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    On This Day...January 26) SBC 2013 - The 58th SpongeBob Jeopardy game was held, and it was won by @Hayden SpongeBob 2010 - The Viking Sized Adventures DVD was released
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    I'll give it eleven minutes. sorry, I had to.
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    Nick will still milk the shit out of this after Hillenburg passing away. There's no stopping Nick. Smh.
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    hello yes it is me, the new unikitty cartoon that definitely most will not be moved to nicktoons the network in a few months and not will be forgotten within the next five years
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    bless colored pencils this took two days to make ;_; (digital art is time consuming man) but I FUCKING love this drawing so I'm sharing it I'll make a background for this at one point
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    sorry for a long wait, but laziness, anxiety and my comic kinda made me forger about this little topic of mine let's continue it, shall we? We are getting closer and closer to my top 10 and epiosodes only keep getting better. Next one is... Number 19. Writer(s): Andrew Goodman John Trabbic Storyboard Artist(s): John Trabbic Post-sequel was acccused, more often than not, in pandering to pre-movie fans with various references to older episodes, cameos of fan-favorite characters etc. Post-sequel did that from the start, from 9b no less, making references not only to pre-movie and to itself (I mean, to post-sequel), but to post-movie as well (I will get to that one particular example a bit later). Doodle Dimension's reception was mixed, to say the least. Many loved or at least, liked this episode, others hated it to the point of calling it one of the worst in the series. After Doodle Dimension, BubbleTown seemed like a genuinely bad idea. We already had "new" Bubble Buddy episode in the past, Bubble Buddy Returns from s8, which was awful. And since DD is kinda bad, many people assumed that post-sequel has no idea how to make this kind of fan-service properly, or, at least, make it the center of the episode. Surprisingly, BubbleTown was pretty darn good and, sorry for controversial opinion, I... Kinda prefer to the original. Original Bubble Buddy is a classic, but still one of the weaker season 2 episodes. This episode, on other hand, uses "bubble" aesthetic to the fullest potential. Plot of this episode is simple, after exploring afromentioned BubbleTown, SpongeBob meets with Bubble Buddy and helps him with his car, SpongeBob tries to help everyone in BubbleTown, but accidently destroys half of it in the process (buildings and bubble-people included). Krabs goes to get SpongeBob out of bubble jail, since Krusty Krab is packed with hungry customers with no one to cook. This episode is hilariously dark. It's not level of "Nasty Patty" of dark comedy, but this episode still uses it to the fullest potential. How casually Krabs makes genocide of almost ENTIRE RACE OF BUBBLE PEOPLE is dark, but portrayed still in funny and tasteful manner, so it works really well. This episode also works in world-building department, showing us BubbleTown, how it's functions and stuff like that. It's really interesting to watch, this intro sequence that was done in style of "Krusty Krab Training Video", was brilliant way to establish new location. Even though episode felt a tad weird with this kind of intro. It just starts with this "excursion" to BubbleTown, without any context to why SpongeBob is here exactly. But it's just nit-picking really. THE REAL flaw of this episode is different one. Pacing. Pacing in this episode is REALLY uneven. SpongeBob popping BubbleTown sequence is hilarious, but went a bit too long for it's own good. Episode also feels pretty... aimless. At first there's that "introduction" video to BubbleTown. Then SpongeBob is helping people. Then genocide. Then Krusty Krab shenaningans. Then another genocide. And that... weird and out-of-place ending. While episode is funny, creative, visually very pleasing, it has structural and plot problems. I enjoy it a lot, but it's still pretty flawed in significant areas. Even still, this episode does so many things great, I can overlook those flaws. 8/10 Number 18. Writer(s): Kaz Storyboard Artist(s): John Trabbic This is somehow one of the most hated season 11 episodes. ...Why? Just, why? I legit don't undestand why this episode isn't liked at all. And I will list all reasons why it's good, or, at least, isn't worse than it's predessesor - Mermaid Pants from s10. Plot of this one is fairly simple, Squidward goes and vacation and rents his house to certain guest, that appears to be Man Ray. SpongeBob and Patrick, thinking that Man Ray is up to no good, decide to fight him and save the day. Main critisism of this episode is Man Ray's treatment. That it's somehow bad, because he meant no harm on his vacation. ...are you serious? HE IS VILLAIN. VILLAIN WHO DOES EVIL STUFF. Why Patrick and SpongeBob should assume that he is just having a vaccation if he did many evil things in the past? The ending of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy III doesn't count, this show has zero continuity, and in his next appearance, Man Ray was evil again. SpongeBob and Patrick had all reasons to attack him. Comparing this episode to stuff from season 6, to "Shuffleboarding" no less, is laughable. SpongeBob and Patrick have mostly no motivation to do things they are doing, (except their warped vision of justice in "Shuffleboarding" that supposed to be funny somehow), this episode clearly gives believable motivation to both of them. And it's not like Man Ray suffered much anyway. Did you forgot true "torture" of characters, re-watch "Choir Boys" or something. Moving from that, let's talk about what I find good in this episode. This episode has fairly great comedy. I liked that, more risque gag with bra in the beginning, "EVIL NEVER TAKES A VACATION" line is legit epic and Man Ray himself is written pretty well. He is charismatic and funny as awlays. This episode also one of the finest examples of how post-sequel has spectacular animation. Battle between