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    Episode 3: Yo Korea! Crazy Celes’ plane is trapped in a tailspin! “That’s no good!” Sonic the Hedgehog exclaimed as he passed by, riding on Tails, who was flying by spinning his tails in the air. How will she break out of it? She eventually breaks out of it. “What the hell?!” Adrian yelled as she got out of the pilot seat. “You didn’t break out of it, I did! The only thing you broke out of was being trapped underneath my ass, and that’s only because I let you!” “Like that’s something to brag about?!” Celes retorted as she fully regenerated herself back to normal. “You should already let me do what I want!” “I don’t have time for your crap!” Adrian exclaimed as the sound of the plane’s exterior being broken through could be heard coming from the passenger’s room. “I have to help the people you dragged into it!” Once Adrian rushed back to the passenger’s room, she saw what she had feared when she had first seen the metal snakes come to life...the motherfucking things were now trying to bust into the goddamn plane with their razor-sharp fangs that could dig into metal. Some of them even began to chew through it, and an ominous banging came from the cargo door in the back… “FUCK!” Adrian bellowed in response to the impending threat. “Everyone, grab a parachute! We have to evacuate!” “Mwa ha ha, just try it!” Celes proclaimed with a cackle over the pilot’s radio. “Even with a parachute, a drop from this height will land you to a fate worse than death...landing in North Korea!” Everyone on the plane besides Adrian gasped dramatically, with a few dying of shortness of breath. “Alas, the shock of me implying that North Korea was a shithole country was too much for some to bear!” Crazy Celes taunted them over the radio. “Not for me.” Renegade the Unicorn boasted with a cocky grin. “I agree with Donald Trump’s stance on North Korea.” “Oh really?” Celes retorted in a sickly sweet tone of voice. “Then I suppose you’d also agree with me bringing...FIRE AND FURY DOWN UPON THE COUNTRY!” With that, the metal snakes broke through the cargo door in the back, just as Celes went full throttle on the plane controls, directing the plane down at an alarmingly high speed. Everyone was flung out of the plane, with the exception of Spongetron, who plunged herself into the fangs of the metal snakes at the wall to keep herself inside, wanting to die where her crush had. Luckily, some of the SBC users were able to grab parachutes in time, but unfortunately, by the time everyone was ejected from the plane, Adrian didn’t have a parachute. The last thing Spongetron saw was Adrian giving her parachute to Renegade in an act of sacrifice before she got ejected herself, which led her to tear up… ...at the prospect of someone she didn’t like surviving, of course. To pour extra salt on the wound, she saw Adrian beginning to remove her pants, reminding her that she would now never have the chance to get laid. Her last words to Ren, her nemesis, were… “I’ll stalk you till the day you die...I never let go of a grudge…” And with her final vow to creep on the creeper forever, she died from the poison the metal snakes injected into her body with their fangs. Meanwhile, Felix saw what had happened from his helicopter. Immediately, he had the pilot of the helicopter fly to where Adrian was. Upon arrival, he and the team reviled at the bloody mess before them in terror… “MY PARACHUTE PANTS ARE RUINED!” one of the crew members screamed as he saw an irritated Adrian floating down, hanging onto the parachute pants the crew member had technologically modified to function like an actual parachute. “WHY WAS IT SO HARD TO JUST WEAR A TAMPON?!” “It was Celes’ fault, not mine!” Adrian yelled, referring to how the back of her pants got ruined when she sat on Celes while she was a bloody pulp. “Forget about me, we need to find the survivors right away and then stop Celes from doing any more damage!” *KABOOM* As the explosion confirmed that they were too late, Felix responded by shrugging his shoulders and saying… “At least we still have survivors we can help…” However, he paused as the plane flew lower to the ground, enabling him to see another bloody mess, the SBC members without parachutes who were killed from the fall. “...cross over peacefully.” he finished. Unfortunately, that too soon proved to be a futile pursuit, as ghosts rose from the corpses of the SBC members, becoming Yo-Kai. “Oh, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Felix yelled in frustration. How will North Korea handle their nation being invaded by Japanese monsters? What will be the consequences of Crazy Celes’ crazy kamikaze move? Will the Trump administration be able to make Renegade’s dream come true, and end Teen Titans Go!? A (fake) preview was then shown of Renegade playing Go (Chinese/Japanese checkers) on a Teen Titans-decorated board with a Korean insei (Go student). Find out next time on Total! Japan! Island!
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    I've finally been trying to finish up Legend of Korra since the past two months. I'm now up to Book 3 and after being halfway through Change, I can say for certain that it's a vast improvement from Air and Spirits.
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    One of the best, if not the best, year-end lists of the 90s hands down. Just go ahead and enjoy it.
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    It's ALWAYS been like that! He apparently speaks perfectly FINE in the comic book stories he is in, so why not in TV for once?! (Although in a "2013 Mickey Mouse" cartoon short; Donald Duck DID speak perfectly fine, but only ONCE his calm self was separated from his angry self, and only his calm self talked like that).
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    OH MY GOD, THAT WAS HILARIOUS! Especially that fake preview.
