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    18. "These strangers have come to rescue us, like in the prophecy." Dunces and Dragons, 224 points 18 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #1 @jack_of_all_traids) (+5) Dunces and Dragons' history on this list is almost heartwarming. It first appeared on the list in 2015 and just consistently kept on making huge leaps all the way up to 2019, where it made the top 20 for the first time ever. As love for season 4 kept rising, this episode has risen along with it, and it feels kinda triumphant that it finally secured a spot so high. Granted, I may show a bit of bias as this is one of my favorite episodes of the show, and my second favorite of post-movie. The big two season 4 specials have a nearly legendary status, and this one takes "legendary" to a new level. SpongeBob's take on the medieval hero's journey archetype made for so many opportunities for hilarious scenes and touching moments that a decision to make it ANY less than a half-hour special would have been a grave mistake. Plus, Squidly is untouchable. 17. "dolphin noise" Sailor Mouth, 233 points 17 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 2 #3's @jack_of_all_traids @The last carotte) (+5) Here's another episode that has only went uphill since it made it on the list! It made it onto the honorable mentions in 2015, leaped up to #26 in 2016, and began making small jumps until it made it into the top 20 this year. On the emotion/laughs spectrum of great SpongeBob episodes, Sailor Mouth joins episodes such as Krab Borg and Chocolate With Nuts on the extreme end of complete hilarity. Watching this episode feels a lot like watching an episode of a mid-90's Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network show thanks to all the filthy subject matter that doesn't even attempt to try to fly over the radar. It's arguably one of SpongeBob's more "controversial" moments, but it's also one of the show's funniest. Not that many episodes capture the carefree spirit of classic SpongeBob like this one does.
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    biggest and littlest bro️
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    On This Day... (July 2nd) SBC 2016 - The 206th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by Fred.
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    Wonder what kind of shenanigans I'll get myself into!
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    Halsey's songs are some of the few I can tolerate on the radio lately Like honestly if I hear one more of those damn Maroon 5songs (Girls Like You, Don't Wanna Know specifically) I'm gonna lose it If I hear that stupid song about shes a psycho or whatever I'm gonna lose it like holy shit htese songs are so overplayed and boring and pisdjpidgjgdspidgsp and tbh none of ariana's songs lately have the same kick breathin and thank u next and god is a woman did (bille eyelash's bad guy is still amazing though??)
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    6. Fire Heart At Inferno Isle, the sun rises. The teams all get out of their tents, ready for adventure. “Up and at ‘em!” Trophy yelled, waking any stragglers up. Team Destiny gets out of their tent, looking at the fiery mountain before them. “Blimey, that looks like it will be quite the hike…” Patty said, observing the mountain, and making a brief sketch of it to analyze further. “Whatever awaits us ahead, I am sure we can do it. We have survived a Shadow Walker, a fake WhaleBlubber and pirates.” Slug said. “True, we can do anything if we work really hard.” Mythix encouraged. “Indeed we can. And thankfully, I now finally have my own weapon to work with instead of just relying on weird visions or luck.” OWM said. OWM holds the pirate sword he received from Captain Jjs firmly, ready to use it if need be. “Attention everyone! It is time to begin our quest for the Fire Heart. There are multiple entrances up the mountain, so I will divide the teams on which path to take.” Trophy explained, as he begins to break up the teams. “Team Destiny, you and Team What will be heading through the west path.” Trophy said, getting to them. “Looks like we are stuck together again, eh?” Coffee_lover said, surprised. “I cannot promise we will be together the whole way, as that treasure is ours.” Slug playfully teased. “Not if we get to it first!” OBAB