Man Ray and SpongeBob/Patrick. Great expressions, fluid movement, slapstick has true PUNCH to it. Memorable and cheesy one-liners, great scene, makes this episode worth watching at least because of it. Episode is also quite an improvement over original "MermaidPants", this episode has REAL villain for SpongeBob and Patrick and feels more like and adventure. Episode has it flaws though. Beginning of the episode had some lame parts, like Patrick screaming. And ending with Squidward's house being destroyed is so EH. And also, it didn't fixed some issues from original "MermaidPants" episode. While it this episode gives motivation to SB and Pat to do what they are doing, they are still too oblivious and naive for their own good. It's not THAT frustrating, but this episode has this problem to an extent. But otherwise, this is a pretty solid episode. With great action, one-liners and awesome appearance from Man Ray, this episode is definetly an improvement of this "MermaidPants" series. I hope s12 Mermaid Pants episode will be close, or even better, in terms of quality. 8/10
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    Homesyly, i'm not surprised this get renewed , but i can understand this show has been going on for 20 years! View full article
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    hey i lost a huge portion of my drawing motivation and this is the first thing ive colored in two weeks almost
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    Some shit I did in the past week:
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    "Big splashes" Oh shit guys Squnschpunsch is happening bois
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    Well, after a long and hard deciding process, the staff has finally come to a decision. SBC's new mod will be....
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    Do you ever get bored on IMDB and look up voice actors, and you're like "WAIT, HE VOICED THIS AND THIS?!" Do you ever just stumble across a video of some cutscene to a game, you hear a character's voice, and you're like "WAIT... That voice was on a kids show" (for example, someone was using a MGS cutscene for a dumb video, and I realized "wait... is Liquid Snake voiced by fucking Mac from Clifford the Big Red Dog?" and... yeah, Cam Clarke voiced both which made me laugh ? I'm looking to draw silly doodles based on weird contrasts between characters certain VAs voiced (for example, Sonny the Cocoa Puffs bird voicing Lion-O) I'm looking for more obscure ones, so I'd avoid answers with Tara Strong or Rob Paulsen or Jim Cummings ;u;
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    This is a SCUMBOB episode because the ending is sad. I miss the days when we had amazing endings like in Bumper to Bumper and Sportz
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    Gonna be quite honest, I have honestly no idea what there is to like here. The pacing here is slow and boring as hell, Patrick's characterization is very weak (and although his jerkishness was caused by letting the power get to his head, how it's handled otherwise and his supposed realization that he was wrong feel more forced than anything else), there is borderline no humor (the "That's our line!" joke is rather forgettable and feels more weak than anything), and other than that, the ending here is among the worst endings of the entire show. Throughout the episode, I already disliked how they treated Squidward for wanting ice cream but trapping him in a cage is going more than a bit too far. While I don't find this episode to be the absolute worst out there, it sure does give claims that 9b is "great" a major flaw . 3/10 (BAD episode)
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    Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
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    So, this is my least favorite episode of 9B, and the only one that I find to be bad. This episode, for the most part, is pretty boring and not funny, but it has flaws that knock it down to a bad instead of an ok or meh. For one, Patrick’s charcterization is bad here. Like in episodes such as Yours, Mine, and Mine, he’s a big jerk here, doing things like eating spongebob’s ice cream and mixing up the sand. I know he apologizes, but then he blames it on science, when in reality it was his own fault, so it’s not a good apology. For second, Squidward’s scenes are kinda stupid. He goes zany over ice cream, which feels a bit ooc. It’s one thing if he wants ice cream, thats fine, it’s the fact he’s so zany and hyperactive with it that feels ooc. Additionally, he’s treated poorly just for wanting ice cream too. For third, Sandy also feels a bit ooc too. She should know that people wouldn’t like being watched for research and such in that beginning moment. And finally, there’s the terrible ending, where they lock squidward in a cage for “research”. It’s like when they blame science in the end, They say it’s science’s fault for what patrick did, and they research squidward by locking him in a cage, which is really.... bad. He just wanted some ice cream. Considering all these flaws, and the fact that there’s not much else I like here due to it being overall pretty boring and lacking in good jokes, that makes this overall a bad episode to me. 3/10
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    Yeah, I just can't get into Man Ray Returns. Yes, Man Ray was a villain but clearly he just wanted to have a nice vacation. He didn't plan an evil scheme or anything. What SpongeBob and Patrick does makes sense but I find them annoying throughout not because they harm Man Ray, because they are oblivious and annoying. The episode wasn't bad however because climax still got some entertainment and I gotta admit EVIL NEVER TAKES A VACATION was a fine gag. One nitpick I'll give is that I didn't like how Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy was treated here. It felt like a forced fan service and it was distasteful. Nevertheless, the episode was nothing but a mediocre piece to me but I understand the appeal. Bubbletown was soooo good. Great world building and hilarious dark comedy. I agree about pacing and a plot with no direction. Rest was sweet and a good sequel to Bubble Buddy.
