square off. Jonesy slashes at Sawyer, who turns and parries so that his hands are freed by the cut. The other two pirates attack him and he fights back, holding them off. Mack and Bedossa continue to duel furiously. They cross swords and come face to face. “You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters!” Bedossa warned. “He’s not the only one to be afraid of.” Valek said, startling them, as he emerges from the murky waters, showing his scarred face, and holding his sword. “Unfortunate.” Mack sighed, hoping the explosion had killed him. Higgs and Mara stealthily make it aboard the Eclipse Pearl, seeing it’s clear. They head into the decks below, and see the stowed away crew in hiding. They are surprised to see the two, and Jen then gives them a ‘shh’ sign, as footsteps are heard. Juliet jumps from the tiny rowboat to the Pearl. She climbs up toward the gun port and can hear voices. Two pirates, Mallen and Traple, set out a feast: wine and rum, jerky, cakes, apples, biscuits. “What would you pick to eat first? We should decide now, so we're ready, when the time comes.” Mallen asked. Juliet continues to climb up. “I was thinking…cake.” Traple replied. “I was thinking cake too.” Mallen replied with menace. They stare at each other. Lightning quick, Traple slams a knife into the table between them, his hand going skeletal in the moonlight. A tense moment. Then Traple leans the handle of the knife toward Mallen. “You cut, I choose.” Traple said. Mallen gives a single sharp nod. Juliet climbs past as Mallen reaches for the knife. Juliet climbs over the gunwale and sneaks along the deck. Suddenly, Mac the sea monkey, now skeletal, screeches at her. Juliet starts slightly, but is mostly annoyed. Mallen and Traple are still focused on their mock feast. Mac screeches as it drops onto a cannon with a clang. The monkey remains on the barrel of the cannon for a beat. “What was that?” Traple asked, hearing it. They turn and look out the gun port. They see the dazed monkey sitting on the cannon, then it slides off and plummets down to the water. A splash follows. Juliet looks over gunwale, and the two pirate heads stick out, looking down at the splash. They turn to look up, but she is gone from view. The pirates draw back inside to give chase. Juliet races down stairs and hides. Pirates race past, headed up to the deck. Mack's crew and Mara are waiting in the dark, ready for the right moment to strike. Higgs tilts his head, and looks out from the corner, spotting Juliet. “It's Juliet!” Higgs said. Gintell and Pagetti climb onto the Dauntless through a gun port as other pirates swarm the deck, taking on the sailors and soldiers. A wounded crewman rings the bell. The bell alerts Tyrell. “Make for the ship! Move!” Tyrell ordered at once. Quickly, his soldiers row for the Dauntless. A pirate hears the bell, sees the crewman and runs him through with his sword. The bell stops ringing. Tyrell and his soldiers continue to make their way toward the Dauntless. Gintell, Pagetti, and other pirates fire a cannon at Tyrell and his team. Near Tyrell, one of the longboats is blown out of the water. Rose peers out the glass window at the mayhem on the deck. Rose drops down below the window and he peeks up again as a face of a dead marine slams on the glass right next to him. Rose looks up and sees a pirate looking at him. Rose cowers and begins backing away below the window. Pirate hands reach through the windows, grabbing at him. One of the pirate hands grabs Rose's wig and pulls it off his head. Rose refuses to let it go and has a tug-of-war with the pirate over his wig. Rose grabs a bull horn off the table behind him and whacks at the skeleton arm, which falls off on the floor. Valek strikes his sword at both Mack and Bedossa, making a three way duel. Valek then sees the chest, and wants one of the coins. “I’ll gain immortality, you cannot deny me!” Valek said angrily, swinging his sword around in a fit of rage. “Ya talk too much!” Bedossa said. Bedossa and Mack both strike at Valek, as he tries to counter both. Bedossa slashes right at his scarred face, blinding him, and he is then knocked back into the water. Bedossa and Mack continue their sword fight. Bedossa drives