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    why dont these people focus their energy into something important in the world instead of getting riled up over an intergalactic space opera not being to their standards
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    2 hours of "titty milk" scene or else I lose faith in star wars forever
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    47. "Grievances? This town is a grievance! There should be a law against so many stuck-up tightwads living in one place. This city needs to be destroyed!... or at least painted a different color." Squidville, 66 points (7 of 32 lists. 1 #1 vote - Wendy the Witch) http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Squidville Wumbo: When I made my best list back in 2015, which I then also re-used for 2016, Squidville was the last episode I had to cut. And it was a difficult one for sure because I absolutely love this episode and what it does for Squidward's character. Fast-forward three years later, and I realize it's so good that, yes, it does deserve a spot on my list. For the majority of the series, Squidward is the butt-monkey, however deserving it is from episode to episode. He is the perfect foil to SpongeBob's optimism and relentless cheer, and this relationship gets him in trouble a majority of the time. So what would happen if we actually moved Squidward away from his foil? It's not teased and then spoiled like in Opposite Day; it actually happens as he moves into his supposed paradise, Tentacle Acres. Where there are no pineapples in sight and Squidward can finally live the life he wants to live. But is it the life he wants to live? That's what this episode asks, and the answer we get is that Squidward, whether he knows it or not, needs that excitement SpongeBob brings into his life to stave off the monotony of a life he would have otherwise. This is brilliantly shown through a montage of Squidward going through the motions in Tentacle Acres and becoming less and less enthused about it as the days go by. Quite possibly one of my favourite moments in the series there; such a simple melancholic concept. This ends with him playing with a reef blower, the exact reason he moved away from SpongeBob and Patrick in the first place, proving that he needs the excitement and even childish fun they give his life. Speaking of SpongeBob and Patrick, they deserve an aside here for being consistently funny throughout this episode. It's good to cut to them every so often so we don't get variations on Squidward's character for the rest of the episode. and their exploration of Tentacle Acres looking for their neighbour is a great series of dumb jokes to cap off their arc. Overall, I appreciate the comic sensibilities of this episode as well as the deep exploration of Squidward's psyche it provides us. Definitely a top tier episode for me. Hayden: Our episode begins with reef blower shenanigans, a nice tie-in to the episode which was the first of Squidward's adventures as Spongebob's neighbor. The episode's premise has Squidward in his own personal heaven, a culturally isolated community where nobody different is allowed. (Oh my). What's great is that Squidward's eyes are opened entirely on his own, and not through Spongebob/Patrick's quest to get him back. Speaking of them, they feel sympathetic here and Patrick manages to get out zinger after zinger. "I hate this channel". "Are you Squidward now?". "That's ok, take your time". In the end, Squidward trolling his kind is kind of like him trolling and laughing at himself, which is always the best kind of Squidward.
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    Shit like this, the harassment of Kelly Marie Tran, and how the fandom has acted this year in general really, really makes me hate being a Star Wars fan sometimes.
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    Unless the "remake"'s just 2 hours of nothing but shirtless Kylo Ren, this can fuck right off.
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    https://www.cnet.com/news/star-wars-fans-start-campaign-to-remake-the-last-jedi/ “Apparently” they have already made over 13 million dollars in this quest to remake the movie. Their goal is to raise over 200 million and that they allegedly have the backing of some producers to follow through with this. Now me personally, I doubt they would legally be able to follow through with this since I almost guarantee Disney and Lucasfilms would sue the hell out of them. I would also consider this an absolute waste of money and everyone’s time to remake such a harmless movie. Hell I think I actually liked The Last Jedi more than I did The Force Awakens and I don’t get the backlash at all. But hey, I for one think this a ridiculously amusing, despite being sad, story. I can’t actually believe they’ve raised that much money to potentially remake this. Let’s see how far they go before it gets shut down obviously.
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    honestly they should donate that money to charity instead of raising money for something that won't happen. Just seems like a waste to me imo.
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    Why don't you get back to work you fucking mascot of late stage capitalism
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    Ar ar ar, that little one-eyed chode did it 'imself! And I would've gotten away with it, had it not been reviewed by that Enter incel!
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    As someone who isn't crazy about Star Wars, the extreme fans just seem like some of the worst extreme fans of anything out there. It just seems like they are never satisfied by anything.
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    YES! Hello. I'd like you to play that song again.
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    Angry at the establishment are ye? Let me play you a sad song on the world's smallest mass-produced violin.
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    Honestlty, i wouldn't understand what SW fans were thinking, The Last Jedi already happened, so why making campign to remake it? that is kind of waste of moneny imo.
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    On today's edition of "jjs makes you feel old as hell", Total Drama World Tour premiered eight years ago today in the US.
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    coming soon to this thread the lost episode of One-Time SpongeBob Characters: Where Are They Now?
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    I checked. you missed him, sadly.
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    Are you gonna see Teen Titans GO! to the Movies next 27th?
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    ...Why is there smoke coming out of your ass, Eugene?
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    How are ye STILL obsessing over TBC in 2018 when in died back in January? Ar ar ar!!
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    Halibut, you hooked @Squidward Tentacles's dick to the backspring! Now I have to kill ye.
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    I trusted you, and you asked me THIS!
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    I don't immediately want to dismiss this, but cartoon revivals tend to not be all that great and I'm not sure how well Daria would translate to the modern era. Much of what made Daria great hinged at the culture at the time-- the very beginnings of the Internet, the various sub-cultures that split high schoolers into stereotypical archetypes, and the reaction of the average teenager to these developments. Whether or not this would translate well today is up in the air, but I'm leaning towards it not working out. On the other hand, I've always felt that Jodie was a great character and deserving of far more spotlight than they gave her. If there was ever a strong point for Jodie to return, it'd be now. She called for diversity in schools, she gave a voice to the average black student, and all-around was a badass and I'd be interested to see how she'd work as a main character.
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    Yeah, this is completely pointless. I liked the Last Jedi just fine. STOP GETTING YOUR SPACE UNDERWEAR (or lack thereof) IN A BUNCH, AND LIVE WITH IT. THE LAST JEDI HAPPENED. IT CHANGED THE MYTHOS. DEAL WITH IT.
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    Squidville is a great episode that touches on pretty unique topics like falling into a pattern that ultimately makes you unhappy and coming to realize that the pattern ultimately needs to be broken. The concept of a utopia is also explored here with Squidward moving into a city that is almost directly tailored for him and still, ultimately, failing to find any happiness. Tentacle Acres is a great setting and a perfect illustration of society more focused on visual appearance than quality of living and the sentiment of the episode has been extremely relatable to my life at times.
