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    This episode begins with filler before getting into SpongeBob and Patrick actually babysitting the old lady from CWN (a throwback that I don't care for but at the same time am indifferent to as a whole and was genuinely surprised by nonetheless). The filler itself isn't too much of a problem, but a part of me wonders if they couldn't span this character trying to escape SpongeBob and Patrick for a total of 11 minutes (even though they have seasons of material for Squidward doing the exact thing). I guess it's meant to set the two up as babysitters but I do feel like it would've genuinely been funnier if the first job they had was this elderly woman as opposed to having a successful run with actual babies. But maybe that's just me. The rest of the plot once it all comes into fruition is okay, I suppose. It's definitely a fun watch, although I feel like a lot of the appeal in this episode will definitely be in the fact that it features a returning minor character from a beloved episode of yesteryear. She is pretty amusing to watch and her attempts at escaping are quite funny. Dunno about SpongeBob and Patrick in this episode though. They're on par for the course; there's nothing special happening between either one of them but they're tolerable and everything they do works.
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    This was okay. I wasn't too surprised that this was sort of a contiunation of characters from Chocolate With Nuts since Kaz has written this episode. The grandma in this episode wasn't as funny as in CWN but I did enjoy her antics when she was away from SpongeBob and Patrick. The humor here didn't make me laugh much but I liked Patrick's "back in time" joke. Characters were likeable enough and pacing was decent but the story wasn't really interesting to me, so it kind of loses points for that. Still this wasn't anything terrible or mediocre, it was just an alright episode. Grade: B-
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    Why in the WORLD did they bring THAT disgusting character back?! At least she doesn't look AS disgusting as she did the last time, so maybe those chocolate treatments DID help her, a little.
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    New decade, new teams. That’s right: Teams 4 is here! The Band Geeks, Drasticals and Independents are officially disbanded after 5 years, and two new teams rise from their ashes. Our fourth iteration of teams will be... VS. KRUSTY KREW VS. CHUM BUDDIES! Yup, for the ultimate team culmination, we're doing a Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket theme for this edition of teams! There's nothing that screams a heated team rivalry more than these two restaurants duking it out, with you, the members helping them! Krusty Krew will be led by @Mr. Eugene Krabs himself, and Chum Buddies led by @Plankton himself. There will be no more “team leaders” in the traditional sense. Those two will act more so as mascots for both teams. Here’s a run-down of the new features Teams 4 has: Solos: Don't want to be on either team? That's okay, because if you do not want to be on either team, by default, you will be a "Solo" (cue Han Solo jokes) now. These are a new version of the Independents, but instead, it is no longer an organized "team" in any sense (which is more in line with my original vision of Indies). What will happen is that if you are not a Krusty Krew or Chum Buddy member and win a team event, then you get the point. If say, Kev and G4ry are both "Solos", and they win events, then they both each get a point for the scoreboard. So from now on, you will be literally on your own if you choose to not be on either team. If you want to be Solo, then don’t post in this thread! Exp. Points & Levels: Starting with March Madness 2020, every event you participate in will give you experience points (varying from game to game) which you can level up with. For Krusty Krew, you will earn “Wacky Bucks” as your points, and for Chum Buddies, you will earn “Root Beer”. The higher your level is, the more you will have a clear team rank amongst your players. Major League & Minor League Events: From now on, team events will be divided into “Major League” and “Minor League” through the year. The “Major League” events will consist of the big season events: March Madness, the summer event, Octerror Fest and Snowcember Ball. Starting in this year, we will have “Minor League” team events in-between those, which are smaller scale team events that will only last a week, but are a way to keep the team activities going during downtime and give people more opportunities to help their team if they didn’t do well last time, and get more exp points. Team Trades: After every Major League event, the winning team will trade someone from the losing team. This will add a lot of stakes to every event, keeps the rosters fresh, and will give the teams more incentive to do better next time. The team level rankings can be helpful in allowing you decide who to trade off as well. It’s okay if you don’t think you’ll make it to every team event, as long as you contribute to the team in some way. We think this will be a fresh new spin on teams, adding a lot of great fun to them this year. If you want to be on either team, just simply sign-up in this thread (yes, you must post here). You will have until February 28th, 2020 at 6pm EST to sign-up, at which point the two team leaders, Krabs and Plankton, will pick their team members, like we did for the 2014 Teams 3 Draft. March Madness 2020 will then kick off two days later, which will be the first event with these new teams. After the initial draft is over, I will keep this thread open for anyone else to sign ups after the fact, similar to how the previous teams thread worked. If you have any other questions, let me know! (Credit to @Old Man Jenkins for several of these ideas)
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    5. The High Tower The next morning, Juliet wakes up and gets out of bed, feeling much better now that her illness is gone. She struggled to get as much as sleep as she would have liked, due to the chaotic day she had yesterday, and the ensuing noisy night of patrols that followed. She looks at herself in the mirror, and adjusts her hair. She then sees the sapphire dress Rose got her yesterday, hanging in the closet. She appreciated the sentiment, but does not want to wear it anymore after it almost made her drown. Not to mention it was a tad too tight on her anyways. She closes the closet door, wanting to lock those unfortunate events yesterday behind her. Speaking of the incident yesterday however, Juliet thinks about how Mack saved her. Juliet, while initially grateful a pirate of all people saved her, has many conflicted feelings about it now. He later tried to use her as ransom to escape, which somewhat ruined much of her appreciation, very fast. Of course, she knew that being a pirate, he was in a difficult situation, but she still didn’t like it. Did he truly save her out of the kindness of his pirate heart, or was it for his own selfish, personal reasons? Perhaps in hopes of winning her father’s favors so he could stab him in the back when he least expected it? She had no idea what to expect with pirates anymore. Despite her fascination with them, they could make very, very dangerous enemies if you crossed the wrong foot with them. This was not a risk she was willing to take. She looks into her drawer and sees the gold medallion inside. She picks it up and stares