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  1. Let me keep this short and sweet. WE ARE LIVING IN A TELEVISION RENAISSANCE! What a time it is to be alive for new and exciting ways to reinvent how we view television. From streaming our shows to binge-watching a series in a matter of hours thanks to streaming, we are definitely living in the best timeline to watch television in ways we couldn’t have imagined twenty years ago. And honestly, that’s why it was that much harder to write this best list. Because I had to make so many painful cuts and I had to keep watching more 2010s shows so I didn’t miss anything else. And I’ll be honest, I probably missed a lot of stuff that you guys are going to point out in the comments and replies. So I’ll save you all the trouble and put it on my constantly growing watch list when I have the time to keep watching more and more shows. So with that being said, here is what this tasteless idiot thinks are: CLAPPY’S TOP TWENTY BEST SHOWS OF THE 2010'S
  2. This is the best show of 2019. No arguments needed. Fantastic show and miles away the best thing Disney has done with Star Wars property in the years they've owned it.
  3. So yeah. How was the 2010s for music? Honestly, it will be interesting to look back on this decade years and years from now. It just went through so many phases. From the club boom to the biggest years of pure pop music since the 90s to self-serious pop to trap music. Lord knows what trend is coming up next. This decade has had so many identities that I can't really define it. But man, did Billboard get this decade end list right. For all my problems I've had with their year end lists the last couple years, these definitely feel like the 100 biggest songs of the 2010s. Good job Billboard. Every dog has its day and credit where credit is due. This is absolutely a worthy decade end list. So worthy that in all honesty, I liked more than 50% of this decade end list. Which made crafting the worst list that much harder because most of these songs really didn't make previous worst lists. Which gave me a little more room to work with. What will the 2020's bring us? Don't have a clue, but I’ll sit back in eager anticipation of what’s to come. Because that’s what I do. I follow pop culture and even if I’m not on this site five to ten years from now, I’ll still be following entertainment closely. And because this is a decade end project, just like I am with all the other formats of entertainment on this thread, this will be a Bottom 20/Top 20. Because I’m going that extra step to make this final big project all the more significant. So we are counting down! CLAPPY'S TOP 20 WORST SONGS OF THE BILLBOARD 2010'S DECADE END LIST (that's a mouthful of a title)
  4. Can’t wait to see “One Time” top the Best List.
  5. 2017 For the record, this is the last of these I'll be doing. I'm going to let my thoughts on 2018 simmer a little longer so I can really see how well that list will last the test of time. TV: Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing except switching up my writing style. My television lists will always be the most self-critical just because I always feel like what I write isn't good enough. That's another reason why I don't do yearly television write ups. Just because I know I'll nitpick them to hell even if everyone else enjoys them. That being said, doing these decade end retrospectives really made me realize I only want to write about shows that have had enough seasons to really judge it as a whole instead of doing season by season. That's why binge-watching is really the right way to go about doing television write-ups. Just because analyzing episode by episode leaves you knowing at least half the picture. Music: Honestly, my worst list is good. For the longest time, I thought to myself that "Strip That Down" would be the one song I'd place on there in hindsight. But now that hindsight is long enough, I wouldn't. "Strip That Down" is the new number eleven though. But as for the list itself, I would just make a couple changes: 10. Look At Me! 9. Look What You Made Me Do 8. Body Like a Back Road 7. Mi Gente 6. Rake It Up 5. I Don't Wanna Live Forever 4. Believer 3. Tunnel Vision 2. Treat You Better 1. Issues So yeah, for starters, I'm starting to soften a tad on Look What You Made Me Do and Body Like a Back Road. Two of the biggest punching bags for everybody from this year. I'm starting to get a slight admiration for LWYMMD because Taylor really put herself out there with this trainwreck. And Body Like a Back Road is the sort of mind numbing awful levels of stupidity that I'm really starting to miss in a music climate where a lot of the songs are starting to sound the same. Both songs are still terrible enough to make my worst list, but god bless they at least stuck out. Meanwhile, that ZAYN song has only gotten worse in two years to leapfrog four songs. Didn't expect it to be a career killer for him as his career has practically flopped. And that Kodak Black song has also leapfroged a couple songs because seriously fuck this guy. I can only hope that his career sputters out real soon because he is toxic garbage. As for the best list, that's where I would easily make the most changes. Not like it's all bad or anything, but a lot of the hits from this year have just aged better. So here's my updated best list. 1. Bounce Back 2. DNA 3. Starboy 4. 