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    Just like every other year. EDIT: It's finished! You can view it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQ9H7rjvJ_NnHjQpHilZRgldpKvme3C_3Z1GqErM9g235kQCLrVNWMQdE79QgykoNbgFjOXsJMK1t7E/pub IMPORTANT DETAILS: *- credited as staff/additional writer. -Works that are at the very bottom and highlighted in red are spin-offs/lit that gained enough views but are only eligible to appear as so due to being unwritten. "Disney's SMiLE," had it been written, would've made the list if all the other highlighted spin-offs weren't. -One work, however, I decided to exclude to the bottom despite being written was "The "SBC" Variety Hour" by Dragiiin, which was a copy-paste joke spin-off. -101 different works have been compiled in these 52 weeks. This might also be the last time I form and publish these kind of lists. If anyone is willing to take that job for me for 2018, I'll PM you what you'll need to do. If I don't have any takers, then I'm stuck doing this for 2018.
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    I get being annoyed at the constant shitting on CN for stuff but like they are playing the exact same show for a WEEK straight with the exception of one one-hour block who wouldn't complain
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    The Power of Love-Huey Lewis & The News
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    "Don't worry about her, she's only employed here on a bet I lost to Bansai."
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    "I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)" - Fall Out Boy
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    Team SpongeBob - Season 10: Crisis on Infinite Timelines Ep.159 "The Super Society of Bikini Bottom" Location Unknown A portal opens as SpongeBob, Sandy, Pearl, and Linda come flying out of it. "OWW!" Pearl yells, hitting the ground. Everyone groans in pain. It appears to be nighttime as the four appear to be in some kind of alleyway. The portal closes. "Where the hell are we?" Sandy asked, standing up. "I... I don't know." SpongeBob said. "We're in some kind of back alley. Jesus, these buildings look old." Linda said. Pearl picked up a newspaper that was lying near a dumpster. "Uh, guys... I think I know where we are. Or... when we are." Pearl said. "Pearl, what do you mean?" Sandy asked. Pearl showed them the date on the newspaper. "October 10, 1983." SpongeBob said, astonished. "We're in the 80s!???" Linda questioned. "Victoria used the time jewel." Sandy said. "Right. Wait... someone's missing." Linda said. "Debbie, Aria, and Alex." Pearl said. "No, I know Debbie and Aria are missing, but... Alex." Linda said. "Wait, Alex was with us when we got sent through the portal. So, why didn't he come through?" Sandy questioned. "Perhaps he ended up in another time." SpongeBob suggested. "Luckily the rest of us weren't scattered. Though, I am really worried about Alex." Linda said. "Agreed." Pearl said. Suddenly, out of the shadows, a figure appears. "WHO ARE YOU?" the person yells. The team turns toward the figure. "Oh my god!" Pearl said, recognizing them. The person was a younger Mr. Eugene Krabs, dressed in a superhero costume. "I won't ask again." Krabs said, pointing a gun. "Krabs?" SpongeBob asked. "... Eugene?" Sandy questioned. "How do you know me?" Krabs questioned, with his eyes widening. Out of the shadows, three others appeared. A younger Victoria Chrome, a younger Plankton, and another man. "You guys need to chill. We're superheroes." SpongeBob said. "A large energy surge was detected in this area. Tell us what you're all up to, and maybe we'll let you live." Victoria said. "We don't have time for this!" Sandy said. "THAT'S IT! LETS TAKE THEM!" Plankton yelled. The two sides engaged in combat. SpongeBob used his speed to knock back Krabs and take his gun. "What the hell?" Krabs asked, in shock. Victoria had some kind of cold gun, which she used to shoot an icy blast at Sandy. SpongeBob speeded Sandy out of the way. Plankton pressed a button on his own suit, allowing him to shrink to an even smaller size. "What the hell?" Pearl said, trying to line up an arrow. Suddenly, from under her foot, Pearl felt herself being pushed up. "HEY!" Pearl yelled, falling to her back and hitting her head on the ground. Linda came face to face with the other man. "And who are you?" Linda asked. "You can