at it in wonder once again, as the skull face looks back at her. Juliet remembers Mack asking her where she got it after she woke up. Did the medallion mean something to him? Was it one of his treasures? Hopefully, he did not come back anytime soon to take it from her. This medallion means too much to Juliet for her to let it go. She puts the medallion back in the drawer, and before she closes it, she sees several old photos off to the side. Juliet flips through the photos and reminisces at the memories they contain. She looks at several photos of her younger self, who is with old childhood friends at her original home, many years before her and her father headed to Port Royale. Juliet sighs, missing those days. Ever since moving here, she had lost her friends and family back home. She has felt homesick, and is tired of Rose being overprotective of her, even though his reasons were understandable and his heart in the right place. Even though she is now a woman, she still feels as if Rose treats her like a child. She then sees a picture that makes her sad: it was her mother. Her mother had died many years ago due to a severe illness. Rose was shaken badly, which led to him understandably becoming very overprotective of Juliet, not wanting the same fate to befall her. He could not lose another part of his family, and did everything in his power to keep Juliet safe from the pirates and dangers beyond Port Royale. Granted, bringing her to Enhalas of all places in the first place was not an admittedly great idea to begin with, but he had no real choice in the matter. Her father was sent on an important diplomatic mission eight years ago to lead a colony to Port Royale, and he did not have it in his heart to leave her behind, despite the many risks in this area. In addition, there were no other nearby family members Rose felt comfortable leaving her with anyways. Juliet then hears a knock on her door, startling her. She closes the drawer, still holding a picture of her mother. Rose enters in. “Juliet, apologies for the intrusion, I just wanted to check how you are doing after yesterday’s ride of events…” Rose was saying. Rose then looks at the picture Juliet is holding, showing her mother. Rose shows a depressed expression on his face upon seeing it. “Sorry, I was simply reorganizing my pictures-“ Juliet was saying. “I miss her too. It’s okay.” Rose said to her. “She is in a better place now, I suppose. I am sure she would want the best for both of us in our lives.” Juliet said. “Indeed she would. Just know that everything I have done for you is on your best interests, and so I do not lose you like we lost her.” Rose said. “I know, father. To answer your original inquiry, I am doing fine, or as fine as I can be.” Juliet replied awkwardly. “When that filthy, disgusting pirate grabbed you and used you as a hostage ransom…my blood boiled beyond comprehension. I will never let that happen again to you. We will annihilate all of those pirates so people like you can have a brilliant future in Enhalas.” Rose promised. “Thank you.” Juliet replied, still unsure how to feel. Was every pirate out there truly an evil, wicked creature like her father made them out to be? “I shall be heading to Fort Weatherby to discuss urgent matters with the navy folk, especially in dealing with that pirate. The servants will be here if you need anything.” Rose said, looking at the high tower from the fort that stares directly at their mansion. “Understood.” Juliet replied. “Oh, and my apologies for the dress. They insisted to me it would be the right size, but alas, nobody is infallible. You grow so fast. I shall take that back and get a better version when I have time.” Rose said. “A replacement not be necessary, but I appreciate the sentiment.” Juliet said, as Rose heads to her closet and grabs the sapphire dress. “Very well. I still want my money back, nonetheless.” Rose said. Rose then leaves the room, closing the door behind and taking the dress with him. Juliet is surprised Rose listened to her so easily for a change, not that she was going to argue it. Maybe he was willing to let her make her own choices more? Probably not, but it was a start. Juliet then goes to her drawer, and takes out her pirate book. She hops into bed and reads more of it to pass the time. She knew it felt somewhat evil to be this fascinated in them despite the fact one almost put her in danger, but she wanted to learn more about them. After all, if you wish to get an advantage over your enemy, you must know them. At Fort Weatherby, multiple soldiers, officials, and workers are seen heading inside. Several others are left to stand patrol outside, as they hold their guns high. Valek heads in with his soldiers, as people see his red cave waving as he walks. “I would love a cape like that…” one soldier said, jealous of Valek’s attire. Tyrell is already inside with his soldiers, as they are waiting around in the foyer. “Wonder what the meeting is for?” Toby wondered, looking at Murray. “Probably to demote us both for letting the pirate get close to stealing the Interceptor, I would reckon.” Murray replied. “Us? No, that would be your fault, not mine!” Toby replied back. “Both of you be quiet. The meeting will be about reevaluating our strategy to capture the pirates in this area.” Pearson said, who now has a bandage on the back of his head due to the injury Higgs inflicted upon him last night, as he holds an ice pack against it. “In addition, we will be reviewing everything that occurred yesterday from official reports, checking for any oddities.” Valek said ominously, as a worker approaches him and Tyrell. “Here are all of the navy reports from yesterday, gathered for your ease, sirs.” A worker said, handing them the papers. “Thank you, we will examine them thoroughly.” Tyrell replied. Valek and Tyrell begin checking reports from throughout yesterday with their soldiers, reviewing all necessary materials of every account. The worker then grabs something else of note from a table. “These may come in handy too.” The worker said, holding all of the port ledgers, containing listings of every person who docked on Port Royale in the past month. Valek is then handed the ledgers. He begins reviewing all the names and times “Interesting…” Valek said, catching something abnormal in the listings. “This will be useful for our meeting.” “We should head upstairs to the high tower while waiting for the governor.” Tyrell said, looking at the clock. Tyrell, Valek and Pearson head down the main hall. As he walks however, Valek feels an uncomfortable sensation in his body and panics. He quickly breaks off from the group and goes down a small hallway, away from anyone else. Valek begins to cough uneasily. Blood briefly comes out of his mouth, and he wipes it away. “Not now!” Valek said angrily, not wanting to be seen like this at the meeting. “Admiral…are you alright?” Tyrell asked him from behind, worried. “…It’s nothing. Head upstairs without me.” Valek replied, sounding groggy and sick, but manages to overcome it. The bleeding from his mouth stops, and he relaxes, feeling somewhat better now, but still tense. Tyrell and Pearson begin heading up the stairs, as Valek takes a minute to compose himself. He then follows, heading up the stairs as well. The three reach the top of the tower, where a large meeting room is. Several soldiers are already there, standing guard in the room. At the large table sits several port workers and officials, including a senator and ambassador. A chair at the end of the table is reserved for Rose. An