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  2. Asteroid Blast

    You got 250 dbs! Try again in 24 hours!
  3. Futuristic February: In Space!

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  4. Mystic Guardians

    85. A Taste of Poison The heroes are outside Elana’s castle, on the same night as the previous chapter. “I have enjoyed our travels thus far, but Elana and I need to stay here briefly to make sure Orion didn’t mess anything up.” Meritel replied. “That’s fine, you two deserve a break.” Madison replied. “Kingdom hopping has been my break, at least from queen duties.” Elana replied awkwardly. “Oops, you can keep hunting with us if you want-” Cynthia was offering. “Nah, I’m still the queen and I can’t ignore the kingdom forever. Good luck guys.” Elana said. Madison opens a portal to the Nature Wilds, as they go through it. They arrive at a site where The Guardian is landed. “How has occasionally guarding Central Karmania been?” Trent asked Flinn. “Eh, nothing has happened there. My services aren’t needed as much now that the whole army is back, but it’s a pleasure to check on the place as a protector when I can. I do wonder why those Federation goons have yet to strike the place...” Flinn wondered. “They’re waiting for the right moment. Let’s hope Beast is dealt with before that moment comes.” Cameron replied. “I detect his presence north. He’s still here for whatever reason, so thankfully we haven’t missed him.” Skipper said. “...Yet.” Madison added. “Yeah, let’s get moving.” Cynthia replied, “He could be near the waterfall area, due to his henchmen attacking us.” Zero theorized. “I guess I’ll be guarding the blimp-” Skipper was saying. “Actually, we’re taking this thing to Central Karmania for repairs. We’ll be back soon.” a pilot said. “Looks like I get to go on another adventure with you all.” Skipper replied happily. “Joy.” Cynthia replied, as The Guardian flies away. The heroes head off through the Nature Wilds again. “Any of you guys want some pizza? It could be good hunting food.” Nick asked. “Sure, I’m kind of hungry, especially since I can’t really get anything from the Golden Seahorse anymore.” Audrey replied. “As long as it doesn’t attract anybody, like giant insects or any weirdos, sure.” Cynthia replied. “I think that’s Nick’s plan, to attract people like Beast’s henchmen.” Madison replied. “Actually, it wasn’t intended to be a plan. I just felt like eating something, but sure, we can go with that.” Nick replied, as they go deep within the jungles. The white Karmania Deer watches them from behind, and walks away. A Neo Federation ship flies through Karmania, heading over Cosmosos. Edward, Vexacus, Thorn and Morgana are inside of it. Edward is wearing a helmet and battle armor. “We’ll get that flight data recorder. For whatever reason, those fools have been jumping from kingdom to kingdom in that stupid blimp. We shall find where they are and ambush them.” Edward explained. Colress appears on a hologram transmission to the ship. “I trust your search is going well.” Colress inquired. “Of course, we’re going to ambush them and obtain the flight data recorder when we find that hideous blimp!” Edward replied. “The data recorder has likely been given to their rebel allies, who are trying to search for any weaknesses in the jet fighter. It’s irrelevant now. We’ll have to upgrade the fighter to counter any weaknesses they dig up. For now, attempt to capture the guardians, and find out what they’re up to in these distant lands.” Colress ordered. “Why didn’t you come with us?” Morgana asked Colress. “I’m currently doing research on the knight stone King Brak obtained. It’s quite fascinating, but I fear his request to force a bond is implausible.” Colress replied. “Sir, according to the some scouter robots we dispatched, the blimp was last seen heading to Nature Wilds.” a soldier reported to Edward, viewing a map. “Ah, my home. Brings me many memories...” Thorn reminisced. “Ugh, that disgusting kingdom. Seems fitting beast trash like you would be born there!” Edward replied, annoying Thorn and Colress. “I believe you miss the true purpose of her ties to this kingdom. Madame Thorn’s heritage here can be useful in tracking where the rebels are, considering she knows her homeland.” Colress explained. “I’m so glad someone appreciates my talents.” Thorn replied. “Fine. We’re about to land.” Edward said, seeing the kingdom in the ship’s sights. “Before you do, I’m putting Vexacus in charge of leading the ground hunt.” Colress said, surprising him. “Congrats, shark face.” Morgana replied. “I’m honored, but why?” Vexacus asked curiously. “You’re a bounty hunter. I’m sure a shark of your talents can find them.” Colress replied. “I’ve not gotten to lead in a long time. This’ll be no problem. I’ll sniff them out.” Vexacus promised, determined. “I’ll continue searching from above then.” Edward said. “I’ve also dispatched...specialized assistance to your aid, Edward. They’re an ally of mine. He’s skilled in treasure hunting. The combined arts of bounty and treasure hunting will be helpful to snuff them out.” Colress explained. “I don’t require special assistance, nor do I need these three. All of this extra help seems unnecessary, I can handle it on my own...” Edward replied annoyed. “Your handling of the fleet at Terralar, and the theft of the jet fighter, would say otherwise. King Brak feels the same way. My agent, “Rook”, will be arriving shortly.” Colress