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    The SpongeBob Community is proud to announce the latest update to our fine community. Introducing… Succeeding Squid 12, Sponge 13 is the newest version of SBC, just in time to celebrate 20 years of SpongeBob, and 10 years of SBC! (Hence why’s it called “Sponge 13”) There’s lot to cover, yet so little time, so let’s crack on with what’s new with V13! Forum Upgrade No we’re not moving to vBulletin. (thank goodness) Our forum software, Invision Power Board, has been upgraded to IPB 4.4! While most of the new features in the upgrade are incredibly minor, a quite big one is the addition of an animated gif button for posts! Need to post your fave reaction gif, but don’t want to go through the hassle of searching for one via your search browser? Now you can find it via the post editor quickly and smoothly! New Skins It’s not a proper SBC update if it doesn’t have a new skin to go along with it. This time, we have 3 new skins available from the get go! Let’s take a dive shall we? V13 Sponge The new poster child skin for Sponge 13! Featuring a bright blue and green color scheme, as well as three exciting additions. The Slider makes its comeback, now taking home where the banner is. Want to know the latest news about or coming to SBC? Just click the little arrows on the left and right sides of the banner to find out! Also making its never before done debut, each forum section now has its own forum icon! Finally, the additional exciting return of forum headers, courtesy of Cha! There’s a little bit of previous version history sneakily hiding, so keep your eyes peeled! V13 Sponge Dark V13 Sponge a little too light for you? No problem, we also have a dark version available with all the pre-mentioned additions from V13. Just presented in a way to make your eyes a little less hurty. Neptune’s Castle The first custom skin available for V13, created by jjs and Local. Themed around the undersea castle of King Neptune, you can truly feel like royalty with this royal skin! New Features See, I told you animated gifs weren’t the only new feature. Thanks to the magic of IPS plugins, we’re pleased to announce 2 new features that’ll spongy up your SBC experience! Quizzes Basically it’s Sporcle, but now on SBC! With this, you can create your own quizzes about whatever you want, and have your friends compete to complete it correctly! To spice up the challenge, you can even give doubloons as a reward for those who finish. So get quizzing! Do note however there are multiple steps to set up your quiz, which we will detail below to make the process a breeze. To set up a quiz, click the “Create a quiz” button and select the theme category. Enter the quiz name and select the two quiz types (Graded or Study). If Grade is selected, please type in the time limit for how long players have to finish it. Click submit. On the right side, click “Manage Questions & Answers”, followed by “Add the first question”. Type the name of the question (example: What color is blue), then in the Correct Answer box, type “Blue”, and then write something in the Explanation box (It is required). Write the incorrect answers in the “Wrong Answers” section and then click “Save & Finish”. To add another question and repeat, click “Add Question”. Finally, click “Back to Quiz” and then click “ALLOW PLAYS”. This will now allow users to play your quiz. Now get quizzing! Moods Happy? Sad? Meh? Patty Time? You can now present your mood with this feature. Simply just click the smiley face next to your PM icon, and choose from a wide range of moods icons that fit the way you’re currently feeling. Moods are displayed on your profile, so everyone will be able to see how you’re feeling. Huge thanks to Local for helping create most of the mood icons! Updates That’s not all that’s new. We’ve also got a few minor updates also available. Portal - For those who have been with SBC since it’s forumotion days may remember its portal directory. We’re pleased to announce it’s making a full return, and shall serve as our new homepage! Discord - A new integration bot introduces a new way for newly posted topics to be displayed right on our Discord server! You can also login to SBC with your Discord and if chosen to do so, have your Discord avatar display as your SBC one! Emotes - Twenty new SpongeBob sticker emotes have been added to SBC, courtesy of Cha! In addition, SBC has now moved to Twitter style emojis for its default ones! User Mentioning - A new interface has been added for when you mention a user in a post. Skin Store - Four old skins from the past will be making their permanent return to the skin store, including Mystery Dungeon from RDSP’s King Neptune reign, The Gay Brothers Community from BenPaz’s KN reign, Jellyfish Fields (LC-only), and Tropical Sandy. (LC-only) Do note that you will have to let staff know when you buy them. SpongeCraft - Several new plugins and updates have been added to SC, courtesy of sbl. This includes Spleef, a competitive minigame in which players must destroy the blocks under other player’s surfaces to make them fall and be the last one standing. (This feature is still currently in beta. Feedback is appreciated) Chat is finally fixed and formatted correctly, a newer and efficient permissions system. Automatic announcements and tips. A new way to go to directory and clear your inventory. Facelift for the server selection screen, and general optimization. Loyal Customers - The Puffy Fluffy Community is now an LC-exclusive skin. Wiki - The SBC Wiki’s logo has been updated to go along with the V13 theme. Farewells While we’ve enjoyed saying hello to several new features, it’s also with great sadness to say goodbye to a few old features that have parted their ways with SBC. Blogs - Due to the lack of activity and our forum license no longer covering it, Blogs are no longer available on SBC. Of course, we’ve currently in the process of archiving as many blog posts as possible, so you can continue to admire them, even with the passing of what once hosted them. SBC Radio - With the addition of profile music, SBC Radio, aka Musicbox, has seen quite a decline and it’s fair to say it’s overstayed its welcome for the last time. May its spirit continue to bless us. V12 Skins - All V12 skins (V12 Squid, OBC, SBCNN and Tiki Island) are no longer available due to various issues. We hope to remaster most of these in the future. Toy Barrel - While not exactly a full goodbye, the Toy Barrel forum will now become a Club, due to the lack of activity. Well, that’s seems to be everything. Huge thanks to all our hard-working staff who each had a part in V13’s creation, and a huge thanks to you for sticking with us for 10 years. Let’s hope we survive long enough for when V14 releases.
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    https://www.wdam.com/2019/05/14/comedy-actor-tim-conway-dies-age/ Rest in peace, dear Tim Conway. We always are going to remember you and your wonderful act as a Barnacle Boy. View full article
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    Today has been a...very hard day for me. My biological father committed suicide, and I'm heading out to Texas to attend his memorial service.
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    From holding his very first spatula as recently employed fry cook in a starting piloted show in the turn of the new millennium to becoming one of the most highly regarded cartoon characters of all time. SpongeBob SquarePants has been entertaining children and adults for a whole two decades now. Even if you’re no longer a regular viewer or catch in from time to time, there’s no denying the level of impact the series has made for us as a community and site. Although the actual series started in July, so that’s when we have a big celebration planned for the forums for our favorite absorbent buddy. Speaking of the forums, SBC’s 10th year is just around the corner in August, so make sure to look forward to that too! To prepare for all this hype ahead in the next few months, feel free to comment about your own experiences and earliest memories of the series. Here’s to more years for the show!