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    We can only hope so
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    As always, this is getting better and better
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    Well damn, now I really need to finally watch last week's episode I usually like Darryl but I'm so meh on this baby storyline and how both Rebecca and Heather are now involved
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    Twist: Kid Oboro raised Poe as an abandoned egg and even eventually gave him some of his immortal blood, that being the reason why he’s still alive? -Utsuro finds out and Oboro is scared but his teacher smiles.- “Your love for this little creature is admirable Obo.”
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    "Why.. why the fuck do they grow here too..." Kamui picked up the flower from the pink dirt, examining it with his fingers. His hands shook with anger before he threw in it into the wind. "Why the fuck did we have a mission here...." "Chief?" No Man asked innocently. Kamui didn't face him though. "Come on Chief, the quicker we do this job the faster we can get off the ol' home planet. Besides breathing in this air for too long is slowly poisonous anyways." Abuto rubbed his throat. Kamui didn't move at all though. "Who gave us this mission anyways? Kind of fishy to returning to a toxic waste such as this, dogs." No Man wondered, taking in the scenery of the abandoned buildings. It overwhelmed his senses, as if he felt like he truly belonged here all along somewhere deep inside of him. "It's not just fishy Short Man, it's unsettling. But not our Chief would given us any information prior to coming here." Abuto said to him. "Although there is some beauty to all this rubble. Our true home world planet from centuries ago.. my planet." No Man smiled but it was short lived as Kamui pushed him to the ground. "Our former new boss gave us this mission. Until he finally got his true wish to die though." Kamui now smiled and walked past the two. "Former new boss? Who are you talking about Chief? If this is a mission from a dead man then why are we still doing it?" No Man sat up from the ground and cocked his head to the side. "Some ol' cookie making bastard geezer who thought he controlled planets' energy and who I'm still recovering these shitty wounds from." Kamui stomped his foot on the ground hard to waken up the guarding monstrous creatures of the abandoned planet. No Man thought about these words for a moment and then covered his mouth at realization of who his boss meant. Abuto then walked by and nudged him with his closed umbrella. "Come on get up Shorty, the sooner we kill and drain one of these blue barbarians for its power the sooner we can get off Koukan." Abuto said, joining along side his commander. Kamui clenched his fists tighter at hearing that last word though. No Man pondered this, looking at his commander's hands. I want to escape and take you back to your home planet... Mami... --------------------- "The big day is here, March 20th! I'm gonna eat a giant chocolate fountain with Soyo-chan, uh-huh. Yahoo!" Kagura yelled out, causing Sadaharu to get on his hind legs in excitement and accidentally knock over OIING Shinpachi. "The Old Man's not making us pay money for this.. right?" Nervously sweating Gintoki asked as him and the gang were heading to the elevator of the fancy building to get to the main ballroom. "Well it is a charity drive for the Okinawa incident, Gin-san. We were suppose to pay for each of our tickets." Shinpachi pressed the elevator button. The group split into two elevator groups to not overcrowd. "Yeah Gintoki, we all paid good money for our tickets. This is for all the damage caused on the island." Skele chimed in and smiled. "H-he's right!" Mutsu shot up and blushed. "You mean all the damage that guy caused." Gintoki picked his nose. "OI!" Shinpachi said as he was nearly pushed down from the Joui 5 entered the elevator first before the others could. They all gave out evil grins as the doors closed. "DAMN YOU OLD MEN MAIN CHARACTERS TO HELL!" Kagura shook her fist and Sadarhau growled at the elevator. "Vice-Captain, are we really gonna be able to fit in the next elevator with those two monsters?" Mikey whispered to Mutsu. "Hey now, Sadaharu and Elizabeth-san won't mean any harm." Shinpachi said. "Actually I was talking about you and the other yato." Mikey said. Shinpachi went dead face and Mikey got kicked in his boldly outlined face by Kagura. "That is rather strange Gintoki, how did Ozu-dono even let you in here without a ticket?" Katsura asked, adjusting his bee jacket pin and then straightened Shinsuke's butterfly one. Shinsuke scowled at the pin, as he wanted it crooked. "Oh you know. The Old Man and I, we tight." Gintoki pounded his chest, causing his fake counterfeit ticket fell out of his pocket and to the elevator's floor. He scrambled around to get it back. "You mean you probably bought it online for two yen from some shady guy named Julio." Shinsuke added deadpanned. "Ahahaha! From the brief glance I saw of Kintoki's ticket it looked like it was drawn on by crayon." Tatsuma laughed. "You guys want to punch me in the nuts while you're at it too?" Gintoki yelled annoyed. "No thanks Gintoki, I have all the ones I need." Katsura lovingly glanced at Shinsuke who gave him a loving glance back. Gintoki in return hard slapped the Rampaging Noble back in the head but felt something in the back of his own, a midget's katana perhaps. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING SAKATA?!" Takasugi yelled. