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    No new art for today I'm afraid, but to hold you over, here are some fucking weird doodles that I've posted on the Discord.
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    Hey,look who gonna back on Night Patty! It’s already 13/13 episode in my book,and I hope in your too
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    o yea i think my post is quite meaningful but thanks for checkin in boyo Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love? After Dr. Zoidberg starts behaving erratically, the team discover that he must travel to his species' planet for mating season. Trouble arises when he is unable to find a mate, or worse! Yep, we're back. Figured I could get some shorter reviews out of the way while I put Billboard on hiatus. So, what's the next episode on the docket? A Zoidberg-focused one? Oh, this'll be a treat. Zoidberg was my favourite character from what little I saw of the series when I was younger, so I'm definitely excited to see how he carries his own episode. It turns out that a Zoidberg-focused episode is funny, creative, and truly an imaginative one of the series. I love every twist and turn this story takes; jokes where the idea is mainly "what is obscene to us is complimentary to them" have been done to death in media, most notably with The Addams Family. But Zoidberg is such a compelling and charming character that he makes those jokes work singlehandedly. I love the off-kilter vibe of his species as well. This series really knows how to play with its futuristic characters. Something I really didn't expect from this episode was any sort of depth, but I think we got that as well! I actually felt for Zoidberg as he sat alone on his mound with no one coming to mate with him. It's odd as, at least at first, the goal of Zoidberg's journey isn't anything romance-related, but I still felt the inadequacy that he felt in that sequence. Poor guy. So yeah. This episode was a wonderful surprise to come back to, and I hope to see more Zoidberg-focused episodes in the future! (Though I hear one of them is really bad, so I may have just shot myself in the foot here. whatever, c'est la vie.) 10/10 Scattered Notes and Observations: Fry suddenly became a huge horndog in this episode. It fits his character, but it still felt a bit sudden to me. Bender's callous attitude towards his friend for profit was a nice touch. I kind of wish there was more Bender in this episode, but then I imagine myself saying that about every episode. The "speech impediment" joke really caught me off guard and was funny as hell. This series really knows when to push the offensive humour. Fry using a crab cracker in the battle to the death was also really funny. Man, this was just an all-around enjoyable episode to watch.
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    Always wanted to draw, never really thought I could actually do so until recently. Thinking of this as an early new years resolution more then anything. Here's a sampling of a few recent drawings: I call it a finnsicle! I started drawing Finn from AT, but I kinda blanked out on drawing the rest of his body so I made him a popsicle instead. A doodle of Farmworld Finn and Jake I did yesterday morning instead of taking class notes. I forgot to draw Finn pants, so lets just say he's wearing a robe. I'm hoping to update this every week or two with a few new drawings, but we'll see where this goes!
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    The first two episodes of the season had me concerned, but this one restored my faith in many ways: - Mr. Hankey in a non Christmas episode doesn't seem like it works, but it sure did here. He slotted in perfectly as the Roseanne/Kavanunagh parody. The "joke" tweets, the Hankey hearings and his final scene were all done to near perfection. Maybe one or two too many ambien jokes by the end, but it was pretty small fry in the bigger scheme of the episode. It may sound like a weird way to send off a side character who's more or less beloved (or at the very least well-liked) but believe me when I say it was awesome. - PC Principal definitely had begun to wear out his welcome for me last season (and probably earlier if we're being real about it) so when I heard the subplot focused around him and Strong Woman's Emmy worthy relationship, I'll admit I was not intrigued. I figured I'd be writing a blurb here about it being forced, but instead I'm impressed how they managed to make them relevant. The two ended up having quintuplets (5 kids) out their encounter in the S21 finale and this causes significant strain to their relationship and beliefs. It was interesting to see these two "righteous" (in their eyes anyhow) characters deal with the consequences. Woman doesn't want to acknowledge PC as her children's father due to the implications of their working relationship to PC wanting to be a quality father to them even in spite of this. It's an astounding level of depth for these two and I'm actually looking forward to seeing them again. - One classic quote in this episode for me: "I've learned over the years that when you defend poop, you get stained." - Gerald when he refuses to take Hankey's case midway through the episode. In a sense foretelling what would happen with Kyle later on as he tried to stick to his friend. - Also that Simpsons jab to close the episode was so spot on and the cherry on top of an excellent episode. Grade: A-
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    Introducing, as one comment put it, the invention of shopping cart angst!
