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  1. Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000: The next project is...... Let me know if interested. This is going to be a fun riff, I'll say that much for now without giving a lot away. Skodwarde: New episodes coming very soon by Nuggets (199a) and Steel (199b). I can also say that the 200th Skodwarde (!) will be near shortly after those, and it will be written by JCM. Squid: Season 2 is finished, and Season 3 will be coming sometime this summer. Mystic Guardians: Here are titles for the remaining May episodes:
  2. Week of April 23, 2017 to April 30, 2017 #1: Power Rangers: Multiverse Force - 146 #2: Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000 - 112 #3: Skodwarde - 108 #4: Squid - 95 #5: Sister of The Shield (WWE Fanfic) - 94 #6: Mystic Guardians - 92 #7: Total Cartoon Global Cruise! - 87 #8: Team SpongeBob - Rise Of E.V.I.L - 86 #9: The Quickster - 53 #10: Community Deathmatch - 51 #11: SpingeBill's Adventure - 41 #12: Squidward: A Life - 25 #13: SBC Honest Trailers - 25 #14: My Life Story - 21 #15: Mr. Krab's Treasure Adventure! - 19 #16: The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star - 14 #17: The SBC Show - 14 #18: SBC Rap Battles - 14 #19: SBCinema - 11 #20: Miss Appear - 11 #21: OMJ's Variety - 10 #22: Squidtalk! - 8 #23: Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures - 6 #24: Spiriting Fluttershy's Dark Sky - 6 #25: Person: Boy Nincompoop - 6
  3. PG

    Season finale time. 40a. Strange Exchange One day, PMU gets a brand new exchange student: Hans Gutenberg. He hails from the faraway land of Deutschaqua. As part of the foreign exchange program, PMU sends one of their best students to Deutschaqua: Squidward Tentacles. Squidward is confused, and next he thing he knows, he is sitting in class at a Deutschaqua school. Whacky hijinks ensue, as he is unstable to understand a word there for the most part. Meanwhile, Hans fits in nicely, becoming admired by many. He flirts with Daphne and Eellen, while Ray and Peterpus find him pretty cool. He is even a pretty good football player, becoming a valuable asset to the team. Unfortunately, poor Squidward is not having a particularly fun time where he's at. He struggles in subjects, but through the day, he actually starts to learn and appreciate more about Deutschaqua. Eventually, their exchange comes to a close. Everyone at PMU says they'll miss Hans, and he promises to return one day in the distant future. He waves farewell, boarding a bus, which leaves. Another bus appears with Squidward walking out. While the gang will miss Hans, they are glad to have Squidward back. Trivia: -Deutschaqua is a reference to Deutschland / Germany. -Brad (from "Ray's New Ride") makes a cameo. First Appearances - Hans 40b. Plankton's Plot One day, Plankton, who has grown bored of attempting at stealing the formula in Bikini Bottom, decides to take a trip to New Kelp City. He sets up his own Chum Bucket there, across from the New Kelp City Krusty Krab. Unfortunately, he once again gets no customers, angering him. He realizes Krabs has expanded his business to New Kelp City, so he decides to take advantage of this. Noticing Mr. Krabs isn't there, or SpongeBob, or that weird cashier guy, he plots to steal the formula from here! Peterpus, Eellen, Daphne, and Ray are working there, helping customers out. Plankton walks in with a funny face, fedora, and cool trenchcoat, approaching the cashier. He yells from the bottom, as Daphne looks around, confused. He hops up, as she gasps upon seeing Plankton. Plankton explains he is a "food critic' of sorts, and would like to order a Krabby Patty. Not suspecting a thing, she places the order, and tells Peterpus to make it amazing. Plankton's order is eventually finished, as he laughs, taking it away. He plans to analyze the contents of the sandwich with his machinery. He begins examining it, and discovers the entire sandwich is made of horse radish. He is confused, as Squidward walks in, laughing. He reveals that he knew Plankton was the food critic the whole time, watching from a table, so he made Peterpus make a terrible sandwich. Plankton vows revenge, powering up a death laser. Squidward runs away, and trips over the wire, unplugging it. Plankton gasps, as Squidward runs out, and the Chum Bucket explodes. Plankton is sent flying off like a rocket through the sky, vowing to return. Or not, who knows. Trivia: Fifth time the NKC Krusty Krab is seen in Season 2. Notes: Ray and Eellen only have one small appearance each in this episode. First Appearances - Plankton Quotes: "I WENT TO COLLEGE! I'LL RETURN, FOOLS!" - Plankton Thanks to all who helped write on this season. Season 3 will come sometime this summer.
  4. General+

    55. Partners in Crime Jake, Trent, and the girls are seen headed to school. "I can't believe it's February already, and it's also Jake's birthday." Madison said, smiling. "Oh wow, happy birthday Jake! Our birthdays are so close, mine is in a few days." Audrey said. "Happy birthday dude!" Trent replied. "Nice, welcome to the big seventeen club with us." Cynthia said. "Now just Audrey and I have to turn seventeen, and the group is set." Tori said. "Thanks guys. I don't know what I'll do today, but I hope I get cool gifts." Jake said. "I think you might like my present." Madison replied. "Yeah, I got one you might like too. Hopefully we can hang out later." Trent said. "Let's hope nothing gets in the way." Jake replied, as they headed inside. "You'll definitely like my gift...a lot, Jake." Audrey said, winking at him, as she headed in. Jake stopped and his face went red, not sure how to respond, but kept walking anyways. Later, they are seen eating lunch together. Colress walks by, giving a glare, but he keeps walking. "I don't know if it's just me, but something about that Colress guy seems kind of off..." Jake wondered, looking at him curiously. "He seems okay to me." Trent replied. "I hear he's a nice teacher." Audrey replied. "Don't worry about it, I might just be jumping to conclusions." Jake said, shrugging. "Yeah, don't let this ruin your big birthday day." Cynthia said. "To change the subject, how have your classes been since returning?" Trent asked everyone. "Okay, I got better in Chemistry thanks to Zero. Rotwell is still the same, but I am getting used to his weirdness." Madison said. "At least it's only an elective class. Of course, since he is the vice principal, he could make it required." Tori replied. "Let's not think about that." Madison replied, as they laughed. The gang is later seen at the Golden Seahorse with the other knights. "Jake, this is a wonderful day for you, be happy. I promise to give you a fitting gift, just like I gave your sister." Mai said. "Oh hey, I still have that gold necklace you gave me for my birthday." Madison said. "Good. Try wearing it sometime soon, it was expensive." Mai said sternly. "I'll try!" Madison said awkwardly. "Happy birthday dude, can't wait to give you my gift." Nick said to Jake. "I believe I've known you long enough to determine what a fitting gift for your birthday was." Zero said. "You've done good helping me out lately, happy birthday. I promise you'll get a deserving gift as my thanks." Cameron said. "Thanks guys, it means a lot. Hopefully the rest of this day will be fun." Jake said. "Just realized, we haven't had any enemies pop up lately, other than that weird wizard guy a while ago." Madison said. "Our enemies have been quiet...maybe too quiet." Nick pondered. "Guess it's a slow year for the bad guys so far." Tori said, shrugging. "Hopefully none pop out of nowhere to ruin this day." Jake said confidently. "Don't let your guards down, the enemies could be in hiding, waiting for the right moment to strike. They may even try stealthy ways to get to you." Mai warned. "We'll be ready when it happens. Anyways, you guys want to hang out before my parents start the birthday dinner?" Jake asked. "I'd love to, but...I have to help my mom and Cassidy do some things around the house. Maybe later at night." Trent replied. "Oh...okay, I understand. There doesn't seem to be a mission for us right now, so how about you guys?" Jake asked to Cameron, Zero and Nick. "I'd love to have a fun hangout day for your birthday dude, but...I need to take care of my house's garden, I promised my grandma. Sorry." Nick said to him. "I also promised Darlene I'd help her with an experiment, my sincerest apologies, Jacob." Zero said. "I need to help my mother out around her house as well." Cameron said oddly. "But you can't see." Jake said. "I know, but the stone has been guiding me." Cameron replied. "Alright...how about any of you?" Jake asked to the girls. "No can do, I've got lots of homework." Tori replied. "I have to finish a project." Audrey replied. "I promised Trent I'd help him out as well, sorry brother." Madison replied. "I already promised Elana I'd spend some time with her." Cynthia replied. "Wow, I see we all made promises." Nick said. "That sucks, but hopefully you guys still have time later after all of that. I understand that things can come up." Jake said. "It's nothing personal dude, but trust me, I'll still give you your gift when I have time." Trent promised. "Same here, when we're all done, you'll get the best birthday gifts ever, trust us. I'd never let my brother down." Madison promised. Suddenly, Ranen entered into the restaurant. "Attention, I need your help. We've received a mysterious distress signal from the Central Karmania seas. I need someone to go and investigate. I'd send other soldiers, but they are preoccupied." Ranen reported. "Everyone else kind of has things to do...but I'll go. I can do it alone if need be." Jake volunteered. "No problem, we'll call Prince Flinn for assistance. That way you won't do it alone." Ranen replied. "Thanks. I guess I could bond with Flinn." Jake said. "Here, take