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    Sufferer of a bad episode of gross out gags. Fuckin’ tragic. Discuss him here and his last moments on this Earth.
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    My cat turned off my computer when I was almost finished with a drawing, and I didn't save it before hand.
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    Have a hug for the holidays , try out SBC's new react today!
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    I’m fucking shaking with rage I can’t believe patrick got away with literal murder I would go to his house and kill him myself if I had the power
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    Episode 5: Squidward Chat! With your host, Squidward Tentacles! : Greetings after a long hiatus, viewers! Thank you for being so patient. So very, very patient. : God is dead, Squidward. : rimshot : He sure is, SpongeBob! As a matter of fact, that's a good segue into our news portion of the show! The most important event that happened recently was that our literal creator, Stephen Hillenburg, died of ALS on November 26, 2018. A tragic, painful death for a man who technically should be beyond our comprehension. : When has this show ever made logical sense, Squidward ol' pal? DAHAHAHAHAHA : Speaking of making no logical sense, our very special guest today is what some would call "God Part 2." Please welcome Stephen Hillenburg's sole heir, Paul Tibbitt! : Welcome to the program, Paul! Please take a seat. : I can't. : Why's that? : I'm gonna tear these shorts. : Oh, I see. Say, have you lost weight? : No personal questions, please. : I apologize. Now let's get to the nitty gritty: how have you felt since your companion's death? : Quite frankly, it was exactly what I wanted. : W-w-wait, what? : Do you seriously think that after so many people online thought I ruined your guys' show, that there was no truth to any of it? : What show? Squidward Chat? How could you have ruined it? : I'm not talking about Squidward Chat you bumfuck sponge, I'm talking about your show. SpongeBob SquarePants! : I HAVE A SHOW!? : Yes! Stephen created you all so he can broadcast your existence on cable television. : *whispering* SpongeBob, get the bat from the closet in the kitchen. : Anyways, I hated Stephen for many years now. I never created anything good under my name, and here he was parading his stupid show about a bunch of sea creatures. Now that his ALS finally got to him, though, I can finally enact my plan of revenge! I will finally get to ruin SpongeBob like many thought I already did, and nobody will be there to stop me! MUAHAHAH- : thunk : Oh thank Neptune, SpongeBob. That was the most insane babbling I've heard in my life. : Any time, Squidward! : Well, viewers, I hope I didn't traumatize you too much this time. Thank you for watching! -end credits start playing-
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    "I've gotta use your toilet." Notice the use of the word "your" in this sentence. Patrick is acknowledging that the toilet's owner is not himself, but an entirely separate individual. And which individual is he addressing? Squidward. And whose house was the toilet in? Squidward's. Sure, Patrick may have committed the unforgivable act on the toilet, but is he the sole proprietor of the toilet? I think not. Therefore, it is significantly more appropriate for the topic to be titled "Squidward's dying toilet" rather than "Patrick's dying toilet". Case closed. You're welcome.
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    An out of context conversation on Sketchtoy.
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    On this day, Pat the Horse made millions all over the nation participate in Destroy Dick December...
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    How can possibly worst episode of the week be ever 13th best...