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    All right, so you've probably surmised that by my eviscerating of 1999's worst list that this year was completely worthless. That there wasn't a single lit candle in this dark, dark room of pop music. How dare you! How freakin' dare you! This was a glorious time for pop music, one of the sunshiniest and happiest years I've ever covered. It really doesn't matter what the worst stuff is when the best stuff is this good, right? Well... let's say my feelings on the matter are complicated at best. But regardless! I do think that this best list is quite a treat. so if you'll join me in indulging, we can get started. It's... Wumbo's Top 10 Hits of 1999 Full List:
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    Note:A big thank for @Klu for finding this material. As we all know,every nationals always have different vision or opinion about anything in this life,and Spongebob is not an exception. And you know what?Russian community DESPISE new era of Spongebob,like,yes,it been taken mixed by people in everywhere,but here an opinion that S6-8 is miles better than S10-11 is pretty average!I always tried to find an perfect example to show you,but I always been disappointed,but this day is finally come!If you think that Spongebob Wiki have weird opinions,that you gonna be killed by this... Original post: In Semi-English:This season have ONLY THREE good episodes,and it’s a progress,in S9 I found only one,about Spongebob’s long pants,funny)The rest is just garbage(mediocre,unwatchable,rehashes of old ideas(Staring from S7 to S11 there a lot of eps like this)),here the same thing,"The Clam Whisperer","Check-Up" and "Chatterbox Gary",here the list of episodes that worth attention,but the rest...Also,I don’t recommend to watch some episodes when you eat,you can simply spoil your appetite.What?Why?For what this was madden/drawn?But even with that,I love Spongebob,and gonna watch the whole season,but it’s gonna be reeeeeeeeeealy not that easy. P.S:Yes,I agree with some members,some episodes are decent,but it’s just with comparison with previous trashy seasons,nine and ten(but for me they are the same,but with every new season it get worse and worse)But!*some cringeworthy pre-movie comparison that I don’t gonna bother to translate*.Good lack and day for everyone! In conclusion: 1)Clam Whisperer is definitely is one of the only good episodes in S11,some good jokes and a nice plot eight point five out of ten 2)Make conclusion yourself,I just had a chance to joked about Clam Whisperer again
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    So here we are, 1999. One of the big years in my book, one I was really looking forward to covering... and now that I've covered all 100 songs on here, I feel like I just set myself up for a massive disappointment. Don't get me wrong, there are still good songs here, and we'll get to 'em. But I think I underestimated just how much of this year was... simply disposable. Seriously, it felt like a majority of this year hinged on trends that would be gone in two years at most. Boy bands, Sublime-y reggae, Puff Daddy... it didn't feel like this year mattered in the great scheme of things. And nowhere is that more evident than in our Bottom 10. Let's get to that, shall we? Onward! Wumbo's Bottom 10 Hits of 1999
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    I hope you're in the mood for some frights and sketches, cause the Spooktacular Scary Art Contest is making it's howling return! Your task (if you think you're brave enough for it) is to create and submit a Halloween-themed piece of art. This piece does not have to be SpongeBob related, it can be anything you want, as long as it'll make us hide behind our sofas in horror once we see it! There's simply just one rule. No plagiarism (stealing someone else's art and claiming it as yours)! Got that? Ah good. (Oh yeah, and obviously it has to be Halloween or spooky related. It is a scary art contest after all.) The entries will be judged by me, Cha and jjsthekid. The winner will receive 5,000 doubloons, an exclusive badge, a point for their team and a free store item of their choice! You have until Tuesday October 30th to send in your masterpiece. Be prepared for fear, and be prepared to get drawing!
