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  1. SBC: Wasteland Warriors

    4. Get a Job Cha is seen sleeping her room (with much anime and Kappa Mikey merchandise everywhere), when she suddenly hears knocking at her door. She wakes up, and opens the door to see Renegade. "hai cha. " Renegade greeted. "Uh...hey Ren, why are you in our base?" Cha asked, very confused. "I lost my job at Bob's Big Boy Burgers because 4Ever thinks I stole his lucky dime, and I have no doubloons to afford a home, so MDPP gave me permission to stay here. Unfortunately, Hayden, Trophy, SOF and WhoBob all said no, so I'm asking if you'd let me be your roommate until I can get my life back together. Plz? " Renegade offered, giving her puppy eyes. Cha thinks about saying no, but can't bring herself to. "Eh......well I do have an extra bed in that I've used for my plushes, but I can put them in my bed now. Sure, just don't be a burden. I'd never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request. " Cha agreed reluctantly. "YAY! Looks like we're roomies! Also, thoughts?: " Renegade posted. "bretty gud," Cha replied hesitantly, as she goes back to sleep, grabbing her plushes. Renegade drops his Power Rangers merchandise all over the extra bed, and goes to sleep. He then blasts some Beach Boys music, as it echoes throughout the base, waking everyone up except for SOF, who is having a wild dream about Star vs, but that's for another time. "Who is playing that horrid music?" Hayden asked. Cha gets up, and wants to tell Renegade to stop, but cannot. "HEY SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO HAVE CRAZY DREAMS OVER HERE, TURN THAT OFF!" Trophy yelled from his room. "Sorreh. " Renegade replied, turning off the music. As everyone goes back to sleep, Renegade plays with some of his Power Rangers toys in bed, which Cha tries to ignore, giving her a hard time sleeping. At Infinex's super evil lair, he has another meeting. A Pinke Pie robot appears on the stage. "WOOHOO, LET'S THROW A PARTY OF EVIL!" Pinkie Pie said, dancing. "What sort of strange creature is this?" Hank Hill asked. "I don't know, but it sure is an energetic one, and I like it!" Hugh Neutron replied, as Pinkie Pie sprays cake cream in their faces. "It's one of my precious pony babies. <3 We'll use it to dig under their dome, and get inside of the city. This time, I promise it'll work. " Spongetron said. "We shall see about that. You may proceed, Spongetron." Infinex replied. Spongetron salutes, taking the Pinkie Pie robot and some grunts to the SBC dome. Back at the base, as Renegade is listening to more music in Cha's room, the protectors are seen outside. "No offense Cha, but why did you let Ren be ur roommate?" WhoBob asked her. "I wanted to be nice, he has nowhere else to go. I can sorta relate, although something tells me this might be more difficult than I thought, whoops." Cha replied. "Be more assertive, don't let him walk all over you." Hayden said. "I doubt he will, besides, he's only staying with us until he "gets his life back together"." Cha said. "but how long do that take?" SOF asked. "uh..." Cha was saying. Suddenly, Renegade looks out from the window, seeing them. "HEY CHA, I NEED SOME HELP! IT'S URGENT!" Renegade yelled in Comic Sans. "ok sure, brb" Cha said, as she heads back inside the base. "poor cha, hopefully nothing else bad happens " SOF said. Meanwhile, Slam Lord BBBB and two of his henchmen are approaching the SBC base from a distance, looking angry. Meanwhile meanwhile, Spongetron and Pinkie Pie approach the dome. "I want to dig, but I hate getting dirty! " Pinkie Pie said. "just do it," Spongetron ordered. Pinkie Pie begins to dig through the sand, creating a tunnel inside of the dome (uh oh). Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile, Cha goes to her room, seeing Renegade relaxing on his bed. "What's the hubbub, bub?" Cha asked. "I need a soda, but I'm too lazy to get up. Plz? Also, thoughts?" Renegade said. "I guess...sure." Cha replied, a bit annoyed. She comes back, handing him a soda. "New request, I want some soup. " Renegade requested. Cha gets further annoyed, as she goes to make his soup. seeing Renegade in his bed, with a tv in front of him. "Here you go, it's alphabet soup...I made it special. " Cha said, handing Ren his soup, which spells out these words: Renegade is disgusted, as he whacks the soup out of his lap. "Condensed soup from a can? Disgusting! Now you've ruined my appetite! Go fetch me something to read!" Renegade demanded. "Oh, okay. How about this? " Cha replied, shoving a newspaper in his face with "job listings", but Ren swats it away. "Get that away from me! You know I'm allergic to newsprint! Now then, time for Power Rangers. Hurry up, they won't hold the show while you laze around." Renegade demanded. Cha angrily pushes the tv in front of Renegade. She then makes Shinuigi and Katsuo puppets, putting them in place of the screen. Renegade turns it on, showing the Shinuigi and Katsuo puppets, which confuses him a bit. "Huh, PR sure has changed a lot." Ren noted. "Hey, where are you going?" Shinuigi asked. "To my job!" Katsuo replied. "You have a job?" Shinuigi replied. "Why wouldn't I? I'm not some lazy, inconsiderate jerk who lays in bed all day." Katsuo replied. "Say, where can I get one of these...jobs?" Shinuigi replied. "Oh, they're everywhere. Especially if you're a renegade unicorn and like Power Rangers!" Katsuo replied. "Thanks. I'm gonna go look for one so I can stop MOOCHING off my friends and they can get back to their lives! " Shinuigi replied, as Cha gets assertive. "Hey, this isn't my show! Cha, the remote control is broken!" Renegade said, annoyed, as he keeps pressing buttons. Cha then comes out of hiding from the tv, and confronts Ren. "I've got a better idea! Why don't I call someone whose JOB it is to fix it? You know why? Because when I want a JOB done I get someone with a JOB to do that JOB! " Cha ranted to Ren. "...What are you saying? " Renegade asked. Cha then angrily pushes the bed out of the base, yelling, and pushes it all the way to Bob's Big Boy Burgers, as the guys outside see this. "wow, cha got fed up already, huh? " WhoBob noticed. "Atta girl." Hayden said, proud. "She held out longer than I could." Trophy said. "lets hoop nothing more bad happens-" SOF was saying. “Ahem...I would like to speak to SOF.” a voice said, startling them. Slam Lord BBBB and two of his goons appear right before them. "ugh, it's Slam. SOF, you jinxed it. " WhoBob said. "So this is the crime lord SOF worked for, how underwhelming. I expected someone badass." Hayden said, unimpressed. "believe me, his spamming and constant questioning of a video game nobody cares about is more diabolical than any crime lord," Trophy replied. “uh oh...” SOF said nervously. “Heard you were back in town...” Slam said. “AND YOU’RE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE MISTER!” Slam continued. “Also guys, I’m finally close to discovering a copy of Underpants Slam somewhere in the wasteland! THE APOCALYPSE WILL NOT DETER ME!” Slam continued, flooding. “Dude, can you stop flooding? Seriously, you could put that all into one sentence... >.