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    Happy 10th birthday, SBC! (Credit to Cha for this image) 10 years ago on this very day, terminoob created a small refuge community on forumotion to get away from tv.com\'s staff. It would not open its doors to the public until fall 2009, and like several other tv.com escape offshoots at the time, many assumed it would not take off at all. They would be right, but through a combination of community teamwork and possibly just luck, here we are 10 years later. I could say much about my own experiences on SBC, but honestly, I’d rather not make this about me. This celebration is for the members. What made SBC so special was its strong community, staff and most importantly, all the members over the years that helped it grow into the plant it is today. While I cannot say for sure what the future will hold, the fact we made it this far makes me realize SBC will always be around in some form. There is something truly special, almost magical, about this site and the community it attracted. SBC is not a place, it’s a people. I give a special thanks to everyone, new and old, who has stuck around through the site’s ups and downs. With how important the community is, over the past few weeks, I asked several users to write up sentimental toasts for SBC, similar to what we did five years prior. Here they are below (note you'll probably have to open a few in another tab to see them). Do not feel left out though, because if you have your own sentimental posts to make, by all means, make them here. Happy 10 years, and once again, thank you, everyone! We have a multitude of activities for this event we hope many will partake in.
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    Don't think I ever started one of these, but anyway here's where I'll share my various fanart. I'll start it off by posting one of Mao Mao (great show btw).
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    https://www.theguardian.com/film/2019/aug/17/richard-williams-acclaimed-animator-who-created-roger-rabbit-dies-aged-86 Another creative soul leaved this white world.Rest In Peace .
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    Figured we cannot have the final Jeopardy game without bringing this back one last time. Note that you do not have to sign-up here to play, this is just for old time's sake. SpongeBob Jeopardy! 350th round! Want to play in the final Jeopardy game? To sign up, post in this topic "Squidward loves Patrick more than SpongeBob!" or some other SpongeBob quote (or even a simple "SIGN ME UP!" would suffice). The game will start on Saturday, August 17th at 7:00 PM EST, and it will be long. If you do not live in the Eastern time zone, please adjust the time accordingly (Pacific time zone is 4 PM, for example). On the day of the game, I will DM/PM all contestants a reminder PM (this will contain the time, link to where we will play, and some info on what to expect for the game) a few hours ahead of the game. The grand prizes for the victor: 1. 1,000,000 doubloons 2. Special version of the Jeopardy Champion Badge (you keep it forever) Rules to the game: CONTESTANTS:
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    On This Day... (August 15th) SBC 2009 - SBC was created by @terminoob 2014 - SBC's 5th anniversary was held. 2015 - The 166th SpongeBob Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by MMM 2019 - SBC's 10th anniversary is today! Happy 10 years, SBC!
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    Episode 9: : Wow SpongeBob, I didn't you realize you had such good connections! : I sure do, and I am more than happy to help you out, Mini Squid! You know... I wasn't a fan of you taking over at first, but you've been doing such an amazing job and Squidward is making more money than ever! Thank you, Mini Squiddy. : No problem at all, SpongeBob. I knew you two would come around to the idea. I'm gonna go and call the number you gave me now. I just hope he has the time to be our guest for the next episode. : Oh trust me Mini Squid, he'll have time. [The Day After] MINI SQUIDWARD CHAT! WITH YOUR HOST, MINI SQUIDWARD! : Welcome back, you lovely viewers! How are you all doing tonight? -rapturous cheering- : I'M DOING GREAT, MINI SQUID! : WHOOOOOOO! : I hope you're all ready for a VERY special guest tonight! -cheering- : YYEEAAAAA- SPONGEBOB LET ME GO : Before we get to our surprise guest, let's start with the news! : ALRIGHT SPONGEBOB, I'VE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH YOU! WHAT DO YOU NEED THIS TIME!? : I needed to take you out here where it's quieter to remind you that Mini Squid is taking advantage of you! : You keep saying that over and over, SpongeBob, but even if he is, I'm making more money than ever while doing it! Why should I be bothered by it? : Squidward ol' buddy, are you really okay with Mini Squid's crew and audience taking advantage of your house and constantly interrupting your beauty sleep? : SHUT UP! : Are you really okay with Mini Squid doing so well by stealing from you? He stole your jokes! He stole your job! He stole your standing ov- : -sobbing- : Sq- Squidward, are you okay? : FINE, YOU WIN! I've been trying my best to be okay with this for weeks now, but making more money isn't worth him stealing my spotlight. Why did we even bother quitting the Krusty Krab to do this entire project anyway? : I never quit Squidward, that was just y- : SpongeBob, I change my mind. I'd much rather be a wage slave under the weight of Mr. Krabs' grimy claws than deal with Mini Squid stealing my glory for even one more minute. It's hopeless, though. I can't kick him out, especially not his entire crew. Mini Squidward won. -sobs again- : It's okay Squidward, I knew you'd come around. It's not over, though! I want to get rid of Mini Squid as much as you do, so I had to use my connections. : sniff W-what do you mean? : Oh my gosh, he's here! Look up, Squidward! : Why shoul- OH MY NEPTUNE! : Yup! He's made a full recovery! I hope Mini Squid is ready for a very special guest today. To be continued...
