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    I promise I'll be more active here!
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    New decade, new teams. That’s right: Teams 4 is here! The Band Geeks, Drasticals and Independents are officially disbanded after 5 years, and two new teams rise from their ashes. Our fourth iteration of teams will be... VS. KRUSTY KREW VS. CHUM BUDDIES! Yup, for the ultimate team culmination, we're doing a Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket theme for this edition of teams! There's nothing that screams a heated team rivalry more than these two restaurants duking it out, with you, the members helping them! Krusty Krew will be led by @Mr. Eugene Krabs himself, and Chum Buddies led by @Plankton himself. There will be no more “team leaders” in the traditional sense. Those two will act more so as mascots for both teams. Here’s a run-down of the new features Teams 4 has: Solos: Don't want to be on either team? That's okay, because if you do not want to be on either team, by default, you will be a "Solo" (cue Han Solo jokes) now. These are a new version of the Independents, but instead, it is no longer an organized "team" in any sense (which is more in line with my original vision of Indies). What will happen is that if you are not a Krusty Krew or Chum Buddy member and win a team event, then you get the point. If say, Kev and G4ry are both "Solos", and they win events, then they both each get a point for the scoreboard. So from now on, you will be literally on your own if you choose to not be on either team. If you want to be Solo, then don’t post in this thread! Exp. Points & Levels: Starting with March Madness 2020, every event you participate in will give you experience points (varying from game to game) which you can level up with. For Krusty Krew, you will earn “Wacky Bucks” as your points, and for Chum Buddies, you will earn “Root Beer”. The higher your level is, the more you will have a clear team rank amongst your players. Major League & Minor League Events: From now on, team events will be divided into “Major League” and “Minor League” through the year. The “Major League” events will consist of the big season events: March Madness, the summer event, Octerror Fest and Snowcember Ball. Starting in this year, we will have “Minor League” team events in-between those, which are smaller scale team events that will only last a week, but are a way to keep the team activities going during downtime and give people more opportunities to help their team if they didn’t do well last time, and get more exp points. Team Trades: After every Major League event, the winning team will trade someone from the losing team. This will add a lot of stakes to every event, keeps the rosters fresh, and will give the teams more incentive to do better next time. The team level rankings can be helpful in allowing you decide who to trade off as well. It’s okay if you don’t think you’ll make it to every team event, as long as you contribute to the team in some way. We think this will be a fresh new spin on teams, adding a lot of great fun to them this year. If you want to be on either team, just simply sign-up in this thread (yes, you must post here). You will have until February 28th, 2020 at 6pm EST to sign-up, at which point the two team leaders, Krabs and Plankton, will pick their team members, like we did for the 2014 Teams 3 Draft. March Madness 2020 will then kick off two days later, which will be the first event with these new teams. After the initial draft is over, I will keep this thread open for anyone else to sign ups after the fact, similar to how the previous teams thread worked. If you have any other questions, let me know! (Credit to @Old Man Jenkins for several of these ideas)
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    Hux realizes the tragic truth. He lost the star wars.
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    Many of you may know me from SBM. I spent about a decade there with some time missing in the middle and spent a few months as a mod. Unfortunately, life commitments took me away from the site and as I was visiting SBM tonight to try and find something in an old post, I saw that many users migrated here and decided to give it a shot. I wish I had a flashy story about running away from responsibility or spending that time as a superhero or something, but I don't. I apologize for the inconvenience. All is well! Lately I've been hanging out on Reddit, but its' not nearly as personal as the Spongebob community and so I decided to give this another try. A few basics: my favorite color is pink, my favorite hobby is writing and I'm working on novel projects, my favorite Spongebob character is Fred (I'm also leaning toward Patrick at the moment), and my favorite Spongebob episode combo is New Digs/Krabs a la Mode, which it's been for years. I also love Big Pink Loser. You'll learn more about me later. Here's hoping to get to know some of you!
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    Good evening world, and all who inhabit it
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