said determined. “…and lastly, Team Raiders will enter through the east path with Team Unicorn.” Trophy finished, showing Team Unicorn, which consists of Renegade, Wendy and GreyKnight. “Greetings, comrades!” Renegade waved to Team Raiders. “Ugh, why do we have to go with them!?” Kaiju said, annoyed. “Do not worry, we can ditch them the moment we enter the cave. After that, we will make sure Team Destiny does not get the treasure.” Ben explained to Kaiju and Loopa. Trophy escorts the teams up the mountains to their respective paths. JCM stays behind, sitting on a wooden chair and relaxing. “Mr. JCM, are you coming along?” Patty asked him. “Oh heavens no, it is way too hot. I am staying down here where the temperature is preferable!” JCM replied. “And of course I have to go up…” Trophy grumbled, annoyed. “Onward, to the treasure men!” Kaiju yelled to Loopa and Ben, as they head up the mountain. “Something tells me Wintermelon would really hate this location…” Mythix said, feeling the heat as they make their way up. The teams all make it to their respective entrances, as Trophy is relieved he does not have to go inside the fiery mountain. Teams Unicorn and Raiders walk around through a molten cave path. As Team Unicorn look around curiously in wonder, Team Raiders quickly scram. “Hey guys, do you know where….oh.” Renegade was asking, as he sees the team has left. Ben, Kaiju and Loopa keep running down the dark, molten path, happy to be away from Team Unicorn. “Whew, we are aware from them.” Loopa said, relieved. Suddenly, several fire bats come flying out of hiding, scaring the three. Ben shoots several arrows to scare the bats off, but they burn through his arrows. The fire bats keep swarming around them, worrying the team. “RETREAT!” Ben ordered, panicking. Team Raiders then runs away from the area, fleeing from the bats. Meanwhile, Teams Destiny and What enter through their path. “Welp, this is where we go our separate ways. Best of luck in the hunt!” Coffee_lover said, as he and OBAB head down a path in search of the treasure. “Looks like we have this way then.” OWM said, as they keep going on their main path. They come across a floor ahead with many tiles. Before the team can go onward, Slug stops them. “Hold on, these tiles are clearly rigged with traps.” Slug warned. He throws a pebble onto one tile. It presses down, as the tile makes a trap door appear beneath it. “Good catch, Slug. If my guesses are correct, every two tiles appear to be rigged based on that one’s position.” Patty said, as she throws another pebble at a tile, which has nothing happen. The team then jumps to that tile. Patty throws several more rocks at tiles, guiding their way through the right path. They make it to the other side safely without activating any trap tiles. Suddenly, several more fire bats come flying out of holes, swarming around the team. Slug then grabs a magic water arrow, and fires it, dousing some of the bats. The team then makes their way onward, getting out of the area. Meanwhile, Team Raiders explores another part of the mountain, seeing several teams ahead of them. They keep walking, coming across another set of trap tiles. The team carefully steps forward, when their trap tile activates a smoke bomb. It covers all three, splattering ash all over them. “Eww, get it off!” Kaiju panicked, as he quickly hurries ahead. “Wait!” Ben yelled, as Kaiju sets off more traps. The three panic, as they barely make it to the other side without being hit by traps. “Ow…” Loopa grained, trying to see through the ash all over him. Meanwhile, Team Destiny arrives at a dead end. There is an ancient door in their way with a strange puzzle on it. Above the door, the words “Up is down” are seen engraved into the wall. “Up is down…what does that mean?” OWM wondered. “It looks like this is a puzzle.” Slug realized, as he slides one of the tiles. “Maybe we have to solve the puzzle while doing it upside-down?” Patty suggested, as she does a headstand and gets a headache. “Okay, maybe not…” They all move the tiles around, to form a fire symbol. However, nothing happens. “Did we get a tile wrong?” OWM asked confused, as he feels around on the stone. “Wait a minute…it says “Up is down”. What if that means the fire needs to be upside-down in this puzzle?” Mythix suggested, as the team thinks this over, surprised. “You know what, you may be onto something.” Patty