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING RUBBING ZURA'S ASS IN A CROWDED ELEVATOR?!" Gintoki shot back. The two hard heads got into a wrestling rumble as Skele shook his boney head. "I think I'm getting... from this elevator going up.. BLAAAAAAAAH." Sakamoto threw up on all of them. The puke elevator opened up, the fancy people in the ballroom all looked at them with horror, disgust and plugged their noses. "We're here..." Skele said. Thirty minutes later with the vomit (mostly) cleaned off of them, the gang and a bunch of other familiar and unfamiliar rich people faces were gathered around a stage and its podium. Ozu walked up to the microphone and tapped it as the Tokyo paparazzi were flashing away with their cameras at him. "Has anyone seen Elizabeth?" Katsura said worried. "It's okay Honey Lips, she's probably just at the food buffet or something." Shinsuke softly rubbed his husband's back. "Or looking for a poster sign to hit you back in the head with for getting too close to Zura." Tatsuma laughed. But Shinsuke was now nervously looking around. "Where's Leader's Brother-dono and his gang anyways, Shinny? I thought they were invited here too." Katsura added. "Not sure babe, I just know Kamui got all emotional like always when he left the island and said something about he 'hasn't been acting like himself for the past few months'." Shinsuke mocked but then shrugged. "Whatever, we all have to grow up and become good guys some day. "But Takasugi-san, you and Katsura-san are still somewhat of terrorists..." Shinpachi stated. "That idiot brother? Of course he got all emotional! He's just a big cry baby!" Kagura laughed on top of Sadaharu. "Welcome everyone to the Lilymu Okiwana Charity Drive! Here we are today to remember all the history defining events that took place on that island Valentine's weekend and to mourn the loss of the victims." Ozu said promptly. Suddenly Yes Man came happily skipping about and whispered in his boss's ear something. "Wait.. I just got word that. those victims are actually all okay and recovering!? Wow!" Ozu said shocked and the audience made a loud round of cheers. "Jazzy-san." Shinpachi and Kagura turned to each other. "Jazzy? That's odd, my family has a pet fish named that." A woman said, scratching her mangaka chin. "P-PRINCESS!?" Gintoki turned his head at the woman standing now next to him and his Odd Jobs kids. She looked at him weird when he said that phrase. He blushed in embarrassment. "Uh- uh I mean Kiyoko-sama! Hey... long time no arc see." He tried to look slick but failed, much to Shinsuke's amusement. "Yeah, call me when the plot doesn't need me again, my dudes. Which is probably now." Kiyoko said and then turned to the stage. "Hey Old Man! Maybe you could now use some of that extra charity money to bump up your midnight slot show into something actually worth the millions flush down the toilet for it!" She hysterically laughed. Ozu looked dead face and grumbled a bit. "Isn't that his wife?" Some people whispered around. "And I think that's their youngest son, the purple midget one." Someone pointed to Shinsuke who looked confused and a bit alarmed. "Oh look, says here Ozoom Manga employees especially the head writers are not allowed in this facility as of now." Ozu read a blank piece of paper. Then two security grabbed her by the arms. "MARK MY WORDS LILYMU BOY! I WILL FINISH OFF YOUR COMPANY AND GET A STARRING ARC ROLE AGAIN." Kiyoko said getting dragged off to the door and thrown out on her face outside. "Well that was pretty stupid." Shinpachi added. "That was no way to treat a pregnant person!" Katsura said and crossed his arms. "PRINCESS KIYOKO-SAMAAAAAAAAAA." Gintoki yelled and then wiped his snotty crying nose. He cleared his throat and looked up into the great shining heavens aka the ballroom's ceiling. "I-I guess no more moms, huh?" The terrorist couple boo'ed his poorly made pun. "Now then, I'm proudly and ready to introduce the recently rebooted Lilymu cast! My greatest achievement..." Yes Man handed Ozu a handkerchief made out of a hundred dollar bill. "Hey isn't Oboro in that group of a bunch of odd balls, Kintoki?" Sakamoto leaned into him. "How should I know, do I look like the keeper of the odd no balls?" Gintoki picked his nose. But then as the doors to the ballroom opened, his eyes got wide. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" The audience screamed to the top of their lungs and all ran to the entrance, only to be blocked by bodyguards. Him and the rest of the Jouis ran up to it. "OI, WHAT THE HELL IS ALL OF THIS?" Gintoki yelled. "Move it spazzes!" Lily said from red carpet. "Hah, I knew I could work wonders with writing these new guys." Guano nodded to himself. "Yeah Guano, you really outdid yourself!" Mitsuki complemented him. "Raj! Raj! Say your catchphrase!" A woman begged. "WHAT." Raj replied and the red carpet loudly cheered. "Omigod, I meant what do you all want. The Big Billypoo Villain Raj is very busy AND DOES NOT KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN BY THAT!" He adjusted his Party City plastic crown. "OBOOROOOOOOO!" A man yelled. "OBORO! OBORO OBORO!" The audience chanted. "Oboro! Oboro!" Another man begged held out a picture of his Lilymu headshot with his crow sidekick. Oboro and Poe looked at each other and then shrugged. Oboro signed it with a pen, Poe pressed his ink covered claw on it. The man fainted all over dramatically. "WHAT! He's a million more times popular than I ever was as Lilymu's star!!" Mikey shed a single jealous tear. "Wowie I'm meeting royalty!" Kagura exclaimed. "Uh, Kagura-chan. But I'm-" Soyo sweatdropped and smiled. "Soyo-chan you made it! Do you think they'll