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    So, a certain squid we all know and love shot me an email yesterday saying I should come back. Let's just say I took his advice.
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    THANK YOU EVERYONE SUBMISSIONS AND REVISIONS ARE NOW CLOSED We got 32 lists this time around! Amazing! Best turnout yet and I am excited to reveal what was chosen for our Top 50 by the crowd. But I am very tired now, so I am going to bed. The tallying begins once I wake up and hopefully we will have the list finalized by Monday! Commenters, get ready. I will be PMing some of you soon.
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    Discuss this infamous madman here. If you see him, please report to authorities.
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    49. "This isn't your average everyday darkness. This is... advanced darkness." Rock Bottom, 65 points (6 of 32 lists. Highest Ranking: #9, jjs) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Rock_Bottom jjs: Rock Bottom has always been one of my favorites for the longest time, ever since I was a wee lad. And this time it's in my top 10 episodes of all time, right at #9. Rock Bottom was a rather ambitious episode for Season 1. The reasons I love this episode so much are because of its adventure style, allowing us to explore a cool new location with SpongeBob himself. Rock Bottom itself is a unique, creepy and amusing location all at once, giving us not just a nice scenery, but allowing lots of humor to shine through it. The location itself is nice, but it's not simply fluff to distract you with, as the humor and characterization is not lost here. There's a lot of funny moments in here, but I'll list off my particular favorites: The bus gag with the vending machine always cracked me up, the "I *rasp* can't *rasp* understand *rasp* your *rasp* accent!" conversation, the 329 family while SpongeBob is in line, and the ending with Patrick. I also like how this episode introduces us to Glove World, as while it's minor in the episode, it still does nice world building for a location we'd see more often come the post movie era. While I know this one might be a bit overlooked by many, I honestly still enjoy everything about it. Needless to say, I was very happy and surprised when Rock Bottom itself reappeared in "Out of the Picture" come Season 10, as this episode is truly one worth calling back to. Honest Slug: As great as season 1 was, it's hard to deny that it felt like a proving ground for what was to come. The comedic principles introduced in the first season only got better with 2 and 3, making for episodes like SpongeBob Meets the Strangler that really perfected the show's humorous sensibilities. However one thing that the first season has that no other season does is a sense of atmosphere and charm, something that makes Rock Bottom a really special episode. This episode is really funny on its own, from the bus that really has it out for SpongeBob to all the oddities of this strange new location such as their accents. The humor is enough to make this a superb episode. On top of that you add in the new location of Rock Bottom which provides a great contrast to the bright and cheerful atmosphere the show usually has which helps creates more tension and intrigue than the norm. I really love all the creature designs they throw in and while there is a good amount of fun, goofy humor, they also know when a scene should be played straight enough to add some suspense. They do throw in some really funny jokes (Such as the advanced darkness gag) but they never take away from the story by going overboard. Over all this is a masterpiece of season 1, and in my opinion is the best episode of the season.
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    Yup, I've teased this for a while now, but here it is! The Sponge Cup (credit to @TJ for coining the name) is our next big teams event for the summer! Based on the FIFA World Cup, from July 1st to July 31st, we're having our own site cup! Once again, the site's teams: Band Geeks, Drasticals, and Independents will face off each other to see who can get the most points by the end of the month. This time around though, in addition to the normal competition, we'll be incorporating more posting in these games, which will help activity a lot! Here's a few games you can expect during the event... Shootouts: A brand new minigame, with a fitting soccer theme! See who can score the most soccer goals throughout the month, and how many points you can rack up for your team by the end! This is a game that will allow every team member to have a chance to participate and help their side. SpongeBob Whodunnit?: Whodunnit returns with another mind boggling case! See if you can work together with your teams to figure it out! SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: Every Friday during July, be prepared for some competitive wheel spinning! SpongeBob Jeopardy!: Every Saturday during July, there will be an intense Jeopardy game. Also, special notice: the 300th Jeopardy game (wow) will be July 14th, so especially tune in for that grand game! SpongeCraft Blockball Tournaments: Yup, every Saturday during July after Jeopardy, SpongeCraft will be having intense Blockball tournaments to really fit the FIFA theme! Dunces & Dragons: D&D will continue throughout July every Sunday! Be prepared for an intense survivor match, a soccer game, a hunt, a mystery, and yet another race! Wiki Write-Offs: Every Monday in July, see who can dominate the wiki with the best editing and knowledge! SBC Music DJ Showdowns: Every Friday in July after WOF, get ready to play some epic songs to ensure victory! The Fry Cook Games VII: The Fry Cook Games returns for a 7th edition. See who can be the best in an intense eight rounds, with several new types of challenges! And of course, as you're used to by now, that's not every event! We hope most team members from each side can participate (of course we understand if you cannot attend every single event, that's physically impossible), but it would make your team happy if you at least tried in a few events. You may plan with your teammates in private PM's, the Discord group chats, or the team clubs. This will be a fun and intense event for everyone, even if you aren't competitive. There will also be team skins and new iFish items to show your team spirit! You don't have to be on a team to play, but if you want to join, team sign-ups are here. If you have further questions, ask me, or one of the team leaders (Fred Rechid for the Band Geeks, Hayden for the Drasticals). Here are the current team rosters, but remember, there is still room to join!: Band Geeks: Drasticals: Independents: Anyone not listed above. Good luck to all, and may the best team win! Hopefully nobody gets a concussion!
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    My Valentine's Day bias has always been fairly strong due to it's strong characterization of both Patrick and SpongeBob, showing their mutual bond as something more than just a friendship. It's so often in both pre-movie and post-movie alike that Patrick's side of the friendship is undermined in order to make a joke that it can be easy to forget that these two are friends at all, or at the very least that their friendship has any basis besides mutual idiocy or the common goal of annoying Squidward. Valentine's Day shows that their friendship exists, at least to some extent, for a deeper reason than just these common bonds. Patrick is genuinely hurt by SpongeBob not giving him a gift, and the resulting rampage is seriously one of the best moments in the show on a comedic level while simultaneously showing what Patrick can become when he's upset, the catalyst for which was not some trivial thing, but instead his friendship with SpongeBob. How often is it that we're given an episode that explores the bond between these characters so thoroughly? How often is it that we're given an episode that treats Patrick as a character and not as a device? My bias for this episode stems further from the fact that the ending, no matter how many times I watch the episode, never fails to make me smile and occasionally brings a tear to my eye. It's a genuinely heartwarming moment in the show and I"m glad to have pushed it onto the list, even if only at the bottom position.