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    Miss Appear Ep.48 "Kid Appear" Molly's Narration: "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." Molly and Analise are seen at the Cross household. "Ready for school?" Analise asked her. "I'm not going." Molly said. "Molly..." Analise said. "I'm too worried about my sister! It's been over a week and she's still missing!" Molly said. "The guys are working on it in the Mermalair." Analise said. "Well not hard enough, because she's still missing! I told you we should of filed a missing person's report!" Molly said, nearly yelling. "I was looking out for your sister. If we'd done that, the police could find out that Katherine is Miss Appear. Likely, her disappearance involves Dirty Dan." Analise said. "Detweiler is police - and he knows that she's Miss Appear." Molly said. "Fine. We'll bring him into this." Analise said, nodding. "Sorry if I'm being unreasonable. I wanna thank you for staying here with me while Katherine's missing." Molly said. "Katherine would want me to. And she'd also want me to make sure that you're still going to school. Even if it is the last week." Analise said, smiling. "Fine." Molly said, smiling back. "I'll walk you out, sweets." Analise said, affectionately. As the two were on their way out, April was seen arriving on the porch. "April..." Analise said. "Hi, April!" Molly said. "Hi Molly, I came here to see you actually. What are... you doing here?" April asked, looking at Analise. "Oh, I'm just... looking after Molly while Katherine's out of town." Analise said. "Out of town? That's where she's been?" April asked. "On a case. She's a big time P.I. and all." Molly said, awkwardly. "Uh, Molly, you're gonna be late. I'll talk to April." Analise said. "Cool." Molly said, taking off. "Why hasn't Katherine been answering my calls and texts? Is everything alright?" April asked. "Totally! It's just that this case requires her to go deep off the grid. No contact with anyone. She told me before she left, because she wanted Molly to be watched after." Analise said. "Why would she tell you all this instead of her own girlfriend?" April asked. "Molly knows me better... ya know?" Analise said. "Molly has a father!" April retorted. "Their dad is not Molly's legal father, so..." Analise said. "But it STILL makes sense to ask you, the ex-girlfriend? Something else is up here. And I'm not stopping until I get to the bottom of it." April said, walking off. Analise sighed. The scene shifts as we see Katherine dressed in a black variant of her Miss Appear costume. Katherine walks toward Mercy Bank, smiling evilly. "HEY, IS THAT MISS APPEAR!??" a civilian man shouts. Katherine stops in front of the large bank, as she uses her powers to emit a telekinetic force. The telekinetic force destroys all of the bank's glass windows. Citizens begin to scream and run. "Time to rob a bank!" Katherine said, happily. In the Mermalair, Adam pulls up the breaking news. "GUYS! You might wanna check this out!" Adam yelled. Bonnie and Tim run to the screen. "Miss Appear in the process of robbing a bank?!?" Tim saw. "WHAT? This is... impossible." Bonnie said, confused. "LET'S GO!" Tim said to Bonnie. Bonnie and Tim took off, suited up. The scene shifts back, as Katherine exits the bank with a gang of men from the Snake Eyes. All of them are carrying bags of money. "Alright boys, load the truck up and let's get the hell out of here." Katherine said. At that moment, dozens of police cars showed up, as officers got out. Detweiler was seen, as he was shocked about Katherine. "MISS APPEAR, YOU AND YOUR FRIEND PUT THE MONEY DOWN AND PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" Detweiler called out through a microphone speaker. "I THINK NOT!" Katherine said. Katherine emitted a powerful wave of telekinetic energy that knocked down officers and destroyed their cars. The civilians looked on in fear. "OH! And my name isn't Miss Appear anymore! IT'S CROSSKILL!" Katherine shouted out. Katherine and the Snake Eyes made their way to a side alley, hurrying to a truck. Suddenly, a small device was tossed on the truck, blowing it up. Barnacle Boy and Black Clam jumped down from a roof, as they took on the Snake Eyes. Tim tossed out a mermarang, taking out several. Bonnie released a sonic scream, taking down many more. Tim ran up to Katherine, who'd stayed behind. "Hello, friend!" Katherine said. "Katherine, what the HELL is this?" Tim asked. "Me finally taking everything I want!" Katherine said. "What does that mean?" Tim asked. "You could join me, Tim! Take this city... this world... together." Katherine said. "You sound deranged. What happened to you?" Tim asked. "What happened to me? I realized that the world owed me something. After everything it put ME through." Katherine said. "You're not yourself! And I'm gonna help you!" Tim said, pulling out a blast gun. Katherine used her powers to levitate the gun out of his hands. "Sorry, Tim. I'm not gonna let you stand in my way!" Katherine said, telekinetically lifting him up. "KATHERINE!" Tim yelled. Katherine tossed him into a dumpster. "STOP IT!" Bonnie yelled, running up to her. Bonnie released a massive sonic scream at Katherine. Katherine used her powers to reverse the scream on Bonnie! Bonnie was launched far back, as she sustained critical injuries. Katherine walked toward her. "I love you, Bonnie. But, no one is gonna stand in the way of my happiness anymore." Katherine said. Katherine used telekinesis to rip her Clam Cry device off her neck. Katherine used a telekinetic force to crush it, damaging the device. "That should keep you crippled..." Katherine said, tossing it to the ground. A new truck pulled up, driven by Pinhead Larry. "Thank god! You're LATE!" Katherine yelled at him. The knocked out Snake Eyes began to awaken. "Let's go! Or be left behind..." Katherine said, getting into the truck. The Snake Eyes members rushed in after her, as Pinhead drove the truck off. Tim made his way out of the dumpster, as he saw Bonnie lying on the ground. "BLACK CLAM! BLACK CLAM!" Tim shouted, rushing over to her. Bonnie was unresponsive. The scene shifts, as we see Tim lying Bonnie on a medical table inside the Mermalair. The elevator opens, as Analise arrives with Marvin Long. "TIM! I BROUGHT HELP!" Analise yelled, as she and Marvin arrived in the medical room. "Hello, Mr. Barnacle Boy - I'm Marvin Long, a licensed nurse. I need you to back away while I tend to the patient." Marvin said, taking off his medical bag. "Come on, Tim. He knows what he's doing." Analise said, pulling Tim out of the room. Tim and Analise meet with Adam at the monitors. "Tim, what the HELL is going on?" Analise asked. "It was Katherine - clear as day." Tim said. "What'd she say?" Analise asked. "That she was doing all this because she felt the world owed her something. After... everything it put her through, I guess." Tim said, sighing. Analise closed her eyes. "Look guys, I'm tracking the movements of the Snake Eyes. We'll find her." Adam said. "We're already too late. She's been brainwashed." Analise said. "Are you sure?" Tim asked. "Excuse me?" Analise asked. "She seemed deranged, but also herself. I can't explain it. And just now, when I told you what she said, you looked kinda funny." Tim pointed out. "... Katherine suffers from Clinical Depression. She's on... meds, to treat it." Analise divulged. "I... I didn't know." Tim said. "She wouldn't turn evil and get in bed with the Snake Eyes!" Analise said. "Maybe this will explain it..." Adam said. The two looked at him. "I finally finished sorting through the information we got from Bikini Bottom Labs last week. There's files here about a chemical concoction that Vivian and her scientists were working on." Adam said. "What was it?" Tim asked. "A serum to lower one's natural inhibitions." Adam revealed. Analise and Tim looked at each other. At that moment, the elevator opened, as Detweiler was seen walking into the base. "Det..." Analise said. "What's going on? Someone better tell me something NOW or blow all of your secrets out of the water." Detweiler threatened. "Detweiler, just CHILL! Look, we think Katherine may have been brainwashed." Analise said. "A brainwashed girl with the ability to tear up half the city. That's great. How?" Detweiler asked. "She went missing a week ago." Analise said. "Missing? I knew something was weird when Katherine never came back to the gala." Detweiler said. "Wait, what? You saw her at the gala?" Tim asked. "Yes. She went off to talk with her aunt, and then never came back." Detweiler said. "WAIT! VIVIAN??? And you didn't think that was suspicious?" Analise asked. "No, why would I?" Detweiler asked, genuinely confused. "Det, the night of the gala, we broke into Bikini Bottom Labs to get info from their servers. We were attacked there by Snake Eyes members AND Pinhead Larry." Analise revealed. "The Snake Eyes are in bed with... Dirty Dan." Detweiler said. "Across the country, other factions have been. So, shouldn't surprise us." Tim said. "... And Det... Dirty Dan is in bed with Vivian." Analise told him. Detweiler shook his head. "They were there defending her secret. A serum her workers produced to lower inhibitions in people. Wanna guess who that serum was for?" Analise made him realize. "... Katherine." Detweiler said, emotionally. "I'm not sure what's between you and Vivian... but, it's exceedingly clear that she's still bad news." Analise said. "... And fake news. She lied to everyone about Bikini Bottom Labs. I'm not gonna let her get away with it!" Detweiler said, rushing off. "DETWEILER, WAIT!" Analise said. "No! Let him go. Let him handle Vivian Coyne, and we'll work on finding Katherine." Tim said. Analise nodded. ---- We see Katherine meeting with Dirty Dan in his underground bunker. The two were in his private