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  9. 129. Say Goodbye: Part One Posidonia is shown in the distant future, 40 years later. The country has become much more technologically advanced than it was before. However, several parts of the country now have Karmanian areas in them, indicating that Posidonia and parts of Karmania fused together again sometime in the future. A boy and a girl travel through the grasslands near Posidonia Fields, which are mixed with Karmanian material and look much duller in color. Several old Karmanian structures and houses are seen around the plains. “Ah, another fun day of scavenging the remains of Posidonia, Nicole!” Matthew said to the girl by his side, who is Nicole. “Be careful out here, Matt.” Nicole reminded. “We’ll be fine.” Matthew replied. Suddenly, they feel vibrations from around, as the ground shakes. Matthew and Nicole look out into the open fields, to see a gold, giant robot walking across them, acting as a guardian. Two flying soldiers are seen flying in the air by the giant’s side. One of them is a Central Karmanian in advanced cyber gear, and another is a Federation soldier in advanced cyber gear. “The Posidonia Wanderer is back! Let’s get him!” Matthew proposed to Nicole. Matthew sees a boulder nearby, and a dead tree, getting an idea. “Get that boulder!” Matthew said to Nicole. Nicole holds out a futuristic gadget, and shoots a laser beam at the boulder, which makes the boulder appear across from the dead tree. Matthew ties the rope around the boulder, and runs across from it to a dead tree. He ties the rest of the rope to the dead tree, forming a trip rope in the Posidonia Wanderer’s path. “Here it comes!” Matthew yelled to Nicole, as they get out of the way. The Posidonia Wanderer gets one of its feet caught in the rope, but it shrugs it off, and keeps going, tearing the rope off. The Wanderer keeps on walking through the plains. “Haha, well…that sucked!” Matthew said awkwardly, as he laughs it off, not even mad his plan failed. As the Wanderer keeps moving, the two flying soldiers stop in their tracks, and look down at the two. They hold out their laser guns, silently giving them a stern warning to not mess with the Wanderer. “Yeah, I see you…” Matthew said arrogantly to the two soldiers, looking at them annoyed, as they keep on flying. “Hey Matt, see this?” Nicole asked him. “Nope.” Matthew replied. “It looks like the Wanderer dug something up.” Nicole said, pointing to a hole in the ground left by the Wanderer’s footprint. They look into the hole to see an old, rusty broken red sword, which is the remains of Jake’s knight sword. “Whoa…” Matthew said, checking it out. “It’s beautiful. Let’s take it home to learn about it. This could contain ancient knowledge…” Nicole said curiously. “You and your knowledge!” Matthew replied. Matthew and Nicole travel back to Posidonia Fields, which now looks like a fusion of abandoned futuristic buildings and several Central Karmanian structures. Matthew sings a song, as they approach their home, which is an abandoned Golden Seahorse. The restaurant was closed down years ago, but the two have since made it their residence, as they walk inside. Nicole places the sword on a table, as the two curiously examine it. “It looks so old, Nicole. Whose do you think it is…or was?” Matthew wondered. “There’s no markings on it or anything. I think we should find the King of Posidonia and ask him.” Nicole suggested, shocking Matthew. “What!? Nicole, the King of Posidonia is just a myth! Come on Nicole!” Matthew replied. “That’s what I thought too, but I did research at the old library and found this book.” Nicole explained, holding up a book titled “The Royalty of Posidonia”. She opens the book, and a hologram displays out of it, showing a castle on a mountain faraway from the rest of Posidonia Fields. This is the same castle that Randy was working on. “According to this, he is supposed to have lived in an ancient castle on top of Mt. Kelpdor.” Nicole explained, reading the book. “Really?” Matthew asked curiously. “Yup. He’s supposed to still be living to this very day…” Nicole said curiously. Matthew and Nicole go on a journey to find the castle, and the King of Posidonia. They travel across the country and make their way to Mt. Kelpdor, where the Posidonia castle is sitting at the top. They travel up the old mountain path. “Come on Nicole!” Matthew yelled to her, as he makes it up ahead past her, trying to compete in a race. The two make it to the top of Mt. Kelpdor, which is covered in snow. They see the remains of the last castle before them, as it is covered in snow and several parts of it are falling apart. “I found him…the King of Posidonia!” Matthew said happily, as the two stare at the castle entrance. “Welcome dudes, I’ve been expecting you. Not that I was stalking you or anything, but my psychic wizard powers told me you were coming. Name’s Nick, or Nick Carson for full. I’m the King of Posidonia!” Nick greeted to them, who is at the castle entrance, and he holds out his wizard wand which emits a signal. Nick is much older now, wearing a fake beard, the king crown and wizard-y robes. He also now has a prosthetic robotic left arm, hinting something happened to it long ago. “Wow, you look…nothing like I expected.” Nicole said curiously. “Yeah, I’ve been told. Come on inside!” Nick said cheerfully, allowing them into the castle, as Matthew and Nicole follow him inside. Nick activates a light source, illuminating the throne room, showing lots of junk around. Matthew and Nicole look around the throne room to see many objects from Nick’s past adventures with the guardians and knights. These include: remains of several Slayer robots, some of Zero’s inventions including his spy drones and binoculars, Paint Skater’s paintbrush and bucket, pieces of Audrey’s artwork, Nick’s cowboy hat, Sammy the Seahorse costume, Snail-tective merchandise, Jake and Madison’s birthday necklaces from Mai, the Shadow Sword, several of Skipper’s magical artifacts and books, broken dimensional scissors, musical instruments from Soundaria, Firebolt’s armor, Hank’s motorbike, a Prism Pillar, piles of gold, and magic potions. “This is quite the loot. You must be rich, King of Posidonia!” Matthew said to Nick. “Sure, you could say that. Anyways, I’m sure you two must be thirsty and hungry from your long journey here, so here’s some tea, and I’ll get you some food.” Nick said, pouring cups of tea for them, although they aren’t listening. Nicole and Matthew keep excitedly checking out Nick’s loot, as they pick up some of the items “Be careful with those, they are valuable! Anyways, hey doc, I need some bagels in here, we got company!” Nick yelled to someone, confusing the two. Zero then walks into the room, who is now in the body of a silver robot of his own design. He looks through his robotic blue eyes, analyzing Nicole and Matthew. He is carrying a plate of bagels. “Whoa, a robot…” Nicole said curiously. “Who are these strangers, Nick?” Zero asked him, pondering. “They are Matthew and Nicole, two lucky dudes that stumbled upon our home. I sense big things for both of them, they have a purpose here…but first, have these.” Nick said, showing them the tea and bagels he has set up for both at a royal table, as the two sit down. “Oh, thank you good sir.” Matthew said, having tea and bagels with Nicole. “Who are you?” Nicole asked Zero. “I used to be Professor Zero, a half-cyborg, half-fish scientist. Much of my work you see in motion today thanks to the combined efforts of many throughout the years. I am now purely robot after uploading my mind into this body to preserve my conscious.” Zero explained. “Far out…you guys have such an interesting history.” Matthew said. “We came here to ask about something, sir. Do you recognize this?” Nicole asked, holding out Jake’s sword, and placing it in front of Nick and Zero. “Yeah, this belonged to…Jake Landers.” Nick explained, as Zero reminisced to himself upon hearing that name. “Jake…” Matthew said curiously, wanting to know more. “He was the leader of the knights of Karmania, part of the guardians. Zero over here was a knight too. Jake, like all the other guardians and knights, was an amazing hero. He was a great leader. And, he was a good friend.” Nick reminisced. “Guardians and knights…I’ve heard and read about them in my readings.” Nicole recalled. “It makes me feel really old seeing two young people of the new era not knowing about the guardians and knights…sad. They were all there with me at the end. Say, that reminds me. Do you know about the Great Kingdom War?” Nick asked to the two. “Nope.” Matthew and Nicole replied. “Well then, get ready for quite a tale…” Nick was saying, as he begins to narrate a past event to them. Back in present day, it is night time in Central Karmania. The heroes are all seen on a cliff near the remains of the Hidden Kingdom. “Hey, there it is again!” Jake yelled, seeing something in the sky, as he runs to the end of the cliff. “Let me see!” Madison yelled, approaching him with the others. Jake uses Zero’s binoculars to look out into the night sky. He sees Ramos, Tom and Beesle on a magic carpet, doing a strange ritual. Beesle is knocked out and tied up in rope, with smoke coming off of the Evil Stone in his hands. Ramos is asleep, in a deep trance. Wires are hooked up from Ramos to the Evil Stone, as Ramos is trying to absorb its power for an unknown reason. Tom is wearing a skull necklace, and is performing a magical chant. “It looks like Tom, Ramos and…Beesle?” Jake said confused, surprising Skipper. “Beesle has smoke coming off of him…” Audrey noticed, curious. “What are they doing?” Roxy asked. “I don’t know, but it’s freaking me out…” Tori said, seeing it. “Do you think they’re with the Gideonians?” Trent asked. “I don’t believe so. Whatever they’re