v4.2 - 2/16/18
Supports new Safari and Chrome autoplay rules. Chrome will begin muting autoplay videos in April, and SBC Music will now tell you to unmute.

v4.1 - 3/06/17
Added new LC-exclusive turntables made by Cha and now your iFish will dance when you hit the "Like" button.

v4.0 - 2/21/17
Third major upgrade! Enjoy the new iFish integration! Hang out with your friends while you jam to your favorite songs!

v3.0 - 2/20/16
Second major upgrade! Enjoy the new look as well avatar support!

v2.2 - 11/27/15
SBC Music now retrieves video duration on its own, fixing a major issue where requesting a song while the timer says "0:00" would skip that video.

v2.1 - 8/12/15
Small updates.
  • Revert back to HTTP... yay.
  • SBC Music now remembers the wait list if it crashes.
  • Addresses an issue where SBC Music will stop playing music and hitting "skip" does not solve the issue.

v2.0 - 6/11/15
First major upgrade!
  • New interface.
  • iFish character integration.
  • Earn points (from likes) to purchase upgrades, such as new turntables and powerups!
  • Removed the old "Wait List" for the new iFish DJ line.
  • New random event: Lightning Round!

v1.3 - 2/18/15
Upgraded SBC Music to support encryption!

Messages and sensitive information are now protected.

v1.2 - 1/19/15
A few add-ons:
  • Added history page.
  • Added shoutbox widget.
  • Added white skin.
  • Changed "Wait List" from gray to orange.

v1.1 - 12/26/14
Numerous fixes and add-ons!
  • Added user list.
  • Added HD option.
  • Added YouTube titles to the chat.
  • Added volume control.
  • Added ability to change your request.
  • Fixed skip glitches.
  • Fixed [img] bbcodes.
  • Fixed the "undefined" ghost.
  • Fixed unordered wait list.

v1.0 - 12/25/14
Merry Christmas! This was the launch version.
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