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    https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28569438/sources-kobe-bryant-daughter-gianna-die-helicopter-crash We've been talking about this on the discord for the past few hours, but I figured I'd make a topic on the forums as well. First off, seeing Gianna pass away is devastating. Nobody should have to lose their life at 13 years old. Absolutely heart wrenching. Being the huge basketball fan I am, I imagine this day is for the basketball community what Michael Jackson passing was for the music community. Kobe truly was that transcendent. Being a 2000s kid who grew up a huge fan of basketball, this news hurts me deep down. My heart hasn't been this heavy in quite a while. This is certainly the first celebrity death that's made me feel this way, and for good reason. Being a Celtics fan since I was a little kid, I grew up hating Kobe on the court. Above this hate though, was a very real level of respect. His game was so fun to watch. He was fearless. He was fast. He was electric. Truly one of the greatest of all time. Kobe was a master at his craft, and his dedication to the game of basketball is something I admire. I hope I'm able to find something I can dedicate myself like Kobe did to basketball. The mamba mentality is something that really transcends basketball into not only other sports but really anything. Even though I never had the privilege to meet Kobe, or even see him play in real life, he still made a tremendous impact in my life. Thank you mamba for everything.
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    Damn, i feel old. Today marks my 10 year SBC Anniversary. I feel proud to be part of SBC. special shoutout to @jjsthekid @Steel Sponge @Majesty Yuka @Randall Weasott @Patty Rose @Aquatic Konquest @President Squidward @OWM @Katniss @Wumbo @70s @CDCB @teenj12 @E.V.I.L. @Nosferatu! and @Goobz for being good friends with me over the years!
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    3. Not Alone Mack keeps looking at “The Treasure” in curiosity, as the inactive robot body of IR-44 rests on the floor. “A good ton of pirate lives tossed aside…all for this creature, the elusive treasure?” Mack pondered to himself. Mack examined the creature more carefully, and still had no idea what to conclude from its presence. The creature stares at him with its innocent, cute black eyes. It wags its slug-like tail to Mack, who touches it with his finger. “Have a name, I suppose?” Mack inquired to the creature. The creature keeps staring at him, and smiles. “Take it no capability of speech either. Now why would the guild of bounty put a hit out on an adorable scrump like this?” Mack pondered to himself. Something about this was not adding up in his head. He’s seen many strange deals, hunts and quests in his time in Enhalas, but this scenario in particular to him felt…different than usual. This, to him, felt more like a bounty than a treasure, which he was not comfortable with. Mack’s heart has only been it for the normal pirate life of treasure hunting and freedom, not bounties, which to him, is too much dirty work. He wondered if Higgs perhaps knew more about this then he let on, which worries Mack for a few seconds, but it’s a passing thought. Mack knows very well this creature is in danger, and he will not let it fall into anyone else’s hands. “Well little one, I shan’t know why there has been such a chaos over your obtainment, but I assure you, you shall be safe in my care. Higgs will have some blabbing to do when I return…” Mack said, as he picks up the creature. He expects it to be slimy or weird, but instead, feels its soft body. It gives him a magical feeling, and deep down, he knows it is something more. “I could become quite the famous pirate for reclaiming the reward you have on your squishy package, mate, but…” Mack said, as he begins to have an eternal conflict. He could not let anyone else know he made it to the “treasure”, or else, other pirates and hunters would likely go after him. Word spreads fast, so he plans to keep a low profile. He also knew he could not let anyone see this, given IR-44 wanted to terminate it. And if he were in the way of other hunters… “Be a good strange creature and stay in the chest, yeah?” Mack said, as he closes the lid, and then realizes, “…It can breathe in there, right?” Mack opens the chest lid back up and sees the creature is fine inside, as it looks at him in wonder once more. Mack shrugs and picks up the small chest. He begins to drag the chest across the ground as he walks forward, with the creature inside wiggling around. He stops at the entrance, and looks out both ways to make sure nobody is around. He realizes the coast is clear, and stealthily walks his way out of the bunker, dragging the chest behind him. Mack happily walks forward, ready to get back to Port Royale, when suddenly… “Hold it right there!” A voice yelled, startling Mack and the creature dead in their tracks. From the right of the forest, a group of three bounty hunters ambush the two, aiming weapons at them. “A brief few seconds of rest it appears I will not be obtaining today.” Mack muttered to himself, getting exhausted from the series of