Mack to the ground. Bedossa drops his sword, sticking out his chest. “You can't beat me, Mack.” Bedossa taunted. Mack thrusts his sword into Bedossa. It has no effect. Bedossa looks up and sighs. He removes the sword and drives the sword into Mack's chest. Mack stares down at the sword jutting from his chest. He staggers a few steps backward, into the moonlight…and Mack becomes skeletal. “That’s interesting.” Mack said, examining his skeletal form. Skeleton Mack looks at his hands. In his left palm is a cursed coin. Sawyer finishes off a pirate and turns to see Mack as a skeleton. “I’ll be damned…” Sawyer said, impressed once again. Mack turns to Bedossa. “Couldn't resist, mate.” Mack bragged. Mack pulls the sword from his chest. Bedossa grabs some coins, throws them at Mack as he takes up his sword, and rushes him. Both men are in the moonlight now, two skeletons in pitched battle. Valek rises from the water again, and he charges at Sawyer. Sawyer is ready for a rematch, as they duel. Sawyer has begun to adapt to Valek’s sword moves, but their moves are close, as several undead pirates try to interfere with their fight, and Valek throws two of them aside, while Mack and Bedossa continue their own fight. Valek struggles to see due to his scarred face, and Sawyer takes advantage of this, striking him from the blind side. He then strikes his sword forward multiple times, confusing Valek, and then knocks his sword right out of his hand, shocking Valek. Sawyer then punches him in the face in anger, throwing him onto a pile of gold. Sawyer then stabs his sword right through his chest, as Valek gasps. “That’s for taking the critter…and for my shoulder.” Sawyer said bitterly, as Valek dies, and Sawyer rips his sword out of him. Sawyer turns his attention to Jonesy, who attacks him. Mack kicks Bedossa to the ground. He rolls downward, getting up in time to find Mack upon him. The Dauntless' cannons continue to fire at Tyrell and his team. Rose scrambles away from the arm as it crawls after him. He stands and watches the arm in horror. He then grabs a map off the table and begins beating the skeleton arm. He then picks it up and struggles with it, turns and shoves it in a bureau drawer. He backs up against the chest as it rattles, the arm struggling to get out. Sawyer continues his battle, now with two pirates. He gets between them. Just as both pirates thrust their swords at him, Sawyer jumps out of the way and runs and the pirates wind up sticking their swords in each other. A beat, as they look at each other, then they remove the swords from their chests and chase after Sawyer passing. Mack and Bedossa continue to duel in and out of the moonlight. “So what now, Mack Stark? Are we to be two immortals, locked in an epic battle 'til Judgment Day and trumpets sound? Hmmm?” Bedossa inquired. “Or you could surrender.” Mack offered. Bedossa smiles, not entertaining the idea, and attacks. Mallen and Traple sneak along, wary, listening and searching. The pirates whirl at a sound just as they're hit by a lifeboat and swept off into the water. The lifeboat was shoved by Higgs, Mara, Juliet and the rest of Mack's crew. The Eclipse Pearl is theirs once more. Juliet grabs the gunwale of the boat. “All of you! With me! Sawyer is in that cave, and we must save him. Ready and…heave!” Juliet commanded. The boat doesn't budge. The help she was expecting is not forthcoming. She turns. The crew is looking at her, not moving. “Please, I need your help! Come on!” Juliet begged. “Any port! In a storm!” Lotton’s scallop said. “Lotton is right. We've got the Pearl.” Higgs said. “What about Mack? You just going to leave him, after everything he’s done?” Juliet asked. “Mack owes us a ship.” Merlin reminded. “And there's the code to consider…” Higgs said grimly, as the other pirates sadly agree. “The code? You're pirates! Hang the code! And hang the rules! They’re more like guidelines, anyway!” Juliet said angrily. Higgs looks away. He knows that, but as First Mate, he has to do it. Juliet is alone in a rowboat. The Eclipse Pearl is behind her under sail and moving away. “Bloody pirates…” Juliet mumbled, rowing to the cave. The fight aboard the Dauntless continues. Gintell and Pagetti make