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    THE LIST IS READY! Shoutout to the 41 people who submitted lists! (I'm too lazy to post it again so go check the wiki.) Ok are we ready? LET'S GO! SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever! 20 Years Edition 50. "Don't you back-sass me! I'm in charge and you have to do what I say!" The Fish Bowl, 68 points 4 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #4 @PEPSI✭MAN) (NEW) jjs: Legit shocked this episode made it on for once, since it felt like only a small minority truly dislikes it enough and I figured no way it would make it on with 41 lists. I am pleasantly surprised either way, and #50 is definitely a good spot for it. While I still like 9B, this is absolutely the weakest episode of that half season for me. This painfully boring episode made my list smack dab in the middle at number 13, and while I get why people don't dislike this one as much, I cannot forgive this one's many issues. My biggest problems with this one aren't even any characterization problems, it's that 1.) it's so dang boring, and 2.) it wastes a legitimately interesting concept. They had such an amazing premise for an episode, and completely wasted it on a glorified bottle episode that does nothing to engage my attention. Sure, let's shoehorn in a last minute Patrick-SpongeBob conflict that is tired and played out by this point because we don't know where else to take the episode. The sequence where SpongeBob and Patrick both count sand is mind numbingly tedious and felt like a Season 7 episode where they stretched their premise as far as they could, except this one could've worked. This might not be the worst of the worst compared to what we'll see later on, but three years later, and this episode still makes me sleepy. Trophy: "This bland mess is what we're starting off with?" you might say, and to an extent I can understand the surprise this may cause. However there's partially three big things with this episode that make it an utter catastrophe to sit through. The first is that within just the introduction, Sandy is painted out to be a socially inept jackass on the bus. They amp up Sandy's scientific side considerably in post movie, and continuing so in post sequel by having her just be an utter cunt to others when she shouldn't be that tone-deaf or have a good excuse for being so, such as her desperation in Pre-Hibernation Week, is obnoxious and already sets the tone with her being an unforgiving bitch to the point of purposefully messing with her close friends. The second thing is that for the middle it's a drag. The only notable joke is the "Eureka!" miner, while the rest are just SB and Patrick getting pissy at each other which has been done far better in numerous other episodes that don't need to resort to drab things such as counting sand particles, and then there was also the weird gag where Squidward acted extremely OOC over ice cream, feels like a rough draft for the post sequel writers trying to fit him in with the more vibrant style 9b was going for and it just doesn't work for his character IMO, even if it did take some time to build up I can't imagine him ever going feral over just ice cream alone. Those don't compare to the biggest one with the ending and how it utterly bastardizes Patrick. Let's walk through this 1. After Sandy finally realizes she shouldn't literally manipulate people far too late, Patrick realizes that he was a jerk 2. Literally the next line he's told that it's the experiment's fault, and while that's true it still gets used as a copout for him to blame science which defeats the point of the apology 3. Despite calling science "stupid" and not retracting that like he did his apology, he has no qualms with Sandy yet again acting like a jackass to her friends, showing she didn't learn anything either, by capturing Squidward so they can observe him in a scientific experiment WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT JUST CAUSED THE ISSUE They don't learn at all which makes the entire episode completely pointless on top of being uncomfortably OOC and not funny. This episode could've been just a typical bad but this is hands down the single worst ending of the entire show, and nothing comes close to shooting itself in the foot as much as this godforsaken episode has. 49. "Is that what we've really come to? Is one little storm all it takes to turn us all into complete animals?" Pineapple Fever, 70 points 7 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #8 @kev) (-18) RDSP: Pineapple Fever is aimless. End of story. ...ok, that's not enough to describe how it is, so here goes. Basically, this episode revolves around Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward trapped together in a storm. The premise doesn't sound too bad, but the episode's attempts at humor, or rather lack thereof, leave it dead in the water. So many of the attempts at humor here are lame and contrived, and barely anything links together. By the end, they're running around Spongebob's house screaming like animals. What does that have to do with anything? Overall, this episode is so dull and stupid. The joke the episode ends on is dumb as well; Squidward's line at the end is a callback to something earlier in the episode. But would you remember that not knowing this beforehand, considering it's a one-liner that's never brought up again until the ending? While this episode isn't the worst of what Season 6 has to offer, it sure doesn't deliver. Ben: Of course this got on bottom 50. At least it is very low this time. I personally love this episode for honestly a lot of the reasons people hate it. The overly long gags are easily my favorite part of the episode. The part where Patrick is doing the jigsaw puzzle and is just growing old while SpongeBob is like “You’ve got a few years left in you” is just hilarious to me. Maybe there is a bit of irony here, but maybe the jokes aren’t meant to be super intelligent and just kind of stupid. I don’t like everything in this episode however. I wish for a more fun to watch version of when they become feral at the end. Better animation would make this much better for me. Easily one of the more underappreciated s6 episodes.
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    For those of you who don't know already know, Nickelodeon overhauled their website earlier this year, taking down all their videos and games and redirecting them to Nick's apps. I, like I'm sure many of you have, spent hours and hours as a kid playing Nick.com's games, especially their SpongeBob games, and even though most of them were coded in Flash, a software that is pretty much the poster boy for outdated tech, I believe these games should be able to be enjoyed as long as we're feasibly able to play them. That's why, with help from web curator and fellow SpongeBob fan Wumbo (no, not the one you're thinking of), I've been able to save most of Nick.com's old SpongeBob games and restore them as well as I could to a dedicated section of SBC, which I'm about to announce now: The SpongeBob Flash Games Archive! 50+ games are now available and playable on SBC. While most, if not all, of these games, are available on other websites, most of those sites are sketchy and slap ads on the games without attributing their developers. My goal with this archive is to provide an easy-to-use source of SpongeBob flash games that gives credit to the people behind them and doesn't try to blow up your computer. Since it's a flash games archive, you do need a device that can run Flash in order to play the games, meaning iPads and other mobile devices probably won't do. You also may have to toggle some browser settings to get Flash to work for SBC, and if you need help with that, let me know. I've been working on this for a while, and I'm happy to finally reveal it as an Easter weekend treat to you all.
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    48. "Where did everybody go?!" Gone, 72 points 7 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @WhoBob) (-3) Slug: To this day I still don't know what they were going for with this episode. As far as season 6 episodes go this one actually had potential to be something good, but it's squandered at every opportunity. The thing about this episode is that it feels uneven and clueless, all while not being funny. What this means is that you get a super boring episode. It seemed like they were under the impression that just the premise of SpongeBob being all alone would be enough of a hook to carry the episode, but unfortunately it doesn't. There's one part of this episode that's just SpongeBob imitating people, which eats up time for the main plot with the car. If you have a premise like the one for this episodes, why would they have SpongeBob develop a relationship with an inanimate object again? It feels like a huge waste of potential to me. What really sinks this episode to my bottom 25 is the ending, though. This is certainly one of the worst endings in the show and it puts another boring, unimpressive season 6 episode into a special category of its own. Haha everyone wants to burn down a wicker man of SpongeBob. Why is anyone doing this? Well besides Squidward, for him I can understand, heck even Mrs. Puff. However the idea that everyone hates SpongeBob now feels so forced, and then when they do it to Patrick with "No Patrick Day" it just puts SpongeBob on the same level to me. It's a very lazy ending and another example of the terrible resolutions a lot of these episodes have. In a season with lots of bad eggs Gone sticks out for the sure volume of ideas that don't work. Hippy: Gone is interesting in its reception. Some people think that it is one of the best season 6 episodes bar the ending. But than there are other people who despise this ep enough to put it on their list. I am just going ignore the ending for a bit. While it still is one of the most godawful endings this show has produced, the rest of the episode was shit even before that point. This episode is pretty much split into 4 parts, the intro, the mimicking part, the boat part, and the ending. Firstly, each one of these parts besides the intro is underdeveloped. The intro isn't completely awful. The worst thing is does is that it takes up around 3 and a half minutes minutes of the ep, so the other parts of the ep have no time to play out at all. But, the episode doesn't build up the other 2 parts of the ep very well. The mimicking part is bad because it isn't funny or interesting, and imo brought up with little prompt. It also has very little payoff at the end. Fine, Spongebob doesn't need to have a story to be good. This is proven by episodes like Club Spongebob, which in essence was 11 minutes of random gags. But the thing is, this episode tries to be more serious and less wacky than Club Spongebob, and if they were gonna go that route, it might have been better to flesh out the story. Considering how the boat part randomly ends with no conclusion, I would have rather they spent the 7 minutes on developing the boat part and ditch the mimicking. I didn't really find the mimicking that interesting, and Mimic Madness already did the mimicking angle much better. I don't think much would be lost with cutting these segments, as in the end, they were basically padding on an ep that could have used those extra minutes. And the next part is where the episode becomes even more jumbled up awfulness. I am of course talking about the boat part. The ep tries to portray Spongebob as being insane, but the way the episode presents it doesn't really sell me on him going crazy, at least not enough that I am invested. He goes from having the boat be his best friend to suddenly talking to a krabby patty Patrick? To be fair, the krabby patty Patrick was the only joke I found funny in the episode, but Spongebob going insane feels forced. Look at how in Squid's Day Off, Squidward's insanity builds. He starts off just sort of concerned about the Krusty Krab, but than becomes obsessed with trying to catch Spongebob screwing up. That episode had great build up for the climax. Here, the climax sorta....happens with no prompt. It is assumed that Spongebob has been going insane, but I think in the ep they didn't show it enough. I know at the end Spongebob says the Bikini Bottomites had been gone for weeks, but I wish they showed this transition instead. He just randomly goes against the boat. Anyway, this part of the episode gets 0 closure as we move into the epic ending. I think everyone here knows why the ending is a huge dumpster fire. At this point of the show, aka early season 6, Spongebob wasn't exactly a horrible character yet, so I can't really enjoy it as payback for the stuff he has done in other episodes. And again, this show is in a vacuum so events from other eps don't affect this ep. Spongebob was pretty innocuous here, so seeing his friends do something this brutal is so awful. 'National No Spongebob Day' just isn't a joke that I think can work for this show. While a lot of people find this episode to be pretty good before the ending drops it down a ton, I find the episode to be more of a downhill slope of sorts. It starts off alright, but with each passing part of the ep, it becomes even more disjointed and jumbled up with a really shitty ending to boot. I can understand why some people could like this episode, or at least not despise it like me. It had some good creepy atmosphere at points if you like that type of ep. But the 2 main plots of the episode are confused and jumbled up, I didn't find anything funny enough to balance it out either, so I can't really find anything redeemable of the ep. The concept isn't bad, but the episode didn't even come close to using it to its full potential for me unfortunately. 47. "You know that beard is the best thing that has ever happened to you! Well, other than me of course." Squidward's School for Grown-Ups, 74 points 7 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #9 @Sweat) (-8) Slug: My hatred of this episode mostly stems out of annoyance. I don't know which writer thought a boat screaming section was a good idea, but whoever they are I must say I can't agree to put it lightly lmao. It doesn't end there. There is one joke in this episode, that being a child means you're an annoying turd who yells a lot, and being a grown up means no fun things and being pretentious. If that doesn't make you riot in laughter then there isn't much here for you. When you combine these stale jokes with SpongeBob being brutally obnoxious then you've got an unpleasant experience. By the end the episode expects the viewer to care about SpongeBob and turn on Squidward, and while Squidward is a stuck up snob, SpongeBob was so irritating that I felt no sympathy for him, which makes the opera scene ring hallow. This is one episode where I can say I truly do hate every character because they are all so poorly written, unfunny and annoying in different ways.
