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    happy birthday @Steel Sponge!
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    My nephew is living the thug life lmao I asked him to eat his food so he just ran away and hid?
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    Im crying. Now wtf do I do with my life?
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    Happy birthday @Steel Sponge!
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    Well, Steven Universe is finally over, and...oh my god, I choked up and it had me in tears. While there are a few things I wished they elaborated on more. I was overly satisfied with the ending. I'll never forget what a beautiful and groundbreaking series this was, and the wonderful soundtrack this series had. It will always be one of my favorite series.
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    52. Jailbreak One night, Tyeam wakes up in a prison cell, but instead of bars, it's protected by an electromagnetic field. Tyeam gets past the field easily, and as she looks for a way out of the prison, she notices a boy crying in another cell, The boy, unlike Tyeam, is unable to get past the field, so Tyeam helps him through it. They hear singing from another cell, which alarms the boy. The boy runs towards the singing voice, and Tyeam follows him. On the way, they pass the cell crushingmayhem is in. Tyeam offers to help him out of the cell, but crushing refuses the help, saying it would violate his oath of neutrality. Tyeam asks crushing how he can stay neutral when one side is clearly more evil than the other, and crushing responds that there are "fine people on both sides". Tyeam gives up on trying to get crushing to come to his senses and continues following the boy. Tyeam is unable to find where the boy went, but she hears the singing again nearby. She finds that the song is coming from another boy in another prison cell, and when she asks the boy what his name is, he says "J12". Tyeam helps J12 out of his cell, and they reunite with the first boy soon-after, who reveals that his name is 6teen. Tyeam says that there was a show with that name a long time ago, and 6teen tells her not to remind him of that. 6teen and J12 kiss and do a dance before fusing into Teenj12. Tyeam is flabbergasted that the revelation that Teenj is a fusion, and when she asks if she made a good impression, Teenj tells her that they already love her. They hear 4EG raging at the fact Tyeam isn't in her cell, and Teenj kisses her on the forehead to give her the ability to see where Jjs and Patty Sponge are. Teenj tells her to get the others and go to the control bridge while he takes on 4EG. Tyeam asks Teenj if he'll be able to stop 4EG alone, and Teenj smiles before saying he's never alone. After Tyeam leaves, 4EG finds Teenj and makes fun of him for fusing again, saying that even the abilities of the two of them combined can't surpass his. Teenj, newly energized, beats up on 4EG as Tyeam rescues Jjs and Patty Sponge. Renegade tries to stop them as they reach the control bridge, but Patty Sponge and Tyeam beat up on him as Jjs takes control of the ship. Though Teenj defeats 4EG, he wrecks the ship's engines in the process, and he runs to the control bridge to let Tyeam, Patty Sponge, and Jjs know. Tyeam activates her shield, which puts a bubble around the four of them as well as Renegade just as the ship crashes and explodes, killing 4EG and crushing, much to Tyeam's dismay. The Bubble Buds congratulate Tyeam for saving the world, and Renegade, who found 4EG and the rest of the Homeworld Bubbles too imposing anyway, decides to join the Bubble Buds (and Tyeam) in keeping Earth safe from any corrupted bubbles and unfriendly alien visitors they encounter. Mayor SOF gets another term, Tyeam grows on her way to becoming a Bubble Bud herself, and everybody lives happily ever after.
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    47. Tyeam Visits the SpongeBob Community School While the Grim Reaper Plays Unfitting Music (One day, Jjs is in the living room working on an invention. Tyeam walks out of her room and yawns.) Tyeam: What are you doing, Jjs? Jjs: I'm building a transportation device that should protect us when Renegade the Unicorn comes back. Tyeam: We're just going to flee? Jjs: You don't know the powers that we're dealing with, Tyeam. If we're unable to stop Renegade, we need a Plan B. Tyeam: I'm not leaving all my family and friends behind! Jjs: You can make new family and friends on whatever planet we go to. Tyeam: No! (Tyeam runs up to the device and kicks it. Suddenly, the lights on the machine start to blink.) Jjs: What did you just do? Tyeam: I...don't know. (Suddenly, the device disappears, and Jjs and Tyeam disappear with it. They reappear on a table in the back of Wumbology's science class at the SpongeBob Community School. Goobz is pointing a scalpel at them with his mouth agape.) Goobz: Mr. Wumbo, that frog I was supposed to dissect just turned into Principal Jjs and some girl I assume is his mistress! Tyeam: (blushes) Mistress? Jjs: Tyeam, he's pointing a weapon as us! Use your shield! Tyeam: Got it! (Tyeam's bubble expands to surround her and Jjs as he pulls out his sword.) Wumbology: Whoa! I thought we weren't allowed to hit students anymore, Jjs! Cutting Goobz into pieces is a little bit worse than hitting, I would imagine! Tyeam: Wumbo? Why aren't you at the fry shop? Wumbology: Why would I be at a fry shop? I've been on a diet for months! Jjs: Who are all these children and why are they poking amphibians with tiny swords? Goobz: You're not Principal Jjs! Jjs: I'm Jjs, but I'm not the principal of anything. (Tyeam pulls