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    Hello everyone! Welcome back to the 13th Golden Community Awards, and now we're onto the voting stage! Hooray! How does one vote? Easy! All you have to you is PM me you votes (that can be done here or through Discord - my username is in my profile) for each category. And do remember that you can only vote for ONE nominee per category! I have not yet decided on a deadline, but once I do and it is reached the winners will be subsequently announced. - Rules: Here are the rules for voting: 1) Please PM/DM your votes to me; do NOT post them in this thread. 2) You canNOT vote for yourself in any category for which you are a nominee. This also applies to anything you have made in the Spin-Off/Literature categories. 3) You can only vote ONE nominee per category. 4) You must vote for at least ONE section. Therefore, you are welcome to skip a section or two if you so wish. Although it would be most appreciated if votes could be given in all of the categories as we do have nominees. - Prizes: Now here's the fun stuff...for anyone who wins a GCA, they'll recieve 1,000 doubloons (per category), an exclusive winner badge, a GCA trophy for your iFish and a graphics piece with your name and the corresponding category, which you are then free to place in your signature or wherever you so desire. - Nominees: And now...our GCA XIII Nominees! And one final reminder, please PM or DM your votes to me, and not in this thread. --- Best Debater: Clappy Nuggets Dr. WhoBob Wumbo HawkbitAlpha Funniest Member: Cha Goobz Katniss Kev OWM Fred Rechid Spongiest Member: BeachBob95 NegiSpongie 4EverGreen President Squidward Wintermelon43 Coffee_Lover Kindest Member: Cha Katniss Goobz Patty Rose SOF Wintermelon43 Most Competitive Member: Hayden DarknessDG dmandamanAndKnuckles SRRS Trophy Most Mature Member: HawkbitAlpha jjsthekid Clappy SG19 Tyeam Most Contributive Member: Patty Rose Aquatic Konquest Cha jjsthekid JCM Most Creative Member: Patty Rose Cha Aquatic Konquest Coffee_Lover SRRS Best Creation: Squidward Chat! (Halibut) Bikini Bottom Nature Watch (OWM) Community Deathmatch (Old Man Jenkins) Post Fiction V13 (Old Man Jenkins) SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation (Steel Sponge) SBCinema (Clappy) Best Ended Creation: Skodwarde (Old Man Jenkins) Future Shock 2 (NegiSpongie) Underwater Survivor: SBC Style (Steel Sponge) Team SpongeBob (Teenj12) Mystic Guardians (jjsthekid) The Light of SBC (jjsthekid) Best Episode: ate Krusty (SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation - Steel Sponge) Beginning of the Future (Future Shock 2 - NegiSpongie) An Out of Nowhere Victory! (SOF Takes A51) (Post Fiction V13 - Old Man Jenkins) Injustice League (SBCinema - Clappy) Bad Times at the Scrapped Dimension (Skodwarde - Old Man Jenkins) Episode 8 (Squidward Chat! - Halibut) Best Comedy: Battle for Bikini Bottom - A Nonsensical Parody (Aquatic Konquest) Bikini Bottom Nature Watch (OWM) The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star (JCM) SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation (Steel Sponge) The OBAB Show Season 3 (The Helpful Mexican) Squidward Chat! (Halibut) Best Storyline: Forum Wars (Dr. WhoBob) Post Fiction V13 (Old Man Jenkins) Power Rangers: Multiverse Force (Renegade the Unicorn, Greyknight, 4EverGreen) Bikini Bottom Nature Watch (OWM) The Light of SBC (jjsthekid) Miss Appear (Teenj12) Best Setting: Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back (4EverGreen) Power Rangers: Multiverse Force (Renegade the Unicorn, Greyknight, 4EverGreen) Sub-Tropical Academy (Steel Sponge) Bikini Bottom Nature Watch (OWM) Forum Wars (Dr. WhoBob) Mystic Guardians (jjsthekid) Best Protagonist: Fred Rechid (Break a Leg! The Final Season - Old Man Jenkins) Squidward (Squidward Chat! - Halibut) Dastardly Dan Damselfish (Bikini Bottom Nature Watch - OWM) Lettuce (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force - Renegade the Unicorn, Greyknight, 4EverGreen) Hawk (Forum Wars - Dr. WhoBob) Lincoln Loud (Nickelodeon Heroes - WhoaResurrectedCrap22) Best Antagonist: DarkEvil LaserPants (Future Shock series - NegiSpongie) Imposter SOF (Post Fiction V13 - Old Man Jenkins) Ben Shapiro (The OBAB Show Season 3 - The Helpful Mexican) Seymour (Red Flag Savior: Rebirth of a Storm - Steel Sponge) Plankton (Bikini Bottom Nature Watch - OWM) Gideon (Mystic Guardians - jjsthekid) Honorary Creator: NegiSpongie Renegade the Unicorn Fa Honorary Creation: Skodwarde (Old Man Jenkins) Underwater Survivor: SBC Style (Steel Sponge) Squidward Chat! (Halibut) Miss Appear (Teenj12) Honorary Staff Member: Cha Aquatic Konquest OWM Trophy Fred terminoob Honorary Member: Steel Sponge Halibut sbl 4EverGreen DarknessDG --- There is no deadline as of yet to submit your votes, so take your time. Now let's get to voting!