quarters. "Nice work. The way you revealed your new self to the world... was impressive." Dan said. "Thank you. Who knew that just... taking what you want... would be so relieving." Katherine said, pulling a stack of money from out of her pocket. "Indeed. That was a test run, however." Dan said. At that moment, Vivian entered the room. "Well, look at you, my niece!" Vivian said, admiring her dark costume. Katherine turned around. "Don't confuse the situation here. I still hate you, but I admire the way you go about getting yours. I admire a woman who can go behind the entire world's back and grab what she's rightfully owed." Katherine said. "Perhaps now you understand me better." Vivian said. "I understand myself better." Katherine said. "Alright ladies, time to get down to business." Dan said. "Wasn't business just handled?" Vivian asked. "Like I was saying before you came in, that was a start. Our goal is take this city as our own. Miss Appear - excuse me, Crosskill, robbing a bank in broad daylight and taking out half the police force in under two seconds, was just a taste. We need to ink their tongues with a more visceral image." Dan said. "Where are you going with this?" Katherine asked. "We wanna establish ourselves as the leaders of this city, we have to take out the current bobble head." Dan said, smiling. "Eugene Krabs." Katherine said, smiling as well. ---- At the Mermalair, we see Analise sitting in a corner. Tim approaches her. "Hey, Annie. Are you okay or is that chair just really comfortable?" Tim asked, almost jokingly. "I'm just worried." Analise said, looking at him. "We'll forgive this out. We'll get her back." Tim said. Marvin and Bonnie were seen coming out of the medical room. "BONNIE!" Analise yelled. Analise and Tim raced up to her. "I'm fine. Thanks to this guy!" Bonnie said, happily. "You're all patched up now. You should be good. Just keep an ice pack on that head of yours." Marvin said. "Thank you, Marvin." Analise said. "I... I hope everything works out with Katherine." Marvin said. "Me too." Analise said. Marvin nodded, as he left the Mermalair. "Bonnie, you're okay..." Adam said, approaching the three. "Yeah, for the most part. Wait, where's my Clam Cry?" Bonnie asked. Adam pulled the device from behind his back. "Tim said it was damaged..." Adam said. "Yeah, I think Katherine may have purposely squashed it." Tim said. "It'll take forever to do repairs on that!" Bonnie said, disappointed. "I'm sorry. I'll work on it with you." Adam said, nodding. "Thanks." Bonnie said. "Actually, I have something to talk to you about, Bonnie." Adam said. "Oh?" Bonnie asked. "In private." Adam said. Tim and Analise took off. "What is it? You're scaring me!" Bonnie said, softly. "I just cracked all the files we took from BBL." Adam said. "And?" Bonnie asked. "There was one on the paternity test that you and Krabs got conducted. An undoctored version." Adam said. Bonnie's heart began to race. "The original results confirm that Eugene Krabs is your father." Adam revealed to her. Bonnie shed a tear. Tim and Analise looked on from across the room. "I hope she's alright. Whatever he's telling her." Analise said. "I have a feeling I know what it is." Tim said, frowning. ---- Vivian is seen walking into her home. "Home sweet home." Vivian said, yawning. In her living room, she was startled upon seeing Detweiler. "Garrett!?! Well, hi there." Vivian said, confused. "Hello, Vivian." Detweiler said, trying to keep his composure. "How did you get into my house?" Vivian asked. "Key under the mat..." Detweiler said. "Right." Vivian said. Detweiler closed his eyes. "I meant to call you. To set up that date we planned for." Vivian said, walking over to him. "Oh yeah?" Detweiler questioned. "Our night together... making love after the gala. It meant so much to me." Vivian said, touching his chest. Detweiler slowly backed away. "...Garrett?" Vivian asked, noticing his withdrawal. "About the gala... I have a few questions." Detweiler said. "Okay, about what?" Vivian asked. "You went off to talk with Katherine. Katherine never came back." Detweiler said. "I... I told you and my mother that Katherine decided to leave early after our conversation got a little heated." Vivian said. "So heated that she... became a super villain? Or did you not see the news of Miss Appear's attack at Mercy Bank splattered across every news station?" Detweiler questioned. "... I heard, briefly. That has nothing to do with me." Vivian said, quickly. "YOU'RE LYING!" Detweiler yelled. Vivian appeared shaken. "YOU'RE ALWAYS LYINGGGG!" Detweiler continued yelling, as he shed a tear. "What are you talking about? I thought we were good, and now all this?" Vivian questioned. "I talked to Katherine's superhero buddies. They stole information from the Bikini Bottom Labs server. You and your team were working on a serum to lower a person's inhibitions." Detweiler revealed. Vivian went quiet. "SAY SOMETHING!" Detweiler shouted. "... You have no proof that I did ANYTHING to Katherine." Vivian said. "You'll never change, will you? You'll NEVER CHANGE!" Detweiler said. "I think it's best that you leave now." Vivian said, emotionally. "When I pin down Dirty Dan and his cronies... you'll be a target on that list. I'll do whatever it takes until the public sees you again as the monster you are. I'll do whatever it takes until you are finally, FINALLY sent to prison. Get ready." Detweiler said, storming out. Vivian began to cry. ---- In the Mermalair, we see Analise and Tim approaching Adam. "A bit busy, guys." Adam said, on the computer. "We just wanted to ask if Bonnie took off to see Krabs." Analise questioned. "... She did." Adam said. "I was right." Tim said, sighing. "He's her father, isn't he..." Analise said. "I think you can already guess by the way she quickly stormed out of here. I hope that their confrontation is smooth sailing." Adam said. "Me too." Analise added. All of a sudden, the elevator opened, as Molly came into the lair. "Molly? What are you doing here?" Analise asked. "I heard about Katherine on the news. Or should I say 'Crosskill'. Anyway, I came straight here after school per Tim's request. He explained everything about Katherine to me over text." Molly said. "Molly, your sister is... sad to say... a supervillain right now." Tim said. "Tim!" Analise said. "That's the way we have to treat this right now! Katherine was able to take out both me and Bonnie under a minute. I think you can see the danger here." Tim said. "There's no one to counter Katherine..." Analise said. "... No one except, Molly." Tim said, looking at the young girl. Molly raised her head. "... What?" Molly asked. "Molly, I think it's time that you become... Kid Appear." Tim said, raising his eyebrows. Molly was unsure of how to feel, but got a sudden adrenaline rush. "Tim, what are you saying? Katherine wouldn't want that!" Analise said. "Katherine isn't in control of herself right now, to be fair. And Molly is our BEST counter against the threat she poses. The kid has her powers - and is quite talented with them too." Tim said. "She's not battle ready!" Analise argued. "Actually, Tim has been giving me private lessons in martial arts and combat." Molly revealed. Analise looked at Tim. "... It's true." Tim confirmed. "Tim... she's 14." Analise said. "Annie... we have no other options here." Tim argued. "Actually, I agree with Tim." Adam said. "Only if you're up for it, Molly." Analise said. "I'll help stop my sister. If we can find her, that is." Molly said. Suddenly, the monitors received a ping. "Speak of the devil!" Adam said, looking over the computer. "Adam, what is it?" Analise asked. "Well, I implemented software able to pick up areas where 'light' is being bent." Adam started. "Katherine's invisibility!" Tim said. "Looks like she just went invisible..." Adam said. "Where?" Analise asked. "Oh god..." Adam said. "Adam, tell us!" Tim said. "You guys need to get to Eugene Krabs' estate!" Adam revealed. "She's gonna take out the mayor!" Analise realized. "Not if we can stop her. Well... Molly." Tim said. "Right. Here's where I come in." Molly said, nervously. "All we need you to do is use your telepathy to subdue your sister somehow. Alright?" Tim asked. "Can't exactly go into the field dressed like this." Molly said. "Which is why I have something for you." Tim said, leading her over to a glass case. Inside, a pink suit - a variant of the Miss Appear suit, was hoisted. "This... is for me?" Molly asked. "I created it a little while ago. I knew this day would come. Sooner than anyone thought." Tim said. "Me becoming a superhero? Even thought my sister's against it?" Molly asked. "I figured Katherine would eventually give in to you. After all, your powers are quite the asset." Tim said. Molly smiled. "It's beautiful." Molly said, nearing tears. "Suit up. Time to go." Tim said. The scene shifts, as we see Bonnie escorted into Krabs' living room by a security guard. "Found this one snooping around the perimeter. Says she needed to see you." the guard said, holding onto her arm. "Let GO of me!" Bonnie said, pulling her arm away. "Give us a minute, Leroy. She's fine." Krabs said. "Me and the other guards will do another sweep of the perimeter... for possible other unwanted guests." Leroy said, toying with Bonnie. Bonnie rolled her eyes, as he left. "Your security detail knows about me and my accusations, don't they? That's why I got in here without much of fuss... other than that loaf holding onto my arm quite violently." Bonnie said. "Why are you here, Bonnie? I thought things between us were settled. Ya know, after the DNA test that proved I am not your father. Why are you here yet again?" Krabs asked. "BECAUSE YOU ARE!" Bonnie screamed. "... What?" Krabs questioned. "I had a friend of mine get into Bikini Bottom Labs' server." Bonnie