a squished frog out from under her.) Tyeam: Gross! Wumbology: Whoever you two are, I have to ask you to leave, since you're disrupting class. Jjs: We'll happily go as soon as we get our transportation device. (looks around) Where's the transportation device? Wumbology: Wait, transportation device? Throw away your frogs, everyone! Class is cancelled! (The students throw their frogs in a trash can and leave the room.) Wumbology: Tell me more about this transportation device. Jjs: Do you think you can help us find it? Wumbology: Well, I'm the smartest person at this school, so if anyone can help you find it, I sure can! Jjs: I built the device to help us escape from an evil being if we need to. Wumbology: Yeah, evil beings are super annoying. Well, since you obviously aren't our Jjs, you must be another Jjs, possibly one from a parallel universe. Jjs: I meant for the device to send us to other planets, not other universes! Tyeam kicking it must have done something to cause it to malfunction. Wumbology: And it could be anywhere in this universe or not even in our universe at all. Jjs: So, how do you intend to help us find it? Wumbology: Well, I imagine the machine must be causing quite a stir wherever it landed. (Patty Sponge runs into the room.) Jjs and Tyeam: Patty Sponge? Wumbology: Yeah, she's the vice principal at our school in this universe. Patty Sponge: What in the bloody hell is going on? Why did you cancel class? Wumbology: Patty Sponge, meet Earth 2-Jjs and...his mistress right? Tyeam: I'm not his mistress, and I have a name! Wumbology: Sure. Do you know if any strange machines landed near here, Patty? Patty Sponge: None that I know of, but pretty much all of the strange goings-on in this city will reach the ear of Mayor SOF eventually. Tyeam: SOF is the mayor here, too? Wumbology: The more things change, the more they stay the same. (Wumbo drives Tyeam and Jjs to Mayor SOF's office. sblover is standing in front of the door.) sblover: Stop! What brings you here? Wumbo: My friends are from another universe and need SOF's help to get back home. sblover: Do you know how many people we get every day from other universes? You'll have to do a lot better than that. Wumbo: C'mon, man. Help a fellow Canadian out. sblover: The only Canadian I'm here to help out is Mayor SOF. (SOF comes out of the office.) SOF: What's going on, eh? sblover: These three were just on their way out. Tyeam: No, we weren't. SOF: Since they're here, I'll allow them to speak. Wumbo: (bows) Thank you, mayor. I'm humbled by your gratitude. Jjs: (confused) Do they do that for every mayor in this universe? sblover: (bowing) Just the Canadian ones. SOF: Get up. Tell me what you have to say. Wumbo: O great and honourable mayor, have you heard of any strange devices landing in your city recently? SOF: (scratches chin) I did get a call from Shinya's restaurant about something flying through his ceiling. Trying to get city funds to rebuild it. Isn't that funny, sblover? sblover: (laughs) That is funny! It cracks me up! Jjs: I don't get it. (Wumbo kicks Jjs.) Wumbo: (whispering) You know, if I did this to our Jjs, I would have gotten fired. Jjs: (whispering) Do that to me again, and I'll drive my sword through you. Wumbo: I like our Jjs better! Tyeam: Come on! Let's go! (Wumbo drives Tyeam and Jjs to shinya's restaurant. When they walk inside, they see JCM mopping the floors.) JCM: Jjs! Are you here to give me my job back? Jjs: Who's the fat kid? Wumbo: That's JCM. He used to be one of my students. He isn't very smart. JCM: Hey! I heard that! Wumbo: I didn't mean that as an insult. It's simply an objective fact, like the world being round. JCM: (scoffs) If the world was round, why doesn't it spin like a hamster wheel when I run? Jjs: Hey! Stupid kid! JCM: Yeah? Jjs: What happened to the device that crashed through the ceiling? JCM: Shinya told me to look after it while he went to buy more fish. Tyeam: Where is it now? (JCM takes the transportation device out of his backpack.) JCM: Say, jjs, when did you get a mistress? Tyeam: Screw you! JCM: (gasps) Language! Wumbo: (chuckles) I say worse things than that every day in class. JCM: If this belongs to you guys, take it and get your potty mouths out of here! (JCM gives the transportation device to Jjs, but after studying it for a few minutes, he sighs.) Jjs: There's not enough fuel in here to take us back home. It wasn't designed for a round trip. Wumbo: What do you need? Jjs: An ounce of weapons-grade plutonium, probably. You have that in this universe? (Wumbo pulls the collar of his shirt.) Wumbo: We have it, but it's not exactly easy to get. (JCM takes an ounce of weapons-grade plutonium out of his backpack.) JCM: Only one? Wumbo: What in the name of SOF? Why do you have weapons-grade plutonium in your backpack? JCM: Do you really want to know the answer to that? Wumbo: No. Never mind. Forget I asked. (JCM gives the plutonium to Jjs, and he puts it into the teleportation device.) Jjs: Goodbye, Earth-2 Wumbo. Wumbo: You're Earth-2. We're Earth-1. Tyeam: Who even decides that? JCM: I thought Earth-1 was the universe where we all meet each other through a SpongeBob message board. Wumbo: (pauses) You're an idiot, JCM. (Suddenly, the Grim Reaper barges into the restaurant wearing a top hat and holding a cane sideways.) Grim Reaper: (singing) Hello mah baby, hello mah honey, hello mah ragtime gal! Jjs: Does he do that a lot? JCM: Yeah. Jjs: Okay, bye! (Jjs turns on the teleportation device, and he, Tyeam, and the device disappear. Back in their living room, they find Patty Sponge looking under the couch cushions.) Patty Sponge: I know they've got to be in here somewhere! Tyeam: Hi. (Patty Sponge jumps then turns around.) Patty Sponge: Tyeam! Jjs! I found you! Jjs: (rolls eye) Congratulations. Patty Sponge: Sherlock Sponge does it again! If you excuse me, I'll be drinking some celebratory tea. (After Patty Sponge walks into the kitchen, Jjs turns the teleportation device off and starts heading back to his room with it.) Tyeam: I'm not running away. Jjs: When the time comes...you're not going to have a choice. (Jjs goes into his room and Tyeam sits on the couch, reflecting on what has just happened. Patty Sponge soon sits on the couch beside her, sipping tea.) Patty Sponge: Wanna talk about it? Tyeam: No. Patty Sponge: Oh, bol- (The End)
