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  1. Clappy

    Clappy vs Billboard Hot 100

    So bear with me here. I’ve been wanting to try something different with this thread for a while now. It’s not like I’m getting bored with doing my music reviews or my year end retrospectives. But it just feels like I’m not challenging myself with what I could be covering. I mean let’s be honest. I’ve been trying my hardest to keep up with what’s popular right now on the charts, but I’ll be honest. 2018 has not been a good year for hit music (so far). I think it’s safe to say that halfway through the year when there have barely been any legitimate hits. There can be a lot to blame for that (cough THE RADIO INDUSTRY DOESN’T KNOW WHAT’S POPULAR ANYMORE THEREFORE IT IS DYING cough), but I don’t want to go that much further in depth yet. Instead I want to try something new. The reason I not so subtlety brought up the death of radio is because I think where one format is dying, another long lasting format is making a comeback. Albums. Yeah while album sales aren’t as important as they once were, streaming has helped revive the importance of albums whether they be in concept or just discovering new acts. I mean hell, if I can point out one trend that I’ve been noticing on the charts now more so than ever, is album bombs are constantly shaking up the charts often. Maybe that might have something to do with radio not being able to figure out what’s popular and what isn’t? Who knows, but one thing is for sure. The importance of entire albums are becoming fully realized once again. So why not start reviewing those on this thread? With that being said, I’m considering this post a test pilot. If you guys like it and want to see me do more of these, then I’ll definitely consider it. And I’ve already got my first album picked out that I want to cover because this album is something I’ve been curious about no matter how many signs were telling me that this could at least be interestingly bad. It didn’t shake up the charts, but I can’t think of an album that will be more divisive to talk about. Yep, I’m going there. The preamble surrounding this album is self-explanatory with the whole second page of that Taylor Swift topic lol. So let’s see if this album’s reputation proceeds it with a track by track review. …Ready For It? Let’s see if this is as bad as I remember…yeah it still sucks. I love how this is placed as the opening track. Because Taylor really wants to ask us if we are ready for her ego driven concept album on how much she clearly cares about her reputation. Which btw, I will give this song credit. At least this is one of the few cases where this isn’t about her reputation. End Game Oh here’s something that I was mildly curious about when I first saw who this song featured. And then she made this her third radio single. All I can ask is HOW? How can you take such a hilariously bad pairing of artists and make something THIS BORING? Hell, the only one who sounds like he legitimately is trying Future and that’s barely a stretch. How the hell am I supposed to believe that Ed Sheeran has a big reputation? The only thing scandalous about this guy is whether he did or didn’t date Ellie Goulding. Otherwise, he is as scandalous free as they come. On that note, I’m also incredibly fucking sick of him being involved with every single song on the radio, he can go the hell away for all I care. At the end of the day, this song boils down to Taylor Swift not sounding like she cares at all about anything with this song. And why should I care as a listener? I Did Something Bad Okay let me ask. What bad thing did Taylor Swift do? Who is she fighting with this time? Kim and Kanye? Calvin Harris? Katy Perry? Honestly, this song exemplifies most of my problems with this album. The lack of lyrical detail. This is the first Taylor Swift album I’ve ever listened to where I struggle to relate to anything about it. Granted, I can’t relate to any of Taylor Swift’s other albums, but I clearly saw that her target audience could clearly relate to the songs she wrote about. She used to be that great of a lyricist. The concept of most of this album is abundantly clear that it is about Taylor Swift and how the media has portrayed her over the years. If that is the case, then specify. Let there be stakes. Make your audience relate to it. Don’t Blame Me Now here is a prime example of the album’s concept showing potential to feel fully fleshed out. You can feel the drama building up and she is reaching a near low. It feels like we are getting slight examples of vulnerability for the first time from this record. Yeah I liked this more than I initially thought while writing this review. Delicate Best song on the album. Hands down. Excellent. I feel like this could have been a lost track on 1989 and it would fit right in. If Taylor is going to go full on pop, an electropop love ballad is right up her alley. With all the praise I’m giving this song in particular, I’m going to give one complaint because it’s been released as a hit single. In terms of the album, yes it’s nice to mention her reputation because it fits in with the concept of the album. But as specifically a radio single, I never want to hear Taylor mention her fucking reputation ever again. Still love it though. Look What You Made Me Do And that atmosphere goes right out the window. I still fucking hate this piece of dogshit, but let’s talk about where it’s placed on the album. Why would you put this right here after you just had two songs that set the atmosphere as vulnerable and down on herself? Is this supposed to be