admitted. "You sure you wanna confess knowledge of a serious crime to the mayor?" Krabs asked, trying to dodge. "THE POINT IS, I found out... okay? I found out the truth. The original, undoctored results. You are my father." Bonnie said, shedding tears. "... Bonnie..." Krabs said, as his chest tightened. "Save it! How could you? How could you try and keep the truth from me?" Bonnie asked. "You have no idea what I had planned!" Krabs said. "I don't quite follow..." Bonnie said. "The past few years have seen one mayor after another in Bikini Bottom broiled in scandal and tragedy. I wanted to break that mold. The revelation that I had a child I knew nothing about... it would of been a distraction! I was waiting until AFTER my term as mayor to reveal the truth to you - and the world." Krabs pleaded his case. "... So what? Five, eight years down the line? You would of left me wondering and in pain for another half decade?!? Are you SERIOUS right now? I don't even believe you." Bonnie said. "That's fair." Krabs said, shedding a tear. "STOP IT! You don't get to cry here. You don't get to be the sad one. YOU lied to me! You tried to cover up my paternity. You're an awful man." Bonnie said, shaking her head. Outside, we see Krabs' security detail checking the perimeter. Suddenly, all five of them have their necks sliced seemingly out of thin air. Katherine reveals herself, turning visible and holding a blood splattered knife. "... That felt good." Katherine said, smiling. At that moment, Leroy comes around the side of the house. "Guys, is everything clear on this sid- " Leroy paused, seeing Katherine. Katherine waved, humorously. Leroy immediately pulled out a gun, but Katherine blasted him with telekinetic energy. Leroy was unconscious on the ground, as Spin and Pinhead Larry arrived. "Impressive." Spin said, looking at all the casualties. "You two stay out here and watch for any interrupters." Katherine said. Back inside the house, Krabs tried to comfort Bonnie. "DON'T touch me! I need to be away from you... forever." Bonnie said, angrily. "GOOD, that'll make killing him easier." Katherine said, entering the living room. "Miss Appear..." Bonnie said. "Oh come now, Bonnie. It's Crosskill now. Short term memory much?" Katherine asked. "Yeah, ever since you banged my head in!" Bonnie snided. "It can happen again - if you don't leave now." Katherine said. "You're a menace to society, Miss Appear. All the faith the people put in you. You've let them down. You've let us ALL down." Krabs complained. Katherine uses one hand to levitate Krabs off the floor. "... Not all of you." Katherine said, humorously. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Bonnie questioned. "I'm going to kill your father." Katherine said, using her other hand to blast Bonnie against the wall. "BONNIE!" Krabs yelled, as she passed out. "Sorry, were the two of you still trying to figure out whether you're father and daughter? Well, the family reunion is getting cut a little short." Katherine said, levitating a knife. "... Don't do this." Krabs said, fearful. Outside, we see Tim, Analise, and Molly all approaching the house. Spin and Pinhead await them. "We've got trouble!" Analise said. "Not this time!" Tim said. Tim quickly throws over a gas bomb that knocks out Spin. Pinhead remains fortified. "Takes a lot to knock you down, huh big guy?" Tim said, shooting at him with a blast gun. The energy blasts actually take an effect on Pinhead. "Good thing you got that recalibrated!" Analise said. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, you two go and stop Katherine!" Tim said. Molly and Analise took off into the house. As Katherine was about to stab into Krabs, Molly asserted her own telekinetic energy over the knife, levitating it across the room. "HEY!" Katherine said, as she dropped Krabs. Krabs passed out upon impacting the floor. "You're trying to kill the mayor?" Molly asked, shocked. Analise stood far away, unable to recognize who Katherine had become. "... I guess I'm a bit like Shadow than I ever wanted to admit." Katherine said, strangely smiling. "You need to stop." Molly said. "... Wait, Molly? That's you?" Katherine asked. Molly nodded, emotionally. "Don't you stand in my way too." Katherine said, sadly. "Sorry about this, sis." Molly said, using her telepathy to dig into Katherine's mind. "AHHHH!" Katherine screamed. Katherine's body involuntarily emitted some kind of energy force that blasted Molly back. Katherine recuperated, as she tried to take off. Analise jumped in front of her way. "... You'd never hurt me. Would you?" Analise asked. Katherine looked at her. "I love you, but love only goes so far..." Katherine said;. "Love is EVERYTHING! And it always wins!" Analise said. Analise pulled out the golden necklace that Katherine had given her on Valentines Day. "Remember this? Katherine, come back to me..." Analise said, inching closer to her. Katherine looked into her eyes. Analise stepped even closer. "NOO!" Katherine screamed, turning invisible. Katherine took off, just as Molly awoken. "WHAT HAPPENED?" Molly questioned. "She... she took off." Analise said, heart broken. "I got stop her!" Molly said, rushing off after her. Back outside, Tim kept up shooting at Pinhead, but he eventually got the best of Tim, slapping the gun out of his hand. Tim flipped back avoiding a punch. "Tell me, why do you serve that psycho? He's only using you for muscle! He doesn't care about you - Mr. Right Hand Man!" Tim said. "YOU KNOW NOTHING!" Pinhead yelled. "I know that you can do better in life than be someone's lackey." Tim said. As Pinhead tried to jump at him, Tim threw down smoke pellets, disappearing. "... I hate when he does that..." Pinhead said, before going into deep thought. The scene shifts, as we see Katherine turning visible again, as she was running across a wide street in the middle of traffic. People walking on the sidewalks began to stare. "STOP!" Molly was heard yelling, following after her. Katherine turned around, seeing her sister. "Maybe this will keep you occupied!" Katherine said, levitating a car and throwing it at a group of people on the sidewalk. "NO!" Molly yelled, using her powers to hold the car above the people. Katherine took off, as Molly struggled to keep the car in mid air. "GO, NOW!" Molly yelled, putting in all her considerable will. The people quickly ran far from the area, as Molly let go of the car. The car dropped onto the sidewalk violently. Everyone began to clap, as others were recording the entire thing. "WHAT'S YOUR NAAAAME?" a teenage boy asked. "Me? I'm, well... I'm Kid Appear!" Molly said, momentarily enjoying the spotlight. Everyone wooed and cheered. "Sorry, GOTTA GO!" Molly said, turning invisible and taking off. Katherine was seen entering the Bikini Bottom Forest, as she turned invisible. As Katherine ran through the forest, she was caught off by an invisible Molly, who knocked her onto the ground. Both ladies got up, turning visible again. "STAY OUT OF MY WAY!" Katherine yelled, shooting at Molly with an energy blast. Molly did the same, as the resulting collision literally shook that area of the forest. Katherine and Molly both gathered themselves, breathing heavy. Katherine used her powers to levitate multiple tree banches toward Molly. "STOP!" Molly yelled, as she used her telepathy to mind blast Katherine. The mind blast completely incapacitated Katherine, as she fell to the ground. "...Ka- Katherine?" Molly asked, running over to her body. Katherine was completely unresponsive. "... What did I do?" Molly questioned, panicking. "Yes, my child... what did you do?" a voice was heard. Molly stood up and turned around, seeing Spin. Spin immediately emitted his dizziness wave, causing Molly to pass out. "Spin, where are they?" a voice was heard. Pinhead was seen coming into the area. "Here. Looks like the girl did a number on Katherine." Spin said. Pinhead lifted up Katherine's body. "... What about the other one?" Pinhead asked. "No time. The other vigilantes are likely right behind us. We need to move now." Spin said. Spin and Pinhead took off, with Katherine in Pinhead's arms. The scene shifts, as we see Molly, Tim, Analise, and Bonnie return to the Mermalair. "... Hey guys. I saw the breaking news about Katherine's attack on Mayor Krabs. Looks like you all stopped her at least." Adam said. "Yeah, maybe permanently." Molly said, upset. "Molly, are you okay? When we found you in the forest, it seemed like something was bothering you." Analise said. "I mind blasted Katherine, I guess..." Molly said. "But Spin and Pinhead got the drop on you." Analise said. "That's not the point. The point is... Katherine was unresponsive. I think... I think I may have sent her into a coma." Molly admitted. Everyone looked distraught. "We don't know that right now, kid." Bonnie said. "It's true! Then Spin and Pinhead intervened, and now she's gone!" Molly said, shedding tears. "We're gonna find her - and bring her back to us." Analise said, hugging Molly. Bonnie got a phone call. "I'm gonna take this." Bonnie said, going off to the side. "Hello...?" Bonnie answered. "Bonnie, it's Eugene Krabs." Krabs said, as he was seen in a black car with F.I.N agents. "Why are you calling? Shouldn't you be dealing with the police about your attack?" Bonnie asked. "That's why I'm calling. F.I.N agents were sent to take me into hiding." Krabs said. "F.I.N is after Miss Appear now?" Bonnie questioned. "Looks like that may be the case. But when this is all over... I want us to work things out." Krabs said. "No, that's now what I want anymore. Goodbye, Krabs." Bonnie said. "Bonnie, wait- " Krabs said, but she'd hung up. "You okay?" Tim asked, walking over to her. "... My feelings or my head after Katherine knocked me out for the second time?" Bonnie asked. "Both, I guess." Tim