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  1. You were supposed to use the item (like Name Change) in the store page during SOF7, which would automatically give you the 500 points. Since the Prize Store is gone now, I'll have to ask @Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick for a way for you to use it, or just find a way to manually give you 500.
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    62. On the Beach Jake, Trent and the girls are seen in the high school hallways on their last day of school. Tons of students are excited, ready for the summer. "WOO, OH YEAH, SUMMER BREAK! Now I don't have to wear this cone on my head anymore!" Luke yelled, throwing the traffic cone from his head onto the ground. "Not yet genius, the school day isn't over yet!" Bryan teased, picking up the traffic cone and putting it back onto Luke's head. "Oh well, after today, I won't be wearing it anymore, so ha!" Luke replied. "That is unless you lose another bet this summer..." Steve snickered. "Gnarly agrees, his chances of losing a bet are pretty good." Gnarly Dewd chimed in. "I won't, you'll see!" Luke said determined, as he walks off. "What a bunch of weirdos." Courtney said, laughing with her sister Kate. "Wow, this year is already over." Audrey said. "Yeah, it feels like it flew by." Trent said. "Hello students, I hope you have a nice summer." Mrs. Lenden greeted, who was walking down the hallway. "Thanks Mrs. Lenden. I heard you are retiring, I'll miss you." Madison said. "Yes, I have decided to move back to Karmania. I've missed my companions there, and I've heard it is much more peaceful to live in. At least you can all still visit me there." Mrs. Lenden told them quietly. "I never got to tell you, but I am very grateful you brought me over here when you did seventeen years ago." Elana said happily to her. "You're very welcome, I am glad to see you grew up into a powerful queen, Elana. I wish you all the best of luck!" Mrs. Lenden replied, as she meets several teachers in the lobby. "Oh boy, the last day...these kids grow up so fast." Mr. Flinch said, flinching. "Yup, another year goes by." Thomson said. "I'll miss...eh, some of these brats." Rotwell said. "It is a shame the year is over so soon, when it feels like I've barely just started. Oh well, I am sure next year will be a much better experience for me..." Colress said, smiling. Roxy meets up with Elana, as the gang heads down a hallway. "I still can't believe you're leaving." Roxy said sadly to Elana. "I'll still try to visit Posidonia Fields, I promise." Elana said, cheering Roxy up. Later, Madison is seen in her final class with Cynthia and Tori. They look at the clock anxiously with other students. The clock hits 2:20, and the last bell rings, as everyone runs out of the classroom in a frenzy, cheering. The three girls meet up with Audrey, Trent, Jake and Elana, as they head out of the school. "Woohoo, summer time, let's go!" Tori said eagerly. "At least we don't have to worry about Colress doing anything shady to us at school anymore..." Trent said. "Yeah, but let's not worry about him. We're going to the beach tomorrow for our first day of summer!" Cynthia said. "Ah, Madison Landers. I will admittedly miss you...as much as it pains me to say that. I will miss messing with you, but don't worry, I'll have plenty of opportunities to do that next year, even without you in class!" Rotwell said. "Yeah, I'll...weirdly miss you as a teacher too. Have a nice summer." Madison said. "Of course, you could always take my class again..." Rotwell offered, as Madison walks out of the school with the rest. "Yeah, no. I'm glad to finally get a break from him, even if he's not that bad anymore." Madison said. "He's still kind of a weirdo." Elana said. Johnny is seen approaching Rotwell and Colress before leaving. "I'll miss the both of you, sirs! I hope you have great summers of your own!" Johnny said, shaking Colress and Rotwell's hands. "Ah, I'll miss your presence in my classroom too Johnny boy!" Rotwell said. "I'll get to see you next year though Mr. Colress, I am taking the second edition of the computing class!" Johnny said eagerly. "That is wonderful to hear. Enjoy your summer." Colress said. "What are you two going to do for your summers?" Johnny asked. "I am going to spend time with my mother and my pets, nothing too special!" Rotwell replied. "I am going to continue my research, it will be exciting to see what I discover..." Colress said, as he briefly stared at the heroes walking away. The next day, the Posidonia Fields Beach is shown. Many people are shown relaxing on the beach, as several kids run around. A boatmobile parks in the lot nearby, as Henry, Susan, Jake and Madison get out of it, who are holding beach supplies. Another boat parks next to them, as Trent, Valina and Cassidy get out of it. "Ooh, you must be Trent's mother! Hi, I'm Henry, and that's my amazing wife Susan! Say, those are some nice glasses you have!" Henry said, shaking Valina's hand fast, weirding her out. "Thanks. Yes, I see you are Madison's parents. Pleased to meet you. I'm Valina, and this is my close friend Cassidy." Valina introduced. "You two look so young, it must be magic!" Susan joked, laughing. "Haha...yeah..." Cassidy said awkwardly, as she and Valina stare at each other. Another boatmobile parks nearby, as Tori, Michael, Hank and Tori's mother get out of it. "I tell you what, it's a beautiful day outside." Hank said, admiring the view. "Howdy there Hank and Lauren!" Henry greeted, shaking their hands. "Is your dad going to weirdly greet everyone that comes here?" Tori asked Madison. "Probably." Madison replied. Finally, one