said, surprised. The team then rearranges the puzzle, having the fire flame image be upside-down in the tiles. The team waits, as nothing happens. Suddenly, the area around shakes, causing the ancient door to open up. “Wow, did not expect that to work.” Mythix said. “I guess vague riddles do have meaning after all.” Slug said, as the team heads into the cavern. Team Raiders searches around, still lost in the mountain. Ben then sees the open door in the distance, and smiles. “Fret not men, we may not be lost for much longer. A miracle has appeared!” Ben said to them, confusing Kaiju and Loopa. He then points to the open path where Team Destiny went in, as they head for it. Team Destiny keeps walking down the cavern path, as they feel it keeps getting hotter and hotter. The team arrives at the deepest part of the fiery mountain, as they see magma flowing down from several spots on the wall. At the end of the cavern, a glowing, red gem can be seen. “The Fire Heart…” Slug said, seeing it. “It is beautiful!” Mythix said, impressed. Before the two can make any sudden movements… “HALT!” Hawk’s voice boomed, startling the team. HawkbitAlpha appears out of a fiery vortex, looking at the team angrily. “How DARE you trespass on my territory!” Hawk said, about to shoot them with fire. “Hold on sir, we meant no harm. We are on a mission for our school to find the Fire Heart. Many teams are here searching for it. We are Team Destiny.” OWM tried to reason, as Hawk calms down a little, but is still annoyed. “I do not enjoy intruders. The Fire Heart belongs to the island, and I, HawkbitAlpha, am its guardian. Many have come to claim this treasure…and many have failed, shocker. If you truly want the treasure, you must face your final test: besting me in combat.” Hawk challenged to the team, who look nervous, but compose themselves together. “We accept your challenge, warrior.” OWM said. “Uh, I do not know if I am ready…” Mythix replied, looking through his spell bags. “Well you will have to be, because here he comes!” Slug yelled, as Hawk quickly charges at them. He sends multiple fire blasts around the cave, making the area hotter to weaken the team. Mythix then throws a magic smoke at Hawk, trying to obscure his view, but Hawk is able to see through it. He charges at Mythix and pushes him down to the ground. “Oof, this guy is tough…” Mythix said, feeling burnt. Slug fires multiple water arrows, but Hawk avoids them quickly. Patty then appears from behind and splashes paint at Hawk, distracting him. This allows Slug to strike Hawk’s right arm with another water arrow, hurting him and slowing him down bit. OWM then slashes his sword at Hawk, who sends a fire wave at OWM, knocking him back. Hawk then knocks the sword out of OWM’s hand, and sends him flying against the wall. He then knocks Patty and Slug down to the ground as well, who all feel burnt and tired out. Team Destiny feels defeated, as they are unable to move further. “He is too strong…” Patty said, trying to breathe. “Is this the best you children have got? I suppose I should not have expected so much.” Hawk said, ready to attack them again. Suddenly, OWM has a vision, showing the Tree of Light at the center of SBC. It begins glowing, and OWM feels awakened by its power, as if calls to him. It then grants him its power, much to OWM’s surprise. Back in the cave, OWM’s body begins to glow, confusing the team. “Uh…OWM, are you okay mate?” Patty asked. OWM then gets up, readying his sword, as he is not giving up. “I do not know what just happened or why I am glowing, but I am not out of the game yet.” OWM replied determined. “What power is this?” Hawk wondered curiously. OWM then rushes forward with the Tree of Light’s power through his body. He swings his sword at Hawk, surprising him. Hawk sends a fire blast, but OWM holds his sword up, and using the Tree of Light’s glowing power, makes the blast go away. “How is this possible!?” Hawk panicked, as the team watches in awe. OWM strikes Hawk with the sword in his right arm, which Slug had weakened earlier. This makes Hawk lose focus, and OWM pushes him to the ground. Hawk accepts defeat. OWM then stops glowing, as the Tree of Light’s power goes away. “…Well, huh. What do you know. I do not know what trick you just pulled off, but I am a man of my word. You have proven your strength, Team Destiny.” Hawk said, impressed by their skills. Suddenly, Team Raiders