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    On This Day... (November 5th) SBC: 2011 - Jep Game 8 was on November 5, 2011, won by @Wumbo. 2016 - Jep Game 223 was on November 5, 2016, won by @JCM. SpongeBob: 2001 - SuperSponge was released in the United States. 2002 - Shanghaied: Patrick's ending and Shanghaied: Squidward's ending premiered. The Sea Stories DVD and VHS were released. 2013 - Live action filming for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water ended in Savannah, Georgia.
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    I am a posh intelligent fan of The Simpsons who says that The Simpsons is way better than Family Guy. I hate Family Guy even though I haven't watched past the first three seasons. It doesn't have that same subtle and nuanced humor that The Simpsons does. Did Family Guy have an episode where Lady Gaga guest stars and makes jokes about her costumes? No. Did it have an episode where the husband and wife have marital problems? No. Did they make an episode where they kill off Krusty the Clown('s dad)? No. Does The Simpsons have any toilet humor at all? No. Jokes and plots recycled are better than fart jokes that The Simpsons have never done in the show ever in previous episodes. I know this because I watched the whole series and as a longtime dedicated fan, I know everything about the show and its epic characters. Peter Griffin wishes he could be like Homer Simpson and have a bunch of Emmys like he does. If you are intelligent like I am, you will take my side and praise The Simpsons and send hate mail to the Family Guy writers because it doesn't have that same subtle and nuanced humor that The Simpsons does. Did Family Guy have an episode where Lady Gaga...
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    i am sick, someone put me out of my misery
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    "Hmm? Man my phone is absolutely blowing up! But I can't check it right now, they're about to hit the big finale!" Lt. Simon was sitting in a balcony sit at a large theatre. The vibrations from his phone were from a number of different people: Mutsu, Guano, and from some unknown number. "Why isn't that bastard answering my texts? I swear I'll ring both of their necks out when I get the chance." Mutsu was standing in Skele's living room. They, along with the rest of the Joui's/Terrorists had left the Skeleton Village the night previous, sure that Yuka wasn't coming back anytime soon. At least, to their knowledge. "I'm sure Tatsuma is just uhhh busy?" Skele said. Valentino shrugged from within Skele as he was pondering about his Godsister. Mutsu glared at her phone before giving a sigh and sitting on the couch next to Skele. Guano, on the other hand, was standing on the street outside of their temporary house. It was chilly, and snow blanketed the winter ground. He was staring at his phone, waiting for his older co-star to respond, "How hard is it to get in touch with those two idiots? I swear, these lead roles go right to their heads." Guano was furiously texting Oboro and Poe as well, but neither of them were responding. Guano spotted Mitsuki who was walking with two men in black coats. "Gonard! It's been so long buddy!" Guano and Gonard gave each other a hug and Yamazaki gave the director a handshake. "I figured if we were going to get some help with the housing situation, that we call in some other close friends!" Mitsuki explained. "Yeah, the blue haired lady explained the whole situation to us! You know, we're just so busy with Bansai and everything that we couldn't be apart of your sub-plot!" Gonard said. Guano and Yamazaki's face got dark. "Yeah...I'm just glad to get out of his hair. I hope he just, you know, leaves me alone while he's starting his solo career." Yamazaki said. "Well, I'm glad you're coming around to help some old friends Gonard." Guano said. Gonard shook his head, "Anytime Guano! The Shinsengumi is always there to protect!" Gonard saluted. Guano scratched his chin, "So, what exactly are you two going to do for us?" Guano asked. Yamazaki smirked, "Well, we know where those Yato and other Arsonists are. Captain Sougo tipped us off in Wexico." Yamazaki explained. "Wexico?! I mean, it's just arson...I guess I understand you'd want to hide from Ozu's wrath." Mitsuki said. "We're sending our whole police force down there to get them! So, no issues whatsoever will