last boatmobile pulls up, as Audrey, her parents, Elana and Cynthia get out of it. "Yeah, we hitchhiked a ride with Audrey's parent before anyone asks." Cynthia explained. "Hey there Chen and Lin, surprised to see you two here!" Henry greeted, shaking Audrey's parents' names. "We decided to take a break, running the restaurant can get exhausting, and we've wanted to spend some time with Audrey." Lin explained. "Alright, enough casual talk, let's get out to the beach everyone!" Tori said excitedly, as they head off. They all walk onto the sandy beach, seeing how crowded it is. "Starting out summer with a beautiful beach day, this looks like a good sign." Madison said, staring through her teal sunglasses. "You kids have fun, we're going to see what cool products the stores here have!" Henry said, as he and Susan head onto the boardwalk. "We're going with them to explore the boardwalk, I promise we'll be back later. Take good care of your brother, sweetie." Lauren said to Tori. "I will, mom." Tori saluted, somewhat annoyed, as Michael smiles. "Val and I will supervise the kids for you if you want, we'll make sure they don't get into any trouble." Cassidy offered to the parents. "That's a good idea, that way at least someone is watching them." Susan replied. "Thank you two very much." Lin replied, as Audrey's parents also follow suit and go with the other parents. Cassidy and Valina stay with the heroes down on the beach. "Alright, let's get changed." Madison said, as they were about to head off to the changing rooms. Cynthia immediately runs up further down the beach. "I'm ready to go swimming!" Cynthia said happily, as she began to take off her clothes right on the beach. "Wait, Cynthia, what are you-" Madison was saying, as the heroes had uncomfortable looks on their faces within seconds, and Cynthia's clothes are thrown into the air. However, thankfully, Cynthia was wearing a white swimsuit underneath, as she poses, and the heroes still had awkward looks. "What? I didn't feel like changing here." Cynthia said, shrugging. "Alright then...gonna pretend that never happened." Jake said. "Good call. Hey, where are Zero, Nick and Cameron?" Tori wondered. "They couldn't come, they had other things to do." Jake replied. "That's a shame, it would've been cool if the whole gang was here. Oh well." Audrey replied, as they all head off to their respective changing rooms. "Good thing I already changed, so I'll just wait here for the rest of you. I could get a nice popsicle while waiting..." Cynthia said, heading to an ice cream cart on the boardwalk. From a distance, a pair of binoculars are seen looking at the heroes. 5 is revealed to be holding them, watching them from behind a large rock, who laughs. "The prey is in the area..." 5 said, as 7 walks up next to him. "Good, we'll ruin their vacation. I want revenge on those two girls from last time. We'll wait for the right moment to strike, don't want to draw attention from the crowd." 7 said. Meanwhile, Zero, Nick and Cameron are seen helping Ranen with chores at the dojo. "So they went to the beach...which has an ocean under an ocean...what an interesting and confusing thought..." Nick pondered. "Don't make me think about that more than I need to." Cameron said. "The beach the rest are at...it's the very same beach I washed up on almost three years ago." Zero realized. "I've always wondered where you came from." Cameron pondered. "I still wonder almost every day. But that is a mystery I don't think even I could ever crack. Any traces of my past before coming to Posidonia are gone." Zero said. "Hey, don't give up doc. Maybe someday you'll find a clue, sooner than you think. And if you don't, at least you can worry about the now and not the before...if that makes sense." Nick said. "Thanks Nick. It's just not easy to know where I could have possibly come from, since there are many places across the vast sea, and who knows if I'm even from this world. Trying to find an answer might be a lost cause though, but I am truly happy with my current life at least." Zero said, smiling. "It may not be a lost cause. Answers can show themselves to you when you least expect it. Someday a piece of your past will be uncovered with enough searching, even if it is relatively minor." Ranen reassured. "Thanks sir. If it's okay commander, may I go outside a bit for some fresh air? I could use a break, but I understand if not." Zero suggested. "Go ahead, there's no rush to get these chores done right now." Ranen said, sweeping the floor around. "Thank you. I won't take long." Zero said. "You know...I just realized. Why are we even cleaning this place? It's not like you get any customers here." Nick wondered. "I know, but I'd still prefer to keep it in good shape. I actually did have a few customers visit here once...but it didn't end very well." Ranen replied. "What happened?" Cameron asked. "That's a story for another day. Now get back to work!" Ranen said. Back at the beach, the gang is seen playing around. Jake and Trent are in red swim trunks and black swim trunks respectively, as they play volleyball with Michael and several other people on the beach. Audrey, Madison, Elana, and Tori are in green, red, white and blue swimsuits respectively. "This is so nice, the queen deserves vacation time too. Hey, we have almost matching swimsuits." Elana said to Cynthia, referring to how they both had white swimsuits. "That's a cool coincidence. Hey Tori, I haven't seen you with your hair down in...forever." Cynthia noted, seeing Tori's hair down. "Yeah yeah, I wanted to try something new. I'm seventeen years old, I can do what I want." Tori replied, rubbing sun tan