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    46. "If you work real hard, you may be an artist too someday!" The Googly Artiste, 74 points 9 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #5 @President Squidward) (+6) Prez: This whole episode... christ... it's very irritating from the start, and decides to stay that way, while having a very minimal plot throughout. Squidward, an actual artist with a pretty cool sculpture about one's struggling self, is shot down by an "art critic" (who's very shit as his job), acting disgusted towards it in the process, which is very confusing, as I don't see how it's horrendous besides maybe some stupid unfunny joke about how Squidward looks as a character?? I don't fucking know... SpongeBob's little scallop house is cute too, but of course the AMAZING CRITIC WHO KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING ("who's the critic here?!"... what an ass, wish Squidward actually did go crazy for once and kick his ass for once...) shoots down his work too, calling it lame. And since this show loves to focus on stupidity later on, the stupid ass critic praises Patrick's amazing garbage work (which was just stolen from SpongeBob as it's such a simple craft idea, he just made it look messy as hell so maybe it's like some garbage avant-garde shit to this "critic"), so the whole episode is Bikini Bottomites and Patrick being stupid, shitty pricks. There's not really any humor besides stupidity (that fish having a weird craving for art is like the only thing qualified "funny" in a "what the fuck" manner.), and since there's not really a plot going on besides Patrick being famous for this work, they decide to give him an art block and just make him go to the Krusty Krab to get food and artistic advice, and while I'm being bored out of my mind for 3 minutes, they make the story worse by having Patrick being the snobbish prick he is, work with Squidward on advice, which unfortunately stupidity misunderstands Squid's sarcastic jab to "concentrate on his patty", as in EATING HIS DAMN PATTY, which the """"'''ART CRITIC"""""""" jizz over via funny wacky ketchup bottle. Then, Mr. Krabs comes in, bringing the worst of his character into play, with seeing stupid customers buying Patrick's garbage googly patty, gets mad because OH NO SOMEONE ELSE IS GETTING MONEY THAT ISN'T ME WHEN I OWN A LOT TO BEGIN WITH!!!! TIME TO BE HEARTLESS!!!!!! XD He grabs SpongeBob and Patrick in here, but sadly Squid comes in the shot to laugh at Patrick for getting into trouble, and then to add more insult to injury when I'm already fucking dying, Patrick makes Squidward's jab turn into "ADVICE", having Squidward getting punished to make googly eyes for the shit patty art while Krabs ranks in the dough, with Patrick shooting down Squidward saying "he can one day become a great artist... actually NOT REALLY, YOU FORGOT THE GLITTER", ending the episode with Squidward crying. So, this episode is in my top 5 worst for the jerkiness of most of the characters in this episode, while Squidward really gets hit with awfulness just because he boasted in the beginning of being a great artist (because honestly, he is great at art, and like, he's egotistical, and while that isn't a good trait to have irl really, you shouldn't just keep kicking his ass throughout this episode just for boasting to two ooc morons in here, WE GET IT.). So fuck Patrick, fuck Mr. Krabs, and fuck the art critic. FUCK this episode. One of the most painful, boring and annoying episodes of not only Post-Movie or Season 8, but the whole series. I'm surprised Richard Pursel didn't write this ep tbh. 45. "Looks like your best friend isn't a friend at all!" You Don't Know Sponge, 75 points 10 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #8 @OWM) (NEW) OWM: Since I ranked this the highest out of everyone I felt obligated to do this commentary myself. The pacing and plot structure of this episode are some of the worst this series has had to offer. The first five minutes are a complete waste. They don't really advance the narrative in a cool or interesting way and only seem to be here to establish some vaguely interesting facts about SpongeBob and Patrick. The same questions even get asked twice! Aside from some uninteresting visual gags the first half of this episode has got to be one of the worst in any I've seen. They even have the audacity to pad this segment out with bad cutaway gags and "After you, my good man." The second half then kicks in, which is mainly just SpongeBob crying and being stuck with the delusion that Patrick is no longer his friend. He doesn't seem to realize at all that Patrick is uh, dumb, and forgets things like dumb people do. There's even a scene with Sandy where she acknowledges how annoying and pointless this whole thing is during her scene. Afterwards both of these very, very bad halves are tied together by an ending that resolves basically nothing. They come together, hug it out, and then immediately regress as they repeat the same joke from the first half. Overall this episode just feels like a total waste. It all gets padded out with the most soulless, aimless minutes in series history while being tied together by a plot based on the dumbest of misunderstandings. You Don't Know Sponge isn't offensive or annoying but it's more infuriating at just how poorly constructed this is. Melon: This episode is just..... so......... nothing. It’s just so boring and unmemorable. And I don’t usually say this about episodes. Usually episodes considered boring or lame are actually enjoyable to me. But this episode is one of the times where I have to agree that its really boring. In fact, it’s so boring and forgettable that when I was asked if I wanted to do commentary for the episode, I had to look through spongebob captures and the transcript just to remember it. Besides it being boring, the other noteworthy thing that drags this onto my worst list is how stupid the conflict is. Patrick not knowing simple facts about Spongebob feels really ridiculous, and the whole thing about Patrick not knowing Spongebob or being his friend also seems kinda stupid. Because of this, the episode just ends up being really slow and boring with a stupid conflict. This episode wasn’t very far on my list (only #25), but it still made it for these two things.