doing, they’re on their own.” Cameron replied curiously. Suddenly, the three disappear in an odd static teleportation. “That sure was something, lads. Wonder what that fool Ramos got himself into now…” Flinn said curiously. “I wonder the same thing…” Skipper said, concerned about Ramos. “Whatever those dorks were up to, we better report it to Meritel.” Cynthia said. “Yeah, I guess…” Elana said sadly, thinking about the war. “Hey, don’t even worry about all this war stuff. I know we’ll find a way to fix this thing, like we always do. Trust me, by the end of this debacle, I’m sure everything will go back to normal as it always does.” Cynthia reassured. “I hope so.” Elana replied. Cameron approaches Jake and Madison, who are both feeling unsure about the war as well. “Don’t worry, we’ll make it through this together. We’ve made it through everything so far. The magic of Karmania is with us.” Cameron reassured to both. The heroes then head back to the battle camps below, where many lights are shining through the night. “And so, Queen Elana’s mother was about to fight her own brother. But she had friends, and he has friends. So they decided to have a big war! The biggest fight Karmania had ever seen…” Nick narrated from the future. The heroes reach the camp site, as they approach the central planning tent, which has two royal guards in front of it. They go inside, where Meritel is explaining their plan to all of their allies. A battle planning map is seen on the table. Ranen, Mai, Steele, Van Gordon, the elderly general, Branton Jack, Porky, Valina, Cassidy, Briar, Peyton, Maxwell, Vinerox, Argros, Rhapsody, Stanford, Flarity, Luna and Deckel are all in the tent as allies. “Then it’s settled. At the stroke of high noon when the sun is at its brightest, the first squadron will form a pincer formation around Gideon’s exposed nether regions, isolating the front, and-“ Meritel was explaining her strategy. “Um, excuse me, excuse me Mrs. Meritel, if I may. I think I have a plan that will put an end to all of this tonight! I just need a butter knife, a jet ski, a banjo, a parachute, mittens, and…” Rhapsody was suggesting, as Meritel gets annoyed by this. “Ugh…terrible plan!” Vinerox interrupted. “But my plan-“ Rhapsody was saying. “No, my plan: Giant air balloon, bomb them.” Vinerox replied. “HEY! Now’s not the time. Unless we reign victorious, we all get to take a nice Orion-styled bath in Gideon’s mind numbing monster spray. Understand?” Meritel said, as Orion in his goat form runs across the table, and falls to the ground. “Uh, not really.” Rhapsody replied, scratching his head. “Yeah, sure.” Vinerox replied. “Uh, to be quite honest, I-I barely understand what this w-war is even about.” Porky replied. “Well I do. I know Gideon better than anyone, so we’re doing this my way.” Meritel said sternly. “Uh, hey mom.” Elana said, as Meritel turns around to see the heroes. “Elana, you’re back. How did the scouting go?” Meritel asked. “We saw Ramos and Tom flying around with Beesle and they were doing some weird chant.” Nick explained. “Hmm, very peculiar…” Merittel said. “Do you know what Tom is up to, council members?” Zero asked Deckel, Luna and Briar. “You’re asking the wrong person.” Luna replied, as her and Briar shrug. “Not even I know, Tom is an enigma.” Deckel replied. “Hey, uh, Meritel, maybe this is a bad omen. Seeing a council member up upon the stars, that’s a bad omen and you should probably call off this war. That’s a Karmanian saying I heard before, probably.” Madison said. “Did you make that up just now?” Tori whispered. “Good job if so, I think you convinced her.” Cynthia replied, as Meritel looks annoyed. They then hear beeping noises from behind. One of Gideon’s soldiers is seen at the tent entrance, holding a camera, which says “low battery” to him, as he tries to get the camera working again. Luna then fires a magical arrow at him, making the soldier drop his camera. “LONG LIVE GIDEONIA!” The soldier yelled, running off. Luna angrily chases after the soldier, speeding off. “WAAAAAAH!” The soldier yelled, as Luna happily returns to the tent. “That’s my girl!” Nick said, proud of her. “Dangit, Gideon peeped all of our tactics!” Meritel said, angrily throwing the camera to the ground. “He’s left me no choice, Elana. The attack begins now…” Meritel angrily walks out of the tent, as the heroes seem worried, but try to keep calm. Meanwhile, at Gideon’s own “Victory Tent” in Gideonia… “Dangit, Gideon peeped all of our tactics!” played on the recording, which Gideon watches on a tv in the tent, where Madectrison and Dolly are with him. “Well…that settles it. If we know, and she knows, and if she knows we know, which we do…then we know we have no choice. We must strike now!” Gideon said, as Madectrison and Dolly both look at him. Dolly shows unsure and worried expressions toward this. “Ladies and gentlemen…TO WAR!!!” Gideon announced, as Madectrison stands up. Back at the heroes’ camp, the soldiers are all running around in a panic, getting ready for battle. Meritel walks forward, getting an airhorn ready. Valina, Cassidy, Mai, Peyton, Briar, Ranen and Max then get in her way. “We need to talk. We’re worried about you.” Ranen said to. her. “We know you’re under a lot of pressure here, but as your old friends, we’d like to ask you to reconsider.” Valina said, as the others nod in agreement. “Take it from someone who has lived through a lot and offers wisdom, starting another war isn’t the way to go.” Mai said to her. “I understand. But I cannot see another way out of this. Thank you for your concerns.” Meritel replied, as she walks onward. The heroes are off to the side, talking about this. “Maybe Elana’s mom is right, we’ll just beat Gideon’s forces, and everything will go back to normal.” Tori said to them. “If this was an ideal world, maybe.” Roxy replied. “No, she’s wrong. This is all wrong. Even if we win now, this is never going to end, I can sense it. It’s like the whole world is going crazy, like we’re living in one big…nightmare…” Jake said, realizing something. Madison realizes what he’s saying, as she gets an idea, looking at Valina… “Uh, did I miss something? What are you lads implying? Ol’ Jack doesn’t like being left out of inside secrets!” Branton Jack said, laughing, trying to get in on their conversation. Later at sunrise, both armies are ready to fight. They have gathered their forces at the edge of Western Karmania. The Guardian is seen flying in the air above. On Gideon’s side, The Pulverizer is lined up with several smaller mechs and advanced catapults. The heroes look at each other, as Madison holds out a familiar magic bag. She then holds up the heart, transforming the girls and the past guardians. The knights all power up as well, as everyone is finally ready. They look at the enemy’s side from the distance, standing in the front row. “War! War! War!” The elderly general chanted. “Squadron 500, you’re on!” Meritel spoke through a communicator. Several soldiers wearing the cyber gear seen in the future appear, readying their guns. “Up we go!” One of them said, as they all fly up into the air. “In position, ma’am.” Several catapults appear below, holding Bananamelon bombs, which are ready to fire. The Pulverizer then begins to move and tap the mace against its sides, as Gideon laughs. “Bahaha, Bananamelons, really? You’re WEIRD, Meritel!” Gideon yelled. In The Pulverizer’s control room, Gideon approaches a soldier. Dolly is standing against the wall, while Madectrison and Skorpos are examining a battle map at a table. “Hey you, give me your lunch!” Gideon said to the soldier, looking into his lunch bag. “You got a banana in here?” He then grabs a lemon and holds it. “Is this a banana?” Gideon wondered. “No, it’s a lemon-” The soldier replied. “Close enough! Hey niece, sister, watch this!” Gideon yelled to Elana and Meritel below. He throws the lemon onto the ground below, as his soldiers run away from it, knowing what’s about to happen. The Pulverizer then lifts up its left hand, which is holding a torch. It shoots out a solar beam right onto the lemon, causing an explosion and leaving a crater in the ground. Everyone isn’t sure how to respond to this. “I’m doing it! I’m sounding the war horn!” Meritel yelled, sounding it. “Wait!” Elana interrupted. “What?” Meritel asked, as the horn stops. “Mom, he sees that you’re serious, maybe he’ll back down. Please listen to me!” Elana said. “…Okay daughter, we’ll give him one last chance.” Meritel replied, as Elana smiles. The Pulverizer walks forward, as Gideon looks out of the main window with a telescope. He sees the heroes waving a white flag, declaring they want to talk. “What? Come on!” Gideon said, annoyed. “Here they come!” Jake said, as Gideon and Madectrison approach. “Hurry this up, I want a war!” Gideon said. “Hi Madectrison.” Madison greeted, as Madectrison makes electric sparks flow around her body, annoyed. “Brother, I demand that you deescalate your forces now.” Meritel said to him. “Psh, listen to yourself. You’re a toddler, sister!” Gideon replied. “SURRENDER OR DIE!” Meritel yelled to Gideon. “NO!” Gideon yelled back. “That’s my cue!” Nick yelled. “What?” Meritel said confused. Nick then jumps up and throws a bag of dream powder at the ground, which is the same dream powder Valina used on the girls before. The powder explodes everywhere, affecting Meritel, Gideon, Madectrison, Elana, Jake, Madison and Cameron. The seven fall to the ground out cold. “AAAAAHHHHH, THEY’RE DEAD! THEY’RE ACTUALLY DEAD!” Diggy yelled, running to the unconscious bodies. “No, they’re not dead! They’re in some weird dream realm.” Cynthia explained. “Yeah, I managed to whip up that dream powder Valina used on the girls before.” Nick said. “Hey Diggy my boy, what are you doing fooling around with the enemy?” Branton Jack asked him. “I was