<” WhoBob replied. “You ain’t the boss of the great cartel lord himself. Now SOF, it’s time to talk about that $3 million you stole from ME...” Slam confronted, and SOF gulps. "i swole it because you bad guy, also i dont have it anymore, soz, now go away!" SOF replied. "Ah, warms my heart to see both Cha and SOF being assertive. It makes me proud. " Hayden said. "Well then SOF.....looks like we need to get the money out of you the hard way..." Slam said menacingly. "Rough him up boys!" Slam continued to his two men, who are ready to beat up SOF. "Seriously dude, why can't you fit everything into one line of dialogue?" Trophy asked annoyed. Before his men can lay a finger on him though, the Pinkie Pie robot burrows its way from out of the ground. It then kicks both of the henchmen away with its back legs, as they go flying and screaming. "WHO'S READY TO PARTY!?" Pinkie Pie asked, getting a party cannon, firing cake everywhere. "GAH, I HATE PONIES, AND ROBOTS! I'M OUT OF HERE! GOOD LUCK DEALING WITH THIS ONE, PROTECTORS, BUT I WILL BE BACK TO HAVE MY MONEY BACK, SOF! IN THE MEANTIME, I WILL FIND UNDERPANTS SLAM!" Slam vowed, as he runs away like a chicken. "Well that's one problem going on, but what the actual fuck, a pony robot now?" WhoBob asked. "so now they send mlp robat to fight, WTF!?" SOF panicked. "BOOO!!! Worst robot enemy thus far, seriously, My Little Pony is what these robots are stooping to?" Trophy asked, irritated. "Now there's something Trophy and I can agree on, truly their most diabolical plot yet. >_>" Hayden said. Spongetron then approaches with several grunt bots, surprising them, as they see her robotic implants. "Hi fucktards, I'm back. " Spongetron greeted. "WHAT A TWIST!" SOF yelled. "...Tron? You're a bad guy now? Really???" Trophy asked. "So Spongetron finally became an actual robot...jokes aside tho, why u join bad guys??? " WhoBob asked. "I teamed up with these robots because I hate all of you, except for Luke, obviously! Yes, I'm going to get rid of you liberal loving, pony hating and rude assholes with my awesome Pinkie Pie robot! Also, here's some special words of wisdom to Hayden: FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!" Spongetron yelled, tauntingly dancing around him. "What a nice reunion." Hayden replied sarcastically. "But seriously, this is just sad, I haven't even seen you in almost two years, someone needs to move on-" "You're a bullying instigator, now you will die for your crimes, along with the rest of you!" Spongetron said. "hey now wait a minute, I can understand being this crazy to Hay, but what tf did I do to you? o_O" Trophy asked. "You were all against me, claiming I was "rude" and "ignorant" when all I wanted to do was share muh opinions which were NOT me instigating, nor was I doing it for "attention", but I always got attacked because this site has a liberal agenda!" Spongetron said. "Umm, I never said anything mean to you tho, and how did SBC have liberal agenda? What the hell-" WhoBob was asking. "SILENCE! Pinkie, show them our POWER!" Spongetron commanded, as Pinkie Pie makes several balloons float around, which explode all over the place. SOF, Hayden, Trophy and WhoBob fight off the grunt robots, ripping 'em apart like nobody's business. MDPP sees the commotion from his lab monitors, and notices Cha is not there. Meanwhile, Cha pushes Ren's bed into Bob's Big Boy Burgers, where 4EverGreen is. "WHAT THE!? Cha, I have NOTHING against you, but WHY would you bring that THIEF back here!? He stole my LUCKY DIME, and will NEVER work here AGAIN! " 4EverGreen ranted. "Please, give him another chance! He needs a job, he needs the money! Also, I can't deal with him anymore. " Cha said. "I FEEL bad to FIRE him since we USED to be GREAT friends, but he ROBBED me! " 4EverGreen replied. "Sorry, I don't even remember robbing you tho. " Renegade replied. Cha then looks closer, to see a green dime on a table seat. "Is this your dime?" Cha asked, holding it. "Why YES, it IS! But HOW did it get THERE, I thought Renegade TOOK it? " 4EverGreen replied, confused. "Oh! I remember now, lol! You were cleaning that table and must have dropped it there. " Renegade said. "WAIT, that's RIGHT! I DID clean that table...WHOOPS, I am very SORRY for the GROSS overreaction! Renegade, you're HIRED AGAIN! " 4EverGreen declared. "AW YEAH GUESS W H O'S B A C K!?" Renegade cheered, as 4EverGreen gives him his worker's uniform again. "Sorry Cha for being rude, I admit I got lazy and selfish. " "It's okay, dude. Just please don't get fired again! " Cha said. "I won't, ma'am! " Renegade replied, as he gets back to work with 4Ever, and Cha walks out. "Welp, glad that nonsense is settled! Being assertive felt so good. I now feel like a strong, independent woman! " Cha said happily, as many are angry about this literature for pushing feminism, but anyways... MDPP then calls Cha, who responds. "Cha, you have to get back to base, robots are attacking, including a Pinkie Pie for some reason." MDPP said. "Roger that, chief!" Cha replied, as she runs back there with Sonic speed. Spongetron shoots pew pew lasers from her laser gun at the guys, who barely avoid. The last robot grunt is destroyed by SOF hitting it with a replica of Star's wand, but he then gets covered in cake cream by Pinkie Pie. As Hayden and Trophy