said. "I didn't think you cared." Bonnie stated, slightly smiling. "About you? Why? Because we're constantly at each other's throats?" Tim asked. "Yeah, that." Bonnie said. "Well, just know that I... I respect you as a fighter. I know I've seemed jealous of your prowess in the past, but that was just me thinking I'm better than everyone else." Tim admitted. "Ah, finally he admits it!" Bonnie joked. "Hey!" Tim said. "Look, I respect you two. You're really holding this team together in Katherine's absence." Bonnie said. "Wait... you're not suggesting that I was never the leader, right?" Tim asked. Bonnie humorously walked away. "Hey, hey!" Tim called after her. "How about we get you home and into bed? It's been an eventful evening." Analise said to Molly. "Sounds good." Molly said. Suddenly, Analise got a vision, as her eyes lit up white. For the first time ever, Analise appeared inside the vision. "... What the... what the hell?" Analise asked. Analise saw Bikini Bottom in ruins. Ambulances, fire trucks and police cars all over, destroyed buildings, cars, and streets, and people bleeding out. "Hey, what's going on here?" Analise asked civillians passing by. No one could hear her. "... Of course, no one can hear me. I'm inside a vision... of the future?" Analise said to herself. A moment later, Analise came out of the vision, as her eyes went back to normal. "Analise!" Molly yelled, as Tim, Bonnie, and Adam ran over to them. "What happened?" Bonnie asked. "What'd you see?" Tim asked. "Destruction." Analise said, with her heart beating fast. "What does that mean?" Adam asked. "... I think that Katherine's gonna destroy this city." Analise revealed, afraid of what's to come. TO.BE.CONTINUED NOTES: Thanks to Vivian's serum to lower her inhibitions, Katherine has become 'evil', taking on the new codename, Crosskill. Dirty Dan orders Katherine to take out the Mayor Eugene Krabs. Bonnie discovers that Krabs is indeed her biological father. Molly becomes Kid Appear at the urging of Tim in an effort to take down Katherine. Molly mind blasts Katherine, but may have sent her into a coma in the process. Analise has a vision of a destroyed Bikini Bottom in the near future, believing that the destruction is caused by Katherine.
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    it's like the actual world cup with even more corruption
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    lol im gonna casually drop this butch hartman video lol
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    I hate to be that guy, but Butch Hartman's Kickstarter just sounds like a complete disaster. I'm skeptical that it'll get off the ground though. Also Oaxis is a really stupid name, just saying
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    Butch Hartman's social media presence is seriously the most "How do you do, fellow kids?" thing in the world. It was cool seeing him draw video game and other cartoon characters in his style at first but it just got cringy, and now it just gets cringier and cringier. Seems like a nice guy though, and not gonna lie he can have a decent video every now and then. It was funny watching him draw Envy's true form from FMA blind.
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    Fun indeed. Plankton in season one could frequently be a one-note villain, which is what helped episodes from this season like F.U.N and Walking Small stand out amidst other Plankton appearances-- SpongeBob is determined to teach Plankton about true friendship, and while the F.U.N song itself is certainly memorable, it's the character interactions that steal the show here. SpongeBob's good-natured optimism bounced off of Plankton's not-quite-played-straight villainous characteristics is a recipe for a perfect character dynamic on the level of early-season Squidward/SpongeBob interactions, but taken up a notch by nature of Plankton being the series' most straight-forward antagonist. While these interactions make a great first half, I do have to agree with Hayden that the moral of the episode is one that hasn't sit right with me years later, as Plankton's potential development is hand-waved by him still choosing to steal the krabby patty and, for better or for worse, the relationship between these characters being practically reset in the end. Still, for a few minutes, it was F.U.N. to pretend that plankton had a moral compass in one of his less villainous appearances... until the ending.
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    When will ye be answering these questions, lass? Ar ar ar!
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    That's between me and the IRS, boy-o!
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    Can raise 13 million for a remake that will most likely be trash with no issue but getting money for any other cause is a problem ayoo 13 mill...can I get a lil slid my way tho
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    "Um, has anybody seen my earrings?" Lori asked, feeling her empty ears. "And has anybody seen my sunglasses?" Leni asked. "Are you sure they're not on your head?" Sam asked annoyingly. "No, they're not!" Leni responded. As it turns out, they were off her head. "What do you think I am? Stupid?" Cindy was about to speak, but Chloe covered her mouth. "If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!" It felt like Cindy was about to explode at that statement. "Now that we're out of that insanity, let's finally get back on track on finding the guys." Sam said. However, laser beams started firing at Mark's ship. "What now?!" Cindy asked. The beams came from a giant ship in back of them. "It's Dark Laser's ship!" Chloe pointed out. "What? What could he possibly want with us?!" Sam asked. "Mark, you got a message!" Libby pointed at the screen on the large control panel. Mark pressed it, showing Dark Laser and Milo Ben on the screen. "You fools! You will pay for your crimes against me!" Dark Laser shouted. "Crimes against you? What did we do to get you riled up?" Chloe asked. "You've stolen a valuable relic from my own hands!" Dark Laser said. "Can we just hurry this up?" Milo Ben said. "I got a space poetry reading to go to!" "In a minute, Milo!" Dark Laser shouted. "Stolen from you, what could we possibly…? Wait." Sam immediately turned his head to Frida, who was whistling. "What?" "What did you steal from him?" Sam asked. "Why do you guys always blame me when bad stuff happens?" Frida asked. "Oh I know the answer!" Carl raised his hand. "We already know Carl." Sam asked. "Look, I didn't steal from Laser over there! He's out of his mind!" At that moment, two little pearl earrings popped out of Frida's pocket. "Hey, those are my earrings!" Lori shouted. "Patrick, can you please?" Sandy asked, as Patrick picked up Frida by her feet, and shook her. A mountain of random objects popped out of her pocket, which turned from money, laser guns, toy robots, a whoopee cushion, sunglasses, and a ball. Finally topping it off was Flipsie. "AH-HA!" Dark Laser shouted on the screen. "My sunglasses!" Lori said. "And that's my ball!" Lynn said. "And that's my cushion!" Luan said. "You brought a cushion with you?" Jazz said. "It's for, you know, just in case…" "Gas, ha ha, we get it!" Cindy interrupted. "Hey, you spoiled my punchline!" Luan responded. "I don't care! Just give him the stupid toy dog!" "YOU DARE INSULT FLIPSY?!" Dark Laser shouted, still on the screen. "Shut up!" Cindy told Dark Laser. "Alright, geez Earth girl." Dark Laser responded. Sam took Flipsy, and quickly dropped him through an air duct, making him hit the other ship. Dark Laser caught it through the window. "Now all is right! At least my Death Ball didn't get destroyed this time. HAHAIOIOSSASSALKAJSCKSLA!" BOOM. The Death Ball exploded, as the two were now floating in space. Dark Laser's smile faded. "OH COME ON!" "I'm guessing you did that two did you?" Cindy asked. "Is that why you asked about "Core Destruct"?" Tenn asked. "No! It was…a test question! For school!" Frida responded. "Yours too?" Tenn asked. "You will PAY!" Dark Laser pointed at the screen. "At least there's still my Deadly Sphere of Emptiness." BOOM. It also blew up. "Alright, now I'm mad." Milo said in his deadpan voice, and then he took his laser sword and started chopping up the computers in front of him violently. "Hey! My vacation pictures from Niagra Falls were on there!" Dark Laser responded. Sam turned to Frida again. "Alright, I swear I didn't do that!" Frida said. "Then who else would've done that?" Cindy asked. At that moment, flying from the ruins of the Dark Sphere was Mandie, growling as her rocket boots gave her flight. "Oh no. Mandie's coming back!" Carl said. "Really? Another villain?!" Cindy barked. "Don't worry, I'll fly us out of here!" Mark said, taking a sharp turn to the left, sending all the toons flying to the left. Patrick ended up crushing Clyde, Tuck and Lynn with his butt, while laughing. "This is fun!" Patrick cheered. "Oh great, it's the intruder again!" Dark Laser said, seeing the princess with her flaming sword coming in back of them. "This will only take a sec…" Mandie's sword grew, and it sliced the entire ship in half, as Dark Laser and Milo Ben were now floating in space. "Now it's personal. I'll destroy those brats with my own hands." Milo said still with his deadpan voice. "My ship!" Dark Laser said. "At least I saved hundreds on my ships insurance by switching to DarkCo! Oh yeah, and HEADS WILL ROLL!" Dark Laser took out his laser sword. Now the Yugo ship was being chased by Mandie, who shot lasers at the ship. "I'll take her down!" Tuck said. "Mark, do you have any weapons?" Mark hit a button, sitting Tuck down on a chair, giving him a helmet. In front of him was a screen showing Mandie. "Time to prove Brad wrong again!" Tuck