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    On This Day... (June 6th) SBC 2015 - The 157th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @JCM SpongeBob 2006 - Nick Picks Volume 4 was released. 2008 - "House Fancy" premiered. 2013 - SpongeBob Moves In! was released.
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    After over a year of speculation, it's official: We're getting a remaster of Battle for Bikini Bottom: Game is set for a 2020 release. No further information available right now. View full article
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    “All Because of You” - Ne-Yo
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    ...I've been thinking way too much on the morality of this spin-off project lately, so yeah...screw it, I'm going hard on this. This whole Kamp Koral situation has been challenging my own stance as fan of the series. I've often cited SpongeBob as Nick's most timeless series and despite what would be my growing fears of the series' future, I made the prediction that the series will end up continuing past Hillenburg's life, in the form of perhaps the same life cycle as most of any of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons. The problem I have with this new SB series announcement has not always been the spin-off itself. It's the timing of it. I do not know Stephen Hillenburg personally. I never met him. I don't know everything in what he would have wanted for the franchise to be and what he would've never wanted for it to be, even if I'd really like to know what he would and wouldn't have wanted. While it's best that I don't make assumptions about someone that I don't know at all, I know one thing about him as much as anyone else including the people behind the spin-off project: he has zero interest in spin-offs based on his show. I don't know if the announcement of this upcoming SB spin-off would make him feel aggravated if he were still with us, but after seeing how Paul Tibbitt has spoken up against it, he has made a very solid and crucial point. Kamp Koral very much goes against Hillenburg's original vision of SpongeBob and Hillenburg himself probably wouldn't have approved of it. That's not even the worst thing about this news. While the news articles centering on Nick's call to create SB spin-offs seem to suggest that they're being made in Hillenburg's honor, NOWHERE does Robbins or any of the other higher ups spoke of their sorrow towards Hillenburg's death. Nowhere did they say that were making new, multiple SB series because they felt that Hillenburg would've appreciated them. Nowhere did they say that Hillenburg approved of their decision to keep making SpongeBob for as long as they pleased. Nowhere did they say that Hillenburg approved of this whole Kamp Koral concept. All that these news articles have ever implied to me is that Nickelodeon is going keep producing material for the SpongeBob franchise because SB is their most successful television series, cable is dying, and they need to do whatever it takes to survive in the industry, even if it means going against Hillenburg's vision. BUT do you want to know what really makes my blood boil about this news? Once again, it is the timing of it. I wouldn't have felt very mad if Nick had made this announcement some goods year later, but instead, we're getting hit with this news just a mere few months after Hillenburg's death. This not only produces the strong implication of grave-robbery, but this also strongly implies that Nickelodeon was waiting for Hillenburg to die so they could eventually announce that they will do whatever with the franchise now that they have the complete freedom to do whatever they want with it. Now I know that Nick and Viacom has always held total ownership of this franchise, but it's very clear now that Hillenburg's presence had laid the company his own ground rules regarding SB. Also, because Robbins nor any other higher up working Nick have talked of Hillenburg in-depth, they still have, by far, never denied this kind of behavior that most people believe that they are displaying right now. Perhaps they are waiting for the right time to speak about this problem, but still. I've said this many times before, but I'll say it again: this is the current state of Nickelodeon we're dealing with. Cyma left Robbins and everyone else with a dysfunctional business and seeing just how desperate Nick's current approach to stay afloat is, I'm willing to bet that the company may take quite a long time to recover from this, but who knows? Maybe Nick will never make a proper recovery. From the looks of it, Nick is continuing to make the same mistakes they're making by cutting corners, showing a lack of care towards their IPs that aren't SpongeBob, and of course putting way too much focus on their most profitable IP and over-saturating its market. Back on the topic of Kamp Koral, I've finally jumped to a conclusion on how I pretty much