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    On This Day... (August 14th) SBC 2015 - Camp SBC began SpongeBob 1999 - Pizza Delivery" and "Home Sweet Pineapple" premiered. 2001 - Original Theme Highlights album was released. 2013 - SpongeBob Comics No. 23 was released.
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    On This Day... (August 20th) SBC 2016 - The 213rd SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Gustavo Rocque 2017 - The 37th D&D gamed was held, and it was won by @SB_DW_Fan @EsponjadeMar and @kylie
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    On This Day... (August 17th) SBC 2013 - The 82nd SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @JCM
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    On This Day... (August 16th) SBC 2014 - The 122nd SB Jeopardy was held, and it was won by @ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1
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    To celebrate 10 years, we have chosen three very special nostalgic skins for this birthday, which are now available to everyone! The first skin is V5 Dolphin, a trip back to the forumotion era, an almost exact replica of how it looked in 2011 (barring the fancy navbar, which sadly could not be remade). If you never experienced said era, then this is the perfect skin to get acquainted with. Special thanks to @Scooter the Surfer for remastering it. The second skin is V8 Orca, representing the IPB 3 era of SBC. This version will forever be remembered for how much it saved SBC at its time. Another thanks to Patty for remastering this one. The third skin is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one: Tv.com! We figured making a skin based on the site that led to SBC's creation 10 years ago was only poetic. Enjoy this simple throwback to the Tv.com era, made by me.
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    Hello. I didn’t expect to be back on here but I guess I’m back. I mean I’ll try be on more often now cause I have less to do nowadays. Ok so, if you don’t who I am, hello, I am jdfr03 and I spent my some quality time on here back around 2013-14 and it was cool cause I didn’t know what was going on because, y’know, I was 10 years old. You can look back at the post history, it’s a bit cringy. Since then, I’ve moved, started high school, got a job, all that big boy stuff. That’s all I really gotta say. Has anything happened since in the time span I was gone? Oh also I noticed a bunch of people viewed my profile back on the day after my birthday back in like 2018 so that’s interesting.
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    lil’ spider guy going on vacation underwater during Halloween time. Bitch should be commended for literally defying the odds of drowning to join the city in this yearly festive event. And yet he never returned to the ocean as far as we know. Did he have a bad experience? Maybe gambled too hard and lost all his funds, his web home on dry land, his wife and children left him. Or maybe the lack of oxygen and pressures of the water met him with his demise even before he had the chance to go Trick or Treating to forget about how his wife right now was probably over at his wife’s ex-girlfriend from high school Ms. Martha Mantis’s place right now with his children. Yeah he was sure it was just a “friendly” visit, Gloria. Why don’t you take the fucking KIDS over to your mother’s place before you decide to scissor it out with a bug eyed bitch who left you cold in the 10th grade. He would come home that night knowing his webs could never satisfy his wife the way that preying mantis woman did. Wherever you are Spidey, just know we miss you and you are loved.
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    omg I'm trying to take down my old ass YT account at 1 am and its turned into a nostalgia trip
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    As a gift for our 10th anniversary celebration, I have temporarily removed the redirect on our original forumotion site: http://sbcommunity.forumotion.com/ Marvel at SBC's past here! You may post around for fun, share any lulzy moments from the past, and if you are a new member who didn't join before, you are free to do so if you wanna become a part of this ancient relic's history. If you are an old member who forgot their password, let me know and I will give you a temporary one. I will keep this open until August 31st (the last day of the event), which at that point the redirect will return and it will be closed for good. So enjoy this while it lasts.
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    I feel like I'm the only person in the world who can not stand Old Town Road. It's just..... awful.
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    On This Day... (August 19th) SBC 2016 - The 31st WOF game was held, and it was won by @kylie 2017 - The 258th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Old Man Bran Flakes SpongeBob 2015 - SpongeBob's Game Frenzy was updated for the fourth time.