unfortunate events befalling him today. The group takes note of the guard bodies scattered about, along with IR-44’s damaged body from inside the bunker, realizing the pirate right before them took the robot out. “Worthless pile of junk. I knew we should have just gone in our selves and taken those savages out.” The lead hunter said, revealing the hunters were allied with IR-44. “Thanks for taking out the guards though, pirate. Now hand over the bounty loot.” one of the hunters said, aiming her steel gun. “Now now, lower your weapons friends. I am sure we can all come to a satisfying compromise such as all civilized folk should!” Mack said, trying to stall them. “Got some disappointing news for you pirate, but we ain’t exactly civilized folk. Only compromise we’re accepting is if you go away and hand us the treasure.” The leader spoke, as the group points their weapons closer to Mack. “That is unfortunate. Say, by any chance, do you civilized folk happen to know who or what said treasure even truly is?” Mack inquired. “The bounty guild has a lil’ policy called “don’t ask as long as you get paid”, and that’s all we need. Neptune himself could be in that chest and I wouldn’t care one bit.” The leader spoke. “I regret to inform you that Neptune himself is indeed, not in fact, not in this chest.” Mack taunted. “He’s really getting on my nerves, how about we bring him too? Two bounties will double our riches.” The third bounty hunter said to his group. “Agreed,” the other two said, as they are about to attack. Mack then laughs at this heavily, confusing the bounty hunter team. “Mind telling us…what’s so funny, guy?” The lead hunter asked angrily, about to shoot Mack. “If you are going to bring us in, I must inquire: dead or alive? Personally, I would prefer to be brought in alive, I would be much more useful to you in that condition, and I must say, my bounty is not much to scoff at! In fact, you would be better off capturing a more infamous swashbuckler like the fiend Bedossa!” Mack said to them, taunting them further and angering them. Mack then slides onto the ground, as the three hunters open fire, their bullets bouncing off the metal chest and missing Mack. The creature inside is nervous upon hearing the noises outside of its chest. Mack pushes aside one of the others while on the ground and jumps up, as he begins fighting them at once, swinging his sword at the hunters. The lead hunter quickly pulls out a machete and clashes it against Mack’s sword. One of the hunters has him in sight and tries to shoot him, but he ducks and swings his sword right at the hunter’s hand, disarming their gun. He then jabs his sword right through their waist, injuring them, and sending them to the ground. He then avoids another gunshot from the other hunter and continues dueling the leader. “Get the cargo, I’ll kill this pest!” The leader ordered to the other hunter, who runs to the chest, and Mack panics, quickly looking the other way while the leader keeps swinging their machete. The hunter opens the chest and aims their gun at the creature, which looks in fear. The hunter is baffled by this, but still is intent on completing the mission. However, he is quickly stabbed through the shoulder by Mack from behind. The hunter turns to see the leader with a giant wound across their arm and knocked to the ground, revealing Mack defeated him. Mack then grabs the hunter and throws him right inside of the bunker, making them smash against all of the junk inside. However, as the hunter falls to the ground, he activates a pressure plate. It ignites a spark hooked up to a wiring running underneath the floor. It is connected to several crates of dynamite hidden outside of the bunker in the bushes. The guards built it as a failsafe. The hunter gets up and hears the spark going off, wondering what it means. Outside, the leader gets back up and is ready to strike Mack down with the machete, when the hunter limps out of the bunker. “IT’S GONNA BLOW!” The hunter yelled, confusing the other two. “What are you talking about?” The leader asked. “That’s my cue!” Mack said, grabbing the chest, as he makes a run for it. Before the hunters can give chase, the spark reaches the dynamite crates. The entire bunker area explodes, presumably killing the three hunters in the blast radius. The creature inside the chest hears the explosion and peeps out from the open lid out of curiosity. Mack comes out from behind a tree in the distance, and sees the bunker has turned to mostly ash. Most of the flora around the area has been scorched as well. “Must have been a “last resort” if anyone got into the bunker, that would have been handier earlier…” Mack realized. Mack sees the creature’s head popping out. “Easy there, Treasure. Mind if I call you that now? You do not appear to be wearing a name tag nor can even understand me, so yes, I shall. Do not worry, Captain Mack Stark will finally get you off of Nevarro and to a much more luxurious isle where you can live like a king.” Mack promised to the creature, which he has named the “Treasure”. Mack makes his way back through the forests, taking Treasure with him. He struggles to find his way at first, but eventually traces it back after finding several of the fallen