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    For those who did not see the announcement on Discord last night, to start off the new year, @Patty Rose has now been promoted to a Manager, taking former admin teenj's missing spot! Because of her hard work the past few years as a site graphic designer and contributions in general, we figured it was time for a well-earned promotion. Also, in a pseudo staff update, @RarityOdd and @sbl will now be official event coordinators from now on starting this year. They will be helping staff out with planning events and games, and will be working with us a lot more closely from now on. Give them a congratulations as well!
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    https://deadline.com/2019/06/spongebob-squarepants-cg-animated-prequel-series-kamp-koral-greenlighted-nickelodeon-1202626441/ This is the first of the spin-off series to be announced.
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    2. Forest Drifters OWM wakes up the next morning, feeling completely recharged. He looks out at Spring’s Landing from a window in sbl’s home. The sun shines bright on the village today, as the villagers appear joyful. He heads down to the village, seeing multiple members are out and about. He then meets up with sbl in the village square. “Had a good rest?” Sbl inquired to OWM. “I suppose you could say that, ignoring that I had another strange dreams. Someone in the Winter Kingdom was attacked by the Shadow Walkers, and then I saw another person with an ice sword. They seemed powerful, and could be important to the Shadow Walkers.” OWM explained. Sbl is surprised to hear this, but tries to hide it, as if he knows something further about OWM’s dream of Wintermelon. “Dreams sure are bizarre, huh? Don’t worry about it for now. First, you should stock up on food and new clothes. You gotta really get adjusted to Spring’s Landing’s lifestyle. Let’s head on over to SOF’s Shop, which has the best goods around. I’ll cover your pay, all on me.” Sbl offered to OWM, holding his bag of jewels to pay with. “Thank you.” OWM replied. The two go to SOF’s Shop. They approach the stand, as SOF happily turns around to greet both. “Heyo, sbl. Eh, I see someone’s new in the village?” SOF asked, referring to OWM. “I'm . OWM. Pleased to meet you, Mr. SOF.” OWM replied. “Aye, that be me, mate. What can I get for ye on this fine day?” SOF asked sbl and OWM. “Get this lad the freshest food you have in stock, some new clothes would do, and any other materials you can think of for ‘em.” Sbl said to SOF. “Gotcha!” SOF replied, rummaging around through his stock. SOF grabs the freshest fruits ripely picked from the fields, and holds out fancy medieval clothing to suit OWM. “Thank you for your kind patronage.” Sbl said, handing SOF the payment, and taking the products. “No no, thank you!” SOF replied, happily taking the payment. “Say, have you heard about those shadow creatures turning many to stone?” “Yeah, I encountered them and barely escaped.” OWM replied. “You’re a lucky one. I hear they’re quite a terrifying sight. Just last night, ol’ Wumbo was said to have disappeared completely from the Winter Kingdom…” SOF said, worried about him. “Indeed, those demons are quite the trouble. Not to worry, I am sure the captured ones will be in safe hands eventually. There is always a way.” Sbl reassured. “If you say so. Have a nice day!” SOF replied, waving to them as they walk off. “Thanks for getting me this stuff.” OWM replied, as sbl hands it all to him. “That’s what friends are for, lad!” Sbl replied. As the keep walking, suddenly, someone rudely bumps into OWM, pushing him out of their way. “Watch where you’re going, dork!” G4ry said. “I’m sorry, sir.” OWM replied, confused by G4ry’s rude behavior. “Hey… I haven’t seen you around here before, new guy. He’s with you, sbl?” G4ry asked. “Yes…” sbl replied cautiously. “Hmph. Just know this village is my turf, and your new friend there just crossed the wrong dog.” G4ry warned menacingly to OWM, glaring at him, as several villagers watching the event are scared by G4ry. G4ry then keeps walking onward, as the villagers relax upon his departure. “What was that about?” OWM wondered, as a few villagers approach him. “Oh man, that was G4ry you just went toe to toe with. He’s the one guy in this village that NOBODY messes with. And I believe you just messed with him.” Steel warned. “Surprised he let you walk away in one piece. I heard one day, someone looked at him funny, and the rest was history…” Halibut explained. “Aye, G4ry is a scary one…” Fa said nervously from his own stand. “He is a lone wolf rapscallion that causes trouble in the Spring Kingdom, but not much has been done about him. He is ultimately irrelevant however, do not pay him much mind at all.” Sbl reassured, as SOF approaches OWM after seeing the commotion. “You know, if you can survive the likes of the shadow demons and G4ry, you are already pretty well above fit for the school…” SOF said to OWM, impressed. “The school?” OWM asked curiously. “You can find it over yonder. That place has trained some of the most skilled treasure hunters and bravest warriors across SBC. It’s a great place for self defense, especially in these worrying dark times. I once went there, but ended up realizing I prefer my job a lot more. Maybe going there is your destiny?” SOF suggested, pointing to the Spring’s Landing School over yonder, through a path in the center of the village. “Hmm, I do not know if OWM would like their style very much, but he is free to do what he wants. He could meet a few fancy people there if he chooses so. Up to him, I am not his guardian.” Sbl replied. OWM looks at the Spring’s Landing School nearby, and is curious by it, wanting to know more. “I’ll go there and see how this place is. You told me to see what this kingdom had to offer and to make new friends. I’m not leaving any stones unturned.” OWM said. “Do as you will.” Sbl replied. OWM then later heads to the school in his new medieval clothes, where he sees several students and professional teams gathering outside. OWM sees several signs listing the school’s training for treasure hunting, archery, swordsmanship, and more. All are advertised as “essential assets” to surviving and finding your path in the four kingdoms. This gets OWM much more interested in signing up. Trophy is one of the staff members there, as he approaches OWM. “What is your purpose here?” Trophy asked. “I’m here to sign up, I guess.” OWM replied. “Sounds like you need to meet the headmaster then. Follow me, but not too closely.” Trophy replied, as OWM does so. Trophy escorts OWM into a small, office building, where Headmaster JCM is inside. JCM is doing a headstand on a desk. “Uh…hi.” OWM greeted awkwardly. “Oh, sorry. I’m JCM, the headmaster of the school. Are you a new recruit?” JCM asked, as he gets back into his seat. “I guess so, even though I’m not entirely sure how this works, but you know what they say, you learn something new every day.” OWM replied, making JCM laugh. “Hey, you made me chuckle. That happens very rarely nowadays. You’re in. If you can make me laugh, you have what it takes.” JCM replied, as he gets up to shake OWM’s hand. “…Okay, now what?” OWM asked. JCM doesn’t say a word, but gives a hand signal for OWM to follow. OWM follows JCM outside into the field, as they look around at the groups of students scattered about. JCM looks for the best team that suits OWM. JCM then finds the perfect one in his view, and nods. “They are Team Destiny. Go to them. Something tells me you’d fit in well.” JCM explained, pointing to the group. The team consists of: Mythix, Patty, and Slug. “So wait, I am confused. What are the classes I’ll be taking?” OWM asked, making JCM laugh again. “Classes? That’s not how this place works. You will teach yourselves here. Having a bunch of other people to teach you seems silly and unnecessary in these times.” JCM replied. “This is not what I expected so far…” OWM said. OWM heads over to Team Destiny, as Mythix, Patty and Slug see him. “It appears a new recruit approaches us.” Patty said curiously. “Hi, I’m OWM.” OWM greeted. “Do you have what it takes, “OWM”?” Slug asked skeptically to OWM. “I sure hope so, because I barely know much right now.” OWM replied. “Don’t worry, you learn what to do as you go with your team. It’s almost like magic. I was scared at first too, but you’ll get the hang of it. When you enter a team, you form a really special, magical bond with your team members.” Mythix replied. “Oh yeah, we should probably introduce ourselves out of common courtesy. I am Slug, the team leader, skilled in archery. That’s Patty, she’s really skilled with arts, but not just the paper kind. Lastly, that’s Mythix. That boy really believes in magic, and it sure has gotten him out of pickles before.” Slug explained, holding his bow and arrow. “That’s an understatement.” Mythix replied. “Well, I hope I’m not too much of a stick in the mud. What exactly does this team effort detail?” OWM asked. “Basically, each team works on their own to advance their skills by going on expeditions. Sometimes, we do team competitions to see who can retrieve rare treasures from a location. In fact, today’s task will be a team competition, which is always a fun treat.” Patty explained. “Each team that wins a task will get points, which increases our team rank. Right now we’re at the bronze rank.” Mythix explained. “Okay, I’m starting to really like the sounds of this now. I’ll do what I can to help you guys!” OWM said eagerly. “Attention teams, I have your task for today: There’s said to be a treasure chest hidden deep within the Apple Forest. Whichever team is first to find it will get to keep the treasure, and go up in rank points.” JCM announced to the teams. “Let’s do this, gang!” Slug said, as him, Patty and Mythix hold out their hands, and OWM joins in as well. All of the teams head off into Apple Forests. Team Destiny drifts through the forests, in search of the treasure. OWM tries to keep up with the three’s pace, not used tot their style just yet.t Meanwhile, another team from the school is seen behind, following Team Destiny’s footsteps. It is a trio consisting of Ben, Kaiju and Loopa, known as Team Raiders. “Team Destiny has a new member. How interesting…” Loopa pondered. “Ben, why are we following them? Did you go stupid and forget about that map we made of the forest!?” Kaiju asked, holding it. “They’re one of the best teams, duh. They’ll lead us right to the treasure, and then we take when they least expect it. We have the element of surprise.” Ben explained. “…Touche.” Kaiju replied, surprised. “I’m getting really sick of losing these competitions, so it’s about time we did something drastic!” Loopa replied, as the three sneakily follow Team Destiny’s trail. Team Destiny stops in its tracks, as OWM looks around at the apple trees. “I take it this is where Mr. SOF gets his apples from.” OWM said. “Indeed, this forest provides the Spring Kingdom with the freshest of apples. Patty explained. Slug then fires an arrow with his bow at a tree, leaving it right in the bark. “What was that for?” OWM asked. “A mark so we don’t get lost. Trust me, it’s been helpful many times in the past.” Slug explained. “Makes sense. You guys sure have your survival skills.” OWM replied, impressed. “We all contribute, even if our end result is not successful, and that’s what I love about this team.” Mythix said. OWM thinks about this, wondering how he can contribute to the team. He places his hand against a tree, when he suddenly has another vision. He sees the treasure chest hidden away behind an old well deep in the forests. OWM goes back to where he is, and gasps. “Guys, I might sound crazy, but I know where the treasure is. I have these weird visions that all turn out to be true, and this one showed the chest behind a well.” OWM said, surprising the rest of his teammates. “Are you a wizard?” Mythix asked. “That does sound crazy. Some guy we just met having weird visions, one of which showing the treasure. I cannot believe it…” Slug replied. “Now hold on Slug, he might be onto something. Analyzing this forest is similar to painting a canvas, you have to look for the details deep within. Something such as a well is something easy to miss without seeing the bigger picture.” Patty said, trying to analyze the forest with her artistic eye. Patty stands back a few feet, getting a clearer view of Apple Forest as a whole. “The well is cleverly masked within the forest, but I believe I know a path that may lead us to it.” Patty said, using Slug’s arrow marker and Patty’s own image of the forest to guide the way. “You have quite the eye.” OWM complimented to Patty, as the four go along a trail. As the other teams search the forests far and wide, Team Destiny searches around for the well. Team Raiders still follows them from a distance. “Are we sure they know where they’re going?” Loopa asked. “I hope so!” Ben replied, getting annoyed. Team Destiny makes their way out of the trail, and sees the well up ahead, surprising them. “His vision was true…” Slug said, surprised, and impressed with OWM’s mysterious power. They look around the well to see the treasure chest safely there. “I got it!” Mythix yelled, picking up the chest. “Not so fast, that treasure is ours!” Kaiju said, as Team Raiders jumps out, ambushing them. “Who are they?” OWM asked. “That’s Team Raiders, led by Ben. They are usually our rivals when it comes to these events, and big nuisances." Slug explained, readying his arrow. “Hand the chest over nicely, and there will not be a fight.” Ben said, holding out his own bow and arrow. Both sides look at each other intensely. Before a move can be made, Mythix holds out a bag of magic powder. “Alright, time for me to prove my worth!” Mythix said. He throws the bag, as it releases a rainbow colored smoke, distracting Team Raiders. “Quickly!” Slug yelled, as Team Destiny makes their way out of the forest with the treasure chest. “Curses, foiled again!” Loopa yelled, as the smoke clears. Loopa and Kaiju try to give chase, but Ben stops them. “Let them go. They deserve this win, but next time will be different…” Ben promised. “Wow Mythix, you did good back there. All of us truly did contribute as a team.” OWM said to him along the way. "You deserve the credit, since you led us to the treasure." Mythix said, as the team is proud of him. Team Destiny returns to the schoolyard, as JCM and staff are impressed by their talents. “Team Destiny wins today’s challenge, giving them fifty points! The rest of the teams will get a few points for effort and trying.” JCM explained. “We did it!” Patty said happily, as the four join hands again. “Looks like you’re going to fit in just fine, OWM.” Slug said to him happily. “I had fun, and now with a fourth member, the dynamic will be interesting.” Mythix replied. “Thank you all.” OWM said. The four shake hands with OWM, happy to accept him into their team. OWM is happy to be a part of the team as well, feeling like he truly is finding his place in this world. The day is over, as the four head to their homes. OWM is eager to do more adventures with Team Destiny. … Far off in the Summer Kingdom, Kev is seen walking along the shoreline. Suddenly, he gets jumped by the Shadow Walkers, making him panic. He is quickly turned to stone by them, and then dragged away off into the night.