comes rushing into the area, running for the Fire Heart. “Thanks for taking care of the guard for us!” Kaiju taunted, as they grab the Fire Heart. Team Destiny charges at them, but Ben throws some of the ash smoke into their eyes, blinding them. “By your leave, Team Destiny.” Ben bragged, as the team laughs and makes off with the Fire Heart. “No!” Slug yelled. “Not to worry. That is a fake I use to fool thieves. The real Fire Heart…is here.” Hawk said, as he concentrates. Out of a magma pool, the real Fire Heart arises. “Take it.” Hawk said. The team walks forward, as OWM grabs it, feeling how hot it is. “Ouch.” OWM said, as Slug puts it in a bag. “Soon those imbeciles will realize they have a fake, but I am honored to have a team like you take it. What power exactly did you activate back there, swordsman?” Hawk asked OWM. “I wish I could tell you. I saw a vision of the Tree of Light, and it was as if it gave me a boost.” OWM explained. “The Tree of Light? Whoa…” Mythix said, surprised, as are Patty and Slug. “Fascinating, it appears to be connected to you somehow. You are a special one, OWM, and your whole team, even if their skills could use work.” Hawk said. “You know, we could use your power against the Shadow Walkers.” Slug said. “Believe me, I already have encountered those cretins many times. They are no match for me. I see the potential in your little crew. Someday, we can work together again. But for now, leave those shadow beasts to me. I will protect the Summer Kingdom from them, and you can protect the Spring Kingdom.” Hawk said. “Yes sir!” Patty saluted. “I will need time to rest my wound. Take care.” Hawk said, feeling his right arm, and disappears into another fire vortex. All of the teams make their way out of the mountain, as Team Raiders greedily look at their fake Fire Heart. Suddenly, it fades away, confusing them. “Hey, our treasure is gone!” Loopa panicked. “It was a fake, sorry guys.” Slug said to them, as he smugly holds the real Fire Heart. Team Raiders’ jaws drop, as they are unable to say anything further. “Wow, Team Destiny is first to find a treasure yet again! That’s one hundred points for them, yes, you heard that right!” JCM announced, as Team Raiders sigh and head back onto their boat. “Wow, we are unstoppable!” Patty said, impressed. “Good job, all of you.” OWM said. “We owe you thanks most of all, for that surprise mysterious tree power you got back there. You truly are special, OWM…” Slug said, curious. "Yeah, I heard many stories about the Tree of Light, but never knew it could give people its power at random." Mythix said. The rest of the teams get back onto their ships, which set sail for the Spring Kingdom. “Hopefully we do not have another pirate encounter, the last one was enough for me.” Patty said. “At least OWM has a pirate sword this time to scare off those scoundrels.” Slug replied. “Even though I do not fully understand what happened with the Tree of Light’s power back there, at least. have found another ally to help us against the Shadow Walkers. Hawk appears to be a fine protector of the Summer Kingdom. I know we will cross paths again.” OWM said, looking back at Inferno Isle from the ship as it sails off. They then look at the Spring Kingdom in the distance, relieved to be heading back home. OWM then thinks about the Tree of Light again, and wonders what secrets it is holding, along with his connection to it. … Later at night, Hawk is seen atop the mountain peak, patrolling around. Suddenly, Hawk is attacked by several Shadow Walkers, including the Shadow King. “So, you show your face, eh coward?” Hawk provoked aggressively to the Shadow King, who does not respond. As the Shadow Walkers charge to Hawk, he sends fire blasts, incinerating them. The whole time however, the Shadow King had just been standing in position patiently with the rest of his Walkers. “Are you going to attack, or will you make this easy for me?” Hawk asked, about to attack his forces again with another fire blast. The Shadow King then quickly hurls a stunning spear at Hawk. He tries to evade it, but it strikes his right arm, taking him down to the ground. Hawk struggles to get up, but the Shadow King gets to him first. The Shadow King then touches Hawk, turning him to stone. The Shadow King smiles contently and leaves with what remains of his forces. The Hawk statue remains there, showing his panicked expression.