offered to join their league of villains or whatever. But I know whose gonna win anyways.” Diggy replied, shrugging, as he takes the heroes’ side. … A nightmare version of Central Karmania is shown, with creepy eyes everywhere and a dark sky. The castle looks like a scary volcano, with a skull face on top. Madison, Jake, Cameron, Elana, Meritel, Gideon and Madectrison wake up in a nightmare version of the castle’s throne room. “And so…they were dead. No, not dead…” Nick continued to narrate from the future. The seven look around at their settings, feeling around. “…What is this place? Madison…” Meritel said to her annoyed. “Last resort! Sorry, but we all agreed you were acting nuts out there. Now you have to hash this out in the unconscious world.” Madison explained. “This is a dream?” Gideon asked, as him and Madectrison feel around the area. “Yeah, you can basically do anything in dreams.” Jake said, as he imagines a sandwich appears, which he eats. Madectrison then turns back into her normal robot form. Gideon then makes a spike club appear in his hands, as does Madectrison. “Sneak attack! Maybe if we destroy them here, they’ll die in the real world!” Gideon said evilly. “Not if I do it first!” Meritel yelled. “No, we need love, not war!” Elana said to her. “Good idea!” Meritel said, as she makes a love rocket launcher appear. “Put down your weapons or I’m firing!” “NO!” Gideon yelled. “I can see this is working…” Cameron said, as him, Jake, Madison and Elena all sigh. Suddenly, a stove begins to shake, and out of a pot, a fat orange cat flies out of it. “Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream!” The cat sung, as everyone looks at this weirded out and confused. “Thank goodness for a singing creature to deescalate the situation…I think.” Madison said. The cat then magically explodes, shocking everyone. “Yikes!” Jake yelled, trying not to look, as everyone else also tries not to look. Gideon then looks around, and drops his weapon, making a run for a chimney, trying to climb up it. “I’m going to figure out how to wake myself up, and get revenge on you sleeping fools!” Gideon said. “…You’re leaving me?” Madectrison asked. “You’re on your own!” Gideon replied, as he escapes up the chimney. Madectrison then gets sad, and attaches herself to the floor with electric vines. “She’s stuck! Ready, aim…” Meritel was saying, about to fire. “No!” Elana yelled, as she grabs Meritel, causing her to lose aim, and makes the launcher fire a blast into the wall. Meritel makes the launcher float away, and looks annoyed. “You’re supposed to be having some kind of epiphany!” Elana said to her. “Here’s my epiphany: It’s clear we’re not going to agree on this anytime soon. I’m out!” Meritel said, as she flies away, going through the hole in the wall. “You can’t force a realization I’m afraid. She’ll have to see on her own.” Jake said to Elana. “Hopefully she doesn’t do anything too crazy…” Elana said, as she flies after her. “Madectrison!” Madison yelled, approaching her, as she tries to get her out of the floor. “Come on, snap out of it!” Madectrison looks annoyed, as she makes more sparks form around her. “I don’t need your help.” Madectrison replied, swinging her electric sword around, as Madison avoids. A cocoon then forms around Madectrison. She then bursts out of it in a new form, with electric wings, as she screams like a bird. She flies into the sky, where the clouds have creepy eyes on them. “I’m going to fly around and destroy stuff until I feel good, or until I tire myself out!” Madectrison yelled. “Peaceful thoughts…” Madison said to herself. She then transforms into her light elemental form, as she chases after Madectrison. “Madectrison!” Madison yelled to her, flying in her way, but Madectrison flies away from her. Back in the nightmare castle, Cameron and Jake are alone. “So…I guess we have nothing else to do now that Elana and Madison are facing their own issues.” Jake said. “Not entirely. There’s someone you can meet.” Cameron says, as he thinks. Wes ghost then appears before them, surprising Jake. “Is that…” Jake was saying. “Yup, it’s me, Jake. Cameron’s father, the former red knight. Honored to meet you.” Wes said. “I have a lot of words, but yeah, honored to meet you too, sir!” Jake said, shaking his hand. “Say, are you boys hungry? Because I sure am.” Wes said. The setting then turns into a restaurant, as they sit at a fancy table. “Hey waiter, get over here!” Wes yelled. The waiter turns around to show a younger version of Atlas, who is wearing glasses and a waiter outfit. “Hi, what will be your orders?” Atlas asked. “Not him again!” Cameron said, readying his sword. “Who is that?” Jake asked. “That’s the creature that tried to drain my power in the World Between Worlds.” Cameron said. “How about we beat the snot out of him, together? What do you say, boys?” Wes asked happily. “I say yes.” Cameron replied happily. Jake, Cameron and Wes then begin to beat up the dream Atlas, punching him many times and smashing his head against the table. Back at the battlefield, everyone on both sides stands around awkwardly, looking at the unconscious seven. “I kind of wanted to fight, but I guess that’s not happening…” Steele sighed. Gideon’s soldiers keep standing blankly. Lester, Slypox, Frostbite, Brewtanizer, Skorpos, Chamelos, Viktor, Maximus Tong and Gamergator are not amused by this however, wanting to fight. They are all wearing special armor with Gideon’s crest stamped on it. “Well I want a battle! I told you kids I wanted revenge, and I’m gonna get it!” Lester said angrily, igniting a flame sword. “Want to beat those dorks up while we pass the time?” Cynthia offered to the heroes and past guardians. “Cynthia, it would be my pleasure.” Cassidy replied. The guardians, knights, Ranen and Max charge forward, as they fight off the Central Karmania. Haters. “Should we help them or…” Stanford was saying. “Trust me, they have this covered.” Deckel said, as the rest of the allies sit back and watch as they fight the Haters. Roxy and Peyton both send animal and music attacks at Skorpos. Cassidy and Tori send combined water attacks at Maximus Tong, trapping him in a vortex. Cynthia and Briar both hurl boulders right at Lester. Valina and Max send multiple electric and superhero attacks at Chamelos. Audrey and Mai both send wind attacks at Skorpos. Ranen and Trent both attack Slypox’s blade arms. Nick and Zero both attack Brewtanizer. Flinn and Skipper both attack Viktor. Argros and Vinerox tackle Frostbite, beating him up. Meanwhile, Meritel is seen chasing Gideon on top of nightmare houses in a blank void. Elana tries to give chase, but can’t keep up with them. “Enough, Gideon!” Meritel yelled, as she chases him into a nightmare golem’s mouth at the end of the buildings. A walking ice cream is seen inside, as Gideon approaches it. “Pinch me, I wanna wake up!” Gideon said to the ice cream. “Brother…we’re ending this here.” Meritel said, approaching him. “So be it.” Gideon replied. The two make lances appear in their hands. They then charge at and slash each other, as they both fall to the ground. Their lances disappear, as both go static and their bodies move weirdly. Madison and Madectrison keep flying around, as Madectrison angrily screeches at Madison. “If you could just calm down and be cool, it’d be a great thing that there’s two of us.” Madison said to Madectrison, still trying to reason with her. Both then fall out of the air. Madison then catches Madectrison, who pushes her away. “Why don’t you just fight me like a real mermaid?” Madectrison asked. “We’re two sides of the same coin.” Madison replied. “You’ll never get what it’s like to be. I’m tormented!” Madectrison replied. “I’m also that sometimes!” Madison replied. “…Prove it. Or I’ll never stop fighting you.” Madectrison replied. Jake and Cameron then reappear, seeing this. “Proof of my sister’s torment? Oh, I can do that.” Jake said, as he thinks through his mind. Jake then makes him and Cameron appear in a creepy version of Henry and Susan’s home. The two walk around, when Henry and Susan spot them, who both smile too creepily. “Heyo Jake-o! Do you and your friend want some doughnuts?” Henry offered, throwing a storm of doughnuts at them, as they try to slash their way through them. “Jake, eat your dinner!” Susan said, as she turns into a food monster and spits more food at them. “…You have some odd dreams.” Cameron said to Jake, as the two escape down a hallway. A nightmare version of Gideon’s old log cabin is shown. The events of “Princess Meritel” begin to reenact themselves in the basement, but the roles are reversed. Meritel is holding Gideon’s monster juice in her hand, about to pour it on him. “Come on Gideon, don’t run away from happiness, I’m going to fix you!” Meritel said to Gideon, as their faces glitch back and forth. Gideon nervously backs against the wall. “No no no!” Gideon panicked. “Just one drop…” Meritel said, approaching him. “Hm?” Gideon said to himself, as he then makes the Stone of Light appear, while Meritel keeps laughing evilly. He throws it right at the bottle, and the juice spills all over Meritel. “…The juice! Noooo!” Meritel yelled, as she transforms into a candy creature. “Call me… king.” Gideon said happily, making a crown appear on his head. This upsets Meritel, as an eye in the room sees this and reacts. Jake and Cameron continue to explore the house, when they find a secret door. Down it is a black void with many objects floating around, as the two jump down it. They avoid many projectiles and random objects flying everywhere. They hit the bottom, which resembles a basement. The two shine their knight stones around the darkness, trying to find something. Several balloons float around, getting in their way, as they all explode. Out of the confetti, the white Karmanian Deer appears, wearing