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    posting my health update via Discord so yeah, i have to preadmission once again before i can go the surgery. this is gonna feel sad for me, but at least i can hope if the surgery goes well. once the surgery's over, i'll probably will not be on SBC for whole week due to surgery, so wish me good luck Thanks ~SOF
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    44. "Well it doesn't matter anyway 'cause you're gonna eat my dust." The Fry Cook Games, 96 points 9 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #5 @Wumbo) (0) The Fry Cook Games is yet another case of a pre-movie episode not landing on the list until pretty recently. It was safely in the honorable mentions in 2016, managed to successfully deep fry pole vault into the top 50 in 2018, and here for the 20 year edition of the list, it... kept the exact same position as before. Episodes near the bottom of the list that have not changed at all is so interesting because a lot of the time, they obviously gained more support and lists as more people submitted, but then the power of everyone else counteracts it so it's just stuck in the exact same spot. It's good that it stayed on, though, as this is an endlessly entertaining episode, and a creative one at that. I think it's especially adorable that outside forces tried to tear these two apart and make them loathe each other, but at the end of the day, the power of their friendship overcomes whatever societal pressures and outside voices expect from them. Wait, is this an allegory for something? 43. "I never thought being a parent could be this much fun." Rock-a-Bye Bivalve, 99 points 9 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #2 @Hayden) (NEW) For the entire course of this list, Rock-a-Bye Bivalve has been hovering and hopping in and out of the best list. In 2013, it wasn't on at all. Then, it made Honorable Mentions. Then, it made it on the list! Then, it hopped out completely, and now here we are. This episode's reputation is as unstable as its role on the list, with it being perhaps one of the most controversial episodes in the show's history. Remember that this episode aired first in the early 00's, which was not, in any way shape or form, a good time for gay people. Therefore, just about ANY hint at supposed "homosexuality" was ridiculed by conservative idiots, and considering SpongeBob already built a reputation for POSSIBLY BEING GAY OH NO this episode did it no service. Along with that, the fact that it was such an obvious piss take at gender roles in the typical nuclear American household probably didn't help out its case. Of course, long after that, I think a lot of people can agree that it's a great episode. It's smart, hilarious, and above all else, super heartwarming by the time SpongeBob and Patrick join forces once more to save Junior. Then there's that last line, you know what it is.
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    Huh,I expected it looking a lil different
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    The staff behind the film and for this spin-off series must feel very proud of this whole Kamp Koral idea that they have made originally for It's a Wonderful Sponge, considering that they're announcing a spin-off series based on this concept even before releasing a trailer for the third SpongeBob film. One thing's for sure though, this new spin-off series, whenever it comes out, will probably only feel like Nick's own version of Camp Lazlo. The fact that Marc Ceccarelli and Vincent Waller are giving this their support speaks some lengths. And although while I can speak for everyone when I say that none of us have really asked for this, I am curious to see how this pans out.
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    4. "It is a high honor to be chosen for the Bikini Bottom Men's Chorus, and you are not going to keep me from performing my Grand Solo!" Choir Boys, 489 points 31 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @El Jacko) (+8) OWM: Everything and everyone in this episode is pretty damn bad. My main problem with it is how badly paced it is. The opening is three straight minutes of pure filler that adds nothing to the episode and can easily be cut out. Do we need to focus on Squidward’s awful singing in the shower? Do we need to see Squidward painstakingly get dressed? Does Squidward have to restate himself to SpongeBob again? I actually had to rewatch this episode in double speed so I wouldn't get instantly bored. And this continues later in the episode too. They devote several seconds to unfunny, drawn-out scenes of both SpongeBob and Squidward clearing their throats. The designs are awful too. The grotesque faces and expressions from SpongeBob like his droopy nose, and overall general appearance don't help this episode's standing at all. The way he’s written here also implies this extremely sad and abusive relationship with Squidward as well. The pothole scene is actually intended to be malicious harm from SpongeBob, hence the line “Now I have a captive audience.” Him calling Squidward an “inspiration and great friend” comes across as a big insult because of that. I certainly didn't expect this episode to rise as high as it did, but thinking about it now I'm not so shocked. 3. "I've lost it. I can't tell what's real anymore!" Ink Lemonade, 494 points 27 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank 3 #1's @SICKO MORE @4EverGreen @Sweat) (+1) 4EverGreen: One of my biggest regrets the last time we did a "Worst of" List, is that I didn't change my list in time, to include this episode. But the episode was released on the day of the deadline, I didn't want to go through the hassle of changing my list, and I thought, there was no WAY that episode would even SCRATCH the surface! Needless to say, I learned my lesson about underestimating how much one single episode could be HATED! Personally, I have nothing but absolute fury and contempt for this episode! How this episode ever got the green light, let alone, fully animated and made, is beyond me! It's like, Kaz was HONESTLY sitting around and thinking: "If I'm going to do something WORSE than Boating Buddies, I'm REALLY going to have to apply myself!" And this is the end result! All you need to know about the episode, is that it is filled with NOTHING but Patrick finding ways to SCARE Squidward, in order to get his ink, for his lemonade! And nearly all of the ways in which Patrick does this, are gross, sick, cruel, sadistic, and flat-out uncharacteristic Patrick behavior at its absolute WORST! And the worst part of it is, the Bikini Bottom citizens actually LIKE the lemonade, until they find out it comes from Squidward, the hypocrites! And Squidward doesn't even get any consolation in this episode, because he eats a cookie filled with spider eggs! In my personal opinion, this is by FAR, Kaz's WORST episode EVER! Enough said, true believers! The end is coming fast. Stay tuned for Dishonorable Mentions tomorrow, and our grand finale on Wednesday!
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    30. "Has anyone seen my socks?" The Nitwitting, 152 points 11 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @BeachBob95) (NEW) Coffee: Pretty much anyone who aware on those premises know one simple take:Patrick’s based episodes from the last years suck.While post-sequel seasons as a whole love balanced characters and make some new interesting interactions with them,something specifically with Patrick went out of trials that hands down disappointing,if not low-key insulting.His random and childish behavior at times can be amusing at short cameos(even then at times he can be really annoying as well like in Clam Whisperer or Drive Happy)but it’s just can’t be the main entertainment for an 11 minutes,because it’s isn’t for what I’m love and appreciate comedy on this show in the first place.And possibly the worst part of this,is that levels of Patrick’s badness with every upcoming episode is unpredictable,you can have just an messy mediocrity like Old Man Patrick,and then have..this thing.I’m gonna be honest,pretty much since the announcement of the premise,my expectations for episode were even lower than a zero,in fact,I worried that Nitwitting ended up begin even worse than some other really inky post sequel episode that doesn’t need any introduction.Fortunately,it’s not as bad,but oh boy it’s still suck a lot. On the surface,I honestly can’t even tell what is this episode even about.Other Patrick’s episodes from recent times at least had an basic plot and conflict,even if they suck.But Nitwitting didn’t bothered with making any real goal or focus for at least first 6 minutes,and even after that those attempts failed apart.But don’t worry,episode still found something for full out the space:dumb jokes.This is one of the dumbest episodes I’ve ever seen in any show and I wish I exaggerated right now,I don’t dislike visual presentation or overall style of new seasons by any means(in fact,I really like it)but in this episode,all of attempts at any humor is a another level of juvenile nonsense.If any other average mediocre Patrick ep,at worst,can bring one or two gross or super stupid gag on the table,Nitwitting blasts with stuff like Tongue Handshake and Spit Jar Drinking with every single,yes,every single second ratio.And not to mention that this time Patrick isn’t the only one who been an intolerable donkey,now it’s the whole community,and honestly they don’t have absolutely any differences from what Patrick portrayed here,witch made episode for 10 times more painful than it already was. And only after 6 minutes of that,episode finally bother to moving on the next plot point,but don’t become positive this fast,with that Nitwitting became somehow even worse.The whole civic duty thing not only feels like an diet Good Neighbors(an episode that isn’t one of the greatest to begin with),the way society executed that is beyond obnoxious.Remember episodes like original Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy?Here Spongebob and Patrick also tried to help but due of their silliness,made situations more complicated,but this episode made conflict felt more natural,reasonable,and characters had an understanding of when they need to stop.But in Season 12’s episode the whole sequence is about characters smashing and destroyed property of Bikini Bottom without any reason,the only defense that episode managed to find is saying "We have no idea" with is a failure of an excuse even for the joke.Heck,why townspeople didn’t prepared or simply arrested them already?Since episode said that empty head society doing that every month.If in first half dumb things at least been just a random clips,context of the second half made that much worse and despicable at how badly episode treat stupidity,and even for the last minute,where Sandy cleaned all of Bikini Bottom’s damage.Not only she just appear out of nowhere at the last scene.The whole point of her doing that didn’t made any value because Patrick’s Brainless Society just destroyed everything right after and episode just ended on another idiotic gag. This episode is not just dumb,it’s an 11 minutes of ultimate stupidity.Even other "dumb" episodes for the most part try to have a set-up and punchlines for their jokes,or have a tame ratio of its delivery of bad humor,but Nitwitting had no mercy for your intelligence and treatment whatsoever.Even without awful sense of humor,it’s one of the worst structured episodes I’ve ever meet on this show.And yes,nobody really expected something redeemable at new Patrick episode,but it’s just a compete deadline for me and a lot of other people that cared for this show.Even previous ones like Pat the Horse or Library Cards has a few decent,if not great jokes,I doubt that there’s anything that even remotely close to begin enjoyable in Nitwitting.I really do hope that we not going to see another Patrick episode with THIS level of execution for awhile,because thanks Neptune that there’s barely anything related to Patrick in new premises. Clappy: This is the dumbest episode of SpongeBob I’ve ever sat through. No joke. I’ve practically outgrown the show since I don’t watch new episodes anymore nor do I really want to. But I’ve seen plenty of talk on Discord about this episode in particular. Not like Ink Lemonade levels of hatred or anything, but pretty freaking bad word of mouth. Then Jjs mentioned about a hour ago that he wished that I saw it so he can know how I feel. Well how thoughtful. I’m on vacation this past week so why not give it a shot. I tried a few other episodes as of late due to word of mouth and some of them were pretty good actually. This was not. The one thing I will give modern SpongeBob. The animation does look good. What they do with said animation leaves a lot to be desired, but that’s another thing entirely. But yeah, back to that first sentence. I’ve watched plenty of dumb and stupid episodes of SpongeBob back in 2013 and 2015 for the Worst Episode countdowns of said years. Hell I remember watching Whirly Brains on a wim not too long after and thinking that these guys are seriously running out of ideas for this show. Think about that for a second. An episode where SpongeBob and Patrick take out their brains to play them like drones is not nearly as stupid as this episode. But you know what really pissed me off about this episode in particular? What makes me think this is one of the worst episodes of the entire series more so than other infamous semi-recent episode Ink Lemonade? The smug levels of self-awareness about how stupid this episode is: -The irritatingly annoying club song -Having SpongeBob drink everybody’s drool (the joke that followed about them actually meaning drink the lemonade was even worse...THERE WAS NO BUILD TO THERE BEING A SECOND OPTION) -The knowingly self destructive behavior of the nitwitting. They know that this event was going to take place like clockwork and they happily ablige to destroy the entire town. -Literally how SpongeBob was as a character. You can’t suddenly make him brainless for the back half of the episode without him acting semi-normal a minute after removing his brain. It’s like the plot just wants to show up whenever the hell it wants to. Oh and that out of nowhere drama of jealousy with Patrick’s friendship with the club leader. Get out of here with that forced subplot. -Time to bring up the animation because it may be nice, but what these guys choose to do with the animation just pisses me off. The intentional amounts of gross out they go for here bothers me way more than it did with Ink Lemonade. At least Ink Lemonade provided some things I’ve never seen from SpongeBob before. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen them make intentionally stupid characters on this show with none of them standing out. And they might as well have ripped off Face Freeze with how many weird faces nitwit SpongeBob goes for in this episode. -The out of nowhere political commentary with Sandy being a part of FEMA. WHAT!? And then having Patrick and his club come back and destroy everything FEMA rebuilt...are they implying The Nitwitting is a natural disaster that costs the town tons of money? Are they aiming at our president and calling him a nitwit (they aren’t wrong)? Why the fuck was that tacked on and why did it end with the nitwits winning!? Why is an episode titled The Nitwitting actually making me this far in depth about possible political commentary? I hate it. I hate how smugly stupid this episode is. I hate how they play off Patrick’s destructive stupidity for laughs. I hate how the plot is practically nonexistent. And most of all, I hate that idiotic jukebox number that played throughout the episode. That only tacks onto the arrogance that what the characters are doing is dumb but they will do it anyway behavior I get from this episode. I know it’s too late to change my Worst List for the 2019 edition, but this is Top 10...hell Top 5 at this rate. I actively felt myself getting dumber by watching this inane awfulness. 29. "I get to show you the ropes, Mrs. Puff! Hey, it's kind of like I'm the teacher!" Summer Job, 152 points 12 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @Charles Manson) (-3) jjs: Summer Job is quite frankly, an obnoxious, tedious and annoying episode. That doesn't mean it had to be on my list, because there certainly are a lot of contenders in the show's history meeting all three of that criteria. However, this one stands out to me in more ways than one because good lord, is SpongeBob absolutely awful in this episode. When you don't like the main character of the episode, you're in for a ride. It also wastes a potentially promising premise with a role reversal between the teacher and student, but of course in Season 7 fashion, it gets executed in one of the most grating and dull ways. Throughout the whole episode, I sat there going to myself "yeah, this isn't funny, can I have literally anything else?" As time goes by, you really start to feel bad for Mrs. Puff and wish she'd just get away from SpongeBob, but alas. Maybe if anything SpongeBob did in the episode was slightly amusing, I'd forgive the nautical nonsense Puff endures, but shocker, it isn't! Where are the actual jokes in this episode? Where is the actual fun? I'm not annoyed by the Kruff tease scene anymore because of post-sequel sort of making up for it, but it was still kind of stupid the way it was presented here. This episode has literally nothing to offer outside of some cheap slapstick near the end. This was #15 on my list this year, and honestly, I don't think I made the right call with that position. If I had the opportunity, I'd probably either swap this with Fish Bowl's spot on my list or put it a bit higher, because I still cannot stand this episode and find it downright irritable the more the years pass by. At this point in the series I was getting really sick of the format of Boating School episodes (if you want to call this one that at all) thanks to this one, and I'm glad they decided to shake them up in future seasons (for better or worse) if it means I don't have to get Summer Job 2.
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    This is the dumbest episode of SpongeBob I’ve ever sat through. No joke. I’ve practically outgrown the show since I don’t watch new episodes anymore nor do I really want to. But I’ve seen plenty of talk on Discord about this episode in particular. Not like Ink Lemonade levels of hatred or anything, but pretty freaking bad word of mouth. Then Jjs mentioned about a hour ago that he wished that I saw it so he can know how I feel. Well how thoughtful. I’m on vacation this past week so why not give it a shot. I tried a few other episodes as of late due to word of mouth and some of them were pretty good actually. This was not. The one thing I will give modern SpongeBob. The animation does look good. What they do with said animation leaves a lot to be desired, but that’s another thing entirely. But yeah, back to that first sentence. I’ve watched plenty of dumb and stupid episodes of SpongeBob back in 2013 and 2015 for the Worst Episode countdowns of said years. Hell I remember watching Whirly Brains on a wim not too long after and thinking that these guys are seriously running out of ideas for this show. Think about that for a second. An episode where SpongeBob and Patrick take out their brains to play them like drones is not nearly as stupid as this episode. But you know what really pissed me off about this episode in particular? What makes me think this is one of the worst episodes of the entire series more so than other infamous semi-recent episode Ink Lemonade? The smug levels of self-awareness about how stupid this episode is: -The irritatingly annoying club song -Having SpongeBob drink everybody’s drool (the joke that followed about them actually meaning drink the lemonade was even worse...THERE WAS NO BUILD TO THERE BEING A SECOND OPTION) -The knowingly self destructive behavior of the nitwitting. They know that this event was going to take place like clockwork and they happily ablige to destroy the entire town. -Literally how SpongeBob was as a character. You can’t suddenly make him brainless for the back half of the episode without him acting semi-normal a minute after removing his brain. It’s like the plot just wants to show up whenever the hell it wants to. Oh and that out of nowhere drama of jealousy with Patrick’s friendship with the club leader. Get out of here with that forced subplot. -Time to bring up the animation because it may be nice, but what these guys choose to do with the animation just pisses me off. The intentional amounts of gross out they go for here bothers me way more than it did with Ink Lemonade. At least Ink Lemonade provided some things I’ve never seen from SpongeBob before. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen them make intentionally stupid characters on this show with none of them standing out. And they might as well have ripped off Face Freeze with how many weird faces nitwit SpongeBob goes for in this episode. -The out of nowhere political commentary with Sandy being a part of FEMA. WHAT!? And then having Patrick and his club come back and destroy everything FEMA rebuilt...are they implying The Nitwitting is a natural disaster that costs the town tons of money? Are they aiming at our president and calling him a nitwit (they aren’t wrong)? Why the fuck was that tacked on and why did it end with the nitwits winning!? Why is an episode titled The Nitwitting actually making me this far in depth about possible political commentary? I hate it. I hate how smugly stupid this episode is. I hate how they play off Patrick’s destructive stupidity for laughs. I hate how the plot is practically nonexistent. And most of all, I hate that idiotic jukebox number that played throughout the episode. That only tacks onto the arrogance that what the characters are doing is dumb but they will do it anyway behavior I get from this episode. I know it’s too late to change my Worst List for the 2019 edition, but this is Top 10...hell Top 5 at this rate. I actively felt myself getting dumber by watching this inane awfulness.
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    Very very proud of how this version turned out. This was truly a special passion project for the SBC staff, acting as a culmination of the past 10 years of SBC. Special thanks to @Patty Rose, @JCM, @Aquatic Konquest, @Captain TJ, @?Cha?, @sbl, @Larry the Cucumber, @OWM and @PEPSI✭MAN who all helped contribute to this version, making it a team effort. If you have any issues, let us know and we'll deal with them in a timely manner.
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    42. "So far today, and it's not even 2:00 yet, you have cried 43 times." A Day Without Tears, 89 points 9 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #6 @Larry the Cucumber) (-5) OWM: Nobody did commentary for this episode so let me just make something up on the spot. I actually found this one to be pretty great. Sure SpongeBob's constant crying got a bit annoying but it's only for the first few minutes, and it only shows up again at the very end. I like the bet storyline between him and Squidward and the two just sort of hanging around in the pineapple together like two friends. I find it to be one of the best character interactions of post-movie. There's even a bit of tension that builds too once it starts focusing on the clock and the eventual meltdown that SpongeBob has at the end. So yeah, I really like this episode. Sorry to the 9 people who got it to almost three digits. 41. "SpongeBob, you can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up. Keep you on your toes." The Card, 100 points 9 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #10 @The last carotte) (+17) Slug: Throughout the show there have been many episodes with Patrick as the focus. These episodes can shine when Patrick is likable enough to carry the episode, such as Big Pink Loser, but when Patrick is annoying you get something more like The Card. What makes The Card so bad is the repetition of humor combined with Patrick's characterization. Per usual with season 6 partners in crime like Slide Whistle Stooges, there is one gag in this episode involving Patrick getting the card into dangerous positions and SpongeBob tries to save it. That plot could be well-executed in pre-movie and in post-sequel but this is a season 6 episode which comes with stiff animation and bland gags. There is zero punch to these jokes and they all feel hallow, there's barely any creativity with them and you know how each sequence is going to end, there isn't that silliness like in Picture Day that keeps the episode funny and entertaining. Patrick makes the episode even worse, Patrick is just irritating to the core .He doesn't really seem to show any concern throughout the entire thing and watching these horrible dumb gags gets so annoying after 11 minutes. What's weirder is that I think Patrick's antics aren't what's supposed to be ridiculous, it might actually be SpongeBob's. Tom Kenny actually had this in his best list and said his reason for doing so was the plight of a nerd worried about a card in perfection condition getting any damage, which is something in real-life that is silly enough for the show to parody, but the problem with that is SpongeBob is the less ridiculous one here. Patrick is for no reason going into harms way, if they wanted to improve this episode maybe they should've had SpongeBob get worried about Patrick putting the card in danger, maybe even have some scary set-pieces to make it look more dangerous, despite Patrick having things under control. While this is season 6 and this could get annoying, here that'd make sense considering Patrick is a doofus so SpongeBob's fear would be more understandable while still being silly and Patrick actually having things under control would be funny since it's a subversion of the usual Patrick is dumb humor we get all the time (When did Rian Johnson show up?). This is just a very unfunny, repetitive and broken episode from start to finish as is though.
