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    By now, the rest of staff already knows this, but at this time, I'd like to inform you guys - the members. Effective today, I am resigning as a Manager on SBC. It's been such a joy to serve you all and to have helped coordinate our successful projects this Spring, including the ninth Spin-Off Festival and the implementation of V13. At this time, I'd just like to explain a little bit of why I'm stepping down. Over the past year, alongside getting the amazing opportunity to be an SBC admin, I have also started a career in publishing. And more recently over the last few months, I have begun to make significant strides in this field, so I am going off to explore this avenue full-time. Unfortunately, this conflicts with my duties as a Manager on this community. So despite how hard this might be, I see no other choice but to step down. In that same manner, it's probably safe to say that I will not be as active here anymore either. And this doesn't mean I'm just disappearing forever, because this wonderful site means so much to me. I'll still drop in from time to time for sure. SBC was a second home to me through a somewhat turbulent adolescence (whose teenhood wasn't the slightest bit chaotic, amirite), as I'm sure it was to a lot of other veterans, and what it is now for the modern day userbase. However, I think there's something to be said about leaving "home" and getting a little lost out there (in a good way ). And on that note, I am reminded of this beautiful quote: "Where we love is home. Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." So to this site, I say "Thank You." To my good friends here, @Jon Snow, @SOF, @Hayden, @WhoBob, and so many more. To my fellow staff members, truly a stellar team, @JCM, @OWM, @PEPSI✭MAN, @smashmouthfan99, @Cha, @Patty Rose, @Aquatic Konquest. To all the members here, thank you for letting me be your admin, your friend, your colleague. I'll never forget the memories I've made here, the experiences I've had (in leadership especially), and the lessons I've learned. And I know Spin-Offs aren't as popular anymore, but it was through them that my writing style grew and I become even more confident as a storyteller. So wherever I go next in my career, I will always be held forever in this site's grace for pushing me there, for being a stepping stone. Alright, I've rambled enough. Thank you, and take great care of this forum for me until I get back from where I'm going . Much love, teenj12.
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    The SpongeBob Community is proud to announce the latest update to our fine community. Introducing… Succeeding Squid 12, Sponge 13 is the newest version of SBC, just in time to celebrate 20 years of SpongeBob, and 10 years of SBC! (Hence why’s it called “Sponge 13”) There’s lot to cover, yet so little time, so let’s crack on with what’s new with V13! Forum Upgrade No we’re not moving to vBulletin. (thank goodness) Our forum software, Invision Power Board, has been upgraded to IPB 4.4! While most of the new features in the upgrade are incredibly minor, a quite big one is the addition of an animated gif button for posts! Need to post your fave reaction gif, but don’t want to go through the hassle of searching for one via your search browser? Now you can find it via the post editor quickly and smoothly! New Skins It’s not a proper SBC update if it doesn’t have a new skin to go along with it. This time, we have 3 new skins available from the get go! Let’s take a dive shall we? V13 Sponge The new poster child skin for Sponge 13! Featuring a bright blue and green color scheme, as well as three exciting additions. The Slider makes its comeback, now taking home where the banner is. Want to know the latest news about or coming to SBC? Just click the little arrows on the left and right sides of the banner to find out! Also making its never before done debut, each forum section now has its own forum icon! Finally, the additional exciting return of forum headers, courtesy of Cha! There’s a little bit of previous version history sneakily hiding, so keep your eyes peeled! V13 Sponge Dark V13 Sponge a little too light for you? No problem, we also have a dark version available with all the pre-mentioned additions from V13. Just presented in a way to make your eyes a little less hurty. Neptune’s Castle The first custom skin available for V13, created by jjs and Local. Themed around the undersea castle of King Neptune, you can truly feel like royalty with this royal skin! New Features See, I told you animated gifs weren’t the only new feature. Thanks to the magic of IPS plugins, we’re pleased to announce 2 new features that’ll spongy up your SBC experience! Quizzes Basically it’s Sporcle, but now on SBC! With this, you can create your own quizzes about whatever you want, and have your friends compete to complete it correctly! To spice up the challenge, you can even give doubloons as a reward for those who finish. So get quizzing! Do note however there are multiple steps to set up your quiz, which we will detail below to make the process a breeze. To set up a quiz, click the “Create a quiz” button and select the theme category. Enter the quiz name and select the two quiz types (Graded or Study). If Grade is selected, please type in the time limit for how long players have to finish it. Click submit. On the right side, click “Manage Questions & Answers”, followed by “Add the first question”. Type the name of the question (example: What color is blue), then in the Correct Answer box, type “Blue”, and then write something in the Explanation box (It is required). Write the incorrect answers in the “Wrong Answers” section and then click “Save & Finish”. To add another question and repeat, click “Add Question”. Finally, click “Back to Quiz” and then click “ALLOW PLAYS”. This will now allow users to play your quiz. Now get quizzing! Moods Happy? Sad? Meh? Patty Time? You can now present your mood with this feature. Simply just click the smiley face next to your PM icon, and choose from a wide range of moods icons that fit the way you’re currently feeling. Moods are displayed on your profile, so everyone will be able to see how you’re feeling. Huge thanks to Local for helping create most of the mood icons! Updates That’s not all that’s new. We’ve also got a few minor updates also available. Portal - For those who have been with SBC since it’s forumotion days may remember its portal directory. We’re pleased to announce it’s making a full return, and shall serve as our new homepage! Discord - A new integration bot introduces a new way for newly posted topics to be displayed right on our Discord server! You can also login to SBC with your Discord and if chosen to do so, have your Discord avatar display as your SBC one! Emotes - Twenty new SpongeBob sticker emotes have been added to SBC, courtesy of Cha! In addition, SBC has now moved to Twitter style emojis for its default ones! User Mentioning - A new interface has been added for when you mention a user in a post. Skin Store - Four old skins from the past will be making their permanent return to the skin store, including Mystery Dungeon from RDSP’s King Neptune reign, The Gay Brothers Community from BenPaz’s KN reign, Jellyfish Fields (LC-only), and Tropical Sandy. (LC-only) Do note that you will have to let staff know when you buy them. SpongeCraft - Several new plugins and updates have been added to SC, courtesy of sbl. This includes Spleef, a competitive minigame in which players must destroy the blocks under other player’s surfaces to make them fall and be the last one standing. (This feature is still currently in beta. Feedback is appreciated) Chat is finally fixed and formatted correctly, a newer and efficient permissions system. Automatic announcements and tips. A new way to go to directory and clear your inventory. Facelift for the server selection screen, and general optimization. Loyal Customers - The Puffy Fluffy Community is now an LC-exclusive skin. Wiki - The SBC Wiki’s logo has been updated to go along with the V13 theme. The wiki has also been made more mobile friendly. Farewells While we’ve enjoyed saying hello to several new features, it’s also with great sadness to say goodbye to a few old features that have parted their ways with SBC. Blogs - Due to the lack of activity and our forum license no longer covering it, Blogs are no longer available on SBC. Of course, we’ve currently in the process of archiving as many blog posts as possible, so you can continue to admire them, even with the passing of what once hosted them. SBC Radio - With the addition of profile music, SBC Radio, aka Musicbox, has seen quite a decline and it’s fair to say it’s overstayed its welcome for the last time. May its spirit continue to bless us. V12 Skins - All V12 skins (V12 Squid, OBC, SBCNN and Tiki Island) are no longer available due to various issues. We hope to remaster most of these in the future. Toy Barrel - While not exactly a full goodbye, the Toy Barrel forum will now become a Club, due to the lack of activity. Well, that’s seems to be everything. Huge thanks to all our hard-working staff who each had a part in V13’s creation, and a huge thanks to you for sticking with us for 10 years. Let’s hope we survive long enough for when V14 releases.
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    Today has been a...very hard day for me. My biological father committed suicide, and I'm heading out to Texas to attend his memorial service.
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    From holding his very first spatula as recently employed fry cook in a starting piloted show in the turn of the new millennium to becoming one of the most highly regarded cartoon characters of all time. SpongeBob SquarePants has been entertaining children and adults for a whole two decades now. Even if you’re no longer a regular viewer or catch in from time to time, there’s no denying the level of impact the series has made for us as a community and site. Although the actual series started in July, so that’s when we have a big celebration planned for the forums for our favorite absorbent buddy. Speaking of the forums, SBC’s 10th year is just around the corner in August, so make sure to look forward to that too! To prepare for all this hype ahead in the next few months, feel free to comment about your own experiences and earliest memories of the series. Here’s to more years for the show!
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    For those of you who don't know already know, Nickelodeon overhauled their website earlier this year, taking down all their videos and games and redirecting them to Nick's apps. I, like I'm sure many of you have, spent hours and hours as a kid playing Nick.com's games, especially their SpongeBob games, and even though most of them were coded in Flash, a software that is pretty much the poster boy for outdated tech, I believe these games should be able to be enjoyed as long as we're feasibly able to play them. That's why, with help from web curator and fellow SpongeBob fan Wumbo (no, not the one you're thinking of), I've been able to save most of Nick.com's old SpongeBob games and restore them as well as I could to a dedicated section of SBC, which I'm about to announce now: The SpongeBob Flash Games Archive! 50+ games are now available and playable on SBC. While most, if not all, of these games, are available on other websites, most of those sites are sketchy and slap ads on the games without attributing their developers. My goal with this archive is to provide an easy-to-use source of SpongeBob flash games that gives credit to the people behind them and doesn't try to blow up your computer. Since it's a flash games archive, you do need a device that can run Flash in order to play the games, meaning iPads and other mobile devices probably won't do. You also may have to toggle some browser settings to get Flash to work for SBC, and if you need help with that, let me know. I've been working on this for a while, and I'm happy to finally reveal it as an Easter weekend treat to you all.
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    Alright boys... IT'S TIME! Sure, SpongeBob may have some stinkers, but there's a reason we still worship the show on the good ol' SpongeBob Community. 20 years after the fact, the show's best of the best still manage to make us laugh, cry and every emotion in between. This list is our token of appreciation for every beautiful 11 minutes the SpongeBob crew gave us over the years. How do I participate? Just PM me your 25 FAVORITE all-time episodes of the show. When you submit your list make sure to let me know if you'd like to commentate on any of the episodes on your list. Commentary is what makes these especially interesting. Make your list wisely. Joke submissions and lists with manipulation will not be accepted, and if you ever need to change your list at any time please let me know as soon as possible. The list turnout for the Worst List was massive at fourty one lists, so let's show that same enthusiasm for this list. This is the 20-year anniversary edition, after all. As a matter of fact, here's a little incentive for any of y'all who are hesitant on submitting something. I will be giving 250 doubloons to every single person who submits a list! Of course, doubloons shouldn't be your ONLY motive to submit a list, but I think it's an appropriate little kick in the butt for people who are on the fence on submitting one. The deadline for submission is June 15, 2019. I'm excited to see your guys' lists! Cheers!
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    https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/25/18714532/desmond-afoah-etika-youtube-nypd-statement This is pretty damn sad. I hadn't really watched him much after he got out of his Pokemon days, but the circumstances leading up to his death the past few months were depressing. I wish his family the best.
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    Hey everyone, this is my first post to this forum! My name is Dean and i'm from Bristol (in the UK ^____^) So with Spongebob turning 20 years old this month, I had to make a poster to celebrate this amazing show. I hope you like it.
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    THE LIST IS READY! Shoutout to the 41 people who submitted lists! (I'm too lazy to post it again so go check the wiki.) Ok are we ready? LET'S GO! SBC's Top 50 Worst Episodes Ever! 20 Years Edition 50. "Don't you back-sass me! I'm in charge and you have to do what I say!" The Fish Bowl, 68 points 4 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #4 @PEPSI✭MAN) (NEW) jjs: Legit shocked this episode made it on for once, since it felt like only a small minority truly dislikes it enough and I figured no way it would make it on with 41 lists. I am pleasantly surprised either way, and #50 is definitely a good spot for it. While I still like 9B, this is absolutely the weakest episode of that half season for me. This painfully boring episode made my list smack dab in the middle at number 13, and while I get why people don't dislike this one as much, I cannot forgive this one's many issues. My biggest problems with this one aren't even any characterization problems, it's that 1.) it's so dang boring, and 2.) it wastes a legitimately interesting concept. They had such an amazing premise for an episode, and completely wasted it on a glorified bottle episode that does nothing to engage my attention. Sure, let's shoehorn in a last minute Patrick-SpongeBob conflict that is tired and played out by this point because we don't know where else to take the episode. The sequence where SpongeBob and Patrick both count sand is mind numbingly tedious and felt like a Season 7 episode where they stretched their premise as far as they could, except this one could've worked. This might not be the worst of the worst compared to what we'll see later on, but three years later, and this episode still makes me sleepy. Trophy: "This bland mess is what we're starting off with?" you might say, and to an extent I can understand the surprise this may cause. However there's partially three big things with this episode that make it an utter catastrophe to sit through. The first is that within just the introduction, Sandy is painted out to be a socially inept jackass on the bus. They amp up Sandy's scientific side considerably in post movie, and continuing so in post sequel by having her just be an utter cunt to others when she shouldn't be that tone-deaf or have a good excuse for being so, such as her desperation in Pre-Hibernation Week, is obnoxious and already sets the tone with her being an unforgiving bitch to the point of purposefully messing with her close friends. The second thing is that for the middle it's a drag. The only notable joke is the "Eureka!" miner, while the rest are just SB and Patrick getting pissy at each other which has been done far better in numerous other episodes that don't need to resort to drab things such as counting sand particles, and then there was also the weird gag where Squidward acted extremely OOC over ice cream, feels like a rough draft for the post sequel writers trying to fit him in with the more vibrant style 9b was going for and it just doesn't work for his character IMO, even if it did take some time to build up I can't imagine him ever going feral over just ice cream alone. Those don't compare to the biggest one with the ending and how it utterly bastardizes Patrick. Let's walk through this 1. After Sandy finally realizes she shouldn't literally manipulate people far too late, Patrick realizes that he was a jerk 2. Literally the next line he's told that it's the experiment's fault, and while that's true it still gets used as a copout for him to blame science which defeats the point of the apology 3. Despite calling science "stupid" and not retracting that like he did his apology, he has no qualms with Sandy yet again acting like a jackass to her friends, showing she didn't learn anything either, by capturing Squidward so they can observe him in a scientific experiment WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT JUST CAUSED THE ISSUE They don't learn at all which makes the entire episode completely pointless on top of being uncomfortably OOC and not funny. This episode could've been just a typical bad but this is hands down the single worst ending of the entire show, and nothing comes close to shooting itself in the foot as much as this godforsaken episode has. 49. "Is that what we've really come to? Is one little storm all it takes to turn us all into complete animals?" Pineapple Fever, 70 points 7 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #8 @kev) (-18) RDSP: Pineapple Fever is aimless. End of story. ...ok, that's not enough to describe how it is, so here goes. Basically, this episode revolves around Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward trapped together in a storm. The premise doesn't sound too bad, but the episode's attempts at humor, or rather lack thereof, leave it dead in the water. So many of the attempts at humor here are lame and contrived, and barely anything links together. By the end, they're running around Spongebob's house screaming like animals. What does that have to do with anything? Overall, this episode is so dull and stupid. The joke the episode ends on is dumb as well; Squidward's line at the end is a callback to something earlier in the episode. But would you remember that not knowing this beforehand, considering it's a one-liner that's never brought up again until the ending? While this episode isn't the worst of what Season 6 has to offer, it sure doesn't deliver. Ben: Of course this got on bottom 50. At least it is very low this time. I personally love this episode for honestly a lot of the reasons people hate it. The overly long gags are easily my favorite part of the episode. The part where Patrick is doing the jigsaw puzzle and is just growing old while SpongeBob is like “You’ve got a few years left in you” is just hilarious to me. Maybe there is a bit of irony here, but maybe the jokes aren’t meant to be super intelligent and just kind of stupid. I don’t like everything in this episode however. I wish for a more fun to watch version of when they become feral at the end. Better animation would make this much better for me. Easily one of the more underappreciated s6 episodes.
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    https://deadline.com/2019/06/spongebob-squarepants-cg-animated-prequel-series-kamp-koral-greenlighted-nickelodeon-1202626441/ This is the first of the spin-off series to be announced.