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    We’ve reached the end of the 2010s. The time has come for me to look back on the best that the decade had to offer. I know that you guys know my place as much as I do, but it’s expected that I would never be prepared yet for…you know what list (my best of animation 2010s list), so of course, I’m starting off with something that I’m always ready to write out during list season: the music lists. The Billboard-related lists will take time since the 2019 year-end Hot 100 is still yet to be published, so instead, I’m starting off with something more special: Steel's Top 50 Songs of the 2010s Oh yes. My personal standings on what the best songs are of this decade as a whole. There are a few things to consider. To state the obvious, these rankings are all based on my opinion alone. Because this is a top 50 list, don’t take it as if my taste in music doesn’t come off as broad based on my choices. I’ll admit it that my taste in music isn’t the very broadest, but I can guarantee you that all of my choices are worth listening to. I have listened to quite a lot of music from a variety of genres this decade and there were a lot of songs that I’ve enjoyed, but I’ve decided that it is best that this kind of list would be condensed to at least 50 choices that I believed most strongly signified my listening experience. These songs are not what I feel are the most important of the decade, this list comprises of what songs are the most important to me over the course of the 2010s. There was a thoughtful and careful choosing process towards forming this list and most of my choices are based on enjoyment, significance, memorability, emotional depth, narrative depth, and replay value; at least one or more of these factors play into my top 50 choices. I will be unveiling my rankings ten songs at a time and on either a weekly or biweekly basis. Here are some notes about my top 50, for those who are curious to see what I have to share: -This is the total number of songs for each year that appear on the list: 2010: 4 2011: 3 2012: 7 2013: 9 2014: 6 2015: 5 2016: 7 2017: 3 2018: 3 2019: 1 -These following artists have more than one song on the list: -Six songs on this list are deep cuts (non-single album tracks). -Three songs stem from the animation medium. -Only one song on this list is a non-album single. #50-#41:
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    Time to spreak Christmas cheer with Rarity! This time, i have TWO different avatars of Christmas edition of her
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    So one of my Animation modules has me doing pre-production work for our Assignment in the next term where we'll have to start animating our ideas, and I need to prepare a presentation of my treatment, so I'm doing turnarounds, animatics, storyboard stuff, and a poster, all of which I'm dreading cuz I do not want to present my stuff to everybody but here we are I guess... Anyway, this is the turnaround I made for the protagonist of my piece; he was drawn to look as simplistic as possible cuz it relates to the kind of thing I'm going for with my animation and also with how I want to animate my characters it's best I keep it simple. He has no name since there's no speech in my idea, so I keep calling him Protagonist. Probably should give him a name.
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    My nominations: Member Categories: 1) Best Debater – Clappy, Dr. WhoBob, HawkbitAlpha 2) Funniest Member –Cha, Katniss, kev, Tyeam, RDSP 3) Spongiest Member – NegiSpongie, President Squidward, Wintermelon43 4) Kindest Member – Cha, Patty Rose, SOF, Wintermelon43 5) Most Competitive Member – Hayden, dman, SRRS, Trophy 6) Most Mature Member – HawkbitAlpha, jjsthekid, Clappy 7) Most Contributive Member – jjsthekid, Coffee_Lover 8. Most Creative Member – Patty Rose, Cha, SRRS Hall of Fame: 1) Honorary Creator Award - NegiSpongie, Renegade the Unicorn 3) Honorary Staff Member Award - Cha, OWM 4) Honorary Member Award - Steel Sponge, sbl And reminder to everyone that nominations close today at 7pm EST, so if anyone wants to do some nominatin', now would be a great time to do it! Thank you!