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    Nickelodeon somehow keeps getting more pathetic and I didn't knew that it was possible.
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    tmw Vincent Walter actually replied to my tweet I'm famous
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    mega man x6 for best game of the MMX series or is it the best?
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    You hit Jumbo Shrimp, giving you 700 dbs! Try again in 13 hours! You hit Gary, giving you jack! Try again in 19 hours!
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    Behold! The Screwballing! This is just proof of concept and the final could change at any time. I'm currently debating on whether or not the ancient comic format should be revived or these should be fully "animated" and voiced.
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    "We have ideas for years!"
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    Goddamn it, I can't message him because i lost message privvilege(along with status, shout, blog, discord)
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    aw thanks guys :3 The backgrounds in this one aren't good (in my opinion) so drawing backgrounds in digital art is something I will continually work on. Anyways, this ones for @President Squidward because he's awesome. :3 Give it up for Maurizio!
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    The last few minutes are insulting. Patrick has a chance to at least recognize his flaw, but blames it all on science itself. Not Sandy who manipulated him, or him for being manipulated, but science. And then he's fine with luring an out of character zany Squidward into a cage for a scientific experiment. The ending is so horrendous that this is in my bottom 10.
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    "I didn't care about the sand, I just wanted to observe you acting naturally. So I hid microphones and cameras around your house---" - Sandy This episode was pure genius! The animation, the characters, even the music, all of it added together to create a great episode! The plot is: Sandy wants to study behavioral phycology on the folks of Bikini Bottom, although the Bottomites don't enjoy this, so Sandy decides to study SpongeBob and Patrick. It is shown that both SpongeBob and Pat are shy around cameras, so Sandy sends them to collect one bucket of white sand and one of black, while they're gone Sandy starts hiding cameras and microphones around SpongeBob's pineapple home. When SpongeBob and Patrick return they are completely clueless to the cameras around them. Sandy then starts spying on them through a fake ice cream truck. I really liked the running gag in this episode of Squidward attempting to get free ice cream from Sandy's truck, and always failing. This episode was complete gold in my opinion, it seemed like an episode straight from Season 4. Overall I would give this episode a happy 9/10. A GREAT episode! I highly recommend it!
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    Just rewatched it, and I'm sorry, but I just couldn't enjoy it whatsoever. The whole episode just felt really boring and creatively bankrupt. They could've done SO MUCH MORE with a concept like this... and didn't. The plot didn't even really kick in until the second half, and it felt like it was over as soon as it started. The SpongeBob/Patrick conflict is actually not my biggest grievance with this episode, but maybe that's because it felt so forced in that I couldn't even react to it. It's like they realized "oh right, we have a plot" and had to fill in time somehow, but their whole conflict just came off really forced and dull. None of the gags were really funny either (I didn't smirk or chuckle at any of them), and Squidward was really forced into it for no reason, especially for the pretty lame ending. Not the worst Season 9 episode, but I was just so bored throughout it. It just disappoints me, as the episode idea was good... it's just the execution was severely lacking, and again, really boring. As others have said, the concept could've been really cool if Sandy had say, followed SpongeBob and Patrick around in secret, but instead they wasted it for what was essentially a bottle episode. Even then, the whole "experiment" didn't even kick in until the second half, and was botched anyways. Oh well, you can't win them all. Grade: D
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    One of my least favorite of the season. It's really really boring, and Squidward gets shoehorned in just to get tortured. While it's not much, it's unnecessary. Also, jerky Patrick returns for about the second half of this episode. I heard people try to justify it because he kind of apologized at the end, but no, instead he specifically says, "I blame science". It's not justified and it's extremely annoying to watch. Overall, I give it like a 3.5/10. It's not nearly as bad as Squid Baby, Little Yellow Book, and Spongebob You're Fired, but it's still awful nonetheless.
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    One of the most boring episodes ever. I expected Sandy to follow SB and Pat around during the day and observe them in secret, or something like that anyway... but instead we got 11 minutes of SpongeBob and Patrick staying in the same place and Patrick being an out of character ass. The only remotely funny joke was the running gag of Squidward trying to get free ice cream, and like Fa said to me in PC, it's bad when minor Squid abuse is the best part of an episode. Great premise, beyond lackluster execution. 2/10
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    Uh, 4/10? It coulda been worse yet it wasted so much I'm not sure if I can even give this a proper grade after 10 viewings. Also: WHY WAS SQUIDWARD IN THIS, THERE WAS NO POINT BESIDES THAT AWFUL ENDING
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    Let’s just hate Cave Dwelling Sponge instead
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    you didnt even win moderator lmmao you are garbage
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