over her skin. "...I didn't say you couldn't, I was just pointing it out." Cynthia said. "Sorry, I just thought it'd make me look hotter. We'll see if that works." Tori said, seeing boys across the beach. "Good luck with that." Elana said. Valina and Cassidy are in black and blue swimsuits respectively, as they watch the gang while sitting on their beach towels under an umbrella. Valina has black sunglasses on, and Cassidy has dark blue sunglasses. "It feels so nice to relax here again, I haven't been to a beach in...well, a very long time." Cassidy said, feeling the breeze. "Neither of us have been to one since we were 21 years old. It feels a bit strange since we're physically 56, but I'm glad to be here with you." Valina said. "Hey, you're never too old to go to a beach. I'm glad Trent is having fun. I've gotten to know him so well these past few months, he's almost like a son to me. I hope he stays happy with Maddie, they're pretty cute together." Cassidy said, watching the two. "As do I. After what those two have gone through, they deserve to be happy." Valina said, smiling. "You know, if they ever get married, you'll be Madison's mother-in-law." Cassidy pointed out, smirking. Valina wasn't sure how to respond. "...Let's not think about that right now." Valina replied, as she begins reading a book. Madison stares at Trent's chest through her sunglasses while he plays volleyball, making her blush. "Nice..." Madison said to herself, drooling a bit. Audrey also sees Jake playing, and briefly stares at his chest, as she blushes. "Nice..." Audrey said to herself, also drooling a bit. "Are you okay? Let's go swimming." Elana said to Audrey. "Oh...yeah, sure." Audrey replied, as the five girls head into the waves, and they go for a swim. Zero is seen walking along the shoreline, away from the sight of the main beach. He stares at the oceans in the distance. "Somewhere out there may be the place where I came from..." Zero pondered, looking off into the skies and ocean. "Hey Zero, what'cha doing?" Darlene asked, taking him by surprise. She is wearing tropical clothes, a gray hat, and sunglasses. "Oh...hello Darlene. I was just sightseeing. What are you doing here?" Zero asked. "I've been studying samples of rock, algae and sand patterns along this beach. It's a great time of the year to do so." Darlene said, holding out jars with samples of them. "Interesting. This beach is somewhat historic for me, as it is where I first washed up. I came here to wonder if maybe there's any hints about where I came from left behind, but it doesn't appear there are any." Zero said, analyzing the sand. "Well...I was planning to check out the beach caverns if you want to come with me. I could use the help, as it gets creepy down there when you're all alone." Darlene said, blushing. "Sure. I didn't know there were caverns under this beach." Zero said, surprised. "Yeah, rumors say there's all types of lost treasures down there, but I've never really explored them that much in-depth. What I particularly want to see is the rock formations in the cavern depths. However, the deeper you go, the easier it is to get lost, which is why a special friend would be nice to have." Darlene explained. "Very well, I will aid you. Maybe there is a clue there to my past. Even if there isn't, I'd gladly spend time with you." Zero replied. The two hold hands, as they walk off toward the beach cave on the outskirts. A floating circular black robot similar to the one 7 used previously is seen watching the two from under a boardwalk. 7 is seen looking at the footage through a device. "Ah yes...Professor Zero. He is going to an isolated location with his friend. This is a perfect chance to strike one of the knights. Come on..." 7 said to 5, as they walk off through the sandy area. Zero and Darlene arrive at the cave, and head inside. Zero pulls out an advanced lantern, as it lights up the whole area. "Wow, that is an impressive lantern." Darlene said. "Thank you, I made it recently. It has the power of strong light substances, allowing it to light up the darkest of areas." Zero explained, as they head further into the cavern. They walk down a slope, and arrive into a main area. Stalagmites are on the ground, and water drips down from the stalactites on the ceiling. The two walk around the area, looking around for anything interesting. Suddenly, Van Gordon is seen walking around with a metal detector, surprising Zero. "Hello there Gordon, surprised to see you here." Zero greeted. "You know him?" Darlene asked. "We have long story. Glad to see you comrade. I has been doing fine since we last met. I am looking for rumored treasures in cave, but alas, no luck." Van Gordon replied. "Maybe I could help you. We're planning to investigate the deeper caverns, but it is easy to get lost there alone. Together we could find what we're looking for." Zero offered. "Hmm...very well, we shall goes together, comrade Zero and lady!" Van Gordon replied, waving his metal detector in the air. "Call me Darlene." Darlene said. "And comrade Darlene!" Van Gordon corrected. The three head further into the caverns, as Zero's advanced lantern guides them through the darkness. They come to a four-way intersection, with three passage options. "Which way?" Van Gordon asked. "I'll let Darlene make a lucky pick." Zero said. "Aw, thanks. How about...left." Darlene suggested, as the three go through the left passage, walking through the tunnel. "It very quiet..." Van Gordon said. "Yeah, this eerie silence makes me a bit uncomfortable..." Darlene said, as the three look around carefully. The floating black robot is seen watching them from the intersection, looking