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    Actually celebrate Christmas and get presents. :<
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    121. Princess Meritel The heroes are seen walking with Meritel and Elana through Rainbow Forest, looking for any signs of suspicious activity. They all stop in front of a large, beautiful rainbow lake. “This lake is pretty. I should try drawing this, if only I had brought my art supplies.” Audrey said, seeing the rainbow colors. “It is a very nice lake. In fact, it reminds me of a lake I saw a long time ago, back when Central Karmania was a much different place...” Meritel reminisced, looking at her reflection in the water, having regretful thoughts. “Is that water drinkable?” Nick asked curiously. “I...would advise against drinking that water.” Elana replied. “What, would it turn us into monsters or something? I sure hope not.” Nick asked, as they laugh at this, except for Meritel. “I see she’s a tough one to please with jokes.” Cynthia said. “Oh...I did not know it was a joke.” Meritel replied awkwardly, trying to ignore it. “Anyways...we’ve been out on this nature search for like thirty minutes, and there’s still no sign of any weird monsters like that honey bear or those teeth creatures.” Tori said. “Yeah, I don’t think we’re going to find the source of whatever’s been causing problems in Karmania lately out here.” Jake realized. “Wherever the recent monster attacks originated from, they must have been coordinated in a faraway kingdom.” Zero hypothesized. “So we’re basically back to square one.” Trent said. “Probably, but we can rest for now. This area is nice.” Elana said, looking around at the lake and forest surrounding them. “Yeah, this place is so relaxing.” Roxy said, feeling the nature and fairy animals around. The gang then decides to relax in front of the lake, taking a break. Diggy then approaches the lake in hiking gear, holding the silver goblet he got from Gideon. He puts it into the rainbow water, and takes a sip from the goblet. “Hey Diggy, I don’t think you should be drinking that-” Jake was saying. “Wow, this rainbow water is GREAT! We could turn these into popular Karmanian drinks...” Diggy pondered, looking at the rainbow water in his goblet. “Well if he likes it, it must be good.” Madison said sarcastically. Meritel then looks at the silver goblet Diggy is holding curiously. “Mole creature named Diggy, that goblet you have...may I see it?” Meritel asked. “Ah, I see I already have my first customer for our rainbow water! Sure, knock yourself out.” Diggy said, as he walks over and hands Meritel the silver goblet. “Where did you get this?” Meritel asked. “It’s a valuable prize we received yesterday when Branton, Porky and I were doing our salesmen jobs.” Diggy explained. “This goblet reminds me of a cup my brother used to have, long ago...” Meritel said. “You mean Gideon, right? You’ve never talked about my uncle before.” Elana realized. “Do tell.” Cynthia said, curious. “I don’t know. Families are tricky. You might know what I mean, right?” Meritel asked. “I sure do.” Madison replied. “We have to go back aways. Back when I was around your ages...” Meritel was saying. Meritel stares at the silver goblet, and goes deep in thought. She begins to have a flashback to when she was a young girl, decades ago... The young Meritel is seen wandering through an old village, close to an older incarnation of the Central Karmania castle nearby. Several old versions of the soldiers are walking around. “Hello there, Princess Meritel!” a villager greeted to her, standing outside his store, as Meritel happily waves back to him. “Hello, shop keeper!” Meritel replied back to him. As Meritel keeps walking, she hears a cry for help. “Help, thieves, somebody!” the voice yelled. She runs forward, and sees a villager being robbed by three bandit beasts, who are chameleons. They hiss, as they run off toward Western Karmania with the stolen goods. “I’ll get your goods back, sir!” Meritel said to the villager, as she helps him off the ground. “Thank you young princess!” the villager replied, as Meritel chases after the bandits. Meritel looks at the Western Karmania desert ahead a bit nervous, but faces her fear and sets foot into the kingdom. She looks around through the desert for the bandits, as she tries to follow their footsteps left behind in the sand. One of the bandit chameleons is blending in with the sand nearby. It then jumps out of hiding to attack Meritel. “Girls like you shouldn’t be out in the desert!” the chameleon bandit hissed, holding two daggers, slashing them through the air. The remaining two bandits jump out of the sand, cornering Meritel as well. “You’d attack a lone, innocent girl? You bandits are awful people!” Meritel said, as they hiss. Before the three can attack, Meritel holds out the Stone of Light. The bandits look at it curiously. “That