sign Gin-chan’s old heart shaped frame?" Kagura asked holding it out to Guano when he walked in with the rest of the cast. "Why is my mama in this picture?!" Guano asked upset. Gintoki swiped it away and put it in his kimono for safe keeping. The Lilymu crew finally submerged into the ball room crowd but had guards surrounding all of them. "Yeah! No guards no responsibilities!" Soyo said and her, Kagura and Sadaharu ran off to the fondue pot at the buffet. "PRINCESS WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Shinpachi oiied out. Yes Man took over the mic from Ozu, unpurposefully shoving him out of the way. Ozu gave his glasses son a dirty look. "Now please welcome our band for the night, my FAVORITE band, Exploding Feminism! YEEEEAHHHHH!" He bobbed his head and made a punk rocker sign. "YEEAAAHH!" The audience cheered, some even screamed out their names. The last gig they had aka Okinawa was recorded in most of Japan's newspapers, leading them to soar high in popularity trends at the moment. "Didn't they get disbanded because they no longer have a manager?" Skele wondered, eating a sugar cookie from the buffet. Mutsu stared at every bite his boney jaw made. "Damn, all this just for these guys? Sounds like a lot of hoopla." Shinsuke said crossing his arms and not impressed. Neither was his husband, except for of course his Elizabeth on drums. "Hehe, 'sounds like a lot of hoopla'. You're really starting to pick up on the Cheesehead-dono lingo from those marathon nights, Shinny." Katsura giggled. "I'm surprised you two could get through a marathon of a TV show, let alone an entire eleven minute episode without making some cheese and head in your own brownpants." Gintoki had Shinsuke's katana thrown in the back of his head and his skull bled. "Worth it." "How are you all doing tonight?!" Bansai said pumped. The paparazzi scrambled to get shots of the man who performed a gig that was apart of the greatest fight in a millennium in the universe. "This one goes out to all the people recovering from the Okinawa massacre, the people who fought in it and a special person to my heart I'd like to call Y.S.!" Bansai said loudly over the roars. "Say Jimmy, I wonder who Y.S is!" Gonard said among the crowd and chugged down his buffet hoagie. Yamazaki looked sick to his stomach but didn't say anything. "NO ONE'S DANCING?! Why is no one dancing yet?! Come on Shinny Boo. We weren't the best dancing couple at high school prom three years in a row for nothing!" Katsura grabbed his husband's hand and they rushed to the dance floor, sliding their way on their knees when arriving. "You weren't a couple in high school and we weren't even in high school!" Skele called out to them. "Come on Gintoki!" Skele chuckled and tried grabbing his arm. "No thanks, it's bad enough I didn't come here with a date when everyone is already coupled off. And I rather not dance with a dude." Gintoki replied and then walked away to the buffet. "Aw that's too bad then." Skele replied. Mutsu came to her senses. "C-Chief Bonestein... would you like to-" Mutsu was then grabbed by the hand from Sakamoto and dragged on the dance floor. "Come on Mutsu, I can't do the jitterbug without you! AHAHAHA!" He laughed, she just sighed though. "Well Lieutenant, I guess it's just you and me-" Skele spoke out. "Uh, got to go!" Mikey zipped away. "Gonna go hang out with Gordon-san and Gary-san.." Shinpachi ran away too. Skele sighed out, all alone. ---------- As the party was dragging on two hours later, Katsura was still dancing with ease but Shinsuke was working up a sweat. "Phew Kotarou, I haven't been this worn out since our makeup time the past few weeks." He wiped beads of perspiration off his head. "Then I guess you'll both need a drink to cool off." A man stated walking up to them with his partner in crime. He and her pointed at them. "You two terrorists are coming with us." "-for the stone of your lifetimes." The girl added. ..... .. "Sorry Isaburo-dono, Nobu-chan. We already planned to do a Joui Boys drink night out, since our friend kinda died and came back to life." Katsura stated and dipped exhausted Shinsuke. "......" The Eliteos looked at each other and then suddenly pushed the terrorists down and cuffed them together. "WHAT THE FUCK YOU TWO?!" Shinsuke stated. The police duo used their memory remover flashing stick on them and everyone in a close proximity of the terrorists. Then the Eliteos ran away all goofy. Meanwhile Gintoki broke free from the buffet, his stomach was to the size of a nine month pregnant woman's. "Yoroguyza!" Ozu called out behind him. "Old Man!" He gave him a hearty handshake and then both of them looked at Gendo. "HASEGAWAAAAAAAA." Ozu and Gintoki cried and gave their fellow dad a BIG BEAR HUG. "Fuckin' jeez, are you three really gonna keep doing this every time we come together?" Gendo pulled them apart from the big squeeze. "Speaking of three, you wouldn't have happen to see Baldy lately have you Yoroguyza?" Ozu asked but Gintoki shook his head. "Of course cue ball doesn't even bother to show up. I don't know why I'm even here at this point, I just wanted to drink." Gendo grumbled. "You know Hasegawa, I use to be just like you. Rich, despising Odd Jobs, being uptight with the fellow dads. I mean I still am but.. wait what were we talking about?" Ozu asked. "You were calling me by my REAL name." Gendo added. "Oh yes, we were all gonna go out drinking. What do you say perm head?" Ozu smirked. "Sorry Old Man, but I promised the Joui Boys we would go drinking the first chance we got all back together. Since you know, our friend kinda died and came back to life." Gintoki stated. "Oh