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    44. "What have I done? Have I let the lure of theater production get between me and my patties?" The Play's the Thing, 82 points 6 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #5 @PEPSI✭MAN) (-11) OWM: This is definitely one of the more interesting types of "bad" I've seen from this show. While the idea of Squidward staging a play in the Krusty Krab seems a bit derivative especially compared to much better episodes like Culture Shock, with a few funny roles and jokes it could become pretty great. Of course, this does not happen in this episode at all. There is no real "humor" anywhere in this. Besides a throwaway joke about SpongeBob making a Squidward balloon animal out of condoms I have no clue what I'm supposed to be laughing at. Is it Squidward's overly stale and tired out dramatic delivery? Is it the Bottomites asking for random stuff while Squidward continues to be dense? The actual play itself isn't interesting. It's Squidward alone on the stage making some weird speech about how bad his life is. And of course, it drags on and on. Our only source of breaking up monotony is SpongeBob being kind of dumb for a few minutes until the Bottomites, like us, give up and begin throwing food at Squidward for being so bad. This seems to be leading into a repeat of Culture Shock but then suddenly SpongeBob launches into a bizarre speech about why throwing food is wrong. Why is this here? Why are we supposed to care about this plot element you introduced less than a minute ago? And now Patrick is here to instigate a food fight because you needed some sort of ending to this? Oh, and now it's over. The Play's the Thing ultimately accomplishes nothing with the perfectly good 11-minute timeslot it has. Instead the whole thing is padded out with worthless filler and scenes that go nowhere. This was only my #15 but after writing about it I wish it was higher. RDSP: Just like the previous two episodes on this list, The Play's the Thing is a long, arduous, uneventful slog. The only thing in this episode close to being notable is the scene of Spongebob blowing up balloons near the start of the episode, and that's only notable because of Youtube clickbait videos. Literally nothing in this episode is memorable on its own merit, and what does happen is so lifeless and mundane that it's hard to say anything about it. I'm having trouble remembering a majority of this episode while writing this, and that's not a good sign. While it's in the top half of my worst list, it's a painfully empty episode that has absolutely no reason to exist. 43. "I'm gonna miss you, little guy. But I know you are going to be in good hands." Pet Sitter Pat, 85 points 8 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #5 @SRRS) (-2) Carotte: What can I say about it? This episode seems underhated to me when it's #43 on the SBC list. In my opinion, it's bottom 15 at least. To be honest, this is one of the worst Patrick appearances in the whole show. I miss when Patrick was actually a dumb but caring and harmless creature like he was in the first three seasons and in most season 4-5 episodes. This episode portrayed as an evil and stupid person who doesn't even care about nothing. The beginning is terrible as Patrick already drops Gary on the ground when SpongeBob is telling him what to do, so I say this sarcastically: "Ooh boy, you sure will be a good pet sitter". In IWATG, Squidward forgot about Gary but at least he made an effort to make the snail feel better before SpongeBob got home. In the other hand, Patrick didn't even know how to feed Gary and almost killed him when he was "bathing" him. Not gonna lie, the birthday scenes are kind of nice and I also can understand SpongeBob being so paranoid about his pet snail. Patrick is so unresponsible in the episode and in general so he never can be trusted. Patrick sure is like the "this is fine" dog here. WhoBob: Oh boy...Pet Sitter Pat, I remember how this episode was considered one of the worst episodes ever after how it was panned by Mr. Enter's review. Not gonna lie, he had a point that this episode felt like it was trying to fix issues of another episode where Gary was hurt (A Pal for Gary) and it was from same writing crew. even though his bullshit influence for his fans to attack the writers was horrid and this episode was pretty much nonexistent before his review, I'll say that this episode still sucks hard. Now there were small things I did like here. I liked SpongeBob's characterization. He was legit worried for Gary and he quickly ended his grandma's birthday to help him. That was one improvement over his neglect in APFG. I liked seeing Grandma SquarePants again and Gary got a good end (despite how it made no sense and I'm getting there). But...these didn't stop this episode from being a total crap. This felt like they just replaced Puffy Fluffy with some character we actually do give a shit and it's Patrick. My god, his entire screentime here was nothing but to cause pain and damage. I disagree that he was a sociopathic asshole, he was rather a total oblivious moron to Gary. All he did was giving Gary unnecessary misery and ruining SpongeBob's house and got barely karma for it. He did get attack by Gary but that didn't change the fact that he caused damage. I got what this episode was going for. It was meant to show Patrick is unable to babysit Gary and that's not a bad premise. I would like to see Patrick legit struggling to balance the work and Gary being the one to give Patrick a hard time. Not necessarily Gary being an unnecessary jerk, rather Gary not liking babysitting and ignoring or hurting Patrick and eventually Patrick learning how to communicate with Gary. Idk, that's how I would have done without either characters being unnecessary cruelty. The episode was bad at comedy like flamethrower scene was extreme and Patrick's salt comment was a bit tasteless. And this all boiled down to the ending which was so stupid. Patrick caused water to rise in SpongeBob's house and Gary was all unhappy until SpongeBob called Patrick and Gary was just...happy. In the end, when SpongeBob went back to his house to save Gary, Gary was reading Patrick a bedtime story... I don't mind Gary being happy at all, in fact I prefer it over Gary being miserable at the end but this end made no sense over how much Patrick gave Gary a bad night, even if it wasn't his intention. I don't hate this episode that much and It seems like the hate for this toned down due to it being at a low spot but this episode still gave me a bad taste in my mouth and once again Patrick was a badly written character.
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    The world just lost an amazing person in my 84-year-old paternal grandma, who was my last living grandparent. I bear this family name as a badge of honor.
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    Alright boys... IT'S TIME! Sure, SpongeBob may have some stinkers, but there's a reason we still worship the show on the good ol' SpongeBob Community. 20 years after the fact, the show's best of the best still manage to make us laugh, cry and every emotion in between. This list is our token of appreciation for every beautiful 11 minutes the SpongeBob crew gave us over the years. How do I participate? Just PM me your 25 FAVORITE all-time episodes of the show. When you submit your list make sure to let me know if you'd like to commentate on any of the episodes on your list. Commentary is what makes these especially interesting. Make your list wisely. Joke submissions and lists with manipulation will not be accepted, and if you ever need to change your list at any time please let me know as soon as possible. The list turnout for the Worst List was massive at fourty one lists, so let's show that same enthusiasm for this list. This is the 20-year anniversary edition, after all. As a matter of fact, here's a little incentive for any of y'all who are hesitant on submitting something. I will be giving 250 doubloons to every single person who submits a list! Of course, doubloons shouldn't be your ONLY motive to submit a list, but I think it's an appropriate little kick in the butt for people who are on the fence on submitting one. The deadline for submission is June 15, 2019. I'm excited to see your guys' lists! Cheers!
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    Tune in 5/17 at 8pm ET for an SBC Direct featuring around 3 minutes of information on snuff coming to the SpongeBob Community, including new details on Mr. Krabs' criminal status! Direct video viewing link below. (Will air at correct time)
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    Don't call it a comeback I've been here for years I'm rocking my peers Puttin' suckers in fear Idk why I'm making an introduction considering that I was always here in your hearts this whole time. If you know, you know.
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    Kinda sadly fitting that my cat passes the exact month and day we do a pet-themed iFish month.
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    Very very proud of how this version turned out. This was truly a special passion project for the SBC staff, acting as a culmination of the past 10 years of SBC. Special thanks to @Patty Rose, @JCM, @Aquatic Konquest, @Captain TJ, @Cha, @sbl, @Larry the Cucumber, @OWM and @PEPSI✭MAN who all helped contribute to this version, making it a team effort. If you have any issues, let us know and we'll deal with them in a timely manner.
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    42. "So far today, and it's not even 2:00 yet, you have cried 43 times." A Day Without Tears, 89 points 9 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #6 @Larry the Cucumber) (-5) OWM: Nobody did commentary for this episode so let me just make something up on the spot. I actually found this one to be pretty great. Sure SpongeBob's constant crying got a bit annoying but it's only for the first few minutes, and it only shows up again at the very end. I like the bet storyline between him and Squidward and the two just sort of hanging around in the pineapple together like two friends. I find it to be one of the best character interactions of post-movie. There's even a bit of tension that builds too once it starts focusing on the clock and the eventual meltdown that SpongeBob has at the end. So yeah, I really like this episode. Sorry to the 9 people who got it to almost three digits. 41. "SpongeBob, you can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up. Keep you on your toes." The Card, 100 points 9 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #10 @The last carotte) (+17) Slug: Throughout the show there have been many episodes with Patrick as the focus. These episodes can shine when Patrick is likable enough to carry the episode, such as Big Pink Loser, but when Patrick is annoying you get something more like The Card. What makes The Card so bad is the repetition of humor combined with Patrick's characterization. Per usual with season 6 partners in crime like Slide Whistle Stooges, there is one gag in this episode involving Patrick getting the card into dangerous positions and SpongeBob tries to save it. That plot could be well-executed in pre-movie and in post-sequel but this is a season 6 episode which comes with stiff animation and bland gags. There is zero punch to these jokes and they all feel hallow, there's barely any creativity with them and you know how each sequence is going to end, there isn't that silliness like in Picture Day that keeps the episode funny and entertaining. Patrick makes the episode even worse, Patrick is just irritating to the core .He doesn't really seem to show any concern throughout the entire thing and watching these horrible dumb gags gets so annoying after 11 minutes. What's weirder is that I think Patrick's antics aren't what's supposed to be ridiculous, it might actually be SpongeBob's. Tom Kenny actually had this in his best list and said his reason for doing so was the plight of a nerd worried about a card in perfection condition getting any damage, which is something in real-life that is silly enough for the show to parody, but the problem with that is SpongeBob is the less ridiculous one here. Patrick is for no reason going into harms way, if they wanted to improve this episode maybe they should've had SpongeBob get worried about Patrick putting the card in danger, maybe even have some scary set-pieces to make it look more dangerous, despite Patrick having things under control. While this is season 6 and this could get annoying, here that'd make sense considering Patrick is a doofus so SpongeBob's fear would be more understandable while still being silly and Patrick actually having things under control would be funny since it's a subversion of the usual Patrick is dumb humor we get all the time (When did Rian Johnson show up?). This is just a very unfunny, repetitive and broken episode from start to finish as is though.
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    Today is the birthday of @PEPSI✭MAN and instead of just say happy birthday like very sane person does I wanted to give him something more,and so I mixed one of his favorite shows along with one of his favorite Spongebob’s episode of all time Hope I made the worst best president that you could ever imagined Trophy! Now excuse me I’m about to run away for better
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    really devastated rn, after many arguments my parents are finally planning divorce
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    https://screencrush.com/jackie-chan-adventures-tv-show-movie/?trackback=fbshare_mobile&fbclid=IwAR39R-HoKmA5bvglO8UAQf6pQnQsqBGX5CI0HDVdMoH_gfj8-zS2P_S0WxQ God himself sure is too busy to share the news with his loyal followers, so I thought I’d share this news with you all for him. Bless you @Jackie Chan for bringing this classic series back for a new generation to appreciate.