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    11. Mercy Mission At Latorga, the pirate community is still lively through the night, as Mack and Higgs continue to drink up inside of the pub. Sawyer continues to stand guard on the outside, when he catches a group of pirates hawking at the Interceptor, with a clear intent to take it. They are surprised to see a navy ship here, and wonder who stole it. This infuriates him, so he rushes off, his sword on the ready to strike them if need be. “Get back, that’s my ship! Don’t y’all even think about it…” Sawyer said, aiming his sword at the pirates. “Easy man, we was just lookin’…” one of the pirates “promised”, raising their hands up. “What do you take us for, thieves?” another pirate asked, trying to play innocent. “Likely story. Run along now, partners.” Sawyer said, as the pirate group all walk away, and giving him looks of annoyance. Sawyer decides to stay right near the Interceptor, making sure nobody else dares to even so much look at it. He refused to be stranded on this island with the scum of Enhalas. He could not afford any further setbacks to rescuing Juliet. Truthfully, he would love to just take the ship for himself and leave Mack behind, given he was a liability. But he needed him, and Mack knew that. He knew he could not take on Bedossa alone either, and thus, Mack getting a new crew was their best shot. After Juliet is saved though, Sawyer could finally be rid of the pirate anchors holding him down, turn them in, and be cleared of his fugitive name. He is playing one impressive long con, and he was sure Mack was too. Perhaps he had heard Mack and Higgs’ conversation on the ship after all… Inside the bar, Mack and Higgs keep sitting at their table. “Just curious Vincent, how will going back to your pirate life affect your standing as a Bounty Guild representative?” Mack asked, taking another sip. “They don’t need to know.” Higgs replied, taking another sip. “That’s the spirit!” Mack replied. The two continue to look around for any potential crew members. “Anyone catching your eye?” Higgs asked. “Not yet…this may not be the most capable crowd to start with.” Mack replied, as he sees several drunk pirates toss the bartender across a table, sending him flying against the wall. One fancy dressed pirate passes by them, as Higgs waves to them. “Ahoy there, ye lookin for a crew?” Higgs asked. “No thanks, I have a great one already, you two look washed up.” The pirate scoffed, giving them a smug laugh, as they keep going on their way. “Wow, this place has really gone downhill. Even this drink is not great!” Mack said, finishing his unimpressed, and tossing the cup aside. Higgs grabs Treasure from underneath the table, as him and Mack get up, about to leave. Suddenly, a pirate stands up on one table, and has an announcement for everyone inside. “AVAST MATEYS, LISTEN UP! We have received the most startling of news: Someone has found the legendary treasure, putting an end to the bloody search.” A pirate announced, as everyone in the building gasps. Mack feels as if his heart has fallen off a cliff. This is not good. He had originally wanted to use the coveted treasure as a bragging tool to get a crew, but he could not now knowing how special Treasure is. He knew that if the others realized he had what they were looking for all along, they would keep coming after him. “Who?” Whispers echoed through the bar. “We do not know who found it, but a pirate team went to Nevarro and found it completely abandoned, with the guards slaughtered and the hold empty. Still, someone out there has that special treasure, and it could be somewhere in here right now…” the pirate said, looking at everyone suspiciously, and everyone else does so in turn. Higgs and Mack look around worried, as they hide Treasure carefully, making sure nobody suspects them. “Perhaps YOU have the treasure?” A drunken pirate asked suspiciously to another, ripping his pockets apart to make scant doubloon pieces fall out of them. “Don’t touch me!” The other pirate yelled back, pushing him into the bar, and a fist fight ensues with pirates around cheering them on. Mack and Higgs casually make their way outside during the fight, and see Sawyer making a ruckus. He kicks over a table, scaring off pirates, as he searches for an enemy. “Come on cowards, I know y’all wanna good sword fight, right!? Who else wants to steal our ship!?” Sawyer bragged to them. “He’s a strange one.” Higgs whispered to Mack. “You have no idea. But I need him.” Mack replied, approaching Sawyer. “That’s enough of that, you’re embarrassing yourself.” “Y’all should be thanking yours truly, I scared off a flock of thieves who were lookin’ to hijack the ship.” Sawyer explained. “Aye, I shall begin the crew search right away, captain.” Higgs said, looking around for an able bodied crew. Suddenly, a female pirate approaches them, wearing a buckled tricorn hat. “Can we help you, miss?” Sawyer asked her. Mack then gets the sensation he recognizes this woman, and gulps to himself. He lifts up her