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    2. Forest Drifters OWM wakes up the next morning, feeling completely recharged. He looks out at Spring’s Landing from a window in sbl’s home. The sun shines bright on the village today, as the villagers appear joyful. He heads down to the village, seeing multiple members are out and about. He then meets up with sbl in the village square. “Had a good rest?” Sbl inquired to OWM. “I suppose you could say that, ignoring that I had another strange dreams. Someone in the Winter Kingdom was attacked by the Shadow Walkers, and then I saw another person with an ice sword. They seemed powerful, and could be important to the Shadow Walkers.” OWM explained. Sbl is surprised to hear this, but tries to hide it, as if he knows something further about OWM’s dream of Wintermelon. “Dreams sure are bizarre, huh? Don’t worry about it for now. First, you should stock up on food and new clothes. You gotta really get adjusted to Spring’s Landing’s lifestyle. Let’s head on over to SOF’s Shop, which has the best goods around. I’ll cover your pay, all on me.” Sbl offered to OWM, holding his bag of jewels to pay with. “Thank you.” OWM replied. The two go to SOF’s Shop. They approach the stand, as SOF happily turns around to greet both. “Heyo, sbl. Eh, I see someone’s new in the village?” SOF asked, referring to OWM. “I'm . OWM. Pleased to meet you, Mr. SOF.” OWM replied. “Aye, that be me, mate. What can I get for ye on this fine day?” SOF asked sbl and OWM. “Get this lad the freshest food you have in stock, some new clothes would do, and any other materials you can think of for ‘em.” Sbl said to SOF. “Gotcha!” SOF replied, rummaging around through his stock. SOF grabs the freshest fruits ripely picked from the fields, and holds out fancy medieval clothing to suit OWM. “Thank you for your kind patronage.” Sbl said, handing SOF the payment, and taking the products. “No no, thank you!” SOF replied, happily taking the payment. “Say, have you heard about those shadow creatures turning many to stone?” “Yeah, I encountered them and barely escaped.” OWM replied. “You’re a lucky one. I hear they’re quite a terrifying sight. Just last night, ol’ Wumbo was said to have disappeared completely from the Winter Kingdom…” SOF said, worried about him. “Indeed, those demons are quite the trouble. Not to worry, I am sure the captured ones will be in safe hands eventually. There is always a way.” Sbl reassured. “If you say so. Have a nice day!” SOF replied, waving to them as they walk off. “Thanks for getting me this stuff.” OWM replied, as sbl hands it all to him. “That’s what friends are for, lad!” Sbl replied. As the keep walking, suddenly, someone rudely bumps into OWM, pushing him out of their way. “Watch where you’re going, dork!” G4ry said. “I’m sorry, sir.” OWM replied, confused by G4ry’s rude behavior. “Hey… I haven’t seen you around here before, new guy. He’s with you, sbl?” G4ry asked. “Yes…” sbl replied cautiously. “Hmph. Just know this village is my turf, and your new friend there just crossed the wrong dog.” G4ry warned menacingly to OWM, glaring at him, as several villagers watching the event are scared by G4ry. G4ry then keeps walking onward, as the villagers relax upon his departure. “What was that about?” OWM wondered, as a few villagers approach him. “Oh man, that was G4ry you just went toe to toe with. He’s the one guy in this village that NOBODY messes with. And I believe you just messed with him.” Steel warned. “Surprised he let you walk away in one piece. I heard one day, someone looked at him funny, and the rest was history…” Halibut explained. “Aye, G4ry is a scary one…” Fa said nervously from his own stand. “He is a lone wolf rapscallion that causes trouble in the Spring Kingdom, but not much has been done about him. He is ultimately irrelevant however, do not pay him much mind at all.” Sbl reassured, as SOF approaches OWM after seeing the commotion. “You know, if you can survive the likes of the shadow demons and G4ry, you are already pretty well above fit for the school…” SOF said to OWM, impressed. “The school?” OWM asked curiously. “You can find it over yonder. That place has trained some of the most skilled treasure hunters and bravest warriors across SBC. It’s a great place for self defense, especially in these worrying dark times. I once went there, but ended up realizing I prefer my job a lot more. Maybe going there is your destiny?” SOF suggested, pointing to the Spring’s Landing School over yonder, through a path in the center of the village. “Hmm, I do not know if OWM would like their style very much, but he is free to do what he wants. He could meet a few fancy people there if he chooses so. Up to him, I am not his guardian.” Sbl replied. OWM looks at the Spring’s Landing School nearby, and is curious by it, wanting to know more. “I’ll go there and see how this place is. You told me to see what this kingdom had to offer and to make new friends. I’m not leaving any stones unturned.” OWM said. “Do as you will.” Sbl replied. OWM then later heads to the school in his new medieval clothes, where he sees several students and professional teams gathering outside. OWM sees several signs listing the school’s training for treasure hunting, archery, swordsmanship, and more. All are advertised as “essential assets” to surviving and finding your path in the four kingdoms. This gets OWM much more interested in signing up. Trophy is one of the staff members there, as he approaches OWM. “What is your purpose here?” Trophy asked. “I’m here to sign up, I guess.” OWM replied. “Sounds like you need to meet the headmaster then. Follow me, but not too closely.” Trophy replied, as OWM does so. Trophy escorts OWM into a small, office building, where Headmaster JCM is inside. JCM is doing a headstand on a desk. “Uh…hi.” OWM greeted awkwardly. “Oh, sorry. I’m JCM, the headmaster of the school. Are you a new recruit?” JCM asked, as he gets back into his seat. “I guess so, even though I’m not entirely sure how this works, but you know what they say, you learn something new every day.” OWM replied, making JCM laugh. “Hey, you made me chuckle. That happens very rarely nowadays. You’re in. If you can make me laugh, you have what it takes.” JCM replied, as he gets up to shake OWM’s hand. “…Okay, now what?” OWM asked. JCM doesn’t say a word, but gives a hand signal for OWM to follow. OWM follows JCM outside into the field, as they look around at the groups of students scattered about. JCM looks for the best team that suits OWM. JCM then finds the perfect one in his view, and nods. “They are Team Destiny. Go to them. Something tells me you’d fit in well.” JCM explained, pointing to the group. The team consists of: Mythix, Patty, and Slug. “So wait, I am confused. What are the classes I’ll be taking?” OWM asked, making JCM laugh again. “Classes? That’s not how this place works. You will teach yourselves here. Having a bunch of other people to teach you seems silly and unnecessary in these times.” JCM replied. “This is not what I expected so far…” OWM said. OWM heads over to Team Destiny, as Mythix, Patty and Slug see him. “It appears a new recruit approaches us.” Patty said curiously. “Hi, I’m OWM.” OWM greeted. “Do you have what it takes, “OWM”?” Slug asked skeptically to OWM. “I sure hope so, because I barely know much right now.” OWM replied. “Don’t worry, you learn what to do as you go with your team. It’s almost like magic. I was scared at first too, but you’ll get the hang of it. When you enter a team, you form a really special, magical bond with your team members.” Mythix replied. “Oh yeah, we should probably introduce ourselves out of common courtesy. I am Slug, the team leader, skilled in archery. That’s Patty, she’s really skilled with arts, but not just the paper kind. Lastly, that’s Mythix. That boy really believes in magic, and it sure has gotten him out of pickles before.” Slug explained, holding his bow and arrow. “That’s an understatement.” Mythix replied. “Well, I hope I’m not too much of a stick in the mud. What exactly does this team effort detail?” OWM asked. “Basically, each team works on their own to advance their skills by going on expeditions. Sometimes, we do team competitions to see who can retrieve rare treasures from a location. In fact, today’s task will be a team competition, which is always a fun treat.” Patty explained. “Each team that wins a task will get points, which increases our team rank. Right now we’re at the bronze rank.” Mythix explained. “Okay, I’m starting to really like the sounds of this now. I’ll do what I can to help you guys!” OWM said eagerly. “Attention teams, I have your task for today: There’s said to be a treasure chest hidden deep within the Apple Forest. Whichever team is first to find it will get to keep the treasure, and go up in rank points.” JCM announced to the teams. “Let’s do this, gang!” Slug said, as him, Patty and Mythix hold out their hands, and OWM joins in as well. All of the teams head off into Apple Forests. Team Destiny drifts through the forests, in search of the treasure. OWM tries to keep up with the three’s pace, not used tot their style just yet.t Meanwhile, another team from the school is seen behind, following Team Destiny’s footsteps. It is a trio consisting of Ben, Kaiju and Loopa, known as Team Raiders. “Team Destiny has a new member. How interesting…” Loopa pondered. “Ben, why are we following them? Did you go stupid and forget about that map we made of the forest!?” Kaiju asked, holding it. “They’re one of the best teams, duh. They’ll lead us right to the treasure, and then we take when they least expect it. We have the element of surprise.” Ben explained. “…Touche.” Kaiju replied, surprised. “I’m getting really sick of losing these competitions, so it’s about time we did something drastic!” Loopa replied, as the three sneakily follow Team Destiny’s trail. Team Destiny stops in its tracks, as OWM looks around at the apple trees. “I take it this is where Mr. SOF gets his apples from.” OWM said. “Indeed, this forest provides the Spring Kingdom with the freshest of apples. Patty explained. Slug then fires an arrow with his bow at a tree, leaving it right in the bark. “What was that for?” OWM asked. “A mark so we don’t get lost. Trust me, it’s been helpful many times in the past.” Slug explained. “Makes sense. You guys sure have your survival skills.” OWM replied, impressed. “We all contribute, even if our end result is not successful, and that’s what I love about this team.” Mythix said. OWM thinks about this, wondering how he can contribute to the team. He places his hand against a tree, when he suddenly has another vision. He sees the treasure chest hidden away behind an old well deep in the forests. OWM goes back to where he is, and gasps. “Guys, I might sound crazy, but I know where the treasure is. I have these weird visions that all turn out to be true, and this one showed the chest behind a well.” OWM said, surprising the rest of his teammates. “Are you a wizard?” Mythix asked. “That does sound crazy. Some guy we just met having weird visions, one of which showing the treasure. I cannot believe it…” Slug replied. “Now hold on Slug, he might be onto something. Analyzing this forest is similar to painting a canvas, you have to look for the details deep within. Something such as a well is something easy to miss without seeing the bigger picture.” Patty said, trying to analyze the forest with her artistic eye. Patty stands back a few feet, getting a clearer view of Apple Forest as a whole. “The well is cleverly masked within the forest, but I believe I know a path that may lead us to it.” Patty said, using Slug’s arrow marker and Patty’s own image of the forest to guide the way. “You have quite the eye.” OWM complimented to Patty, as the four go along a trail. As the other teams search the forests far and wide, Team Destiny searches around for the well. Team Raiders still follows them from a distance. “Are we sure they know where they’re going?” Loopa asked. “I hope so!” Ben replied, getting annoyed. Team Destiny makes their way out of the trail, and sees the well up ahead, surprising them. “His vision was true…” Slug said, surprised, and impressed with OWM’s mysterious power. They look around the well to see the treasure chest safely there. “I got it!” Mythix yelled, picking up the chest. “Not so fast, that treasure is ours!” Kaiju said, as Team Raiders jumps out, ambushing them. “Who are they?” OWM asked. “That’s Team Raiders, led by Ben. They are usually our rivals when it comes to these events, and big nuisances." Slug explained, readying his arrow. “Hand the chest over nicely, and there will not be a fight.” Ben said, holding out his own bow and arrow. Both sides look at each other intensely. Before a move can be made, Mythix holds out a bag of magic powder. “Alright, time for me to prove my worth!” Mythix said. He throws the bag, as it releases a rainbow colored smoke, distracting Team Raiders. “Quickly!” Slug yelled, as Team Destiny makes their way out of the forest with the treasure chest. “Curses, foiled again!” Loopa yelled, as the smoke clears. Loopa and Kaiju try to give chase, but Ben stops them. “Let them go. They deserve this win, but next time will be different…” Ben promised. “Wow Mythix, you did good back there. All of us truly did contribute as a team.” OWM said to him along the way. "You deserve the credit, since you led us to the treasure." Mythix said, as the team is proud of him. Team Destiny returns to the schoolyard, as JCM and staff are impressed by their talents. “Team Destiny wins today’s challenge, giving them fifty points! The rest of the teams will get a few points for effort and trying.” JCM explained. “We did it!” Patty said happily, as the four join hands again. “Looks like you’re going to fit in just fine, OWM.” Slug said to him happily. “I had fun, and now with a fourth member, the dynamic will be interesting.” Mythix replied. “Thank you all.” OWM said. The four shake hands with OWM, happy to accept him into their team. OWM is happy to be a part of the team as well, feeling like he truly is finding his place in this world. The day is over, as the four head to their homes. OWM is eager to do more adventures with Team Destiny. … Far off in the Summer Kingdom, Kev is seen walking along the shoreline. Suddenly, he gets jumped by the Shadow Walkers, making him panic. He is quickly turned to stone by them, and then dragged away off into the night.
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    48. "Where did everybody go?!" Gone, 72 points 7 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @WhoBob) (-3) Slug: To this day I still don't know what they were going for with this episode. As far as season 6 episodes go this one actually had potential to be something good, but it's squandered at every opportunity. The thing about this episode is that it feels uneven and clueless, all while not being funny. What this means is that you get a super boring episode. It seemed like they were under the impression that just the premise of SpongeBob being all alone would be enough of a hook to carry the episode, but unfortunately it doesn't. There's one part of this episode that's just SpongeBob imitating people, which eats up time for the main plot with the car. If you have a premise like the one for this episodes, why would they have SpongeBob develop a relationship with an inanimate object again? It feels like a huge waste of potential to me. What really sinks this episode to my bottom 25 is the ending, though. This is certainly one of the worst endings in the show and it puts another boring, unimpressive season 6 episode into a special category of its own. Haha everyone wants to burn down a wicker man of SpongeBob. Why is anyone doing this? Well besides Squidward, for him I can understand, heck even Mrs. Puff. However the idea that everyone hates SpongeBob now feels so forced, and then when they do it to Patrick with "No Patrick Day" it just puts SpongeBob on the same level to me. It's a very lazy ending and another example of the terrible resolutions a lot of these episodes have. In a season with lots of bad eggs Gone sticks out for the sure volume of ideas that don't work. Hippy: Gone is interesting in its reception. Some people think that it is one of the best season 6 episodes bar the ending. But than there are other people who despise this ep enough to put it on their list. I am just going ignore the ending for a bit. While it still is one of the most godawful endings this show has produced, the rest of the episode was shit even before that point. This episode is pretty much split into 4 parts, the intro, the mimicking part, the boat part, and the ending. Firstly, each one of these parts besides the intro is underdeveloped. The intro isn't completely awful. The worst thing is does is that it takes up around 3 and a half minutes minutes of the ep, so the other parts of the ep have no time to play out at all. But, the episode doesn't build up the other 2 parts of the ep very well. The mimicking part is bad because it isn't funny or interesting, and imo brought up with little prompt. It also has very little payoff at the end. Fine, Spongebob doesn't need to have a story to be good. This is proven by episodes like Club Spongebob, which in essence was 11 minutes of random gags. But the thing is, this episode tries to be more serious and less wacky than Club Spongebob, and if they were gonna go that route, it might have been better to flesh out the story. Considering how the boat part randomly ends with no conclusion, I would have rather they spent the 7 minutes on developing the boat part and ditch the mimicking. I didn't really find the mimicking that interesting, and Mimic Madness already did the mimicking angle much better. I don't think much would be lost with cutting these segments, as in the end, they were basically padding on an ep that could have used those extra minutes. And the next part is where the episode becomes even more jumbled up awfulness. I am of course talking about the boat part. The ep tries to portray Spongebob as being insane, but the way the episode presents it doesn't really sell me on him going crazy, at least not enough that I am invested. He goes from having the boat be his best friend to suddenly talking to a krabby patty Patrick? To be fair, the krabby patty Patrick was the only joke I found funny in the episode, but Spongebob going insane feels forced. Look at how in Squid's Day Off, Squidward's insanity builds. He starts off just sort of concerned about the Krusty Krab, but than becomes obsessed with trying to catch Spongebob screwing up. That episode had great build up for the climax. Here, the climax sorta....happens with no prompt. It is assumed that Spongebob has been going insane, but I think in the ep they didn't show it enough. I know at the end Spongebob says the Bikini Bottomites had been gone for weeks, but I wish they showed this transition instead. He just randomly goes against the boat. Anyway, this part of the episode gets 0 closure as we move into the epic ending. I think everyone here knows why the ending is a huge dumpster fire. At this point of the show, aka early season 6, Spongebob wasn't exactly a horrible character yet, so I can't really enjoy it as payback for the stuff he has done in other episodes. And again, this show is in a vacuum so events from other eps don't affect this ep. Spongebob was pretty innocuous here, so seeing his friends do something this brutal is so awful. 'National No Spongebob Day' just isn't a joke that I think can work for this show. While a lot of people find this episode to be pretty good before the ending drops it down a ton, I find the episode to be more of a downhill slope of sorts. It starts off alright, but with each passing part of the ep, it becomes even more disjointed and jumbled up with a really shitty ending to boot. I can understand why some people could like this episode, or at least not despise it like me. It had some good creepy atmosphere at points if you like that type of ep. But the 2 main plots of the episode are confused and jumbled up, I didn't find anything funny enough to balance it out either, so I can't really find anything redeemable of the ep. The concept isn't bad, but the episode didn't even come close to using it to its full potential for me unfortunately. 47. "You know that beard is the best thing that has ever happened to you! Well, other than me of course." Squidward's School for Grown-Ups, 74 points 7 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #9 @Sweat) (-8) Slug: My hatred of this episode mostly stems out of annoyance. I don't know which writer thought a boat screaming section was a good idea, but whoever they are I must say I can't agree to put it lightly lmao. It doesn't end there. There is one joke in this episode, that being a child means you're an annoying turd who yells a lot, and being a grown up means no fun things and being pretentious. If that doesn't make you riot in laughter then there isn't much here for you. When you combine these stale jokes with SpongeBob being brutally obnoxious then you've got an unpleasant experience. By the end the episode expects the viewer to care about SpongeBob and turn on Squidward, and while Squidward is a stuck up snob, SpongeBob was so irritating that I felt no sympathy for him, which makes the opera scene ring hallow. This is one episode where I can say I truly do hate every character because they are all so poorly written, unfunny and annoying in different ways.
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    https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/disney-channel-star-cameron-boyce-dies-20/story?id=64174031 The Disney Channel star from Jessie and The Descendants franchise died in his sleep from a seizure. The seizure came from a ongoing medical condition that he was getting treatment for. A very sad story to wake up to. He was so young and I thought he was a talented guy from the few times I’ve seen him on screen whether it be my couple times watching Jessie and when he played one of Adam Sandler’s kids in the Grown Ups movies. May he Rest In Peace.
