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  1. Here's the first batch of holiday quests along with their respective gifts for doing them: 1: On the first quest of Christmas, help SpongeBob shovel out snow from his house! (Gift: 300 Doubloons) 2: On the second quest of Christmas, find a lost decoration of Sandy’s in a thread for these two outlaws! (Gift: 25 Likes) 3: On the third quest of Christmas, help Patrick find his wrist watch in a snowy episode! (Gift: Snowball Collectable) 4: On the fourth quest of Christmas, answer a magical riddle from Gary! (Gift: Holiday Snail) There is no rush to do these right now. I will post the next batch in the coming days. Message me when you've done each quest.
  2. This week's room: https://skribbl.io/?B1cgXnjuA7
  3. Jon Snow

    Snowcember Ball 2019

    Tonight's events: 7:00pm EST: SpongeBob Pictionary 8:00pm EST: [1st] Snowcember Movie Night: Home Alone
  4. Join us for a screening of Home Alone tonight at 8pm EST! It will be located on OWM's cytube here: https://cytu.be/r/sbcmovienight
  5. You hit silver! Try again in 15 hours! You hit green! Try again in 15 hours!
  6. You hopped two icebergs! Try again in 15 hours!
  7. You got a blue present! Try again in 15 hours!
  8. Congrats to Jon Snow, whose beautiful song won the night with 5 likes! Stay tuned next week for another party!
  9. You made a Krusty Krab Pizza! Try again!
  10. On This Day... (December 13th) SBC: 2014 - Jep Game 137 was on December 13, 2014, won by @SleighCM. This was the first game to use the new chatroom. 2019 - Snowcember Ball 2019 began. SpongeBob: 2017 - SpongeBob Comics No. 75 was released.
  11. You hopped one iceberg! Try again in 15 hours! You hopped three icebergs! Try again in 18 hours!
  12. You got a red present! Try again in 15 hours! You got a yellow present! Try again in 18 hours!
  13. You hit gold! Try again in 15 hours! You hit blue! Try again in 18 hours!
  14. Jon Snow