unfamiliar lieutenant approaches the three. “Greetings. You must be Admiral Valek, Commodore Tyrell, and Lieutenant Pearson.” The lieutenant greeted to them. “Hello there, I was not expecting a new lieutenant.” Tyrell said. “That was going to be announced at the meeting, but we shall let it out of the bag now. Admiral Pellaeon has allowed us to borrow a lieutenant from his team, whom he has spoken highly of. Introducing: Lieutenant Theodore Gravel.” A soldier explained to them. Gravel is a young, but aspiring, lieutenant in the Royal Navy who will do the job to the best of his ability. “Yes, we heard chatter that you needed help with your pirate problem, and I will help you however I can. It will be an honor to serve with you.” Gravel said, shaking Tyrell and Valek’s hands. “Another lieutenant? Welcome to the team, I trust we will get along.” Pearson said, shaking his hand. “I have much respect for Admiral Pellaeon, so I trust his judgment in choosing you. Welcome aboard.” Valek said to Gravel. Rose then enters the room, and sits down. Valek, Tyrell, Pearson and Gravel take their seats as well. “Apologies for not being here early, but I had errands to run. Now then, I am sure you are all aware of the “pirate situation” we had yesterday. Captain Mack Stark, an infamous pirate, is on our island with no way off. In addition, a group of unrelated pirates attacked last night, but thankfully were driven away before they could cause major harm. Right now, we are essentially glorified warlords with our limited control of Enhalas. After eight years, we still only have this one island. The rest of our forces are too busy defending the homeland and the Eastern Trading Company does not seem invested in helping us out right now. If we cannot deal with Stark, then we are in big trouble for more pirates. We need to reevaluate our efforts if we are to deal with them all. Killing pirates like Stark is only a small, but symbolic, step to ensuing our victory. I will not let anymore pirates near my daughter and the residents of the isle.” Rose said boldly. “If the governor would let me speak, I have a crucial piece of information I would like to address first that will set us on a path to ending them.” Valek said. “You may proceed.” Rose replied. “Last night, a black market dealer visited Port Royale, who Stark tried to get away with. The problem here many in this room likely are overlooking would be: why was he allowed to dock his boat there to begin with?” Valek asked, bringing the question out in the open. Everyone then immediately looks at the port workers, and the workers look at each other suspiciously. “It wasn’t me, I wasn’t working the night shift.” one of the other port workers said. “The records do confirm that.” Tyrell noted, checking. The worker who let Mack and Clarence slip by gets nervous within a second, as he sinks into his chair. Valek then looks directly at him. “Do you have any explanation of how that could have happened…Mr. Harrison? You were on duty most of yesterday, I’m aware.” Valek asked the worker known as Harrison, putting him on the spot. “Well…you see admiral, there are several ports to check and I likely was not there when he arrived, you may want to ask one of the others…” Mr. Harrison was saying. “Except you were, according to this.” Valek said, showing the ledger page for Clarence’s arrival time, which he wrote as “Mr. Smith” and has his signature next to the arrival. “I also know about your greedy history and will do anything for money. He has been accepting bribes from criminals this whole time, and let Stark arrive on Port Royale.” Rose and Tyrell are angry at this. The worker tries to make a run for it, but Valek quickly pulls out his gun and shoots him straight through the chest, as he falls to the ground. He is dead within seconds. His body is picked up by two soldiers, as they take him away. The senator attending the meeting looks at this with unease. “Make no mistake, anyone who is caught aiding pirates like this traitor, will be executed.” Valek said grimly, blowing smoke off his gun, as one of the senators has a worried expression on their face. “That was the first lesson in changing our strategy. The less people for him to take advantage of, the better.” Gravel is impressed with Valek’s deduction skills and courage. He had heard the stories from his own admiral about Valek’s brutal and crafty skills, but they always provided results as he just saw. “We promise, none of us will take bribes or let any criminals on the island, admiral.” A port worker said dedicatedly, as the others nod in understanding. “We know Stark has at least one accomplice with him right now, and we will figure out who they are as well. Pirate sympathizers like Mr. Harrison must be snuffed out, which is something we must look out for more, beginning today.” Tyrell added. “With all due respect, hunting down these sympathizers seems like it will only put the town into a scare and make them hide themselves better, no? Mr. Harrison was an outlier, not the norm. A lot of ‘em can only lead so far anyways up the food chain.” The senator spoke, known as Randolph Casterfel. “Your concern is noted, Senator Casterfel. We will be subtle in how we hunt for them, obviously we would not make it clear. But as for your other concern, not all may know everything, but even cold trails make a good base.” Valek said curiously. “Besides, any sympathizer, no matter how small they are, needs to be eliminated.” The group continues to discuss their new strategies to combat the pirates. Meanwhile, Mack is seen in his room at the Sailor’s Tavern, just waking up a few minutes ago. Mack looks around and opens the chest, to see Treasure looking up at him, as it too had just waken up. Mack then thinks to himself about last night’s events: Why were Bedossa’s crew here, exactly? They had no idea he was here initially, so it wasn’t for him. Then he remembered the medallion Juliet had, and put two and two together. He realized what it meant, and knew she was in danger. Mack heads downstairs in a hurry, where he sees Higgs at his usual table. “I’ve been thinking, Mack. What do ye think Bedossa’s crew were after? Seems a tad odd for him to send only a few to attack here…” Higgs pondered curiously. “They weren’t here to attack. They wanted to find someone…or something.” Mack said. “Your pet?” Higgs asked. “No. That lady I saved, the governor's daughter. She had one of the gold pieces. It must have sent out a call to The Eclipse Pearl.” Mack revealed, surprising Higgs. “Of course, but how would she have it?” Higgs asked. “That, I am going to find out. I am going to sneak into their quarters and ask Mrs. Rose to give me the piece.” Mack revealed. “That is a bad idea.” Higgs said, sighing. “And you and I both know that means I will see it through.” Mack replied stubbornly and confidently. “I know it is not smart, but I cannot let harm come her way because of me. Also, I owe her a favor in return. I’m a man of my word.” “The Roses live in a mansion near the town. If you are going to do this, at least get a good disguise.” Higgs said, as he heads to his room upstairs. He comes back down with an old cloak, handing it to Mack. Mack puts on the hooded cloak, which disguises him perfectly. “Not bad, it fits well, surprisingly. Thanks, mate. By the by, can you watch Treasure for me?” Mack requested. “Sure, ain’t like I have anything else to do.” Higgs replied, as he heads upstairs to watch Treasure. Mack heads outside of the Sailor’s Tavern, and sees several wanted posters with his face on them scattered about across