down the left passage with its red eye. 5 and 7 are seen entering the cave, as 7 looks at the footage. "We have them right where we want them..." 7 said. The three make it out of the tunnel, as they come to an even darker part of the cave. They stand on a platform, and look down at a pit below. "There musts be treasure down there!" Van Gordon said excited. "This looks like a good area to collect data." Darlene said, looking down below. "Tread carefully, this path is in poor condition." Zero noted, as Darlene and Van Gordon understood. They carefully head down a spiral path, leading them to the pit below. They look around the pit, as Van Gordon's metal detector goes off. He digs up the spot, finding an old rusty doubloon. "Ohh...this looks rare, I'll keeps it." Van Gordon said, as he keeps scanning the ground with his metal detector. Zero analyzes the ground with his eyes for anything abnormal, while Darlene grabs samples from the rocks and dirt. Van Gordon's metal detector gets another reading, as he digs at the spot. He finds a bar of gold in the area, surprising him. "Ooh, this very valuable!" Van Gordon said, putting it in his pocket, and keeps waving his metal detector. "Don't wander off too far past this area." Zero warned to him, as he looks looking around. "No worries comrade. Hm...looks like machine has finds another item that will be digged by Van Gordon!" Van Gordon said proudly, following the metal detector. It takes him slightly past the bit just a bit, as he sees a small river flowing. There is a strange dirt trail, starting from Van Gordon's side of the river, and ending on the other side, as if something had crashed there. Van Gordon looks at it curiously, as his metal detector gets warmer. He walks across the river, and the detector goes off, as the trail stops. Van Gordon begins digging at the area, and uncovers part of a strange metal object. Zero and Darlene then approach him. "There you are, what did you find?" Darlene asked. "Not sure. Help me gets it outs to see." Van Gordon said, as the three dig at the area. They manage to unearth a strange medium sized advanced travel pod, confusing the three. It was metallic gray, had a broken glass window, and is covered in dirt. It is in poor condition, looking as if it had been underground for years. "What the...never seen any treasure like this befores..." Van Gordon said, confused. "How did it even get down here?" Darlene asked, examining it. "I don't know why, but I feel like I know what this is..." Zero said, examining the control panel, which looked very advanced and reminded Zero of himself. "Do you think...this was yours?" Darlene asked. "I don't know for sure. I just wonder if these controls still work..." Zero said. He wasn't sure if he should press any of the buttons, but he carefully presses an odd green button. "...TRAN-SMISSION SIGNAL BEING SENT OF LOCATION COORDINATES..." the pod's computer spoke, surprising them. "That's it! Wherever this is transmission is going, it might be to where I came from! That is, if this is even related to me at all." Zero said hopefully. "...TRANSMISSION SIGNAL SENT-" the computer was saying, when a laser blast is sent right to the control panel, making it explode. "Where was that from!?" Darlene asked, scared. 5 and 7 appear out of the shadows, laughing. The robot floats down, as it fires another laser blast at the three, and they get out of the way. The blast hits the pod's side, not putting a dent in it. "Who are they?" Darlene asked. "They reminds me of that robot guy..." Van Gordon said, referring to Zurtrax. "They're the Federation Hunters. They fought Elana and Cynthia in the Underground City not too long ago, but I'm not sure why they're here." Zero said, about to press his knight stone. "We were just patrolling the areas like usual, when my pet here saw the professor and his girlfriend. Professor Zero is still a wanted threat to the Neo Federation." 7 said. "I also see he is with former general Van Gordon, I was wondering where you went off to after being fired like the pathetic moron you are." 5 taunted. "Hey, I am better off now than I was when working for Ramos!" Van Gordon replied annoyed. "Basically, I take it these two aren't friends, got it." Darlene said, as Zero presses his knight stone, transforming into his silver knight outfit. 5 and 7 ignite their double-bladed red laser swords. Van Gordon gets out a laser gun, and Darlene looks around for a weapon to use. "Uh...I've got a rock." Darlene said, picking one up off the ground. "It's a start. Just be careful, I don't want you to get hurt." Zero said to her, as the hunters approach them. Back up above on the beach, the girls are seen lying down on towels. Cynthia stretches out, as she enjoys the sun tan. "This is nice." Cynthia said, closing her eyes. "Where's Michael?" Tori asked, looking around. "He's still playing volleyball with Jake and Trent." Elana said, pointing down the beach. Michael manages to get a bump on Jake and Trent's team, as it lands on the other team's side, but nobody is able to hit it, giving Jake and Trent's team a point. "Nice job little dude." Trent said, giving him a hi-five. "We're an awesome team!" Michael said happily. "At least he's not bugging me. Too bad no boys are checking me out. I guess putting my hair down was for nothing..." Tori said, disappointed. "Hey, you don't need a boy to think you look good." Madison said, trying to cheer her up. "Eh, you're right. I guess this is a perfect location for romance, but today's not that day for me it seems." Tori said. "You'll get your day someday. Besides, who needs romance, as long as you have friends like us." Elana reassured. "Yeah, you're