call me James." James said, raising his heat gun. James shot out a fire blast at Linda. Linda used her powers to fly into the sky, avoiding the blast. "I don't know how you're able to run so fast, but cold slows down speed, boy!" Victoria said. "Let's see about it!" SpongeBob said, speeding over to her. Victoria shot at his feet with her cold gun, as SpongeBob slipped into some trash cans and passed out. Sandy comes face to face with Krabs, as both begin to throw punches. "You can't beat me!" Sandy said, performing a spin kick on him. "But I can!" Victoria said, shooting an icy blast at Sandy. "Uhhh." Sandy groaned, passing out. Linda shoots a light blast down at Victoria. Victoria did a backflip, avoiding it. Suddenly, Linda is attacked by a seemingly telepathic wave. "Ahhh!" Linda yelled, passing out. Linda falls out of the sky, but is caught by Krabs. "I leave you guys alone for five minutes and you pick a fight with a flying girl?" a voice was heard. A younger Ms. Puff enters the alley way, wearing some kind of device around her forehead. "Thanks for the save." Victoria said. "What shall we do with this lot?" Krabs questioned. "Take them back to HQ." Victoria suggested. "Yeah. Something seems very misplaced about them." Puff said. ---- HQ The team awoken inside a large jail cell. "GUYS!" SpongeBob said, jumping up. "I'm fine." Sandy said, standing. "So am I." Pearl said. "Where are we?" Linda questioned. "Some kind of cell inside some kind of base." SpongeBob said. "It's morning." Sandy said, looking out of one of the base window's. "Move out of the way, I'm breaking us out of this bitch." Linda said. Linda shot a light blast at the bars, but some kind of invisible barrier absorbed the blast. "The cell's coated with anti-meta technology." Sandy said. "Who were those guys?" Linda questioned. Sandy, Pearl, and SpongeBob all looked at each other. "Someone better start talking." Linda said. "A few weeks ago, my father was kidnapped." Pearl said. "Eugene Krabs?" Linda asked. "Yes." Pearl said. "Who did it?" Linda asked. "A woman named Rita Thompson. She was a supervillain from the 1980s, named Silverstorm." Pearl told her. "What does that have to do with Krabs? Or these guys?" Linda asked. "Pearl's father was a part of a secret government-funded military group in the 1980s." Sandy explained. "A superhero military group?" Linda asked. "Yeah." Sandy said. "Silverstorm was their last enemy, but she got away. Years later in 2017, she kidnapped my dad to lure me to her." Pearl said. "Why?" Linda questioned. "He accidentally murdered her daughter." Pearl said. "Oh my god. A daughter for a daughter." Linda figured. "Krabs seeing you here in the 1980s could have disastrous effects on the timeline." SpongeBob said. "NOT if I don't tell him I'm his daughter." Pearl said. SpongeBob nodded. At that moment, the five 'superheroes' walked into the room. "Here we have you!" Plankton said, looking sinister. "Plankton, try not to sound so cheesy?" Krabs stated. "Krabs, let us go." SpongeBob said. "How the hell do you know my name?" Krabs asked. "We know who all of you are." Sandy said. "The Super Society of Bikini Bottom." Pearl stated. Krabs, Puff, Plankton, Victoria, and James all looked at each other. "How do you all know that?" Puff asked. "We're not exactly publicly known." Victoria added. "Because the energy signature you traced... it was a time portal." SpongeBob revealed. "You're time travelers." Victoria said. "Not willingly." Sandy stated. "What does that mean?" Krabs asked. "In the future, we're all superheroes. We got into a confrontation with someone who forced us through a portal." Linda explained, looking at Victoria. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Victoria asked. "No reason." Linda said. "Should we believe them?" James questioned. "NO! Let's fry them all!" Plankton said, jumping up and down. "Plankton, stop it. Seriously dude." Krabs said. Plankton rolled his eyes. "Let em out." Puff said. After a few moments, Team SpongeBob followed the Super Society into their Mission Room. The room was huge, with a long wooden, golden brown table and a large video screen. "This screen for you guys' mission assignments?" Pearl asked. "Yeah. We recieve our assignments from a military leader. We call him The Chief." Krabs stated. "So, do you all have superpowers?" Linda asked. "Our suits and tech allow us to mimic 'powers'." Puff said. "Except me. I'm just