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    The list is ready to go! Commentators, please check your inboxes to see if I have sent you any episodes. I may have sent you more than one, to get a bit ahead of the game, but the ones that are lower on the list are the ones I need sooner. Hopefully I can have the first episode or the first two episodes posted tomorrow! Get hype!
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    While I can understand this sentiment, and while I too want to see more diversity on these lists, I don't feel that it's necessary to diminish people's enjoyment of these episodes as simply being nostalgia-trips, nor do I feel that ranking episodes from the newer episodes simply because they are less likely to get nominated is a sensible way of writing a list. I'll be honest-- I caught myself this time around excluding certain episodes (Band Geeks, Graveyard Shift, and Krusty Krab Training Video being key examples) from my list for the sole purpose of adding episodes that I felt were more deserving of the spotlight, and while this isn't necessarily a bad thing, I do feel there is an inherent dishonesty in manipulating rankings for self-perceived notions of what's fair and what's not. The most popular episodes will always be the most popular episodes, and no amount of dislike towards them simply due to them being popular will change that.
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    World building is not something that we've come to expect in the average SpongeBob episode, which is part of what makes Rock Bottom such a refreshing watch in both the context of the season and the series itself. There's so much at play in this episode-- not only does the atmosphere exude a certain sense of loneliness akin to SpongeBob's exact feelings throughout, but the comedy itself often hinges on an uncomfortable feeling. There's always something to be said about the charm that season one exudes, and Rock Bottom is no exception to this with SpongeBob's characterization as an innocent and naive protagonist being juxtaposed against a dark and gritty location. To some extent, SpongeBob himself hits rock bottom in the most emotional sense while also being there physically, all the while this grit is balanced out with some of the most memorable jokes of the season like the bus stop gag and the surreal accent on one of the employees. Rock Bottom failed to make my list, but there's something to be said for how brilliantly the mix of atmospheric tension and surreal comedy come together to form something completely unique to itself.
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    ALL RIGHT GUYS HERE WE GO Before we get started, a couple things to note here. First off, HUGE thanks to everyone who sent in a list this time around, shattering our record of 26 lists with a whopping 32 Best Lists! This means we have our most representative community list yet, and it shows, as the lowest ranking episode racked up 63 points, meaning that theoretically an episode would need to be on three lists minimum to even qualify. And I believe the lowest number of lists an episode here appears on is four. Now that's representation! So, a quick spoilered shoutout to everyone that sent in a list! Once again, thank you all so much! Special shout-out to jjs for helping to rally up the troops during the periods where I was in more of a lull. Couldn't have done it without ya, man. Thank you also to everyone who expressed interest in commentary! In the interest of representing every episode on this list at their best, I will only be commenting on the ones that made my personal list. This leaves more gaps in the commentary cycle, so you guys have got your work cut out for you. But I will give you at least three days' notice before I require commentary from you (except for the first two episodes obviously), and if you don't get it up in time, you can always submit it to me later and I'll edit it into the post when it's ready. If you have not signed up for commentary, feel free to do so at any time! Message me in your Best List PM or comment in this thread saying so. Or if you'd rather comment more casually, go nuts! That's what we have a forum for. Speaking on that, we're dealing with 32 lists here, y'all. Not everyone's favourites are gonna make this list, so don't be too disappointed if your episodes don't show up. After all, the spirit of this list is to find the most overall liked episodes! Feel free to post your personal lists after the Top 50 is completed, and feel free to agree and disagree with any episodes on the list, respectfully of course. Finally, a note on tiebreakers. We have quite a few technical ties in that two or more episodes scored the same amount of points. My two-part rule for tiebreakers is as follows: 1. The episode that appears on more lists is higher. 2. If the episodes appear on the same amount of lists, the one with a higher "highest ranking" is higher. Thankfully, all episode ties are broken by Rule 2, so we don't have to squabble about any first come first served nonsense. Okay! Enough blabbering. Let's present what you all came here for... SBC's Top 50 SpongeBob Episodes Ever 2018 Edition! 50. "You broke my heart. Now I'm gonna break something of yours!" Valentine's Day, 63 points (4 of 32 lists. 1 #1 vote - Homie) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Valentine's_Day OWM: Everything about this episode is just so damn heartwarming, starting with that great opening with SpongeBob giving out these valentines in such a happy, upbeat way to almost all his friends. Patrick is obviously the highlight and main character though, so I’ll be talking about him though. His attitude here reminds me of Nature Pants a lot. He’s a good person, but very emotionally fragile, and if someone hurts him it can start a fiery rage. But he also has that cutesy doofus side to him, like when he’s carving out a heart for SpongeBob and thinks he killed him by accident. He’s so cheerfully eager to get that present from the person he values most, and it’s actually really funny seeing him start to snap. After that handshake though, he really starts to shine. He’s trying to contain that disappointment so bad until he just SNAPS, and suddenly it becomes ten times better. His expressions are so crazy and awesome, I adore how he just destroys everything that stands in his path out of this pure anger and hurt feelings. This episode is both funny and sad. I’m also a fan of that joke at the end where he has his heart set on not turning around, but all it takes for Sandy to say hi. WhoBob: This episode is really that low? Color me surprised as hell. I consider this to be one of my favorite season 1 episodes ever, as well as one of the greatest episodes of the show. We don't always get a Valentine's Day story about all kinds of love, not just romance. That aspect kind of confused me as a kid but when I became an adult, I appreciated how this episode was love of a friendship, instead of romance. I often love to criticize Patrick (mostly in post-movie and beyond but this isn't the worst list so...) but I loved him here. He was a goofy stupid character but it was used as actually making him an interesting character here. Patrick's stupidity is exaggrated here with him hitting a rock because of him thinking it's SpongeBob or him running towards a cliff but compared to Patrick in recent episodes, these jokes were used as a set up to Patrick slowly becoming angry and sad with him not getting his gift yet. He lost all hope and he felt betrayed by SpongeBob. This type of story wouldn't work on other characters but it worked on Patrick because he's just kind of impatient and gets too excited about certain things. Jokes worked because Patrick wasn't just a stupid starfiish. The build up towards Patrick's madness was paid off damn well and it gave us some of the definiting moments of his character like "I DEFY YOU HEART MAN". And all of this was wrapped up with a huge chocolate explosion. Patrick's line at the end of him saying SpongeBob didn't need to give him a gift could have been a slap in the face but it worked because Patrick expected a gift from SpongeBob but he could have been fine without one. This episode deserves more credit than it gets right now. Such a highlight of a classic first season.
