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    That's right, we have a brand new SBC user group! But wait, some of you might be asking...didn't we have a group called "Loyal Customers" back in 2013? Yes, we did. That was a group name to replace the Representative Board. It was originally meant to be a VIP group like Good Noodles, but it never panned out. However, it's finally panning out now. As a throwback, we're naming our new VIP group after them. Loyal Customers is SBC's exclusive VIP group, similar to our old Good Noodles group, but with a lot more advantages. You can buy access to this group for 15,000 doubloons. What do they get? Here's a list... Exclusive Loyal Customer group badge: Green colored username (if chosen as primary group). Access to an exclusive club and forum called "The Secret Box", where you can just chill, suggest ideas to SBC's staff (we can't guarantee all will be used/possible however), and get sneak peeks of future SBC projects/events. Increased signature image size: All other members' signature pictures cannot go beyond 700 x 200, but Loyal Customers' limit is 750 x 300. Only a small difference, but hey, it's something. Exclusive iFish items in the Costume Store. More will be added in the future, but right now they have access to 28 exclusive items for your fish! Access to exclusive skins. Much like the iFish items, more will be added in the future, but right now, LCs can see 6 skins, which are: "Tropical Sandy", "The Gary Community", "Attack on Bikini Bottom", "Sea Legs", "Midnight in Bikini Bottom" and "8-Bit Community" (this one is buyable through the skin store). Special SpongeCraft advantages. If you're a Loyal Customer, you get access to the following things in SpongeCraft: 1.) Skin uploads, which can be accessed via a generator in the directory. 2.) Use of TNT and Fire items. Do note abuse of these will result in loss of VIP privileges. 3.) Ability to spawn creatures such as Squidwards. 4.) Ability to add fancy effects to your character. Access to Takin' Out the Trash forum. Can upload up to 4.5MB in attachment size, as opposed to 2MB for everyone else. ...and more features to come in the future! The item can be found in the store, titled "Become a Loyal Customer" under the "Doubloon Store" category. If you have enough, feel free to buy it! If you don't, start saving up! We decided to offer this as an alternative for those not interested in Teams, and also to give you guys an incentive to work for something new in the store. Note: If you already in a group like Retired Employees, Band Geeks, or Drasticals, the item will put your primary group as Loyal Customers. Please let me know if you want it display LC as primary or secondary after buying. If you are already say, a Retired Employee and want to buy it, it can be a sub-group for you and all of the features will still work. Note 2: If you have any issues with buying the item, using the item, or anything with the group in general, please respond to this topic.
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    Alright, you guys have waited... 16 applications. That is a lot. This is our largest turn-out ever in doing these staff applications. The 9 judges have decided, and we could only pick one. There were a lot of great applications, there were. But ultimately, we came down to one user, which was... ... Give her a nice congratulations, and we welcome her with open arms to the staff! Please, no tears if you weren't picked. This was a hard choice for us (but if you have to cry that badly, I'll provide tissues). Better luck next time to the other applicants if and when we ever do this again.
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    What if Sandy Cheeks was killed in a car accident when she is just a younger squirrel?
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    It may be hard to believe, but today marks SBC's 7th birthday! As a special gift, any posts you make in The Industrial Park will count for your post count today! Specials thanks to all the members and staff who have helped keep it alive these 7 years, and here's to more amazing years to come!
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    The newest SBC version is here, which marks our upgrade to Invision Power Suite 4, is... V11 STARFISH! (or Starfish 11) Yup, it's finally here. What's New?: New Doubloons System: hilaryfan80 has hand coded a new doubloons system, and we've completely remade the store. All your store items and doubloons have stayed. You can see your store items in the "Store Items" tab on your profiles, and you can see your amounts in said area, along with in posts. Also, in good news, you no longer have to do ibEconomy's annoying process of going into My Portfolio to use your item. You can use the item as soon as you buy it, if it is usable! We are aware things like the Lottery and Bank are not there. We have decided to remove the bank, but the lottery will return, I promise. Regarding items, Name Change is now restricted to once to every other week use, and keep in mind using it will change your login name. New Badges System: We have a new way of displaying badges in posts, akin to an awards system. It shows your post, primary group, and any other special achievements. When you hover over them, it will tell you the badge description. All of the badges were redesigned by Patty, so give him a round of applause.Chatroom: You've all asked for it, and we now have our own chatroom! It is connected directly to our shoutbox, and posts will show up on both. We have not gotten rid of Xat, but this is an alternative for those who can't access it. This chatroom is much more mobile friendly. Just keep in mind all rules still apply in this chatroom.New Skins: We have two brand new skins: V11 Starfish and Midnight Sponge! V11 Starfish is actually what SpongeTown, the exclusive skin Loyal Customers had access to. To make up for this, Loyal Customers now have access to two old skins: Orca 8.4 and Jellyfish Fields.Upgraded Calendar: The Calendar has been upgraded, so now we can display birthdays and events like upcoming SpongeBob episodes for everyone to see. You can submit new episodes if you want, but do note they must be approved by staff.Redesigned Profiles: Your profile pages have also received a huge facelift.SPECIAL GIFT: As a gift from us, those who login to SBC this weekend, you will receive 100 doubloons and a V11 Polo Shirt for your iFish, made by Patty!I've only highlighted major things here, but you may notice other minor details I didn't cover. There's a lot of new things! However, some things also did not make the cut sadly. What's Gone? Arcade: As stated here, the Arcade has been removed. Thanks to those who played it in for its farewell tournaments.Treedome Daily: Treedome Daily has also been shutdown due to lack of interest. Sorry to those who liked it, but it had very little usage, so we saw no point in restoring something that would be unnoticed. Maybe one day it'll return in some form.Old Skins: All old skins except for Splash, Jellyfish Fields and Orca 8.4 have been removed. We took the votes in the poll topics seriously, and gave you guys what you wanted. Sorry to those who liked skins like Attack on Bikini Bottom, Midnight in Bikini Bottom, etc., but don't worry, they can still return one day. I hope you guys love this update. The staff and I worked hard on it for almost a month, planning every little detail and making sure it was perfect. The Loyal Customers have known about our plans for a while. We know not everyone will love it, but whatever. Can't please everyone. HOWEVER.... That is not all just yet! Here are some things to look forward to in the coming weekend... SpongeCraft Update (Added)New Employee of the Month Widget: The EOTM widget will come back, so don't panic. We're working on it. (Added)Usergroup Legend (Added)Wiki Updates (Added)Member Icons (Added)Bug Fixes: We know there are some minor bugs such as smilies and bbcodes (like profile music) not working, the undefined bug in the chatroom, and we will fix these. If you find anymore, either report them in the topic or PM a staff member. (Added, most have been fixed - if you find any others, please report them)We will announce these updates when they come, but for now, enjoy what we have given you. We really hope you like this update.
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    sbl's voting grounds Best Debater: @Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick @Clappy @terminoob @Bada Bing Nuggets @jjsthekid Funniest Member: @Halibut @Big Meaty Claws @ooooooofy @Wumbo @Bl4zeTMG Most Unique Username: @HelloMisterSpringtime @Metal Snake @Sauce Mama @Elmyra Duff @Spongetron Robotpants Most Serious Member: @terminoob @Bada Bing Nuggets @CDCB @illiniguy34 @Elastic Dawg Spongiest Member: @Cha @Sauce Mama @Dr. WhoBob @crushingmayhem @Mermaid Magic Most Competitive Member (for events such as Jeopardy, SpongeCraft, WOF, etc.): @Trophy @Hayden @JCM @Fred Rechid @Halibut Kindest Member: @Cha @Katniss @Teamwork @Dr. WhoBob @More Most Active Member: @Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick @E.V.I.L @Brady Corduroy @Aya♥ @Old Man Jenkins Maturest Member: @terminoob @illiniguy34 @Brady Corduroy @jjsthekid @Wumbo Most Creative Member: @Jellatine @Mermaid Magic @teenj12 @Steel Sponge @Teamwork Most Missed Member: @Jellatine Ex (can't find @) @Elastic Dawg @Webby Todd (I think that's his or her's @) @Doctor Sex @Someone Thanks to people who've voted for me also!
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    So, Treedome Daily. No logo, just words. Because they mean a lot. Treedome Daily is SBC's premiere news front. A place to not only get the latest news for the show and the upcoming movie about the yellow sponge, but also to get editorials and opinion pieces! But, the difference from Treedome Daily and other news sites is that this content isn't just coming from a predetermined News Team. It's coming from you. The genius in Treedome Daily is that it's literally by SpongeBob fans, for SpongeBob fans. You (the poster) can submit your own professionally written articles, and have them featured on Treedome Daily's front page. If you've ever had an opinion about the show, or if you've ever had breaking news about SpongeBob first, and you've wanted to share it, then you finally can. We've got standards, but you can live up to them, we know it. Just hit submit, and you're there. http://www.thesbcommunity.com/news/ Go. Write. and yes this is what the penis thing was about
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    Yeah, I can artsy fartsy too. Just not in a drawing sort of way.
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    This is awful. My heart goes out to the loved ones of the victims. 2018 is only two months old and we've already had numerous shootings. Something has to be done. Look at how lax the gun laws are in Florida: There is no way the shooter should've been able to get a semi-automatic assault rifle with multiple magazines. No civilian needs that type of weapon. The laws have to change. Conservatives, it's not about taking away your guns. It's about keeping people safe.
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    Maybe an episode where SpongeBob and Patrick adopt a baby scallop
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    Well hopefully this will hold you guys over while I go on my hiatus starting tomorrow. Can't wait to come back and write some more of this because I highly enjoyed writing the first chapter so much more than I have been enjoying my writing in quite some time. Chapter 1: Blast from the Past It’s the year 2015. SBC is surging in activity after spending 2014 trying to recover from SpongeBob Universe not going exactly as planned. But the site persevered many hardships from staff changes to new rules. Eventually all this change paid off in the long haul. Why? Because of the new SpongeBob SquarePants movie coming to theaters in February 2015. All of the trailers for the film have been hyping up SpongeBob fans all across the internet. SBC and SBM are gaining in prosperity because of it as many new members joined both sites and made both forums obtain loads of activity. But this story isn’t about SBM, it’s about a fateful event one day on SBC that changed the course of the site forever. January 1, 2015: SBC Shoutbox Jjs: Happy New Year SBC! Nuggets: From your SBC staff to all of you, hopefully this will be the best year SBC’s ever had. And with the release of the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie next month, we will be booming even more in activity than we are now. Simon Anderson: Oh look. The shoutbox is finally getting the activity it deserves. I demand even more shoutbox events. Dylan: That’s right bitches and you can thank me for it.~ Milkmaidman: Thank you short man. Jelly: To celebrate, you guys should check out my latest Beatles BABZ video I filmed for the occasion. :3 Prez: Look. Even I came onto SBC today for this. I should be active more here. Acidic: Hey guys! Paul Tibbitt is tweeting about our SBC new year event! *everyone looks and doesn’t see such a thing* HAHAHAHAHAH! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GUYS FELL FOR THAT! xD Trophy: Acidic, you must BOW TO THE FIST! SOF: Fuk you Acibic! Spanky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DgFWOvgL90 Elastic: Fuck thatguywiththeglasses…except for Cinema Snob <3 Termi: Even more proof SBC is a Nostalgia Critic circlejerk site. Halibut: You have to admit though, this shoutbox party could be more active if it wasn’t for the ask threads. As the shoutbox remains active much to the joy of Simon Anderson, the ask threads were still booming with activity like always. Despite SBC picking up in activity, the ask threads, even without posts counting there for the past year, they still gain a ton of attention: Aya: I’m bored. Ask me something Old Man. OMJ: What’d you think of my newest SBC lit Spongenatural? It's a parody of Supernatural starring Sauce and I as Sam(antha) and Dean? Aya: Not the Dean I know. Also, needs more Aya. OMJ: You always think everything needs more Aya. Aya: It’s what’s best for business. JCM: Daily bump Sauce: Hai Jenks! OMJ: Is it time already to point out the truth about dem lashes? Sauce: Cha: Time for your daily Frogman Claps? Clappy: *films self answering questions live in Keek format* I love it Chather. Aya: CHALLO! Cha: AYASTON! Kevin: AYA! JCM: Hourly bump. Sex: OMJ, for the millionth time, you should fix your mic because I miss playing Dead Rising with you if it wasn’t obvious enough. Sauce: Can I play? OMJ: Not SBC Rising. Wipe that glue out of your eyes. Sauce: RRRRAAAHHHH! OMJ: Watch this old NOVA video once you’re done getting that glue out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMz05ne3nm8 Sauce: NOVA in a bird costume talking about Flappy Bird. Clappy: Which btw Sauce, I’ve beaten your record again. Sauce: WHY YOU!! *posts giant * Crushing: I think we should stop posting in the games section and spread our activity around to other parts of the forum. It’s for the best. But I think that games section posts should still count because we aren’t SBM. Clappy: Yet you still post in the games section a ton anyway crushing. E.V.I.L.: Oh my glob you silly willies. Let’s just be glad that we are all here together and away from those mean dastards. <3 Oh and of course for the invention of Nutella lel. JCM: Meh bump. *As we return back to the Shoutbox* Metal Snake: Even Random SBC User can’t make up the ask threads in a nutshell. Patty: I miss people using the XAT. SBC use to be great. As Patty kept rambling about his future ideas for how many more forums he’ll make, a sudden presence was felt. One that hasn’t been felt in nearly three years as everyone was in shock and awe at who was on the User Online List. Everyone started to gather from the ask threads to the shoutbox. Robertryan Cory: Greetings SBC! Teenj: #ROBERTRYANCORY! Steel: I haven’t seen him on here since his last visit three years ago. Robertryan Cory: I’m glad that my last visit was a learning experience for the site. To see SBC grow up from being a small group together on forumotion…. Elastic: Forumotion </3 Robertryan Cory: …to the mature site it is today, brings joy to the SpongeBob staff. Which is why on behalf of myself, Paul, Stephen, and everyone else, we’d like to offer you 30 tickets to a special early premiere of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 2 at my home. Ssj: You would think that DadMom would have told SBM that Robertryan was one of the animators for the film as well. Nuggets: We’ll nitpick that later. Of course we will take up this offer. Now we’ll just need to figure a fair way to figure out who gets to go or not. hilaryfan80: I have an idea! And for the first time in awhile, hilaryfan80 offered one of his vintage reward threads where the users had to like his post by an exact time frame so he can have a random drawing at the XAT to figure out who gets to go to the SpongeBob SquarePants 2 premiere. As hilaryfan80 drew the names, the following people were rewarded this once and a lifetime opportunity: Clappy Kevin Webby Trophy Metal Snake SOF Teenj Halibut Aquatic Nuggets Jjsthekid Steel Cha Jelly Aya E.V.I.L. Sauce Wumbo Spanky JCM Dylan Prez Starflier OMJ Elastic Dr. Sex CNF CDCB Terminoob Ssj Crushing Ex: Oh of course the Fantastic Five and friends get to go. How come I don’t? Why not me? Ssj: Because you touch yourself at night. Ex: Fine, but if this ends up turning into a mass murdering spree like all these other faux SBC gatherings, I’ll be glad I stopped going to the actual site a long time ago and just stayed on the XAT. PatBack: Who the fuck is Starflier and why the fuck does he get to go? Fuck this site. I wish I was still unbanned at SBM. Wumbo: Thank you PatBack for that spammy and somewhat unnecessary hissy fit. After all the spammy and somewhat unnecessary dialogue, the SBCers began to pack their bags and head out to Robertryan Cory’s house. As everyone marvels at the prospect for meeting each other in real life for the first time outside of a few exceptions (Elastic and Sex, Sauce and Cha), little did they know about how right Ex was. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jjs: You call this the first chapter? I call it just getting to know everyone. And why were there people who weren’t going to be in the final ATTWL in the final ATTWL anyway? The self-awareness in this lit is going to be obnoxious. I can just tell you that right now. Metal Snake: Where was the action? Where was the suspense? That was just useless exposition. If the rest of the series is going to be like this chapter, then it’s going to be a long wait for the next one. CNF: And here I thought the first chapter of the third ATTWL was boring. I should seriously reconsider not reading the other two ATTWLs at this rate if it's just going to be more of the same. Trophy: THAT’S IT!? THAT’S GOING TO BE HOW CLAPPY LEAVES US IN SUSPENSE WHILE HE’S GONE FOR A MONTH?! LET ME GO GRAB MY CANNON! Steel: I bet I’m going to last even longer than I did the other three times because I’m the Duncan of the series. No but seriously: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4zyjLyBp64 JCM: Even fake JCM had to bump the dialogue from going off track. Not a good sign. Wumbo: Fuck you Chapter 1. Fuck you…so hard. Clappy: I liked this series better when it was called Whodunit. This just goes to show that the writer clearly is out of ideas so he just revived this for the nostalgia. It’s only going to get worse from here. [Redundancy Department: Redundancy of Redundancy Department would like to have a word with you Clappy in that house which is a house on the street on this block, in this town.]
