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  1. Yes, there is an S. _ _ S _ E _ _ ( Hint : An animal) Used Letters : E, A, S.
  2. jjsthekid


    IMO, season 3 has been a hit or miss. It had some hits and misses, so Season 3 has been a little bleh so far. But the show was good in season 1, and then it started going downhill a bit in season 2. And this show seems to be taking the route Naked Brother's Band was taking, because lately they have just been making TV movies.
  3. No. Ok guys, i don't think this should be that hard lol. _ _ _ _ E _ _ ( Hint : An Animal)
  4. No A, sorry. _ _ _ _ E _ _ ( Hint : An animal)
  5. Cool! By the way, how about Best Recurring Spin-Off, and is the Hall of fame in it?
  6. Yes, there is an E. _ _ _ _ E _ _ ( Hint : An animal)
  7. Nope. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( Hint : an animal)
  8. Ok thanks. Here is mine : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( Hint : An animal)
  9. Well i'm not sure if they are real either. But we do know that there is some valentine's thing Feburary 6th and there will be new episodes of different shows. Well, here are my thoughts : Rodeo Daze : I already said this, but this looks good. We haven't had a sandy themed episode in a while. lol, i wonder if we will hear more Texas insults. Gary In Love : Ehh, i don't know. We just had a gary themed episode ( A Pal for gary) and i don't know about this one. It could be a new valentine's themed episode, but Gary was already in love with snellie and we haven't seen her in a while. Maybe they will have Mary look like Snellie. A Day without Tears : Meh, i'm not to excited about this one. It looks like a remade version of Funny Pants, but who knows, maybe they have something planned for it. Summer Job : This one looks neat too. We haven't had a Mrs.Puff themed episode in a while. Spongebob will probably annoy Mrs.Puff though. We will probably find out if they are real or not whenever we get clips of them.
  10. ...The Eagle ate squidward... But even though it does look strange, i might still watch it. I have a feeling it will premiere around the same Time The Alice in Wonderland Movie comes out seeing as they look similar to each other ( The title, the plot, ect).
  11. Cool, can't wait! I will get to work too. By the way, when do they start?
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