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    This episode's going to be bad. I know it. Just another run-of-the-mill "SpongeBob and Patrick annoy the bejeezus out of Squidward" episode.
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    On This Day... (September 27th) SBC: 2014 - Jep Game 127 was on September 27, 2014, hosted by JCM and won by some guy named jjs. SpongeBob: 2005 - The Complete 3rd Season and SpongeBob Goes to the Doctor were released. 2018 - "Call the Cops" premiered.
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    Not to mention Squidward acts out of character or some shit and either gets punished or hurt in some way. ...we really need to give this guy some love and respect he deserves.
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    Wow, we're FINALLY getting an episode that revolves around the Goofy Goober! And it ONLY took them fifteen years to do it, to! Let's hope it's a good one! Enough said, true believers!
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    mayoi and fuckin uhhhhhhhhhh i drew me for a group drawing
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    BIG NEWS: Just in time for 20 years, the full Season 12 title list has been leaked. All of the remaining titles can be found in this spoiler below. Note that this production order is subject to change, as several eps reported here before had their numbers changed. Bold indicates a new title that we were not aware of prior: And here's plots for a few of those titles, but not all:
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    Season 3 Episode 27: Boy, Them SpongeBob Characters Sure Are Discriminatory Steven Shrimp (The Algae’s Always Greener) After being unceremoniously dismissed by Mr. Krabs, Steven Shrimp went off to find a place where people wouldn’t rudely point out his species. He found the Barg N’ Mart, where they treat everyone with equal disrespect. He ended up buying a box of cornflakes and that’s all he really needed. He went home to eat them with some soy milk, because he’s lactose intolerant. Larry’s mother and father (SpongeGuard on Duty) After being forced out of Goo Lagoon by their own son, Larry’s parents decided to find a place where they wouldn’t be too old and unsightly. They decided to mingle with other elderly folks and live in Shady Shoals. They packed up their stuff, sold their house, and moved in. They have made great friends and done great things, like winning at couples Bingo and couples checkers on the same day. The family of sharks (SpongeGuard on Duty) After bring called out by SpongeBob, the family of sharks angrily left to find a non-discriminatory beach. They found a remote one of the other side of Bikini Bottom called Lagoon of Goo. Only one other person was there, a surly lifeguard who really didn’t care whether his beachgoers lived or died. That might explain the remoteness. Anyway, the shark family had a swimmingly good time, and went home feeling happy. Sven Seamonster (SpongeGuard on Duty) After saying his piece about sea monsters and their contributions to science and literature, Sven stomped off to find a public place where people could appreciate those contributions. He found a secret club for sea monsters. Except it wasn’t really that secret, because a building for sea monsters has to be huge, so it kind of stood out. Anyway, Sven entered and was immediately accepted into the LSSM, the Learned Society of Sea Monsters. Every Wednesday, they get together for tea and Parcheesi.
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    Episode 24: A Fool and Money Are Soon Put Together in an Episode Henri Lagasse (the waiter at the fancy restaurant in Krusty Love) After a long process in getting Mr. Krabs' money, Henri noticed that he now had enough of a tip (it was included in the bill) to vacation for a couple years. He quit his job and moved to a ritzy house in Shell City, living the good life. Rumour has it that he still lives there today, sitting pretty. Janet and Marty (I'm With Stupid) After realizing that they didn't have a son, Janet and Marty ventured off to go enjoy their kidless life together. The details... are better left undetailed. But after re-consummating their relationship, they went back to their ordinary lives of watching When Coconuts Attack. Like not-father, like not-son. Martina and John (Patrick’s real parents from I’m With Stupid) After having a good laugh together, Patrick and his parents entered Patrick’s rock to talk about the weather. Patrick commented that the weather has been quite nice where he lived, whereas the weather where Patrick’s parents lived was rather unpleasant. After this short discussion, they enjoyed a cup of tea and some biscuits, and soon Patrick bid his parents farewell. They went back to their home, where they played a rousing game of Monopoly, Jr. Brian Coulson (the janitor in Artist Unknown) After being declared the greatest artist who ever lived, Brian took “his” creation and carried it out to Monty’s car. Unfortunately, the same fate happened with “his” creation as it did with “Squidward’s”. Told to make a new one for tomorrow, he tried and he tried, but he just couldn’t do it. He decided to flee town in shame, becoming a janitor in Rock Bottom. He has yet to learn the dialect. Monty P. Moneybags So when Monty came back to the art studio to look for Brian and his artwork, neither were to be found. He was devastated to lose track of such a marketable artist, but continued to look for his next moneymaker. But there was no artistic talent to be found in Bikini Bottom, unfortunately. So he ventured to Shell City, which opened up his horizons to many beautiful minds. He now has more money than ever.