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    That's right, the Krusty Krab is hosting another annual scary costume contest! Whoever has the creepiest iFish design will be the winner, voted on by me, jjs the Grim Reaper and Cha the Real Live Ghost Mop! Submit your iFish design in this topic, and make sure to use the brand new iFish items down below! 1.) Be sure to click "Download (right click and save)" on the iFish generator page (near the bottom) and upload your iFish to a site like imgur, photobucket, etc, or just take a screenshot. Copy and pasting your iFish will not work. 2.) Once you post it, you cannot change it. So be 100% sure before posting. 3.) Do not copy somebody else's. 4.) You do not have to be on either team to play in this, it's for everyone. Prizes: -2,000 cursed doubloons -A point for your team on the scoreboard (you can be Independent if you don't want to join a team) You have until October 30th at 12:00pm EST to submit an iFish, and we will pick one the same day. Submissions: SOF: sbl: Fred:
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    Winner for best Halloween username goes to...
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    so my irl friend and I jokingly suggested a trump/kanye bromance back in 2015 and now it's actually real we're prophets
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    Halloween has always been a big thing for iFish. After all, it was Octerror Fest 2012 that introduced the iFish system to the world, and as such, we are dedicated to continuing that tradition. In Octerror Fest 2012, 16 iFish items were available for purchase. In OF 2015, there were 25 items. In OF 2016, there were 30 items, and in OF 2017, there were 33 items available. This year however, we're pleased to announce a grand total of 57 iFish items now available for puchase! To be more specific, 34 of these items are available for everyone, while 23 are available exclusively to Loyal Customers, as well as 28 completely new items! Here is a complete list of all the items that you can now purchase from the store. Everyone LC Exclusive All items are available at the store. - https://www.thesbcommunity.com/store/ Buy them, if you dare...
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    Happy Howl-oween, boys and ghouls. As you compete in these haunting games and scare your fellow members, this topic is a good chance for you to share your own creative, spooky talents with others. Our annual Scary Story contest is back for another round! Rules: 1.) The story does not have to be SpongeBob related, but it can be if you want. It doesn't matter to us. 2.) It must at least be 500 words, but can go over. 3.) It must at least have a Halloween/spooky/creepy theme. Just post your story here, and a panel of supernatural judges (myself, jjs the Grim Reaper, and Cha the Real Live Ghost Mop) will judge who has the best one. The winner will receive... -1,500 cursed doubloons -Haunted GCA style trophy to display in your signature/profile/wherever -A point for their team on the scoreboard (if you don't want to be on a team, you will represent Independent, so everyone can still participate) Now get writing, spooky storytellers!
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    The Way - Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller
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    "Smile Like You Mean It" - The Killers
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    "...Baby One More Time": A classic, no doubt. Can't deny the power of Britney Spears' most enduring hit. "That Don't Impress Me Much": My favourite of the Shania Twain songs this year. It was simply the most interesting of the three to me. "Mambo No. 5": A novelty song in the most tired, dated way. Yeah, when it's on at a party it's a fun time, but that doesn't mean I go out of my way to listen to it otherwise. "Steal My Sunshine": One of the very few songs on my guilty pleasures list that actually holds up. It's a fun summery song to me, and you can't steal that away. "Save Tonight": There really wasn't anyone like Eagle-Eye Cherry in the mainstream in '99. Following in a trend of rootsy 90s rock pioneered by Counting Crows, Blues Traveler and the like, they fill the slot well. Infectiously catchy tune. "Genie in a Bottle": I don't like Christina Aguilera. I don't think she's an interesting personality or performer. Least so in her 90s years where she hasn't really even developed her signature belting style. So this song doesn't really have anything going for it at all. "Fly Away": It's kind of corny, but I dig Lenny Kravitz anyway. "Amazed": Perfectly serviceable country ballad, nothing much more to me. "Believe": I still haven't forgiven you Clappy. THE DISRESPECT "Every Morning": So I guess I don't hate Sugar Ray as much as I let on. Damn you, Mark McGrath. Damn you and your feel-good sunshiny pop rock tunes. "Hard Knock Life": You gotta give Jay-Z credit for sampling Annie and not having it sound like total garbage. This song never did too much for me, but I can respect it at least. "Out of My Head": The Fastball song that no one remembers, and yet it was the one that was actually a Billboard hit. Go figure. I've always been a bigger fan of "The Way", but