that's fine." Ozu said staying calm and shrugged. "Call us if you see Baldy anywhere. Come on Hasegawa, martinis are on you." He walked away in the opposite direction. Gendo was tearing up from being rejected by Gintoki but shook out of it and ran to Ozu. "ON ME?!" Gintoki kept walking across the ballroom with his hefty food belly. "Psst. Shiroyas- I mean Gintoki!" Someone said as he was walking but he ignored it, going on. "PSSST." Still ignored. "PSSSSSSSSSSST." "What do you, your women and your bird want, Oboro." Gintoki said dead fish eyed. Oboro and Poe leaned into him. "Please help me out. They haven't leaved me alone ever since I moved into Lilymu Towers a month ago." He and Poe shifted their eyes and got closer to Gintoki, much to Gintoki's discomfort. "I'm more of a man's man you know? They don't seem to get that." Poe got out a chart and with the pointer stick pointed to two blue male symbols on the chart. The Lilymu star lifted up his head briefly, Lily and Mitsuki waved to him and giggled. He sighed. "You mean more of a Utsuro's man." Gintoki resumed his normal standing and picked his nose. Oboro and Poe looked at him with shocked eyes and sweated. "Poe... how did Shiroyasha know my deepest darkest secret?" Oboro whispered to his comrade but the bird just shrugged. "Oi, he doesn't have any balls anyways ladies, you're wasting your time." Gintoki added. "That's no way to speak to him you Shaggy Head. He's been through a lot mentally and physically." Lily crossed her arms but then rubbed Oboro's head lovingly much to his discomfort. "SHAGGY HEAD?!" Gintoki barked. "He's like a poor little puppy dog with everything wrong done in his life." Mitsuki clasped onto his arm and snuggled into it. "I mean unless you all want to scissor since he has nothing down there anymore-" Gintoki was pecked on the face by Poe. "YOU'RE THE ONE WHO CAUSED MY NOTHINGNESS!" Oboro yelled out, the girls held him tighter to comfort him. "Whatever, I'm leaving to go get drunk." Gintoki started walking away. "Wait! Let me drink with you and the rest of the Joui guys!" Oboro called out. "Yeah I don't think the guys will-" But Poe broke Oboro out of his grasp from the girls and he and Poe ran/flied past Gintoki. "He's so cute when he runs, Lily." Mitsuki gushed. "I know, like a soft dark horse." Lily sighed out peacefully. ------------------------------ "Glad you could make it here Tosh, though I can't say the ol' house is really that spick and spand right about now." Joe chuckled a little bit. "It's all fine Joe." Hijikata stopped layering on the mayonnaise of whatever the hell was under that big heap. He looked up in amazement. "Though seeing the house that you and Steve live in for the first time. It's quite incredible. I've always wondered what it was like my whole life." "Nah man, I live in an apartment now, but it's just nice to visit every so often. And yeah would have brought you here sooner but didn't want to give you even more an existential crisis with the whole 'everyone is really in a comic book thing'." Joe added. "Better to know than to live in ignorant bliss. Is Steve gonna be here or is he still tied up?" Hijikata asked, looking up at Joe again who shook his head. "Steve has been through a lot lately. With the whole shebang of last month and of course Wilford's-" Joe sighed out. "-funeral, it's quite the obstacles. I know he's busy in Edo right now for something with the Shogun." Hijikata gave him a comforting smile. "Do you mind?" Hijikata got out his mayonnaise lighter and a cigarette. "Nah. I mean as long as you don't tell ol' big bro I'm smoking it up too in his crib, he'd ska-doo me off to oblivion if he found out." Joe motioned forward for a cig and lit it up. "From what I've been hearing, there's a lot of government issues revolving around how the Shogun has been unprotected to wind him up in these situations the last few months. I mean first you have a killer worm from outer space and next you have a man threatening to wipe out the universe...again." Hijikata puffed out. "Killer worm? Why am I the first to hear about this? I go away for detective school for one day." Joe puffed out. "Oh congratulations on the promotion by the way." Hijikata smiled. "Yeah quite the change from Steve's prodigy to Steve's partner. If only the people in this world realized we both slaved our asses over saving a comic book over and over again, we might be promoted to president of the States or something." Joe chuckled as did Toshi a little bit. "Now I know you mentioned the Shogun Tosh, but do you know what's up with my big bro specifically?" "My knowledge is limited, as the Shinsengumi aren't located at the royal palace. But I know this whole thing with Utsuro and his death has caused quite the stir in not only the government affairs, but several of the galaxies." Hijikata said. Joe put down his cigarette from his mouth and looked at him straight on. "Really now..?" He said curiously. "Turns out that man wasn't just apart of the Naraku then he lead on. Which I guess only makes sense with the unlimited power he had." Hijikata leaned back in his sofa chair. "The Naraku have been stripped down and questioned for integration regarding their ties with him and even more organizations." "Anyone specific yet?" Joe wondered. "Not yet. It does look like there are much, much bigger fish here in the picture. Not as big as Utsuro of course but still had worked with him possibly." Hijikata looked Joe in the eyes briefly. "But.. Joe. I worry about Steve. From what I hear the Shogun wants his input as the owner of this comic book. He has been residing in the palace for a few weeks too." "Yeah