both try to destroy Pinkie Pie, Spongetron tries to punch WhoBob. "Come on bruh, fite me." Spongetron taunted. "I can't hit a girl... " WhoBob said, putting his Captain America shield in the way, as Spongetron laughs. Cha then approaches, seeing this chaos. "What the? Pinkie Pie, and Spongetron? " Cha asked very confused. "it long story, but tron is evil now," SOF explained, trying to eat his way out of the cream, but it tastes horrible. "yuck" Pinkie Pie then kicks Hayden and Trophy right into a tree, and charges at WhoBob, trampling him. It keeps running around, firing cake cream at the guys, as Spongetron then sees Cha. "Tron, this ends here. " Cha said, speaking like a cowboy. "Well well well, it's Cha. I'd love to have a hot cat fight with you, but I don't feel like it. Pinkie, kill her!" Spongetron ordered. Pinkie Pie charges right for Cha, who pulls out her Guano gun. She fires at Pinkie, damaging it. Pinkie then readies her party cannon, but Cha throws her Shinuigi and Kansuo puppets right into the cannon, jamming it. It explodes, damaging Pinkie. "It-it-it's PAR-PARTY TIME!?!?" Pinkie malfunctioned, barely walking around. Pinkie Pie then charges at Cha, still flailing weirdly, about to trample her, but Cha looks danger (or rather pinkness) in the face like a badass she is. She fires her Guano gun multiple times. Pinkie tries to throw more cake cream at Cha, but Cha shoots one last laser blast, getting stuck in its cake shoot. It is unable to shoot more, and malfunctions. The Pinkie Pie robot explodes, with confetti flying everywhere. "THANK GOD!" Trophy yelled, as both him and Hayden cheer, getting out of the cake cream. "rip punkie, even if evil one," SOF said, throwing a flower on the robot Pinkie's corpse. "NO, MY PINKIE! You monsters will pay! Now you've done it! Hey Cha, let's have a girl vs girl fight, bitch-" Spongetron was taunting (ooh cat fight). Cha then punches Spongetron in the face as she falls to the ground, with the guys cheering. "Nobody attacks my friends!" Cha said. Tron gets up, seeing she is defeated. "You bitch! That's it, I'm retreating, but I'll be back! Also, fuck all of you!" Spongetron said, giving them the double bird, as she escapes through the tunnel. "...rude, smh tron," SOF replied. "wow okay, but thx Cha for saving us <3" WhoBob replied. "Can't wait for the next pony robot she uses. Also, glad to see you put her in her place, Cha. Mad respect." Hayden said. "No problem, guys. <3 I can't believe Tron went that crazy, hopefully she comes to her senses. :/" Cha replied. "Tbh, sounds like she needs to get a job like Ren, I mean a job that doesn't involve working for a bunch of Ultrons. " WhoBob said. "wait, what happened to ren?" SOF asked. "He has a job again, no worries! He won't be a problem anymore, he got a happy ending. " Cha replied. "Surprised to see you act that aggressive to both him and Tron, though your patience is still stronger than mine." Trophy said. "Meh, I have my breaking points too. You guys want to go to the Cytube Club and watch some Adventure Time reruns?" Cha asked. "oooh, count me in. " WhoBob replied. "same," SOF replied. "I would've preferred a Super marathon, but fine considering I never caught up with the final AT season. (inb4 hay kills me) " Trophy replied. "Really Trophy, smh...whatever. Man, haven't seen AT in ages...I remember the finale, it was a hell of a ride, especially with our Xat commentary. Sure, let's get some nostalgia up in these dark times! " Hayden replied, as MDPP examines the damage. "So the pony dug a tunnel through the sand, yay, another security precaution for me to worry about... >_>" MDPP sighed. "Don't worry doc, you can get a break. Wanna come watch AT with us?" Cha offered. "Meh, why not." MDPP replied, as the two head to the Cytube Club and watch some Adventure Time.
  2. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday to Cyanide and Fa!
  3. SBC: Wasteland Warriors

    3. Propane Hayden, SOF, Cha, Trophy and WhoBob are chillin' at the base. Cha is drawing a new beautiful artwork. "what'cha drawin?" SOF asked, looking over her shoulder. "My new OTP, Katsuo and Shinuigi. <3" Cha said, showing SOF her drawing of the two: "cha...you have given birtf...TO ART!" SOF said, praising the holy image. "thanks bubu <3" Cha replied. WhoBob is reading old Marvel comics, while Trophy is playing a baseball game on an old PS4. Hayden is in the garage, washing scratches off the Dramatic Static. "Lazy MDPP forgot to check these. >_>" Hayden said, as he looks at it again. "Ah, now it's perfect. " Hayden then walks outside for a bit, looking at SBC city in the distance, feeling uncertain. Suddenly, he then smells as if something is cooking, and he walks around. He sees MDPP wearing a chef hat cooking up some nice steaks on a grill, using a propane tank from Strickland Propane. "I didn't know you were a chef too." Hayden said. "When times are hard, sometimes doing random things like this helps cool my nerves. I rarely get outside anymore thanks to all of my research. Anyways, these steaks are for you guys, you'll all get them as rewards for your hard work. " MDPP said, as more smoke rises up and makes Hayden cough. Hayden looks at MDPP's Strickland Propane tank further, and he has a flashback to long before the world went to shit... Hayden and Jjs are at toonzone forums, who have just overthrown the corrupt staff using lots of manipulation, finally freeing the site from years of idiocy and lazy staffing. They have a celebration to commence this victory. Jjs is cooking some steamed hams on a purple Spyro colored grill, using a propane tank from Strickland Propane. "Boy, we've got some great steamed hams coming up fresh off the grill." Jjs said to Hayden and some other sane toonzoners who helped them in the coup. "To a better future for the internet!" Hayden said, having a steamed ham. "...That was one of the last times I ever saw Jjs. :/ And those steamed hams were pretty good. What a day that was." Hayden reminisced, as he stares off into space. "Yo Hay, are you alright? You're just staring off into space like you had a Vietnam flashback. " Trophy pointed out, startling Hayden. "Sorry, I was just having a nice flashback before the world went to trash. Do any of you