almost every building. “Wow, what a horrible representation of me!” Mack said, unimpressed by the artist’s attempts to recreate his face, and rips up the poster. He keeps heading off toward the Rose mansion. As he walks down the street, the passing civilians and soldiers do not take notice of him. He is relieved the hood is working. “I truly owe Vincent a lot for the amount of times he’s had my back.” Mack realized. He sees the mansion is somewhat far off from the rest of the town, along with Fort Weatherby in the distance. “That will take too long, and the mansion is too out in the open so I would be spotted easily.” Mack said, finding a conundrum in his plan. He then sees a ladder outside a building, and realizes with enough precision, he can use it to climb up to the rooftops. “However, I believe I have found a way to increase my stealthiness, and get to the mansion faster, at the same time!” Mack realized. He climbs up the ladder and jumps off, grabbing onto a flag pole nearby. He then swings from it into the air, and grabs onto a window ledge. “What is that man doing!?” A woman asked from below, confused. Several other residents below join her, looking at Mack in confusion and curiosity. Mack stands on the window ledge, and begins to climb onto wooden building, jabbing his sword as hard as possible into it, which he uses to hold onto. He then makes it to the rooftop, victorious. Mack looks out from the rooftop, having a great view of the whole Port Royale island. He then begins running, and keeps doing so. He jumps at the edge, and lands on another rooftop right across from the one he was just on. He feels the roof wood, and picks himself back up. “Now this is how you sneak around in style!” Mack said, overjoyed. He runs again, and jumps off the edge, landing on another rooftop nearby, with no passing civilians below noticing the jumping pirate above their heads. He jumps off more roofs, but on his latest attempt, he slips on the roof he lands on. “Oh no…” Mack said, trying to regain balance. He looks below to see several navy soldiers patrolling, and he quickly looks back up as he tries to not fall. Thankfully, he gains his balance and casually walks his way onto the roof. “Whew.” Mack said, relieved, as he keeps on walking. Due to his skirmish though, a tile falls off the roof and hits a soldier below in the dead. The soldier looks up annoyed, and sees nothing. “Wretched old buildings…” the soldier said, as he shrugs it off and keeps going on his way. “Did you see that man on the roof?” A civilian said in passing, confusing the soldiers. “Excuse me sir, what man on the roof?” A soldier asked to the passerby. “Some buffoon climbed up a building and onto the roof a few moments ago.” The passerby explained. “Could that be the pirate?” Another soldier asked. “Perhaps, but it could also just be a stupid delinquent. Regardless, look up at the roofs and see what you find.” The soldier said, as the group splits up. As Mack keeps roof hopping, he makes it closer to the Rose mansion, seeing it nearby. “HEY! Get down from there!” A soldier yelled, spotting Mack from below. Mack, by instinct, jumps off the roof, landing onto a wooden platform below. He is surprised that worked, and hops off, as he makes his way to the mansion. The soldier then appears from the side though, making Mack freeze. “Sir, who are you…wait…your face…” The soldier was figuring it out. “You’re the pirate-“ Mack then kicks sand right into the soldier’s face, blinding them. He pushes him to the ground, and makes a run for it to the mansion. “Sorry mate, now in the mood for a fight today! Perhaps another time!” Mack promised, as the soldier keeps trying to clear their eyes. Mack makes it to the mansion’s front, and hides behind a wall, seeing the luxurious building right before him. There are several guards patrolling around outside, and two stationed at the entrance. Mack carefully sneaks around the outside, trying to figure out another way in. He hides behind several exotic, imported plants in their fancy garden, as several soldiers pass by. He sneaks around again, and looks at several room windows up above. He begins climbing the mansion walls, trying to see which room belongs to Juliet. He looks through a window, to see Juliet reading her pirate book. Mack then knocks on the window, startling Juliet. She approaches it. She is both confused and annoyed to see him. “…What are you doing here!?” Juliet asked. “We need to talk, lass. That piece of gold you have…it is evil, and there is an evil man that will be coming to take it from you.” Mack warned. “Why should I trust you after you used me as a hostage?” Juliet asked, on edge. “Somewhat a stretch of what actually happened, but touché, you don’t know you can trust me. However, I normally never warn anyone about anything, so I suppose you will have to come up with your own interpretation. If you keep holding onto that gold, you may endanger the ones you love.” Mack warned to her cryptically. “So give it to me like a good girl.” “Are you just trying to increase your treasure count?” Juliet asked. “I could be, but I could also have no use for it. Remember I owe you a favor after you helped save me yesterday, and this warning would certainly count, no?” Mack replied cryptically again. Juliet thinks it over, when she hears knocking on her door. “Juliet, is everything okay? We heard noises.” The butler asked from outside. “If you will not give it to me, then I hope you put it somewhere faraway from here as possible. G’day!” Mack said, as he drops below. The butler opens the door, to see Juliet standing near the window. Both of them look below to see Mack is not there. “It’s nothing, I thought I saw something outside.” Juliet said. “Alright then. If you need any help, let me know.” The butler replied, as he shrugs and leaves the room. Mack makes a run for it, as he hears soldiers approaching. He quickly begins climbing over a wall, and manages to make it to the other side, as the soldiers pass by. Mack looks up to see he is right near Fort Weatherby, as he looks up at the high tower. He then hides in a bush, overhearing the guards outside. “How long is this meeting going to last?” one soldier wondered. “A meeting, eh? Curious to hear what they are discussing, most likely about yours truly…” Mack said, getting an idea. Seeing as his plan to get Juliet to give him the coin failed, he decides to eavesdrop in on the meeting to hear about their plans, in hopes he can take advantage of them. Mack stealthily climbs up the stone fort tower, as he gets closer to the meeting room, when suddenly… The soldier he knocked out earlier comes running to the entrance. “Alert them, I’ve found our pirate!” The soldier said. One of the guards goes inside at once, running to the meeting room. “Uh oh.” Mack said, as he climbs faster. Mack then gets to the window for the meeting room, as he looks inside, seeing them talking. “I have sent a notice to pull most of our forces from the other side of the isle. The small settlements there have not reported and sightings.” Tyrell said, as Mack keeps this information in the back of his head, getting an idea. The guard then barges into the meeting room. “The pirate is…” He was saying, and looks at the window. Everyone looks at the window, and gasps upon being Mack. “Hello there.” Mack said awkwardly. He then gets out of the window, as one soldier tries to follow. Mack then pushes them off the ledge, as they fall below. The rest of the soldiers are heard going downstairs, planning to attack him from below. Mack carefully walks