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    48. "Wait, I don't understand this. I feel all tingly inside! Should we stop?" F.U.N., 65 points (7 of 32 lists. Highest Ranking: #8, Steel) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/F.U.N. Clappy: I think I was asked to comment on this same episode two or three years ago and why I love it so much. Well I could just copy and paste exactly what I said last time, but where’s the F.U.N. in that? This episode introduced another layer to this show to me. You see at the time, I liked the series but I was still waiting for that one episode that would make me fall in love with it. Enter this one. The moment SpongeBob started to question whether Plankton has any real friends and his determination to show him the meaning of true friendship added a whole other layer to this series. It showed me that Plankton has other dimensions to him than being the series main antagonist. But that’s just one of the many things I love about this episode. The dynamic between SpongeBob and Plankton is simply adorable. Even with the obvious reveal that Plankton just befriended SpongeBob to get to the krabby patty formula, every moment these two spent together was golden. From the lessons in jellyfishing to the iconic F.U.N. song, these two just carried this episode for me. Not to mention that Mr. Krabs role in this episode is just as good. Overall, this is my favorite Season 1 Episode. Of course I would love to see this episode higher but the fact that this placed at all especially in an ultra competitive year makes me happy. Hayden: F.U.N. lays the groundwork for very important character relationships, even if it only scratches the surface with them. Spongebob is often used as the bridge between Plankton and Mr. Krabs, and while I've given up any hope of the series meaningfully resolving that triangle in a fair way to Plankton, it's nice to see Plankton's redemptive side in the instances the show allows it. There are many things the episode does right despite the simple progression of Plankton's arc: -The chase scene is one incredible visual gag after another. -The empathy Spongebob feels after being celebrated for kicking down someone's spirits is relatable. -It gave our SBC SOF8 store the Jolly Good Rookie Donut item. -Plankton's exaggeratedly genocidal version of what the initials of F.U.N. stand for. Plus the clams singing along. -A handful of popcorn being enough to get Bubble Bass to jump off Plankton. Spongebob liking sequels. -The other moviegoers running off with the possessions despite Krabs not instructing that. -"No friendship can withstand the allure of a Krabby Patty" being some sad (intentional?) foreshadowing. Really the only hiccups are that they use Karen as the motivating force to get Plankton back on his mission and that the episode seems to go for the moral of "some people are just destined to be bad" instead of exploring why Plankton is the way he is.
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    For those of you confused about the significance of the above: "crcoffin88redo" is none other than DS Guy. A couple of weeks ago, we were given the idea to make a video series playing the Portal 2 co-op campaign together. Now, after more than a dozen days of not saying anything about it, DS Guy has joined Steam in preparation for this event. We've decided to both publish the resulting absurdity. This will go well, I feel.
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    I've never been one for forced post-movie representation. There's some good post-movie episodes, mostly in seasons 4 and 5, but there's very few that I'd say are worth celebrating on the league of the first 3 seasons. Most of the episodes on these types of lists are pre-movie for a reason, pre-movie was simply better.
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    ... also why don't you just choose episodes you actually like and not because you feel bad for Post-Movie episodes never being on the list
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    Let's hope Pranks a Lot, Slumber Party and Creature Feature make the top 3.
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    YES! Hello. I'd like you to play that song again.
