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    By now, the rest of staff already knows this, but at this time, I'd like to inform you guys - the members. Effective today, I am resigning as a Manager on SBC. It's been such a joy to serve you all and to have helped coordinate our successful projects this Spring, including the ninth Spin-Off Festival and the implementation of V13. At this time, I'd just like to explain a little bit of why I'm stepping down. Over the past year, alongside getting the amazing opportunity to be an SBC admin, I have also started a career in publishing. And more recently over the last few months, I have begun to make significant strides in this field, so I am going off to explore this avenue full-time. Unfortunately, this conflicts with my duties as a Manager on this community. So despite how hard this might be, I see no other choice but to step down. In that same manner, it's probably safe to say that I will not be as active here anymore either. And this doesn't mean I'm just disappearing forever, because this wonderful site means so much to me. I'll still drop in from time to time for sure. SBC was a second home to me through a somewhat turbulent adolescence (whose teenhood wasn't the slightest bit chaotic, amirite), as I'm sure it was to a lot of other veterans, and what it is now for the modern day userbase. However, I think there's something to be said about leaving "home" and getting a little lost out there (in a good way ? ). And on that note, I am reminded of this beautiful quote: "Where we love is home. Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." So to this site, I say "Thank You." To my good friends here, @Jon Snow, @SOF?, @Hayden, @WhoBob, and so many more. To my fellow staff members, truly a stellar team, @JCM, @OWM, @PEPSI✭MAN, @smashmouthfan99, @Cha, @Patty Rose, @Aquatic Konquest. To all the members here, thank you for letting me be your admin, your friend, your colleague. I'll never forget the memories I've made here, the experiences I've had (in leadership especially), and the lessons I've learned. And I know Spin-Offs aren't as popular anymore, but it was through them that my writing style grew and I become even more confident as a storyteller. So wherever I go next in my career, I will always be held forever in this site's grace for pushing me there, for being a stepping stone. Alright, I've rambled enough. Thank you, and take great care of this forum for me until I get back from where I'm going . Much love, teenj12.
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    https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/25/18714532/desmond-afoah-etika-youtube-nypd-statement This is pretty damn sad. I hadn't really watched him much after he got out of his Pokemon days, but the circumstances leading up to his death the past few months were depressing. I wish his family the best.
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    Been meaning to make this topic for awhile now ever since I announced it on Discord months back. About halfway through the year sounds like the right time to make this official. Consider this the last giant group project I’m ever going to do on this site. Doesn’t mean I’m still not going to do the yearly threads or any review thread updates because I still am. But I know I won’t be around in 2029 to do something like this ever again lmao. As a good portion of you know how these year end threads go, I’m not going to go into too deep detail to explain it. But the condensed version of it is this. This thread is for the best and worst of movies, music, television, etc. of 2010-2019. Everybody can participate and share their thoughts on anything and everything. For example, Steel does annual animation lists so I fully expect him to do a decade end animation list. Kat likes to talk about the best albums of every year, so you guys can do a decade end albums chart. I know a lot of you love video games, so feel free to do best or worst video games of the decade. Any form of entertainment can apply here. As for me? I’m just sticking to the big three that I mentioned earlier since it’s only fitting. I’m probably going to share mine sporadically throughout the rest of the year. I’m going to start off with television since I highly doubt that whatever is debuting in the fall will impact my decade end thoughts on anything television related so expect that ranking in the next couple months. Music...I would prefer to wait until Billboard shares its decade end charts come November or December, but I’m fully certain of like 95% of what will make their decade list anyway so I may post it a tad earlier...we’ll see how that goes. And movies will be last since I save that for last traditionally because who knows what sort of movie will come out at the tail end of the year that can shake things up. Anyway, can’t wait to get these projects off the ground and running. Can’t wait to read everyone else’s thoughts and I can’t wait to share mine with you all fairly soon.
