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    3a. “Mermaid Man & Barnacleboy VII: The Motion Picture II” While waiting in line for the newest Mermaid Man & Barnacleboy movie, SpongeBob and Patrick find themselves in a pickle with Bikini Bottom’s newest arrival: Al-Qaeda.
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    Warning: This is done in fun, does not at all reflect my real thoughts and opinions. Nor does it reflect my actual votes. After eight months on hiatus, Community Deathmatch finally makes its long forgotten return THIS MONTH with its first ever GCA-themed show titled; "Popularity Contest"! A show where the members of SBC nominate their favorite combatants to compete in each category for fabulous prizes, so if you didn't get your nominations in, like me, then tough shit! You had your chance and now your favorites might not even be competing! So with that being said, we here at Community Deathmatch would like to give our thanks and utmost gratitude to all those who sent in their ballots and helped make our first ever Popularity Contest possible! Especially those who didn't bother filling out the spinoff/lit categories: G4ry SOF Patty Rose Danny DeVito Steel Sponge Jjs Aquatic Konquest And we would also like to extend a very honorable mention to Kev, for his cheap pops all while not nominating! I think I speak for all of us at Community Deathmatch when I say that you 8 are all our favorites here (and therefore will win in each of your categories)! All thanks to their selfless contributions, our match card has officially been set: Best Debater Championship Match Clappy vs Nuggets vs Dr. WhoBob vs Wumbo vs HawkbitAlpha Funniest Member Championship Match Cha vs Goobz vs Katniss vs Kev vs OWM vs Fred Rechid Spongiest Member Championship BeachBob95 vs NegiSpongie vs 4EverGreen vs President Squidward vs Wintermelon43 vs Coffee_Lover Kindest Member Championship Match Cha vs Katniss vs Goobz vs Patty Rose vs SOF vs Wintermelon43 Most Competitive Member Championship Match Hayden vs DarknessDG vs dmandamanAndKnuckles vs SRRS vs Trophy Most Mature Member Championship Match HawkbitAlpha vs jjsthekid vs Clappy vs SG19 vs Tyeam Most Contributive Member Championship Match Patty Rose vs Aquatic Konquest vs Cha vs jjsthekid vs JCM Most Creative Membership Championship Match Patty Rose vs Cha vs Aquatic Konquest vs Coffee_Lover vs SRRS And fighting for the right to be in the Community Deathmatch Hall of Pain: Honorary Creator Wing NegiSpongie vs Renegade the Unicorn vs Fa Honorary Staff Member Wing Cha vs Aquatic Konquest vs OWM vs Trophy vs Fred vs Terminoob Honorary Member Wing Steel Sponge vs Halibut vs SBL vs 4EverGreen vs DarknessDG Popularity Contest will also play host to the first ever "Shell of a Man Open Challenge"! Who will be the first member to knock on Mr. Krabs' office door and pick a fight with The Killer Krab himself? Whoever steps up and finishes the deed will win all the money in me vault! Ar ar ar! And current reigning Deathmatch Best Member, @Moxley♥, will also be on hand to provide special guest commentary! Plus a few other select appearances by your favorite Deathmatch characters! Please note that outside of the Honorary Creator Match, no spinoff categories will be represented on this show because AINTNOBODYGOTTIMEFORTHAT, and this isn't Wrestle Kingdom. This show's gotta end some time, folks! We hope you all join us as Community Deathmatch celebrates our favorite members, all in one night, in what could very well be Deathmatch's last hurrah! We guarantee that this show will win Best Episode next year or your time back! Community Deathmatch presents "Popularity Contest"! If you ain't there, you weren't NOMINATED! And , the winners will reflect my votes
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    So this is the part where I talk about my general thoughts on the charts. And for the first time in a couple years…I actually have a lot of thoughts about the hit music landscape as a whole. 2019 was a really weird year. It didn’t start off that way. A lot of the huge hits from last year lingered through the winter and a good portion of the spring this year and I made that abundantly clear during my spring chart rankings. But then something amazing happened. We got a large abundance of new stuff from the least likely of people. If you told me at the beginning of the year that some of the biggest hits of this year had Billy Ray Cyrus, Snow, and Bradley Cooper of all people, I would have thought that you were messing with me. And then we had major career revivals for Lady Gaga, The Jonas Brothers coming back together, and one of the biggest names of this year was Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco. Let me make that clear. The lead singer of a fourteen year old band became one of the go to guys for chart success. But the icing that really topped the cake for unnatural behavior? Taylor Swift, Brendon Urie, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, and many more would be blocked from the number one spot for nineteen weeks on the Hot 100 by a then nobody named Lil Nas X and an absolute joke in Billy Ray Cyrus. Only to end up being dethroned by Billie Eilish, who is also a major newcomer in 2019, singing a song about trying to seduce your dad. And that is part of the reason why 2019 will go down as one of the best years of the 2010s. Because of the unpredictability of it all. This was a fascinating year to follow the charts. After how dour and depressing 2018 was, I’ll gladly take the weird and wonderful that was 2019 any day of the week. Especially if the quality was there. Which it definitely was in droves. 2019 has one of the strongest and most competitive best lists I’ve had in years. And we’ll get to that soon enough. But you know where we have to start, as always when it comes to these lists for me. With all the praising I just gave for this year in general, the year-end list doesn’t really convey that. Honestly, it’s the back half of the year end list that confuses me in particular. I can’t help but look at this list and think, this was a hit? And, this song somehow had enough points to make it over others that better represent the year in a whole? Billboard’s tracking needs to change whether it be the time allocated or the points allocated because this is a broken system. Back to the worst list though…and I’ll be honest. While there was plenty of bad music from this year, a lot of it is not your run of the mill bad. I think one of the biggest things I’m looking forward to from this list season is what people consider their worst of the year that is 2019. Because I’ll be honest, I can’t think of what many consider to be easy candidates. I have a lot of choices for my worst list and dishonorable mentions especially that you are about to see that not many people will consider your usual “easy targets”. Sure there are bound to be some that you all will think are, let’s not be coy. But I think this year in particular, you’ll see a lot of differing opinions as to what people will view as what they think is bad this year. Definitely an improvement in my eyes because I like varying opinions. So with that being said, let’s see what varying opinions I have amongst the rest of you. Starting off with some dishonorable mentions in no particular order. Now that I got all that out of the way, let's get to the main list proper. Let's give a swift GOODBYE GOODBYE GOODBYE to... CLAPPY'S TOP TEN WORST HIT SONGS OF 2019 Thank you all for taking the time to read these lists as always. The best list is in the works and should be up within a week or so depending on how work goes. Hope you all enjoy that too!
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    https://www.tmz.com/2019/12/08/juice-wrld-dead-dies-seizure-chicago-midway-airport-hospital/ What an upsetting story to wake up to this morning. I wasn’t a fan of the guy but 21 is way too young of an age to die. This is one of the saddest ways to die as well. Not getting to say goodbye to loved ones or even know what’s happening. RIP Jarad Higgins.
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    On This Day... (December 7th) SBC 2013 - The 95th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @teenj12 2018 - The 138th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @DarknessDG SpongeBob 2010 - Season 6 Volume 2 was released.
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    On This Day... (December 6th) SBC: 2011 - The 2nd SBC Civil War ended. 2014 - Jep Game 136 was on December 6, 2014, won by Team Red Lotus (Nuggets, CNF and Cha). SpongeBob: 2000 - "Christmas Who?" premiered. 2002 - Nickelodeon Party Blast was released on Xbox in the PAL region and on GameCube. 2011 - The Complete Seventh Season was released. 2012 - "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" premiered on Nickelodeon.
