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    Sufferer of a bad episode of gross out gags. Fuckin’ tragic. Discuss him here and his last moments on this Earth.
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    "I've gotta use your toilet." Notice the use of the word "your" in this sentence. Patrick is acknowledging that the toilet's owner is not himself, but an entirely separate individual. And which individual is he addressing? Squidward. And whose house was the toilet in? Squidward's. Sure, Patrick may have committed the unforgivable act on the toilet, but is he the sole proprietor of the toilet? I think not. Therefore, it is significantly more appropriate for the topic to be titled "Squidward's dying toilet" rather than "Patrick's dying toilet". Case closed. You're welcome.
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    I’m fucking shaking with rage I can’t believe patrick got away with literal murder I would go to his house and kill him myself if I had the power
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    How can possibly worst episode of the week be ever 13th best...
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    Have a hug for the holidays , try out SBC's new react today!
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    On this day, Pat the Horse made millions all over the nation participate in Destroy Dick December...
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    I've barely paid attention to anything this year lol
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    NOW that is an adorable horse!
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    My cat turned off my computer when I was almost finished with a drawing, and I didn't save it before hand. 😠
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    #13 When it comes to return episodes in season 11, they focused on iconic characters like Doodlebob or Spot, so it is a surprise that the best returns episode is the one everyone had the least expectations on. Grandmum's the Word focuses on Plankton's grandma coming back and visiting the Krusty Krab, which she thinks Plankton owns, for her 90th birthday. Considering the episode that Plankton's grandma, or Lily as I will refer to her from now on, debuted in was a bad rehash of Imitation Krabs, it's super interesting to see the crew actually give her a personality and motivation for things. They portay her as a tough oldie, which isn't anything new to the show, but she manages to be an interesting character in the episode itself, and she is also a very funny one. Her crush on Squidward might be some of the best humor of the season. It is also great because it comes out of nowhere, and adds to her personality. It's also unexpected when she turns evil and steals the formula, and it is a well done twist in my opinion. The episode some solid jokes, like the one pathethic sob story later card and everyone dramtically saying "why" they did something stupid. It's also nice to see some alliance between Krabs and Plankton, and Plankton never breaks his promise. The episode also ends on a good note as well, instead of a dumb and stupid twist ending or something. The 2 flaws that I can find are the sign gag going to long and the gross out feeding joke, but the rest of it is really good, and the best return episode of season 11. Our next episode is only a 3/13 at best.
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    "Surrender" - Cheap Trick
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    First hearing about this really brought down my mood the other day. It's crazy how fast his disease took its toll. Taken away from this earth far too soon. He, without a doubt, was one of the masterminds behind what made my childhood so special. I may not have been the biggest fan of the show in my later years, hell I was just another one of those people who began gradually tuning out after the first movie, but those first couple of seasons (and even some later episodes that I've given a chance since) brought me many laughs. The gift of laughter is something that I consider to be truly special and I can't thank you enough for the laughs and good memories that you've provided for me as well as whole generations of other people. Your work and contributions have both impacted and influenced a good chunk of my own. Much like Stan Lee, you've lived a life and leave behind a legacy most can only dream of imparting onto the world, a legacy that I'm sure will keep your memory alive for many years to come. Rest in paradise, Mr. Hillenburg.
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    When I first heard the news (first thing I heard when I woke up too, damn), I was utterly shocked and depressed. I think it really fucked my whole day up and my overall mood. This is the man who not only created my childhood and one of my favorite cartoons of all time, but he also created my favorite cartoon character I'm very passionate about (Squidward). Hillenburg and his wonderful show and crew is WHAT got me interested in animation and made me discover awesome people to talk about the show with when I started using the internet. And now I'm absolutely saddened I'll never get to meet him. I'm very happy to hear he from the talented crew that he was a kind-hearted young man, and it's such a pity that he had to suffer with ALS and pass so soon before his creation became 20 years old. I want to thank him for all the memories I have related to SpongeBob, whether it be IRL, a funny moment from an episode or a funny conversation I've had with one of you guys. I hope Stephen is resting peacefully and in a happy place. Godspeed.