good with a riffle." Krabs said, smiling. "Where does a business man learn how to use a riffle?" Sandy questioned. "Oh, you're aware of the Krusty Krab? That's odd. It's not a very profitable establishment, but me and Plankton are trying to turn it around." Krabs revealed. "And I am pretty certain you guys will." Sandy said, smirking. SpongeBob nudged her arm. "What about you?" Linda asked, looking at Victoria. "This cold gun here was designed to emit cold energy particles in the forms of icy gusts or icicles." Victoria stated. "My heat gun just shoots out flames." James said, impressed with himself. "Yeah, you tried to fry me last night." Linda said. "Sorry about that." James stated. "I didn't see you last night, though I did feel a psychic attack." Linda said, pointing to Puff. "Oh yeah, sorry. You guys see this head piece here?" Puff asked, referring to the tech around her forehead. "Yeah." SpongeBob said. "What about it?" Linda asked. "It allows me to transmit my own neuron signals to another person." Puff said. "So, is that supposed to mimic telepathy?" Sandy questioned. "I can't read minds, but I can cause disturbances within them by transmitting neuron messages." Puff said. "Psychic attacks. Interesting invention." Sandy said. "Did everyone forgot about me?!?" Plankton said, hopping up and down. "Oh, you're just so small." Pearl said. "My suit allows me to shrink beyond my current small size! But the benefit is the technology provides me with amazing stregnth." Plankton yapped, feeling good about himself. "We mostly use him for getting into small places." Victoria dismissed, making the others laugh. "HEY!" Plankton roared. "How do we possibly get you all back home?" Puff questioned. "We'll figure it out. In the meantime, I'm sure these guys could use a drink after everything they've been through." Krabs said. "Hells to the yeah. Time travel is a first for us." Pearl said, looking at the others. "There's a great bar on the edge of Bikini Bottom." Victoria said. "You look like you're not yet old enough to drink." Linda noticed. "That's what fake ID's are for." Victoria said. "I don't know about this. Us going out into broad daylight and potentially affecting the timeline." SpongeBob said. "Up to you guys." Krabs said, walking off. Victoria followed after. The team huddled together. "I wanna go. I wanna find out more about Victoria in the past." Linda said. "Alright, but don't do anything stupid." SpongeBob said. "I wanna go to." Pearl said, thinking it over. "To talk with Krabs..." SpongeBob guessed. "I won't say anything about our relation, I promise." Pearl said. "I trust you." SpongeBob said. "I'll stay here with SpongeBob." Sandy said. Linda and Pearl took off after Krabs and Victoria. Bikini Buze "Welcome to the Bikini Buze." Krabs said, as the four entered the bar. "Bikini Buze? Such obvious naming." Pearl said. Krabs walks up to the counter, as Pearl follows after. "I don't actually come here and drink." Victoria whispered to Linda. "Oh?" Linda asked. "Nah, Krabs won't let me." Victoria said, laughing. "What do you do?" Linda asked. "I play some pool. Fancy a game?" Victoria asked. "You're on." Linda said, following after her. Pearl sat by Krabs at the bar. She couldn't help but be astonished by seeing the younger version of her father. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Krabs asked. "Sorry, I was just wondering. Are you a scotch man or..." Pearl covered. "Two martinis. Dry." Krabs told the bartender. "How'd you figure I liked martinis?" Pearl asked. "I don't know. I got the sense somehow." Krabs said. "Funny how that works." Pearl said, smiling. "So, how'd you all get involved with this?" Pearl asked. "A covert military group based around superweapons and supersuits?" Krabs asked. "Well, yeah." Pearl said. "Each of us fell into this a different way. For me, I made some trade-offs to get my Krust Krab establishment up and running." Krabs admitted. "Shady dealings..." Pearl said. "Not shady. I'm helping protect my state. In turn, I get a little monetary benefit to help my resturant." Krabs said. "I get that." Pearl said. "What's your name, by the way?" Krabs asked. "Uhh, P." Pearl lied. "P? Well, that's... unfortunate." Krabs said, chuckling. Pearl laughed herself. "Oh shut up." Pearl said, shaking her head. The bartender sat down their martinis. "Enjoy." the bartender said. "I guess this is on you?" Pearl questioned. "This round