navy soldiers’ bodies, and several other familiar sights along the way. He makes his way back to the shore, and comes to an unfortunate sight: all of the boats that were there earlier are now gone. Mack is befuddled by this. “Oh come on! Who else could have possibly robbed my transport?” Mack asked, looking around for anyone. As he walks on the sandy shore, he hears a laughing nearby. He looks ahead to see several cloaked figures, who are making their way off with Mack’s boat. The thieves are holding pieces of junk salvaged from the bounty hunter’s boat and the other pirate ships from the same shore. “Hold it right there, you crooks are trying to steal my stolen boat!” Mack said, pointing his sword at the cloaked group. The figures freeze, as they all make noises and panic. Some of them try to attack Mack, as the rest keep holding the boat. Mack begins attacking them, throwing some of the figures aside, as the rest keep trying to make their way off while carrying the boat. “Oooh, he has a sword and treasure box!” One of the figures yelled, intent on taking them from Mack, but he slashes at them with his sword and knocks them down into the sand. Mack keeps swinging his sword at the other figures, and makes his way closer to the group holding the boat. The group panics, but they collectively concoct an idea together. They let Mack get closer, as he grabs the edge of the boat. “You want your boat, pirate? Okay!” One of them said. The group then altogether rocks it at once, and sends the boat flying right at Mack. He gets knocked across the sandy shore, dazing him, and dropping the chest with Treasure inside, who falls around on the inside. The group then quickly picks the boat back up and runs off into the forests, with the other figures Mack attacked getting back up. They kick sand at him, laughing and make their way off with the rest of the group. Mack gets up and angrily waves his sword at them. “You vermin think you are so clever and funny, eh? Oh, I will find you, and then it will not be so amusing!” Mack vowed, as he picks up the chest and gives chase through the island’s forests after the group. Mack slashes his way through vines, angrily hunting for the thieves. He then comes across Mr. Echo, who is riding his brown jellyfish. Mack is surprised to see him again so soon. “Ahoy, mate.” Mack greeted, as Mr. Echo notices the treasure chest. “So you obtained it after all. I was worried given the loud explosion a few moments ago, which woke me up from my nap. I came out here to make sure you were alright.” Mr. Echo explained. “Made it out without a scratch, not to worry! Never underestimate Captain Mack Stark, I took care of those guards, and some troublesome rival hunters. Now then, this is the loot everyone has been bringing chaos to your so-called peaceful isle over…” Mack explained, as he opens the chest to show Treasure to Mr. Echo, who looks at it in curiosity. “Do you know what this thing is, mate, or why there would be such a tizzy over getting it?” “I have never seen anything like it before, nor do I know why so many sought it. But this creature, wherever it may hail from, must be protected. It is clear whatever it was wanted for, it was for intent not pure of heart.” Mr. Echo said, sensing something powerful and magical lurking from Treasure, but not sure how to put it into words. “…I will protect it, though petsitting is not exactly a pirate talent of mine, I never was great with crew pets. But still, I shall keep this critter in my watch until Vince and I can figure out what to do with it. Unfortunately, I cannot return to Port Royale right now, because some nasty thieves took my boat. Your island appears to have more residents on it than I expected.” Mack noted. “Those are the sea scavengers. They are a nomadic group that steals whatever they can find left behind on any isle. They are at worst minor nuisances, they are not hostile.” Mr. Echo explained. “Well those “minor nuisances” have likely destroyed my boat by now, so if you can help me obtain new ride, that would be much appreciated.” Mack said, frustrated. “The scavengers only steal. They do not destroy. Follow, help get your boat back, I will. They will listen to me. I have spoken.” Mr. Echo said. “With your fascinating ways with words, I sure hope so.” Mack said. Mr. Echo makes his jellyfish fly off, as Mack follows once again, still holding the chest by his side. They go through a clearing and arrive at the sea scavenger camp, near another shore. There is a large, wooden boat idly resting in the water nearby, tied to a tree so it doesn’t sail off. The sea scavengers use this ship to get around the oceans. There is much junk they’ve scavenged from across the seas resting on the shore. Mack sees his boat with the other two navy boats and wrecked parts from pirate ships resting in a pile. The two enter the camp, startling the scavengers. “The pirate!” The scavengers yelled, panicking upon seeing his presence, as they run around. “It is okay. He will not harm you. Exchange his boat back, and we will be on our way.” Mr. Echo spoke, getting closer to the scavengers. “Will not harm unless this deal becomes complicated, of course.” Mack corrected. The scavengers then talk amongst themselves, making