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    A couple of weeks back when the staff got trapped in the 61st dimension for some reason, we discovered some old scary lookin’ house. You could tell it was scary because it had a giant sign that said “Scary house. Do not come in cause scary”. We would like to enter the house, since the sign also said there was free cookies inside, but we’re too scared and lazy, and much rather just send a bunch of our loyal fearless members to get the cookies for us. Don't worry, there's nothing to worry about! Don’t think there’s anything “fishy” going on there…. Or double fishy…. Or fishy and ghouly… Or fishy with a side order of fishy and ghouly ghoul.... actually that sounds very tasty.... So, here’s the deal. Y’all go in there, get us those cookies, and any other cool things you find inside, and if you manage to not vanish under mysterious circumstances while there, you get to enjoy the cookie crumbs we leave on the plate. To sign-up for the visit, just leave a sign-up message in this thread. Also, in case anyone does mysterious vanish, we’ll need all of you to pick a roleplay name (etc. SpongeBob or whatever), that way the police don’t break down our doors and have to buy us new doors. You’ll have until Monday October 14th at 5pm EST to sign-up. Y’all better sign up quick, our stomachs are growling! Participants Wintermelon43 - Jigglypuff dmandaman - Dr. Phil M&M Hayden - Bewear RDSP - Typhlosion Fred Rechid - The Nightman Magic the veemon - Bloom SpongeRobert RectangleShorts - Zombie Jaws LocalAquatic - Ursula Goobz - Lil Uzi Vert SpongeBob's #1 Fan - Nosferatu
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    A surprise to be sure, but an unwelcome one. 10 innocent people on the search for some baked goods have been trapped inside an old haunted house. Out of that number, only one of those people is the Fisherman themself. If that wasn’t enough, Lord Poltergeist has been hooked to the party, also residing as well one those people. The game is a”hook”. How to Play Hooky is a competitive elimination challenge, roleplay, who-dunnitathon monster of a game. Each night, there’s a challenge or a puzzle that you are to solve. The first two contestants to complete the challenge wins immunity from being killed by the Fisherman or Lord Poltergeist. The first contestant to finish will also receive a point for their team. (Band Geeks, Drasticals or Independents) This year, a new killer has made their presence. In addition to one of the contestants being the Fisherman, another is Lord Poltergeist, on the hunt for some fresh blood, but it doesn’t just want the innocent’s blood, it craves the Fisherman’s too. For the first time in Hooky, neither the Fisherman or Lord Poltergeist is safe from meeting their doom, as both killers must kill before they are killed. Whoever gets the kill for tonight, is up to the players. When submitting your answer for a challenge, you must also write the name of one of the killers (The Fisherman or Lord Poltergeist). At the end of each round, the killer who got the most votes, will decide who dies that night. The contestants who are picked to be the Fisherman or Lord Poltergeist, will either PM or Discord DM jjs their decision, and the chosen contestant will be hooked and eliminated from the game. To help with the mystery aspect of the game, one of the contestants will be a Detective. Their job is to figure out which of the contestants is the Fisherman or Lord Poltergeist. If the Detective thinks they know who of the blood-urging killers are, they can shun their flashlight on the accused. (The flashlight has a light beam that’s so bright, it can melt whoever is exposed to it) However, there’s a catch. If the Detective accuses the wrong contestant of being the bearded menace or other bearded menace, not only will the contestant assumed die, the Detective will also die with them, and their Detective role will be passed on to another still surviving contestant. The Fisherman and Lord Poltergeist cannot become a Detective, and the Detective is also not immune to being hooked by either of the killers. Also, the Detective will not be able to kill who they assume is the Fisherman right away as their flashlight needs to be battery charged. In later challenges, the Detective will be given access to a power source. There are five different groups. Innocent, Detective, Fisherman, Poltergeist and Dead. Innocent – They are not the killers. Their role is to stay alive, as well as assist the Detective in figuring out the killers. Detective – Their role is to figure out which of the contestants are the killers, and shoot whoever they think the latter is. If the Detective has shot the correct players, they instantly win the game. But if they shoot an