hat to see a familiar face. The woman looks at Mack furious, and he flinches for a bit, knowing her anger. “Zoe! How have you been-“ Mack was asking, trying to casually make small talk, though he knew this confrontation would not go well. Zoe then slaps him right across the face. “I suppose you didn’t deserve that one, neither?” Sawyer asked. “No, that one I deserved.” Mack replied. “You stole my boat!” Zoe said angrily. “Actually-“ Mack was saying, as Zoe slaps him again harder. “Borrowed. Borrowed without permission. But with every intention of bringing it back!” “But you didn’t! Where is it?” Zoe replied angrily. “It’s…uh, at the bottom of the ocean. Sunk on my way to Port Royale. You’ll get another one, I promise!” Mack replied, as Zoe looks as if she’s about to kill him right then and there. “I will…” Zoe replied, threateningly “A better one.” Sawyer replied. “A better one! Tell you what, I’m looking for a crew, and if you help me, I shall get you a boat!” Mack agreed. “What boat?” Zoe asked, thinking Mack is a scammer. “That one.” Sawyer jumped in, pointing to the Interceptor, trying to master Mack’s art of pirate deals. Mack gives him a confused look in return, as he, Sawyer, Higgs and Treasure all look at the Interceptor. Mack then turns back to Sawyer. “THAT one?!” Mack replied and then considers it a moment, realizing it’s a good plan to convince Zoe. Sawyer had learned from him well. “Aye, that one! What say you?” “Aye. My crew would especially love that ship…” Zoe replied, smirking. This baffles Sawyer. “Oh, so they are here…” Mack replied, knowing what this means. “Well well well, I never thought I’d see Stark here again anytime soon. Did you miss me?” A snobby voice asked sarcastically, annoying Mack. Two other pirates approach, one of which being a large, muscular lobster, and the other being their leader, who has white hair and is wearing ragged purple clothes. They both wear the same pirate symbol Zoe has on her outfit, revealing she is a part of their crew. Mack recognizes who they both are and sighs to himself. “Who are these punks?” Sawyer asked. “Those two “punks” would be Jace Callis and his large friend Grudge. With lady Zoe, they form their own little pirate gang. I have quite the history with them.” Mack explained smugly, as the three are annoyed. “Thanks for the intro, but it’s Captain Jace Callis, asshole. Me and him go way back. When he was still a captain of relevance, he sunk my first ship! He still owes me a ship too!” Jace said, annoyed. “In all fairness, that was in self defense, since you attacked us first-“ Mack was saying. "You’re a complete pathetic loser now. Are those two bozos are the best you could get for your sorry “crew”?” Jace asked smugly, looking at Higgs and Sawyer unimpressed. “Better watch your mouth, son, I ain’t no bozo.” Sawyer says threateningly to Jace, glaring at him. “This suppose to be one of Mack’s new crew members? You can talk a fight, but think you could take me on?” Grudge said in a deep voice, menacingly approaching Sawyer. “Get that stick out of your mouth, son, it don’t look right.” Grudge then tries to grab the twig Sawyer has in his mouth, but he puts his sword in-between the claw, trying to force Grudge to back off. “Boy, you do not want to mess with me-” Sawyer replied, as Grudge picks him up with both claws. He shakes Sawyer around, making the twig in his mouth fall to the ground. Sawyer then slashes his sword right at Grudge’s right claw, making him drop him. Sawyer picks his twig back up and aims his sword at Grudge, threatening him if he tries another move. “Pathetic. I could crush you right now if I wanted, cowboy, but I’ll let you off cause I got a glimmer of a heart of gold.” Grudge said, laughing. “Forgive his lack of hospitality, I plan to expand my crew much, and then you won’t be laughing much anymore, eh?” Mack boasted to the crew. “You came out here to hire a new crew, huh? How do you plan to recruit anyone when you have no reputation now?” Jace asked tauntingly. “Simple, by having you join my crew! I’m open to anyone, regardless of history, it can be water under the bridge!” Mack bargained. Jace, Zoe and Grudge all laugh out loud at this. “You couldn’t even stop one mutiny, what makes you think you can prevent another from us?” Jace asked smugly. “Hear me out. I am the only one who knows how to defeat Bedossa, and I know you want his throne. Help me kill him, and you shall have all the fame, glory and lovers your heart so desires. Truthfully, I just want to settle our score, I do not care for the glory.” Mack bargained. “That is tempting, but I don’t trust you.” Jace replied. “Make a bargain then, and I shall change your tune.” Mack replied. “How about I see the ship you have to offer?” Jace asked. “Right over there.” Mack said, pointing to the Interceptor with his sword, shocking Grudge and Jace as they look closer at it. “What’s so special about it?” Zoe asked. “Boss…is that…” Grudge was asking, surprised. “Yes, that is a Royal Navy ship. The Interceptor, one of their fastest and most powerful ones. I must say, I’m impressed you were somehow able to steal that, if you did steal it first.” Jace said. “He did and I know ‘cause I helped him take it.” Sawyer explained, impressing Jace’s crew. “Indeed, I still have a few tricks up my sleeves despite being a “washed up nothing” now. That ship can be yours if you help me take down Bedossa.” Mack offered. Jace, Zoe and Grudge then whisper to each other, deciding what to do. “Maybe he can help us for the mission, if he could outsmart those coats…” Grudge whispered to Jace, as Mack overhears. “A mission you say?” Mack inquired curiously. “Should we tell him?” Zoe asked Jace. “Fine. We