24K Magic 5. Sign of the Times 6. Closer 7. Water Under the Bridge 8. Caroline 9. Congratulations 10. Something Just Like This So where do I start with these changes? My thoughts on Starboy and Closer aging as greatly as they have are well documented. Nothing against Water Under the Bridge, which doesn't hold up as a top level Adele song like I once called it. But I do stand with me still liking 25 better than 21. Caroline really is a great song that I still appreciate two years later. And then we have the two new entries to this list. Congratulations is the song that made me finally get Post Malone. I love it. One of the best songs of his career. And then there is the third great Chainsmokers song that I mentioned previously. Yes it rips off the drop from Roses. So what? I like ripoffs depending on the circumstances. Yes Chris Martin's lyrics don't make any damn sense. So what? I love the utter ridiculousness of Batman and his fists and Spider-Man's control. But Jesus does the whole song come together towards the end with that drop and guitar solo. Seriously one of the most underrated moments in a pop song this decade. It's one of the weirdest collaborations of this decade and yet somehow they bring out the best in each other. Movies: And the last round of major changes I would make. Like I said last post with doing a rankdown for music years, I'm doing the same with movies. But early spoiler, I was way too hard on this year. Mostly with the best list. That best list I wouldn't change a damn thing except pointing out that this is one of the better best lists of this decade. So no need to redo it. However, that worst list though. It's beautifully written yes, I'm quite proud of how much hard work I put into it and how great my points were. But there is some re-ranking that must be done. 1. Flatliners 2. The Emoji Movie 3. The Snowman 4. The Dark Tower 5. The Mummy 6. Death Note 7. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 8. The Greatest Showman 9. Justice League 10. Fifty Shades Darker So yeah, the top five isn't changing. But the more I recollect my thoughts, Death Note deserves to be on this list proper. What a god awful adaptation of my favorite anime. Fuck you Netflix. And fuck you again for still going forward with a sequel. You've already hurt me enough with the terrible original. Pirates 5 sucks hard. Move it up another spot. Fifty Shades Darker still deserves to be on this list because it's a part of probably the worst trilogy of the 2010s. The Greatest Showman is a weird pick for this list, but the huger it becomes, the more I can't ignore it any longer. It's a terrible piece of manipulative cinema that paints one of the lowkey scum entertainers of the world as a great person, even though that same guy highlights people with abnormalities for money. The songs are overrated more so than Frozen. Hugh Jackman isn't as good as people make him out to be. The only slight positive is that Zac Efron and Zendaya have lowkey good chemistry together, but they both deserve better than this movie. And Justice League makes this list because I rewatched it a few months ago and it really doesn't hold up. At all. I remember @Dr. WhoBob saying not too long after I posted that 2017 worst list that he was happy to see Justice League not mentioned on there because it wasn't all that bad. And to that I say, rewatch it again like I did. The production problems that this movie went through really stand out harder. There are two polar opposite direction styles that clash with each other terribly. What we end up getting is DC trying to make a Marvel movie and it becomes all the more apparent after rewatching. The comedy is bad. The Flash is annoying. Superman is not as interesting as this movie so badly wants to make him out to be. Steppenwolf is one of the worst/most forgettable villains in any superhero movie ever. I'm glad DC has turned the corner these last two years (and with Wonder Woman the year prior), but seriously rewatch Justice League again. I think we were trying way too hard to paint a positive picture for a movie that honestly deserves to be scorned more than Batman v Superman (not more than Suicide Squad, which is the worst DCEU movie. Period.). And that puts an end to my revisits of 2016 and 2017. I'll see you all in a few weeks with the Worst Hit Songs of 2019; whenever Billboard gets around to posting that year end list will play the key factor as to when that list goes up. So until then, thanks for reading and I'll see you guys soon.
  6. So Season 1 was actually really good. Was the plot was a little contrived? Yes. But it’s an adaptation of a seemingly unadaptable Dr. Seuss property. I didn’t have high expectations for it to begin with. But the series makes up for it by being quite imaginative. I think Seuss would be quite proud of how the team behind this (Ellen DeGeneres was one of the many involved as producer) made the final product. It has his sense of creativity and vision. And yeah there are pop culture references, but unlike basically every Seuss movie adaptation, the ones here are really damn clever. Also Negi’s comment about it being basically an animated version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is 100% correct. But add that in with really imaginative locations, incredibly clever writing, great voice actors, and beautiful animation (they really put those millions to great use, this is some of the best hand drawn animation I’ve seen in years). Highly recommend.