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    On This Day... (August 18th) SBC 2017 - Jellyfish Festival began The 81st WOF game was held, and it was won by @HayleyKatt 2018 - The 303rd SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Wintermelon43
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    guys being prepared for college makes me feel so close to breaking point but I'm not giving up please pray for me
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    I thought this movie was really amazing! After not seeing Invader Zim on tv for years, this special did not disappointment and had me laughing throughout the whole thing. Out of both Enter the Florpus and Static Cling, I think this one was my favorite.
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    To kick off our anniversary bash, we'll be having an opening Discord party, beginning tonight at 7pm EST. Chat with friends, play games, and participate in a special raffle. Whoever enters the raffle will receive prizes varying between doubloons, store items, and future SBC sneak peeks. I will explain how the raffle works when the party starts.
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    Ahhh, tv.com in the form that I'd like to remember it as. Before it changed to the eyesore layout.
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    11. Fool’s Hope At Reversal Mountain, the statues of OWM, Patty, Slug and Mythix begin to glow. The stones break off and the four move again, coming back into the world. They move around surprised but excited to be back in the real world. They look to see the spring water is completely dried up. They then look up at the sky to see many dark clouds covering it, with no sunlight coming through. “Looks like we arrived just in time.” Mythix said. “I still do not fully understand what happened in that space place, and I do not want to know. At least it did really bring us back.” Slug said, scratching his head. Team Destiny quickly, but cautiously, makes their way down the Reversal Mountain. They carefully look around to make sure the guards and Shadow Walkers are not anywhere near them. They then make it to the bottom, and run through the fields, making their way back to Spring’s Landing. As they run, a dark, chilly breeze blows through the air. “It almost feels as if a storm is brewing…” Patty said. “There is a storm coming alright, from our enemy. Let us hope not too many residents got turned to stone while we were gone…” OWM said, as they keep making their way for Spring’s Landing in the distant. Team Destiny makes it there, but the town is dead silent and feeling empty. They look around to see everyone in the town is completely turned to stone, including SOF, Steel, Halibut, Fa, Fred, Kaiju, Ben and Loopa. “We are too late…” Patty said, looking around in horror. “We are the last survivors of a shadow apocalypse…” Mythix said grimly. “Not quite.” Tyeam whispered, surprising them. The four turn around to see Tyeam peering out from her building, waving for them to come inside. They do so, as Tyeam quickly shuts the door and looks out the window, making sure no Shadow Walkers are near. “Good, you were not followed. I see you made it back from the banished world and planes beyond, just as destiny intended.” Tyeam said. “Yeah, can you explain anything more about that crazy time-space place we were in or…” Slug was inquiring. “You saw what you needed to see, and did what you needed to do. Everything has aligned together for this today. The final battle between the living and the shadows.” Tyeam explained. “So how do we defeat the Shadow King? I do not want to kill the guy considering he was once normal.” Slug said. “Strike his core and the corrupted will be restored, but only temporarily. The real threat, a terrible evil, is in the tree, where this sickness all began.” Tyeam said cryptically. "What evil?" Mythix asked. "I cannot tell further, but the origin of the shadow energy comes from a murky, almost ancient, presence that has been hiding away deep in the tree for years." Tyeam replied. “My only confusion is: you said I was not of this world, but I am.” OWM said, confused. “You technically are not, from a certain point of view. A place nobody knows could be seen as alien and far off.” Tyeam replied. “Fair enough.” OWM replied. The four look around further to see the building is a wreck inside, with one of the windows broken. “What happened here?” Patty asked. “The Walker I had captive escaped during the ensuing chaos, but thankfully, I was not present when that occurred.” Tyeam explained. SpongeRobert then comes into the room, surprising them. Robert has joined up with Tyeam, who have been working together in an attempt to fight off the Shadow Walkers. “Hey, it is the shark wizard!” Mythix recalled. “That is right, when those Shadow Walkers invaded my sanctuary, I fled to this village for help. I thought everyone was taken, until Madame Tyeam took me in. I have been teaching her some of my own magic to help fend off those beasts, and in turn, she has taught me fascinating psychic