a top hat and monocle. “Three steps right, two steps back, one step up! Have pie.” The deer spoke, as it shoots pies out of its mouth, weirded Cameron and Jake out. Jake then goes three steps right, two steps back and one step up by mistake. In the ground, he sees a treasure chest labeled “Madison and Madectrison’s repressed memories”. “I found it!” Jake said. “Alright, now let’s out of…whatever this dream is!” Cameron said, as the basement begins to turn into a circus. Gideon is seen standing in the barrel plains of Central Karmania, as Meritel watches. He concentrates, and the castle rises from the ground, as he stands on top of it. The kingdom forms around the area, as the villagers and beasts all gather. “It’s beautiful…” Meritel said to herself in her monster form, as she watches the kingdom grow. A giant shadow of Gideon looms over the kingdom. The castle begins to melt and fall apart. The civilians and beasts all run around in a panic. Gideon is then seen in a workshop room, still wearing his crown. “NO!” Gideon said, trying to stop the castle from melting. “Oh, why did I build a amateur?) Meritel then climbs up the melted castle. “I can help you king, just listen to this!” Meritel said to herself. “Watch me dance!” Meritel spoke out loud to Gideon. Meritel then dances in her candy form, and begins to cry. “…Ahahaha!” Gideon laughed. He too begins to cry, as his face merges into the melted castle remains, and so does the rest of his body. The lights in the room then go out. Madison and Madectrison have both turned into seahorses, fighting each other in a nightmare forest. “Madectrison, come on, I’m not fighting you!” Madison yelled. Madectrison tackles her anyways, as Madison tries to get her off. Jake and Cameron then appear through a portal, stopping the fighting, as they show Madison’s memory chest. “My memories!” Madison and Madectrison said at once. “Proof!” Jake yelled, as he and Cameron open it together. Several ghosts fly out of it. The ghosts show Ramos, Gride, The White Knight, Zurtrax, Edward, Valina, Broodwing, Merrick, Drakkus, Rookie and Beast. Madison and Madectrison try not to look, as many ghosts swarm around them. “Now you know how I feel!” Madison said. “Okay, okay, just make it stop!” Madectrison replied. “We have to confront them head on!” Madison said. All of the ghosts fly back into the chest, forming a portal. Several images flash through it, showing Madectrison trapped in the electric webs in the heart, and then the Electric Demon’s eyes in the shadows. Both gasp at once. “Madectrison. This is why I brought us here. We can defeat him together.” Madison encouragedher. Madison and Madectrison both jump into the portal together, ready to face the Electric Demon. “No fear.” Elana’s voice said from beyond, Madison appears in the Heart of Karmania, as electric cobwebs have covered the entire room. She sees Madectrison hanging from electrical webs and wires, with the Electric Demon still holding onto her. Madison flies up and grabs the Electric Demon, ripping him off of Madectrison’s body. “So you’re the ugly beast that’s been holding my clone hostage…” Madison said, looking at the creature. “Without me, she’s got no body. So back off…” the Electric Demon said to her, trying to escape. “You sicken me…” Madison said, about to strike the creature, but then realizes Madectrison might disappear if she does, so she hesitates. Suddenly, Madectrison, in her Madison appearance, then stabs the Electric Demon with the chair that was in the room. The demon lets out a dying scream, killing it. Madison then gives Madectrison a hi-five. The Electric Demon’s sparks all fade out, as its body crumbles to dust. The room around them then crumbles away, making them appear at a tropical island. The fat orange cat flies through the air, singing a song again. The girls sit on the edge, looking at the ocean before them. Madectrison looks at herself in the reflection, realizing she’s not a robot anymore. “I’m me again. Feels like it’s been forever…” Madectrison said, reflecting on the past. A whale then swims to the island. It spins out both Meritel and Gideon, as they appear on the island. Jake, Cameron and Elena appear on the island as well. “Looks like everything worked out, surprisingly.” Elana said, seeing Gideon and Meritel not fighting. Madectrison’s body then feels weird, as it starts to slowly fade away. “…He was right. I have no body.” Madectrison realized, as her body begins to disintegrate. “Don’t worry, it’s just a dream. You’ll be fine…I think.” Jake said, actually unsure, as Cameron doesn’t say anything. The seven wake up on the battlefield, surprising everyone. “Oh thank goodness, I lowkey worried I messed up the spell and you guys would never wake up.” Nick said. “We had fun while you guys were off in dream land.” Roxy said, pointing to all of the knocked out Haters. Madectrison’s body begins to slowly disintegrate, as her sparks begin to fade away, making her sad. “Madectrison…you really are disintegrating…” Madison said sadly. “Oops…” Elana said awkwardly. Meritel and Gideon look at each other. “Meritel, I…” Gideon was saying. “I’m so sorry for what I put you through for all those years. The kingdom was your dream, and I took it from you.” Meritel said heart-fully. “Meritel, that means so much to me. Come, from now on, we’ll live in peace…” Gideon was saying happily, as he walks forward, about to hug Meritel. Suddenly, Dolly then trips Gideon, making him fall to the ground, and glass is heard breaking. He pulls out a cracked monster juice from his pocket, which has spilled all over his body. “…Drat.” Gideon said sadly. “…WHAT!?” Meritel and Elana yelled, surprised by this. The juice turns Gideon back into Boboo. Boboo holds out his wand and happily runs off, blowing bubbles. “He was never really the epiphany type. But I would be willing to let the past stay in the past, and start a new era.” Dolly said to Meritel and Elana. “Very well. Two kingdoms it is! The war is over!” Elana decreed, as Meritel is proud of her. “Hip hip, hooray!” Everyone yelled. “And so, in the end…the decided not to have the big bad war.” Nick finished narrating in the future. “Oh, the end of the war, I thought you meant like the end of the world.” Nicole replied. “Oh, no. That actually happened next.” Nick replied happily. Diggy looks around as the soldiers and allies begin to leave. “So…I guess everyone’s going home, huh? Well, that was quite a show, but I have better things to do with my crew!” Diggy said. “Yup.” Nick replied. “Wow, that was a really lame war, but at least we got to beat up some D-list villains one last time.” Cynthia said, shrugging. “I’m just glad everything can go back to normal-“ Elana was saying. Suddenly, a dark, ominous portal opens in the sky. Tom goes flying out of it on fire like a comet, as he lands onto the ground, surprising everyone. Smoke comes off of his body, as he weakly lifts his head up. “…We messed up, for legit actual serious real…” Tom said, very worried and falls to the ground out cold. Everyone looks up at the sky confused and worried, as Malgus then begins to descend from the portal… 130. Say Goodbye: Part Two “…What am I looking at?” Madison asked, seeing Malgus. “Um…we saved the day, so maybe that thing is here to reward us?” Tori suggested. “I don’t think so…” Audrey replied. “Yeah, I thought so too.” Tori replied. Malgus comes out of the portal, floating idly in the sky. From the portal, a dark cloud begins to cover the skies across all of Karmania. Luna, Briar and Deckel look at it extremely worried. “Tom…what did that fool do now!?” Luna asked, annoyed. “I’m not an expert, but this seems bad…” Madectrison said, as heavy winds blow across the battlefield. “You ain’t kidding, sparks…” Flarity said to her, worried as well. “Yup, this has the evil monster vibe to it. Great, just when I thought we could go home…” Roxy said, sighing. “Elana, Meritel, what did you guys do!?” Cynthia asked them. “I have no idea, it wasn’t me!” Elana replied, confused. “Don’t look at me either!” Meritel replied, concerned. “Yeah, this has nothing to do with us…” Jake said, looking at his knight stone. All of the Central Karmania Haters get up, and are about to continue fighting. They stop in their tracks when they see Malgus, terrifying them. Diggy briefly approaches them before he leaves with Branton and Porky, standing by Maximus Tong. “Welp, it was real fun being in this rogues gallery with y’all for ten seconds, but I’m out. Branton, Porky and I are gonna go treasure hunting again...” Diggy was saying goodbye to him, when he sees Malgus in the sky. "Wait...oh my..." He has a flashback: Diggy is seen outside his old trailer home long ago, looking through junk he salvaged. Cloudy, Big Nose and some other Karmanians are there, hanging out with him. “Malgus! Look guys, I keep seeing reference to this strange entity that represents chaos and destruction.” Diggy said, reading an ancient magical book that he found in the trash, which has a page about Malgus. “…What?” Big Nose asked, confused. “That’s great dude, but check out this!” Big Nose said, holding out a bucket of melted ice cream from the trash. “Malgus would say ice cream is without any meaning, just empty calories devoid of purpose. His presence is felt in every crease where darkness lurks…” Diggy said, reciting the book. “Don’t get involved in some creepy cult stuff, Diggy.” A villager warned. “Hey Diggy, catch!” Cloudy said, throwing a jar of cherries at Diggy. The jar hits Diggy in the head, knocking him out. “Duh…” Diggy moaned, as the gang all awkwardly walk away, ending the flashback. “…Nah, I don’t know who that is.” Diggy said, scratching his head. “Skipper, do you know who that dude is?” Nick asked him. “That is Malgus, an insanely powerful evil creature from another dimension only spoken of in