a look into Taylor’s psychotic mind? Fuck this song to hell in a handbasket. So It Goes… Yeah the placement of this song behind LWYMMD makes sense. But at least all these other songs, yes even the pile of dogshit above, sounds like something Taylor Swift would have done. This is the first song on the album where I felt like ANYBODY could have done this. Let alone one of the biggest stars on the planet. Fuck this. Gorgeous I used to like this at one point. Hell I mean wouldn’t you when you hate the first two singles from this mess of an album like I did? But good lord, Nugs said it best that this felt like a song from the reject pile of songs that were cut from 1989. And I haven’t been able to shake that feeling ever since because he’s right. It just feels so incredibly out of place on this entire album and even if it was on 1989, it’s boring. Getaway Car If Delicate is my favorite song on this album, this is a super close second. Actually you know what, since I have a mild complaint about Delicate as a radio single, I wouldn’t have any complaints if this was one. So yeah, this is the best song on the album retroactively. Fucking amazing. The 80s beat, the huge chorus, the shimmering synth-pop romance. Love every second of it. King of My Heart Is this album over yet? That was my first impression of this overlong bore of a song. Everything about this song just feels supremely processed. Literally. Taylor Swift’s voice sounds even more robotic here. Look there are worse songs on this album, but I’ve got nothing interesting to say about this. Let me save my material for something more deserving. Dancing With Our Hands Tied This song is actually kind of interesting. I mean an EDM love song amidst the media chaos? Granted Taylor has done songs like this before that were better. It’s not tackling new roads, but hey at least it always manages to hold my attention no matter how many times she does it. Who says the old Taylor Swift is dead? One of the better tracks on the album by default. Dress I’ve read some publications say that this Taylor’s sexiest song to date. Hell no. It’s not even the sexiest song on this album. God so many of these lyrics are supremely grating. Carve your name into my bedpost? Only bought this dress so you could take it off HA HA HA AH-AH (I kid you not those sound effects are legitimate)? Yeah no. I admire it for not sounding so off-putting, but this is one of the worst songs for sounding so supremely unsexy. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things And here I thought there would be no song on this album worse than Look What You Made Me Do. Fuck. This song is as subtle as a flying brick coming through a window. What an insanely bad song that is clearly about Kanye. I hate everything about this from that obnoxious laugh to the annoying production. It’s an immature song from an immature brat. If you wanted to paint yourself out to be an unlikeable piece of shit, congratulations Taylor. Worst song she’s ever done and I’m sure she will ever do. Call It What You Want Sorry if this one is kept short. Still recovering from whatever the fuck that last song was and the fact that I’ve briefly talked about this before. In terms of how it fits with the rest of this album, it fits like a glove. All that should matter to her is what she has right in front of her. Too bad I don’t believe any of it because Taylor’s public image matters a lot to her and it is completely obvious. I kind of like it still, but not as much as I used to back in the promotional period. New Year’s Day At least this album ends on a high note. Yeah this is as old Taylor Swift as it gets. It’s too beautiful of a song to be placed on an album as overly messy as this one. Seriously, country radio. I know you haven’t gotten over Taylor transitioning to pop music. Add this to your country playlists now and it’s like she never left in the first place. Conclusion: Reputation wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be. That being said, this album couldn’t have come at a worse time for Taylor Swift. The last thing I wanted to hear her from her is to tackle all of her public feuds in the form of an album. To me, this is what any conventional star would turn to when their PR image takes the hit Taylor’s did these past few years. By doing so, Taylor has deemphasized her real skills when it comes to songwriting and just become another diva. And I really wish she didn’t do that because the moments of what made Taylor Swift the star she is today still seep through all over this album and those are the moments I genuinely do like about Reputation. Because that is when Taylor Swift is at her best. Not settling PR scores that have long since expired, but writing good introspective songs we can understand and possibly relate to. I do genuinely believe Taylor Swift can rebound from this album. Hell with the way Delicate is continuously rising and lasting on the charts right now is further proof that Taylor’s clout as a pop star still has plenty left in the tank. I know for sure would like to see a pop music landscape where Taylor Swift is one of the biggest stars rather than your Bebe Rexhas of the world. Just promise me that we’ll never hear the word “REPUTATION” in your music ever again Taylor and we’ll be fine. Rating: 5/10 FIVE BEST TRACKS (from best to still very good): Getaway Car, Delicate, New Year’s Day, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Don’t Blame Me FIVE WORST TRACKS (from worst to least worst): This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Look What You Made Me Do, So It Goes…, …Ready For It?, Dress
  2. Clappy