this to go there. You could use the heart blast powers for extra help too." Madison said, handing him the heart. "Thanks sis. Hopefully Flinn and I get back soon." Jake said. "Good luck all on your endeavors." Mai said, heading off into another roon. Everyone else left. The Chef comes out of the kitchen, holding a plate of pizza rolls. "WHO WANTS...PIZZA ROLLS!?" The Chef asked, but noticed nobody there. "Aw..." As Jake walked off, the others quietly went off to the side with Ranen. "Thanks for the fake mission back there Ranen, now that makes things easier." Tori said. "That wasn't a part of your plan, we actually did get a distress signal. However, I'm sure Jake and Flinn will be fine." Ranen said. "Oh...awkward timing then." Audrey said. "Regardless, I'm surprised he bought it all." Trent said. "Sorry we bailed, but I hope you understand. Alright guys, let's set up Jake's surprise party." Madison said. "Wait, you guys lied about those errands?" Nick asked, surprised. "Yes, we're going to give Jake a cool surprise party, but obviously it's a surprise, so we couldn't let him know." Cynthia said. "Oh...but I actually do have to help my grandma." Nick said awkwardly. Jake is seen with Flinn, headed toward the Central Karmania Docks. There is a large ocean in the view, with tons of ships at the bay. "It'll be interestin' to see what we find yonder aboard the ship. Also, hope ye have a good birthday, lad." Flinn said. "Thanks man. I just wish everyone else could've come. It does seem odd they all had so many things to do at the exact time. I just hope whatever we find isn't a waste of time." Jake said. "Even if it wastes me time, there's no rush of the ticking clock! I got nothin' better to do today anyways, and it be your birthday after all, no harm in helping ya." Flinn replied. They made their way down the docks, seeing sailor and pirate dressed Karmanians walking around. "Arrgh mateys, welcome to the docks. I see ye be knights, it's an honor to have your presence. What do ye need?" the pirate asked. "We received a distress signal from the sea. We have no clue who it is, but we're going to swim out there to find them. If you have anything to help us though, it'd be appreciated." Jake explained. "Arr, no need to waste your strength swimmin' out thar, feel free to take this spare boat!" the pirate said, pointing to a small wooden boat. "Thanks lad, this'll make travel easier for us!" Flinn said. "Eh, why not." Jake shrugged, as they hopped aboard the raft. They waved bye to the pirate, and they used the paddles to make the boat sail off. "This be a good workout for us!" Flinn said, as they kept paddling. "Central Karmania's sea looks nice..." Jake said, seeing the sparkling water, and the sun reflecting onto it. As they kept sailing, Flinn sees something in the distance. "Perhaps my eyes are fooling my head with a rude illusion, but it appears there's a ship ahead..." Flinn said, squinting his eyes. "A ship? That must be where the distress signal is from!" Jake said, seeing it. They make their way closer, and see a medium sized pirate ship in front. It is not moving however. "No movement...perhaps the beast is stuck?" Flinn asked. "Could be. Let's find a way to get on board and investigate." Jake replied. "But how?" Flinn inquired, looking at the skull flag moving from the wind. "Good question. I probably should've have said to do something if I don't know either..." Jake replied awkwardly. "Don't have a heart attack, we'll find a way. Let's see...if we jump high enough, we could grab on by the skin of the deck's jaws." Flinn said, looking at the deck edges. "Unfortunately, we're not Nick, so I don't know if we can make it. His stone's power would've been handy here." Jake said. Suddenly, Flinn's gold knight stone glowed. "His stone might be on break for today, but mine seems to be offerin' assistance..." Flinn said, pointing it to the ship. The stone shot out a gold energy grappling hook, and it hooked onto the deck. "Wow, I guess you got a new stone power, congrats!" Jake said. "Aye, about time, although it'd be more fittin' if you got one for your birthday! Ah well." Flinn replied, as both climbed up the rope, and arrived on the deck. The gold hook went back into Flinn's stone. "Hello! We got your distress signal. Anybody home?" Jake asked, his voice echoing across the ship. There is no response. The two keep looking around anyways. Jake then notices something strange: The steering wheel is broke, as half of it fell off on the ground. "That explains why this ship isn't moving, the person must've been stuck here. But where are they?" Jake pondered. "Hey birthday lad, come here! Found something of interest!" Flinn said, as Jake walked down. He notices Flinn waving, as he opens a door to the captain's quarters. "Look at all of this loot." Flinn said, as they see tons of treasures and random objects, including Federation weapons. "That's odd...why are there Federation weapons here?" Jake wondered. "Not a clue, but let's keep searching." Flinn said, as they walked out. They notice a cargo storage door next to the captain's quarters, but a lock is around the handle. "Well if they are in here, they might be out of luck..." Flinn said. "Maybe they're down below." Jake said, leading him to stairs that went to the next deck. They both go down, walking into darkness. They hold out their stones, using their light to guide them. "Anybody here?" Jake asked. "Let me try If there is a lad...or lass, down here, come out of the dreary shadows! We're here to rescue you!" Flinn said, his voice echoing. They hear a door open, and footsteps. "What...ohoho! Someone is here to FINALLY save my old tail, eh? About time, I've been trying to send out all sorts of wild signals!" the stranger replied. "Who are you?" Jake asked. The stranger moonwalks out of the shadows, with strange shoes showing first. The figure does a dance move, and turns around to reveal themselves. They have gray skin, a navy blue pirate outfit, yellow goggle glasses, and a pirate feather hat. "Fuhohohoho, ahoy there darlings! Thanks for responding to my call! Just when I thought I'd be stranded out here forever..." the figure replied, still trying to dance. "Uh...no problem." Jake replied, confused. "You didn't answer the boy's question, who are you?" Flinn asked suspiciously. "Ahaha...my apologies dears. My name is...Branton Jack. Uh...have you heard that name before?" Branton Jack revealed, introducing himself. "Can't say I've ever heard that name." Jake replied. "Oh...good, good, then we're all strangers here!" Branton Jack replied, as he quickly eyed their knight stones. "How did you get stuck here?" Jake asked. "Ah, it's quite a tale! You see, a while ago...I uh..."""borrowed""" this ship from a """friend""", to set sail around the Karmanian seas! Unfortunately, one day, which was yesterday, I got too excited, and the wheel broke, stranding me here...until you two brave heroes showed up!" Branton Jack explained. "What do you do for a living?" Flinn asked. "I am a...collector of sorts, and a businessman, yes yes! I travel across this world, selling a variety of merchandise for handsome prices." Branton Jack said, as Jake thought of the weapons he saw in the quarters. "Now that I've told y'all my life story, what are your names, friends?" "I'm...Phil Collins." Jake lied, as Flinn caught onto what he was doing. "I'm Jim Kerr." Flinn lied. "Well then, glad to be acquainted, Phil and Jim! Come up, maybe you can help repair that accursed steering wheel..." Branton Jack said, walking upstairs, as Jake and Flinn stayed behind briefly. "Yeah, I don't know if I can trust this guy. Maybe I'm being paranoid again, but something about his story seems...iffy." Jake said. "I concur, let's tread carefully with this fellow." Flinn replied, as they met back up with Branton Jack. "Stupid thing...if only I had some glue..." Branton Jack said annoyed. "You don't need this ship, we have a boat down there, it's how we got here." Jake said, pointing down to where their boat was. "I appreciate the offer, but I need this ship! All my cargo is on board, and I can't possibly fit it all onto that tiny thing!" Branton Jack said. "Alright, we'll see what we can do." Jake said, inspecting the broken wheel part. As he holds it, his stone glows red. He shines it against the broken part, as it makes a red glue substance appear on the broken edges. He places it against the steering wheel, and it stays on tight. "Ahaha, you did it, thanks a lot Phil!" Branton Jack said, as he began steering the ship. "Nice lad, you got a new power too!" Flinn said. "Not sure if it's the best one, but it's something." Jake replied. As Branton turns the ship, it crushes the small boat they used to board. "Well someone's isn't getting that back." Flinn said, looking at the wreckage in the water. Branton Jack whistled, humming a song, as the ship headed back toward the docks. "Uh...Mr. Jack..." Jake was saying. "What is it, child?" Branton Jack asked. "I'm not a child, I'm almost a man. I just turned seventeen today." Jake replied. "No, today is your birthday?! Why didn't you say so lad!?" Branton Jack asked, laughing. "Hey, "lad" is my catchphrase." Flinn said. "Yeah, today is my birthday. My friends were supposed to hang out with me for a fun day, but they're all busy." Jake said, sighing. "Sounds to me like they don't care! I know how it feels to grow apart from your friends..." Branton Jack said, sighing. "They still care, it's just stuff gets in the way sometimes. Hopefully things work out when we return." Jake replied. "Forget them, ol' Branton here will give you the best birthday adventure ever! Now then Phil, what were you going to say before that?" Branton Jack asked. "Well...I get the feeling you haven't exactly told us about yourself." Jake said. Branton Jack gave a neutral look, and sighed. "I knew I couldn't fool two knights for long. You are