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    Well girl, this is my sorry for being so late with these lists. I realize they've been coming out less and less frequently. I still like doing them, but I'd be lying if I said a bit of burnout wasn't involved here. When it's not convenient for me to take on these lists, it can admittedly feel like a pain in the butt. But I do it for you, and for me, because we're almost done. So let's have some fun with 2004. 2004 was an interesting year for me, in that it's probably the first year I really started paying attention to music charts and pop music, at the tender age of nine. Before then I would be sure to hear songs on the radio and form my baby-brained opinions on them, but this is when I really started to take a look at what was popular. So I think I remember this year a little more fondly than I actually should. What exactly *was* crunk, really? No matter all the astonishing variety on the charts in 2004, crunk seemed to be that presence that lingered throughout the year. And while a good chunk of it I actually liked, the bad stuff was real bad and just sounds embarrassing today. Not that there wasn't enough bad to go around all the genres, however! Yes, I'd count this as one of my more varied lists of bad songs, because 2004 seemed to attack you on all fronts with its badness. We'll get to the good stuff, and it is there, but for now, sit back and "enjoy"... Wumbo's Bottom 10 Hits of 2004
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    it is my duty to complete my king neptune assignment from weeks back. happy FRICKIN birthday prez. I want to say am very grateful. Ever since mid-2017 I have been gifted with the knowledge of the godly musical duo that is Boards of Canada. And yeah, even if it took me a couple of years to start digging deeper into their albums, I still liked what I’ve heard since the beginning. To show this, I’ve picked ten of my favorites across their four albums and ordered them from great to even greater. So, without further ado, let’s see how many controversial picks I make begin! DMAN’s top 10 BoC [album] songs (probably subject to change) I hope you all enjoyed. Happy birthday again, Mr. President/Squidward. G>MHtRtC>TH>TCH
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    Deadline: Hey everyone! Just want to establish that the deadline for submitting nominations will be Saturday, November 30th, at 7pm EST! If anyone else plans to submit nominations, please be sure to do so before that date. Thank you!
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    #3 and #1 broke my heart, but I forgive you cuz you put Lean Back on the list.
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    Happy birthday, fellow prez!
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    Happy birthday @President Squidward!
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    "How hard is it to get service around here?" Joe sat down at the table Yuka and Valentino were at. Their wine spilled across the white table clothes. The two Globberians stared in horror at the sight of Roberta laying limp on the ground at the feet of Joe. The Tendoushu withdrew their weapons and stepped away from the group. Joe looked back at the Tendoushu as they whipped their cloaks and turned about face. "We can't be bothered to deal with this being. He's out of our control and much more powerful than us. Plus they're here." one of the Tendoushu pointed at Oboro, Poe, and Stephen. Oboro gave the Tendoushu the classic banter face as they passed by. Poe caw'd at them as they passed. Joe tapped his fingers on the table. "You, jizz head in the back." Joe pointed at Oboro. Oboro stepped forward as Joe continued to stay seated. "Joe-dono. You are sinister, causing the reset of the first TBC universe." Joe narrowed his gaze, "I have no idea what you're even talking about. All that I know is that you're in the way of me getting to that damn man who ripped Her away from me." Joe shifted his eyes to the red wine, dripping to the floor of the restaurant. Oboro stared at Joe as silence filled the joint. "Captain-dono." Oboro did not break his gaze from Joe as he spoke to Stephen, "I'm sure you are powerful enough to hold Joe-dono down while I go somewhere. I need purple Altana." Oboro began to walk out of the restaurant, but Joe grabbed his arm. "Where the hell do you think you're goin?" Joe tugged hard at the jizz head's arm, causing a small amount of pain. Oboro yanked his hand away from Joe while Poe grabbed a tuff of Oboro's curly hair. "You're going to have to deal with someone in your past Joe-dono, regardless if you've met him or not. Poe, to the cabin." Poe lifted Oboro up and flew out the door