have any idea what happened to jjs?" Hayden asked. "Nope, none of us do. " WhoBob replied. "I wish I knew, but that is one answer I cannot give you, sorry. =/ " MDPP replied. "I'm worried about him too, but I'm sure he's fine if he's still out there." Cha reassured Hayden. "dats big if tho..." SOF replied worried. "Don't worry Hayden, at least you have us now. " Trophy said. "I can deal with you guys, except for when Trophy bugs me. " Hayden replied. "Oh believe me, I will, but not today." Trophy replied. "Steaks are done! Eat up!" MDPP said, handing the five fresh steaks. "Yum, nice work doc." WhoBob replied, digging in. "this...is...GREAT!" SOF yelled, eating it. " " Cha said, giving it the Cha Seal of Approval. "This steak was fine and all, but what about the robot junk in my body, doc?" Hayden asked, finishing his. "Funny you ask, I was just about to get to that. Follow me." MDPP said, escorting Hayden to his laboratory. As the other four finish up their steaks, JCM approaches them, making his obligatory cameo. "hey guys can i have a steak too" JCM asked. "Sorreh JCM, these were only for us, and MDPP didn't make anymore. " Cha said. "gosh darnit to heck, i'm late again to something," JCM replied, sighing. "Snooze you lose, my dude. " Trophy replied. "Wah wah wah." Cha mimicked. In MDPP's laboratory, Hayden is in a chair hooked up to some weird wires and shit, as he analyzes the robotic programming inside of him. "I'm uncomfortable." Hayden said. "None of this will hurt, trust me, I'm a doctor and a professor. " MDPP assured. "If it does, I'm suing you. " Hayden threatened. "Good luck with that. Alright, I've analyzed the Infinex hardware in your body, and it does not appear to be a harm right now, but I have installed my own software into you to suppress his tech from controlling you." MDPP explained. "You did what? Did you just infiltrate my body!?" Hayden asked, concerned. "No, I just injected the program into you using these doohickeys, as if you got a shot. You didn't even feel it, see? Perfectly harmless! " MDPP replied. "Well okay, I feel pretty much the same, but if you say so." Hayden replied. "We'll be doing this regularly, trust me, it'll help you a lot." MDPP replied, as Hayden gets off the chair. "So now what? Can I kick some more robot ass now?" Hayden asked, eager. "As soon as something happens, you can, but not yet. When the call comes, we'll know." MDPP replied. Meanwhile, at Infinex's evil base, Hank Hill, Hugh Neutron and Spongetron are seen in the central room, standing before their great leader Infinex. "My minions, I have a devastating but genius plan prepared to attack SBC. " Infinex said. "Yes, a plan I helped you make, remember?" Spongetron added. "Yes, of course, how could I forget our newest addition helped prepare this plot?" Infinex replied. "Ooh, what evil scheme do you have today, boss?" Hugh Neutron asked. "After doing an analysis, while their central gate may be strong, their vents are not. One of you will get to plant a bomb on the outside of the dome. When it detonates, SBC will be filled with fire thanks to the vent, becoming ash. There is a 30.45% chance they can disarm it, the odds are in our favor. Courtesy to Hank for his propane resources to make this happen." Infinex explained, as a grunt robot walks in, holding the propane bomb, and placing it on the ground. "I will gladly place it because I am better than those two doofuses, and also because I should get to finish SBC. However, I do not want this bomb to harm Luke, because remember, I only care about him out of those dumb SBCers-" Spongetron was saying. "I tell you hwhat, this is a genius plan. Strickland truly makes some of the best propane in the world, and I'm honored to have it cause mass casualties among a bunch of internet users. I'll plant the bomb for ya. In fact, did you know Strickland sells many unique products other than propane, including grills such as the Vogner Char-King, Char-King Imperiale and Vogner Citizen, which are showcased during the annual "Grillstravaganza" sale-" Hank was saying. "SHUT UP ALREADY! WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID PROPANE ADS!" Spongetron yelled. "Wow, that rudeness hits me in the heart, but I respect your opinion, girl." Hank replied. "Ooh, juicy drama! I'll stay out of this!" Hugh Neutron said, backing away. "Spongetron, you need to calm down. For that outburst, Hank, you can gladly plant this bomb instead, since she appears to still have faulty programming." Infinex ordered. "I...but...ugh, fine master. " Spongetron accepted sadly. "It will be my pleasure, boss." Hank said, picking up the propane bomb. "Wish me luck!" "Wait, will Luke be okay? Because remember, he's the only SBC user I care about. The rest can die though." Spongetron reminded. "Eh...sure, he'll be fine..." Hank said, walking off while whistling. "Boy, I don't even know who this Luke is. Oh well!" Hank heads off like a true cowboy through the deserts, ready to plant that sweet propane bomb. Hank sneaks around the SBC dome perimeters, and finds the vent shaft. He plants the bomb near it, and detonates it, as the clock has 10 minutes (oh fuck). "And now for my special magic touch." Hank said. Hank places a "Strickland Propane" business card on the bomb, and walks off, whistling. At SBC's central tower, OWM does a scan, and finds the propane bomb on the perimeter. "Uh, miss governor, I don't think this is supposed to be there?" OWM reported, showing it to Cream. "um...what even is it?" Cream asked. They zoom in on the outside cameras, as they see the propane bomb. "Is that...Strickland Propane? Where's some KOTH roleplaying when you need it?" Steel noted. "Hate to soil the mood, but I'm pretty sure that's a bomb..." Patty said, as everyone inside panics, and Cream contacts MDPP. As the protectors are still chilling in the base, MDPP gets out of his lab in a hurry. "CODE RED! We have a bomb on the outside!" MDPP said to them. "a bumb?! oh no!" SOF panicked. "Quick, let's call in for a fast af Sonic speed transition!" Trophy said. And indeed, the six get a fast transition at Sonic speed, as they wear their badass protector gear (and yes, Hayden is indeed wearing a Shellder outfit). MDPP orders the gate to be temporarily