right, there is more to me than I've told you. The truth is...and yes, this is the actual truth, where I came from, I was a famous sly dog. But not the type of famous you may be thinking of. I was famous for my skills as a notorious shapeshifting thief! I stole some of the most valuable treasures. Two years ago, I even worked for an ancient overlord. He payed me a huge pile of gold for my services. JACKPOT! Unfortunately, I later foolishly bet all of the gold in a card game, and lost. Daring, but in hindsight, not very smart. Let this be a lesson for you two, if you ever get rich, don't bet it all in a game. After that, I became a laughing stock. Nobody took me seriously anymore, and I got practically zero clients. I went from my peak to rock bottom all due to a stupid card game. I was a bum, but, I later got out of that depressing period. I found this odd world, and wanted to explore it. Unfortunately again, a witch later stole my shapeshifting powers. Despite all of that, I kept trudging forward, never giving up! I wanted to change my ways, as I started traveling around, giving supplies to people in need!" Branton Jack revealed, surprising Jake and Flinn. "You were a criminal!?" Jake asked. "I was, but not anymore! I've changed, I promise." Branton Jack said. "Not sure if we can trust you...but you have yet to do anything heinous, so I can begrudgingly give you my token of trust...for now." Flinn said. "I'm still unsure, but I was once a criminal like you where I came from, so I suppose you can change too." Jake said. "You were a criminal too? Fuohoho, we have a lot more in common than I expected, Phil! We could be partners in crime, well, not that type of crime, but you get me!" Branton Jack replied, laughing. "I only stole minor things, so it wasn't that huge. But wait...why did you have Federation weapons in your quarters?" Jake asked. "They are old and defunct, I recycle them." Branton Jack replied. "Alright. Anyways, I see the docks ahead." Jake said, as they approached the bay. "Yes, let us get back on dry land. I need to deliver a long overdue piece of cargo to a customer, maybe this will convince you two!" Branton Jack said. The ship parks at the bay, as the three board off of it. Jake carries a crate, as they walk off. "Take a peek inside, I promise it's nothing illegal!" Branton Jack said. Flinn opens it, as they see lots of fruits inside. "Fruit, eh? I guess you be tellin' the truth." Flinn said, surprised. "Yup, I'm giving this a poor sap who is in need of healthy food!" Branton Jack said, as they walked through the slums. The slums are a lot different now however, looking better than before. Most buildings are in better shape, as is the environment around, and the villagers look happier. As the three keep walking, they notice the burnt remains of Diggy's Place. "Whoa...what happened to Diggy's home?" Jake asked, as he set down the box. He looks around, seeing the ash left behind from the trailer, along with flipped over tables, and destroyed games. "You know Diggy?" Branton Jack asked, surprised. "We did, not sure what happened to him though..." Jake replied bitterly. "Shame, I knew that crazy mole well. Filthy, but a fun partner to trade with! He was quite the card. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I took some of this, wherever he is..." Branton Jack said. He picks up several pieces of machinery and potions from the debris. He chuckles, putting them in his pockets. "Let's go." Flinn said. They made their way to a medieval style hut, as Flinn knocked on the door. An orange Karmanian villager opens it, surprised to see Branton. "Here is your long overdue fruit supply, my sincerest apologies for the delay, sir!" Branton Jack said, as Jake handed the crate to the villager. "Thank you!" the villager replied, handing Jack Keso coins, and closed the door. "See boys, I can do good things!" Branton said, counting the coins. "We should probably be headin' back now lad, our work here seems about done." Flinn suggested. "I don't know yet. It's still not time for dinner yet, and they might all still be busy with their chores. I guess we could keep hanging around him, since I've got nobody else right now." Jake replied. Branton Jack gets a message on a communicator, as he looks at it. "Alright crew, next up, we're gonna take a trip to the Western Karmania port! Hang on tight, it's gonna be a wild ride!" Branton Jack said, as they headed for the docks. "We'll call it a day after this." Jake said to Flinn, as he nodded. The three are seen back on the ship, as it sets sail. "Who is your next client?" Jake asked Jack. "I dunno, didn't give a name, just the location." Branton Jack replied, shrugging, as he whistled while steering. Flinn and Jake look out at the ocean, as they sail around the Central Karmania borders. "Jim, Phil, I am parched! Could you get this old timer a drink from the cooler in the deck below? It's the second door to your left, any drink will do!" Branton Jack requested. "Aye aye, captain." Flinn said annoyed, as they headed down the deck. As they look for the right door, lighting up the area with their stones, Flinn hears an odd noise from another door. "Did you hear that, or are my ears deceiving me too?" Flinn asked. "What did you hear?" Jake asked. "Something from this door..." Flinn asked. A plaque above has "THE BRIG" written on it. "This must be the jail...but is someone in there?" Jake asked, confused. "Let's find out." Flinn replied, opening it. They enter, to see empty cells...except for one. Beethmore is sitting in a cell. He gasps upon seeing them. "What the?! Knights?! What are you doing here?!" Beethmore asked, jumping up in confusion. "We should be asking you the same, what are you doing in this ship?" Jake asked. "And in the moldy brig, nonetheless?" Flinn asked. "This is Big C's ship! That moron Branton Jack hijacked Big C's ship and locked him in here, you IDIOTS!" Beethmore revealed, shocking them. "I had a feeling he was still tricking us, but to be fair, I still don't trust you either. You're just a shady gangster." Jake said. "Aye, you must not be a very good captain if ya can't even keep your vessel." Flinn said, smirking. "Shut up! Please, Big C begs of you, let me out! Big C promises he'll never be a jerk again if you help get my ship back! Besides, don't you nerds help ANYONE?" Beethmore asked. "Even if he stole your ship, he does good things, we saw 'em deliver food! I hear all you've done is try to destroy Jake and friends with your rusty ol' buckets of bolts!" Flinn said. "Yeah, he "helps" people...of any kind! He'll give ANYTHING to anyone, including illegal weapons to people like Big C! But after this stunt, our partnership is off!" Beethmore revealed. "So that's why he had those Federation weapons...I knew he was still shady." Jake said. "Yes, so let Big C go, and I'll help you jail that conman!" Beethmore bargained. "...Fine, but if you try anything, you'll enter a world of pain, to put it nicely." Jake said, pointing to his knight stone. "I promise, after this, Big C will never bother you dweebs again!" Beethmore replied. Flinn grabs the key from off the table, and uses it to unlock the cell. Beethmore laughs, stepping out. "Alright boys, let's get Big C's ship back!" Beethmore said. "How many stinking times are you going to refer to yourself in third person man?! It's gettin' annoying." Flinn said annoyed. "Don't tell Big C what to do!" Big C is that awesome, so Big C can refer to himself in third person as much as Big C can! Now let's go!" Beethmore said, angrily walking out. Flinn and Jake rolled their eyes, but followed. They head upstairs, as Branton is sitting back on a chair, counting his Keso coins. "JAAACCCCKKKKK!!!" Beethmore yelled angrily, as Branton Jack gasped, getting up. "What?! Jim and Phil, how could you two this scum out of prison?! He is pure evil!" Branton Jack insisted. "True, but you also lied to us. You stole this ship from him. We know you've been selling weapons to bad guys like him." Jake confronted. "Yeah, we're done being your crew, you feather-wearing, clay faced, worm-eyed, hotten-blaugh, oaf-looking liar!" Flinn insulted. "Okay, that was a bit much." Jake said. "Wow, I am hurt, Jim and Phil. I trusted you, I thought I had new friends! Yes, it is true, I sell weapons to shady people, but my service goes to the highest bidder! I help normies too. I am help the good, the bad, the weird, and the ones nobody cares about, I am in the middle! You need a neutral man like me!" Branton Jack said. "If you say so, but I honestly don't care that much now, we can leave and let them duke it out." Jake said to Flinn, holding out the heart. "The Heart of Karmania, now that is a true treasure! I wouldn't mind taking it off your hands, Phil..." Branton Jack said greedily. "All of you be quiet, Big C is going to finish this chump! HEEEAAAAHHH!!!" Beethmore yelled, as he jumped up to Branton. Branton picks up the chair, and whacks Branton with it, sending him overboard and into the water. "Ha, I still got it!" Branton Jack bragged, dropping the chair. "Gah, this isn't over!" Beethmore said, flailing around in the water, as he tries to climb back up. "Alright, that's that, can we go now?" Jake asked, about to open a portal. "Wait, don't! We made it this far, come with me to the port! There's a lot of crates, and I'm getting too old to carry this many..." Branton Jack said, as Jake and Flinn glared at him. "I know, I know, I tricked you, but I did enjoy the time we spent! I am a necessary person, who supplies both sides with cool stuff. I can help you knights whenever, I promise. I'll be in your debt." "I could've arrested you...but you haven't done anything hostile to us, even if I don't agree with who you may sell stuff to. I guess we can help you do this one last time. Also, it's my birthday, so I'll be nice." Jake said, oddly warming up to him. "Eh...I dunno about this, but