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    After over a year of speculation, it's official: We're getting a remaster of Battle for Bikini Bottom: Game is set for a 2020 release. No further information available right now. View full article
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    1. Awakening … A powerful light is shining through a mysterious, magical tunnel. Within seconds, OWM is seen waking up on a lush, spring meadow plain at night. He looks around at his surroundings, confused and unfamiliar with where he is now. He looks out at the plains, feeling something is amiss. “…Hello? Where am I? Anyone here?” OWM yelled out into the plains, frantically walking around, lost. A heavy breeze blows through the air, as he receives no response. He looks out at the starry night sky, and realizes an even bigger question: He has no idea who he even is. “…Who even am I?” OWM wondered. He looks through a lone backpack that was with him when he woke up. He finds nothing of note, outside of a name tag saying “OWM”. “I must be OWM…whatever kind of name that is. Kind of sounds like the name for a maniac.” OWM said, shrugging it off. He then keeps walking around, seeing a river ahead. He drinks some of the water, and then stares at his reflection. “OWM…I guess it fits me. Maybe the name will grow on me.” OWM rambled to himself. OWM then rests against a tree, placing his hand on the bark. As OWM feels the tree bark, he then suddenly has a strange vision. He sees a faint scene faraway from his current location, showing several mysterious, shadow creatures. They have haunting green eyes. OWM is confused and worried by this, but he keeps watching. The shadow creatures are running through an autumn trail after someone. It turns out to be Leedles, who is trying to get away from the creatures. OWM does not recognize Leedles, as he is only further confused. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!” Leedles yelled, trying to get away from the creatures. He then falls to the ground, as the shadow creatures surround him. Leedles looks around terrified. OWM looks at this worried. “I’ll help you!” OWM yelled, but Leedles does not hear him. OWM tries to do something through the vision, but cannot, as he can only watch. One of the shadow creatures walks forward, and reaches out its hand to Leedles. It touches his arm, as Leedles’ eyes turn green, and his entire body turns to stone. An ominous green energy keeps shining on the stone. OWM panics while watching, trying to process what he just saw in this vision. Suddenly, one of the shadow creature senses something. It turns its head right to where OWM is seeing, and is somehow able to see him through the vision, worrying OWM further. “Shh.” the shadow creature spoke softly. OWM then wakes up near the tree, coming back to his senses and right to where he was before. He looks around again, reassured he’s back in a somewhat familiar surrounding, but is worried about what he just saw in his vision. “That poor man…he got turned to stone by those monsters. I need to be careful.” OWM said, as he walks further into the plains. He sees lights in the distance, indicating a settlement up ahead. OWM goes after it, hoping to finally see civilization. As OWM runs across the spring plains, suddenly, the air around begins to feel faint. An ominous wind then blows leaves all over, as a darkness approaches him. OWM stops in his tracks, wondering what’s about to happen. The same shadow creatures he saw in his vision then emerge from the darkness around, surrounding him. They stare at OWM with their green eyes. OWM looks back trying to hide his fear, but stands bravely. Two of the shadow creatures yielding axes charge at OWM, who desperately tries to avoid them so he does not turn into stone. He barely is able to avoid both shadow creatures, but as he runs, OWM falls to the ground. However, he is not ready to give up yet. Before the shadow creatures can do anything further to OWM, a light shines, making them hissing growl. “Back, back away, you heinous beasts!” someone yelled, startling OWM. Suddenly, sbl runs through the plains, carrying a lantern. The flame from inside shines bright, as it irritates the shadow creatures. The light scares off all of the creatures, as they disappear into the shadows, fleeing from the area. Sbl reaches his hand out to OWM to help him get up. “Greetings traveler, I am sbl of the Spring Kingdom. You can trust me. Take my hand.” Sbl said to OWM. OWM does so, as he helps him get up. OWM is impressed that sbl’s lantern scared away all the shadow beasts. “Thank you for the help, sbl. But…what in the hell were those beasts?” OWM asked. “Those demons…they were the Shadow Walkers. Nasty beasts that have been bugging the land of SBC lately. Surprised you went long enough against em without becoming stone.” Sbl replied, impressed by OWM’s skill. “I am too. I had a weird vision of those them turning someone into stone…I don’t know who they were, or even where they were, or how I even saw it happen.” OWM explained to sbl. “Interesting…say, I’ve never seen your face around these parts before. What’s your name, stranger?” Sbl asked. “OWM.” OWM replied. “Odd name. Where do you come from?” Sbl wondered. “The truth is, I don’t know. I don’t even know where I am or how I got here…” OWM replied to him. “That’s pretty spooky. But I think there’s something special about you, and I’m curious to find out what it is. Come with me, I’ll show you to the nearest village, there’s a lot of kind people there. It will be a good place to rest. I’ll even let you stay at my quarters.” Sbl offered to OWM, holding his lantern, and guiding the way north. “I’d like that very much.” OWM replied. “Let us make haste, those demons will be back soon…” sbl said, looking around t o make sure the Shadow Walkers are not around. He holds his lantern close, making his way off. OWM follows sbl through the plains. Sbl takes him to a spring village nearby, with a sign titling identifying the locale as “Spring’s Landing”. It is a small, but lush town filled with several medieval style homes and several points of interest, such as: SOF’s Shop, Fred’s Diner, Tyeam’s Fortunes, and the Spring’s Landing School. OWM sees several SBC villagers walking around going about their normal lives, unfamiliar to him in this world, while sbl escorts him to the residential area of the village. They arrive at the entrance of sbl’s comfy home. “After you.” Sbl said, kindly allowing OWM first. OWM enters sbl’s house, looking around. Inside of the quarters, sbl has several Minecraft-like mining tools. Otherwise, most of the house is empty and small. “Not much here, but the place is all yours for the night!” Sbl said happily. He then sees food he was boiling over a cauldron of boiling water is done. It’s revealed to be pieces of bacon. “Eat up, you’ll need the strength, friend.” sbl said to OWM, offering them to him. OWM takes a few pieces, eating them. “Not bad.” OWM replied. “Aye, this kingdom has some of the freshest food of the seasons.” Sbl said, eating more bacon. “Kingdoms? What do you mean?” OWM inquired curiously. “The land of SBC of which you have arrived in is split into four powerful kingdoms: Spring, Winter, Autumn, and Summer.” Sbl said, showing him a map of SBC. He points to their current location in the Spring Kingdom section, showing them at Spring’s Landing. OWM analyzes the rest of the map, and then notices a gigantic, golden tree in the center of the four kingdoms. “Fascinating. What is that tree at the center of the map?” OWM asked, pointing to it. “Ah, yes. That is the Tree of Light, otherwise known as SBC’s Light. A powerful energy source flows throughout the entire tree, providing life to the realm. The four kingdoms have long sought to control the tree’s power, but none have been successful. It’d be a true tragedy if the Shadow Walkers got to it…” sbl said ominously. “Sounds so.” OWM replied, as he then looks at Sbl curiously. “Is everything okay? Is there something on my fasce?” Sbl asked. “No, it’s just that it feels as if I know you from somewhere, as if…in another dimension or time, we were good friends.” OWM said to sbl. “Cannot say I feel the same, but who knows? The prospect of multiple dimensions beyond this realm has intrigued me…” sbl said curiously. “You said someone here can help me recover my memories?” OWM asked. “Yes, perhaps Madame Tyeam can assess your situation more. She is a soothsayer, after all.” Sbl suggested, pointing to her fortune telling building nearby. OWM and sbl walk out, heading to her building. Nobody is out at this time of night. “Where is everyone?” OWM asked. “It’s late. The villagers don’t want to stay out too long, especially with the Shadow Walkers about.” Sbl explained. As the two make their way to Tyeam’s Fortunes, sbl stops. “Are you coming?” OWM asked. “Alas, no. You’ll have to meet the madame on your own from here, pal. I have some important errands to attend, I’ll be back soon. Feel free to introduce yourself around and then take a nice nap at my quarters.” Sbl explained to OWM. OWM understands, as sbl quickly hurries off somewhere. OWM heads to Tyeam’s Fortunes, letting himself in. A dim candle lights the room. “So you’re here…one known as OWM.” Tyeam said, as she walks into the room, wearing a mystical fortune teller getup. “You knew I was coming?” OWM asked. “Indeed.” Tyeam replied, sipping a cup of herbal tea. “Then you know what I seek.” OWM replied. “Yes. You are not of this world. But I do not know where you hail from, I’m afraid. The stars tell me you were destined to be here to help defeat a negative energy consuming the realm, hence the mysterious powers you yield deep within.” Tyeam explained to OWM “Am I destined to defeat those Shadow Walkers?” OWM asked. “They are only one piece of a puzzle. You have a greater purpose ahead, of which I cannot fully determine yet. But right now, everything that brought you here was a touch of…destiny. The gears are in motion, and you must take your place in this world. That is all I can tell you.” Tyeam explained cryptically. “Thank you for your time, madame.” OWM replied, as he leaves the building. He then goes to sbl’s house and finally rests in the bed after a long night. While sleeping, he suddenly has another vision similar to the one he saw earlier… The Winter Kingdom is shown. Through the blizzard plains, Wumbo is seen traversing through them in tundra gear. Suddenly, the Shadow Walkers surround him, terrifying him. They quickly grab him, turning him to stone, as he is carried off somewhere by them. Up above a mountain, Lord Wintermelon is seen, looking down at the harsh blizzard plains below. He is holding a frozen sword. “They’re coming.” Lord Wintermelon said ominously, as OWM immediately wakes from his dream. “Not another one…and who was that?” OWM said, worried. "Well, hopefully that one was only a weird dream, and nothing more." He looks out the window, hoping the world will be okay. He manages to go back to sleep, hoping for the best. Sbl then returns home and sees OWM sleeping, making him happy. Sbl allows OWM to keep the bed, as he goes off somewhere else once again. OWM is able to sleep blissfully for a period of time. While OWM had no idea for sure what awaited him next in this strange, new world he was in, he was still eager to find out more, and hopefully meet more new friends like sbl along the way.
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    I've never actually been saddened by hearing about the death of a celebrity I've never been too familiar with before but with this instance, it's totally different. Learning that there's another 20-year-old named Cameron out there whose struggling with the same seizure disorder as I am and learning that he died from one of his (and more notably, IN HIS SLEEP) made me really concerned. It really makes me think that the next seizure I have is going to kill me for real. Sure, I've had feelings like this after every seizure I had so far but after hearing about this, I feel concerned about my life more than ever. To anyone out there who has this problem, I really recommend taking the proper medication for it regularly and do anything you can to prevent them from happening. I also hope that more people out there can take note of this issue recognize anyone out there like me and Cameron Boyce who struggle or have struggled with epilepsy all their life. With all that being said: Rest in peace, Cameron. I'll say hello if I do make it up to Heaven with you one day.
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    let's go 10. "Neptune said this was all because of me!" The Clash of Triton, 333 points 24 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank 3 #3's @SICKO MORE @Loopers @AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) (-3) Klu: Clash of Triton is one little miserable special. Season 6 in general has not the best track-record in terms of specials and this episode, unfortunately, is no exception. Dull comedy, awful visuals, terrible plot, this is the recipe for disaster. Probably the biggest problem of this episode that it’s too ambitious for it’s own good. It’s not even season 5 anymore, it’s season 6, where all good ideas and potential come to die. This episode tries to expand on show’s lore and tackle more serious issues like generational problems of father and son, but since this is: a) SpongeBob b) Season 6 c) Special in season 6 This idea flopped. I remember reading interview where writers were saying that they were inspired by Greek tragedies. Only tragedy here is this episode’s existence. I don’t mind when show tries out new things or when it’s ambitious (hell, I love post-sequel for that), but this episode forgot that SpongeBob just isn’t the right show to tackle such issues. But even if we give this idea a fair shot, because what the heck, it has other problems like characterization of Neptune. He is really unlikable and hypocritical, you can’t connect to him or root for him. You are more sympathetic towards Triton, who is MAIN ANTAGONIST of the episode. And even if this sounds like “grey”, more nuanced conflict, resolution of the conflict between Neptune and Triton is just laughable. Instead of Neptune realizing his mistake, he congratulates his son for his evil deeds and destruction. I know that this is supposed to be a joke, but episode tries to take itself more or less seriously before, so why all of the sudden it doesn’t take itself seriously NOW? It’s like if “Have you seen this snail” was all normal until the very ending where SpongeBob neglected Gary again, rendering entire episode pointless with no character progression, just for the sake of dumb joke. The scariest thing that I imagine that if “Have you seen this snail” came out in season 6 it would’ve ended just like I described. And of course SpongeBob and Patrick are chased by Bikini-bottomites because of course we also need badly written townspeople in the episode as cherry on the top. I can’t blame Nickelodeon for advertising this episode as an epic adventure, because in retrospect, that’s what this episode SHOULD’VE BEEN IN THE FIRST PLACE. Epic adventure in style of “Dunces and Dragons”. Instead it tries to be “Greek tragedy” resulting in badly written slog that is hard to get through. This episode has few decent jokes, like this puzzle opening the cage and Patrick being only one able to solve it, but this isn’t enough to save this trainwreck. G4ry: If I’m going to be honest, my distaste of this episode largely stems from my expectations as a child. It may be me misremembering, but I remember this episode getting lots of promotion on Nickelodeon, moreso than any other special I remember. It was lauded as this fantastic battle in all the promos, but jack shit happened in the actual episode. My friends and I were hyped for what felt like weeks leading up to the episode. And it just fell flat. The worst part of the episode in my eyes is Triton himself. He’s just a grade A douche. He’s not compelling enough or relatable enough to be a good villain. In my eyes, he’s the worst one-off character in the show’s history. Worse than Big Sister Sam, Puffy Fluffy, Stanley, etc. Seeing him destroy Bikini Bottom with no repercussions annoys me to no end. And I know its not really a fault of the episode, but Triton’s voice annoys me. I truly do believe had the episode been less hyped up, I wouldn’t hate it this much. But it was; And I do. 9. "We'll find a way out and then we'll have the best eleventy-seventh anniversary ever. All we have to do is stick together." Truth or Square, 401 points 20 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank 4 #1's @RDSP @Captain TJ @The Helpful Mexican @hippythehippo) (+8) Slug: Truth or Square, where to begin? For most of the infamous episodes, there is one thing that defines them. In A Pal for Gary it was Gary’s treatment by SpongeBob, in One Coarse Meal it was Plankton’s suicide attempt, in Squid Baby it’s basically the premise, but with Truth or Square, the episode is so full of badness from so many angles that it’s difficult to decipher. The episode just keeps throwing terrible moment after terrible moment at you at such a rapid pace that it’s difficult to keep up with it. However I will try my best to thoroughly tackle every single failure in this absolutely pathetic excuse of an anniversary special. So the episode begins with a Patchy sequence. I like Patchy, well I sometimes like Patchy. In a lot of episodes where the story needs more than 11 minutes but might not be able to fill 22, Patchy could help add something to the episode. The writers seemed to realize this and decided instead of making an actually interesting storyline that would warrant being labeled a TV movie, they could just fill it up with as much Patchy as possible to stretch out the episode to grueling lengths. Even in episodes where Patchy is fun, it’s always very short, and that’s how it should be. Patchy segments were always meant to be small extras on top of an episode, but when you make them an actual substantial part of an episode, that charm goes away. It just reeks of cheapness since they take up a substantial part of the episode. With so much Patchy it feels less like a fun extra and more like I’m watching a lazy kids sitcom tacked onto a SpongeBob episode. I’ve actually seen people who don’t hate Truth or Square entirely, but hate the Patchy segments, and some people say they prefer to judge the SpongeBob parts separately. Even without Patchy, the SpongeBob segments are still extremely flawed, but even if you think the SpongeBob portions are fine, the simple fact of the matter is that without Patchy, this isn’t a TV movie. If your supposed TV movie needs Patchy in order to be a TV movie, I’m going to judge Patchy along with the rest of the episode. To say that you just need to ignore Patchy to like Truth or Square is the equivalent of saying you need to skip all of The Phantom Menace except the Darth Maul lightsaber fight to enjoy it. If an episode is going to waste so much of my time with extraneous Patchy scenes, I’m going to critique them as if they are a part of the episode, because, you know, they are a part of the episode. Anyways, within the very first scene we can see just how awful these Patchy scenes are going to be firsthand. Most notably, we can see just how lazy they are. Now I know exactly how some of you are going to respond. Some will say that the entire point of Patchy was to resemble a cheap kids’ show. But here’s the thing, they were intentionally lazy, and actually crafted jokes around their laziness. Take for example how in Christmas Who, Patchy just cuts off Potty’s strings, and in Ugh when he’s riding a dinosaur, he just falls over and needs a crew to help pick him back up, with an intermission that follows. They knew that they were making a parody of cheap kids’ shows, and that’s the key word here, parody. They actually made jokes out of this, there’s a difference between making fun of how cheap something is, and just being cheap, which is clearly the case with Truth or Square. Bad camerawork is not a joke, and when you have to watch so much of this, it becomes extremely grating and impossible to enjoy in any capacity. Now Patchy segments tend to have very little of a story, often just revolving around a silly argument between Patchy and Potty, since Truth or Square’s segments are longer, they had to mix It up, which they did… in the worst possible way imaginable. The way they tried to tie this into the SpongeBob segments was to have Patchy trying to create an anniversary special for SpongeBob. Not exactly a bad synopsis, fits in pretty well with what they were going for in the SpongeBob portions of the episode. However, after having some really unfunny banter with some person at Nick, which feels like unscripted small talk, pretty much half of these segments is just celebrity cameos. What point do these cameos have? Nothing. Are there any jokes in them? Not really, the very few they do try are horrendously executed. Hey, Patchy’s breath smells, hilarious! So we’re left with a significant portion of this episode just having Patchy interact with celebrities, no jokes and no reason to be there. Nickelodeon or someone in the creative staff decided that in order to really qualify as a celebration they needed to shoehorn in as many famous people as possible to get some kid to say “Hey, I recognize LeBron James!” and hope that somehow makes up for the lack of any comedy. That is if you can recognize such iconic beacons of entertainment such as the Triumph Insult Dog, if you can’t, you really are the fool here. They truly waste so much time on this only for Patchy to give up on his special. They could’ve had Patchy come to this realization in different ways. Maybe lower it to like 3 recognizable celebrities or have them appear in a terrible anniversary special so that way the interviews actually mattered in the end and it didn’t feel like a complete waste of time. After these interviews the episode takes an odd direction. We get a music number by Pink, and it’s quite bad. Like a lot of the songs around this period of the show, it doesn’t stick out at all and is full of generic and repetitive lyrics, it also doesn’t need to be here and isn’t important to the story at all, they’re even self-aware of it in the episode. They’re just like screw it, if Patchy isn’t doing this special, then we’re going to do something! Where is Patchy at? Well he’s taken a grand journey to meet SpongeBob, only to get eaten by a whale. I really hate this whale section. It might seem odd because the material here isn’t that bad in a vacuum. If you just saw they old-styled cartoon with SpongeBob on YouTube, you’d probably enjoy it. However, why is it here? It just feels so shoe-horned in. It’s as if you’re watching Dunces and Dragons, and then there’s this random intermission where Patchy shows up and says “Hey kids, what if SpongeBob was an anime?” and they showed a random scene of SpongeBob in anime style that has no impact on anything. Like ok, great, you’re able to draw SpongeBob as an old-style cartoon, but why? It really shows this episode has so little substance they had to stuff in what amounts to DVD extras to pad its length. There is also this alternate intros portion which is an interesting idea but isn’t actually that funny, it’s done better in Unreal Estate where the intros actually