with him in his beak. Stephen's face darkened as he realized just how powerful Poe could be. Stephen turned his attention to Joe who turn his attention back to the wine dripping from the table. Yuka and Valentino were the only other two in the building as Stephen stepped forward to face Joe. "Joe, you can choose to believe me or not, but I know you...personally from the outside world." Stephen took his captain's hat off and put it to his side. "I'm good friends with Wilford." Joe's eyes shot up from the wine and met the Captain's gaze. "I knew your parents, very well. Our families were so close Joe." Joe got out of his seat and stood across from Stephen. "Let's just put this little thing aside so we can get back home." Stephen said. Joe walked up to him and with the blink of an eye, lunged at Stephen. Stephen caught the punch from his metallic arm. Joe opened the palm of his hand within Stephen's grasp the create a sword, but Stephen channeled his powers into his own hand and sent Joe flying across the room, crashing into a table with spaghetti plated. "Whata waste of good noodles!" Valentino said, receiving a slap from Yuka in return. Joe looked up in surprise, "Gosh! It's about time I got someone as strong as me! If I can't get Utsuro, then you'll have to do Old Man!" Joe shot up and began to rush towards Stephen before the scene shifted to Poe flapping his wings while Oboro flipped through a small pocketbook he had. "Poe, I know he's going to be there. However, it's the only place I can find purple Altana in this universe. I'm terrified to face him again...not after that dream I had. Do you think he knows about that dream Poe? I'm sure he does, he is Sensei after all." Poe slowed down as the two spotted Utsuro's cabin, indeed emitting smoke from the chimney stack. Oboro planted his feet in the snow as Poe started panting on his shoulders. Oboro let out a sigh as he put his pocketbook back in his breast pocket. He trudged through the thick snow and faced the door of the cabin. He gave the wood three knocks as his heart was racing. The door opened and Oboro made eye contact with his Sensei...for the first time in what felt like a lifetime. "I figured you would be knocking at my door Oboro." Utsuro gave Oboro and smile, allowing the two inside his cabin. Oboro hesitated at first, but stepped inside. It was warm in the cabin, the firewood crackling just like it was hours ago in the present universe. "Not but 5 minutes ago, you two just vanished from your chairs! I was quite shocked at first, but I figured something happened with time and space and all that." Utsuro put on his "Kiss the Chef" oven mitts and opened the oven door. "This batch came out really well I think!" "Why don't you try one Oboro?" Oboro looked at the cookies, hot steam coming from the freshly baked snacks. He shook his head as he sat down. Poe flew from Oboro's shoulder and landed on the table in front of Utsuro. Utsuro turned and smiled at the bird as he sat the cookie tray down next to him. "I'm dead, isn't that right Oboro?" Oboro put his head down, staring at his lap. Utsuro took the mitts off and sat opposite of him at the table. "It's ok Oboro, I understand if you don't want to talk to me. It must be difficult for you, from whichever universe you hail from. I'm guessing someone caused a little ruckus and spilled the cookie batter! No problem really, I know pretty much exactly what's going on Oboro so you don't have to explain anything. I'll gather up the crystals and let you be on your way." Utsuro reached into his pocket and pulled out a small sack that was glowing purple. "I hope you remember what I told you in that dream." Oboro covered his face with his hands after that last line. "In death, I may not be there physically Oboro. But, rest assured that my essence lives on somewhere in this plain of existence. I just hope that you are happy. I'm glad to see that you continue to live on without me." Utsuro slid the bag across the table, hitting Oboro's arms while his face rested in his palms. "You can fix this mess you're in without me Oboro." Oboro removed his face from his hands, "You were the only person I could come to with purple Altana, Sensei. I...I've become stronger than maybe I realize. I've accepted myself for who I am and began to embrace the people around me. I have friends now...a life outside of your own." Oboro grabbed the pouch and put it next to his pocketbook. Utsuro smiled at Oboro as he stood up. "My, you have grown haven't you Oboro. I can't say for sure how many times I've reset the universe up until your point in time, but with those crystals, I sense you are willing to prevent a reset. It shows me how happy you are there, and that's all I can ask