you are the leader." Flinn said, shrugging. "Thank you, Jim and Phil! Our client is royal guards in need of weapons. See, I deliver weapons to good guys too!" Branton Jack said, laughing. The ship eventually goes through a narrower path, as they make their way closer to the Western Karmania port. Jake sees it in the distance, which is covered in sand and rocks. Branton Jack unlocks the cargo door, as several large crates are there. Jake opens them to see blasters the royal army uses, and other weapons such as staffs, bows and arrows, and swords. "This is what the Central Karmania army uses, so I guess it won't be too bad. I didn't even know Western Karmania had an army though." Jake said, unsure. "Haha, neither did I!" Branton Jack replied. Flinn, Jake and Branton unload the crates, as they land on the sandy port. They push the crates up, and wait around for the clients. "Any day now..." Branton Jack said, whistling. "Hello...Jack." a familiar voice said. Broodwing appears out of the shadows, alongside Stout and Vito. "Oh no...not you!" Branton Jack said, panicking. "This guy again..." Jake said. "Finally, Branton Jack, I have caught you! And I see you brought two of the knights with you, even better." Broodwing said, laughing. Beethmore suddenly jumps out of the water, laughing. "Great, this oaf again, just what we need..." Flinn sighed. "Big C is back, boys! You can never keep an epic guy down for good! The idiot Jack took Big C's boat, and locked him up!" Beethmore explained. "We knew, so I set this scheme up. We sent him a fake message, claiming the Western army needed weapons, to lure him in the open. Jack has been a thorn in the side of my business for a long time now, and I'm going to eliminate the competition." Broodwing revealed. "And once he's out, those weapons are ours!" Stout said. Stout and Vito got out golden machine guns. "Ay yo, Big C, take this." Vito said, tossing Beethmore an extra one. "Thanks bro! Time for revenge!" Beethmore replied, as the gangsters pointed their guns at the three, smiling. "I'm not even going to pretend to be surprised." Jake said, sighing. "Oh boy, look at the time, time for us to go!" Branton Jack said, laughing, trying to leave. "Jake Landers, I have been waiting to see you again, after you destroyed my pet Scorpadroid. I loved him! This time though, there's no robot decoy! You will pay dearly!" Broodwing laughed, as he threw our six Slayer balls, forming two green ones, two blue ones, and two orange ones. "Wait...Jake? I thought your name was Phil?" Branton Jack inquired to Jake. "Sorry, we also lied. My name is really Jake, and he is really Flinn. We weren't sure to trust you at the time, so yeah." Jake explained. Branton Jack laughed. "Haha, I am so proud of you two! Go get 'em!" Branton Jack said, not even mad. Jake and Flinn pressed their stones, powering up. The gangsters fired their guns, along with the Slayers. Broodwing pulled out two laser handguns, firing them. Flinn let out a gold slash from his sword at a blue Slayer, slicing it in half. Jake stabs his sword with an orange one, and casts a shield with his stone, blocking laser bullets from Broodwing. Flinn sent his gold grappling hook from the stone through the remaining orange Slayer. He swung it around, smashing it into a green Slayer, as they exploded. Branton pulls out his own handgun, firing at the last blue Slayer. He then fires at Beethmore, but he knocks it out of his hand with bullets from his machine gun. "Now that's cheap!" Branton Jack said, when he notices a weapon crate. He throws it at Beethmore, who accidentally fires the bullets, making the weapons inside explode into ash. "You fools, watch where you shoot those things!" Broodwing said annoyed, as he kept firing his guns at Jake, who slashed the lasers aside with his sword. "Got it, boss." Stout said, becoming more careful with his shots, as Flinn sent slashes back. As Jake heads for Broodwing, Vito gets in his way, firing his gun. He blocks the blasts with his shield, and has an idea. He uses his new stone power to shoot the red glue at Vito's right arm. "What the-" Vito was saying, when Jake cut his gold gun in half, and knocked it out of his hands. Jake then pushes Vito to the ground, and the glue on his right arm sticks him to it. "This ain't cool." Vito said, struggling to break free. "Wow, I guess this new power has more uses than I thought. Thanks stone." Jake said. Beethmore angrily keeps firing at Branton, and accidentally makes another weapon crate explode. "Good, keep tricking them into destroying those!" Jake said, as he sliced the last blue Slayer in half. The last green Slayer flew down, shooting the heat-seeking missiles. Jake sliced off both of its wings, and sent it flying at Stout. He tripped and fired his bullets at the last batch of crates, destroying all the weapons. "NO!" Broodwing yelled, as he jumped up, and flew down in front of Branton Jack. "Oh, hello there! My sincerest apologies for the destruction of the merchandise, but here's a consolation prize!" Branton Jack said smugly, shooting his handgun, as Broodwing flew up. As he flies, he shoots his handgun lasers down at Branton, but Jake gets in the way, using his stone's shield power to block the bullets. "Thank you, Ph...I mean, Jake!" Branton Jack said. Flinn sliced Stout's machine gun into four pieces. Stout then smashes his brass knuckles together, and tries to hit Finn, but he dodges. Flinn shoots the grappling hook from his stone, and swings Stout around. "AAAHHH!!!" Stout yelled, as Flinn lets go, sending him flying northward, away from the dock. Jake keeps fighting off Broodwing, as he slices one of the handguns out of his arm. Broodwing whacks him aside angrily, and flies up. Branton keeps firing at Beethmore, as Flinn sends golden slashes at Beethmore. He drops the machine gun, and falls to the ground. Beethmore crawls across the ground, trying to grab the gun. Branton fires at him again, as Flinn shoots his gold grappling hook. He sends Beethmore flying into the ocean. "Thanks...Flinn, is it?" Branton said, unsure. "Yes, Flinn McAlister." Flinn said, as they see Broodwing fly down, striking at Jake. Jake pulls out the heart, sending several blasts at him, knocking him down to the ground. Flinn, Jake and Branton attack him at once, making him fall. They surround him. Broodwing looks around angrily, accepting defeat. "Bah...this isn’t over!" Broodwing said, as he frantically flies away. "Whew, thank goodness that's over. You boys saved my life back there." Branton Jack said, relieved. "It was no problem. Thanks...for helping us too. At least now they can't get those weapons." Jake said, looking at the ashes of the crates. "You promise you won't arrest me? I can't imagine prison..." Branton Jack said. "I guess not, since you did help us. Just be careful who you sell this stuff to. Farewell." Jake said, opening a portal. "Ahaha, you know me, but who knows? I'll never forget this adventure! Have a nice birthday, Jake!" Branton Jack said, getting on the ship. He waves farewell, as it sails off. The two enter the portal, and it closes behind. Vito is seen still stuck to the ground. "This stinks." Vito said, sighing. "It's getting late, we should head back to the Golden Seahorse." Jake said. As Jake and Flinn enter, the lights are off. They suddenly turn on, as everyone yells "SURPRISE!", including Henry and Susan. "About time you two showed up!" Tori said. "Wow, a surprise party? Thanks so much guys! Wait...does this mean you guys didn't have those errands at all?" Jake asked. "Yeah, we lied, sorry. We had to make it seem believable." Madison said, who is wearing the gold necklace. "I was the only one that didn't lie actually." Nick confessed. "We had a delicious dinner made, but when we heard of the surprise party, we brought it here. Mai didn't mind." Susan explained. "Well son, as you and Madison keep getting older, I feel I'm getting too old myself! It's kind of depressing actually, but we don't need that a surprise birthday party!" Henry said. "What did you guys do?" Cameron asked to Jake and Flinn. "It was a crazy tale, we can save it for another time." Flinn replied. After eating a delicious dinner, Jake opens the gifts. His parents got him new clothes, while Madison got him a new phone. Trent’s gift is a pair of shoes. Nick’s gift is a watch. Zero's gift is an advanced alarm clock. Flinn’s gift is an Ottelia luck charm. Cynthia's gift is hair gel. Tori’s gift is a hat. Mai’s gift is a silver necklace like Madison’s. Lastly, Audrey's gift is candy. “Thanks everyone.” Jake sad, pleased. The Chef is seen peering in from the kitchen door, holding a plate. “Let’s try this again...” he said, and walked out. “WHO WANTS...PIZZA ROLLS?” The Chef asked, holding the plate. Everyone laughed, and happily ate the pizza rolls. They continued to have a fun time. Notes/Trivia -Character Debuts: Branton Jack -Area Debuts: Central and Western Karmania Docks -Knight Stone Upgrades: Flinn's stone gains the power of shooting a grappling hook to reach high locations; Jake's stone gains the power of shooting a glue that can repair objects or stick opponents to something. -Jake is now 17. (His birthday is February 1st, a few days before Audrey's) -Madison still has the golden necklace Mai gave her as a late birthday present in "Cyborg". -Cameron's mother is mentioned to be still alive and well. -Flinn’s last name is revealed to be McAlister. -Beetmore, Vito and Stout (from "Red" and "Zero Memory") appear again. -Second time a knight uses the heart (first time in "Checkmate"). -Yes, this is the same Branton Jack from Storm Racers. While I did say Ancient Ghosts was the final Storm Racers thing I'd write, and it is for the main characters, I wouldn't rule out some minor characters appearing like here. (Also, the characters don't know where Branton is truly from, so it doesn't officially count as a crossover.)