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    The idea belongs to @Wintermelon43, who inspired me to make this. Please note the members of this story aren't 100% accurate to their personalities or the history is accurate, this is meant for fun. Enjoy. The Death of SpongeBob Community Date: August 24, 2013 It was a summer night, where people went outside and started to have fun. Some went to carnavals, some others decided to enjoy time at night clubs and others...well others weren't so lucky, especially when they too were having such fun. This is the story of how SBC (SpongeBob Community) was vanished from existence. jjsthekid: "Alright my dudes and ladies, time for the most important jeopardy event ever!!!"" SOF: "But jjs, none of female members showed up?" jjsthekid: "alright. Whoever wins this game will gain a week as a staff member" Hayden: "This is the game I must win!" Trophy: "In your dreams, Hayden. You'll always be the third one. " Hayden: "top 3 is still a sweet spot." jjsthekid: "and we began!!!" Clappy: "This is the story I'll definitely tell it to my grandkids, maybe" Meanwhile a naive boy with the dumbest username ever was having the time of his life for being in a SpongeBob forum. His name was SB_DW_Fan and he was the last survivor of tv.com. SB_DW_Fan: "oh boy, SBC is such a fantastic place to talk about SpongeBob, even though the show lost some of its charm but season 8 was amazing and season 9 has been sooooo good that I'm totally not biased at those seasons. Thank you tigerdude22 for your sacrifice to save me from a monsterous place called tv.com. I hope I never get there again." Moving on, this was definitely the time to be a SBC member until shit hit the Storm!!! Storm: "IT IS I, STORM!!!" SB_DW_Fan: "Oh my god X-Men joining SBC? " Storm: "no you fool!!! I have come here to destroy SBC!!!" Wumbo: "oh uh, we have another pettiness. I'm outta here. *unlogs*" during jeopardy SOF (nervously): "jjs, something bad's happening." Hayden: "Calm down Kan, we have dealt with these types of shit before, we can totally dodge this. Right jjs?" jjsthekid: "this is worse than I thought..." Trophy: "Since all of this is happening now, WHERE'S MDPP?" During all of this, MDPP was enjoying some nice tea in the staff loungue, he was listening to music and trying to build SpongeCraft with his uncanny telekinesis powers that soon to be more powerful than anyone can imagine but out of nowhere, an object appeared and hit MDPP's face. MDPP picks up it and he began to shock. MDPP: "no. This can not happening to SBC. This can not be the end!" *article from the future saying "SBC's death caused forum wars". "Oh my god, I have to warn jjs and others about this tragedy and prevent it before it happens." MDPP leaves staff loungue but when he returns to the public, everything was covered in fire already. Storm: "MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, take this SBC, I have multiple accounts ready to aim at your precious members." MDPP: Storm: "YES, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" MDPP: "Cut the cheesy villain crap, Storm. Why are you attacking our forums again? This time it seems you have become too powerful." Storm: "just me being mad at your gay posts and not respecting my opinion!!!" MDPP: "Go back to which homophobic forum you were born in or I make you go away" Storm: "is this a threat? Because you seriously don't wanna hurt this boy WHO HAS MULTIPLYING POWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALTSTORMS, ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" This shitstorm kicked SBC in the nuts. The members started to panic but the saviours of SBC have finally arrived. CHA, aka Kappa Lady!!! Someone who can teleport members to safety so easily and teleport these alts to the dump. "everyone, get to art school, it's the only place you all can be safe.", "Go to wasteland of tv.com, you alts!" OMJ, aka Deathmatch Man!!! A person who has strong wrestling powers that knock so many members down. "This is your last warning, Storm!!! End this nonsense." Storm: "NEVER HAHAHAHA *burps* oops, I'm so nasty" TEENJ, aka Teen Jump!!! He can jump so damn high to kick alts who fly in SBC banners. He has strongest legs and high quality jumping skills. "I see some bitchy guy is trying to destroy our forum again. Not on my watch!!!" Last but not least. NUGGETS, aka NUGLAD. He basically shoots nuggets from his arms, out of ideas of superpowers sorry. Nuggets: "Nice terrible writing with my powers, narrator!!!" oh and he's aware of being in a story. These four and MDPP unite against forum threats when it's needed. This time it's Storm who causes major attack. Storm: "I spy with my dumb eyes, I see a member MADE OF STEEL!!!" Steel: "Go away from me you monster!!!" Storm: "Now prepare to be BANNED!!!" *nuggets shot at his eyes* Storm: "MY EYES!!!" Nuggets: "Not on our watch." Storm: "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, PRECIOUS SBC supermembers trying to defend the worthless members? How pathetic?" "BAN!!!" MDPP: "NOOOOOOOOO HE TOOK OVER THE POWER OF STAFF. HOW DID HE DO THIS?" Cha: "It seems we have a mole in here." OMJ: "My money is on the newbie " SB_DW_FAN: "YAY SUPERHEROES. I love Doctor Who too." Storm: "Jokes on you Deathmatch Man! He's gay or bi idk. he's a sinner!!!" TeenJ:"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" And Storm banned his first member, SB_DW_Fan, who will never be remembered, thanks to Trophy. Trophy: "" And Storm managed to ban every single supermember of SBC. He was so unstoppable with so much power. But how could he gain this much power? Oh no!!! IT'S HIM. Metal: "Everything's according to the experiment. I shall see If SBC can dodge this just like Hayden said or will it be burn in Storm forever?" jjsthekid: "This is getting out of hand, 2011 all over again!!! except worse... I gotta freeze sbc and find a solution asap" He left jeopardy with such a rush but Storm noticed jjs and he was banned him right before he got in staff loungue. Storm: "HA YOU ARE JUST A KID JJSTHEKID. BUT I'M STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Later one of alts arrived to jeopardy where he realized there were still members waiting to be banned. Trophy: "sooo Hayden? You believe in SBC resurrection?" Hayden: "Oh Trophy, SBC suffered worse, we'll be just fine. Lets just say Storm is gonna get covered in sauce rain real soon." SOF: "wat" Clappy: "alright what's going on Hayden?" While Clappy was questioning Hayden, a wild storm alt appeared!!! But he was sauced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY NONE OTHER THAN SAUCE MAMA!!!! Sauce: "Good thing Hayden called me just