replied, ending the transmission. Edward looks angry, while Morgana and Thorn snicker. “Another treasure hunter, eh? Hopefully he’s smarter than the last two I worked with.” Vexacus said, as the ship lands near a swamp. They get out of it, looking at the kingdom before them. “I wonder if I can find my old home while we’re here.” Thorn wondered. “That’s not our mission, girl.” Vexacus replied. A smaller Neo Federation ship flies toward the area, landing. It opens up, as Edward approaches it. Out of the smoke, a strange fish walks out, who is wearing emerald armor similar to Gordon and Doyle’s. They carry a staff on their back. “I assume you’re Colress’s friend, Rook?” Edward asked. Rook smells around the area. “I smell it...” Rook realized, speaking in an Icelandic accent. “Smell what?” Edward asked. “...Pizza. And I detect multiple.” Rook analyzed. “I smell it too, and fish in the distance...yes, they’re near...” Vexacus said, sniffing around. Rook runs off, hunting the scent, and Vexacus follows. “Hey, wait for us!” Morgana yelled, as her and Thorn follow. Edward watches them head off. “They all think I’m weak...I’m not weak...I’m not weak! I’ll show them!” Edward said angrily, as he heads back inside the ship. Beast and his army head down a long stone bridge toward the mysterious dojo. “We 've lost Batty and Spikeupine. How unfortunate, but their sacrifices allow us to move onward in the wheel. Stonicus, Stormfront, and Angleron. I want you three to avenge them and keep the guardians busy.” Beast ordered. “Yes sir!” Stonicus saluted, as the three turn around, and head off. “Excellent. The pawns are in position.” Beast said. “Why are you wasting our soldiers?” Whiger asked. “Their purposes have been served, for it’s their destinies. No worries, we'll have new allies to replace our fallen comrades.” Beast said, as him, Gelatos, Magmox, and the Phantom Beast Generals keep moving onward. Stonicus, Stormfront and Angleron hunt through the jungles. They start to smell the scent of the gang’s pizza slices. “Do you guys smell that?” Angleron asked, sniffing. “Yes, it smells good.” Stonicus replied. “Perhaps that scent will lead us to the pesky guardians.” Stormfront replied, as the three follow the scent through the jungles. The heroes are up above the waterfall area, continuing to eat their pizzas. Suddenly, Stonicus, Stormfront and Angleron jump out of the trees, ambushing them. “Ah ha, so that delicious scent led us right to our prey, perfect!” Angleron said, laughing. “Well what do you know, Nick’s pizza did attract some idiots.” Cynthia said, finishing hers, and gets ready to attack. “Don’t move!” Stonicus yelled to the heroes. “Oh, I’m moving!” Cameron replied, smiling, readying his sword. Cameron jumps forward and powers up his sword, slashing it at Stonicus. Stonicus shoots several pointed rocks up from the ground, as the heroes avoid them. Stormfront shoots several lightning blasts, but Skipper shoots dark electricity blasts at him back. Angleron sends water blasts from his mouth, but Madison counters with electricity balls. One goes flying to him, but he absorbs it with his lightbulb. Flinn and Trent both send attacks at Angleron, knocking him around. Tori sends water blasts at Stonicus, blasting him back. He smashes the ground with his fists, causing a quake, as Cameron, Cynthia and Tori avoid it. Cynthia grabs him with tree branches, holding him in place. Cameron strikes at him again, sending him falling over. He flashes his knight scanner, marking him “Guilty”. Cynthia sends a rock blast at the containment unit, imprisoning Stonicus. “Curses, foiled again!” Stonicus said sadly. Flinn, Trent, Madison and Nick attack Angleron. He jumps up, shooting more water blasts at them. He makes his lightbulb glow, and shoots out dark electric blasts. Flinn sends golden slashes at Angleron, but he lands to the ground, avoiding them. Trent sends a burn blast from his stone at Angleron’s face. “Oww!” Angleron yelled, as Trent fires laser arrows at him, making him lose his focus. Madison concentrates, and drains the electricity from his lightbulb. She absorbs it, and strikes it at him, knocking him to the ground. He gets up, flailing angrily, and shoots a hydro blast. Flinn sends golden slashes through it, hitting him in the face. Nick casts a spell, turning the ground under him into quicksand, as Angleron falls into it. “When did you learn that spell?” Trent asked. “Skipper taught me that. Don’t worry, it’s not dark magic, as dark as that may seem, but it got the job done.” Nick said impressed. “Just please don’t learn any creepy spells from Skipper, I don’t want you to turn into Valina.” Madison replied. “Don’t worry, I’d never let any magic corrupt me. I can’t practice dark magic anyways, Luna would be furious. Speaking of, Briar and her are still healing, they should be better very soon.” Nick noted. “Aye, Nick laddy, you have a will of iron, no silly magic would ever turn ye, or any of us for that matter.” Flinn said. Trent flashes his knight scanner at Angleron, marking him as “Guilty”. Madison sends an electric shock at the containment unit, imprisoning Angleron. Nick makes the quicksand disappear. Jake, Audrey, Skipper and Zero attack Stormfront. He shoots multiple hail, wind, lightning and rain blasts at them. Jake uses his shield to block hail blasts at him, as Zero avoids rain blasts. Audrey sends a gust tornado at him, but it does little damage to him, as he blows it away. “You think your