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    And per usual, Pineapple RV is nowhere to be seen...
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    Saturday, April 11th: 11:00 AM: Swamp Mates (247A) - Bubble Bass finds himself stranded with Patrick in a mysterious swamp, looking for a lost action figure. 11:15 AM: One Trick Sponge (247B) - SpongeBob learns a new trick but can't find an audience to show it to. Both these episodes were already leaked online, yada yada you know the drill by now.
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    Has it been two weeks already? Here's ten episodes. JCMovies crossover coming tomorrow. 37. Alone Together As Tyeam teaches Dennis how to dance, Tyeam and Dennis accidentally fuse, forming TyeamAssassin. When they show the Bubble Buds their new body, Jjs isn't a fan, but Teenj loves it, and he tells them to go have fun with their new fusion. They go to a rave, and they're the center of attention with their beautiful dance moves, but some loser tries to make them dance with him, and the Dennis part of TyeamAssassin is so annoyed that he's prepared to kill him, forcing Tyeam to unfuse with him before he gets them both sent to prison. The loser is so disturbed by what he saw that he finally leaves them alone, and the episode ends. 38. The Test Tyeam finds out that the mission in Krabby Patty Backpack was a test of her ability to join the Bubble Buds on missions (a test she failed miserably) so she demands a new test. 39. Future Vision Tyeam learns that Teenj can see into the future and becomes paranoid about the possible dangers around her. 40. On The Run One day, Patty Sponge decides that she's flying back to the UK, and as Tyeam tags along, Patty Sponge tells her about her origin as a weapon in the original Bubble Buds' planned colonization of Earth. 41. Horror Club Tyeam goes to the lighthouse to watch scary movies with WhoBob, Hal, and Aya. After watching their movies, she reveals her own: a vampire movie so messed up and violent that, after the movie is over, the other three agree never to invite Tyeam to the lighthouse ever again. 42. Winter Forecast Tyeam has to try and get Dennis back to his place before a blizzard hits SOFCity, and Teenj shows her some future outcomes before they depart. 43. Maximum Clapacity While cleaning out Clappy's storage unit, Tyeam and Patty Sponge get distracted watching episodes of The Office on Tyeam's new phone. 44. Marble Madness When droids from space descend towards warp pad zones, Tyeam and the Bubble Buds attempt to find out their purpose. 45. Jelly's Scabbard Jjs takes Tyeam to a special place that belonged to Jelly after Sea Lion finds the scabbard for Jelly's sword. 46. Open Book When Dennis is upset by the ending of Game of Thrones, Tyeam has to hunt down George R. R. Martin to get him to quickly finish the book series before Dennis takes his frustration out on the show's writers.
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    Here is our final three: 1.) @dmandagiraffe 2.) @Hayden 3.) @Salmon The fourth and final round will be tonight at 7pm EDT. Report to this topic when it's time! Last time, Salmon won for the Solos and RDSP was eliminated. The final three will duke it out in their last challenge TONIGHT! Who will take home the gold?
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    Congrats to @Hayden, who is this edition's overall winner! I will give you your prizes momentarily.
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    I cannot believe this is the reason why Jamie Lee Curtis is trending?
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    Congrats to Hay who won!
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