all pretty chill. I'm not that obsessed with getting boys like Cynthia anyways." Tori said, as she lays back on her towel. "Hey, I heard that." Cynthia said, as Valina and Cassidy approach the girls. "Hey girls, while your parents are gone, want to do some training?" Cassidy offered. "Where would we do that, exactly?" Tori asked. "Off to the side, nobody would see us. I figured it's about time we helped you do some more stuff, starting with those pure elemental forms." Cassidy replied. "Oh yeah, we haven't used those in a while." Audrey said. "I wanted to just relax and not worry about magical stuff, but fine..." Cynthia replied. "Sure, why not. We could use the training. My parents are probably going to be gone a long time knowing them." Madison said. Henry and Susan are seen in a candy store. Henry is at the cashier checking out lots of candy, and is holding up the line, as Susan looks annoyed. "Hmm...I can't decide if I want the grape or orange flavored lollipop! This store has so many options, and I don't have enough money for both..." Henry pondered, as the cashier gets annoyed. "Hey buddy, you've been in this store for the past hour, and now you're holding up the line!" the cashier said annoyed, as are the people behind him. "Yeah, get on with it!" a customer said. "I've got cavities, but I want to buy some of this stuff anyways!" another customer said. "What the heck, I'll take orange!" Henry decided, as the crowd cheered. "Yes, finally, now your balance is-" the cashier was saying. "Hold up buckaroo, I'm not done yet! Now I can't decide if I want the sour gumdrops or normal ones..." Henry wondered, as the crowd lets our groans of anger along with the cashier, and Susan face-palms. Back at Ranen's dojo, Ranen, Nick and Cameron are seen cleaning out Ranen's room. "Zero has sure been getting fresh air for a long time now." Nick pointed out. "...Indeed he has." Ranen said. "I get the feeling I know where he went. Want me to find him?" Cameron asked. "Go ahead, but it's not necessary. I am sure he has his reasons." Ranen replied. "I'll just make sure he didn't get himself into any trouble." Cameron said, as he tries to find the doorknob on the door. "Yeah, this is a bit annoying." He finally finds the doorknob, and opens the door, as he heads off. Back on the beach, the girls are seen with Valina and Cassidy on the shoreline where Zero was earlier. "This is a good spot, nobody can see us here." Valina said. "Are you four sure you're okay with entering those elemental forms again? I know you had trouble getting out of them last time." Elana noted. "Luna did some training with us after our fight with Gride to help us exit them better. Hopefully that training paid off, and if not, Nick can summon her for help." Madison explained. "We'll be here to help if something goes wrong." Cassidy said. Audrey, Cynthia, Tori and Madison sit down on the sand, as they begin to concentrate, and channel their energy. They exhale, as the elements begin to cover their bodies. They transform into their pure elemental forms of electricity, earth, wind and water respectively. "Follow my voice, can you hear me?" Valina called out to the four. "Yeah, I can..." Madison replied telepathically. "The older you get, the more control you will have over these forms." Valina explained. "That's good, I'd hate to be a lifeless zombie again." Cynthia replied telepathically, as Elana laughs. The four launch several attacks at the ocean ahead, and float down to the sand. "Now, imagine yourselves leaving the pure elemental plain, and return to the normal reality you know." Valina said. The four carefully focused, as they turn back to normal. "Wow, it worked. Luna's training did help us, although I feel like my head hurts, ow..." Audrey said. "It still takes time for you to master their full potential. Trust me, it wasn't easy for us either." Cassidy said. "Hey, how come Valina never used her form against us?" Tori wondered. "I actually haven't been able to enter mine since I was 21. I lost my access to it when I had the heart's power revoked, so don't abuse those forms." Valina said seriously. "Sorry to hear." Audrey said. "I deserved to lose it with how out of control I got, so there's no reason to be sorry. Now then, let's do some basic attack training. You too Elana, the queen needs to train as well." Valina said. The girls throw a multitude of rocks out at the ocean, and shoot their powers at the rocks. Cassidy and Tori do a combined water attack, spinning around some rocks. Valina and Madison do a combined electric blast at a rock, vaporizing it. Down in the caves, below, Darlene, Zero and Van Gordon fight off 5 and 7. 5 swings his double-bladed laser sword at Zero, who counters by striking his silver sword at it. He then uses his stone to teleport away. "Whoa, that's a new power." Darlene said, as she tries to stay out of the way. Van Gordon fights off 7, who is too fast for him. She slices his laser gun in half, and knocks him down to the ground. Zero then teleports in front of her and stuns her with his sword, knocking her aside. "Thanks comrade. I will handle the other." Van Gordon said, as he gets up, and charges at 5. He flies up in his jet-pack and pulls out another gun, firing it at 5. 5 then uses his double-bladed sword to fly up like a helicopter, trying to strike down Van Gordon. "Whoa, that is crazy mode of transportation." Van Gordon said, avoiding him and the floating robot's laser blasts. 