arise from that!" Gonard said, smiling. The others sighed as the scene shifted back to Mikey, who was chowing down on some popcorn next to his fellow crewmates. "OO! This is it boys! The final number!" Mikey threw his snacks up as the ensemble began to start up the piece. The whole audience erupted in applause and cheers as the actors gave a curtain call and bowed out. Mikey got out of his seat and met up with them backstage with his VIP pass he has for all musicals. "So, what'd you think Lieutenant? Am I a magnificent singer or what? AHAHAHAHA!" Sakamoto laughed. Mikey laughed with him, but questioned, "How did you 5 become stage actors for a major musical like the Book of Worman in the span of three days?" Oboro chuckled and put his hand on the shoulder of his predecessor. "I have connections Mikey-dono. Since production of LilyMu has halted, I figured I'd dip my toes in musical theatre. Plus, you know, we have royalty and a God to back us up in our lead role for our theatre troupe." Oboro gestured to Enshou and Suave who were fiddling with their respective musical instruments. "What a night, our 2nd show. Thank you for introducing me into theatre, Suave-sama. It's rare that I admire someone as much as I do myself, but you sure take a close second." Enshou said, patting his co-star on the back. Suave played a small solo from his sax and laughed with his new-found friend. Poe and Oboro sat down and began to have their make-up removed. "It's always been somewhat of a dream of mine, you know Poe. In no other universe did Sensei allow me to perform any sort of play. Well, I had heard he did a small play with his other students as Shoyou, but never for me." Poe plucked the eyelash extensions from Oboro's face, while Oboro plucked his extension feathers. Tatsuma reached into his bag and saw the constant stream of death threats he was getting from Mutsu and laughed. Mikey put his hand on his head as he remembered his phone blowing up as well. He scrolled past the usual messages of Mutsu threatening violence and Guano crying until he reached the unknown text, "Simon-dono, we must meet up, and quickly." ---------------------------------------------------- "That was was dedicated...to myself, Kawakami Stardust. I want to thank you all for attending my first show." Bansai sat the mic down on the stand and bowed as the roaring audience members in a sell out arena cheered and chanted "KA-WA-KA-MI!". Bansai blew a kiss to the audience and all the girls squealed trying to catch it. He sat down in his private dressing room and stared at the mirror, "You've done it Stardust. You've proved all the critics wrong. We're going to be the biggest thing to ever grace entertainment and beyond." as he was monologuing, a knock came at his door. Bansai got up and opened the door and met face to face with his old manager, Kyuubei. "Kyuu-Kyuu..." she gestured, "May I come in Bansai?" Kyuubei asked. Bansai pondered, but allowed his friend in. The two sat down opposite of each other in luxury chairs, "What brings you here Kyuubei, you're not my manager anymore. Don't you have a meeting with that band or something? " Bansai asked, as he began to wipe his face with a rag. Kyuubei sighed as Jugem was crawling on her shoulder. "Can't a friend come speak without bringing up business?" Kyuubei asked. Bansai removed the towel from his face and gave Kyuubei a look of regret. "I'm sorry for being rude to you Kyuu-kyuu...what is it you wanted to talk about?" he asked, trying to sound more friendly. Kyuubei looked down at the carpet instead of at her friend, "We've replaced you Bansai." she said bluntly. Bansai stared blankly at his friend, "So, it was about business. I should have known. I can't even trust someone who I've been paired up with in duo scenes before. Get out of my dressing room Kyuubei." Bansai began to wipe his face again. Kyuubei's face changed to a look of regret, and hurt. She stood up, as Jugem left behind a small envelope for Bansai. Kyuubei stood up and walked out of the room without saying another word to her friend. Bansai tossed the towel in the back of the room, and noticed the small envelope. He was puzzled, but picked it up anyway. The front of the letter read, "Dear Bansai". He stared at the letter and rested his head back on the chair he was sitting on. He threw the letter in his bag without opening it up and headed out of the room towards his hotel. His