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    32. "I'm ready for the longest, coldest winter ever!" Survival of the Idiots, 121 8 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #3 @almy) (+3) Here, we have another list regular. This is yet another with no real prevailing trend, but rather one that just hopped around on the list. It was at its lowest in 2013 at #48, its peak in 2015 at #16, and here, we have it somewhere in the middle. A lot of the time, generally loved episodes in the SpongeBob canon do have a layer of emotions to make it even more enjoyable, even if the episode has a lot of comedy to it.This is a prime piece of SpongeBob abandoning any real sentimentality and just going full-on slapstick. It's and endlessly quotable sequence of completely off-the-walls brainless fun, and at times, genuinely thrilling. 31. "Pardon me, ugly sponge coming through." Something Smells, 124 points 10 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #4 @Patty Rose) (+8) At this point, it's pretty clear that as the list climbs upward, a lot of these episodes are becoming well-established as regular appearances on the top 50, a more established "canon" if you will. Something Smells is yet another example of a regular with no real trend, never going higher than #18 or lower than #39... both of those positions having been consecutive. This episode had a good share of new submissions showing appreciation for the episode, and for good reason. This is a great example of how pre-movie can effortlessly combine total hilarity as well as a sense of real sympathy for SpongeBob's struggle that a lot of viewers can probably relate to. It's almost like a "body positivity" episode from a more wholesome show, but completely twisted to make it funnier while still retaining its message. Anyway, that's the 40-31 stretch of the list over with!
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    On This Day... (June 25th) SBC 2016 - The 205th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Sweat SpongeBob 2011 - "The Other Patty" premiered.
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    Hey SBC, I’ve been working on an idea I wanted to see this site have. Since SBMania would never give away their clips section to me on here or my own site since all it’ll do is cause problems for everyone, I thought it’d be cool if one day, we can have a possible section full of SpongeBob advertisements that appeared in old magazines such as Nick Magazine or any international Nickelodeon/SpongeBob mag, or even the advertisements that appear in other printed media, such as old SpongeBob books, CD booklets, DVD booklets or video game manuals. Possibly more! I don’t have my recent UK mags I bought on EBay scanned, as I don’t have the computer to scan and I don’t know if my old dusty scanner that’s at my old house will still work these days or with this shite mini computer I have, but I do have old scans of some issues back when I was a VIP member on SBM. Plus, I’ve found some printed ads while digging through the internet. So far, I have about 20-30 advertisements. If anyones interested, I’d love to see other members contribute the adverts they have in their Spongebob collection! It’d be such a great help to see this project grow more! It may not happen but I’d love to see some contributions if possible. Thanks!
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    5. Hoist the Colours OWM wakes up one morning, ready for adventure. Sbl has made him breakfast, which the two happily eat together. “Today’s a big day. I hear the school is planning their first big field trip in a while.” Sbl explained. “Indeed, all of the teams will be taking a voyage to Inferno Isle at the Summer Kingdom to hunt for treasure. I hope it shall be a fun hunt.” OWM replied. “The Summer Kingdom is a beautiful place to be at all times! I y’all enjoy your adventure, and stay safe, because those islands can be dangerous places!” Sbl replied. “We will be cautious, sir. The school staff is coming along with extra security and precautions against any threats.” OWM explained. “Good on them! I wish I could go with ya kids, but alas, I have many important things to do.” Sbl replied. “That reminds me, I’ve noticed you keep going out at night lately. What are you up to?” OWM asked out of curiosity. “Busy checking on the fields and doing some mining, it keeps me busy. But I am glad I get to spend time with you while I can! You have adapted to this realm quite well.” Sbl said, proud of OWM, as they finish their breakfast. OWM grabs his backpack filled with all of his materials for the trip. He exits sbl’s house and walks into the village square, where he sees Mythix, Patty and Slug. “You guys ready for the big trip?” OWM asked them. “You bet.” Slug replied, showing his newly repaired bow. “I’m ready!” Patty said eagerly. “Same here, this will be fun.” Mythix replied, having many of his magic powders ready. The team heads to the school courtyard, where all of the other teams are gathered, prepared for the trip as well. Team Raiders looks at Team Destiny. “Okay guys, let’s ACTUALLY beat them this time at finding something!” Ben said to Kaiju and Loopa determined. “Do we even