opened, as they walk around the outside. "Mang, it feels weird to explore the deserts again after so long." Cha said, looking around at all the sand. "Good thing Anakin Skywalker isn't here. " WhoBob said. The six keep look around, as they find the propane tank against one of the vents, with a tube sucking against it. The timer is at 8 minutes now. "FUCK WERE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!" SOF panicked. "No worries, I got this." MDPP said, trying to hack into it. Unfortunately, his hacking fails, as the timer keeps on ticking. "I don't understand...wow, Infinex really came prepared. " MDPP said. "Can't we just move it?" WhoBob asked. Trophy and Cha try to move the propane bomb, but it is stuck against the vent shaft really good, unable to move. Trophy picks the "Strickland Propane" card off the tank. "Looks like Infinex knows how to get the help of KOTH characters, now that is truly unforgivable." Trophy said. "welp, it was fun nowing you gays again..." SOF said, crying. "Hold on, before we all give up like pussies, maybe it's not over. I remember something like this a long time ago, a terrorist once tried a trick like this on Serebii forums..." Hayden said, having another flashback. A crazed member named TeamRocketDidNothingWrong sets up a propane bomb at Serebii forums, as the members panic. Suddenly, jjs comes walking in, as Hayden and several other users watch. Jjs wears a hat like this: He calmly walks to the propane bomb. Jjs tickles around that bomb like a pro, and with one touch...disarms it, making everyone gasp. "How..." Joe Merrick was asking. "You just...had to feel it, dudes." Jjs replied. TeamRocketDidNothingWrong then gets electrocuted by a Pikachu, as the members cheer. Jjs takes the remains of the propane tank, and uses it for his own Spyro grill, tying back to the first flashback (damn that's some really fuckin weird backstory for something so insignificant). "I'm still not sure why that weirdo even wanted to blow up the site, pretty large overreaction over a Pokemon forum, but yeah. I think I can do this, guys. I feel the wisdom of jjs coming onto me." Hayden said proudly. "Well, there's literally nothing else I can do, and I'm not good at red wire-blue wire, so go for it. But I'll press F now if this goes off, as I am very worried." MDPP replied. "I'll chime in on the early F pressing too. I feel like I lived so long but yet did so little..." Trophy said. "Don't worry Hay, I believe in you!" Cha said. "I do too...I think." WhoBob replied, unsure. Hayden walks forward and rubs his hands together. "I just gotta feel it..." Hayden said, as he tinkers around with the bomb material. MDPP, Cha, Trophy, WhoBob and SOF are too scared to look, as they close their eyes. Hayden's half robot instincts kick in, as he is able to disarm the bomb, stopping its countdown! He then breaks the bomb material off, as the propane tank is no longer connected to the vent. "You guys can open now." Hayden said, as they all see the bomb is disarmed. "HOW THE FUCK-" Trophy was saying, surprised. "OMG Hay did it, and to think I still had some doubt. " WhoBob said. "FUCK YES!" SOF said. "I knew you could do it Mr. Hayden! " Cha said proud. "Wow, you actually did it. But how could you do it when I couldn't? " MDPP asked. "I guess being part robot now just helped me do it, along with some old wisdom from jjs. Maybe being part robot isn't entirely bad after all. In order to defeat your enemy, you must know them. " Hayden said. "Fair point! Looks like they were trying to have the bomb blast through the vents so the explosion would kill us from the inside, yikes. I'm kind of glad this happened tho since it allows me to improve security for the vents to make sure this never happens again. Live and learn." MDPP noted. "But what should we do with the tank?" WhoBob asked. "I was running out of propane, so I'll gladly "borrow" this. Food party for everyone! " MDPP said, as they cheer. The five then pick up Hayden as they head back inside the dome, throwing him in the air like he's a jolly good rookie, a jolly good rookie, a jolly good roooookie- Meanwhile, back at Infinex's evil lair, they see how the bomb failed to go off. "This proves to me that unfortunately outside attacks will not work anymore, since MDPP will upgrade the security. Do not worry, we will have to find other ways to get inside." Infinex said. "Haha, I knew the plan would fail. " Spongetron taunted. "I mean no disrespect, but uh...wasn't it your plan, evil lady?" Hugh Neutron asked. ".....No, no it wasn't! Stop instigating!" Spongetron snapped back. "I did not expect it to work, I used it as a test, especially to judge your competence." Infinex said to Spongetron. "Well...okay. Fine, I'll do better next time, I promise, sir! :3" Spongetron replied. "You better, or that "Luke" of yours will fall too. I will uphold the deal as long as you cooperate." Infinex commanded. "Excuse me ma'am, am I getting an apology?" Hank asked Spongetron, but she ignores him, as she thinks about Luke. In the SBC park, everyone has a nice steamed hams, steaks and other meats party. MDPP cooks em up fresh off the grill (so come on down to Mr. Meaty) using the propane tank they just got. "Well even if we never see jjs again, at least his strange wisdom helped save us all today." Hayden said. "Don't give up, I think he's still out there like the drifter he is." Cha reassured. "Hopefully not like the other The Drifter tho. " WhoBob replied. "can't wait to add another meme to the Steamed Hams memes with this," Conehead said, taking some steamed hams. "You mean Steamed Clams. " OBAB replied to Conehead. "This is GREAT!" Wendy the Witch said. "Jackie Chan gives this burger his seal of approval." Jackie Chan said. "To think they tried to use propane to kill us...damn, that's fucked up. But at least it gave us this nice food." Hawkbit said. "I know, sounds like something a psychotic anime villain would do." Trophy replied. ">implying SBC isn't an anime," Hawkbit replied. "Touche, I am the Vegeta of SBC after all. " Trophy said. "Hey, if anyone is gonna be Vegeta, it's me. " Hayden said to Trophy. "oh hey I finally get to have a steak after all," JCM said, taking one. Yes, JCM did get a happy ending in this chapter!
