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    Hal couldn't update today due to his grad party, which leaves me in charge! Yay! Enjoy my guest hosting. 24. "As much as I love cruel, sick jokes, I'm afraid he's not joking. You work for me now, SpongeBob." Welcome to the Chum Bucket, 166 points 10 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 2 #1's @Jon Snow @PEPSI✭MAN) (-7) Even with two number 1 placements, this episode still oddly managed to fall. However, that doesn't distract from the brilliantly written and expressed bond between SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs here. Despite the multiple rights violations Krabs commits against the little yelIow dude on a frequent basis, the episode still manages to make you feel sorry for them both. I love that small yet emotional cry they share once they realize SpongeBob will never return to the Krusty Krab. The song is another high point for this episode. It has just the right amount of cheese and melodrama for it to still stay emotional while also kind of being funny. It’s also surprisingly well-performed. I love Mr. Krabs’ little rasp to his singing voice. Afterward the episode still manages to keep its consistency, thankfully. Great to see Plankton’s faux compassion and patience quickly run out as SpongeBob gets more and more bratty and demanding. Those overly gaudy shoes Plankton bought for him have to be my favorite. It’s also cool to see how he’s only compatible with working for the Krusty Krab and nothing else. Although Welcome to the Chum Bucket is no favorite of mine, I still recognize its place as a well-balanced comedic and emotional episode backed by a strong plot. I feel its spot here is well-deserved. P.S. Does anyone know what the song is actually called? I’ve seen it under the names “A Stove is a Stove”, “Just a Greasy Spoon”, “This Grill is Not a Home”, and “Without You” all at roughly the same rates. 23. " I demand you come back and give me a bus to Bikini Bottom, right now. And until then, I am not leaving this spot!" Rock Bottom, 176 points 12 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #1 @Coffee_lover) (+26) I really do appreciate the amount of love this episode seems to get these days, as evidenced by that absolutely MASSIVE jump. I’m just in love with Rock Bottom itself. The design is just so deliberately alien, and it makes for some interesting artistic liberties. The buildings are misshapen, the entire town’s cloaked in this really spooky, unsettling atmosphere, and the music is very whistley and downtempo. It adds a lot to the unfamiliar, chilling vibe the writers were going for. The designs for the people are the best though, you can tell the designers went all-out for this episode. They’re extremely diverse, mysterious and many probably aren’t even real animals. All of this combined is a great way to portray the attitude of a deep sea trench. This episode is also really frustrating in a good way. The sheer uncooperative nature of everyone in the entire town is hilarious, and seeing SpongeBob get more and more pissed off by that is great comedy. I love how his attempts to make the bus just get more and more ridiculous. The vending machine scene is a great example of this. All of this is also capped off with a sweet and cute ending that calls back to the intro, which I think is especially nice. "Don't worry SpongeBob, I'm coming back for ya!"
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    On This Day... (June 29th) SBC 2018 - The 122nd WOF game was held, and it was won by @Eric Swalwell ,and hosted by @kylie SpongeBob 2008 - Nicktoons: Android Invasion was released. 2019 -"Sandy's Nutty Nieces" and "Insecurity Guards" premiered.
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    So this completely original sequel is about an antagonist who wants to collect the six infinity stones musical strings to eliminate all music genres except rock. If she gets her hands on all six infinity strings, she’ll be able to wipe out half of music with a pluck of her guitar. *strums* ...just like that. @Thanos, did you let DreamWorks copy your homework?