have a joke with a punchline and tie into the story. Hey look, it’s the SpongeBob intro, except it’s Patrick! I did like the part where Squid’s pants get removed, but that’s the one clever subversion here, they rest is just watching the SpongeBob intro with different characters. Not enough to make up for the lack of meaning. When Patchy nears his end, the only thing that I can appreciate at all is “Hallucination SpongeBob” having his own wiki page, this whole thing just completely worthless dreck made so that the episode could be as long as possible to rack up more ad-space and make people think they’re going to be watching a TV movie. Sorry but I can never accept anyone thinking these aren’t the worst Patchy segments, what is there to defend here? How can anyone actually tell me Friend or Foe, Atlantis or Feral Friends are worse than this? By comparison, Truth or Square’s segments are far longer, much more poorly made, and don’t even attempt any funny antics. At least Atlantis had the Encino bit, at least Friend or Foe’s segments were short and actually had banter between Patchy and Potty rather than celebrities and random people who bounce off him terribly, and at least Feral Patchy is barely in the episode at all. For me Truth or Square’s Patchy segments are downright insulting. They don’t need to exist at all, it’s completely jumbled, and when it isn’t jumbled it’s boring with countless scenes of Patchy just… talking to celebrities, with next to no actual humor at all. They really could’ve just had focused on Patchy crafting his anniversary special, having Patchy search for SpongeBob or Patchy showing random things like the alternate intros. For the anniversary special, they really just slapped together the cheapest and half-assed script, if they had one at all, and hoped people would still accept it. For a show as treasured as SpongeBob, I find this downright disgraceful. This is hands down the worst thing the show has ever done, no contest. Nothing has had as little thought or effort as much as this. Even in episodes like Choir Boys, I’m sure there was still some sort of creative process, even if it was poorly done, but this feels cynical to the core with no heart or soul to be seen. Things don’t get much better when we get to the meat of the special. Despite being in HD, the episode still feels remarkably bland. It’s probably the best animated season 6 episode, but season 6 was hideous as sin, and considering this was their first foray into HD for the show, I’d say it’s quite the spectacular failure. They really do nothing to take advantage of the widescreen. It’s like any other season 6 episode if you gave it a new code of paint. The animation is still stiff, the character designs are often ugly and really they do nothing impressive for the entire runtime. It all takes place in the Krusty Krab and occasionally some other often seen Bikini Bottom setpiece in flashbacks. Season 6 animation doesn’t suddenly become appealing when you up the number of pixels. I didn’t know this episode was HD when I first saw it, I had to look it up myself, and when reviewing this again I can see why. The actual story though? It’s, of course, horrible, and very scarce in actual substance. It makes SpongeBob, You’re Fired look like an endearing adventure. It should go without saying that there’s no good jokes to make up for that. I have to admit I don’t despise “A Day like This” but it’s about the only thing I can get a modicum of enjoyment out of. We now have to admire the comedic genius this episode has to offer. SpongeBob jumping on people’s heads to get to work. Complete comedy gold. There’s so many scenes in this episode where I’m just confused on how I’m supposed to find them funny. Is SpongeBob jumping on people’s heads supposed to be the laugh riot they cooked up for a 10 year anniversary special? Speaking of bad jokes there is this odd scene in the beginning where SpongeBob gets his first Krabby Patty as a baby. It’s just this awkward scene that is weird and unfunny. If you wanted to see baby SpongeBob eat Krabby Patties in the womb then I guess Truth or Square has you covered? The episode doesn’t get much better once the Krusty crew assembles, and the very beginning of when they enter the Krusty Krab has such a confusing moment, pardon me but I really need to dissect this. Mr. Krabs suspects that given the special day, Plankton must be cooking up a special plan, and shows via hologram a secret network of tunnels. Now, as will be discussed later, the majority of this episode is made up of characters crawling through vents. So why does this scene exist at all? These tunnels never amount to anything in the episode. I genuinely think they might’ve made some kind of error here and got vents confused with tunnels. This scene would work as foreshadowing for when they get stuck in the vents later on, but as is we never see these tunnels, and the tunnels are never brought up again in the story. Considering how this scene has nothing to do with anything else in the episode, I think they made a mistake in the writing process and forgot where the characters actually end up later on. Moving on from that, more about the humor in this episode. They’ve really got two forms of jokes in this episode, flashbacks and montages, those are what make up the bulk of what I suppose are supposed to be humorous in this episode. We see a montage of SpongeBob decorating the Krusty Krab and we’ve got a montage of Krabs owning Plankotn with facts and logic sporting equipment. These montages I think are supposed to be humorous but they aren’t funny. All the changes SpongeBob makes to the Krusty Krab are pretty typical and have been made before. Compare that to a joke in Krusty Towers where the ways Squidward paints Patrick’s room get really silly, but here there’s barely a punchline at all, SpongeBob is just decorating the Krusty Krab and some of the designs are just different locations. There is really zero punchline here. The montage with Krabs is even worse. It’s the same joke repeated over and over again. It isn’t mixed up at all, showing the same gag over and over again isn’t what I’d call a great use of time. What makes it worse is that it’s the same awful slapstick as the rest of the episode. SpongeBob can do some great slapstick, look at seasons 1-4 and post-sequel, but it only works there because the animation has energy, without it. There is zero punch to these scenes, it’s all extremely stiff, what this means is that you’ve got very poorly done visual humor that fails to inspire a single laugh. This is the same for the rest of the visual humor seen in the episode. Patrick becomes the Krusty Krab guard beats up Squidward, yet instead of having stretchy animation it’s just the typical awful season 6 animation we’re all used to (And you bet there’s more dumb Patrick humor, lol Patrick breaks the walkie talkies cuz he’s dumb XD). This episode also has a lot of flashbacks, there’s a lot more of them in the vents but I want to talk about the flashback where Squidward sleeps. Now this episode is supposed to be a parody of clipshows, but how do they parody it at all? What we have here is material that’s just as boring as what we’d get in a clipshow, and it isn’t even clips from previous episodes. The joke here is supposed to be that Squidward has consistently slept on the job, but it’s so poorly delivered in a clipshow format like this. It’s a long, drawn-out punchline that would be much better off with a snappy execution. Now maybe it’d be funnier if Squidward was sleeping in odd places, like what if Squidward was sleeping when the Krusty Krab was on fire? However as is, it’s just scenes of Squidward sleeping like all the other scenes of the show we’ve seen were Squidward sleeps at work, no humor at all. Believe it or not, Plankton is also in this episode. You would be forgiven for not knowing that, because I think even the writers forgot halfway through. Plankton has zero purpose in this episode. It’s almost a parody of how these post-movie seasons kept shoe-horning Plankton in. For his grand plan on the anniversary, Plankton just walks in. He does absolutely nothing the entire episode otherwise, he makes a cameo in the vents for an unfunny joke revolving around the secret formula, and then he fails to get the formula. There’s zero reason for him to be here. I understand they probably wanted Plankton in for this, but at least give him a role. Give him an actual plan and have him actually impact the story. This just feels super lame. This is the exact same problem that Atlantis had where Plankton was put in for no reason besides the fact that it’s a post-movie SpongeBob episode so it’s somehow got to be about Plankton trying to get that secret formula. After a series of unfortunate events, the Krusty crew gets themselves stuck in the freezer, and have to roam through the vents figure out a way to get out. This is the bulk of the episode. That’s right, the best idea they had for the anniversary special was for characters to squabble around in vents. It’s like the writers saw into the future and witnessed The Main Drain, then figured that it was a model episode to be inspired by, and tried their best to replicate the dull boringness of that episode for Truth or Square. Now an episode doesn’t have to be a huge event, it’s SpongeBob after all, but if you’re going to use up so much of my time, then I expect something better than this! The characters just go around in vents, they do nothing, and they randomly solve the conflict when the plot demands the conflict needs to be solved. They just randomly bust out, it’s no realization they discovered, they didn’t have to learn anything, they just break out when they need to. I just cannot fathom how this was the idea that they thought warranted TV movie status. Big One wasn’t a good episode, but it could’ve really used an extra 20 minutes to feel more epic and fleshed out. Clash of Triton is a shitty ass episode but there’s the possibility that more time could’ve greatly improved it, but of all these specials Truth or Square was the one that warranted this? It’s easily the one least deserving of its runtime. Characters crawling through vents is the big celebration for SpongeBob being 10 years on the air we deserved? That’s just… lame. The only thing that happens at all in these vents are flashbacks. These flashbacks provide us with much epic material. What if SpongeBob and Sandy had a fake wedding? Hey, did you know Squidward hates SpongeBob? Let’s look at how great his life was without SpongeBob! We get an epic MCU origin story for SpongeBob’s pineapple too! Want to see a commercial for the Krusty Krab styled in an old timey way? Do you know that Mr. Krabs is going full George W. Bush and spy on everyone in Bikini Bottom? All of this definitely makes up for there being nothing else to this episode, right? These flashbacks have the same problem as the whale scene, except worse. They are all just random scenes that aren’t funny and don’t actually relate to the plot. It’s just really apparent how messy this episode is. There is nothing here for me to enjoy at all. The laughs I can’t even say are bad, because I didn’t laugh at all, and there’s no good story to back it up. Just shoe-horning random crap in doesn’t make up for any of this. It’s not a revelation if it doesn’t reveal anything, and none of them are funny either. Not that I expected them to reveal anything, because of course they don’t. If you are a fan of genius tunes such as “The Rodeo Song” and “The Road Song”. Oh Krusty Krab is another great addition. I mean it’s shorter than those and not as bad but it’s still another lame song. So what did Nickelodeon give us for sticking with the show for 10 years? A ton of horrible Patchy scenes, a long tedious sequence where characters talk in vents and flashbacks that don’t land at all. This is the worst episode of the series for the sheer volume of things wrong with it. No other episode insults me as much as this one, no other episode wastes this much of my time with complete boring and poorly made dreck. I can’t stand this episode, it has absolutely nothing to offer, there’s no laughs, no originality, and it’s not even an interesting kind of bad episode. There are some bad episodes where I can say, hey, they tried something. Sure it was awful, but they had an idea and committed to it. Truth or Square has no ideas. I don’t even know what they were attempting to do here. It’s a vapid, cheap and boring excuse for a TV movie that wastes as much time as possible without having any entertainment value.
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    46. "If you work real hard, you may be an artist too someday!" The Googly Artiste, 74 points 9 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #5 @President Squidward) (+6) Prez: This whole episode... christ... it's very irritating from the start, and decides to stay that way, while having a very minimal plot throughout. Squidward, an actual artist with a pretty cool sculpture about one's struggling self, is shot down by an "art critic" (who's very shit as his job), acting disgusted towards it in the process, which is very confusing, as I don't see how it's horrendous besides maybe some stupid unfunny joke about how Squidward looks as a character?? I don't fucking know... SpongeBob's little scallop house is cute too, but of course the AMAZING CRITIC WHO KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING ("who's the critic here?!"... what an ass, wish Squidward actually did go crazy for once and kick his ass for once...) shoots down his work too, calling it lame. And since this show loves to focus on stupidity later on, the stupid ass critic praises Patrick's amazing garbage work (which was just stolen from SpongeBob as it's such a simple craft idea, he just made it look messy as hell so maybe it's like some garbage avant-garde shit to this "critic"), so the whole episode is Bikini Bottomites and Patrick being stupid, shitty pricks. There's not really any humor besides stupidity (that fish having a weird craving for art is like the only thing qualified "funny" in a "what the fuck" manner.), and since there's not really a plot going on besides Patrick being famous for this work, they decide to give him an art block and just make him go to the Krusty Krab to get food and artistic advice, and while I'm being bored out of my mind for 3 minutes, they make the story worse by having Patrick being the snobbish prick he is, work with Squidward on advice, which unfortunately stupidity misunderstands Squid's sarcastic jab to "concentrate on his patty", as in EATING HIS DAMN PATTY, which the """"'''ART CRITIC"""""""" jizz over via funny wacky ketchup bottle. Then, Mr. Krabs comes in, bringing the worst of his character into play, with seeing stupid customers buying Patrick's garbage googly patty, gets mad because OH NO SOMEONE ELSE IS GETTING MONEY THAT ISN'T ME WHEN I OWN A LOT TO BEGIN WITH!!!! TIME TO BE HEARTLESS!!!!!! XD He grabs SpongeBob and Patrick in here, but sadly Squid comes in the shot to laugh at Patrick for getting into trouble, and then to add more insult to injury when I'm already fucking dying, Patrick makes Squidward's jab turn into "ADVICE", having Squidward getting punished to make googly eyes for the shit patty art while Krabs ranks in the dough, with Patrick shooting down Squidward saying "he can one day become a great artist... actually NOT REALLY, YOU FORGOT THE GLITTER", ending the episode with Squidward crying. So, this episode is in my top 5 worst for the jerkiness of most of the characters in this episode, while Squidward really gets hit with awfulness just because he boasted in the beginning of being a great artist (because honestly, he is great at art, and like, he's egotistical, and while that isn't a good trait to have irl really, you shouldn't just keep kicking his ass throughout this episode just for boasting to two ooc morons in here, WE GET IT.). So fuck Patrick, fuck Mr. Krabs, and fuck the art critic. FUCK this episode. One of the most painful, boring and annoying episodes of not only Post-Movie or Season 8, but the whole series. I'm surprised Richard Pursel didn't write this ep tbh. 45. "Looks like your best friend isn't a friend at all!" You Don't Know Sponge, 75 points 10 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #8 @OWM) (NEW) OWM: Since I ranked this the highest out of everyone I felt obligated to do this commentary myself. The pacing and plot structure of this episode are some of the worst this series has had to offer. The first five minutes are a complete waste. They don't really advance the narrative in a cool or interesting way and only seem to be here to establish some vaguely interesting facts about SpongeBob and Patrick. The same questions even get asked twice! Aside from some uninteresting visual gags the first half of this episode has got to be one of the worst in any I've seen. They even have the audacity to pad this segment out with bad cutaway gags and "After you, my good man." The second half then kicks in, which is mainly just SpongeBob crying and being stuck with the delusion that Patrick is no longer his friend. He doesn't seem to realize at all that Patrick is uh, dumb, and forgets things like dumb people do. There's even a scene with Sandy where she acknowledges how annoying and pointless this whole thing is during her scene. Afterwards both of these very, very bad halves are tied together by an ending that resolves basically nothing. They come together, hug it out, and then immediately regress as they repeat the same joke from the first half. Overall this episode just feels like a total waste. It all gets padded out with the most soulless, aimless minutes in series history while being tied together by a plot based on the dumbest of misunderstandings. You Don't Know Sponge isn't offensive or annoying but it's more infuriating at just how poorly constructed this is. Melon: This episode is just..... so......... nothing. It’s just so boring and unmemorable. And I don’t usually say this about episodes. Usually episodes considered boring or lame are actually enjoyable to me. But this episode is one of the times where I have to agree that its really boring. In fact, it’s so boring and forgettable that when I was asked if I wanted to do commentary for the episode, I had to look through spongebob captures and the transcript just to remember it. Besides it being boring, the other noteworthy thing that drags this onto my worst list is how stupid the conflict is. Patrick not knowing simple facts about Spongebob feels really ridiculous, and the whole thing about Patrick not knowing Spongebob or being his friend also seems kinda stupid. Because of this, the episode just ends up being really slow and boring with a stupid conflict. This episode wasn’t very far on my list (only #25), but it still made it for these two things.
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    44. "Well it doesn't matter anyway 'cause you're gonna eat my dust." The Fry Cook Games, 96 points 9 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #5 @Wumbo) (0) The Fry Cook Games is yet another case of a pre-movie episode not landing on the list until pretty recently. It was safely in the honorable mentions in 2016, managed to successfully deep fry pole vault into the top 50 in 2018, and here for the 20 year edition of the list, it... kept the exact same position as before. Episodes near the bottom of the list that have not changed at all is so interesting because a lot of the time, they obviously gained more support and lists as more people submitted, but then the power of everyone else counteracts it so it's just stuck in the exact same spot. It's good that it stayed on, though, as this is an endlessly entertaining episode, and a creative one at that. I think it's especially adorable that outside forces tried to tear these two apart and make them loathe each other, but at the end of the day, the power of their friendship overcomes whatever societal pressures and outside voices expect from them. Wait, is this an allegory for something? 43. "I never thought being a parent could be this much fun." Rock-a-Bye Bivalve, 99 points 9 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #2 @Hayden) (NEW) For the entire course of this list, Rock-a-Bye Bivalve has been hovering and hopping in and out of the best list. In 2013, it wasn't on at all. Then, it made Honorable Mentions. Then, it made it on the list! Then, it hopped out completely, and now here we are. This episode's reputation is as unstable as its role on the list, with it being perhaps one of the most controversial episodes in the show's history. Remember that this episode aired first in the early 00's, which was not, in any way shape or form, a good time for gay people. Therefore, just about ANY hint at supposed "homosexuality" was ridiculed by conservative idiots, and considering SpongeBob already built a reputation for POSSIBLY BEING GAY OH NO this episode did it no service. Along with that, the fact that it was such an obvious piss take at gender roles in the typical nuclear American household probably didn't help out its case. Of course, long after that, I think a lot of people can agree that it's a great episode. It's smart, hilarious, and above all else, super heartwarming by the time SpongeBob and Patrick join forces once more to save Junior. Then there's that last line, you know what it is.
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    48. "Help me get the secret formula and you can have as much root beer as you can drink!" Plankton's Army, 89 points 7 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #1 @WhoBob) (-15) This episode has had a neat history on SBC's Top 50. It's been on the list since 2015 after WhoBob, whose favorite episode was this one since at least then, came on and became an active submitter. Even though his opinion on the episode has kept it on for the past few iterations of the list, it started off near the bottom such as here, jump up into the 30s for a couple of lists, and then fell back down. I don't what explained the sudden rise, but the sudden fall this time around may simply because not many people besides older submitters strongly like this episode, and considering the insane number of points required to make it on this year, it's not too surprising that some episode get the short end of the stick. It certainly makes me sad, though, as I absolutely adore this episode and put it on my own top 25. It's absolutely hilarious as well as an interesting character study of Plankton's. 47. "Sir, I'll give you a million dollars for that hat!" One Krabs Trash, 94 points 8 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #3 @PEPSI✭MAN) (NEW) You know, maybe my hypothesis was wrong, because as of right now, entirely new pre-movie episodes beat out fallen pre-movie episodes 2-1 on the list. I have no idea what this entails yet, but back to One Krabs Trash, this episode has not been on the list since 2013. I'm not quite sure what got it onto the list at last, but I'm certainly not complaining. I don't love this episode to death, but I do like it a lot. It's a really strange, yet funny episode, and obviously a perfect watch around October when your shopping lists at home start to escape the countertops and sides of fridges that they have been chained to for the rest of the year.