in time." Trophy: "WHO THE FUCK ELSE HAS SUPERPOWERS THEY WANNA BRING UP?" Sauce: "I had to hide my true power because it's the only thing that destroy SBC. Only jjs, Hayden and MDPP knows it". Trophy: "HOW THE HELL HAYDEN KNOWS THIS BUT NOT ME???" Hayden: "psssh trophy, ı figured it out that easily." Trophy: " I'll be watching you" SOF: "So Sauce, how can your powers destroy SBC?" Sauce: "Because SOF, my sauce contains deadly computer virus that can end one forum. It almost happened on SBM, so I made a promise to myself to never use these powers but I have to use it carefully to stop Storm. Just be careful to not touch it." SOF: "k". Storm: "Jokes on you Saucey, I knew your powers from the beginnig!!! That was why I had to bring you to the surface." Trophy: "totally not revealing his true fans at all" Storm: "SILENCE!!! I'LL NOT REST UNTIL SBC IS DOO- wait what's that noise?" Suddenly a light was shown up again and it was none other than STORM????? Future Storm: "Gods, I was dumb then." Storm: "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" Future Storm: "Im you dummy and I came from the future to stop you because your crimes on SBC were just sickening. As well as SBM in a few years later." Storm: "BUT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO RULE INTERNET" Future Storm: "Yea but I became a big boi now. I regret this shit past of mine and I came here to clean it up. I came back with terminoob's time machine, rest in peace in the future, creator of SBC, to stop you!" Hayden: "see Trophy? I told ya we'd be saved." Clappy: "I still don't know how you know this much and I'm irritated. " SOF: "Wait, where's terminoob anyway?" Storm: "heh, what an act? Unfortutely, it's too late" *bans Clappy* Sauce: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." Future Storm: "I was too late..." Trophy: "well you should have come BEFORE all of this happened." Hayden: "oops" Storm bans Hayden, Trophy and SOF with cold blood. Future Storm and Sauce together: "you vile motherfucker!" Storm: "That's me. Stormy." One of Storm's alts got to Sauce and used her power to charge his alts. Future Storm: "you seem to forget I'm still here." And out of a sudden, Future Storm controled all of Storm alts. Storm: "ahhhh, very good Future me very good. but you really have to remember ALL of your past!!!" Metal Snake appeared out of nowhere and banned Future Storm. Metal Snake: "well, this goes in the documentary." Sauce: "noooo this isn't the end, this isn't the end of SBC, terminoob WHERE ARE YOU???" Before all of this, Wumbo left sbc to visit the one and only terminoob!!! Wumbo: "Terminoob, this is getting nuts, SBC is being destroyed and all you seem to do is sit your butt all day" Terminoob: "If that's the case, why didn't you help SBC?" Wumbo: "I left SBC to find you, so we can help it together." Terminoob: "I'm already helping." Wumbo sees the time machine: "oh, so the damage has to happen?" Termiinoob: "It's the only way". Too bad for terminoob, he was actually wrong. This was the end of SBC. His time machine didn't help and all hope was lost. Storm: "YES, THE SAUCE!!! I have the power to destroy SBC. How does it feel, Metal?" Metal: "eh, just wanted to see if this would work or not." Storm: "alright then." Storm wildly banned Metal from existence and once he absorbed all of Sauce's powers, he banned him too. Storm: "oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa, SBC is doomed!!!" Other members left were panicing so hard but then wumbo and terminoob came back to SBC. Terminoob: "quick, Wumbo, get to the loungue." Wumbo: "But I don't have access to it anymore." Termninoob promotes wumbo. Terminoob: "now you are staff. GO!!!" Wumbo went to staff loungue to charge the time machine and he managed to power it but one of Storm's alts noticed him and he banned Wumbo so quickly. Luckily the time machine was charged up and it automatically jumped into the future. But people knew this was never going to stop Storm. Terminoob sees the endangered members and he rushed into the action: "come at me you motherfucker Storm!!!" Storm: "with pleasure" Terminoob sacrificed himself to save members but even Terminoob couldn't stop the power of Storm. Before the members escaped, Storm banned them all and only one member was left to be banned. Omair. Omair: "oh crap, my llamas, escape before Storm bans you all. Quickly, jump to SBM!!!" Storrm: "meh, couldn't care less about llamas but you are DONE. WE'LL SEE WHO'S MORE EVIL????????????" Omair: "Damn, a pun." And Storm banned Omair as the last member of SBC. And Storm left SBC TO die with his alt accounts and tons of sauce. What a tragedy. *tiny violin music* But Storm's actions didn't just effect SBC, his reign in SBC leaked into forums like SBM, sites like SpongeBob wikia and everything SpongeBob related!!! And My Little Pony forums because it's always ponies that suffer the most. This caused bronies to despite SpongeBob fans and thus begun a never ending forum wars!!! To this day, people across the Internet, grives for the loss of SBC.
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    In celebration of the ten year anniversary of Total Drama World Tour, and of me (alongside @Hayden, @DarknessDG, and @Cha♡) binging all 146 episodes of the series, I've decided to take a look at my personal top ten favorite songs of the season alongside some honorable mentions. Let's get started!
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    Fun indeed. Plankton in season one could frequently be a one-note villain, which is what helped episodes from this season like F.U.N and Walking Small stand out amidst other Plankton appearances-- SpongeBob is determined to teach Plankton about true friendship, and while the F.U.N song itself is certainly memorable, it's the character interactions that steal the show here. SpongeBob's good-natured optimism bounced off of Plankton's not-quite-played-straight villainous characteristics is a recipe for a perfect character dynamic on the level of early-season Squidward/SpongeBob interactions, but taken up a notch by nature of Plankton being the series' most straight-forward antagonist. While these interactions make a great first half, I do have to agree with Hayden that the moral of the episode is one that hasn't sit right with me years later, as Plankton's potential development is hand-waved by him still choosing to steal the krabby patty and, for better or for worse, the relationship between these characters being practically reset in the end. Still, for a few minutes, it was F.U.N. to pretend that plankton had a moral compass in one of his less villainous appearances... until the ending.