around the tower edges, as he sees small pebbles drop below. “There he is!” Gravel spotted from below. The soldiers begin firing at once, as Valek looks at him, noticing he does not have the treasure chest with him. Mack sees a rope hanging from the side of the tower. Mack grabs the rope and swings from it into the air, avoiding the gunshots. Gravel shoots at at the rope Mack is swinging from, as it breaks. Mack begins to fall, as he screams. He manages to land on a roof nearby, much to his pleasure. He gets up and looks at the soldiers below. “You simpletons shall all remember this as the SECOND day you almost caught Captain Mack Stark!” Mack bragged, tipping his hat to the soldiers below. A gunshot nearly hits him in the firings, as his eyes go wide and he continues his escape, disappearing into the rooftop horizon. “And so, once again, Stark escapes…” Rose said, getting irritated at their progress. “How much of our plans do you suspect he overheard?” “Little to none thankfully, given the timing of his appearance, he only just got here.” Valek replied. “Not bad, lieutenant, you almost had him on your first task.” Tyrell said to Gravel. “No problem, sir. Now that I’ve seen him in action, I must say he’s quite a fascinating pirate.” Gravel said. “Indeed he is…” Senator Castefel said in wonder, as he and the other officials are dismissed. At night, Valek and Rose are seen in the high tower meeting room together. “We will catch him in time, governor, I promise.” Valek reassured. “Time is what I am afraid we do not have.” Rose sighed. “Neither does he, since he is trapped on the island, along with the treasure. He may run, but he cannot hide for long.” Valek said. “Whatever treasure he has is irrelevant, I just want him executed. No offense admiral, but I worry your obsession with this “treasure” is going to compromise our mission…” Rose scoffed. Valek stays silent for a few seconds. “Governor, I must ask: what if you had the power…to live forever?” Valek asked deeply and mysteriously to Rose, catching him off guard. “…What are you talking about?” Rose asked, confused. “There are mystical pathways to immortality some would consider to be…”unnatural” in Enhalas. I am sure you aware of the cursed pirates, or even the tales about a pirate lord who tried to create his own way to immortality. Fascinating stories, wouldn’t you agree?” Valek explained, showing more of his impressive knowledge of pirate myths and history in the area. “I have heard the cursed pirate stories, but I never took too much stock in them myself. People will make up all sorts of tales about this area, that who knows where the truth begins and stops. You should not let ghost stories interfere with your duties.” Rose said, clearly not believing Valek. “There is always truth in legends, governor. I didn’t believe them either at first.” Valek said. “If you say so. Living forever does not sound particularly amusing to me. Death is an inevitably for all, but I will make the best of my life until that fateful day.” Rose replied, as Valek looks at him. “What if I told you…I’m dying?” Valek said bluntly. Rose is initially not sure how to respond to this sudden reveal. “…If this is an attempt at humor, I am not amused, admiral.” Rose replied, confused. “There is no humor. Not many know this, not even my crew. Long ago, when I was only a mere lieutenant myself, I participated in a major naval battle against pirates. It was brutal and bloody. I made it out alive, but…barely. The ship took a heavy beating, and I was caught in an explosion of debris. The medics told me my body suffered near irreversible damages, and that I would only have several years left to fight it out. This may surprise you given how I appear healthy on the outside, but on the inside, there's always something hidden underneath.” Valek explained, hinting to possibly knowing what Treasure truly is and of the powers it holds. “…I do sympathize. I lost my wife to an illness as well, and Juliet had quite a difficult time growing up after that.” Rose replied. “And with the powers that treasure may hold, perhaps you could save her from dying too.” Valek promised, trying to sneakily manipulate Rose into helping him find the treasure. This infuriates Rose, however. “That is enough, admiral! I know you are obsessed with that treasure, but making people live forever?! It's utter nonsense. You have heard one too many myths. I truly do hope you get better, but not through a magical fairy tale. Get some rest, please, and focus on the task at hand tomorrow.” Rose said, as he leaves the room. “Understood, governor.” Valek replied contently. He then looks out the window from the high tower. Mack heads back into the Sailor’s Tavern, annoyed he did not get the medallion from Juliet. Nonetheless, he is still smugly content to himself that he got away from them once more, and knows that the other side of the island will be safe to visit. He heads upstairs, where he sees Higgs asleep in a rocking chair. Mack whistles, and Higgs wakes up, startled. “Wha…oh, you’re back already.” Higgs said, surprised. “Was he a good boy while I was gone?” Mack asked Higgs. “He don’t do too much, lemme tell ye. He’s mostly been staying asleep all day.” Higgs said, pointing to Treasure resting in its chest. “How did it go?” “Not great, afraid to say. I did not get the girl to give me the medallion, since she does not trust me, somewhat understandable, but also a tad rude. Oh well, I tried. We shall see if the lass takes my wisdom to heart.” Mack said, shrugging. At the Rose mansion, Juliet is in her room, bored. She heads to her drawer and pulls the golden medallion out of it again. She looks at it once more, this time with dread due to Mack’s warning. At Fort Weatherby, Tyrell is walking through the main foyer, about to head outside, when Rose approaches him. “Commodore, we need to talk.” Rose said, pulling him aside. “Yes, sir?” Tyrell asked. “We have a problem with Admiral Valek.” Rose said. “What about him?” Tyrell asked, confused and curious. “I do not trust him. It is clear he has his own goals that will not intwine with the best interests of the navy’s own goal, unfortunately.” Rose explained. “With all due respect sir, I know it may appear that he has his mind set on that “treasure” but he sees a bigger picture than the rest of us. The rest of the navy speaks highly of his talents. If that treasure is important to ending the pirates, then he will find a way to connect the two.” Tyrell replied. “He told me outright that he wanted the treasure for a personal reason, which could be treason in the books…” Rose said worried, as this concerns Tyrell. “What do you want me to do about it?” Tyrell asked. “I want you to be my eyes and ears. Keep a very close eye on Valek’s activities from now on. Report to me in private anything he does that may come off as treasonous or breaking any navy codes.” Rose said, sneakily going behind Valek’s back. “As you wish, governor.” Tyrell replied. “Thank you. I always knew I could trust you.” Rose said contently. The two then leave the fort together. Valek is seen still in the high tower above, and looks down at the two below curiously. Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Lieutenant Theodore Gravel and Senator Randolph Casterfel -Death: Mr. Harrison -Juliet’s mother passed away due to an illness long ago. -
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    I hope I don't get stuck with a bunch of neanderthals-err, I mean, can't wait to see who else signs up! I'm going to get first pick, so don't even try to argue it, KRABS!