many whispers. An elder scavenger then walks forward and speaks to Mr. Echo, as Mack tries to listen in from behind. Mr. Echo then turns around to Mack. “They will trade the boat for your sword.” Mr. Echo offered. “That is not negotiable, absolutely not! This sword is my life!” Mack protested. “The pirate will not trade you the sword. Offer something else.” Mr. Echo spoke to the scavengers, as they all whisper together once more. Mack is looking more annoyed. One of the scavengers sneaks off and sees Treasure sticking its head out from the chest, looking at it curiously. It tries to reach its hand out to Treasure, but Mack puts his sword in the way, stopping him. The scavenger yelps and runs back to the crowd, as Treasure looks at this interested. “When you grow up mate, don’t become one of those.” Mack said to Treasure. Mr. Echo then turns back around to Mack. “New offer: Trade the boat for your hat.” Mr. Echo said to Mack. “Do they have sand in their ears? If I would not hand over my sword, what makes them think a hat would have a differing outcome!?” Mack asked, irritated. Mr. Echo then talks to the scavengers once more. “The pirate will not trade you any of his weapons or clothing for the boat. Please, is there anything else he can exchange?” Mr. Echo asked politely to the scavengers. The scavengers talk and whisper amongst themselves once more, as Mack is increasingly annoyed. Suddenly, through the talk, the scavengers begin to simultaneously utter one word. “Egg!” The scavengers began to chant together. “…Egg?” Mack asked, confused, as Mr. Echo talks to them further. After he’s done speaking, Mr. Echo walks up to Mack. “There is an egg that these scavengers seek on the island. However, it is guarded by the fierce horned eel.” Mr. Echo explained. “Fine, it is a preferable deal than the other two. I have gotten out of a few sticky situations involving eels so this will not be a problem gents. Show me the way to beastie!” Mack said, as he grabs the chest and is ready to head off. “Very well. He will obtain the egg for you.” Mr. Echo spoke to the scavengers. The scavengers all cheer, dancing around at once. Mr. Echo then makes his jellyfish go flying back through the forests, as Mack follows once more. Treasure sticks its head out of the chest, getting fresh air as it sees the beautiful island scenery while the two make their way through the passage. As they keep making their way, the ground gets muddier and muddier. “Yuck, I prefer to have clean boots.” Mack said, frustrated, as he carefully walks his way along the path. Mr. Echo keeps floating on his jellyfish, avoiding the mud. The two make it through a clearing, and arrive at a small grassy ledge. They look down below at a rocky, muddy plain before them. At the end of the plain is a large cave, where the horned eel and egg reside. “This is as far as I go. Good luck, Stark.” Mr. Echo said nobly to him, as he turns around, heading back toward the scavenger camp. “Hopefully this shall be my last crazy quest for the day and then I can get back to assembling a new crew.” Mack said, as he casually walks down into the muddy plain, still holding Treasure’s chest. He then places the chest on the ground, as Treasure looks out from the lid. “Stay here, mate. I…don’t want ya getting harmed from that nasty eel, yeah?” Mack said, in an actually caring manner. He is slowly realizing to himself he does truly care for this creature’s well being, and sees it than just baggage he initially thought he was stuck with. Mack then walks forward out into the plain, as Treasure waves out its sluggish tail, wanting him to come back. Mack carefully steps forward, trying not to get too deep into the mud. He makes it to the cave entrance, and readies his sword. Mack carefully walks into the cave. It is pitch black and silent. He keeps walking forward, and sees several skeletons scattered along the path. Looks like he was not the only one that attempted to grab this egg. Mack looks at the skeletons morbidly for a few moments, and then shrugs it off. “The sea gods will hopefully allow me a better fate than those chumps.” Mack said, as he keeps walking, holding his sword tight through the darkness. He arrives at a dead end, where he sees the horned eel is sleeping. It has its entire grey body wrapped around the egg in the center of it. Mack walks carefully from here, making sure not to awake the eel. He makes precise steps and manages to grab the egg, and quickly replaces it with a nearby rock in its place so the eel doesn’t suspect anything. Mack holds the mud covered egg and makes his way back. One of the eel’s eyes then opens, as it senses Mack’s presence… Mack makes it out of the cave, joyful to finally have his ticket off the island. As he approaches Treasure, a loud growl then paralyzes both of them, freezing Mack in his tracks. “…Appears I was not quite careful enough.” Mack realized, knowing what awaits behind him. He turns, to see the horned eel coming out of the cave, wanting its egg back. Mack places the egg near Treasure and jumps forward. He points his sword at the horned eel, having no fear. “Be warned, great horned eel of Navarro, I, Captain Mack Stark, have taken down quite a many of your species, and this