feel about this upcoming spin-off. I will give it a chance and see how it pans out for the first few episodes or so. It will feel like an unwarranted retcon of SB's original vision, but who knows? Perhaps it's not actually canon to the original SpongeBob universe and it merely takes place in a different universe. Maybe it will not feel so much like it's taking so many elements from Camp Lazlo. What matters most to me though is that it treats Hillenburg and his legacy with the utmost respect. If not, then I will refuse to support this spin-off and any other new SB series that Nick will throw at me. I can easily write off Kamp Koral as a SB series only in-name. As long as the project is also not being spearheaded by the creative team behind the original SB series, I shouldn't have to treat this is as a genuine SB series. The main reason why I've come to this conclusion is primarily because this string of news that we've been receiving from Nickelodeon has completely cemented my feelings on them being a POS company. It's not because they're making a new SB series that's very suggestively going to retcon certain key points from the original series. It's not because of the company's current desperate plea to continue thriving in the cable television industry. It's not because of some of their faulty business practices. The reason is because Nickelodeon is and always has been treating each one of their shows as objects and will also probably always have creative control over them as well. Why else would The Fairly OddParents end up becoming worse with each new character Nick pressured for Butch to add? Why else would they be prematurely cancelling any of their shows? Most of all, why else would the SB franchise be suffering from all that's going to happen to it? I may have already answered that last question previous times in this same post, but still. So yeah, if Kamp Koral doesn't manage to be a very pleasing addition to the SB franchise, it's definitely best that I simply write it off not just as an in-name only SB series, but as an effort that's only being headed by a group of people who treat SB as an object and not by a team of people who genuinely respect Hillenburg's vision. Like Jjs has said before on Discord, it's a little too late to get Nick to hold off on this new project, but hey, I don't expect Robbins and the rest of Nick's current executive staff to keep their promise to quote-unquote make SpongeBob forever. At the very least, it's important that I, and as well as everyone else, have a voice and speak loud enough so that the company will have to listen. There's the old-fashioned saying never say never and if Nick will never say never stop making SpongeBob, then I say never say never try to make them reconsider. Finally, I just want to say that I show absolutely no disrespect towards anyone who is working on the new SB spin-off. I do not blame them for letting the project pull through 'cause as I ever so implicitly stated, the spin-off has Robbins and the executive staff's strings attached to it. If anyone writing/producing/drawing/etc. for the Kamp Koral spin-off ever end up receiving death threats, I know I'm going to sympathize for them. Heck, I also somewhat feel bad for Ceccarelli and Waller when it comes to the thought that they're giving a hand on this spin-off not primarily because they wanted to, but because they have to AND that they might probably also be on the receiving end of death threats. Most of all, however, I sympathize with Paul Tibbitt and I fully support him for speaking out on the matter. Now, to this close this rant, all I have to say now is this: Screw Viacom, screw Nickelodeon, screw Cyma, screw Brian Graverobbins and others in Nick's staff for enabling and displaying this level of disrespect to the series creator, and screw anyone else that objectifies the SpongeBob franchise. Either Nick acts up and leaves SB the hell alone, or I continue to hope they go bankrupt before anyone with a good heart takes SB from their hands and treat it and Hillenburg with a great deal of respect.
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    Okay so the Steam page for it is up (https://store.steampowered.com/app/969990/SpongeBob_SquarePants_Battle_for_Bikini_Bottom__Rehydrated/) and this part in particular got me more hyped than I already was. Sign me the heck up ???
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    Paul Tibbitt spoke the truth on Twitter about this. Major respects. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like Post-Movie or not, he’s right.
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    https://deadline.com/2019/06/spongebob-squarepants-cg-animated-prequel-series-kamp-koral-greenlighted-nickelodeon-1202626441/ This is the first of the spin-off series to be announced.
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    i think it's just a weird angle, in og game models also looked awkward from certain angles.