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    18. "These strangers have come to rescue us, like in the prophecy." Dunces and Dragons, 224 points 18 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #1 @jack_of_all_traids) (+5) Dunces and Dragons' history on this list is almost heartwarming. It first appeared on the list in 2015 and just consistently kept on making huge leaps all the way up to 2019, where it made the top 20 for the first time ever. As love for season 4 kept rising, this episode has risen along with it, and it feels kinda triumphant that it finally secured a spot so high. Granted, I may show a bit of bias as this is one of my favorite episodes of the show, and my second favorite of post-movie. The big two season 4 specials have a nearly legendary status, and this one takes "legendary" to a new level. SpongeBob's take on the medieval hero's journey archetype made for so many opportunities for hilarious scenes and touching moments that a decision to make it ANY less than a half-hour special would have been a grave mistake. Plus, Squidly is untouchable. 17. "dolphin noise" Sailor Mouth, 233 points 17 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 2 #3's @jack_of_all_traids @The last carotte) (+5) Here's another episode that has only went uphill since it made it on the list! It made it onto the honorable mentions in 2015, leaped up to #26 in 2016, and began making small jumps until it made it into the top 20 this year. On the emotion/laughs spectrum of great SpongeBob episodes, Sailor Mouth joins episodes such as Krab Borg and Chocolate With Nuts on the extreme end of complete hilarity. Watching this episode feels a lot like watching an episode of a mid-90's Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network show thanks to all the filthy subject matter that doesn't even attempt to try to fly over the radar. It's arguably one of SpongeBob's more "controversial" moments, but it's also one of the show's funniest. Not that many episodes capture the carefree spirit of classic SpongeBob like this one does.
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    But seriously,genuinely thanks for everyone who put Drain into lists I love you all
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    On This Day... (May 24th) SBC 2014 - The 110th SB Jeipardy game was held, and it was won by @Young Nug 2019 - Spin-Off Festival 9 began. SpongeBob 2005 - The Fear of a Krabby Patty DVD and VHS were released. Nick Picks Volume 1 was released.
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    On This Day... (May 21st) SBC 2016 - The 200th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Larry the Cucumber SpongeBob 2007 - TV premiere of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie on YTV in Canada. 2012 - Season 10 was officially announced by Nickelodeon.
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    SpongeBob’s rejected choices for best friend candidate winner. Although we have seen SpongeBob treat inanimates with dued respect (for the most part, ll animates still have trouble with it..) one has to wonder what happened to this trio? Why weren’t they the trio for I Had an Accident? it doesn’t seem like spongebob and the group had a fallout, so for once I don’t think there was any animate foul play. but why didn’t he invite them in the episode? or any further for that matter? you have to look into the starry skies sometimes and wonder about things lile this sorry if this buzzfeed article was underwhelming, there wasn’t (surprisingly) that much inanimate hate crimes to report this time that’s why I’m rating this album a 7/10, a lukewarm spot feeling to it (sorry)
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    Welp...it was a long, intense, and very close month filled with blizzards, presents, and hot chocolate, but in the end, the Drasticals win the Snowcember Cup 22-20-8! This was the final tournament between the Band Geeks, Drasticals, and Independents, and I don’t think anyone could’ve asked for a more intense, close competition. This was the best possible way for their legacy to go out. Every Drastical gets 1,000 doubloons as a reward. Don't be sad though Band Geeks, this was such a close event that I genuinely thought you were going to win for a bit. I like having unsureness of the final outcome, so this was a great competition. Thanks to everyone who played in this year's games, and on all three teams in general the past few years. I'm going to miss these groups a lot. Here's the last MVP list for these groups of teams: Drasticals: 1.) @Snom with 7 wins (MVP! ) 2.) @Mythix with 6 wins 3.) @Jon Snow with 3 wins Band Geeks: 1.) @DDDman with 6 wins (MVP! ) 2.) @The Gingerfred Man with 5 wins 3.) @Khristmas Konquest with 3 wins Independents: 1.) @Santa Jaws with 4 wins (MVP! ) 2.) @Holly Jolly Rarity with 2 wins Like I did the rest of the year, and will continue to do so in 2020, here are statistics of which team won the most events: SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: Band Geeks (2/3 wins) SpongeBob Pictionary: Tied between Band Geeks and Independents (1/2 wins each) Dunces & Dragons: Drasticals (3/3 wins) Cards Against Humanity: Band Geeks (2/3 wins) Great Sleigh Race 2: Band Geeks (2/4 wins) SBC Christmas Trivia Contest: Tied between Band Geeks and Drasticals (4/10 wins each) Snowball Hunt: Tied between Band Geeks and Drasticals (7 wins each) Also, here's a final listing of this incarnation of teams' event victories BAND GEEKS (10 victories in total): March Madness 2015 July 2015 SpongeCraft Tournaments Octerror Fest 2015 Snowcember Ball 2015 The Super Spongy Square Games March Madness 2017 Snowcember Ball 2017 Sponge Cup Snowcember Ball 2018 March Madness 2019 (Final win) DRASTICALS (9 in total): March Madness 2016 Octerror Fest 2016 Snowcember Ball 2016 May Mayhem Octerror Fest 2017 March Madness 2018 Octerror Fest 2018 Octerror Fest 2019 Snowcember Ball 2019 (Final win) INDEPENDENTS (1 in total): SpongeBash So yeah, this is the official end of Teams 3. This was our most successful attempt at teams on SBC yet in the past 4 years, and we're going to do it even better in the new decade. Teams 4 will launch soon, with the theme of Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket teams, as I announced at the New Year's Discord party. Independents will be disbanded entirely, but the concept of being able to play despite not being on a team will still exist. I'll provide a lot more information soon later this month, along with the draft, but get ready for A LOT more team action this year. I know you'll miss your current teams, but we have to keep them fresh and it was time we rebooted them again. We really shook up the team formula a lot with what's in store, so stay tuned!
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    On This Day... (July 17th) SBC 2012 - SBC had a SpongeBob Trivia Contest amongst several other festivities for SpongeBob's 13th anniversary. SpongeBob 1999 = "Bubblestand" and "Ripped Pants" premiered. 2009 - The Ultimate SpongeBob Sponge Bash began. "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants" premiered. HAPPY 20TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!
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    16. "Everything's chrome in the future!" SB-129, 240 points 19 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #2 @WhoBob) (+12) For better or for worse, I don't think season 1 of SpongeBob is known for taking a crazy amount of risks or doing anything out there. SB-129, meanwhile, is a huge exception. This episode debuted in 2015 at #28, fell down to #44, rose back up to #28, and now it has a secured spot in the top 20! What I think is especially interesting about SB-129 this year, though, is the fact that the number of lists nearly tripled, from 7 to 19. The rise of the love of SB-129 is a welcome surprise, as this is one of the best episodes of season 1. Like I said, it's one of the coolest and most creative concepts of any episode from that season, a season that was generally based around building character interaction. It's a total trip of an episode, and a thoroughly enjoyable watch once you account for the real empathy you feel for Squidward as he breaks down. 15. "We just got a call about two ghouls burying a stiff over by Shallow Grave Road." Nasty Patty, 258 points 20 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #3 @AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) (-4) Nasty Patty, despite having never made the top 10, has been a regular of the top 20 since 2013. It's been in positions as high as #11 and as low as #19, so it's apt that it's at the midpoint between its peak and nadir this year. It also has the highest list count on the top 50 so far, ever so close to being in half of the top 25's that y'all (including me!) submitted. To this day, it's still kind of hard to believe that this episode got greenlighted. The surface level public impression of SpongeBob is obviously squeaky-clean humor and good vibes, but those who actually grew up with the show knew dang well how dark the show could be. Very few children's shows have the guts to not just make an episode where two of the main characters think they killed someone, but to make it genuinely funny. The dark humor in this episode is always welcome, and it's one of my favorite episodes in the show's history.
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    BIG NEWS: Just in time for 20 years, the full Season 12 title list has been leaked. All of the remaining titles can be found in this spoiler below. Note that this production order is subject to change, as several eps reported here before had their numbers changed. Bold indicates a new title that we were not aware of prior: And here's plots for a few of those titles, but not all:
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    RIP DESMOND tonight we take it slowly
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    24. "Is that what you consider clean and disease-free, Krabby?" Fungus Among Us, 178 points 14 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @Clappy) (-8) WhoBob: Fungus Among Us is one of those episodes that totally alerted that SpongeBob has gone downhill. Yea, season 4 has episodes people literally dislike but I always found s4 to be mostly good and s5 did actually start off nicely but this episode was the first sign of everything going for the worse. This episode's usage of gross out just doesn't fit in a show where the comedy comes mostly from the dialogue and natural slapstick. I hate the fungus speading SpongeBob and other characters and I get that's the premise but I just can't stand it. The latter half doesn't get much better with Squidward tossing the fungus on the food and everyone eating it. Especially SpongeBob becoming so giant and hideous inside a bubble. Not only that is disgusting, It makes me feel awful for SpongeBob and the costumers attacking him was so cruel and idiotic and the resolution being Gary eating the fungus was so stupid. This is an episode that I still think it's horrible and a great example of why SpongeBob is not a good fit for gross out humor. 23. "Next time, leave the rodeos to me." Rodeo Daze, 178 points 15 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #2 @BeachBob95) (-3) jjs: The more the years go by, the more this dreadful episode keeps climbing up my list, making it to my #4 this year. I cannot stress how much I truly loathe this episode. I get why some don’t care about this one as much or forget it exists, which to be fair, I don't blame you for either. For me, at is core, Rodeo Daze is a sad, frustrating and very disappointing, episode. When this episode's plot first got revealed, the premise of SpongeBob going to Texas to save Sandy honestly was a legit interesting idea, more than anything else in S7 at that time. This is one of the only S7 episodes that actually had potential with its premise. We were finally getting to see the gang go to Sandy's homeland, a key focal point of her character. Wow, that's actually creative and cool! The stars were aligning for something actually possibly decent at this point in S7. Unfortunately, all of those expectations were shattered apart with an episode that meanders around with stupidity rather than any sentiment or brain, and completely wastes any sort of potential it had going for it. Even when I ignore the hype I had, looking at it as a finished product, this episode just sucks the whole way through. Nothing about this one works for me. The first sign this episode was doomed is when it decided to start with...a pointless staring contest between SpongeBob and Patrick. Wow! I’m happy we wasted a good first minute of the episode on this. I'll be real, I think this is one of the worst parts of the episode as it contributes to all of the pacing problems plaguing it. It’s obnoxious, boring and pads the episode when they could've used that time on literally anything else. Though that staring contest is very symbolic, because the episode itself past that is also obnoxious, boring and padding. So congrats if it was intentional. The pacing is terrible in this episode, and it contributes to why the ending is so rushed and stupid. Literally 90% of the episode is buildup to something we barely get to see: the Texas rodeo itself. I don't understand how you have an episode about the gang going to Texas...only to have the actual "going to Texas part" be in the last two minutes. And the last minute is the actual hyped up rodeo, which is over in the blink of an eye. This is up there for one of my personal worst SpongeBob endings. Outside of pacing, I didn't even find any jokes in this episode funny either, to be quite honest. Most of it is wasted on slow, padded out jokes, or mean-spirited "jokes" about people not caring about Sandy (which wore out its welcome fast). This is a relatively minor gripe compared to every other issue the episode has, but I'll admit I'm really not a fan of Sandy's song either. I get what they were going for, but for the whole thing just came off cringe and uggh. Even the aesthetic visuals for the on land portion felt really bad compared to their other work. I guess they didn't care since it was only going to be used at the last two minutes, but I’m not a fan. Also, randomly mentioning that Sandy has a twin brother (which okay sure why not) to set up the "plot" only to not show him at the rodeo was very strange. This episode as a whole is a strange mess, it's like they had to rush to finish this one to meet a deadline. It really feels like this should've been a half-hour special so it could've fleshed everything out more. Seriously, I feel the gang going to Texas was more special worthy than most specials nowadays, but whatever. Oh yeah, and now for the elephant in the room: the way the main cast don't even care if Sandy never returns is garbage too. It's a giant slap in the face to everything the episode Texas stood for. Haha, they don't care if Sandy returns! Where's the actual joke or the punchline? I know everyone hates Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy for her treatment there, but I'd argue Rodeo Daze honestly even has worse Sandy treatment than it, albeit a bit more subtle in how it's handled. In Kitchen, at least the people bugging Sandy were just random no name civilians, which you'd expect from the Bottomites at this point in the series. Ultimately, they're background fodder, so it's not like their stupidity matters that much when they're not the forefront. Here however...we have main cast members like Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Patrick and even Gary (seriously, what the hell dude?) who don't give care if Sandy never returns. It's annoying and not funny in the slightest, especially after everything the town did for her in Texas so that she would stay. But who cares about that heartwarming episode, let's throw all of that out the window and waste a great premise just to make half-baked, stupid, and cruel jokes. Even ignoring all of that, there's nothing else of substance in the episode, and for an episode about going to Texas, that's sad. This episode actually could’ve worked under the right circumstances, and knowing they wasted such a neat premise this badly makes me hate it all the more.
