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    Okay...I know this is coming from the guy who made like 100+ posts going to the defense of the third movie, but this is the point where I feel like Nickelodeon/Paramount/Viacom needs to stop. The sad thing about this news is that three of these entities all own SpongeBob in some form. The creator and staff had no complete rights to this series and of course, they have no control against the companies' call for their ideas for spin-offs. As for this whole pledge towards making spin-offs, I'm going to honest, I called it years ago when I said that SpongeBob is such a timeless series to the point where the franchise may be able to continue thriving through possibly reboots or spin-offs, whether we'd like it or not. Well, here we are with Nickelodeon opening the doors for new SpongeBob shows, but I'm not excited about this news at all. First of all, I think a spin-off series for SpongeBob being announced would make sense if the show had already ended its run, but this news is being announced while SpongeBob SquarePants is still running and is still nowhere near its end. Second of all, this news is being announced just a mere few months after Stephen Hillenburg's death. Because of that distinction, this move towards making SpongeBob spin-offs speaks nothing more to me than the greedy threesome trying to profit off someone's death. Like, nowhere does this news say that this project plan is dedicated to Hillenburg's contributions to the show, nor did they say that these spin-offs will continue to let Hillenburg's influence rub off on its viewers. This entire article is all about trying to keep Nickelodeon alive by announcing this move (among others) to make new shows based around the SpongeBob universe. I get it, cable is struggling, as it's acknowledged in the very first line...: In an era when young TV viewers are increasingly abandoning the traditional TV screen, Brian Robbins wants to make it very difficult for kids to give up on Nickelodeon. ...but there are ways to keep a stable audience without being so desperate. Brian Robbins can go eff himself. "That's our Marvel Universe." Let me be frank with you, mister. SpongeBob is NOT Marvel, and it was never made so it could be as big of a market as Marvel, nor Disney, Hanna-Barbera, DC, etc. etc. Stephen Hillenburg is NOT Walt Disney. All those jokes people have made about how very reliant Nick is towards SpongeBob and how the series is basically their life support, they have never been truer than ever, and I wish this isn't the fate that SB is clinically forced be stuck with. If this guy is meant to be our new future CEO and the future of Nickelodeon as a whole, then I don't want to live in that future.
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    Leaked list of cast of the upcoming Spongebob’s spin off
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    On This Day...(February 14th) SBC 2015 - The 143rd SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Cool Cat SpongeBob 2000 - "Valentine's Day" and "The Paper" premiered. 2018 - "Old Man Patrick" premiered
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    That’s right, the first SBC movie screening will be tonight at 9:30 PM EST. You people have voted to watch this wonderful movie Green Book, and watch it you shall. Like our Snowcember movie nights, these will be hosted on Cytube, this time in a special new room. I will post the link when it gets to be that time. See you there.
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    https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/nickelodeon-brian-robbins-spongebob-lego-paddington-john-cena-1203139534/ http://www.nickandmore.com/2019/02/14/nickelodeon-upfront-2019/ "The decision to broaden “SpongeBob” may be Robbins’ most surprising move. The series has been a staple of Nickelodeon since 1999, which means it has multiple generations of fans to reach. “That’s our Marvel Universe,” Robbins said. “You have this amazing show that’s run for almost twenty years.” While he pledged that Nickelodeon will always make “SpongeBob,” Robbins sees ample room to explore other characters. Among the options on the table are to “tell an original story about SpongeBob and Patrick, or maybe tell a Sandy Cheeks stand-alone story, or can Plankton have his own?” Robbins mused. “I think the fans are clamoring for it." “Additionally plans are in place to expand the SpongeBob SquarePants universe with spinoffs focused on the core characters into formats such as new series, specials and feature length movies." Well...looks like a decade of writing fan made spin-offs has finally paid off. Woo? If I was a kid I'd probably be ecstatic about this news, but now...eh. Hopefully they come up with interesting stuff, I guess.
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    Look it’s a baby scallop! I’LL TAKE CARE OF THIS! “at least when squidward tried to fuck a burger it didnt end up in a mass murder” - some guy in an ambulance any who, discuss them here
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    We now have both a straight remaster and a brand-new ORCHESTRAL VERSION. Hell to the yes!
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    In honor of Flicks February, I'll be doing movie trivia in this thread tonight at 8 PM EST. Winner gets 10,000 doubloons from my personal bank account. Runner up gets 5,000. See you then!