their way on deck, killing as they go. Pagetti notices the Pearl leaving, his eyes fixed on the ship as it sails past. "Is it supposed to be doing that?” Pagetti asked. Gintell looks where Pagetti is looking, and registers what's happening. “They're stealing our ship!” Gintell said. Pagetti gripped with rage. He spits out: “Bloody pirates!” Pagetti yelled. Tyrell's boats have arrived at the ship. “Boarders away!” Tyrell ordered. He and his crew climb up the side.Tyrell and his men arrive on the deck. The pirates notice their arrival and advance. Tyrell shoots Koler, but he keeps on coming. “Come on!” Gintell yelled, ready to fight. Pearson stands up on a railing and swings a large block and tackle across the deck at Sunno. Sunno sees it and dunks and then takes off after Pearson. The block and tackle swings back and hits Pagetti in the head. Pagetti's eye pops out. He chases it. Toby and Murray finally make it up to the railing of the ship, reacting to the fighting. They shake hands, then climb on deck, letting out a battle scream. A projectile thrown by Jonesy, which explodes near Sawyer. Mack and Bedossa react to the explosion, look over at Sawyer, and then continue their fight. Sawyer is thrown to the ground, losing his sword. He's at a disadvantage, trapped. Jonesy laughs, raising his sword. “I'm gonna teach you the meaning of pain!” Jonesy said. “You like pain?” Juliet asked. Jonesy turns. From out of the smoke, Juliet appears. She swings a long gaffe, knocking Jonesy aside. “Try wearing a corset.” Juliet quipped. She looks at Sawyer, smiling. He grins back, as she pulls him up with the gaffe. Juliet sees Valek’s dead body, and feels relief. Turning, Juliet then notices Mack dueling with Bedossa. Her smile is gone. “Whose side is Mack on?” Juliet asked. “Ours, I’d hope.” Sawyer replied. Juliet nods. The two pirates attack, as Sawyer and Juliet dart away. Jonesy recovers and prepares another bomb. Sawyer gets an idea. Moving between the pirates and parrying­ their blows, he helps Juliet thrust the gaffe, using it to hook all three pirates together, with Jonesy in the middle. Sawyer grabs one of Jonesy's bombs and yanks it free, sparking the fuse. He shoves it up inside Jonesy's rib cage, and shoves all three out of the moonlight. Jonesy clutches at his now-flesh chest with no way to get to the lit bomb. Jonesy looks at Sawyer, mouth agape, as smoke issues out. “No fair!” Jonesy cried. Sawyer grabs Juliet, dives away with her as the bomb explodes. Jonesy’s and the other skeletal remains crash down in a nearby pool of moonlight. Bedossa slashes at Mack, frustrated beyond measure. He drives Mack backwards. Mack takes the medallion he palmed, slices his hand with his sword so blood gets on it, then tosses it to Sawyer. As he fights, Bedossa notices Sawyer's movement on the other side of the cave. He breaks off the fight, pulls his pistol, and aims it at Juliet. She registers her danger, freezing. A shot echoes in the cavern. Bedossa looks surprised, turning to Mack. He can't believe it. Mack, pistol raised and aimed, still smoking, has shot him. “Eight years you carry that pistol, and now you waste your shot?” Bedossa asked smugly. “…He didn't waste it.” Sawyer said proudly. Bedossa turns, seeing Sawyer standing over the chest, holding the knife, with his left hand in a fist. He opens the fist, making both his and Mack's medallions drop from his hand, revealing the cut in his palm. The bloody medallions land in the chest full of the rest of the medallions. The curse is finally broken. Bedossa looks down at his chest. Blood blossoms on his shirt around the bullet hole. Mack lowers the pistol. Bedossa stares at the blood. He looks up at Mack, then Sawyer, and back to Mack. Anger, dismay…and even relief color Bedossa's features. “I feel…cold.” Bedossa said in his dying breath. Bedossa collapses on his back. He looses the grip on the apple he held in his hand, as it falls into the treasure pile. He's dead. Tyrell, sword flashing, strikes through Koler, and he pulls it back. Koler is surprised. He registers the pain and realizes he’s flesh. He cries out and falls. The desk is no longer rattling. Rose puts a hand on the pull, hesitates and then pulls the drawer