for. You still make me proud." Utsuro stood up and faced away from Oboro as him and Poe began to head out of the doorway. Oboro was fighting back tears, but he couldn't cry, not now. He had to help save the universe he called his permanent home. Utsuro smiled to himself as his cabin door closed, the crackle of his fireplace the only noise he heard. "Keep living Oboro, for both of us." The scene shifted back to Joe, who was shooting knives from his arm at Stephen, who ducked and dodged, grabbing a hold of his hat so it didn't fall off. "Phew! You're wild aren't you Joe! Shame this'll be the last time I see this version of you! Though, I much prefer the one that doesn't try and murder me." Stephen caught one of the blades flying at him and chucked it back at Joe. The blade got lodged into his metal arm, causing it to spark. Joe rushed at the Captain, morphing his hand into a blade. He began slashing at Stephen, but he was stopped at his legs. He looked down and saw green strands weighing him down. "Fratello, I told you not to interfere!" Yuka yelled. Stephen took the opportunity to grab Joe's metal arm and rip it from his flesh. He tossed it aside while Valentino let go of Joe. Joe staggered in front of Stephen when they heard Poe and Oboro crashing into the window outside. Oboro took the pouch from his pocket and flashed it to Stephen. But, while the Captain was distracted, Joe gave him a huge uppercut from his normal hand, causing a tooth to fly from his mouth. Joe took down the Captain and started to throw haymakers on him. Oboro quickly rushed inside the diner, and held Joe back, tossing him into a booth. Yuka stood up from the back of the diner and walked over to the dis-figured Roberta. She bent down and stared at the woman, who's head was nearly completely destroyed. "Why is this happening..." she said to herself softly. Yuka let tears come from her eyes. Valentino was shocked, he's never seen his Godsister openly weep like this. "It feels like...this is all my fault." her head fell to Roberta's cold chest. Joe adjusted himself in the booth he landed in while the only sounds filling the building were the open sobs of Yuka. Oboro walked over to her, "Yuka-dono, it is not your fault. Roberta-dono was clouded by guilt. We all are at some point...but her grief made her succumb to fate. I'm positive the Yuka in the present will understand she was never at fault for this. The best I can do now, is help reverse the effects of Roberta's actions. Go, take your Godbrother and be happy here. He won't be much of a problem for long anyway." Oboro shifted his gaze to Joe, who was still groggy from the toss. "Yo, Captain over there." Stephen climbed to his feet, placing the teeth he lost in his coat pocket. "What does he mean by that? I'm not a problem for long?" Joe asked, leaning in the booth. "You're a changed man where we live Joe. You accepted Her death, the death of your parents. You even-" but as Stephen was talking, the door to the pizza joint opened up and a hefty, elderly gentleman stood in the doorway. "Joe, I've been lookin up and down f-" Brimley met eyes with the Captain. Stephen, a man he knew years ago in his past. "So..this is where you ran off to all those years ago? Hmph, could have at least told me. Someone you'd considered a brother. I can't stay here Joe, I'll be on my way when you're finished." Wilford shut the door and headed up the street. Stephen stared at the door, and putting his head down. Joe rested in the booth he was sitting at, "You weren't lying when you said you knew me...I'm just confused man. Where did you even come from? Why are you guys even here? That thing I killed brought you all here? God." Joe put his head down on the table. Oboro was silently reciting the Latin from his pocketbook while the crystals in his bag began to glow. Stephen let out a sigh and walked over to Roberta's corpse. He bent down next to Yuka and put his hand on her shoulders. "Everything will be alright in the end Ms. Yuka. I'll make good on that promise when I get home." Stephen picked up Roberta's body and placed her next to Oboro. He stuck his hand through the closed up sword wound and materialized green crystals from the sword she was stabbed with, dust particles still resting inside the stab. Stephen grabbed the small crystals he created and placed them in the small pouch alongside the purple Altana. Yuka looked up, tears still running down her face, Joe looking at Stephen somberly, and Valentino turning his back to the three. "We'll see you on the other side." Stephen said, picking Roberta up as a small portal began to form in front of Oboro. He stopped his phrases, "This is our only moment to get back to present time Stephen-dono, we have to go now." Oboro said, as he and Poe grabbed the small pouch. Stephen nodded, still thinking of the last thing Wilford ever said. The last thing he'd ever hear his long time friend from the real world say. 