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    Oh my fucking god I can’t believe that someone actually gave money to John Katering for support this lmao. I have no words for describing what an atrocious this walking failure is so I just leave unsatisfied Rube here
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    Insecuity Guards is...the best episode of season 12 thus far and surprisingly it was centered around Patrick. I'm just speechless. This is without a doubt Patrick's funniest episode in many years, even passing the really amazing one What's Eating Patrick in terms of humor. This is WHAT I WANT FROM PATRICK. A character that has charm to his stupidity and can bounce it off with other characters well. Even though SpongeBob wasn't the usual straight man here, his dynamic with Patrick was still very fun. I lost count on how many times the episode made me from chuckle to laugh. Squidward's art lying on Patrick's butt shouldn't be funny but it was. Patrick and SpongeBob inside Squidward's head was cleverly done gag. Patrick using a crowbar to open up a locker in the locker room was amusing. I loved Patrick explaining the rules to SpongeBob about security, while also telling him that rules don't apply to them. I loved his words on BC and AC in history. Stinkeye gag was wonderful. The thief running gag was good and it didn't overstay its welcome. SpongeBob and Patrick cleaning up art so badly that it led to the cleaner escaping gave me a good chuckle. Squidward trying to get his painting on the museum but being chased off by SpongeBob and Patrick was one of the funniest climaxes in a while, especially payback to mummy joke. I loved that in the end, Squidward got arrested but his painting stayed thanks to SpongeBob and Patrick. Surprisingly enough Patrick didn't lose his job or quit, which was actually refreshing to see. I can't praise this enough. For fandom getting more and more sour on Patrick, especially this community after likes of Ink Lemonade and The Nitwitting, this was a welcome back to Patrick I know and love. Keep up the good work Brookshier! Grade: A
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    I would've used a GIF from "Family Guy", which had Peter Griffin saying "I'm Out", but this GIF is just as good for portraying my UTTER disinterest for such an OBVIOUS display of plagiarism! Honestly, it sounds like some piece of fan-fiction that I once LAZILY wrote, and even I don't like it! And THAT'S saying something! Enough said!
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    guys, giving this a 1 out of 10 is still being too generous
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    Rap? More like crap.
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    Please don't shill John K's projects. He's awful. This is awful. Bluehilda was better than this. Speaking of which... This is a Bluehilda thread now
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    Yeah uh, no. No one should be proud in supporting anything related to John K at this point. He hates everyone, he's a pedophile, and he's an awful person in general. Fuck him.
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    This episode is another "string of the gags" type of episode that S12 love to have as a standard,but unlike other misses like FarmerBob or Sandy’s Nutty Nieces,Insecurity Guards impressed me in so many levels,even with mine high expectations that I had for it before. • Backgrounds’ quality in this episode is beyond magnificent,the amount of individual details of museum stuff like paintings and architecture is above the scale for average 11 minutes episode.Not to mention that variation of habits here is really large and on the same level humorous.From thrown by humans junk to Patlantis.This is a very good example of when people fuse creativity into useful ideas at their best. • The Patrick in this episode...is actual character?Wow I can’t believe I lived to this point,but Season 12 finally made him not only funny,but just a solid character that feels like he is more than a walking joke.While he is still dumb in episode,at least he clearly try to actually do his job,yes,he didn’t execute it that good,but it’s still felt naturally because of fairy exaggerated misunderstandings that work really well.It’s reminds me a lot of his characterization from No Picture Please in a maximum good way. • Squidward’s treatment done really well here.Not only motivation for Spongebob and Patrick chase him all around was executed perfectly.Despite him begin arrested at the end,he’s main goal been done even with that,witch is a really good direction for the conflict’s development of you ask me. • The comedy here is brilliant,easily the funniest episode of the season and as well as one of the funniest of the whole post sequel era.There’s just a lot of gags that made me laugh.Spongebob’s Evolution painting,Seahorse tail game,Patrick’s Mummy and Patlantis in general,that poor thief that just wanted to rob the museum already,Clean out the dirt from painting,Snail Mammoth,and so much other.This is a huuuuuuge bag of great jokes that is really remarkable,to say at least. Yes,this is a very excellent and hilarious episode that I can easily call as one of the biggest gems of pots sequel that we have as for date. It’s unexpected,creative,funny,beautiful,and just a joyful ride that I wish to see more in the future. Rating:
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    RIP DESMOND tonight we take it slowly
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    The editors of this website, SO better get paid overtime for REMOVING all this filthy LANGUAGE off of this website!
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    No weirder than a rock named Rocky winning a Snail Race in "The Great Snail Race"!
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