legends. I never thought I’d see it in person…Ramos, what have you done?” Skipper explained, fascinated, and also terrified. Malgus then opens its mouth, and releases a purple, ghastly substance from it. The purple substance grabs onto the nine Central Karmania Haters and many of Gideon’s soldiers, shooting out dark energy from each other. “AAAAAHHHHHH!” The Haters and soldiers all yelled in pain, terrifying the heroes. The substance begins to crush and mutate them together. Out of the purple acid, a giant, green and teal mutant kaiju monster appears, resembling Beast’s aesthetic. It slams its undead right arm onto the ground. Many screaming faces of the villains and soldiers show across the monster’s body. The kaiju monster makes its face form, showing dark golden eyes, demonic eyes all over its body, and many tongues from its mouth. The kaiju monster roars and shoots purple fire from its mouth. Trails of Beast-like purple smoke exhale from the monster’s body. “…Yikes.” Trent said, as the heroes all look at it worried. “And you thought today was going to be boring.” Tori said sarcastically to Cynthia, trying to ease the tension. “Don’t let it touch you!” Dolly yelled to the rest of Gideon’s soldiers, as they back away from the beast. The mutant monster then grabs some of Gideon’s soldiers with its many tongues. “Nooo, nooo!” The soldiers yelled, trying to break free, as it eats them alive. Malgus is still sitting up idly above, as it opens its mouth, showing its large purple tongue. “Elana, this is the worst thing ever! If we don’t stop this, it could be the end of Karmania!” Cynthia said to her. “You’re right, I need to step up as queen and do something.” Elana said, as she runs on top of a rock formation in the center of the field. “SOLDIERS!” “Oh no…” one of them was saying. “Obey my command: FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES! If you fight, the demon will just add you to its mass!” Elana yelled to her army. “Can we flee in a panic?” Another soldier asked. “YES!” Elana yelled. Many of the soldiers begin to runaway from the battlefield. However, a few soldiers stay behind, kneeling before Elana. “We’ll stay your highness, no matter the risk.” one of them said. “We’re not going anywhere either!” Madison said, as the girls fly up to her side, ready to fight. “We’re also staying!” Jake said, as the seven knights are ready to fight as well. “Which should’ve been obvious, but yeah, let’s do this!” Nick added. “Thank you all.” Elana said, happy they are by her side. “We’re helping too.” Valina said, as her, Peyton, Mai and Cassidy fly by the girls’ sides as well. “It only seems poetic that the previous group helps the current generation, one last time.” Mai said. “We’re fighting too.” Ranen said, as him and Max appear by their side, as Ranen readies his sword. “Welp, this was quite the experience lads, but alas, my contract doesn’t extend to fighting evil demons from beyond. Peace, and hopefully next time we meet, it’s not in the afterlife!” Branton Jack said, as him and Porky are about to hightail it out of there, but Diggy stops them. “Wait, guys! I know I wanted to leave too…but this situation has become really scary. We could all die if we don’t help them stop that beast! Think about all the times they’ve been there for us!” Diggy reminded to Branton and Porky. “Well Diggy, you know how to convince a man, ahaha! But let it be known that if I perish like a hero, you’re going with me.” Branton Jack said grimly, as he readies his handgun. Madectrison, Meritel, Steele, Van Gordon, the elderly general, Vinerox, Argros, Rhapsody, Stanford, Flarity, Luna, Deckel all agree to stay behind as well, ready to fight. “This is a war I have to fight. We all have to.” Cynthia said, as the heroes and allies gather around. “Comrades, if this our last fight, then it’s been the honor.” Van Gordon said to the heroes. “I’ll defend Karmania down to my last spark.” Madectrison said boldly, igniting her electric sword, as she continues to disintegrate, which the heroes look at sadly. The kaiju monster lets out more unearthly screams, as it begins to walk toward the heroes. “Guardian…stop that monster!” Elana yelled to the soldiers up in the blimp. “Yes, your majesty!” One of the pilots affirmed from above. The Guardian flies toward the kaiju monster, as it begins to open fire at it. The bullets do no harm to the monster, as it shoots out a dark flame from its mouth at the blimp. The Guardian then flies forward, ramming right into the monster, as juice begins to spill out of its body. “Gross…” one of the pilots said, trying not to look. The kaiju monster then grabs onto the blimp and rips one of its wings off, ruining its balance. The Guardian keeps on fighting however. Elana looks at this unnervingly. Dolly sees everyone is in danger, and decides to help too. “Pulverizer, pick me up!” Dolly yelled to the mech. Pulverizer lowers one of its hands, as Dolly boards onto it. It puts her inside of its control room, as Dolly is now piloting the mech. “My friends, we must join the fight!” Dolly yelled to Gideon’s soldiers below. All of the soldiers run off in a panic, scared of being absorbed by the kaiju like their brothers were. “FORWARD!” Dolly yelled, piloting the mech, as it runs to help the blimp fight the kaiju monster. The Pulverizer’s torch shines, as it shoots a solar beam at the kaiju monster. It stops fighting The Guardian and hisses at this. Jake, Madison and Cameron try to wake u p Tom, who is still unconscious on the ground. “Tom, come on, wake up!” Jake said to him. Tom then gets up, looks around, and gasps. “Is that…Skipper?” Tom asked, seeing him in the distance. “Tom, how do we stop these guys?” Madison asked him. Tom ignores them and keeps running to Skipper. “Okay, rude!” Madison said, as the three chase after Tom. “As Deckel said, he is an enigma!” Cameron reminded, annoyed. The kaiju monster keeps fighting off both The Guardian and The Pulverizer. It then grabs onto The Guardian’s air balloon and pops it. “We’re going down!” The soldiers yelled, as some begin to abandon ship. The Guardian’s remains go crashing down onto the ground, as it shatters apart with debris flying everywhere. “War is the worst!” Tori said, avoiding debris from the blimp. “The Guardian!” Elana yelled, worried. Suddenly, The Guardian begins to reassemble itself back together, using the same power it did in Cosmosos. This surprise the remaining soldiers. They get back into the control room, and continue fighting. “Ha, we have a magical blimp, take that you ugly monster!” Vinerox yelled. Skipper is looking at Malgus from below, trying to analyze the creature. “Skipper, Skipper!” Tom yelled, running up to him, as he trips. “What’s up?” Skipper asked. “How do we stop this?” Jake asked Tom, but he pushes him aside. “Okay then.” “You are the only one that can stop this! Ramos is up there trying to harness the power of Malgus! We have to snap him out of that trance and banish Malgus or we’re all doomed!” Tom explained to Skipper. The magic carpet reappears in front of Malgus’ face, where Ramos is still hooked up to Beesle’s Evil Stone, doing the trance. “If anyone can do it, it’s you. You were the only other person to even be a little close to Ramos.” Tom explained to Skipper. “Alright, I will try. Come, let’s save the world…never thought I’d be the one to say that, but I am!” Skipper said. The group sees the blocks that float around Malgus, leading up to him like a tower. Madison flies up, while Jake, Cameron, Skipper and Tom hop from block to block. The Guardian shoots several cannonballs at the kaiju monster, knocking it down. The Pulverizer then pins the monster down, as it struggles to move. “Threat restrained!” Lysander yelled, who is one of the soldiers inside the blimp. “They got him!” Elana said happily. However, the kaiju monster then shoots its many tongues at The Guardian, making it fall to the ground again. The tongues stay on the blimp, as they begin to surround it in a dark magical substance. The power ejects all of the soldiers out of the blimp, making them fall to the ground. “Oh no!” Lysander panicked, as the blimp begins to transform into a dark monster. The Guardian finishes turning into a dark, monstrous flying creature. The wings turn into arms, as it lowers them below. It shoots out spikes from them, impaling several of the soldiers. “Aaaaah!” The soldiers yelled Elana panics at this, as she shoots several light blasts at the flying monster. The monster then releases multiple crows and ravens from its mouth, which fly everywhere. The rest of the heroes all aid Elana in attacking the monsters. Both groups of guardians fly around, sending elemental attacks at the monsters, birds and Malgus, while the knights and allies send attacks from below. Van Gordon flies up in his jet pack, shooting blasts at the birds and Malgus, doing no harm to the latter. Branton Jack fires his handgun at a crow, destroying it. “Ha, I got them!” Branton bragged. “Here, can I try?” Diggy asked, grabbing the gun. Diggy fires the gun, as he hits two ravens, while Porky also uses his own gun to hit them. “Hey, not bad, I can aim after all!” Diggy said, surprised. “Watch out, mole!” Flinn yelled, seeing birds about to attack him from behind. Flinn jumps and pushes Diggy aside, saving him. Flinn then sends golden slashes at the birds swarming them, destroying them. “Hey thanks, you saved my life! Makes me even more proud to be on the winning team!” Diggy said, getting back up. “Don’t get too happy lad, these demons aren’t going down!” Flinn warned, as he helps Nick, Zero, Trent, Madectrison, Ranen, Max and the soldiers send attacks at the kaiju monster and Malgus. Trent fires multiple laser arrows around at the birds, hitting all of them. None of his arrows do enough damage to the kaiju monster however. “Are these monsters