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    Here we go, the last two episodes of this. I apologies if our riffs for this haven't been that great, but I promise the last three things we riff will be worth riffing, and have a lot of material. Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Avenger 12. Double Team Disaster (Part 1) 13. Double Team Disaster (Part 2)
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    As I stated a while ago, there is a smaller scale teams forum event coming in May. And this is it! May Mayhem is basically a diet March Madness. It will last from May 1st to May 14th. There will be a collection of random games (SpongeBob Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Music Parties, SpongeCraft, Cards Against Humanity, etc.) every day for 14 days. Whichever side wins the most in those 14 days (Band Geeks, Drasticals, or Independents) will receive interesting prizes, one of which is a sneak peek at a summer forum event. This won't be super huge like March Madness, but it's a nice mini team-event to pass the time, giving them another chance to do something. This is still an official teams event. Hopefully at least some team members from each side help out, even if this won't be that huge. If you feel you may have sucked at March Madness 2017, here's another chance to win some stuff for your team. If you forget who is on each side... Band Geeks: Drasticals: Independents: Anyone not listed above. If you want to be on either the Band Geeks or Drasticals, see this topic. I know, you may still be confused, wondering why this is even happening at all, or so soon. Well...there is another reason, but I'll keep that secret for now...
  8. Some upcoming episode plots: The Incredible Shrinking Sponge: SpongeBob must figure out how to do his job after accidentally shrinking himself. Sportz?: Squidward invents a new sport to get back at SpongeBob and Patrick for annoying him. The Getaway: When SpongeBob mistakes an escaped convict for his driving instructor, it’s the new teacher who learns a lesson.
  9. Week of April 16, 2017 to April 23, 2017 #1: Community Deathmatch - 118 #2: Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000 - 106 #3: Skodwarde - 94 #4: Total Cartoon Global Cruise! - 87 #5: Mystic Guardians - 85 #6: Team SpongeBob - Rise Of E.V.I.L - 60 #7: Squid - 57 #8: Squidward: A Life - 48 #9: The Quickster - 40 #10: My Life Story - 37 #11: Power Rangers: Multiverse Force - 36 #12: SBCinema - 31 #13: The SBC Show - 27 #14: SBC Honest Trailers - 27 #15: Sister of The Shield (WWE Fanfic) - 25 #16: Miss Appear - 19 #17: The Archives of CNF1 - 11 #18: SBC Rap Battles - 10 #19: Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures - 10 #20: Xat Time Travelers - 10 #21: The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star - 10 #22: OMJ's Variety - 10 #23: SpingeBill's Adventure - 9 #24: MMM's Classic Literature - 9 #25: Pearls Before SBC (characters needed!) - 9
  10. Yes, you are SFF. JCM gave everyone their doubloons, no need to worry.
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    38a. Squiddy Yo Ho Ho One day, Squidward, Eellen, Ray, Peterpus, and Daphne explore an amusement park on their day off. They notice a peculiar ride, a pirate ship named "Captain General's Stormy Ride". The gang decides to explore it, entering the ship. Captain General appears, who is an old, creepy pirate fish. He gives out a sinister laugh, welcoming them to his ride. Squidward asks where the amusement is, and Captain General replies there will be amusement, as they get to be a part of his crew. This confuses the gang, and the ship sails off out of the amusement park, confusing everyone. Captain General reveals he is actually a real, criminal pirate who was using this amusement park as a front, waiting for someone to visit his "ride". He's been looking for a new crew, and says the kids will be it. They try to leave, but look at Pacific Maritime University down below them. Captain General forces them to scrub the decks and do other strange tasks on the ship, as they try to think of a plan to escape. Peterpus devises a clever scheme, and the gang goes along with it. They manage to trap Captain General, locking him in a closet. Squidward takes the wheel, but realizes something: He has no clue how to drive a pirate ship. Due to his poor skills, everyone braces for impact, as it crashes into the ground below. The gang emerges safely and walks away, hoping to forget this weird tale. However, Captain General bursts out of the debris, and vows revenge on the kids from the distance. First Appearance - Captain General Notes: There is a Black Pearl in Captain General's treasures. 38b. Funny Music Video One day, Professor Shell assigns his students to make a music video in a group. Squidward, Ray, Eellen, Peterpus, and Daphne all agree, as they get to work on what to do for their video. They try a variety of different genres, including: action, mystery, romance, suspense, and comedy. After some nautical nonsense, and arguments, in the end, they blend all of the genres together. Their finished product is shown to the class, surprising them all. Professor Shell is impressed, giving them all passing grades. Trivia: Mr. Swordfish makes a cameo.
  12. General+

    54. Nick: The Wizard Colress is seen with Edward, walking around the Neo Federation base. The soldiers wore black outfits and armor, as opposed to the grey armor the normal Federation soldiers wore. "I once again thank you for joining this operation. As I explained, these terrorists have taken over Central Karmania. I must stop them, they are ruining the Federation's hard work. The others have failed to stop them, so I am taking charge. I want your smarts to help defeat them. By helping us, you will become famous, wealthy and powerful." Edward explained to him, as Colress looked at the machinery around. "I will do what I can to serve my country. However...I believe you need a different approach to taking on the miscreants. In order to defeat the enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but everything about them. Their history, personality, and more..." Colress replied. "How do you plan to do this?" Edward asked. "Believe me, I'm already a step ahead." Colress smiled. "Very well then. I know I can rely on your brain to help us out." Edward said. "I am not a war strategist, I am just a realist. I'd like to visit Karmania one day, it will help in my searches. I've always suspected the legends surrounding it were true. After all, legends have to come from somewhere..." Colress replied. "Lord Edward, the beast is ready. Should we send it?" a soldier asked him, saluting. "Yes. Send it as a demonstration, we will use it to help his research." Edward said. The heroes are seen inside the Hidden Kingdom, exploring around. "Hey Ranen, is Mt. Spire okay now?" Jake asked to him. "Yes, Mt. Spire has been repaired since the incident. Thorn and Morgana are still missing however, but at least the Federation does not know its location." Ranen said. Nick is seen looking at the sky. "It's amazing that wizard hid this place with magic. You know, I'd love to be a wizard one day. Imagine me with magical powers...yes, I see it. Nick: The Wizard..." Nick pondered, imagining himself with a green wizard hat and wizard robes. He casts a spell that gives him unlimited pizzas. "Yup..." "You being a wizard would be...interesting." Cynthia said awkwardly. "That's an understatement." Tori replied. "Unfortunately, that probably won't happen, so this is just a dream..." Nick sighed. "Hey, keep dreaming, maybe someday it can come true." Madison reassured. "How do you even become a wizard in Karmania?" Jake wondered. "It requires lots of practice, and passing a trial by Luna, the watcher of magic in Karmania. That will make you a certified wizard or sorceress in Karmania." Ranen explained. "Oh yeah, that council girl, she's cool. Hmm...tempting offer..." Nick wondered. "It's not an easy trial to pass. Even the greatest wizards and sorceresses have failed. Of course, even if they fail, that doesn't stop some from cheating by using dark magic to get around it." Ranen explained. "Oh no, I'm not a cheater, so I wouldn't resort to that. The only time I'd ever consider cheating at something is for my chess games with Zero, since I've lost to him like 100 times now..." Nick said. "Actually, it's 132 times." Zero corrected. "That just makes it even worse! I need to win at something, plus, being a wizard should be my next character. First I'm a detective, then I'm a track racer, then I'm a cowboy, and the only next logical thing is to become a wizard! Maybe next I could become a superhero, but one thing at a time." Nick said. "Well...good luck with that." Audrey said. "Hey Cameron, what do you think of my wizard idea?" Nick asked to him, as he was seen sitting on a rock, away from the gang. "Oh, sorry. Go for it, I guess." Cameron replied. "What are you looking at...I mean, doing?" Nick asked, realizing his mistake. "I'm just concentrating. It feels as if there's a magical presence here, according to my knight stone. It's as if something is calling to me..." Cameron wondered. "Feel free to investigate, because I'm taking this trial!" Nick said determined. "Nick, do you even actually know any magic spells?" Zero asked. "Uh...well, there's "Abracadabra" and "Alakazam"...yeah that's it. But I also have this magic green stone if that counts." Nick replied. "Not really, this trial is about actual magic spells and skills." Zero replied. "Aw...I guess I have no chance then..." Nick sighed. "There is about a 12.345% chance of you passing the trial in your current state. However, with studying, perhaps that percentage will go higher." Zero said. "That kind of makes me better...sure doc! You tutor Madison, so maybe you can tutor me too!" Nick offered. "I'm not a wizard, but there is a place we can go to study