  4. The SpongeBoard!

    Week of April 8, 2018 to April 15, 2018 #1: Community Deathmatch - 265 #2: Skodwarde - 173 #3: Bee Shrek Test in the House - 98 #4: Mystic Guardians - 97 #5: Total Cartoon Global Cruise! - 94 #6: SBC: Wasteland Warriors - 60 #7: Squid - 34 #8: SB: Silly Time - 31 #9: SBCinema - 28 #10: Miss Appear - 27 #11: The SBC Show - 27 #12: Sister of The Shield (WWE Fanfic) - 23 #13: Power Rangers: Multiverse Force - 18 #14: The SpongeBob Theorist - 17 #15: Crazy Celes - 11 #16: Pearls Before SBC (characters needed!) - 11 #17: The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy - 9 #18: Metal's Collection of Cloudy Creations - 9 #19: Apartment 406 - 6 #20: Knights of the Multiverse - 5 #21: The Quickster - 5 #22: My Life Story - 4 #23: Red Flag Savior: Rebirth of a Storm - 4 #24: Future Shock - 4 #25: 4EverGreen Presents One Shot Stories - 4
  5. ...Yup, it's back after a two year hiatus. Not every SB episode is a masterpiece, and we all have our varying opinions on what are truly the weakest episodes. To any members who remember these, or to those who never saw them before, here's a trip down memory lane... We skipped 2017 to take a break and avoid burnout, but based on what a few users are telling me, it sounds like people's lists have changed once again. We've also had three seasons worth of content since 2016 (9B, 10 and half of 11), and while I'm not sure if any would make the final list, it's always a possibility. I know a few of us have grown numb to "hating" episodes, which I have too, but that doesn't mean there's episodes off the hook from several issues, as nothing is perfect. It's also been 5 years since the first list was posted, so I figured this would be a great and fitting 5th anniversary celebration. There also may be members who never participated before in these, and the more the merrier. Also, just like the past two lists, I'll allow optional additional commentary from users episodes that make it onto the list, to provide additional or different views. Behind the scenes, the list is formatted is that a point value is assigned to each episode in your list (for example, 25 gets one, while 1 gets 25, the most), and the placement of the episodes on the list are determined by their points overall across all lists when added up. Just giving background info for those new or unaware to this process. Our record of participants is 2015's list with 23 total submissions. Don't know if we'll beat that record, but who knows? It's worth going for! If you want to participate, here's what you need to do: PM me your 25 least favorite SpongeBob episodes ever. (yes, only 25 --- if you make any additional changes to the list after it is sent, you MUST tell me) Don't panic if you can't format your 25 overall least favorites right away, I'll give you guys plenty of time (about a month) to format your lists depending on how many we can get. If you have an old one you sent to me or Clappy from previous years that you feel needs no changes, you can send that to me, but only if you are 100% sure you have nothing to change. I know not everyone here actively watches SpongeBob anymore, but any contribution matters, as this is a list by the community. I hope you guys are ready since I sure am. So let the 2018 SBC Worst Episode Ever countdown begin! Whatever the overall outcome may be, I am excited to host and see people's lists. (Btw, if A Pal for Gary somehow does not make #1 overall this year, I'll legitimately post my face on SBC...consider that a bet. ) Wumbo is also returning to host another Top 50 Best list this year to accompany this one, which will be coming later in May, but it's worth looking out for as well!
  6. The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday @BeachBob95!
  7. 230b. Bottle Burglars

    Good episode, even if a few things in this episode seemed like they were kinda skittering logic (the time lock on the formula bottle and the safe happening to have trash in it), I just went whatever due to cartoon logic and rolled with it. I loved all the callbacks to previous episodes, which included: Spot returning again, and still cute as ever. Mr. Krabs' first dollar from "Wet Painters" appearing again. Squidward's claustrophobia from "Wishing You Well" being mentioned again. Plankton wearing his genie outfit from "Spin the Bottle" Squidward and SpongeBob's team up and exploration of the Chum Bucket was entertaining, I liked how we finally got to see more of it other than the main room and laboratory. The pacing was on point again too, nothing felt rushed. I guess my only real problem is I feel the ending with Krabs was a bit of a copout after all that build-up, but it was kind of amusing, so I didn't mind it that much. Grade: B+
  8. SWYAD SBC Music Party

    Congrats to both Dark and Homie who won for 8 likes, with the songs "SpongeBob Persian Intro" and "Marceline's Song" respectively!
  9. Ask Dr. Pig

    hey man why is my back hurting?
  10. SWYAD Music Party

  11. That's right mang, tonight at 8pm EST we'll have an SBC Music Party in celebration of the SWYAD! The optional theme is cartoon songs, but you don't have to play them. Whoever has the most liked song by the end of the night gets 1,000 sweet doubloons, mang.
  12. Skodwarde

    210b. Burstin’ Your Bubble One day, SpongeBob tries his driving test again for the umpteenth time. And as usual, he is sucking balls. But he’s sucking more than usual this time. He’s sucking complete ass at the driving test. Like, he fucking sucks. He’s doing a complete horseshit job. His absolute nadir to date, which is saying A LOT. He’s recklessly driving like a drunk, ramming people off the road, likely hitting many pedestrians in the process (tho who gives a shit about them), and here’s the worst crime of them all: NO FRONT LICENSE PLATE! Puff Mama cannot take this level of shit driving, and is about to have a heart attack. The Funky Cops notice the complete lack of license plate, as they chase after the out of control boat. SpongeBob smokes some fresh bubbles to help calm himself down, which distract the Funky Cops. However, this backfires when these bubbles distract SpongeBob’s attention span, making the boat crash right into Drug Funnie’s Dank Doughnuts. Puff Mama tells SpongeBob point blank he’s a lost cause, and that he’ll never get his license. She walks off angrily since it’s her time of the month, and SpongeBob walks off sadly. The Funky Cops catch up, seeing the damage. They decide to eat some doughnuts and worry about the mass destruction SpongeBob caused another time, while doing funky dance moves. SpongeBob walks around, noticing how everyone is showing off their big, fancy...boats, while he still doesn’t have one. Skodwarde passes by in his Pimp God Boat with several strippers, making SpongeBob jealous. Larry is showing off his boat too, and flexing his muscles, gathering the attraction of hot mermaids. He then goes past Mr. K’s house, seeing him using his thicc ass to sexually wash his own boat: The old man’s sexy ass brings a few girls to the yard, wanting in on some of that hot action. SpongeBob keeps heading home, and sees even Patrick showing off his boat, which was likely stolen. But still, when Patrick of all people has a boat before you, you know it’s over, man. SpongeBob sighs, disappointed he’ll never have the boat or ass to get the bitches like Skod, Larry and Krabs can. He gets out his