innocent contestant, the Detective will die with the player they shot. If the Detective is killed at any point, the role will be given to another still surviving contestant. Fisherman – They are one of the killers. Their role is to kill all the contestants one by one, be the last one standing, and avoid being spooked by Lord Poltergeist. If you are the Fisherman, obviously don’t tell anyone at all you are as that will kind of ruin the whole point of the game. Poltergeist – They are also one of the killers. Their role is to kill all the contestants one by one, be the last one standing, and avoid being hooked by the Fisherman. If you are Lord Poltergeist, obviously don’t tell anyone at all you are as that will kind of ruin the whole point of the game. Dead – These are the contestants who have been killed by the Fisherman and Lord Poltergeist. They are eliminated from the game and can no longer continue playing. All contestants will have temporary badges during the game, that will help identify who is playing and which group they are in: - Alive: This user is still alive. - Dead: This user was killed by the Fisherman or Lord Poltergeist. - Detective: This user is the current Detective. Those who signed-up in the “Haunted House Visit Sign-Ups” thread are the contestants for this game. They were also asked to use a character roleplay name, which when there isn’t a challenge, contestants can roleplay as that character in this topic to help past the time and have some fun. You may still continue to roleplay even if your character has been killed. Once again, the item shop has returned, which items can only be purchased using a points currency known as Hooks. They can be earnt by completing the challenges, with the number each contestant receives depending on who were the quickest to finish. (1st – 500 hooks, 2nd – 300 hooks. 150 hooks for everyone else) Even the player who finishes the challenge last will still receive hooks. To buy an item, either post in this thread or PM me or jjs. Last but not least, please remember, if you’re the Fisherman or Lord Poltergeist, don’t tell anyone else you’re the Fisherman or Lord Poltergeist. Ok? Item Store Protective Underwear (1,000 hooks): This item allows you to survive being hooked by the Fisherman, spooked by Lord Poltergeist, or flashlight shunned by the Detective. You keep hold of it til you are chosen to be hooked or flashlighted. The item can be bought 2 times maximum. Identifier (600 hooks): The items reveals to you one random innocent user. You can only use it once. This item can be bought 1 time maximum. Handcuffs (800 hooks): This allows the Detective to handcuff someone, preventing them from playing the following challenge. Only the current Detective can buy this. You can only use it once. This item can be bought 2 times maximum. Prizes: The last contestant standing, either being the Fisherman, Lord Poltergeist or the current Detective, will win… - 5,000 Doubloons - An exclusive badge (Either the Fisherman, Lord Poltergeist or Detective badge depending on the role) - The Fisherman Coat, Fisherman Hat and Fisherman Beard iFish items. That’s about it. The first challenge will begin on Tuesday October 15th at 7:00pm EST! Your roles will be PM to you shortly. Have fun and stay alive! Contestants Wintermelon43 - Jigglypuff (Band Geeks) - 500 Hooks dmandaman - Dr. Phil M&M (Band Geeks) - 0 Hooks Hayden - Bewear (Drasticals) - 0 Hooks RDSP - Typhlosion (Drasticals) - 300 Hooks Fred Rechid - The Nightman (Band Geeks) Magic the veemon - Bloom (Drasticals) - 0 Hooks SpongeRobert RectangleShorts - Zombie Jaws (Independents) - 150 Hooks LocalAquatic - Ursula (Band Geeks) - 0 Hooks Goobz - Lil Uzi Vert (Drasticals) - 0 Hooks SpongeBob's #1 Fan - Nosferatu (Drasticals) - 0 Hooks
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    The Sign-Ups are now closed. We will not be accepting any late visitors. The 10 brave volunteers entered the house. Surprisingly, it doesn't look that scary. Just a bit dusty and all. "This will be a piece of cake" thought no one, since they were still pretty scared. But just when they started to gain the courage, the lights go out. A few seconds later, the lights turn back on, but are now green so you know everything's gone scary now. The entrance to the house has been locked, and in the distance is this the silhouette.... of a hook.... Hooky 5: Meet Your Ghost "WILL YOU FUCKING KIDS KEEP IT DOWN!!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ALL DOING IN MY HOUSE ANYWAY!!!! ALRIGHT THAT'S IT, I'M GONNA FUCKING MURDER ALL OF YOU!!! AND DON'T THINK I'VE FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU, YOU HOOK-WIELDING FUCK!!! THAT'S RIGHT, THE HUNTER HAS BECOME THE HUNTED!!!!" ... ... Lord Poltergeist has joined the killers.