magic spell books: The Ye Olde Book Store." Zero said. "Oh yeah, that place with the dude who protected the creepy stone. Sure, let's go." Nick recalled. "Alright then, you two may go." Ranen said, opening the forcefield with the two totem poles. "Thank you commander, I promise we'll be back soon." Zero said. "Thanks for coming with me, doc! Maybe with your brains I can pass this trial!" Nick said. "Don't get too overconfident." Zero replied, as they walked through the forcefield. "While they're doing that, I have something I want to investigate in this place." Cameron said, getting up. "I'll come, you can't just walk around alone." Jake offered. "I know, thanks." Cameron replied, as they walked off. "Welp, that leaves us girls alone with you." Tori said to Ranen. "Actually, now it's just you girls, as I have to discuss important things with the army." Ranen said, walking off into an abandoned stone structure. "Just us four now, what should we do?" Audrey asked. "I dunno, want to train?" Madison asked, holding out the heart. "Sure, I have nothing better to do today." Cynthia replied, as they transformed. Jake is seen helping Cameron walk through the Hidden Kingdom, heading into the outskirts beyond the rebel base. "What do you want to investigate?" Jake asked. "My stone feels there is a strange presence here, and it is not us." Cameron said. "Interesting, what do you think it could be?" Jake asked. "Not a clue, but there's something here." Cameron said. Jake noticed his stone shining a blue light north. "I think your stone is guiding us to whatever this is." Jake said. "I feel it too. We'll follow the light then." Cameron said, as they kept walking. Nick and Zero arrive inside the Ye Olde Book Store. Beesle gasps, and greets them. "Ah, hello my friends, it has been a while! You are forever in my debt for helping me get the stone back." Beesle said, excited to see them. "It was no problem. Do you have any books on wizards, spells, and all that good stuff?" Nick asked. "Oh why yes, yes, I have plenty! For my friends, you can have the books half off!" Beesle said. "Sweet, thanks so much old dude!" Nick replied. "Hey now, I ain't that old!" Beesle said. "Is the evil stone still safe in your possession?" Zero asked. "Ah yes, it's safe and dormant inside this book. Jay has been guarding it." Beesle said, laughing, as his pet turtle Jay is seen sleeping on the book holding it. Zero and Nick look around in the magic spell book section. They take books of interest, and put them at the checkout counter. Zero pays with Keso coins, making Beesle happy. "Thank you for your patronage, you're welcome back anytime!" Beesle said, as the two waved goodbye, and left. "Hey doc, where did you get those Keso coins from? You aren't Karmanian...at least I think you aren't..." Nick wondered. "Ranen let us have them in case we needed to buy something from this world, remember?" Zero replied. "Oh yeah, I have some stashed away in the dojo. Alright, let's look at these cool spells!" Nick said, as he flipped through pages. "Not yet Nick. Now you need a magic item to do the spells." Zero said. "Oh right, where can we get one of those?" Nick asked. "There's a magic shop nearby." Zero replied, as they headed to it. Meanwhile, Cameron and Jake made their way to a pit. They walk down into it, to see a strange rock formation in the center, almost resembling a dragon. It has a rock beard on its face. "This is where the stone guided us to...but I don't see anything weird, other than that rock statue." Jake said, looking at the dragon. "Perhaps there's more than meets the eye to the statue you see." Cameron said. "You mean...this thing is the magical presence?" Jake asked, inspecting it. "That's what it feels like." Cameron said. Suddenly, the stone dragon began to move, and rose up. Its eyes glowed green, as it stared at Jake and Cameron, stretching. Jake was startled, while Cameron could not tell what was happening. "Oh my...that was a long nap. Greetings travelers. I am the great Grador. What brings you to my den?" Grador asked. "Yup, this is the magical presence." Jake said, stunned. Nick and Zero are seen headed to the magic shop. Nick peaked into a book of spells out of curiosity. "Even if I don't have a magic object, let me practice saying some of these funny spell names. Bagelius!" Nick yelled. Suddenly, his green stone glowed, and it let out a magic blast at a barrel, turning it into a bunch of bagels. Zero and Nick are shocked upon seeing this. "Uh...my stone did it, no really, it did." Nick said. "Fascinating...it appears your stone can now use spells." Zero said. "Isn't that cheating though? Don't I need a wand? I know there was this book series about a kid who became a wizard, and got a cool wand, oh, and they got turned into movies..." Nick rambled. "You do not necessarily need a wand. Magic can be channeled through other objects as well, and your knight stone is one of them. Of course, you still need practice to master more complex spells." Zero said. "Abra...tadabra...um, zadabra!" Nick yelled, reading a spell, and trying to use his stone. It sent a weak magic blast five inches in front of him, and it faded away. "That for example, is a complex spell. You need full concentration to use the magic spells. There should be helpful tips in the other books, including perfect stances for several of the spells." Zero said. "Alright doc, I'll do my best! I'll become the best wizard that no one ever was!" Nick said. Back at the Hidden Kingdom, Grador looked at Jake and Cameron. "Hello Grador. I may not be able to see you, but I am Cameron Rhodes, and that is Jake Landers. We are knights of Karmania." Cameron said, as Grador looked at their stones. "Hmm...knights, eh? I haven't seen those in a long time. I'm a legendary beast who has seen many things over the years." Grador reminisced. "Why are you here?" Jake asked. "I am an ancient guardian of this lost kingdom, controlling the element of Earth. Using my magic, I keep the flora here alive." Grador said, as Jake looked at the flowers in the pit. "My stone guided me to you, I don't know why." Cameron said. "You must want something...perhaps help?" Grador asked. "Possibly. I am blind, I lost my vision in a fight. It's been a pain to deal with, and I've felt useless to the team." Cameron said, taking off his mask, and showing his white eyes. "Maybe...you can help me learn to fight without seeing?" "Hmm...I could, only if you are willing." Grador offered. "I will, great Grador." Cameron replied, bowing. "I cannot fix your blindness, but I can help guide you through it." Grador replied. "Wow, you sure are eager to help." Jake said. "I am just doing the right thing. I do not take a side, I just help those who seek it." Grador said. "Thank you...uh...sir, whatever you like being called." Cameron said, as Grador laughed. "Any name is welcome to me now. Now, let us begin the training." Grador said. Nick is seen training with Zero at Mud Valley. "Ah, Mud Valley, one of the filthiest places, but also one of the best to train." Nick said. "Remember: Become one with the stone. Keep a perfect focus and stance when doing the spells. Also, say the words properly." Zero reminded. "I gotcha doc. Alright, let's try this one: Leviutius movius!" Nick said, as he concentrated. His stone glowed, making mud levitate in the air. "Perfect, now send it flying with another spell to hit that dummy." Zero said, pointing to a test dummy stuck in the ground. "Uh...let's look through the action spells, luckily I studied the sections extensively...whoa, cool word, before coming here. Alright...Hitius targetius!" Nick said, pointing to the dummy. The stone made the mud go flying at the dummy, but it missed. "Try again." Zero said. Nick stood still, and concentrated again. He levitated the mud with the first spell, and sent it flying at the dummy. "Yay, I did it! I kind of wish I had a wand though, it's hard to point with this stone..." Nick said. "...Perhaps you could turn the stone into a wand?" Zero wondered. "Could I?" Nick asked. "You could. Look for a transformation spell, and using it, you may be able to turn that stone into a wand." Zero suggested. Nick looks around, and finds a transformation spell. "Alright, say this, and concentrate on what I want to turn it into." Nick read. "Think of a wand, nothing else." Zero said. "Alright, I won't think of a jet-pack...no, wand it is. Transformian objectius!" Nick said, holding out the green stone. The stone glows, as it transforms. It turns into a green stone wand, as Nick holds it. "Wow, I wonder if I can still transform into a knight with this thing." Nick wondered, as he waved it around. "Later we can figure that out, but for now, keep practicing spells." Zero said. Nick nodded, and found another. He says the spell, and points his wand. It sends a blast at Zero, turning him into a frog. He gives an angry ribbit and look. "Oops...sorry dude, still need practice." Nick said, as he changed Zero back. Cameron and Jake are seen in the pit with Grador. "Are you prepared, Cameron Rhodes?" Grador asked. "Yes." Cameron replied. "Very well. This will not be easy. You will do this alone, so your friend can only watch." Grador said, as Jake understood, standing off to the side. Grador's eyes glowed. He makes rocks around float up, and turn into four small golem enemies. "There are four enemies approaching you. Fight them off to the best of your ability. Begin." Grador said to Cameron. The four golems approached him. Cameron's blue stone glows, as he stands up. He presses the stone, making him transform. A golem charges, as Cameron hears it, and moves out of the way. He then swings his sword at it. As he walks away, the golem's right arm fell off. Another quietly approaches him, and he feels his stone glow. It swings its arm, but Cameron dodges and feels the golem. He then quickly slashes the sword across the golem's body, cutting it in