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    If you haven't noticed, we have a "new" staff group: Fry Cooks! If you aren't aware, Fry Cooks (aka GFX Designers) were once our graphics team. It was discontinued at the end of 2012 when hilaryfan80 became the only active one ( ), but since we have several artistic and graphical members now, it's back! These users will help serve nice graphics fresh off the grill to the site on their own time. They aren't actual moderators nor do they have their powers, so it's a stress-free job for them, but they can still participate in staff discussions. Our current team consists of @Cha♡, @Patty Sponge and @JCM! Yup, two former staff members have risen from the ashes to rejoin us, along with Cha who has made several great graphics and artwork herself in the past. I look forward to what they bring for future SBC graphics, whether skins or store items or badges or anything else!
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    Notice: Everything in this literature is a fun parody, and anything written below does not reflect the author's views on said users portrayed in the story. Also, read every user voice in a dramatic voice, makes this very lulzy. Part 2: Beep Beep I Have HIV As The DS Guy prepares his next scholarly response (it takes time, give him a break guys, he's under a lot of pressure), more sexual tension continues to go on, as we enter...page 2. YellowShadow: If you can't respect an opinion then that's pathetic Especially an opinion that isn't actually even yours, for shame! LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Homophobia isn't an opinion, it's just bigotry. E.V.I.L: Nowhere in this video does he claim gay marriage is wrong so I don't really see your point tbh. (implying there was a point to begin with) If anything he seems glad that gay marriage rights exist and claims "it took way too long for them to happen" And the yt video he's talking about is very different from the casual inclusion of a gay couple in the Loud House. At least find a video that claims your main claim. . . I agree with Hunter's views but yours are not the same. YellowShadow: That's not about gay marriage. It's just my opinion on gays as a whole. (replying to LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE) ho·mo·pho·bi·aˌhōməˈfōbēə/Submitnoundislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.Never did I display dislike or prejudice against gays It's a wonderful thing people still know how to use dictionaries! It warms me heart to see our reading abilities haven't completely died. BooBooKeys: I don't know why I would have a "mature discussion" with you if you're automatically wrong. If you're gay you shouldn't have to "keep it away from the children". (seriously though someone should think of the children) It seems like you think that gay people are brainwashing children (I FUCKING KNEW IT DAMN COMMUNISTS), which if you are then you need help. And that friends, is where half of this chapter's title comes from. But where does the other half come from? Hmm...keep reading to find out... Jibbix: "I can't back up my opinions by myself so here's a video from a straight white male mansplaining homosexuality and why I want it out of my face." (fucking white males, amirite?) AND this is the same dude who said "Dear White People" was a racist show? Get outta here. (*mic drop*) YellowShadow: Confirmed sjw Nuggets is an illuminati member confirmed!!1111 Oh and an SJW, those damn SJW whippersnappers ruining everything as usual! Team Azula (with an avatar I can't resize sorry gang): Why can't they get married? They are humans too. I'm a Christian and I support LGBT rights. "Wake me up when I care" is a surprisingly accurate quote to how I feel about this topic right now. Jibbix: (replying to YellowShadow's expert smarty dictionary post) like I said if you don't want someone to get married based on their life choice, that's dislike. Sorry. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) There's nothing wrong with supporting social justice. Only bigots think otherwise. Now, a certain SBC mod is about to enter the ring. Ohio Blackie (aka Freddy boi): I can see this topic going anywhere but up. I don't see the fuckin' problem with gay marriage. I don't see why it would go against your "Christian beliefs", whatever those are. Did you also know that disapproving of gay marriage also counts as homophobia? If gays want to be happy, let them be happy. Saying you're not homophobic yet disagreeing with gay marriage at the same time is just very hypocritical. Yes, you can say "It's my opinion. Deal with it." all you want, but it's still a very bigoted and homophobic opinion. Nothing else. Jibbix: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) Confirmed moron. God this place is trash. (SBM IS TRASH) Puppycat: (replying to The DS Guy's og post, who still exists) Doing drugs or getting drunk can actually cause harm in a person's life. Being gay cannot. What is there not to approve of? E.V.I.L: (replying to YellowShadow) You're free to have your opinion, but make sure it's yours please. You spent the entire time saying you are against gay marriage, so you can't say Hunter's views on it as a whole are yours if he's for gay marriage. BrickSponge2015: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) Ewwwwwwww.I love how people just resort to buzzwords when they can't continue their argument (Buzz words? Funny story, I keep hearing an obnoxious buzz sound when the term "SJW" is said, maybe I should get that checked out)...though I'm absolutely awful at debates so I should probably stay out of this Wise choice. If only some other knuckleheads had followed that same mantra. Greek Chorus: hold on this conversation is so juicy i gotta draw up my own reaction image I wish I could also draw up a reaction image to this topic, but alas, the narrator is ass at art. Moving on, and hey where is The DS Guy? ...Other than liking YellowShadow's posts. Nobody nose, but his scholarly reply is still coming... E.V.I.L: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) Terms like sjw, nazi, liberal, racist, whatever are thrown around like candy tbh. What does being an SJW even mean at this point? *applauds* You tell em Omair my boy. Now, get ready folks. A certain Canadian user is about to enter this debate. Yup, it's none other than... SOF: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) dude, not funny... (nods) Big boy SOF ain't having this shit, folks. Don't fuck with my boy. SOF isn't the only Canadian getting in on this action though, but we'll save that for later. Now, at long last, our star The DS Guy makes his triumphant return, after doing who the hell knows what other than liking most of YellowShadow's posts! The DS Guy: (replying to Puppycat) Yes, it can. You can gets HIV. (Hear that folks? You CAN GETS HIV. I can gets much amusements out of broken engrish) (replying to YellowShadow's "not tryin' to bomb a bunch of gays or somethin'" post from Part 1) And yet that's what Islamic terrorists do. (oh boy) Just last year, a Muslim shot about 100 gay people at a nightclub. And yet Islam is the religion of peace. Wow, now we're bringing HIV (which I probably have) AND Islam into this, folks! It's amazing how many sharks this topic can jump. Let's see what other things get shamelessly thrown into this next. Maybe we could insert some product placement next, because this miniseries could use it! *grins awkwardly and winks* LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: HETEROSEXUAL SEX CAN ALSO GIVE YOU HIV. BY THAT LOGIC, SHOULDN'T YOU BE AGAINST ANY FUCKING SEXUAL ACTIVITY? hehe "fucking" Deceased Spongetron: ...So does having sex between a man and woman. What's your point? The DS Guy: (replying to CakeCup from Part 1) I did not attack any people and I was respectful with what I said. I did not break the rules, (he did NAWT) so you cannot ban me. If you do, I will fight it. The DS Guy is finally fighting back against the liberal propaganda machine. If anyone tries to ban him, he is going to raise his fists and fight back. Talk about true bravery in the face of stacked odds. What a true American hero. I enjoy the character development at this particular moment, I feel it made his biding time really pay off. Puppycat: (replying to you know which post) Yes, but you can get HIV from straight sex as well without the proper protection. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Yeah you didn't attack anyone aside from the millions of people in the LGBT community. that's all. but other than that you were 100% respectful. Meanwhile, somewhere on the SpongeBob Community Xat, a certain music reviewing Canadian hailing from the SBC village gets wind of the shitstorm going on. They laugh, they cry, and they login. They ponder if they should even reply to this at all. But they must. A hero is needed in the topic. They have to join and do what is right. For justice. Wumbo: why are we giving people a platform to spew hatred why is this in the "serious discussion" forum (are you serious enough to enter the Salty Spitoon?) why is explicitly stating bigoted, outrageous views like "gay people give you AIDS" acceptable discussion in this place this is why I don't come here Damn son, Wumbo just dropped some real talk. I don't think there's any other better way to end this part than Wumbo's debut in the story. Things aren't looking too good right now in this topic, and the staff is nowhere in sight! The DS Guy and YellowShadow are not giving up so easily, and once again, DS Guy will fight back if he gets banned. But don't worry, there is still a light in the distance that turns this thread from being complete shit to hilarious comedy gold. Starting in part 3 onward, let's say Mr. Wumbo, along with several others, begin to master the art of...shitposting. Stay tuned...