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    I’m might be watch this sequel only if Frozen’s Olaf gonna be replaced with one of those Olafs
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    Now, anyone who has seen this post will definitely think of iconic cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Looney Tuunes, Tom and Jerry etc have been marketable projects that have countless spin offs and you'll ask me why I act like this is the first time this has happened. Firstly SpongeBob isn't anything like those cartoons, to me at least. Those cartoons are shorts that were already making spin offs and SpongeBob has been around for 20 years with no spin-offs and it's still contiuning. I know it's like I'm being hypocritical and yes, this wasn't the first Nickelodeon show to have a spin-off (Rugrats, Jimmy Neautron, Loud House...) but why I'm so biased when it comes to SpongeBob is that the show has a special place in my heart and it's all because of the show's creator, Stephen Hillenburg. Him along with the cast and the crew, turned the show into one of the most creative and imaginative shows of all-time. Even in so-so latter seasons, there are sparks of humor and heart put into it. The show had 2 movies and It's having a third one (and we're getting to that for a brief time) and it's like the network has to rely on the show all the time be successful and I get that, I do. No show has ever reached the success SpongeBob had and I understand why these spin-offs shouldn't be a shocker and it shouldn't be worth arguing for. Yeah, you are right. But what I'm annoyed and disappointed about it is that this happens only a few months after Hillenburg's pass away. Granted, this wasn't the first time to fuck you to the show, the third movie is supposedly gonna recton what the show built on in the first place and I was already mad at that concept but this is even more insulting. The fact that Nickelodeon considers SpongeBob their own "MARVEL UNIVERSE", despite the fact that the show was never EVER built on that concept in the first place. Nickelodeon considering "SpongeBob and Patrick" tv show when the show makes a lot of those episodes is a scream for money. SpongeBob is a cash cow but I've never seen this much insulting way to make profit from this show. His death wasn't even long and they are already shitting on his legacy. I don't care if these spin-off will be good in the first place. The fact that this is a greenlit shows Nickelodeon insults dead people's efforts. What a shame, for a network that has built on making "original" shows and inspiring other creators to step up. Granted, Nickelodeon has always been a shitty company, so this news shouldn't be surprising and it shouldn't be turned into a big deal but I hate everything about this. What's next? Crossovers Hillenburg didn't ask for? That would certainly be a thing. Nick has always been a SpongeBob and others channel for a long time but now they are officially SpongeBob Show Universe and don't even try to disagree when the network already claimed they want to be like a shameless rip off of Marvel Cinematic Universe. You know what, fine. Have your own shitty recton movies and countless spin-offs that will dry away every drop of creativity, Nick or whoever is behind all this news. SpongeBob is officially a zombie franchise like The Simpsons.
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    Old Man Patrick and Valentine Day come in the same day so why nobody didn’t made OMP valentine before?
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    We sorry Stephen Hillenburg this world lose everything we paid faith into
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    im gonna get get my ass whooped by four dick forehead aliens for this some father-daughter cops for your troubles
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    On This Day...(February 13th) SBC 2016 - The 186th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Cool Cat 2016 - The first SC tournament for Freebooter February was held, it was won by @Adam Sandler & @DarknessDG 2017 - Fab Beats February began. SpongeBob 2013 - SpongeBob Comics No. 17 was released. 2018 - Drive Happy premiered.
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    My tribute to "Have you seen the Snail"
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    dude didn’t even get to star in a mf ep more than a few secs before being tossed in a fire, simply for the crime of being half eaten and thrown in the garage just earlier. fuck that patty squidward sinks his horse ass mouth for the first time. I feel more bad for this brave soul who didn’t get much of a chance to live.
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    I can't wait to learn about why non-racists are the true villains.
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    They should really wait a number of years after the show ends to reboot it as a spin-off but that implies the original show will ever end.
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    I still think we as a forum community should just mention that we want Squnschpunsch out of this so we can actually get a GOOD spinoff
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    Patrick Gets His Own Planet (Patrick is in a rocket ship and notices a note above a big red button.) Patrick: "Patrick, do not push this button. S.C." S.C.? Who's that? I'm not listening to him! (Patrick pushes the button, and the rocket ship flies out of the water and into space.) Narrator: Whales like cheese, sharks like monkeys! Planet Patrick's oh, so funky! Patrick: Who are you? What's Planet Patrick? Chorus: (singing) Patrick! Patrick: How do all these people know my name? Narrator: Surfboards rock! Dogs hate catsies, you are watching Planet Patsies! Patrick: What's a dog? What's a catsy? What the heck's a Planet Pats- (Suddenly, the ship crashes onto a distant planet, and a green alien crawls out from under it a few minutes later with bruises all over his body.) Alien: Ow, my scapula...and everything else. Patrick: Who are you? Alien: I'm Dobby. You must be the latest idiot sent here by a dying cable network to have wacky adventures on our planet. Patrick: Sounds about right. Hey, I remember you! I poked you with a stick a bunch in that dream I had where I was a snowman! Dobby: I can already tell that this will be a very, very unenjoyable experience for me. (Patrick pokes Dobby with a stick he found.) Patrick: Poke. (giggles) Poke. I like this! Dobby: Can someone call a doctor? Patrick: I'm a doctor! (Patrick throws away the stick and puts on a pair of rubber gloves.) Patrick: This is going to hurt you a lot more than it will hurt me. Dobby: Never mind. I'll live with my internal bleeding. (What a twist!)
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    valentines day but its just of families instead
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