pressed a button, only for the lasers to shoot ice cream at Mandie's face. "Ooh! Vanilla!" Mandie said, licking the ice cream, and then continued zooming towards the ship. "Ice cream?!" Tuck shouted. "Why am I shooting ice cream?! Where are the lasers, or missiles, or things that go boom?" "Sorry, little Earth being, the weapons are not to be handled by any of you humans!" Mark said. "It's against my code!" Tuck threw the helmet to the ground grunting in annoyance. Mandie's sword grew again, and she was about to slice the ship in half. "Move over, Chang!" Cindy said. "I'll handle this!" She took another sharp turn, dodging the sword altogether, then kept swaying back from left to right, dodging each sword attack. "Quick Mark, where are the lasers?" Cindy asked. "I don't know!" "This is your own ship! How can you not know where the lasers are?!" "I believe that manure has weakened some of my memory!" "Quick, do you have some type of instruction manual for the ship?" Jazz asked. "Oh man, I lost that a long time ago!" "Am I the only one here who cares about organization?!" Jazz asked. "Jazz, organization is the least of our problems, especially when a scary evil princess is trying to KILL US!" Sandy responded. "I know how to get answers!" Patrick said, slowly walking to the control panel. "WE MUST INTERROGATE IT!" Patrick lifted an axe. "NO PATRICK!" everyone screamed. Cindy continued to drive the ship, and kept dodging Mandie's attacks. "Now for the brake!" Cindy stopped the ship, as Mandie went head first into the ship. "Never underestimate a Vortex!" "Wow, you got her real good, Cindy! That's my girl!" Libby responded, as Cindy started up the ship again. "See, Chloe? That's how you drive a ship!" Cindy told Chloe. "THAT WAS AWESOME!" Chloe responded. "You should be the pilot from now on!" "Wait, you're not jealous?" Cindy asked. "Jealousy is a bad emotion! I focus on congratulation others instead of feeling so negative!" Chloe said. "Okay, now I'm convinced: she's more of an alien than Sheen is." Sam said. "I'm guessing that's from personal experience with my brother?" Jazz happily taunted. "What are you...oh shut up Jazz!" Sam responded. The ship swung to it's side. "What in the Tremors was that?!" Sandy asked. Clyde and Leni looked out the window, as Mandie was hanging on to it by her sword. "Boy, she's desperate for Mark." Clyde said. "Give me MARRRKK!" Mandie roared. "Like oh my gosh, your crown is so beautiful!" Leni said. Mandie was still roaring in anger. "So that's how you say thank you? Alright, RAAARRRRRR to you too!" Leni responded. "Wait, I got this guys!" Melody said, as she stuck her hand down the air compressor, stretched it out, and gave Mandie a small flick, which sent her screaming while flying at a very fast speed. She took out her hand, and quickly blew on it, while flashing an adorable smile. "Did I do good?" Melody asked. Mandie flew back on her jets, now looking to completely obliterate everyone on the ship. "Why won't she go?!" Lori asked. However, as Mandie was about to hit the ship, she got hit by a large green beam, which sent her flying back, and then a giant green ball hit her chest, sending her flying away through the galaxy. "What was that?" Cindy asked. "Couldn't have been another ship." Sandy said. "None are nearby." "It must be SPACE GHOSTS!" Carl said. "Carl, enough of your paranoia! There are no such things as ghosts!" Sheen said. Immediately, Sam and Jazz turned their heads towards Sheen, completely dumbfounded by that statement. "You're friends with my half-ghost brother!" Jazz said. "You helped us fight Vlad and his ghosts!" Sam said. "Did I say ghosts? I meant Florida!" Sheen said. However, standing on the ship was a laughing invisible spirit. "Alright, now let's get the mission back on track." Cindy said, behind the wheel. "Wait, I feel like we're forgetting something." Sheen said. Skoodge then hit the window ceil. "Hey look, it's that Scrooge alien." Sheen pointed. "Oh yeah, I forgot about him." Tuck said. "Skoodge, you were out there the whole time?" Tenn barked. "Yeah, and by the way, thanks for almost leaving me behind, guys!" Skoodge said, as he was let in through an air duct. "Mark, does this ship have hyperspeed?" Cindy asked. "Yeah, and the buttons right there…" "Thanks!" Cindy pressed the button, which sped up the ship. "You didn't let me finish! We got, like, a problem." Mark said at one of the screens. "It totally blows! It could rip this ship to pieces!" "Way to go, Vortex!" Sam told Cindy. "You would've done the same thing, Manson!" Cindy responded. "I can fix it!" Chloe said, opening up the bottom of the control panel. "I don't think you should be messing around with that, Chloe." Skoodge said. "It's okay! I used to fix Mr. Turner's machines all the time!" Chloe said, digging into the chest. "I would figure out what the problem is, but I'd need a visual aid!" Sandy said. "Maybe you'd have some if someone didn't lose their manual!" Jazz said. "Wait a minute, I never lost it!" Mark said, as he pulled the manual out of his head. "Here it is!" "Quick, turn to any chapters about repairing ships!" Jazz commanded him. But at that moment, Chloe ripped out something from the bottom. Jazz and Sandy were stunned, while Mark's pupils grew small. "What did you do?" Jazz asked. "I bypassed the motor!" Chloe responded. "Chloe….that was the battery." Mark said in a low voice. "What?" The ship stopped moving, sending Skoodge and Carl flying towards the windshield. "You just destroyed all of the ships power." Mark answered. Luna looked out the window. "Um, dudes?" Libby looked at the window. "And you lost all of our weapons." She said, as many weapons were floating in space. Laser guns, missiles, spike balls, acid rays, An ice cream cone ETC. Then a sink came floating afterwards. "And you lost the kitchen sink too! How is that even possible?" Sandy said. "We have a kitchen?" Patrick happily asked, as he started to run towards the back. "Wait, this means you were wrong. You screwed up! Ha!" Cindy started doing a victory dance. Then, the ship started to shake. "That can't be good." Clyde said. The ship started losing control, and started to crash down, while an alarm was heard. "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" Lynn screamed. In the back, Patrick opened a door, whose room had a big gaping hole sucking everything out, and then he closed the door, but then what he just saw struck him. "I see a fridge!" "Fridge? I call dibs on whatever's on the top shelf!" Sheen ran to where Patrick was at while dragging Carl. Patrick opened the door, which started sucking everyone out. Quickly, Melody grabbed everyone with her arms, as they were all screaming from the free fall and the air sucking them out. Cindy had her hands still on the steering wheel. "You idiots! CLOSE THE DOOR!" Cindy commanded. "MUST…FEED…PATRICK!" Patrick said, crawling towards the fridge, all while Carl and Sheen held onto him. "Go for it, starfish!" Sheen rooted. "Guys, this is too dangerous!" Carl shouted. Patrick kept crawling, avoiding getting sucked outside, and eventually, reached the door handle. Patrick and Sheen had big smiles on their faces, until they saw what was inside. "VEGGETABLES?!" Patrick cried. "WHAT A CRUEL JOKE!" Sheen said. However, the fridge and every piece of green inside it flew into the hole, which sucked Patrick, Carl, and Sheen. Patrick held onto the sides, as all of them were screaming. "Guys!" Melody sensed they were in trouble, and stretched her arm to get the guys. "I'm…losing…my grip! Sweaty feet!" Carl said, as his hands started to sweat. "Carl, did I ever tell you that you have issues?!" Sheen barked. "Yes, every single day!" Carl said. "WELL IT SHOULD BE MORE THAN THAATT…" Carl lost his grip, sending both him and Sheen into space, while Melody grabbed Patrick, and took him back to the main control room. "Wait, where's Carl and Sheen?!" Libby asked. "Oh no!" Melody said, as she flew out from the back of the ship to find the two. In back of her, the spirit followed. Carl and Sheen were screaming in space, and in case you're wondering why they're not suffocating from no oxygen, well you see… SPAAACCEEE IS A WONDERFUL PLACE! AS BEAUTIFUUULLL, AS JUDY'S FACE! "Wait a minute, I still got my Ultra belt!" Sheen lifted his shirt, and pressed the belt's button, giving him his helmet and wings. "I obtain the power of the Ultra Gods!" Sheen grabbed Carl, and blasted out of the area. He flew past Melody, which sent her spinning. "Guys!" she called as she followed. Carl was screaming, while Sheen was cheering. Sheen even blasted a few passing asteroids with his Ultra glove. "This is wonderful! Nothing can stop us now! NOTHING CAN STOP…" BOOP. The two were sucked inside a giant ship via a vacuum pipe. Melody hit the ship head first, then got herself off the wall. "Oh no!" At that moment, the spirit flew into the same pipe, while the ship blasted away VIA hyper speed. "I…I lost them!" Melody then heard the screaming kids on the ship, and flew towards them. "But I can't lose them too!" The ship was now crash-landing nearby a purple and yellow planet, with a heart antennae. Cindy tried to gain control of the steering wheel, while Melody tried to hold the ship. Her grip was weak compared to how fast the ship was falling. Cindy struggled to turn the ship straight, as the crashed ball was entering the planet's atmosphere. BOOM! The ship crashed onto the ground, damaging a flower field, while dragging poor Melody with it. Everyone on the ship got up, struggling to breathe, while some were in a pile. Skoodge ended up getting crushed by Patrick's back, looking like a deflated ball to the ground. "Great. That's the third crash this week!" Mark said. "That was so cool! I love crashing!" Tuck said. "Me too!" Frida responded, as Cindy growled at them.