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    Episode 23: Graveyard Doodles The artist at sea (Frankendoodle) The artist, as we all know, forgot to bring a pencil sharpener. So, he did what any artist at sea would do: He went back to land after his overly dramatic episode and purchased one. Then he went back out to sea. Unfortunately, his clumsiness caused him to drop the pencil sharpener in the water. Despaired once again, the artist decided that a career of drawing at sea was just not for him. He now transfers calls. DoodleBob (Frankendoodle) DoodleBob did end up escaping from that portrait, somehow. Don't ask me how, cartoon physics, okay? But that's not the point. The point is that he escaped, and just as he was about to get revenge on SpongeBob, he came to a realization: He was the only living doodle in Bikini Bottom's existence. Did he really want to set a bad name for what could become a growing species? So he decided to move out of SpongeBob's house and make a living. He got a job as a taxi driver, and has earned enough money for a small apartment at the intersection of Conch and Coral. Hervy (the fish who wanted a job at the Krusty Krab in Graveyard Shift) Judging by episodes that appeared afterwards, it would be safe to assume that Hervy did not get a job at the Krusty Krab. Indeed, they already had the best fry cook under the sea. So Hervy decided to work for the Chum Bucket instead. Naturally, his cooking was terrible, so Plankton fired him too. He decided to give up his dream and go to law school instead. You might see him on a Fox News advertisement for accident insurance. Call Hervy at 555-5555. Nosferatu Ah, that mischievous troublemaker, tampering with The Krusty Krab's lighting. Well, Nosferatu eventually got fired by Mr. Krabs because customers were complaining about the faulty lighting. So he applied for a job at a discotheque, where they enjoy having random flashes of light. He is now the light director at the club, enjoying his job and bobbing his head to the music with that iconic smile:
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    Episode 18: This Christmas Feels Like It's in June Bob Blake (the guy that wished for a new hat in Christmas Who?) When Bob wished for a new hat, he had one specific hat in mind: a cowboy hat. He always wanted to be a cowfish and live out in the wild wild west. But alas, he never did get the hat he wanted. Instead, he got an eggbeater. Disappointed, he went home and beat eggs like the sad sack that he is. Sandra Spelling (the girl who wanted "fwont teeth" in Christmas Who?) After Sandra sort of got her gift, she rushed home to show her parents, who had been worried sick about her running around unsupervised. Horrified, they snatched the forks from Sandra's mouth and kept a close eye on her until this day, when she is still suffering the smothering of her parents. Georgia Gunner (the woman content with a bowl of mashed potatoes for a hairstyle in Christmas Who?) Georgia walked through town that day with her new hairstyle. Suddenly, it became a trend. Everybody wanted to wear this new mashed potatoes hairstyle. But you know trends. They come and they go. But Georgia stubbornly held on to the trend until she was fired for violating her work's dress code. (The chive smell was getting on the boss's nerves.) She decided to forgo the hairstyle and get on with her life. She now works as a hairstylist. John Bradley (the guy who hoped that Santa could read Portuguese) John could write English all along. He was purposely trolling the entire idea of Christmas. He wanted to see if this so-called "Santa" could really understand the languages of the people. It turns out that he can't, as instead of the new bifocals he wanted, he got a vase filled with flowers. He proclaimed that he was right about Santa to everybody, but nobody listened, as usual. He decided to stop wasting his intelligent discoveries on the stupid masses and moved to Bikini Top, where there were intellectual vampires and stuff.