new manager, Snake was sitting in the limo waiting for Bansai, "Alright Mr. Stardust, are you ready to head to your hotel?" Snake asked. Bansai rested his hand on his chin as he stared out the window. "Sure...sorry, I just got a lot on my mind tonight David." Bansai stared at the letter in the bag as the limo drove off. -------------------------------------------------------- "Ano...Gin-san, Takasugi-san, are you feeling alright?" Shinpachi was standing in the living room, cleaning up some trash while Gintoki and Shinsuke were slumped on the couch. The two were staring blankly at the wall across from them. Gintoki looked over at Shinsuke, who's eyes look like they'd sunk into his head. "Shinny...I don't know if we can make it this year..." Gintoki coughed up what appeared to be blood. Shinpachi quickly stopped sweeping, "GIN-SAN!" Shinpachi ran over to Gintoki and knelt down next to him, "Shinpachi-kun...take care of Kagura-chan for me..." Gintoki closed his eyes as the red substance came from his mouth. Shinpachi quickly grabbed a rag and cleaned up the "blood" but as the rag got close to Shinpachi's face, he could smell the distinct sweet scent of red beans. "OIIIII WHY ARE YOU GUYS ACTING LIKE THIS?! WE HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING IN THE PAST 2 HOURS SINCE YOU'VE BEEN HERE TAKASUGI-SAN!" Shinpachi yelled as he threw his cleaning equipment down. Shinsuke turned his head to face Shinpachi, "Listen brat...this is banter territory. You wouldn't understand." Shinsuke coughed up what looked like cooking oil. "OI, WHAT A MINUTE, WHAT DID YOU JUST SPIT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH?" Shinpachi attempted to clean the oil, but the cloth got too sticky. "My body is starting to deteriorate without Honey here to cleanse me..." Shinsuke attempted to get off the couch bet fell to the floor. "CLEANSE?!" Shinpachi couldn't believe the words that came out of that man's mouth, "DONDAKE!" Shinpachi yelled. Gintoki got out of his paralysis state and managed to sit up. "It's been nearly half a week Shinpachi-kun...you could at least cut us some slack." Gintoki said. "What if Yuka-san returns?! You guys are in no condition to fight!" Shinpachi said. Shinsuke managed to roll over to face Shinpachi, "We might not...but Honey is." Shinsuke held up his phone showing Katsura wearing some scantly clad clothing to try and tempt his husband into failing the NNN. Shinpachi grabbed the terrorist's phone and threw it against the wall. "HE'S IN CONDITION FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!" Shinpachi yelled, quickly cleaning up the phone bits on the ground. "You two never acted like this previously! The last two Novembers you've never acted so deathly!" Shinpachi said. Gintoki struggled to lift his weight off the couch and walk over to Shinpachi. "If when the time comes Shinpachi...take my sword into battle." Gintoki then collapsed at Shinpachi's feet as he face palmed. -------------------------------------------------------- "Next stop, Tokyo Station. Next stop, Tokyo Station." the train intercom rang out as Yuka sat alone in the back of coach. She was still thinking about what the Skolex told her about meeting one of their messengers. What it meant for her people and the other beings that lived with them. The rest of Earth and how by doing this, she'll make this planet home to just only her Globs and the Skolexian's. Two neighboring planets potentially becoming more than just allies, but one in the same. The weight was overbearing, but she understood that as a leader. She straightened her self up, adjusted her suit and tie, and began to depart from the train. As she was power walking through the busy station, her mind was drifting back yet again to a time long before any of these humans. "Sorella? Yo! Are you even listenin to me?" A younger Yuka turned to face her Godbrother. The two were standing outside the capital building of Globbus. "You do know how busy I am, right Valentino? A leader's job is never done." Yuka took a drag from her cigarette and let out a puff of smoke. Valentino reached into his pocket and pulled out a carton, pulled out a cig for Yuka to light. He took a puff of his cigarette and let out a sigh. "You know how much I care for yous, right?" Valentino asked. Yuka smiled and put her cigarette out on the ground, "Of course I know how much you care for me. As if you don't make