open. His expression tells a good sign about the state of the drawer's contents. Twip, who has been fighting nearby, seen Koler fall and looks in surprise at Tyrell. He then looks up at the full moon and realizes what has happened. Tyrell puts his sword to Twip's throat. Twip drops his weapon. One by one the other pirates drop their weapons also, realizing they are no longer invincible. Pagetti, still chasing his eyeball, manages to grab it and put it back in. He looks at Gintell who is standing with his hands in the air. He then turns and looks down the barrel of a gun. The weapons are held by Toby and Murray. “…Parley?” Gintell asked innocently. “The ship is ours gentlemen.” Tyrell proudly decreed. The soldiers and sailors all cheer. Tyrell sees the wreckage of the Crimson Devil nearby. “And Valek will no longer be a problem.” Tyrell added, satisfied. “What shall we do with his remaining soldiers?” Gravel asked him. “If they are willing, give them a chance to assimilate them into my crew. I could use fresh coats after these recent events.” Tyrell considered. Rose peeks out of the cabin window and sees the battle is over. He comes out of the cabin and joins the cheers, congratulating the soldiers. Sawyer moves to Juliet, standing past the water, watching. Their eyes meet. They meet and embrace, gazing at each other. There is a crash, which is the sound of Mack gathering up pieces of treasure, including large gold object d’art. Sawyer and Juliet look at each other. The moment is broken, and Juliet averts her gaze. “We should return to the Dauntless.” Juliet suggested. Sawyer understands and nods. Juliet turns, and heads out of the cave. Mack, holding and wearing a lot of treasure nonchalantly, strolls up beside Sawyer. “If you were waiting for the opportune moment…that was it, Romeo.” Mack noted, which Sawyer knows. “Well, I don’t mind waitin’ for an even better moment.” Sawyer replied, accepting not to rush things. “Suit yourself.” Mack replied, as he hoists a bag filled with swag onto his shoulder. “Now, if you'd be so kind, I'd be much obliged if you drop me at my ship…” However, the Eclipse Pearl is not there. Mack scans the area, but it’s gone. In the rowboat, Mack sits at the bow, facing forward; Sawyer at the oars, facing backwards; Juliet in the stern, facing Sawyer. Mack has a large sack filled with treasure. “I'm sorry, Mack.” Juliet apologized to him. “They done what's right by ‘em. Can't expect more than that.” Mack replied, accepting their decision. Later, at Port Royale, Mack stands on a gallows, wrists bound. An executioner checks the mechanism of the trap door with a sandbag. An official drones on recounting a list of Mack's crimes. “Mack Stark…be it known that you have been charged, tried and convicted…” The official was saying. “Captain…Captain Mack Stark…” Mack mumbled to himself. The parade ground is crowded. Rose stands beside Tyrell and Juliet. All resolutely watch the proceedings. “...For your willful commission of crimes against the crown, said crimes being numerous in quantity and sinister in nature. The most aggrieves of which to be cited herewith: Piracy, smuggling…” The official continued. Sawyer makes his way through the crowd. He glances around the square, clearly watching for something. “This is wrong.” Juliet said, looking at Mack. Tyrell does not respond. Rose speaks for him. “Commodore Tyrell is bound by the law. As are we all.” Rose said sadly, not wanting to execute Mack given his help, but knowing it has to be done. “…impersonating a cleric of the church…” The official continued. Mack smiles at that accusation, until he looks at the executioner. “…sailing under false colors, arson, kidnapping, looting, poaching, pilfering, depravity, degradation, and general lawlessness…” The official continued. Sawyer is getting impatient. Then he spots: Lotton’s scallop. It lands on a flag pole held by Murray. Murray looks up, sees the scallop and surreptitiously tries to dislodge the scallop. That's the signal. Sawyer heads into the crowd. “…and for these crimes, you have been sentenced on this day to be hung by the neck until dead. May Neptune have mercy on your soul.” The official finished. Sawyer's route takes him past Rose, Tyrell