he told me he was living there for a bit." Joe said. "Word is that people and organizations like the Harusame and others are getting restless as more and more the word about their universe being merely a book." Hijikata puffed again, Joe's mouth was slightly open with shock. His face went dark and Hijikata looked at him confused. "If they're after Steve's power or want him to dictate his power..." Joe shook his head. "Steve isn't like that, he and I both just wanted to be regular Edo citizens our whole lives. We just wanted to build a world together and add other worlds too like the Kappa Mikey one.. or the others..We're not putting ourselves on a pedestal." Joe stopped and then looked down. "You know Toshi... you're the first cartoon character from a book to come to our house. Except for her.." He let out a little smile and looked at a picture of his late puppy that hung on the wall near them. Hijikata then got up, putting his mayonnaise tray on the seat and put his hand on Joe's shoulder. "We'll get through this, Steve too. We've all been through enough and this isn't anything compared to what has happened before." "We can do this Joe!" The child audience cheered out. "I do have one question though Joe, where do those voices even come from?" Hijikata asked but Joe shrugged. "Was never sure, but they give out great dinner recipes." Joe added. ---------- "...Where... the fuck am I.." Gintoki rubbed his eyes and got up, looking at the sky. It wasn't blue oddly enough but a shade of green. He rubbed his hungover head. "The sky's a different shade, this might be my nastiest hang over yet... well besides the one with that other Hasegawa.." "Gintoki!" Skele called out from a distance. "SKEEEELEE!" He ran to him, but remember he had a pulsing headache and clinched his head. "Dude, where are we?" "That's what I'd like to know. Last thing I remember was drinking a lot." Skele rubbed his eye sockets but then looked at Gintoki. "Uh man, you're naked." Gintoki looked down. ."Skele.. did we-" ”Yeah dude.” Skele replied. ”SKELEEEEEEEE!!!” Gintoki yelled up to the heavens. "No dude, I was just messing with you.” He chuckled. “I was way over here plus I'm always bare bones." Skele replied. Both the guys let a big sigh out of relief. “..But you know if we did accidentally... we could have landed those main character roles.” Gintoki said silently. Skele overheard this and looked highly disturbed. "Gintoki! Skele!" Shinsuke walked up to them also naked. They hid their eyes. "What's wrong dudes?" He looked at them funny. "Your twin towers are out man." Gintoki commented, still covering his eyes from the unholy sight. Takasugi looked down at himself and just shrugged. "I've always been more comfortable in the buff anyways." Shinsuke commented, taking his pipe out from who knows where and smoking it. "OF COURSE YOU WOULD BE, YOU ALWAYS HAVE PUBLIC S-" Gintoki was cut off. "Don't you dare go using that improper S word around here, Gintoki." Takasugi angrily pointed his finger at him. "Come on guys, we need to figure out what happened last night... If it is the next day." Skele examined the green unfamiliar sky. "If anything, Skele is more naked than I usually am." Shinsuke shot back in defense and crossed his arms. "Come on man, don't do this. You know these bare bones don't have anything to hide." Skele added. "Ahahaha! Did you guys have a wild night too? I'm trying to figure out where the girl was who left me here on this planet went." Sakamoto walked up to his gang. "Planet?!" Skele and Shinsuke said alarmed. "Tatsuma, like you actually were with a girl last night." Gintoki picked his nose. "You never know Kintoki." He added, putting his sunglasses down on his nose and smirked at him "What I never know is if you're gonna start using my actual name." Gintoki said. "Wait.. Honey. Where's Honey-chan. Honey?!" Shinsuke called out. "I'm behind here, Shinsuke." Katsura quietly called out from behind a rock. Shinsuke ran up to him. "What's the matter baby?" He asked his husband, getting down on one knee. "I woke up and I didn't have any clothes on. And normally that's the usual for us but why are those other guys here too?" Katsura peered at them. "Are you kidding me? You two literally ALL THE TIME HAVE OPENLY PUBLIC SEX-" Gintoki had Shinsuke's pipe thrown into his mouth and he choked. "My Honey-chan has always been sensitive about his body. I make sure it's always covered by a blanket when we are having alone loving time together." He rubbed blushing Katsura's head softly. "Ahaha! It's not alone time if other people are standing over you-" Shinsuke threw a rock at Sakamoto's face and shattered his sunglasses. "Poe.." Oboro rubbed his face not paying attention where he was walking up to. "What happened last night.." Frightened Poe patted him with his wing to look up. "Holy shit..." He said looking at the guys. "What the fuck... what the fuck happened to all of us.." TBC
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    Plots for "Old Man Patrick" and "Grandmum's the Word": Old Man Patrick (Feb 14th): Patrick thinks he is an old man, so SpongeBob tries to remind him how much fun being a child can be. Grandmum's the Word (Feb 16th): Plankton tells his grandma that he owns the Krusty Krab, but must keep the lie going when she comes to visit.
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    me: hi- sbc status updates: profile music LOL 😂😍😌
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    MR: MASKED RIDER After many months of deliberation, I am finally starting on this series. It will consist of 2 seasons, each consisting of 52 episodes. These all add up to 104 episodes.