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    34. "Welcome to Atlantis. I've been expecting you." Atlantis SquarePantis, 136 points 9 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #4 @4EverGreen) (+2) 4EverGreen: Man, I cannot BELIEVE we're already at the point where some of the episodes that I picked for commentary are appearing on this list. In any case, "Atlantis Squarepantis" is probably the PERFECT example of an over-hyped "Spongebob Squarepants" special, that doesn't have the plot or necessary special traits to back up its status of being over 30 minutes. Either, the special should've been UNDER 30 minutes, and cut out all the unnecessary filler, or they should've gone with some STRONGER ideas for the special, like getting David Bowie to ACTUALLY sing! And the songs that DO get sung in this special, aren't even THAT memorable! Not to mention that none of the ideas presented within this special even WORK even WITHIN the context of this special, save for Sandy's 16 bit video game adventure. If they REALLY wanted to make a special, they should've gone with a WHOLE episode of Sandy's 16 bit video game adventure, rather than this sad excuse of a special we DID get! Enough said, true believers! Slug: Atlantis is one of those episodes where it is somewhat of an anomaly to review. It's a very long episode, so surely there has to be tons of things to review and talk about, right? Well, wrong. Despite its length, Atlantis has zero substance in it, and while tos is an abysmal episode for a variety of reasons, Atlantis' problems are more simple. I mean you actually had the potential for a good storyline here, but what ends up happening is so lame, there isn't even a conflict until they pop the bubble at the very end of the episode. If you think Waiting doing nothing for 7 minutes was bad, how about basically nothing for 44 minutes? I mean if you love characters singing about their interests then maybe there's something here for you? The whole point of a musical is that the songs should carry the plot in some way, but every single one of these songs carries the same purpose and it's very tedious. It doesn't help that none of them are well-written. They do try some different animation styles but all of them are highly bland, including the videogame sequence which I found quite disappointing. I know some people don't mind this episode but I find it to be a complete waste of time. It's just a worthless 44 minutes that makes me feel like I was robbed. For me if an episode does nothing entertaining for 40+ minutes then it deserves a spot in my bottom 5. 33. "Tell it to your mama, Squidward!" Sportz?, 136 points 11 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank 2 #1's @PEPSI✭MAN @kylie) (-3) SOF: So, you may recall my reasoning why i liked it from last year....well, i decided to make a guest commentary for this cause why not? Now you may be confused, why SOF still likes it....let me explain I still liked Sportz because it has some things that made laugh here. Sure, Squidward acts jerkish to SB & Patrick for not knowing how sports works...but here's a thing: it makes sense that SB & Patrick being clueless on how this equipment works, and what does it do things works for them. Obviously, Squidward plays the role as bad teacher as it proves how it should be showing them how to play. Sandy came near the end is reasonable because she WAS looking her sports stuff which is why it necessary to me. She knows Squidward behind the scheme on unfair rules which it doesn't seems right to Sandy. As she challenged Squidward to see how good he is, and you know what? She beats him in smart way. This is why i still liked it so much it's not because the plot worked, Hell, I even rewatched this before doing this commentary to understand why's good IMO. I can understand why people hated it. is it b/c of lead in to Kids Choice Sports Awards? Maybe. Honestly, i would personally put this best episode imo. But yeah, this episode is good for me. Overall, I think this is one of best episode in s10 IMHO. WhoBob: I still find myself disappointed by how much Sportz could have been an actual fun episode. Think about it, the entire episode based on characters doing every single sport activities, doesn't that sound awesome? Well, too bad because what we have gotten was an episode about...SpongeBob and Patrick hurting each other in a very painful and unfunny way. I got why they wanted to go with this direction. It was a classic case of SpongeBob and Patrick doing something that Squidward gets annoyed of and he wants to use it in his advantage. After all, some episodes like Idiot Box and Snowball Effect didn't have that much action but unlike thoese two episodes, Sportz didn't do anything creative with its jokes. It was all repetitive SpongeBob and Patrick hurting each other and Squidward watching it in his own amusement. It made Squidward a total dickhead and yeah, the episode acknowledged it but I just didn't give a crap about the conflict when SpongeBob and Patrick were total buffoons. They were so happy, even when their bones were kept broken and that was literally the only joke they played with this episode that I actually recall. I could also complain that how in the hell our main characters didn't know what sport means when they played sports in the fucking The Fry Cook Gmaes. I can live with some minor contiunity issues but this was just dumb and it showed our main characters were dumb. It didn't help when Sandy arrived to kick Squidward's ass and again, this would have been satisfying If Sandy didn't arrive to be such a deus ex machina to the conflict. I also hated that she was sidelined in a story where all of her sports junk was sent to SpongeBob and Patrick only to appear at the very end. You know how this episode could have been actually entertaining? Maybe have Squidward manipulate Patrick into having a competition with SpongeBob and Sandy or SpongeBob and Patrick versus Squidward and Sandy or Squidward trying to have amusement of SpongeBob and Patrick injuring each other, except they don't injure each other and they actually have a safe fun. Just give me a conflict that would be actually fun and exciting. We could have had some really clever jokes along the way. This episode could have been something. Instead, it was all nothing. It hurts how much this episode ended up being one of the most lifeless episodes of this show and that's why it's on my list. It was not even an actual horrific episode to me but it was so painfully boring and tedious that I'm happy to see it on this list. Prez: *This is actually my first time sitting through this episode in full. Since it's release, I've seen some of the bad shit I'd have to witness in full one day, from pictures, transcripts and clips alone, but, the day has finally come. Is Sportz? really worthy to be as high as it is on my worst list, just because there's aspects I heard that I knew I was probably going to hate anyway. I shouldn't be unfair... So Sportz starts off very lazily to get the plot going, showing SpongeBob taking out the garbage with Patrick inside (and to also remind you for the million time on how cool and creative our visual animation and expressions can be, we got mr BOB JACQUES as our animator!! We don't need to worry about the writing part! we get it, you're gorgeous), and then we spend a minute and a half of them finding out what's in Sandy's mail package of sport gear and trying to figure out what the fuck it's useful for (just the usual stupidity to give it some "jokes" to cut some time off), and once that scene is over, we transition to... shot of Squidward's house ... O FORTUNA PLAYS* Oh boy. A Squidward-centric episode. In a goofy, wacky era of the series... and in a season I mostly haven't seen and heard amplifies what 9B's style was getting at. Nothing can go wrong! So far, not bad though. A little over the top anger just from hearing SpongeBob and Patrick's shenanigans, but he's had to deal with shit writing for the past decade. Rodger's performance is actually nice, just for the wrong reasons. His yelling and voice could do wonders with this if it weren't used for insanity. When explaining what sports is to two dunderheads when one of them shouldn't be this brainless (there's a difference between being stupid, and being naïve. This is just ooc SpongeBob that screams Post-Movie), we get the angel/devil joke that a lot of animation media has, now we know why Squidward is so mental now, he lets his demons do all the talking! I worry this is where all hell breaks loose from here on out in the episode... ...and it kind of does. From the get go, the rest of the episode is Squidward causing SpongeBob and Patrick to harm themselves badly in a cartoonish manner while he laughs (and with some of the laughter he makes, jesus christ...), it feels very, very sadistic. It's uncomfortable as a Squidward fan to even stomach. This is not something Squidward would ever do, this is not Squidward at all, actually... so from now on in this annoying commentary, I'm gonna call him Ren Hoek. That's what he's acting like, a sadistic, psycho, ugly asshole (with some unappealing facial expressions here and there. GOTTA SHOW OFF HOW CARTOONY WE ARE, DON'T WE BOB XDDDD). Besides the disgust I get from watching Ren hurt moronic SpongeBob and Patrick, it's just very unfunny and boring. There's "jokes" (like the sports fan joke and a pun or two), but they're not funny or clever. Most of the humor this episode, and like most of this era, focuses on how cartoony and over the top the slapstick is, and I don't hate slapstick either. Slapstick can definitely fuckin work, I'd use it for my own creations, but you need to do more than just slapstick x100. You need that variety besides showing off the way you do slapstick then focus on nothing else. So then, the best character comes in. Sandy comes across what Ren is doing, and I wasn't expecting to root for her too much until she spits out a truth bomb that ACCURATELY fits Ren (I mean Squidward) as a character for most of this fucking era: "That's pretty low, Squidward. Even for YOU!" THANK YOU SO MUCH. THAT'S WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR. The drawback to this would be they made Ren do a thing that's extremely over the top and cruel for his character's standards, just so they can teach him a lesson to not be out of character, and give him a taste of his own medicine. Though, this is Ren we're talking about, not Squidward, so I'm allowing it. I'M ROOTING FOR YA SANDY. so the rest of the episode is Sandy giving Ren WAAAACKY CREATIVE SLAPSTICK. It's a little bit over the top, but I don't fucking care this one time. I really don't. And bam, she saves SpongeBob and Patrick from not thinking logically and stopping because of Ren's mental games. And REN is a winner too omg!!!!!!!!, and combust in an unappealing manner. But hey, he deserves it... like a lot, since it isn't like him. My problem is though, is this really what the writer wants to do with the character a lot now? Make him act agitated and then make him do things he would never do, just so he can get karma when you've been given him karma in general for years? It's very done to death, and it's why I do my own stuff with Squidward. You can give him more fun things to do, but you just stoop him down to a lower level and make him very one note with the negative traits he has. You can really work wonders with his traits but giving him a dash of humor and make him more likeable again. Look, I know I like Pineapple Fever, and it's one of those episodes where Squidward gets karma and going insane with having to stay in a storm with SpongeBob and Patrick, but at least for me, the stupidity it had, was actually entertaining... but that's one of the few times it actually was for me. They've done this shit many times, and most of the time it's just so boring and frustrating to watch. THIS is definitely on of them. Gorgeous, fluid animation wasted just to make this show Ren and Stimpy underwater. Any of SpongeBob's, charm, wit, and originality, thrown all away just to make the world and it's characters wacky, with barely any ground to keep it from being unique or actually entertaining. I used to be called crazy for thinking this stuff when it first happened, but now it seems we have fans divided or noticing this issue with this era (even people who do enjoy it way more than I do), I think it's time for a change of style again. Make SpongeBob have the awesome animation it has, but make all the characters (ESPECIALLY THE ONE I LIVE FOR RELIGIOUSLY) likeable and funny again. This show's so obsessed with something it rarely was, and is pushing away any other creative form of humor it once used, and I wouldn't complain about an era I do like a tiny bit SO MUCH. So, join me, fellow SpongeBob fans, and together, we can stop this lowbrow nonsense from oversaturating this show's potential it STILL has to have... or at least kill Devil Squidward since he SUCKS And to think this is the same guy who would write a Post-Sequel ep I do like (Squid Noir, even though that ep still has a lot of flaws)... what the fuck...