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    (Credit to Patty for the logo) The most wonderful time of the year is here! Our annual Christmas/whatever holiday you celebrate/winter event returns for the 6th edition! Loyal Customers have already seen this, this thread is for everyone. Snowcember Ball 2019 will begin December 13th and conclude December 31st. The site will get a beautiful holiday makeover and become a winter wonderland of many festivities. Just like the past three editions, this Snowcember Ball will contain a site wide teams event, between the Band Geeks (Presents), Drasticals (Fruitcakes) and Independents (Carolers), who will compete in the Snowcember Cup. The winning team will receive nice presents from Santa Claus himself. If you want to be a part of the Band Geeks or Drasticals, then sign up in "Teams Sign-Ups". Here is a glimpse of what you'll get at this year's Snowcember Ball... SBC Christmas Trivia Contest 2019: Our annual trivia tradition returns for the 8th time, but with a twist: now using the Quizzes feature, which will shake up the gameplay style! Who will be the Christmas scholar this year!? 12 Quests of Christmas: Santa needs your help! Complete daily quests leading up to Christmas, winning prizes and points for your team! SpongeBob Pictionary: The games of our hit new feature on December 14th and 21st will be a part of the event. SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: The games on the 13th, 20th and 27th will be a part of the event. Dunces & Dragons: The games on December 15th and 22nd will be a part of the event. SBC Music Snowcember Parties: SBC Music will occur December 13th, 20th and 27th, after Wheel of Fortune. Due to dubtrack unfortunately closing, we are now using OWM's cytube room as a replacement. Because of this, Music will no longer count for team points and is just a fun free for all now in the vein of movie screenings. Whodunnit?: Whodunnit will return for the 12th edition! Get ready for one intriguing holiday caper! iFish: There will be new items to unwrap created by our Fry Cooks! Old items buried in snow from prior years will return for LCs. These items will all come in handy for this year's winter iFish contest! The iWish for iFish program from last year will also return! Skins: There will be a total of six skins for the event. For everyone, there will be three brand new skins, made by Patty, Cha and Local respectively! Three old Snowcember skins will return for Loyal Customers. Here are two skin sneak peeks I've shown on Discord. Snowcember Minigames: If you're not into the teams aspect, there will be standalone winter minigames for users to play to earn prizes, which we also had last year! Note that none of these will count for team points. Christmas SWYAD: The 29th SWYAD will occur during the event. Think of the best winter/holiday names; you may start reserving them in this thread. Movie Screenings: Like at Octerror, we will screen holiday movies on cytube on Saturdays at 8pm EST. There is much more to come, including racing, hunting, and lots of snow, as this is going to be one of our biggest events ever, but much like any present, we'll keep what's to come a surprise! The staff believe this event will out a grand, ultimate cap on 2019 and the decade for everyone. We can't wait! SWYAD Reservations: SOF —> Holly Jolly Rarity Jjs —> Jon Snow Clappy —> Happy Hanukkah Marv Fred —> The Gingerfred Man Sbl —> Frosty the Snowman Patty —> Patty Snow Rob —> Santa Jaws Steel —> Holly Jolly Jimmy Carrot —> Chumta Claus Negi —> NegiSantie Cha —> Yuka Claus Local —> Khristmas Konquest Dman —> DDDman OMJ —> Booster Hayden —> Snom Katniss —> Christmas Kat Goobz —> A Very Gooby Christmas WhoBob —> Christmas Who SpongeKid —> That Merry SpongeKid
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    I love Jackbox Games. They have a party pack series of other games that are pretty fun to play with friends/family. Other game franchises I love are Five Nights at Freddy's & Bendy and the Ink Machine, both indie horror games. FNAF specifically gets a ton of undeserved hate, and even though it's annoying, I still love the games and have continued to support them since late 2014. Bendy has alot of the same elements as FNAF, but I didn't get into it until last year. I also enjoy watching videos covering internet mysteries/real-life mysteries/ARGs. Some of my favorite channels who talk about this stuff are Nexpo, blameitonjorge, and ScareTheater.
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    On This Day... (December 5th) SBC: 2015 - Jep Game 180 was on December 5, 2015, won by @Private Reese Jetson. SpongeBob: None.
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    Honestly...I hate to say it, but I think this show has officially entered its zombie phase. Personally for me, this entire season mostly felt like a tedious chore to get through, with the exception of three or four episodes I did like, and even then some of those didn't hold a candle to old greats, except maybe "Basic Cable" which was arguably the best episode of the season. The entire Randy plot for half of the season was insufferable to sit through, and "Turd Burglars" was quite possibly one of the show's worst episodes imo. It's clear Trey and Matt don't know what to do with this show anymore, but are obligated to keep it going because it's all Comedy Central has. Shame.
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    On This Day... (December 11th) SBC: 2015 - Snowcember Ball 2015 began. An improved version of mobile Jeopardy was released. SpongeBob: 2013 - SpongeBob Comics No. 27 was released. 2014 - A 15-second animated poster for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water was released.
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    2b. "Nekketsu Kōha SpongeBob-kun!!" Standing up for a fellow classmate in boating school creates a domino effect that leads SpongeBob into one confrontation after another against every adult delinquent that's enrolled there.
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    31. Keep SpongeOdd City Odd Jjs is relaxing on the porch when Tyeam shows up, being chased by different-colored versions of herself. Jjs asks her what's going on, and the Tyeam clones, who sound exactly like Trophy and Patty Sponge, tell her that they're playing Tyeamtag, a game Tyeam made up where she tags another Bubble Bud and they turn into her. To show Jjs how it works, Tyeam tags him and orders him to turn into her, but he refuses. Realizing they're out of players, Tyeam sadly ends the game, but Pattyeam makes sure to get get one more tag in by punching Trophyeam in the arm, who responds by knocking Pattyeam into the ground under their elevated house, which forms a large crater. Tyeam is walking to Wumbo's Fry Shop when she notices WhoBob standing by a dumpster with a metal detector. Tyeam asks WhoBob what's up, and WhoBob says that information is classified and she needs special clearance to access for it. Tyeam asks for the clearance, and WhoBob, surprised she didn't simply call him crazy like everyone else, grants it to her. WhoBob explains that he's investigating mysterious goings-on in SOFCity, all of which he records in his blog, "Keep SOFCIty Weird". He says nobody, including his family, believes in what he does, but he believes that he's uncovered a conspiracy that goes all the way to the mayor's office. Tyeam asks him what it's about, and WhoBob asks her if she believes in vampires. She says that of course she does, and WhoBob reveals that vampires are currently working on a plan for global domination, and SOFCity is at the center of it. Tyeam gasps. WhoBob opens his blog on his phone and shows Tyeam everything weird he's discovered in the city so far, starting with tiny holes in the side of Wumbo's Fry Shop he believes came from vampire fangs. He tells Tyeam that vampires use sporting events, elections, and SpongeBob message boards to divide humanity, making it easier for them to swoop in and establish control with little organized resistance. He claims they're already in control of SOFCity, and they're using it as a breeding ground for more vampires. Once they have sufficient numbers, they'll set their plan into motion, and there will be little anyone can do to stop them. Tyeam asks how she can stop them, and WhoBob says all she can do right now is spread the word, twit his blog on Tweeter and post it to Instabook and Facegram. If the people are prepared, they may be able to stop the vampire menace yet. Tyeam runs home and finds Jjs, Patty Sponge, and Trophy watching the newest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race,on the couch. She informs the other Bubble Buds of what WhoBob just told her, but none of them believe it. She pulls up WhoBob's blog on her laptop and asks how the holes got into the side of Wumbo's Fry Shop if vampires aren't real. Jjs tells Tyeam that the holes probably got there from when they were fighting the tiny drill monsters in Mermaid Mania. Patty chimes in that that was her favorite adventure, and Trophy says he doesn't remember it. Tyeam continues scrolling through the blog and asking about each weird occurrence, but Jjs explains how they're responsible for