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    • sadly no but its unironically fantastic! well not the two cursed seasons from what i hear(i still might watch those at some point on my own) but the revived seasons are pretty good imo.(well ive only seen 2016 in full so far lel) maybe not that impressive if you've never watched survivor before but if you're a survivor fan i'd highly recommend it. aw shucks, i forgot about smackdown. i dont even watch it anymore.
    • @DarknessDG that's great, but i'm watching WWE Smackdown. sorry.
    • does this one have any exploding jeeps
    • OH GOD DARKNESS WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS TIME So last week me and Prez had this idea to start doing this. I've been infodumping for awhile now and now it's my time to force my special interest onto everyone. AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR I already posted about how much I like it in the Obscure Interest Sharing topic but for those who don't know, this is the Australian version of the famous TV show Survivor. The revived version(I have to specify this every time, since there were two failed attempts in 2002 and 2006) first aired in 2016 and they have aired yearly since then, though an All-Stars season is going to air this year alongside the 2020 season. I will try to host watch nights every Friday at around 9pm EST/6pm PST. We will be watching 2 episodes per night, so it will be on average 2 hours of watching per week. There are 26 episodes per season though, so this will last 13 weeks per season. We will be starting with the first revived season that aired in 2016. I made a discord to avoid spamming it on Prez's discord and here on SBC. If there are problems with the link, let me know. Discord Link There is a verification process, so be aware of that. Once you join look at the help document. It contains info about Survivor and rules regarding spoilers. After that, go to #name-color-request to request a name color if you want.
    • “Two Tribes” - Frankie Goes to Hollywood 
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