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    • 4 & 5 "help wanted again" After the plankton on the surface(forgot his name) took over the trusty slab,the trusty slab employees has to apply jobs at the krusty krab,while the krusty krab employees goes to the surface,and stop the surface plankton's plan of taking over the surface world(and Patrick got frozened btw).  
    • I am ganna use my kitchen gun,to see if it could cook foods for me! *shoot bullets at the ingredients*
    • 3b: "Holy Crap!" Sandy Cheeks' devoutly Catholic father Francis is forced to retire from his job at the Pawtucket Mill, and moves in with her. Francis yells at his elder grandson, Seth, because he believes that he is masturbating in the bathroom when he is merely defecating. He makes his granddaughter, Lizzie, feel guilty for holding hands with a neighbor boy, and tells his younger grandson, Sean, bedtime stories of the punishments that await sinners in Hell. Francis and his teachings to his grandchildren cause Chris to become convinced that defecation is a sin, while it makes Sean become fascinated with God and his power to punish sinners. Sandy takes the Pope to her house; when Larry sees him he is terrified that Sandy kidnapped him. Although she kidnapped him, the Pope agrees to tell Francis what a good person Sandy is. Before they go, Sandy fixes the problems Francis had created for his grandchildren; he tells Seth that what happens in the bathroom is between him and God, and to LIzzie that it is okay at her age to go out with boys, and tells Sean about how loving God is. Sandy takes the Pope to the toy factory, where he tells Francis that Sandy is a good woman and mother. After hearing this Francis accuses the Pope of being soft; the Pope takes great offense at Francis's claim and starts yelling at him, threatening to excommunicate him. Sandy intervenes, and when she reveals he wanted his father's love, Francis says that albeit he doesn't like Sandy's personality, he loves his daughter, and Sandy reconciles with her father. Francis is forgiven by the Pope and is hired for a job as a security guard for his tour of the United States. At the end of the episode, Sandy's mother shows up at the door and wishes to live with the family, prompting them to jump in an escape pod. - Goatworlds  
    • Because the last event was a success, I'm opening myself up to do another one of these this month, just in time to celebrate the Winter Solstice. This time, the length is cut in half and I plan for it to last from 7AM to 7PM. Spin-Offs are still the main focus for this.
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