    What is this, a crossover episode?!

    What’s your favorite album(s) of 2018 so far?
  3. https://www.cnet.com/news/star-wars-fans-start-campaign-to-remake-the-last-jedi/ “Apparently” they have already made over 13 million dollars in this quest to remake the movie. Their goal is to raise over 200 million and that they allegedly have the backing of some producers to follow through with this. Now me personally, I doubt they would legally be able to follow through with this since I almost guarantee Disney and Lucasfilms would sue the hell out of them. I would also consider this an absolute waste of money and everyone’s time to remake such a harmless movie. Hell I think I actually liked The Last Jedi more than I did The Force Awakens and I don’t get the backlash at all. But hey, I for one think this a ridiculously amusing, despite being sad, story. I can’t actually believe they’ve raised that much money to potentially remake this. Let’s see how far they go before it gets shut down obviously.
  4. Clappy

    Ask Clappy Something

    Depends on how long classifies as lately. The Incredibles 2 was excellent. Hereditary is the best horror movie of this decade potentially. Infinity War is a messy yet glorious movie. Ocean’s 8 was technically good, but felt like I wasn’t watching anything original or exciting.
  5. Clappy

    ask nuggets. please. my wife left me

    Bruh. How have I not logged on in the past month and not talk to you about BOTH Kanye albums? KIDS SEE GHOSTS >>>>>>>>> Ye Like the former is the best Kanye album since MBDTF. Ye, on the other hand, is decent but not an album I can foresee myself listening too in a long while. Your thoughts?
  6. Clappy

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    Consider me a huge fan of Squidville as well. This would be in my Top 50 too and it just missed the cut of my Top 25. As Homie already touched upon, the underlying message about how some patterns are meant to be broken, even if you’re living in what you would consider an ideal utopia is tackled greatly. Tentacle Acres itself is such a great location and I mentioned a few posts ago, I do enjoy when SpongeBob builds upon its location settings. Also that ending is priceless with Squidward blasting off on the reef blower and SpongeBob saying that Squidward sure isn’t that guy. That’s one of my favorite episode ending quotes of this series and always makes me laugh.
  7. Clappy

    The DJ from Krab Borg

    His story goes bee-boo-boo-bop, boo-boo-bop.
  8. Clappy

    SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

    Valentine’s Day is always such a refreshing episode every time I watch it. Most of it is due to never airing outside said holiday, but even then, this episode is so insanely quotable. HEART ON STICK MUST DIE! I DEFY YOU HEART MAN! Definitely would make my top fifty list. Rock Bottom on the other hand. I like it but I don’t love it. I absolutely agree with Homie about world building and that’s definitely one of the main things I enjoy about this episode too. But the thing that holds me back from loving it is how over reliant this episode is on that one bus gag. It goes from initially being very funny to just way too reliant on that one joke. Like it gets very stale when you get to halfway through the episode. All the other jokes are equally as funny and I wish they would have gotten more of a highlight to keep bringing more fresh material to try out. It’s still a very solid 7/10 episode for me though.
  9. Clappy

    The Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Wumbro ❤️
  10. Clappy

    What'cha Listening To?

    “Lucid Dreams” - Juice WRLD Fuck this song. Seriously.
  11. Don’t know how popular of an opinion this will end up becoming, but The Incredibles 2 is so fantastic that I think I love it more than I did the first.