will be no different!” Mack bragged. The eel then whacks him with its tail, sending him flying onto the muddy ground. “Oh dear.” Mack said, as he quickly gets back up. He jabs his sword multiple times, as the eel stretches its body to avoid it. It points its horn at him, as Mack jumps out of the way, avoiding its dive. It then flings dirt and mud around with its tail, as Mack covers his eyes, trying to avoid it. The eel snaps its jaw at him, as Mack backs away in fear. He then jumps on top of the eel and tries to tame it, but it will not let him. It shakes around, as Mack tries to hold on best he can. The eel shakes him off, sending him smashing against a large rock, dazing him. Mack coughs, as his sword falls to the ground. He struggles to reach for it. Treasure then notices this from the lid and is concerned. The eel angrily charges, pointing its horn to Mack’s body, who is ready to accept his fate. Suddenly… Treasure, realizing Mack is in danger, then hops out of the chest. It moves its sluggish body along the ground, and then gets closer to the eel. It moves its body, and sends out a magical pulse from its antennae. The eel is stopped, as a force begins to lift it. The eel is levitated into the air, and is unable to move, confused at what is happening. Mack manages to get back up and looks at Treasure doing this. He is surprised beyond belief, realizing he was right that Treasure truly is something special. This allows Mack enough time to stab right at the eel with his sword, which he does. The horned eel collapses to the ground, as Mack still is regaining his composure from the attack. Treasure looks tired, as it falls to the ground. Mack then picks the creature up and puts it back into the chest, where it recovers. “…Thanks. I saved your life, so you saved mine. You know how to repay the pirate debt, it appears.” Mack said, smiling at the creature. He then picks up the egg and chest, as he heads back to the scavenger camp. He returns, surprising Echo and the scavengers. Mack hands them the egg, as they al cheer. Seeing the egg, the scavengers decide to hold up their end of the bargain and hand Mack his boat back, carefully lifting it out together from the pile. He inspects it to make sure they did nothing to it. “It passes the inspection, thank you for your patronage, thieves.” Mack said, still not liking them very much, but glad this is finally over with. The scavengers break open the egg and eat from the inside of it, as Mack shrugs. Echo approaches him. “I am impressed, Stark. You have proven to be quite a formidable warrior. I am curious how you managed to take down the eel when so many others could not.” Mr. Echo said, as he sees Treasure sleeping in the chest. “Thanks. As for how I did it, consider that a pirate’s secret. I always find a way.” Mack said, covering himself cleverly and winking. Echo helps Mack carry the boat, as they head back to the shore. They reach the shore, placing the boat down. Mack places the chest on the boat, as Treasure looks out of the lid curiosly. Mack washes himself with the nearby ocean water, cleaning off the mud and dirt from his battle. As he does so, Mack thinks about how useful Echo would be to a crew and approaches him. “You know, mate…I have been looking for a new pirate crew for quite some time. Would you like to join me? You have quite the wisdom and experience that I would most appreciate.” Mack offered. “I appreciate the offer, but…I cannot. I am needed on Nevarro, where I wish to live out my remaining days in a peaceful life. You have brought that back to me now with that “treasure” being taken. That is the best debt you could have repaid for me. Take good care of the creature, I trust you will.” Mr. Echo said. “…I will. Someday, perhaps our paths with cross again, yeah?” Mack inquired to Mr. Echo. “Perhaps they shall. If you ever want my assistance, I will still be here. Brewing, a storm in the distance is. You should head out now before it gets worse. Never forget, that creature was alone just like you…until now. I have spoken.” Mr. Echo said, making Mack come to a realization. “…That is one way to look at it. Goodbye, mate.” Mack said, feeling even more of an inclination to protect Treasure, as he looks at it. Mack begins to row his way back to Port Royale, as storm clouds are forming nearby. He then looks at Treasure again, as it smiles at him. “Because of you…I’m not alone anymore. And you saved my life, that deserves another debt to repay. How about you become my honorary crew pet? Every great pirate does need their own companion pet, after all!” Mack said happily, as he has officially accepted Treasure into his crew. He keeps rowing his way back to Port Royale, with the storm in tow. Notes/Trivia: -Character Debut: Sea Scavengers