would sell for a high price! Give it!” one of the chameleon bandits said, charging to her. Meritel makes the Stone of Light form a shield around her, protecting her from the bandits, as they slam right into it. “Nice try, but this artifact was crafted to protect the princesses of Central Karmania!” Meritel bragged to the bandits, as they get up irritated. Meritel then makes the shield around her go away. She activates the stone’s power again and throws it like a boomerang. It hits the three bandits in their heads, knocking them out, as they collapse into the sand. The stone returns right to her hand, as she laughs at the knocked out bandits. She then picks up the stolen goods, and heads back to Central Karmania, delivering them to the villager. “Thank you, princess! Here, take some of my money!” the villager said, offering her Keso coins. “No thanks, seeing my people happy is the only reward I need.” Meritel replied. “You’d make a great ruler someday, princess! Take care!” the villager replied to her, as he heads back to his home. Hearing this makes Meritel happy, as she heads up to the castle. Nearby, she sees a warthog beast being interrogated by several soldiers, who looks scared. Meritel feels bad for the beast, but she keeps walking to the castle entrance. A younger Orion then bumps into her. “Oops, my-my bad, m’lady!” Orion apologized to her nervously, as he blushes. “I think you should be on your way now.” Meritel replied. “Yes ma’am!” Orion replied, as he runs off. Meritel looks at him in the distance, smiling. She walks to the entrance, as the guards let her pass. She enters inside the throne room, seeing her parents. Her mother is wearing the queen outfit, and her father is by her side, in a king outfit. “Meritel, my precious daughter, welcome back! What were you up to?” Meritel’s mother asked. “I helped a villager get his goods back from some nasty chameleon bandits. The Stone of Light protected me, so don’t worry, I’m not helpless.” Meritel explained. “I’m glad you’re safe daughter, but be more careful out there. There’s so many evil beasts that could hurt you!” Meritel’s father said. “Yes, that stone can’t protect you from every monster. Still though, that stone is quite the mystical item. The fact it survived being thrown into a volcano by your great grandfather, it truly is a strong artifact...” Meritel’s mother said curiously. “Speaking of beasts, I noticed this one outside the castle was being a tad unfairly interrogated. I don’t think that one was bad.” Meritel said to them. “Don’t pay those beasts any mind, they are all evil, horrible creatures! We shouldn’t even allow them in our kingdom...” Meritel’s father warned. “But not all of them are bad, I can feel it. A lot of them are probably just misguided or corrupted.” Meritel replied. “I admire you for trying to see decency in those savages, but some are too far gone. As you know, your great grandmother did not have a great experience with them. A savage group tried to declare war on Central Karmania long ago and took away her husband. She struck back with much force against that group, sending them away. It’s why she pushed for strict moderation on the beasts in our domain, and why I have continued that legacy of hers.” Meritel’s mother explained. “What happened back then was awful, but not all beasts can be like that. Maybe we could be more understanding to them. I’m sure there’s good ones out there who would be willing to serve the kingdom.” Meritel said. “Hmm, a lot of them can be untrustworthy. Your brother Gideon also agrees that they are not worth being respected, and only views them as tools for war.” Meritel’s father said, making Meritel concerned. “Speaking of family, darling, you should spend more time with your brother Gideon. You rarely ever speak to him.” Meritel’s mother insisted. “...I don’t know. Gideon and I have...a weird relationship. We’re not really close, we never were. Maybe it’s because he’s older than me and is always working on...whatever he does in the plains. I don’t know how to feel about him.” Meritel replied, unsure how to feel. “That’s why you should try to fix that blemish in your relationship! As a future queen, it is important to know your family and allies well. Speaking of which, your father and I will be taking a royal trip to Brighton. While we’re gone, we’ve arranged for you to spend a few days with your brother at his forest camp. This will be the perfect bonding experience for you two, and this is not up for debate.” Meritel’s mother explained. Meritel isn’t particularly happy to hear this, but accepts it anyways. “...Fine, I guess.” Meritel replied, shrugging. “Your Aunt Dolly and Cousin Cecil will also be there for you to spend time with. Be nice to them.” Meritel’s father added. “Cousin Cecil is kind of funny I guess, and Aunt Dolly is sweet. Okay, I’ll try to get along with them.” Meritel replied. A royal