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  1. So apparently Channel Awesome has come under fire for their terrible upper management as multiple former creators like Lindsay Ellis, Linkara, and Obscurus Lupa are all speaking out about how they’ve been treated.  Some of these claims include: awful communication leading to major problems, the sexism of Mike Michaud (the least known of the three CEOs of the company) towards female creators on the site, Doug's and Rob's seemingly pathetic response to all problems being brought up, and the brother's colossal egos.

    Well if the downfall of Nostalgia Critic quality didn’t speak volumes as to the decline of Channel Awesome, this sure as hell does.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Katniss


      I've honestly been over the Nostalgia Critic for years now and this just proves that he's not a great person in real life if he allowed former employees to be mistreated like this.

    3. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      Every once in a while I'd still watch Nostalgia Critic and I'm still a fan of Todd in the Shadows, but if you're going to defend anyone from CA to death, Ren, I'd at least defend the ones who got mistreated.

      Also, just speaking from my own perspective, I'm glad I realized that most of these folk from CA, former or current, weren't as entertaining as I thought they were a lot sooner before this news came around.

    4. Clappy


      “So, while I can understand why you'd feel that it'd be in bad taste, to me it just comes off as bad timing, given how long they needed to prepare for this review.”

      Bad timing?  That’s practically the same thing.  He could have just edited out the useless introduction so the bad taste/timing/joke/etc. would avoid the controversy entirely. 

      Your defense of this is not changing my stance on how Doug Walker’s ego is ruining the Nostalgia Critic and is now ruining his site’s success and image to go along with the story and claims listed above.

  2. It's-a me! Ask Me thread!

    If you say so man. How she is able to still sing while doing that is impressive. If it wasn’t for the fact that’s a much older video, I would call it redemption for the anthem disaster.
  3. It's-a me! Ask Me thread!

    Me too but while playing Cones of Dunshire. Apparently spring starts today too. Super hard to tell that’s the case when I’m getting 5 inches of snow lmao. About to be good. Today’s my last day of work before my week long vacation to our nations capital for the Cherry Blossom Festival and the March For Our Lives this Saturday.
  4. I think he's talking to you

    So I saw this on Twitter but Foster the People are apparently super close to getting a hit on the Hot 100 again since they topped the bubbling under chart this week?
  5. Clappy vs Billboard Hot 100

    Fighter - Definitely enjoy the hell out of this one. It’s everything Can’t Hold Us Down was trying to be but wasn’t nearly empowering enough. Miss Independent - Like it a lot. Was the first real sign that Kelly Clarkson was about to shed the American Idol typecast and break out in such a huge way one year later. Underneath It All - Had a feeling all along this song was a perfect representation as to how mentally fucked up Gwen’s relationship was with Gavin Rossdale. As is, not one of the best No Doubt songs, but I appreciate it for trying to be different. ‘03 Bonnie and Clyde - The chemistry is definitely there just as it is with all Jay and Beyoncé collabs (even with Drunk in Love and I still hate that song), but I’ll be honest, it’s not nearly as interesting and can’t really hold my attention. Even the aforementioned recent collab has Beyoncé doing that “surfboart” bit and Jay’s cringey chorus. All this has that is memorable is that 2pac sample. I’m With You - Honestly if overplayed affected any of my rankings for this list, it’s this one. It’s always a retail playlist favorite. As I said with #7, I can appreciate the attention to detail Avril wrote with this, but this is one of those aforementioned performances I wasn’t able to connect with by her. Clocks - This is honestly one of the more perfect smack dab in the middle of 100 rankings I’ve ever had if I do say so myself. Older Coldplay was such a frustrating period for them. I’m willing to defend songs like Yellow and The Speed of Sound as honest to god good adult alternative music, but Clocks is just there. It exists like a lot of older Coldplay music just...exists. Not particularly good but not really all that bad either. It’s just a functioning song. She Hates Me - Oh man, I knew someone would question this positioning (ahem Steel). Honestly one of the biggest guilty pleasure songs I’ve done in these retrospectives so far. It’s so hilariously bad that it gets a lot of enjoyment out of me. All the nu-metal/grunge songs and bands back then were so mad and self-serious to the point that it was becoming so same sounding to the point of it being unmemorable. At least this one had identity and personality behind it no matter how dickish it was. Yeah it’s a juvenile song but it at least basks in how lame it is right down to the chorus. SN: This was a go to classic on Turntable back in the day whenever we hosted 2000s-core nights with Elastic, who also shared the same guilty pleasure-ness of this with me. Ignition (Remix) - This was the most painful cut for the best list. As it becomes harder and harder to separate the man from the music, I’ve always liked this. Insanely earwormy and was such a go to bop when it came to pregaming for college parties (or any sort of party for the matter). Fun song is fun. Picture - Honestly one of, if not the lamest, songs Kid Rock has ever done up til this point, but it was refreshing to see this sort of vulnerability from the “American Badass”. Sheryl Crow definitely helps a lot lol. The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) - I’m starting to wonder if I ever liked Jason Mraz to be honest after relistening to this. I mean it’s okay, I’d rather have this than whatever the hell Train was doing back in this time period, but it’s also annoyingly happy to an extent. Why Don’t You & I - I was thinking to myself right before writing this if I had this ranked too low and relistened to it. Then I remembered. There is way too much Alex Band and not enough Santana. I was also never that big a fan of The Calling for Alex Band to be honest. *ducks* The Game of Love - Now this on the other hand is how you do a perfect counterbalance of both collaborators. One of the few occasions where I absolutely love pure pop Michelle Branch. Very close to making the best list. When I’m Gone - Yeah this was the point where 3 Doors Down started to sound more and more like another post grunge act with less identity. Not as bad as their other hit from this year, but dull as dirt. Like a Stone - Love Chris Cornell but this is not one of my favorite songs from any of his bands. It goes in one ear and out the other. That guitar solo saves this from being on the opposite side of the list. Miss You - I miss Aaliyah and her death is a tragedy. This isn’t the best example to show off how talented she was though. Still a solid song though because...well Aaliyah. Gossip Folks - You are definitely right about Timbaland and Ludacris on this, but I’m not completely sold on what Missy was trying to do here vocally. It’s kind of annoying. At least her flow is still good to prevent this from being any lower. Never Leave You (Uh Ohh! Uh Ohh!) - That dancehall production saves this song from being much lower. It bangs. Everything else is crap though, especially that Lumidee chick. The remix is saved by Busta though. Cry Me a River - Love JT but this is such a whiny grating song. His presence helps, but not too much. Landslide - The Dixie Chicks, an act I’ve never bought the hype behind, covering one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite acts? Yeah I’m surprised it wasn’t shittier. Unwell - Fitting song title from an act who was reaching the last couple laps of their “we’ve stopped trying” years. Baby Boy - Like I said before, Scott Storch’s party music wasn’t too bad. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t good though. Too much Sean Paul, not enough Beyoncé. Bring Me to Life - It’s a silly overdramatic song that is absolutely enjoyable. Without a doubt, their best song.
  6. Clappy vs Billboard Hot 100

