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    And from the exact same side of the coin you hear "don't make this political". They don't care about politicizing the deaths of children, they care about politicizing their guns. Look, as a constant outsider to this ravenous gun culture America has, this has always seemed completely bonkers to me. Guns literally matter more than children's lives, and the NRA has the country in a perpetual stranglehold. So shit like this keeps happening. What is the obsession with guns? At the very best, they are glorified toys. At the worst, they do this.
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    In the rest of the world, there have been 18 school shootings in the last twenty years. In the U.S., there have been 18 school shootings since the start of 2018. That is 35 days. I’m tired of hearing there is no way to prevent this from politicians. Because it seems like we are the only country that has this as a recurring problem. Do you know where half of the deadliest shootings of the past fifty years have occurred? The United States. How many more lives are we going to lose before we finally start to revise our broken laws on gun control? That’s all I ask.
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    I'm not even sure what to say that hasn't been said in the last dozen or so of these threads over the years. Thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families, of course, but at this point it sounds like such a copy and paste response. It's glaringly obvious what needs to be done to prevent these mass atrocities, but it won't happen - especially not while donald duck is in office.
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    my best work with them yet I think
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    And this happened on Valentine's of all days....
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    This is awful. My heart goes out to the loved ones of the victims. 2018 is only two months old and we've already had numerous shootings. Something has to be done. Look at how lax the gun laws are in Florida: There is no way the shooter should've been able to get a semi-automatic assault rifle with multiple magazines. No civilian needs that type of weapon. The laws have to change. Conservatives, it's not about taking away your guns. It's about keeping people safe.
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    I need to be more active here
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    "Tried by 12 (Autechre mix)" - East Flatbush Project
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    Knights of the Multiverse Ep.1 "New Beginnings" F.I.N HQ, Karate Island As the show opens, Sandy Cheeks is seen in a sparring room. Sandy goes head to head with Agent Clemmons. "Hit me with your best shot!" Sandy mocked. Clemmons swung a bo staff at her. Sandy dodged, then immediately kicked the staff out of his hand. Clemmons threw a punch, but Sandy grabbed his forearm and flipped him over on the mat. "Okay! Okay! I sumbit!" Clemmons said. "What is this? Sparring or kinky role play?" a voice was heard. "Director Payne, wanna join?" Sandy asked. "I'd rather not get my ass kicked by you." Payne joked. "Speaking of that, I'm gonna need some ice." Clemmons said, heading out of the room. "So, what's happening?" Sandy asked. "I have to say, you are the quickest learning new recruit that F.I.N has ever had. You've mastered so many of our fighting and espionage protocols in mere weeks." Payne said. "What does F.I.N stand for again? I keep forgetting." Sandy said, shaking her head. "Federal Investigative Nexus. You've learned everything else in such a short time, but our name is something that slips your mind?" Payne questioned. "It's a stupid name, to be fair." Sandy said. "Anyway..." Payne said, ignoring her. "You were about to tell me why you sought me out. Briefing for a new mission?" Sandy asked. "Actually, it's about a friend of yours. Debbie Rechid." Payne said. "Debbie? She left the island to go fix the universe or whatever." Sandy said. "And speaking of, Debbie is here at the base. In our medical wing." Payne revealed. "What? What happened to her?" Sandy asked. "A portal opened in the sky, Debbie fell out of it. She was bruised up real bad and unconscious. A few agents helped bring her into the facility." Payne revealed. "She's the Universal Guardian. What could of hurt her so bad?" Sandy asked. "I figured you could get some answers out of her, considering the history between you two." Payne said. "Yeah, take me to her." Sandy said. Sandy arrived in the medical wing. "She's just waking up." a doctor said, leaving the room. Debbie laid on a medical table. "... Sandy? Is that you?" Debbie asked, lifting up. "Relax yourself. And yeah, it's me." Sandy said, coming by her bedside. "Sorry, they have me doped up on some drug cocktail or something." Debbie complained. "You're coherent enough. So, what happened?" Sandy asked. "As you know... my battle with the Ice Queen back in December left some pretty nasty consequences." Debbie said. "You said that the you and Victoria unwittingly ripped open holes in the universe." Sandy said. "Not just our universe." Debbie said. "What do you mean?" Sandy asked. "We left holes in the entire multiverse. Now it's possible for people to cross over between different universes. For the past two months, I've been tracking down these "hoppers", who have been causing trouble on worlds that they're not supposed to be on." Debbie revealed. "Looks like it got real bad." Sandy said. "Lately, I've been tracking this group of super powered criminals. There's three of them, one in particular got the best of me with some kind of dark energy blast." Debbie said. "Who?" Sandy asked. "He calls himself Shadow, and he's from our universe. Universe-1." Debbie told her. "We need to take this to Director Payne." Sandy said. The scene shifts, as Sandy, Debbie, Director Payne, and a few other agents are seen in the assignment room. "Shadow was a serial killer in Bikini Bottom who used control over dark energy to murder other metafish." Payne said, showing them on a projector screen. "He's also dead." Sandy told Debbie. "Well, I saw him clear as day. He can't be dead." Debbie said, staring hard at his picture. "What do Shadow and the others want?" Payne asked. "They're going to different universes to find and murder Guardians." Debbie said. "Universal Guardians, like you?" Sandy questioned. "Exactly." Debbie said. "Sounds like something bigger is behind this. Something you can't handle alone." Sandy said. "Uh, give us one minute." Debbie said to Payne. Debbie pulled Sandy into the hall. "What exactly were you about to suggest in there?" Debbie asked. "You should put together a team. I could help." Sandy said. "Sandy, we had a good time with Team SpongeBob, but that's over now." Debbie said. "I know that everyone has gone their separate ways. That's why I'm not talking about our old team." Sandy said. "You wanna form a new team." Debbie said. "Yes, to help you with whatever