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    On This Day... (November 30th) SBC 2014 - The Lead Administrator position was created 2018 - The 137th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Mythix SpongeBob 2011 - "Procrastination" and "I'm with Stupid" premiered. 2014 - "Ask Patrick Anything" premiered. 2019 - "Plankton's Old Chum" and "The Hankering" premiered.
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    A 2019 Xfinity ad that also serves as the "official" sequel to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
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    Going through the last of my nominations now: Spin-Off & Literature Categories: 1.) Best Creation – SBCinema, The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy, Community Deathmatch, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force 2.) Best Ended Creation – Miss Appear, Skodwarde, Mystic Guardians, The Light of SBC, Future Shock 3.) Best Episode – Bad Times at the Scrapped Dimension (Skodwarde), Awakening (The Light of SBC), Present Tense or A Grinch in Time (Misadventures of Casper and Wendy), Episode 8 (Squidward Chat!), Pirates of the SpongeBobbean: Curse of the Delta Queen (SBCinema) 4.) Best Storyline – The Light of SBC, Miss Appear, Skodwarde, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, SBCinema 5.) Best Comedy – Squidward Chat!, Bikini Bottom Nature Watch, Community Deathmatch, Battle for Bikini Bottom - A Nonsensical Parody, SB: Silly Time 6.) Best Setting – Bikini Bottom Nature Watch, The Light of SBC, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Mystic Guardians, ,Community Deathmatch, 7.) Best Protagonist – Dastardly Dan Damselfish (Bikini Bottom Nature Watch), Lettuce (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force), Wendy (The Misadventures of Casper and Wendy), Squidward (Squidward Chat!), Lincoln Loud (Nickelodeon Heroes) 8.) Best Antagonist – DarkEvil LaserPants (Future Shock/Future Shock 2), Gideon (Mystic Guardians), Imposter SOF (Post Fiction V13), Ben Shapiro (The OBAB Show Season 3) Hall of Fame: 1.) Honorary Creator Award - Fa and Renegade the Unicorn 2.) Honorary Show Award - Miss Appear and Skodwarde 3.) Honorary Staff Member Award - Cha and Fred Rechid 4.) Honorary Member Award - SG and Halibut
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    You've heard of Chemist Bob, now get ready for Chemist Sob...ble:
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    It's been a while since I last did anything anniversary-related this year, and while I've definitely done SpongeBob's 20th, this crossover is meant to celebrate the first movie's 15th anniversary. It's also the 70th Anniversary of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, which, I've admittedly never seen in my life, but I do know of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, so that gave me the idea for this crossover.
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    Made a graphic for the Little Mermaid's 30th Anniversary two days ago, but then made different versions using some of my previous Ariel drawings. The drawing in the second iteration of the graphic was actually drawn for a bigger tribute to the movie I had in mind, but I wasn't happy with the second part of that piece so I then switched to making this graphic and kept the Ariel drawing I'd already colored. Posting these her on the 19th feels somewhat poetic...prior to Sunday (the 17th; TLM's actual anniversary date) I'd thought that it was the 19th, but my childhood best friend's Birthday is actually on the 19th and I've another friend with a Birthday two days after that so I tend to confuse the dates a lot, which, coming from someone in a family with a ton of August Birthdays, is surprising.
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    Originally I wanted to save doing her mermaid form for her actual Anniversary date given how close it is to the date itself, but I could not help myself at. All. I JUST HAD TO DO IT ASAP!!!! As you can tell this one got super-special treatment; colored outlines and a background. I really like how the outlines turned out, so I might do it for one of the mystery dresses coming up as well. (Not for all of the rest though, because this series does need some consistency in its style.)
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    Seventh dress in the series (I forgot that one of the dresses I did before - the pink one - was modified by me in order to emulate another dress too!) and I'm dipping my toe into the sequel! This yellow dress worn by Ariel in the very beginning of the movie is a favorite of mine from that particular movie. I also tried two different ponytail variants on top of the one seen here but they didn't look that great. And this is what my Ariel Dress checklist looks like, for anyone interested in seeing what I have in store...
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