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    Holy crap! I've been on SBC for 10 years. Honestly, i didn't think i made this far, and how i've been makung grood friends here on the forums, xat and Discord. I just wanted to thanks to everyone who were being supported me. It really means a lot to me. When I first joined SBC, which i was migrated from TV.com. I didn't realized how amazing this place been. it was such a wlid ride over the years. from moving forumotion to vBulltin to IPB. I also had fun chatting with you guys in XAT & Discord. There was weird times when we were noobs days, and how we were back in. Persionally, 2011 was one of my favorite year in forum-wise. my personal fave SBC skin is v5 Dophin and v8 Orca. As for favorite SBC feature? i would say iFish which i rreally liuked it tbh. I'll probably do top 10 personal fave SBC event tomorrow. But yeah, it was such fun & exciting place to be part of SBC member. and the best of all, you guys are one of kindest users
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    Alright, so as part of my 10 year celebration, and i think it's time to reveal my top 10 personal favorite SBC events. 10. Octerror Fest 2011 I actualy remember this event back then, and this is SBC's very first annual autumn event. it was one of unique name for this event. I remember how Spongeygirl made this banner and post icons. Though, this was also the only event that can be only appears in vBulltin era. there wasn't that much footage except this one: As you can see, this was only thing that was taken from Oct 2011. I would consider this to be nostagia since this is 1st SBC event that was popular at the time, and thus became one of major annual events. 9. The Golden Ticket Race Speaking of v7, this was something I've remember this one, it was a contest where users has to find golden ticket. There were 5 users who obtained it, andwhat was the prize? an early access to v7 which was SBC moving to vBulletin forum software. There isn't much to say except this is cool event to attend. 8. Countdown to Orca I remember this event that happened on June 14, 2012 it was one of largest XAT party on that night. and it was also most attendance ever held, and it was sucessful. this feel nostagic to me because it has XAT Games which was held on the same night. While it had tons of fun, this event to celebrate the release one of major upgrade to SBC forum software: Invion Power Suite (or IPB). this also include the launch of v8 Orca. This would always being one of my favorite SBC event personally. But yeah, this was such fun event that we had in XAT. 7. The Golden Community Awards This ws fun event i liked, the GCA's are great way to honor the users, SO/Lits and HOF sections. These are the times we voted on what you want, and the winners would get cool graphics sigs. There isn't much to say, but i'n glad this is awesome way to end of each year. 6. Spin-Off Festival in 2010, When Spin-Off/Lts were extremely active at the time, tvguy came up the idea to celebrate with SO/Lits in general called Spin-Off Festival based on SDCC. it was very popular as of today. I honestly think this is one of my favorite SBC event because it has one of the kind where it's the event were solely focused on Spin-Off/Lit in general. in 2015, SOF Tickets were introduced for this festival, and it was huge hit though. I really like this kind of event. 5. Customer Apperication Day this one was one day event which was dedicated to users' of SBC that staff felt like that users should be deserved. this was an event for saying thank you for being luyal and how we've been part of this community. For me, i was the one who won SBC trivia on that day, and this is still one of my favorite SBC event. 4. March Madness I remember back in 2013 at one point jjs & i came up the idea of March Madness since I was suggesting by having XAT Games 4 which both of us ended it up creating new event focusing on teams. That even was huge sucess. I did coined the name though which was cool way to kick off SBC spring event. But yeah, it was one of best events that i liked personally. 3. Stop What You Are Doing (SWYAD) I remember when Drag created this event back in 2010, it was one of hilarious event where we would change our username/avi to anything that related to theme like Pokemon. My personal favorite would be Halloween them which is where i started with Dracula Phineas for every Octerror Fest since 2012. I had fun with it, so i can't wait for more. 2. SBC's 10th Year Anniverasry Man, i honestly really liked this event. it was very huge event we had. It was one of largest SBC event ever to be held, and there was tons of events that month. I'm very glad to be part of history with all these things that happened over the years. it was also last SB Jeopardy game in that month. I was amazed how we made it through. it will be always being my favorite moment on SBC. Who know we'll make it to 20 years? Time will tell. 1. Octerror Fest 2012 this is one of nostalgia event to me personally because it has the longest OF event, my first Halloween name/avtar debut, and this is their 1st team event overall. I remember how the skin was really spooky & cool. the fact this event was in IPB era and it had special thing like XAT screening, Jeopardy & Roblox. One thing i choose as my personal favorite even is because how active it was. So yeah, this is one of my favorite event of all time. Overall, SBC has lot of great events that has some of the events were unique, some are one-off events and some of it are annual events.
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    I'm feeling skinny! YOU DON'T LOOK
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