made of titanium or something?” Trent asked, as he shoots a burn blast from his stone at the beast. “Not even I know their weakness, this Malgus’ power exceeds reality…” Zero said grimly, sending as many electric blasts as he can at the monsters. The Pulverizer punches the kaiju monster, knocking it around, but it keeps standing still. It smashes one of its hands into the ground, nearly getting Steele. Steele then slashes his blades at its arm, as some juice comes out of it. “Ew.” Steele said, as he runs around, avoiding the monster. The girls all keep sending elemental attacks at the flying monster above, but they do little effect to it. “This is going to be a long fight…unless…” Cynthia said, thinking. Cynthia, Tori, Audrey and Roxy concentrate, as they transform into their light elemental forms. They send super powered attacks at the flying monster, piercing through its skin, as it roars. As Madison, Jake, Cameron, Skipper and Tom keep hopping on the magical blocks, the crows and ravens try to attack them. “Evil birds!” Skipper yelled. “I’ll distract them! Good luck you guys!” Cameron yelled, as he jumps down, sending attacks from his sword at the birds, getting their attention. Jake looks down at this, as he keeps jumping from block to block. As Cameron keeps falling, he shines his stone, using its cosmic powers to absorb all of the birds into the stone. Cameron’s stone then shakes oddly. “Okay, maybe I didn’t fully think this through!” Cameron panicked. The birds then explode out of the stone, with feathers flying everywhere. This sounds Cameron flying to the ground, as Trent helps him up. “That was quite a trick, are you okay?” Trent asked. “I’ve endured worse.” Cameron replied, as he helps the guardians, knights and allies fight both of the giant monsters. Jake, Madison, Tom and Skipper make it onto the closest block to the magic carpet, seeing Ramos still performing his trance with Beesle. “Ramos, you have to stop this!” Madison yelled to him, but Tom restrains her. “Go ahead Skipper, talk to him.” Tom said. Skipper jumps onto the magic carpet, seeing Ramos doing his trance. Skipper is unsure how to break him out of the trance, so he shakes Ramos and slaps him across the face multiple times. “No, you’re supposed to reach through to him with words!” Tom said. “Uh…hello sir, it’s me, the butler who made your tea. You’re not like your family, you do not need to worry about the shadows of their infamy. Also, the cookies are done.“ Skipper said, trying to snap Ramos out of the trance with poetry. Ramos then wakes up, having his trance interrupted. He stands up, surprised to see Skipper, Madison and Jake there. “…Skipper!? You’re trying to stop me, when I’m THIS close to harnessing the most powerful force in the universe, and finally fixing my family legacy!?” Ramos asked him. “…Yeah, I guess. Right, Madison and Jake?” Skipper replied, shrugging. Ramos then yells, letting out a pulse from his wires onto the Evil Stone. Beesle’s body begins to glow, waking him up. “Huh, how did I get-“ Beesle was saying, as Jake and Madison grab him, getting him out of there. The Evil Stone falls onto the carpet, as the shocks from the ire keep going into it, powering it up and reactivating it. The stone starts to ominously glow. “The stone is on super charge!” Ramos said, surprised. Suddenly, Daunter, Oblidicus and Bonehead begin to emerge out of it, with the three laughing. “FINALLY, WE’RE FREE! OUR TIME HAS COME-“ Daunter, Oblidicus and Bonehead were saying. The stone then explodes due to the super charge, killing all three, as the stone shards fly everywhere. “Well, looks like I don’t have to guard that anymore.” Beesle said, relieved. However, the blast of the explosion sends Ramos flying right into Malgus’ mouth. “Ramos!” Jake, Madison and Skipper yelled at once. The three jump right into Malgus’ mouth to save him, leaving Beesle with Tom. As Malgus shuts its mouth, it bites off Jake’s sword, making it fall onto the dirt ground below. Rhapsody and Peyton send musical attacks at Malgus, as Jake’s sword lands near them. Luna fires many magical arrows at the birds around, with Nick sending spell attacks by her side. The kaiju monster is about to stomp on Steele, but Luna pushes him out of the way, saving him. Flarity shoots herself into the air with fire jets, and shoots fire attacks at the flying monster “Elana, get me some backup!” Flarity yelled. The flying monster then whacks her with its tongue, sending her flying. “Waaaaaah!” Flarity yelled, as she goes flying right into a mountain wall. “Ouch…” The girls send as many attacks as they can in their light elemental forms, but even those aren’t enough to damage the monsters enough. The kaiju monster makes The Pulverizer fall to the ground, as it makes its way to Elana and Madectrison on the rock. “I’ll handle this beast, Madectrison’s way!” Madectrison said, making her left arm extend into an electric sword, and sends a strike right at the kaiju monster’s shoulder. The kaiju monster then whacks Madectrison aside. It then leans over Elana, and lets out a loud hiss, as Elana keeps sending light attacks at it. It then raises its right hand and is about to crush her with it, but Elana forms a light bubble around her just in time, protecting herself. The girls see this and panic. “Elana!” Cynthia, Roxy, Audrey and Tori yelled, but Elana floats up, revealing she is safe. Her, along with the girls, all send light attacks at the kaiju monster. The light elemental attacks rip apart its body, as the kaiju monster explodes, with its remains splattering across the ground. “Thanks…” one of the faces on the kaiju monster’s body said. “Please stay down for good this time.” Roxy said to the remains. The girls fly off, and help the past guardians, knights and allies fight off the flying monster. While everyone isn’t looking, the kaiju monster’s remains begin to reform themselves back together, with the ground shaking. “Uh oh…” one of the faces said. … Jake, Madison, Skipper and Ramos wake up inside of a large, green box room, which is Malgus’s stomach. “What’s…happening…” Jake was saying, feeling weird. The Heart of Karmania and the knight stones turn gray, as the three lose their powered up forms. “Probably that.” Madison sighed, looking around at the room. “Don’t panic, but uh, I think Malgus is digesting us. Breaking us apart layer by layer to our essential forms…” Ramos explained. The box room around them begins to shrink, making them panic. “If this is it, it’s good to see you again one last time, sir.” Skipper said to him. “The one person from my past who actually liked me, hello Skipper. It’s good to see you too. I wanted to erase my past and make my family good, but it seems it was always meant to be. I ruin everything for you guys, it’s all my fault that I’ve doomed you all…” Ramos sighed. “I’ll get us out of here!” Jake said, trying to find a way. “Jake, it’s hopeless. You can’t fight your way out of his guts. You may have gotten out of situations with no magical powers before, but this time…I don’t know.” Skipper said grimly. Ramos then looks at the grey Heart of Karmania on the ground, along with Jake and Skipper’s grey knight stones. Back outside, the flying monster begins to attack The Pulverizer. It grabs onto the mech and rips its head off. The rest of the mech falls to the ground and collapses apart. Dolly lays in the wreckage unconscious. Meritel, Madectrison, Flarity, Steele, Van Gordon, Argros, Vinerox and multiple other allies are shown knocked out and tired. “I’m getting too old for this…” Branton sighed. “In all my years, I’ve never fought anything so impossible to defeat…” Peyton said, beat. The kaiju monster then reforms itself, regrouping with the flying monster. “So much for us obliterating it.” Tori sighed. “Wherever Madison, Jake and Skipper are, I hope they’re having better luck than us…” Roxy said, looking up at Malgus, still floating there idly. “Never give up hope, it is a valuable tool.” Mai reminded. Cameron then sees both monsters are heading for Central Karmania. “Okay, I can do this. Stone, give me the last of your energy…” Cameron said, as he channels his stone’s power. Cameron then begins to glow cosmic blue like he did before on Atlaxia, and runs after the two monsters. “I did not know he could do that now.” Zero said, surprised. “New plan: Knights, you go help Cameron take them down. We’ll stay here and see what we can do about Malgus.” Elana ordered, looking up at it. The rest of the knights chase after Cameron and the monsters. The two giants make their way through Crystal Town, crushing buildings, as the mayor and crystal people flee in a panic. Cameron sends a blue cosmic attack from his sword at both monsters, gaining their attention. He sends more cosmic attacks, trying to overwhelm them. He jumps up and is about to deliver a finishing blow to the kaiju monster. “This is for you, Jake!” Cameron said. The kaiju monster then grabs Cameron and slams him right into the crystal ground, making his cosmic form go away. Nick, Zero, Trent, Flinn, Ranen and Max come to his aid, helping him up. “That was careless, Rhodes, but honorable.” Ranen said. The two monsters then make their way to the Central Karmania, and approach the castle, worrying the knights. Many villagers and beasts panic. “What’s all the ruckus out there?” A guard asked, looking out a window to see the kaiju monsters face. “Oh…” The kaiju monster then slams its fist right into the Central Karmania castle, causing it to fall apart, completely destroying it. The knights look at this shocked. “Oh no…” Nick said, not sure how to respond. The monsters keep on moving, as the knights look at the remains of the castle, with several soldiers making it out of the debris. “Elana and Meritel won’t be happy about this…” Trent said awkwardly. “Have we failed? These demons are