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    What are these cards?? I have lot of these but i dont have any idea..
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    And that’s community college done. Now to live out my life long dream of being a pirate.
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    On This Day...(April 28th) SBC 2012 - The 28th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by Team Gold ( @Cha? , @Hayden & @Captain TJ ). 2017 - The 67th WOF game was held, and it was won by @PEPSI✭MAN 2018 - The 289th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @NegiSpongie
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    Here's our puppy that we got a week ago.
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    All right! That was a bit of a rough worst list to get through. Fortunately, it's all uphill from here. Let's kiss the decade goodbye with... Wumbo's Top 10 Hits of 2019 Full List:
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    (Credit to Patty for the logo) Our annual frightening Halloween forum event returns for the 9th edition! Octerror Fest 2019 will begin October 11th and conclude October 31st. The site will receive a spooky Halloween makeover and become a haunted attraction of many activities. Just like the past three editions, this Octerror Fest will contain a site wide teams event, between the Band Geeks (Frankensteins), Drasticals (Vampires) and Independents (Ghosts), who will compete in the Octerror Cup. The winning team will receive some haunted treasures for their victory. If you want to be a part of the Band Geeks or Drasticals, then sell your soul in "Teams Sign-Ups". Now, here is a peak into what you'll expect at this year's Octerror Fest... SpongeBob Pictionary: This will be the first Octerror Fest our hit new game is at, with games on October 13th, 20th and 27th! Get ready to draw the best possible Halloween related images you can! SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: Wheel of Fortune Season 7 comes to a close with three games on October 11th, 18th and 25th! The haunted wheel awaits to spook contestants with its terrifying tricks! Dunces & Dragons: Dunces & Dragons will return with games on October 13th, 20th and 27th! SBC Music Ghoul Party Fridays: SBC Music will occur October 11th, 18th and 25th after Wheel of Fortune, using sbl's dubtrack room, which will also get another Halloween makeover! Curse of the Flying Dutchman: A terrible curse has been cast upon the members of SBC by The Flying Dutchman, and you must figure out how to break it! Haunted House Visit?: During Octerror Fest, we'll be having a visit to a spooky house. We hope nothing "fishy" happens.... or even "ghastly".... Whodunnit?: Get ready to solve another mystery in this year's Whodunnit! iFish: There will be several terrifying new items created by our Fry Cooks! Ancient items from past years will also return for LCs. All these items will be great for the costume contest! Skins: Stay tuned for brand new and truly eerie, but delightfully beautiful, Halloween skins! Several old ones from years past will return for LCs. Halloween Minigames: If you're not into teams, there will be fun standalone minigames for users to play to earn prizes, which were games we had last year! None of these will count for team points. Halloween Boovie Nights: Watch a special screening of a Halloween themed movie on October 12th, 19th and 26th at 8pm EST! Halloween SWYAD: The 28th SWYAD will occur during the event. Think of the best spooky character and/or names you want to be; you may begin to reserve them in this thread. There is more to explore and discover, but just like trick or treating, we're keeping what's to come a surprise! There will be a lot of content for you to enjoy throughout October, so we hope everyone enjoys the event! The staff have been working hard on this one and hope it pays off well. SWYAD Reservations: jjs: Davy Jones SOF: Dracula Phineas Rob: Zombie Jaws 4EverGreen: Paul McCartney Goob: Goobzstein Carrot: Robbie the Rat sbl: Doot Doot Local: Ursula Mythix: Sabrina dman: Dancing Big Ball from Wipeout Negi: The Haunted Mattress Prez: Pancake John Lennon SpongeKid: That Spooky SpongeKid Fred: The Nightman Cha: Dark Overlord Enshou JCM: Jack O' Admin Danny Devito: Man Spider Jaic: The Ghost of Jaic Kat: Happy Halseyween OWM: Upside Down Chicken Man
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    On This Day... (August 27th) SBC 2016 - The 214th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @EsponjadeMar SpongeBob 2002 - Halloween DVD was released. 2019 - The Best 200 Episodes Ever was released in stores.
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    On This Day... (August 14th) SBC 2015 - Camp SBC began SpongeBob 1999 - Pizza Delivery" and "Home Sweet Pineapple" premiered. 2001 - Original Theme Highlights album was released. 2013 - SpongeBob Comics No. 23 was released.
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    10. World’s End OWM, Slug, Patty and Mythix exit the portal. They land on a mysterious, almost magical, black ground. There are white lines forming pathways through the strange world. They look around to see a large, ancient, mystical, spacial void surrounding them, as if they are outside of both time and space. “…Where in the world are we?” Patty asked, looking around confused and fascinated. “Far from home, that is for sure.” Slug said. “When that portal opened, I assumed it would take us to SBC, but I guess we have to take a detour…” OWM said, trying to figure out where they are. Suddenly, they begin to hear many familiar voices in the world echoing around in the air… “…Hello? Where am I? Anyone here?” OWM yelled out into the plains, from chapter one. “Greetings traveler, I am sbl of the Spring Kingdom. You can trust me. Take my hand.” Sbl said to OWM, from chapter one. “Heyo, sbl. Eh, I see someone’s new in the village?” SOF asked, from chapter two. “Oh, sorry. I’m JCM, the headmaster of the school. Are you a new recruit?” JCM asked, from chapter two. “We did it!” Patty said happily, as the four join hands again, from chapter two. “Looks like you’re going to fit in just fine, OWM.” Slug said to him happily, from chapter two. “I had fun, and now with a fourth member, the dynamic will be interesting.” Mythix replied, from chapter two. “Team Destiny…you will make decent allies to the Winter Kingdom and will be a great help against the Shadow Walker threat.” Wintermelon said, from chapter three. “The way I arrived here was mysterious, and it still puzzles me. It was as if a power beyond this world sent me here.” OWM explained, from chapter four. “It only be fair, matey. Pirate code says if a swordsman bests ya, ye must give up a weapon.” Jjs said, nobly accepting defeat, from chapter five. “Fascinating, it appears to be connected to you somehow. You are a special one, OWM, and your whole team, even if their skills could use work.” Hawk said, from chapter six. “I have received revelations and omens to come for your journey. This day will be an important judgment for your destinies going forward…” Tyeam says, from chapter eight. “…Where are those voices coming from? And why did one of them sound like me?” Mythix asked, looking around confused at the bizarre world. “Those voices…they are from us and residents of SBC.” Slug realized, as they keep hearing voices from their past adventures. “This is weird…but also fascinating.” Patty said, hearing herself in several of the voices, as she walks around. As they keep walking, their footsteps create puddle splashes on the ground and make wave vibrations. They then see many branching paths, all leading to mysterious portals surrounded by white lines and arches. These portals show various events across time in the realm of SBC, surprising the team. “Hey, that is us!” Mythix said, seeing a portal showing Team Destiny competing against Team Raiders from chapter four. “We can see through all of time in this world…wow.” Patty realized. “But why? Why did this world bring as here, and how do we get back?” Slug asked, as he hears himself among the echoing voices in the background. “This world…it is beyond everything we know. It acts as a type of world between worlds, connecting time and space. We are supposed to be here. A magical presence wanted us here for a reason. It is our destiny to be here, and we will find out why soon enough.” OWM realized. They keep observing the portals, as they change and begin to show various events from their adventures, including: OWM seeing Spring’s Landing for the first time, Team Destiny meeting each other, the team’s first school adventure where they found the treasure in the apple forest, helping Wintermelon catch the Shadow Walker, their exploration of the Old Barrow where they fight the fake WhaleBlubber, sailing on their ship to Inferno Isle and fighting Jjs’ crew, fighting Hawk for the Fire Heart, Mythix and Slug helping Wintermelon gets his ice dagger, OWM and Patty saving Goobz, the gang being turned to stone at Reversal Mountain, and them escaping the shadow world. “What a journey we have had thus far…” Mythix reminisced. “It really feels like it is coming to an end…” OWM realized. “Can we alter time with these portals, such as stopping us from turning to stone?” Slug wondered. “I do not believe that would be a wise idea. Changing time would create more potential problems on our list.” Patty said. “I concur. As fascinated as I am, altering time sounds scary and messy.” Mythix replied. “Then what is this place’s purpose?” Slug wondered. They see more portals, showing SBC in the distant past. They see Spring’s Landing being created, Wintermelon’s ice castle being created, Tyeam moving to Spring’s Landing, Rob discovering the shark cave, the ancient ruins near Reversal Mountain being built, Hawk seeing the Fire Heart for the first time, and the founding of the Spring’s Landing school by JCM. Suddenly, a light shines at the group from a portal, catching their attention. The portal begins to glow ominously, as a shadowy aura surrounds it. The four look through the portal and observe a curious sight. The portal shows SBC several years ago, and the Tree of Light appears. An unidentified explorer is approaching the tree, reading a map guiding them to it. “I finally found it…” the explorer said to himself, making their way through multiple vines and seeing the tree before him. “It is beautiful.” The Tree of Light glows bright, as the explorer walks towards its roots. He inspects the roots, looking at them curiously. He then notices a small bit of shadow goo is growing through the ground nearby, and looks at the goo confused. “Ew, what is this stuff?” The explorer wondered, poking the goo with a stick. Under the goo, he sees an ominous black rock, which is the same one from the prophecy. The explorer reaches to grab it, when the goo jumps up and begins to cover his body, making him yell in fear and pain. He becomes infected by the shadow goo, as it keeps keeps covering his body and turns his eyes black. He is transformed into the Shadow King, who looks up at the tree. The Shadow King picks up the shadow rock and places his hand on the trunk. Goo seeps in through the wood, slowly infecting the tree. The Tree of Light then shines bright and blasts the Shadow King away, knocking the shadow stone out of his andante sending it flying faraway. somewhere. The Tree of Light then creates the light forcefield currently around it now to keep the Shadow Walkers and armies away from it. The Shadow King looks at the tree, and runs off into the plains to gather his forces. “So that is where the Shadow King came from…” Patty said, shocked. “That poor man…” Mythix said. The portal then changes and shows lots of shadow goo inside the Tree of Light, revealing it has been infected and is slowly dying ever since that encounter. “And the tree is dying…soon, the forcefield protecting it will break.” Slug realized. The group then sees another portal right next to it with another curious sight. The portal shows sbl exploring the open fields of Spring’s Landing one day. OWM looks at this annoyed. Sbl then trips over something, peeping his curiosity. He gets back up and looks to see the shadow stone peering out of the ground. Black goo is seeping from it, and he hears a voice coming from the stone, as if it calls to him. Sbl picks up the stone and holds it obsessively, as the stone begins to possess him. He is corrupted into becoming a servant of the Shadow Walkers by it, as he smiles evilly, and the portal vision ends. “Sbl was not always evil, the stone corrupted him. …Wait, that stone is the same one JCM and Trophy must have saw in the ruin prophecy.” OWM realized. “Destroying that stone must be the key to defeating the Shadow Walkers and freeing sbl from his trance! We will have to get it from sbl when we return.” Patty said. “That is if we do return, who knows which portal we are supposed to go into, or if we will ever find