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    I can't praise this episode enough. Mr. Lawrence is one person that gets how Plankton episodes should be. Fun, creative, interesting with originality and cool dynamics. This one had it all. This was more of a Flying Dutchman teacing Plankton to be scary than another steal the formula shtick to me. I loved the mentor/apprentice dynamic Plankton and The Flying Dutchman had. Plankton going from a pathetic ghost to be an actual skilled ghost was a good progression only to be backfired by more disadvantages of being a ghost, which i found it so much interesting to watch. Comedy here wasn't the main focus but I did like the jokes they made here. Especially the Pearl shapeshift gag, which couldn't have been funnier than ever after OCM shit. I loved seeing how unimportant SpongeBob was in the episode and his cameo was actually gold. I think pacing was at its finest of all s12 episodes. Every plot progression flowed nicely and the episode was wrapped up with Plankton regretting to be a ghost and Flying Dutchman regretting to have a body. The animation was once again stellar. It had just the right amount of creepy and scary faces and the episode felt dark in a colorful way. This episode ended is truly one of the strongest episodes of the season. Grade: A
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    On This Day... (October 10th) SBC: 2015 - Jeopardy Game 173 was on October 10, 2015, won by Team 3. SpongeBob: 2012 - SpongeBob Comics No. 13 was released. 2017 - The Complete Ninth Season was released. 2018 - SpongeBob Comics No. 85 was released.
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    We all know about my distaste for the current era of SpongeBob and how I feel they handle Squidward very poorly in terms of character and expression. Yesterday, my friend @Zombie Jaws, posted an image from the recent episode, The Ghost of Plankton, featuring a scared Squidward reacting over the top, with another goofy expression that makes him look like an ugly dumbass. Look, I get it’s the point since that’s what the show wants to be now, or it “makes sense” due to what’s happening in the scene, but still, it just looks so unappealing, especially on a character like Squidward, who’s design already shouldn’t be touched with those expressions. Plus, these expressions on him have been done a ridiculous amount of times in this era. It’s so tiring and I feel it would just get unfunnier every time it’s done. I also feel there’s much better ways to execute an over the top expression, but I guess it takes a lot of hard execution to make an unappealing off model expression appealing, I guess I’d just try to execute it differently or make something else the point of the joke. So what do you think? Do you agree this expression doesn’t do it for you or any of my other points? Or do you disagree? Comment below - Prez, the man who’s very passionate about Squidward. I’m sorry.
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    Here's a brand new side game for Octerror Fest 2019... If ye are reading this thread, then I've got some terrible news for ya: You have been CURSED! That's right, the Dutchman himself has cast upon everyone a terrible, grimey curse. In the distance, he is laughing away. I hear that the longer the curse festers inside of your vessel, it will soon have what some consider "unnatural effects" on yourself (hmm) and slowly turn you into a ghost! But how do you break this curse? Luckily for you, there IS a way! Throughout the month, I will randomly post several quests to complete. There are a grand total of 31 quests to do for this. Whoever is first to finish all 31 before the final hour strikes on October 31st, ye will receive: an exclusive badge, 3,000 non-cursed doubloons, and a point for yer team on das scoreboard. If ye are unable to break the dreaded curse, then I'm afraid you'll become a part of Mr. Dutchman's crew for all eternity. I hear it pays well though, so it might not be all bad! Stay tuned, the first batch of quests will be posted in the coming days... Quest Progress: Rob: 6/31 SOF: 6/31
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    Welcome, foolish mortals! Prepare yourselves for the spookiest skins you'll ever find this Octerror Fest! And there's not only one, but five of these spooktacular skins to chill you to the bone! Don't be a scaredy-pants now! For all ghosts-and-ghouls-to-be to enjoy, we have: Octerror Fest 2019 - the default scary skin of the season made by @Patty Rose! The Flying Dutchman - JCM's hauntingly lovely skin has been given a ghoulishly delightful remaster, courtesy of @Cha and @jjsthekid! It Came From Boo-kini Bottom - a boo-tifully frightening skin made by me! And for LCs, we're bringing Cha's Trick or Treat and tvguy's remastered Krusty Krab Halloween Party back from the dead! Now go! Have a bewitching time acquainting yourselves with these bone-chilling skins!