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    Just like what happened to Mr. Puff, Mrs. Puff and her month are now a shell city lamp. But as always, we've got to have new character month, and what better way to start the 20th anniversary of our favourite sponge-focused TV show with.... SpringBoob SquirePin! ...wait hold on... uh woops I pronounced wrong. What I meant to say was... SpongeBob SquarePants! (SpongeBob will get his month so-oh wait) Hard to believe that 20 years ago this month, he started a bubble blowing business and ripped his undies in front of people. Quite an achievement I would say. From now until July 31st, you can buy SpongeBob-themed items, so you can feel that spongey tingle inside of you. All items were made by Cha and moi! There's a lot more new items this time around, as well as the return of returning items so this should be quite an exciting month! (Snail is also 50% for this month only) EVERYONE NEW Anchor Arms - $200 Battle Helmet - $250 Doodle - $100 GOLDEN Spatula - $1,000 Gooberberry Sunrise - $150 Goober Hat - $150 Goober Lollipop - $150 Handsome Hair - $200 Maid Hat - $100 Maid Outfit - $350 Maid Shoes - $150 Manly Mustache - $100 Sideburns - $90 Spatula - $120 Sponge - $400 SpongeBob Costume - $500 SpongeBob Shoes - $200 Tom Kenny Suit - $400 Trendy Glasses - $190 RETURNING 329 Egg - $329 Blue Swim Trunks - $200 ChefBob Puppet - $100 Jellyfish Net - $250 Jolly Good Rookie Donut - $600 Kissy Kissy - $100 Quickster Costume - $350 Quickster Goggles - $300 Name Tag - $90 SpongeBob's Jellyfishing Glasses - $150 SpongeBob Knight Helmet - $100 SpongeBob Knight Tunic - $150 SpongeBuck Bowtie - $100 SpongeBuck Hat - $150 SpongeBuck Pants - $200 SpongeBuck Shirt - $300 TeenGirl Hair - $100 LC-ONLY RETURNING 2% Milk - $50 Black Eye - $100 Chest Thing - $200 Jellyfish Hat - $200 Mermaid Man Costume - $350 Mermaid Man Hair - $300 Mermaid Man Nose - $95 Microphone - $80 Never-Pootin' Chili - $100 Sheriff Badge - $800 SpongeBob Cookie - $50 Sponge Popsicle - $50 Unicycle - $250 Vanilly Ice Cream - $80 All items are now available for purchase! Enjoy SpongeBob month!
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    I am judging the Starbucks app
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    20. "If you want a Krabby Patty, you'll have to rent a room and order room service." Krusty Towers, 219 points 17 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #3 @Clappy) (-1) We start off the top 20 with Krusty Towers, a fairly legendary episode on this list. It's one of only two post-movie episodes to have ever made the top 10 prior to 2019, and the only one to have been in the top 10 twice. Oh, how legends fall. After its place in the top 10 in 2013 and 2015, it did fall out, with 2019 being the lowest the episode has ever been. It goes to show how the masses' opinion on the post-movie canon is still very much in flux and will probably be like that for a while. That said, it's thankfully still in the top 20! Personally, it's not an episode I love, nor is it one that I would even consider among my favorite season 4 episodes, but SBC's love for it is completely understandable. I was initially going to say that it has a pre-movie energy, but that would be completely unfair. Season 4, or at least the first half of it, has its own unique vibe, character interactions and sense of humor to it that I feel is unlike much before or after. Krusty Towers is a great example of that season 4 formula that so many initially had an unfair allergic reaction to. 19. "Attention climbers, please hold on! The saws are on the way!" Idiot Box, 224 points 17 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #5 @Matt0417) (-3) Idiot Box is yet another episode that could reasonably be seen as "canonized," having been a regular in the top 20 since 2013, even having been in the top 10 twice! This is a case where an episode has thrived on the list despite having only having on top-5 rank at #5! While that fact (especially since Idiot Box's arguably biggest fan on SBC, Cha, didn't submit this year) did make it drop at the lowest it has ever been as well, it still hangs in there thanks to the huge amount of entries with Idiot Box on them. It's just an episode that a whole lot of people like a lot, and for good reason. While this episode is super funny, it also has some spooky undertones to it. Are the magic sounds from the box actually somehow there, or is it fully Squidward's imagination? The extremely blurred lines make for a classic Squidward performance. A "Squiddy completely loses his marbles" classic.
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    oops guess the posts were deleted last nite with the site update
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    really proud of these, I took a lot of time for once on my lineart for the most part. first one was a part of a summer beach collab my friend and i are currently doing Timeskip remake of a manga book cover that I love and actually own physically Original Mine
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