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    50. "Mr. Krabs, it's not tainted meat, it's painted meat!" Patty Hype, 88 points 6 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #5 @EmployeeAMillion) (NEW) Off the bat, we're starting with an episode that, surprisingly, has not made a single best list ever! This surprises me for more than just the fact that I am a big fan of the episode, it just surprises me because you'd think that by 2019, every single pre-movie episode that has any kind of love has made its round on the best list, but no. Either way, I'm glad it made it on this time. It did not make my list, but I have very fond memories of it, and it's just a hilarious episode that has gives you a lot of sweetness near the end. 49. "Success! Soon, all the Bikini Bottomites will be jerks!" It's a SpongeBob Christmas!, 89 points 6 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #1 @Aquatic Konquest) (NEW) Another new episode right away on this list! This time, it has been on the list before, but this was back in 2013. Even then, I am kind of surprised it never made it on the list again until 2019. Generally speaking, the SpongeBob community (or the SpongeBob Community if you prefer) is a sucker for specials if they are done right, and I think this one can reasonably considered that. This is a beautiful episode that takes that claymation nostalgia to a whole other level and just makes the episode pleasing to look at. Sure, some may consider the storyline "tacky" or whatever, but is that not the point? It's just a warm, enjoyable episode, and a great one to watch around Christmastime (assuming the other Christmas special isn't playing on TV.)
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    20. "Reading somebody else's diary—that's terrible! Tell me more!" Little Yellow Book, 194 points 13 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #2 @Charles Manson) (+8) OWM: This is definitely one of the "big 3" of almost universally-hated episodes from this season, along with two other episodes that shall be unnamed for now. I actually found this one to have some pretty funny moments smattered throughout.The first scene where Squidward reads SpongeBob’s diary is great. SpongeBob narrating over a series of legitimately funny scenes of Squidward yelling at him and working at the Krusty Krab are really great. The “bubble break” is also a pretty lame but funny joke. But unfortunately this isn't enough to offset how bad this episode really is. After the long cooking scene and overall boring first third, the second third is basically entirely devoted to making SpongeBob do random things for comedy’s sake. Him doing things like clucking like a chicken and dancing naked are not exactly something you’d write in your diary to begin with which makes these scenes all the more ham-fisted. Eventually SpongeBob runs away crying and now all of a sudden Squidward is the bad guy. After laughing and cheering him on and acknowledging that he was indeed reading a diary for several minutes, the Bottomites are now suddenly on the moral high ground and abandon him. The last third of the episode is Squidward’s life becoming miserable as the entire town shits on him back-to-back, and later he finds SpongeBob and pretends to apologize only to backstab him again as the entire town goes back to shitting on him. Although he deserves some comeuppance for this I can’t help but find this incredibly hollow. Squidward learns nothing from his actions and continues to be really flat, which isn’t at all satisfying or really even worth watching. So yeah, although this just missed my list I can perfectly understand the hate for this episode. Nothing here makes any sense and it's all strung together by a pretty dumb plot. 19. "I might as well go to bed for a hundred years or so. Wake me when I'm dead..." Are You Happy Now?, 200 points 14 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @jjsthekid) (+13) jjs: Yes, after much deliberation the past year, this is my new number one. I'm surprised too after my many constant changing number ones. I'll break this one down simply: SpongeBob should have never done commentary on something such as depression. This is SpongeBob, this show at this point does not have the brains nor wit to tackle something like this in a heartfelt manner. I wouldn't say it's offensive, but it's tasteless, unfunny, horrifically broken on every layer, meandering pacing, a dull slog, and a downright obnoxious episode at points with zero redeeming qualities for me. What an awful idea for an episode. Squidward not having a happiest memory should have never been a premise for an episode, because it's evident it was only going to be used to shit on Squidward for 11 minutes. The show has managed to break continuity and still make a good premise out of it before, but this did not. Every "joke" (and that's being generous) in this episode completely fell flat on its face, like, this is one of the few S8 episodes where it tried to have jokes be a crux, and I hated every single one of them. Okay, I'll say it: The suicide jokes....don't annoy me that much surprisingly. I think they are incredibly stupid, pointless, and unfunny (and possibly a reference to Squidward's Suicide???), but they are actually the least of my problems with this episode. No, my biggest problems with this episode are: the "humor", tone, and SPONGEBOB. The tone in this episode is so confused...are we supposed to feel bad for Squidward? Are we supposed to laugh at him? SpongeBob's whacky antics do not bounce off of Squidward's depression in any clever way for us to gauge a clear tone in this episode. An episode that is tonally confused like this is an awful one in my book. On that note, I cannot STAND SpongeBob himself in this episode. This might not be his worst appearance character wise, but every single thing he does to "help" Squidward is irritating, brings the episode's pacing to a grinding halt, and is shocker, not funny. It drives me nuts, especially as it culminates into that weird as hell ending...what even was that? I'm glad we solved Squidward's depression by having him pretend he's killing a bunch of fake SpongeBobs...yay??? Unfortunately, I don't have the energy or time to write a massive, long rant like others by this point, but yes, I truly despise this episode. It's clunky, badly written, frustrating, and fundamentally broken on every single level. I can get why people don't hate this one as much, because I admit my strong dislike for it mostly from personal reasons. But even when putting those aside, every other issue is prevalent and glaring enough that this one was just going to keep climbing up my list. It may not be as objectively bad as other things coming up soon, but on a personal level I despise this one. This episode may be 7 years old now (!), but I'm fascinated that this somehow was given a thumbs up to go in production. I don't think this one is being dethroned from this spot on my list anytime soon honestly, unless the show tries to tackle another serious subject matter like this in the future, which I'd hope not. To once again answer the question the title poses: No, I really am not. Slug: I really don't know why this one is made. There are some episodes that feel like in an alternate dimension they could've been well done, and there's episodes where I wonder why they bothered with the idea at all. Along with Squid Baby Are You Happy Now definitely fits in with the later category. Half of this episode is about as removed from anything resembling SpongeBob as possible. Watching Squidward acting depressed for a really long period of time is not something I'd classify as entertainment, which makes it even more insufferable when the other half of the episode is SpongeBob doing wacky schemes to make Squdward happy. It'd be one thing if the episode was just light-hearted attempts to cheer Squidward up, but having Squidward actually get depressed makes this feel a whole lot worse. In other episodes that have Squidward getting the short end of the stick, there's still that feeling that it's a cartoon made for laughs, but in this episode the serious tone actually makes it a whole lot more uncomfortable when Squidward actually goes through hard times. Of course any review of Are You Happy now wouldn't be complete without mentioning the ending, and it really does end the episode on a memorably horrible note. SpongeBob gives Squidward a bunch of replicas of himself, and Squidward destroys them all saying that he has a happy memory. Now in a regular episode this ending could probably just be seen as a funny, comedy ending, but with how seriously Squidward's depression is portrayed in this episode, it actually feels like Squidward's mental health has snapped, and he's gone insane. Leaving the episode off on a rather uncomfortable note. That's the best way to describe this episode, uncomfortable. It isn't funny at all, and seeing Squidward like this is just... so wrong to watch.
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    44. "What have I done? Have I let the lure of theater production get between me and my patties?" The Play's the Thing, 82 points 6 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #5 @PEPSI✭MAN) (-11) OWM: This is definitely one of the more interesting types of "bad" I've seen from this show. While the idea of Squidward staging a play in the Krusty Krab seems a bit derivative especially compared to much better episodes like Culture Shock, with a few funny roles and jokes it could become pretty great. Of course, this does not happen in this episode at all. There is no real "humor" anywhere in this. Besides a throwaway joke about SpongeBob making a Squidward balloon animal out of condoms I have no clue what I'm supposed to be laughing at. Is it Squidward's overly stale and tired out dramatic delivery? Is it the Bottomites asking for random stuff while Squidward continues to be dense? The actual play itself isn't interesting. It's Squidward alone on the stage making some weird speech about how bad his life is. And of course, it drags on and on. Our only source of breaking up monotony is SpongeBob being kind of dumb for a few minutes until the Bottomites, like us, give up and begin throwing food at Squidward for being so bad. This seems to be leading into a repeat of Culture Shock but then suddenly SpongeBob launches into a bizarre speech about why throwing food is wrong. Why is this here? Why are we supposed to care about this plot element you introduced less than a minute ago? And now Patrick is here to instigate a food fight because you needed some sort of ending to this? Oh, and now it's over. The Play's the Thing ultimately accomplishes nothing with the perfectly good 11-minute timeslot it has. Instead the whole thing is padded out with worthless filler and scenes that go nowhere. This was only my #15 but after writing about it I wish it was higher. RDSP: Just like the previous two episodes on this list, The Play's the Thing is a long, arduous, uneventful slog. The only thing in this episode close to being notable is the scene of Spongebob blowing up balloons near the start of the episode, and that's only notable because of Youtube clickbait videos. Literally nothing in this episode is memorable on its own merit, and what does happen is so lifeless and mundane that it's hard to say anything about it. I'm having trouble remembering a majority of this episode while writing this, and that's not a good sign. While it's in the top half of my worst list, it's a painfully empty episode that has absolutely no reason to exist. 43. "I'm gonna miss you, little guy. But I know you are going to be in good hands." Pet Sitter Pat, 85 points 8 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #5 @SRRS) (-2) Carotte: What can I say about it? This episode seems underhated to me when it's #43 on the SBC list. In my opinion, it's bottom 15 at least. To be honest, this is one of the worst Patrick appearances in the whole show. I miss when Patrick was actually a dumb but caring and harmless creature like he was in the first three seasons and in most season 4-5 episodes. This episode portrayed as an evil and stupid person who doesn't even care about nothing. The beginning is terrible as Patrick already drops Gary on the ground when SpongeBob is telling him what to do, so I say this sarcastically: "Ooh boy, you sure will be a good pet sitter". In IWATG, Squidward forgot about Gary but at least he made an effort to make the snail feel better before SpongeBob got home. In the other hand, Patrick didn't even know how to feed Gary and almost killed him when he was "bathing" him. Not gonna lie, the birthday scenes are kind of nice and I also can understand SpongeBob being so paranoid about his pet snail. Patrick is so unresponsible in the episode and in general so he never can be trusted. Patrick sure is like the "this is fine" dog here. WhoBob: Oh boy...Pet Sitter Pat, I remember how this episode was considered one of the worst episodes ever after how it was panned by Mr. Enter's review. Not gonna lie, he had a point that this episode felt like it was trying to fix issues of another episode where Gary was hurt (A Pal for Gary) and it was from same writing crew. even though his bullshit influence for his fans to attack the writers was horrid and this episode was pretty much nonexistent before his review, I'll say that this episode still sucks hard. Now there were small things I did like here. I liked SpongeBob's characterization. He was legit worried for Gary and he quickly ended his grandma's birthday to help him. That was one improvement over his neglect in APFG. I liked seeing Grandma SquarePants again and Gary got a good end (despite how it made no sense and I'm getting there). But...these didn't stop this episode from being a total crap. This felt like they just replaced Puffy Fluffy with some character we actually do give a shit and it's Patrick. My god, his entire screentime here was nothing but to cause pain and damage. I disagree that he was a sociopathic asshole, he was rather a total oblivious moron to Gary. All he did was giving Gary unnecessary misery and ruining SpongeBob's house and got barely karma for it. He did get attack by Gary but that didn't change the fact that he caused damage. I got what this episode was going for. It was meant to show Patrick is unable to babysit Gary and that's not a bad premise. I would like to see Patrick legit struggling to balance the work and Gary being the one to give Patrick a hard time. Not necessarily Gary being an unnecessary jerk, rather Gary not liking babysitting and ignoring or hurting Patrick and eventually Patrick learning how to communicate with Gary. Idk, that's how I would have done without either characters being unnecessary cruelty. The episode was bad at comedy like flamethrower scene was extreme and Patrick's salt comment was a bit tasteless. And this all boiled down to the ending which was so stupid. Patrick caused water to rise in SpongeBob's house and Gary was all unhappy until SpongeBob called Patrick and Gary was just...happy. In the end, when SpongeBob went back to his house to save Gary, Gary was reading Patrick a bedtime story... I don't mind Gary being happy at all, in fact I prefer it over Gary being miserable at the end but this end made no sense over how much Patrick gave Gary a bad night, even if it wasn't his intention. I don't hate this episode that much and It seems like the hate for this toned down due to it being at a low spot but this episode still gave me a bad taste in my mouth and once again Patrick was a badly written character.
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    The world just lost an amazing person in my 84-year-old paternal grandma, who was my last living grandparent. I bear this family name as a badge of honor.
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    Barnacles, it's hard to believe 20 years ago this month, the adventures of our little spongey friend had commenced, and of course, we're going to be celebrating! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of SpongeBob, we'll be having a huge celebration for this month, fittingly called SpongeBash! It begins July 12th (the same day SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout premieres), and concludes July 31st! While it won't be as big of a role as previous summer events, the Band Geeks, Drasticals and Independents will once again face off to see who's the biggest party animal! All events & games will count towards a scoreboard. If you are interested in joining a team, please sign-up here! Check the team lists below to see who's on which team. We've got loads of fun birthday games & events set up, and here's what you can expect! • Movie Screenings - Get your 3D Glasses cleaned and your popcorn overcooked, we're gonna be screening BOTH SpongeBob movies (The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and Sponge out of Water) on OWM's cytube! • The Ultimate SpongeBob Trivia Quiz - Think you know more about SpongeBob's 20 year history than any"bob"y else? One on the longest quizzes yet on SBC will occur during the bash! • SpongeBob Jeopardy! - All games on Saturday the 13th, 20th and 27th will count towards the celebration. The 13th game will also be 20 years themed. Jeopardy ends next month so get playin'! • SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune - All games on Friday the 12th, 19th and 26th will count towards the celebration. • Dunces & Dragons - D&D returns! All games on Sunday the 14th, 21st and 28th will count towards the celebration. • SpongeCraft - SpongeBob isn't the only big thing with a big birthday this year! All games on Saturday the 13th, 20th and 27th will count towards the celebration, at 8:30pm right after Jeopardy! • SBC Music - It's not a birthday celebration if you aren't dancing to some sick tunes! All games on Friday the 12th, 19th and 26th will count towards the celebration, at 8pm right after WOF! • Skins - Three new skins will be available during the celebration, courtesy of our graphics team Cha, Local and Patty respectively! One of them will even be a remaster of a classic SBC skin... do you know what it is? • Exclusive iFish item - Available for everyone, you can pick up a free 20th Anniversary Shirt iFish item from the iFish store, courtsey of Cha! Better be quick though, cause once the celebration is gone, so will the item. Of course, SpongeBob won't be the only one getting a big birthday celebration this summer, but more of that will be revealed in the future! Whether you're celebrating 20 years competitively or not, just remember to have fun! Band Geeks: Drasticals: Independents: Anyone not listed in the teams above.
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    Hal couldn't update today due to his grad party, which leaves me in charge! Yay! Enjoy my guest hosting. 24. "As much as I love cruel, sick jokes, I'm afraid he's not joking. You work for me now, SpongeBob." Welcome to the Chum Bucket, 166 points 10 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 2 #1's @Jon Snow @PEPSI✭MAN) (-7) Even with two number 1 placements, this episode still oddly managed to fall. However, that doesn't distract from the brilliantly written and expressed bond between SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs here. Despite the multiple rights violations Krabs commits against the little yelIow dude on a frequent basis, the episode still manages to make you feel sorry for them both. I love that small yet emotional cry they share once they realize SpongeBob will never return to the Krusty Krab. The song is another high point for this episode. It has just the right amount of cheese and melodrama for it to still stay emotional while also kind of being funny. It’s also surprisingly well-performed. I love Mr. Krabs’ little rasp to his singing voice. Afterward the episode still manages to keep its consistency, thankfully. Great to see Plankton’s faux compassion and patience quickly run out as SpongeBob gets more and more bratty and demanding. Those overly gaudy shoes Plankton bought for him have to be my favorite. It’s also cool to see how he’s only compatible with working for the Krusty Krab and nothing else. Although Welcome to the Chum Bucket is no favorite of mine, I still recognize its place as a well-balanced comedic and emotional episode backed by a strong plot. I feel its spot here is well-deserved. P.S. Does anyone know what the song is actually called? I’ve seen it under the names “A Stove is a Stove”, “Just a Greasy Spoon”, “This Grill is Not a Home”, and “Without You” all at roughly the same rates. 23. " I demand you come back and give me a bus to Bikini Bottom, right now. And until then, I am not leaving this spot!" Rock Bottom, 176 points 12 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #1 @Coffee_lover) (+26) I really do appreciate the amount of love this episode seems to get these days, as evidenced by that absolutely MASSIVE jump. I’m just in love with Rock Bottom itself. The design is just so deliberately alien, and it makes for some interesting artistic liberties. The buildings are misshapen, the entire town’s cloaked in this really spooky, unsettling atmosphere, and the music is very whistley and downtempo. It adds a lot to the unfamiliar, chilling vibe the writers were going for. The designs for the people are the best though, you can tell the designers went all-out for this episode. They’re extremely diverse, mysterious and many probably aren’t even real animals. All of this combined is a great way to portray the attitude of a deep sea trench. This episode is also really frustrating in a good way. The sheer uncooperative nature of everyone in the entire town is hilarious, and seeing SpongeBob get more and more pissed off by that is great comedy. I love how his attempts to make the bus just get more and more ridiculous. The vending machine scene is a great example of this. All of this is also capped off with a sweet and cute ending that calls back to the intro, which I think is especially nice. "Don't worry SpongeBob, I'm coming back for ya!"