pathetic gust can match my power!?” Stormfront asked, sending several strong winds at the four. Skipper throws a pineapple at him, which explodes in his face. It releases a pink mist, blinding Stormfront. “Nice, your weird food magic can really come in handy, well, when it’s not used against us.” Jake complimented to Skipper. “I can’t see!” Stormfront panicked, trying to look through the mist. Skipper and Zero both send electric shocks at him Jake’s eyes and stone glow purple, as Beast’s essence takes over. He smiles, and jumps up. He strikes his sword down at Stormfront, and grabs his face, punching him. He sends several purple blasts from his hands, which the heroes are unable to see due to the mist. The mist clears, as Stormfront falls to the ground beaten. Jake flashes his scanner at him, which marks him “Guilty”. Audrey sends a gust blast at the containment unit, imprisoning Stormfront. The beasts squirm around, as the heroes pick them off the ground. Beast’s essence fades away, but Skipper looks at Jake unsurely. “Hmm, something feels off about how the red knight defeated that storm cloud, or maybe he is stronger than I thought...” Skipper pondered to himself. “Wow Jake, you were so strong back there.” Audrey complimented, staring at him. “Thanks, it was nothing-” Jake was saying. Audrey kisses Jake on the lips, as the guys see this. Cynthia gets the attention of Madison and Tori, who see this. “You two are dating?” Trent asked, surprised. “Yeah, Cynthia and Tori knew before you. We’ve been wanting to tell everyone, we just couldn’t find the right time.” Jake replied, as both him and Audrey blush. “Well I’m happy for the both of you.” Madison said, smiling. “Congratulations. You two have really grown up since we first met.” Cameron said smiling, impressed. “Ah, young love. Alas, I never got that chance.” Skipper replied. “Nice, that currently makes me, Jake, Trent, Audrey and Madison the only people in this group to be in a relationship.” Nick noted. “I’ll be a part of that group someday...maybe.” Cynthia replied. “I give you me blessings, laddy and lassy. Unfortunately, a busy man like me has no time for a relationship, so hopefully ye use your time together wisely, before it runs out.” Flinn said. “Well this got dark fast.” Tori replied. “Alright, that’s enough romance talk for now, let’s put them away.” Madison said. “It’s not fair, we were destined for so much more!” Stormfront said, crying, making rain fall from him. “Yeah, yeah, you got your last line in before we send you away to likely never see you again.” Cynthia replied. Madison opens a portal, as the heroes push the imprisoned Stonicus, Angleron, and Stormfront through, and it closes. “I have contacted soldiers to pick them up, that way we can continue the hunt without any distractions.” Zero said, as they move forward. “Wow, I can see Beast did a good job training them.” Tori said sarcastically. “Something tells me he’s been using them as bait to distract us while he achieves his real goal in this place. Maybe he never truly cared for them in the first place.” Cameron said. “So they’re just fodder? That’s pretty cold.” Cynthia replied, as the heroes keep moving north, closer to the clearing. “You know, I work pretty well with you all. Perhaps someday I could be the next knight in your team...” Skipper suggested. “Don’t push your luck.” Tori replied. Vexacus, Rook, Morgana and Thorn wander through a swamp, still hunting for the heroes. “Hi there.” Morgana greeted to Rook, who doesn’t reply, and walks onward through the swampy water. “Man of few words, I see.” “The scent is gone. But I know they are near...” Rook said, looking around. “No worries, I still smell them.” Vexacus replied. As Rook moves onward without them, Vexacus takes a closer look at an odd, small symbol on the back of Rook’s armor. The symbol is a sword through the ocean. “Wait, I recognize that symbol...” Vexacus said silently to the two, having an epiphany. “What are you talking about?” Morgana asked. “That Rook fellow...he is a part of the International Police, an undercover ocean organization. I had an unpleasant run-in with them once.” Vexacus explained. “What does that mean?” Thorn asked. “It means Colress and his friend here likely have ties to the International Police. Perhaps we should keep a closer eye on them...” Vexacus suggested, feeling suspicious. “A spy? To think I trusted Colress. Oh well. I guess he’ll have to go with Ed when we take over.” Morgana replied. “Hey now, maybe they’re still on our side. We like don’t know the full story yet about them.” Thorn replied. “If the International Police are investigating us, that cannot amount to anything good. It appears Broodwing’s suspicions were right about Colress. Be cautious around them.” Vexacus warned. “You know, even if he was right, I really don’t miss Broodwing.” Morgana replied, as they move onward, catching up with Rook. Beast enters a dojo with his crew, passing by several armored guards. There are purple banners hanging from inside, and a pool of poison water is in there. A green cobra creature is sitting on a throne, with scorpio, gecko, and centipede beasts by his side. “Who are they?” Magmox asked. “These are the Four Fingers of Poison. They’re skilled and deadly warriors in the element of Poison. The cobra is Naja, their leader. The other three are Gacko, Scorpia, and Stingapede.” Beast explained. “King Ramos?” Naja asked. “No. It’s me.” Beast spoke, surprising the