bubbles again, and begins to smoke them once more to cheer him up. He makes many beautiful bubble sculptures, such as a dildo, a doughnut, a jellyfish, and a giraffe. He wishes he could be as good at driving as he is at blowing bubbles. Then, SpongeBob gets an idea in his pants! He realizes he hasn’t had an original episode about bubble blowing in ages, so he decides to do something creative and blow (pause): a bubble boat! SpongeBob says he no longer needs to try for a license when he has this baby, finally putting an end to this repetitive Boating School episode formula. He takes his bubble boat for a ride around town like a pimp, attracting the eyes of many. Many are impressed by this new mode of transportation, called it the best idea in history since porn. The God of Supremacy Orange Cop, being the prick he is, tries to put a stop to this charade by telling SpongeBob he needs a license, but SpongeBob disagrees. God of Supremacy Orange Cop is okay with that, letting bubble boats become the new hip trend in Bikini Bottom. Soon, everyone in Bikini Bottom hops on the bandwagon and has their own cool ass bubble boat. SpongeBob gives any lucky customer wanting a bubble boat special “bubble jobs”, if you feel me. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Even Skodwarde is impressed, as his Pimp God Boat is upgraded into the Pimp Bubble Boat. Bubble boats are in, and old boats are out. Unfortunately, Puff Mama didn’t quite get the memo, since she’s still trying to drive an old school boat, holding up traffic, annoying many bubble boaters. Puff Mama doesn’t quite flow with these bubble boats, finding them nonsensical. She gets many nasty signals from the bubble boaters, such as the double bird and “can you go any slower?”. She gets pulled over by the God of Supremacy Orange Cop, who tells her those types of boats are not hip anymore, and that she needs to get with the groove by going to Bubble Cruisin’ School. Her teacher is Mr. SquarePants himself, much to her dismay. SpongeBob shows Puff Mama the ropes of driving a bubble boat. At first, Puff Mama fucking sucks at it, finally getting to experience evil irony that “The Summer Blowjobs” failed to do. But after encouragement from SpongeBob...she finally does it. She becomes a wild carefree puff mama, mastering the art of bubble boating. SpongeBob is proud of her, and tells her she is ready to go free. Puff Mama then does...THE DOUBLE BOOST! However, Skodwarde is excited at how he can fuck this beautiful moment up, so he uses god powers to make Puff Mama end her double boost prematurely, forcing her to go onto a highway. She ends up burstin' her bubble (lol), and inflates, floating around the highway like a sex balloon. Many other bubble boaters crash into her, forming a giant orgy pileup. Puff Mama then floats up to the surface with everyone, and everyone pops, as they fall back to the surface. SpongeBob spams his bubbles, saving everyone. Unfortunately, due to this shitstorm, the God of Supremacy Orange Cop returns and declares that all bubble boats are now illegal. SpongeBob sadly accepts this, realizing perhaps now was not the time for vehicles to evolve. He then says he’ll have to get his license after all and that he’ll see Puff Mama tomorrow at Boating School. Puff Mama inflates herself and flies away. Of course, the outlawing of bubble boats doesn’t stop SpongeBob and Skodwarde from making their own shady underground bubble boat business, trying to continue the sacred art of bubble boating.
  13. destroy a season 1 episode

    Squeaky Boots
  14. Squid

    59a. Scales Strikes Back! One day, Mrs. Hillary Scales is seen spying on PMU from a bush. She plans revenge once more, but this time, she wants to shut the entire university down! She devises a heinous scheme to infest the campus with urchins! The students panic with this infestation, and soon, PMU is shut down by New Kelp City officials. Squidward, Ray, Peterpus, Daphne and Eellen are upset by this, as they try to get to the bottom of how this happened. They hesitantly team up with Wobbegong and Professor Shell to get the school running again. They work together to drive the urchins off the campus, much to Scales' dismay. She gets angry, and tries to attack them with nematodes! Unfortunately, the nematodes disobey, and attack her back. The police arrive, after getting a call from Wobbegong. Squidward's gang, Wobbegong and Shell explain everything that happened to the officers. The officers deter the nematodes, and arrest Scales. However, the nematodes try to attack the campus. Wobbegong, Shell, and Squidward's gang team up to drive them away, as their lure the nematodes away from the campus. Scales is taken away in the police boat, accepting defeat, as PMU is reopened. Squidward's gang have a laugh, hoping that's the last time they deal with evil substitute teachers. Wobbegong then orders them all to get back to class, but has a hearty laugh. Trivia: -Third and final appearance of Hillary Scales. -Brad, Morty, Mr. Swordfish, The Culinary Club, Ryan Crawfish, Yark, Professor Proton, Professor Gilliam, James-Sebastian Seahorse III, Kappa Finma, Melody and Squidina make cameos. 59b. Skippin' 2: Electric Boogaloo One day, PMU does have to have an optional skip day. Morty offers Ray if he's up for another wild adventure, and Ray is in. But this time Ray offers for his friends to join along. Morty decides to agree, as Ray consults Squidward, Daphne, Eellen and Peterpus. Although Eellen and Peterpus are reluctant at first to partake in this skipping, the others are able to pressure them into it. The six have a fun day out to get, going to the arcade, the amusement park, shopping, and possibly getting in trouble with the law thanks to Morty. But they all make it out alright after a wild adventure. They end the day with some nice meals at the New Kelp City Krusty Krab, laughing like sitcom characters. Notes: This is a sequel to "Skippin'" from Season 2. Trivia: P&P (from "Of Dunces & Dragons") appears again. ---- Six episode pairs in total are left for Squid.
  15. April 2018 Premiere Info

    My Leg!'s plot: Once Fred's leg heals up, SpongeBob is determined to keep it out of harm's way.
Doubloons: $28,912

Independence Sword 2012 (KK) A *free* limited edition sword for Independence Day 2012. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Sword; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
Santa Hat (2012) 1
Spat (KK) A *free* limited edition sword for SpongeBob's 13th anniversary. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Sword; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
Godly Gun (SB) An godly gun for Spy Buddies! This weapon is so powerful that we had to shrink it down in size to contain its aura!1
Hot Chocolate Cup 1
Lollipop Sword (KK) A limited edition sword for Octerror Fest 2012. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Sword; if you have a better sword, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
Teddy Bear Costume 1
Scientist Costume 1
Orange 1
Goofy Sombrero 1
Wizard's Hat 1
Pumpkin Basket 1
Holiday Gun (SB) A limited edition gun for Christmas 2012. Its aura seems to weaken everyday, suggesting it will eventually lose its ability to hurt others. (Note: It's as powerful as the Basic Gun; if you have a better gun, you can get this as a collectors item.)1
Snowman Costume (2012) 1
Elf Hat 1
Cookie Mask 1
Name Change Change your name.