this new threat is. It sounds like you're in way over your head. Even if you are the Universal Guardian." Sandy told her. "Perhaps you're right." Debbie said. "You know I am!" Sandy said. "Even if we were to do this... I seem to be unable to open portals." Debbie said. Debbie tried to open a portal, to no avail. "Why not?" Sandy asked. "Shadow's dark energy is messing with my powers. He's effectively blocked me from travelling to other universes." Debbie said. "I think I have a solution. The Skyripper." Sandy said. "The spaceship that you and SpongeBob built? I don't think that's able to travel to different dimensions." Debbie said. "With the Infinity Jewel, it might be." Sandy told her. "Hmm... Payne would never let you take it." Debbie said. "You let me worry about that." Sandy said. The scene shifts, as Sandy is seen talking with Director Payne in his office. "Absolutely not!" Payne yelled. "Payne, COME ON!" Sandy said. "No one, and I mean NO ONE is ever supposed to lay hands on any of the Divine Jewels ever again." Payne said. "This is important, Payne. These dimension hoppers are running rampant across the multiverse, and Debbie can't do a thing about it." Sandy argued. "You need to assure me that the Infinity Jewel will be safe." Payne said. "The jewel will be implanted into the Skyripper's hardware. From there, Lillian will take over." Sandy said. "Who is Lillian?" Payne asked. "Remember we installed an A.I system into the Skyripper? I named her Lillian." Sandy said, laughing. "You really are a mad scientist." Payne said, shaking his head. The scene shifts, as we see Debbie and Sandy boarding the Skyripper later on. "Welcome to the new and improved Skyripper!" Sandy said. "Still looks as amazing as the last time I saw it." Debbie said, in awe. "This is the bridge, and up there is where I pilot." Sandy said. "I see you had more chairs built into the ship." Debbie noticed. "Well, every ship is gonna need a crew." Sandy said. "What's this thing?" Debbie asked, walking up to the central console. "Central console. This is where I talk to Lillian." Sandy said. "Who is Lillian?" Debbie asked. Suddenly, the virtual head of an A.I appears above the console. "Hello, Universal Guardian. It's nice to meet you. My name is Lillian, and I'll be at your service." Lillian spoke. "That's... very creepy." Debbie said. "She's like Karen, but better." Sandy said. "Plankton's computer wife?" Debbie asked, laughing. "I can assure you, Universal Guardian. I am no one's wife." Lillian said. "Oh, I meant another A.I." Debbie clarified. "Is that an office?" Debbie asked, walking into a room up ahead. "Captain's quarters, I like to call it." Sandy said. "Has a library feel." Debbie said, looking around inside. "There's actually a library on the ship, ironically." Sandy said. "What the hell else is there?" Debbie asked. "A Galley, a Medbay, a Cargo bay... ya know, the usual." Sandy said. "Yeah, there's nothing usual about this ship." Debbie said, laughing. "I guess not." Sandy said. "So, do you have a list of recruits? Any idea who we're bringing aboard?" Debbie asked. "Our first two candidates are already on the island." Sandy said, smiling. ---- Left Shore, Karate Island In a back alley, we see Tomoya Chrome running after two crooks. The men shoot their guns at him. Tomoya stops and creates an ice shield. The crooks take this as their opportunity to get away. Suddenly, Debbie lands in the alley. "Did you... come from the sky?" one of the crooks asked. "Haven't you heard? I'm the Universal Guardian!" Debbie said. Debbie shot two laser beams at them, as Tomoya arrives. The crooks groan in pain, as Tomoya freezes them in ice. "That'll hold you two until the cops get here." Tomoya said. Sandy is seen entering the alley way. "Sandy? Debbie?" Tomoya asked, walking toward them. "If it isn't the famous Cold Reef." Sandy said. "It's been too long, buddy." Debbie said, giving him a hug. "What are you guys doing here?" Tomoya asked. "We've come to recruit you." Debbie said. "You guys are reforming the team again?" Tomoya asked. "No! A new team." Sandy said. "And just for one mission." Debbie said. "What's up?" Tomoya asked. "How do you feel about travelling the multiverse to find a trio of dimension hopping supervillains?" Debbie asked, very quickly. "Uh, you've given me a lot to think about in two seconds." Tomoya said, with a laugh. "Sorry, but I'm sort of on a time crunch. This has to be now or never." Debbie told him. "I have sort of been feeling complacent. I think I do need a new adventure." Tomoya said. "A new beginning." Debbie suggested. "I'm in." Tomoya said. "Yes!" Debbie cheered. "Uh, Debbie... when did you learn how to shoot lasers out of your eyes?" Sandy questioned. "Oh, you saw that. Uh, very recently." Debbie said. "And you called my A.I weird." Sandy said, joking. ---- Baxter Apartments, Karate Island Melondy Dime was seen reading a book on her couch, but a knock on the door took her out of the enjoyment. "Ugh, who the hell is it?!?" Melondy asked, swinging open the door. "Hello, Melondy." Sandy said. "Who are you? How do you know me?" Melondy asked. "You recently joined up with F.I.N as a metafish asset, correct?" Sandy asked. Melondy pulled Sandy into the apartment. "How the hell do you know that?" Melondy asked, locking the door. "Don't worry, I'm a F.I.N agent. I read up on your file." Sandy said. "So you know I'm a speedster." Melondy said, speeding over to the fridge. "Want a soda? Or how about a cookie?" Melondy snided. "I know that technically you don't exist." Sandy blurted out. Melondy paused for a moment. "You time traveled to 2017 in order to save the world from a tragic event. In the process, the 2017 version of you was murdered. Thankfully, you managed to prevent something really bad. In doing so, the timeline you came from was erased." Sandy said. "I'm a time remnant, sure. So?" Melondy asked, getting upset. "I didn't mean to strike a chord. I just figured that you must be lacking meaning or purpose right now. I mean, you're literally the woman that time forgot." Sandy said. "You think I don't know that? I joined F.I.N in order to give myself something to do. In order to matter to a world that has declared me legally dead." Melondy said. "I can help you find a higher purpose. That's why I'm here." Sandy told her. "I'm listening." Melondy told her. "Me and a friend are assembling a small team of heroes." Sandy started off. "For what purpose?" Melondy asked. "There's a trio of supervillians moving through alternate universes in order kill Universal Guardians. Help us stop them, and then you can come right back home. But, at least you know that you'll have done something far reaching." Sandy said. Melondy thought it over. "Give me another incentive." Melondy said. "There's a spaceship involved." Sandy said. Melondy smiled. ---- Bikini Bottom In Bikini Bottom, we see Marshall Montgomery entering his house. As Marshall takes off his coat, he sees something peculiar from his window. "No way." Marshall said, witnessing the Skyripper landing in front of his house. On board the ship, Sandy is