this is fine enough. "Iris": Make no mistake, I love this song and wish I had the room for it on my list. But it just couldn't get there. Seriously though, all-time classic. "I Want It That Way": Yeah, it's corny beyond belief. Most boy band songs are in retrospect. I still have a begrudging amount of respect for this one because of the genuinely nice harmonies on the final chorus and... well, it's hard not to like this song after it's been so ingrained in your psyche. "She's So High": Damn, call this one a new guilty pleasure if anything. I really do have a soft spot for late 90s pop rock, it seems. Blame the radio I listened to growing up. "Jumper": Again, so close, and I do find it weird that this song didn't make it while arguably worse songs like "How's It Going to Be" did in previous years. C'est la vie, and 1999 had a bit more stiff competition near the top. But still, mad respect to this song. Probably one of my go-tos when I'm feeling down. "Livin' La Vida Loca": Definitely a cheesy song in all the right ways. Obviously Ricky Martin's magnum opus here. "Man! I Feel Like a Woman": Overexposure killed this one for me a little, but I can't deny the groove it still has. "Lullaby": This song has soured on me something fierce. God damn, do I hate this man's voice. It is something reprehensible indeed. Should have been lower, honestly. I guess nostalgia kept that from happening. "Wild Wild West": Speaking of cheesy in all the right ways, here's Will Smith. Gotta love him. "Black Balloon": The least of the Goo Goo Dolls songs this year is still pretty damn good. Just doesn't really have any wow factor like the others do. "Take Me There": Lot of rap/R&B crossover hits this year, and it was hard to keep track of them all. This one stands out for having the always-talented Blackstreet behind the mic. "If You": Barely remember this one. "808": Man, even the TLC wannabes this year were good! "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here": You know, I used to like this song, but I feel like it's been on twelve separate year-end lists at this point. Can it please just go away now? "Ghetto Cowboy": Much prefer Bone Thugs on their own, but this is still okay, I guess. "Bills, Bills, Bills": Still can't sign off on this. It's Destiny's Child at their most petty and bothersome. "All Star": It's definitely a meme factory of a song, but that doesn't mean it's really that good on its own. This isn't even Smash Mouth's best. "It's Not Right But It's Okay": Still don't have any strong feelings about Whitney Houston. "What's It Gonna Be": One of those sad moments where Busta Rhymes cannot, in fact, save a song. "If You Had My Love": Boring. "Heartbreak Hotel": Still don't have any strong feelings about Whitney Houston. "Sometimes": Definitely a weaker song in Britney's catalog. Just a bit too airy for me. "I Will Remember You": I will stand up for Sarah McLachlan as a singer, but as an artist she more often than not makes boring songs like these. Sorry, dear. Sheryl Crow you are not. "When You Believe": Still don't... "Back at One": Another boring R&B ballad with a really corny lyric scheme. "My Love Is Your Love": Y'know, when you request four songs by the same artist, you can't expect my commentary to vary that much. Yeah, this one's a little better, but seriously, I don't care about Whitney Houston's music, particularly in this era. I'm sorry. "I Need to Know": I'm not a Marc Anthony fan, but this is... passable. "Hands": Jewel being Jewel. "Miami": If anything, this is the Will Smith song where things get a little too much for me. But Will's still charming enough to keep this in the top half. "Bailamos": Enrique Iglesias is definitely more interesting than Marc Anthony, I'll give him that. "From This Moment On": A passable Shania Twain ballad. "Angel": Not much more needs to be said than your commentary, I think. "Better Days": I have to admit, this song rides almost entirely on nostalgia vibes from Malcolm in the Middle, but it's still a pretty catchy and interesting song in its own right. OKAY! So after all that, an announcement. The once-a-month thing isn't working out for me with this project, so I'll be working a bit more slowly from here on in. But I do promise to, at minimum, have these lists out bi-monthly. So if these come out at a slower pace than what you're accustomed to, I apologize. But I really gotta focus on school this year, too. Most likely, my next list will be the year-end for 2018 in Clappy's inevitable year-end wrap-up thread. Seeya then!
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    Okay so I try to avoid commentating on positive reviews on this series considering that most of those reviews aren't really bad in particular. Why should I have to hate on positivity at all? No matter if I disagree with or not, they're not horrendous, therefore they escape my wrath. But in this case, there is one positive review of AngryKoopa's I feel deserves to be riffed. It's a very short one focused on an episode on Pingu but once you see the review, you'll see why this one is special.
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    This episode is very lacking in the genius subtle humor of Krusty Katering 0/10.
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