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    38. "Ah, the battle for the survival of the fittest rages on in the animal kingdom." Feral Friends, 105 points 8 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #2 @4EverGreen) (+17) Virtually every single version of SBC's top 50 has a token new episode. At one point, it was Plankton's Pet. At one point, it was Mimic Madness. This year, this is our token recent episode that everyone has fallen head over heels for. And yes, I did indeed watch it for the first time in full ever before I made this post, as I am NOT caught up on post-sequel SpongeBob. What do I think? Well, it's an awesome episode! I've already seen bits of it, so I generally knew what to expect, and let me say this, I was not let down. This episode was an adventure and a half. A brilliant storyline, packed with action, and some of the very funniest Patchy segments I have ever seen. I'm not sure if it would make my top 25 in hindsight still, but I absolutely see the appeal. Great stuff. 37. "Patrick, you do exactly what I do and you'll have an award in no time." Big Pink Loser, 107 points 8 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #2 @Clappy) (+1) Again, we have another list regular! Ever since 2013, Big Pink Loser has hopped around on the list, starting off at #44 in 2013, jumping up to #26 in 2015, and then slowly dropping down until this year where it got a little bit of a nudge upward. (Sometimes, I think 2013 is invalid compared to the other lists considering how few people were involved and how drastically different it is compared to the later lists, but I digress.) This is another season 2 classic, and maybe one of the most humanizing performances for Patrick the show has ever had. For a lot of episodes with Patrick in it, the extent of your feelings are "hehehehe he fat and dumb," but in this episode, you can actually connect with him a lot, especially if you can relate to lagging behind those you love success-wise. Plus, it's just really funny.
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    I didn't wanna clog up #davent for reasons. Just wanted to say that I don't deserve anything good in my life. After failing such easy exams over and over and seeing my friends do much better than me in college and realizing I'll still continue in college when my friends find sweet jobs. I have no good reason to be a lazy, empty and pathetic asshole. Everything about me is one bit nothing. As a warning, please don't be like me. Never be me. Because If you do, you're gonna suffer through disappointment and hatred in yourself. Fuck whobob.
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    2. "Mr. Krabs, if my poopy baby isn't welcome here, then I'm not staying either!" Squid Baby, 543 points 31 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @Wintermelon43) (+4) Coffee: I can’t think of any Spongebob episode that I’m against it’s existence as much as I do for Squid Baby.There’s a lot of dumb episodes,there’s a lot of boring episodes,there’s a fair chunk of unoriginal ones,but Squid Baby is an episode that I legit call downright offensive alone for the fact that it’s exists.Yes,The Main Drain and Truth or Square are both still my least favorite episodes for begin more boring/lazier,but it’s going to be a lie if I’m gonna say that they destroyed my passion for the show more than Squid Baby did once.Just look at the premise alone:"After a head injury,Squidward became a Baby",as someone who thinks that any premise shouldn’t be judged without execution,I cannot imagine how such idea can fit into lore and universe of Spongebob even for a seasons those times.Unfortunately,confusing premise didn’t delivered awfulness of the execution even for the half... Let’s start with an sea-elephant in the room,yes,whatever happened to Squidward in episode for the whole time is an portrayer of a head injury that is a legit trauma in real world.This is a very horrible,horrible injury that can stuck with person for the rest of his days without letting any peace or joy in life.By episode’s logic,pointing out that and made character suffering because of that is automatically funny and worthy for repeating that for the rest of episode.And now it’s not a problem that Spongebob is a kids show and it’s can’t take such an serious topics,and make jokes out of it either,but it’s not a deal if you have a TV-Y rating or TV-MA,this attempt at jokes are absolutely lazy at worst,unforgivably sadistic at worst.As much as I despise term as "Squidward Torture Porn"and second graders who use it nowadays,this episode is an exception of the rule.Episodes like Boating Buddies or Ink Lemonade also based on just bushing Squidward from all sides because "lol fuck off and laugh",but violence in those episodes at least felt cartoony on any extent,in Squid Baby,all of what happened with Squidward feels like an actual pain and suffering that can be taken by people with the same injury,witch is absolutely disgusting and intolerable on universal degree.But even without this fact,even if you don’t want to believe that episode offended people with mental challenging problems,it’s still the grossest episode that show has as for date,the entire episode filled up with a rivers of saliva,obnoxious crying over and over again,and let’s not forget a close ups of a poop diaper for a minute.Even Pet or Pests with it’s horrendous animation never made me feel that disturbed and aggravated as Squid Baby ever did. But believe me or not,Squidward isn’t the only one who was braindead for the entire episode.Because we also have Spongebob and Patrick on the stage as well.We have a ton and a little wagon of episodes where those two characters are flanderizated as sin,but Squid Baby is the first,and only legit time when I can safely say that both acting like a complete retards.In the good seasons,those characters had a vibe of a child,but they mixed up with that a balance between some smart and adequate decisions for not making everything awkward all around.But here,for what balance we can even thinking for?!Even before we get into Squidward’s injury,the beginning of episode is about Spongebob and Patrick playing with toddlers’ toys as juvenile,sickening,jarring as possible for episode...but it’s not even the worst thing that they did here.In defense(for some nonexistent reason)people say that the fact Spongebob and Patrick take look for Squidward is a good quality and made episode "not as bad",and I don’t buy this argument at all.All of what both did is just making situation even worse than it was before and begin ignorant dumbasses when something horrible happened to Squidward once again. And for the cherry of the cake here let’s not forget how despicable Mr Krabs was in episode,we have an Ol’ long history of this character begin a cheap scumbag,even back in a very early seasons,he was over-exaggerated with his love of money and treatment for employees,sometimes it was funny,sometimes it was annoying,sometimes it was Squid Baby.This is the biggest middle figure that snow pulled out with how Mr Krabs doesn’t care for situation that character stuck into,he clearly was warned that Squidward has a head injury but he doesn’t give a shit at all and his pure answer ended up begin "I don't care if he has seaweed-for-brains.He needs to be behind that register.",or "Oh,that's it! Get that poopy baby out of me restaurant!".This is the cross the line even for such a greedy character as he ever was. But apart from abysmal idea,sense of humor and characters.I even forget that this episode has just as abysmal substance,I’m hate to saying this,but even Spongebob You’re Fired has a better plot.There’s no such a thing as a development of situation or journey from point A to point B,all of what nasty nightmare that been created in episode doesn’t goes nowhere and solved itself just after episode tired of repeat of smashing Squidward’s head for the billion time.Oh,and by the way,as you could get,that all of those gags that I pointing out are slapjack based,even without the fact how painful context of episode is,the visual humor here is incredibly poorly crafted.And that’s a really big problem with 9a as a whole though,a very major chunk of episodes tried having a slapstick humor despite having a terrible looking animation,and all of those attempts ended up begin lazy,predictable and simply boring.Slapstick in Squid Baby is definitely not an exception...actually no I’m lying,slapstick of this episode is in 200 times more painful,and even besides that,dragging out so badly that made Sportz’s visual humor looks like a pinnacle of comedy.Watching how Squidward’s head gets hurt with non a single dose of creativity or variation is definitely was a bad decision of the crew.The only joke in the entire episode that isn’t about Squidward begin hell out punished without any excuse is my leg reference,but even that didn’t worked because episode didn’t even bothered to add character that actually say that line all the time,witch is another example of how 9a doesn’t cared about quality once again. This episode is just never should’ve been made,I can’t think of any way how episode with this premise can works out well.Even Truth or Square and The Main Drain both had potential to be decent if not great if they would’ve get any effort back then,even Spongebob You’re Fired had a bigger chances to be good than Squid Baby ever did.And the final result is just proved my statement right,everything that episode does is offensive to look at,from the awful structure,to awful characters and sense of humor that it’s bring to this universe.I think that I’m not going to have any surprises or shock if I going to visit Darknet one day after surviving Squid Baby,because god damn,this is the only truly episode of Spongebob that I can’t physically to watch fully without turning off it several times in the row.Begin said,just fuck it so much and I really,really hope that I’m not going to see even a minute of this abomination for the rest of my life.It’s only 3th worst on my list,but I have a feeling that one day it’s going to throw away The Main Drain from number one spot and dominated it for awhile,because it’s give me the most aggravating though than any other Spongebob episode ever did with every new second. 1. "Ya know, kid, your body isn't the problem. It's your heart. You deserve what you've gotten." Stuck in the Wringer, 629 points 36 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank 3 #1's @Steel Sponge @Larry the Cucumber @AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) (0) OWM: The choices this episode makes have got to be some of the worst and most convoluted in series history. Patrick especially has been completely bastardized. He starts off the episode as a plot device by immediately making the situation worse for no reason whatsoever. I understand he’s TRYING to be good but I just can’t bring myself to enjoy him at all here. He seems to have no basic understanding of SpongeBob’s situation at all throughout the episode and seems to only exist here to make it more miserable. The entire carnival sequence is complete torture because it’s just several minutes of him being a self-serving asshole. The supportiveness he showed earlier has been completely thrown out in favor of this bizarre, selfish and ignorant asshole version of himself. And of course, it leads into the infamous meltdown by SpongeBob, which is completely done wrong for a multitude of reasons. Why is SpongeBob melting down on Patrick shown as wrong? Why are the Bottomites shunning him completely despite having no clear understanding of the situation? And most importantly, why are we supposed to believe them? We just spent the last five minutes watching Patrick look out for himself only and we’re supposed to believe SpongeBob’s heart is responsible. Later we get scenes of Patrick alone, which are completely worthless and only exist to pad the runtime. They’re not funny since it’s him alone and he’s still being a petty little bitch. And lastly, we get “I guess crying does solve your problems after all!” What kind of a moral is that? What are we supposed to take from it? Are there kids out there getting glued in wringers? Is it supposed to be some sort of meta moral not meant to be taken seriously? Then why are you presenting it like it’s not? Stuck in the Wringer is an episode with no characters. Instead, it has mean-spirited, bitter and infuriating plot devices. Stuck in the Wringer is an episode with no story. Instead, it has a bizarre, confusing and poorly structured mess that only exists to make people mad. Stuck in the Wringer is an episode with no jokes. Instead it has scenes of SpongeBob getting handicapped. Stuck in the Wringer is an episode with no quality, and I'm glad to see it's defended its title for the second year in a row. Well, this marks the end of our list. Once again I thank everybody who submitted for this as well as all the people who contributed commentary, liked these posts, and watched the points grow from 68 up to 629 (!). As my parting gift to you, here are both Google Docs I used to make the list and tally up points. You may enjoy them freely and grill me if I made any mistakes. Have fun! Now go submit for best list. FULL LIST 2019: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vkN_vTCbYWlrZcxL2tWFgA-eQyRRa9SwohCEeFJnI3Y/edit?usp=sharing ALL SUBMISSIONS 2019: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ESmzD1TXVkn0lA9QnZWQyuhAi435MIjSkuDx14oX-FY/edit?usp=sharing BEST LIST 2019 (DON'T FORGET TO SUBMIT):
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    Paul Tibbitt spoke the truth on Twitter about this. Major respects. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like Post-Movie or not, he’s right.
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    yo guys, SBC was featured briefly in this video from blameitonjorge, skip to the 3 minute mark (sauce and I make cameos):
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    22. "Hand it over, Patrick! I get to play with the Patty Pal today!" Yours, Mine and Mine, 191 points 17 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #4 @Wintermelon43) (-3) Melon: Honestly, I think this episode is overlooked in terms of most hated episodes. This episode is one of the most annoying and frustrating episodes to me of the series, and my least favorite Patrick episode. In fact, this is even the only episode I hated as a kid. As for why I find this so annoying and frustrating….. well, the first and most obvious thing, is that Patrick is so annoying here. The problem isn’t that he’s frustratingly stupid. The problem is that he’s annoyingly jerkish and childish. Patrick is such a jerk in this episode by not allowing Spongebob to play with the krabby patty toy at all, and refusing to share it for even a minute. It’s not only jerkish and annoying and frustrating, but this whole argument over the toy is really childish as well. While I think Spongebob is justified in being mad at Patrick of course, he still contributes to the whole childish thing because the whole sharing argument is just frustratingly childish and annoying. And to make things even worse, there is such an extremely obvious solution to this conflict. The toy was made so easily that at any moment, Spongebob could have just made his own toy, and then they wouldn’t have to share (and this does happen at the end). This obvious solution makes it so frustrating to watch them not do this and instead continue to do this childish argument over sharing. Also, I hate that “haven’t you learned anything about sharing?” line. It just shows that Patrick learned nothing from the episode, and makes sb lose money for no fair reason. In conclusion, this is a really frustrating, childish, and annoying episode, with an obvious solution they don’t do, annoying characters, painfully annoying conflict, a bad ending, very few good jokes, and the worst Patrick appearance of the show…… until a year ago. 21. "It's the most realistic story I've ever heard!" The Main Drain, 191 points 17 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @Coffee_lover) (NEW) Coffee: Here. We. Go. When people hear a question "What is the worst episode out of all Legends of Bikini Bottom ark?",majority will say singly that Trenhbillies was,or Sponge-Cane on a lesser extent.While I’m agree with group that those 2 suck,I think that all of those people overlooked one really hidden treasure of a wreckage,that not only the worst out of all ark,it’s cracked my personal Number One spot of the worst episode ever made:The Main Drain.It’s honestly a really special episode,but in the most wrong and worst way that I could ever imagine,not because of quality humor,or unforgettable story that I will remember as stand-out for the series,it’s isn’t an unique characters’ interactions,or a beautiful visual presentation,no,all of it’s speciality came at the fact at how progressively lazy this episode ever went.It’s far from begin the only episode that you can call legit "lazy",especially when we went into Season 7’s territory,but the laziness of The Main Drain is the whole new,low form of the terrible writing that this show has ever produced as for date. My main issue out there is that the entire thing feels obnoxiously broken and uncared since the very beginning.The former of a """""conflict""""" here is the story of Mr Krabs,that introduces to us a actual Main Drain.This story is about two kids,that pulled out the big plug and right after the entire ocean been rusted into the hole,since then nobody was ever heard from...where do I even should start here?The whole thing made no connection or sense grammatically in the slightest,if Bikini Bottom been pulled into giant hole,how it’s still on it’s normal place?Or townspeople that live in it?Maybe you will found pretty dumb that I’m pointing this out that obvious here,but apparently actual episode isn’t pointed that whatsoever.Spongebob isn’t a show that based on facts and facts only,sure,but it’s one thing when it’s something as minor,silly point like,let’s say,when there’s fire underwater,or if it has any connection with previous scenes and scenes that go after,but the whole plug thing is the the first draft here,and treat it so indifferently is really obnoxious to me.Another point that would’ve be a good argument is that it’s might be a "joke" or "irony",that it’s about one thing but it also completely opposite of what we heard about...no,episode doesn’t even try to make that,it’s just a bad and ignorant plot point that been thrown out and doesn’t wanted to protect itself(well,it did at the end,but we going to talk about that sooner).And if at first it’s been just a tale,then episode ruined this argument completely with adding a plot twist with Mr Krabs and Plankton.Not only it’s make everything even more confusing than it already was,the foreshadowing here is so poorly delivered that I can’t buy it,because episode tried too obvious with hidden this twist since the beginning of it.But it’s not where we going to end this mess,oh no,THE ACTUAL point that made me hate this episode this much is the actual ending. After everything and everyone been sucked into the a giant hole,the whole story ended up begin just a Patrick’s dream all of that time.I’m going to be honest,the whole "It was just a dream" device is the worst,evil and pathetic cliche and so self-defense I’ve ever meet in any show.It basically make a pass for plots begin as nonsensical,lame,lazy,and unfocused as writer want it to be,it also makes the whole existence of episode to be generously useless in the first place,because,why should I care and sympathize to this conflict or character if anything that happened here is a fake?It’s not the only way to make everything from your episode pointless and make you realize that you wasted your time for a story that bring absolutely nothing(I’m looking at you,Bumper to Bumper),but this is easily the worst way possible to do so.And it’s not like Sleepy Time,when the main point of premise begin a dream is actually worked,because episode tell that to audience since the beginning,and every rules of plot related on this fact,in The Main Drain there’s haven’t beena single hint for that,it’s been about absolutely different things at first,and then it popped out this ending twist out of nowhere.Again,we have a lot of episodes in Spongebob that are lazy as sin,but I can give at least a little credit to them,at least they hasn’t tried to protect themselves with "well it’s a dream so it’s that stupid and nonsensical",while Drain tried really hard to drop off all of responsibility,and ended up begin worse than any of his partners.Heck!Episode hasn’t even bothered to actually ended itself!Episode just cut off itself in the middle of that dream twist,and that’s it.If it’s isn’t the peak of laziness that show ever had as for date,then I have no idea what is. However,episode hasn’t stoped it’s crimes on this spot.... You know what is really aggravate me for the double times?Is that from all of what I talked about above is,at best,3 minutes of episode.What happened for the other 7?You may ask me.The answer is:absolutely nothing that matters for already nonexistent conflict.Rest of the time is basically Spongebob and Patrick just ditching around location as slow and lame as you can make it.Even before we got into the tale that Mr Krabs tell,we got the whole sequence of Spongebob doing pointless things in Krusty Krab for around 2 minutes,yes,there’s been a point that because he worked he didn’t noticed that sink is clogged up,but trust me,for that scenario been wasted 10 seconds,the rest episode could’ve been cut easily and nothing would’t be missed that is important to the conflict.Or how about the middle of episode?After Plankton’s scene,all of things that happened,until last minute,can easily been cut off as well and nothing that matters wouldn’t disappear.That "adventure" “,that Spongebob an Patrick had,didn’t moved the plot for any way and the actual Drain Plug was crafted by episode randomly.And at this point,this episode feels like a Season 5’s short that ended up having more time and so lifelessness of middle post movie.Actually,that’s is an insult to Season 5,because even a damn Waiting has more effect and creativity put into than this failure can even dreaming for. And speaking of creativity...episode has nothing that I can associated with this word.Other episodes from Legends ark at least has any identical locations or characters in it,even if they suck,but Main Drain not even try to do something with it’s concept,all of locations in episode is just as same that we seen a billions times before on this show,and it’s a shame because I see some room for new premises,like,why episode hasn’t show actual location that appear under this Drain Plug?Or not about that in general?It’s could’ve been a really good idea and that’s only came in my mind just in one second.But no,instead we have a bland filth that forced you to watch bunch of dead-air sequences without any actual energy or uniqueness. And I didn’t even mention how awful humor in episode was.It’s isn’t a gross-out or Ticket running gag from Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful,but it’s still absolutely unbearable and I wish that they didn’t been added in episode at all.The main reason why of all of delivered jokes failed is because,just like the plot,every single one dragged out as long as 11 minutes can possibly pass.Middle post movie in general has it’s own trick with trying to make the jokes much longer than they really should be,with this abysmal pacing jokes became predictable on a half of the run,or so childish at how obvious it trying to explain the comedy matter to audience rather that tell it naturally.This episode take this rule and messed it up even more than your average bad episodes did.Basically every joke in here goes at least for a 30 seconds more that it really needed to be,gags like Wet Floor sign,Bubble Bus,Squidward begin crushed by a Patrick’s rock...all of those ones deserved at least 14 Oscars Awards of "Worst Delivered Jokes" category.Or how about all of the jokes that rely on Patrick?They are just as awful,not only he in general been crafted into episode "just because lol",all of things that he did are obnoxious and painfully lame,like him turned out the boombox when Mr Krabs told the tale,or the way he "accidentally" pull out the plug at the end,despite a frame ago didn’t holding it and had no motivation to do as in the slightest.And how can I forget about the last quote of episode,"It’s the most realistic story I’ve ever heard !" ,just an another bloody proof that self-irony is the single most dangerous and lowest form of humor that you can meet.The jokes is just at it’s worst and one of the worst of the series. At the end of the day,I just can’t say anything positive about this episode,at all.Even other episodes that I despise has something remotely minor that made me feel satisfied,even something that isn’t really an episode’s work and more like a silly post on Spongebob Wiki that mentioned this episode.But I had nothing with The Main Drain.There’s non a single joke that worked even on a halfway,plot is ripped apart since the beginning,left the whole thing until last 30 seconds,and ended up begin a fake,showing with it a middle finger to the audience.Characters are you typical one dimensional plot devices that has predictable motivations or no motivations at all.Animation is cheap looking and despite having premise that had potential for a new locations,there’s was non a single one.I honestly cannot even give this episode a zero out of ten,because it brings to me so much negative vibes for begin something like "nothing".I loathe this episode to death,and the fact that harmless stuff like Best Day Ever made the worst list last year yet this atrocious didn’t even get into honorable mention is just beyond my mind.At least it get it’s deserved place on shit-parade this time.