and the next." Krabs said, winking at her. Across the room, Linda and Victoria were seen playing pool. "Nice shot! You're a pro at this." Linda said. "Thanks." Victoria said, proudly. "How does a teenager like yourself get involved with the military?" Linda asked. "There are perks to being a child soldier." Victoria said. "Like what?" Linda asked. "I have a home. I'm not on the streets selling myself or getting kidnapped." Victoria said. Linda nodded. Super Society HQ At the HQ, Puff was seen leading Sandy into a room full of gadgets. "All of this technology was created by the military?" Sandy asked. "No. The only thing the military had a hand in were our super weapons. These are all prototypes of new technologies invented by Plankton." Puff informed her. "Really?" Sandy asked. "Did I hear my name?" Plankton asked, walking in. "I was just showing Sandy some of the new tech you were working on." Puff said. "Yes, yes, yes. I am quite the mechanic and scientist, if I do say so myself." Plankton yapped, flattering himself. "I'm a scientist myself." Sandy said. "What was your name again?" Plankton asked. "Uhhh, Sandra." Sandy said. "Cool. Well Sandra, would you like to help me perfect my energy canon?" Plankton asked. "... Yeah, sure." Sandy said, unsure. "I'll leave you two to it." Puff said, exiting. Back in the mission room, James in shown hovering over a machine. "What is that?" SpongeBob asked, appearing behind him. "You gave me a fright, Bob." James said. "Sorry." SpongeBob said. "This machine can track unnatural weather related changes." James said. "Wait... are you looking for someone?" SpongeBob asked. "Yes! How did you guess that?" James asked. "Luck." SpongeBob said, lying. "A woman named Rita, nicknamed Silverstorm. She's like you and the light chick." James said. "A meta?" SpongeBob asked. "Yes. We've never dealt with the likes of a meta before. I'm assuming there's more of them in the future?" James questioned. "Uhh, well, yeah." SpongeBob said. "Ahh, well anyway... Rita's dangerous. She can control the weather. She can use the forces of nature to rain down hell." James told him. "How have you guys fared with her so far?" SpongeBob asked. "She's a tricky one. She's almost killed us several times." James said. "That sucks." SpongeBob said. "Yeah. Somedays, I wish I could just go back home. But, I'm dedicated to this team." James said. "Home?" SpongeBob asked. "I'm from Karate Island." James said. "Really?" SpongeBob asked. "Yup. I have a few famous relatives in office over there. Do you know the Knox family?" James asked. SpongeBob suddenly got a weird thought. "What's your name again?" SpongeBob asked. "James Knox." James said. "Huh..." SpongeBob said, curiously. "Everything alright?" James asked. "Yeah, yeah." SpongeBob said. Suddenly, the machine got a ping. "Uh oh." James said, turning around. Back in the lab room, Sandy and Plankton worked on a blast gun. "This is a large gun." Sandy said. "That's why I call it the energy canon." Plankton said. Sandy nodded. "So, do you know me in the future?" Plankton asked. "Uhh, no." Sandy lied. "Darnit, I wish I could no what my future was like." Plankton said, disappointed. "No one should know too much about their own future. It's dangerous." Sandy said. "True." Plankton said. "You might not like what you find out." Sandy said, giving Plankton a cold glare. "What does that mean?" Plankton asked. "Oh no, I was just talking in general. If my old self from seven years ago was able to find out the things I've done recently... she wouldn't be pleased." Sandy said, feeling down. "What have you done?" Plankton asked. "Doesn't matter." Sandy said. At that moment, Puff runs into the room. "Puffy, what's the matter?" Plankton asked. "James just got a hit on Rita's location." Puff said. "Rita?... Silverstorm." Sandy said, whispering very quietly to herself. Bikini Buze Inside the bar, Pearl and Krabs downed another drink. "So, tell me... what are you trying to make go away?" Pearl asked. "Excuse me?" Krabs asked. "That's your fourth martini." Pearl said. "Yours too." Krabs. "I just time travelled. I think I actually need four martinis. What's got you so whacked out?" Pearl asked. "My group's last battle with a... villain... of sort." Krabs said. "Who?" Pearl asked, knowing fully well who. "We call her Silverstorm. I had tracked her down to a town across the ocean." Krabs said. "You did something horrible, didn't