    1. JCM


      It would be hard for me to love it more than I did the first, but I'm still excited for it. Hope to see a longer review from you later on.

    2. Clappy


      Trust me, a full review is coming to that topic at some point.

  12. Clappy

    nintendo switch friend codes

    Just discovered this topic. Add me folks: SW-5211-2392-5927
  13. Clappy

    The Grinch

    Another new trailer has been posted: At the very least the animation looks decent as per usual with Illumination. But that’s always my main compliment when it comes to their studio. My main takeaway is that the comedy was VERY unfunny. Like not a single joke in this trailer worked for me and there was a crap ton of new jokes. Even the pickle gag got reused from the last one and it wasn’t as funny as it was the first time I saw it. Benedict Cumberbatch still has the charisma but so far I’m becoming increasingly skeptical that this will even be better than the 2000 Grinch. Also why couldn’t we have left the screaming goat meme in 2013 where it belongs?
  14. Clappy

    Super Smash Bros Switch

    Ridley is finally a playable fighter! It only took ten years of begging for this to happen, but I’m glad they finally listened to the people.
  15. Clappy

    13 Reasons Why

    And here I was getting ready to bump this topic a whole year to talk about how fucking terrible the new season was, but Kevin is one month ahead of me on that front. Yeah pretty much what he said. I can list thirteen reasons why the second season sucked. 1. The whole season just felt unnecessary to begin with and with how stretched for ideas they were with practically all these storylines just pretty much enforced how I felt. 2. I appreciate the fact that they tried to dive into their supporting cast more and tried to connect each character’s stories to Hannah. But because they decided to do this, the series becomes unfocused. And speaking of which: 3. Tyler’s arch was utter garbage. I did not connect with it at all. Sad thing is that I get exactly what they were trying to do with him. It just didn’t work. Yeah I get what they were trying to do with him but to make this as spoiler free as possible they jump to such an extremity in the last episode that is just baffling. 4. The storytelling in general. The constant jumping around between the trial and the flashbacks then back to the trial again but hey we got to jump back to high school again. I know I already used the word unfocused once in this, but I seriously wish that they would have crafted this better. 5. Just the melodramatic tone of this season. Like not even the first season, which included a suicide scene may I remind you all, was not these levels of melodramatic. 6. Speaking of which, some of these added stories from Hannah’s classmates makes me wonder why none of this was in her original thirteen tapes. 7. The constant Hannah flashbacks for Clay. It became unbearing. 8. The mystery storytelling element of this season is as unfocused as the rest of this season, which leads to: 9. The Polaroid build up in the trailers ultimately leads to nothing as Kevin said. Like they built that up to be such a big deal in the trailers, when in all honesty, it amounts to not really anything that important. 10. I still love the fact that they are willing to tackle on real high school and life issues so admirable and despite all the complaints I am listing with this season, they still do tackle these subject matters with care. But one problem that sticks with me throughout this season in particular is the added importance of high school is the best years of their lives. Which is a complaint I have with most high school aged series in general, but in a series that tackles suicide prevention, homophobia, sexual assault, bullying, and opioid addiction to name a few, do we really need to emphasize how your high school years are super awesome? Probably just a me thing nitpick. 11-13. That season finale. Fuck it. It deserves the last three reasons all to itself. If you want me to be more specific: 11. The verdict on Bryce. When even the actor who plays you disagrees with the creative decision towards what happened to the character, you know you fucked up. 12. The last scene about the school shooting. I know I briefly alluded to this reason earlier but good lord was it executed all sorts of badly. Like that is the one topic they covered incredibly wrong when they tackled so many other topics with proper manner. 13. That this won’t be the end of the series sadly. They are really going to be stretching for ideas now. Yeah I’m putting this season up as there as one of the biggest disappointments at any point of my years of television watching. What a fucking disaster for the most part. This season as a whole gets a D because the acting is still good enough to save this from a big fat fucking F and like I mentioned earlier, this is still a series that can tackle real life issues at around this age that admirably...well except that one moment which what the fuck.
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