7 spins her double-bladed laser sword around at Zero, who tries to counter, but she is too fast, as she trips him, and sends his lantern smashing to the ground, breaking it. "Aw, there goes your precious light source. How will you fight now?" 7 asked, laughing. Zero analyzes the area, as she swings one side of the laser sword at him, but he teleports away with his stone's power. "Nobody tries to hurt my boyfriend!" Darlene said angrily, as smashes the rock against 7's helmet, making her drop the laser sword. "Hey, this rock did come in handy." "How dar-" 7 was saying, when Zero reappears in front of her, and sends an electric shock from his sword at her, sending her flying against the wall. "Thanks for the save, doc." Darlene said. "You were impressive yourself, with the erm...rock." Zero said. Van Gordon fires his gun right at 5's spinning blades, and it goes falling out of his hands. He goes falling on top of the floating robot, as both crash to the ground. Van Gordon flies down to the ground, regrouping with Darlene and Zero. "Let's get out of here before they wake up." Darlene said, as the three run off. "I can still use my visor to see better, so follow my lead." Zero said, as they head back up the cavern, while 5, 7 and the robot get up angrily. Back on the shoreline, the girls keep training, as Cameron approaches them. "Hey Cameron." Audrey greeted, surprised. "What are you doing here?" Tori asked. "I'm here to find Zero. I suspect he went to this beach earlier." Cameron said. "Really? I haven't seen him at all." Madison replied. Suddenly, Darlene, Zero and Van Gordon come running into the area, surprising them. "There he is. But uh, what are you three doing here?" Elana said. "Hey Darlene and Gordon, we haven't seen you two in a while." Audrey greeted. "Glad to see you all. Long story short, the Federation Hunters are here, and they'll probably be back angry any moment." Zero said, as 5, 7 and the floating robot are right behind them, as the girls stare. "They're right behind me, aren't they-" 5 sends Zero down to the sand, but he gets up determined. "So, you're all of the current guardian girls, along with the queen, two knights, two former guardians, and two civilian allies. Capturing all of you for Edward would give me a big promotion." 7 thought. "Hey, we are in this together..." 5 reminded, growling. "...Fine..." 7 sighed. "You two again, eh? Alright Elana, let's show them who is boss in round two!" Cynthia said to her. Madison uses the heart to make herself, Cynthia, Audrey, Tori, Cassidy and Valina transform into their mermaid forms. "So many mermaids, I can't wait to cut off all of your tails..." 5 said coldly, readying his blades. Cameron presses his knight stone, turning into his blue knight outfit, and goes to Zero's side. "Sorry I ditched you Cameron, I was just wondering about my origins, and those two ambushed the three of us while exploring the caverns. I may have found something of interest though..." Zero said. "Tell me about it later, let's first get these two out of here." Cameron said. "Wait, where are Jake and Trent?" Zero asked. "They're busy doing volleyball, but I don't think we'll need their help." Elana said, as she sends a light blast right at 5, knocking him down. Darlene watches the battle from the sides. Madison sends an electricity blast at 7, and Van Gordon fires several lasers from his gun, but she jumps out of the way. 5 growls, as he charges at the two knights. Zero and Cameron both strike at his double-blades, while the girls all try to strike 7 and her floating robot. Van Gordon flies down, trying to help Cameron and Zero fight 5, but he knocks Van Gordon aside. The floating robot shoots multiple laser blasts, as Cassidy sends a water blast right back at the lasers, making a collision of steam across the area. Elana sends more light blasts at 7, but she deflects them with her double-blades. Valina sends a lightning strike from her hand right at the floating robot, making it explode and go spinning out of control. Audrey twirls it around with a gust, and sends it splashing into the water. "No matter, I can still finish you all myself!" 7 said, swinging her double-blades around, as the girls barely fly out of the way. 7 sends her laser-blades spinning toward Valina. Valina just shrugs it off, as she waits for the right moment. She then grabs right onto 7's laser-blade handle, surprising her. She uses her electricity powers to disable it, as the red lasers on both sides go back into the handle. 7 is surprised, as Valina punches her right in the face with an electricity punch, and sends her across the sand. "Nice." Cassidy said, impressed. 7 tries to get up, but is too dazed from the punch. Cynthia rises up the sand around her, and sends her flying into the air away from the beach, as she screams. "I'LL BE BACK!!!" 7 yelled from the distance. "What was that? Speak louder." Tori asked smugly. "Ha, serves that pompous fool right." 5 said, laughing at 7's misery, as he pushes both Cameron and Zero aside. However, following what Valina did, Zero sends an electricity strike right at 5's handle, disabling the red lasers. Cameron punches him, and Zero does the same. Cassidy sends a powerful water blast right at 5, knocking him into the sand. Van Gordon then picks him up, and flies off in his jet-pack. "Wait, no, please!" 