'Someone you'd consider a brother'. Stephen smiled through his busted up mouth and jumped through the portal with Roberta's body on his shoulder. Oboro and Poe bowed to the three in front of them and jumped into the portal as it closed up behind them. The landed in a crowd of people as time had began to resume. They were cheering on Sadaharu and the Gods as they were using all their might to hold back the power of the Altana. "Jesus, it's about fuckin time you 3 showed back up! Did you get that worm or..." Billy was in his titan form, sending energy to Sadaharu when he noticed the body that Stephen was carrying. Oboro brought himself to his feet and continued the ritual. He stopped for a second cause he saw one of his co-workers, "Raj-dono, give me one of your megaphones." Oboro said. "YOU JUST ASSUME I HAVE A MEGA-PHONE BECAUSE I'M LOUD? Of course I do, here you go." Raj handed Oboro a megaphone, as he continued the ritual. The sky was beginning to shift in favor of the blue, warm hue everyone was used to. The cheers and roars from all of Edo and Tokyo cheering on Sadaharu, Ane, and Mone as they were further harvesting the Altana back to its stable state. The cracks in the Earth beginning to shift back into place. Dylan stared from the outside world as the sky around him began to calm, the ocean was fading in color. He smiled, walking out of the cave and feeling the warmth of the Sun. All the people surrounding the core began to hug and cheer, even some of the Skolexians began to shift to human forms and cheer on the three and Oboro as the universe was shifting back into place. Ane and Mone released their cast as the Altana had finally became stable enough, and Sadaharu had enough strength to hold it together. "Alright everyone! Great job!" Ane and Mone both said as all the characters cheered, hugged each other, and celebrated. Oboro was still completing his chanting while Tatsuma patted him on the back from behind. "AHAHAHAHA! NICE WORK OBORO! You really helped save our butts back there!" Oboro smiled through his chants. He finally finished the enchantment and closed his book. He looked to his right and saw Stephen carrying Roberta through the crowd of people. He saw Skele/Yuka following him close behind. He sighed to himself as he followed the three of them. The scene shifted to Yorozuya who were standing by Ane and Mone, watching Sadaharu. "So, how long is he going to be in there for?" Shinpachi asked. "He should be stable enough to stay in there while construction is being done. We'll keep him company just in case." Mone said. Gintoki stepped away from the kids as he met eyes with Katsura a few feet away. "Oi Zura, have you seen Shinsuke?" Gintoki asked. Katsura looked away from and turned his back, "O-oi..." Gintoki looked in horror as Shinsuke dragged himself from the back alley Katsura happened to be standing in front of. "Gintoki..." "I...lost." Gintoki dropped to his knees, "SHINSUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Gintoki yelled as his voice cracked with despair. Shinpachi looked down at Gintoki and back up at the white stains on Shinsuke's face, "OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WHAT WERE YOU TWO DOING DURING THIS WHOLE THING! WHY ARE YOU CRYING GIN-SAN?!" Shinpachi yelled. Shinsuke leaned against the wall of the alley and coughed up white blood. "THAT IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT WHITE BLOOD!" "It was one of those worms...they attacked me." Shinsuke said, adjusting his belt. "YOU DON'T EVEN WEAR A BELT! AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY WORM?!" Shinpachi yelled. "Shinsuke..." Gintoki caught his friend as he fell to his knee. Shinsuke looked up at Gintoki, the sun shining down for the first time in a few days. "You two are absolutely ridiculous." Shinpachi said, storming off. The scene followed him until it stopped on Enshou, who was still knocked out from earlier. "Mmm, come on bro...not here..." he mumbled to himself. No one was around him at all. The scene caught up to Sweetcheeks as him, Yuka, Skele, Oboro, and Poe all made it back to Utsuro's cabin where Valentino's ashes sat. The all entered the cabin, as Yuka removed herself from Skele. She sat on the couch in her glob form, next to Sophia. "How did she die." Yuka asked, not looking at her former lover's body. "It was Joe, well not the Joe that lives here but one from another universe. She...she died in your arms Yuka. You and Valentino were at the place we battled that Joe." Stephen said. Yuka's gaze