recently took up a high price job offer to free a certain pirate imprisoned on a passing transport ship, which plans to leave Enhalas and deliver them to the Eastern Trading Company. We really need that cash, so we’re in for the mission. We could handle it ourselves but…since you have experience stealing navy ships, you could help us, and if you do, we’ll help you take down Bedossa.” Jace said regrettably, deep down knowing he does need Mack’s help, but does not want to admit it. “Is any of the cash in it for me too, should I partake in this deal?” Mack asked greedily. “We’ll split.” Jace replied. “Very well then! If I help you spring your friend from the rusty chains, you will help me take down Bedossa, and in exchange, I will grant you the Interceptor. Pirate’s promise.” Mack said, putting out his hand. “Deal.” All three said at once, as they take turns shaking it. Grudge grips his claw tight on Mack’s hand on his turn, making him uncomfortable, and Grudge smiles while doing so. “That’s enough!” Mack said, breaking it off, as Grudge looks annoyed. “What is that?” Jace asked curiously, seeing Higgs holding Treasure, covered in the cloth. “Just a lost slug I stole from someone.” Mack replied, covering his tracks. “I see…” Jace replied, suspicious and clearly not buying it. He knows whatever Treasure is, it's something more. “Looks like it’d make good food.” Grudge said hungrily, as Treasure looks nervous. “It ain’t food.” Higgs replied, as this makes Grudge sad. “Alright friends, let us depart. And where exactly pray tell will this prisoner ship be?” Mack asked. “On the request, they included the current passageway of the ship, and by now it will be nearby this island.” Jace explained, holding the request papers. “How were y’all “geniuses” planning to get there without your own ship?” Sawyer asked. “We were going to steal one of these losers’ boats, duh. But now we won’t need to now since Mack brought a ship ripe for us to use.” Jace replied. The group heads off to the Interceptor, ready for the mission. As they walk to the dock, Higgs approaches Mack. “I have a bad feelin’ about this, you know ye cannot trust Jace and his crew…” Higgs warned quietly to Mack. “I know very well. Remember, this is a prison boat we’re trespassing on, one false move and…lock.” Mack winked to him, planning to leave them locked in should they attempt to complicate his plan. The six board onto the Interceptor, getting ready to depart. “This is a nice ship, I’d love to captain it.” Jace admired, checking out the Interceptor’s deck. Grudge then lifts up a crate and begins using it to exercise his claws. “Show off.” Sawyer grumbled. Mack heads for the wheel, as Higgs and Sawyer set the sails. The Interceptor heads off into the night sea, following the directions Jace has on his request note. Higgs and Sawyer are acting awkward to Jace’s crew, not wanting to speak to them, and neither does his crew. “Did you boys hear the news that someone found the special treasure everyone was hunting for?” Zoe asked. “What special treasure?” Sawyer asked. “On the island of Nevarro, there was a powerful, special treasure that pirate and hunters alike sought. Nobody knows what the treasure is. It was considered a fool’s errand to get it alive, until now. I wonder who got it…” Jace pondered. “Probably Bedossa or another more lucky pirate.” Mack suggested. “Could be. Sucks for whoever has it now though, since they have a huge target on their backs…” Jace replied, as he then looks at Treasure, which is hurdled in a corner near the deck steps, scared of Jace’s crew. “I’ll pry the loot from the person’s corpse with my own two claws…” Grudge vowed, as he keeps exercising with the crater, and then for the finale, smashes it into pieces with his two claws to make a point. “The treasure is that serious, huh?” Sawyer said. Upon hearing “treasure”, Sawyer then realizes that is Treasure’s name. He looks at the creature and reveals how Mack didn’t want anyone on the island to figure out he had it. Could it be…that creature was the legendary treasure these pirates wanted? Sawyer wondered what was so special about it, because to him, it just appeared to be an ordinary ugly slug creature of some kind. He decided to keep the thought to himself for now, as he did not want to complicate his goal any further than it already is. He knows Mack probably doesn’t trust these pirates, but like he is with him, is putting up with them in hopes he can make the best out of it. Higgs looks at Treasure worried, hoping none of Jace’s crew figure out what he is. Even though he knew this creature only for a few days, and still feels as if he barely knows what it is, he had grown rather close to it and even somewhat liked looking after it. He never had been a father of any kind, so finally getting to act as a father figure to someone, or something, for once brought some joy to his otherwise bitter life. The Interceptor keeps sailing onward, and eventually, the prisoner transport ship is seen in the distance ahead, with lights shining off of it. “Avast, there may be the confined vessel!” Mack said, looking at it with his telescope. Using the telescope lens, he is able to observe the prisoner ship better. It is a medium sized navy ship, with large iron plates layered across the sides of the ship’s wooden belly so the prisoners cannot escape. Mack is impressed by the defenses, but once they are on board, those will not matter. “I don’t want us to be spotted. Does this have any longboats we can use?” Jace asked to Mack. “No clue.” Mack replied, as Jace’s eyes go wide and he is stunned by this. “What do you mean you have no clue!? You stole this ship, you should know what’s in