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    The Man who build Dump Tower
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    On This Day... (October 9th) SBC: 2015 - The lottery was updated into its current form. SpongeBob: 2007 - The Atlantis SquarePantis book was released. 2010 - "Krusty Dogs" and "The Wreck of Mauna Loa" premiered. 2013 - SpongeBob Comics No. 25 was released. 2014 - Marbles & Slides was updated for the 12th time.
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    Results: 1st: Winter 2nd: RDSP 3rd: Rob 4th: Dman 5th: Goob 6th: Fred 7th: Local 8th: Hayden Winter wins immunity and a point for the Band Geeks! RDSP is also immune due to being 2nd, and both received Hooks. Due to Rob getting 3rd, he also got hooks. The attendees have all sent in their votes, and Lord Poltergeist will strike tonight. ... AAAHHH!!! The lights flash and Lord Poltergeist has killed Fred (The Nightman)! OH MY GOD! Fred is dead. RIP. That leaves us with 9 survivors left. Find out tomorrow night at 7pm EST to see how it will go from here! You may roleplay or react in this thread until then. Contestants Wintermelon43 - Jigglypuff (Band Geeks) (Hooks: 500) dmandaman - Dr. Phil M&M (Band Geeks) Hayden - Bewear (Drasticals) RDSP - Typhlosion (Drasticals) (Hooks: 300) Magic the veemon - Bloom (Drasticals) SpongeRobert RectangleShorts - Zombie Jaws (Independents) (Hooks: 150) LocalAquatic - Ursula (Band Geeks) Goobz - Lil Uzi Vert (Drasticals) SpongeBob's #1 Fan - Nosferatu (Drasticals)
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    to what do I owe the honor, handsome
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    Bold of you author to assume I’d be done with a chapter six days in advance.
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    A fisherman ghost is never afraid... Not even other fisherman ghosts... They WILL all burn...
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    On This Day... (October 15th) SBC: 2011 - Jeopardy Game 6 was on October 15, 2011, won by @Jack O' Admin. 2016 - Jeopardy Game 220 was on October 15, 2016, won by @Doot Doot. 2017 - Dunces & Dragons Game 43 was on October 15, 2017, won by @The Nightman. SpongeBob: 2003 - Nickelodeon Toon Twister 3-D was released. 2013 - It's a SpongeBob Christmas Blu Ray was released. 2016 - "Whirly Brains" premiered. 2019 - The Complete Tenth Season was released.
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    AAAAHHHHH, GHOST! Ooh, yum, toast! *eats* Uh....AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! I can't believe The Flying Dutchman came to the party too. Wait, that wasn't really him? Uhhh, maybe Mr. Krabs did it!
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    Well helllooo everyone, if you wanted to come to my awesome five star Halloween party, it's too late for that I'm afraid! Some boneheaded barnacle head decided to ruin my party by thinking it'd be funny to dress up as the Flying Dutchman! And no, it wasn't me, I have class! If you want my professional and expert opinion on this mystery, it was probably one of these losers who snuck into my party uninvited: my pal Squidward, Mr. Krabs or Bubblebath! It's GOT to be one of them!
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    Get that filth away from me! Yes, I saw Krabs trying to mooch off my money, Squidward being an antisocial dork, and Bubble Bass...barely being anywhere! Maybe it's him! Yes, I did leave the deck for exactly five seconds to refill my drink!
