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  1. Happy birthday to all of you who had a birthday in the pass year of my absence... and thanks for the birthday wishes too :3
  2. Si, pero en una guarderia. Los ninos necesitan ser cuidados en el verano tambien Hehe bien bien, de todo un poco.
  3. haha pretty much xD but like a less vulgar version. Eso parece Traduccion por favor? Nawh :<
  4. I need 2 to 3 pillows, and usually something to hug or half-hug, either my Beatles blanket or my SpongeBob or Patrick plushies (totally not joking), sometimes I simply half hug my own pillow somehow. Always with a blanket, and cotton PJ's, or undies and tank tops. Socks only in winter and even then I wake up in the middle of the night to take them off xP Fun fact: I am a sleep talker, and I laugh on my sleep too xP
  5. I watched it more when it was an online series than on Nicktoons
  6. Not really anymore, but I do like some sports. My fabusponge says thanks "www.mundobobesponja.com es un lugar cuando donde se pueden ver los episodios en Espanol(pretend the squiggly is there) de Bob Esponja... y Ademas... tu (what's avatar ) ícono(?) es muy espectacular?" Y muchas gracias Y yo no tengo ninguna respuesta en Ingles
  7. Chaaa, I missed your birthdaehh, nuu :< Happy belated, tho :3
  8. I've had a cramp on my right foot for over a week, really starting to worry now.
  9. Yeah...that has been proven to be the problem? :<
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