impossible to defeat.” Flinn said, wondering if hope is lost. “Our odds are not very good, I’ll say that much.” Zero replied, calculating. “No. As Mai said, never give up hope. The magic of Karmania is on our side.” Cameron reminded. Suddenly, Cameron, Flinn, Nick, Zero and Trent’s knight stones begin to glow, letting out a musical tune from them. “Huh, didn’t know our stones could do that. You learn something new every day.” Nick said, surprised. At the battlefield, the flying monster returns, as the heroes keep attacking it. Suddenly, Roxy, Cynthia, Audrey and Tori feel the same magical tune that the knights have, as it glows on their shirts. “This is weird…” Audrey said, confused. “I think this is good…I hope.” Roxy replied, as they keep attacking the flying monster, and start to actually damage it, weakening it. The magical tune begins to spread throughout all of Karmania, as many villagers, beasts and animals hear it across the many kingdoms. Jake and Madison still desperately try to break out of the closing in box, with no luck. As the kaiju monster begins to walk away from the castle debris, it stops when it hears the tune from the stones. The kaiju monster tries to attack, but a magical presence surrounding the knights stops the beast, as it lets out a scream, forcing its hand away. Elana and Meritel see the destroyed castle in the distance, upsetting both. “Oh no…” Meritel said. They then see the kaiju monster being repelled by the magic tune, as it keeps hissing. “What’s up with him?” Elana wondered, as they approach the knights. Elana, Meritel, Ranen and Max feel the magical tune flow through them as well, they connect together with the knights. The magic keeps on repelling the kaiju monster, as it flees back to the battlefield, still leaving the purple smoke trails. “I don’t know what we’re doing, but it’s working! I believe this is their weakness: magical harmony. Malgus is discord, and harmony defeats discord.” Zero realized, seeing his stone glow along with the others. “I knew it, every demons from beyond have to have a weakness! Sorry about the castle, by the way.” Nick said to Elana and Meritel. “You know…it’s okay. We can always build another.” Elana replied, getting over it. “Let’s just focus on defeating these monsters once and for all.” The gang heads back to the battlefield, as the girls are still shining, as they keep weakening the flying monster. “Everyone, join us in harmony!” Elana yelled. All of their allies regain their strength, as they begin to magically glow, with the tune flowing through them all. “This is weird, but I like it!” Diggy said. Everyone feels it flow through them, as they desperately stand together, continuing to attack the kaiju and flying monsters. However, the magical harmony is already weakening them as is, irritating them. Malgus keeps sitting there, as the heroes get closer to it. With their combined magical harmony, they begin to open a hole through its chest. “I don’t know if we can kill Malgus with magical tunes…” Cynthia said. “Probably not, but this should give them enough time to escape at least.” Cameron said. Back inside Malgus’s stomach, the box is very small now, as it begins to crush Jake, Madison, Skipper and Ramos. Jake and Madison keep desperately punching against the walls, but give up with no luck. “I always figured I’d go out saving somebody…” Jake said sadly, as Madison comforts him. “Same here.” Madison replied. Ramos then places his hand on Jake’s shoulder. “Hey, nobody gets to choose how it happens. The most important thing is that we’re here together.” Ramos told him. Suddenly, the four begin to hear the magical tune, as it glows around their bodies. Jake, Madison and Skipper turn back into their powered up forms. “Do you guys hear that?” Jake asked, listening to the wall. “It sounds like…everyone.” Madison realized. A hole begins to open in thew all, as Jake looks through it. “It is them! Look, we can leave!” Jake said, as he begins to climb through it. Madison and Skipper follow him through the hole. Ramos holds the Heart of Karmania, as it turns back on, surprising him. Jake and Skipper’s knight stones turn back on as well. “Sir, come with us! This is finally your chance!” Skipper said, reaching his hand out to Ramos. “…I can’t do that.” Ramos revealed, shocking them. “What!? Why? This is your chance to finally live out the life you’ve wanted!” Skipper said, surprised. “Guys, it’s clenching!” Jake warned, trying to hold up the hole. “I know what I have to do to save everyone from Malgus. I figured out what’s wrong with the heart. I’m not coming back. I’m sorry for ruining your lives as much as I did.” Ramos realized, surprising them. Ramos then pushes Skipper down the hole with Madison and Jake, as it begins to seal back up. “Madison, you’ll get this back when I’m done. Goodbye.” Ramos said to them, saluting, as he wears the Heart of Karmania. “Wait, Ramos!” they yelled, sliding away, as the hole reseals itself with Ramos still in the box. Ramos is sitting in the cramped box, as it keeps closing in. He is wearing the Heart of Karmania, with the magical tune surrounding him, and an aura coming out of the heart. He looks at the flashing heart, knowing what he has to do. “I wish to banish Malgus from this world.” Ramos spoke, but an error noise is heard from the room. “Okay…I wish for Malgus to disappear, I wish for Malgus to disappear!” Ramos spoke, but more error noises are heard, making him panic. “No!” He then thinks and realizes the true solution. “I see now. However it has to happen…I wish…to ascend.” Ramos said, as a positive noise is heard and a powerful light fills the. room. … Madison, Jake and Skipper slide out of Malgus, as the heroes catch them, landing on the ground. The heroes and allies all stand together, looking at Malgus and his monsters. The monsters chase a few of the allies, who run around, when the world around them begins to shake. “I don’t like what’s happening!” Dolly panicked, trying to hold on. Malgus then lets out a loud noise from its mouth, as its eyes go cross-eyed. A powerful force is released from it, knocking the heroes and allies all back, as they try to hang on. The world around them begins to flash black and white. The flash completely wipes the kaiju and flying monsters out of existence, as everyone else is protected. “Hey hey hey!” Talking Tree said nearby, as the blast knocks him over. Quint and his team show up in a brand new ship, ready for battle. “We heard there was a war, sorry we’re late!” Quint yelled from the ship, as the ship gets knocked out of the sky by the powerful blast, as the world keeps flashing black and white. “Ramos did it!” Jake yelled, looking up from behind a rock. “Yeah Ramos, woo!” Cynthia yelled, surprised, as the heroes cheer for him. Malgus then lets out a terrifying roar, as the creature begins to transform. “…But what has he done?” Tom asked, with a somber look on his face. Malgus keeps transforming, and is reborn in a new form. Malgus looks like Ramos now, as the two have now fused, with Ramos gaining control over the beast’s mind. He is wearing a crown and cape in his new form, looking down at the heroes from the sky. “Well great, I don’t like this guy either…” Peyton said, worried. “No…Ramos? Don’t go…” Skipper said to him, walking forward. “He saved us all. It’s what he wanted more than anything.” Valina realized. Ramos ascends in his new form back into the portal, and leaves, as the portal closes behind. The Heart of Karmania then falls to the ground, still in tact. “So…it’s finally over.” Madison said, when Madectrison grabs her leg, still disintegrating. “Hey Madison…I’m not doing so good.” Madectrison said sadly, as her sparks keep fading away. “Oh no…” Madison said. “I just wish I could see the kingdom one more time…” Madectrison said in her dying words, as the heroes look at this sadly. “Yeah, of course. Let’s go there right now.” Madison replied, as Madectrison is about to fade away. “That’s okay. Just promise to plant me somewhere…” Madectrison said in her final words, as she disintegrates into the wind. A small, electric medal is left behind, which Madison picks up. The guardians and knights go to the remains of the destroyed castle. Madison plants the electric medal into the ground. “You feel ready?” Jake asked, as Madison plants the medal into the ground, covering it up. Suddenly, a large, electric tree begins to grow out of the ground. It stands tall, looking over all of Karmania from its view. “It’s beautiful…” Audrey said. “Yeah, this would make a good painting.” Roxy said. The heroes look out at Karmania, as the sun shines brightly across the healing land. “And that’s the end, for real this time!” Nick finished narrating in the future. “I thought this story was about the end of the world.” Matthew asked. “It was…from a certain point of view.” Nick replied. “But what happened to the guardians and knights after that?” Matthew asked. “Or their friends?” Nicole asked. “Eh, you know, they kept living life. Thank you for visiting the King of Posidonia. Before you go though, I want you to have this…” Nick was saying to Matthew. Nick grabs a chest, which is glowing red inside. He opens it to show Jake’s old red knight stone, which he hands Matthew. Matthew is surprised by this, as he happily accepts it. “As for you Nicole, if you want the Heart of Karmania, you will find it atop the electric tree, and you will begin a beautiful new journey. Goodbye.” Nick said to them, as Zero opens the castle door, escorting Nicole and Matthew out. “He was very polite for a king.” Nicole said, as they walk down the mountain. “Let’s go find that tree.” Matthew said, as Nicole agrees. “That tree should be huge now, it won’t be hard to find.” Nicole reply, as the two run off. Back in the present, the heroes are seen relaxing deep in the Central Karmania