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    NOTE: If I didn’t include you on a team, please don’t be offended. I’m planning on having a ton of cameos throughout the season of users who were not picked. With that said, this pilot is going to be a two parter with part one coming right now and Part 2 probably coming next week when I have a day off from my work schedule since at the moment, I have to work six days straight starting tomorrow. Anyway, let’s get on with it. 1. Her Name is Rio (Pilot) Part I ???: SBC. A forum that has lasted over six years longer than anyone expected it to last. Originally made for a place for everyone to share spin-offs and escape tv.com’s treacherous rules and unjust punishments. Now we look at the spin-off section and….it’s juts SBC themed lits. The creativity seems to be running dry, but it’s time to shake things up again with….ANOTHER SBC THEMED LIT. Except we’re taking one of the oldest spin-offs from yesteryear and has been rebooted time and time again by our elder statesman Clappy and refreshing it to fit in with the times. So you guys like Global Cruises eh? Well how about we go around the world except this time, our forum goers are going on an extended SBC hiatus to travel instead. Yep, we’re parodying The Amazing Race, The Ridonculous Race, Total Drama World Tour, and more except this time, it’s not going to be a blatant rip-off. Yes our teams will be pairs of two. Yes they will compete in challenges. Yes there will be internal drama…..are you sure this isn’t a blatant rip-off guys lol? Self-awareness aside, I’m your host….in an extended cameo….JCM. And this is the new season of Spin-off Action...the reboot…of the reboot lol I have no clue. Time to bump this concept into high gear. Let’s meet our teams. Team #1: Dylan and Nuggets – The Skypers Nugs: What gives fam? That Skype joke is outdated af. Dylan: Bitch, it wouldn’t be outdated if you actually Skyped me back. ~ Nugs: Dylan, I swear to Yeezus you are the WOAT. Dylan: Nuggets: But as long as I’m on this team, we’ll be the GOAT team. Everyone else better watch us…or die. Team #2: Cha and Tyeam – The Mega Minds Cha: Katie and I are practically the same person. We both love Megamind. We love to draw. We share similar tastes when it comes to loving SpongeBob characters. Tyeam: Yeah. Gwen and I are one in the same and with that mindset, we can definitely win the race. Cha: So true. <3 Tyeam: Let’s win this one for Plankypoo. Cha: And The 4. Team #3: Trophy and Rev – The Red Hot Chili Steppers Trophy: Very funny Claps, but this isn’t that new ep of ATTWL 4. Rev: What’s that? Am I included in that show? Trophy: You might as well at this rate since that sixth episode is never coming. Rev: In the meantime, let’s Give It Away now and dream of Californication once we win this. Trophy: But my disappointment is not Under The Bridge just yet. Team #4: Clappy and Wumbo – The Music Critics Clappy: To be fair, I review ALL entertainment…..and that new episode is still coming Trophy. Wumbo: Thank you for that spammy, yet somewhat necessary intro. Since we’re shipped often for our critiquing, figured we better run this race together. Clappy: As long as Wumbo agrees that Crocodile Rock is not one of the worst songs of 1973. Wumbo: ………. Clappy: Friendship over. Team #5: Sauce and Katniss – Team Grande Sauce: Kat and I share a lot more interests than you would think. Kat: We both have eerily similar musical tastes. Sauce: We both have been the most active ask me threads during the four years of popularity. Kat: We both love similar shows and movies. Sauce: And we both idolize the same Queen. Kat: It’s like we are the same person. Team #6: Jjs and SOF – Team Mystery Shack Jjs: ..what’s that SOF? *SOF pcs Jjs his thoughts* Jjs: SOF always messages me asking questions and wanting to tell me his deepest darkest secrets. But when SOF speaks, he always has the lulziest replies. SOF: MUMBO WUMBO Jjs: SOF Wumbo isn’t on this team. SOF: soz Team #7: Aya and OMJ – Team Hell No Aya: Welcome to hell. I’m your tour guide Aya. And this the Jenk Man, David. OMJ: Sure we’re not as close as we once were, but together, we make one hell of a tag team. Aya: YES! OMJ: We’ve even got our own chant. Aya: Hell…No Rocks! OMJ: Clap with us now. OMJ and Aya: Hell…No Rocks! Team #8: Omair and Terminoob – The New Yorkers Omair: OMG TERMI YES! Termi: Well I guess I had to be included in this somehow. Omair: TERMI WE ARE GOING TO TOTALLY MAKE THESE GUYS EAT OUR DUST LEL Termi: I thought for sure you would say it would be Nutella Omair: No you silly llama. I sure hope we get to experience -43 degree temperature. That would be amazeballs. Team #9: 70s and Homestuck – Team Countdown 70s: Eww why such a bad team name? Homie: Because we have multiple countdowns. 70s: Homie: 70s: Team #10: CNF and CDCB – The Nostalgics CNF: You can say that our wide variety of cartoon knowledge can give us an edge up on knowing all the clichés that usually come with these sorts of shows and what to expect. CD: Although to be fair when it comes to situations we get stuck in, we just “use our noodle” and do “the noodle dance”. CNF: Eww that’s fucking gross. CD: Does it not otterrouse you? CNF: By the power of Sailor Jupiter please stop these bad jokes. CD: You’ll have to cum and stop me. *several disgusting bad jokes later* Team #11: hilaryfan80 and Face - The Twins hilaryfan80: Of course we are going to get paired up. We’re twins. Face: How much more obvious can it get. hilaryfan80: Good news is we know all the ins and outs of SBC through our mastery of IPB and being able to know everyone’s vital information. Face: And knowing is half the battle when it comes to these races because we can figure out what everyone’s weaknesses are. hilaryfan80: Be warned SBC. We’re in it to win it. Team #12: Steel and Metal Snake - The Bronies Steel: To be fair, I’m more than just a brony. And we aren’t the only bronies on the forums these days. There are a ton of bronies out there that I think our name is unjust. Metal Snake: No shame at all. Doesn’t matter what we are, we can still win this. Steel: Although I should consider myself more of a music critic and a countdowner too. Metal Snake: Lol dude. Chill. Don’t let classifications get yourself in a fret to justify who you are. Team #13: Halibut and Elastic - Team Ween Elastic: Better than indie hipster garbage. Halibut: Bro, indie hipster garbage is awesome. You should check out At the Drive In. Don’t let Cyanide affect your opinion of it. Elastic: I FUCKING LOVE AT THE DRIVE IN. YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT SUICIDE! Halibut: JOHNNY IS ONE OF MY TOP 100 SONGS OF ALL TIME! Elastic: HE’S CRUISING THE NIGHT LOOKING FOR LOVE! <3 Cyanide: Hey guys. I like Suicide too. Can I join your team? Team #14: Crushing and Hayden – Team Total Cartoon Crushing: I don’t understand the meaning of our team name. Hayden: Well Crushing, it’s only the GREATEST spin-off in history written by the BEST writer ever in 4EverGreen. It’s got gay marriage. It’s got cartoon pregnancy. It’s got cheap shots at Clappy. Crushing: 4EverGreen has lasted a long time on the forums, so that does mean he must have developed quite the following for his writings. Hayden: But you don’t understand. Do I need to list off my reasons for you to read it again? Crushing: I think it’s a good spin-off, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best spin-off. There are a lot of other writers out there that try their best. Hayden: Why couldn’t I be partnered with Katniss. Team #15: Prez and MMM: The Wander Bros Prez: I still haven’t watched Wander Over Yonder. MMM: It’s been TWO. WHOLE. YEARS. Prez: MMM: Prez: Eh Ice Bear is better anyway. MMM: Ice Bear is god. Prez: We could be here for awhile guys. Team #16: WhoBob and Sbnator – The Film Fanatics Sbnator: Bro. We’re so going to go around the world in 80 days. WhoBob: That looks amazing. I definitely want to check that out after this experience. Sbnator: Yeah we definitely have similar movie tastes. Favorite actor? WhoBob/Sbnator: LEONARDO DICAPRIO. WhoBob: Yeah the two of us are totally in sink to the point that we can work together very well. Team #17: Teenj and Asia – Brother/Sister Teenj: I think this competition will bring us closer together as family and racing against our fellow forum goers will probably make everyone see Asia in a new light. Asia: Where’s Hayden? Teenj: Asia, you need to think twice and act once in this race. Asia: Idc, where is he? He doesn’t like me. Team #18: Shin and Kevin – The Asian Connection Shin: What it do baby boo? It’s your boy Shin with his mini-me. Kevin: I’m just here because the ask me people are here. Shin: Well I’m here to get the succ. Kevin: Succ! Shin: And focus on those A-E-S-T-H-E-T-I-C Kevin: Aesthetics. JCM: Alright guys, welcome! You’ve met your fellow teams. Now it’s time to get this race going right here. Live from the capital of the United States where Donald Trump will be our next president lol. EVERYONE: JCM: Each leg of this race will consist of making sure you guys complete all of the assigned tasks accordingly until you reach a pit stop. Your goal is to not be the last team to get to this pit stop, otherwise, you will be dead faster than my ask thread. However, the team to come out on top will win the grand prize of ONE. BILLION. DOUBLOONS. Think of all the store items you won’t buy with them lol. EVERYONE: JCM: Ok maybe I should stop with the jokes. So here’s what you guys want to do. This right here: Is our dearest user, Box. You want to get to these Boxes to get travel hints and guides as to where you must go to get your next clue. Lol enough pre-rambling, are you guys ready? *everyone is alert* JCM: On your mark…..get set…..GO! *everyone runs in unison to Box and opens clue* Jjs: Make your way Clappy: To Ronald Reagan Sauce: Washington National WhoBob: Airport Cha: To book your flight Shin: To RIO BABY BOO! The teams then started to run to find means of transportation. But what little they were aware of is the clusterfuck that is Washington D.C. traffic.
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    For those who did not see the announcement on Discord last night, to start off the new year, @Patty Rose has now been promoted to a Manager, taking former admin teenj's missing spot! Because of her hard work the past few years as a site graphic designer and contributions in general, we figured it was time for a well-earned promotion. Also, in a pseudo staff update, @RarityOdd and @sbl will now be official event coordinators from now on starting this year. They will be helping staff out with planning events and games, and will be working with us a lot more closely from now on. Give them a congratulations as well!
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    For those of you who don't know already know, Nickelodeon overhauled their website earlier this year, taking down all their videos and games and redirecting them to Nick's apps. I, like I'm sure many of you have, spent hours and hours as a kid playing Nick.com's games, especially their SpongeBob games, and even though most of them were coded in Flash, a software that is pretty much the poster boy for outdated tech, I believe these games should be able to be enjoyed as long as we're feasibly able to play them. That's why, with help from web curator and fellow SpongeBob fan Wumbo (no, not the one you're thinking of), I've been able to save most of Nick.com's old SpongeBob games and restore them as well as I could to a dedicated section of SBC, which I'm about to announce now: The SpongeBob Flash Games Archive! 50+ games are now available and playable on SBC. While most, if not all, of these games, are available on other websites, most of those sites are sketchy and slap ads on the games without attributing their developers. My goal with this archive is to provide an easy-to-use source of SpongeBob flash games that gives credit to the people behind them and doesn't try to blow up your computer. Since it's a flash games archive, you do need a device that can run Flash in order to play the games, meaning iPads and other mobile devices probably won't do. You also may have to toggle some browser settings to get Flash to work for SBC, and if you need help with that, let me know. I've been working on this for a while, and I'm happy to finally reveal it as an Easter weekend treat to you all.
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    I am crying right now. My cousin just called me and informed me that...something terrible happened to her one year old daughter which was the cause of her strange behavior and fear of being alone. How can someone be so cruel and twisted? I can only pray that the person responsible is brought to justice and my cousin's family makes a full recovery.
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    There is so much to be said about the diamond in the rough of Season 5, the classic that on levels was ahead of it's time, the iconic episode that revealed the morning routine of one of television's brightest stars-- this episode, of course, is Rise and Shine. One may ask how is it possible to search for psychological undertones in an episode with a premise so mundane, something so unasked for and unwarranted? Our episode begins with SpongeBob asking Gary what he believes his four-pointed friend does in the morning time. With this, we're immediately treated to the crux of this episode; it is immediately made evident to us that our porous protagonist has a genuine curiosity in his soul on the lifestyle of his friend, and wishes nothing more than to understand the complexities of his habits. When Patrick draws SpongeBob's face on a pillow, this is no simple act of foolishness on his part-- no, something more complex is at play here. This scene delves into the psyche of the beloved starfish by showing that he values SpongeBob to the same degree that he values any other household item, and views him as an object, not as a friend. Further, Patricks consumption of Canned Coral proves to be a biting satire on consumerism. Patrick's lack of awareness of the food encased in the cans of coral that he has purchased is a biting criticism of consumer culture at its core, as it immediately directs the audience's attention to the haunting truth that Patrick purchased these coral cans not for the nourishment they may provide him, but for the brand value that the Canned Coral corporation possesses. His purchase of so many canned goods, his desire to own them regardless of function-- it speaks volumes about us as a culture. Are we not like Patrick, making purchases on a whim to satiate our own selfish, mundane desires? Can the common man not relate to the plight of the starfish? Despite this biting take, I believe the most truly daunting aspect of Rise and Shine is that Patrick considers to be this harrowing series of events to be a normal day in his life. He considers being unaware of how food is packaged, being physically incapable of brushing his own teeth, and interacting with a pillow as a mundane aspect of his life. Are we to believe that Patrick has become accustomed to this lifestyle? Are we to take away from this that the series' own deuteragonist willingly puts himself at risk for the sake of satiating a routine that has become his custom? What does this need for a routine, this need to satiate something that only he is in control of, say about our own culture?