clouded as she continued to stare at her solid. Oboro walked up to the small coffee table in front of Yuka and sat a small cookie jar in front of her. "Yuka-dono, I placed Valentino-dono inside this jar. You may do with it as you wish." Yuka looked up at the cookie jar with a small turtle on it. "Oh Valentino..." she grabbed the jar and held it close to her. Her glob form pretty much absorbing the jar. Skele looked down tentatively. Oboro snapped his fingers, doing so caused Poe to bring out the small pouch. It was glowing a small grayish color. "Bonestein, I'm sure you don't remember, but back in Okinawa when Sensei resurrected you; he used this. He completely reshaped your skull that he ground into ashes. Poe placed you back together and brought you back to life." Skele nodded as he remembered the moment he came back to the land of the living. Yuka put the jar back on the table, "What I'm trying to say Yuka, is that we can either bring Valentino-dono back to life...or we could fix your solid half. It is impossible to bring Roberta back to life, that is up to Billy-dono from now on. I see her stay in Hell to be a permanent one. But these two, these two can be saved." Poe sat the pouch down next to the cookie jar while Yuka squirmed on the couch. "Life is never easy, is it Oboro. We just fought to stop a universe where I could have all three of them again, yet you prompt me with this. Making me choose between the two beings closest to me. Two of a handful that truly understood me on a personal level." Yuka lamented on that last statement. Stephen stepped forward, "I can always help, you know I do have the purple Altana running through my body. Shouldn't that be enough to save them both?" Stephen asked. Oboro scratched his chin as he looked at the pouch on the table. However, Yuka used her liquid tentacles to grab the pouch herself. "Stephen, you needn't worry about me. Sophia...Sophia has been long dead. If you couldn't tell by my disfigured appearance when I was in my solid form. But...I just don't know how I feel about abusing powers like this. Roberta, she did the same. Look where that got her. She became a shell of herself, misguided by her fate and her stubbornness." Yuka said, solemnly. Skele approached her at least and sat on the couch next to her, "Yuka, I understand why you're hesitant in bringing him back, but I want to at least say my peace before you make any decision. I've gotten to know Valentino very well over the past week or so. He's...one of the most caring beings I've ever met. He'd always talk about you, you know that? He was worried sick you might do something you'd regret, or that you'd get hurt. And by the look of it, he died because of that worry. I had no time to stop him, he threw himself in harms way just to protect not only you, but to protect us. He's a hero Yukes. Just as much as Stephen, as Oboro, as....Hitsugi, and even as you. We all saved the universe from collapsing. It may sound selfish of me, and that's completely against everything I was brought up on; but I really miss him. He...he is just like how our species are. We're co-existing, not co-dependent. You...may not realize it but you really brought together something I was missing to this planet. I'm sorry if I may sound rude, but I figured I would just share with you how much your Godbrother meant to me. Please, do what makes you feel most at ease." Skele gave her a smile, but as he was about to give up, he felt Yuka yank him towards her. She didn't morph with him, but she simply gave him a hug, a tight hug that she didn't want to let go. "All I wanted to do was make my people happy...never did I think we would be able to, as you said, co-exist with the mammals living around us. I was scared we were going to get pushed away, like we always have. Regulated to nothing but pawns...but here on Earth, people view us as equals. To be called a hero...I don't deserve such a moniker. But, he does." Yuka let go of Skele and she grabbed the small pouch. "I'm ready Oboro. I want to bring Valentino back to life." Oboro nodded as he pulled out a small book from Utsuro's bookshelf. Stephen smiled as he began to walk out the door, "Skele, do you know where Hitsugi is?" Stephen asked. Skele looked somber, "He's in the hospital...but his injuries are fatal. He fell into a coma when he arrived." Oboro's eyes went dark as he held the book. Stephen looked down at the ground and nodded his head. "Then, there is no need for me to see him. I shall pay visit to others in his place." Stephen said, closing the cabin door behind him. He made his way through the snow, a few mile walk was nothing, but he was still hurting from his fight with Joe. He was adjusting his jawline and rubbing his