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    36. "You! You ruined my free toy!" Waiting, 119 points 13 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #4 @Clappy) (-12) Ben: This episode is a complete waste of time. A lot in it is flawed. The episode has SpongeBob being a bit of a dick to everyone and just isn’t that well done to me. I mean how else would we get epic humor like how SpongeBob missed his own birthday. The pacing is slow (likely on purpose to simulate the waiting for the toy). While it is likely intentionally slow that doesn’t make the episode any more or less fun to watch. Why the writers felt this needed to be 11 minutes I don’t know. It was even paired with a short too, and I feel it would have worked better that way. The whole episode stands out as a boring slog that I honestly wish was like 6 minutes shorter. It’s almost as if this would wo-wait a second the plot was adapted from a 2003 SpongeBob book that shares the writer of this episode. That explains why it’s so weird in pacing, the plot structure was not made around an 11 minute episode. While this episode is relatively low on my list (#21) I still really do not like this episode. 35. "I promised Sandy I'd take extra-special care of her treedome while she's at the Inventor's Convention today. And that is exactly what I intend to do." House Sittin' for Sandy, 134 points 12 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #3 @SRRS) (NEW) OWM: House Sittin' for Sandy consists of about two minutes of actual plot with nine minutes of absolute nothing to pad it out. It spends most of its time either repeating itself (mostly Patrick saying phrases over and over again to SpongeBob) or completely pointless scenes that don’t go anywhere. These include a full morning routine scene of SpongeBob getting ready only to find out the Krusty Krab is closed, SpongeBob literally just doing what Sandy told him to without it being interesting or exciting, and a “worm incubator” that seems to be set up like a Chekhov’s gun but instead is just another useless thing to watch. The episode even has the balls to recycle footage of the robots destroying the dome like they didn’t already show it not even two minutes ago. Afterward Sandy then delivers the magical twist that she wanted SpongeBob to destroy the dome even though it probably would have been way easier to just ask him and Patrick directly. The robots then destroy both the dome and the magic gun again with the power of recycled footage, and the episode acts like it’s SpongeBob’s fault despite him not really doing anything wrong. This is a completely hollow episode that tries to fill itself up with nothing but overly long, pointless scenes tied together with what was already a pretty uninteresting plot. Overall the episode both accomplishes nothing and spends most of its time on plot elements that add up to nothing. RDSP: Ah, finally something that's in the latter half of my worst list. Getting that out of the way though, I despise this episode personally. This is about the peak of Season 8 mediocrity, and godDAMN does it show. This episode is painfully slow-paced, the visuals are awful, the animation is subpar... I could go on. But the writing is the worst part. Y'know, I'm being generous calling it "writing", because so much of it is empty non-writing that just makes an already arduously slow episode even more painful. Oh, and the ending makes literally everything in the entire episode pointless. While I wish this episode could've gotten lower on the list, I'm content it's at least on it.
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    So... with this list, we've run into a bit of a problem that we've seen before. You'll recall 1997 and all of its 1996 and 1998 backwash? Well, it's the same thing here. Now, it's not as egregious, and I've got plenty of new content to keep you on your toes, but still, expect some repeats, is all I'm sayin'. With that said, 2006! Does it hold its own? This is certainly a year that cements itself in pop history. It's hard to look at this year and confuse it with any other year before or after it, even despite all the backwash. 2006 was this odd blend of crunk, adult contemporary, and Sean Paul that really makes it distinctive. Unfortunately, a lot of it also kinda sucked. Look, I'm sorry guys. I tried. And it's not like this year was all bad, but the bad stuff is especially egregious this time around, in my books. This was the year where a low-effort, bare-minimum song could skate by on the Hot 100 no problem. And we'll be looking at a lot of them today. So join me, won't you? Let's take a look at... Wumbo's Bottom 10 Hits of 2006
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    https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/21/asia/sri-lanka-explosions/index.html The word at the moment is that this was a coordinated suicide bombing. No matter what, though... it's horrifically record-breaking. And coming just over a month after the Christchurch shooting, I can't imagine it's going to do a certain debate any justice...
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    Following up on the first announcement from our Direct... (Credit to Patty for the beautiful logo) Our annual event celebrating Spin-Offs and Literatures returns once more! What is the Spin-Off Festival, if you don't know? The Spin-Off Festival, or SOF ( ), is an event where we honor people's well-written spin-offs and literatures ("Spin-Off and Literature Festival" doesn't quite have the same ring, does it?), whether past or present, with games, events, and more! Going from May 24th, 2019 to June 17th, 2019, we're going to have our most game-changing Spin-Off Festival yet! What will it have? Well, for the first time since the implementation of SOF Tickets in 2015, we're introducing a brand new concept: Festival King/Queen! The user who posts the most written content over the course of the festival will be awarded not only the title of Festival King or Queen, but: - A custom badge (denoting your royal status) - "Rose Gold" colored username (so that you can flex on all the peasants) - 10,000 Doubloons (get rich quick, amirite?) - 1000 Reputation Points (I mean, c'mon, you definitely don't wanna miss out on this title!) However, there is one important rule: - All written material must be at least four hundred words long (just the equivalent of two paragraphs), so spam/joke-offs won't be eligible work. And of course, aside from writing, there will be several more exciting things to do. Here's what else you can expect: SpongeBob Whodunnit? - SOF Edition: Whodunnit returns once again! Solve the impending mystery and rake in those SOF tickets! Spin-Off & Lit Trivia Contest: Do you think you know your spin-offs and lits? Test your skill and let's find out! SpongeCraft Tournaments: Spongecraft will get two cool carnival themed games during the event. SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune: There will be four Spin-Off & Literature Wheel of Fortune games on Fridays (May 24th, May 31st, June 7th, and June 14th) during the event. SpongeBob Jeopardy: There will be four Jeopardy games during the event (May 25, June 1st, June 8th, and June 15th), all counting for SOF tickets, though only the May 25th game will be Spin-Off/Lit themed. Dunces and Dragons: D&D returns for the event, with several spin-off/lit related roleplaying games! SOF Tickets & Prize Store: SOF Tickets will be returning for the fifth time. These are a temporary sub-currency, similar to Doubloons. You'll be able to earn these from winning a multitude of games during the festival, along with several other methods. You can use these to buy special prizes at the Prize Store, a temporary new Store category. There will be several cool new prizes this year, and we'll offer many chances for you to rake as many tickets as possible to get them. Even if you think you suck at the regular games, there will be a ton of new ways to earn them. Spin-Off/Lit Games & Stores: Just like the past four years, we'll be allowing users to create spin-off/lit themed games and make their own stores! In addition to the existing mini-games, users can make their own games. As for stores, you can continue an existing store or make a new spin-off/lit themed store in the Glove Universe club. And more to come! If you don't write or read any spin-offs/lits, that;s okay. You don't have to read or make any to participate in this event. You can either only focus on writing your spin-offs, only focus on the games, or reading people's spin-offs... go wild. If you loved the past few SOFs, then you will love this one too. Now, let's see who will become our Festival King or Queen!