chariot rides beyond the castle area, heading into the plains in the distance. Meritel looks out from the chariot at the plains, as she sees a few beasts hard at work in the fields, wearing prison shackles. The chariot stops in front of an old, run down log cabin with a camp set outside of it. Gideon, Dolly and Cecil are waiting for them, waving to Meritel and her parents. Gideon is wearing a tan work shirt and brown pants, with a silver cape around him. Dolly and Cecil are also wearing similar attire. Meritel gets out of the chariot, greeting the three. “Hey everyone, I’ll be with you for a few days.” Meritel greeted. “Oh, that’s lovely! It’s always a pleasure to be with you, dear!” Aunt Dolly said happily. “Hello, princess sister. Welcome to my humble forest, or work site, as I prefer to identify it as.” Gideon said. “You have such a way for words, which is what I expect for the prince!” Meritel’s father laughed. “Cecil, you got a lot taller since the last time we met.” Meritel realized, approaching him. “Naturally, I am a gentleman of high standing.” Cecil joked. “Oh Cousin Cecil!” Meritel said, laughing. “Before we depart, here’s a gift you can give to your brother. It might help.” Meritel’s mother said to her, handing her a “World’s Greatest Brother” cup. Meritel then shows the cup to Gideon, who looks at it admirably. “Why thank you, sister. Ah yes, I’m a great brother! The cup proclaims it so!” Gideon said, fascinated. “See, you two can talk! These next three days will be the most interaction you’ve had in the past few years!” Meritel’s father said, chuckling. “We’ll be back soon! Get along you two!” Meritel’s mother said, as the chariot rides off to Brighton. Meritel, Gideon, Dolly and Cecil wave to the chariot, as it heads off. Meritel tries to head into the cabin, but Gideon stops her. “My apologies sister, but this cabin is not suitable for living in, hence the campsite we have set up. We will fix it up, but for now you will have to sleep outside.” Gideon explained. “That’s okay, I like the outdoors anyways. The trees around here are lovely, would be a shame if they were taken away. They really make this place stand out on its own.” Meritel noticed. Meritel then looks to see some of the beast workers hard at work in the plains, and a few are tired out. “Those beasts seem like they could use a break...” Meritel said, concerned. “Do not concern yourself about them, sister. The Karmanian beasts are only tools to be used by others, nothing more. They could have chosen lives of treachery, but I spared them by allowing them to work for me. We are royalty, they are not worth our time! Hey, get back to work you monsters!” Gideon said coldly. He yells at the beast workers, as they immediately get back to work, scared of Gideon. Meritel feels bad for the beasts. “What exactly do you do out here, anyways?” Meritel asked Gideon. “We’re working to expand the kingdom into these plains, but of course we can’t do it alone. The beasts do all the tedious tasks for us, while we handle the important, adult matters. I have big plans for this area...” Gideon said cryptically. “Can I help?” Meritel asked. “Of course, sister! Our next plan was to renovate this old, dusty log cabin. We also need to water the flora in these plains.” Gideon explained, looking at the old trees. Meritel, Gideon, Dolly and Cecil get to work. They try to fix up the cabin, and then start to water the trees and plants nearby. As Gideon is watering the fields, he stops and feels against a golden tree in the heart of the group of trees. He then looks at the cabin, and gets an idea. Later at night, Gideon uses his ax to cut at the golden tree, and he chops it down. He then chops down the rest of the trees in the area, showing all stumps. The next morning, Meritel gets out of her tent and walks to the plains. She sees all the tree stumps, including the golden stump in the middle of the former forest. “...What? What? Whaaaat!?” Meritel yelled, confused. Gideon is seen riding on a yak creature, which is pulling a wagon from behind with lots of bags inside of it. He stops it in front of Meritel. “Morning, sister.” Gideon greeted. “Brother, all the trees and plants are gone!” Meritel said, confused. “I know. I chopped them all down last night, especially that magnificent golden one!” Gideon explained, as Meritel isn’t sure how to feel about him trying to change Central Karmania like this. She is seen on the back of the wagon, as the yak creature keeps walking to pull the wagon. “Yesterday, I came to the realization that those trees weren’t being used to their full potential. So I elected to renovate that broken old cabin into something beautiful with our surroundings.” Gideon explained. He takes her back to the log cabin, which is now made of gold and wood from the other trees. Dolly and Cecil are putting the finishing touches on it, as they hammer in the roof. “This