seen in the pilot seat. "I'm gonna cloak the ship." Sandy said. "Me and Sandy will go talk to Marshall. You guys are free to explore the ship." Debbie said. "Cool." Tomoya said. Melondy speeded off and then speeded back. "Done." Melondy said. "That was fast." Debbie said, laughing. "I'm fast." Melondy said. "Touche." Debbie said, as she and Sandy exited the ship. Debbie knocked on Marshall's door. "Uh, did you guys just step out of a giant, now-invisible, badass space ship?" Marshall asked. "Uh, yes." Sandy said. "Can we come in?" Debbie asked. "Sure." Marshall said. The women entered. "Marshall Montgomery, we know who you really are." Debbie said. "And that is?" Marshall asked. "Crossfade!" Debbie said. "What? That's ridiculous." Marshall said. "F.I.N catalogued a report a few months ago... about a guy who carried a young woman and a child out of a burning house. Seemingly unscathed." Sandy said. "That was you, Marshall. Now over the past few months, a costumed hero shows up in Bikini Bottom who can walk through solid objects - and people." Debbie said. "Fine, I'm Crossfade." Marshall said. "I'm the Universal Guardian." Debbie introduced herself. Marshall shook her hand. "I can tell by the getup. Badass cape, by the way." Marshall said, admiring her costume. "Thank you!" Debbie said, blushing. "And you are?" Marshall asked. "Sandy Cheeks." Sandy said. "Oh, the Red Widow." Marshall said. "I was called that, for a time. I don't particularly prefer it." Sandy said. "Must be all that blood dripping off the name." Marshall said. "Excuse me?" Sandy asked. "You're a well documented serial killer, no offense." Marshall said. "I was killing bad people." Sandy said. "That's still bad!" Marshall said. "We're not here to dredge up each other's dirt." Debbie said. "Then why are you guys here?" Marshall asked. "To recruit you." Sandy said. Sandy and Debbie explained the mission detail to Marshall, who sat down on his sofa. "That all sounds pretty involved." Marshall said. "You could be a part of something good here." Sandy said. Marshall stood up. "Why not ask my cousin, Miss Appear." Marshall said. "Wait, Katherine Cross is your cousin?" Sandy asked. "Oops. Wait, you know Katherine?" Marshall asked. "Me and her teamed up once before." Sandy said. "Interesting." Marshall said. "Miss Appear is rather important to this city." Sandy said. "And I'm not?" Marshall asked. "Not in the same way, no." Sandy said, bluntly. "Hmm... you're blunt. I like that." Marshall said. "So what do you say?" Sandy asked. "I need time to consider this. I have ties here that I haven't fully explored." Marshall told them. "If your answer is yes, meet us in back of the Krusty Krab at 7PM tonight." Sandy said. "Deal." Marshall said. Debbie and Sandy exited the house. Upon walking into the street, they noticed the Skyripper was blocking traffic. Dozens of cars beeped their horns. "Oh crap! We gotta go!" Sandy said, as she and Debbie ran into the Skyripper. ---- Bikini Bottom Park Marshall was seen on a park bench waiting for his mother, Vivian Coyne. "Vivian, hey." Marshall called out. Vivian made her way through screaming children. "Hey, Marshall." Vivian said, taking a seat next to him. "Sorry if I interrupted whatever you had going on." Marshall said. "No, no. I always have time for you." Vivian said, giving him a warm smile. "You must be wondering what this is all about." Marshall said. "Should I be worried?" Vivian asked. "No. Uh, this group of heroes reached out to me today." Marshall told her. "Superheroes?" Vivian asked. "Yeah, they're on a mission to travel the multiverse to capture some bad guys." Marshall revealed. "Wait, multiverse?" Vivian asked. Marshall chuckled. "It was pretty wild to me too. But yes, there are other universes." Marshall said. "With their own Earths and solar systems, and galaxies?" Vivian questioned. "Well, I would assume so, mom." Marshall said, biting his tongue. "You... you called me mom." Vivian said. "I'm still getting used to the idea that you're my biological mother." Marshall said, sighing. "You were raised by another woman. I get it. You can't help that you were switched at birth." Vivian said, placing her hand on his back. "That's why I'm debating going on this journey. I'm not sure I wanna leave." Marshall said. Vivian nodded. "We just found each other. We've hardly had time to explore this mother-son thing." Marshall said. "There's always time for that whenever you get back." Vivian said, warmly. "Are you saying that you want me to go?" Marshall asked. "This sounds important. How could I hold you back from what could be your highest calling? I wouldn't be a good mother if I did." Vivian told him. Marshall and Vivian shared a hug. ---- Rechid Home Debbie is seen visiting her parents in the city. "Debbie!" Felicia cheered, opening the door. "Mom, it's so good to see you!" Debbie said, hugging her mother. "Come in, come in." Felicia said. Debbie entered, as her father was seen coming out of the kitchen. "Deborah Diana Rechid, as I live and breathe!" Howard said. "Dad!" Debbie said, running into his arms. "What brings you to Bikini Bottom?" Howard asked. "I came here to recruit someone." Debbie said. "Are you going on some kind of mission?" Felicia asked. "That's why I wanted to visit you two. I know I haven't been around much since I've been travelling the multiverse, but now things are reaching a boiling point. I might be gone for much longer." Debbie told them. "Whatever's happening, we know you can handle it." Felicia said, caressing her cheek. ---- The Krusty Krab Marshall is seen behind the Krusty Krab, dressed in his superhero suit. Debbie exits the Skyripper, as Marshall walks up to her. "Does this mean you're coming?" Debbie asked. "I wouldn't be here if I weren't." Marshall said. "I think you're making the right choice, if I do say so myself." Debbie said. "Why is that?" Marshall asked. "Because you're about to experience the craziest adventure of your life, I promise." Debbie said, grinning. "Let's just get on the ship." Marshall said. Marshall and Debbie arrived inside the Skyripper. All five of the heroes gathered around the console. "Alright, looks like recruitment is done." Sandy said. "Cold Reef, right?" Marshall asked, looking at Tomoya. "Correct." Tomoya said. "I don't know you, however." Marshall said, looking at Melondy. "Melondy. They call me Lady Quick." Melondy told him. "Cool." Marshall said. "What's cool is those intangibility powers you have. Can I see?" Melondy asked. "Okay, try to touch me." Marshall said. Melondy tried to pat his shoulder, but her hand went right through. "That's so crazy! Simple, but crazy!" Melondy said, excitedly. "If we're all done with introductions, we need to get started." Debbie said. "So, what are we supposed to be, miss Universal Guardian? Your knights or something?" Marshall quipped. "Knights. I like that. Why not." Debbie said, crossing her arms. "Kngihts of the Multiverse. Has a ring to it." Melondy said. "Speaking of the multiverse, where are we heading to?" Sandy asked to Debbie. "I've tracked a dimensional breach to Universe-2, no