fortunes. I am pleased to see you four survived.” Robert explained. “You two are the only remaining survivors here?” Slug asked to be sure. “It appears so. But do not fret, for I know you four can do it. You have come this far.” Tyeam said. “Uh, I hate to ruin your hope, but defeating them may be a fool’s hope at this point…” Robert warned. “It will not be. We know what to do.” OWM explained, catching Robert’s curiosity. “Slow down there partner, first we need to find wherever sbl has that stone, if he even has it on him.” Slug said. “Maybe it is in his quarters somewhere.” Patty suggested. “Then we go there first.” OWM replied. “One other problem, how will we make it past the tree’s magical barrier?” Mythix inquired. “That will not be a problem. The barrier has broken due to the chaos. The tree is dying, you must move now. Throw the stone into the tree’s core, the darkness will be over.” Tyeam explained. “Alright then. Thank you Tyeam, for everything.” OWM replied. “Good luck, Team Destiny. I will keep working on spells to scare off the shadows, but if you need any help, I will be here.” Robert said to them. “No. Only they must go, as prophesied.” Tyeam said, as Robert understands. They head out, carefully walking. They make it to sbl’s house and enter inside. It has been kept neatly clean, and is quiet. They carefully search around sbl’s house, looking for the shadow stone. Mythix finds a locked chest. He then throws one of his magic powders which opens the lock, as Mythix looks inside the chest to see the glowing shadow stone. “I found it!” Mythix said, taking the shadow stone out of the chest and putting it in a bag. “Your spells really paid off.” Slug said, impressed. “Surprised sbl is nowhere nearby guarding it with his friends.” Patty said. “I guess he assumed we would have no way to get inside the chest. That is another thing off the checklist, now we head for the tree.” OWM said, grabbing sbl’s map of the SBC realm from a table. The team gathers up all the supplies they need from their homes, and regroups back at the town center. “We are ready.” Slug said confidently. Team Destiny leaves Spring’s Landing and makes their way to the Trees of Light, trekking through the long meadow path towards it. As they head onward, sbl jumps out of a bush, with several Shadow Walkers coming to his aid. Several of which are turned SBC residents from the Autumn Kingdom, showing Cha, Homie, Prez, Goobz among others. The team readies their weapons, prepared to fight. “You actually made it back…I must admit, the king and I are impressed. But your path ends here, I will change your destiny. And I know very well you took my precious stone, just as I planned.” Sbl said, looking at Mythix’s bag. “Sbl, this is not you. The stone you found, the presence inside of it corrupts you.” OWM reasoned. “Nonsense! Now to send you back to the banished lands…” sbl said, preparing another shadow blast, as the Shadow Walkers get closer to the team. Suddenly, the four then pull out lanterns from their backpacks, shining them at the Shadow Walkers, making them hiss and back away. “We came prepared.” Slug said, aiming his bow at sbl. “Do not harm him, sbl is still in there somewhere.” OWM said. “He is making it hard not to.” Slug replied, as sbl keeps charging a shadow blast. Mythix then throws a powder, making smoke appear around the area, and distracting sbl. “Dangit!” Sbl yelled, trying to find them. Patty splatters paint at sbl, while holding her lantern to keep the Shadow Walkers back. OWM then hits sbl in the head with the handle of his pirate sword. Sbl falls to the ground unconscious. “That will keep him down for a while.” Patty said. The Shadow Walkers run off towards the tree, ready to ambush them there. They make their way onward, as the tree keeps getting closer from their view. “We are almost at our destination…” OWM said, nearly out of breath. They make their way through a treacherous forest, avoiding vines, traps and poisonous plants along the way. Several Shadow Walkers jump out of the trees, but they shine their lanterns, making them go back into hiding. They look to see more of the Shadow Walkers are turned SBC residents, including Trophy, JCM, OBAB and Coffee. “We will get you guys back, we promise.” Slug said to them, as they keep moving onward. They exit the forest, and keep walking a little bit more. They then see the Tree of Light right before them. It stands tall, piercing nearly into the high sky above. The barrier around it is completely gone, and much shadow goo is forming in the areas surrounding it. “It looks amazing up close…” Patty said, wishing to draw it, but there is no time. They walk through a lush pathway, taking them to the tree’s base. They exit it, arriving at a clearing. The tree’s trunk is right near them, where a glowing entrance is to take them inside of the tree. “Alright, you can come out now.” OWM said, knowing the Shadow Walkers are near. Several shadow goo blobs come out of the tree’s trunk and take the form of Shadow Walkers, ready to attack. The Shadow King then appears out of the shadows, looking at