it…” Slug said, looking around annoyed. “We will find a way, we always do.” OWM encouraged, as they keep walking along the void path. As they walk, OWM then is struck by a strange, magical presence, as if it is guiding him. A light shines at him, as he looks directly at a portal to his right. OWM walks closer and sees…himself. The OWM in the portal is seen in a house, wearing the backpack he came to SBC with. He then exits the house, and is shown on an island, faraway from the rest of the SBC continent. Several other obscure villagers are on this remote location. “…This is where I came from? I was always from SBC?” OWM asked, as Patty, Slug and Mythix approach. “I…have never seen nor heard of an island like this in the realm. It must have been at world's end, far out of reach from the continent.” Patty said, confused. Suddenly, a growling is heard, as Shadow Walkers attack the island, making the residents scream in terror. OWM tries to run from them, but cannot escape the island. OWM is thrown down to the ground by a Shadow Walker, as they hover over him. “Oh no, past you could be doomed…or will you, if you are here right now?” Mythix wondered, as this makes OWM wonder. The portal then shakes, as if it wants the current OWM to interact with it. OWM places his hand against the portal, creating a vibration. He hesitates if he should do it or not, but then feels his body glow due to the Tree of Light’s magic again, startling him. It tells him he must save himself to set destiny in motion. OWM then reaches his hand through the portal, startling the team. “OWM, what are you doing!?” Slug asked, worrying he has messed with time. OWM grabs the past OWM and pulls him through the portal with the team’s help, albeit with reluctance and confusion from Slug. The past OWM is saved from the Shadow Walkers. The portal disappears from the island, as the Shadow Walkers look around confused, wondering where he went. The past OWM falls to the ground in the world between worlds, as the portal closes behind. The past OWM lays on the ground, asleep and with memory loss. The tree’s magic fills the past OWM with light, giving him the mysterious powers he has now. “…Were we supposed to do that?” Mythix asked, worried. “Yes, we were.” OWM replied, seeing another portal nearby that shows the open field he woke up at in chapter one. He realizes what he must do. OWM throws the past OWM through that portal, as he goes through the light tunnel, repeating the beginning of the first chapter: Within seconds, OWM is seen waking up on a lush, spring meadow plain at night. He looks around at his surroundings, confused and unfamiliar with where he is now. He looks out at the plains, feeling something is amiss. “…Hello? Where am I? Anyone here?” OWM yelled out into the plains, frantically walking around, lost. A heavy breeze blows through the air, as he receives no response. He looks out at the starry night sky, and realizes an even bigger question: He has no idea who he even is. “…Who even am I?” OWM wondered. They watch as OWM walks around the plains, revealing his arrival was a fixed time loop caused by them. “That explains why we were supposed to be here, and how OWM came to SBC. He ended up in the field because of…himself!” Mythix realized. “What OWM did to himself was a set time occurrence that was always meant to be. OWM had no other way off that island, and if we had not saved him, none of us would have met. This is what Tyeam meant by our destinies.” Patty realized. “This is a lot to take in and understand, but what I got is: OWM was never an outsider…he was always a resident of SBC, but at an unknown location.” Slug realized, surprised. “I was just on a faraway island few have ever been, so in a sense, I never did exist to SBC until I pulled myself to the main land. However, it seems whatever memories I have of that island are truly gone forever.” OWM realized, not sure how to feel. “You may felt like you did not matter to SBC before, but you do now. At least you made new memories with us.” Patty said. “After all this chaos is over, we should try to find that island to learn more about your past.” Mythix said curiously. Another light shines at them, guiding them to another portal. The portal glows, and this time, it appears to want them to go through it. The portal shows their statues at Reversal Mountain. “This must be it. Finally…the way back.” Slug said. The team is ready to go back, as they look at each other. “Thank you. We found our way back and got our answers together. It is time to finish our destinies and defeat the Shadow Walkers. We will save SBC.” OWM said heroically. They jump through the portal, taking them back to SBC.
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    On This Day... (July 31st) SpongeBob 1999: - "Jellyfishing" and "Plankton!" premiered. 2007: - "Money Talks," "SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget," and "Slimy Dancing" premiered. 2014: - The first trailer for The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water was released.
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    On This Day... (July 25th) SBC 2015 - The 163rd SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @The Irate Gamer SpongeBob 2006 - Who's Hungry? was released. 2007 - "New Digs" and "Krabs à la Mode" premiered.
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    How do I put this lightly... Krusty Krab Training Video is extremely overrated. Audience: Boo! You Stink! Okay, Okay! Here’s my opinion: Krusty Krab Training Video isn’t the best episode. It’s actually only decent. Seriously, people only like it because it’s a unique and complete break in format to make a documentary episode. Krusty Krab Training Video is severely overrated and people only like it because it’s different. They say it’s the best episode ever. They say that the Sopranos style Fake-Out ending is the best ending in the series. They say that the funniest quote is “P.O.O.P. - People Order Our Patties” when it really isn’t my opinion! To be honest, I didn’t laugh! It was not funny! Episodes such as Slide Whistle Stooges, Stuck in the Wringer, The Card, A Pal for Gary etc. All said to be less funny than KKTV! It’s not fair! Give those episodes the spotlight please! Here are some better quotes that are funnier: "Gary! You put Puffy Fluffy down right now!" “You can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up. Keep you on your toes" “What a lucky break! Now I have a captive audience!” ”Baby Assaulter!” ”You know kid, your body isn’t the problem. It’s your heart.” ”Have you learned nothing about sharing?” ”Well geez Gary, make up your mind. Is it water, or fire???” "I've been doing some calculating and it turns out that I'll save a whole nickel if I cut your salary. Completely!" And yet those lines are considered less funny, combined, than one single stupid line? Really? Those episodes are 100X better! You will probably flame me for this, but I don’t like Krusty Krab Training Video (KKTV). I just don’t. It’s not funny. It really isn’t. I think that you will scream at me for my opinion, but please respect my opinion. Look, “My Leg!” is still my worst episode, but I take back what I said about not being friends with people who liked this episode. That is okay. It’s their opinion and I realize that now even if it’s a fact “My Leg!” is awful. But I do not respect people’s opinion if they say that “If you don’t like my opinion, you’re dumb” or anything like that. I’m done with this SHORT discussion. Please DO NOT flame me.
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    On This Day... (July 1st) SBC 2016 - The Super Spongy Square Games began 2017 - The 251st SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Hayden 2018 - ponge Cup began SpongeBob 2006 - The SpongeBob DetectivePants: The Case of the Missing Spatula book and The Art Contest: No Cheating Allowed! were released
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    oops guess the posts were deleted last nite with the site update
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    5. Hoist the Colours OWM wakes up one morning, ready for adventure. Sbl has made him breakfast, which the two happily eat together. “Today’s a big day. I hear the school is planning their first big field trip in a while.” Sbl explained. “Indeed, all of the teams will be taking a voyage to Inferno Isle at the Summer Kingdom to hunt for treasure. I hope it shall be a fun hunt.” OWM replied. “The Summer Kingdom is a beautiful place to be at all times! I y’all enjoy your adventure, and stay safe, because those islands can be dangerous places!” Sbl replied. “We will be cautious, sir. The school staff is coming along with extra security and precautions against any threats.” OWM explained. “Good on them! I wish I could go with ya kids, but alas, I have many important things to do.” Sbl replied. “That reminds me, I’ve noticed you keep going out at night lately. What are you up to?” OWM asked out of curiosity. “Busy checking on the fields and doing some mining, it keeps me busy. But I am glad I get to spend time with you while I can! You have adapted to this realm quite well.” Sbl said, proud of OWM, as they finish their breakfast. OWM grabs his backpack filled with all of his materials for the trip. He exits sbl’s house and walks into the village square, where he sees Mythix, Patty and Slug. “You guys ready for the big trip?” OWM asked them. “You bet.” Slug replied, showing his newly repaired bow. “I’m ready!” Patty said eagerly. “Same here, this will be fun.” Mythix replied, having many of his magic powders ready. The team heads to the school courtyard, where all of the other teams are gathered, prepared for the trip as well. Team Raiders looks at Team Destiny. “Okay guys, let’s ACTUALLY beat them this time at finding something!” Ben said to Kaiju and Loopa determined. “Do we even know what the treasure is at Inferno Isle?” Loopa asked. “Legends say that elusive treasure is called the “Fire Heart”, hidden deep within the most molten mountain on the island. I cannot wait to nab the treasure, assuming it is real and not another idiotic myth like our cave exploration turned out.” Kaiju explained, annoyed over those events. “I never want to see another shark.” Loopa said. JCM and Trophy ring a bell in the center, gathering all teams’ attentions. “Attention all teams, our journey to Inferno Island is about to begin, and yes, I am enthusiastic despite what it may sound like.” Trophy announced. The teams then cheer. “Treasure! Adventure! Fire!!” The team members yelled from the crowd. “We will depart to the coasts where our ships await for departure. Tread carefully once the ships make way, teams. There be pirates and dangerous creatures out in these murky waters, but as long as ye stay on board ye should be safe.” JCM warned, speaking like a pirate himself. “Hopefully we don’t come across more sharks on the way.” Mythix joked, referencing their exploration days ago. The teams then all follow JCM and Trophy, who escort them through the village. The villagers see the large group coming, curious where they are headed. “Eh, looks like they have an adventure ahead of ‘em…” SOF noticed, as Halibut buys merchandise from his store. “Happy trails!” Steel said, waving to the teams. The villagers all wish the teams best of luck on their journey, as they keep heading forward. They reach a coast where five wooden ships are, waiting for the teams to board. Team Destiny boards the fourth boat along with Team What, Trophy and JCM. Team Raiders end up on the third boat away from Team Destiny, much to their dismay. “Curses, I wanted to annoy them!” Kaiju said disappointed. “Hey kids, you get to ride with me! Are you excited?” JCM asked to Team Destiny and Team What. “And do not forget me!” Trophy added. “Sure I guess.” Slug replied, shrugging. “Welp, this looks like quite an adventure ahead…” Coffee_lover said, looking out at the ocean horizons with OBAB. Team Destiny also looks out at the ocean horizon, and OWM looks in wonder, curious what will await at Inferno Isle. The five ships then sail off, heading through the waters that will lead them to the Summer Kingdom over yonder. As the ships sail onward, Team Raiders looks out at the waters, to see a few sharks. “NOT MORE SHARKS!” Kaiju said, panicking and frustrated. As the ship keeps sailing, Team Raiders hides in terror. However, it turns out the sharks were more illusions of SpongeRobert, who is seen on the coast line watching and chuckling. He then makes his shark illusions go away. Several other team members look out at the ocean to try to see the sharks Team Raiders allegedly saw, but see nothing. They then laugh at the team and continue walking around the ship. Suddenly, a real shark is seen in the water, as all of the teams see it, worrying. “Stay calm, do not try to provoke the creature.” JCM announced o everyone on his ship. “Sharks are cool so no problem here.” Mythix said eagerly. As the ships keep making