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    **Disclaimer: Just for a warning, PLEASE don't get offended by these riffs or to take them too seriously. It's all just for fun and to entertain myself. If anything comes off harsh in these, I will remove them upon request, but keep in mind most of these riffs are exaggerated for comedy's sake.** So, I was bored tonight, and decided to do my own riff on a certain Spin-Off Ex and I were talking about. After the feedback he gave me, I decided to continue riffing said show....and it made me want to revive SBC Theater 4000! (feel free to check out if you get the time, it was hilarious) For those not familiar with SBC Theater, it was a show made by Elastic in 2011 that riffed other Spin-Offs, like Mystery Science Theater 3000 would. I'm going to be reviving that concept starting now! Just for the record, don't expect me to riff an entire series - I might only do a couple of episodes or a season, depending how long I can last stomach it. So who was the first victim I used? Just so you guys know, my riffs are in bold and surrounded by brackets. Right now, I only plan to riff the first season of Bikini Top, and I may do Season 2 in the future, but I want to give other shows a chance to be riffed first. Without further ado, here's the first two episodes I've riffed so far! (NOTE TO NEW READERS: My early riffs really suck, don't worry - they get better as they go along.) (ANOTHER NOTE: Also, a lot of these riffs won't be very kid friendly, but that should be expected with the Mature tag.) Bikini Top - Season 1 S1E1 (1) - Pilot: 1E2 (2) - Jex: More riffs coming soon. If you are interested in riffing an episode/show in the future, PM me. I'm now offering a 1,000db reward for any guest commentators, too. LEGEND February 11th, 2019: Since this has been requested a fair bit in the past, and it's been a year now since this ended, here below is finally a table of contents for where every JRT riffing project begins if it makes life easier for you. 1.) Bikini Top Season 1 (this post) 2.) Squidward's Childhood 3.) SOF's Exciting Critic Corner 4.) Sponge's Atlantis 5.) Patrick V.S. World 6.) Childhood Deleted With SpongeBob SquarePants 7.) The Runaway Sponge 8.) And Then There Were Less 3 9.) Prince Neptune 10.) The Adventures of DoodleBob 11.) Life of Larry the Krab 12.) Bikini Top Season 2 13.) Patty Daddy 14.) World of Gloves 15.) SBC Parallel Universe Season 1 16.) What Happens on Conch Street? 17.) SpongeBob: Diaries of a Serial Killer 18.) SBC Parallel Universe Season 2 19.) Bikini Bottom High 20.) Ruty's Rapping Rampage 21.) Eddsworld Meets SpongeBob 22.) Down Under 23.) SBC: Investigation & Prosecution 24.) Can You Please Past the Future 25.) SBC: The Soap Opera 26.) SpongeBoy! Get a Clue 27.) The Misunderstood Life of DoodleBob 28.) The Killer Krab 29.) Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Avenger 30.) The Dark Side of the Herd 31.) Undersea Mysteries Incorporated 32.) One-Shots
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    I think someone has the big head. This is an obvious scheme to get the secret formula. Plankypoo, there is not a copy of the secret formula here.
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    As per ex-overlord Clap's request. Better late than never. Hopefully it's up to his standards. Tried me best to make do with what i got. Don't know why he gets me to do these Was going to write the second part but this one alone drained my creativity for today. Bai. Episode 1a: Downtown Bikini Bottom As Fruits It was one of those days at Boating School 118. Hayden and his class were rehearsing for the school's presentation of the play "Rent (only from the point of view of the food inside their refrigerator)" directed by Katniss L. Tacos, and Hayden was having another one of his fantasies about getting every dinosaur in Hawaii to follow him. Katniss gets sassy and warns everyone (especially Hayden) to be ready for showtime tonight, or else he'll get to meat "Big Bessie", which is what she calls her vagina. Later, Hayden and his best friend, Teenjerald, travel to the school by bus dressed as a banana and strawberry respectively in what seems to be roles casted for Kat's own fantasies. They're both embarrassed by their typecasting and Teenjerald moans about not wanting to be made a fool of in front of the xat, thinking maybe they should buy mod for a day and abuse the powers in order to get back at Kat. Hayden is unsure because it sounds fuckin stupid, but Teenjerald assures him that his friend, Fuzzy Jjs, can make sure they get away with it scot-free. But they end up settling on just no-showing the play instead, deciding to just go wherever the bus takes them. Back at B.S. 118, Kat is giving a demotivational speech to the cast and crew and realizes that her fruits are not there. This causes her to do some kicking and to warn the owner of the yellow sedan that they left their lights on. On the bus, Hayden and Teenjerald wait out all the way til the end of the line. They finally disembark, flabbergasted that the end of the line has taken them to the bus station of all places. Which is in Downtown Bikini Bottom. As fruits. They come across an ask thread and, hoping it belongs to one of their relatives, decides to bump it. Teenjerald: Hello, mommy? It's me, Teenjerald! Having wasted their only bump card, they're suddenly approached by Old Man Jenkins, screeching by in his jalopy. He tosses them a paper bag full of doubloons, telling them that they know what it's for. They search inside and unearth the receipt. Hayden comes to the conclusion that people downtown bikini bottom sure are friendly, so he follows Jenkins' twitter, hoping he'll follow back. They leave right before The Is Patrick and GreatWizard arrives, waiting for the drop from Jenks. The two then decide to splurge the doubloons on some name changes and the new summer looks such as the ranger scout uniform and the upside down mariachi hat before Hayden treats everyone to his twitter. Meanwhile Katpiss has been forced to stretch out the play, as well as her legs as she begins to go on one of her two-faced soliloquies about how she hates Haydingus, but yet, she loves him! Katniss: Hayden, my love. My sultry prepube. ???: Hiii Katnass! All is going well for Hayden and Teenjerald until they see OMJ arguing with The Is Patrick and GreatWizard inside one of the nearby threads. The Is Patrick: What do you mean you gave em to the wrong beggar?! What'd this other loser look like?! OMJ: Well, he looked pretty desperate, pale, egomaniacal, the kind of dude who would follow for follow anyone on twitter. Kinda like that guy https://mobile.twitter.com/BrentheMagician With their cover blown, Hayden and Teenjerald make like a pair and split with OMJ, The Is Patrick and GreatWizard on their tails. They eventually lose them by entering The Murder Hut of resident Canadi-indian psychotic, SOFoni Jones. SOFoni Jones: Who u?! I seeeee...you Elastic! And you aaaare...Elastic! After that display of ineptitude, SOFoni proceeds to be even less help by giving them an herbal canadi-indian cure for their grandmas's broken leg. Hayden and Teenjerald both decide to just fuck this asshat and return to Katniss' play, but not before SOFoni Jones gives Hayden one final prediction. SOFoni: Kali doesn't "like you-like you", she just likes you. But Hayden should've foreseen that. Hayden and Teenjerald recover their fruit costumes from the industrial park and take a petty cab owned and operated by Newleaffan back to school. While on the trip back, Hayden decides to help a family with car troubles by giving them a follow on twitter so they can follow him back later. They then drive by OMJ, The Is Patrick and GreatWizard, who have all been cornered by the police for doubloon begging. OMJ: We're friends bound by money! We'll be going down together, pigs! OMJ: Goshdangit. The law guns OMJ down as Hayden and Teenjerald finally make it back to B.S. 118 where they single-handedly save the play, but not Katniss' pants, from falling apart by performing their musical duet number "We're Fruits Owned By Fruits". The crowd eats those fruits up, literally. Katniss is seen watching from backstage. She laments how she wants to strangle, then hug, then strangle, then strangle Hayden with a hug until the the curtain calls her over the head and knocks her crazy ass out like Adam West when it's time to go night night. Hayden returns home later that night to find out that Grandma Chaz broke her leg while trying to get her dungeon up on the roof.
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    Since I've already teased it multiple times, I figured it was time to publicly announce Octerror Fest 2015. The Loyal Customers already have seen this, so this will be a deja vu to them. Octerror Fest 2015 will be our fifth annual Octerror Fest, a Halloween forum event we have each year (for new users not aware, forum events are things we have like Camp SBC, March Madness, Spin-Off Festival, etc.). It will start October 16th and end October 31st. Here's a run-down of what to expect during it... 1.) SpongeBob Jeopardy!: There will not be one, not two, but three Halloween Jeopardy games every Saturday during the event, forming a 3-parter story! 2.) SpongeCraft Teams Tournament: Similar to our Roblox tournament at Octerror Fest 2012, there will be a mini-teams tournament during the event on SpongeCraft, every Saturday at 8:30 PM EST (October 17th, 24th and 31st). The Drasticals and Band Geeks will compete in Halloween themed games, be sure to play to defend your team! If you are interested in signing up for teams, see here. Even if you don't want to play in the games, SpongeCraftia will receive a spooky makeover! 3.) SBC Music Ghoul Party Fridays: Every Friday night, we'll be having a music party at 8:00 PM EST (October 16th, 23rd and 30th). We'd like people to play spooky/creepy/Halloween themed music, and whoever has the most liked song by the end of the hour will receive prizes! 4.) iFish: We'll be bringing back lots of old items from Octerror Fest 2012 for your iFish, and just like with Camp SBC, we will even have an iFish related contest for you to play in, so I'd suggest to start stocking up on doubloons. We will make some of the old items Loyal Customer exclusives however, but we will still add some new ones for everyone. 5.) Scary Story Contest: As we do every year, we'll be having another story contest. Whoever has the most creepy and scariest story that gives our judges a heart attack will be the winner. 6.) Skins: We will be making new Halloween themed skins for everyone. As for old skins, we will bring back some ones from previous years, but they will be Loyal Customer exclusive only. 7.) .....Hmm.....that's weird- Huh....never mind, just ignore that. But yeah, this will be an exciting Octerror Fest, and I hope this is our best yet! Obviously that isn't all of the events, so you'll just have to stay tuned for more surprises and mysteries this month! Feel free to join in...if you dare.
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    I hope you've all grab something from the Snack Bar, cause this year's first chill event is quite the popcorn movie! The VIPs (Loyal Customers) have already seen the teaser trailers, but now you, the audience, will now be unveiled the grand premiere of Flicks February! The theatrical release of Flicks February will begin on February 11th, and concludes February 26th! For this event, we'll be going film-craazy, with a cinema-sized makeover, in addition to a range of activities, all worth watching on the big screen! But most important of all, this is your moment. That's right, we are putting the spotlight on you, for this is your chance of stardom. There's no such thing as sour acts, so go and break a leg! Because this is a chill event, there will be no team events during this event. If you want to be a star, you can't always rely on others. Only for March Madness you can. And now our feature presentation... The activities! • Movie Nights: We can't do a movie-themed events without watching some movies, can we? ? Every Friday and Saturday, we'll be hosting late night movie screenings. We'll announce which movies during the event, just remember to bring your fake IDs. • SpongeBob Jeopardy!: The games on February 16th and 23rd will take place during this event. Better get knowing your film trivia! • SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: The games on February 15th and 22nd will take place during this event. • Dunces & Dragons: D&D returns for February 17th and 24th, taking place during this event. • SpongeCraft: Walk the sets of a movie starring you, as SpongeCraft tournaments will take place February 16th and 23nd, right after Jeopardy. • SBC Musical Parties: Star in a musical, with the songs of your choice! SBC Music will occur February 15th and 22nd, right after Wheel of Fortune, using sbl's dubtrack room. • iFish: Now you can truly feel like a star, by dressing up as one! Several new items, courtesy of the makeup artists, @Kotarou?, @LocalAquatic and @Patty Rose! Make sure to smile for the cameras, and feel free to show-off at the iFish contest. • Skins: Replicate the immersion of the cinema, with three brand new skins, also courtesy of our makeup artists, Cha, Local and moi. Please do clean up your popcorn afterwards though. • Minigames: Being famous is cool and all, but you still need doubloons if you wanna continue being famous you know. Luckily, you can have a go at some of our fun movie minigames, and earn some prizes! Of course, there's still lots left to be announced, but we don't want to spoil the ending for you now, do we? (Spoiler Alert: jjs dies at the end) But enough chatting around, let's make some movies!
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    thought i should tell you all im a fifteen year old girl and i live in california
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    https://deadline.com/2019/06/spongebob-squarepants-cg-animated-prequel-series-kamp-koral-greenlighted-nickelodeon-1202626441/ This is the first of the spin-off series to be announced.