each and every one of them. Tyeam gives up halfway through the first page, knowing now that they are to blame for all of SOFCity's weirdness. Tyeam walks out of house dejected and notices WhoBob inside of the crater Patty Sponge just made outside. She approaches WhoBob, who tells her the vampires must have left this crater, and Tyeam asks him how he knows that. WhoBob raises a Ziploc bag containing a slice of tomato, and he says that tomatoes are red, just like the thing vampires love most: blood! Tyeam tells WhoBob that Patty Sponge made that crater and the tomato probably came from his ear or something while he was playing Tyeamtag. She tells WhoBob that the Bubble Buds are responsible for everything he thinks the vampires are doing, and vampires might not even exist. WhoBob is horrified by Tyeam's blasphemy, and he says that when he's finished making a cast out of the bottom of the crater, he'll prove once and for all that what he's saying about vampires is true. When WhoBob finishes the cast, he finds that it looks exactly like Tyeam, and he realizes that everything he ever believed was a lie after all. He walks back to Wumbo's Fry Shop, just as dejected as Tyeam is now. Tyeam checks WhoBob's blog again at home later that day, and it now has a message saying it's getting shut down for being fake news. Tyeam feels bad for ruining WhoBob's hopes and dreams, but Jjs tells her not to worry about some lunatic losing faith in his conspiracy theories. Tyeam decides she'll worry anyway, and then she decides to set things right. At Wumbo's Fry Shop, Cha notices WhoBob looking super duper depressed as he takes out the trash, and Cha tries to cheer him up by asking if he's seen anything weird lately. WhoBob simply responds "no" as he heads to the dumpster, and then Tyeam, dressed in the sexiest vampire costume she could find, jumps out from behind the dumpster, to Cha's delight and WhoBob's terror. Tyeam says she's here to kill WhoBob for uncovering her conspiracy, and WhoBob immediately tasers her in the neck, knocking her out. Tyeam wakes up in the attic of Wumbo's Fry Shop, and though her vision is blurred, she hears WhoBob telling Cha how excited he is to dissect this vampire he's found. Tyeam tries to move, but she's tied to a chair, and when she tries to talk, she realizes there's tape over her mouth. Suddenly, the other Bubble Buds break in, just as Tyeam's vision begins to clear. They beat up WhoBob and rescue Tyeam. On the way home, Jjs tells Tyeam she's grounded, and Tyeam says she wouldn't have it any other way. WhoBob, realizing the Bubble Buds have been in league with the vampires all along, promises to Cha that the fight isn't over, that he'll keep going, and that he will defeat them. Cha says "whatever" and helps WhoBob out of the basement to tend to his wounds.
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    On This Day... (December 10th) SBC: 2011 - Jeopardy Game 13 was on December 10, 2011, won by @Georgex Zimmerzuna. 2017 - D&D Game 50 was on December 10, 2017, won by @Private Reese Jetson. SpongeBob: 2014 - SpongeBob Comics No. 39 was released. 2017 - Bruce Brown, the voice of the narrator in "SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One," passed away.
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    On This Day... (December 9th) SBC: 2016 - Snowcember Ball 2016 started December 9th, 2016. WOF Game 47 was on December 9, 2016, won by @JCM. 2017 - Jep Game 273 was on December 9, 2017, won by @kylie. SpongeBob: 2015 - SpongeBob Comics No. 51 was released.
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    Very curious as to how they’re going to pull off bringing Steve back from the dead and why. Also isn’t The Cheetah supposed to be the villain of this movie? That’s what I heard from pre-production updates for the movie. Wonder how they’re going to tie that in with Maxwell Lord. Regardless of above, that teaser is absolutely gorgeous to look at. Love the visual tone and aesthetics they are going for with this movie from the looks of it. Definitely can’t wait to see this.
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    So, I have a chance to participate for a Top 10 of the 2010s list. This is my first time doing it, so I guess I’ll give it a try. This decade has a lot of great animated shows that I have enjoyed throughout, whether it's old or new shows that I’ve been watching. A lot of shows ended and there are some that are still currently airing. These are just some awesome shows I loved the most. Without further ado, this is... SOF’s Top 10 Animations of the 2010s 10. SpongeBob SquarePants I’ve been an SB fan for years, since 2006. SB is still popular and I've kept watching it to see if any of the newer episodes are interesting. S1-S3 were the classic pre-movie era which most of us remember and love, myself included. But there are some people saying how the post-movie era is hated because the creator left, among other reasons. Personally, I never understood this. Sure, Season 7 is considered to be one of worst seasons for SpongeBob, but some episodes are good IMO. When S9 premiered, a lot of people liked Season 9B more than Season 9A. Personally, I didn’t like some of the S9 episodes in there. They just...sort of happened for me. I feel that must be said. However, on the positive side, there are decent episodes. Later seasons have also shown improvement. Season 12 so far is getting better and better each time. it really enhanced the show a lot. I do like a lot of episodes in there such as Mind the Gap, Gary’s Got Legs, Ghost of Plankton, and Handemonium. Sadly, the creator of the show passed away last year, and it was a very sad day for SB fans. Meanwhile, the show is continuing without him and I really like the show so much, but despite that, this will be the last season I’ll watch since I’ve been outgrowing it. This show is still going to remain popular and I really appreciate that. 9. Adventure Time This show was amazing, more than that. I mean, it’s one of the best shows that CN had. There are a lot of good episodes I could think of, and the animation is pretty good to say the least. Seeing Finn & Jake going on an epic journey for 9 seasons was fantastic. Sometimes, I wish I could see more with their characters. Thankfully, four different hour-long specials are coming to HBO Max, and I can’t wait to see them. There isn’t much more to say about this, but man, this one has some wild adventures. 8. Regular Show I really liked this show, honestly. I've enjoyed seeing these characters exploring bizarre worlds around the park. What I also liked about this show is that the animation has a very decent quality. Rigby is one of my personal favorites from Regular Show. I loved his character development whenever he was goofing around with Mordecai. I don’t think there’s anything else to say other than that I like S8 a lot. It was cool to see how the final season ended that well. Overall, Regular Show is unique and it has the clever humor to keep me entertained over the years. 7. The Amazing World of Gumball When I first heard about this, I thought it looked cute, and so I checked this out. Simply put, it was marvelous. The animation looks cool and decent. I also like the characters' design a lot, like Gumball for instance. He was just a very adorable-looking cat. As for the seasons, well I do like season 4 the best. What I also liked about this show is that Gumball & Darwin make some 4th wall jokes in various episodes, which I thought was entertaining. One thing I want to say about any of the episodes is that the Rob plot was very interesting to me and it kept me invested. He has pretty good character development in there. Overall, it was an amazing and and a cute show to watch. 6. Hilda This is the first Netflix animated series I had watched, and what did I think of it? As you all can tell, I thought It was incredible. I loved the characters, I loved the animation and I loved the intro. This is one of those shows where it has given me strong Gravity Falls vibes. There isn't much else I need to add or say except that I can’t wait for Season 2 to come out in 2020. 