Note: this can only be used once every two weeks!
Santa Suit 1
Advanced Gun (SB) An advanced gun for Spy Buddies! This weapon is so HUGE that you cannot miss your target!1
Intermediate Gun (SB) An intermediate gun for Spy Buddies! This weapon is considerably larger than the basic, allowing for greater damage.1
Basic Gun (SB) A basic gun for Spy Buddies!1
White 1
Squidward's Clarinet 1
Gary 1
Krabby Patty 1
Magic Conch 1
St. Patrick's Day Hat 1
Leprechaun Suit 1
Pot of Gold 1
Easter Basket 1
Chocolate Bunny 1
SpongeBob Basketball Outfit An exclusive icon given to the Band Geeks, who won March Madness 2015.1
SBC Music Hat An exclusive hat for your iFish character to celebrate SBC Music 2.0's release!1
Red Sunglasses 1
Teal Pants 1
SpongeCraft Hoodie 1
Hawaiian Shirt 1
Blue Swim Trunks 1
Safari Hat 1
Marshmallow Stick 1
V11 Polo Shirt An exclusive item for your iFish to celebrate the launch of V11!1
Yellow Bass Guitar 1
Groucho Glasses 1
Sponge Popsicle 1
Wooden Shoes 1
Jerk Face 1
Brown Sweater 1
Santa Hat An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Santa Beard An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Santa Sweater An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Santa Pants An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Elf Ears 1
Santa Boots An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
SpongeBob Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Squidward Christmas 2015 An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Clarinet An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Starfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Fruitcake An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Chocolate Donkey An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2015.1
Magic Wand 1
White Tuxedo 1
Newspaper Hat 1
Mustache 1
Balloon Sword 1
Captain's Outfit 1
Pirate Boots 1
Feathered Hat 1
Black Pirate Pants 1
Eyepatch 1
Captain's Hat 1
Pirate Hook 1
Captain's Rapier 1
Clem's Hat A hat for Clem!1
Clem Become like Clem!1
Not Dead Ted's Helmet 1
Not Dead Ted's Shirt 1
Band Geek Hat 1
Johnny Krill's Shirt 1
Band Geek Outfit 1
Grand Maul Granny's Glasses 1
Band Geek Pants 1
Saxophone 1
Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet An item exclusively given during April Fools 2016!1
Plankton Be part of Plankton's family!1
Chum Bucket Apron An employee of the Chum Bucket.1
Ice Cream Cone 1
Yellow Sunglasses 1
Lollipop 1
Paddleball 1
Clown Wig 1
Skodwarde Hoodie 1
Popcorn 1
Clown Costume 1
Trump Hat Make America Great Again!1
Golf Hat 1
Referee Jersey 1
Soccer Cleats 1
Clam Board 2
Gold Medal 1
Johnny Krill's Pants 1
Bronze Medal 1
Camera 1
Squidly Hat 1
Squidly Outfit 1
Squidly Shoes 1
Steel Shield 1
King Krabs Staff 1
King Krabs Outfit 1
King Krabs Crown 1
Dark Knight Boots 1
Clown Shoes 1
Pumpkin Antennae 1
Pumpkin Costume Head 1
Vampire Mask 1
Haunted Mattress Costume 1
Pumpkin Costume Coat 1
Wheel of Fortune T-Shirt 2
Carol Book 1
Blue Toque 1
Candy Cane 1
Fruitcake 1
Ugly Sweater 1
Silver Bell An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Blue Mittens 1
Gingerbread Man Costume 1
Reindeer Hat An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Holiday Gary An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Holiday Patrick An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Krabby Patty An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Chocolate Dollar An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Jeopardy Advantage Gives you $200 in a Jeopardy game. Can only be used once per game.2
Chocolate Spatula An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Gogeta Hair This hair is a limited edition hair, only won by giveaways, commemorating the leaving of ssj4gogita4.1
Chocolate Jellyfish An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2016.1
Keytar 1
Orange Hoodie 1
Music Note Necklace 1
Microphone 1
Blue Electric Guitar 2
Headphones 1
Musical Shirt 1
Sky 1
Green Sunglasses 1
Candy Apple 1
Rollerskates 1
Jester Hat 1
Turtle Plush 1
Red Balloon 1
Monkey Plush 1
Carnival Barker Hat 1
Carnival Barker Outfit 1
Unicycle 1
Xat Time Travelers Badge 1
Xat Time Travelers Shirt 1
Carnival Cane 1
Name Tag 1
Kelp Thing Head 1
Atomic Flounder Costume 1
Captain Tightwad Costume 1
Barnacle Boy Mask 1
Mermaid Man Hair 1
Quickster Goggles 1
Quickster Costume 1
Captain Magma Hat 1
Barnacle Boy Costume 1
Jumbo Shrimp Head 1
Rubber Mask 1
Elastic Waistband Costume 1
Mermaid Man Nose 1
Dirty Bubble Costume 1
Jumbo Shrimp Belt 1
Barnacle Boy Hat 1
Jeffrey the Jellyfish Costume 1
Jellyfish Net 1
Jellyfish Hat 1
SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Glasses 1
Jar 1
Frankenstein Costume 1
Vampire Teeth 1
Pirate Hat 1
Vampire Costume 1
Mummy Costume 1
Superhero Costume 1
Gray Scarf 1
Penguin Costume 1
Jingle Bell Hat 1
Holiday Scarf 1
Winter SpongeBob An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Santa Claus An exclusive item given out during 12 Days of Christmas at Snowcember Ball 2017.1
Chocolate Flower 1
Red Scarf 1
The Flying Dutchman 1
Chocolate Karate Glove 1
Chocolate Snail 1
3D Glasses 1
Chrome Spray 1
Jellien Hat 1
Alien Headband 1
Ray Gun 1
Space Suit 1
Green Alien Mask 1
Robot Suit 1
Robot Head 1
Jellien Eyes 1
Skateboard 1
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