5 begged. Van Gordon then flies high-up in his jet-pack, and throws 5 flying away in the distance. Two civilians see 5 flying in the air from the forest below. "Look honey, make a wish." one of the civilians said, as 5 yells. "Thanks Gordon." Zero said. Van Gordon salutes him, as he flies off. The girls turn back to normal, as do Cameron and Zero. "Yay, those losers are gone, and we still have plenty of beach time!" Cynthia said. "Enjoy your time, Cameron, Darlene and I will be heading out of here." Zero said, as the three are seen leaving the beach area. "That was fun, Val and I got to hand it to those clowns. You kids did well too." Cassidy said. "At least they didn't eat too much of our beach time." Tori said, as they head back to the main area. As the girls walk along, a random beach dweller stares at Valina and Cassidy, attracted to them, and his jaw drops. "Whoa, hey there mamas, are either of you single by any chance?" the guy asked them, talking like Johnny Bravo. Valina and Cassidy aren't amused, as they push him away laughing, much to the guy's dismay. Jake, Trent and Michael are seen still playing volleyball. "How about we get in on the volleyball fun?" Elana suggested. "Sure, maybe we can crush them." Tori said, as the girls go to the volleyball game. "Hey guys, can we play?" Madison asked. "Sure. We could do boys vs. girls." one of the kids said. "It's on, but you're going down!" Jake said. "We'll see about that." Valina said, smirking. The game begins, as Trent serves the ball. Elana bumps it, and then Valina spikes it over, sending it crashing right into the ground, giving the girls a point. "Dang." Trent said, as the boys are surprised. Zero is seen back at the dojo, explaining to Ranen what happened. "My apologies again, I got sidetracked." Zero said. "It's fine, we still managed to get most of the cleaning done. It appears you may have found a key to your past, so it wasn't a total waste of time." Ranen said. "You were also able to bravely fight off two threats, and helped me in my research." Darlene said, kissing Zero on the cheek. "I just wonder where the transmission was sent to..." Cameron pondered. "We may never know. That pod might not have even been related to me. Regardless, I'm just glad to have you all." Zero said. "Wanna come to my house?" Darlene asked. "Of course." Zero replied, as the two head off. ... Somewhere far, faraway, an unknown control room is seen. A mysterious figure is seen sitting in a chair, looking at a high-tech computer screen. They see a blinking dot on their system. "Huh, a transmission?" the figure said curiously, as they look at a map from where it came from, showing Posidonia Fields. "Interesting, how very interesting..." Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: ??? -Area Debuts: Beach Caverns -Elana and Tori are 17 now, meaning all of the main girls are now 17. -Tori's mom's name is revealed to be Lauren, while Audrey's parents are revealed to be named Chen and Lin. -Mrs. Lenden has retired from teaching, and returns to Karmania. -First time Van Gordon appears in Season 3. -First time Darlene physically appears in Season 3. -The cave Zero and Darlene visit is the same cave the heroes visited in "Bounty" and where Mai hid in "Cowboy Nick". This is the first time the caverns it leads to are explored in-depth. -Third time the elemental forms have been used, and the girls can control them better.
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  8. United States: July 16th, 2017 - 7:30pm ET/PT - 218A - Spin the Bottle: TBA July 16th, 2017 - 7:45pm ET/PT - 212B - Sportz?: Squidward invents a new sport to get back at SpongeBob and Patrick for annoying him. These two episodes will air right before the Kids' Choice Sports Awards. Spin the Bottle will be a Season 11 episode, so they are doing a S10/S11 hybrid airing.
  9. United States: July 16th, 2017 - 7:30pm ET/PT - 218A - Spin the Bottle: TBA July 16th, 2017 - 7:45pm ET/PT - 212B - Sportz?: Squidward invents a new sport to get back at SpongeBob and Patrick for annoying him. These two episodes will air right before the Kids' Choice Sports Awards. Spin the Bottle will be a Season 11 episode, so they are doing a S10/S11 hybrid airing. View full article
  10. Mature

    202a. Porn Con Castaways One day, Mr. Krabs eagerly bursts into the Krusty Krab, announcing that tomorrow is Porn Con. SpongeBob asks what that is, and Mr. Krabs tells him it's an annual event where the greatest porn stars and chefs compete to make the sexiest food alive. The winner gets receives the legendary grand prize: The Golden Dildo. Krabs is eager to win, so he drags Skodwarde, SpongeBob, Patrick and Scott (who happened to just be chilling at the Krusty Krab) along to the event. He takes them to his old ass car, showing he's got a shit ton o' patties in the back trailer to sell at the event. Skodwarde is not happy to be going, but Mr. Krabs tempts him by saying there might be a lot of hookers and drugs for him there, which amuses him. Thus, the gang goes off on their road trip. While out on the road, SpongeBob, Patrick and Scott play "I Spy". SpongeBob says he spies with his little eye, a big nosed octopus in the front passenger seat. Skodwarde tells him to shut the fuck up, as he goes back to reading Mein Kampft for the who-the-hell-knows-at-this-point-manyth time. Patrick says he spies a big red crab driving the vehicle, and Krabs tells everyone to shut their damn mouths, so he can concentrate on driving, and doesn't want to hear another peep out of anyone. Scott says he spies with his eye a cliff up ahead. Skodwarde kindly tells Scott to shut the fuck up, saying Krabs doesn't want to hear another peep out of any of them, himself included, so he should probably stfu as well. However, SpongeBob gasps, yelling "PEEP!". Krabs continues driving anyways, and goes falling off a cliff named Peep's Cliff. The boat gets caught in a tornado sending them to Oz a desert. Unfortunately, the impact destroys the boat, and Patrick, like the fatass is he, ate almost every patty except for one. Krabs is still determined to make it to Porn Con, so he commands Scott, SpongeBob and Patrick to haul the trailer, while he and Skodwarde sit on top