half. Its top half falls off, and all of it crumbles into peddles. The golem without its right arm charges at him and swings its other arm. Cameron is unable to dodge in time, but the blue stone shields him from the golem. He then slices its other arm off, and its left leg. The golem falls over, and crumbles into pebbles. The remaining two charge from different sides at him, as Cameron quickly slides out of the way. The two smash into each other, and crumble into pebbles. The pebbles all fade away. "Excellent work. You fought them off without needing vision. You are ready." Grador said. "Great job!" Jake said. "That was it?" Cameron asked. "Yes, the power to fight was still inside you the whole time. The stone helped guide you, but you still had the strength." Grador replied. "I feel more sure about my surroundings. Thank you, Grador." Cameron said, powering down, and putting his mask back on. "It was no problem. If you ever want any help, you are welcome back. However, do not tell anyone else of my presence." Grador said. "Will do." Cameron replied. "Bye." Jake said, as the two walked off, and Grador watched. Nick and Zero are seen back in the Hidden Kingdom, after they finished training. "That was fun, doc. I think I got the hang of it now, thanks to my trusty knight stone wand!" Nick said, waving it. "Impressive. Are you ready to take the test?" Ranen asked. "Yup, now we just need Madison to come back." Nick said, as the girls flew down to the ground, and they transformed back to normal. "Whoa, Nick has a wand." Tori said. "Yeah, it's actually my knight stone. I'm ready to take the trial, can you make a portal to the Sky Kingdom?" Nick asked Madison. "Of course. Good luck." Madison said, opening a Sky Kingdom portal with the heart. "Thanks for helping me Zero. Will you come with me?" Nick asked. "I suppose." Zero replied, as the two entered in the portal, and Madison closed it. Nick and Zero are seen at the Council temple, walking toward the entrance. "Hello, anyone here?" Nick asked, echoing. Briar, Cesare, Tom and Luna walk out of the temple. "Welcome knights." Cesare greeted. "What brings you two here?" Briar asked. "Hello, I'm Nick, or Nick Carson, the green knight. I have come to take the wizard trial! I wanna be a wizard, as you can tell by this cool wand I have." Nick said, pointing it. "Wow, a knight stone as a wand, why did I never think of that?" Tom wondered. "You want to take my trial?" Luna asked smugly. "Yeah, I'm ready." Nick replied. "This trial is not easy, the greatest of wizards and sorceresses-" Luna was saying. "Have failed, but I will do my best!" Nick continued for her. "Hey, don't finish my sentences!" Luna replied annoyed. "Sorry ma'am, I'm just REALLY excited for this." Nick replied. "You don't strike me as a wizard, but if you insist. Here are the rules: You can only use your wand, no other objects are allowed. No spell books, you must use your brain to remember the spells. You cannot use any other powers from your...stone, only the spells. Anything else goes. Got it, big boy?" Luna explained. "Yup, I got it, I promise I won't cheat, especially for a nice sorceress like you. Thanks for making that forcefield when we fought the dragon guy. That was a pretty cool spell, I'd like to reach your level." Nick complimented, making Luna blush, and Briar smiled. "Oh...thanks. Are you ready for the trial?" Luna asked. "Yup, let me memorize a few more spells..." Nick said, skimming through some books quickly. "Alright, I'm ready to go." Nick handed Zero the books. "Good luck on the trial." Zero said. Luna clapped her hands, as she disappeared with Nick in a light. Nick appears in a magical forest, as he looks around. Luna is seen sitting on a gold rock nearby, waving her purple hair, as she whistles. "Welcome "Nick" to the trial. You have three goals: Catch all twenty of my clones, hit ten magical targets, and find five hidden gold bars. There is connection to each, but you will have to figure it out on your own. You also only have thirty-one minutes to do this." Luna explained, as Nick processed it all. "Thirty-one? Why not thirty?" Nick asked. "I like to be unpredictable. Good luck. Ready? No? Too bad, let's go!" Luna explained. Luna glowed, and twenty clones of her appeared. "Whoa..." Nick said, as they fled through the forest. "Catch me if you can, loser!" one of the Luna clones taunted, running west. "Hmm...alright, three tasks that seem unconnected to each other. I like overcomplicated things. I can do this. Let's start hunting the Lunas." Nick said, as he chased after one. She laughed, and floated upward into the trees. The clone threw a purple magic blast at Nick, who quickly dodged. "Dang, these clones are lethal too. I have to do this carefully..." Nick said, looking at the purple trees. A Luna clone watched him from above, and pulled out a magical bow and arrow. She fired it, and Nick quickly chanted a spell, forming a green shield with his wand, blocking it. "Leviutius movius!" Nick yelled, pointing his wand in the tree, which levitated the Luna clone out. He brought her down to him. "Let me go!" the clone yelled angrily. "So uh...now what? Is that it?" Nick asked, pointing the wand at her arm, and the clone faded away. "Alright, that's one down..." Nick kept searching, and saw a magical target flying around the area. "Now I have to hit this thing somehow..." Nick said, looking around. He saw an apple on the ground, and levitated it with his spell. He carefully waited, and threw it right at the target, making it turn purple, and float off somewhere. The target is seen flying right into a hole at a temple entrance. There were nine other target shaped holes around the doors. Luna is seen inside the temple with Briar in a magical purple room. They sat at a table, watching Nick through a portal. "Not bad so far for a cut...I mean, rookie." Luna said. "What were you going to say?" Briar asked. "It was nothing. Still, him passing this would require lots of dumb luck, no way can this...weirdo, yeah weirdo, can complete it in time!" Luna said. Nick kept walking, and saw something shining in a tree hole. He pulled it out, finding a gold bar. "Not sure what these things do, but we'll find out in due time." Nick said, as he kept walking. "Watch out for enemies too..." Luna's voice echoed through the air. Four spike ball creatures hopped down, surrounding Nick. He said the bagel spell, turning one's hands into bagels, freaking it out. He dodged one's spike blast. "Um...how about... Incidicus flareius!" Nick said, blasting a fire attack from his wand at the spike creature, melting it, and it vanished. "Wow...I didn't even know that was a real spell, I just made it up!" Nick said surprised. He did the same spell on the other three, making them vanish. He looks in the distance, and sees a Luna clone headed for a lake area. Back at the Hidden Kingdom, Jake and Cameron regroup with the others at the main site. "How was your exploration?" Madison asked. "It was okay, we didn't find anything special." Jake lied. "That is true, but I think I have a better grasp at fighting while blind now." Cameron said. "That's good." Audrey said. Ranen is seen in front of a transmission machine, adjusting it. "What's that?" Tori asked. "Our communication device, we are about to get something." Ranen said, as a message came through. "This is "Agent". Codeword: The shining water of Posidonia. I have news. A wizard beast is about to attack the Bazaar, tread carefully." "Agent" stated in a strange, distorted voice, and the transmission ended. "Who was that?" Cynthia asked. "I don't know the identity, but sometimes we receive tips from anonymous sources, each with a codeword so we know it is them. This one known as "Agent" started contacting us a few days ago, with information on old Federation bases here. Now then, head to the Bazaar." Ranen explained. "We haven't had any evil action in a while now, so this is surprising." Tori said. "Yeah, I thought all the criminal beasts stopped their actions." Audrey said. "Not all, some are just cruel by nature." Ranen replied. "Do you think this one is working for somebody?" Jake asked concerned. "We won't know for sure, but they could be solo." Ranen replied, as the heroes headed off. The creature is seen in the Bazaar, terrorizing Karmanians. It is a wizard monster, wearing a large top hat, red cape, and a monocle on its left eye. It held out a wand, using it to levitate things, and throw them everywhere. "Greetings citizens, I am Wiz, the best wizard in all of Karmania! Watch my amazing tricks!" Wiz bragged, as he threw the objects at civilians, making them flee. "Now that's no fun..." He waved his wand, which levitated Karmanians in the air, juggling them around, as he laughed. The heroes approached, surprised at the sight. "What the..." Madison said, confused. "HELP!" a civilian yelled, as Wiz threw them everywhere. He levitates a food stand, tossing it at the heroes. Madison shoots a heart blast at it, breaking it in half. "Welcome to my show, and prepare for your dooms!" Wiz bragged, laughing. Cameron and Jake powered up, as the girls transformed. "Gah, the guardians and knights! No matter, you are no match for my awesomeness!" Wiz said, waving his wand, which made bombs appear. He sent them flying at the heroes, as they attacked the bombs, sending them back at Wiz. Before they went off, he disappeared. He reappears behind them, and takes off his hat. He taps it with his wand, and out of his hat, a powerful magic blast shoots out, knocking them aside. Wiz laughed, and threw several jack in the boxes at the ground. "I don't know what this guy looks like, but I can already tell he's annoying." Cameron said. "That's an understatement." Cynthia said, levitating the boxes. Out of the boxes sprung out bowling balls, as they fell to the ground. Jake dodged one, as one headed for Cameron. He felt his stone guide him, as he moved