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    Draw a beautifully detailed 14 page document
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    Here's my creation, which is based on classic horror stories, particularly those involving vampirism. SBC Gothic I always had a feeling that there was something strange going on in Saber City, but I never could have imagined what truly lay in its dark underbelly. First, some background. My name is JCM, and I've lived in Saber City all my life. We're a pretty standard small town, where everybody knows each other and there isn't usually much going on, but even teenagers fresh out of high school rarely leave for the bright lights of the big city. We're a tight-knit community, and there are almost always enough jobs to go around, so the people who are born here usually end up dying here. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder whether things are too perfect. I’m known as the resident paranoid in Saber City, and I will admit I’ve gotten many things wrong before, but this time I’m right. I know I’m right. It was 11:33 PM. I was driving through the streets looking for my dog, Peabody, who I had left in my backyard and who had escaped by digging his way out from underneath the fence. I was about to ready to return home after an hour of driving around, but then I spotted something on the side of the road. Somebody in a black cloak was hunched over, facing away from me. The cloaked person turned to spit out something red, and then I saw him: Peabody, still alive but clearly weak, lying down in front of the cloaked person who I now realized was spitting out blood. Without thinking, I pulled over on the opposite side of the road. I grabbed a handgun from the glove department of my car and silently got out of it. There were no other cars on the road, so I tiptoed towards the cloaked person, who was hunched over Peabody again, with my gun aimed at the cloaked person’s back. Once I was halfway through the road, the cloaked person stopped moving, and I did the same. Suddenly, the cloaked person turned around to reveal he was a bald man with wrinkly skin, big, bulging eyes, and a pair of canine teeth larger and sharper than any I had seen on a human before. I shot the man once in the chest and once in the head, and neither shot affected him. Now I knew he wasn’t human. Before I could figure out my next move, the man pounced on me. With a closer look, I realized who he was: that70sguy, a former mayor who had retreated from the public eye after his term ended. I screamed, and that70sguy immediately jumped off of me, covering his nose with disgust. I remembered that I had eaten garlic bread with dinner that night, and the smell of it must have been strong enough to repulse the politician-turned-vampire. After that70sguy disappeared, I ran to Peabody, picked him up, and brought him to my car. As I drove home, I occasionally glanced at him in the backseat. Though he was still breathing, he wasn’t moving very much outside of that, and I knew I would have to use a sick day to take him to the vet that morning. That was the least of my concerns, however. Vampires were real, and my former mayor was one of them. As long as he was out there, nobody in this town was safe. ---- I parked in front of Homie's Pet Care at around 10:00 that morning. Peabody was a little stronger but still had trouble walking on his own. I carried him into the clinic, and the receptionist took my name and number before sending me to the waiting room. There were a few other pet owners there, mostly parents with their kids, and it was about an hour before I was called to Homie's office. "Nice to see you again, JCM," said Homie. "Mind telling me what's wrong?" "My dog was just bitten by a vampire," I replied. Homie laughed, but once she realized I wasn't laughing too, her face became more grim. "Do you really think he got bitten by a vampire?" she asked me. "No," I said. "I know he did. I saw it with my own eyes." Homie brushed away the fur on the back of Peabody's neck and saw two holes, spaced away the same way as human canine teeth. "There...has to be a logical explanation for this," she said. "If you have one, I'd love to hear it." Homie was quiet for a moment, then said, "Okay, I'll run some tests on Peabody and be right back. You stay here." Homie left the office with Peabody and returned about a half hour later. "Peabody lost a lot of blood, so I gave him a blood transfusion and a couple of iron supplements," said Homie. "As long as you keep feeding him well, he should be back to his normal dog self before long." "Anything else?" I said expectantly. "Those bite marks were the only external wounds I could find on Peabody, so the most likely cause of his anemia is an encounter with a bloodsucker, and the shape and depth of those bite marks suggest that it's a bloodsucker we haven't seen before." "Like perhaps...a bloodsucker of the night?" I was rubbing it in at this point, but I couldn't help myself. Homie sighed. "I really hope you're wrong about this. I really, really do." Since I had the rest of the day off, I decided to track down that70svamp and finish him off once and for all. I researched everything I could about vampies and purchased a large jacket with an extra-thick collar to help protect against bites, as necklace with a silver cross attached to wear around it. I then fashioned a wooden stake which I put behind my belt, and I ate several loaves of garlic bread for good measure. I went through several issues of the Saber City Times until I found the one I remembered containing the address to that70sguys' house. He was advertising a meet-and-greet at his place during the run-up to his election, and it was assumed that this was where he holed himself up after his time as mayor was over. I stuffed the page with the address into one of my jacket pockets, made sure Peabody's food and water bowls were where he could easily access them, and left home determined to wipe the monster that70sguy had become off the face of the planet. When I got to that70sguys', house, I turned the doorknob with one hand and clutched the wooden stake under my belt with the other. I was surprised he left his door unlocked, because while most people in Saber City did that, I figured somebody as private as that70sguy (and with the secret I knew he had) wouldn't, When I walked into his house, the first thing I noticed was that the lights were off, even though it was the middle of the afternoon. Instead of turning the lights on and possibly alerting somebody, I chose to continue walking through the house, the only light coming through the slightly-open doorway. After walking a few steps, the door behind me slammed shut, causing me to jump and creating a noise that echoed throughout the house. My heart began to beat faster now. Because every window had its blinds closed, everything was now pitch-black. Perfect place to be a vampire, I thought to myself. I forced my legs to keep moving, even though they felt like cinder blocks under me at this point. I reached a hallway, and what I could make out in the darkness was four rooms, three with open doors and one with a closed door. I walked through each open room, finding nothing suspicious in any of them, and I began to open the door to the closed room with both that hand and the hand that was still on the stake beneath that belt shaking. Once I opened the door, the smell of death immediately filled my nostrils, and I vomited. I took out the stake, pointed it in each direction around me, but there was nobody there. At least, that was what I thought before I turned on the lights. Click My body recoiled in horror. On the floor in front of me was the rotting corpse of none other than thats70sguy. I covered my nose and walked closer to his body, which was lying down face-first. That was when I noticed them. Bite marks on the back of his neck. I ran out of the room and out of that70sguys' house. I called the police to report a murder. Whatever was going on, I knew now that it was too big for me to tackle by myself. The resident paranoid was going to need some outside help.
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    Well, it took me almost eight years, but through mostly hard work and perseverance, I finally saved up enough doubloons, and I am now, officially, a Loyal Customer! Don't worry, you'll still get the same humor you are accustomed to in the "Total Cartoon" topic, and the same hard-core action that you are used to in the "Power Rangers Multiverse Force" topic! I just wanted to share my good news with everyone! Enough said!