know what the treasure is at Inferno Isle?” Loopa asked. “Legends say that elusive treasure is called the “Fire Heart”, hidden deep within the most molten mountain on the island. I cannot wait to nab the treasure, assuming it is real and not another idiotic myth like our cave exploration turned out.” Kaiju explained, annoyed over those events. “I never want to see another shark.” Loopa said. JCM and Trophy ring a bell in the center, gathering all teams’ attentions. “Attention all teams, our journey to Inferno Island is about to begin, and yes, I am enthusiastic despite what it may sound like.” Trophy announced. The teams then cheer. “Treasure! Adventure! Fire!!” The team members yelled from the crowd. “We will depart to the coasts where our ships await for departure. Tread carefully once the ships make way, teams. There be pirates and dangerous creatures out in these murky waters, but as long as ye stay on board ye should be safe.” JCM warned, speaking like a pirate himself. “Hopefully we don’t come across more sharks on the way.” Mythix joked, referencing their exploration days ago. The teams then all follow JCM and Trophy, who escort them through the village. The villagers see the large group coming, curious where they are headed. “Eh, looks like they have an adventure ahead of ‘em…” SOF noticed, as Halibut buys merchandise from his store. “Happy trails!” Steel said, waving to the teams. The villagers all wish the teams best of luck on their journey, as they keep heading forward. They reach a coast where five wooden ships are, waiting for the teams to board. Team Destiny boards the fourth boat along with Team What, Trophy and JCM. Team Raiders end up on the third boat away from Team Destiny, much to their dismay. “Curses, I wanted to annoy them!” Kaiju said disappointed. “Hey kids, you get to ride with me! Are you excited?” JCM asked to Team Destiny and Team What. “And do not forget me!” Trophy added. “Sure I guess.” Slug replied, shrugging. “Welp, this looks like quite an adventure ahead…” Coffee_lover said, looking out at the ocean horizons with OBAB. Team Destiny also looks out at the ocean horizon, and OWM looks in wonder, curious what will await at Inferno Isle. The five ships then sail off, heading through the waters that will lead them to the Summer Kingdom over yonder. As the ships sail onward, Team Raiders looks out at the waters, to see a few sharks. “NOT MORE SHARKS!” Kaiju said, panicking and frustrated. As the ship keeps sailing, Team Raiders hides in terror. However, it turns out the sharks were more illusions of SpongeRobert, who is seen on the coast line watching and chuckling. He then makes his shark illusions go away. Several other team members look out at the ocean to try to see the sharks Team Raiders allegedly saw, but see nothing. They then laugh at the team and continue walking around the ship. Suddenly, a real shark is seen in the water, as all of the teams see it, worrying. “Stay calm, do not try to provoke the creature.” JCM announced o everyone on his ship. “Sharks are cool so no problem here.” Mythix said eagerly. As the ships keep making way, suddenly, from out of the fog, a pirate ship appears. This startles all of the teams, along with JCM and Trophy. “Great, now I get a chance to use this if they try anything.” Trophy replied, holding a battle axe close on his belt. “Someone came prepared.” Slug noted. The pirate crew yells, as the pirate ship approaching the five ships. Jjs is shown to be the captain of the pirate crew, wearing a fancy pirate getup. He walks down the captain stairs, but ends up tripping and lands into a pile of barrels. The team members laugh at this. From their ships, but Jjs stands back up on top of a barrel, looking out at the ships. “Ahoy mateys! Apologies for the error there. I be Captain Jjs of this here crew, and we are going to be commandeering one of yer ships. Savvy?” Captain Jjs threatened to the crew. “Oh dear…” JCM said, worried. “Hopefully it’s not our ship.” Patty said. “Can you commandeer their ship?” Kaiju taunted, pointing to the ship with Team Destiny. “We will decide this with a game of random pick. And I pick…..uh….not that one….yes, I see it now…that one!” Jjs said, pointing to the ship. With Team Destiny on it. “Oh okay.” JCM replied. “Oh no!” OBAB replied. “OH YEAH!” Kaiju yelled from the other ship. Jjs’ ship approaches theirs, as Trophy tries to turn it around. Several of the other team’s ships reveal cannonballs from the bottoms, as they open fire on Jjs’ ship. “PREPARE TO BOARD!” Jjs yelled to his crew, getting his ship out of the mess. Jjs and his crew all jump as the ship gets closer, landing on the deck. Jjs smugly holds out his sword. His first mate is LocalAquatic, who wears an eyepatch and holds out a small pistol. “Yarr.” LocalAquatic said, as everyone on board raises their hands in surrender. However, Trophy is not so quick to surrender, as he quickly holds out his axe. He charges and swings it at Jjs, but he avoids it. Jjs then hooks his sword onto the ax, and sends it flying out of Trophy’s hands into the water. “…Well there went my plan.” Trophy sighed, as he holds up his hands in surrender for real this time. “We cannot fire on one of