four. “Him...” Gacko said, as the four are angry at this. “You live? I thought we made it clear we never wanted to see you again. Maybe transferring yourself into that moron’s body made you lose some brain cells.” Naja said coldly. “I don’t think he likes you.” Gelatos whispered. “An unfortunate, but expected greeting. I’m aware we do not have the best past, but I want to make amends. Naja! I want your group on my side again. We’re making an army to free all Karmanian Beasts from their oppression. I promise we’re fighting for all of you.” Beast spoke. “Liar! You will just use us again for your own selfish needs!” Scorpia snapped. “I’m disappointed in you, Phantom Beasts. I thought you had higher morals than to ally with a piece of scum like him.” Naja said to Snapper, Whiger, and Nightkrow. “Watch your tongue, he has much power that will benefit us all!” Nightkrow said. “Power that he will only give to himself. He’s deceiving you. He doesn’t care about the beasts. We learned that the hard way when we last allied with him.” Stingapede said. “...Is this true, boss?” Magmox asked. “No. I think that poison has gotten to their heads. They 're spewing rude nonsense. A shame, I would’ve loved their support.” Beast said, sighing. “The three of us worked with Beast, and he never deceived us!” Snapper insisted. Whiger feels unsure by this, but doesn’t say anything. “You didn’t work with him long enough. Guards, eliminate them.” Naja ordered. The four guards attack Beast’s crew at once. The first guard uses nunchucks, which have poison spikes on them. The second guard uses an axe, the third guard has a spear, and the last guard has throwing stars. Gelatos shoots gelatin at the first guard, who strikes his nunchucks at him, but it does no damage to him. Magmox sends fire blasts at the second guard’s armor, melting it. The guard swings their ax at him, and does poison jabs at his sides, hurting him. Whiger avoids the last guard’s throwing stars, and slashes his claws at him. Snapper takes down the second guard, and Nightkrow takes down the third guard. Beast shoots a green blast at the first guard, sending them smashing through a wooden wall. “As much as I dislike you, I’m impressed. But it’s not enough. I want you all out of here. I refuse to take part in your scheme again.” Naja demanded, as the four are ready to attack. “We’ll leave if you tell me where the royal jewel is for this kingdom.” Beast demanded. “I don’t have it if that’s what you’re insisting. You need a Poison elemental to get it.” Naja replied. “Indeed, you’re catching on. Too bad I know no other Poison elementals. I insist, join forces with us. We have enough spots open, since unfortunately some of our comrades have fallen. Your warriors would be useful to our army. I admire your skill, despite our rocky past.” Beast offered. “Ha, empty words. I refuse to work with you. You’re a false prophet using the beasts for your own selfish reasons. You don’t truly care about them. You’re a fraud. You’re a nobody who cheats death because you are nothing.” Naja said coldly. Before they can strike, Beast releases electricity blasts from his blue gemstone at all four, making them fall to the ground in pain. He keeps letting the electricity flow, continuing to hurt them. “That’s enough, sir.” Whiger said. “I agree.” Beast said, releasing the electric blasts, as smoke comes off of them. “Ugh...fine, you can take one of my guards to get your jewel.” Naja said. “That’ll do for now, but I still want your assistance. If you do not join me, I’ll up the dosage of electricity, and burn down your sacred dojo.” Beast threatened. “...Fine. We’ll join you, but if you trick us, you’ll die.” Naja threatened, getting up. “You can’t!” Scorpia said. “Don’t worry.” Naja replied, as the four approach him. “Thank you. Was that difficult? Together, with our combined forces, we can bring freedom to beasts everywhere. Now then, there are some worthy adversaries of mine coming this way, trespassing on your territory. Hold them off while I do what I must, and I promise you’ll be rewarded.” Beast explained. “Who is arriving?” Stingapede asked. “The knights and guardians of Karmania.” Beast replied. “We have no problem with them, for now.” Naja replied. “That may be, but we have a deal, remember?” Beast replied. “Fine, we’ll test their skills. You can find the kingdom jewel east of here, at the core tree.” Naja replied, as they walk out of the dojo. Beast heads with Gelatos, Magmox, Snapper, Whiger, Nightkrow, and the poison guard toward where the jewel is. The heroes make it to the clearing, wondering where to go. “Go through that hidden path.” Skipper said, pointing to an obscured path, as the heroes head for it. Vexacus, Rook, Thorn and Morgana have caught up to them, watching them from some bushes. “There they are.” Vexacus said. “Intriguing treasures. They’d make fine additions to my collection.” Rook said, using his binoculars to see the knight stones and Heart of Karmania. “Are you good in combat?” Vexacus asked. “Of course. When you give the command, I’ll show my skill.” Rook replied. “Shall we attack now?” Morgana asked Vexacus. “Rook may start it off.” Vexacus ordered, as Rook crawls out of the bushes. Rook stands up, and approaches them, confusing the heroes. “Who are you?” Audrey asked. Rook sniffs around, smelling the heroes. “Um...weird?” Cynthia asked, disgusted, flying away from him. “Never seen a fish like that before...” Flinn said. “Should we attack?” Trent