longer than twenty minutes ago." Lillian said, popping up. "Whoa! Is this an A.I?" Marshall asked. "I must say, this ship gets more impressive by the second." Melondy said. "And this is just the beginning." Debbie said. "Thanks for the intel, Lillian." Debbie said. Sandy sat in the pilot's seat, as the other heroes took their seats behind her. "Strap in! Literally all of our worlds are about to change!" Sandy said, taking off. The Skyripper is seen flying into the sky and disappearing into a portal. Knights of the Multiverse Ep.2 "Welcome to Universe-2" Universe-2 The Skyripper is seen landing on Jellyfish Fields. "We're here!" Sandy said. "I'm usually afraid of flying, but that wasn't so bad." Tomoya said. Everyone unbuckled out of their seats. "Ohhh, guys I don't think I'm feeling too well." Marshall said, barfing. "Yuck!" Sandy said, grossed out. Tomoya was seen recording it with a handheld camera. "Why did you bring that camera, again?" Debbie asked. "To document our adventure, of course!" Tomoya said. "Why do I feel so dizzy?" Melondy asked, trying to balance herself. "I guess there may be some side effects of cross-dimensional traveling." Debbie said. Tomoya turns the camera onto himself. "THERE YOU HAVE IT! THE KNIGHTS' FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH CROSS-DIMENSION TRAVEL!" Tomoya said. Debbie giggled. "So why do me and Marshall get it the worst?" Melondy asked. "May have to do with the fact that you guys have powers strongly intertwined with your bodily functions." Sandy guessed. "What are you? A scientist?" Melondy quipped. "Yes, actually." Sandy said. "Lillian, can you locate the hoppers who breached here?" Debbie asked. "Unfortunately not, but I was able to determine their identities." Lillian said. The team gathered around the console, as a holographic profile of three individuals popped up. "Billy Coyne AKA Shadow." Sandy said. "Precisely, and he originates from Universe-1." Lillian said. "I told you he was from our world." Debbie said. "I'm not sure how if he's supposed to be dead." Sandy said. "The next one is a woman who goes by Syphon. Is that a scar around her eye?" Marshall asked, staring at her picture. "Who is this one here? She looks familiar." Melondy said. "She goes by Flare. Lillian, is Flaire also from Universe-1?" Debbie asked. "Flare is from Universe-19, but she has a doppelgänger on Universe-1 known as Mia Flaire." Lillian reported. "That's it! That's how I recognized her. Her family is a big deal." Melondy said. "Her parents used to run Flaire Industries, until that tanked." Sandy said. "Hey... are the Jellyfish flying by black?" Tomoya questioned. "In this universe, the Jellyfish commonly come in black and brown colors." Debbie revealed. "You've been to this universe before?" Melondy asked. "Loads of times. Remember, I traversed the multiverse long before any of you." Debbie said. "What now?" Marshall asked. "If we can't find Shadow, Flare, and Syphon, then we need to get to the Universal Guardian of this world." Debbie said. "You know where she is?" Sandy asked. "No, but I know someone who might." Debbie said. "In Bikini Bottom?" Tomoya asked. "Yeah. How about you and Sandy accompany me?" Debbie asked. "Awesome." Tomoya said. "What about me and Marshall?" Melondy asked. "We don't want to attract too much attention, so we'll keep a small group." Debbie said. "We came here to do stuff." Marshall said. "And you will." Sandy said. "Before we go, we should ditch our super suits." Tomoya cautioned. "Right." Debbie said. The scene shifts, as Debbie, Sandy, and Tomoya are shown entering Bikini Bottom. Sandy and Tomoya immediately notice the hovering boatmobiles zooming down the street. "Cool, this universe has flying cars?!?" Tomoya asked. "They're also self driving, so car accidents have become a thing of the past." Debbie said. "I can't help but notice that some of the buildings look futuristic, but in a retro kind of way." Sandy noted. "Universe-2's aesthetic is all retro. I should show you guys what Atlantis looks like in this world." Debbie said. Eventually, the three arrive in front of Universe-2's version of the Krusty Krab. "The Kruzzy Krab?" Sandy asked, noticing the difference in name. "Groovy." Tomoya said "Why are we here?" Sandy asked, entering the restaurant. "Because of my contact. Him." Debbie said, motioning to a man at a corner table. Debbie and the others walked over. "Guys, this is Sloane Mack." Debbie introduced, taking a seat. "Deborah, it's good to see you. What do you have a posse now?" Sloane asked, laughing. "Things are getting a bit thick. That's why we're here." Debbie said. "Debs, how can this guy help us?" Sandy questioned. "Debbie comes to me for intel. I case hoppers that come here." Sloane said. "For some reason Bikini Bottom on Universe-2 is a popular spot to breach to." Debbie said. "What makes you so qualified?" Tomoya asked Sloane. "I was a F.I.N agent. Quit about six years ago." Sloane said. "So, F.I.N exists on Universe-2? Interesting." Sandy said. "I need to find the Universal Guardian of this world." Debbie said. "Her name is Denise Reynolds. Unfortunately, I don't have a location for her." Sloane said. "But she frequents this city. Do you have any leads?" Debbie asked. "One. She's been seen going on public dates with a boyfriend - a billionaire named Squilliam Fancy." Sloane revealed. On the Skyripper, Marshall walks into the library. "Oh, Melondy. I thought you were in here." Marshall said. "A library. Incredible, right?" Melondy asked, looking around. "More impressive, there are six bedrooms on this ship. Only one with a mini fridge. That's gonna be mine!" Marshall said. "I don't care about a stupid mini fridge. I care about this mission. Why don't you turn on your coms and see what's going on with the others." Melondy said. "Debbie, come in." Marshall said. "Marshall?" Debbie asked, tapping her ear com. "What's going on out there? Where are you guys?" Marshall asked. "The Krusty Krab, talking to my contact." Debbie said. "Any lead on Universe-2's Guardian?" Marshall asked. "Just that she's dating Squilliam Fancy, apparantly. We'll be on our way back to the ship to discuss the next move." Debbie said. "Alright." Marshall said, turning off his ear com. "So?" Melondy asked. "The only lead Debbie and the others have on the Universal Guardian is that she's dating Squilliam Fancy." Marshall said. "Did Debbie say what our next move is?" Melondy asked. "No, just that they were on their way back to the ship to plan out our next steps." Marshall said. "Well, it's obvious what we should be doing!" Melondy said. "Going to see Mr. Fancy, I know." Marshall said. "What do you say me and you go out and do that?" Melondy asked. "We need to wait for the rest of the team." Marshall said. "We need to be ahead of the rest of the team!" Melondy said. "Perhaps you're right." Marshall said. "Lillian!" Melondy called out. "Yes, Ms. Dime?" Lillian asked, as her voice was heard in the room. "Uh... do you have an address for Squilliam Fancy by any chance?" Melondy asked. At the Kruzzy Krab, Debbie and the others