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  1. Well, alright now. I'll debate you on this one. Ichigo gets literally every major power in the series - he's half Soul Reaper/half Quincy with a Hollow mask and a Fullbring (and maybe more? I don't remember). He's very much a typical Shonen protagonist in that sense (and, in my opinion, also very much an example of bad writing). Personality-wise I don't see much differentiating him either; Naruto and Goku were both brash, hot-headed, and aggressive at times - just because they're goofballs too doesn't preclude them from being fighters and trouble makers. Ichigo's lanky, I guess, but Deku is small and Luffy is made of rubber, so it's not like body shape should be much of a factor because it's still a Shonen series and they're all basically shredded beyond belief.
  2. Artistic influences include Steve Ditko, Jhonen Vasquez, and that one episode of Ed Edd n' Eddy where they break reality.
  4. Ironically I think the Enter the Florpus trailer was the first time I'd seen his work since I was, like, 20, and this stuff was done over the past month. I might just be inadvertently morphing into him at this point.
  5. OOF. Okay, whole year? Lemme think back. TV: I think New Girl went out with a decent enough final season. It was one of my favorite shows since it premiered and I'd been following along the whole time, and while it felt rushed and awkward at times it was still about as good as I had hoped. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was wild. I liked the first half of the new iZombie season, but I haven't caught the whole thing so I might hate the rest of it. I think Joel McHale came back swinging with The Joel McHale Show Starring Joel McHale and I'm glad to have him back on some sort of screen. I still gotta catch the new season of Atlanta, but I'm sure that's great as well. I don't think there was much else. Survivor was a letdown post-merge until the last, like, five minutes of final tribal. I started following The Bachelorette this year and that's been a bit wonky at times as well, aside from Jordan. Movies: Sorry to Bother You is the movie of the summer. If you haven't checked it out yet you need to find it and go see it, because it's fucking nuts. Eighth Grade was predictably phenomenal and sad. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, despite some writing inconsistencies that don't mesh with the first one, was a great time (and I think much better than the first). The Incredibles 2 had some nice set pieces and there was that one scene with Elastigirl running over rooftops and through alleyways at nighttime while the Screenslaver was talking and there was no music playing and it floored me. It was so amazing. Unfortunately I'm not in love with the movie on the whole, but that short at the beginning was wild. The Death of Stalin was fucking spectacular. Game Night was really solid. There's still a bunch I gotta watch, though - still haven't seen Hereditary, A Quiet Place, He Won't Get Far on Foot, Annihilation, First Reform, Blindspotting, Thoroughbreds, or Revenge. First half of the year I didn't really go to the movies all that often since I lived at home and I mostly just watched old stuff on Netflix/Amazon/Google Play and I only just recently started going to the movies again. Simonson's is a masterpiece and the gold standard for basically any kind of sprawling epic. JMS had a good one too, though I admittedly haven't read much of it.
  6. Yeah, I don't know what DC is thinking. They may have needed a way to market the Titans book and being able to say "if you wanna read Wally West, this is the ONLY PLACE YOU'LL EVER BE ABLE TO DO IT ANYMORE" was probably too good to pass up. It just seems like such a waste. Him coming back in Rebirth was so buckwild and then they just immediately dropped the ball with him. Maybe he'll get a new title spinning out of Heroes in Crisis or something.
  7. Wally West from now until the end of time. Others include Booster Gold, Zatanna, Black Canary, Constantine, and Swamp Thing. A new recent character I really love is Superman's son Jon - he hasn't gotten a lot of time to shine but he's really goofy and fun and the Super Sons book with him and Damian was one of the best things DC's put out in a while.
  8. The whole run is killer, and it's still going. God Butcher was probably the best of Jason Aaron's original Thor run, and the first volume of Jane Foster Thor isn't super amazing, but once he gets the exposition out of the way it picks right back up with Thunder in Her Veins and it's been really fun. Plot can be a bit wonky at times and the dialogue isn't the greatest, but it's just so awesome watching Jane lead Asgardia to war and seeing Odinson riding around on a space goat and wielding a giant axe. Highly highly recommend checking out the whole thing when you can. Portman was very much wasted in the role and deserved a much better treatment, so I would hope that if Marvel approaches her with the idea to come back and do a Jane Foster Thor movie she'd be open to it because she could be this badass woman thunder god that's proving she's just as strong as any other "true" God and she's doing what she's doing out of a sense of innate goodness and the hope to inspire change at the cost of literally losing her entire identity because becoming Thor is the only thing keeping her alive instead of doing what she's doing because she's an arrogant power hungry egomaniac that just wants people to worship her. I'll probably catch the full thing eventually, but I'm also still really tired of superhero movies so I'm not sure when I'll sit down and re-watch it.