way, suddenly, from out of the fog, a pirate ship appears. This startles all of the teams, along with JCM and Trophy. “Great, now I get a chance to use this if they try anything.” Trophy replied, holding a battle axe close on his belt. “Someone came prepared.” Slug noted. The pirate crew yells, as the pirate ship approaching the five ships. Jjs is shown to be the captain of the pirate crew, wearing a fancy pirate getup. He walks down the captain stairs, but ends up tripping and lands into a pile of barrels. The team members laugh at this. From their ships, but Jjs stands back up on top of a barrel, looking out at the ships. “Ahoy mateys! Apologies for the error there. I be Captain Jjs of this here crew, and we are going to be commandeering one of yer ships. Savvy?” Captain Jjs threatened to the crew. “Oh dear…” JCM said, worried. “Hopefully it’s not our ship.” Patty said. “Can you commandeer their ship?” Kaiju taunted, pointing to the ship with Team Destiny. “We will decide this with a game of random pick. And I pick…..uh….not that one….yes, I see it now…that one!” Jjs said, pointing to the ship. With Team Destiny on it. “Oh okay.” JCM replied. “Oh no!” OBAB replied. “OH YEAH!” Kaiju yelled from the other ship. Jjs’ ship approaches theirs, as Trophy tries to turn it around. Several of the other team’s ships reveal cannonballs from the bottoms, as they open fire on Jjs’ ship. “PREPARE TO BOARD!” Jjs yelled to his crew, getting his ship out of the mess. Jjs and his crew all jump as the ship gets closer, landing on the deck. Jjs smugly holds out his sword. His first mate is LocalAquatic, who wears an eyepatch and holds out a small pistol. “Yarr.” LocalAquatic said, as everyone on board raises their hands in surrender. However, Trophy is not so quick to surrender, as he quickly holds out his axe. He charges and swings it at Jjs, but he avoids it. Jjs then hooks his sword onto the ax, and sends it flying out of Trophy’s hands into the water. “…Well there went my plan.” Trophy sighed, as he holds up his hands in surrender for real this time. “We cannot fire on one of our own ships!” Renegade yelled from a ship nearby. The other team’s ships are unable to do anything without harming the crew on board, as they stop. Jjs now has the ship held hostage. “I suggest one ye call off the fleet or else my crew will get really nasty. Savvy?” Jjs bargained. “We’re not really giving into pirates, are we?” Trophy asked JCM. “Don’t have much of a choice here. Attention all other ships, go on without us to the island. We will make it.” JCM ordered from a loud megaphone out at sea. The other ships are hesitant to do anything. “That’s an order!” JCM added. The ships regrettably keep sailing, making their way to Inferno Isle. Many of the team members look back, hoping the residents on board are all okay. “Haha!” Kaiju taunted. “Good lad. See, this won’t be so bad. I take control of your ship and you all can…go free.” Jjs said. “What will you do with our ship after this?” OWM asked. “I dunno yet. I improvise this scheme as I go along, ar ar ar!” Jjs replied. “Can you give us a ride to Inferno Isle?” Patty offered nicely. “That was not a part of the deal, friend.” Jjs replied. “Darn, I thought it would be worth a shot…” Patty sighed. “We can get out of this, guys. I refuse to swim all the way there.” OWM said to his team, along with Coffee, OBAB, JCM and Trophy. “But how? They are armed with swords and guns, and my arrows won’t do much good.” Slug said. “We improvise, just like he is.” OWM said, as he quickly jumps up. “Wait hold on-“ JCM was saying, not ready. OWM charges at one of the pirates, and takes their sword. The rest all break free, as Jjs’ crew attacks back. Mythix throws some magic powder to blind the pirates. “I cannot see!” Local panicked, trying to shoot, but his bullet hits a barrel, missing. Jjs tries to see through the smoke, as he slashes his sword around. As Patty, Slug, Mythix, Coffee, OBAB, JCM and Trophy deal with the other pirates, OWM charges up to jjs with the stolen pirate sword. OWM clashes the pirate sword against Jjs’, as the two duel through the smoke. The smoke clears, as the two keep clashing swords across the deck. Local gets his gun disarmed by one of Slug’s arrows, and Trophy then tackles him. The rest of the pirate crew are taken care of by Mythix, Slug, Trophy and Patty. OWM then disarms jjs’ sword, leaving him defenseless. Jjs is shocked, as his crew surrenders. “Well, I’ll be. These kids actually bested us! And as a prize for doing so, this matey here gets one of me swords…” Jjs said to OWM, surprising him. “…Why?” OWM asked, confused, as jjs hands him one of his spare pirate swords. “It only be fair, matey. Pirate code says if a swordsman bests ya, ye must give up a weapon.” Jjs said, nobly accepting defeat. Jjs gives OWM one of his steel pirate swords. OWM now finally has his own weapon. “Okay, thanks. But please get off our ship.” OWM said. “Aye!” Jjs said. Jjs and his pirate crew all jump off, landing back onto their ship. Before Trophy can get the ship on path again, cannonballs are fired from the pirate ship. Trophy barely swerves it, as one cannonball hits the bottom, causing water to pour in. “I thought you guys were giving up?” JCM asked, confused. “A real pirate never gives in! But I admire that kid’s skills, I cannot deny that.” Jjs replied, as cannonballs keep being fired. The ship manages to get away, as it heads for Inferno Isle in the distance. “Curses!” LocalAquatic yelled, as they escape their view. “We did it!” Patty yelled. “Thank you all for your help.” Coffee said to them, grateful. “And thankfully nobody died, you would not believe how scared I was back there.” JCM said. The ship approaches Inferno Isle, as everyone who made it there already sees this. “They’re safe!” a team member said from the coast, happy and relieved to see the last ship coming in. “Dangit!” Kaiju said annoyed. The teams cheer for them. The ship makes port at the rocky coast. They all get off safely and appear at the main ground. “Good, everyone made it after that stressful encounter. We’ll camp out here for the night, and make way to the mountain in the morning.” Trophy explained to the teams. “Wow, we really are here. I cannot wait to go exploring for the Fire Heart!” Mythix said eagerly. "The Summer Kingdom sure is hot so far." OWM said, feeling the heat from the mountain peak above. Team Destiny looks at the island ahead of them, prepared to explore and get the treasure. They then go into their tents to sleep, as do all of the other teams. OWM then holds up the pirate sword Jjs gave him and looks at it, content he has his own weapon now. … At night, several Shadow Walkers are seen heading to the blazing mountain peak. Suddenly, an inferno vortex appears in front of them, startling them. HawkbitAlpha appears from out of the fire, who is the protector of the island. “You will not keep terrorizing this kingdom, vile demons!” Hawk boomed to the Shadow Walkers. He holds out a magical device, sending fire blasts at the Shadow Walkers. They are incinerated by the light and fade away into the night. Hawk then disappears into another fiery vortex, as ashes fly around. The Shadow King then walks forward, having witnessed this. He observes the path ahead curiously, and then walks away.
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    Alright, we can finally start this spin-off miniseries!!! Reminder that this spin-off is not an accurate to SBC's own history. It's a parody, so enjoy! Forum Wars Chapter I: The Reveals Ah August, 24th 2013...the day the legendary SpongeBob Community has been shut down by a petty member who has been manipulated by some other petty member. The destruction created a massive explosion that SBC's pieces were sent to an My Little Pony forums across the Internet as bunch of spams. And it wasn't just one MLP forum, SpongeBob related sites whom were close to SBC, were exposed to this attack as well. Not as large as that MLP forum but still. Storm, who single handedly destroyed SBC, was laughing with joy. But what Storm didn't predict was that after he destroyed SBC, all of a sudden he forgot where he had been. Storm: "uhhhhhhmmm...where, where am I. What? Is this... Oh god... WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SBC?" Storm felt so shocked to find out that SBC has been destroyed but why? Didn't he just destroy SBC all by himself with the help of a traitor inside??? Storm: "How did this even happen? Who caused this?" All of a sudden, some mysterious anon whispered Storm this. "you did it" Storm felt creeped out by the anon and he decided to walk away. He went to his twitter account to cool off and process what he has done. Storm: "I'm still speechless, I can't be some sort of monster who destroyed SBC. This must be a mistake. I don't recall any memory of this whatsoever." Suddenly Storm has been hit in the head by a twitter member named TRAFON. TRAFON: "hey douche, what are you doing looking like a sad member? Prepare yourself for the upcoming war. MLP has decared a war on us for them claming that we caused SBC's destruction, even though us twitter community know that they are the ones that caused all of this." Storm got a mild concussion and because of this, he started to remember some stuff. Every single sbc storm has banned, all those spams he posted to cause a havoc and those little homophobic complaints he didn't mean it to happen. "Nooooo, I didn't want this, did I? Why would I have a sudden hatred over SBC? I didn't even want to be homophobic. Oh god, I feel so ashamed." Storm recovered some of his memories but not all of them such as him seeing future storm and the traitor that gave him admin powers to ban everyone. Storm decided to disappear to make up all the losses he has caused, even if it was unintentional. Meanwhile war cry are heard through many spongebob websites. Many of members of SpongeBob Wikia, SBM, SB Twitter, tv.com's SpongeBob forums, bikinibottomtwitter subreddit and more sb places online are prepared to battle against MLP Forums. Unfortunately, MLP fandom was incredibly huge that they started the fire first. Their first target was tv.com forums because well...it was so easy. tv.com has been a very popular website for people to communicate about any tv shows. SpongeBob had its own forum there The bad thing was that tv.com admins and mods treated its members so harsly that most of its members had to immigrate to SBC that there are only a few of them left. tv.com admins were truly shocked to find out their place has been attacked first and as a result, their forum has been shutdown so badly. Other SpongeBob sites, seeing all the losses at tv.com, decided there is no more time to give them merciful attacks, whatever that meant, THIS IS A WAR! So they decided to become more savage. For all the memes they have been making for so many years, SpongeBob fandom knew they were fully prepared to spam MLP forums with their memes, low or high effort. All of it counts! Some of lesser known MLP forums got attacked by these spams very badly, so MLP tried to make a shit ton of pony fanarts to shove it into SB fandom's accounts. This very disturbing and cruel war was not expected to start off this brutal. The worst part of this was that it was ust the beginning... 