you?" Pearl asked. "Yeah. I put a car bomb inside her car. Didn't realize she was also hiding out with her young daughter. Rita survived the car bomb, but her daughter didn't." Krabs revealed. "I'm so sorry." Pearl said. "It was my fault. I was the one who convinced Plankton to build the damn thing. Even though the rest of the team kept telling me now to take drastic action." Krabs said, nearing tears. "You're a good man. You just made a bad mistake." Pearl assured him. "How could you possibly know what kind of man I am?" Krabs asked. Pearl looked him in the eyes. "I just... I know that you are..." Pearl said, skirting around the question. "Krabs!" Victoria said, running over to him. "What's up?" Krabs asked. "James got a ping on Rita. We need to go, now." Victoria said. Pearl and Linda looked at each other. "Speak of the devil. Alright, let's go." Krabs said, getting up. Super Society HQ In the mission room, the Super Society and Team SpongeBob were gathered. "Abnormal weather patterns indicate that Rita is in a secluded area on the edge of New Coral." James said. "Where exactly?" Puff asked. "There's a warehouse that was in construction around that area last fall. The construction crew abandoned it due to nematodes." James said. "Time for us to bring Rita in once and for all." Krabs said. "Ohh, that's why you guys have that meta proof cell." Pearl realized. "Still doing upgrades on it, but I'm sure it'll be enough to hold Rita after we capture her." Plankton said. "Alright, let's move out." SpongeBob said. "You guys aren't coming with." Krabs said. "What?" Linda asked. "Our missions are our missions. We do things a certain way, and this is private military information. We could get in trouble for just having you all in this base." Victoria remarked. "I see." SpongeBob said. "I don't. Bob and Linda have superpowers. They can give you an edge when you take on Rita." Sandy expressed. "Sorry, Sandra. Our decision is final." Krabs said, with the other members agreeing. Sandy shook her head. With that, the Super Society took off. "I really, really hope they can handle Rita by themselves." Linda said. "We know the history. They can't." Pearl said. Suddenly, the tracking machine began beeping again. SpongeBob speeded over to it. "Guys! I think there's something they may have missed." SpongeBob said. "What?" Sandy asked. "Readings that indicate some kind of power source." SpongeBob said. "They could be in trouble." Pearl said, scared. "SpongeBob... we aren't just gonna sit here, are we?" Linda questioned. "No." SpongeBob said. Warehouse, New Coral The Super Society entered the warehouse, walking up a flight of steps. Rita stood before them, dressed in her silver costume. "Hello, Super Society." Rita greeted, with a smile. "Rita! Give it up here and no one has to get hurt." Krabs said, raising his riffle. James and Victoria also raised their heat and cold guns. "The only people who are gonna be hurt here are the five of you." Rita remarked. Puff stepped forward, trying to use her gadget to send a psychic blow to Rita's mind. "Ahh!" Rita screamed, Rita quickly threw an air gust, blasting Puff and Krabs away. "Guys!" Plankton yelled. Victoria shot an icicle at Rita, who controlled the motion of the icicle and launched it back at Victoria. Victoria jumped out of the way, as James shot a fire blast from his heat gun. Rita used wind to levitate to the next level. James quickly ran up the next flight of stairs. Rita spinned around, creating waves of wind that pushed wood and dust at James, immobilizing him. Victoria grabbed her cold gun and shot at the bottom of the third level. "No!" Rita said, falling through the floor. Rita fell near a wide glass window. Victoria quickly ran over to her. "You get no mercy!" Victoria said, blasting Rita with the cold gun. The icy gust forced Rita through the window. "Hurry everyone! Outside!" Victoria said, turning around. Super Society HQ Sandy and Pearl were alone at the base. "It's crazy to think of it. Plankton and Victoria were both heroes before... well, whatever the hell drove them mad." Pearl said. "I like to think that everyone's true nature is always a part of them." Sandy said. "I like to believe in the best in people." Pearl said. "There is no best in Plankton and Victoria." Sandy said. "All of this is proof that there is." Pearl said. Sandy sighed. "Just like I know there's good in you. Massive good." Pearl said. "You don't have