and Juliet. He pauses. “Governor Rose. Commodore.” Sawyer greeted. They glance at him. Juliet does not. “Juliet.” Sawyer greeted. She looks at him, surprised. “I shoulda told you from the moment I met you...I love you.” Sawyer decreed. Now she's shocked, as are Rose and Tyrell. Sawyer seems if he's going to say more, but then nods, satisfied that he's said all that's necessary. He continues on his way. Juliet looks after him: he's pushing through the crowd towards the gallows, where the noose is put around Mack's neck. Juliet spots Lotton’s scallop and puts it together. Sawyer throws open his cloak, puts a hand on his sword hilt. Tyrell moves past Juliet, staring at Sawyer. “Soldiers!” Tyrell ordered. Juliet suddenly staggers away from Tyrell and Rose. “I can't breathe!” Juliet said, and pretends to faint, as they react to her plight “Juliet!” Rose panicked. The commotion has distracted the crowd, and now Sawyer has a direct line of sight to the gallows. “MOVE!” Sawyer yelled through the crowd. The executioner grips the release lever. The drum roll ends. Sawyer draws and throws his sword. The executioner pulls the lever. The trap door opens. Mack drops. Sawyer's sword embeds in the door. Mack balances on it. Rose fans Juliet and she sits up suddenly. “…What?” Rose asked, confused, and then he understands. Sawyer races up the steps of the gallows. Mack still balances, the sword bending, noose tightening. The executioner slashes an axe at Sawyer, knocking his sword away. Sawyer ducks another swing, the axe inadvertently cutting Mack's rope. Mack drops to the ground below the gallows. Sawyer knocks the executioner off the gallows platform. The executioner falls into the crowd on top of Tyrell and his team. Mack stands and slits the rope that binds his hands on the sword that is sticking in the trap door. Mack races from under the gallows as Sawyer leaps down. Mack pulls off the noose, and tosses one end of the rope to Sawyer. They trip some soldiers coming down the steps as they run up. Sawyer and Mack go left. Soldiers, led by Pearson, cut them off. They whirl right to see more soldiers. Rifles are brought to bear. They are cornered. Tyrell strides up, followed by Rose and Juliet. Tyrell holds his sword on Sawyer and Mack. “I thought we might have to endure some ill-conceived manner of escape attempt. But not from you, Mr. Turner.” Tyrell said, disappointed. “On our return to Port Royale, I granted you clemency, and this is how you thank me? By throwing in your lot with him? He is a pirate!” Rose reminded. “And a good guy. If all I have achieved here is that the hangman will earn two pairs of boots instead of one..so be it. At least my conscience is clear.” Sawyer replied. “You forget your place, Turner.” Tyrell reminded. Sawyer pointedly glances down and back up, giving a small smile. “It's right here, between you and Mack, partner.” Sawyer replied. Juliet steps beside him. “As is mine.” Juliet said. “…Juliet.” Rose said, not believing this. She links her hand in Sawyer's. “Lower your weapons! For goodness sake, put them down!” Rose ordered. Tyrell glances from Juliet to Pearson, and nods almost imperceptibly. Pearson gestures for the soldiers to lower their rifles. They do. “So this is where your loyalty truly lies, then?” Tyrell questioned. “It does.” Juliet replied. He looks at Sawyer narrowly. Rose realizes what Tyrell has already figured out. Juliet stands defiantly beside Sawyer. A tense stand-off. Mack is worried about the outcome, and then he spots Lotton’s scallop. He smiles. “Well, I'm actually feeling rather good about this. I think we've all arrived at a very special place, eh? Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically…I want you to know that I was rooting for you, mate. You be more honorable than Valek. Know that.” Mack said heartfully to Tyrell. Tyrell, despite his dislike for Mack, appreciates the sentiment. “Juliet…it would never have worked between us, darling. I'm sorry.” Mack apologized to her. Juliet rolls her eyes, not having been interested in him to begin with. “And Sawyer…nice hat.” Mack complimented to him. With that, Mack springs up the steps to the wall. “Friends! This is the day you will always remember as the day that you…” Mack was declaring. Mack slips, losing his balance and falls. Mack plunges, turning his fall into a passable dive, and splashes into the water. Everyone rushes to look over the wall, and Mack surfaces. “Idiot. He's nowhere to go but back to the noose.” Pearson said, ready to apprehend him. “Sail ho!” A soldier yelled, spotting something over yonder. Sailing into view, sails full, is the Eclipse Pearl. Mack smiles at the sight. He knew Higgs would come back for him. Tyrell watches the scene below. “What's your plan of action? Sir?” Pearson asked him. Tyrell does not respond, dealing with all the ramifications of the last few minutes. Rose recognizes his dilemma. “Perhaps on the rare occasion when pursuing the right course demands an act of piracy, piracy itself can be the right course?” Rose pondered. Tyrell looks at him. He nods and then turns from the wall, to Sawyer and Juliet. “Mister Turner.” Tyrell said to Sawyer. Sawyer starts toward him. Juliet grips his arm, concerned for his fate. “I accept the consequences of my actions.” Sawyer said boldly. Juliet understands and admires that. She releases his arm. Sawyer joins Tyrell, who still holds the sword. A private moment between the two men. “This is a beautiful sword. I would expect the man who made it to show the same care and devotion in everyaspect of his life.” Tyrell said respectfully. Sawyer is surprised; then nods to Tyrell. They understand each other. Tyrell trusts Sawyer to protect Juliet now. “Thank you.” Sawyer replied. Tyrell turns away, and starts down the stairs. “Commodore? What about Stark?” Pearson asked. “Oh, I think we can afford to give him one day's head start.” Tyrell replied, smiling. Pearson watches him go, confused. Then Pearson gets it. On the parapet, Juliet and Sawyer lock eyes, and then move together into each other's arms. “So this is the path you've chosen, is it? After all, he is a blacksmith…” Rose noted. “No…He’s a pirate.” Juliet replied, smiling at Sawyer. Rose smiles and turns away to give them a bit of privacy. Sawyer smiles, turns and the two kiss, a kiss that makes up for everything ever held back between them. Lotton, high atop the aft mast, throws a line. In the water, Mack catches the line. “Heave!” Higgs yells, pulling him in. Mack is lifted up and around the fantail of the Eclipse Pearl and onto the deck. He pauses, looks around him, taking it all in. It’s finally his again. Mack looks up at Higgs. “Thought you were supposed to keep to the code.” Mack said smugly. “We figured they were more actual…guidelines.” Higgs replied. Higgs smiles, offers Mack his hand and helps him to his feet. The two laugh, as Mack pats Higgs on the back. Mack takes his hat from Lotton. “Thank you.” Mack said to Lotton, putting on the hat. Shelly is standing at the wheel. She steps away, holds out Mack's coat, welcoming him aboard. As Mack shoulders into it... “Captain Stark…the Eclipse Pearl is yours.” Shelly decreed. Mack runs a hand lovingly along the wheel. It feels good, and right, in his hands. Suddenly, he feels the eyes of the crew on him. “On deck, you scabrous dogs! Hands to braces, let go and haul to run free!” Mack ordered. The crew scatters, obeying his commands. Mara smiles at Mack, who is still aboard. “Looking for a captain?” Mack asked. “Nah, I need a ride since mine never came. But if you need my help again…” Mara said, handing him a note showing where to drop her off, and to find her again. Mack then looks at Treasure, as it happily sits next to him. Mack had no idea where Treasure came from, and still did not know what made it so special, but he promises to himself to someday find out both of those answers. “Now…bring me that horizon…” Mack said happily. He opens the compass, takes a reading, and adjusts the course. “…and really bad eggs...drink up me hearties, yo ho…” Mack hummed to himself. Mack flips the compass closed, and sets sail for his next adventure into the horizon. Notes/Trivia: -Deaths: Valek, Stewart, IR-44, Jonesy, Koler and Bedossa
  8. You destroyed G-Love, giving you 20 Tokens! Try again in 6 hours! You destroyed Chomp, giving you 25 Tokens! Try again in 12 hours! You destroyed Fodder, giving you 5 Tokens! Try again in 19 hours!