is the first step of building my glorious new kingdom. I’ve already crafted the plans for it.” Gideon explained, showing Meritel a paper with his kingdom plans. “This area will be apartments! And did you notice the family crest I designed? It’s a G, for...uh, gold.” Gideon said, as the family crest shows Gideon’s face inside of the G. “...Why does it look like your head? And that color is silver, not gold.” Meritel asked curiously. “Hahaha, you’re adorable, sister! We’re a lifestyle brand now!” Gideon replied, as he grabs one of the bags from the cart. He opens it, and out of it falls multiple silver goblets and hats, all with his “G” crest logo on them. Later at night, Meritel sneaks out of the gold log cabin. Meritel holds out a potion and forms a light ball in her right hand. She throws both out into the plain, as both collide together. They explode and create a golden lake of water form in the circular area. “Success! Now instead of worrying about his dumb kingdom, brother can come to this lake to picnic, swim and fish with the family!” Meritel said happily. Meritel then sees a fish prisoner nearby, picking at the ground. She burns open his prisoner chains, surprising him. “Thank you, princess!” the fish creature said, surprised. “You look hurt. I’ll help fix you up.” Meritel said. Inside the golden log cabin, the fish creature is sitting at the kitchen table. Meritel is putting bandages and medicine over his body, helping him feel better. “Sister! What have you done to my building site!?” Gideon asked angrily, holding the “World’s Greatest Brother” cup, as he stands at the entrance. “I made a light lake for us, and I’ll put this fish dude in it!” Meritel said, as the fish beast stands up happily, feeling better. “But that’s where my gift shop was going to go! Now it’s just going to be nothing but water ball, fishing shenanigans and seafood!” Gideon ranted. “Sounds great!” the fish said. “Did you say you freed this creature? One of my...workers that kindly works for free?” Gideon asked. “Come on, you’ll appreciate him more when you see him swim around.” Meritel replied, taking the fish creature to the light lake. The fish creature jumps into the light lake, as he happily swims around it. Gideon sees this from the cabin window, annoyed and jealous of Meritel. “Sister, you’ve micromanaged me for the last time...” Gideon said ominously. He then throws the “World’s Greatest Brother” cup onto the ground, smashing its pieces all over the floor. Gideon looks out the window again, to see one of the prisoner beasts, which nervously looks away from Gideon. “Hmm...I think it’s time for my sister to be...rebranded.” Gideon said ominously, hatching a plan. Gideon, Meritel, Dolly and Cecil are at the dinner table. “Sister, now that I’ve had time to stare at it, I have to admit your lake was a very good idea...” Gideon said to her. “Yeah, a good idea!” Dolly added. “Very good!” Cecil added. “Aw, I’m so happy!” Meritel replied. “We got you a gift to say thanks, princess sister. It’s right outside!” Gideon said happily, raising his silver goblet. He takes her outside, showing her the yak creature he used for the wagon. “You’re giving me your creature?” Meritel asked curiously. “Yes, ride it to your heart’s content through these great open plains! Have fun!” Gideon said to her. “Wait, I-” Meritel was saying. “Alright you nut, have fun on your ride!” Cecil said, putting Meritel onto the yak’s back. Cecil then kicks the yak, as it goes running through the plains. Meritel barely hangs on, as she tries to control the creature. “...What a naive little child.” Gideon said ominously, as him, Dolly and Cecil have evil looks on their faces. Later that night, Meritel and the yak return to the gold log cabin. The yak lets her off, as she heads inside of the cabin. “I’m back from that terrible ride...” Meritel said, annoyed, and looks around the dark cabin. “Hello?” She then sees a secret door under the stairs was slightly left open, so she peeps inside of it. She sees below that Gideon, Dolly and Cecil are in a secret room. The fish creature she saved earlier is also in the room, tied up on a table nearby. “Thank you for coming to the mandatory optimization meeting. Tonight, we address “The Meritel Problem”.” Gideon said to Cecil and Dolly, showing a scroll with “Meritel: Bad Sister, Bad Lake, Bad Vibes” written on it. “Meritel problem...” Meritel whispered to herself, eavesdropping in on their plan. “Our future kingdom is on course to be a success, barring one obstacle: Our complete lack of competent leadership, since sister feels she rules my land now.” Gideon said. “Meritel’s our leader? I thought she was just along for the ride.” Cecil joked. “Oh Cousin Cecil!” Gideon and Dolly said at once. “Dang, that hurt Cecil...” Meritel said sadly, still listening in. “I have formulated a “monster juice” that will render her a docile and simpleminded