it!” Jace replied. “I literally just stole it today, and I did not exactly have time for a storage check, my apologies.” Mack replied. “Zoe, Grudge, check the lower deck.” Jace ordered them, as the two head down the ship. They look around, and find several longboats neatly lying around. “We found them!” Zoe yelled back up. “Okay, good. We’ll sail out on those to the ship, and then we’ll climb our way on board.” Jace said, as he grabs rope. “Splendid, glad you have some pace in your noggin to actually make plans.” Mack mocked, as Jace mumbles to himself. “I guess that means Higgs and I will be stayin’ behind and manning the fort.” Sawyer said. “Correct, only I will go with them. Good luck, we’ll be back soon enough hopefully!” Mack replied. Mack and Jace’s crew take a longboat, dropping it below, as the four go into it. Mack tries to get in the front, but Jace glares at him. “Alright, fair, you are the captain of this crew, so you do deserve the first seat.” Mack replied, taking the second spot, but Grunge looms over him. “Move.” Grudge yelled, standing, as his weight makes the boat sink a little bit. “Fine…” Mack replied, as Grunge sits down, and the boat lifts up a bit again. Mack then tries to take the third seat, but Zoe stares at him. “The back? Unfair!” He decides not to argue with it and sits in the back, annoyed. They row toward the prisoner transport in the distance. Higgs and Sawyer watch as they row off. “So how likely do you think it is they’ll betray each other?” Sawyer asked. “Very. Ye need not worry about Mack, he always has a plan…I think.” Higgs replied, slightly concerned. Treasure comes out of its cloth and happily crawls around on the deck now that Jace’s crew is gone. The longboat makes its way closer to the prisoner ship, as its shadow looms over them. Jace grabs the rope, and ties the end of it onto the longboat so it will follow the prisoner transport. He then swings it around, throws it to the edge of the deck above, and it hooks onto a rail. “Careful not to break the rope with your claws, meathead.” Zoe warned to Grudge. “Now why would you think that? I ain’t that dumb.” Grudge replied. “Whatever helps you sleep at night, mate.” Mack smirked, as Grudge growls at him. Jace is first to climb up the rope. Grudge is next to follow, and then Zoe. Mack is last to grab onto the rope, as the four climb up the edge of the ship. Grudge sees Mack below, and decides to mess with him. He begins shaking the rope with his body, trying to make Mack fall. Both him and Zoe struggle to hold on, as Zoe nearly slips, but keeps holding on. “Watch it, or you’ll make me fall too, idiot!” Zoe yelled. Grudge sighs and stops shaking the rope. Mack and Zoe both regain their proper holds and continue climbing. The four make it to the edge, and all climb aboard onto the deck. Several navy sentries are patrolling around the ship’s deck, as the four try to hide behind several barrels. A sentry spots them nearby, seeing Grudge who is unable to fit behind the barrels. “INTRUDERS!” The sentry yelled, as the other sentries on the deck come to his position. Mack and Jace’s crew run from behind the barrels at once, avoiding gunfire. Jace then shoots his gun at one sentry, sending them falling off the deck and into the water below. Zoe swings her sword at a sentry, and slashes at his arm, making him drop his gun. She then punches him in the face, and throws him into the barrels. Grudge grabs the sentry with his two claws. He pinches onto them tight, as the sentry yells in pain. “Let me go, you fiend!” The sentry yelled. “Alright, if you say so pal!” Grudge replied, laughing, as the sentry then realizes what this means. Grudge throws him with all his might overboard, sending the sentry splashing into the ocean beneath. Mack avoids gunshots from two sentries, as he jumps into the air, and grabs onto a rope from the ship’s mast. He uses it to swing around, as Jace looks at him like he’s a buffoon. Jace then fires at one of the sentries, killing them. Grudge then tackles the other, rips the gun out of their hand, and then grabs the sentry. He swings the sentry around and around, and throws him into a bunch of crates, smashing his head against the wall and knocking him out. Zoe and Jace take out two other sentries, as one more is behind them, ready to fire. Mack jumps off from the rope and lands on the sentry, tackling them to the ground. “Great job, team. To the brig we go!” Mack said, heading for the stairs entrance leading to the deck below. All four climb down it, which takes them into the brig below. Mack stops them in their tracks when they see two sentries ahead of them, guarding the entrance to the brig. Grudge then grabs both of them, and sends them smashing against the cell bars, knocking both out, as they fall to the ground. “Too easy.” Grudge bragged. The four notice one of them has cell keys hanging from their pocket, which Zoe grabs. They walk through the brig, seeing multiple prisoners locked behind cells, consisting of pirates and thieves. “Free us!” Some of the prisoners yell, reaching their hands through the cell bars, but Jace’s crew ignores them and keeps walking by. Jace looks at the note again, and is searching for a specific cell number. He walks down the brig further, and arrives at the cell he was looking for. Inside of the cell is a female pirate. “Sis!” The pirate said happily, looking at Zoe. “That’s right, sis. I brought my crew to bust you out like I promised, and an unfortunate tagalong.” Zoe replied, surprising Mack. “Sis?” Mack asked, surprised. "Yes, meet my sister Anna." Zoe revealed. “The prisoner is your sister? That would’ve been nice to know from the start.” Mack replied, suspicious. “I