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    In time for SOF 9, here's a new episode of this series. Because I chose a special that wasn't very dialogue-heavy, I went ahead and copy/pasted most of the scenic actions...and also put them through Google Translate. Enjoy. 20. Iftiin (Ugh) Recreation: The nose is a unique case! But today we can not use it when we go to Ankoio (Greek detected word for ‘Anno’), California, because ... …/ About 100 million years ago! So ready ... …/ BC Lightning Storms! Ro Launch piracy, history of piracy! [Listening and Listening. Get out of the house rock. Every animal is a good home, but it is kept in writing. Flood, rockstones, dinosaur paper] Taxi: Haha! They are equal to what you said, what did he say? There is a little question ... [Need. Dinosaur is located in the deep and deep depth of the wall] …/ Now this is a prelude story ... [See meat and flour] ... when people try to live and die in the big dinosaur site. [Cheese-free food and diet, but taking dinosaur life] …/ Yes, okay? But now I'm leaving. [Dinosaur leaves the park garden and is available] [This is one side. It takes responsibility and takes two steps. Stand Standstill. Please try again later] …/ As I have seen, this is the biggest story. It was a simple and easy game. [Have two placements and one slice of cuts] …/ Your clothing is always changing. [Use this site in the future] You can save the walls. Nobody likes you. [We have good spaces] Football is easy to hit. [She will live in Dijon] Yes, it was a good story. Men men? I believe in congratulations to support the fans. [Introduction, but it has Coekkola and Hume Pak] Points: I'm sorry for the delay. Taxi: Gabay! (Filipino detected word for ‘Guide’) Why are you wearing clothes? I spent all night. Points: You took time. Prudence is forbidden. Everyone knows the future. Taxi: Is this? It is not. Save The Reason Plymouth Pinpints are some of the early things that children would say "great". Points: No Taxi: Halkaa (Somali detected word for ‘there’) Points: No Taxi: It often works in the garden. Points: No Taxi: So! Points: No Taxi: I know! Points: No …/ Recreation: Read more ... ... t Sri Krishna: Imagine what you are Drop off: Mr. Cooper does not know, but the sea and sea water have unusual experience about me. When the crown is finished. …/ Taxi: K. Points: No Taxi: K. Points: No Taxi: K. Points: No Taxi: Let's talk about why we are and why we go for food. A safe carpenter! ... do it Points: No Iftiin [Fans are open, the plants are blue and blue. The program will start. See Bikini Online for most. But the ancient island contains water and strong martyrdom. Every man hath done hunting;] Recreation: It was buried in the morning. [The former friend of the world] Millions of millions of lives live in the air, opening new eyes and bright eyes. I have been here for a long time. [Do not hurt. These elderly families are in three pairs. In Spanish Spanish, this large house is located in stone, stones and bones. The big eyes of the sun, the sun, was the same hour. The recent waves are looking for stone stones and come to the end of this historic stage. Almeria, the bedroom (Karma), but the door was opened. He laughs and returns to shelf. Then he pulls out the floor and has two packages. It looks chrome and its details, the right to travel] Drop off: …/ Bananas are ready! Taba, a car. Gas Sheeko: M Drop off: Gary Tonson Tab [Fruit and Vegetable Chips with Allan and Dinosaurs] Gary: M [For a long time, the backbone. Legally and impoverished people are particularly dedicated to a group of travelers, especially when traveling on a blue airway] Include: …/ Group Hoo ... [He went, but he stood up.] …/ Sug (Swedish detected word for ‘Suck’)... [Accelerate and carry. A great creature is coming back. The official wants to grow, but the clothes are often seen. It is divided, and the war is gone from SKQ, but there is no way to turn it off.] …/ Hmm ... [Walking and taking two clubs. She said she should use her. It takes heavy tire and gloves. Locations are cheaper. Weight needs pets and doors on the right track.] …/ Bob's letter! [Donkey leaves eye and eye] …/ Punang Harry Puppy Maya! The sites are the collection of bottles! Tabo (Slovenian detected word for ‘you’) Duo! Tabo Duo! Drop off: Arjiga (Somali detected word for ‘Application’) Tab Hm ... Tongang (Chinese detected word for ‘Ton just’) Dodo ... [Remember the head and stamp seal again, but the cheeks are flying on the car, returning to the site using the red suitcase. But the cloud must work. Skvipik opened home Patrick's Stone House, which is frequently used in the leg of Patrick booga dhaslaawe.] Color: …/ Travel! [Stormy ice mines, now dead] Come on! [Image images] Boo! [see photo] Crown [Then he took salt and gave it a little soft, then he went out. It looks at this time now at the office] Oh! Include: Travel! A group ... [Seriously grow and kneel] Color: Confidential! [I will laugh and accept] Nothing! [Drinking hands after the pen and the tip of the tip is not plaque] …/ Confidential! Include: EE! Color: Confidential! Drop off: Travel! Color: Drop off [Spongjack begins and hit his head. The girl shakes her face. The cloud lay in the nose and slip the face. He is confused, so the nose is outdoors. Some laughter. Peter put his head on his head. He will not stay there] …/ Drop off Drop off: to continue Include: Pffffft! Sparkart (Swedish detected word for ‘Save Map’) and Pat of the Gabrielle Castle. Hey, house, look up ... [Before returning to the ground, stop him, look at his head and go back to the house. Review] …/ so ... [Go back to Sandwich, go home, sponge keeps the leaves and drinks half the juice. This ship was surprised. Compare it. If the job enters the liquid, flush slowly into the brush, then the hole will end. The story tries to cover the grass, but it looks like pop, you do not need any risk and safety. Then he loved and cried out. Then the clouds and rain show. Then it is over, the rain fall, and the cloud changes. Laughter is fun. He tried to shoot, but the rainbow. Many clouds will rains and rain. I'm sorry. Press it once and repeat. They are happy with most doors. It starts with rain, but it will not stop. Then, remember the sound and the way you want to call. Peter is still vibrant and there are two lights of light. Squawk watches his house on the second floor of the floor] …/ Thank you Prairie and Spoonard. Squoc Squac can not be searched. [Start feeding. Iftiin. Fire and light bulbs, such as Peter and Spoon, look like windows and gas.] …/ Travel! Drop off [They both grow back and forth. And they went out and saw the fire. Pager, Kwuig (Igbo detected word for ‘talk’) and Pou (Haitian Creole detected word for ‘for’) are bright. She laid her hands on her, and beat her hand. He burned his hand, and stretched out his hand, and his hands were broken. Hispanic and Peter in their hands] Both: …/ Well, yes ... yes, yes ... [Try to go. Then unexpectedly happen. And Peter spake in the voice and the voice. Then they grow on salt and wheat, spreading a series of needles to the next home, spaghetti and stomach. And he took hold of stones, and brought a vessel into the temple. They do not want, but they are starving. Stores saw two factories] Drop off: …/ This fan! Include: Yaa [While traveling and travel] …/ Drop off [Feeling emotional. As he did, Pedro saw his hand and died. Pittsburgh hands occur when hands are attached] Travel! Throw away! [Peter died. Kandang (Indonesian detected word for ‘Cage’) Shpanggart, Holy Star Megag, two farmers have been delayed by the fire and then abandoned. We have been hearing a secret, because both are fast and fast. Later, when we saw the rubbish of Nigeria, we saw Sarsi. An eternal cloud.] Drop off: AT! Confidential! Confidential! Does he speak spoon? Mmm [Good luck and nephew] …/ Maybe! Maybe! Maybe! [Que. This is because of the light source. He accepts and goes. Since then, hunting has increased. It was a great taste. See Squig. Then the cloud is too long, by eating tropical plants.] Include: It's right [Food is good and allergy. Again on the road.] …/ Taila foo spong! Silence is not a tree. [Mouth Suck - Parrot Albert Einstein. Then add fresh spin, mix and bake. Petatchell uses all sticks to indicate and stop the pen. We came from a red currant. Providers must eat and eat to provide support.] Drop off: …/ Travel! MM-MM Tab Tab! Prehistoric Cup: Money! Money! Yahah! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Oh ... aah! [It takes Peter grades, takes and cares for Peter's activities. Take control, keep it in the fire. Stolen. Three men jumped, crying, and cried out. Unnecessary oversight.] Recreation: Therefore, our previous story may have been recently thrown out, but you can quickly play with a fire. Save yourself …/ Taxi: It was fun when I was there! Gay How can I learn to analyze the children ... So ... do not refresh? Multiple injection needles! ["Weight" on "Earth" is placed on the wall of the question.] …/ The way ... …/ It looks like flour. …/ Gabay! Points: Radiological technology will give you the future. ["The digital address of the digital divisions is related to the future." The report consists of '00' to '01'.] Taxi: Well, "" Well, "I did not see anyone living. …/ I saw his children, I fell on ice, and then I ate three days. I talk to the cave. is not it? The account is in the port [I am surprised by the history of the prison] Points: There is no longer a long time. To find a job. Work: Hello, what is my service? [Future results are longer than "01" to "02".] Taxi: Where you expect Points: There is no father who thinks what the world says. [[Cavey] pulls out the work and produces it. The eyes of the robot are red. The teacher is locked] Work: …/ Attack! Attack! [Green begins to shut down, and the work breaks out with noise. Each form, "future" results will be returned from "02" to "06".] Taxi: Gabay! You are looking for a hole Work: Attack! Attack! Recreation: Sometimes the record can be a different way of controlling it. What does he pay for? Square inch of square round! …/ Spring Bulls Bobbogi b. The question is good. We came [[Robert] goes on the road, and the rock has a big rock. After removing See how you are looking for soda and foil] Points: very well Taxi: Please call the BBA Center. Here we are waiting! …/ No …/ Recreation: We were looking for a fire when they saw the legs. How often do you feel sick? we see [This is accompanied by trips, roads and costs. All are closed. Pengurur (Malay detected word for ‘Artist’) strikes many tall leaves. Squawk blocks some of the leading and closing colors and pages and advertisements. Peter tried to protect him, put his head down and eat. He tore the tree and threw down his face to the ground. Three things are still food. Spaghetti Take a little wine, add it and win it. Squwig features some tile stones, puts it together and uniformly. Things to eat. The car remembers the rock, and there are some "money" in some accommodation. Scale length. The soft card pulls the ground, the wall and the elements lost, lost. He stood up. Strengthen three shoulders. Eat and buy.] [Pastor, Porter, and something, tell me, give it up and eat. They are in the interior, because they are becoming more and more. They will stop and raise] Include: …/ War, Pt. Eraser, spoon Color: Guggenheim, Scott Scott, Spoon Drop off: Hot, Wag, Pantar. (Icelandic detected word for ‘order’) [Three houses can not be returned to the house. I saw three men and saw a fire. Fire and stone] …/ Great War! Bike Spongebob! Include: Burns [About gypsum in the geometric shell. It's offense, and it will come back to you. Impact and danger. Stopping the memory of the memory, so Spoon-Fuel itself is their head. The woman lives in her club when she is in difficulty, Squig is with her. They hold two clubs, Peter is covering the fire. Spouting and Stopping Stopping where it is going and the buyer's way. Peter Gates is killed. Peter, apparently, is interested in Kiswick and Spunkarom] Both: …/ Travel! [[Peter] threw his heart into the air. Spaghetti Chachavar is responsible for carrying Chevavar boats to secure the release.] Include: …/ A group ... [Jade herself himself, but Peter takes it, and then sneezes the trash and makes mistakes. The project is over. The test is going on for a long time, but it is summarized as a tree. She leaves and goes to the ground. Psychological sites - farms. It was made of a sharp knife and stood at his base. Since then, in Iraq, there were shocking statements.] …/ Dumbo Patcher Fwee Fwee Squw! [It will come back, but it is closed, looking for the keys on the pocket. I found] …/ What is it? A group ... [The flutters flipped out, but they caught and caught another pound. Peter was shaken and full of joy.] Drop off: …/ Travel! Bwah, this little girl! Savior …/ Do not let it go! Color: Congratulations! [Hold and