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    We must ask not what Mop E. Drippest could do for US in her time in this world, but what it is that we could've been doing for her as she lived in this world. This woman, a woman abused by the world, had numerous cries for help throughout all forms of her social media accounts and even tried to get us to understand her plights by joining in on movements. Even in her desperate attempts to propel her voice outwardly in the world, in her dying words that she hoped would spark a movement like no other, it went unheard. The formerly mentioned spongey suspect refused to comment on these allegations, and as the duo were well-known in the burger flipping community, the words of a legend went unspoken. That was until one fateful day, when the word of a formerly-disgraced hero would arrive at the Krusty Krab to offer her chilling words... "FUCK the Krusty Krab, and I will make sure we Bomb the Krusty Krab," the voice shouted. It was... @a_shot_here_we_go! Wearing her latest Niqqabi garments as a tribute to her latest conversion, the formerly pregnant Barbie made her way to the Krusty Krab to support her friend Mop E. Torn between his known former relations with the woman and his own adorations for Mop E., @Eugene Krabs knew he had no choice but to pair up with his ex-lover for the sake of justice. Immediately, the duo were horrified by the treatment of their dear friend they witnessed at the hands of SpongeBob and Squidward. Mop knew that she could not stand for this mistreatment anymore. But what was she to do against her oppressors? Mop had known no life outside of being used to wipe up substances or as a hairpiece. If she were to gain liberation, who would she become? Should the shackles of slavery finally be lifted, what reality would the woman know? Overwhelmed with the pressure of these decisions, Mop did all she could do. She fled the country to become a Chinese model- She starred in foreign TV shows- And finally, she joined the Flying Dutchman's Ghost Crew, desperately plotting her escape from the wicked world she had once known.
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    16. Ghost Town One night, Hayden is seen sleeping in his room. Suddenly, he begins to have a peculiar dream... ... A destroyed and abandoned city is seen in the wastelands. It's almost as if it's...a ghost town (hah, here's your title). There are destroyed signs around saying "Welcome to SpongeBuddy Mania!". Jjs is seen walking through the destroyed SBM for an unknown reason. Hayden wakes up in a panic, confused by what he just saw. "Well, something tells me that was very important. Why was he at SBM? Is this finally a clue of where Jjs is!? But why would he go to that trashy dump of all places? Also, maybe I shouldn't inner monologue to myself out loud, that's weird." Hayden said awkwardly, writing that down on his list of things not to do, ever. Hayden wakes up and tells the rest of the Krusty crew what happened in his dream last night. "...wat?" SOF replied, after hearing Hayden's explanation of his strange dream. "dam ma...that's some freaky stuff, but why would jjs be at SBM?" Cha wondered. "Don't know, but something tells me he's there, or at least, a clue of where he is." Hayden replied. "Is Hay psychic? " WhoBob asked curiously. "Maybe. But seriously y'all, we need to find the remains of SBM. Any ideas?" Hayden inquired. "just look for a destroyed city with lots of memes and you'll be fine," Trophy replied. "heh, speaking of, i member when Trop was mod of SBM, good times..." SOF reminisced. "More like very...awkward and wtf times, to this day I'm still not entirely sure I understood how I got promoted either." Trophy replied. "This also reminds me of a certain post someone made about Fungus... " WhoBob was saying, giving chuckles from the four. "DON'T SPEAK OF IT!" Trophy protested immediately, not wanting to have Vietnam flashbacks. "it must have taken true bravery to deal with that post, so I'd say Trophy is a true war hero, more so than I ever was, godspeed brave soldier," Cha said, saluting him. "Nope nope nope, I'm blocking that incident out of my memory banks." Trophy said sternly, blocking it from his memory. "Alright, nostalgia aside tho, how will we find SBM?" WhoBob asked, as MDPP approaches them. "By searching aimlessly through the desert of course, maybe Hay can let us use the Dramatic Static. " Trophy said. "Oh hell no, I'm not taking that out into the wasteland again after last time. >_>" Hayden said, recalling the events of "Haypostor". "No worries, I can help you. Follow me, I have just the vehicle for this mission." MDPP said, as they follow MDPP to the garage. MDPP unveils to them an advanced and armored yellow van, which has the words "SBC Explorer" written on the side of it. "So it's Internet Explorer, but an SBC version and it's a van? Well anything is better than the original, so why not." Trophy said. "Meh, the Dramatic Static is still better. " Hayden said, disappointed by the Explorer's design. "This will help you safely traverse through the harsh deserts. According to this old map, SBM used to be in this location." MDPP said, circling it on the map, and handing it to them. "whew, that not too fat from here..." SOF said, looking at the distance. "Woohoo, let's do this road trip lads!" WhoBob said eagerly. ""Be sure to stay in touch with me in case something goes wrong. Just make sure you don't wreck it, I will want it back in one piece..." MDPP said sternly. "you can count on us, chef," SOF replied, saluting. The five hop into the van, checking out cool tech junk in the back of it. "so who's driving fam," Cha asked. "I suppose I will, gives me something useful to do other than making snarky and nihilistic wise cracks." Trophy said, getting in the driver's seat. "Just please don't kill us." Hayden said, taking shotgun. "I'll try not to, let's hope my mediocre driving training paid off!" Trophy said, starting the van up. "be sure to back it up " WhoBob said, as the garage door opens. "Yup...BACKING UP!" Trophy yelled, putting it in reverse. Unfortunately, he ends up doing this to the van: The van keeps "backing up", heading for the central gate. Patty and crushing open it, as the van keeps backing up through the gate, and going off into the wasteland. "Happy trails!" Patty said, waving to them. "You trying to kill us!?" Hayden yelled angrily to Trophy, trying to grab the wheel. Thankfully, Trophy is able to think fast and make the van come to a complete stop. "oh whew, we're not dead, yay!" Cha said happily, opening her eyes. "Well I did say I had mediocre training, but I think I'm getting the hang of this now, hopefully, maybe, probably." Trophy replied, as he casually drives the van normally through the desert. "woo, road trip!" WhoBob said eagerly. "heh, this calls for road sung," SOF replied. "omg i'm getting flashbacks," Cha said, playing this song in the van. "Uggh, I never was a fan of this wretched song even when it premiered." Hayden said, irritated. The SBC Explorer keeps traversing through the desert, as the heroes get bored. "are we there yet?" Cha asked. "Nope, still some ways to go..." Hayden said, looking at the map again. "meh, I get bored of looking at sand..." SOF said, as he keeps looking out the window, seeing the endless desert. "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere." WhoBob said, quoting one of the best lines of all time in cinematic history. "speaking of sand, where's DS Guy and his christian buddies, I could use a good laugh," Cha asked, looking out for them. "Either they found someone else to annoy today or they're busy praying." Trophy replied. "Let them keep praying to nothing, fine with me. " Hayden replied smugly. "thoughts and prayers " WhoBob said, as they have a good laugh. Infinex is seen at his super evil lair nearby, when footage appears on one of his monitors showing the SBC Explorer. 