cheeks most of the way towards his destination. He saw the fence, and large gate drawing nearer to him as he was trudging along through the snow. He picked a few flowers that hung from trees along the way. He opened the cemetery gate and headed towards the middle part of it. He looked down to see "Hitsugi Family" written on the headstone. He placed a single flower in the vase, remembering that day he ran into Hitsugi here. He continued to the back of the cemetery, reading each headstone to find the name he was looking for. Eventually, he came across the one he came to find, Stephen sighed as he laid the rest of the floors down at the foot of the tombstone. "I'm sorry for leaving you guys Wilford...I wish everything could have been different. I...I was just afraid to face you again while you were still here. God, I have so many regrets in my life....I should have been there for a friend. I try, try as I must to put flowers on your grave. Yet, I can never get your forgiveness, nor do I deserve it. I have to leave, and return this book home." Stephen went down to one knee and wiped the tears from his eyes. But, he heard a familiar voice from behind him, "So, you really are leaving Sweetcheeks." Stephen turned around and saw Enshou staring down at him. "You still have that minichip I put inside you, so I knew you were out here. Alone, I assumed. No one comes to a cemetery with friends...well unless you're into that stuff." Stephen stood up and faced Enshou. Before Enshou could speak, Stephen embraced the redhead. Enshou put his hands up in shock. "What is this about..." Enshou asked. "You should know, you didn't come all this way out here for nothing, Sir." Stephen said, looking up to smile at Enshou. "I won't be gone forever Sir. I just have to get the comic book and that kid back to safety." Enshou put his hands down, still not accepting the embrace. "And yes...I did hear your song Enshou. It was beautiful." Enshou's heart jump, just now realizing he could feel the heartbeat of his Captain's against his. Enshou finally gave in and embraced Stephen. "You know how much it pains me to say this Captain, but...I've really missed you. Please be safe out there." the two stood in each other's embrace for awhile until Sweetcheeks spoke up after giving Enshou a small kiss on the cheek. "I promise, I'll be back for you Sir." Enshou nodded as Stephen broke off from him. Stephen looked up and gave a thumbs up, "Blue skadoo'd, we can too!" Stephen jumped out of the comic book and landed in front of Dylan. "Alright wise guy, Dylan had had it up to here with all this smadoo nonsense. It makes number 1 on his top 11 weirdest and most annoying things list." Dylan said, tearing at his beard. Stephen sighed, "It's alright kid, I'll get ya home." Stephen said, patting Dylan on the back. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The scene shifted to the Keiheiti/Joushishi ship sitting opposite of the Harusame ship as the Yato continued to rebuild LilyMu Towers. Katsura was whistling in a bubble bath, washing off after the attack from the Skolexian earlier. Shinsuke was laying on the couch, while Gintoki snickered counting the money he won from winning the NNN bet. The shot shifted deeper into the ship, landing on Bansai and Elizabeth's bedroom. Bansai was leaning up against his bed, Elizabeth not present in the room. He peered down next to him, that note he only just read after his big Tokyo Wome performance. That note that Kyuubei had left for him in his dressing room. "We're not just colleagues, band members, nor friends. The 5 of us, we are family." that was all the note said with a picture of the band, Kyuubei, Katsura, and Shinsuke all posing together. Bansai smiled as he picked the note up one more time just to read those two sentences. As he sat the note down and picked his guitar up, the scene shifted through the citizens of Edo. Joe hugging Josh in his hospital bed, while Steve and Hijikata entered with flowers. The royal family were gathered with white coats and black coats (and Barkas!) celebrating, perhaps he was celebrating because Enshou had left him alone. Soyo hugged her brother and he in turn gave Nobunobu a hug. Nobume crossed her arms, pouting as Isaburo patted her head. Sougo smiled at Hata, as he gave his brother a hug at the legs. Ozu put his arm around Kiyoko as they marveled at the sparkingly, new building being built for them. Kamui spit red slurpee down on Saitama's head while they worked. The couples in the Harusame were taking a break, eating lunch together and enjoying the sun. No Man was alone. The scene shifted back to the cabin, where Oboro finished saying the small chant. He opened the cookie jar that contained Valentino and dumped