forests together. “You know, we were close to biting it back there. We would’ve never made it out of there if it wasn’t for you guys, Ramos and everyone else. That magical tune was powerful.” Jake said to the rest of the team. “The magic of Karmania works in wondrous ways, some of which we’ll never fully understand.” Cameron replied. "I still can't believe Ramos sacrificed himself like that. To think, our former arch-nemesis saving the whole world..." Madison said. "He learned to be selfless, like a real king would. It's like poetry." Nick realized. "I never thought I'd say it, but...I'll miss him, in a weird way. If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't even be together right now." Elana said. “This experience really made me wonder what the future will hold for all of us.” Roxy said, pondering. “Whatever it holds, we’ll face the future together. Even if the time comes for us to retire, this magical world’s power will forever be on our side.” Audrey said. Madison looks at the Heart of Karmania, smiling, as the knights look at their stones. They then go on top of a cliff, seeing a beautiful sunset. The sunset shines on Madectrison’s tree in the distance. “Now this…this deserves a painting too.” Cynthia said. “Let’s stay a while and admire this view.” Madison said, thinking about Madectrison, as a nice breeze blows through the air. An end montage occurs. Jake, Trent, Madison, Cynthia, Roxy, Audrey and Tori are seen graduating at the end of their senior year. Their family members are all at the ceremony, applauding them. Rotwell hands them their diplomas, happily shaking their hands. Thomson, Mr. Flinch and other teachers applaud for them. In the future, Tori becomes a professional detective, continuing her father’s work, making Hank happy. She happily sits back in her office. Cynthia becomes a famous fashion designer. Roxy becomes an animal trainer, as she pets Riley. Audrey becomes a world famous painter, as her parents, Mai, and Oswald cheer for her work at a museum. Madison becomes a school teacher in the future. Elana continues to rule over Central Karmania, uniting surrounding kingdoms together, as the land stays mostly peaceful. Vince, Mariette and Mrs. Lenden are proud of Elana, as she meets with them again. Orion eventually gets turned back to normal, reuniting with his family. Elana, Meritel, Orion and Dolly have a nice family vacation together, visiting a paradise in Tropic Isles. Jake eventually becomes a karate teacher, opening his own dojo similar to Ranen’s. Zero and Darlene continue to work on their inventions, helping improve Posidonia’s technology. One returns to Posidonia, helping Zero out with his work. At some point, Zero visits Tristan’s grave, and leaves a flower for him, hoping he found peace. Nick continues to spend time with Luna, as he becomes a powerful wizard, detective and cowboy all at once. Cameron spends more time with his mother, and lives life. Trent becomes a basketball player, as Valina and Cassidy are happy for him. Flinn is later crowned King of Ottelia, as his people cheer for him, including his advisors. Stan happily comes to see him, who is in much better health. Flinn signs his autograph, happy Stan is better. Skipper is seen in front of Wishy Joe. Skipper tries to make a wish to bring Ramos back, but he is unfortunately unable to, causing an empty trashcan to appear instead of Ramos. Wishy Joe gives an awkward shrug, trying to smile. Skipper then sadly returns to Karmania, but the royal guards have a surprise for him that they found in a Federation prison: his friend that was previously arrested by the Federation, who turns out to be a wizard. The two happily reunite. Ranen retires from duty, and lives life. Van Gordon, Mirta, Moe and Charlie are shown in Pyrite Town, exploring the desert plains and making the algae farms grow. Mirta becomes promoted to the town’s sheriff, as they cheer for her. Scott returns to Pyrite Town, and shakes hands with Van Gordon, pleased to meet him again. Gus is calmly riding his motorbike down the Posidonia Fields streets, seeing many civilians along the way, including Jared, Paul Dunkley, Doug, Johnny, friendly Federation soldiers, and the Borok Twins. Bryan, Gnarly Dewd, Luke, and Steve relax in their secret treehouse. Bruce Briggs and Snail-tective continue their show for more seasons, signing autographs for fans, including Nick and Skipper. Duke and Percy return to Posidonia, having a reunion with the rest of the past guardians and knights. Rhapsody continues ruling over Soundaria, as the villagers and Candace all happily play their instruments. Stanford rules over the Shadow Lands, as the kingdom stays peaceful. Flarity eventually becomes the queen of Flameren, as her parents and the fire people applaud her. Boboo and Gelatos are seen in a club with several other beasts, including the comet, dolphin and metal samurai fighters, having drinks. Vinerox and Argros meet with several other reformed beasts, happy they changed their ways, as they explore the lands. The Crystal Citadel is seen in good shape in Cosmosos, as Jellatox, Nightkrow, Snapper and the electric creature make cameos in their crystal prisons. Clock King happily rules over Clockwork. King Pineaton continues to keep order in Luncheon, as Banana Burglar is seen in a jail, evilly plotting his escape. Diggy continues to sail the Karmanian seas with Branton Jack and Porky, as their business grows stronger and popular throughout Karmania. Talking Tree is put back into his position, as he begins to sing songs to travelers. Quint and his team continue to travel the world in their ship, helping people out. Deckel, Luna, Briar and Tom continue to watch over the magic of Karmania at their temple. Tom then looks at a picture of his father, happily thinking about him. Randy is seen with many Federation soldiers and guards, one of which is Mark in a cameo. They finish construction of the new castle on top of Mt. Kelpdor. Randy continues to rule over Posidonia, as the civilians cheer for him. Rookie and Jet are exploring the world together, as they investigate some ancient ruins. In the Posidonia Fields Jail, Firebolt, former Deputy Bobby and Kent Brock make cameos. Firebolt is eventually let out and changes his ways. Donny and Blyde try to start their magician act again, becoming a traveling show. Donald Bucklend goes to the Posidonia Wild Lands and continues what Ramos started, creating a beautiful habitat for all of the creatures there. In The Under, Red is seen in his new cyborg form being crowned as its new king, and the criminals all cheer for him. Andy Wardal makes more inanimate objects like Stump, and continues to have them jokingly run for elections. Vito, Beethmore and Stout are still in the Mt. Spire prisons, looking sad. PosidoniaCorp continues to thrive under Nark Luckerberg’s leadership. Rotwell’s findings start to become more and more widely accepted by the scientific community, as his mother, Klaus and Gerhard are proud of him. Steele gets a promotion and becomes a Central Karmanian general. Beesle is calmly relaxing in the Ye Olde Book Store, as Jay and him read books together. Doyle is seen exploring the world with his miner crew, as they become rich with their treasure findings. Thorn and Morgana start new lives in the Nature Wilds. Thorn later becomes a member of the Fingers of Poison, as Naja, Scorpia, Stingapede and Gacko welcome her into their clan. Vexacus and his new group of bounty hunter friends are seen traveling the world together. The three Karmanian Deer are seen resting in the Central Karmania forests. Slittercold looks out from the Permafrost Mountain peak. Bandi is seen looking out from an Ironos mountain peak. The Divine Beasts all rest in their areas. The heroes are seen relaxing at the Posidonia Fields Beach, when they see a familiar boat in the distance. The boat has Mabel on a television screen, Colress, International Police agents such as Roy and Dilks, and many residents from Paradise on board. Madison waves to them, happy her mother will spend more time with her in Posidonia. Back in the future, Matthew and Nicole make it to the top of the electrical tree. They see the Heart of Karmania is hanging from a branch. “Wow, check it out!” Matthew said. “Very pretty.” Nicole said, as she holds up the Heart of Karmania. “Aww yeah, we’re going to continue the guardians and knights!” Matthew said eagerly. Matthew shines the red knight stone, and Nicole shines the heart, as the two are ready to begin a new adventure. THE END Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Matthew and Nicole -Area Debuts: Mt. Kelpdor -Deaths: - - - - - -The dream powder that Valina had in “In Dreams” is used again. -The evil stone from “Evil Stone” comes into play again, being used to summon Malgus. -The Guardian being able to reassemble itself from “Ghost in the Machine” occurs again. -Cameron briefly turns into the cosmic knight form he got in “Cameron Rhodes: Star Guardian”. -Tori becoming a detective in the end montage was first hinted to in “Dead Justice: #1 Sheriff”. -Skipper’s friend that was arrested by the Federation, first mentioned in “Enemy Mine”, is revealed to still be alive as the two reunite in the end montage. -Two working titles for the finale were “End Times” and “Ascension”. -Almost every single character appears in some way, shape or form. That's it, everyone. Special thanks to the people who read this for the past three years, even if only a little. Yes, this is the end of an era. This my final spin-off outing for the foreseeable future it's looking like, and I doubt that will change anytime soon. I'm glad I got to end my run with Mystic Guardians of all spin-offs, as I truly had fun with this. But all good things must come to an end. See ya 'round, kids.
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