  7. Yeah I’m with Wumbo on this one. I really enjoy Todd’s new reviewing style as well. This review wouldn’t even make Todd’s top five best videos from this year. Potentially top ten if we are including OHW and Trainwreckords too. It’s been that strong of a year to me in terms of Todd content. That being said, I absolutely enjoyed this review too. Despite changing his style up a bit, it’s still good to see Todd make angry reviews of very bad pop song. Along with the side by side of the “Dumb and Dumber” clip, my favorite part was Todd pointing out “That motherfucker is scared of the dark.” as the reason Lewis Capaldi is sad about her being gone at night.
  8. So I've been thinking about doing one of these again since its been three years since I last retrospected my previous year end lists. What better time than now to go ahead and get a head start on that: 2016 Movies: Jesus. What a worst list. Honestly, wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole because everything on that list is practically perfect rankwise, although Suicide Squad would definitely be a super close number eleven. Even Norm at number one. Which has become a recurring meme from yours truly. It's still the worst animated movie of the 2010s. Yes, even worse than The Emoji Movie. The best list on the other hand. I know one change I would absolutely make. Moana was at #10. I still love Moana, don't get me wrong. But one of my honorable mentions should have taken that spot instead. And honestly, it should have been very high on my best list. Like #4 if I could rerank it. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. What an amazing movie and honestly I like it more than This Is Spinal Tap in regards to music industry mockumentaries. Check it out if you haven't yet. TV: Wouldn't change a thing about the rankings themselves, but note to self. Never do a ranking with all GIFS ever again. What an eye sore. Music: Saving the biggest thing I would redo for last. Because good lord was I overly negative about 2016 in regards to hit music. Like don't get me wrong. This was a bad year. But it was not nearly as bad as I made it out to be. I'm not going to reveal where I would rank it in regards to the decade because I'm saving a decade end rankdown for movies and music for my decade end project. But if you want what 2016 was in hindsight quality wise, except worse? Well that was 2018 in a nutshell. 2016 didn't deserve the scathing torching demolition I gave it. A 30 something long dishonorable mention list? How over the top. It was still one of the lower years of this decade quality wise though. And honestly, the worst list needs a little revision: 10. One Call Away 9. Hide Away 8. Sit Still, Look Pretty 7. Just Like Fire 6. Pop Style 5. Unsteady 4. Lost Boy 3. i hate u i love u 2. Treat You Better 1. PILLOWTALK So as you can see, number one and number two are still locked in place. Honestly, those are two of the worst songs of this decade to me. But everything else? Absolutely different. i hate u i love u is supremely insufferable. Lost Boy has become more of a joke. Unsteady and Just Like Fire still suck big fat ones. And clearly, my thoughts on Daya's Hide Away are still bad, but Sit Still Look Pretty is the even more vapid song. Hearing it at work more has done it no favors. Such an obnoxiously insufferable song. But man did I undersell how much I hated Pop Style in that thread. My hatred goes far beyond that Chaining Tatum line. It's just a monotonous bore of a song. And Jay is barely given a damn thing to do and Kanye's guest verse SSSSUUUCCCCKKKKSSS. And One Call Away is such an utter bore. 2016 may have been the year that Batman v Superman killed Superman's character, but at least he has character. Unlike the joke that was Charlie Puth in 2016. Such a hack of a song. As for the best list? Honestly, most of those rankings are still the same. Maybe shuffle around a spot or two. Although with one noticeable change, so here is that updated: 1. I Took a Pill in Ibiza 2. Stressed Out 3. Roses 4. Into You 5. Starboy 6. Can't Feel My Face 7. Closer 8. In the Night 9. Sorry (Beyonce) 10. Wildest Dreams You read that right. I've finally come fully around to embracing Closer. All I needed was a few years away from the song to really embrace it for the slightly hacky, yet millenial anthem that it truly is. Love the song. The Chainsmokers fifteen seconds of fame may finally be over with all of their underperforming songs on the charts as of late, but they have undeniably three great songs to their names. Not even going to go over how so many of my honorable mentions don’t hold up three years later. For example, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and “Side to Side” were on there in 2016. Wouldn’t even come close if I completely redid it now. Coming up next? 2017. Stay tuned for that.
  9. Maybe if you didn’t post the same vapid comment over and over and over and over and over again, people would stop speaking out about it? Just a thought. Great list as always Wumbo. Can’t wait to see what’s on the best list for this supremely nostalgic year to me.
  10. Of all the animated movies Disney has in their library, I have never seen their Madagascar rip-off, "The Wild".  That changed tonight.  Wow.