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    2. Forest Drifters OWM wakes up the next morning, feeling completely recharged. He looks out at Spring’s Landing from a window in sbl’s home. The sun shines bright on the village today, as the villagers appear joyful. He heads down to the village, seeing multiple members are out and about. He then meets up with sbl in the village square. “Had a good rest?” Sbl inquired to OWM. “I suppose you could say that, ignoring that I had another strange dreams. Someone in the Winter Kingdom was attacked by the Shadow Walkers, and then I saw another person with an ice sword. They seemed powerful, and could be important to the Shadow Walkers.” OWM explained. Sbl is surprised to hear this, but tries to hide it, as if he knows something further about OWM’s dream of Wintermelon. “Dreams sure are bizarre, huh? Don’t worry about it for now. First, you should stock up on food and new clothes. You gotta really get adjusted to Spring’s Landing’s lifestyle. Let’s head on over to SOF’s Shop, which has the best goods around. I’ll cover your pay, all on me.” Sbl offered to OWM, holding his bag of jewels to pay with. “Thank you.” OWM replied. The two go to SOF’s Shop. They approach the stand, as SOF happily turns around to greet both. “Heyo, sbl. Eh, I see someone’s new in the village?” SOF asked, referring to OWM. “I'm . OWM. Pleased to meet you, Mr. SOF.” OWM replied. “Aye, that be me, mate. What can I get for ye on this fine day?” SOF asked sbl and OWM. “Get this lad the freshest food you have in stock, some new clothes would do, and any other materials you can think of for ‘em.” Sbl said to SOF. “Gotcha!” SOF replied, rummaging around through his stock. SOF grabs the freshest fruits ripely picked from the fields, and holds out fancy medieval clothing to suit OWM. “Thank you for your kind patronage.” Sbl said, handing SOF the payment, and taking the products. “No no, thank you!” SOF replied, happily taking the payment. “Say, have you heard about those shadow creatures turning many to stone?” “Yeah, I encountered them and barely escaped.” OWM replied. “You’re a lucky one. I hear they’re quite a terrifying sight. Just last night, ol’ Wumbo was said to have disappeared completely from the Winter Kingdom…” SOF said, worried about him. “Indeed, those demons are quite the trouble. Not to worry, I am sure the captured ones will be in safe hands eventually. There is always a way.” Sbl reassured. “If you say so. Have a nice day!” SOF replied, waving to them as they walk off. “Thanks for getting me this stuff.” OWM replied, as sbl hands it all to him. “That’s what friends are for, lad!” Sbl replied. As the keep walking, suddenly, someone rudely bumps into OWM, pushing him out of their way. “Watch where you’re going, dork!” G4ry said. “I’m sorry, sir.” OWM replied, confused by G4ry’s rude behavior. “Hey… I haven’t seen you around here before, new guy. He’s with you, sbl?” G4ry asked. “Yes…” sbl replied cautiously. “Hmph. Just know this village is my turf, and your new friend there just crossed the wrong dog.” G4ry warned menacingly to OWM, glaring at him, as several villagers watching the event are scared by G4ry. G4ry then keeps walking onward, as the villagers relax upon his departure. “What was that about?” OWM wondered, as a few villagers approach him. “Oh man, that was G4ry you just went toe to toe with. He’s the one guy in this village that NOBODY messes with. And I believe you just messed with him.” Steel warned. “Surprised he let you walk away in one piece. I heard one day, someone looked at him funny, and the rest was history…” Halibut explained. “Aye, G4ry is a scary one…” Fa said nervously from his own stand. “He is a lone wolf rapscallion that causes trouble in the Spring Kingdom, but not much has been done about him. He is ultimately irrelevant however, do not pay him much mind at all.” Sbl reassured, as SOF approaches OWM after seeing the commotion. “You know, if you can survive the likes of the shadow demons and G4ry, you are already pretty well above fit for the school…” SOF said to OWM, impressed. “The school?” OWM asked curiously. “You can find it over yonder. That place has trained some of the most skilled treasure hunters and bravest warriors across SBC. It’s a great place for self defense, especially in these worrying dark times. I once went there, but ended up realizing I prefer my job a lot more. Maybe going there is your destiny?” SOF suggested, pointing to the Spring’s Landing School over yonder, through a path in the center of the village. “Hmm, I do not know if OWM would like their style very much, but he is free to do what he wants. He could meet a few fancy people there if he chooses so. Up to him, I am not his guardian.” Sbl replied. OWM looks at the Spring’s Landing School nearby, and is curious by it, wanting to know more. “I’ll go there and see how this place is. You told me to see what this kingdom had to offer and to make new friends. I’m not leaving any stones unturned.” OWM said. “Do as you will.” Sbl replied. OWM then later heads to the school in his new medieval clothes, where he sees several students and professional teams gathering outside. OWM sees several signs listing the school’s training for treasure hunting, archery, swordsmanship, and more. All are advertised as “essential assets” to surviving and finding your path in the four kingdoms. This gets OWM much more interested in signing up. Trophy is one of the staff members there, as he approaches OWM. “What is your purpose here?” Trophy asked. “I’m here to sign up, I guess.” OWM replied. “Sounds like you need to meet the headmaster then. Follow me, but not too closely.” Trophy replied, as OWM does so. Trophy escorts OWM into a small, office building, where Headmaster JCM is inside. JCM is doing a headstand on a desk. “Uh…hi.” OWM greeted awkwardly. “Oh, sorry. I’m JCM, the headmaster of the school. Are you a new recruit?” JCM asked, as he gets back into his seat. “I guess so, even though I’m not entirely sure how this works, but you know what they say, you learn something new every day.” OWM replied, making JCM laugh. “Hey, you made me chuckle. That happens very rarely nowadays. You’re in. If you can make me laugh, you have what it takes.” JCM replied, as he gets up to shake OWM’s hand. “…Okay, now what?” OWM asked. JCM doesn’t say a word, but gives a hand signal for OWM to follow. OWM follows JCM outside into the field, as they look around at the groups of students scattered about. JCM looks for the best team that suits OWM. JCM then finds the perfect one in his view, and nods. “They are Team Destiny. Go to them. Something tells me you’d fit in well.” JCM explained, pointing to the group. The team consists of: Mythix, Patty, and Slug. “So wait, I am confused. What are the classes I’ll be taking?” OWM asked, making JCM laugh again. “Classes? That’s not how this place works. You will teach yourselves here. Having a bunch of other people to teach you seems silly and unnecessary in these times.” JCM replied. “This is not what I expected so far…” OWM said. OWM heads over to Team Destiny, as Mythix, Patty and Slug see him. “It appears a new recruit approaches us.” Patty said curiously. “Hi, I’m OWM.” OWM greeted. “Do you have what it takes, “OWM”?” Slug asked skeptically to OWM. “I sure hope so, because I barely know much right now.” OWM replied. “Don’t worry, you learn what to do as you go with your team. It’s almost like magic. I was scared at first too, but you’ll get the hang of it. When you enter a team, you form a really special, magical bond with your team members.” Mythix replied. “Oh yeah, we should probably introduce ourselves out of common courtesy. I am Slug, the team leader, skilled in archery. That’s Patty, she’s really skilled with arts, but not just the paper kind. Lastly, that’s Mythix. That boy really believes in magic, and it sure has gotten him out of pickles before.” Slug explained, holding his bow and arrow. “That’s an understatement.” Mythix replied. “Well, I hope I’m not too much of a stick in the mud. What exactly does this team effort detail?” OWM asked. “Basically, each team works on their own to advance their skills by going on expeditions. Sometimes, we do team competitions to see who can retrieve rare treasures from a location. In fact, today’s task will be a team competition, which is always a fun treat.” Patty explained. “Each team that wins a task will get points, which increases our team rank. Right now we’re at the bronze rank.” Mythix explained. “Okay, I’m starting to really like the sounds of this now. I’ll do what I can to help you guys!” OWM said eagerly. “Attention teams, I have your task for today: There’s said to be a treasure chest hidden deep within the Apple Forest. Whichever team is first to find it will get to keep the treasure, and go up in rank points.” JCM announced to the teams. “Let’s do this, gang!” Slug said, as him, Patty and Mythix hold out their hands, and OWM joins in as well. All of the teams head off into Apple Forests. Team Destiny drifts through the forests, in search of the treasure. OWM tries to keep up with the three’s pace, not used tot their style just yet.t Meanwhile, another team from the school is seen behind, following Team Destiny’s footsteps. It is a trio consisting of Ben, Kaiju and Loopa, known as Team Raiders. “Team Destiny has a new member. How interesting…” Loopa pondered. “Ben, why are we following them? Did you go stupid and forget about that map we made of the forest!?” Kaiju asked, holding it. “They’re one of the best teams, duh. They’ll lead us right to the treasure, and then we take when they least expect it. We have the element of surprise.” Ben explained. “…Touche.” Kaiju replied, surprised. “I’m getting really sick of losing these competitions, so it’s about time we did something drastic!” Loopa replied, as the three sneakily follow Team Destiny’s trail. Team Destiny stops in its tracks, as OWM looks around at the apple trees. “I take it this is where Mr. SOF gets his apples from.” OWM said. “Indeed, this forest provides the Spring Kingdom with the freshest of apples. Patty explained. Slug then fires an arrow with his bow at a tree, leaving it right in the bark. “What was that for?” OWM asked. “A mark so we don’t get lost. Trust me, it’s been helpful many times in the past.” Slug explained. “Makes sense. You guys sure have your survival skills.” OWM replied, impressed. “We all contribute, even if our end result is not successful, and that’s what I love about this team.” Mythix said. OWM thinks about this, wondering how he can contribute to the team. He places his hand against a tree, when he suddenly has another vision. He sees the treasure chest hidden away behind an old well deep in the forests. OWM goes back to where he is, and gasps. “Guys, I might sound crazy, but I know where the treasure is. I have these weird visions that all turn out to be true, and this one showed the chest behind a well.” OWM said, surprising the rest of his teammates. “Are you a wizard?” Mythix asked. “That does sound crazy. Some guy we just met having weird visions, one of which showing the treasure. I cannot believe it…” Slug replied. “Now hold on Slug, he might be onto something. Analyzing this forest is similar to painting a canvas, you have to look for the details deep within. Something such as a well is something easy to miss without seeing the bigger picture.” Patty said, trying to analyze the forest with her artistic eye. Patty stands back a few feet, getting a clearer view of Apple Forest as a whole. “The well is cleverly masked within the forest, but I believe I know a path that may lead us to it.” Patty said, using Slug’s arrow marker and Patty’s own image of the forest to guide the way. “You have quite the eye.” OWM complimented to Patty, as the four go along a trail. As the other teams search the forests far and wide, Team Destiny searches around for the well. Team Raiders still follows them from a distance. “Are we sure they know where they’re going?” Loopa asked. “I hope so!” Ben replied, getting annoyed. Team Destiny makes their way out of the trail, and sees the well up ahead, surprising them. “His vision was true…” Slug said, surprised, and impressed with OWM’s mysterious power. They look around the well to see the treasure chest safely there. “I got it!” Mythix yelled, picking up the chest. “Not so fast, that treasure is ours!” Kaiju said, as Team Raiders jumps out, ambushing them. “Who are they?” OWM asked. “That’s Team Raiders, led by Ben. They are usually our rivals when it comes to these events, and big nuisances." Slug explained, readying his arrow. “Hand the chest over nicely, and there will not be a fight.” Ben said, holding out his own bow and arrow. Both sides look at each other intensely. Before a move can be made, Mythix holds out a bag of magic powder. “Alright, time for me to prove my worth!” Mythix said. He throws the bag, as it releases a rainbow colored smoke, distracting Team Raiders. “Quickly!” Slug yelled, as Team Destiny makes their way out of the forest with the treasure chest. “Curses, foiled again!” Loopa yelled, as the smoke clears. Loopa and Kaiju try to give chase, but Ben stops them. “Let them go. They deserve this win, but next time will be different…” Ben promised. “Wow Mythix, you did good back there. All of us truly did contribute as a team.” OWM said to him along the way. "You deserve the credit, since you led us to the treasure." Mythix said, as the team is proud of him. Team Destiny returns to the schoolyard, as JCM and staff are impressed by their talents. “Team Destiny wins today’s challenge, giving them fifty points! The rest of the teams will get a few points for effort and trying.” JCM explained. “We did it!” Patty said happily, as the four join hands again. “Looks like you’re going to fit in just fine, OWM.” Slug said to him happily. “I had fun, and now with a fourth member, the dynamic will be interesting.” Mythix replied. “Thank you all.” OWM said. The four shake hands with OWM, happy to accept him into their team. OWM is happy to be a part of the team as well, feeling like he truly is finding his place in this world. The day is over, as the four head to their homes. OWM is eager to do more adventures with Team Destiny. … Far off in the Summer Kingdom, Kev is seen walking along the shoreline. Suddenly, he gets jumped by the Shadow Walkers, making him panic. He is quickly turned to stone by them, and then dragged away off into the night.