    Snowcember Ball 2019

    Tonight's events: 7:00pm EST: Wheel of Fortune 8:00pm EST: [1st] SBC Music Snowcember Party
  15. The first SBC Music party for Snowcember Ball will be tonight at 8pm EST. The theme is to play holiday music. Note this will not count for team points anymore, but I will still reward whoever has the most liked song (using cytube's poll function) 500 doubloons. The party will be located here: https://cytu.be/r/sbcmovienight
  16. Similar to the Dutchman's quests at Octerror this year, here's another side activity involving quests. Before Santa Claus can deliver his gifts to Bikini Bottom, he needs your help to make sure every resident is in the holiday spirit by helping them out with several quests. Every individual quest you complete will give you a present, ranging from doubloons to reputation to a store item, similar to our 12 Days of Christmas from years past. Note that I will not be posting these daily due to scheduling and time. With that being said, the first batch of quests will come this weekend, so look out! Whoever is first to finish all 12 quests before Christmas will receive an exclusive badge, a point for their team, and 2,000 doubloons. Quest Progress: SOF: 4/12
  17. For this year's Snowcember roleplaying game, we're doing a sequel to The Great Sleigh Race from 2015! All of the contestants will be racing in the frozen tundra to a grand finish line. One or two contestant's presents will be eliminated each round, and whoever is the last one in the race making it to the end, will receive several grand prizes: 4,000 doubloons, a badge, and a point for their team. Whoever wins each individual round will also get a point for their side. In order to sign up, just say what you want your sled to be called. Nothing else needed. When a game isn't happening, you can roleplay in this thread. You have until Monday, December 16th at 6pm EST to sign up. The first round will then be December 16th at 7pm EST, so be prepared. Contestants: 1.) Hayden - Snom-Mobile 2.) 4EverGreen - Starsled 3.) Dman - Rental Sled #562
  18. As per tradition, our Fry Cooks have served up delightful holiday skins for Snowcember Ball 2019! Here is a rundown of what is available... Everyone: Holiday Community - The default skin, created by @Patty Rose. Snowball Community - An ice cold skin, created by @Majesty Yuka. Christmas Sweater - A warm, comfy skin created by @Aquatic Konquest. Loyal Customers: Bikini Blizzard Redux - A skin from last year, which is a redux of an old Snowcember skin, created by Aquatic. Squidward's Holiday House - Another skin from last year, created by Cha. Sleigh Ride - An old skin from Snowcember Ball 2015, created by @JCM. Enjoy the skins!
  19. Hello everyone, it is, Jon Snow! And I bring to you the Christmas Trivia once more! We're going to be doing it for the 8th time in a row this year. If you didn't win in the previous years or if you're a newcomer, here's a chance to win some prizes! However, this year's will work a lot differently: We will now be using the Quizzes feature instead of the old PM format, which will go a lot quicker. We will have 10 rounds overall. Rules: -You can use the internet if you'd like, but remember the quizzes are timed, so you better know how to use the internet. -The first person to finish the quiz correctly gets points, descending from however many are playing to 1, based on who answered first. For example, if 5 people are playing, and Fred, Hayden, SOF, Steel and Homie finished the quizzes in that that order, Fred would get 5, Hayden would get 4, and so on. If one person doesn't get it right, then they would be skipped and however many points they were supposed to get would go to the next person who answered, if any. -After the quizzes are all turned in, the first person with the highest score wins. To have fairness, you cannot win twice in a row. You can play in the next game for overall score points, but if you won the previous game, the second place person will win instead. -Be warned that the later you join to play, the less chance you have of winning the overall prizes. Prizes: -Whoever wins each individual round will gain two prizes: 500 doubloons and a point for their side on the scoreboard. -Whoever has the most overall points at the end after Round 10 will get four special grand prizes: exclusive badge, turqoise color username, a point for their side on the scoreboard, an exclusive SpongeBob collectable icon and a sneak peek at a future SBC project. The first round will be Sunday, December 15th @ 8:00pm EST. The theme will be Christmas Movies, hosted by Jon Snow. Be sure to check this topic for quiz links and updates. Any further questions, feel free to post here. You do not need to sign up to play, just do the quiz when it's made public.
  20. Like previous years, our Secret Santa program is back once again! This year, the program will be hosted by SOF. Tis the season for giving. And what better way to do so than to go to the SBC store and purchase gifts for others. If you feel like getting gifts for your e-friends, then sign up for the SBC Secret Santa Program! For interested users, you have until Wednesday, December 18th to sign up. From there, SOF will PM/DM people on who to get gifts for (he will randomly pick the person you are Secret Santa for), and SOF will announce who gave gifts to who on Monday, December 23rd, which will be the deadline for gift giving. How the giving feature will work is that you will tell SOF what item from the doubloon store you would like to buy for your person, and the staff will give it to them, along with subtracting doubloons from you. You can only choose items that are currently active in the store, however. No rare/old items. And please, if you sign up, you must participate. You can simply be a Scrooge or Plankton and just sign up and ignore the rest. But just remember, you'll be making another user sad in the process. Which is why I want people who will actually participate in this. So if you feel like spreading some Christmas cheer, then sign up in this topic. On December 18th, the deadline to sign up for this, SOF will be PMing people on who they are getting gifts for, so you have a week to sign up. If you are worried you won't have enough doubloons, do not worry, as we have lots of opportunities to win doubloons. Happy gift giving!
  21. It's back again once more, your favorite iFish costume contest! Whoever has the best iFish keeping in with the Christmas spirit will win some amazing prizes, judged by myself, Cha and OWM! Check out the new items we have this year for you to try! 1.) Be sure to click "Download (right click and save)" on the iFish generator page (near the bottom) and upload your iFish to a site like imgur, photobucket, etc, or just take a screenshot. Copy and pasting your iFish will not work. 2.) Once you post it, you cannot change it. So be 100% sure before posting. 3.) Do not copy somebody else's. 4.) You do not have to be on either team to play in this, it's for everyone. Prizes: -2,000 doubloons -A point for your team on the scoreboard (you can be Independent if you don't want to join a team) You have until December 30th to submit an iFish, and we will pick one the same day. Good luck! Contestants:
  22. It's a bit chilly outside ain't it? You know what will get your arms warm? By doing a bit of drawing of course, and nothing's more fitting for this than the N-Ice Art Contest! To keep out of the cold, all you need to do is create and submit a Holiday/Winter-themed piece of art. This piece does not have to be SpongeBob related, it can be anything you want, as long as it fills us with the true meaning of Christmas. There's simply just one rule. Please do not plagiarize (stealing someone else's art and claiming it as your's) or else it's the naughty list for you this year! (Oh yeah, and it obviously has to be Holiday or Winter related. 'Tis the season after all.) The entries will be judged by Patty, Cha and Local. The winner will receive 2,000 doubloons, an exclusive badge, and a point for their team! You have until December 30th to send in your masterpiece. No sending in snowmans though. They'll melt before we have time to judge them.
  23. The goal of this contest is to bring a little competition to the table with your story talents. Here's what you'll do: • Submit a canon or non-canon written winter/holiday/Christmas themed work. You may use an existing spin-off, or create a completely separate entry. It does not have to be specifically about Christmas or any holiday, it can be about winter in general. • It does not have to be SpongeBob related. • Your creation must at least be 400 words. • It must be something you have written, do not plagiarize someone else's work. • Post it in this thread by December 30, 2019 by 7pm EST. Me, OWM and Cha will be the judges. The winner will receive a point for their side, 2,000 doubloons, and a special GCA-style trophy you can display in your profile/signature. Have fun, and let the games begin!
  24. Welcome to SpongeBob Whodunnit?, a Snowcember Ball event! Yup, it returns for the twelfth edition! In this event, the goal is to figure out who stole the holiday snacks. Case Synopsis: As the private detective, your goal is to figure out who stole the snacks. The Magic Conch Shell only gives you two hints: it is someone who was at the cooking bash, and they were the last one out. By December 30th, PM me who you think is the culprit! On December 31st, all is revealed and the winners will receive 500 cursed doubloons and depending on who got it right from your side, a team point! Note that like previous Whodunnits this year, this will only reward one team point depending if a majority of your side gets it right. Note: as usual, you only get one guess. Once you PM me your guess, that's it. Anecdote dates: Mr. Krabs - December 13th SpongeBob - December 14th Squidward - December 15th Larry - December 16h Patrick - December 17th Mrs. Puff - December 18th Pearl - December 19th
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