  9. You got 10 Tokens! Try again in 6 hours! You got 50 Tokens! Try again in 12 hours! You got a bomb! Try again in 20 hours!
  10. You got 100 Tokens! Try again in 6 hours! You got 10 doubloons! Try again in 12 hours! You got 50 doubloons! Try again in 20 hours!
  11. Inside of it was 50 dbs! Try again in 6 hours! Inside of it was nothing! Try again in 12 hours! Inside of it was 75 Tokens! Try again in 20 hours!
  12. You spun 50 Tokens! Try again in 6 hours! You spun 100 Tokens! Try again in 12 hours! You spun a mushroom! Try again in 20 hours!
  13. Every Friday night at 8pm EST during Arcade Anarchy, there will be a music party here: https://cytu.be/r/sbcmovienight The theme is to play video game music. Anyone who shows to this and plays at least one song will get 10 Goober Tokens.
  14. UPDATE: New items added! Here is what has been added to the Prize Store, which I have updated the first post with: iFish: Watermelon - 30 Tokens (New) Gold 3D Glasses - 300 Tokens (New) Ezio Attire - 500 Tokens (New) Master Sword - 1,000 Tokens (New) Jigglypuff Costume - 400 Tokens (*Loyal Customers) Jigglypuff Feet - 100 Tokens (*Loyal Customers) Jigglypuff Marker - 50 Tokens (*Loyal Customers) Buizel Head - 200 Tokens (*Loyal Customers) Buizel Neck - 100 Tokens (*Loyal Customers) Buizel Costume - 300 Tokens (*Loyal Customers) Buizel Feet - 150 Tokens (*Loyal Customers) Misc: Mario Sprite Collectable - 400 Tokens (New) This is it for Prize Store item updates. Be sure to keep earning tokens to buy them, you have 17 days left!
  15. Congrats to Slowpoke, who won the third round! Everyone else who played got Goober Tokens as well. Round 4 will be Tuesday, June 2nd at 7pm EST, with the theme of Game Studios.
  16. Reminder: Third quiz will be tonight at 7pm EST, and will be located here:
    • Graded Mode
    • 15 minutes
    • 10 Questions
    • 2 Players
    For Arcade Anarchy.
  17. You got 25 Tokens! Try again in 5 hours! You got a bomb! Try again in 13 hours! You got 75 Tokens! Try again in 20 hours! You got 50 Tokens! Try again in 22 hours!
  18. You got 100 Tokens! Try again in 5 hours! You got 50 doubloons! Try again in 13 hours! You got 10 doubloons! Try again in 20 hours! You got 50 Tokens! Try again in 23 hours!
  19. You destroyed Fodder, giving you 5 Tokens! Try again in 5 hours! You destroyed Bomb Bot, giving you 30 Tokens! Try again in 21 hours! You destroyed Sleepy Time, giving you 40 Tokens! Try again in 13 hours! You destroyed Tar Tar, giving you 15 Tokens! Try again in 23 hours!
  20. Inside of it was a hat! Try again in 5 hours! Inside of it was 50 Tokens! Try again in 14 hours! Inside of it was a bagel! Try again in 20 hours! Inside of it was 25 Tokens! Try again in 23 hours!
  21. You spun an Extra Spin! You spun 50 Tokens! Try again in 5 hours! You spun 75 Doubloons! Try again in 14 hours! You spun 25 Tokens! Try again in 21 hours! You spun 25 Tokens! Try again in 23 hours!
  22. Congrats to Slowpoke, who won the second round! Everyone else who played got Goober Tokens as well. Round 3 will be tomorrow night at 7pm EST, with the theme of Video Game Locations.
  23. Reminder: Second quiz will be tonight at 7pm EST, and will be located here:
    • Graded Mode
    • 15 minutes
    • 10 Questions
    • 4 Players
    For Arcade Anarchy.
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