of it, which Skodwarde enjoys. He uses his god powers to make a whip appear, and cracks it at the three down below, ordering them to keep moving. SpongeBob, Patrick and Scott are able to haul the trailer yonder through the desert, up a frozen mountain, and all the way to a forest. SpongeBob, Scott and Patrick are tired, and request a break. Krabs agrees, saying they are in no condition to move forward, and that they should take a rest for the time being. The five of them are around a fire, as SpongeBob says they need to guard the last Krabby Patty. Suddenly, a cute snail crawls out of the woods. Scott says it's cute, and then the snail turns into a large, winged Lovecraftian monster. Scott says he should probably stop opening his mouth, as the creature steals the last Krabby Patty, flying off. Krabs throws Scott at the creature, knocking the patty out of its claws. The creature takes a bite out of Scott, but spits him out in the disgust, as he lands on the ground, while SpongeBob grabs the patty. Skodwarde laughs at Scott's misery, pleased someone else is the butt monkey for a change. However, the creature flies back and picks Skodwarde up. Skodwarde smites the creature away with his god powers, as he lands on face first onto the ground, making Scott laugh. Later, everyone except for SpongeBob begins to show signs of hunger, and they want to eat that patty. SpongeBob tries to convince them not to eat it, but now they want to eat it. Patrick tries to trick SpongeBob, but he isn't falling for it. Scott then offers SpongeBob some of his weed in exchange for the patty, but SpongeBob resists the urge. Skodwarde then tries to use his clarinet to put SpongeBob to sleep, but the winged creature comes back and attacks Skodwarde, picking him up and dropping him to the ground again. Skodwarde replies "Everyone's a critic". Krabs tries to trick SpongeBob into putting the patty inside a safe, but the safe leads into his mouth. SpongeBob has had enough of this creepy fucking shit, and offers them a solution: Nature Patties. He made these bad boys out of junk in the forest, including bugs, kelp, dirt, plants, worms, and all that good stuff. Patrick enjoys them, but Skodwarde, Mr. Krabs and Scott are not amused. The four chase after SpongeBob, as he runs like Forrest Gump. He eventually makes his way to the Porn Con. Upon entering inside, SpongeBob quickly gives his patty to the judge (JCM in a cameo). However, it turns out he actually gave JCM one of his Nature Patties, and wonders what happened to the real Krabby Patty from earlier. Patrick reveals he switched it like the sneaky bastard he is, and eats it. SpongeBob is disappointed, but somehow, against all odds, JCM actually enjoys the Nature Patty. He declares the Krusty Krab the winners of Porn Con, and hands Krabs the Golden Dildo, as he pops a boner in excitement. The gang cheers for their victory, and Ron Jeremy (in a surprise cameo) accidentally sprays some of his magic butter into Skodwarde's face, much to his annoyance. Patrick is happy to see him there, asking what he's been up to. Skodwarde is about to smite Ron Jeremy, but stops when he sees hookers and drugs nearby. Skodwarde is glad this lazy and unoriginal adventure paid off, and is eager to get his tentacles on them.
  11. (No promo image available at this time) Premieres: Saturday, June 24th @ 10:15am ET/PT Encores: Friday, June 30th @ 7:45pm ET/PT Saturday, July 1st @ 5:15pm ET/PT Plot: Mr. Krabs is too afraid of his medical examination, but if he fails it, the Krusty Krab will get closed. Clips: N/A
  12. (No promo image available at this time) Premieres: Saturday, June 24th @ 10:00am ET/PT Encores: Friday, June 30th @ 7:30pm ET/PT Saturday, July 1st @ 5:00pm ET/PT Plot: When his pet amoeba Spot produces offspring, Plankton wants to use them for one of his evil plans. Clips: N/A Welp, here we go. This will be the first episode to air from Season 11. Not sure how to feel about it admittedly. Glad to see Spot again after 4 years, but I am keeping my expectations for this middle of the road, as I'm not really sure how this will go.
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    When his pet amoeba Spot produces offspring, Plankton wants to use them for one of his evil plans. Mr. Krabs is too afraid of his medical examination, but if he fails it, the Krusty Krab will get closed.
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Santa Hat (2012) 1
Spat (KK) A *free* limited edition sword for SpongeBob's 13th anniversary. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Sword; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
Godly Gun (SB) An godly gun for Spy Buddies! This weapon is so powerful that we had to shrink it down in size to contain its aura!1
Hot Chocolate Cup 1
Lollipop Sword (KK) A limited edition sword for Octerror Fest 2012. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Sword; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
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Santa Pants An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
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SpongeBob Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
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Silver Bell An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
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Holiday Gary An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
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Chocolate Krabby Patty An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Dollar An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
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