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    28. "You know, SpongeBob, in light of everything that just happened... I lied to you. I am not grateful for anything!" Sponge-Cano!, 154 points 9 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #4 @Terminoob™) (+23) OWM: This is on my personal shitlist for being a boring, miserable and convoluted mess. I think I can get across just how dumb this episode is only by summarizing the plot. Let's start: after an unnecessary and unsettling trash monster-starring song sequence we get an incredibly odd and unfunny scene of Squidward berating all the customers of the Krusty Krab. It’s painfully unfunny and drags horribly. Then the convenient plot device volcano that wasn’t there earlier erupts, bringing in the main plot. This plot literally comes out of nowhere too. Some random ANCIENT WARRIOR from LONG AGO comes to spoon-feed it to us. Afterward the Bottomites unanimously decide to kill Squidward instantly, SpongeBob heroically decides to convince Squidward to open up and tell the town he really does care. But that all gets thrown out once Squidward immediately announces he was lying. The entire sequence of Squidward hanging for dear life now means nothing. And of course, we get the special twist ending. It was his house, despite the fact the warrior made no attempt to correct anyone, resulting in a cheap twist designed to end an already fundamentally broken episode. There are no stakes, no real successful attempts at humor, bad pacing and characterization, and a really jittery and erratic plot that brings in way too much stuff and develops none of it. I could go into more detail but this is actually just me building off an old commentary from a few months ago. Next. 27. "Idiot boy!" What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?, 159 points 16 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank 3 #5's @Terminoob™ @Matt0417 @kev) (+15) Steel: I was casually excited for the episode while it was being hyped up and even back then when I first saw it, I felt very unimpressed. This special is only at #20 on the list I've submitted, but overtime, it has given me some more things to say. I might even bump up its position after I'm done talking about the problems I've had with the episode. Anyways, The main problem with "Whatever Happened to SpongeBob?" was that it was filled with half-baked ideas that all failed to make the episode as interesting as it could've been. The plot centers on SpongeBob leaving Bikini Bottom after a falling out with all of his friends. For an actually interesting plot-line like that, you'd think this would work for a larger scale episode. When the episode is also about SpongeBob suddenly losing his memory, ending up in a different location where bubbles are disallowed, suddenly becomes mayor, and his friends trying to get him back, you'd also think this would definitely work for an episode that is of a larger scale, but it's not. It's a 22-minute special and it sandwiches all these plot points altogether with not so much substance made for each. So that's one point that I have that makes the special feel weak: it could've been better if it were longer. While i'm still on the topic of the episode's structure that is less than cohesive, each opportunity to greatly execute each of its main ideas end up getting botched. The whole concept of SpongeBob suddenly leaving Bikini Bottom is watered down to the type of plot that would then revolve around him getting amnesia. The concept of SpongeBob forgetting everything isn't so riveting when, throughout most of the episode, he seems to remember such things like blowing bubbles. The subplot with SpongeBob's friends is absolutely nothing spectacular when the sole driving force of their plot is the old-fashioned "Aw fiddlesticks, we need to get SpongeBob back because no frycook means no money!" kind of debacle. Let's look on the bright side though, the special at least gave us Ray Liotta....but of course, he's only around for about two minutes, which results into a simply wasted celebrity cameo. Have I ever also mentioned that the characterizations were awful? Amnesiac SpongeBob himself is pretty bland considering that a massive chunk of his personality is simply the fact that he is confused and can't remember most of anything. The one trait of Squidward's character that reminds us that he really dislikes SpongeBob is exaggerated. He is so bent on trying to keep SpongeBob from staying in Bikini Bottom to the point where he feels out of character. And while Patrick, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs do feel extremely guilty about making SpongeBob leave, they never directly apologized to SpongeBob for all the hurtful things they said to him. Certainly, Sandy tries to tell him that she was sorry for how she treated him, but she was talking to the amnesiac SpongeBob. After SB does get his memory back, the opportunity for the rest of the main cast to apologize to him is pushed aside. When SpongeBob gets his memory back, you'd think that the first thing he'll remember was all those times his friends called him "Idiot Boy," but apparently not, as SpongeBob is reluctant to stay in Bikini Bottom at first because he remembers that he has his mayoral job to attend to. That is until he changes his mind after he sees a live news report entailing that the disappearance of Mayor CheeseHead has wreaked havoc onto New Kelp City. Woo-hoo? Speaking of New Kelp City, I should also mention that for a location specially made for this episode, it was really dull for it what it was. To give Atlantis from "Atlantis SquarePantis," some credit, it had quite a lot of interesting world-building to go around. New Kelp City was basically a generalization of, what else, New York City. Finally, to wrap up my thoughts on the episode, let's acknowledge the jokes for a moment. The humor in this special mostly felt non-existent, but for the jokes it did have, most of them were plainly unfunny and mean-spirited like the whole "Idiot Boy" gag and the one scene where a rando in New Kelp City furiously tells SpongeBob that he's a jobless deadbeat. If those are some of the episode's ideas for good jokes, then that's not a very good sign.
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    Don't call it a comeback I've been here for years I'm rocking my peers Puttin' suckers in fear Idk why I'm making an introduction considering that I was always here in your hearts this whole time. If you know, you know.
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    Kinda sadly fitting that my cat passes the exact month and day we do a pet-themed iFish month.
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    4. "We've got a lot to do now that we've summoned Santa Claus. We must ready ourselves for his arrival." Christmas Who?, 430 points 28 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #1 @Josh the trash) (+1) With its lowest ever position being #6 in 2015, Christmas Who? is yet another episode whose heels are dug into the highest tiers of the top 50 and is not planning to move anytime soon. A neat little tidbit about the top 5 on this list is that the last episode, Krusty Krab Training Video, has the most episodes in the top 5 while Christmas Who? has the least. It's the only episode in the top 5 without multiple #1's, but it makes up for it by having 5 other top 5 spots on people's lists. Half-hour specials can be risky, so it says a lot about pre-movie SpongeBob that they could pull off their first one and make it so strong and emotional. Granted, it's a Christmas special, but SpongeBob does it better than most. While I did not put it on my list, I totally understand other people's adoration. Christmastime means a lot to some people, and the fact that this episode was made to be so heartfelt and touching probably resonates with so many fans of the show. 3. "Let's make a pact right now that we will stay focused on selling at the next house." Chocolate With Nuts, 491 points 28 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank 4 #1's @NegiSpongie @Night-Waker @The last carotte @SOF) (-2) Along with Krusty Krab Training Video, here comes another "fallen legend"... except arguably even more drastic as this was #1 just last year. Ever since 2015 (we don't talk about 2013), this episode has been alternating between #1 and #2 without really any indication of it budging, but here it is at #3. The backlash against some of the show's established canon is slow, but it seems to have some kind of effect. Actually no, that's not fair at all... the episode is still #3! Anyway, consider this the second year in a row where Chocolate With Nuts is the champion of comedy-centric episodes. Who could question it? I didn't put it on my top 25, but I would be complete moron to ignore how much this episode means to the show's greater reputation. I don't think many episodes, if any, are as quotable as this one, nor are there many as many scenes that have been a part of pop culture for years. It's a simple "SpongeBob and Patrick doing goofy things episode," but so many people see it as a perfection of that formula, and I see it. If it stayed #1, I really would not have complained, but sadly, two other episodes beat it out this year. Find out what order they are in on Thursday, but for now, stay tuned for honorable mentions tomorrow!
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    46. "Too bad SpongeBob is missing out on all the fun!" I Had an Accident, 94 points 8 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #2 @Steel Sponge) (NEW) After a year where this episode did not make it on the list, it comes back on. Over time, this is an episode that, for whatever reason or another, has been on and off the top 50 since 2013. Generally speaking, I feel like universally "enjoyed" pre-movie episodes have that sense of fragility on the list to them, where unless it's a super well-established one, it's kind of a crapshoot whether they make it on the list this time around or not. I Had an Accident was lucky enough to get just enough support to make it on. I don't think very many would dispute this being one of the strangest episodes to be created in the pre-movie realm, but it makes for a super fun watch. Somehow, the writers managed to pull off a plot about SpongeBob being a shut-in and making the episode on the most surreal and hyperactive the show has had by that point. 45. "If this works, I'll take back what I said about you two being lame." Mid-Life Crustacean, 95 points 9 out of 44 lists (Highest Rank #5 @chio) (-9) This episode was off the top 50 for quite a while until 2018 when it leaped up to near the middle of the list. At the time, I merely liked the episode, but by the time I saw it as an all-time favorite and put it high on my list, it takes a pretty bad fall. Go figure. As you can see by the highest rank being relatively low, this is one of those episodes that's generally love a fair amount by a lot of people rather than being loved intensely by a few. Maybe part of my love episode is having that mild feeling of getting old and not being a child anymore (although in many respects I still feel like one), but I think the most important part of it (and what makes it top ten-worthy for me) is that it's one of the funniest episodes of the show while remaining completely relatable. Some of the show's episodes perceived as the funniest like Chocolate With Nuts and Shanghaied don't have much grounding in reality. Those episodes are hilarious thanks to the gags and cartoonish running jokes that accompany them. Meanwhile, this episode just feels like a hard dose of reality throughout, and it makes for one of the few episodes that can still manage to make me laugh.
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    The staff behind the film and for this spin-off series must feel very proud of this whole Kamp Koral idea that they have made originally for It's a Wonderful Sponge, considering that they're announcing a spin-off series based on this concept even before releasing a trailer for the third SpongeBob film. One thing's for sure though, this new spin-off series, whenever it comes out, will probably only feel like Nick's own version of Camp Lazlo. The fact that Marc Ceccarelli and Vincent Waller are giving this their support speaks some lengths. And although while I can speak for everyone when I say that none of us have really asked for this, I am curious to see how this pans out.
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    4. "It is a high honor to be chosen for the Bikini Bottom Men's Chorus, and you are not going to keep me from performing my Grand Solo!" Choir Boys, 489 points 31 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @El Jacko) (+8) OWM: Everything and everyone in this episode is pretty damn bad. My main problem with it is how badly paced it is. The opening is three straight minutes of pure filler that adds nothing to the episode and can easily be cut out. Do we need to focus on Squidward’s awful singing in the shower? Do we need to see Squidward painstakingly get dressed? Does Squidward have to restate himself to SpongeBob again? I actually had to rewatch this episode in double speed so I wouldn't get instantly bored. And this continues later in the episode too. They devote several seconds to unfunny, drawn-out scenes of both SpongeBob and Squidward clearing their throats. The designs are awful too. The grotesque faces and expressions from SpongeBob like his droopy nose, and overall general appearance don't help this episode's standing at all. The way he’s written here also implies this extremely sad and abusive relationship with Squidward as well. The pothole scene is actually intended to be malicious harm from SpongeBob, hence the line “Now I have a captive audience.” Him calling Squidward an “inspiration and great friend” comes across as a big insult because of that. I certainly didn't expect this episode to rise as high as it did, but thinking about it now I'm not so shocked. 3. "I've lost it. I can't tell what's real anymore!" Ink Lemonade, 494 points 27 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank 3 #1's @SICKO MORE @4EverGreen @Sweat) (+1) 4EverGreen: One of my biggest regrets the last time we did a "Worst of" List, is that I didn't change my list in time, to include this episode. But the episode was released on the day of the deadline, I didn't want to go through the hassle of changing my list, and I thought, there was no WAY that episode would even SCRATCH the surface! Needless to say, I learned my lesson about underestimating how much one single episode could be HATED! Personally, I have nothing but absolute fury and contempt for this episode! How this episode ever got the green light, let alone, fully animated and made, is beyond me! It's like, Kaz was HONESTLY sitting around and thinking: "If I'm going to do something WORSE than Boating Buddies, I'm REALLY going to have to apply myself!" And this is the end result! All you need to know about the episode, is that it is filled with NOTHING but Patrick finding ways to SCARE Squidward, in order to get his ink, for his lemonade! And nearly all of the ways in which Patrick does this, are gross, sick, cruel, sadistic, and flat-out uncharacteristic Patrick behavior at its absolute WORST! And the worst part of it is, the Bikini Bottom citizens actually LIKE the lemonade, until they find out it comes from Squidward, the hypocrites! And Squidward doesn't even get any consolation in this episode, because he eats a cookie filled with spider eggs! In my personal opinion, this is by FAR, Kaz's WORST episode EVER! Enough said, true believers! The end is coming fast. Stay tuned for Dishonorable Mentions tomorrow, and our grand finale on Wednesday!