whispered to Madison. “Not yet, we don’t really know who...or what, he is.” Madison replied, as Trent readies his dagger. “Nice green outfit you got there, dude, reminds me of my armor.” Nick said, as Rook smells him. “Hello sir, we’re just friendly explorers looking for treasure. Can we be on our way now?” Jake asked. “...No.” Rook replied. Rook tries to punch Jake, who ducks just in time. Trent fires laser arrows at Rook, who avoids them. Vexacus, Morgana and Thorn jump out of the bushes, attacking. Thorn and Morgana turn into their beast forms. “Hello fools!” Vexacus greeted, striking his sword against Nick’s. “I assume he’s with them!” Cynthia said, hurling rocks at Morgana and Thorn, who barely avoid them. “I take it back, I think I wear the green better, sorry dude!” Nick said to Rook, as he continues to duel Vexacus. Rook pulls out the staff from his back, and activates a button, revealing it is an electro-staff. He jumps up, avoiding attacks from the heroes. He lands, as Trent clashes his dagger sword against it, but Rook spins it, and strikes it at Trent’s feet. It makes him fall, as he is about to strike him with the electric staff. Madison sees this, and quickly sends a lightning blast at Rook, sending him against the tree, but he jumps off of it. He lands, and strikes his electro-staff against Jake’s sword. Flinn sends golden slashes at Thorn, who sends poisonous blasts back. Audrey and Tori launch combined ice beams at Morgana, who jumps up, and shoots a web at the two, but they fly out of the way. Rook continuously strikes his staff against Jake’s shield, and he quickly zaps it at Jake’s chest, knocking him to the ground. Audrey sees this, and sends a tornado gust at Rook, making him go flying, but he hangs on a tree branch. Zero helps Jake up, as they attack Thorn and Morgana. “This guy is really acrobatic.” Cynthia said, making the tree branch move, but Rook slashes with his staff. “Impressive skill, rookie.” Vexacus replied, continuing to duel Nick. Vexacus teleports away, as Nick misses. Vexacus reappears behind, but Nick strikes a spell blast at him, knocking him back. “Nice try, that trick works only so many times!” Nick replied. Vexacus growls, and charges at him. Skipper sends a coconut at him, but Vexacus slices it in half before it can do anything. “Maybe I should just do this from now on.” Skipper said, sending dark electricity at Vexacus, but he absorbs it with his sword. “Right, forgot about that.” Vexacus sends the dark electricity back at Skipper and Nick, knocking them away. Cynthia hurls a boulder at Vexacus, and Trent fires laser arrows, knocking him to the ground. “Ha, and his sword absorbing trick only works so many times too!” Cynthia said. “What is this thing?” Cameron asked, striking his sword with Rook. “I don’t know, but he’s tough...” Jake warned, slicing a web blast from Morgana. “Jake, we don’t have to be enemies!” Morgana bargained to him, crawling around. “Yeah, come on cutie! Remember when we worked together?” Thorn asked seductively to him. “Sorry you two, but I have a girlfriend. I don’t go for crazy.” Jake replied, blocking a poison blast from Thorn with his shield. “That’s a shame.” Morgana replied, sending a dark ball. Zero teleports, appearing in front of Jake. He sends an electric strike at the dark ball, causing an explosion. From the smoke, Jake and Zero attack Thorn and Morgana, knocking them down. As Cameron duels Rook, he senses his movements. He slides around, dodging the staff’s attack. He strikes his sword at Rook’s feet, tripping him. Tori sends a whirlpool blast, knocking him against a tree. The four get up, as Vexacus laughs. “We’re not done yet. Ready for round two? We’re not resting until one of you is captured!” Vexacus said. “What’s all this then?” Stingapede asked, as the Four Fingers of Poison walk out of the hidden path, seeing the two groups. “...Thorn?” Scorpia asked, surprised to see her. “Hi, I know it’s been a long while. These are my, um, friends.” Thorn replied, introducing the Four Fingers to her allies. “Who are they?” Vexacus asked. “We’re the Four Fingers of Poison!” Gacko said. “I’ve heard of them. They’re a group of powerful Poison elementals who live in this kingdom.” Skipper explained. “They raised me when I was younger.” Thorn explained. “Thorn, you’re like a daughter to us. I’ll spare you and your friends for now. I cannot promise it’ll be the same way if we meet again.” Naja said to her. “Thanks, I guess.” Thorn replied. “Whose side are they on?” Trent asked. “I do not know if we will be satisfied with that answer.” Zero replied. “I’m afraid for you guardians and knights, Beast is on his way to the kingdom’s jewel at the core tree. If you want to get there, you must prove your strength against us.” Naja said, as the four get into battle stances. “Excellent, more help.” Vexacus said, laughing. “Great, we’re hunting Beast, Beast’s friends are hunting us, and the Neo Federation dorks are hunting us! Does anybody else want to hunt us!?” Cynthia asked annoyed. “We’re not Beast’s friends, girl. Consider us unfortunate allies.” Gacko replied. “Well consider it unfortunate we have to fight you.” Tori replied, sending a water blast at Naja, who avoids it. “Have a taste of poison!” Stingapede yelled, firing acidic blasts from his fangs at the heroes. The knights deal with Vexacus's team. Madison flies to Naja, sending a lightning blast at him, but he quickly moves out of the way. He jumps up and sends