it evident every time we see each other. So, what did you want again fratello?" she asked. Valentino shifted his eyes down to his Godsister and gave her a hug. She was confused but accepted the hug. "I heard yous and Roberta are going steady." he said, softly. Yuka nodded in his chest, "You could call it something like that...I suppose. We haven't seen each other for a few days. So I guess it isn't too steady, just more than friends." Yuka said, removing herself from her Godbrother's embrace. "It breaks ya brotha's haht to see his little sista grow up. I just hope you undastand what you're getting yourself into." Valentino pressed his cigarette against one of the large pillars and puffed his last drag of the cigarette. Yuka rubbed the back of her neck, feeling a bit embarrassed. "I love ya Yuka. We may not be blood, but you are family. Family is everything. Just remember that when yous feeling down, or lost. Family is everything." Valentino walked over and rubbed his hand on her head before walking down the steps of the building. He gave her a wave without turning as she watched him walk away. Yuka fixed her hair as the words of her Godbrother lingered in her mind then, and even now to present day. She hailed a taxi in front of the station and hopped in the backseat. 'I hope you can understand why I must do this Valentino...it's for your's and everybody else's sake.' Yuka thought to herself as she told the taxi driver the location where she was going to meet up with the correspondent. As the taxi was heading off, the scene shifted to her correspondent, driving a news van through dense woods. Roberta was checking each bush with her camera crew in toe, making sure to get the action on camera. "If I can just find these God's and capture them for all of Skolex, I'll be the hero! The hero for my people." Roberta slithered around on the ground, trying to not make as much noise as possible. But, it was fruitless to search the woods for people with such power. Jazzy and Billy focused their energy in camouflaging themselves and the other 3 as they scowered the woods for Stephen and Hitsugi. "Oh man, I'm getting fucking blown up over here bro. I can't keep using powers like you do." Billy said, wiping the sweat from his forehead. While they were searching, the two missing men were in a small clearing, several miles out from where they fell. Sweetcheeks was sitting against a tree, his leg wrapped in a tourniquet. "Hitsugi, are you doing alright?" Stephen asked Hitsugi, who was drinking some water from a fresh stream just up ahead. The large man came over to pick Stephen up from his sitting position so they could continue their trek. "Now that the snow has died down, we can continue searching for civilization." Hitsugi said, ignoring the question. "Why did you use some of your blood to heal my leg? Your arm hasn't grown back yet." Stephen said. Hitsugi couldn't avoid the questions anymore, he turned his head to face Stephen, "It's not going to grow back, Captain. What little healing my blood has left, I have to give it to someone who needs it. I've learned a lot since you've last seen me Captain. I don't want to be viewed as evil, menacing, or a villain. Some people may say my actions are not righteous, but to me, they are for the better of everyone around me. If helping your leg heal faster screws me and my plan up in the long run, then at least I can die saying I helped somebody." Stephen rested his head against Hitsugi's shoulder as his mind drifted, 'Why am I thinking about him again...' Stephen said in his mind, "I haven't even known you for but an hour or so, and you've got me dressed up like this...God why did Utsuro send me here..." Stephen asked Enshou. The two were waiting to talk to Saigou, the Fearsone Mademoiselle, Eventually, the two were brought in to speak with Mama, "Ah, I was expecting you here Emiko!" Saigou put his arms around Enshou and gave him a noogie. "Who's your little friend?" Saigou asked. "Ah, that's Sweetcheeks, I just met her in the streets. She's pretty cool Mama." Enshou said. Saigou gave Stephen a big slug as a show of appreciation. Stephen chuckled and rubbed the punched arm. "So, I've got a show here tonight right? I figured I'd make it a duo bit tonight with Sweetcheeks here." Enshou said. Saigou pondered about it, but shook his head approvingly. Saigou let out a loud, roaring laughter as he hugged the two, "I gotta