thanked Sloane for his intel. "What will you do now?" Sloane asked. "The obvious thing is to question Squilliam about her whereabouts." Debbie said. "But we need to handle this with finese. And quietly." Sandy said. Suddenly, a person comes smashing through the glass doors of the restaurant, rolling across the floor. "Is that... Miss Appear?" Sandy questioned, noticing the woman's costume. At that moment, a beast entered the restaurant, scaring the costumers. "Everyone run! The Sinister Slug is here!" Miss Appear said. Sinister Slug whacked Miss Appear across the room with his tail. "HEY!" Sandy said, standing up. "We need to help her!" Debbie said. "ON IT!" Tomoya said, shooting an icy gust at the beast. Sinister Slug jumps up, avoiding it. Sinister Slug comes toward Tomoya, while in the air. Debbie jumps in front of Tomoya, and punches the beast through the roof. "Who are you people?!?" Miss Appear asked, getting up. "Worry about that later!" Debbie said, flying through the roof. Miss Appear looks at Sandy, having a shocked reaction. "Oh my god..." Miss Appear. Outside, Debbie grabs up Slug in the sky. Slug scrateches her face with his claws, as she drops the beast to the ground. "OUCH! You little sucker!" Debbie said, flying down. As Debbie lands, the beast tries to jump at her. Oddly, Slug is held in place by some kind of elongated hand. "Huh?" Debbie questioned. Ignoring it, Debbie uses her full strength to punch out the beast. As Sinister Slug falls to the ground, a man in a green costume appears, stretching his arm back to normal length. "Who the hell are you?" the man asked. "Uh, I'm wondering the same." Debbie said. Inside the Kruzzy Krab, Sandy and Tomoya approach Miss Appear. "No need to fear us, we're actually superheroes too." Tomoya said. "An imposter is what she is!" Miss Appear said, pointing to Sandy. "What?" Sandy questioned. Miss Appear quickly levitates two darts filled with a knock out serum. "Hey!" Sandy and Tomoya both say, as they are hit. Both of the heroes fall the floor. Outside, Debbie and the man were still talking. "I am the Elastic Waistband." the man said. "Oh, cool." Debbie said. "How were you able to do what you did here?" Elastic asked. "Long story!" Debbie said. From behind, a dart is tossed at Debbie, as she passes out. Miss Appear walks over. "Yeah, and she can explain that story at HQ." Miss Appear said. Marshall and Melondy were seen across the street from Squilliam's luxurious estate. "Can you phase us through the locked gate?" Melondy asked. "Yeah, but we should beware of the guards patrolling the house." Marshall said. "Just get us through. I'll handle them." Melondy said, as the two cross the street. Marshall phased himself and Melondy through the gate. The guards turned their attention to the intruders. Melondy used super speed to punch them all out. Inside the house, Squilliam and Denise were seen in his living room. "These new pieces of yours are magnificent." Denise said, admiring his sculptures. "I'm working on a new one - 'Handsome Squilliam'. I think that's gonna be a top seller." Squilliam said, laughing. "A bust of yourself? Am I dating a narcissist?" Denise asked, pulling him close. "But that's why you love me." Squilliam said. "I haven't said the L-word yet." Denise said, as they kissed. "Sorry to interrupt whatever this is." Melondy said, as she and Marshall walked in. "Who are you people? How did you get past my security?" Squilliam asked. "They're wearing costumes. They're superheroes." Denise noted. "Or villains." Squilliam retorted. "Nah, villains usually wear darker colors." Denise said. "You know your stuff!" Melondy said. "I've met lots of superheroes. Though, I don't recognize you two." Denise said. "Because we're not from this universe." Marshall stated. "There's more than one?" Squilliam questioned. "Yes, but it shouldn't be possible for them to be here. All universes in the multiverse vibrate at different frequencies due to the specific barriers sealing them off from each other." Denise said, confused. "Unfortunately, those barriers are now broken." Melondy said. "There are 'hoppers' breaching through to worlds they're not supposed to be on." Marshall said. "That's why we're here. To find you." Melondy asked. "Why me?" Denise asked. "We think there are some hoppers here to off you." Melondy said. "Way to put it lightly." Marshall said. "They're delirious!" Squilliam argued. At that moment, a fire bolt came shooting through Squilliam's back door. Flare, Shadow, and Syphon step into the house. "Actually, they're right." Flare said, playfully producing fire from her fingertips. The scene shifts, as we pan to a shot of an HQ on the outskirts of Bikini Bottom - a building that read I.J.L.S.A. Debbie, Sandy, and Tomoya awaken, tied up in chairs. They also notices power inhibitors around their necks. Miss Appear and Elastic Waistband stand before them. "Let us go! We're no threats!" Sandy said. Miss Appear ripped off her mask, revealing herself to be Sandy! "WHOA..." Tomoya said. "Sandy! She's your doppelganger!" Debbie noted. "I call myself Sandra." Sandra said. "Sandra is my full name as well." Sandy remarked, creeped out. "How is this possible?" Sandra asked. "I'm from another universe." Sandy told her. "Okay good, so I can take off this mask. It was getting so itchy!" Elastic said, revealing himself to be Patrick Star! "Patrick?" Sandy questioned, excitedly. "How do you know my name?" Patrick asked. "We were close friends on my universe. Actually dated for a while." Sandy said. "In your so called universe, are you also Miss Appear?" Sandra questioned. "A different woman is. Which makes this weird." Sandy said. "When I saw that you looked exactly like me... I was afraid something sinister was going on. Especially after seeing this young woman exhibit impressive abilities." Sandra remarked, now looking at Debbie. Patrick let the three out of their binds. Debbie stood up. "I'm the Universal Guardian of Universe-1." Debbie said, ripping off her inhibitor. Sandra's eyes widened. "Yeah, inhibitors don't work on Universal Guardians." Debbie remarked. Patrick unlocked Sandy and Tomoya's inhibitors. "I have no powers, by the way." Sandy said. "No powers, AND you're not Miss Appear? What kind of life do you lead, then?" Sandra asked. "Very often a violent one." Sandy said, bluntly. "Where are we? This looks like some kind of HQ." Debbie said. "We're the International Justice League of Super Acquaintances." Sandra revealed. "I.J.L.S.A for short." Patrick said. "Just you two?" Tomoya asked. "Of course not. There's The Quickster, Professor Magma, and Pi-Right Ponderer as well." Sandra revealed. "We have a Quickster and Magma on our world." Tomoya noted. "Where's the rest of your group?" Debbie asked. "On a mission in Atlantis. But, let's not tread off topic here." Sandra said. "Yeah, we need to know what you're all doing here." Patrick said. "We're here to find some hoppers that breached to your universe to kill Denise Reynolds." Sandy stated. "Oh, our Universal Guardian. We work with her often. Perhaps we can provide some assistance?" Sandra