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    This was a lot better than it had any right to be. Pretty good visual gags like the whole female glove disguise scene and the whole ending sequence was just Perfect way to reintroduce and utilize Hans and as a fan of kaiju films, Glove vs Hans helped scratch the itch til Godzilla vs Kong drops lol and the whole underground arm wrestling club in the beginning with Armor Arms Krabs was cool too. I would totally love to Skodify this, but alas 5 fingers out of 5, 2 thumbs way up
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    On This Day... (November 24th) SpongeBob 2005 - Pat Morita (born 1932), voice of Master Udon, dies at the age of 73.
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    Currently listening to Bryan Adams "Anthology Disc 2". Or, as "Family Guy" likes to call him, "Bryan FREAKING Adams!"
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    This episode is one of the most exciting episodes of the season. For an episode that was kind of light on humor, although it had its moments like "your grandmother was a combat boot" line and meta joke about the theme song, the episode made each moment fun to watch. The premise of Plankton making the glove of his restaurant alive was used at its fullest potential with Plankton using it to beat Mr. Krabs at arm wrestling and later on him losing control of it, thus making him team up with SpongeBob to stop it. The pacing was very good with good amount of action in it. I enjoyed Hans' role as the force against at Plankton's glove and their fight was awesome. I liked seeing Mr. Krabs have arm wrestling nights and SpongeBob being inside the emergency box was cute. SpongeBob and Plankton once again shine together with their shenanigans to stop the glove backfiring and then them succeeding it with Hans' help only for Plankton to not get his glove at the end. Albeit since status quo is god, Plankton will get his glove for sure but ending it with a giant combat boot falling into Plankton's building was funny. For a 16 minute episode, it used its premise so well with great character dynamics and action. It earned its place in one of the best episodes of the season. Grade: A
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    On This Day... (November 23rd) SBC 2011 - The second SBC Civil War began between @70s and @tvrepairman 2013 - The 94th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1 SpongeBob 2007 - A marathon of SpongeBob SquarePants, with premiere episodes including "The Two Faces of Squidward," "SpongeHenge," "Banned in Bikini Bottom," "Stanley S. SquarePants, "20,000 Patties Under the Sea," "The Battle of Bikini Bottom," "The Inmates of Summer," and "To Save a Squirrel." 2012 - "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" premiered in the United States on CBS and in Canada on YTV. 2014 - "Patrick Star Checks His Instaclam" was released. 2019 - "Dirty Bubble Returns" and "Handemonium" premiered.
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    On This Day... (November 22nd) SBC: 2014 - Jep Game 135 was on November 22, 2014, won by CNF1. SpongeBob: None.
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    On This Day... (November 21st) SBC: 2012 - The original SBC News channel is closed. 2015 - Jep Game 179 was on November 21, 2015, won by @Funyarinpa. SpongeBob: 2002 - Revenge of the Flying Dutchman was released on PlayStation 2 in the United States.
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    Decide to contribute by nonimating the Spin-Off/Lit section, so here it is. Spin-Off/Lit Section 1.) Best Creation – Squid Chat, Bikini Bottom Nature and Light of SBC. 2.) Best Ended Creation – Skodwarde, SBC Falls and UWS: SBC Style. 3.) Best Episode – 4.) Best Storyline – Mystic Guardians & Bikini Botom Nature 5.) Best Comedy – Bikini Bottom Nature and OBAB Show Season 3 6.) Best Setting – Forum Wars and Mystic Guardians 7.) Best Protagonist – Hawk (Forum Wars) and Squidward (Squid Chat) 8.) Best Antagonist – Gideon (Mystic Guardian) & Plankton (Bikini Bottom Nature) Hall of Fame: 1.) Honorary Creator Award - NegiSponge & Fa 2.) Honorary Show Award -Skodwarde and Squid Chat 3.) Honorary Staff Member Award - @Majesty Yuka & @Aquatic Konquest 4.) Honorary Member Award - @DarknessDG & @GOOBZ HUNCHO
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    On This Day... (November 20th) SBC: 2012 - The Xat received a major staff restructuring. SpongeBob: 2015 - Block Party 2 was released on Nick.com.
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    On This Day... (November 19th) SBC: 2011 - Jeopardy Game 10 was on November 19, 2011, won by Mothra. 2017 - D&D Game 47 was on November 19, 2017, won by @The Irate Gamer. SpongeBob: 2004 - The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie was released in theaters in the United States and Canada.
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    I already seen this episode through online, and I can tell you it's actually good episode. won't spoil it for ya
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    On This Day... (November 18th) SBC: 2016 - Wheel of Fortune Game 44 was on November 18, 2016, won by jjs. 2017 - Jep Game 270 was on November 18, 2017, won by @The Irate Gamer. SpongeBob: 2008 - Season 5 Volume 2 was released. 2018 - "Squirrel Jelly" and "The String" premiered.
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    On This Day... (November 17th) SBC 2017 - The 94th WOF game was held, and it was won by @NegiSpongie 2018 - The 316th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Mythix SpongeBob 2006 - "Wigstruck" premiered. 2012 - "Bumper to Bumper" premiered.