5. DuckTales (2017) I remember watching the original version of DuckTales, I thought it was good. When the rebooted version of DuckTales came, I was genuinely surprised when they updated it with modern day animation and it made some changes that I was satisfied to see. I’m glad how the series wrote Webby, with awesome character development, to boot. She's also very energetic and fun, which is why she’s one of my favorite characters in DuckTales. I also liked the new characters we're introduced to, like Lena, 'cause she used to work alongside Magica De Spell, but then she realized that her aunt had been using her, so she could eventually save Webby from whatever spell that Magica was trying to use against her during the S1 finale. I like the show a lot better than the original version. IMO, so that’s why I put this as my #5 4. Gravity Falls Let me start off by saying that I fucking loved this show. It has a lot of incredible moments, like any other Disney animated show has done several times and this is definitely no exception. It has had loads of thrills that I've enjoyed, and I really loved characters like Mabel, Dipper, Stan, Soos and Wendy. The jokes and gags were very funny and it was interesting to learn about who wrote the journal. I also really liked the lovely animation as well. When it comes to my personal favorite character, mine is Mabel because she’s adorable and an entertaining character. As for my favourite episode? I would have to say the finale, hands down. It was filled with quite a lot of action and with tons of exciting stuff going on. Overall, it was one of my favorite shows of the 2010s. 3. Star vs. Force of Evil What’s interesting is this list made me love this show a lot more. It’s the Star vs. Force of Evil. I adore the show a lot and here's why. It has good action and humor to it. This series has Star Butterfly as one of the main protagonists who uses her magic to fight against villains like Ludo, who I really like. Furthermore, I want to say how awesome this show was and the reason I love this is because it keeps having some of those moments to get me hyped to watch more of it, and I've appreciated how fantastically the series had made Star able to stand her own ground alongside with Marco. The episodes were great, the characters were decent too. All I can say from here is that it's cool Disney has given us something unique, which is a magical girl series, and I've liked how where the show was going along with that genre. Overall, it’s a cute & awesome show. You know, I’ve been debating between these two shows and whichever one deserved to be #1 or #2, but I decided that that series would take the latter spot, and this one might surprise you guys the most… 2. The Loud House/The Casagrandes I know some of you haven't known about this show. To me, I personally enjoyed The Loud House (and the spin-off, The Casagrandes, to an extension). This was a tough choice that I made. And I can understand why some of you don’t like this series. It’s fine if you don’t like it. I just want to share my own opinion on this show that I really loved enough to become my second favorite animated series. I really mean it. This is one of the new shows that came out in 2016 that interested and entertained me most. First of all, I honestly love the animation. The idea of having Lincoln Loud being an only brother in a family of 10 sisters was a weird concept to me, but eventually I watched more episodes of The Loud House and damn, were they good. Again, I can get the hate for it, and I can respect that. Yes, I am aware of the drama with the creator that happened since two year ago, but this can move on without him and I'm glad this show is still going strong without him. Knowing that this show had gained a good amount of popularity, I can see that since this show focuses on the slice of life genre that had been done before. I really liked the characters as well as their individual personalities. That made it more of a different type of a slice of life series for me. Of course, the fact that it got so popular meant that Loud House got a spin-off show. I was happy to see Lincoln’s friend, Ronnie Anne, getting her own. It's awesome to have Ronnie Anne’s character being expanded a lot more. I think it’s because they want to make Loud House into its own expanded universe. In my opinion, The Casagrandes is an underrated show and like The Loud House, this is one of my personal favorite shows. 1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Back in 2010, when I first heard about this upcoming show, I was a bit skeptical about it, as I'm sure most of us were at the time. Then, in 2011, we had an SBC fad with almost all of the users changing their avi to MLP characters, myself included. I was trying to find a good avatar for the fad, so I found this white unicorn which ironically became one of my favorite MLP characters. Back then, however, I thought I didn’t give myself a chance to watch this series since it didn’t interest me then. Later in 2016, I decided to give it a shot by watching the two-part premiere from S1. My first impression after watching it was… I thought it wasn't that bad at all. So I decided to watch a bit more, and at that point, I think I was becoming a brony now. I really, really loved the show. It keeps me excited for more and it was awesome no matter for whom it was generally made for. So yeah, I would say that I'm an MLP fan myself. This show is super adorable to watch. Rarity is one of my favorites of all the characters in MLP:FiM. Hell, Discord is also one of my favorites, and the fact that he is voiced by the same guy who played Q from Star Trek is something I'm impressed with. I didn’t even know that when I saw his first appearance in season 2, and it was cool to have him to join the voice cast as a recurring character. If there’s one other thing that I like about this show, it's that it has kept me liking it. Even while it was coming to an end (which, sadly, it did), I would still watch it. So yeah, MLP:FiM was a very magical show and it is my favorite show of the 2010s in my opinion. Thank you for reading this. Special thanks to @Steel Sponge for proofreading and editing my commentary for this list.
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    On This Day... (December 8th) SBC 2017 - Snowcember Ball 2017 began. The 96th WOF game was held, and it was won by @Private Reese Jetson 2018 - The 318 SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @MMM SpongeBob 2009 - Balloons, Juice Man, Traffic, and The Outfit premiered. Season 6 Volume 1 was released.
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    Which didn't happen today yet, hence why SOF or jjs didn't add that.
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    My art nearly a year later.... This is honestly amazing how much I improved
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    The Ariel dress series is 75% done, now with the ninth dress in the series, this one being her purple dress from Little Mermaid 2. I honestly drew her hair and couldn't even recognize her as Ariel. She just looks incredibly different when drawn with her hair up, it's crazy.
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    On This Day... (December 4th) SBC: 2016 - Dunces & Dragons Game 10 was on December 4, 2016, won by @Majesty Yuka. SpongeBob: 2002 - A Chuckie Finster Christmas, Channukah, Kwaanza, Winter Solstice, Holiday Party, How The You-Know-Who Stole You-Know-What!, Patrick the Snowman, Plankton's Holiday Hits, and The 12 Days of Nickmas premiered.
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    On This Day... (December 3rd) SBC: 2011 - Jep Game 12 was on December 3, 2011, won by @Steel Sponge. SpongeBob: 2016 - "The Whole Tooth" premiered
  25. 2 points
    On This Day... (December 2nd) SBC: 2016 - WOF Game 46 was on December 2, 2016, won by @JCM. 2017 - Jep Game 272 was on December 2, 2017, won by @Dr. WhoBob. SpongeBob: 2017 - "The Incredible Shrinking Sponge" and "Pat the Horse" premiered. 2018 - Nick held the Eight-Hour Marathon in honor of Stephen Hillenburg.
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    On This Day... (December 1st) SBC 2011 - SOF became the December 2011 Employee of the Month. 2012 - The Christmas 2012 event began. @E.V.I.L. became the December 2012 Employee of the Month. 2013 - @President Squidward became the December 2013 Employee of the Month. 2014 - @Fat Lenny became the December 2014 Employee of the Month. 2015 - @MrTortellini00 became the December 2015 Employee of the Month. 2016 - @SpongeBob's #1 Fan became the December 2016 Employee of the Month. 2017 - @Frankie Doodle became the December 2017 Employee of the Month. The 95th WOF game was held, and it was won by @Private Reese Jetson 2018 - The 317th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @sbl
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    On This Day... (November 30th) SBC 2014 - The Lead Administrator position was created 2018 - The 137th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Mythix SpongeBob 2011 - "Procrastination" and "I'm with Stupid" premiered. 2014 - "Ask Patrick Anything" premiered. 2019 - "Plankton's Old Chum" and "The Hankering" premiered.
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    On This Day... (November 29th) SBC 2013 - The final turntable.fm party was held. SpongeBob 2009 -The Think Happy Day marathon aired in 22 channels, in 9 countries.
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    I'm not really sure how obscure the You Don't Know Jack games are, but I've never known of anyone outside of my family speaking of them so I'll put them here. Basically it's a trivia/comedic mix of a game, with some host that constantly likes to poke fun at you. My dad owned the PS1 version since as far back as I can remember, and even though I was way younger than the intended audience I always found it to be an interesting game. It wasn't until around 2014 when I found out about the series as a whole, and I became enamored in some of those videos. Fast forward to present day, and just a week ago I made a Steam account to purchase the first four volumes in the series. So far, it's been worth the wait. All that's left now is to wait for my brother to come home for the weekend so we can try out the multiplayer...