Karmanian beast. “ Gideon explained, as Meritel gasps. “All we have to do is sprinkle some of it in her breakfast, and we’ll be in charge!” Gideon explained. Dolly and Cecil both clap. “Let us celebrate with coup d'état muffins.” Gideon said, holding out a tray of three silver muffins, as he brings the tray to the two. Cecil grabs the muffin on the left, and takes a bite of it. He then chokes upon realizing the monster serum is inside of it. “POISON MUFFIN!” Cecil yelled, dropping the muffin. A magic smoke covers him, as he then transforms into Gelatos. “Hey! Where am I?” Gelatos asked, looking around at the room. Dolly looks at this blankly and uncaringly. She then takes a bite of her muffin, and realizes it also has the monster serum in it. “Oh right, the poison.” Dolly realized awkwardly. The magic smoke also covers her, transforming her into Batty. “Uhh, I don’t know what’s happening!” Batty said, flapping her wings. “Wee! Wee!” Gelatos and Batty yell, as they circle around Gideon happily. “Ah, my first monster employees!” Gideon said, content. “Brother, what have you done!? This isn’t how it was supposed to be!” Meritel asked, as she jumps down into the room, confronting Gideon. “No, you wanted us to be lowly pet fish, swimming in your narcissistic pond! But I...am your equal.” Gideon said ominously, as Gelatos and Batty keep happily circling around him. “You’re not like me or our parents, brother! You’re bad!” Meritel said. “I am the future.” Gideon said evilly, holding out the magic potion bottle to turn Meritel into a Karmaian beast. Meritel then backs up against the wall, scared. “Come on sister, don’t run away from happiness. I’m going to fix you. And then, I’m going to fix your sniveling, naive parents too!” Gideon revealed. “You won’t hurt our parents!” Meritel said, as she holds out the Stone of Light. “Hah, a magic rock?” Gideon mocked, unthreatened by the stone. Meritel then throws the Stone of Light at Gideon’s potion bottle. It causes it to crack, and the magic liquid inside splashes all over Gideon’s body. “The juice...NOOOO!” Gideon yelled, as magic dust covers his body, and he begins to melt into a liquid pool in the ground. Out of the magic smoke, Gideon then transforms into Boboo, holding his bubble wand. “Uhuhuh, who wants to see me blow some bubbles!?” Boboo asked happily, blowing bubbles across the room with his wand. Boboo happily dances with Gelatos and Batty. Meritel then frees the fish creature again, as he too is happy. Meritel looks at Boboo/Gideon, Gelatos/Cecil and Batty/Dolly upset, knowing some of her family have been transformed into monsters, and they have no memory of her anymore. “What a mess. But yet...they do seem happier now. Hey, gelatin guy! Dance for me!” Meritel said, yelling to Gelatos. “Come on lady, do the Gelatos dance!” Gelatos bragged happily, as he dances. “Oh Gelatos, sure, I’ll dance with my...people. Yes, my people indeed. I think you monsters are good people deep down, despite what my ancestors may think about you all.” Meritel said. “Yaaay for the lady!” Gelatos cheered. “Call me princess. Princess Meritel.” Meritel said happily to the three monsters. “Hurrah!” Boboo, Gelatos and Batty cheered for her, as confetti shoots into the air. “...I’ll have to keep this a secret. My parents and the rest of the family can never know what truly occurred here...” Meritel said ominously, pondering what to do. Meritel leaves the gold log cabin with Boboo, Gelatos and Batty. She sends the three on their way, as they happily run off through the rest of Central Karmania to explore it. Meritel’s story ends, as she is shown still looking at the silver goblet back in the present. “...For real?” Elana asked her, surprised by Meritel’s story, as are all of the heroes. “Indeed, families are tricky.” Meritel said. Meritel then looks inside the silver goblet to see Gideon’s face imprinted at the bottom, in the G logo crest. Meritel then gasps and drops the goblet, as it rolls across the ground. “...Diggy, where did you get this cup from?” Meritel asked nervously. “Oh, it was from that guy. The guy on the cup, the guy whose face is on the cup, that guy...” Diggy was saying, as the goblet stops rolling and shows Gideon’s logo crest on the inside. Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Aunt Dolly and Cousin Cecil -We learn more about why Elana’s great grandmother hated the Karmanian beasts, first alluded to in “Spirit of the Tiger”. -The Stone of Light (from Season 1) reappears in Meritel’s flashback. -