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    i feel so fucking bad for jjs
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    Today marks 8th anniversary since I joined on SBC, and it’s amazing how I was glad to be part of SpongeBob Community, and I would stick it around to be here on the forums, meeting with new usersand best of all, having great time with my e-friends right here which I will like to thank everyone that means a lot to me. To celebrate it. I thought I would have a perfect time that I’ve been promising that I’m doing shoutout that I hadn’t done it in a long time, so here we go (don’t be sad if you aren’t included to it, I liked everyone equally) @Sebby : I feel like I should start off with old friend of mine from tv.come, because I vaguely remember him being my 1st ever friend that followed me on that day (Nov 6, 2006)which is cool to see him to join SBC in 2010 along with other old users that started from tv.com that we move away, and I do want to say how awesome he did good job helping SBC with his newscast that helped with getting new users get interested to join SB fandom. Seb, you were an awesome user who trolled Ghost via radio call which I still remember how hilarious it was, so thank you, and will see you if you ever visit the forums. @70s: Man, I remember you being an admin for SBC from 2009-2012 that time you did helped grow with the forum, and I always thought you were kind, friendly and great user to do things for SpongeBob forums. @Honey-chan♡: Cha! One of greatest artist and fun loving user I’ve been chatting with you on here or on Discord, as you helped me that makes feel better if I ever felt sad or not in the mood, you’re always there for me, and I have fun asking you in your ask me thread, and you care so much for me as we have in common on P&F stuff we had in past. So thanks for being good friend to me ? @Dr. WhoBruh: Duden, you were very awesome friend of mine, and I love how we have in common on almost everything we like from Gravity Falls to Star, you’re very funny, liked your movie/shows thoughts on you said. Hope you enjoy being Chris Evan fan @crushingmayhem :I remember you were used to be on tv.com (which I didn’t even know it was). You seems very friendly, and how you told me about your online history going to Avatar forum with OMJ was good time, and I felt bad for OMJ to get banned which is sad…But yeah, you’re cool mod, so keep it up! @Larry David : MY LEGS! But seriously, you’re one of cool and funniest user I know, you have good jokes, and good with doing music reviews (that’s a lot to do :P) I think you’re doing great job as mod for SBC. @Captain Spongetron : I think you truly are one of biggest MLP fan I know as I do enjoy catching it up that encouraged me to get in ther, and binge watch til I reach s7 is amazing time in summer I had. You’re fun to chat at cy, drawing pretty awesome MLP pony fan art which is nice. Way to go, Spongetron. (also I’m looking forward to see s8 as well). @big dragin123 ay ay ay : I would say you’re one of funniest user I know, you were pretty cool user, and how hilarious you are. It’s also to see you return to SBC from last year as you’ll be continuing coming to SBC once in a blue room. @Hayden: I do remember you as I was browsing during my tv.com days as I read one of your fanfic called “Total Toon Island”, it was only time I even remembered it reading, and how funny (and at least we riffed it, too). You are considered to be one of competitive users on SBC with Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and D&D. it was fun seeing you coming to xat a lot, and sharing some CN/Nick/DC news with us. Stay true to be yourself ? @Chuu♥: I honesty think you’re one of nicest users on both SBC & SBM. It was also cool to see an Ariana fan as much I do (along with Cha). Can’t say that much, but I wanted to get you more when we chat a lot someday @Old Man Jenkins: yo mang, I think you did an awesome job with writing WWE/Celebrity Deathmatch combo was best thing ever to come to Spin/Lit is one of my favorites in SBC. Keep it up! @Cream: I’d say ur one of nicest users I know, and one of Sonic fan. I really liked you drew these ifish items while helping SBC staff with yoyr graphic skills is amazing talent. You deserved to be part of SBC. @DarknessDG: DG, I think it’s cool to have in common with WWE stuff we chatted, and I’m pretty sure you did enjoy coming to play WOF and stuff like that. Can’t wait we’ll chat about on Royal Rumble this Sunday. @JCM: jesus Christ man, you did an excellent job with XTT and JCMovies as I liked reading it. I think you did cool job with doing it, so yeah good job. @Chip Skylark's Teeth : Trophy, i think your're one of funniest users from i can tell as you reacted to sports stuff was hilarious, but serously though you're stil great user. @TJ: i think you were one of kindest users, you were pretty funny, and I do think you have good with yoyr spin-off writing. not much to say here but yeah, a nice person @jjsthekid: jjs, I think you did an awesome job as an admin, I do enjoying reading a lot of your Spin-off/Lits a lot (MG, JRT, Squid etc). I seriously wanted to thank you for being helpful, kind, and cool friend as we both enjoyed chatting about Star, LT, TMNT a lot. You bring Jep that continue to be one of weekly SBC game as one of my faves, and I was glad to be able to helped you with Jep stuff which I had fun working with ya. You’ll be doing great as lead admin of SBC. @Steel Skeet: I’d say you’r very kind user as I do remember seeing coming to SBC, sharing our thoughts on P&F as we were, and I did enjoyed reading one of yoyr blogs. A great frien that is I can describe about you. @Clappy: Claps, I think you were one of friendly users on SBC. You have an amazing job with SBCinema which is one of my favorite SO/Lits to read, and I do look forward to see more of those. It’s always nice to see you talk about WWE, movies and tv shows (such as Gravity Falls, Regular Show etc). it’s good to know you’re still be part of SpongeBob Community. I think that’s about it to say. @Metal Snake: MS, you’re one of kindest users on SBC that we shared in teerms of favorite cartoons like Star, MLP and Gravity Falls, and I even liked reading your fanfics on SBC like SBC Honest Trailers. You helped me a lot with me as I always liked our friendship. So yeah, a very nice user to say. @Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick: You really did an excellent job for helping SBC a lot. I’m really appreciate how nice you are, and how much you cared about SBC with getting an improvements with these cool features, so thank you so much for this! @terminoob : Honestly, I think you were pretty an awesome user whene it comes you created SBC as I always remember how you wanted to save our friends from getting banned from tv.com, but SBC is our home to be part of our community to discuss SopongeBob, and how impacted with this site for past 9 years sibce the creaion, I think you were one of best users to bring eveyone here, and have fun with this forum, so i thank you for everything you have done, helped a lot for SBC. @President Squidward : You're one of nicest users, and one of kindest user on SBC. you did an amazing job as clip mod for SBC, really helpful user to me so thanks Prez @Midge Maisel : You're one of nicest users on SBC, and you're pretty chill to chat with you, it's great to see we have in common with Star vs. and it's such a great show to talk about @Wumbo : I always thought you're one of awesome Canadian dude when you joined SBC, at that time I didn't realize you're were actually Canadian (well during tv.com days), and here you are, being an awesome music critic is nice to know, sharing our fave moments from Canada, and our fave shows. I say you're very nice, eh? but yeah, great job, Wumbo For everyone else who didn’t made the list. I honestly didn’t want to leave you all forgotten, but I would give extrea thank you to everyone else as well that I love you guys equally. This is one of my favorite forum I go to like hanging out with you guys, chatting on XAT and playing SBC games for events like Octerror Fest. So yeah like I said, thank you once again for making me to continue coming to SBC every day in past 8 years, and I do look forward to see SBC celebrate 10th anniversary next year along with 20th anniversary of little suqure yellow dude. ~SOF
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    Got an interview with Nickelodeon next week. When should I mention i created a Spongebob fansite? Save it for the end, or just cut right to the chase and use it as my introduction?
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    An upcoming animated spin-off based on Tom and Jerry. Here's a teaser:
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    Ok.... A nine year old writing about sex.
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    posting my health update via Discord so yeah, i have to preadmission once again before i can go the surgery. this is gonna feel sad for me, but at least i can hope if the surgery goes well. once the surgery's over, i'll probably will not be on SBC for whole week due to surgery, so wish me good luck Thanks ~SOF
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    Here's some examples. I do commissions BTW. Can DM pricing info. :)
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    Hello, ladies and gents. It's me, good ol' Charlie Manson. I killed--er uh, I mean, took over for Master Shakezula, the original host for this show. So now I'm taking over as host! I have tallied up all of the results. Thanks to those who voted! At long last, here's who won! I.) Member Categories Best Debater: Our first category has to do with people who can throw down a mean argument and succeed in doing so. The Best Debater award! And the trophy goes to one fast food item I would definitely order at a McDonald's restaurant... Funniest Member: This next category is dedicated to those who know how to bring the lolz, intentionally or unintentionally. The Funniest Member award! And this trophy goes out to one of my fellow Green Team members... Most Serious Member: Oh shit, son. It's time to bring stuff down a notch and get serious, y'all. It's the Most Serious Member award and the person who it goes to will not ssssssssssssssurprise you... Most Unique Username: Now that the time to be serious is over, let's see who had the most fascinating username this time. The devil may cry when I announce the winner, who is... Spongiest Member: This next award is dedicated to those who are dedicated to the big yellow sponge. Not to be confused with the one dedicated to people who are good at cleaning stains. That's just gross, dawg. And the award it goes to is the member who has the name of it in her username, who is... Kindest Member: This here award is dedicated to those shiny happy people who make people's days. And this member just happened to cream the competition. The award goes to.... Most Competitive Member: Now here's a category that yours truly was nominated for: Most Competitive Member. All they do is win, win, win. And who is the champion, my friend? None other than.... Maturest Member: This category here is rated M for "Mature". No brats dare to touch this category. Hang up the Festivus pole, put your hands up, and make them touch for our winner (and no, it's not Lady Gaga because these are not the Grammys).... Most Contributive Member: Now this here award goes people who don't just contribute to this site. They contribute to this site A LOT. And this award goes to a man with three titles in his name... Most Creative Member: This category here is dedicated to people who are creative. They create magic. And this award goes out to Takasugi... Most Missed Member: This award here goes to those missed people. They're not dead, they just don't come around here no more. That reference was dedicated to Tom Petty, we all miss you. But he's not a member here, so here's who on here got the award. Oh shit. I can't read this. I can only see an F. Oh wait, "see an F". The winner is... Smartest Member: This category is dedicated to those smarty know-it-alls who make the other nerds out there look dumb. And like Contributive Member, only one member has this category wrapped up... Whoof, I need a water break. We'll be right back with the Spin-Off Categories in a few. Please enjoy a word from our sponsor, Coca-Cola. Welcome back to The Golden Community Awards XI, hosted by me, Charlie Manson! Time for us to go into the second section of awards dedicated to spin-off and literatures. Some say these categories are quite "lit". II.) Spin-Off & Literature Categories Best Creation: Do I look unsure to you? Gosh, I sure hope not when I reveal the winner, which is... Best Ended Creation: This category is for all those shows that ended, yet have still left an impact on all of us. And the show that won this is dedicated to one-time SpongeBob characters and where they went. Best Pilot: Every great show needs a great start. Which one is the best though? The Best Pilot goes to.... Best Episode: So which episode won Best Episode? Man, I wish we had a thinking emote. Anyways, the winner is.... Best Storyline: The nominees are... Future Shock, Mystic Guardians & Miss Appear. And the winner is... Best Comedy: The nominees are... Community Deathmatch, Skodwarde, SBCinema, Apartment 406 & Xat Time Travelers. And the winner is... Best Location: The nominees are... Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Apartment 406, Squid, Mystic Guardians & Team SpongeBob. And the winner is... Best Protagonist: The nominees are... Katherine Cross (Miss Appear), SpongeBob (Future Shock) & Joe (Apartment 406). And the winner is... Best Antagonist: The nominees are... S Team (Doody Era), DarkEvil LaserPants (Future Shock), Bulma Briefs (Total Cartoon Global Cruise) & Claudia Khan (Miss Appear). And the winner is... Best Minor Character: The nominees are... Valina (Mystic Guardians), Lucky Numbers (Apartment 406), Pintar (Team SpongeBob) & JCM (SBCinema). And the winner is... Most Creative: The nominees are... Poetry by hilaryfan80, Future Shock, Apartment 406, Mystic Guardians & Doody Era. And the winner is... Most Well Written: The nominees are... Spiriting Fluttershy's Dark Sky, Future Shock & Mystic Guardians. And the winner is... Now it's time to induct some people and things to the Hall of Fame! Ooh, fancy! III.) Hall of Fame Honorary Creator Award: And the winner is.. Honorary Show Award: And the winner is... Honorary Staff Member Award: And the winner is... And finally........ Honorary Member Award: And the winner is... That's all for today. Thank you to all those who voted, those who've been nominated, and those who've won awards this time! This is your host, Charlie Manson, signing off! Now stay tuned for Uncle Grandpa's Grampie Awards coming up on FOX.