keep one of my most requested girls happy, y'know? They get excited when they know you're in town Emiko!" Enshou nodded, "I have quite the knack for performing, I love it so much so it's no problem when I'm able to fit it in the schedule." Enshou remarked. "In here, I'm not viewed as the Gunsmoke Prince, I'm not viewed as some villain. If my performance can make someone happy, then my day is made. I'm sure you'd say the same thing, right Captain?" Stephen's mind came back to the present as he heard Hitsugi saying "Captain" as he was regaining consciousness. "Sorry Hitsugi...I've just barely had any food for the past few days. Just some berries and water." Stephen said, exhausted. "Don't worry Captain, we'll get help soon-" as soon as Hitsugi finished his sentence, he was blinded by a camera flash, and saw several cameramen surround him and the Captain. A van quickly sped into view and came to a screeching halt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Shinsuke janai, Katsura da. Look, my husband is not home right now. WELL WHY DID YOU CALL MY PHONE AND ASK FOR HIM?! LISTEN HERE LEADER'S BROTHER-" but Kamui quickly hung up the transmission. Katsura clutched his fist and turned to Elizabeth who was just kind of milling about. "November is THE WORST MONTH OF THE YEAR ELIZABETH!" Katsura yelled. "You know, you don't have to always think about sex Katsura" Elizabeth signed. Katsura broke the sign in half and threw the word "sex" away. Elizabeth scratched his head and turned to Makoto and Takechi who were sitting down at one of the many couches in the ship's living room area. Otsuu and Kyuubei were discussing tours and other band related things in the opposite corner of the room. "Why is she even on my ship to begin with? I thought I told you guys that she's the exact same character as me and we can't be in the same scene." Katsura said to Elizabeth. "She's had a long day, as have you Katsura. Let's just cook dinner together, like old times yeah?" Katsura started to tear up as he hugged Elizabeth. The scene shifted to Kamui who threw his phone half way across Wexico. "DAMN IT! WHERE ARE SAMURAI GINTOKI AND SHINDIOT WHEN YOU NEED THEM!" Kamui yelled. He lifted his sister from off the ground. Kamui had enough with the boring ossans and hopped over the foodtruck to see all the commotion. "AND YOU! HA! IDIOT SISTER! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN WEXICO!" Kamui yelled, violently shaking her. Kagura slugged Kamui and sent him flying through the taco truck, causing an explosion of beef and nacho cheese. "I'm just trying to have a good time with my FRIENDS AND NOT BE ON THE LAMB FOR GRAND ARSON!" Kagura yelled, shaking her Popeye arm at her brother. The beef landed on Abuto, while the scolding cheese landed on No Man making his entire (sticky) body sticky. Monika sat there, not getting her nicely crafted yato outfit dirty in anyway. The author smiled at Monika, though he wasn't sure if she could see that or not. He was happy to be able to write about her without Abuto interfering this time, the meat covered bunny man. Anyway, Kamui managed to toss tortilla shells at Kagura, managing to throw so many that it wrapped her up like a burrito. "HA! I GOT YA SIS!" but Kamui was swiftly met by Soyo and Hata tossing the Kagura burrito at Kamui, sending him flying through several other food trucks, and eventually slamming into the hood of the car that was passing by. The bald passenger quickly woke up and looked at the wreckage at the front of the car. "Sensei, I believe we just ran over a bunny." Genos said, trying to diagnose the situation. Opposite of the crashed car was Isaburo walking to his car about to drive back to Edo. "Hmm, I really hope Nobume got my emails. No one is guarding Nobunobu-dono, and she's supposed to be on duty while I'm gone. Though, I just can't leave the princess here by herself with these maniacs." Isaburo pondered about his decisions while leaning against a super eliteo mobile. He glanced over and saw Kamui pick up the Kagura burrito and start slamming it into Genos's car. He looked up and saw several black helicopters flying in. "Hmm, well this is my cue." Isaburo hopped in the Eliteo Mobile and started speeding off. "OI WHAT THE?! THAT WHITE COAT JUST DITCHED US!" Hasegawa yelled, but was patted on the back by Sougo. "Don't worry about it Hasegawa-danna. I brought some back up to help situate the whole