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    Tough call, because there have been four of these movies that I have seen, and they are ALL very deserving to win best picture. However, I'm going to have to go with "Ford V. Ferrari", because it's basically the plot of "Cars", but from a more realistic view point.
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    10 years. 10 years on this community. I’m not alone to have this kind of milestone celebration, but I know we’d feel the same way. What a long time it has been. I never even actually planned for my time on SBC to end up lasting this long until I came into terms with the fact that I’ve become so attached to this website. I’ve been meaning to make it my goal this year that I get a lot of things done; my life on the internet and my own real life. I might have said this for every other year, but knowing that I’m going to be 25 later on, I have to make it happen. Time will only tell when I’ll stop being a regular member on SBC. I’m glad enough that I’ve stayed long enough to celebrate this milestone along with a few other longtime members. The best way for me to celebrate this occasion is with something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, something in which I haven’t done since a long time too. For all those that I’ve gotten to know very well, I have some of my own words to share. So without further ado, here are some shoutouts. My official anniversary isn’t for another two days but since I feel like some others will celebrate with these, I’m posting these earlier so anyone else can have their own time to celebrate: @4EverGreen: I never thought I’d start with you, but here I am. I appreciate how very well you stick your guns and keep your composure even after the many times someone like Hayden would make a wisecrack about you. Although I was also somewhat like that during my earlier years, I knew to stop when I started came to terms with the person that you tend you be ages ago, while I’ll still make an occasional wisecrack whenever you make one about you-know-what-singer-you-hate-to-death. Other than that, I appreciate how dedicated you are with your own writing. While I have only recently read bits and pieces of your recent work, I also must say that I like how you have a style like no one else has. Just keeping doing you. Enough said true believer. @70s: The eponymous former site leader during SBC’s early days. We’ve had our strives and I’ve endured drama on your part, same with tvguy, but even back then, I’ve appreciated the time you’ve taken yourself to be a valuable member. IIRC, you were one of the first few members of tv.com’s SpongeBob community to give me feedback from when I started my spin-off writing career. I remember it very well being negative, but it still serves as a reminder of how much better I’ve gotten in writing from in that span of time. Heck, since discovering your Bikini Top spin-off, though it has still aged gracelessly, I was committed to become the serial spin-off story writer that I’ve been for a long time thanks to it. You’ve matured a lot since you’ve started to open up about your real self, and in the process, you’ve become one of the more pleasant members of this community that I’ve come to know. @Aquatic Konquest: I love your graphic designs, especially some of the skins you’ve made for this site and I respect you for being one of my fellow Truth or Square backers. @CDCB: You are one of the funniest members I’ve known and considering that we’re both animation industry majors on the spectrum, it’s no surprise how we’ve gotten along so well. If you’re still focusing on your future animation career, I’d love to see it take off while I continue to work my way towards it. @Clappy: I like your reviews and your style of writing them. I always have. You’ve also inspired me to do my own entertainment reviews (and also Doug Walker, but I regret taking inspiration from him), including for my own preferred medium, so I’m thankful for that too. Also, because I haven’t said this before, congrats on your marriage, man. @Coffee_lover: I haven’t seen you around for a while on SBC and there were a few times we’ve talked. If you’re still there, I just wanted to say that you’re my favorite shitposter on here and while you have some of the hottest SpongeBob/animation takes I’ve seen, I appreciate how well you discuss them. @CyanideFishbone: We’ve squabbled a bit about music tastes a few times while you still very much regret your past self, but hey, all is still good between us. You have good taste in music and as well as some good taste in anime, considering how your review of MHA S3 got me interested in the series (I haven’t read your review to avoid spoilers, but I will soon once I’m up to that speed). @dmandamanAndKnuckles: You’re really great at the competitive scene on SBC and also a cool person to be around with. @E.V.I.L.: We haven’t spoken to each other in ages, but I want to let you know that I still think you’re a cool and humorous guy. @Funyarinpa: Although I’m by no means a sports fanatic like you are, at the very least I could say that I appreciate your contributions to this site (and on SBM before it sunk so low), especially during the Metalgate and Third Renaissance periods that we’ve all endured. Being a bit of a fan of Wander Over Yonder myself, I also respect your devotion to it. @G4RY SMELLY: Even if I don’t love Up as much as you do, we still have some common ground since I do love Up and I love Pixar as well. here’s also hoping that you find the cure for your itchy balls. @HawkbitAlpha: I’ve known you since you were a member named ACS who was hellbent on trying to “destroy SBC.” You took a rather long time to erase that past self of yours and mature, and when you matured enough to return to SBC, you earned a lot of my respect. I know it’s cliché of me to bring this up and contrast it the person you are now, but most others here said it best that you’ve had the best redemption arc out of any former enemy of SBC. If anything else I could add, I have stopped being mad at (or to an extent, stopped caring about) ACS by 2014 and I was silently willing to give you a second chance when you first spoke on SBM about making amends. You were young then and now you’ve grown up by a lot. You’re also one of the smartest members I’ve come to know, so I commend your political knowledge compared to my lack thereof. @Jackie Chan: No contest, you are my favorite SBC god. You can kick my butt any time. @JCM: You’ve made yourself out to be a great site modder and as well as a great site leader. Also, while I haven’t mustered up the time to read most of your writing like for most other fellow spin-off/lit writers here, from what I’ve seen, you are a talented and humorous writer and I appreciate you for continuing to give the writing forums a pulse. @jjsthekid: There’s so much I could say about you, but I want to keep things fair and not provide too much. You’ve been one of my greatest friends on SBC since our first year on here. We’ve both been making names of ourselves within the spin-off/lit community. Every once in a while I still have convos with you on Discord about things like Pokemon, Spyro, and other topics we’re both keen on. Most of all, you remain one of the biggest contributors for SBC, organizing events, keeping things in order, communicating with other fellow members, etc., so it’s no wonder a lot of my gratitude goes out to you. @kev: I’ve got to hand it to you for giving me some support and feedback for my entertainment reviews. Other than that, you’re a funny and cool guy, plain and simple. @Majesty Yuka: We’ve been close friends since around 2012 when we’ve been exchanging some funny jokes, including the time where I’ve been inspired to go by ‘the gnarliest stuff in the ocean.’ Ffs, I even made a serialized joke spin-off where I wrote a version of myself to be a serial killer who makes burgers out of lethal seahorse radish based on your request. It’s no surprise to see why I’ve remained a close friend, since years later you would open up about your own personal life issues and I would come around to give you my support. Enough about you and I though, the rest of these words are for you alone. You are an amazing and unique artist. That and you are one of the nicest and most supportive people I’ve come to know in this community. @Mr. Kite: It’s always nice to have someone interested in the animation medium as much as I am. Also, because I have my review to prove it, I’ve enjoyed your writing on your Lit, so I’d still like to see you continue it later. @NegiSpongie: You may be done with posting in the spin-off/lit forums and I have seen little of your writing myself, I’ve heard from word of mouth on fanfiction.net ages ago that you are one of the most respected SB fan-writers there, so if I do indulge in your writing at some later point, I do feel like I could enjoy your writing. Aside from that, I respect you for being one of the biggest SB fans here. @Nick Cannon: I commend you for being able to moderate SBC even after knowing that you have epilepsy. Other than that, I respect you for being one of the few other music critics on the site and for being a pretty outgoing guy. @Old Man Jenkins: You’re a talented and humorous writer (We wouldn’t have had Skodwarde without you, man) and an all-around chill guy. @OWM: We’ve hardly talked to each other, but I can certainly tell you that you've done a great job as a site moderator. @Patty Rose: I admire your art and your graphics for SBC. You’ve made some great contributions to the site, so I know you make a great co-leader for the community. You just keep doing what you do best, girl. @President Squidward: Being friends with you was something that took time. One of my earliest memories of you was through some of your posts in that old, infamous Frozen 2 thread, when you still had that weird Disney hate boner. Years later in 2017, I would find myself bonding with you over our own frustrations towards YT’s TTG-hating-circlejerk cartoon analysis community before we began talking about our own interests. I like how you’re a man of many interests and you’ve gotten me openly curious about subjects like Wunschpunsch, Plaid, and Karl Hadrika’s work though I haven’t started delving into either of those things yet. You’ve outdone yourself in showing your devotion towards your interests by evolving from the Squidward crossovers guy into the leader of a Squnschpunsch movement that even you got me into. While I still got to create my own Squnschpunsch drawing due to your overlord request, I am focusing on that and I assure that you’ll love it when it’s done. @RarityOdd: No question about it, you have the biggest heart within the community and you’re one of SBC’s most dedicated members. Even while English wasn’t your first language, I respect how well you’ve communicated with each one of us. Heck, you and I have been close friends since our first year on SBC, when we were Phineas & Ferb defending “fugitives” in a timeframe when some of the members would scream bloody murder over anyone expressing their love for the show. Putting aside those weird times, it’s good to see how you’re still close to us and the forums even after you’ve decided to stop keeping up with the series that this website is built around. @Renegade the Unicorn: It’s hard for me to muster up the time to read most of the stories archived on SBC, so I’ve merely seen bits and pieces of your writing, but I still respect your creative drive and dedication to then and as well as helping keep the spin-off/lit forums alive. @Sauce Mama: You live up to your old handle, Serving Up Smiles, and that’s an understatement. Simply put, you’re a very pleasant, amazing, and even sometimes a cool person to be around. @SG19: We’ve rarely talked to each other. Regardless, I respect you a lot for being one of the few OGs still dedicated to being part of this community. Also, and I’ve only heard of this through JCM’s shout-outs thread, congrats on your college graduation. @Snom: Like most other fellows, our relationship started off rocky. And like most other members, I would understand you better later on and respect you as one of our biggest OGs. You were an interesting person, which made writing your fictionalized self on UWS S3 fun. Not only that, I appreciated your support for my said spin-off and as well for being one of the biggest competitive players on SpongeBob Jeopardy, though I wasn’t around for most of Trophy’s and your victories. @Sweat: I like your eccentric taste in music, as it has gotten me openly curious about some of your favorites. Other than that, I’ve also enjoyed your Squidward Chat! spin-off. @teenj12: I wish I could say this to you earlier, but anyways, congrats on you for focusing on your publishing career. It’s sad to see that you had to prematurely end some of your Teenjverse stuff. Regardless, I still respect you for your contributions to SBC, your contributions to the spin-off/lit writing community, and for taking this big step towards your own life. @terminoob: Now you, you are the true OG since SBC wouldn’t have been made without you. Early on, we’ve had our disputes. Despite that, I always thought you were a cool guy. I like your passion for the animation medium and I love your artwork. If you’re still focusing on your graphic novel career, I’m eager to see it take off and then I could be one of the first few hundred or thousands to witness your work. @tvrepairman: I’ve had to endure a lot of your drama in the past. As the years came by, you’ve matured by a lot. You may be too pre-occupied with your own personal life to pop up again and find this, yet still I wanted to let you know that I respect you for all that you’ve done for this community. I became an immediate member thanks to you and sbs1fan promoting the heck out of the old forumotion site on tv.com (a.k.a. the MySpace of my time). Back when you were an active writer for the spin/lit forums, I respect your consistent creative drive and your articulateness for your young age at that time. Even though it got you a little too far a few times, I respect your serious devotion to keeping SBC alive and active until you were done co-running the site. @Tyrion Lannister: You’re an underrated and talented writer based on what I’ve seen of your spin-off/lit writing and you’re just a cool person in general. @WhoBob: Along with a few other members, you are one of my fellow entertainment nerds. You’re great at writing your reviews on top of being a great person to talk to. @WinterArcanine: I know I wouldn’t forget to mention you since you are my partner in crime in defending the greatness that is Truth or Square. I also commend you for your big devotion to SpongeBob in general. @WoahResurrectedCrap22: I’m surprised how well you took the criticism and cheap jabs that some of us had given you back in 2010-2012 in retrospect, even after I’ve said it numerous times that I was personally ashamed of writing a Lit satirizing you to the point of erasing it. That goes to show that you’ve matured. Although you seem to have left the site on your own terms or probably due to some drama on Discord that I wasn’t completely aware of, I feel you’re still out there continuing on to do better things. @Wumbo: While Claps got me interested in doing my own entertainment reviews, you inspired me to do my own music critiques through your own pop music reviews. Your passion for music is undeniable and those reviews of yours come out on top most of time. You’re also a competent writer, knowing your past history as a spin-off/lit writer. @Young Nug: You’re one of the site’s best pop culture debaters and as well as one of the best former admins we’ve had. It’s a shame that I don’t see you around so much anymore since you’re focusing on your own real life outside the net. So here’s hoping that you’re making the most of your life right now. And a special thanks to everyone else that I couldn’t give a shoutout to. The rest of you mean a lot to me. -Finally, I also have some shoutouts to those who have either been inactive for years (or for several months) or are outside of SBC yet still remain important to me and are worth my own words: Classic Nickelodeon Fan 1: I appreciated your input on the spin-off/lit forums, as well as for the rest of the site when you were a mod. You’re a really nice and creative guy too, so it’s no wonder why we still miss seeing you from time to time. ExKizuna: Oh boy. I had squabbled with you more than anyone else. You’ve caused a good enough amount of drama in the past too. When you’ve had the reputation of being a “cool” and “badass” member, some of the things you’ve done here haven’t aged well. How some of us used to write you on our respective Lits haven’t aged well either, given the whole Ex SBC Lit curse as Jjs’ Riffing Theater described it. I’m also never going to forget the time you were trying to get me banned before we both made amends on XAT. Despite how I feel about your past, you still remain important to me for a few reasons. Having talked with you, I’ve learned when I needed to stop talking, I’ve realized how much of a pest I was for consistently asking to be a mod during my first year, and I’ve learned to grow a backbone (although, sometimes, it wasn’t all for the right reasons). I also feel like you may have regrets of your own past self since those moments happened a long time ago, and if so, I’d say you’re still cool in my eyes and I hope we can still be…moddies (jk, i won’t ever call us that again). Goosebumpsfan2: I’ve known you as Goosebumpsfan here on SBC and on tv.com. I’ve known you as The Regurgitator on the Phineas & Ferb Wiki. I’ve known you as Spongey444 on SBM and on your own blog. Of course, we had our rough times, including when I’ve heard about your fights outside of SBC with SOF. We’ve had some good times too as you were the first person to stand by me for loving P&F. In addition, I’ve read a few of your entertainment review on your respective blog and I must say, you’re quite a good reviewer and I’m glad to see that you’ve been making a living out of something you enjoy doing. Homie: I want to thank you again for your bravery during the Third Renaissance and for letting us all know about your story. The more I got to know the person that you are, the clearer it was to me that you’re one of the most mature and smartest people on SBC. You’re pre-occupied with your own personal life, so I can see why you’re no longer active on here. Nonetheless, just keep being strong. Jane: I still remember very well when you were once known as Teamwork/Stancakes. I also still remember when you ended up getting banned on XAT before getting banned on SBC once because you couldn’t control yourself, all back in 2016. Even despite your behavior back then, I’ve always thought you were a cool enough person to talk to on the forums and while you’ve outgrown SBC, I respect you for your soul-searching that made you redeemed and earned your unbanning. Also, while I’ve seen little of your digital artwork, I love what I’ve seen of it. MadameCat: I’ve haven’t heard from you since you ended up getting banned on tv.com in 2011 while the pre-movie/post-movie debates were still going on there, so this is going to feel like I’m talking to a ghost. Still though, I at least want to reach out to you with nothing more than some words on your behalf. While my experience with Ex taught me not to be a doormat, looking back at my regretful experiences of targeting you during the so-called nostalgia disputes taught me how important it is to respect the opinions of others and it taught me to treat people online like how I want to be treated. However you’re doing now, I hope you’re making the most out of your life. I haven't heard from you in such a long time, yet you still remain in my mind because of this solemn reminder. PIEGUYRULZ: I respect you for distancing yourself from SBM sometime after you knew about what was going down there. Also, I think you’re a talented reviewer (though some “Sportz?” detractors might beg to differ) and I have mad respect for you calling Nickelodeon out for their B.S. come the Kamp Koral spin-off announcement, which goes to show sometimes that great minds think alike. Sabre: The last that I’ve heard from you, you logged back in one day in 2015 to tell us that you’re focusing on your job as a television writer in your home country. If that’s still your career, then I give you cheers for continuing to move on to great things. I still miss you a lot though. SpongeSebastian: You weren’t just one of the first few friends I’ve made on tv.com when I first joined. You were the OG member of the SpongeBob internet community. Since those early days, you were the first guaranteed person any other member on tv.com would know when they were introduced to the community. I don’t see you around anymore, but I still appreciate your contributions a lot. tvfan95: You left the community on such an odd note, but the SB spin-off writing world would’ve never existed without you making it into the creative movement that it was since 2008, so I have some respect to give to you. Thanks for reading and here's to another year of SBC.
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    The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2013)
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