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    AAAAAHHH, FLYING DUTCHMAN! Sorry, I'm still scared over that! That impersonator was most certainly not me, I was too busy with Patrick partaying! If I had to guess a suspect, it'd probably either be Squilliam himself or Bubble Bass. Ask me your questions as long as they aren't too creepy.
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    Whoaaa dudes! Someone dressed up as thee Dutchman and scared the barnacles out of everyone! I sure wonder who could've done it...what if it was the Bubble Bass guy?
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    Due to ghosts messing up SBC yesterday, the sign-up has been extended to Today at 5pm EST. If you're still interested in helping us get some yummy treats, now would be the time!
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    here is mine https://imgur.com/a/0cBxBn9
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    happy halseyween month, stream Graveyard for clear skin
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    It’s back once again Ghosts and Ghouls! The annual Spooktacular Scary Art Contest! You know the drill, create any bone chilling enough and horrifying Halloween themed art piece. It doesn’t have to be SpongeBob characters so let your imagination run wild. Also remember the Halloween Eye of Jackie Chan sees all so don’t steal someone else’s art, that is neither cool nor spooky. The entries will be judged by me, Aquatic and Patty. The winner will receive 5,000 doubloons, an exclusive badge, a point for their team and a free store item of their choice! You have until Wednesday October 30th to send in your work. Good luck!
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    “Young and Beautiful” - Lana Del Rey
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    SBC's kreepiest Krusty Krab Kostume Kontest returns once more! Whoever scares our three judges the most, Pirate Captains Harrison, Jones, and the Dark Overlord Enshou, will win and receive special prizes! Of course, you're free to use this year's brand new spooky iFish items, made by our hardworking Scaredy Pantses! [link] Rules 1.) Be sure to click "Download (right click and save)" on the iFish generator page (near the bottom) and upload your iFish to a site like imgur, photobucket, etc, or just take a screenshot. Copy and pasting your iFish will not work. 2.) Once you post it, you cannot change it. So be 100% sure before posting. 3.) Do not copy somebody else's. 4.) You do not have to be on either team to play in this, it's for everyone. Prizes -2,000 cursed dou-BOO-ns -A point for your team on the scoreboard (you can be Independent if you don't want to join a team) You have until October 30th at 7:00pm EST to submit an iFish, and we will pick one the same day. Submissions SpongeKid:
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    Just call me Castlemandyia!
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    I'm definitely looking forward to this.
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    Baba O'Riley by the Who.
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    On This Day... (October 8th) SBC: 2011 - Jeopardy Game 5 was on October 8, 2011, won by @CDCB. 2016 - Jeopardy Game 219 was on October 8, 2016, won by @Eenie Meenie. 2017 - Dunces & Dragons Game 42 was on October 8, 2017, won by @EsponjadeMar. SpongeBob: 2012 - "Hello Bikini Bottom!" premiered. 2014 - SpongeBob Comics No. 37 was released. 2016 - "Mutiny on the Krusty" premiered.
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    I've only listened to two of their albums in full (Rubber Soul and Sgt. Pepper), but I have chosen Sgt. Pepper. Even if I do listen to the rest of the band's albums, I have a feeling that they won't astound me on the same level as that album did.
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    iFish and Octerror Fest go hand and hand for each other, given it is the event that introduced the iFish system 7 years ago, and as such, we are dedicated to continuing that great tradition. In Octerror Fest 2012, 16 iFish items were available for purchase. In OF 2015, there were 25 items. In OF 2016, there were 30 items. In OF 2017, there were 33 items available, and at OF 2018, there were 57 items available! This year, we've managed to top even that, as we have a grand total of 66 iFish items now available for purchase! To be more specific, 41 of these items are available for everyone, while 25 are available exclusively to Loyal Customers, as well as 13 (what a lucky number) completely new items! Give credit to @Patty Scared and @Dark Overlord Enshou for the new items. Here is a complete list of all the items that you can now purchase from the store this year. Everyone: LC Exclusive: All of these will come in handy for this year's costume contest! Buy them, if you dare...
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