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  1. love you bro...we went at odds for a while but do u remember when we was both on that iwbtg forum ? throwback hahaha
  2. disney bouta merge with all water companies and all disney water bouta be not only poisoned but in 10 dollar boxed containers cuz its environmentally friendly
  3. big bumperooooskis but it's been almost 10 years since i posted my first spinoff and got a review for it in the spinoff review thread...eternally grateful 
  4. word up homes hope u recover well sbc always here for ya ^__^
  5. are you the homie that made monroe show and got tvfan banned or some shit like dat or was dat something different. also dont worry bout nuttin brody
  6. i think the poverty situation is getting to be too much as usually these missile tests/threats are either responses to sanctions (as a way of look what we "could" do) vs a strange way to inquire for foreign aid since every year they do something like this to get attention for food or medicine or something vs other asian poor communist countries like laos that fall under the radar getting help from countries with economies bigger than it. there is a lot of sparks put on by the media tryna push a narrative right now about both parties. but for now we wait...hope nothin catastrophic or anything harmful happens
  7. hahahahahaha yall writing my shit for me
  8. hey all this is my return to spinoffing after a good 6 or 7 years. the last spinoff i wrote was named futurdrama so read that. twas good. but read this. EPISODE 01: FOUR LOKO PONG.. It's a calm day in sponge buddy mania land. Everything sits silently in the palm of a hand in which emulates a beach. We are all circlejerking talking about Spongebob and how we love it. I look ssjgogita straight in the face. I love him. "ssj" I say, tears in my eyes, hand on my deck, "i love you cracker" ssj looks at me. looks down then looks at me again. "you too you dumb bitch." we kiss for five hours but it feels like a solid six. after a raucus spongebob roleplay sex session i recede to my room and read some texts about videogames and their influence on modern media. after about a half an hour of reading i made a chart of western videogames vs modern videogames. it was clear. anime was deprevity and what americans were making were plain movies. "fuck it" i said to myself. and i made a bath and dropped a lush bath bomb and quietly counted all the tiles that weird mybe spanish guy installed in my apartment. i was content. "hmm" i missed ssj. more than anything, i missed the feeling of being with ssj. thats when i called him and he answered. "hey". i said. shaking to the bone. "we should make this real." i could practically hear his muscles shaping into a smile. "let's go." i went over to his house and he fucked every oriface on my body for about 72 hours. after about three weeks settling i was pregnant. my name is spongebob squarepants and this is the birth of spongebuddy mania. REVIEW DIS SHIT
  9. im gonna shit my pants thisll be so fucking good
  10. hey all its dragiiin 123 with a new spin off based around the people of sbc. like this post and review in the review thread if u want more. inside the spoiler is the first episode so read it yall
  11. looks like one of the worst films ive seen judging by the trailer
  12. holy shit this is amazing everyone use this as an opportunity to get to know the true literary master YBRBNF
  13. mad kids that watched this movie when they were 4 are gonna watch it again when they are older and be like oh shiiiiiiiiiiit.............thats craaaaaazzyzyyyyyy
  14. millennials are a product of the economy which the ppl b4 us fucked over and the wide variety of messages the media instated into our baby minds when we were shitting diapers thru shows/music/watever else. when we were growing up the big message was "BE YOURSELF" and "YOU ARE GRATE BRO!" and now kids are being themselves and generation b4 that are salty about it. and it doesn't really matter since all generations complain and everyone complains and finally we have outlets to express our own damn selves that generations b4 didnt have so they r mad salty. be glad we have all this at our finger tips (if we are so privileged 2 have it [sorry for saying the P word y'all dont get butthurt) it also inspires arrogant holier-than-thou edgy teenagers claiming they see past the "bullshit" when they are just playing into the older generation's hands..playin videogames, complaining about "social justice warriors", typing in lowercase on the internet doing this comment-spree rebellion on da internet just becuz their fav female character cant only wear swimsuits when they should just grow up and do drugs and stfu
  15. Wumbology if your'e reading this than you're are a square

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    2. President Squidward

      President Squidward

      Pants are for squares

    3. Metal Snake

      Metal Snake

      But it's hip to be square.

    4. Wumbo




  16. i remember when we fuckin hated sponge buddy mania

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    2. E.V.I.L.


      SBM's alpha mentality is so freaking annoying.

    3. Cha


      remember that picture of the sites kissing

    4. dragiiin123


      lol yaa that got me banned from sbm

  17. dragiiin123


    when is wumbo gonna permaban me
  18. i saw it when it came out but i still cant piece together what the good http://www.thesbcommunity.com/ i watched
  19. im in one of thoe states where i might have to go to the bathroom but i dont really have to so im just waiting until i do
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