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    I could talk about why I don't mind about the CG like I did numerous times, I could talk about how I'm still not sold on the whole Camp Coral concept, because of the damage that was already done (and Nick's recent attempt of damage control regarding it), I could talk about why I had to defend this for the past several months because at the time there was too little information known about it and it was too early to judge, but I just need to talk about the trailer. The main problem I have with it is how the trailer just wasn't able to sell it for me. A lot of the plot elements that I'm seeing so far feel too recycled from the other two films, in extent to the "Have You Seen This Snail?" special (but instead of Gary running away, we have him being taken for whatever reason). The trailer makes the claim that it is a buddy movie, but come on, we already had a SB buddy movie and it was the very first one. The fact that Clappy already pointed out that it's coming out in the same timeframe as another, similar film that's also based on a television series (SCOOB!), doesn't make my first impression on this any better. Both films are going to be competing with each other and no matter how much of a fan I am of SB, I feel like I am going to end up liking SCOOB! more than Sponge on the Run (at the very least, the title makes a lot more sense now). If it isn't already telling, I am still going to see this film as soon as it's out. Based on what I've seen from the trailer, the film doesn't look like it will be terrible, but I'm not expecting it to be something outstanding either, so I know that I'll have to wait and see the following year on what my general opinion will be on this.
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    Boy, puberty was not kind to SpongeBob LOL! Well, the CG ain't so bad though I'd like it better if it were a 2D movie. I went from going "Awww!" when I saw Gary, to going "Awww..." when I saw Kamp Koral. Yeah, it's bad enough that they're retconning how SpongeBob met everyone else, but now they're throwing Gary into the mix. We already know how SpongeBob met Gary ("You should try the local animal shelter, Plankton. That's where I found my Gary.") It's interesting that we're getting another road trip like the last movie and we even got the patty wagon back, which is nice. I did laugh at Patrick betting on "L" and the line about "pure ironing". Regardless of the whole putting Kamp Koral just to promote their Netflix spin-off, it's SpongeBob, so pretty sure I'll still go see it. Who knows, it might be good Kamp Koral aside.
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    As great as the CGI looks and for as much as I got a chuckle out of Patrick betting on what he thought was a L. I’m sorry guys. This movie does not look good. At all. Serious question. Is it possible for Nickelodeon to make a SpongeBob movie that’s not about him losing something? First, Neptune’s Crown. Then, the formula. Now, Gary. And I just felt a lot of rehashing going on all around from the previous two movies. Reusing the burger mobile from the first movie to SpongeBob and Patrick going on another road trip to the two of them experiencing a sugar high on cotton candy. Hell even the Keanu Reeves cameo doesn’t surprise me in all honesty. It felt like having David Hasselhoff playing an important role in the first movie all over again, except for the fact that Keanu Reeves is a thousand times more like likeable. Add onto the fact that they are ditching their own canon for how SpongeBob met Gary, just so they can inter promote that brand new spinoff in the works that nobody is looking forward to. I just disagree with a lot of the decisions that are being made in this movie. I’m probably still going to see it regardless thanks to being on AMC’s A-List, but in all honesty, I’m looking forward to that other animated movie coming out in May 2020 from one of my other favorite childhood cartoon properties (SCOOB!) at least ten times more than this.
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    well here you go (note the members section was very difficult, so if you weren't here, don't sweat it because I love all of you) Members: Best Debater: Hawk, Leedles, Nuggets, Halibut, and Wumbo Funniest Member: Fred, G4ry, OMJ, OWM, and Ding Spongiest Member: Coffee, SRRS, BeachBob, Winter, and 4EverGreen Kindest Member: Cha, SRRS, Katniss, SpongeKid, and Patty Most Competitive Member: dman, SRRS, Hayden, Winter, and Fred Most Mature Member: Clappy, Homie, Cha, Tyeam, and OMJ Most Contributive Member: JCM, WhoBob, Patty, SOF, and Cha Most Creative Member: Patty, Cha, Prez, Coffee, and Local Spin-Offs & Lits: Best Creation: Community Deathmatch, SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation, Post Fiction V13, Squidward Chat, and Bikini Bottom Nature Watch Best Ended Creation: Skodwarde, Future Shock 2, Underwater Survivor: SBC Style, Bran Flakes, and Team SpongeBob Best Episode: ate Krusty (Lost in Translation), Beginning of the Future (Future Shock 2), An Out of Nowhere Victory! Imposter SOF takes Task Force 51 to Task!! (Post Fiction V13), Injustice League (SBCinema), and The Recruits (Forum Wars) Best Comedy: Battle for Bikini Bottom - A Nonsensical Parody, Bikini Bottom Nature Watch, The Silly Adventures of Patrick Star, SpongeBob SquarePants: Lost in Translation, and The OBAB Show Season 3 Best Storyline: Forum Wars, Future Shock 2, Red Flag Savior: Rebirth of a Storm, Post Fiction V13, and Power Rangers: Multiverse Force Best Setting: Total Cartoon Island Strikes Back, Battle for Bikini Bottom - A Nonsensical Parody, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Sub-Tropical Academy, and Bikini Bottom Nature Watch Best Protagonist: Fred Rechid (Break A Leg! The Final Season), Squidward (Squidward Chat), Dastardly Dan Damselfish (Bikini Bottom Nature Watch), Lettuce (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force), and Hawk (Forum Wars) Best Antagonist: DarkEvil LaserPants (Future Shock 2), Imposter SOF (Post Fiction V13), Ben Shapiro (The OBAB Show Season 3), Seymour (Red Flag Savior: Rebirth of a Storm) and Plankton (Bikini Bottom Nature Watch) Hall of Fame: Honorary Creator: Fa and NegiSpongie Honorary Creation: Skodwarde and Underwater Survivor: SBC Style Honorary Staff Member: terminoob and 70s Honorary Member: Steel Sponge and Halibut
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