multiple poison jabs at her sides. He punches her, sending her flying against a tree. “Ow...” Madison said, trying to fly back up. Stingapede fires multiple poison missiles at Cynthia, who throws rocks at him. Skipper sends dark electricity blasts at Stingapede, making him flinch, but he recovers and shoots a poison blast back. Gacko jumps around from tree to tree, as Audrey tries to send a gust attack. He’s too fast, and strikes her, sending her to the ground. Tori traps Scorpia in a whirlpool blast, but she breaks out of it, and fires a poison blast. “You guys still got it!” Thorn said happily, as she sends a poison blast at Cameron, who uses his stone shield to reflect it back. “I could still use training...” After knocking back Vexacus's team, The Four Fingers quickly strike down all six knights, along with Skipper. “These guys are good...” Audrey said, recovering. “We don’t have the time for this!” Cynthia said, sending rocks around Stingapede, who breaks through them. “Yeah, we can’t keep fighting them forever, we have to stop Beast!” Jake said, clashing his sword against Vexacus. “Aye, it’s a bit too cramped here to fight.” Flinn said, sending gold slashes at Rook, who avoids them. “I can’t concentrate on fighting right now. You guys get out of here, we’ll go after Beast and find the core tree.” Madison said. “You’ll know it when you see it, it’s a large tree.” Skipper replied. Jake throws a smoke bomb, confusing the enemies. The four girls fly through the hidden path. Naja sees this, but does not attack. The knights and Skipper run off through the right path, taking them to a mountain range. “This way!” Rook yelled, after the knights. Thorn waves goodbye to the Four Fingers of Poison, giving chase. “I expected better.” Gacko said. “They were not focused on us.” Stingapede replied. “We’re not really working with Beast, right?” Scorpia asked Naja. “No, we won’t be staying loyal to him. I’ll play the long game, and strike him down when we have the opportunity.” Naja said to them. Beast reaches the giant core tree, surrounded by a poison lake. The guard waves their hands, and makes a path form between the poison water. Beast walks up to the purple jewel in the tree, and lets out his essence onto it. He casts a spell, making an eyeball creature similar to the one he used in Posidonia appear. It flies off through the kingdom, as he walks back. “My work here is done.” Beast said, smiling. Beast waves his hand, teleporting his crew away, as the poison guard runs off. Beast regroups at the clearing with the Four Fingers and Grador. Beast waves his hand again, teleporting all of them out of the kingdom. The girls fly past the dojo. “Those poison guys are tough, can we even beat them?” Cynthia asked. “We’ll be ready next time, they were slowing us down.” Madison replied, as they reach the core tree. “There it is!” Audrey said. They see the jewel under the poison water, looking normal. “It looks fine, did they lie to us?” Cynthia asked. “Or Beast has tricked us...again.” Madison sighed, as they fly away. “I have some bad news for you all. Beast has left the kingdom. His trace is gone.” Skipper reported on a communicator, as the girls hear this. “It doesn’t look like his dragon is anywhere either, so we’ve legit lost him.” Audrey said, looking through the sky. “That just made this adventure a waste of time. Where are you guys?” Cynthia asked. “In the mountains, we’re trying to get away from them.” Trent replied. The guys run through the fields, when Nick spots the same white Karmanian Deer. “Hey, that’s the deer who saved Skipper and I!” Nick said. “I see it too.” Flinn said. “It’s real...” Skipper said curiously. “I think it’s trying to help us. Do you know the way out?” Jake asked to the deer, as it runs off. “You want to trust a deer? Are you serious?” Skipper asked. “Seems like the best idea we’ve got!” Cameron replied, as they follow. “Trust me, when it gets weird like this, it’s good.” Trent replied. “How have you people stayed alive this long!?” Skipper asked. “You know, sometimes I wonder that myself.” Nick replied. Vexacus and his team stop at the mountain range, looking around. Suddenly, Edward’s ship comes crashing through several trees, landing. Edward gets out of the ship, looking annoyed. “I take it you all failed, wonderful.” Edward said. “Those poison warriors would have beaten them had they not fled.” Morgana said. “They went into the mountain range.” Rook reported. “Then they’ve trapped themselves.” Edward said, smiling. “They’re not alone. I’ll hunt them down.” Rook said, smelling the area. “You had your chance. We’re going to finish them my way. Commence bombardment of the kingdom!” Edward demanded to the pilots in his ship. “You can’t do that, you could harm a lot of the creatures here, or even my friends!” Thorn protested. “Too bad.” Edward replied, getting back into the ship with them, as Thorn looks annoyed. The deer takes the guys into a dark cave. Inside the cave are two other deer, a grey one and a black one. “Hello there.” Nick greeted. “Comfy den you got.” Flinn said to the deer. Edward’s ship flies through the Nature Wilds, dropping many bombs across it, scaring the wildlife. The girls see this in the distance, as the ship bombards the mountain range. “Beast might be gone, but they aren’t! Get out of there!” Madison said on the communicator. The guys and deer hear the bombs outside, as the cave begins to rumble. “They’re going to cave us in!” Trent panicked, as