told you what you needed to know. Pirate, remember?” Jace replied. “Touche.” Mack replied. “Is he the one who stole your boat?” Anna asked, looking at Mack. “He is, but thankfully, he’ll be giving us a new boat to repay his debt.” Zoe replied, glaring at Mack. “Yes, I shall.” Mack replied, getting an uneasy feeling now. “Alright, now to hijack this ship from the captain.” Jace replied changing plans, which Mack does not agree with. “Hold on mate, that was not part of the plan. We have your prisoner, let’s get back onto the longboat and go. We need not complicate this further, those guards will be on high alert now, and the ones we knocked on the noggin shall wake up soon. Mack said. “I’m the leader here, pal. I could free everyone on board and make myself a fortune, look at the potential. I just need to get the captain out of the way.” Jace replied, as Mack is not exactly on board with this plan anymore. The group heads back up to the main deck, and sees the captain’s cabin up top. It is guarded by two sentries. “There’s intruders on board, search the ship top and bottom!” They heard a sentry yell from inside a cabin nearby. The group quickly heads upstairs toward the captain’s cabin, and opens fire at the two sentries. They then barge into the cabin, pointing their weapons. They see the captain at the wheel, who puts his hands up. “Step away from the wheel, and nobody needs to die.” Zoe said, pointing her sword to the captain, as the captain steps back. “You won’t get away with this for long, my guards will be coming-“ The captain was saying. “Sorry captain, but we’ve already taken out most of them.” Jace replied, as he points outside of the cabin door, showing both of the dead sentries. The captain then gulps. “Please, have mercy!” The navy captain begged. Jace then shoots the captain right through the chest, shocking Mack. The captain falls to the floor, bleeding, while Jace smugly smiles. “That seemed a bit much…” Mack said, actually feeling some slight pity for the captain, or perhaps it is just him worrying this will compromise his plans. “Sounds like Stark is becoming soft…” Grudge said, mocking him. “Those years without captaining a ship really made you weak…” Zoe mocked. “So you say, but I can be a dangerous enemy if you want me to be…” Mack said cryptically. Jace then spins the wheel, trying to steer the ship toward Latorga. Mack then grabs the wheel, trying to spin it back. “I knew you went mad stranded on that island, but I didn’t think it’d make you THIS mad! What are you doing!?” Jace asked angrily, fighting with Mack over the wheel. “We have to get back to the Interceptor before we stray off course, man!” Mack explained. Jace then stops fighting and chuckles. “What’s so funny?” Mack asked. “See, the thing is…you’re not going back to the Interceptor.” Jace replied. Before Mack can make a move, Grudge grabs him with his claws, and holds on tight. Mack is thrown into Anna’s brig cell, as Jace’s crew shuts the door tight. “It’s nothing personal, Mack. Maybe in another life we can be on the same crew.” Zoe said smugly, as she and Anna laugh to themselves. “By the way, that green slug you have. It’s the treasure from Nevarro. I’m no idiot, Mack. I figured it out, though how you got it is beyond me. I’m going to take it from your friends, brag that I was the first pirate to find it, and then dethrone Bedossa for myself. I’ll become the number one pirate in the sea with Zoe and Grudge by my side.” Jace explained, as Zoe and Grudge both smile, delighted to hear this. Mack looks in shock and anger upon hearing this. “I figured he was holdin’ out on us, scum.” Zoe said, spitting at Mack through the cell bars. “Sawyer and Higgs won’t let you.” Mack replied confidently. “I can take them with a blindfold. Enjoy prison!” Jace replied, laughing smugly, as his team leaves the brig. Once again, Mack is stuck behind bars so soon, which he is not thrilled over. He looks around, hoping for a path out of here. Mack then sees another set of jail keys resting on the other knocked out sentry’s pocket. However, the sentry is too far out of reach from this cell’s position. Suddenly, three sentries then run down the stairs, aiming guns at the crew. “HANDS UP!” The sentry yelled, but Jace’s crew fights back, as Zoe impales her sword through one, and Anna punches another in the face. Jace then shoots at the sentry Anna is fighting, taking them out. Grudge grabs the last sentry, clawing at his arm, and then throws him against the cells, knocking him out. Mack sees the sentry Grudge threw has jail keys, right near him. Mack smiles, as Jace’s crew runs back up to the cabin. Mack puts his sword through the cell, and manages to grab the sentry’s keys. He holds onto the keys using his sword, and brings them into the cell. He unlocks the door, freeing himself. “Thanks, mate.” Mack said, tossing the keys onto the sentry’s unconscious body. “Come on man, free us!” A thief demanded, with the other remaining prisoners yelling. Mack picks up a bottle on the ground, and gives chase after Jace’s crew. He’s about to show them they had crossed the wrong pirate. He hears more gunfire and fighting upstairs, indicating they are dealing with the remaining sentries. They deal with two more, as they meet their fates. Jace heads into the cabin, and puts Grudge to guard outside in case any other sentries come after or wake up. Mack sneaks around, as Zoe and Anna head downstairs, walking around the deck. Mack heads up to the cabin. “What, how did you get free!?” Grudge asked, swinging his claws at Mack. “I’m Captain Mack Stark.” Mack replied smugly. “I’ll squish and crunch you into nothing.” Grudge said, snapping his claws and laughing. Mack