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    Alright folks, let's get to the juicy part of the awards. The voting phase! Thanks to the nominations we've received (and after an hour of tie breaking), we've narrowed down to 4-6 nominees for each category, each bitin' for you vote! So what do you have to do? It's simple. Just send me a PM (or DM me on Discord if you have me friended. If you don't, feel free to send a friend request. My discord username is in my profile), featuring your votes for each category. (You can only vote one nominee per category) Then on (date still be confirmed), we will announce the winners live via Discord, so get your popcorn ready, and if you've been nominated, get your acceptance speech written and shaking hand cleaned. But first, let's go through the rules quickly. RULES 1. You must PM or Discord DM your votes to me, please do not post your votes in this thread. (Otherwise I'll confiscate your pizza rolls) 2. You cannot vote for yourself in any category. This also includes any spin-off/lits you've made. (Would be a bit unfair after all.) 3. You can only vote 1 nominee per category. No more, no less. 4. Please vote in at least one section (Member Categories, Spin-Off Categories, and Hall of Fame). Thankfully you're free to choose what section/s you want to do. --------------------------- That's the boring stuff done, here's the fun stuff. For this year, there are four goodies up for grabs for every winner... 1,000 doubloons (per category), an exclusive winner badge, an exclusive GCA trophy item for your iFish, and a graphics piece featuring your name and the category you won, which you're free to put in your signature if you wish. Alright, let's get this show on the road. Here are the nominees for this year's Golden Community Awards! REMINDER: Please PM me your votes! Please do not post them in this thread! I.) Member Categories II.) Spin-Off & Literature Categories III.) Hall of Fame So who will take home the gold? Only you can decide. No deadline at the moment so feel free to take your time when voting. Now get voting!
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    But... this was Squidward's dying toilet, not Patrick's get your fucking facts straight before you shitpost about a godly character ssssmsmmmmhhhhhh
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    I thought it was interesting backstory on how Meritel and her brother started it all. It was kind of sad seeing her realized how he did ruined it. Now we know why he did it in first place.
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    Great episode. I liked the exploration into Meritel's past and seeing how her/Elana's family history played out to present day. The reveal that Gideon, Dolly, and Cecil are Boboo, Batty, and Gelatos was interesting, as was seeing the stone of light again in the flashback.
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    Anything on this moodboard I make/update bi-annually in place of an actual wishlist, but out of all of these I really want the Ariel Rock Candy, Christopher Robin, the Pooh POP, the Patrick Christmas POP, Black Panther, and the Aurora POP.
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    Where Is the Love?-Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake
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    According to the mormons u can get rid of aids by making love to a frog
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    my fav part is when ronald’s administration called it a gay plague and laughed
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    Going through bad health as I'm sure lots of you know if you use the sbc discord. Words of encouragement for myself. Pardon my Maurizio, his head should've been more round. Plus his smile looks like the alleged CalArts style lmao Jacob was going to be in the drawing too but I drew too big and I'm too tired to redraw.
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    Season 11 is just alright. There were some spectacularly well done episodes like Karen's Virus, Goons on the Moon, and Plankton Paranoia and then there are the episodes that are either lame (like Old Man Patrick and Don't Feed the Clowns) or suffer from characters being written, well... out of character (such as Squirrel Jelly and Ink Lemonade). But for the most part, there were more great episodes so this season was probably the first actually good one in a while. I hope this trend keeps up in Season 12.
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    Sorry to hear, Prez I don’t think you should worry about not pulling it off well. In my mind the most important thing about art is inspiring others with it, whether through astonishment or giving the viewer a simple laugh. And let’s be honest, I’ve had a few of those in here. People have expressed that they like these drawing (as do I), and I personally think anything you draw will be pleasing because I’ve seen many unique artstyles on these forums and I appreciate all of them. That being said, if you don’t want to make those ideas and wait for better inspiration, that’s completely fine too. We may just be even more impressed if you spend that extra time working on the next big thing you decide to make.