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    5. Man-Meermin and Break Break before (Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V) Man-Meermin and Break Break before Artists: New adventure and extraordinary home. The most popular restaurants, the city's most important part of helplessness. France: Are you in a hurry? Artists: If you do not want to answer this question, you will regularly respond to the Lower Sales Center. Siren man: You come ... I want you, but not, no ... Calorade: Please ask me. You made the line! Sponge bob: SHH Hello, a bit of advice, park technique. Siren man: I decided Customer service: more Siren man: Pity man and boy, pizza oven. Fire light: Wait a second time. Customer service: Goodbye! Fire light: I do not want to buy Pipsqueak. I wish you a large crab strip. Siren man: Cribby is too big for you. It will not stop. Fire light: Are you looking for a child's life? Sri Krsna: The type of eye is larger than the stomach. Fire light: And another, I did not! I am very old and once spread my creamy hair. Calorade: Trousers and trousers and trousers. Fire light: A man 68 years old and beat people! Siren man: Pittscock is fine. You are Fire light: Give me a line Some MM and BB: Ooooooooh Fire light: I play second armory home. I would like to call a lot of Bernanke Mann! Save those who hate me Sponge bob: Thank you Bernie. Bernhardt's personality: Baby boy, my house! People ... but they forgot. I do not like you because you're not safe. Bad people ... move. Sponge bob: He moves Coach, Caldar, Patrick and Sandy: He moves Siren man: …/ Move! Bernhardt's personality: I'm sure ... Sri Krsna: Why do I have all the action in the light? Deep Bubble: …/ Do you talk about a few bad things? Sponge bob: Healthy oils are coming! These drops and enemies are the arcade boy: Ray Man and Bubble Room! Bernhardt's personality: Yesterday Siren man: Good night! Enskri? Real fish identification: This is a cruel and sexual life. Myanmar, "Global Butter", "Black Side", "Baby Guy" ... Bernhardt's personality: delete Real fish identification: ... Bikini is criminal. Bernhardt's personality: SHH! pensions: I'll fuck you baby! Real fish identification: If you understand the three new steps: everything is bad and bad EVV. What can we do? When is it cold? How are you doing? Why are you listening to these questions? "Sir sir" where are you? Siren man: …/ A | I'm afraid, good burger! Yearly. I. L. nothing! Ice cream should be creamy ice cream! …/ Two young men MM …/ Every time I'm near. Bernhardt's personality: This is one of its units, because you can print it. You do not have the opportunity. Sponge bob: Are you miracles And how are these three guys? Siren man: You send me Sponge bob: You can not do it. What to do Siren man: No, it's an idea. Men, what can I do? Sponge bob: Goodbye! Siren man: Who is the owner of the world? Sponge bob: I'm doing Sand: I'm doing patriarch: I'm doing Calorade: I'm not Sri Krsna: Yes, there's no money in the world! Leave the world now! Siren man: Then I came there! For beauty! …/ Sponge bob: Do not worry! Mèralair! Siren man: Black International Youth Tournaments are recognized as Adolity Ever. Sponge bob: Do not worry! I.J.L.S.A. Heroes have lots of cars! The best breakfast at the time. Siren man: If you have these skirts, you have a lot of power. Sand: Do not worry! I can not imagine the Great Power. Siren man: Bhattaraktól! Power - all costumes! Why should we give them? Calorade: Buddha has three reasons. …/ Artists: Soon ... can work really well ... soon! Sponge bob: Do you want to come back? Artists: Captain Magma ... Mad and must explode! Calorade: Cracow! Artists: Flexible ribbon ... Increase your body in a beautiful shape and size! patriarch: I'll finally hit you! Artists: And women see ... noise ... I can not do much. Sand: Does someone look like something? Artists: International SupeS League! Via tak …/ Siren man: You agree. Pizza must be with hair, chili and mushrooms on other days. vodka: Dear friends, we need help. Sponge bob: Good hibiscus! It's the owner! vodka: Thank you for typing Quickster, but we know who. All Major Things, E.B.L. We had our place. patriarch: What do you think? Sand: Tell us where it is, head, we speak fast, "green eye". vodka: We source I.L. See "Referals" for young people. How do you know rice? Kiyes is Sponge bob: Swim, male girls, laugh Siren man: It's an animal! Keep your child in the stress hormone! Calorade: And take part in their treasures. Time is a good time. Siren man: Rotate and discover! patriarch: Can we find a pizza? …/ Jan and Nancy: Please stop it! Dolent: John and the snail live, K-i-S-i-N-G! Deep Bubble: Oh! Light this vehicle, Meg Rey! Ray Man: Rejoice haha! boot: Hello, the house is not good. Siren man: Just leave your beloved! Ray Man: Personally, there is no radio, there are no obstacles! We are saved from the emperor. Siren man: Very happy! This is the end of the song! Ray Man: Old and old or in a bag! Only three! Sponge bob: There are two Ray Man: Soon! Calorade: Nearby Bernhardt's personality: Captain magma! patriarch: 4! Deep Bubble: Comfortable ribbon! Sand: 5! Dolent: This is M-M-Me! Siren man: I am ten. Ray Man: O o Deep Bubble: I do not have a good idea. Bernhardt's personality: Oh, the game came. Siren man: Superman attack! Bernhardt's personality: No, strong! Calorade: Cracow! Sponge bob: Oh! Oh! Oh! Admission acceptance patriarch: I have your red boxer, o! Siren man: Bowser, I'm preparing a set of water! …/ Oh! Calorade: Otherwise not, no, not me. Paddy Mom ... today ... Sand: No, I think. I'm looking ... and I'll keep them forever. AA! explode Sponge bob: …/ I agree I agree ... I am happy! Bernhardt's personality: …/ We won, we won! Today EVI.M. The seabed is gone with superheroes, and the newborn rules are me. Siren man: You do not need to Ray Man: Does your world dominate the world? Deep Bubble: I'll give you lunch! Haha! It's just ... shy. Bernhardt's personality: The first is not a super hero, the player is a rifle. Secondly, I call Bannack. One third Ray Man: Lord of the world! Bernhardt's personality: I want to be grown up for a long time. Deep Bubble: Have you ever heard Bernhardt's personality: You need a good hand Siren man: …/ Come back to justice, Kelly. Ok, thin! Ray Man: Oh, it's nervous. Deep Bubble: Leave if I left the body in the cross. This paper ... Ray Man: Oh, Neptune, turn around! …/ Siren man: How does the wolf grow up? Bernhardt's personality: Reality is very good. I do not know [Cue laughing scenes] -------------------------------------- NOTES/TRIVIA: Google Translate setup for "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V:" English-Russian-Slovak-Catalan-Uzbek-Nepali-Hungarian-Telugu-Haitian Creole-Afrikaans-Lithuanian
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    Champagne Papi was kinda meh but Darius' def appearance saved it lol. I liked how we got that extra dimension to his character in Teddy Perkins.