suggested. "Yeah, we'd like that." Debbie said. Later on, we see Sandy, Debbie, and Tomoya arrive on the Skyripper with Sandra and Patrick. "This is a dimension traveling spaceship?" Sandra questioned. "We call it the Skyripper." Sandy said. "Love the name." Patrick said. "Where's Melondy and Marshall?" Debbie asked. "Their coms have been off for quite awhile." Tomoya said. "I'll go check around the ship for them. They're probably fighting over who gets what bedroom." Debbie said, laughing. Sandy shows Sandra her piloting seat. "This is where I fly." Sandy said. "I can actually fly." Sandra said. "Good for you." Sandy said, sensing hostility. "Ya know, it's cool that you're dimension traveling with a ragtag group of friends, but who exactly were you before that?" Sandra questioned. "I was known as the Red Widow on my world." Sandy said. "Why such a name?" Sandra questioned. "... I, uh, murdered a lot of people." Sandy said. Sandra appeared shocked and disgusted. "Bad people." Sandy clarified. "Doesn't matter. That's not what a hero does." Sandra argued. "I'm not a hero. I'm... a Knight." Sandy said, trying to come up with something. Tomoya was seen coming out of the office with his camera. "And hereee we have it, the first visitors aboard our badass spaceship. Meet the Elastic Waistband and Miss Appear!" Tomoya said, recording Patrick and Sandra. "Oooh, I love being the camera! I was once cast in a movie." Patrick said. "Oh?" Tomoya asked. "Let's hear more about this!" Tomoya said, shoving the camera in his face. "I got fired my first day on set. I mean, how do they expect people to memorize all those lines!" Patrick said. "Uh, Patrick... from what you told me, you only had to memorize one line. Mayonnaise." Sandra said, walking over to him. "Well, that's a hard word to remember!" Patrick said, crossing his arms. "Alright, camera's goin' off." Tomoya said. Debbie returned to the bridge. "Hey, where are they?" Sandy asked. "I checked every inch of this ship. They're not here." Debbie said. "Oh god, please tell me they didn't do what I think they did." Sandy said, face palming. "What do you think they did?" Debbie asked. "Lillian, can you give us the location for Squilliam Fancy's house." Sandy asked. The scene shifts, as we pick back up at Squilliam's place. "You're Flare." Melondy said. "Queen of flames." Flare said. "And you..." Marshall said, looking at Shadow. "What? Are you admiring my good looks?" Shadow asked. Marshall appeared angered. "We're here for the Universal Guardian." Flare said. "Syphon, now!" Shadow said. Syphon pulled out a strange, glowing blue rock. Denise suddenly felt very weak. "This is impossible!" Denise said, bending down in pain. "Melondy, it's the rock!" Marshall said. "We call it Dopamite!" Flare said. Melondy uses super speed to grab Syphon. "No!" Flare said. "Squilliam, get out of here!" Denise said, suddenly feeling better. Squilliam runs. Denise shoots laser beams at Flare. Flare jumps out of the way. Shadow rushes outside, as Marshall follows. Flare shoots a powerful fire blast at Denise. Denise flies up, as the fire blast incinerates one of Squilliam's paintings. Denise grabs Flare, tossing her into one the sculptures in the room. Flare groans as the sculpture breaks in half. "Stand down!" Denise said. Flare sends micro-waves at a flat screen TV directly behind Denise. The TV explodes, sending Denise flying across the room and into a wall. In the backyard, Melondy and Syphon both fall to the ground, as Melondy stops speeding. As Melondy stands up, Shadow taps her shoulder. Melondy turns around, as Shadow shoots a dark energy blast at her. Syphon gets up, as Marshall charges at her. They both engage in hand to hand combat. Syphon pulls out a small knife and swings at Marshall. Marshall phases his body, as the knife passes through. Syphon looks confused. "I can make my body intangible!" Marshall bragged. At that moment, Marshall is clocked over the head with a piece of sculpture. "Unless you're distracted." Flare said, tossing the piece to the ground. Syphon smiles. As Melondy stands, Shadow shoots another dark energy blast at her. This time, the blast sends her into a small smimming pool. "My parents never did let me get that backyard swimming pool I wanted. Bummer." Shadow said. "We'll take the boy for leverage! Now lets get out of here before Denise wakes up." Flare said, holding an unconscious Marshall. --- Melondy was seen on the Skyripper. "Thank you guys for getting me out of the pool. And for the CPR." Melondy said to Sandy and Tomoya. "I can't believe you did that! Taking off without us!" Sandy said, slightly angered. "I was trying to get ahead of the issue for everybody. You guys were busy, so me and Marshall tried to handle another angle." Melondy said. "And look where that got us? Marshall's been kidnapped." Sandy said. "I apologize for Marshall's kidnapping." Melondy said. "What did the note that they left say?" Tomoya asked. Melondy pulled out the note. "Surrender Denise to us in the junkyard at 5PM or you'll never get your friend back." Melondy read. "They want a trade." Sandy said. "Where's Denise anyway?" Melondy asked. "In the medbay." Sandy said. In the medbay, we see Denise on a medical table as a blue fight flashes over her body. "What's happening?" Denise asked. "Lillian is scanning you to find out what that rock did." Debbie said. "Lillian?" Denise asked. "Our ship's A.I." Debbie told her. "It would appear that Ms. Reynolds was affected by a newly created element - dopamite." Lillian announced. "Lillian, what is dopamite?" Debbie asked. "I've reconstructed the sample you collected. It would seem that it was created from the components of the Dopamine Depletion Serum." Lillian revealed. "What's that?" Sandra asked. "Dopamine Depletion Serum was created by F.I.N in order to capture me once upon a time. Universal Guardians get their power through emotions." Debbie started. "Which are controlled by dopamine in the brain." Sandra said. "Exactly, so this serum was able to shut that down, and thereby render me powerless." Debbie said. "So now someone's made a weapon out of it." Denise guessed. "Those three who attacked you." Patrick said. "I feel like Flare, Shadow, and Syphon are all working for a greater entity. Someone's willing to go through all this trouble to get Universal Guardians. Why?" Debbie questioned. "Well, I'm fine now. So, we need to find these people." Denise said. "Are you thinking of turning yourself over to them?" Sandra asked. "It's the only way to save Debbie's friend." Denise remarked. Debbie, Denise, Sandra, and Patrick returned to the bridge. "We need to give them what they want. Me." Denise said. "I don't know if I agree with this." Sandy said. "Marshall's life is at stake." Debbie said. "I'm sorry, but who exactly is the leader... or captain of this team?" Denise questioned. "Umm, well... I guess we never talked about that." Debbie said. "With everything going on, we can decide on that later." Sandy said. "I'm turning myself over. I won't be responsible for an innocent guy dying after trying to protect