to do that." Sandy said. "No, I'm serious. I was angry with you for a long time after you shot me. But, I've come to realize that people aren't black or white. Everyone is a huge grey shading." Pearl said. "This have anything to do with your dad?" Sandy asked. "He tried to brutally murder Rita. A horrible thing, but for good reason." Pearl said. "Instead he blew up her daughter." Sandy said. "Exactly. He'll live with that forever. But, that's what makes him a true hero. Admitting to those faults, those negatives." Pearl said. "So what you're saying is we're all a work in progress." Sandy said. "Some of us more than others." Pearl joked, staring at Sandy. "Hey!" Sandy said, as both laughed. Suddenly, the two heard some kind of explosive. "What was that?" Sandy questioned. "Sounds like it came from the front entrance..." Pearl said. The two now heard sounds of people storming the HQ. "We need to hide." Sandy said. Through the halls of the Super Society's HQ, about ten masked people can be seen roaming the halls while carrying guns. "Finally, we got a lock on their base! How do you feel, Donna?" a man asked. "Like the one million bucks we're about to get for this assignment!" Donna said. "Doing business with a crazy woman who can control the weather really does have it's perks." another woman said. "Spread out and take over this base. Kill anyone remaining here." Donna ordered, as her group split up. As two men turn a corner, one of them are electrocuted by Sandy's Jelly Bite. "Ahh!" the man shrieked, falling out. His partner pulls up his gun, attempting to shoot Sandy. Sandy quickly kicks the gun out of his hand, and takes him down with a leg trip. In another area, Pearl jumps down from an air duct, immediately taking out members of Donna's group with her arrows. "I swear that is the last vent I travel through." Pearl said, referencing a prior experience. Pearl enters the HQ's mission room, seeing a woman standing there. "Hands up!" Pearl said. Donna turns around. "Are you a vigilante, girl? That's cute, though I've never heard of you." Donna said. "Who sent you and your group?" Pearl asked. "Silverstorm. She promised to pay us a million to find and take over this HQ." Donna revealed. "Who are you guys?" Pearl asked. "I am Donna Travis - the head of one faction of the Snake Eyes in Bikini Bottom. For the last few years, costumed and masked people have come out of the shadows, picking off factions of the Snake Eyes one by one." Donna explained. "The Super Society." Pearl realized. "The legends are real." Donna stated. "I've taken down members of your group. Surrender now and I'll be more lenient with you." Pearl said. "I think not." Donna said. "Fine!" Pearl said, shooting an arrow. Donna had some kind of expandable shield built into her outfit, which blocked the arrow. Pearl shot more arrows, as Donna kept blocking, getting closer and closer to the archer. Donna eventually slapped Pearl's bow out of her hand, as the two engaged in combat. Donna landed several punches to Pearl's face, backing her into a corner. Donna extended her shield again, knocking Pearl to the ground with it. "Time for you to die, arrow-girl." Donna said, pulling out a gun. At that moment, Sandy ran into the room. "NOT TODAY!" Sandy yelled, shooting at Donna with the energy cannon. As Donna was blasted across the room, Sandy raced to help Pearl up. "Are you okay?" Sandy asked. "You saved me from getting shot." Pearl said. Sandy smiled, realizing the irony. "Yeah, I guess I did." Sandy said Warehouse, New Coral The Super Society members all raced outside in the back of the warehouse. "What the hell?" Krabs said. Rita stood before a machine. "And now... the real reason I lured you all here." Rita said. "Just give it up, witch!" Puff said. Rita used the wind to carry herself into the sky. "Shoot her down!" Krabs said to Victoria and Plankton. In the sky, Rita summoned the rain. "Shit! I hate rain!" Plankton said. Next, Rita summoned a huge lightning bolt, striking it at the machine below. The machine conducted the lightning, shooting out a bolt at all five members of the Super Society. The members shrieked in pain until a light blast destroyed the machine. "What?" Rita asked, seeing Linda and SpongeBob entering the battlefield. Linda shot two energy blasts at Rita, who took off quickly. With Rita gone, the rain stopped. "Are they okay?!?" Linda questioned. SpongeBob speeded over to their