our own ships!” Renegade yelled from a ship nearby. The other team’s ships are unable to do anything without harming the crew on board, as they stop. Jjs now has the ship held hostage. “I suggest one ye call off the fleet or else my crew will get really nasty. Savvy?” Jjs bargained. “We’re not really giving into pirates, are we?” Trophy asked JCM. “Don’t have much of a choice here. Attention all other ships, go on without us to the island. We will make it.” JCM ordered from a loud megaphone out at sea. The other ships are hesitant to do anything. “That’s an order!” JCM added. The ships regrettably keep sailing, making their way to Inferno Isle. Many of the team members look back, hoping the residents on board are all okay. “Haha!” Kaiju taunted. “Good lad. See, this won’t be so bad. I take control of your ship and you all can…go free.” Jjs said. “What will you do with our ship after this?” OWM asked. “I dunno yet. I improvise this scheme as I go along, ar ar ar!” Jjs replied. “Can you give us a ride to Inferno Isle?” Patty offered nicely. “That was not a part of the deal, friend.” Jjs replied. “Darn, I thought it would be worth a shot…” Patty sighed. “We can get out of this, guys. I refuse to swim all the way there.” OWM said to his team, along with Coffee, OBAB, JCM and Trophy. “But how? They are armed with swords and guns, and my arrows won’t do much good.” Slug said. “We improvise, just like he is.” OWM said, as he quickly jumps up. “Wait hold on-“ JCM was saying, not ready. OWM charges at one of the pirates, and takes their sword. The rest all break free, as Jjs’ crew attacks back. Mythix throws some magic powder to blind the pirates. “I cannot see!” Local panicked, trying to shoot, but his bullet hits a barrel, missing. Jjs tries to see through the smoke, as he slashes his sword around. As Patty, Slug, Mythix, Coffee, OBAB, JCM and Trophy deal with the other pirates, OWM charges up to jjs with the stolen pirate sword. OWM clashes the pirate sword against Jjs’, as the two duel through the smoke. The smoke clears, as the two keep clashing swords across the deck. Local gets his gun disarmed by one of Slug’s arrows, and Trophy then tackles him. The rest of the pirate crew are taken care of by Mythix, Slug, Trophy and Patty. OWM then disarms jjs’ sword, leaving him defenseless. Jjs is shocked, as his crew surrenders. “Well, I’ll be. These kids actually bested us! And as a prize for doing so, this matey here gets one of me swords…” Jjs said to OWM, surprising him. “…Why?” OWM asked, confused, as jjs hands him one of his spare pirate swords. “It only be fair, matey. Pirate code says if a swordsman bests ya, ye must give up a weapon.” Jjs said, nobly accepting defeat. Jjs gives OWM one of his steel pirate swords. OWM now finally has his own weapon. “Okay, thanks. But please get off our ship.” OWM said. “Aye!” Jjs said. Jjs and his pirate crew all jump off, landing back onto their ship. Before Trophy can get the ship on path again, cannonballs are fired from the pirate ship. Trophy barely swerves it, as one cannonball hits the bottom, causing water to pour in. “I thought you guys were giving up?” JCM asked, confused. “A real pirate never gives in! But I admire that kid’s skills, I cannot deny that.” Jjs replied, as cannonballs keep being fired. The ship manages to get away, as it heads for Inferno Isle in the distance. “Curses!” LocalAquatic yelled, as they escape their view. “We did it!” Patty yelled. “Thank you all for your help.” Coffee said to them, grateful. “And thankfully nobody died, you would not believe how scared I was back there.” JCM said. The ship approaches Inferno Isle, as everyone who made it there already sees this. “They’re safe!” a team member said from the coast, happy and relieved to see the last ship coming in. “Dangit!” Kaiju said annoyed. The teams cheer for them. The ship makes port at the rocky coast. They all get off safely and appear at the main ground. “Good, everyone made it after that stressful encounter. We’ll camp out here for the night, and make way to the mountain in the morning.” Trophy explained to the teams. “Wow, we really are here. I cannot wait to go exploring for the Fire Heart!” Mythix said eagerly. "The Summer Kingdom sure is hot so far." OWM said, feeling the heat from the mountain peak above. Team Destiny looks at the island ahead of them, prepared to explore and get the treasure. They then go into their tents to sleep, as do all of the other teams. OWM then holds up the pirate sword Jjs gave him and looks at it, content he has his own weapon now. … At night, several Shadow Walkers are seen heading to the blazing mountain peak. Suddenly, an inferno vortex appears in front of them, startling them. HawkbitAlpha appears from out of the fire, who is the protector of the island. “You will not keep terrorizing this kingdom, vile demons!” Hawk boomed to the Shadow Walkers. He holds out a magical device, sending fire blasts at the Shadow Walkers. They are incinerated by the light and fade away into the night. Hawk then disappears into another fiery vortex, as ashes fly around. The Shadow King then walks forward, having witnessed this. He observes the path ahead curiously, and then walks away.