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    30. "Has anyone seen my socks?" The Nitwitting, 152 points 11 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @BeachBob95) (NEW) Coffee: Pretty much anyone who aware on those premises know one simple take:Patrick’s based episodes from the last years suck.While post-sequel seasons as a whole love balanced characters and make some new interesting interactions with them,something specifically with Patrick went out of trials that hands down disappointing,if not low-key insulting.His random and childish behavior at times can be amusing at short cameos(even then at times he can be really annoying as well like in Clam Whisperer or Drive Happy)but it’s just can’t be the main entertainment for an 11 minutes,because it’s isn’t for what I’m love and appreciate comedy on this show in the first place.And possibly the worst part of this,is that levels of Patrick’s badness with every upcoming episode is unpredictable,you can have just an messy mediocrity like Old Man Patrick,and then have..this thing.I’m gonna be honest,pretty much since the announcement of the premise,my expectations for episode were even lower than a zero,in fact,I worried that Nitwitting ended up begin even worse than some other really inky post sequel episode that doesn’t need any introduction.Fortunately,it’s not as bad,but oh boy it’s still suck a lot. On the surface,I honestly can’t even tell what is this episode even about.Other Patrick’s episodes from recent times at least had an basic plot and conflict,even if they suck.But Nitwitting didn’t bothered with making any real goal or focus for at least first 6 minutes,and even after that those attempts failed apart.But don’t worry,episode still found something for full out the space:dumb jokes.This is one of the dumbest episodes I’ve ever seen in any show and I wish I exaggerated right now,I don’t dislike visual presentation or overall style of new seasons by any means(in fact,I really like it)but in this episode,all of attempts at any humor is a another level of juvenile nonsense.If any other average mediocre Patrick ep,at worst,can bring one or two gross or super stupid gag on the table,Nitwitting blasts with stuff like Tongue Handshake and Spit Jar Drinking with every single,yes,every single second ratio.And not to mention that this time Patrick isn’t the only one who been an intolerable donkey,now it’s the whole community,and honestly they don’t have absolutely any differences from what Patrick portrayed here,witch made episode for 10 times more painful than it already was. And only after 6 minutes of that,episode finally bother to moving on the next plot point,but don’t become positive this fast,with that Nitwitting became somehow even worse.The whole civic duty thing not only feels like an diet Good Neighbors(an episode that isn’t one of the greatest to begin with),the way society executed that is beyond obnoxious.Remember episodes like original Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy?Here Spongebob and Patrick also tried to help but due of their silliness,made situations more complicated,but this episode made conflict felt more natural,reasonable,and characters had an understanding of when they need to stop.But in Season 12’s episode the whole sequence is about characters smashing and destroyed property of Bikini Bottom without any reason,the only defense that episode managed to find is saying "We have no idea" with is a failure of an excuse even for the joke.Heck,why townspeople didn’t prepared or simply arrested them already?Since episode said that empty head society doing that every month.If in first half dumb things at least been just a random clips,context of the second half made that much worse and despicable at how badly episode treat stupidity,and even for the last minute,where Sandy cleaned all of Bikini Bottom’s damage.Not only she just appear out of nowhere at the last scene.The whole point of her doing that didn’t made any value because Patrick’s Brainless Society just destroyed everything right after and episode just ended on another idiotic gag. This episode is not just dumb,it’s an 11 minutes of ultimate stupidity.Even other "dumb" episodes for the most part try to have a set-up and punchlines for their jokes,or have a tame ratio of its delivery of bad humor,but Nitwitting had no mercy for your intelligence and treatment whatsoever.Even without awful sense of humor,it’s one of the worst structured episodes I’ve ever meet on this show.And yes,nobody really expected something redeemable at new Patrick episode,but it’s just a compete deadline for me and a lot of other people that cared for this show.Even previous ones like Pat the Horse or Library Cards has a few decent,if not great jokes,I doubt that there’s anything that even remotely close to begin enjoyable in Nitwitting.I really do hope that we not going to see another Patrick episode with THIS level of execution for awhile,because thanks Neptune that there’s barely anything related to Patrick in new premises. Clappy: This is the dumbest episode of SpongeBob I’ve ever sat through. No joke. I’ve practically outgrown the show since I don’t watch new episodes anymore nor do I really want to. But I’ve seen plenty of talk on Discord about this episode in particular. Not like Ink Lemonade levels of hatred or anything, but pretty freaking bad word of mouth. Then Jjs mentioned about a hour ago that he wished that I saw it so he can know how I feel. Well how thoughtful. I’m on vacation this past week so why not give it a shot. I tried a few other episodes as of late due to word of mouth and some of them were pretty good actually. This was not. The one thing I will give modern SpongeBob. The animation does look good. What they do with said animation leaves a lot to be desired, but that’s another thing entirely. But yeah, back to that first sentence. I’ve watched plenty of dumb and stupid episodes of SpongeBob back in 2013 and 2015 for the Worst Episode countdowns of said years. Hell I remember watching Whirly Brains on a wim not too long after and thinking that these guys are seriously running out of ideas for this show. Think about that for a second. An episode where SpongeBob and Patrick take out their brains to play them like drones is not nearly as stupid as this episode. But you know what really pissed me off about this episode in particular? What makes me think this is one of the worst episodes of the entire series more so than other infamous semi-recent episode Ink Lemonade? The smug levels of self-awareness about how stupid this episode is: -The irritatingly annoying club song -Having SpongeBob drink everybody’s drool (the joke that followed about them actually meaning drink the lemonade was even worse...THERE WAS NO BUILD TO THERE BEING A SECOND OPTION) -The knowingly self destructive behavior of the nitwitting. They know that this event was going to take place like clockwork and they happily ablige to destroy the entire town. -Literally how SpongeBob was as a character. You can’t suddenly make him brainless for the back half of the episode without him acting semi-normal a minute after removing his brain. It’s like the plot just wants to show up whenever the hell it wants to. Oh and that out of nowhere drama of jealousy with Patrick’s friendship with the club leader. Get out of here with that forced subplot. -Time to bring up the animation because it may be nice, but what these guys choose to do with the animation just pisses me off. The intentional amounts of gross out they go for here bothers me way more than it did with Ink Lemonade. At least Ink Lemonade provided some things I’ve never seen from SpongeBob before. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen them make intentionally stupid characters on this show with none of them standing out. And they might as well have ripped off Face Freeze with how many weird faces nitwit SpongeBob goes for in this episode. -The out of nowhere political commentary with Sandy being a part of FEMA. WHAT!? And then having Patrick and his club come back and destroy everything FEMA rebuilt...are they implying The Nitwitting is a natural disaster that costs the town tons of money? Are they aiming at our president and calling him a nitwit (they aren’t wrong)? Why the fuck was that tacked on and why did it end with the nitwits winning!? Why is an episode titled The Nitwitting actually making me this far in depth about possible political commentary? I hate it. I hate how smugly stupid this episode is. I hate how they play off Patrick’s destructive stupidity for laughs. I hate how the plot is practically nonexistent. And most of all, I hate that idiotic jukebox number that played throughout the episode. That only tacks onto the arrogance that what the characters are doing is dumb but they will do it anyway behavior I get from this episode. I know it’s too late to change my Worst List for the 2019 edition, but this is Top 10...hell Top 5 at this rate. I actively felt myself getting dumber by watching this inane awfulness. 29. "I get to show you the ropes, Mrs. Puff! Hey, it's kind of like I'm the teacher!" Summer Job, 152 points 12 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @Charles Manson) (-3) jjs: Summer Job is quite frankly, an obnoxious, tedious and annoying episode. That doesn't mean it had to be on my list, because there certainly are a lot of contenders in the show's history meeting all three of that criteria. However, this one stands out to me in more ways than one because good lord, is SpongeBob absolutely awful in this episode. When you don't like the main character of the episode, you're in for a ride. It also wastes a potentially promising premise with a role reversal between the teacher and student, but of course in Season 7 fashion, it gets executed in one of the most grating and dull ways. Throughout the whole episode, I sat there going to myself "yeah, this isn't funny, can I have literally anything else?" As time goes by, you really start to feel bad for Mrs. Puff and wish she'd just get away from SpongeBob, but alas. Maybe if anything SpongeBob did in the episode was slightly amusing, I'd forgive the nautical nonsense Puff endures, but shocker, it isn't! Where are the actual jokes in this episode? Where is the actual fun? I'm not annoyed by the Kruff tease scene anymore because of post-sequel sort of making up for it, but it was still kind of stupid the way it was presented here. This episode has literally nothing to offer outside of some cheap slapstick near the end. This was #15 on my list this year, and honestly, I don't think I made the right call with that position. If I had the opportunity, I'd probably either swap this with Fish Bowl's spot on my list or put it a bit higher, because I still cannot stand this episode and find it downright irritable the more the years pass by. At this point in the series I was getting really sick of the format of Boating School episodes (if you want to call this one that at all) thanks to this one, and I'm glad they decided to shake them up in future seasons (for better or worse) if it means I don't have to get Summer Job 2.
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    Very very proud of how this version turned out. This was truly a special passion project for the SBC staff, acting as a culmination of the past 10 years of SBC. Special thanks to @Patty Rose, @JCM, @Aquatic Konquest, @Captain TJ, @Cha, @sbl, @Larry the Cucumber, @OWM and @PEPSI✭MAN who all helped contribute to this version, making it a team effort. If you have any issues, let us know and we'll deal with them in a timely manner.
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    42. "So far today, and it's not even 2:00 yet, you have cried 43 times." A Day Without Tears, 89 points 9 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #6 @Larry the Cucumber) (-5) OWM: Nobody did commentary for this episode so let me just make something up on the spot. I actually found this one to be pretty great. Sure SpongeBob's constant crying got a bit annoying but it's only for the first few minutes, and it only shows up again at the very end. I like the bet storyline between him and Squidward and the two just sort of hanging around in the pineapple together like two friends. I find it to be one of the best character interactions of post-movie. There's even a bit of tension that builds too once it starts focusing on the clock and the eventual meltdown that SpongeBob has at the end. So yeah, I really like this episode. Sorry to the 9 people who got it to almost three digits. 41. "SpongeBob, you can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up. Keep you on your toes." The Card, 100 points 9 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #10 @The last carotte) (+17) Slug: Throughout the show there have been many episodes with Patrick as the focus. These episodes can shine when Patrick is likable enough to carry the episode, such as Big Pink Loser, but when Patrick is annoying you get something more like The Card. What makes The Card so bad is the repetition of humor combined with Patrick's characterization. Per usual with season 6 partners in crime like Slide Whistle Stooges, there is one gag in this episode involving Patrick getting the card into dangerous positions and SpongeBob tries to save it. That plot could be well-executed in pre-movie and in post-sequel but this is a season 6 episode which comes with stiff animation and bland gags. There is zero punch to these jokes and they all feel hallow, there's barely any creativity with them and you know how each sequence is going to end, there isn't that silliness like in Picture Day that keeps the episode funny and entertaining. Patrick makes the episode even worse, Patrick is just irritating to the core .He doesn't really seem to show any concern throughout the entire thing and watching these horrible dumb gags gets so annoying after 11 minutes. What's weirder is that I think Patrick's antics aren't what's supposed to be ridiculous, it might actually be SpongeBob's. Tom Kenny actually had this in his best list and said his reason for doing so was the plight of a nerd worried about a card in perfection condition getting any damage, which is something in real-life that is silly enough for the show to parody, but the problem with that is SpongeBob is the less ridiculous one here. Patrick is for no reason going into harms way, if they wanted to improve this episode maybe they should've had SpongeBob get worried about Patrick putting the card in danger, maybe even have some scary set-pieces to make it look more dangerous, despite Patrick having things under control. While this is season 6 and this could get annoying, here that'd make sense considering Patrick is a doofus so SpongeBob's fear would be more understandable while still being silly and Patrick actually having things under control would be funny since it's a subversion of the usual Patrick is dumb humor we get all the time (When did Rian Johnson show up?). This is just a very unfunny, repetitive and broken episode from start to finish as is though.
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    Today is the birthday of @PEPSI✭MAN and instead of just say happy birthday like very sane person does I wanted to give him something more,and so I mixed one of his favorite shows along with one of his favorite Spongebob’s episode of all time Hope I made the worst best president that you could ever imagined Trophy! Now excuse me I’m about to run away for better
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    really devastated rn, after many arguments my parents are finally planning divorce
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    https://screencrush.com/jackie-chan-adventures-tv-show-movie/?trackback=fbshare_mobile&fbclid=IwAR39R-HoKmA5bvglO8UAQf6pQnQsqBGX5CI0HDVdMoH_gfj8-zS2P_S0WxQ God himself sure is too busy to share the news with his loyal followers, so I thought I’d share this news with you all for him. Bless you @Jackie Chan for bringing this classic series back for a new generation to appreciate.
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    If the theme song isn't the Campfire Song Song I won't even bother watching it.
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    This is the dumbest episode of SpongeBob I’ve ever sat through. No joke. I’ve practically outgrown the show since I don’t watch new episodes anymore nor do I really want to. But I’ve seen plenty of talk on Discord about this episode in particular. Not like Ink Lemonade levels of hatred or anything, but pretty freaking bad word of mouth. Then Jjs mentioned about a hour ago that he wished that I saw it so he can know how I feel. Well how thoughtful. I’m on vacation this past week so why not give it a shot. I tried a few other episodes as of late due to word of mouth and some of them were pretty good actually. This was not. The one thing I will give modern SpongeBob. The animation does look good. What they do with said animation leaves a lot to be desired, but that’s another thing entirely. But yeah, back to that first sentence. I’ve watched plenty of dumb and stupid episodes of SpongeBob back in 2013 and 2015 for the Worst Episode countdowns of said years. Hell I remember watching Whirly Brains on a wim not too long after and thinking that these guys are seriously running out of ideas for this show. Think about that for a second. An episode where SpongeBob and Patrick take out their brains to play them like drones is not nearly as stupid as this episode. But you know what really pissed me off about this episode in particular? What makes me think this is one of the worst episodes of the entire series more so than other infamous semi-recent episode Ink Lemonade? The smug levels of self-awareness about how stupid this episode is: -The irritatingly annoying club song -Having SpongeBob drink everybody’s drool (the joke that followed about them actually meaning drink the lemonade was even worse...THERE WAS NO BUILD TO THERE BEING A SECOND OPTION) -The knowingly self destructive behavior of the nitwitting. They know that this event was going to take place like clockwork and they happily ablige to destroy the entire town. -Literally how SpongeBob was as a character. You can’t suddenly make him brainless for the back half of the episode without him acting semi-normal a minute after removing his brain. It’s like the plot just wants to show up whenever the hell it wants to. Oh and that out of nowhere drama of jealousy with Patrick’s friendship with the club leader. Get out of here with that forced subplot. -Time to bring up the animation because it may be nice, but what these guys choose to do with the animation just pisses me off. The intentional amounts of gross out they go for here bothers me way more than it did with Ink Lemonade. At least Ink Lemonade provided some things I’ve never seen from SpongeBob before. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen them make intentionally stupid characters on this show with none of them standing out. And they might as well have ripped off Face Freeze with how many weird faces nitwit SpongeBob goes for in this episode. -The out of nowhere political commentary with Sandy being a part of FEMA. WHAT!? And then having Patrick and his club come back and destroy everything FEMA rebuilt...are they implying The Nitwitting is a natural disaster that costs the town tons of money? Are they aiming at our president and calling him a nitwit (they aren’t wrong)? Why the fuck was that tacked on and why did it end with the nitwits winning!? Why is an episode titled The Nitwitting actually making me this far in depth about possible political commentary? I hate it. I hate how smugly stupid this episode is. I hate how they play off Patrick’s destructive stupidity for laughs. I hate how the plot is practically nonexistent. And most of all, I hate that idiotic jukebox number that played throughout the episode. That only tacks onto the arrogance that what the characters are doing is dumb but they will do it anyway behavior I get from this episode. I know it’s too late to change my Worst List for the 2019 edition, but this is Top 10...hell Top 5 at this rate. I actively felt myself getting dumber by watching this inane awfulness.
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    32. "I've been replaced by a sandwich!" To Love a Patty, 149 points 15 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #7 @CakeCup) (-5) OWM: I didn't ask for commentary here because everyone was busy. That's fine I guess because I actually have something to say about this episode. To me this episode has a sort of ironic enjoyment I can’t place my finger on. This plot is so fucking bad and ridiculous that I seriously cannot hate it. The song actually makes me laugh for this reason. Seeing SpongeBob obsess over a fucking sandwich is far funnier than it should be. Him massacring an entire group of innocent scallops, even brutally tearing one apart with his fingers, is so horrible and in such poor taste that it wraps around to becoming funny again. There is some genuinely bad stuff here, of course. SpongeBob drops all reason and logic in order to screw this patty. He abandons his famous philosophy of satisfying customers and it just feels wrong. He actually brings out the “fry cook oath” and displays actual common sense for a few moments, until it gets completely derailed! From there, the rest of the episode is just straight delusion. He casually professes love for a patty that’s already starting to mold after six hours and abandons his beloved and trusted friends for the damn thing. There’s absolutely no humor during any of this besides laughing at just how bad this episode is. The closest thing available is the moldy closeups, which are obviously in poor taste. Even the ending feels really gross and inconclusive. Mr. Krabs literally convinces SpongeBob to eat Patty knowing just how rotten and disease-filled it is. So is this episode bad? Yes. Do I hate it? No. Something about it is just so preposterous and ridiculous I feel like the writers were fucking with us this time around. 31. "If you want someone demolished, I guess you have to demolish them yourself!" Demolition Doofus, 150 points 12 out of 41 lists (Highest Rank #1 @Cha) (-8) Dman: Demolition Doofus is bad. Shocker, I know. Every typical SpongeBob hater remembers the episode for that one infamous moment, but surprise! There are other problems with this episode as well! It begins with SpongeBob inadvertently helping Squidward out with his gardening (that’s as good as this episode’s gonna get) and heads to take another boating test. Remember the oral part of the test? That’s long gone at this point. Anyway, SpongeBob gets right into it and makes the same mistake three times, causing Mrs. Puff to inflate more than she ever has and she crashes into a tower, horribly deforming her for life. At the hospital SpongeBob goes on to make a joke about Mrs. Puff’s condition, which doesn’t help as she’s already pretty pissed. While Mrs. Puff is in the hospital, we also get a look at the newest casualties of the recent demolition derby; apparently it’s “quite entertaining” to look at. Mrs. Puff then figures out that if she can get SpongeBob to risk his life in a demolition derby, she may be able get rid of him… forever. Yeah… even after 7 years, Mrs. Puff’s desires to kill SpongeBob are pretty uncomfortable for viewing eyes. She convinces him to join the derby for extra credit, and he obliges. The next few minutes are just SpongeBob miraculously avoiding the threats of the other derby contestants, and Puff yelling and wanting SpongeBob to just die already. When all seems said and done, Puff takes matters into her own hands and joins the derby herself. SpongeBob somehow figures out how to drive and avoids all of Puff’s attacks, leading them back to the boating school. Funny thing is, she causes more damage to others and her own school rather than causing damage to SpongeBob. The episode ends with the two derby cars crashing into each other, causing Mrs. Puff to inflate, and SpongeBob remarks that everything is back to normal. So much for the deformity. The doctor literally said she ruptured her inflation sack. It was popped wide open. How can she even inflate? We all know continuity doesn’t exist in the SpongeBob universe, but within the same episode? I’m not joking when I say that part makes me hate the episode more compared to the death threats. It’s a good thing sure, and it brings things back to the status quo, but there is no logical way I can see that she could reinflate with the parameters that the episode set up. I would say that they could have done it so many different ways that it could’ve been possible for Mrs. Puff to get better, but no. There’s no way. If she was deformed for good she’d have the excuse to kill SpongeBob (which is a terrible thing to do as is), but the show wouldn’t return to normal. If she could get better over time on the other hand, the show could go back to normal in one episode but her drive to kill SpongeBob would be even more jarring than before. There is no way that this episode can logically work while keeping the show’s standards and that is mainly why it’s so bad to me. Carotte: Ooh boy, this is one of the episodes I always hated to death since the first time I watched it. WARNING: long rant coming. The episode starts with SpongeBob falling his boating test in a very stupid way. I know he is usually reckless at driving but here the writers didn't even try to add comedy. Compare No Free Rides' beginning with this beginning. In both scenes, SpongeBob can't drive correctly but which one is generally the funniest? I would say the former by a distance that is almost as long as the Earth-Moon distance. Anyways, the hospital scene is bad in every way. Why would SpongeBob laugh at someone who is injured? That is so out of character. Not to mention, Mrs. Puff's reaction is pretty harsh over a joke. Sure, it was offensive but if I was her, I wouldn't try to kill SpongeBob by holding his nose. After a few scenes I don't like, the Demolition Derby is introduced. Mrs Puff wants SpongeBob to join it JUST BECAUSE SHE WANTS HIM TO DIE KNOWING THAT HE IS TOO WEAK FOR THAT (Sorry for the yelling but this episode really pisses me off). After all these crashes, SpongeBob is surprisingly winning...ok. BUT, Mrs Puff gets mad and joins in attempt to kill SpongeBob until the end of the episode where she inflates again...wtf. "Now everything is back to normal!" says SB. I think nothing is normal in that episode. The ending feels so rushed, it's like the writers wanted to do more attempts to hurt SpongeBob but thet just realized they already made 11 minutes so they decided to immediately inflate Mrs Puff and boom, the episode ends. In conclusion, Demolition Doofus is a frustrating, awful and annoying episode that is unbearable to watch. Enough said (true believers ).
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