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    Sufferer of a bad episode of gross out gags. Fuckin’ tragic. Discuss him here and his last moments on this Earth.
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    "I've gotta use your toilet." Notice the use of the word "your" in this sentence. Patrick is acknowledging that the toilet's owner is not himself, but an entirely separate individual. And which individual is he addressing? Squidward. And whose house was the toilet in? Squidward's. Sure, Patrick may have committed the unforgivable act on the toilet, but is he the sole proprietor of the toilet? I think not. Therefore, it is significantly more appropriate for the topic to be titled "Squidward's dying toilet" rather than "Patrick's dying toilet". Case closed. You're welcome.
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    I’m fucking shaking with rage I can’t believe patrick got away with literal murder I would go to his house and kill him myself if I had the power
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    How can possibly worst episode of the week be ever 13th best...
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    Have a hug for the holidays , try out SBC's new react today!
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    On this day, Pat the Horse made millions all over the nation participate in Destroy Dick December...
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    I've barely paid attention to anything this year lol
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    #13 When it comes to return episodes in season 11, they focused on iconic characters like Doodlebob or Spot, so it is a surprise that the best returns episode is the one everyone had the least expectations on. Grandmum's the Word focuses on Plankton's grandma coming back and visiting the Krusty Krab, which she thinks Plankton owns, for her 90th birthday. Considering the episode that Plankton's grandma, or Lily as I will refer to her from now on, debuted in was a bad rehash of Imitation Krabs, it's super interesting to see the crew actually give her a personality and motivation for things. They portay her as a tough oldie, which isn't anything new to the show, but she manages to be an interesting character in the episode itself, and she is also a very funny one. Her crush on Squidward might be some of the best humor of the season. It is also great because it comes out of nowhere, and adds to her personality. It's also unexpected when she turns evil and steals the formula, and it is a well done twist in my opinion. The episode some solid jokes, like the one pathethic sob story later card and everyone dramtically saying "why" they did something stupid. It's also nice to see some alliance between Krabs and Plankton, and Plankton never breaks his promise. The episode also ends on a good note as well, instead of a dumb and stupid twist ending or something. The 2 flaws that I can find are the sign gag going to long and the gross out feeding joke, but the rest of it is really good, and the best return episode of season 11. Our next episode is only a 3/13 at best.
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    "Surrender" - Cheap Trick
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    "Paradise City" - Guns N Roses First time I heard this was at Universal Studios and I always seem to think of that memory each time I hear this song.
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    lowkey one of the most exciting yearly events on SBC tbh
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    Old thing of my order at ihop
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    I honestly still can't believe that this is really happened. It's so surreal, so hard to comprehend... Despite everything, I'm still sad. Maybe I didn't know Stephen personally, but I always admired him. I don't want to sound cliche, but Stephen was my inspiration. He and his yellow, porous creation. He shaped my sense of humor, he showed me what makes character memorable and entertaining. He and Spongebob were not just "part" of my childhood, Stephen and Spongebob were literally my childhood. But not only childhood, SpongeBob is big part of my life as a whole. I'm 17 now and I still watch new episodes and rewatch old episodes. I still hug my SpongeBob plush, listening to SpongeBob OSTs and reading SpongeBob comic books. I can't even imagine how my life would've turned out without SpongeBob. Stephen wasn't just inspiring, but also very humble and nice man. Many cartoon creators on Nick turned out to be... Not very good people, to say the least. But everyone loved Stephen. Shame, that I didn't met him... So, I just want to thank you, Stephen Hillenburg. Thank you for SpongeBob. Thank you for amazing memories. Thank you for many laughs. Thank you for inspiring me to draw and create my own stories and characters. Rest in peace.
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    Words cannot express what Stephen Hillenburg has given to me in my life. Countless laughs and smiles! Some of my best moments ever were thanks to him and I really have no clue where I'd be if it weren't for the show he created. I know my praising of SpongeBob can sometimes come across as facetious, but I want to make it clear, from the bottom of my heart, I adore this show and I standby every positive word I've ever said about it! The little bit of hyperbole I've used was only to exaggerate my love, not to by sarcastic or "troll" as it has occasionally come across to some people. Just clarifying that, because I've said a lot of positive things about the show and I'm sure you all know that I think it's absolute perfection and the greatest cartoon of all time. I meant all of that! Thank you so, so, so, so much for everything you've given us, Steve!!! It's so sad that you had to leave this world so young. The world is a lot worse off without your sense of humor and the love you provided, but we'll forever be grateful that you were here at all! Almost all of our lives were influenced by you for the better, which is the best thing you can say about anyone. Thank you!!! I don't know what happens after this life, but I can only hope that you're having the Best Day Ever somewhere right now!!! Goodbye and thank you for everything!!!
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    I think this is one of the only celebrity deaths I've legitimately cried at. Hillenburg changed the scope of television and especially animation and will be missed greatly. His work has made a humongous impact on my creative process and style of humor today, and I solidly believe there will never, ever, ever be another cartoon that will be able to capture the charisma and charm of SpongeBob. Stephen Hillenburg was a genius. RIP. I may not watch Spongebob as much as I used to, but I've recently been getting back into it and wow, this just really devastated me, honestly. Side note- I'm actually listening to Spongebob and Patrick Confront The Psychic Wall Of Energy and I didn't even see the first post yet. That song really is amazing. I was actually crying to it pretty hard last night.
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    Stephen, I’m sorry I never got to know you personally. I would have loved to meet you. Rest in peace you legend.
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    When I heard this news yesterday, I felt so sad that I cried the rest of the evening cuz I felt that I lost someone important in my life. I know I didn't know the man personally, but Steve Hillenburg will always be known as the one who had the biggest influence in my life (just as he probably did for all of us here in the SpongeBob Community). Through his creation of SpongeBob, I learned to laugh at cartoons, I learned to draw cartoons, I was inspired to write fanfiction, and I've been inspired to pursue my interest and follow my dream to be a cartoonist so that I too can one day create something that will have just as big an impact as SpongeBob and bring joy to people of all ages. I can easily say that without him creating SpongeBob, I wouldn't be who I am today thanks to the impact he left on both children and adults alike with his creation. If I had an aquarium fish tank, I would definitely stick a picture of SpongeBob at the bottom of the glass just like he was said to have done while creating his show. I never imagined that after he was diagnosed with ALS that he would go as soon as this, but I respect how he continued doing what he loved until the end and I can only hope to that he was surrounded by loved ones in his final moments. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and everyone at Nickelodeon who had the pleasure of working with him. RIP Stephen Hillenburg, you will be missed.
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    this is truly one of saddest day ever for SB fans from all of us here on SBC...we'll miss you RIP
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    The legacy you’ve left on us and millions – hell, even billions – of children and adults from all around the globe is unremarkable. I always had a vast amount of respect for you, your great sense of humor, and your brilliant talent, and I still do. Amazing how you managed to bring together groups from all sorts of people from all different backgrounds, including one as great as this site. Thank you.
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    Rest in peace to a man who created something truly special, something that will be remembered by many, including me, for years to come. I was introduced to SpongeBob in the earlier years of my childhood. It sparked a lifelong love of animation in general, and still inspires many of the things I create and do. Even though I've went through several different interests over the years, SB has always been one of the few things that I consistently come back to, because of how it captivated me as a young lad, and still, especially now, continues to surprise me at 19 years old. Farewell, Hillenburg. You'll always be number one in my heart.
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    R.I.P Stephen, and thank you for giving us what we have today.
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