me." Denise stated. "There's a way to save both Marshall and you. We need to blindsight these guys." Sandy suggested. "Alright, what's the gameplan?" Denise asked. The scene shifts as we pan to a shot of a small, black and red spaceship. Inside, Marshall awakens on the floor. His hands were binded and he had an inhibitor collar on. "Oh, you're awake." Flare said, turning around in her piloting chair. "Where am I?" Marshall asked. "I call it the Fireflyer. It's a dimension traveling spaceship." Flare said. "It's cramped as hell. Ours is much better and bigger." Marshall snided. "Who do you work for?" Flare questioned. "What do you mean?" Marshall asked. "You and that speedster chick knew about our plan to get Denise. How is that possible?" Flare asked. "Who do you work for? Cause I know you and your comrades aren't smart enough to conceive any kind of major plan." Marshall said. "You don't know me." Flare said, as flames appeared in her eyes. "And I really don't want to. So, let me go!" Marshall said. "When Denise turns herself over." Flare said. Shadow and Syphon arrived inside. "It's time." Shadow said. Denise was seen walking through a junkyard, as Flare, Shadow, and Syphon met her. "Where's the man?" Denise asked. The three moved out of the way, revealing Marshall behind them. Marshall stepped forward. "Not another step, phasing-man!" Flare said. "It's Crossfade." Marshall said, rolling his eyes. "Step forward, Universal Guardian." Shadow said. Denise walked forward, as Flare was seen carrying a specialized collar. Flare put the collar around her. "Inhibitor collars don't work on Universal Guardians." Shadow remarked. "Which is why we laced this one with dopamite." Flare revealed. Syphon smiled evilly. "Oh no." Denise thought to herself, instantly feeling weak. At that moment, Debbie was seen flying into the area. "GUYS, LOOK!" Syphon said, speaking for the first time. Debbie snatches Marshall up, flying him away. Tomoya and Melondy arrive on the scene. Tomoya shoots an icy gust at Flare, who is pushed onto the ground. Melondy uses her speed to bump Shadow into a broken car. Shadow groans as his body is flung into the car. Melondy turns to Syphon. "You don't speak much, do you?" Melondy asked. Syphon just smiled. From the corner of her eye, Melondy saw a dark energy blast about to hit her. Before she could speed away, she was hit, kneeling down in pain. "The dark energy I control is very potent, little lady." Shadow said, walking toward. Sandra and Patrick arrive, coming toward Denise. "We got you." Sandra said, turning the three invisible, as they all took off. Flare and Tomoya blasted each other with their powers. As the heat and cold collided, it created an unstable wave of energy that pushed both of them back. In a nearby area, Debbie landed ontop of a beatdown truck, carrying Marshall in her arms. "Uh... thank you." Marshall said. "No problem." Debbie said, smiling. "We should help our friends." Marshall said. "Right." Debbie said, putting him down. Debbie ripped off his inhibtor collar, as the two took off to help the others. Shadow kicked Melondy across the ground. Melondy coughed, trying to cope with the dark energy in her body. "HEY, SHADOW." Debbie said, running toward him. "Debbie Rechid." Shadow said, surprised. "How is she here?" Flare questioned, standing up. "I struck you with the fullest extent of my dark energy. That should of disabled your powers." Shadow said. "I can't open portals anymore, but I found a different way to get to you all." Debbie said, boldly. The Skyripper appears in the sky, as energy blasts were fired near Shadow and Syphon, blasting them back. "I didn't know the Skyripper had blasting power!" Tomoya said, running over to his friends. "Me neither." Debbie said, laughing. The Skyripper lands, with Sandy stepping out a few moments later. "I know, I know. My ship is badass." Sandy stated. Debbie, Sandy, Tomoya, Marshall, and Melondy stand together in a line, all of them looking at Flare on the other side. "Who exactly do you all think you are!?" Flare asked. "The Knights of the Multiverse." Sandy replied, as heroic music plays. Suddenly, another speedster is seen coming into the junkyard, stopping next to Flare. "Oh no..." Melondy said. "Melondy, do you know who that is?" Debbie asked. "Trouble." Melondy said. "My name is Seid, and it's about time we met." Seid said, looking at Debbie. "You're the head honcho here, aren't you? You ordered Flare, Shadow, and Syphon to try and kill me." Debbie said. "And now Denise. What do you want with Universal Guardians?" Sandy questioned. "You expect me to just tell you my plans? What kind of supervillian do you take me for?" Seid joked. "The typical kind." Melondy said. "Melondy Dime, interesting to see you here." Seid said. "What'll be interesting is their deaths." Flare remarked. "I'm giving you all one warning here. Interfere with my plans or with my allies again, and I promise that I won't stop until all four of you are dead." Seid threatened. "There's five of us." Debbie said. "Your death is already guaranteed, Debbie. So, get onto your ship and take off. However, I will find you." Seid said. "Lets go, we don't need to stick around for anymore of this." Sandy said. The team entered the Skyripper, flying off. An hour later, the Skyripper is seen on Jellyfish fields again. "We managed to get the collar off of Denise." Sandra said. "Sorry we couldn't help with the battle." Patrick said. "You guys got Denise out of there. That was the most important part." Sandy said. "Are you forgetting about me? I'm pretty important." Marshall said. "Dude!" Sandy said, annoyed. "How did everything go?" Denise asked. "We know who we're dealing with now." Debbie said. "A speedster called Quickseid." Melondy told everyone. "You seemed to know him well." Sandy said. "He also came from an erased timeline." Melondy said. "So he's a remnant, like you?" Tomoya asked. "Yeah." Melondy said. "Wait, perhaps this explains why Shadow is up and running even though he died in 2016." Sandy said. "How?" Marshall asked. "Seid's a speedster, which means he's capable of time travel." Melondy said. "He must of plucked Shadow from 2016." Sandy said. "Just great." Debbie said. "He's doing all this to what end?" Denise questioned. "That much we don't know. What we do know is that you're not safe anymore." Debbie said. "How about me and my team help Denise into hiding." Sandra suggested. "I don't wanna hide from this." Denise said. "We can't chance Seid killing you." Debbie said. "So why are you chancing yourself?" Denise asked. "Better one Universal Guardian than two." Debbie said. "Debbie's right." Sandy said. "I'll miss Squilliam, but I guess he'll have to understand." Denise said. "The longer you guys stay here, the more heat you're in." Patrick said. "You're right. We do need to go." Sandy said. "We'll keep in touch." Debbie said. "Make sure of it." Denise said, nodding. Sandra walked over to Sandy. "And hey, I guess I was wrong about you. I witness you compromise to come up with a plan that assured everyone's safety." Sandra said. "Thanks. If I'm