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      Steel Sponge

      as long as you don't say that every other animated film brought up is better than Fly Me to the Moon, I'll take it.

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      orange you glad i didn't say banana

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      Steel Sponge, you've got a deal!

  11. I hope that pun subverted your expectations. As the end of the year draws near, thought I’d go ahead and make the topic ten days early since I’ll be fairly busy over the next week. You all should know the drill by now as to what this yearly topic is about. But in case you don’t, this topic is a group project where you all write your best and worst of the year lists for any format of entertainment. Whether it be movies, music, television, video games, albums, commercials...anything you want. Hell its going to be a much busier list season than normal with the decade end one coinciding with the annual one. But juggling both will give me all the more to write about this year. And just like last year, I’m just sticking to movies and music. I was able to watch a little more television this year due to streaming becoming that much larger this year, but in all honesty, I just don’t want to go overboard with too many lists to write. Hell I still need to finish my Best 2010s Television List. Might make an abbreviated list with no descriptions for 2019, but we’ll see. Anyway, looking forward to seeing you all participating as always. See you all soon with lists, lists, and even more lists.
  12. In the middle of the Champions Cup. Here’s my team all at Level 60: Corviknight Bewear Flygon Barraskewda Grimmsnarl Chandelure You read that right. No starters. First time I’ve ever done a Pokémon game without one. Tried to challenge myself and for the most part, I feel I’ve succeeded.
  13. Still working on my television best list because I don’t want to miss out on some of the great shows of this decade. But for my music lists, well... https://www.billboard.com/charts/decade-end/hot-100 The 2010s decade end list is officially out. Time to work on that too!
  14. As great as the CGI looks and for as much as I got a chuckle out of Patrick betting on what he thought was a L. I’m sorry guys. This movie does not look good. At all. Serious question. Is it possible for Nickelodeon to make a SpongeBob movie that’s not about him losing something? First, Neptune’s Crown. Then, the formula. Now, Gary. And I just felt a lot of rehashing going on all around from the previous two movies. Reusing the burger mobile from the first movie to SpongeBob and Patrick going on another road trip to the two of them experiencing a sugar high on cotton candy. Hell even the Keanu Reeves cameo doesn’t surprise me in all honesty. It felt like having David Hasselhoff playing an important role in the first movie all over again, except for the fact that Keanu Reeves is a thousand times more like likeable. Add onto the fact that they are ditching their own canon for how SpongeBob met Gary, just so they can inter promote that brand new spinoff in the works that nobody is looking forward to. I just disagree with a lot of the decisions that are being made in this movie. I’m probably still going to see it regardless thanks to being on AMC’s A-List, but in all honesty, I’m looking forward to that other animated movie coming out in May 2020 from one of my other favorite childhood cartoon properties (SCOOB!) at least ten times more than this.
  15. Clappy


    Jinkies! They let Scooby talk in this trailer ten times more than Fred, Daphne, and Velma combined. As such a huge Scooby-Doo fan, I’m more than willing to give this a shot. After all, it already looks so much better than all the live action adaptations already.
  16. Clappy


    Onward looks fine and all, but after one minute of that teaser, this movie had me sold. What gorgeous animation and Jamie Fox’s voice telling the audience “Don’t waste your time on the junk of life.” and “We only got a short time on this planet.”....I felt that. That being said, I still need to see more about the whole “out of body soul” plot because that part of the animation feels a little too “Inside Out” for my taste. Not helping is that Pete Docter is involved with this too. But still, I’m game.
  17. Yeah that was one hell of a cliffhanger to end the season. I think it was definitely not the clone’s, but it will be interesting to see what happens next season since I genuinely can’t picture where the series will go from here. And yeah that Tom Brady cameo was hilarious. Especially with how awkward it was that the Patriots owner got busted at a “happy ending” spa earlier this year.
  18. Oh boy. Part 2. Where Kevin tackles one of his old favorites that he used to torture me back in 2013.
  19. Don't know if I've stated this unpopular opinion yet or not, but Pokemon Go is still a great mobile game three years after the fad died out. I re-downloaded it about a year ago and it's even more addicting now than it was then. Plus the game not completely crashing as often as it did three years ago is another huge plus.
  20. Sounds like I'm the winner. Terminoob picked my song after all, which is one more vote than everyone else got. What a relic of a thread though, for real.
  21. I’m doing alright. Fairly busy lately but not that bad. I got my internet fixed over the weekend and bingewatched the first season. It is pretty good. Paul Rudd carried a lot of the show, as expected. But that one episode that was Kate focused was really good too.
  22. It’s October.  Why am I getting recommendations for year end Top Ten lists in October?  The Todd ripoffs are just making these damn videos earlier and earlier.


    1. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      Year-end countdown lists are basically the music reviewers' Christmas. Some people celebrate early because they just don't want to wait.

    2. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      also, he did his best of review in SEPTEMBER. jfc, he really did this because he wanted to be first to do it, didn't he?

    3. Wumbo


      keep an eye out for my best and worst of 2020 lists coming February 2020

  23. With 2019 list season coming closer and closer, I'd like to state that it's been awhile since a song shrunk faster on me than "Please Me" did.  And it's been awhile since a song grew on me as fast as "Going Bad" did.

    1. Wumbo


      Please Me sux glad u got woke

    2. kev


      can’t do anything but to stan!

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