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    3b: "Holy Crap!" Sandy Cheeks' devoutly Catholic father Francis is forced to retire from his job at the Pawtucket Mill, and moves in with her. Francis yells at his elder grandson, Seth, because he believes that he is masturbating in the bathroom when he is merely defecating. He makes his granddaughter, Lizzie, feel guilty for holding hands with a neighbor boy, and tells his younger grandson, Sean, bedtime stories of the punishments that await sinners in Hell. Francis and his teachings to his grandchildren cause Chris to become convinced that defecation is a sin, while it makes Sean become fascinated with God and his power to punish sinners. Sandy takes the Pope to her house; when Larry sees him he is terrified that Sandy kidnapped him. Although she kidnapped him, the Pope agrees to tell Francis what a good person Sandy is. Before they go, Sandy fixes the problems Francis had created for his grandchildren; he tells Seth that what happens in the bathroom is between him and God, and to LIzzie that it is okay at her age to go out with boys, and tells Sean about how loving God is. Sandy takes the Pope to the toy factory, where he tells Francis that Sandy is a good woman and mother. After hearing this Francis accuses the Pope of being soft; the Pope takes great offense at Francis's claim and starts yelling at him, threatening to excommunicate him. Sandy intervenes, and when she reveals he wanted his father's love, Francis says that albeit he doesn't like Sandy's personality, he loves his daughter, and Sandy reconciles with her father. Francis is forgiven by the Pope and is hired for a job as a security guard for his tour of the United States. At the end of the episode, Sandy's mother shows up at the door and wishes to live with the family, prompting them to jump in an escape pod. - Goatworlds
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    On the Nintendo Switch: "Mario + Rabbids: Battle Kingdom", the crazy cross-over we never KNEW we wanted to play until we got it!
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    Oh boy that would be lulzy as fuck. Fully plan to do that after I start working on my "Joker" parody. Starring Todd Phillips and directed by the other Todd Phillips.
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    Great list, Clap. I don’t agree with your #10 (I was never a huge fan of them but this is like candy to me, what can I say) and a certain one of your dishonorable mentions, but everything else is fairly unimpeachable Fortunately I haven’t heard #1 but it sounds like peak bland whiteness. can’t wait for your best list! This was a weird year for sure but there were quite a few gems.
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    "RELEASE ME! WHY ARE YOU TRAPPING ME IN THIS CAGE?!" Yuka shook the cage she was in while Jebediah took a sip from his chalice. " The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky...you think this would make a good backdrop for the rest of this chapter? Its Avant-Garde nature suits me rather well! Right then, shall I resume ruining Edo's reputation? It's quite fun really." Jeb put his arms down and took a deep sigh before sitting back down. "Now, my lady." Jeb snapped his fingers and it zipped Yuka's lips shut. He turned back in his chair to give Yuka a smile. Turning back, he faced out of Yuka's eyes from within her head to see the back of a space police van. She was being loaded in there, shackled by gooey handcuffs. Jeb turned Yuka's head to face Shige, who was looking at her concerned from outside the vehicle. He simply made her smile before the intergalactic police closed the doors, "She's being transported to the Higher Courts of Oukoku to face trial. In the meantime Shige-Shogun, I advice you prepare for the repercussions of your ally's actions." the officer bowed as he entered the van and flew off. Shige looked down at the ground dis-heartened. His best friend was just shot, Majesty Yuka was carted off, and he didn't have his stunt double just in case more action spilled out. The entire council was empty aside from Umibozu who was walking up to Shige. "I have reason to suspect that this wasn't entirely her doing, Shogun-sama." Shige turned to the Yato and just let out a sigh, "I thought I could trust her. She helped save our planet from the biggest threat we've seen since Utsuro." Umibozu shook his head, "I highly doubt she would intend to harm Barkas like that. I know there's something bigger at play here, trust me. Dealing with Altana beings, such as Utsuro has given me this sort of sixth sense. There was someone else there, we just have to prove it." Umibozu said. He began to walk away and turned back to Shige, "Go back to Edo and sort things out with the Globberians. I'll talk with Fumiko and head to Oukoku." Umibozu flung his cape as he turned around to try and act cool as he walked out of the building, but noticed his son saw him do it. "HA! LOOK AT MY OLD MAN TRYING TO BE HIP!" Kamui yelled from the stand he was at. He began to laugh so hard that he was crying, leaning on No Man's (sticky) shoulder. "Half Dick, fetch me a towel! I'm crying so much, HA LOOK AT HIM TRY AND PLAY IT OFF!" No Man did as he told as the camera panned back to the police van driving through space. Jebediah was pleased with himself as his plans were unfolding just as he wanted. "I do say, I'm rather good at what I do. I've been planning this for hundreds of years, so you know. I think I should be quite well at this." as he was swirling his wine, the record player scratched. "What the-" "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF-" "Boss! You finally got out of that window!" "Of course I managed Haji, I also found some paint on the ship so I can blend in." "You don't really look like you blend in at all. You look like you belong with those Jouis." Kintoki said. Heiji took a puff from his cigar. He puffed out a cloud of smoke that hit one of the lower ranked Yato's in the face. He coughed and wiped the smoke away, "Why am I even still working for this damn ship. That damned leader killed my...only brother." Heiji ignored him and turned his attention to Haji who was holding the notepad. "Oh yes, I forgot that I got all this juicy information Boss! This is the big break I tells ya!" Haji said, getting really excited. "Apparently that Yuka lady we visited SHOT someone! I bet you anything it was that B.O.D fellow!" Haji said. Heiji rubbed the paint on his face and nodded. "Excellent detective work Haji! This is bound to be a hard-boiled case that will end with a great explosion from all the heat." Heiji took another puff, but this time the smoke hit Kamui in the face who was smiling through it. "Who the HELL are you and why are you talking with my crew mates?" Kamui asked smiling. Heiji's face scrunched up, "I uh...I'm a lost bunny. Pyon pyon, look at me." Heiji began to hop like a rabbit, "As you can see from my face, I am clearly a Yato. I request to join your crew immediately." Kamui smiled as Abuto walked up behind him, re-attaching his arm. "Chief, I don't think any of these people are Yato. They're obviously just freeloading off of us." Kamui cracked his neck as he turned to face Abuto, "OLD MAN, clearly this man is of Yato origin! No one would ever lie about their identity would they?" Kamui turned back to the three of them as a sad trombone sound played. "Anyway, they're perfect for my newest business endeavor!" Kamui said smiling at the three. They smiled back and rubbed their necks. "You don't mean that stupid Long Wohn Silvers idea you have, do you?" Abuto asked, but was met with Kamui ripping his arm back off right after he just re-attached it. "Of course I mean the AWESOME Long Wohn Silvers idea I have. Remember those idiots that hoard around Shinsuke are going ice skating! I want to ice skate, and I want to build a fish restaurant. So, I now hereby arrange to have BOTH! A Long Wohn Silvers with an ICE RINK in the middle!" Kamui said, tossing Abuto's arm back to No Man as it hit him in his (sticky) face. "You two and Samurai Gintoki! You three will be my servers! The old, stinky man waiter, the young girl waitress, and the super cool samurai waiter!" Kamui smiled, throwing paper pirate hats on them. "Well, this does match my apron pretty well." Kintoki took his Good Egg badge and pinned it to his hat. Heiji bent over to Haji and whispered to her, "This is our opportunity Haji, this ice rink fast food joint will surely get us to the bottom of this intergalactic act of terrorism. More importantly, to the bottom of this B.O.D character who forced me to drink tea instead of Camus." Haji looked back at him in confusion. "Alright Kozenigata-danna...why the hell am I still wearing your boxers-" Kintoki ripped the heart boxers off, causing Heiji to frown, "Whoever this dream hopping, Tendoshu wiener-head is, he isn't stopping me from getting my 8 pack." the three "Yato" detectives stood proud as the crew packed up all the merchandise they didn't sell into cartoon pockets. "Well come on! Aren't you three DORKS coming or what?!" Kamui said, ushering them quickly onto the ship and flying back towards Edo. As the scene was transitioning to the Yato ship, it was quickly slapped back to face Jebediah in Yuka's mind, "Do you honestly think this is funny? I think it's quite preposterous that those 3 hooligans changed my music and took over MY scene." Jebediah looked disgusted as he banged on his record player. The van was just now arriving to Oukoku, as was Barkas in the space ambulance. The van parked just outside of a large prison looking building, and the guards began to unload Yuka to the facility. The two guards held Yuka's goo arms as the carried her through the doors, as they entered the building, the scene transitioned back to the Harusame as they were landing just outside the Ice Rink, "HA! HERE!" Kamui jumped from his ship and landed on some random ass civilian. Kamui then reached into his pocket and pulled out an entire Long Wohn Silver's restaurant out of it, landing it in the middle of the ice rink. Luckily, there was no floor to the establishment, so the people that were underneath the building, were now in line for some fish and chips ay Jebby? Among them were Pakuyasa and Ikumatsu who were just going around the rink for the first time. They ended up in a booth as a waiter skated up to them, "Welcome to Long Wohn Silvers, what can I get a fine couple like you for today?" Kintoki said, spinning the sparkling champagne plate in his hands as he too twirled. Heiji and Haji looked on from the front cash registers. 