decorate the four tents in the hall. Afterwards, he walks and walks next. Patrick laughs at] Include: Fwee Fwee Squw! Fwee Fwee Squw! Color: Congratulations! Drop off: Bike Spongebob! [The three jobs are hidden, but they have stopped and they will not refuse] All: No, no. [Traveling signs and writing. They stood, and went, because there were three things. This trip will be canceled and everyone will finish.] Drop off: …/ Bike Spongebob! Include: Read it Color: Congratulations! [Fire is suddenly rarely seen. Everyone will live.] Drop off: …/ Oh, the shoe. Color: Oh so deep ... Drop off: Oh, the shoe. Color: Oh so deep ... Include: Sakaki! (Japanese detected word for ‘Moth’) [He will go to the club, but he was very slow. Land on Earth] …/ ... submission [Black team of Asa (Romanian detected word for ‘So’) and Kidney Club] Recreation: Some events in history can not be provided. …/ Taxi: Now I know how I feel ... Points: What is a long time? Taxi: I understand you can wear a little clothes. I want people to know. But all people were thinking about technology! Points: Come on, I think I am happy. Taxi: Cyber-Tech and Military Trucks Looted? Points: Even more. Taxi: I'm waiting for you, I think you care. …/ what you do When the world happens Points: Is this girl in red? You can do this But no one is missing When the world happens I am very happy You will certainly die When the world happens Keep in your hand I am your guide When the world happens Walk ... Walk ... good travel Keep your comment When the world happens Points: Look! The world goes forward, it is unusual Is the job and the file? Some of these works are in a single box How looga heart goes out to the heart? We continue I'm dead But this does not mean that marriage will be stopped He was in the lab in the cave That is why you have it Students: in the future! Points: Cool! Drop off: I am a girl. You can But it is not When the world happens Taxi: I think you're right, potatoes, right. Future is good Points: You see only the problems that I publish. Taxi: AT! What is it? New contact Points: No Taxi: Including the border Points: No Taxi: Yes, right? [Puterino's door opened. The lion is suffering, their eyes are cool, then from the bow] …/ Gabay! [Cooling is cool. Turn on light and window] PATT: I'm fine. [Dinosaur is very bad. In the ground floor there are many legs in the legs] Taxi: Yes, Spiegel, thanks to the children. Good luck! …/ Now tired! She stopped! -------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTES/TRIVIA: Google Translate setup for "Ugh:" Nepali-Esperanto-Scots Gaelic-Georgian-Amharic-Ukrainian-Somali
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    Squid Baby: So happy this episode made it this fucking high. Absolutely one of the most disgraceful episodes to happen to my favorite character. Just bizarre and fuckin gross and annoying to watch too. I would go on a lengthy rant about it but I'm on broken SBC to feel like doing so, but I DO have a burning hatred for this episode. One of the absolute worst of not just the Post-Movie era, but the whole damn series. Wish it was #1 though, because... Stuck in the Wringer: ...I always kind of found this episode enjoyable and entertaining. Brings back lots of fun memories and I never got too pissed about the conflict of SpongeBob getting mad at Patrick for being unhelpful with him for being stuck in the wringer and Bikini Bottom standing up for Patrick. I can see how frustrating it is for everyone else though, but I guess I never minded it even if Patrick doesn't deserve sympathy. Will post my rankings in full later. See you all next year.
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    @SICKO MORE has pointed out an error in the list! Turns out I forgot to tally BeachBob's 21 points for the episode Library Cards, pushing it several spots up. Consider this an official addendum. 58. Library Cards, 48 points 3 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #5 @BeachBob95) (NEW) These are the new rankings for #58 onward: 58. Library Cards 59. The Battle of Bikini Bottom 60. Tentacle-Vision 61. The Sponge Who Could Fly 62. Restraining SpongeBob 63. Good Neighbors 64. New Fish in Town Assuming this is the only error left, that marks the REAL end of this list! Now go back to submitting for best list.