  32. 1 point
    Don't worry Prez, this has happened to me too, take a break to think of some ideas if you need to.
  33. 1 point
    Your latest piece is truly
  34. 1 point
    Holy improvement overload, Prez.
  35. 1 point
    You are most certainly improving on your designs, my dude
  36. 1 point
    So apparently I haven’t found this topic up until now. nice Squnschpunsch art, I especially like the chess one. It’s fun to see Squidward get his ass kicked, Jacob’s presence being an added bonus enough said
  37. 1 point
  38. 1 point
    Well, I tried those who also released internationally, like Lays and Tuc. I enjoyed them a lot. Though, you have many way more interesting snacks I'd wanted to taste, but they still don't sale them here.
  39. 1 point
    Who doesn't, really? I'm fine right now. Well, I'm kind of fond of all of them, so that's a toughie. Probably like that: Maurizio > Jacob > Bubonic > Tyrannia > Maggot.
  40. 1 point
    Hot damn that's a good human, Prez!
  41. 1 point
    AHHHHHHH I LUV IT <3333 :3
  42. 1 point
    Top 10 Musical Conductors of All Time
  43. 1 point
  44. 1 point
    I freaking this one it's so cute!
  45. 1 point
  46. 1 point
    Yeah, you’re improving.
  47. 1 point
    That's a really good Maurizio in the middle in there Prez. Nice one!
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    Episode 4: Squidward Chat! With your host, Squidward Tentacles!  : Hello again, welcome to another episode of Squidward Chat with Yours T. Ruly! So the last episode was a disaster, but SpongeBob managed to... uh, get us a promising guest today that you all will love. We'll get to that later, but for now, the news! : rimshot : ...I didn't make a joke. : The news these days is already a joke. : rimshot : Ahem, anyway, the most important event that happened this week is that the mayor of Bikini Bottom and the mayor of New Kelp City have had a press conference where they discussed New Kelp City's alleged hacking in Bikini Bottom's elections. The conversation they had has sparked a lot of controversy and has raised a lot of tension among both cities and their residents. We'll see what happens from here. : Hey Squidward, I finally learned who Donald Trump is! : Now it's time to introduce our... guest. An old "friend" of mine as a matter of fact, he has gone to become very successful in his own right. Please welcome, Mini Squidward! -Intro music starts playing- : Man, I'm excited to see this puny little creatu- OH MY GOSH! : So... Mini-Squidward, how goes it? : I'm doing quite swell my old companion, how about you? : Well, I was doing fine until very recently. : Go Mini Squid! : So, I heard you have been doing more than just professional dancing, eh? : That's right! I managed to get an acting deal and have starred in several movies. You may remember my role in the cult classic, "HOW ABOUT A GAME OF YOU MUST DIE?!?!?!?!?" : Never heard of it. : That's okay, it might just be too cultured for you. -roaring laughter- : Wha- what was that? SpongeBob, where did the live audience come from? : Those are all of Mini Squid's fans. They wanted to see his appearance on your show! : Yes, that's one of the downsides of being famous, you just can't catch a break. : Oh of course, being famous must be oh so hard, isn't it? : And how! Maybe you'd know if you were famous too. : Now what are you trying to say? : Well I'm basically a newer, fresher version of you, so it surprises me that you never became famous like I did. : Excuse me? I'm the one with the TV show and you're the guest here. I'm famous too! : Hey now, I have a TV show too. It's called Mini Squidward Chat. I've had a lot of prestigious guests. Most recently, we got Mini Jackie Chan on our show. : What!? Why is it suddenly your time to shine when it's my show? : Well I am the guest. Thank SpongeBob for inviting me here. : Aww, you're welcome! Anything for the person I created. : Wont'cha look at that? We're out of time, folks! Sorry Mini Squid, but you have to go. : But we still have five mi- : It was nice talking to you Mini Squid, roll the credits! -end credits start playing-
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    Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) By Silentó.
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