4th was working the grill, making Haji nervous. "I really hope he doesn't go in the cooler." Haji said, pushing her pin against the notebook. The two detectives looked attentive as the front doors opened up. Gintoki and Katsura both walked in, Gintoki just having been voted off Wurvivor. "The Old Hag may kill me Zura, but at least I'm out of that chaotic game. I can actually spend the holidays with my family and friends. Shinpachi-kun is even letting me and Kagura stay in his dojo...yeah." Gintoki said as Katsura nodded. Gintoki's expression went blank as he saw the two "detectives" standing there with their goofy-ass hats on. "W-welcome to Long Wohn Silvers! How can I help you?" Heiji said nervously. Gintoki just sighed, "Whatever you two are getting up to, I'm just glad I don't have to carry that weight as the main character." Katsura nodded, "I'll have the...Half Dick Ha Combo." Katsura said. Gintoki's face went dark. "One Half Dick HA Combo coming right up!" Haji said, handing the ticket off to 4th. "Uhhh, I think I'll have theeeeee" Gintoki lingered, but as he was, the door labeled "YER MANAGER" blew open and Kamui barged out, "SAMURAI GINTOKI! Get back to work!" Kamui said, waving his finger at him. Gintoki gave him a slight smile before looking back at the menu, maybe just thinking this was one of Kamui's playful jokes. But this was far too real. Kamui slapped a hat and apron on Gintoki, pushing him through the Long Wohn. He skid and eventually bumped into Kintoki, causing the champagne to spill on the ice. "Watch where you're going bucket of bolts." Gintoki said, pushing Kintoki, "HEY MY ABS ARE GOING THERE! WATCH THE BUTTON NUMBSKULL!" the two were getting in a scuffle before Kamui came over and picked them both up. Kamui sat them both on their feet as he put his hands on his hips, "Now THIS is fun. TWO SAMURAI GINTOKIS!" Kamui hugged them both tightly, nearly snapping Kintoki in half. Gintoki took his apron and hat off and skated for the door, but was knocked over by Kagura and Soyo slamming it wide open. The two were being flanked by Isaburo, Nobume, and Testunosuke. Haji and Heiji's eyes widened ever more as they ducked underneath the table. "This is it Haji. We're toast. Kaput. Donezo. No amount of Camus can save us." Heiji said, rocking back and forth on the ice. Haji slapped him, knocking the pirate hat off his head. "GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME BOSS! WE CAN DO THIS!" Haji said with fierce determination. She shot up from behind the counter and greeted Kagura and Soyo. "Welcome to Long Wohn Silvers! What can I get for you?" Haji asked. "Yeah can I get uhhhhh" Kagura said, drooling. Soyo smiled, "I'll take the Hushpuppy Combo!" she said. Haji quickly jotted it down, trying to hide her face from Isaburo, however, he was busy. "Isaburo-san, can I leave. This place smells like wet socks and BOOMERS. I want to skate with some hot chicks or something." Nobume said, crossing her arms. "We have to catch two fugitives on the run from the law. This is a matter of national security Nobume-san." Isaburo said, looking at the menu. "AND WHY THE HELL IS THAT SACK OF POTATOES FOLLOWING US?!" she pointed at Tetsunosuke. He just shyly went up next to Kagura to order his food. "Y-yeah can I get...wait a minute..." Tetsu reached into his pocket and pulled out a sketch Oboro made for him of the wallet thief. he lowered the sketch and compared it to Haji's face, who was now getting extremely nervous. She bent down and saw Heiji was sawing the ice out from underneath himself with some cartoonishly large handsaw. When she looked back up, Kintoki ran into the counter next to Soyo. "Bad news dude, the FUZZ IS HERE." he said, practically yelling and pointing at the three police officers standing right next to him. Isaburo looked at him and narrowed his eyes. But, before he could say anything, the kitchen door busted open, "YOU! YOU TRIED TO HIDE MY BODY IN THE COOLER!" he pointed at Haji. She grabbed Kintoki in a chokehold and dragged him over the counter, and slid into the ice hole Heiji had cut. The three swam down what seemed long a great depth, no one swimming after behind them. Eventually the three stumbled upon a door at the bottom of the lake the rink was built upon. The three raised their eyebrows and decided to open it. They popped out of the door, "HELLOOOOOO NURSE!" the three all yelled at once. "Oh?" "I think we will get going now." Heiji said, about to open the door. But, Jeb appeared behind him and grabbed his shoulder. "What gives Detective? Why are you pulling your wank friends in the dream world with you? I didn't know you possessed such power...although you once again changed my music." Jeb looked at the record player. Heiji just coughed, "W-well we were swimming in a lake and came across this door-" Jeb put his hand over Heiji's mouth. "A lake you say? Hmph, that damned Utsuro I swear. He never fails to make me laugh you know? A lake this time, really?" Jeb removed his hand from the detective's mouth. Haji was secretly jotting down notes, as was Kintoki in his memory bank. Jebediah just chuckled to himself as he swished his wine back in forth. In his mind, small snipets of memory was flashing: "You are really testing me, aren't you Jebediah?" "So that's what he did with it...cheeky bastard really. Poured an entire lake over me. But how did you...ah yes I see. Bearded fellow! You were able to open the door, yes? Perhaps only because I've been in contact with you." Jeb scoffed as he sat back on his throne. "Never did I think people from the outside world would be able to open my casket. Alas, it appears only those certain few can! He hid it well I suppose, he had to keep it hidden for thousands and thousands of years for a reason, cause he knew he couldn't kill me." Jebediah smiled at the three, "You can depart if you wish, I'm not able to leave to the physical world in the state I'm in. Anyway, you three gits are not worth my time to even deal with. I have to concentrate with this one. The three hard-boiled detectives looked up and saw Yuka, who's mouth was zipped shut sitting with her knees pulled up to her chest. Heiji stepped forward, "So, you're the one who started the chaos on Skolex?" he asked. Jeb simply nodded. Heiji lit his cigar and grabbed the handle to the door, "You'll be sorry you let us hard-boiled detectives go. We always crack the case." he swung the door open and jumped in along with his two cohorts. Jeb just smiled as the door shut behind them. The three had to quickly swim back up to the hole in the ice and get a breath of air. Unfortunately, they were met with 2 white coats and a black coat with 3 sets of handcuffs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Welcome everyone to today's immunity challenge! As you can see, we have a very special guest. In collaboration with Lily Mu, we have its number 1 star Oboro here with us as the focus of today's challenge!" Ketsuno said. The scene cut to Shinsuke in confessional, "Great, Honey and Gintoki are voted out back to back and now this jackass is the main focus of the challenge." the scene cuts back to Ketsuno explaining the challenge. "Alright, so it's rather simple! All you have to do is make Oboro laugh. The first tribe to have at least one person makes him laugh, they win immunity for the whole tribe! Monika, since you won the last challenge, you can attempt first!" Monika stepped up to the microphone, "What instrument do you think I play Oboro?" Oboro thought, "I'm not sure Monika-dono. What do you play?" he asked, "The HarMONIKA, hehe!" she said with a giggle. "Next." Oboro said. "Alright, Otae-san, you're next!" Otae stepped up, "Alright Oboro-san, are you hungry?" she asked. "Well, I am famished." Oboro said. "Hi famished, I'm Otae!" "Next." Oboro said. "Saitou, you're next!" Saitou stood up to the microphone, "Z." "Next." Oboro said. "Alright, Enshou, you're up next!" "What happens when your third in dickmand gets ripped away from you in the middle of the night by your fantasy wife? Nothing but pain and misery." "Next." Oboro said. "Uhm...ok Shinsuke, you're up!" Shinsuke walked up to the microphone, "F*** you dickhead." he walked away. "Wh-what?" "Uhhh, Tama-san, you're up!" Tama walked up, "Processing funniest joke possible....calculating punchline...." Ketsuno cut her off, "Sorry, you have to come up with it on the spot Tama-san! You're disqualified from this challenge!" Tama simple nodded and backed away. "Wow, none of you are funny at all I guess! Stephen, you're next!" Stephen walked up and cleared his throat. "Where does a crow go to get drunk? A CROW-BAR!" Stephen said. "Hehe, excellent job Stephen-dono. You've