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    First off, in order to address why I put "Old Man Patrick" on my list, I just don't think it was a good characterization of Patrick's character, and the plot itself was a little too stupid for my taste, and the "Marco" gag got old and repetitive REALLY fast! Now, as for "Squid Baby", I always felt like THAT episode was a WORSE version of "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve", only with WORSE jokes, and HORRIBLE abuse given to Squidward, that he didn't deserve. If this website is still around in two years, it might climb up even higher on my list next year! I'm not at all surprised to see "Stuck In the Wringer" up at #1 again. The only way this episode plot COULD'VE worked, is if they made PLANKTON be the one who got Spongebob stuck in the wringer! That would've made the episode plot somewhat workable! Anyways, even though Coffee_Lover already showed it, here is my personal list, and where each episode got ranked, if it showed up on the list. / 1. "Ink Lemonade" (#3) 2. "Stuck In the Wringer" (#1) 3. "Boating Buddies" (#17) 4. "Atlantis Squarepants" (#34) 5. "Good Neighbors" (DM #62) 6. "A Pal For Gary" (#7) 7. "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful" (#12) 8. "Can You Spare a Dime?" 9. "Inspongiac" (DM #56) 10. "The Splinter" (#18) 11. "Squid Baby" (#2) 12. "Grandma's Secret Recipe". 13. "Someone's In the Kitchen With Sandy" (#11) 14. "Little Yellow Book" (#20) 15. "One Coarse Meal" (#15) 16. "The Gift of Gum". 17. "The Best Day Ever". 18. "The Clash of Triton" (#10) 19. "Face Freeze!" (#40) 20. "Demolition Doofus" (#31) 21. "Old Man Patrick". 22. "Krusty Kleaners". 23. "The Cent of Money" (#26) 24. "Home, Sweet Rubble". 25. "Pets or Pests" (#6) / That means EIGHTEEN of my picks (including the Dishonorable Mentions), got on the list this year! I REALLY knocked it out of the park this time around! Enough said, true believers!
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    The objective number one who disagrees will be banned from existence by me
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    On This Day... (June 5th) SBC 2013 - Nuggets became the Head Admin of SBC SpongeBob 2007 - Bikini Bottom Adventures DVD was released 2008 - "Sun Bleached" premiere 2009 - "Gullible Pants" premiered.
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    I don't give a flying fuck about this spin-off. Idea sounds awful and it being in CGI also sounds cursed. But the best thing we can do, all people that hate the mere idea of such thing happening, it's just to ignore it. No rants, no attention. This project deserves to die in infancy and obscurity. From now on I will ignore every bit of news related to this "project".
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    Seeing that twitter post just made me sad, because yeah, it's true. Making this spin-off that retcons the whole show right after Steve's passing is just awful. And we all know this is just a shameless gimmick just to cash in on SpongeBob's popularity. When I met Zach Heffelfinger a few weeks ago at a meet, I really had to bite my tongue when he was telling a little kid news about the spin-offs. IF this ends up bombing like Planet Sheen, I can only hope they learn their lesson. But on the bright side, I'm glad this isn't the plot of the movie after all.
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    That part about Steve is really sad, because it's true. I can't believe Nick would turn on his back the very moment he passed away. Oh wait, yes I can
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    Habits (Stay High)-Tove Lo
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    The staff behind the film and for this spin-off series must feel very proud of this whole Kamp Koral idea that they have made originally for It's a Wonderful Sponge, considering that they're announcing a spin-off series based on this concept even before releasing a trailer for the third SpongeBob film. One thing's for sure though, this new spin-off series, whenever it comes out, will probably only feel like Nick's own version of Camp Lazlo. The fact that Marc Ceccarelli and Vincent Waller are giving this their support speaks some lengths. And although while I can speak for everyone when I say that none of us have really asked for this, I am curious to see how this pans out.
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    In despite of all the rarely seen SpongeBob clips and videos popping up on the internet lately, this has to be the oddest. what.. the heck, how did nick allow Tom to do this
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