slashes his sword at Grudge’s, and is careful to keep them out of the claw areas so he does not snap it. Mac then slashes at a rope, making a small anchor fall down at Grudge, who catches it. Grudge uses his claws to lift it up, as he laughs while doing so. Now distracted, Mack slashes at another rope, which makes a large steel crate fall onto Grudge. Grudge gasps, as it crushes him, sending him smashing through the wooden floor. Jace hears the incident outside, and stops steering the ship. He heads outside the cabin, seeing the large hole. “…Grudge?” Jace asked. Mack then attacks him from behind, startling Jace. Mack then smashes a bottle against Jace’s head, knocking him out. Zoe is then seen on the bow, looking out at the ocean. “Can’t wait to be free, sis.” Anna said. Zoe then realizes the ship is not sailing to Latorga now, confusing her. “Stay here, I need to check something.” Zoe told her, as she heads off. She goes into the cabin, seeing Jace and Grudge nowhere in sight. Mack then jumps her from the shadows, and they have a sword fight, and Mack kicks her down across a table. He points her sword right at her face, and Zoe for the first time, is terrified of Mack. Anna keeps waiting, hoping Zoe is okay. Mack runs along the deck, and approaches her. Anna is worried. “…You killed them, didn’t you?” Anna asked nervously, realizing her sister might be gone. “Depends, do you take me for a cold blooded murderer?” Mack inquired. Anna tries to run and jump off the ship, but Mack grabs her, holding her tight. “Not so fast, I have a cash prize to claim. You’re coming with me, whether you like it or not. Or would you prefer I leave you back on this ship to rot in a musty cell?” Mack explained to Anna. Anna has no choice but to begrudgingly accept, so she decides to go with Mack. Mack and Anna take the longboat, which had still been following the ship the whole time thanks to the rope. Some of the previously knocked out sentries waking up and heading for the captain’s cabin to get control of the ship again. “Oh no…” one of the sentries said, seeing the killed captain. “You take control and get this ship back on course, I’ll search for the intruders.” Another sentry said, holding his gun. He nods, as the sentry heads to look for Jace’s crew and Mack. The ship begins to turn back in its original direction, as it sails onward. Mack and Anna row back to the Interceptor, as Higgs spots them coming in on the horizon. “There he is!” Higgs said, as Sawyer wakes up from a nap. Mack and Anna are raised on the ship, as Higgs and Sawyer are confused who she is. “Who is this lass?” Higgs asked. “The prisoner, the mission is complete. Now to get the prize.” Mack explained. “…What did you do to 'em?” Sawyer asked, wondering where Jace’s crew is. “I did what I had to do.” Mack replied ominously, as he sails the Interceptor back to Latorga. He looks at Treasure rolling around on the deck, happy it is safe from Jace’s crew for now. But he knew others would still be coming after him in the future if they ever found out. The Interceptor ports back to Latorga. Jace’s employer is waiting around beside a palm tree, taking a few drinks. He sees Mack with Anna coming in sight, and approaches. “I take it you are Jace’s employer.” Mack realized. “Yeah, where are him and his friends?” The employer asked. “There was a complication and they could not make it. Here she is.” Mack replied, handing over Anna to the employer. “Well, since you are the first to deliver her, you get the reward then.” The employer replied, handing Mack a bag of doubloons. Mack happily takes the money for himself, counting all of the doubloons. While he did not get a crew, he had at least had more money now. “Thank you very much, kind sir.” Mack replied, smiling smugly, as the employer walks off. Anna looks at Mack scared, and she runs off on her way, hoping he will not kill her. She learned one key lesson from today: never cross Mack Stark’s path again. Mack heads back to Higgs and Sawyer, holding the bag of money. “Ya still don’t have a crew, we’re back to square one. What was the point of this lil’ diversion in the end?” Sawyer asked, annoyed. “Yes, that is quite unfortunate, but I got money! And money is always important for reputation around here. However, for now, we've had quite a long day, and it's getting quite late. We could afford some rest, yeah?” Mack suggested, jingling his bag of doubloons. “Aye, I too have been feeling a clockin’ out. We'll continue our crew search first thing in the ‘morn.” Higgs replied. “Fine, I could use a better nap too. I hope Juliet can keep hangin' on…” Sawyer said, worried about her. “She shall. Bedossa is not at his destination as of yet, it be a long voyage.” Mack explained, as the group goes to rest aboard the Interceptor. Jace, Zoe and Grudge are seen sitting in a cell together on the prisoner ship. They are now imprisoned. Mack had decided to be generous and spare the three. Turns out he was not quite a cold blooded killer. “If I ever find Stark again, he’s gonna be a dead man! You hear that Mack, we’re gonna get you back for this!?” Jace vowed revenge angrily from his cell, shaking the bars. “Silence, prisoners.” A sentry said, aiming his gun at the door, as Jace sits back down on a bench annoyed. The ship keeps sailing off into the horizon, with the three still knowing Mack's secret, and Jace is fully intent on using this against him in the future if he ever gets out. He would make Mack regret keeping him alive... Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Jace Callis, Zoe, Grudge and Anna -The Jolly Mon Mack had in the beginning of “Pirate’s Life” was Zoe’s.
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