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    24. Writing Readers One quiet morning, Joe was reading the newspaper. Joe: Dude, nothing happens around here. Harry: You want Weisston to be a war zone engaged in political and social turmoil? Joe: ...no, good point. When are the eggs coming? Harry: A few minutes? Joe: Gahhh! I'M SO HUNGRY! Harry: People in war zones engaged in political and social turmoil don't get many good eggs. Joe: Good point. Tom: (walks in) Shut it! I'm working on my advice column. Joe: Alrighty, then. Coincidentally, Joe was reading the newspaper page that featured Tom's weekly advice column. This time, Tom was answering a reader who couldn't deal with his roommate. Dear Irritated, I've had to deal with annoying roommates as well- Joe: I'm gonna buy some coffee and then throw it on that kid's face... , in college I had this one guy who would blast terrible movies at midnight and leave his barbeque chips everywhere. (cut to Tom's first roommate, Bill, reading the newspaper) Bill: I'm gonna throw some coffee on that kid's face. You really have to be assertive with these people. Try any means necessary to do so. Figure out what they like, and use blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda blah yadda blah blah blah yadda get into blah blah yadda Joe: I need a better attention span. Harry: (slips plate on table) Eggs. Joe: Cool. As Joe ate his eggs, he looked at the section on the newspaper called "Writing Readers", a section where readers of The Weisston Tribune could write a small opinion article, if that wasn't apparent or something. He read the articles, and got a burst of inspiration. If these random, normal people could get in to the paper, why couldn't he? Tom: (walks in) I'm done with work today. People really hate their roommates. Joe: You're not gonna be the only 406er in the newspaper, know what I'm saying? Tom: Excuse me? Joe: Writing Readers? Tom: Hmm. Sure. Joe: Cool. (cut to Joe sitting at the computer) Joe thought his unique outlook on life would bring the "wow" factor most media outlets are interested in. But, he just couldn't think of anything to see. He stared deeply in the computer screen, looking at the three words he had typed. WAR IS BAD (Tom walks in, stares at computer screen) Joe: I know... Tom: You need to make people think, man. You've gotta be a complete imbecile to disagree with "War is Bad". Just let ideas come to you. I dunno, watch the news or something. Joe: Hmm. Sounds good. (cut to Joe watching TV) News Anchor: Here, the election is evenly split Democrat and Republican... Joe: Hmm. News Anchor: ...no third party candidates, as well. Joe: Pssshhht, partisan stuff is dumb. (beat) Joe: Hey! Joe ran back into his room, and started typing a quick column up. It was only a few minutes before he was... Joe: DONE! Tom: (walks in) Oh yeah? Let's see. (looks at screen) Partisan system, ah? Joe: Yeah, you know. Tom: Okay. (silently reads the column) Joe: Ahhh? Tom: Nice work. Print it out and mail it and all of that. Joe: Sure. Joe then sat proudly in the chair as it printed, before folding it in an envelope and racing off to the apartment's public mailbox to dump the envelope in there. Joe: Ahh, now I wait. (beat) Joe: Okay. (THE NEXT DAY) Joe: Is the paper here? Tom: No. (beat) Joe: Now? Tom: NO, NO! YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN IT IF IT HAD COME! Joe: Oh, sorry. I'm sure you felt giddy when you started in the paper. Tom: I guess so. You're being ridiculous, though. (thumping noise outside) Joe: Could it be? (opens door) Tom: Is it...be? I don't know, man. Joe: YES! YEAHHH! (grabs newspaper) Tom: Okay, let's see if they published it. Joe: They...probably published it. Tom: We'll see. Joe excitedly flipped through the paper, until he got to the "Writing Readers" column. Joe: (scanning paper) Not "from the left"...maybe from "from the right". Tom: You're nowhere near the political right, man. Joe: Yeah...yeah. Aghhh! Tom: Don't worry. There are more than two people that submit stuff. Joe: Seriously? Politics don't matter! (Harry walks in, grabs comics page) Joe: Alright, let me just read the rest of the paper. (starts rummaging through papers) WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COMICS?! Tom: Yeah, about that... (THE NEXT DAY) Joe: Dumb postal service takes forever. Tom: So you're still expecting? Joe: Expecting what? Tom: The paper. Joe: You bet! (opens door, grabs paper) Joe scanned through all the pages, and then slumped down in his chair, disappointed. Tom: No? Joe: No. Tom: So yes? Joe: IT IS NOT THERE! Tom: Oh, got it. Joe: Was something wrong, you think? Tom: Maybe it'll be here- (THE NEXT DAY) Joe: It's not here. Tom: Oh. (THE NEXT DAY) Joe: No, nothing. (THE NEXT DAY) Harry: Nothing here. Joe: Aw man, you spoiled it! Harry: Well, it's still not here. (THE NEXT DAY) Joe: There can't be that many people who are writing these. (THE NEXT DAY) Joe: No. (THE NEXT DAY) Joe: No! (THE NEXT DAY) Joe: No... (THE NEXT DAY) Joe: NO NO NO! Tom: Yeah, it's not gonna be in there. Joe: I give up! No more! Harry: How does today differ from yesterday? (beat) Joe: Tom. Tom: What? Joe: We are going to the headquarters. Tom: What'll that do? They got more important stuff going on. Joe: (holds up ice cream page of grocery store catalog) It's on me. (cut to Tom and Joe driving in the car) Tom: I can't believe myself. Joe: It's for a good cause. Tom: Heh. Whatever you say. Faster