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    Sorry guys. The Movie 43 review is still in the works, but sometimes a movie just comes along that is so irritatingly bad that plans change. Granted Movie 43 is far worse than what I’m reviewing today, but at least I walked into that knowing what to expect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAgnQdiZFsQ Fuck this movie fuck this movie fuck this movie so hard…instead of rambling about how much I hate this, let’s take a look at where it all went wrong. So back in 2012, The Avengers came out. It’s one of the biggest event movies of all time and while it’s easy to go on and on about how genius it was for Marvel’s strategic planning that lead to nearly 2 billion dollars in worldwide profit, other movie studios were put on notice. In no particular order: Warner Brothers, Sony, and 20th Century Fox. Warner Brothers is currently replicating the Marvel Cinema Universe strategy with their own DC Comic Universe. It remains to be seen how effective their strategy will be especially since they only have two movies in 2016 to build up to the Justice League in 2017, but Sony and 20th Century Fox were in a different situation. Both movie studios had Marvel Properties in their franchise libraries that Marvel wanted back so they can build up their universe even more. Sony owned the rights to the Spider-Man Universe and Ghost Rider Universe, while 20th Century Fox had the entire X-Men universe, Daredevil, and of course, the Fantastic Four. Sony and Fox had no problem giving back the rights to Daredevil and Ghost Rider since both properties flamed out badly, but the other three had proven to all be financially successful at one point in time that they pretty much gave Marvel the proverbial “fuck off” and kept making movies. Anyway, it was obvious that Sony and Fox had massive envy over the amounts of money Disney/Marvel were making with this cinematic universe that they decided to take advantage of what Marvel properties they owned and do their own universes. Let me be perfectly clear, this concept was doomed from the get go. Sony realized this immediately after the massive disappointment that was Amazing Spider-Man 2 which was trying to plan out three-four more Spider-Man movies, a Sinister Six spin-off, and according to the Sony studio leaks from back in December 2014, an Aunt May spin-off. Who the fuck would actually pay money to see Aunt May? Either way, Marvel did not like what Sony was doing to one of their flagship comic characters and Sony was so desperate for money that they came to an agreement to allow Spider-Man back into the MCU while still being a property of Sony. Smart move by Sony to be completely honest because every time Spider-Man appears in a future Avengers movie or another Marvel franchise, that’s easy profit. Even before the Sony leaks, Marvel Studios understood Spider-Man and X-Men since both film franchises kept making new movies every 2-3 years, but they didn’t understand why 20th Century Fox was so hesitant to give the rights back to the Fantastic Four. Fox announced that they were going to reboot the series back in 2009, but did absolutely nothing with it. So soon after the massive success of The Avengers, Marvel gave Fox a deadline to make a movie or else they will get the rights back. So Fox put the Fantastic Four reboot on the fast track, hiring director Josh Trank, who was just coming off massive critical and financial success with found footage superhero movie “Chronicle”, which for the record I love that movie. Fox also decided to go completely young with the cast instead of being in their 30s like they are supposed to be because Fox was apparently envious of the moody dramatic elements of The Amazing Spider-Man movies as well. And you know what in concept, I get it. They wanted to reboot the franchise entirely because let’s face it. The Fantastic Four have never had a good movie. I’ve never seen the 1994 version with Roger Corman, but I hear that never released version is so bad it’s good. I’ve already said enough about the 2005 version in my Best/Worst countdown thread and the 2007 sequel is only a slight improvement. So I get what they were going for with this new version and why they did it…but man…I can’t believe I didn’t see this build up to how bad it was going to be sooner. I knew about the production troubles while filming. All the internal clashes between director Josh Trank and 20th Century Fox. Marvel halting production on future Fantastic Four comics and pulling out of their toy deal. Miles Teller’s awful Esquire interview where he admitted to how big of a pretentious asshole he is didn’t help matters either (Spoiler alert fam. Most celebrities are assholes.) This was a massive disaster coming and the end game is the train wreck I should have expected the moment I read the atrocious reviews. So before I start, time for the usual SPOILER ALERT tag. Granted, this is my third Crap Cinema review where I reviewed a movie presently in theaters. So if you have plans to go see this and don’t want to be spoiled, avert your eyes now. I'm not tagging it. Although, why should you spend your hard earned money unless you are a true Fantastic Four fan boy through and through. Friends Reed Richards (Miles Teller) and Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) have worked together on a prototype teleporter since their childhood. Clappy: Ok stop. Five minutes in and the time hop problems aren’t the only thing glaring. First of all, the origin story of the friendship of Reed and Ben is not what it really is. They were close friends in high school yes, but they didn’t know each other in elementary school. Also yes Reed Richards was a child prodigy, but no way in hell did he start experimenting on teleporters at that age of 11. He’s not fucking Jimmy Neutron. Second, we see that Ben has a rough home life. Why are we shown this? Because his abusive older brother use to say it’s clobberin’ time. Haha, child abuse isn’t funny…dicks. Now at 18 years of age they are presenting their teleporter at an all ages science fair only for things to go awry. Clappy: So what the hell was the point of showing their childhood? Because Reed and Ben became friends? To show the origins of clobberin’ time? What the fuck was the point? Also this whole wacky science fair shenanigans bullshit came off as Meet the Robinsons-lite except without all the charming elements because who the fuck would actually be showing a TRANSPORTER TO OTHER DIMENSIONS at a school science fair? I mean hell, the kid right next to him had a model airplane thing. I get that Reed’s a show-off, but teleportation…that’s the kind of shit you show to the national government you idiots. Low and behold though, their transporter fails and causes an explosion….derp. So all these “crazy shenanigans” eventually attracts the attention of Professor Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey), director of the Baxter Foundation, a government-sponsored research institute for young prodigies who ironically enough has also been testing interdimensional travel. Clappy: So Professor Storm is patrolling science fairs for kids who can help him achieve this breakthrough? Wow, what a lazy asshole. Reed is recruited to join them and aid Storm's children, scientist Sue Storm (Kate Mara) and technician/street racer/crash test dummy Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan), into completing a "Quantum Gate" designed by Storm's wayward protégé, Victor von Doom (Toby Kebbell), who begrudgingly agrees to help due to his unrequited feelings for Sue and hates Reed for getting along so well with Sue. Clappy: Multiple things I’d like to point out here fan boys. First of all, Johnny Storm also gets begrudgingly added to the project due to totaling a racecar, but his father implies that Johnny is a master technician. If he’s such a master technician, why can’t he make an engine that doesn’t explode? Either way, the whole arrogant asshole thing. That works for Johnny Storm because that is Johnny Storm. At least they got that right. Oh and of course, since it was such a big deal during the casting decision, it’s actually Sue that is adopted. So you have no problem changing the race of Professor Storm and Johnny, but you decide to keep Sue white? I get that Michael Jordan is the “next big thing” when it comes to male leads, but why not just make Sue black too if you are going through this many racial changes to critical characters. Also if you’re going to make Sue the adopted one, perhaps you shouldn’t have the white kid be the do-everything-right academic superstar and the black kid be the disobedient, chip-on-his-shoulder lawbreaker because stereotypes. While I’m at this nitpicking, what the hell did they do to Victor von Doom? They turned his character into a fucking cyber punk hipster. Like he’s the epitome of an emo scene kid here and I fucking hate this character change. By the way, remember how noteworthy the whole Reed/Sue/Victor love triangle is from previous editions? Well this is pretty much the only time in the movie that you see any sort of love triangle tension. Kind of disappointing because Reed and Sue’s chemistry is actually rather important to the series and Reed and Sue in this version really don’t have any sparks whatsoever. They argue because they are polar opposites and Reed thinks Sue is hot. That’s pretty much it. But Sue did laugh at one of Reed’s jokes and gets Victor jealous. Thus that is the only valid reason Victor has for hating Reed at all. Reed’s character may be an asshole, but he always treated Victor with the sincerest of intentions. If I sit here and nitpick the actual origins story compared to this turd, then I’ll be here all night. The experiment is successful, and the facility's supervisor, Dr. Allen (Tim Blake Nelson…aren’t you already in like three different Marvel movies bro?), assembles a group of astronauts to venture into a parallel dimension known as "Planet Zero". Disappointed at being denied the chance to join the expedition, Reed, Johnny, and Victor recruit Ben to help them commandeer the Quantum Gate and embark on an unsanctioned voyage to Planet Zero. Clappy: So these guys are pissy that they don’t get to go space when Dr. Allen says they’ll contact NASA about getting trained astronauts to help them explore this brave new world—which is, of course, the entirely reasonable thing to do dumbasses. Oh and of course just like reasonable dumbasses, they go drink and act like fucking idiots….our heroes everybody. Reed of course is supposed to be a super genius with photographic memory and I’m supposed to believe, even in a buzzed state, that he knows next to nothing about the 1969 space mission? I know this nitpicking again, but come on guys. What am I nitpicking too much? Here’s nitpicking that’s actually vital to the story… WHY IS BEN ONLY NOW BEING ADDED TO THIS PORTION OF THE MOVIE? He should have been there the whole time. He was just as important to the “success” of the teleporter. Not just any teleporter. “THEIR” teleporter. I mean Reed only admitted that umpteen times throughout the beginning. I mean this would be the perfect time to actually strengthen his character relationships with Johnny, Sue, and Victor. It’s like the writers just told Ben to stay at home until he’s needed to get his powers. Our “heroes” learn Planet Zero is a world filled with otherworldly substances. Victor attempts to collect a sample of the substances, causing the entire structure they're in to collapse and the ground to erupt with green lava-like substance. Clappy: ……. This is Chronicle. Our director literally ripped off his own movie. In that same movie, three teens after a night of partying investigate an object they found in a hole and are given their superpowers. In this, drunken idiots go check out a planet and check out a structure that causes their powers to be given to them. Sound familiar now? Granted I know that the Fantastic Four got their powers from otherworldly substances, but come on. You didn’t have to rip yourself off in this fashion Trank. I’m warning you guys. Turn back now. Despite my constant rounds of nitpicking I’ve been doing so far, this is just your regular amounts of bad movie instances. I was able to tolerate everything I’ve listed off. What’s coming up though….you’ve all been warned. Reed, Johnny, and Ben return to their shuttle just as Sue brings them back to Earth. Victor is left behind after he falls into the collapsing landscape. The machine explodes, altering Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben on a molecular-genetic level, affording them super-human conditions and abilities beyond their control. Clappy: Besides even more Chronicle like happenstances, this is where the movie just blatantly pisses me off. For the rest of this movie, we are supposed to side with the ridiculously immature drunken kids who did this onto themselves and Sue, who was an innocent bystander to three fucking idiots (and another still stuck on Planet Zero…gee I wonder where we’ll see him transform into the villain?). Let me also point out that the whole scene showing off their powers is fucking awful. Reed’s elastic powers have always been fucking ridiculous, but here the CGI is so unbearably bad that it just doesn’t work even now more than ever. Sue keeps fading in and out of transparency. Johnny keeps spontaneously combusting that it looks like pure torture, and Ben keeps screaming for help from a pile of rubble until he realizes that he is the pile of rubble. And I wouldn’t blame him because what on god’s green earth did they do to The Thing: Even 2005 Thing didn’t look like CGI ass like this one does. And here’s what I especially hate about this whole sequence. The movie becomes from here on out self-serious, grim, dark, and boring. Like you’ll tell from the tone of this review here on out that I become increasingly bored of the Failtastic Four because they start to treat a movie that’s not supposed to be these levels of serious as such and it’s bad. Really bad. They are trying way too hard to be The Dark Knight mixed with David Cronenberg. Don’t believe me? Josh Trank even says that himself in one of his many interviews bashing his own movie. I understand him being pissed off about Fox meddling as heavily as they did with this, but dude. David Cronenberg? Fantastic Four? That concept sounds stupid from the get go. What makes Cronenberg movies work in their tone is because the whole movie is his directorial tone from beginning to end. You had a scene of frat boys getting drunk and rambling about Buzz Aldrin. You had a scene of illegal street racing. You can’t suddenly force a self-serious tone on to a superhero movie nearly half of the way into it. Anyway the Failtastic Four are then placed in government custody and confinement to be studied and have their conditions and abilities tested. Blaming himself for the accident after hearing Ben’s cries for help, Reed escapes the facility by…changing his face….and becoming a fugitive. The film then…jumps one year later, Reed is located in Central America by Sue and captured by Ben, who has become a military asset along with Johnny and Sue. Johnny and Sue have been outfitted with specialized suits, one of which Reed later receives, designed to keep up with their conditions and abilities and to help them stabilize, control, and contain their abilities. Clappy: Whoa whoa whoa wait a minute movie. You can’t be serious. So many questions here that don’t make any fucking sense what so ever. Fine movie, you want to play 20 questions. Game on. Reed now has the ability to change his face? Are you fucking kidding me? He’s not Mystique dammit. That’s an entirely different ability. You can’t make up abilities on the go for a character that has existed for nearly a hundred years. Second, with all of the self-pity you just had about hurting your friends this way, you leave Ben to get tortured and escape? What a super douchebag. Third and most importantly, what the hell was with that out of nowhere time jump? You left us with nearly a year’s worth of questions that go completely unanswered? Why is Reed in Central America? Finding a cure for his friends? What kind of cure would possibly be in Central America? How did the government track Reed? If so, why did they take a whole year to find him as easy as they found him in that instance? Why are the rest of the Failtastic Four military assets? Did they strike a bargain so they can serve less jail time (I had to throw in a Suicide Squad reference, just had to)? Why does The Thing have 43 confirmed kills in a single outing? Why did Fox decide to make The Thing a serial killer? Did they not remember that The Thing is supposed to be someone who knows he’s hideous on the outside and has internal conflicts about his appearance? Why is Sue upset that Johnny enjoys being a military asset? What is with Johnny’s recent obsession with not being a tool? When did this character change happen when he was a tool for the first half of the movie since that’s Johnny’s character trait? Why is Sue the most reasonable character out of all of them? Why isn’t she the leader since clearly Reed is a jackass? Seriously why isn’t she slapping any sort of sense into Reed because clearly someone has to. But you know despite all these questions….I just don’t care. This whole series of rants is as phoned in as the rest of this movie because it’s flat out boring. It felt like the first half of the movie was at least trying to be important. It may have been trying badly but at least it was trying to be a movie. This whole second half doesn’t make it feel like a movie at all. It feels like a series of extended trailer sequences that Fox is trying to piece together to lead us to infinite amounts of spin-offs and endless sequels and a possible X-Men crossover. The reason this worked for the Marvel Cinema Universe is because they were at least attempting to plan long term one piece at a time. This is falling under the same series of sequences