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    38. "How can I go back to work without... without Spat?!" All That Glitters, 113 points 13 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #4 @Wumbo) (-16) Dman: All That Glitters is one of those episodes that I used to not get the hate for. I only remembered it as “that episode where SpongeBob breaks his spatula and stuff happens”. Upon rewatch I found that I was wrong, as there is no “stuff” that happens. Nothing happens in this episode, or at least nothing of value. The episode begins with SpongeBob accidentally breaking his spatula in two while trying to serve an oversized patty, and then we have the pleasure of seeing him screaming and crying for 45 seconds straight. Two things to say right now: One, SpongeBob’s crying here is the most annoying it’s ever been, only being beaten out by A Day Without Tears, and Two, too many jokes in this episode go on for way longer than they need be. Examples include SpongeBob’s crying as I mentioned, an overly long montage sequence of SpongeBob reminiscing the good times with Spat that could’ve been done in a few seconds, and a few more that I’ll mention when I get there. As SpongeBob leaves Spat at the hospital, still heartbroken, he immediately gets sidetracked by a fancier looking spatula that he can’t purchase. Guess what? We spend another good deal of time watching SpongeBob give up everything he has to please the salesman fish (at one point they use the exact same voicelines four times in a row!), and the deal is only made after he sells his clothes. While SpongeBob walks back to work, we get the beautiful image of a grandma... “staring” at him as he walks by. I think it’s supposed to be funny, but it isn’t. We spend another chunk of time at the Krusty Krab to give praise to the god that is Le Spatula himself, only for him to refuse to make a single Krabby Patty, insult SpongeBob, and run off. Huh, some god. It is at this moment that SpongeBob realized he fucked up. He abandoned his fast food companion for an asshole. He has nothing now. His only shot at something is Spat. He finds Spat at the hospital, but he isn’t really forgiving, and I wouldn’t blame him for this except for the fact that Spat knows nothing about the events in the episode. How did he know SpongeBob betrayed him? How could he feel bitterness towards SpongeBob for something he was unaware of? I don’t know... eventually Spat forgives SpongeBob, and we end as we started, meaning another monster-size patty is served, but this time SpongeBob breaks into pieces, and that's it. Though the worst of the repetitive episodes came in around season 6, this is a really bad example right in the middle of season 4. Even if you discount the repetition, the episode itself contains almost no jokes, has a moral that is botched as I don’t even know who’s in the right, and is a complete snore-fest. Just the fact that I couldn't remember any parts of this episode outside of the basics is a testament to how bland it is. Season 4 has a lot of middle-of-the-road episodes, but this is not one of them and I’m frankly ashamed that I used to loop in this garbage on the same echelon as all of the other ones. 37. "If we're not going to go around town pretending to be Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, then who is?!" Shuffleboarding, 114 points 11 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #9 @CakeCup) (-8) OWM: oops i forgot to ask more people for commentary to do this one so nobody submitted anything. But seriously, this episode is the most jittery thing ever. There are no important plot developments at all in the first half. Aside from Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy getting injured it's all just annoying banter and screaming from Patrick and SpongeBob who keep repeating themselves or some reason. And of course there's no actual shuffleboarding tournament shown but that's more of a nitpick than anything. The second half then turns into a completely bizarre and confusing storyline that makes no sense at all. The reasons for jailing people range from a little goofy, up to forced and awkward, and then just plain mean by the time Man Ray shows up. Weird how this episode had time for a full laundromat fight scene but no time to structure something funny at all. I shouldn't have to mention the ending either, which is notorious for being one of the series' worst. This somehow escaped my list but if it made it back on another day I wouldn't be surprised.
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    There was a lot of shit in 2006 that, frankly, wasn't even worth talking about. Thankfully, the good songs are legitimately great. 2006's great songs kind of stand in a class of their own, as far as the year goes. I'd put very few of them in any of the trends that 2006 was pushing. There's a few, but they also manage to stand out as superstars of their genre. And after the boring mess that was the worst list, we need a breath of fresh air like this one. Let's go! Wumbo's Top 10 Hits of 2006 Full List:
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    hello i am new to SBC and i dont know how this website works so here's this funny image someone made. i will be happy to join all of you in destroying the worst and wackiest thing ever made, spongebob season 11. by the way i am a pieguyrulz fan and my lord and savior is the spongebob wiki
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    On This Day... (May 6th) SBC 2016 - The 20th WOF game was held, and it was won by @WhoBob 2017 - The 244th SB Jeopardy game was held. SpongeBob 2005 - "Fear of a Krabby Patty" and "Shell of a Man" premiered. 2016 - "Sold!" was premiered. 2017 - Freestyle Funnies 2017 was released for Free Comic Book Day.
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    On This Day... (May 3rd) SBC 2014 - The 107th SB Jeopardy game was held. @Young Nug hosted that game, and it was won by @PEPSI✭MAN SpongeBob 2014 - Freestyle Funnies 2014 was released for Free Comic Book Day. 2016 - "Married to Money" premiered.
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    Happy anniversary, SpongeBob SquarePants. This show was the first thing in my life that I was truly obsessed over, it was the show that impacted me the most, without any exaggeration. I still love it, and it's still bring me laughs and feeling of comfort. Thanks to SpongeBob I became interested in drawing, thanks to SpongeBob I met many wonderful people, this community included. I honestly can't imagine my life without it, in a good way. Thank you SpongeBob SquarePants and I wish you being just as fondly remembered and loved in next 20 years, as you are now.
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    40. "Face freeze? I thought that was a myth!" Face Freeze!, 105 points 8 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #4 @Coffee_lover) (0) Coffee: While this episode isn’t nearly my least favorite of all time, I always understood out of all "it’s not that bad" statements for any famous episodes the least. What people even see here to defend in the first place?Any other episodes,absolutely any,has even the minimalistic impact put into them,even something as soulless as House Sittin for Sandy,irritating as Choir Boys,or downright offensive like Stuck in the Wringer had it’s "background" with some noticeable qualities put into them,as much as they bad.But Face Freeze???This episode is absolutely nothing but a eye torture.While some people don’t minded faces that episode has,I still stand by it begin really irritating here.I don’t think that the fact that faces themselves has a new,different look and more detailed compared to former seasons is bad...but those particular expressions I’m just can’t handle.I really,really don’t like the style of middle-post movie’s designs,it’s not I’m want to say that I dislike people who drawn them,I think that Robert Cory is a very talented guy and I’m adore his works out of context or in shows where his edgy exaggeration have its fitting place(just looks at his works in Gravity Falls for example).But in context of Spongebob,they felt flat and unneeded,all of those over-detailed vines and tooth are just not something that belongs to this universe.I prefer animation style of recent seasons more because,while they are different indeed,they still has the positive and colorful vibe that made me love Spongebob in the first place.But into Face Freeze,all of those faces made my eyes burns during watching the whole thing,even Season 6’s episodes has some timing before throw some ugly looking face on the screen,here this caricature disaster goes with every single frame,not to mention the stiffness of Season 8’s animation didn’t helped with this situation in the slightest. But okay, that’s was only problem of episode on the surface.Some people will say right now "well I’m don’t mind the faces and the rest episode was fine",but here’s one thing,that "rest" doesn’t exist and never existed.Say whatever you want about stuff like The Splinter,Fungus Among Us or To Love a Patty,as much as they suck and failed at begin entertaining with their gross-out attempts(even though I don’t dislike The Splinter that much),they has some actual conflict and development put into them,not to mention that despite them begin gross,they take some to time to breath out before distract you with some junk.Face Freeze,if you cut the faces,is an absolute dead air,technically,there’s was a conflict,but it’s nothing but a cheap-ass Hooky copy,instead of telling creative story with a good message,it’s nothing but a slideshow of caricature faces that doesn’t work for this show.Not to mention that all of those faces take tooooooooooooooooo much of a time that just throw out any substance,if you cut all of scenes that just stoped the whole thing to show another disgusting face,I’m doubt there’s going to me more than a 2 minutes in total,if not less.Characters doesn’t even have any actual reason or motivation for making all of those faces too,it’s just started with Spongebob and Patrick doing idiotic expressions,and it’s ended with that.Oh yeah,episode doesn’t have actual ending either,the whole thing just cut off from another idiotic faces force.Episodes that I mentioned above has at least some variations at humor,they aren’t funny for sure,but I still got something from them.Face Freeze...think that those disgusting expressions is enough to be a comedy genius and let this begin the only joke for 11 minutes,literally,there’s non a single other attempt at comedy that any different. And that’s why I’m having it this high on my list:There’s absolutely nothing defendable or redeemable to pointing out.And I’m still fail to see how this episode isn’t "all that bad",and made a previous lists pretty low.There’s just nothing going for unless if you’re a fan of Robert Cory’s artwork,but even then I think you better just go to the google and find his concept arts on the internet,because actual episode thanks to the low budget of Season 8 made his designs looks much more stiff and lifeless.Even besides visuals begin painful,or at least just unnecessary,there’s basically no plot and an similar premise that been executed way better back in Season 1,the way episode attempted sense of humor is incredibly childish,even really dumped down actually.The characters feels completely off.And the highest definition of bore and blandness that can’t bring me to finish this garbage even more.I can’t see any positives for this one unless if something like "it’s not as cancerous as Squid Baby"counts as a plus. And yes people who unironically compare this episode to post sequel era should be evacuated from this planet,like what is your problem people. 