the ceiling cracks. The three deer get up, looking at the knights. “I think they want us to follow. Everyone, join hands!” Jake said. Jake grabs onto the white deer, as they join hands. The deer’s antlers flash rainbow colors, as they walk forward. The guys follow behind, as an inter-dimensional rainbow tunnel appears around them. They keep hearing the bombardments, but they become quieter as they continue to walk through the tunnel. The guys are amazed at the rainbow tunnel around them. “Whoa, this is cool...” Nick said, as they reach the end of the rainbow tunnel, and a flash of light occurs. ... The guys wake up on a coastal beach. They look at the sea and islands in the distance. “This is the Tropic Isles, right?” Jake recalled. “Yes, but it appears we are on an isolated faraway island.” Zero said, looking at his scanner. “These deer...they somehow teleported us all the way from the Nature Wilds to the Tropic Isles.” Cameron replied. “Wow, just like my teleporting power, except without the rainbow tunnel part.” Nick said. “Aye, that’s some crazy magic.” Flinn replied. “Not even I could pull off a stunt like this. These deer, they hold mysterious powers.” Skipper said, curious. The white deer walks onto the sandy shore, and heads to another cave on this island. aid. The guys follow it into the cave, as they arrive in a small strange room. There is a cave painting on the wall. “What’s this place?” Trent asked. “It’s not helping me claustrophobia.” Flinn replied, confused. “Look around, Jake. What do you see?” Cameron asked. “This place reminds me of the Mystic Temple in Western Karmania. It looks like this cave painting is telling a story. It shows people coming down from the sky. They might be Karmanian Knights.” Jake said, trying to interpret the painting. One part of the painting shows a drawing resembling the Mystic Temple, with a crack over it. “There’s a message here for us.” Cameron replied. “Because we’re knights?” Jake replied. “...Rhodes.” the deer speaks, surprising Cameron, as the knights look at him. “What does that mean?” Skipper asked. “...It’s my last name.” Cameron replied, taking off his helmet and eye mask, showing his blinded eyes. “How does the deer know?” Jake asked, confused. Cameron walks forward, placing his hand on the deer’s head. “It has a deep connection to Karmania’s magic and energy. It’s more focused, as if it has a purpose.” Cameron said, feeling the deer’s head. “And we’re a part of that purpose?” Jake asked. “Beast isn't our only problem. I’m getting a feeling that building the new fighter isn’t the worst thing the Neo Federation is doing. There’s something else. There’s something more...sinister. In fact, I think there’s a bigger reason they even came to Karmania over fifty years ago. I don’t think Ramos’ great grandfather found the Ancient Seal by coincidence.” Cameron explained. “I always wondered why Ramos’ great granddad wanted to conquer this place. Sounds like we got a conspiracy on our hands.” Trent replied. “...Doom.” the deer spoke again, as it walks into the shadows, disappearing. “Creepy, he said that last time too. Is that his catchphrase?” Nick wondered. “Something tells me it’s not gonna be good...” Flinn replied, worried. “...So, all of the paths are coming together, right?” Jake asked. “Yeah, I just don’t know if we’ll like where they lead.” Cameron replied. “Do we ever?” Jake asked. “No, and yes, sometimes.” Cameron replied, as they walk out of the cave. “Where are you guys?” Madison asked on the communicator. “We’re in the Tropic Isles. It’s a long story, but these deer saved us.” Jake replied. “We’ll be right over, as soon as we find what island you’re on.” Madison replied. A while later, the girls find them. Madison opens a portal, as they head through it. The three deer watch them from the side. Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Rook, Naja, Gacko, Scorpia, and Stingapede -Stormfront, Angleron, and Stonicus get recaptured. -It is revealed Thorn was born in the Nature Wilds, and that she knew the Four Fingers of Poison. -Rook is a treasure hunter just like Van Gordon and Doyle. It is unknown if he has met them. -Morgana and Thorn still have crushes on Jake and reference them teaming up in “Shadow Over Posidonia”. - - -
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Independence Sword 2012 (KK) A *free* limited edition sword for Independence Day 2012. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Sword; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
Santa Hat (2012) 1
Spat (KK) A *free* limited edition sword for SpongeBob's 13th anniversary. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Sword; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
Godly Gun (SB) An godly gun for Spy Buddies! This weapon is so powerful that we had to shrink it down in size to contain its aura!1
Hot Chocolate Cup 1
Lollipop Sword (KK) A limited edition sword for Octerror Fest 2012. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Sword; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
Teddy Bear Costume 1
Scientist Costume 1
Orange 1
Goofy Sombrero 1
Wizard's Hat 1
Pumpkin Basket 1
Holiday Gun (SB) A limited edition gun for Christmas 2012. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Gun; if you have a better gun, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
Snowman Costume (2012) 1
Elf Hat 1
Cookie Mask 1
Name Change Change your name.
Note: this can only be used once every two weeks!