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    What can I say, except OINK TEAM RULES! Episode 17: Gold and Brash Jeff Brash (the guy who "at least still has his personality" from Prehibernation Week) After getting his face blown off, Jeff decided to continue looking for SpongeBob, what with that glowing personality of his. But he finally followed mob mentality when everybody else left Sandy in the dust. Unfortunately, he was thrown out of Patrick's rock for having an ugly and burnt-off face, proving that sometimes personality counts for absolutely nothing. Sam Harrison (the guy who posed as SpongeBob in Prehibernation week) Well yeah, he hid under the rock too. Unfortunately for him, when Patrick confronted his rock full of people, he mistook this guy for SpongeBob. But SpongeBob he wasn't, and after playing along with this big pink idiot for a little while, he finally snapped, morphed back into his regular shape, and told Patrick vehemently that he was NOT SpongeBob. Patrick ran blubbering away, but Sam was jsut glad to be out of that situation. He went back to his normal life of eating bran flakes. The balloon vendor from Life of Crime After the confusion of SpongeBob and Patrick running away, the balloon vendor continued to give away balloons for National Free Balloon Day. He went home, satisfied to have pleased so many good little kids. He then saw a bully pop a poor kid's balloon. One that he himself gave. He mustered up his confidence and went outside to give the bully a stern lecture. Miraculously, the bully changed his ways. To celebrate this achievement, the balloon vendor gave both kids a free balloon.
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    Oh no. You are not getting to Page 2 again. Not this time. Episode 16: All That Glows is Not Gold Thomas Tunstall (the glowing tongue fish from Patty Hype) After demanding his money back, and speaking on behalf of the entire crowd, Thomas ran Mr. Krabs out of town with an angry mob. After that was finished, Mr. Krabs finally decided to refund them. Thomas used his money to re-colour his tongue. It is now simply oink, without all that glowing nonsense. Thomas has since sworn off food from The Krusty Krab due to disputes with the owner, but enjoys the occasional meal at that fancy ship-in-a-bottle place. Grandma SquarePants After bidding SpongeBob farewell while dropping him off to work, Grandma SquarePants went back home, only to discover that Patrick was eating all her cookies. Outraged, she ordered Patrick out of the house. But when Patrick started bawling, Grandma took pity on him and allowed him to stay. But when Patrick discovered there were no more cookies, he left. (Patrick would later get his karma in Dumped.) John Bassling (the fish who took the "big baby" joke too far in Grandma's Kisses) After being ridiculed by the crowd, John quietly left and wept over another botched attempt at comedy. He decided to give up his dream of ever becoming an improv comedian, and stuck to his mundane, everyday job of being a furniture salesman. He made sure to avoid the baby section, in case anyone from that restaurant would remember and mock him. Bryan Braun (the "Gold Team rules!" fish from Prehibernation Week) After proclaiming that the Gold Team does, in fact, rule, Bryan set out to look for SpongeBob. He looked everywhere for the little square dude, but couldn't find him. After the search party started to get angry with Sandy, Bryan followed the mob mentality. After Squidward reveals SpongeBob to Sandy and Patrick drops his ice cream cone in shock at the sight of many pairs of eyeballs under his rock, Bryan and the others make a run for it. To never be seen by that squirrel again, Bryan takes a bus to Rock Bottom. He surprisingly caught on to the dialect fairly well, and eventually evolved into an anglerfish.