The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did in one movie except at least The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was able to remain watchable. This is the first film in your extended sequence only to plot out umpteen films in the next five-ten years. At least establish the universe your trying to set up instead of thinking about how much money you’re going to make and having the rest do itself. It doesn’t work that way. Our film maker and 20th Century Fox just don’t care at this point anymore, so why should I and the rest of your viewing audience? But I at least care about my viewing audience here on this silly SpongeBob forum. So I’m going to finish what I started. After being told off by the rest of his “family”, Reed is brought to Area 57, where Dr. Allen conscripts him to open another portal to Planet Zero in exchange for giving Reed the necessary resources to find a cure. Clappy: You mean have the trained professionals do what they should have done in the first place? Go figure. Arriving in Planet Zero, Dr. Allen's explorers find Victor, who has been fused to his spacesuit and can now control the elements, as well as having telekinetic abilities to make people and objects explode, and bring him back to Earth. Clappy: So you’re telling me this whole time, not a single one of them thought, “Hey we should go back and save Victor.” I mean hell this is pure laziness on behalf of the writers. It’s like they forgot about Victor themselves, but then realized. “Hey we need a villain. Well Victor is still stuck on Planet Zero. How about him despite the fact that he was more inclusive to the actual team than Ben Grimm? Yeah sure why not. His last name does have Doom after all. Perfect.” Fail. And speaking of fail, I may have said some nasty things about The Thing’s CGI, but can we talk about Victor? He looks like the tin man wrapped in aluminum foil. It’s embarrassing honestly. You have a budget of $120 million and you can’t make believable elastic arms, a rock man, or an enticing villain. Bite me movie. Victor now believes the human race needs to be destroyed so he can rebuild Planet Zero in his image, Victor escapes, killing scientists and soldiers in the base including Dr. Allen and Professor Storm. Victor returns to Planet Zero using the Quantum Gate, with Ben, Johnny, Reed, and Sue in pursuit. Clappy: Ok if Victor’s superpower is THAT O.P. then why is there an actual fight between him and the Fantastic Four? He could have just blew them the fuck up. That’s just insulting. Oh and what’s even more insulting is that it took the death of Professor Storm to actually have them become a team. No organic growth. No realizations of how important it is for them to work together. Just clumped together like this movie. Forced. Just like Ben’s inclusion into the team. Forced. Just like Victor Von Doom’s transition into becoming a villain. Forced. Just like Victor Von Doom’s reason for suddenly wanting the world to die? Why should the world die? Why not Planet Zero? What the hell did that planet ever do for you? Forced forced forced forced forced FORCED. On Planet Zero, Victor activates a portal, using a structure he made while in the realm, that begins consuming the landscape of the Earth. He is confronted by the four and, after a destructive battle, the Four punches Victor into the portal's energy beam, disintegrating him, and close the portal. Clappy: No. You guys read that right. All four of them punch Victor to defeat him. HOW? WHY WERE THEY A CHALLENGE TO BEGIN WITH? HE COULD HAVE BLOWN THEM UP WITH HIS MIND. I don’t know. I don’t even care anymore. Just end this damn thing. Returning to Earth, the group is rewarded for their heroics by being given a new base of operations by the United States military. They decide to use their powers to help people and adopt the mantle of the "Fantastic Four". Clappy: What not Fan4stic? Because it’s all over your fucking movie posters, commercials, etc. Bite me movie. Fucking bite me. Do I even need to rate this with a goofy Crap Cinema branded image. 5 out of 5. Worst movie I’ve seen this year. I don’t know if I’ll see any worse this year, but any other contenders will have to really try hard at not being a movie at all like this one. The writing sucks. The acting sucks. The characters suck. The directing sucks. The editing sucks. The CGI sucks. This movie is just an all-out disaster of epic proportions. Sure I’ve been animated all weekend about how bad this is, but you know what? I’ve seen worse. Guys there have been far worse movies out there in the extensive Hollywood collection of them. Hell, I’ve covered far worse films in Crap Cinema and will be revisiting far worse in my Best/Worse Domestic Box Office Random Year project. But that does not excuse this project. It is massive amounts of trash. It’s going to rank up there for a long time as one of the worst superhero movies along the likes of Catwoman, Batman & Robin, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace and rightfully so. I think what’s leading to the massive amounts of backlash against this is we as consumers have been treated to far better. Superhero movies have done a lot of evolving in the last ten years and Marvel Studios have been at the forefront of the evolution for the past decade. Audiences know what Marvel is capable of making and are being treated to excellent superhero movies. They know what a good movie is and use Marvel or Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy as examples as to what entertainment is from the genre and how more movies should be like that. Fox has all the materials right in front of them to be able to replicate that success. They are doing it damn well with the X-Men movies right now. They could have had similar if they weren’t rushing to make a Fantastic Four movie just to keep the property rights. I have no clue if this means the rights are going back to Marvel/Disney, but if the dominos do fall, then what? It’s just the rich getting richer and more of an extensive library of trophies for Marvel to use at their expense. The Fantastic Four will just become another cog in their billion dollar system. Which I think the franchise is far more capable than just being another piece. I think the Fantastic Four can still be a very profitable franchise on their own for any movie studio. Plus Marvel’s line-up for the next five years is so stacked right now that they don’t need the Fantastic Four. They have a shit ton of other options at their expense. I doubt Marvel is hurting that badly for the Fantastic Four, although having the rights to characters like Silver Surfer and Galactus would be tempting seeing how well Guardians of the Galaxy was received. But as for this movie, I honestly don’t know if Josh Trank was the right fit for this project either because while I think Fox shouldn’t have messed with his movie, what Trank was giving us A LOT of retread from Chronicle as well as subpar stuff anyway. But he did have a great cast at his expense. He just didn’t give them reason to care about this project. Good luck getting work for the next few years btw Trank. Venting your frustrations on Twitter about your employers is an awful career move. I don’t know if this cast will get hurt by this failure because all four have bright futures in Hollywood. Jamie Bell is still making a good niche in the indie film market, Kate Mara still has House of Cards working for her, and Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan still can be A-listers in 3-5 years, although someone should really slap Miles Teller for his asshole antics with Esquire. That GIF is never getting old. I might have to utilize this more than Baby Sandlers.
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    I was going to post this in Upcoming Season 9 Episodes, but it has been FOREVER since we've had news of episodes beyond 189, so I figured this was big enough to earn its own topic. Thanks to me and CNF, we've found some evidence of new episodes beyond 189. I was hesitant to post it at first, but CNF has found a very reliable source. Apparently three episodes that we have never heard of before are airing in Australia before us tomorrow at 3pm in their time. Over there it is currently January 11th, so the episodes will be airing later tonight for them. Their plots and names are as follows: 190a - Dueling Picnics: SpongeBob convinces Mr. Krabs to hold the Krusty Krab's first annual company picnic. 190b - Krab's Army: Mr. Krabs thinks that the boys are slacking on the job and puts them through his personal boot camp. 191 - SpaceBob InvaderPants: SpongeBob and Patrick become obsessed with making contact with extraterrestrial life, they ask Sandy to build a device that transmits the luring smell of Krabby Patties. Source: http://www.foxtel.com.au/whats-on/tv-guide/default.htm Search SpongeBob SquarePants there, and you'll find the episodes. 190b might be the episode I found storyboards for a while back. So yeah, another country is getting episodes before us. It is what it is, I guess. EDIT: It turns out these three episodes did NOT air in Australia, and they were a schedule mistake it seems. However, it is still very likely they are real. For further evidence these are real, Casey Alexander has some pictures of aliens on the left wall in the picture below, which would relate to 191. On the right is the shark storyboard I found months ago, which is likely 190b.
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    Greetings, SpongeBob Community. I have been observing your kingdom for quite some time. Fun isn't something one considers when balancing the universe, but this place...does put a smile on my face. Consider yourselves the lucky ones, as my kind generosity has spared you in my grand conquest. I'll be seeing you all around more. Sincerely, the Mad Titan Thanos
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    Suggestive topic title aside, we decided we need to breathe some life onto the forums after the server shut down. So what better way to do that than to do what us SBCers do best. An all nighter. But this won't be just any all-nighter. Kudos to Dylan for the original theme idea. This is essentially going to be a party theme where we will be holding special events to help keep the party going around all night long. Now what are some of these events you might ask? -Stop What You're Doing returns. You guys can register for the new SWYD in this thread. What is the theme this time? Well after going through many ideas, the most liked suggestion was: Random make up and Furby aside, we are doing a 90s television themed SWYD. You guys can choose from any hit 90s animated show or 90s sitcom. Want to be Chandler Bing from Friends? Knock yourself out. Or how about Tommy Pickles? Go right ahead. Nuggets can go ahead and be Carlton Banks for all that I care. As long as he films himself jump on it. But yeah, registrations for this SWYD are all week and the official name/avatar change begins this Saturday. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with SWYD, the rules are simple: -SWYADs last for about a week so from September 14th - September 21st, the name change feature will be unlocked and you get to change your name and theme without purchasing the name change feature. -You will keep these new names until September 21st, when everyone MUST change their names back, as after that, you'll have to purchase the name change feature to change your name back. Also, another rule is to please post who you actually are in the signatures below to withhold any forms of possible confusion. But yeah, like I previously stated. Feel free to start registering now before the character you want to be gets taken. CLAIMED (SO FAR) CNF - Stimpy CDCB - Butter Unlimitedcha - Miss Fine JCM - The Soup Nazi Trophy - Michelangelo Clappy - Eric Matthews Sauce - Ace Ventura Nuggets - Will "The Fresh Prince" Smith Dylan - Dylan (90210) Kevin - Uncle Jesse Jjs - Uncle Phil -Another event that will be going on is "SBC: Who Am I?". Nuggets and I will be hosting a trivia show thread where we will have 20-30 questions about the users of SBC. You, the contestants, will have to figure out who is who. The winner of this game will be receiving a 1,000 doubloon reward and a special drawing from resident artist SpongeFifi Jelly. -Then of course, you can't have an all-nighter without a posting party. We'll set this to start at 12 PM EST. Just like with Member Appreciation Day, we will be allowing post counts in The Industrial Park just for this event. But this time, we will be making the all-nighter truly special by holding what I'd like to call a "Posting Bounty". We decided to set a time deadline to 2 AM EST because let's be honest. We don't want to wear out our East Coast users too badly xD. The user who has the most posts by that time frame will win a plethora of rewards. A 5,000 doubloon reward, 50 rep points, and a FREE Overlord for a Day item. So if you think you can outpost OMJ, now is your chance. The posting bounty has been set. Of course we'll be offering other necessities like XAT chatting, maybe a Turntable party, and much more to set this All-Nighter phases to fun.
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    Once again, it's back. Man need to really update this thing more. 33. StormAllenBryat Movie: Pinocchio After singing the film's signature song "When You Wish Upon @WWE", Jiminy Jenkins explains that he is going to tell a story of a wish coming true. His story begins in the Wrestling workshop of a fangirl named Aya. Jenkins watches as Aya gollies at her work on a wooden Twitter personality whom she names StormAllenBryat. Before falling asleep, Aya makes a wish on Sierra, Hotel, India , Echo , Lima, Delta that StormAllenBryat could be a real prick. During the night, The Shield, from Aya’s dreams, visits the workshop to grant Aya's wish. They make Storm come alive, while remaining still a ten year old. The Shield tells Storm that if he wants to become a real prick of flesh and blood he must prove himself to be homophobic, illiterate and selfish and able to tell think from thank by listening to his conscience. Storm does not understand any of this, and Jenkins appears to explain it to him. The Shield asks if Jenkins would serve as Storm's justice, a task he accepts. Aya discovers that her wish has come true, and is filled with joy and has ask me thread displays of affection with Jiminy Jenkins. The next day, she sends Storm on his first day of school. He really doesn't want to go and retweets his sentiments. However, the naive Storm is led astray by the conniving fail trolls PatBack and Lew, who convince him to join ACS's flight simulator show over Jenkins's protests. Storm becomes ACS's star attraction as a new recruit for his flight community, but when Storm tells ACS to shut up and that he’s gay, ACS becomes angry and locks him in a tugboat, threatening him to perform around the world until people believe he doesn’t have multiple personalities. Jenkins is unable free Storm, due to the lock being too cherry. However, The Shield then appears. They ask Storm why he disobeyed Aya and didn't go to school. Despite Jenkins's urgings, Storm tells an overblown story to hide his shame to The Shield that he and Jenkins were captured by #heels, and with each lie his afro grows ever longer. The Shield explains that "justice will prevail.” Storm vows to behave from now on and The Shield changes his fro back to normal and sets him free, warning that this will be the last time they protect him. On his way back to Aya's house, Storm once again encounters PatBack and Lew. They convince him that he is sick, and the only cure is to go to Glee Forums as a vacation. En route he befriends Calvin, a misbehaved and destructive boy. Once on Glee Forums, with no authority to stop them, Storm and the other boys soon enjoy gambling, smoking, getting drunk and vandalizing, much to Elastic’s enjoyment as he wants to share all this with SBC. Jenkins becomes angry when he discovers that Storm is friends with Calvin and storms out. Later, Jenkins discovers that Glee Forums harbours a terrible curse which turns boys who "make jackasses of themselves" into real whales, who are then sold to work in the salt mines and circuses as part of an evil racket run by the fail troll master himself, WhaleBlubber. Calvin is transformed into a fail version of WhaleBlubber, but Storm manages to escape with only a whale blowhole and tail. Upon returning home, they find the workshop empty and learn (from a letter by The Shield) that Aya, while venturing out of the ask me threads to look for Storm, had been swallowed, along with her CM Punk, her D-Bry, and her Ziggles, by a giant Bill Cipher named Kevin, and are now living in his belly. Determined to rescue her, Storm jumps in, with Jenkins accompanying him. Storm is soon swallowed by Kevin, where he is reunited with Aya. Storm devises an escape plan by burning Kevin’s Gravity Falls theme song review in order to make Kevin sneeze. The plan works, but the enraged Kevin gives chase and smashes Ask The Great Aya Anything. Storm refuses to abandon Aya and pulls her to safety in any place outside of the games threads before Kevin rams into it. Storm dies of exhaustion. Back at home, the group mourn for Storm. The Shield, however, decides that Storm has proven himself to be a boring Twitter account avatar, and he is reborn as a real prick, much to the joy of everyone who quickly find a new meme to mock. He rants and rants about how stupid The Shield is and constantly berates Aya calling her dumb and spewing out lulzy bad gem after lulzy bad gem. Aya then kicks Storm in the nuts as she and Jenkins have even more over the top public displays of affection as The Shield triple power bombs Storm through that wooden shop table. Oh and the popular wrestling thread gets wished it's best on it's future endeavors. @WWE #Twitter RT if you don’t want to go back to school. Trivia: No JCM cameo in this installment
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