Team Destiny with a neutral expression. Multiple other Shadow Walkers appear from the trees, surrounding Team Destiny. The Shadow King and his army guard the entrance to the Tree of Light. OWM holds out his pirate sword, as Mythix, Patty and Slug also ready their weapons. “It has been an honor being with you guys.” Mythix said, accepting whatever comes next. “Have a little more faith.” Slug replied. Shadow King motions his army to attack, as the Shadow Walkers all begin to fire shadow attacks at Team Destiny. They wave their lanterns around to make the creatures fall back, as they avoid their attacks. Slug fires several fire, water and electric arrows at the Shadow Walkers around to get them out of the way, clearing a path toward the Shadow King. “OWM, you get the king, we will hold off the lackeys!” Patty said, as she splatters more paint around, blinding the Shadow Walkers. The shadow blobs transform into guards, similar to the ones near Reversal Mountain. Slug keeps firing away, piercing at them and turning them back into goo. Mythix throws several spell bags that blind the Shadow Walkers or put them to sleep. OWM makes it toward the Shadow King, as they stare each other down. OWM points his pirate sword at him. The Shadow King then stands still and waves his arms, making his eyes glow green. In the distance, all the Spring’s Landing residents that were turned to stone have their statues glow green. Their Shadow Walker forms break out of the statues, as they all run to the Tree of Light to aid the Shadow King. Before OWM can strike the Shadow King, several shadow blobs get in his way, stopping him from moving forward, as the Shadow King walks away. OWM slashes through the shadow blobs with his sword, getting out of there. Another Shadow Walker jumps at him, this time a possessed Jjs, which OWM shines away using his lantern and points his own pirate sword at him. Slug, Patty and Mythix bravely fend off the Shadow Walkers as long as they can, who are trying to pile on them. OWM keeps running toward the Shadow King. OWM swings the pirate sword right at the Shadow King, who quickly turns around and grabs OWM’s hand. The Shadow King knocks the pirate sword out of his hand, and grabs onto OWM, holding him up. He keeps holding OWM tight, about to turn him into stone. OWM then quickly pulls out Wintermelon’s ice dagger and stabs the the Shadow King with it, right in his core. The core freezes solid, making the Shadow King gasp. The Shadow King’s body then cracks and begins to glitch. The shadow goo disintegrates from his body, bringing the explorer back to normal. All around him, the many other Shadow Walkers he created either disintegrate if they were shadow blobs, or turn back into SBC residents if they were transformed. “Woohoo!” Patty cheered. “Fantastic work, mate.” Slug said to OWM. All across the realm, anyone who was turned into a Shadow Walker turns back to normal. However there are multiple people turned to stone that still need to be saved, and the remains of the shadow blobs all flee back into the tree’s trunk to the source of the shadows. “Huh, where am I?” Dman asked, confused, looking around at the clearing. “So that is the Tree of Light, huh. I’ll be.” Sebby said, impressed, as he looks at it. “…Is it finally over?” Mythix asked. “No, far from. Our real enemy is at the top of the tree. That is where it will all end. The Shadow King was only a pawn for a greater force.” OWM said, pointing all the way up. “Oh boy.” Patty replied, ready for whatever comes next. The explorer and former Shadow King then feels the grass and looks around, surprised they are back to normal. “…I am free! I am finally free from that curse after years! For ages I tried to break free and undo the damage I was causing, but I could not, sadly. Thank you so much for finally freeing me!” The explorer said happily, feeling their body and then shaking OWM’s hand. “Say, what is your name, mr. explorer?” Patty inquired curiously to the explorer. “Gosh, it has been so long…wait, I recall now. terminoob is my name, yup. Do not forget my name.” terminoob remembered. “Get to safety, we will finally handle whatever is inside the tree once and for all.” OWM said to terminoob, who understands. terminoob heads off to help people recover, and wishes the team best of luck. The team then heads into the Tree of Light, finally prepared to face what awaits them at the end of their long journey. ________ One chapter remains.
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    Gameplay footage can be seen in this video:
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    every song off of Red Pill Blues by Maroon 5 at the same time
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    havent been too inspired lately to draw them
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    >Sees your profile music Decides to start being a fan of sir squidly ding dong
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    Today it’s been 14 years since the death of the wonderful voice behind Jacob from Wunschpunsch, Harry Hill (not the British one).