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    All right, last episode this season, save the bonus episodes. Please keep suggesting characters! Episode 9: Last Call Season 1: Where Are They Now? Lenny Luther (that jerk who stole SpongeBob's ice cream cone in Walking Small) After being scared off by Plankton, Lenny has learned his lesson about stealing people's things. It's just not right! Instead of being a jerk all the time, he turned over a new leaf and became nice and benevolent to people. In fact, just recently he was named "Model Citizen of the Year" by the Bikini Bottom Council. So for once, Plankton actually helped someone. Garth Roberts (the guy who sat on SpongeBob's body, which is also his face) The truth about Garth is that he is incredibly awkward. So when he sat on SpongeBob, he wasn't quite sure what to do with himself. Should he get off? Should he continue to rest his behind? What was the social protocol in this situation? Eventually, he decided to get off of SpongeBob, and continue to make more awkward decisions, such as laughing at a funeral, tripping over a sidewalk crack, and the like. The first of the King Neptunes (Neptune's Spatula) After being humiliated by SpongeBob, Neptune resigned his position as king, giving it to his even more insecure brother, also named Neptune. (Their dad was really into the name "Neptune".) He figured that the public wouldn't even be able to tell the difference, given that they both have the same name and red hair. After resigning, he decided to live a quiet, secluded life, playing Solitaire. The Atomic Flounder (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II) After scorching/nuking Barnacle Boy with his... breath attack thing, The Atomic Flounder felt pretty pleased to know that he still had it. As he waited for the bus, an old friend came by to say hello. It was the Jumbo Shrimp! But since he's retired too, the old fellows simply spent their time reminiscing over their past evil deeds. After enjoying a good laugh, they bid each other goodbye. The Atomic Flounder went home to eat a can of soup (he doesn't even need a microwave, what with his power).
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    Episode 8: Who Hit Rock Bottom? The bus driver in Rock Bottom After having possibly two of the worst customers (hint: one's a sponge, the other is a starfish), the bus driver grew less tolerant of his other customers. For example, when a baby on his bus wouldn't stop crying, he stopped in the middle of the road and showed the baby and his mother the door. When word got out to the bus company about this rude driver, he was not only fired, but arrested for endangering the public. He is out of jail now, but his reputation has failed to get him even the simplest of jobs. Much like the lifeguard from Ripped Pants, he is now homeless and wandering the streets, cursing the sponge and the star. Buster *phppbt* Bronson (the guy who helped SpongeBob out in Rock Bottom) After SpongeBob floated up to Bikini Bottom, Buster felt pretty good about himself. He had helped a citizen in need, and showed him that not all Rock Bottom citizens were raspberry-blowing buffoons. Like his parents. God, how he hated them. When he first started to speak, his parents could never understand what he was saying. When he was taken to the doctor, it was found that he had a speech impediment. The doctor advised them to just "listen between the *phppbt* lines". So they tried. But try as they might, they just couldn't understand him. Eventually, they just ended up guessing as to what his needs were, many of their guesses being incorrect. At age 15, Buster finally grew tired of his parents never being able to understand him. So he packed his bags and left home forever. He convinced himself that he was better off without them, but deep down... he still loved them. And it was this that Buster was once again mulling over. He decided to pay his parents a visit, just to check up on them. Unfortunately, there was still the language barrier. Buster sadly bid his goodbye, and decided to leave Rock Bottom and move to Bikini Bottom. He now works the night shift at the Barg'N Mart, given that he has his own light. Gus *phppbt* Greenly (the Rock Bottomite who can't *phppbt* understand *phppbt* Spongebob's accent *phppbt*) The next day, after SpongeBob made it back to Bikini Bottom, Gus went back to his job of being a window attendant at the bus terminal. As he answered question after question about the buses, he began to grow numb of this lifestyle. Was this all there was to life? One day, he decided to quit his job and climb the ledge of Rock Bottom. Unfortunately, he fell and broke every bone in his body. After a long absence, he went back to his job as a window attendant, having learned his lesson.