39. "Now that you two have ruined the last good thing in my life... I think I'll go slam my head in the door. Repeatedly." Cephalopod Lodge, 110 points 11 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #3 @Patty Rose) (-4) Melon: This episode is one I’m surprised doesn’t get farther into the list compared to other squid abuse episodes. This episode has some of the worst things that happen to Squidward without being entertaining enough to justify it. The episode involves Squidward losing the one thing he looked forward to in his life, because Spongebob and Patrick needed to stalk Squidward because “he seemed happy” and the lodge thinks it’s justified to kick someone out of their club because someone else followed them when they didn’t even know. Spongebob and Patrick don’t even take responsibility for it either; they refuse to blame themselves in the scene where they try to convince the guy to let Squidward back in the lodge. I also hate how Spongebob and Patrick’s idea of a way to make Squidward feel happy is stinging his tongue with a jellyfish. While I like the sockpuppet gag stuff, what happens after is one of the worst endings of the series; Spongebob and Patrick just have to go out of the sock puppet, which causes Squidward to get kicked out of the lodge again……. So Spongebob and Patrick sting Squidward’s tongue again…… The thing that annoys me about this ending is that they didn’t even need to do it. They could of easily ended the episode with Squidward getting back into the lodge and it would’ve helped the episode so much. Having him get kicked out again was completely unnecessary. While I do think “bad things happen to a character” is a bad reason to hate an episode if it still does entertaining stuff, the problem with this episode is that what happens to Squidward is really brutal; and while I wouldn’t care about that if the episode was entertaining, it really wasn’t besides the sockpuppet gag, and that isn’t enough to stop this from being a bad episode because of it.
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    And that’s community college done. Now to live out my life long dream of being a pirate.
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    i know i already made an introduction, but... it’s been five (i think?) years and i think i should introduce myself again. hi, i’m poseidon, but my real name is damien. i don’t mind being referred to either of those. sbm old people know me decently well. mostly why i wanted to re introduce myself is cause over the past five years i decided i’m a trans boy. i haven’t started on t or anything yet but that’s how i identify now. i think i used to go by she/her? but i prefer it/its, but i won’t mind if you call me he/him either. ok that’s all i have to say. i hope to have fun here again and stuff. yeah.
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    On This Day... (May 9th) SBC 2015 - The 153rd SN Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @PEPSI✭MAN SpongeBob 2018 - Ink Lemonade" premiered.
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    Do you ever struggle to figure out why you don't like an episode? Or do you just like needlessly categorizing things like I do? Well look no further! Thanks to help from SBCord, the BADDLI Scale is a list of SIX criteria that can make for a shitty episode. I don't mean elements of a bad episode necessarily (i.e. bad writing, bad characters), but moreso the feeling you get on WHY it is bad. You'll see what I mean as I run through the six and offer some examples. Boring Does a crappy episode put you to sleep? Do you want to change the channel to something more interesting? Think Gullible Pants Annoying Does a crappy episode give you a headache? Do you wish you could strangle the obnoxious characters in it? Think Slide Whistle Stooges Disturbing Does a crappy episode give you goosebumps in a bad way? Do you wonder if you can sleep at night after watching it? Think Squid's Visit Disgusting Does a crappy episode make you nauseous when you watch it? Do you want to look away because it's so unbearable? Think The Splinter Lazy Does a crappy episode completely disappoint you? Do you think "Wow, this episode clearly had no thought put into it."? Think The Main Drain Infuriating Does a crappy episode just piss you off? Do you wish that justice could be handed to characters that never get it? Think Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom Obviously, don't treat this as some kind of gospel for evaluating shitty SpongeBob episodes (like a certain other template), but it's just a fun little way to categorize just why people hate certain episodes.
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    Here it is: my final literature and writing on SBC in general. This will be a limited edition 12-part miniseries. It's a mix of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Breath of the Wild, with some other surprise breadcrumbs of influence in there, so if you like any of those, you may like this. Or if not, cross your fingers and hope there's something in here you may like. Synopsis: OWM wakes up in a mysterious, fantasy version of SBC, with no memory of his past. The land of "SBC" is divided into four kingdoms, and at the center of them is a powerful "light". OWM soon meets several new friends, and in hopes of getting his memories back, aids them on their quest to investigate a mysterious force from beyond threatening the kingdoms, while the kingdoms are at conflict over control of this "light". Coming this month. Now here's a trailer that probably doesn't relate to this at all:
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    On This Day... (May 5th) SBC 2012 - The SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by Team Algae 2018 - The 290th SB Jeopardy game was held. SpongeBob 2001 - "Prehibernation Week" and "Life of Crime" premiered. 2006 - "Chimps Ahoy" and "Ghost Host" premiered. 2012 - The first Freestyle Funnies was released for Free Comic Book Day. 2016 - "CopyBob DittoPants" premiered. 2017 - The 12th season of SpongeBob SquarePants was announced. 2018 - SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies 2018 was released for Free Comic Book Day.
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    HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY to our beloved TV series!
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    On This Day... (May 2nd) SBC 2015 - The 152nd SB Jeopardy was held, and it was won by @Captain TJ SpongeBob 2015 - Freestyle Funnies 2015 was released for Free Comic Book Day. 2016 - "The Fish Bowl" premiered.
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    On This Day... (May 1st) SBC @CDCB became the May 2011 Employee of the Month. Box became the May 2012 Employee of the Month. @Patty Rose became the May 2013 Employee of the Month. Cosmic became the May 2014 Employee of the Month. Fa became the May 2015 Employee of the Month. squidwardisawesome22 became the May 2016 Employee of the Month. Nuggets became the May 2017 Employee of the Month. SpongeBob 1999 - "Help Wanted," "Reef Blower," and "Tea at the Treedome," the pilot episodes, premiered thus marking the premiere of SpongeBob SquarePants. 2001 - The book "Sandy's Rocket" was released.
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    On This Day...(April 29th) SBC 2016 - The 29th WOF game was held, and it was won by @Hayden 2017 - The 243rd SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Hayden SpongeBob 2014 - SpongeBob Checks His Instaclam premiered. SpongeBob, You're Fired! and Doodle Jump SpongeBob SquarePants were released.
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    On This Day...(April 28th) SBC 2012 - The 28th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by Team Gold ( @Cha , @Hayden & @Captain TJ ). 2017 - The 67th WOF game was held, and it was won by @PEPSI✭MAN 2018 - The 289th SB Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @NegiSpongie
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    Howdy there strangers , I ,some random Asian who don't speak english very well(hope you don't mind) anyway, nice to meet you all non-Asian english speaking well people ! here is my profile photo (gif)I drew it by myself! thought I am definitely not an artist,or having any actual drawing skills or talent but hey! I am sure I will get used to drawing! by the way this account has been made for like....3 days I guess, so you probably have seen me before do you? well bye by......Oh yeah I have something to tell to you guys but only to someone who knows how to read my native language.(如果你知道我在說什麼了話,那我就告訴你我的全名,我叫「龘鞡蹦矲靽淂北墬膝祿晞戮鞥」)
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    Oi, remember that attempt at drawing a better designed Rouge the Bat back in December? Well here's a proper better quality version for you to look at and wonder if you need your eyes checked. (or burnt...)
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    smollest world sovereign/prince
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    Can't wait for wacky My Leg to dethrone Wringer.
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