'I tell you hwhat boss, that looks like our enemies." Hank noted, seeing the Protectors inside of it. "where are they even going? are they that stupid to go out in the desert?" Spongetron rambled. "They are looking for something. And I will beat them to it. Prepare my mobile body." Infinex ordered. "Ooh, the boss is finally going to leave the lair and fight them himself, great! No way will they survive an encounter with you!" Hugh said enthusiastically. A Terminator-esque body rises from the platform. A robot grunt puts a plug into it, hooking Infinex's core up to the body. Infinex then downloads himself into the Terminator body. It is unplugged, as he walks around delighted, feeling the body. "I will find and annihilate them once and for all. Hank and Hugh, you may join me." Infinex said coldly, walking out of the lair in his Terminator body. "Ohh boy, can't wait to aid our master in another gruesome annihilation!" Hugh said eagerly, as he follows. Eventually, the SBC Explorer comes to a stop. The remains of SBM are seen nearby. The five get out of the van, looking at the destroyed city before them. "wow, SBM really IS trash now..." Cha said. "Hard to believe there's anything even left of it..." Trophy said. "The robots did a shit job destroying all of SBM, at least leave nothing left. >_> " Hayden said. The five wander through SBM, looking for any clues. "hello? anybody?" SOF asked, as his voice echoes throughout the ghost town. WhoBob then sees an abandoned building with a "The Dump" sign on it. There are lots of spam and memes inside of there, as WhoBob looks around. "ahh, good times " WhoBob reminisced, seeing the "I'M A BUNNY NOW!" meme in an archive. Cha takes a look at the remains of the Artist Unknown building, remembering the art she also used to share on SBM. Trophy takes a look at the remains of the Salty Spittoon building, laughing at the archived political debates involving users like The DS Guy and todd phillips. SOF takes a look at the Bikini Bottom building, viewing the archives of the many many many SpongeBob discussions from SBM's history. "Too bad I have no nostalgia to SBM, so I don't even know where to look..." Hayden said, as he keeps walking along a sandy path. Suddenly, Hayden realizes there is something familiar about the building right next to him. He takes a look at it, as it has a damaged "The Bottom Feeder" sign on it. He realizes that jjs was possibly headed toward this building in his dream. Hayden heads inside, as the room is a giant mess. There are many papers scattered everywhere. Hayden then takes a look at a bulletin board, where there are multiple red lines drawn. He then looks at the map MDPP gave him, realizing it is somewhat similar to his. The red lines lead to a hidden location in the desert. He then sees a signature from "jjs" at the bottom of the bulletin board, making Hayden gasp. The other four then enter the room, wondering what Hayden is doing. "Guys, great timing. I think I now know where jjs went." Hayden said, showing them the bulletin board map. "...What did he mean by this? o.O" Trophy asked, looking at it confused. "He made a map marking his progress through the desert it seems like, and there's this strange location not on the map MDPP gave me..." Hayden realized, looking at the red circle on jjs' map. "dam ma, glad he might still be out there," Cha replied, taking a picture of the map with her camera. "wow, lets hope he really is..." SOF said, surprised. "Why jj would come to SBM of all places to make his map is beyond me." Trophy said, still confused. "Guess he had no other place. Now let's get out of here fam, I don't want to be in this creepy place much longer." WhoBob said. The five exit the town, heading back to the SBC Explorer. They hop back inside the van, as Trophy drives it off. As they try to leave SBM, Trophy sees something up ahead, approaching the van. Trophy makes the van come to a complete stop, sending Hayden flying forward. "Hey, not cool! " Hayden said annoyed. "Uhh, guys..." Trophy was saying, pointing up ahead. "What, did DS Guy and his goons finally show?" WhoBob asked. They look to see Infinex in his Terminator body walking forward through the desert plains, with Hank and Hugh by his side. Infinex sends multiple lasers blasts from his shoulders at the van, as Trophy quickly swerves it, barely avoiding them. Smoke rises from the sand, blocking Trophy's view. The smoke then clears, as Infinex, Hank and Hugh get closer. "well that def not BS Guy..." SOF said, scared. "Never seen a robot like that before..." Cha said, shocked. "Fools. Daring to enter my wasteland kingdom was a grave mistake, and it shall be your undoing." Infinex said in a badass speech. "I think...that's Infinex." Hayden realized. "When did he get a mobile body???" Trophy asked, confused. "Guess he got tired of sitting around doing nothing." Hayden replied. "Whatever, all passengers please buckle your seatbelts and hang on, this is going to be a wild ride!" Trophy warned. "oh boy..." SOF said. Infinex sends more laser blasts, while Trophy keeps driving as fast as he can. One laser blasts hits the side of the van, but it keeps going. "MDPP won't be happy about that..." WhoBob said, hanging on. "Come out of your van and fight me." Infinex demanded, firing more laser blasts. Suddenly, some laser blasts hit the tires of the SBC Explorer, popping them. The van comes to a complete stop in the sand. "MDPP... >_>" Hayden said irritated. "...god dammit..." SOF said. More robot grunts appear from the sides, approaching the van. Infinex approaches closer, ready to deliver the final blow to the stuck van. "Looks like we have to fight this jerk now on the high ground..." WhoBob said, readying both his shield and hammer. "Psh, we've taken care of these losers plenty of times, I'm sure we still have a chance even with his new badass body." Trophy said, not worried. The five heroes get out of the van, surrounded by Infinex and his forces. Infinex fires another laser blast at the five, ending this chapter on yet on another cliffhanger!
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