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    Warning: This is done in fun, does not at all reflect my real thoughts and opinions. Nor does it reflect my actual votes. After eight months on hiatus, Community Deathmatch finally makes its long forgotten return THIS MONTH with its first ever GCA-themed show titled; "Popularity Contest"! A show where the members of SBC nominate their favorite combatants to compete in each category for fabulous prizes, so if you didn't get your nominations in, like me, then tough shit! You had your chance and now your favorites might not even be competing! So with that being said, we here at Community Deathmatch would like to give our thanks and utmost gratitude to all those who sent in their ballots and helped make our first ever Popularity Contest possible! Especially those who didn't bother filling out the spinoff/lit categories: G4ry SOF Patty Rose Danny DeVito Steel Sponge Jjs Aquatic Konquest And we would also like to extend a very honorable mention to Kev, for his cheap pops all while not nominating! I think I speak for all of us at Community Deathmatch when I say that you 8 are all our favorites here (and therefore will win in each of your categories)! All thanks to their selfless contributions, our match card has officially been set: Best Debater Championship Match Clappy vs Nuggets vs Dr. WhoBob vs Wumbo vs HawkbitAlpha Funniest Member Championship Match Cha vs Goobz vs Katniss vs Kev vs OWM vs Fred Rechid Spongiest Member Championship BeachBob95 vs NegiSpongie vs 4EverGreen vs President Squidward vs Wintermelon43 vs Coffee_Lover Kindest Member Championship Match Cha vs Katniss vs Goobz vs Patty Rose vs SOF vs Wintermelon43 Most Competitive Member Championship Match Hayden vs DarknessDG vs dmandamanAndKnuckles vs SRRS vs Trophy Most Mature Member Championship Match HawkbitAlpha vs jjsthekid vs Clappy vs SG19 vs Tyeam Most Contributive Member Championship Match Patty Rose vs Aquatic Konquest vs Cha vs jjsthekid vs JCM Most Creative Membership Championship Match Patty Rose vs Cha vs Aquatic Konquest vs Coffee_Lover vs SRRS And fighting for the right to be in the Community Deathmatch Hall of Pain: Honorary Creator Wing NegiSpongie vs Renegade the Unicorn vs Fa Honorary Staff Member Wing Cha vs Aquatic Konquest vs OWM vs Trophy vs Fred vs Terminoob Honorary Member Wing Steel Sponge vs Halibut vs SBL vs 4EverGreen vs DarknessDG Popularity Contest will also play host to the first ever "Shell of a Man Open Challenge"! Who will be the first member to knock on Mr. Krabs' office door and pick a fight with The Killer Krab himself? Whoever steps up and finishes the deed will win all the money in me vault! Ar ar ar! And current reigning Deathmatch Best Member, @Moxley♥, will also be on hand to provide special guest commentary! Plus a few other select appearances by your favorite Deathmatch characters! Please note that outside of the Honorary Creator Match, no spinoff categories will be represented on this show because AINTNOBODYGOTTIMEFORTHAT, and this isn't Wrestle Kingdom. This show's gotta end some time, folks! We hope you all join us as Community Deathmatch celebrates our favorite members, all in one night, in what could very well be Deathmatch's last hurrah! We guarantee that this show will win Best Episode next year or your time back! Community Deathmatch presents "Popularity Contest"! If you ain't there, you weren't NOMINATED! And , the winners will reflect my votes
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    I'm a big fan of Carrey's Grinch myself, and he's really the only one I prominently remember since I've seen the movie countless times. Although if we could count other Grinch appearances the Grinch Grinches Cat in the Hat Grinch is also a favorite.
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    "everything i wanted" - Billie Eilish
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    On This Day... (December 4th) SBC: 2016 - Dunces & Dragons Game 10 was on December 4, 2016, won by @Majesty Yuka. SpongeBob: 2002 - A Chuckie Finster Christmas, Channukah, Kwaanza, Winter Solstice, Holiday Party, How The You-Know-Who Stole You-Know-What!, Patrick the Snowman, Plankton's Holiday Hits, and The 12 Days of Nickmas premiered.
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    god dammit guys do we tell him FACK is also five stars I’m so sorry
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    "Dark Necessities" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
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    "It's Raining Men" - The Weather Girls
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