  9. I haven't seen all of it - maybe half? My roommates were watching it one day and I caught it right as Thor and Hulk were fighting in the arena and then I watched from there until the end. Really good stuff. I'm glad they addressed the fact that he's the god of thunder and his hammer is just an extension of his powers. He's my favorite Marvel hero and I've been reading Thor comics for years and I was really frustrated for that entire half of the movie when he was like "I'm nothing without my hammer! I'm worthless!". I asked my roommate why he wasn't doing anything and he mentioned that they hadn't dealt with that development in the movies yet, which I guess I forgot - but I'm glad he finally uncovered his true power and I'd love to see where they go moving forward. I think a perfect fourth movie would be adapting the God Butcher arc and having everything ripped away from Thor after he's finally become the God he was always meant to be - not to mention Jane Foster picking up the hammer would be an incredible post-credits scene. But yeah, action was great, soundtrack was great, visuals were great, humor was great. Hopefully Marvel recognizes the talent they have with Taika and they let him keep being weird. If they don't want to move forward with more Thor I would absolutely love to see him tackle a Nova movie. That'd be wild.
  10. Slowly starting to get back into a kind of groove. I went through a really tough breakup and it put a damper on my whole year up until very recently. But, you know, I moved to New York a couple months ago, feeling good about my art, keeping myself busy by trying to craft the perfect breakfast burrito, been finding cool bars and fun trivia nights to go to, seeing friends semi-regularly, getting out and walking around, going to movies and events and whatnot, been writing some stupid poetry and coming up with comic ideas, get to cat sit for a friend next week. Things are pretty alright right now.
  11. Well hello there. Come here often?

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  12. Early Man, Incredibles 2, and Into the Spider-Verse are basically it. I haven't heard/seen anything from most anything else, and the stuff I have heard/seen hasn't gotten me very hyped for much.
  13. I feel that. It felt really strange and there were bits I didn't really enjoy (I thought Johnny Pemberton's character was a pretty terrible addition [which is ironic because he's one of my favorite parts of Superstore]), but the bits I did enjoy - Edgar/Lindsay hooking up (and Lindsay in general getting her life sort of on track), Paul being ridiculous, Vernon in general, the season premiere and the finale, the little Honeynutz running gag of him never being around to rehearse, just to name a few things - I really really enjoyed and it was enough for me to overlook the less than favorable aspects of the season (like when Gretchen told that kid she'd blow him if he ate a can of cat food, and then almost did it). I typically really hate when a show/movie/book has the main group break up and go off on their own separate ways, and while it did bother me here (because I'm watching this show for the relationship between Jimmy and Gretchen) I thought it also served the plot really well and I was kinda able to stomach it because I think Jimmy and Gretchen definitely needed the time apart to come to terms with things about themselves/each other and their relationship, which wouldn't have happened if they were together. I think this is a season that definitely needed to happen, for better or for worse, but yeah hopefully next season is a return to the season 1/season 2 vibe because those were both just amazing.
  14. I think some combination of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Catastrophe, iZombie, Master of None, You're the Worst, Stranger Things, and Superstore (which I really think is one of the best comedies on TV right now and more people should be watching it). I haven't really been digging this new season of The Good Place, especially in comparison to season one - I feel like the stories that can realistically be told are really limiting and there's no real way for these characters to grow and learn from their mistakes and it's lacking the strength of a workplace comedy like Parks and Rec. I have a whole spiel but I won't get into it. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is good as always but, much like The Good Place, it's not really doing it for me this season. I suppose I'd put those two on the list by default, just because there was nothing else and they aren't exactly bad in anyway. I also didn't love the MST3K revival, Friends from College (despite having some great talent in there), or the new seasons of Love and BoJack, but I think one of them would inevitably end up on the list by default as well, just due to needing to fill space (probably BoJack, just because it frustrated me less than Love and Friends from College and it didn't let me down as hard as MST3K). I do still need to check out Jean-Claude Van Johnson and It's the End of the F***ing World, though, and judging from the trailers I'd imagine both of them would probably be in my Top 10.
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