problem, and lock up several criminals as well." he pointed to the lead helicopter, "WAIT, SAITOU-SAN!" Sougo yelled, but it was too late, the helicopter quickly descended and crashed down on top of Genos, Saitama, Kamui, and Kagura Burrito. The other Shinsengumi members followed suit, crashing the helicopters down like lemmings. None of them blew up thankfully, or at least they would have if Sougo's bazooka hit them. Saitou stepped out of the wreckage and placed handcuffs on Genos, Saitama, and Kamui. "YOU THINK SOME MEASLY HANDCUFFS WILL STOP M-" but Kamui was quickly cut off by Saitou sticking a red slurpee in his face. Kamui sucked it down through the straw, giving a warm and happy smile. A terrifyingly rare sight that made the rest of Kamui's crew hand themselves over to the Shinsengumi. Sougo gave lower ranked captain a thumbs up and met back up with Soyo, Hata, and Kagura Burrito. "So my brother is going to get the chair right?" Kagura asked, now devoid of all tortillas from her body. Sougo shook his head, "No, he and his crew are going to build a new LilyMu Towers. We're making huge bank off this y'know." Sougo said, trying to sound cool, but was once again ignored by Hata. Saitou looked at his phone as he Wacetimed Ozu. "Good job! Finally, some criminals being brought to justice!" the camera switched to Ozu's perspective as he sat in a rundown shed. He clicked off the Wacetime and sighed as he put his face in his hands. His only alone time now that his entire apartment complex was miss-placed was this small shed. It wasn't much, but he would use it as a work space, or just a place to get away. The only other person who visited was Yes Man, when he need to bring Ozu something or run a small errand. Yes Man sat on a small crate that was situated against the thin walls of the shed, just in case Ozu needed anything. "Yes Man." Ozu said, "YES OZU?" Ozu was silent, and Yes Man knew to calm himself down and take his seat back on the crate. "I haven't had to face this much adversity ever since I left Kiyoko all those years ago...I've been so carefree and laid back these past few years that I had the thought I was invincible. Or, better yet, I was invisible. I just do my job as producer, I provide for my family, and sometimes I might get out and have time with my friends. The one time I try and get everyone together again, it ruins not only my life, not even my family's life, but the lives of everybody that rented from my apartment building. My staff, my crew, my stars and their families, all out of homes. I've lost my biggest star, Oboro hasn't shown his face here in a week. No replies to my texts, nothing. I feel I am responsible for all this." Ozu said, his face still buried in his hands. Ozu however, did not know Kiyoko was at the door of the shed, since Yes Man knew to stay silent. She put her hand on the door and opened it slowly. Ozu lifted his face up to meet hers, which had tears running down it. In a rare sight of vulnerability, she bent down and gave Ozu a hug while he was sitting in his chair. He wiped her tears away, "It isn't your fault Ozu, you're doing everything you can to help all these people. It may not be a whole lot, but renting out this much space just to house these people from the cold...to provide them clean water and food every day. You aren't invisible, you're a hero. You're my hero Ozu." Ozu let a tear slide down his face as he embraced Kiyoko. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yuka tipped her cab driver as she walked out on the drive-in's parking lot. She looked down at her watch, which had a small GPS coordinate on it. 'So, they're already near my people...hm.' Yuka thought to herself. She saw that the location was deep within the woods. She morphed into a snake to slither quickly along the ground to reach her correspondent quicker, and to not be spotted by her people in the nearby village. She couldn't risk something like that, not now. She had to shapeshift back out of her liquid form, as it was beginning to hurt. She was clear from the sight of the village, so it was ok to start running in her regular form. But, something in her foresight started to get her attention. She hid behind a tree and sunk to the snow below. 