10 years later Year 2023...SB fandom, once one of the highest fandoms of all-time, have fallen massively. Over the last 10 years, SBM has been shut down and bikinibottomtwitter has been recieving tons of downvotes, SB Wikia and SB twitter community has shared all of their secrets and knowledge to defeat MLP fandom once and for all. While they managed to take down some of their forums, MLP fandom was incredibly strong that they have been outnumbered very badly. During that time, Storm has been secretly helping SB fandom with some of his alts but even then he had to do it rarely, otherwise more people would be aware of his existence and they'd know he was the one responsible for all of this. However, this was all just a secondary plan for Storm to put an end to this miserable war. His real plan was to make a time machine to stop his past self from destroying SBC, thus making sure Forum Wars never exist! Unfortunately Storm was missing some key elements to make his time travel work. So he went to Discord to dig up some of bots to make him help finishing his time machine. When he encourtered there, he discovered someone coming to his way. That someone hit Storm with a ping, thus making Storm unconscious. By the time his account was online again, he has discovered something huge...that anon, the very anon that told Storm it was all his fault was none other than... HAWKBITALPHA!!! Storm: "Wait, I...I know you. You are HawkbitAlpha, the legendary member of Task Force 51" Hawk: "Yes, that's me alright, HOW DARE YOU enter my server and think that you'd be welcomed here?" Storm: "I don't understand, I'm just your ordinary member that would like to take a look at your finest bots" Hawk: "You have no idea who am I, aren't you?" Storm: "I beg your pardon?" Hawk: "Remember the whisper you have recieved 10 years ago that told you you did it?" Storm: "Yes???" Hawk: "It was me all along. After you woke up, it was my job to remind who you were. You had amnesia that you didn't recall you destroyed SBC. It was a reminder for me to pay for your mistakes." Storm: "Then why the hell you didn't tell me all about it?" Hawk: "Because I was only an anon, I had no access to SBC, I could only lurk around it but I could never talk. When I was on Discord chilling, I have heard a noise echoing through all websites, I decided to check in and it led me to SBC. What made me told you was a small breach. I could only say a little, so I thought I'd use my words wisely when you were questioning who caused all this. And now you are coming here to do WHAT? Destroy my server too? I don't think so." Before Hawk hit banhammer, Storm quickly stopped him. "WAIT!!! I...can fix all of this." Hawk stopped and said. "Excuse me? How would you do that? Storm: "I wanna finish my time machine to prevent my past version from ever destroying SBC" Hawk: "And how would you exactly do that hmm?" Storm: "I wanna use your finest bots to finish it, so I can stop my evil past." Hawk: "And what makes me think that you'll be trustworthy?" Storm: "I want you to join me on this, so you can see it in your eyes what I want to stop. Do you wanna live in your life hiding in your server before MLP Forums come you and ban your entire crew? So please help me." Hawk: "Sigh, you have a point, I'll help you but I'll be keeping an EYE on you." So thus began the teamwork of Hawk and Storm. Over weeks, they have worked very hard to finish this plan. They built each other a strong trust not to be broken. Hawk have convinced himself that Storm will keep his promise. The plan was that Storm and Hawk would go back in time to stop past Storm from commiting forum genocide. As a result, they successfully completed the time machine and they were ready to do this trip. By the time they opened it, they gathered all of their tools to enter the portal. Unfortunately there was a big ass stepback. Some mysterious troll came out of nowhere to attack. Storm: "WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHO'S TRYING TO TROLL US FROM GOING TO THE PORTAL?" Hawk: "I don't know but they have made a big mistake messing with me!" Due to the attack, Hawk shouted Storm to go to the time machine. "STORM, GO NOW" Storm was very upset about this. "What about you?" Hawk: "I'll be okay, JUST GO." Storm managed to go back in time to stop his past self. Hawk tried so hard to keep the troll from time machine and he did it, he managed to damage the troll but when he was face to face with the troll, he was in shock! Hawk: "Oh god...not you again..." Of course this troll was none other than THE DS GUY DS Guy: "Sadly it's me hawkguy. I just can't let you enter that portal. You were not supposed to be in that time." Hawk: "What makes you say that you bastard?" DS Guy: "LOL, isn't this obvious? Storm had to go back in time to stop himself and FAIL. I observed all of this. You know why? Because it was ME who destroyed SBC" Hawk: "Nooooo...it can not be. You are the most pathetic member I have ever met, you can't even do proper political discussions. You always get scared and run back to your little hideout. You aren't capable of destroying an entire forum!" DS Guy: "But I was. See hawk? After last time you roasted me, I decided to crawl back to my space WHICH IS NOT SAFE BY THE WAY. Anywho, when I was hiding, I discovered something truly sicking. A SpongeBob forum with LGBTQ+ MEMBERS!!! That was wrong on so many levels. You can't even think of how I was so damn angry" Hawk: "I see you are still petty." DS Guy: "I'm a man with a vision. These little fucking gross members discuss how they love their same sex gender, doesn't that disturb you one bit? Hawk: "No it doesn't..." DS Guy: "WELL IT SHOULD. I knew that I had to come up with plans to destroy SBC but I didn't wanna ruin my rep, I mean...get any homoenemies. So I decided to infiltrate with one of my alts named hf80 to become a full admin. I gained so much power from that website that I noticed a member named Storm outside SBC wanting to join the forum, without jjs noticing, I quickly made him a member but before he announced himself to the forum, I mindcontroled him to do my bidding. I made him a complete proud heterolover to attack the forum. Oddly enough, my alt gained its own identity and I lost all control over him that he truly believed himself as a true admin of this forum and I certaimly did not expect a petty mod to give powers to Storm to experiment on SBC. I wasn't sure If I was to be offended by him being more powerful than me but I saw this as an opportunity. Storm managed to ban my alt with no traces back to me and thus he destroyed SBC with his legacy being torn apart. What didn't work as a plan was to start a war between SB forums and MLP forums but I couldn't care less, thus making Storm completely irrelevant because both fandom were blaming each other on the attack. Oh well." Hawk: "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!" DS Guy: "I won't be...because your account won't be alive to stop me" Hawk was quickly suspended by one of the old and fearsome enemies of SBC, TheWolverine. Hawk: "oh no..." DS Guy: "Thanks for helping me man, I appreciate it." TheWolverine: "No problem, jjs will pay for his crimes for disliking Whatever Happened to SpongeBob?" DS Guy: "ehhhh, alright. Okay, lets destroy this time machine before anyone gets their hands on it." DS Guy and TheWolverine were prepared to destroy it but what they didn't predict was that someone would come out of that portal fast. They were both shocked that this person was...JCM!!! They started to troll his account but JCM with his fast skills, he managed to dodge them and escape from Discord. DS Guy and TheWolverine didn't wait around to check on him, they instead destroyed the time machine. JCM, finding himself in this bizarre future with forums battling against each other, had one response to all of this. "wtf" To be continued...
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    Season 3: Episode 2: Ben Shapiro Reviews the OBAB Show It has been exactly 7 months since the premiere of the OBAB Show's third season, since then, SBC has been ravaged by corruption, hunger, poverty and crime. In order to win re-election for a 2nd term, president Jjs has new plan to save SBC. OBAB: Does anyone have any water? All I have are peanuts. BobCarotte: I have some cucumbers. Winter: This place is so dilapidated that even RDSP had to migrate elsewhere! Slug: I think it's time for a Communist revolution in SBC! Jjs: Wait... wait. Hold on now, let's not get crazy here. OBAB: Do you have a plan? Jjs: That's the thing, I think I might know how to save SBC. BenPaz: I hope it's as great as the last plan. Jjs: That was actually JCM's plan, and now he's banned for 999999999 years, but I have a new idea. Patty: You see Sponge 13 has a special feature we didn't disclose beforehand. Jjs: That's right, SBC is now on the Free Market of ideas. OBAB: What does that mean? OWM: For too long SBC has been a closed-off community, if we open ourselves up to new ideas we could get a major surge in membership. Jjs: Even some people from twitter like True Luigi Fan are starting to join. Goobz: OMG GUYS BEN SHAPRIO JUST JOINED SBC I'M CUMMING MYSELF RIGHT NOW! OBAB: I can't believe Ben Shapiro is joining SBC, I always figured he was overhated by liberals. Ben Shapiro: So is this the better version of SBM? OBAB: Yes. Ben Shapiro: It's a shame what happened to SBM. Absolutely heartbreaking. A magnificent monument to western civilization collapsing. OBAB: We do have new episodes of the OBAB Show on here, however. Coffee: And they aren't as cancerous as the first 2 seasons. Besides Ukrainian civilization is better than western civilization. Ben Shapiro: For me I enjoyed SBM Buys SBC since it reminds me of corporations forming monopolies so we'll see if this is even better. OBAB: So what do you think of it? Ben Shapiro: Well there are some good things. I like how all the refugees that came from the wiki get deported at the end. OBAB: Uhhh... nice? Ben Shapiro: However, there is some serious leftist indoctrination in this that ruined the entire story for me. OBAB: Such as what? Ben Shapiro: Well for one thing there is some people in this story who don't despise My Leg. I'm not racist against people who like My Leg but idk it just feels like forced diversity to me. Coffee: I agree. My Leg and Grill are Ben Shapiro: I mean it's not like I hate people who like My Leg but I just wish they'd stop shoving this forced diversity down my throat. OBAB: WHAT HOW COULD YOU HATE THE OBAB SHOW? Ben Shapiro: Is that the sound of a TRIGGERED LIBERAL TO ME? OBAB: I just don't understand how you could hate something so godly? Ben Shapiro: WELL, IF YOU LIKE THE OBAB SHOW SO MUCH, WHY NOT MOVE TO VENEZUELA? Winter: What does that have to do with anything? Ben Shapiro: WHO ASKED FOR A THIRD PERSON TO DEBATE ME? THERE ARE ONLY TWO GENDERS AROUND HERE? Slug: Well, how would you fix this story to make it better? Ben Shapiro: Well for one thing, Lumoshi uses the Infinity Gauntlet which wipes out 50% of the population? Seriously? That's too equally balanced. Slug: So you don't want the Infinity Gauntlet in the story? Ben Shapiro: I'll I'm saying is that it feels like Socialism to me. Just make it 99% and it'd be all good. BobCarotte: Hey, I was able to survive last time. If 99% of SBC's population vanished I'd probably be gone too! Ben Shapiro: Well you just got to work harder you lazy welfare queen. OBAB: I'm no welfare queen! I'll have you know I make tons of doubloons off of OBAB Show royalties! Ben Shapiro: Sounds like a government check to me, kind of like VENEZUELA! Jjs: Ok, let's calm down here. Things are getting a little bit heated. Ben Shapiro: Typical. Leftists censoring conservative voices. Jjs: You don't have to get banned, we just could tone down the heat a bit. Ben Shapiro: Tone down the heat? Sounds like you people need a safe space! I now understand why Metal got red-pilled. OBAB: Listen, I just don't agree. It's like when someone says The Fishbowl is bad... WHY DO PEOPLE HATE THE FISHBOWL? Ben Shapiro: See? You're just intolerant of different views? OBAB: Okay maybe that was a bad example... Ben Shapiro: I'm not inclined to continue a review with a person as badly motivated as you so I think we're done here. Jjs: Well that was interesting. Slug: I just hope future episodes of the OBAB Show get a better reception. Hippy: Make SBM Buys SBC 2. OBAB: No that ep was horrible! Kaiju: It's as good as Flareon's feet. OBAB: WHY! Slug: Hey guys look at this! Hippy: It's god himself! Slug: That's right, it's Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers! Jjs: Well guys I don't think we can ever recover from this. Hippy: I think it's time to pack up, SBC has failed in the free market of ideas. Prez: I think I might have an idea? OBAB: What is it? Prez: Well, it's crazy, but it also involves the best crossover of all time. SOF: Maybe it can work. Jjs: Idk, what is your plan? Prez: Well, if it works out well, it will save SBC and the animation industry. NEXT EPISODE: Life With SBC Plot: SBC members move in with Maggot, but things don't run as smoothly as they'd have hoped.
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    On This Day... (May 17th) SBC 2014 - The 109th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Hayden SpongeBob 2002 - "Party Pooper Pants" premiered. 2011 - SpongeBob SquigglePants was released for Nintendo 3DS.
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    On This Day...(April 24th) SpongeBob 2007 - Yo-Ho-Ha-Ha-Ha!: A Pirate Joke Book and Hooray for Dads! were published.
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    On This Day..._(December 28th) SpongeBob 2000 - "Dying for Pie" and "Imitation Krabs" premiered.
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    On This Day... (September 15th) SBC: 2012 - Jeopardy Game 44 was on September 15, 2012, won by @ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1. 2018 - Jeopardy Game 307 was on September 15, 2018, won by @The Helpful Mexican. SpongeBob: 2008 - The video game Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition was released.
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    On This Day... (June 26th) SpongeBob 2015 - SpongeBob's Game Frenzy was updated for the first time.
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    doodle sheet for today, june 18, 2019. featuring a twitter friend
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    Glad to see my recent viewing experience was added in last minute as commentary. Will make sure The Nitwitting goes higher up this list next time we do this.
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