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    On This Day...(April 27th) SBC 2013 - The first ever Customer Appreciation Day was held The 71st SB Jeopardy gamne was held, and it was won by SpongeMaxwell 2018 - The 13th WOF game was held, and it was won by @Chef
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    stream ME! by taylor swift<3
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    boredom by scum fuck flower boi tyler the creator
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    You hit Plankton! Try again! You hit Man Ray! Try again! You hit Gary! Try again! You hit Patrick! Try again! You hit Sandy! Try again!
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    wolf gang or whatever the fuck
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    Reminder that you have two weeks left to submit by the end of the day on Friday, May 10! Those who have already submitted should make sure their list is exactly as they want it, since I’ve already started tallying!
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    you can't spell awesome without ME!
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    The world just lost an amazing person in my 84-year-old paternal grandma, who was my last living grandparent. I bear this family name as a badge of honor.
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    Finally got around to making myself a new desktop background.
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    I've never really liked the episode...at all. I thought it was childish and didn't have any laugh-out-loud moments. Also, what was with SpongeBob's stupid wizard costume?
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