than they could recite an entire daily newspaper, the two were at the Tribune's headquarters. Tom: (parks car) This is stupid. Joe: Partisan systems are stupid! Nyyyeeehhh! Tom: ...right. (Joe and Tom walk up to the front door) Guard: Iiidentifcation pleeeaaase? (Tom puts on sunglasses, holds up ID card) Joe: I'm with him. Tom: Yeah...he's with me. Guard: Very well. Joe and Tom then walked in, and looked around. Joe and Tom were marveled as they looked around the offices, even as the latter had been there a couple times. They walked through the building, excited to see the owner/editor, Chuck Miller. Joe: Woah, that dude is helping put together the comics page! I'll keep that one forever. Tom: Mmph. I'm pretty sure the dude's office is at the very top, if I remember. Joe: The highest position's office is always at the top. Is there a stairwell around or something? I'm scared of elevators. Tom: Me too, I wish more places had the money and space to get escalators installed. Employee #1: There's...uh...one over there. (points at a door to his right) (A LOT OF STAIR CLIMBING LATER) (Joe and Tom are out of breath, panting) Tom: Whoo...floor 12. Chuck Little's office should just to the right. (looks to the right) Yeah. (Joe knocks on door) Tom: Aw, geez. This dude's my boss, so don't be a crazy wad. Joe: I've never really had a job. (awkward silence) Chuck: Who is it? Tom: Tom Richards. I do an advice column here. Chuck: Ah, yes. Come in. Joe opened the door, and him and Tom walked in to see a very large man sitting at a very large desk. Chuck then jumped down from his chair to reveal himself to be about four feet tall. Joe: Little. Chuck: Oh, quiet, you, I have money! Tom, you've been doing great work. What do you want? Tom: My...uh...it seems weird now that I say it out loud to you...but...um... Chuck: Spit it out, I got stuff to do. Tom: Yeah, my friend submitted something to "Readers Write" roughly a fortnight ago, and it hasn't been...printed? Chuck: What? Tom: I'll see myself out... Chuck: Alright, you guys have taken enough of my time on this...name? Joe: Joe Summers. Chuck: (grabs intercom microphone) Any column submissions from a Joe Summers? (no one in the building responds) Joe: They know my name! Chuck: Heh. This kid makes me laugh. Joe: Hmm... Joe thought back to when he was sending the letter, before realizing a minor detail that could have potentially slipped everything up. Joe: I didn't write anything on the envelope. Tom: YOU ARE SO- (pauses) nnnggghhh. Chuck: (chuckles) How did you screw that up? Weird friend you have, Tom. Just send it again correctly if it really means that much to you. Joe: Okay. Thanks! You're pretty nice for a guy in a comparatively high position of power. Chuck: Hmm? Oh, thank you, I suppose. Keep up the good work, Tom. Tom: Yes, sir. (Joe and Tom leave) Chuck: Wait! I got a question about my marriage! Back at the apartment, Joe printed out the column again, addressed it in an envelope and threw it into the public mailbox. The next day, Joe excitedly grabbed the paper, and flipped to the page with "Writing Readers" on it, and there it was. On partisan systems Joe Summers, East Weisston Joe: Oh, man! Tom: Good work, mate. Joe: (reading column) I wrote this! I DID! DOESN'T THAT JUST MAKE YOU FEEL ALIVE? Harry: Quiet, I'm eating here. Joe: (grumbling) I don't see you writing for the paper.
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    Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ apologies in advance if I'm absent a lot more this coming week
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    dam we on that steady decline
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    Found some "Christmas Who" information here: http://www.nickandmore.com/2000/12/01/nickelodeon-announces-2000-christmas-schedule/ http://www.nickandmore.com/2001/11/28/nickelodeon-announces-december-2001-holiday-programming-schedule/ The "Christmas Who" premiere was at 8:30pm. It reran on the following days and times: December 18, 2000 at 8:30pm December 23, 2000 at 8pm December 15, 2001 at 3pm December 21, 2001 at 8pm December 25, 2001 at 8pm And slight observation but did SNICK ever do reruns on Sundays at 4pm? I keep noticing some episodes with the (SNICK) label on them on Sundays and I'm not sure if that was a thing back then. And information about "You Wish" here: http://www.nickandmore.com/2001/01/17/viewers-decide-spongebob-ending-in-you-wish-march-9/ The article on here says that "You Wish" premiered at 8pm but your document says it premiered at 9:30pm. SpongeBob on the Mother's Day marathon on May 12, 2002: http://www.nickandmore.com/2002/05/09/nickelodeons-mothers-day-2002-programming/ "Culture Shock" and "Grandma's Kisses" aired as a pair at 1pm. And SpongeBob on Father's Day marathon on June 16, 2002: http://www.nickandmore.com/2002/06/05/nick-celebrates-fathers-day-with-nicktoons-on-sunday-june-16/ Similar to Mother's Day, "Culture Shock" also aired along with "I'm with Stupid" at 2pm That's all I got from Nick and More. Correct me if some of these are wrong.
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    I don't think a show's fanbase should affect your opinion of the show itself.
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    rip my boy aya’s thread glad most of my private messaging is just notes to myself about writing weird I barely see that meh emote used
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