made me laugh." Oboro said, giving him a solo round of applause. The screen cut to Stephen in confessional, "I knew a bird joke would work." "YUUKI WINS IMMUNITY FOR THE 3RD TIME IN A ROW!" Ketsuno said as the Yuuki tribe high-fived and cheered while the Kibou tribe groaned. "Kibou, you guys have a date with me at tribal counsel tonight, I got nothing for you." the tribes headed back to the respective camps. Enshou sat down in the shelter with his face over his hands, sobbing into the fire. "You need to REALLY get a hold of yourself bro!" Pirako said, smacking Enshou on the back. "Work some magic and get us another hidden immunity idol! There's bound to be another one out here since you've played it!" Pirako is seen sitting in confessional, "If Enshou, me, or Matako find another idol; we are essentially set for the rest of this game. As long as we play well of course." the scene cuts to Tama looking through some foliage while Matako staring at Enshou from across the fire. "Can't you just suck another guy's dick and get the idol again?" Matako asked. Enshou shook his head, "Impossible. I'll be thrown off the show for sure." Enshou said, sadly. "Well, we just need to decide who we're voting out. Tama or Otae. I think you know who we should boot." Matako said winking. Enshou obliged. He was just sick and worried about Shijaku to really care anymore. Matako stood up, but was confronted by Otae. She pulled the blonde aside to speak with her alone, "Matako-san, I know that you are planning on either voting me or Tama-san out...but hear me out. The merge is soon, and just think about who is all on that tribe." Otae patted Matako on the back, leaving her a little conflicted. But, soon enough, tribal counsel came. "Alright! Enshou let's get started, you cried like a baby during the challenge! Not a good look at all. What can you say in defense?" Ketsuno asked. Enshou sniffled, "Shijaku got shot at a conference of leaders...but I have to block that out of my mind and keep playing this game." Enshou said. "Otae, there's gotta be talks of idols! Two of them were played successfully this season. Has there been mention?" Ketsuno asked. "Oh sure, people are still looking for idols. But I think we're more worried about tomorrow." she said. "Ah, so I see you guys believe the merge is possibly tomorrow. Matako, what goes into planning for the merge?" she asked. "Well, you have to factor in a lot, especially this season where a lot of us already know each other. There's bonds over there that carry on to over here." Matako said with a little weary. "Pirako, you worried about the merge?" Ketsuno asked. "Not really, I think my alliance is solid enough to take us to the end." she said with the utmost confidence. "Alright, I love the grit. With that, it's time to vote. Tama, you're up." the contestants all go up to vote: "I'm sorry Enshou-sama!" "It's time to move forward and win the game." Ketsuno stands up, "I'll go tally the votes." she goes and grabs the urn and returns, "If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so." Everyone looks at Enshou who just shrugs with a devilish smile. "Ok, once the votes are read the decision is final, the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal counsel area immediately. I'll read the votes. First vote: "Enshou. Second vote," "Tama. That's one vote Tama." "Tama. That's two votes Tama, one vote Enshou." "Enshou. That's two votes Enshou, two votes Tama, one vote left. 6th person voted out of Wurvivor Edo and the 1st member of our jury:" "Tama, you need to come bring me your torch." Enshou let out a sigh of relief as Pirako patted him on the back. "Tama, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go." Tama smiled and bowed to her friends and walked away to Ponderosa. The scene shifts to Otose turning her TV off in disappointment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Why the hell am I dressed up like this Takechi? Don't we have practice?" Bansai said, furrowing his brows at Takechi. Takechi twirled his gun around, accidentally firing it off in the photo shoot they were in. "Kyuubei-dono said we should take ridiculous photos together. Anyway, I figured you and I could go look for Elizabeth-dono. He's bound to be somewhere in the neighborhood. I doubt he's at the skate rink with everyone. So maybe we should try that new cafe that opened up. What was it again?" Takechi was scratching his chin with his gun. "You mean that weird cafe two doors down from the new Lily Mu Towers? I heard it was a cat cafe, but also something else. Seems dangerous, so I assume he'll be there." Bansai said, struggling to walk in his high heels. The two made their way out of the studio and spotted the cafe. They both nodded as they entered. The two bandmates were greeted by only whom they could assume was the owner, "Well well well, looks like some big hot shots are visiting the small guys! Welcome to TBC's Forgotten Cat Cafe! A place for people like me who, apparently appeared here once or twice. My appearance must have been before the elusive time skip. It's crazy we live in a world like that you know? All this shit coming to light is hitting all us lower ranked characters like bricks. Never thought it was possible." the Cat not Burglar Cafe Owner rambled on as Bansai and Takechi looked around at all the cats lounging around, playing with Tatsumi and Tetsuko as they drank coffee together. "Yeah, we get a lot of characters that just haven't debuted yet in TBC. That Kyoushirou fella just hit the big time a few days ago, ain't seen em round these parts lately. Guess he got a bit with ol Enshou. Lucky bastard." Bansai and Takechi looked at who was talking to them, "You youngins got it easy. Whole subplots dedicated to yourself. I ain't play like that y'hear. I'll stay here, with the kitty cats an ol outlaws." Bang said, drinking a mocha. Bansai just did a Jim face to the camera and walked out of the cafe. Takechi shook Bang's hand and followed Bansai. "It's no use in there, he wouldn't associate himself with those people." Bansai said, sitting on a bench outside of LilyMu Towers. Takechi was leaning against the wall in front of the bench, watching the passing cars in the bustling Tokyo daytime. The looked at the doors of LilyMu as they opened up and some small people walked out of them. "Hey! Can it with the short jokes would you!" said the insignificant director. Simplepachi was next out the door, followed by that dork Shinji. "The whole crew is rolling together huh?" Bansai said, yawning on the bench. "Well, we figured with all this free time during the holidays, we'd hang out and do some much needed catching up!" Shinpachi said. "Yeah, whatever. Have you seen Elizabeth anywhere dude?" Bansai asked. Shinpachi pondered, "No, I can't say I have Bansai-san." Shinji nodded, as did Guano. "I think we should try somewhere else Bansai-dono." Takechi said as the Trio walked away. Bansai stood up and cracked his neck, "Yeah, I could use a real nice scenery change. Maybe Paris with a certain black coat? Sounds like a good idea, how about we just go to Edo and meet up with him instead." Bansai said, but Takechi grabbed Bansai by both his shoulders. "Woah calm down man, what's with this lolicon strength you have?" "Lolicon strenght janai, feminist strength. I have the power of every single, strong, independent woman in the universe in my biceps. You cannot leave your bandmate behind Bansai-dono. Remember what Kyuubei-dono told you." Bansai put his head down as he knew Takechi was right. Takechi let go of Bansai as their attention was caught by a bumping car pulling up to the stoplight next to them, "What's up gay boy. Where the hell you been at the LGBTQ+ meetings dude? Flaking on a sister. Anyway, we just busted some idiots for trying to kill the Shogun or sumn." Bansai shook his head. "Have you guys seen Elizabeth at all?" Bansai asked. Isaburo leaned out his window, "Yeah, he was trying to hide from me and Testunosuke while we were in a bar at Edo. I would check there. Also, email me once in awhile Bansai, is my boomer memes not good enough for you?" Isaburo rolled back up the window as the two Elites (and Tetsunosuke in the trunk!) sped off with the three eggtectives in the backseat. "You heard him Bansai-dono, it's off to Edo to capture our bandmate." Takechi said, striking pose. "Come on man, I'm not doing that....seriously? Fine." Bansai also struck a pose. TBC
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    This has been a pain in my arse for like three months. Basically making this model for an Animation assignment. It's been...an experience...to say the least. I am very indifferent to it as a whole but I mean...for my first major project in ZBrush, I'm happy with what I managed to accomplished, so I guess I don't hate it completely. I have a blog full of WIP images and research and stuff, but I won't bore anyone with its contents lel
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    I can't believe In The Court Of The Crimson King is 50 years old. Tracks like Epitaph and In The Court Of The Crimson King were scarily ahead of their time and are absolute musical marvels that give me goosebumps every listen. (To be fair, the whole record is amazing, just two of my favorites)
  37. 1 point
    This has the potential to be lit. Love the 80s setting and music. plus...STEVE TREVOR
  38. 1 point
  39. 1 point
    The "Five Nights At Freddie's" fan-art is REALLY amazing; the first three games are now available for download on the Nintendo Switch, so I plan on getting around to playing them once I've got the time to do so. Enough said, true believer!