being honest... you are everything I never envisioned myself being." Sandy said. "Perhaps there's no one way to be a hero." Sandra said. The Knights waved goodbye, as Sandra, Patrick, and Denise left the ship. "We'll recuperate in the stasis zone." Debbie said. "What's the stasis zone?" Marshall asked. "A place that exists as pure energy, outside of universes and dimensions. It's quite beautiful." Debbie said. "Alright, everyone strap in!" Sandy said, walking to the pilot's seat. "Aye aya, Captain Cheeks." Debbie said, smiling. "Wait, what?" Sandy asked, laughing. "It's clear to me that you are the proper person to lead this team." Debbie said. "I gotta admit... you're pretty rational. The same can't be said for me." Melondy said. "Everyone makes mistakes, Mel." Sandy reassured her. "All in favor of Sandy as captain?" Debbie asked, raising her hand. Marshall and Melondy raised their hands. Tomoya recorded the moment on camera. "Oh yeah, and me too!" Tomoya said, raising his hand. "You're gonna kill me with this video recording." Sandy said, laughing. Sandy took her seat, as everyone strapped in. The Skyripper took off into a blast of light, leaving Universe-2. NOTES: Universes Introduced: Universe-1, Universe-2. Debbie / Universal Guardian and Sandy / Red Widow form a team consisting of Melondy Dime / Lady Quick, Marshall Montgomery / Crossfade, and Tomoya Chrome / Cold Reef. They refer to themselves as the Knights of the Multiverse. Sandy powers the Skyripper with the Infinity Jewel, allowing it to traverse parallel universes. A glowing blue rock called 'Dopamite' is able to de-power Universal Guardians. It is revealed that Shadow was pulled from 2016 by Seid, a powerful speedster that is behind the plan to murder Universal Guardians across the multiverse. His end goal is so far unknown. It is revealed that Universe-2 has a super hero team called the International Justice League of Super Acquaintances (I.J.L.S.A). Members include Sandra Cheeks / Miss Appear (Sandy's U-2 dopple), Patrick Star / Elastic Waistband, and others that were not seen onscreen. Sandy becomes the captain/leader of the team.
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    hunk. I mean it's well drawn.
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    SBC is not real. The world is an illusion. People are non-existent.
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    I probably need to watch this episode again to really understand it (if I possibly CAN), but this episode seemed to be all over the place, and not in a GOOD way! This felt like someone was TRYING to imitate a Ben Gruber written episode, and a very badly WRITTEN one at THAT!!!! This could have been SUCH an interesting concept! And what do they do? They have Spongebob and Patrick mistreat their miniaturized friends HORRIBLY!!!! (Although to be fair, the Mini-Patrick seems to be pretty stupid, even by PATRICK'S standards!) But still, having the miniaturized versions of Spongebob and Patrick hog-tie their normal-sized counterparts seemed to be disproportionate retribution! If you have a problem, you should TALK about it RATIONALLY; not try to take over your normal-sized (or to them) giant-sized counterparts' lives! At least Spongebob was able to figure out what the problem was, and gave them houses that were JUST their size, and even a little GARY for little Spongebob! But why did they have to include the tiny versions of Spongebob and Patrick torturing Squidward for no good reason? If you're going to HURT Squidward in some way, you need to have some PROPER build-up to it FIRST; and Squidward should DESERVE it for something cruel and/or heartless that he did! I'd give this episode a 65/100 at best! Enough said!
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    A shark being a car dealer, how appropriate. If only Spongebob was paying attention to the monitor, he'd know what animals actually go "meow". Of the disturbing Spongebob related incidents Squidward has seen, that was a weird time for a brain erase. Trophy was right on Xat, Mrs. Puff wasn't in her damn lane, totally on her. Next time just install a makeshift garage. Coop has trash TV preferences and has an even worse snore. Poor frazzled Gary. Oh perfect, Patrick is here to slam his butt on the dashboard. Coop actually had the patience of a saint there. Motor oil wine. "I'm going to work". Spongebob badassery. Triple Krabby Patty with 5 scoops of ice cream? Finally something healthy on their menu. Coop could've avoided this sad fate of not being stripped for parts if he had just drove around on his own for the day and picked Spongebob up at the end of his shift. Guess the nerdmobile and wimp wagon were Spongebob's real dream cars. I had a happy ride and that's not just an act. Grade: B
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    The Black Panther soundtrack is so solid. It really sounds like a cohesive project that connects to the film, rather than a bunch of different songs thrown together. And I love the usage of African artists as features and African influences on the production.
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    Monika enjoys Abuto's salsa dance but wishes she could join with him on the ramba.
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    An alright episode, but perhaps it was too alright, as strange as that sounds. I think it played things a bit too safe for my liking. Most of the humor was pretty obvious elderly people jabs, and it wasn't exactly the most interesting premise in the world. That being said, the rest of it was handled pretty fine. Patrick was like-able, even if him randomly becoming old did feel a bit far-fetched, but I rolled with it. The singing of SpongeBob's own theme song was a nice surprise, never thought they'd go that meta in the show. The return of Bunny Buns from "Mid-Life Crustacean" was a nice touch as well. I thought the Marco subplot was amusing with a nice payoff in the end, which was probably the funniest part of the episode. Can't say it did anything really wrong, but it didn't do a whole lot to "wow" me either. Maybe if it added some more gags, or did something more interesting with the story, I would grade it higher. Grade: C+
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    i drank enough last night from shot games that i threw up three times, it was a wild adventure but in a good way.
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    enough with thoughts and prayers guys you literally sound like parodies at this point
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    As a Floridian myself, you have no idea how sad and angry this made me feel. Also, I hope you're happy, Todd, because gun control could easily prevent issues like this.
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    "I've always been more comfortable in the buff anyways." - muthafuckin takasugi shinsuke
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    can't wait to see star wars having lots of sex scenes. it's just what I wanted
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