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    I could revel in the entire gamut of cliches to articulate what an impact this man has left, both in his creations and in his signature kindness. I could mention how this one television show has united every single member of this website: without it, we would never be bundled in a warm cozy community. I could throw in some anecdotes about the magnitude of influence the series imprinted on me in my formative years, how it shaped me and my personality in their explicit and more subtle aspects. But I'll eschew all conventions just to say this. Thank you, Hillenburg. Thank you for delivering your message of optimism and creativity through this cartoon. You have brought a profusion of joy to children around the world. Rich kid, poor kid, everyone is tethered to a web of intimacy through the exchange of SpongeBob quotes and moments. You have molded an entire generation in a way some claim is harmful to young attention spans, but I personally believe is a positive force in this universe. You were there when we laughed; you were there when we cried. But every time life brings the most buoyant souls down to hollow depths, we can always be assured a temporary escape into a colorful, vibrant world inhabited by an anthropomorphic sponge living in a pineapple under the sea who, at his best, is the embodiment of love. Perhaps I might be exaggerating. There may be bad episodes, bad seasons, bad eras of the show. Some would argue that it hasn't been good for over a decade. But those fond memories that have been left by the best episodes will remain there forever. Thank you, Hillenburg, I don't know what my childhood would be without you. god i'm so pretentious
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    Stephen basically made my childhood. I can't think of myself living my life without SpongeBob. RIP Stephen, you will always be remembered, you're truly a legend.
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    It just seems unreal to think that Stephen Hillenburg would pass so soon after Stan Lee did. It's one thing to lose someone as old as Stan Lee was, but it still felt like Stephen Hillenburg was cut down in the prime of his life. It's going to be difficult to move on and carry on without him, but I hope that Stephen Hillenburg would want us to carry on the best we can. After all, I think one of the biggest themes of "Spongebob Squarepants", was to always enjoy yourself, no matter what obstacles come your way, and to always make the best out of any situation. I'll always appreciate Stephen Hillenburg for creating this great series, and we shall do our best to honor his memory, by continuing to watch this great series for however long it ends up lasting. Rest in peace, Stephen Hillenburg. You will be missed.
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    [See SBM post for larger tribute highlighting the integrity and respect of Stephen Hillenburg). Twas only a little over a year and a half ago Stephen was diagnosed with ALS. I always assumed the series would finish before his unfortunate passing (I assumed he'd live until at least the late 20's). The worldwide impact Stephen's had on animation and generations of children is remarkable. As such an animation fan, I pay my respects to one of the most prestigious men in modern animation history. I've always looked up to his work in a way for inspiration, and while my interests in the Sponge have shifted, the endless hours of stories both good and bad, have entertained and shaped a significant chunk of my childhood. He was a man with simple passion and love for the sea-life. The work of Stephen and all his writers are solidified in animation history. To that, thank you Stephen Hillenburg. Your character has left a tremendous impact worldwide, may you rest in peace.
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    When I got off work yesterday it was so weird to see this news. Of course I had heard Stephen Hillenburg was diagnosed with ALS but it feels like that just happened... what a terrible disease to have taken him so fast. I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said, but this man had a huge positive impact on an entire generation and certainly changed my life for the better. This place was my introduction to online communities, something that's helped me through a lot of tough times in my life. SpongeBob has also been vital in giving me something to laugh at when I really needed it, and its cultural impact just cannot be overstated. You can quote it to almost anyone in our generation and inspire huge laughter. Look no further than the countless memes for the impact this man had. Can't wait to show my own kids his creation one day.
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    Lots of pain went through my heart when I saw the news, truly heartbreaking. Stephen was my role model for all the years I had been drawing cartoons and wanting to become a cartoonist one day. He was my one and only inspiration that kept me going and his very own creation is what kept me on my feet throughout the hardest moments of all my life. All the struggles could be fought by that yellow sponge of his, he was a great man and had passion, he kept coming in to work on his show despite his disease, the wicked ALS. Also you know, there were so many sexual harassers, pedophiles, or straight up jerks who made major cartoons for Nick, but their most major cartoon had been made by an excellent man who had done none of these things yet was victimized by ALS. Hillenburg will go down as one of the greatest cartoonists and simply one of the best people to ever live on this planet. Condolences to his family and may he finally rest in peace.
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    Having seen ALS take someone in my life before, I can only hope Stephen suffered as little as possible at the end. Although SpongeBob hasn't been the compelling reason I come here in a long time, it was for a long time and even before SBC, it was an important cartoon for an important and difficult time in my life. We can debate the quality of the newer seasons and whether the older ones are as unquestionably good as we sometimes remember, but we can't debate the formative impact the show had on us at some point in our lives and that is all because of Stephen and his vision for a great cartoon. You will be greatly missed Mr. Hillenburg.
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