  40. 1 point
    ...why does Teletubbies faniction exist
  41. 1 point
    I'm a big fan of Carrey's Grinch myself, and he's really the only one I prominently remember since I've seen the movie countless times. Although if we could count other Grinch appearances the Grinch Grinches Cat in the Hat Grinch is also a favorite.
  42. 1 point
    "everything i wanted" - Billie Eilish
  43. 1 point
    wow has it already been a year 30. Jungle Adventure Tyeam is with the rest of the Bubble Buds in some magical jungle place. Jjs is about to beam them all home, but Tyeam asks Jjs is she can do it this time. Jjs agrees, Tyeam does a weird face, and they all end up home again. Tyeam is delighted that she suddenly has the power to beam them places, and when Jjs says they have to beam somewhere else, Tyeam begs him to let her do it for them. Trophy (who I'm making Garnet now because idgaf) tells her they're going underwater, so she can't go with them. Tyeam asks if she can tell everyone she's the Beam Queen then, and before Jjs can say no, Tyeam leaves the house. Tyeam enters the Big Halibutt and announces she's the Beam Queen now. Aya announces she doesn't care. Halibut yells at Aya for being a jerk, which starts a fight. Tyeam wonders how she can end the fight and get her precious donuts, and she remembers she's the Beam Queen now and can just beam their problems away. She offers to send them to an exotic landscape to relax, and they both accept the offer, so she beams them to the jungle place from the beginning of the episode. When Aya realizes she doesn't get cell phone reception in the jungle, she asks to go home, but the beamy pad is gone, and Tyeam doesn't know how to get home without it. Realizing she's stranded, Aya screams so loud that it echos throughout the jungle, and then she jumps Tyeam, forcing Hal to intervene so Aya doesn't kill her. Tyeam attempts to reassure Hal and Aya by telling them of the pioneer Bubble Buds who got out of foreign landscapes just like this one by using not their powers but their smarts. Tyeam notices a rock on the ground with moss on one side of it and tells Hal and Aya that moss always points to civilization. Aya says that if moss is telling Tyeam to go one way, she's going the other way, since she no longer trusts Tyeam. Tyeam tries to stop Aya, but she and Hal are forced to follow her deeper into the jungle. Several days later, they're still walking, with only water and fish from the occasional river to keep them alive. As Aya cooks fish over a fire, Hal compliments her on her cooking, and for the first time, Aya doesn't completely hate being there. She and Hal get closer as the days turn to weeks, and Tyeam begins to wonder if they'll ever get out of this mystic jungle. Suddenly, she finds something that inspires the most hope she's had in days, and when she goes by the river to tell Hal and Aya what it is, she finds them making out. Aya yells at Tyeam for walking up on them without any notice, but Aya quickly forgives Tyeam after Tyeam informs her that she found something that would take them all back home. Tyeam brings Aya and Hal to a giant rock many steps away, and upon seeing it, Aya prepares to beat Tyeam up for wasting their time again. Hal stops Aya, though, and asks her to just listen to Tyeam, for Hal's sake. Aya doesn't protest. Tyeam climbs onto the rock and tells Aya and Hal how the pioneers used to ride rocks like these through the universe. Aya tells Tyeam that this is too stupid for her to take seriously and asks Hal to come back to the river again with her, but Hal is already on the rock with Tyeam. Hiding her jealousy, Aya walks in the direction of the river without Hal, and a few seconds later, she gets run over by the giant rock Hal and Tyeam are on. Tyeam tells Aya that it's her last chance to get onto the Jungle Express, and Aya grumbles as she climbs onto the rock with them. A few minutes later, they're back home. Tyeam laments that she can no longer call herself a Beam Queen, but she's happy she was able to use something other than magical bubble powers to save people. As Aya and Hal reopen The Big Halibutt, they agree that what happened was spur of the moment and shouldn't be addressed for a few more seasons. As they all go their separate ways, the episode ends.
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    god dammit guys do we tell him FACK is also five stars I’m so sorry
  45. 1 point
    So one of my Animation modules has me doing pre-production work for our Assignment in the next term where we'll have to start animating our ideas, and I need to prepare a presentation of my treatment, so I'm doing turnarounds, animatics, storyboard stuff, and a poster, all of which I'm dreading cuz I do not want to present my stuff to everybody but here we are I guess... Anyway, this is the turnaround I made for the protagonist of my piece; he was drawn to look as simplistic as possible cuz it relates to the kind of thing I'm going for with my animation and also with how I want to animate my characters it's best I keep it simple. He has no name since there's no speech in my idea, so I keep calling him Protagonist. Probably should give him a name.
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    "It's Raining Men" - The Weather Girls
  47. 1 point
    On This Day... (November 26th)  SBC 2010 - The Pokemon spam attack occurred. See here for more info: https://www.thesbcommunity.com/wiki/index.php?title=Pokemon_SBC_Forum_Attack 2011 - The 11th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it waswon by @teenj12 2017 - The 48th D&D game was held, and it was won by @Hayden SpongeBob 2018 - Show creator Stephen Hillenburg passed away.
  48. 1 point
    It's been a while since I last did anything anniversary-related this year, and while I've definitely done SpongeBob's 20th, this crossover is meant to celebrate the first movie's 15th anniversary. It's also the 70th Anniversary of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, which, I've admittedly never seen in my life, but I do know of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, so that gave me the idea for this crossover.
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    https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/25/18714532/desmond-afoah-etika-youtube-nypd-statement This is pretty damn sad. I hadn't really watched him much after he got out of his Pokemon days, but the circumstances leading up to his death the past few months were depressing. I wish his family the best.
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    What if Sandy Cheeks was killed in a car accident when she is just a younger squirrel?
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