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    Episode 3: The Ballad of Chris Murdock Patty (Plankton's Lab, Plankton!) Plankton's Lab was adopted from an animal shelter because Plankton needed a comforting shoulder to lean on after disappointment after disappointment. Unfortunately, his need for comfort soon turned into a need to abuse. The poor animal was subjected to all kinds of abuse. Finally, Karen decided she wouldn't let this go on any longer and called the ASPCA to have Patty taken to a better home. The deed was done, Plankton was arrested, and Patty went to a loving family that she never had. Paul Gunthrop (the "Hey, I doubt it!" guy from Boating School) Right after Paul got his license, he went out to buy a new boatmobile. Driving along, he began to ponder the effects his words have on people. For example, did he crush SpongeBob's morale with his fleeting words? While thinking, he didn't pay attention to where he was going and crashed into a fire hydrant. His license got suspended, and as a result, he has stopped thinking about the consequences of his harsh words and now focuses on himself and nobody else. This has caused him to become a hermit, living in seclusion from everyone, and surviving on berries and stray jellyfish jelly. Chris Murdock (the guy who didn't get his drink in Pizza Delivery) Chris Murdock wasn't a bad guy, really. He just didn't seem to know how to make friends. He was a bit of an egoist, always seeing things his way and no one else's. Often, he turned to food to ease the pain. Sweet, succulent food. And tonight, he was in the mood for pizza. Good old fashioned pizza, like they had in his hometown. Unfortunately, Chris knew of no good pizza places in Bikini Bottom. So he opened the phone book and picked a restaurant at random, which happened to be The Krusty Krab. He ordered pizza and a drink. At least, he thought he ordered a drink. Really, he couldn't remember if he ordered one. But he definitely expected a drink. So when SpongeBob came without a drink, he got mad. I'm talking really mad. He yelled at SpongeBob so harshly that SpongeBob ran off crying. Squidward shoved the pizza box into his face, yada yada yada. But what happened afterwards is what's important here. After SpongeBob and Squidward left, Chris stared at the pizza box. His eyes started to well up with tears, as he realized that this was yet another human interaction he had botched. He decided that it was time to rid himself of this world, and hung himself from the ceiling fan soon after. When police discovered his body, they found this note along with it. Dear citizens of the sea: I regret to inform you that I have decided to end my life. Why, you might ask? Well, given my behaviour over the past few years, I have decided that my presence in this world is holding it back. I have no will, so anyone who wants to take my things can feel free. I have no use for them where I'm going. Again, I'd like to apologize for my behaviour to anyone I may have scorned, and I hope that the world will be able to move past my attitude. -Chris Murdock RIP CHRIS MURDOCK, 1964-1999
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    Episode 2: Ripped Pants - Where Are They Now? Joshua Griffin (The disgusted fry cook) After SpongeBob used that lame "20 cases of ripped pants" joke on him, Joshua thought long and hard about the choices he had made to end up as a fry cook on a beach, only to get taunted by the common men. He decided that he hadn't lived his life to the fullest and quit his job, then went to college. He completed his Master's Degree, and went on to become a skilled social studies teacher, inspiring all kinds of students to make a difference in this world. Gary McCallister (the fish whom SpongeBob borrows marshmallows from) After eating an entire bag of marshmallows, Gary began to feel very sick. He went home and got some bed rest, and while resting he considered joining a fitness club to work off those extra pounds. He joined the Fit as a Fiddle Weight Loss Club, where he proceeded to lose 10 pounds in the first week! He is now a TV spokesperson for the company, only lacking Jennifer Hudson's voice. The lifeguard who "saved" SpongeBob After being burned by SpongeBob's thoughtless prank, the lifeguard came to a similar realization as Joshua: What was he doing here? Surely there are better jobs out there than defending the ungrateful? Just like that, he quit his job, leaving Larry to take over. But unlike Joshua, the lifeguard had no other qualifications than saving lives. So he couldn't find a job anywhere. Too proud to return to his job at Goo Lagoon, he now roams the streets of downtown Bikini Bottom, hoping to exact revenge on "that damn sponge", as he calls him. Watch out, little square dude. Sheldon Bruckheimer, Millie Vanilla, and Walter Whale (the three band members in that "Ripped Pants" song) After SpongeBob (or Sponge Lennon, as they called him) left the band to be with his Yoko Ono, the three tried to continue on without him, becoming a blues trio all about the hazards one might face on the beach. Record sales plummeted after consumers complained that the band was "too preachy" about matters like sunscreen and not leaving your buns where they might get sandy. They soon broke up and parted ways, hoping for a reunion one day when the public's opinion of music has changed. Of course, Walter ended up buried alive again shortly after, because nobody really likes him.
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    Bonus points if they use the Goofy Goober song at least once, as either BGM or sung.
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