    Long overdue but it's here. I honestly still don't know how I feel about this year overall. Definitely not the strongest retrospective chart I've covered in rewind. I know for the longest time I thought 2010 was the worst retrospective year end quality wise, but I at least got what 2010 was in terms of hit music. It had an identity even if that identity was tons and tons of party music. What the hell is 2003? Is it crunk music is on the rise? Is it angry? Is it pro-patriotic? I honestly don't know. For now, it's safe to say this is officially the least interesting year I've covered doing these retrospective recaps. Who knows what year I'll do next or when, but I'm actually kind of glad I did a not so interesting year though. It brought upon an actual challenge. All that being said, even the not as interesting of years have their fair share of good music and this year's personal top ten I would definitely go up to bat for. So why not waste any more time? Because I know I did making this list. We're counting down! CLAPPY'S TOP TEN BEST HIT SONGS OF 2003 Full Rankings: As always, I'll gladly give any other additional thoughts upon request. And as always, thanks for reading guys.
  7. What'd ya last watch? (Movies)

    Tomb Raider I like Alicia Vikander just fine and I thought she did pretty good. Just the story itself was supremely subpar. At the very least, I can see this franchise continuing with Vikander if they get better people involved making the movie.
  8. Ask JT Anything *beat switch*

    Don’t know if you’re a Lil Dicky fan but this is some seriously funny stuff?
  9. I've been critical of practically all of Taylor Swift's singles from reputation, but her latest one is honestly excellent and I hope it blows up on the charts:


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Steel Sponge

      Steel Sponge

      For sure, it'll blow up....only for it to drop significantly after a few weeks because female pop song purge.

      With all seriousness, the top 20 could really use a song like "Delicate." Although, I'd say the best single I've heard from reputation, despite being promotion only, is "Call It What You Want."

      "End Game" is also a guilty pleasure for me, if I might add.

    3. JCM


      haven't heard delicate but i doubt it can surpass the greatness of look what you made me do

    4. Robomechabotatron


      It's different than the rest and definitely a huge step up, wouldn't say it should be at the top of the charts but at least I can't deny it being respectable.

  10. Mary Poppins Returns

    It makes perfect sense if you’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
  11. Ask the Kat

    I technically never said that, Wumbo did?
  12. Teen Titans Go movie in July 27, 2018 So Halsey is Wonder Woman and Lil Yachty is Green Lantern, eh? Career defining roles.
  13. Ask the Kat

    Anything you especially agree or disagree with?
  14. Ask the Kat

    Your thoughts on Wumbo and I's latest collab?
  15. It's-a me! Ask Me thread!

    Yeah online friends can be pretty great too. What if Pink was still able to convincingly tell guys off? I think I like it even more than I do New Rules.
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