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    bansai: Katsura-dono is so nice, he made all the men fresh lemonade for their hard work and later on made me a homemade batch of brownies just for being bedroom neighbors. ? shinsuke squinting his eye while eating bansais brownie tray: are you implying im not nice then
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    Squidville is somewhere in my 30s, everything is great but unfortunately there were at least 25 I liked more.
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    Heather from Total Drama has one of the best character arcs known to humans.
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    Pirates of the Caribbean is back!
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    Notice: Everything in this literature is a fun parody, and anything written below does not reflect the author's views on said users portrayed in the story. Also, read every user voice in a dramatic voice, makes this very lulzy. Part 2: Beep Beep I Have HIV As The DS Guy prepares his next scholarly response (it takes time, give him a break guys, he's under a lot of pressure), more sexual tension continues to go on, as we enter...page 2. YellowShadow: If you can't respect an opinion then that's pathetic Especially an opinion that isn't actually even yours, for shame! LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Homophobia isn't an opinion, it's just bigotry. E.V.I.L: Nowhere in this video does he claim gay marriage is wrong so I don't really see your point tbh. (implying there was a point to begin with) If anything he seems glad that gay marriage rights exist and claims "it took way too long for them to happen" And the yt video he's talking about is very different from the casual inclusion of a gay couple in the Loud House. At least find a video that claims your main claim. . . I agree with Hunter's views but yours are not the same. YellowShadow: That's not about gay marriage. It's just my opinion on gays as a whole. (replying to LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE) ho·mo·pho·bi·aˌhōməˈfōbēə/Submitnoundislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.Never did I display dislike or prejudice against gays It's a wonderful thing people still know how to use dictionaries! It warms me heart to see our reading abilities haven't completely died. BooBooKeys: I don't know why I would have a "mature discussion" with you if you're automatically wrong. If you're gay you shouldn't have to "keep it away from the children". (seriously though someone should think of the children) It seems like you think that gay people are brainwashing children (I FUCKING KNEW IT DAMN COMMUNISTS), which if you are then you need help. And that friends, is where half of this chapter's title comes from. But where does the other half come from? Hmm...keep reading to find out... Jibbix: "I can't back up my opinions by myself so here's a video from a straight white male mansplaining homosexuality and why I want it out of my face." (fucking white males, amirite?) AND this is the same dude who said "Dear White People" was a racist show? Get outta here. (*mic drop*) YellowShadow: Confirmed sjw Nuggets is an illuminati member confirmed!!1111 Oh and an SJW, those damn SJW whippersnappers ruining everything as usual! Team Azula (with an avatar I can't resize sorry gang): Why can't they get married? They are humans too. I'm a Christian and I support LGBT rights. "Wake me up when I care" is a surprisingly accurate quote to how I feel about this topic right now. Jibbix: (replying to YellowShadow's expert smarty dictionary post) like I said if you don't want someone to get married based on their life choice, that's dislike. Sorry. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) There's nothing wrong with supporting social justice. Only bigots think otherwise. Now, a certain SBC mod is about to enter the ring. Ohio Blackie (aka Freddy boi): I can see this topic going anywhere but up. I don't see the fuckin' problem with gay marriage. I don't see why it would go against your "Christian beliefs", whatever those are. Did you also know that disapproving of gay marriage also counts as homophobia? If gays want to be happy, let them be happy. Saying you're not homophobic yet disagreeing with gay marriage at the same time is just very hypocritical. Yes, you can say "It's my opinion. Deal with it." all you want, but it's still a very bigoted and homophobic opinion. Nothing else. Jibbix: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) Confirmed moron. God this place is trash. (SBM IS TRASH) Puppycat: (replying to The DS Guy's og post, who still exists) Doing drugs or getting drunk can actually cause harm in a person's life. Being gay cannot. What is there not to approve of? E.V.I.L: (replying to YellowShadow) You're free to have your opinion, but make sure it's yours please. You spent the entire time saying you are against gay marriage, so you can't say Hunter's views on it as a whole are yours if he's for gay marriage. BrickSponge2015: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) Ewwwwwwww.I love how people just resort to buzzwords when they can't continue their argument (Buzz words? Funny story, I keep hearing an obnoxious buzz sound when the term "SJW" is said, maybe I should get that checked out)...though I'm absolutely awful at debates so I should probably stay out of this Wise choice. If only some other knuckleheads had followed that same mantra. Greek Chorus: hold on this conversation is so juicy i gotta draw up my own reaction image I wish I could also draw up a reaction image to this topic, but alas, the narrator is ass at art. Moving on, and hey where is The DS Guy? ...Other than liking YellowShadow's posts. Nobody nose, but his scholarly reply is still coming... E.V.I.L: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) Terms like sjw, nazi, liberal, racist, whatever are thrown around like candy tbh. What does being an SJW even mean at this point? *applauds* You tell em Omair my boy. Now, get ready folks. A certain Canadian user is about to enter this debate. Yup, it's none other than... SOF: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) dude, not funny... (nods) Big boy SOF ain't having this shit, folks. Don't fuck with my boy. SOF isn't the only Canadian getting in on this action though, but we'll save that for later. Now, at long last, our star The DS Guy makes his triumphant return, after doing who the hell knows what other than liking most of YellowShadow's posts! The DS Guy: (replying to Puppycat) Yes, it can. You can gets HIV. (Hear that folks? You CAN GETS HIV. I can gets much amusements out of broken engrish) (replying to YellowShadow's "not tryin' to bomb a bunch of gays or somethin'" post from Part 1) And yet that's what Islamic terrorists do. (oh boy) Just last year, a Muslim shot about 100 gay people at a nightclub. And yet Islam is the religion of peace. Wow, now we're bringing HIV (which I probably have) AND Islam into this, folks! It's amazing how many sharks this topic can jump. Let's see what other things get shamelessly thrown into this next. Maybe we could insert some product placement next, because this miniseries could use it! *grins awkwardly and winks* LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: HETEROSEXUAL SEX CAN ALSO GIVE YOU HIV. BY THAT LOGIC, SHOULDN'T YOU BE AGAINST ANY FUCKING SEXUAL ACTIVITY? hehe "fucking" Deceased Spongetron: ...So does having sex between a man and woman. What's your point? The DS Guy: (replying to CakeCup from Part 1) I did not attack any people and I was respectful with what I said. I did not break the rules, (he did NAWT) so you cannot ban me. If you do, I will fight it. The DS Guy is finally fighting back against the liberal propaganda machine. If anyone tries to ban him, he is going to raise his fists and fight back. Talk about true bravery in the face of stacked odds. What a true American hero. I enjoy the character development at this particular moment, I feel it made his biding time really pay off. Puppycat: (replying to you know which post) Yes, but you can get HIV from straight sex as well without the proper protection. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Yeah you didn't attack anyone aside from the millions of people in the LGBT community. that's all. but other than that you were 100% respectful. Meanwhile, somewhere on the SpongeBob Community Xat, a certain music reviewing Canadian hailing from the SBC village gets wind of the shitstorm going on. They laugh, they cry, and they login. They ponder if they should even reply to this at all. But they must. A hero is needed in the topic. They have to join and do what is right. For justice. Wumbo: why are we giving people a platform to spew hatred why is this in the "serious discussion" forum (are you serious enough to enter the Salty Spitoon?) why is explicitly stating bigoted, outrageous views like "gay people give you AIDS" acceptable discussion in this place this is why I don't come here Damn son, Wumbo just dropped some real talk. I don't think there's any other better way to end this part than Wumbo's debut in the story. Things aren't looking too good right now in this topic, and the staff is nowhere in sight! The DS Guy and YellowShadow are not giving up so easily, and once again, DS Guy will fight back if he gets banned. But don't worry, there is still a light in the distance that turns this thread from being complete shit to hilarious comedy gold. Starting in part 3 onward, let's say Mr. Wumbo, along with several others, begin to master the art of...shitposting. Stay tuned...
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