Santa Suit 1
Advanced Gun (SB) An advanced gun for Spy Buddies! This weapon is so HUGE that you cannot miss your target!1
Intermediate Gun (SB) An intermediate gun for Spy Buddies! This weapon is considerably larger than the basic, allowing for greater damage.1
Basic Gun (SB) A basic gun for Spy Buddies!1
White 1
Squidward's Clarinet 1
Gary 1
Krabby Patty 1
Magic Conch 1
St. Patrick's Day Hat 1
Leprechaun Suit 1
Pot of Gold 1
Easter Basket 1
Chocolate Bunny 1
SpongeBob Basketball Outfit An exclusive icon given to the Band Geeks, who won March Madness 2015.1
SBC Music Hat An exclusive hat for your iFish character to celebrate SBC Music 2.0's release!1
Red Sunglasses 1
Teal Pants 1
SpongeCraft Hoodie 1
Hawaiian Shirt 1
Blue Swim Trunks 1
Safari Hat 1
Marshmallow Stick 1
V11 Polo Shirt An exclusive item for your iFish to celebrate the launch of V11!1
Yellow Bass Guitar 1
Groucho Glasses 1
Sponge Popsicle 1
Wooden Shoes 1
Jerk Face 1
Brown Sweater 1
Santa Hat An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Santa Beard An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Santa Sweater An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Santa Pants An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Elf Ears 1
Santa Boots An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
SpongeBob Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Squidward Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Clarinet An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Starfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Fruitcake An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Donkey An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Magic Wand 1
White Tuxedo 1
Newspaper Hat 1
Mustache 1
Balloon Sword 1
Captain's Outfit 1
Pirate Boots 1
Feathered Hat 1
Black Pirate Pants 1
Eyepatch 1
Captain's Hat 1
Pirate Hook 1
Captain's Rapier 1
Clem's Hat A hat for Clem!1
Clem Become like Clem!1
Not Dead Ted's Helmet 1
Not Dead Ted's Shirt 1
Band Geek Hat 1
Johnny Krill's Shirt 1
Band Geek Outfit 1
Grand Maul Granny's Glasses 1
Band Geek Pants 1
Saxophone 1
Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet An item exclusively given during April Fools 2016!1
Plankton Be part of Plankton's family!1
Chum Bucket Apron An employee of the Chum Bucket.1
Ice Cream Cone 1
Yellow Sunglasses 1
Lollipop 1
Paddleball 1
Clown Wig 1
Skodwarde Hoodie 1
Popcorn 1
Clown Costume 1
Trump Hat Make America Great Again!1
Golf Hat 1
Referee Jersey 1
Soccer Cleats 1
Clam Board 2
Gold Medal 1
Johnny Krill's Pants 1
Bronze Medal 1
Camera 1
Squidly Hat 1
Squidly Outfit 1
Squidly Shoes 1
Steel Shield 1
King Krabs Staff 1
King Krabs Outfit 1
King Krabs Crown 1
Dark Knight Boots 1
Clown Shoes 1
Pumpkin Antennae 1
Pumpkin Costume Head 1
Vampire Mask 1
Haunted Mattress Costume 1
Pumpkin Costume Coat 1
Wheel of Fortune T-Shirt 2
Carol Book 1
Blue Toque 1
Candy Cane 1
Fruitcake 1
Ugly Sweater 1
Silver Bell An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Blue Mittens 1
Gingerbread Man Costume 1
Reindeer Hat An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Holiday Gary An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Holiday Patrick An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Krabby Patty An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Dollar An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Jeopardy Advantage Gives you $200 in a Jeopardy game. Can only be used once per game.2
Chocolate Spatula An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Gogeta Hair This hair is a limited edition hair, only won by giveaways, commemorating the leaving of ssj4gogita4.1
Chocolate Jellyfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Keytar 1
Orange Hoodie 1
Music Note Necklace 1
Microphone 1
Blue Electric Guitar 2
Headphones 1
Musical Shirt 1
Sky 1
Green Sunglasses 1
Candy Apple 1
Rollerskates 1
Jester Hat 1
Turtle Plush 1
Red Balloon 1
Monkey Plush 1
Carnival Barker Hat 1
Carnival Barker Outfit 1
Unicycle 1
Xat Time Travelers Badge 1
Xat Time Travelers Shirt 1
Carnival Cane 1
Name Tag 1
Kelp Thing Head 1
Atomic Flounder Costume 1
Captain Tightwad Costume 1
Barnacle Boy Mask 1
Mermaid Man Hair 1
Quickster Goggles 1
Quickster Costume 1
Captain Magma Hat 1
Barnacle Boy Costume 1
Jumbo Shrimp Head 1
Rubber Mask 1
Elastic Waistband Costume 1
Mermaid Man Nose 1
Dirty Bubble Costume 1
Jumbo Shrimp Belt 1
Barnacle Boy Hat 1
Jeffrey the Jellyfish Costume 1
Jellyfish Net 1
Jellyfish Hat 1
SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Glasses 1
Jar 1
Frankenstein Costume 1
Vampire Teeth 1
Pirate Hat 1
Vampire Costume 1
Mummy Costume 1
Superhero Costume 1
Gray Scarf 1
Penguin Costume 1
Jingle Bell Hat 1
Holiday Scarf 1
Winter SpongeBob An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Santa Claus An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Chocolate Flower 1
Red Scarf 1
The Flying Dutchman 1
Chocolate Karate Glove 1
Chocolate Snail 1
3D Glasses 1
Chrome Spray 1
Jellien Hat 1
Alien Headband 1
Ray Gun 1
Space Suit 1
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