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    35. Sea Lion 3: Straight to Netflix One day, Tyeam and her sea lion are at the Big Halibutt. As Tyeam looks for a coffee to pair with her order, she notices a bunch of paper bags with Halibut's name written on them sitting on the bottom shelf. She asks Hal what the bags are for, and Hal reveals that his mother has been sending him lunch since he opened the shop several months ago, despite him not being interested and not liking any of the food. Tyeam asks if she can bring some of the food home with her, and Hal tells her to take as much as she wants. As Tyeam eats one of Hal's sandwiches, she wonders what kind of lunches Jelly would have made her, and she feels sad that she never got to know what Jelly was like. That night, the sea lion sleeps in Tyeam's bed despite Tyeam specifically telling it not to. Unable to wake the sea lion, Tyeam snuggles beside it and goes to sleep. A few hours later, she dreams that she's underwater, but unlike her other dreams, this one feels real. She realizes she's awake and drowning, and she cries for help before Jjs pulls the sea lion off of her. Jjs asks her why the sea lion was on top of her, and Tyeam tells him that it's not what he thinks. Jjs asks Tyeam what she thinks he thinks, and Tyeam is too confused to respond. She then asks Jjs what he's doing in her room, and Jjs says he goes in there to watch her sleep sometimes...most of the time...all of the time. Thoroughly weirded out, Tyeam forces Jjs and the sea lion out of her room before returning to bed and to sleep. A few minutes later, Tyeam is underwater again, and upon waking up and finding the sea lion back on, Tyeam yells at it before carrying it out of the house and locking the door. The sea lion starts wailing while looking at Tyeam in the most cute way possible, and Tyeam starts to feel bad for it. She goes outside to apologize, and the sea lion hugs her, sending her back underwater. This time, Tyeam notices something glowing in the distance, and she swims towards it while holding her breath. She realizes that the glow is surrounding various objects that used to belong to Jelly, including a VHS tape that Tyeam grabs out of curiosity before realizing she's drowning again. Tyeam desperately swims back to where she came, and right before she loses consciousness, she sees her front porch. About an hour later, she wakes up to the sea lion licking her face, and she feels the VHS tape in her hand. She returns to the Big Halibutt, where Halibut has one of the few remaining VHS players in America set up in the back. They put Jelly's tape in, and a video of Clappy on the beach starts playing. After several minutes of him playing the guitar and doing awful impressions of movie characters, Jelly turns the camera around and speaks to Tyeam directly about how Jelly will always be inside of her, the part of Tyeam that loves herself and loves the universe and loves her friends. She tells Tyeam to "take care of them" before Clappy shouts her name off-camera, and the video ends just as Aya walks into the room. Hal and Tyeam, who are holding hands and crying, quickly separate, and as Tyeam walks out with the tape, Aya asks Hal what they were watching. Hal tells Aya it is isn't what she thinks, Aya asks Hal what he thinks she thinks, and the episode ends. 36. Warp Tour One day, Tyeam and the Bubble Buds are returning from a mission in a giant flower garden when Tyeam, who's allergic to pollen, can't stop herself from sneezing every two seconds. As they warp back home, Tyeam accidentally sneezes herself out of the warp stream, and she sees something fly through another warp stream beside them. Teenj pulls her back into their warp stream before she can get a closer look, and when Tyeam tells the Bubble Buds what she saw, none of them believe her. That night, Tyeam is attempting to go to sleep, but every time she closes her eyes, she sees the creature in the warp stream, forcing her to open them again. Patty Sponge walks into her room drinking tea, causing her to jump. Patty Sponge tells her that she was only there to offer her some tea, but Tyeam declines it. Patty Sponge asks her if she's still thinking about what she saw in the warp stream, and Tyeam says he is, so Patty Sponge tells her a story about growing up in the UK at the height of the British Empire. Patty Sponge, like Tyeam was kept up at night thinking angry colonists would break into her room and kill her, but it would never come to pass. She asks Tyeam if that story made her feel any better, and she says it didn't. Patty Sponge shrugs, drinks more tea, and leaves the room. Tyeam spends the night hunting monsters around the house with a bow and arrow she borrowed from Dennis. After the sun comes up, Tyeam is sitting in front of the door, bow and arrow ready to strike, and she finally starts to fall asleep before Jjs taps her shoulder and a startled Tyeam shoots an arrow into his chest. Jjs simply says "Ow," and Patty Sponge, who's coming out of his own room, laughs at him. Jjs asks Tyeam what's going on, and Tyeam tells him she couldn't sleep because of what she saw in the warp stream. To reassure Tyeam, Jjs takes her to every single place she warped to, and there's nothing out of the ordinary at any of the warp destinations. When they return, Jjs admonishes Tyeam for acting so crazy, but Tyeam still believes in what they saw, and they fight over it. She leaves Tyeam alone in front of a broken warp pad that used to go to the Bubble Buds' home world, and minutes later, a shiny metal ball flies through the ceiling and lands in front of the warp pad, astounding Tyeam. Metal arms come out of the ball, and it uses the arms to drag itself onto the warp pad, but not wanting to lose the proof that she was right, Tyeam jumps on it just as it warps through space. Tyeam sees dozens of similar balls floating around them, and they start to attach themselves to Tyeam before she breaks away from them, floating in the middle of space herself with one of the metal balls in her arms. Just as she's about to die, another warp stream appears behind her, and Teenj grabs her from inside it. Teenj takes Tyeam and the metal ball back to the house, where Jjs and Patty Sponge are waiting for them. Jjs apologizes to Tyeam for not believing her, and Tyeam takes them back to where she founds the original metal ball. Suddenly, the ball in her arms grows legs and jumps away from her, joining a bunch of other metal balls that have surrounded the warp back that goes to the home world. The Bubble Buds are shocked not only to find the metal balls there but to find that they're fixing the warp pad. Once they're finished, somebody spawns on the warp pad, and Teenj grabs Tyeam and he and the rest of the Bubble Buds hide. The person on the warp pad is none other than Renegade the Unicorn. After Renegade does some routine maintenance, she notices a hair pin Tyeam left by the warp pad, and she calls somebody higher up to tell them the site has been compromised. She then warps away, alarming the Bubble Buds. Tyeam asks them what's going on, but the Bubble Buds are too focused on trying to fix what has become a bad situation. Teenj destroys the warp pad, and the episode ends.
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    Better late than never! I don't know much about MLP. When I was in boarding school, though, I had a roommate who loved it. I can still here the theme song in my head.
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    Yeah. At least I'll be spared the anxiety lol Hmmm, going off the list of my past tickets on the Regal app: The Grudge Underwater Like A Boss Bad Boys for Life Spies in Disguise 1917 Dolittle The Turning The Gentlemen Gretel & Hansel Birds of Prey Sonic the Hedgehog Fantasy Island Downhill Brahms: The Boy II My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Invisible Man Call of the Wild Onward
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    I was actually sorta looking forward to this St. Patty's Day block party with some friends, but the corona virus got that shit shut down. Now I'm just looking forward to DOOM: Eternal, Nioh 2, the rest of Supernatural's final season and pretty much just movies in general lol
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    anything planned for this week?
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