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    Ed, Edd n Eddy just had to end up back in school
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    Sound of the Underground - Girls Aloud
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    whenever eli has that blank duck face i feel like he usually has the same expression inside his costume but with barkas he has this expression on his actual face. And barkas knows his big brother does and it makes his always serious, straight man self even more pissed off
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    that's an ultimate roast Gintoki can make, he's saving it for the finishing blow
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    Here's a lowkey video Nick released to celebrate 20 years: (Three new title cards can be seen at the end here for Senior Discount, Broken Alarm, and Birthday Blowout)
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    WELL HOLY CRAP. I should start watching more 2010 movies to catch up and make a divine list hopefully lol. I'm really excited for this event.
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    If there's one thing I wanna see Vince take from Looney Tunes, it's this for the payoff between Shane and Greg Hamilton.
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    Feral Friends: This is one of my favorite episodes of the newer seasons with its amazing plot and funny Patchy segments. Big Pink Loser: A classic episode with many funny Patrick moments and a great lesson. Krabs à La Mode: It's not one of my favorites, but it's a fun episode to watch. Roller Cowards: A really great episode with many funny moments from SpongeBob and Patrick. No Free Rides: This one might be my favorite Boating School episode with its many funny moments between Mrs. Puff and SpongeBob. Clams: I find this one pretty underrated. While I didn't know it had memes based on it, I just like the Jaws shout outs and Mr. Krabs increasing insanity throughout the episode.
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    On This Day... (June 24th) SBC 2011 - V6 Shark was released SpONGEbOB 2017 - "Spot Returns" and "The Check-Up" premiered.
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    "WELCOME BACK!!!" - The Flying Dutchman
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    Welcome (back) to SBC. Have a fun!
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    Third Drawn Together piece in a row! I am on a roll! (do check out the Foxxy piece above too if you haven't! ) Also the second crossover Drawn Together piece because the idea has been in my head since I finished the Wooldoor one, At first I was a bit hesitant to start it because I don't tend to draw two human characters together (it's always more complicated than I'd like it to be...), but I pressed on, did it, and it wasn't too bad. If you don't watch the show, you probably won't understand the joke being made here, but I hope you like it and/or find it funny anyway! And if anyone's interest in seeing the progress of this idea, look in the spoiler at Ariel's face in each stage...
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    Soooooo I'm working on another Drawn Together crossover piece (and by that I mean have yet to color but have otherwise finished modifying the outlines) but in the meantime here's another Drawn Together character I drew just prior to the crossover piece, and since it's a simple profile, the coloring was relatively straight-forward. Foxxy Love, y'all! Definitely one of my favorites of the eight housemates; she's hilarious and also has some sense in her that makes her the closest thing the show has to a voice of reason.
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    Disney company was built on the foundation of Mickey Mouse which Walt Disney had reign and freedom and he handed the mouse to others. If he didn't want Mickey Mouse to be used by others, he would have just shut down the company. Nick was never built on SpongeBob and Hillenburg was just a show creator and nothing more. Nick did this without his approval to do whatever they can with SpongeBob. You are right that SpongeBob would have continued regardless without him but at least it would be just one damn show, not a damn prequel spin-off and 11 more spin-off they wanna do because apparently SpongeBob is their own Marvel universe.
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    Here's the difference. - Hillenburg never wanted SpongeBob to be aged down to a kid so much that he almost walked out of Nickelodeon when they wanted the show to be that. - He was strictly against at crossovers and spin-offs. - season 4-9A are still in the show itself. - This was done to tie in to third movie which will feature the flashback. - This is pure Nickelodeon meddling and this has come up after he died. Not a coincidence and Tibbitt pointed out Hillenburg would have hated this.
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