out of the way. he powered up his sword with the blue stone, and whacked a bowling ball back at Wiz, knocking him down. "No fair!" Wiz yelled, as he made the bowling balls and boxes disappear. Audrey sent a gust at him, but Wiz absorbed it in his hat, and sent the gust flying back at the heroes, knocking them back. Madison sent electricity at him, but Wiz made a magic mirror fly out of his hat. The mirror absorbed the electricity blast, as it spun, and fired it back at Madison, knocking her down. Jake and Cameron swung their swords at Wiz, but he disappeared again, as Madison flew up. Wiz reappeared behind Cynthia, but Tori sent a water blast at him, as he disappeared again. Wiz reappears on the ground, and several pies out of his hat. "Have my delicious pies...bomb flavored pies!" Wiz said, laughing. The heroes avoided the explosions, and Cynthia sent one before it exploded levitating next to Wiz, exploding near him, and he fell over. "Rude girl! Take this!" Wiz said irritated, as he waved his wand. "Oh no..." Madison sighed. He levitated a ton of objects from stands, and they went flying everywhere at the heroes, as they broke through them. However, Wiz tapped the wand on his hat, making missiles with evil faces on them go flying out, flying after the heroes. "I really wish someone on the team was also a wizard to counter this weirdo!" Cynthia said, throwing rocks at Wiz, but a missile went exploding into them. "I'll contact Zero for help." Jake said. Zero is seen waiting at the entrance, when he sees Jake's message. "I need to go, the team needs me." Zero said to Cesare. "Very well then." Cesare said, opening a portal for Zero. Back at Nick's trial, he is seen tapping another Luna clone with his wand, making her vanish. He had hit nine targets, and had four gold bars. "Just two more Luna clones remain, but my time is running low. I believe I have like...six minutes left, yikes." Nick said, somewhat panicking, as Luna and Briar watched him through the portal. "This is the closest any challenger has made it in a long time..." Briar said, impressed. "True, but his time is running low." Luna said. Nick walked through a mystical cave, looking around. He heard laughing, and saw a Luna clone hopping around on cliffs below the cave entrance. Nick hopped down, shooting spell attacks at the clone. He saw a target flying around as well. He levitated a rock and tried to hit the target, but the Luna clone sent a blast, knocking the rock down. She spit her tongue out at Nick. He casted a spell, sending a green blast at the ground, but the Luna clone jumped up. Nick looked at the target heading behind the Luna clone, and he casted the same spell again. The Luna clone dodged, but his blast hit the target, making it float away. The Luna clone jumped down annoyed, but Nick levitated several rocks, tossing them at her, and she countered with purple blasts. However, while that distracted her, he carefully snuck up behind her. He poked her in the back with his wand, as she gasped and vanished. "Just one more gold bar..." Nick said, looking around. He saw it hidden behind a boulder, and grabbed it. "Congratulations, you have everything...but where am I?" Luna's voice asked, as Nick got out of the cave, looking around. "Tick tock..." her voice taunted, as Nick saw the temple up ahead. Nick got to the entrance, and saw the targets in all ten holes. He then saw a stone table which had five slots for ruby shapes. "I have five gold bars...but no rubies. Aha!" Nick said, as he casted a transformation spell on the gold bars, turning them into rubies. He quickly put them in the slots, and the door opened. "Wow, he figured that trick out." Briar said, watching, as Luna didn't know what to say. Nick ran in, and headed up the steps. He arrived in the magical room, seeing Luna and Briar. "I DID IT! WOOHOO!" Nick yelled. "Wow...congratulations dude. Nobody has completed this in a long time, or even been able to figure out the ruby trick. You're smart." Luna complimented, impressed. She approached him, holding a green wizard hat. "This is yours. You are a certified wizard." Luna said, handing it to him. "Sweet, my own wizard hat. Thanks, you made a pretty intense trial." Nick said. "And you can have this too." Luna said, as she kissed him on the lips, surprising Nick. "Whoa, that was my first kiss from a girl, ever! Nice, two prizes! Want to be my girlfriend?" Nick asked to Luna, surprising her. "...S-sure! It's an honor to date a great wizard like you..." Luna replied, also surprised. "Wait, how old are you? I don't want this to be weird..." Nick asked. "I'm 25, I wouldn't have kissed you if I didn't know your age, silly." Luna replied. "Oh okay, that's fine, I'm turning 23 later this year, so not too far apart!" Nick said. "Here, you...can have this to contact me." Luna said, handing him a necklace. "Cool, so this is your magic phone. I remember using a banana as a phone once, but it didn't go too well..." Nick said, as Luna laughed. "You're funny." Luna said, as she teleported herself, Nick and Briar back to the temple entrance. The portal is still there. "Nick, your friends are in trouble. Go to them." Cesare said. "Will do! Thanks so much for this, and I'll talk to you later!" Nick said to Luna, as she waved bye, and he went into the portal. "I knew you liked him." Briar said to Luna. "...Shut up." Luna replied, her face red. Zero helped the heroes fight off against Wiz's tricks, but he was too sneaky. He threw more pie bombs everywhere, knocking the gang around. He then levitated them in the air, as they struggled to break free. "Mwa ha ha! Now for my final trick, I will absorb these fools into my hat!" Wiz said, as the hat pulls them in. "Fight his spell!" Zero said, still struggling. "Not so fast fiend, Nick: The Wizard has a few tricks of his own!" Nick said, wearing his wizard hat, and held his stone wand. He fired the bagel spell at Wiz's hat, turning it into bagels. "MY HAT! Who are you!?" Wiz asked angrily. "I'm Nick: The Wizard, didn't you hear my introduction? Let my friends go!" Nick said. "Nick, you actually passed the trial? I'm impressed!" Zero said, as the heroes fell to the ground. "I did, and I'm now an official wizard!" Nick replied. "No no no, I'm the greatest wizard, go away!" Wiz yelled, shooting fire balls from his wand. Tori sent water blasts back, dousing them, and one headed for Wiz, but he teleported away. Wiz reappeared on a roof, but Nick sent his own fire blast at Wiz, knocking him off. Wiz got up, but Nick levitated him in the air, as he twirled him around. Nick felt his wand glow, as it transformed back into the stone, and went into his bracelet. "I guess my transformation spell's time ended...no matter, I may be a wizard, but I am a knight too!" Nick said, pressing it. He transformed into his knight form, with the wizard hat on his helmet. The spell stopped spinning Wiz, as he dropped to the ground. Nick pointed his stone to the wand. He said the blast spell, sending the green blast at the wand, destroying it. "NOO!" Wiz yelled. Nick flashed the knight scanner, reading Wiz. "I-I-I didn't mean to harm anyone, I just wanted to do an intense act...hahaha!" Wiz pleaded. It marked him "Guilty". The scanner opened, and Zero sent a shock from his sword at the containment unit. An electric blast is sent at Wiz, imprisoning him. "Your act is over, fiend!" Nick said. "Wow, I can't believe you became a wizard." Madison said. "Thanks for saving us." Cynthia said. "It was no problem." Nick said, as two soldiers took Wiz away, who cried. A Neo Federation soldier had watched the event transpire from the shadows, holding a recording device, and ran off. Colress and Edward watch the battle in the headquarters from the television screen. "Fascinating. Hmm...The one named "Nick" is a wizard. Very well. This battle gives me enough information to analyze the guardians and knights." Colress said, walking off. "He knows everything about them just from that recording?" a soldier asked Edward. "Do not question his methods, he sees a larger picture." Edward replied, smiling. The heroes are seen back at Ranen's dojo, powered down. "So then I figured out I had to turn the gold bars into rubies, and boom, I entered the temple. I got this hat, and also a kiss." Nick narrated to everyone. "...A kiss?" Tori asked. "Yeah, Luna and I are dating now. She's pretty cool." Nick said, surprising them. "Wow, I never expected you to get a girlfriend...or to become a wizard." Cynthia said. "Neither did I to both of those things, but this was an awesome day for me." Nick replied. "I'm impressed, very few magic wielders have passed that trial." Ranen said. "Did this creature say anything on their motives?" Ranen asked. "No. They had no exact motive. They did not comment if they worked for someone, but I assume they may have just been on their own." Zero theorized. "Why would a beast attack with no motive? Something's not right..." Ranen wondered to himself. "Can you do some more magic tricks?" Audrey asked Nick. "Maybe later, I need a break." Nick said, and felt his necklace glow. "Also, my waifu wants to talk." He walks off, talking to Luna through the necklace. "What a lucky guy." Cameron said, smiling. Notes/Trivia -Character Debuts: Wiz and Grador -Knight Stone Upgrades: Nick's knight stone gains the power of using magic spells; Cameron's knight stone helps him somewhat see by sensing the area around. -Nick forms a romantic relationship with Luna, making him the third hero to fall in love. -It is revealed to become a certified wizard or sorceress in Karmania, you must pass a trial from Luna. -Luna is revealed to be 25 years old. -Beesle and Jay (from "Evil Stone") appear again. -Grador is the second legendary beast to be seen, the first being Slittercold. -The heroes receive a mysterious transmission from someone named "Agent". But who is it?
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