the dust from the crystals on top of his ashes. He shut the lid, as it began to rubble a little, and then a small "poof" came from within it. Yuka's eyes began to swell as the jar settled, "Hey, waz the big idea? It's all dark alluda sudden!" she began to sniffle as the lid burst open and a green liquid squirmed out of the jar, "F...Fratello..." "Yukes!" the two Godsiblings embraced each other as the fire crackled once more, the two letting the love for each speak through actions, and less than words. Family coming together once more. "I...I was dead and gone Yukes, I tried to protect ya from her!" Yuka looked at her Godbrother, then to where Roberta's body laid. Valentino looked past her to where she was and slowly nodded. "This ma...Oboro brought you back to life. I'm truly indebted to you." Yuka said. Oboro simply shook his head, "No, this was something I had to do. Selfish reason for you, may just be an even more selfish reason for myself. Come on Poe, let's head on home." Oboro said, as Poe landed on his shoulder. The two left Yuka, Valentino, and Skele alone in the cabin. Skele sat back down on the couch and hugged Valentino. But as Valentino settled back into the world of the living, he was gathering his surroundings. He noticed the bones of Yuka's solid laying on the floor. He looked back at Yuka, "So...you's chose to bring me back to life and not Sophia huh. I oughta scold you, but I undastand Yukes. Skele, what's gonna happen to Roberta back theaha?" Skele looked at Roberta and gave his response, "We could send her back home with her people, but we're not sure they're willing to accept her." Skele said. Yuka looked back at Roberta, but put her liquid head down, "If they won't bury here...then we will." Yuka said. Valentino nodded in agreement. "Well Yukes, it's up to you...I know how much pain she caused ya." Yuka hugged her Godbrother again, "She's taught me a lot about myself Valentino...she was closer to me than anyone even you. It's only right that she gets a proper grave, one that gets tended to...one that gets remembered." Yuka said, through tears as Skele got up to leave the two siblings alone as they embraced within the living once more. TBC
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    Current team: Thwackey (Donkey Kong) - Lv 34 Barraskewda (Fred Rechid) - Lv 34 Toxtricity (Spyro) - Lv 34 Morgrem (Loki) - Lv 34 Galarian Yamask (Bakura) - Lv 34 I've also had Corvisquire, Boltund and Coalossal rotating as temporary members so I don't get overleveled. I'm about to reach gym 4's city, which I'll do tomorrow. The Wild area is the most enjoyable part of the game so far for me (though it does have its issues). I will be writing an in-depth review on the game when I'm done. I surprisingly have a lot to say.
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    Never has the Refuglican Party been so united as it is now. 95% A.R. This is a great fraud being played out against the American people by the Fake News Media & their partner, the Do Nothing Haliberals. The rules are rigged by Cha & Whobob, but we are winning, and we will win!
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    Uh oh! A shitstorm is brewing, folks! To those of you that do buy what seems to be the most controversial game of 2019, have fun!
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    I don't know if I'll be around during the midnight release, or if I''ll end up being around "one of those toxic fans" because if I do, getting the game during its midnight release is probably going to be an uncomfortable experience for me.
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    Only two days til official release... https://twitter.com/search?q=%23GameFreakLied&src=trend_click https://twitter.com/hashtag/FuckYouGameFreak?src=hashtag_click https://twitter.com/hashtag/ThankYouGameFreak?src=hashtag_clic https://www.gamebyte.com/people-petition-for-trump-to-stop-the-sale-of-pokemon-sword-shield/ ...this is certainly a game cycle I'll never forget, that's for sure. On the (somewhat) bright side, at least now people don't hate Gen 5 anymore. Chad Gen 5 finally vindicated.
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    No, but I have seen most of them.
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    Yeah, in all honesty despite all the game drama which I'm starting to get really sick of, I'm still really excited. I'm getting Shield and my planned team is Cinderace, Appletun (literally getting this just because my roommate hates the apple Pokemon and wants me to catch it and name it after him and I need a grass type so yeah), Barraskewda, Grimmsnarl, Toxitricity, and Indeedee.
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