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    I can't believe SBC is 10 years old...just goes to show how wonderful the community is! I don't even think I could perfectly go on to say how much the community means to me - and believe me, I've been thinking about what I would say for quite a while - but I'd like to try now and compile my thoughts the best I can. I've only been a member of the site since 2017, practically the tail-end of the site's first decade, and even then I wasn't a truly active member around these parts until 2018. As much as I love - or have loved - the sponge this forum adores so, my reasoning for being active around these parts recently is instead due to the wonderful community this site has and how close everyone is with one another. Being a member on SBC, I've come across so many wonderful people with various personalities, each one charming in their own unique way. And it's been a reason why I've felt so attached to this place.The feeling of a tight-knit community with open, loving arms is there and it is due to such solidarity the site has managed to thrive in it way it has and, for me personally, has been one of the reasons I've always loved it here since becoming more active. I definitely feel like my life wouldn't be the same without this community and all the wonderful people it has introduced me to. I love you all! The fact that a forum dedicated to a cartoon starring an anthropomorphic sponge has thrived for a decade goes to show that it's not just about SpongeBob that keeps us together, but it's also about the community. A community that shows an undying love for the show it was created in dedication to. A community that continues to provide us with a platform to connect with others that lead to blossoming, long-term online friendships. So here's 10 years of the SpongeBob Community. A community, with the effort and passion of both the staff and member alike, that has, does, and will continue to stick together through thick and thin, and I couldn't be any more grateful and honored to be a part of that world. No I toootally did not intend on ending with a Little Mermaid reference shush your face.
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    I'm obsessed with the Evil Queen atm, so I wanted to draw her.
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    Gonna get into more details of the movie. A lot to cover up. To sum up my opinion: This movie wasn't exactly satisfying in terms of closing out arcs sometimes and the movie wasn't without its flaws but it was such a fun and clever movie that made Zim why it was such a joyful and over the top epic cartoon. Grade: B+
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    I remember I was just 15 years old when I first posted on SBC. Just some nerdy shy lil high school girl on her iPod Touch with a huge passion for Spongebob. Over the past 8 years I’ve had some crazy good times on SBC. Not to mention I’ve met some of the most caring, unique, hilarious friends a Sauce Mama could ask for. When it comes to people I come across in life, if I can be my complete self around you, you’re a keeper. And that’s why I love you guys cuz from the time I signed up to now, I could be my true self and I thank you for that. A lot about me has changed over the past 8 years but I still love coming here to catch up with the friends that I truly care for. So thank you to everyone that makes this site so damn special.
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    I really can't wrap my head around the idea that SBC has been around for 10 years. I was only 12 years old when the forum was created, it was a huge part of my youth. Moving around so much, it's easy to start to feel isolated and having a constant group of understanding friends to talk to here was a gift. I'm not here as much as I'd like to be anymore, but I'm so happy that it's still around. This site has made so many lasting friendships and been so important for so many of us, normally I find it cheesy when in this scenario people say they're looking forward to another ten years because I feel like that's never gonna happen. But in this case... why not? Happy anniversary to the best community on the internet.
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    Hard to believe SBC is already 10 years old! Time flies haha. I still remember browsing on this site years ago to keep up with the latest SpongeBob content. I never would have guessed back then that SBC would become such an important part of my life. All the fantastic memories I've had here with an awesome community of members. I know I don't visit as often anymore, but SBC will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you to everyone for making this such a wonderful place to be!
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    Happy Belated 10th Anniversary to SBC! Apologies for not making it yesterday (or being around too much in general heh ), but I'll try and stop in more often as much as possible! Here's to another 10 years of SBC! (P.S. Love the retro skin! Takes me back haha).
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    Here were the raffle prizes and their respective winners: 5,000 Doubloons: @Wintermelon43 Dancing Patrick Collectable: @SB_DW_Fan ALS Lifeguard Outfit: @Ol Bold and Brash Change Username Color: @Lightning McStorm (who chose Cotton Candy Blue) Jeopardy Finale Sneak Peek: @kevin_ng2010 Don't worry though, tonight's party is still going strong and there will be more raffles later this month!
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    How could I miss this joyous day... Happy Birthday, SBC!
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    Happy 10 years to such a cool community! I’m happy I finally have been more active and make new friendships with people like Hayden and Jjs, among others. I feel so bad for not being as active years before god what was wrong with me.
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    Since I don't remember what my first avatar here was, I decided to make a new one in like 5 minutes with someone some of y'all might have never even seen! For those who don't know, DarknessDG is from an OC I had back in 2012, Darkness. The DG part is from dragon since the first site I used it on already had a DarknessDragon. Darkness' design has changed since her first conception, and I'll be honest I don't draw her that often anymore, but for the 10th anniversity of SBC, I'm bringing her back in the form of my avatar!
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    Its funny because Wumbo used to use this meme all the time.
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    The Krusty Bucket Family(yes I hate this too)
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