'This isn't good, something isn't right...' Yuka thought to herself. She was clutching at her breast pocket, and peak around the tree. She saw a small spotlight and several people holding cameras surrounding Hitsugi and Stephen. She covered her mouth and hid back behind the tree as to not alert anyone. He stretched her ear to listen in on what they were saying, making sure to keep it hidden in the snow. It was muffled, but she could make out enough to gather information. "I don't know....are, we're....get through the woods...." Yuka strained to hear anything more, she did however recognize it was Hitsugi speaking. Her attention was broken when she noticed the sky beginning to turn a weak, purplish hue as the sun was setting. She quickly snapped back focus, but heard a voice she couldn't quite recognize at first, "I need....crystals...meeting up...a plan to..." she could guess it was the correspondent. It seemed they had Hitsugi and Stephen covered, so she didn't want to intervene. As she retracted her ear however, she heard several pair of footsteps running through the woods. She tried to blend into the tree and snow and hide herself as one ran past her. She knew she had to get up and do something to help the Skolexian. She left her hiding spot and ran behind the person who went past her and formed a sword with a globside to stick it at his throat. Josh froze and put his hands up as Yuka held him hostage. Jazzy, Billy, Steve, Josh, Hitsugi, and Stephen all turned their attention to her. "Yuka...what are you doing here?" Hitsugi asked, now even more confused with the inclusion of everyone. Billy rolled his eyes as Jazzy put his hands together. But, the scene was interrupted by Roberta, who honked her horn from within her news van. She turned back and looked Yuka directly in the eyes. Yuka's whole body ran cold as she dropped her arms from Josh, who quickly scrambled away and held up his notebook. "R...Roberta? You're my correspondent from Skolex? I...thought I would never see you again...not after what you did to the solids and me." Yuka was at a loss for words until Roberta walked up and lifted Yuka's chin up, "I'm glad I was able to hear your voice once again Yuka, so beautiful...and soft like a melody." Roberta let go of Yuka's face and turned back to Hitsugi and Stephen, who's pockets glowed. Stephen looked around and saw Steve and Joe, his face growing pale. "You two...look just like your parents." Stephen said, smiling as the fighting began to break out. TBC
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    On This Day... (November 4th) SBC: 2016 - WOF Game 42 was on November 4, 2016, won by @Dr. WhoBob. SpongeBob: 2005 - "SquidBob TentaclePants" premiered. 2018 - "Karen's Virus" and "Girls' Night Out" premiered.
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    Member Categories: 2.) Funniest Member – @Tronald Dump, @kev, @Majesty Yuka, @GOOBZ HUNCHO & @OWM 3.) Spongiest Member – @4EverGreen, @President Squidward, @Wintermelon43, @SpongeBob's #1 Fan & @That Excited SpongeKid 4.) Kindest Member – @SOF, @GOOBZ HUNCHO, @Randall Weasott, @Wintermelon43 & @Majesty Yuka 5.) Most Competitive Member – @Hayden, @DarknessDG, @dmandamanAndKnuckles , @Randall Weasott & @Salmon 7.) Most Contributive Member – @jjsthekid, @JCM, @Majesty Yuka, @Aquatic Konquest & @sbl 8.) Most Creative Member – @Majesty Yuka, @Aquatic Konquest, @Tronald Dump, @GOOBZ HUNCHO & @Salmon Hall of Fame: 3.) Honorary Staff Member Award - @Majesty Yuka, @Aquatic Konquest , @OWM, @Gustavo Rocque & @The Irate Gamer 4.) Honorary Member Award - @Steel Sponge, @Sweat, @President Squidward, @sbl & @4EverGreen
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    Member Categories: 1.) Best Debater – @Clappy @Katniss @Young Nug @Dr. WhoBob & @Wumbo 2.) Funniest Member – @Majesty Yuka @GOOBZ HUNCHO @Katniss @Patty Rose 3.) Spongiest Member – i guess @BeachBob95 & @NegiSpongie 4.) Kindest Member – @Majesty Yuka @Katniss @Wumbo @GOOBZ HUNCHO @Patty Rose (this is honestly hard one lol since everyone's here is very kind, but it's hard). 5.) Most Competitive Member – @Hayden @DarknessDG @Mythix 6.) Most Mature Member – 7.) Most Contributive Member – @Patty Rose @Aquatic Konquest @Majesty Yuka @jjsthekid @OWM 8.) Most Creative Member – i guess @Patty Rose & @Majesty Yuka
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    oh hey I still draw things Here's a little something that I've drawn to celebrate this year's Octerrorfest with (also inb4 "still a better parody than NC's The Wall review"):
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