bodies. "They appear to be alright, just heavily unconscious." SpongeBob said. "We need to get them back to the base." Linda said. At that moment, several black vehicles pulled up in back of the warehouse, surrounding SpongeBob, Linda, and the fallen superheroes. Stepping out of the cars, several government officials appeared. Linda and SpongeBob raised their hands. "Looks like we have some explaining to do." Linda said, looking at SpongeBob. ---- Super Society HQ The Super Society's HQ was filled to the brim with government agents. SpongeBob, Linda, Sandy, and Pearl stood in the mission room, as a military general walked over to them. "Alright, you're all gonna need to explain this time travel thing to me again." General Lane said. "We come from the year 2017. We accidently ended up here after a battle with a supervillian." Linda responded. "So... time travel and super villains are like... common things in 2017?" Lane asked. "Not the first one." Pearl said. "Sir, we saved the Super Society from being killed and saved their base from a takeover. I think you can give us some leeway." Sandy said. "No one's talking about detaining you." Lane made clear. "Okay good." Sandy replied. "How are the Society?" SpongeBob asked. "Being treated in the medical wing. Most of them will recover." Lane said. "Most? What does that mean?" Linda asked. "Puff's in bad shape. We think she may have slipped into a coma. The others will pull through." Lane explained. SpongeBob bowed his head. "Do the four of you have any way of getting back home?" Lane asked. "We're waiting on some friends to hopefully come rescue us. Other than that... no." Sandy remarked. "Well, that's gonna be a problem." Lane said. "Sir! Bikini Bottom is experiencing some insane weather right now!" a soldier said, running up to Lane. "What do you mean?" Lane asked. "We believe Rita's making it snow in the city." the soldier said. "God, what is she up to?" Linda questioned. "She's calling us out. Well, the Super Society, but they're down." SpongeBob said. "Your army can't stop Rita." Sandy said to Lane. "What are you suggesting?" Lane asked. "Let us stop her." SpongeBob said. "Hmm, I don't really see a better choice. You're on." Lane approved. SpongeBob, Sandy, Linda, and Pearl huddled around a small table. "I hate to say it, but she may also be too much for us." Linda expressed. "I have a plan. The energy cannon that I helped past!Plankton work on." Sandy said. "You wanna use that against Rita?" Pearl questioned. "I'll need to get a good shot on her." Sandy said. "I guess that's where me, Linda, and Pearl come in." SpongeBob said. "You guys will engage her directly, and get her into a position where I can line up a shot." Sandy said. "Let's do this." SpongeBob said. "It will be cold out there." Lane said, walking up to them. "Suggestion then?" SpongeBob asked. "We have specially crafted heat-suits. They'll keep you warm, and are pretty similar to the superhero outfits you're used to." Lane explained. Bikini Bottom In the city, snow was piling up, as Rita landed on the streets. Commanding lightning, Rita shot at cars, stores, and citizens with blasts. The citizens of Bikini Bottom ran in every which way, screaming and shouting. In a jiffy, SpongeBob arrived, using his speed to knock Rita into a car. Rita pulled herself up. "Luckily I'm extra durable." Rita said, raising her eyebrows. "It doesn't have to go down like this!" SpongeBob said. "Obviously, it does!" Rita said, shooting a lightning bolt at him. SpongeBob speeded out of the way. Pearl arrived, shooting arrows at Rita. Rita did cartwheels to dodge the arrows. "Who are you people?!?" Rita asked. "Doesn't matter!" Pearl said, shooting another arrow. Rita stopped it with her bear hands. "You'll need a few more tricks to take me down." Rita teased. "How about this!" SpongeBob said. SpongeBob raced around Rita with his super speed, creating a wind vortex around her. Rita used her powers to fly into the sky. In the sky, Linda was seen flying toward Rita. "Take THIS!" Linda yelled, shooting a light beam at her. Rita quickly avoided the beam, shooting a lightning blast at Linda. Linda manuevered herself out of the way. "I'm getting better at this flying thing!" Linda said. "Time to raise hail!" Rita quipped, using her powers to create hail. Linda avoided the falling ice shards, managing to strike Rita back with a powerful light beam. On top of a building nearby, Sandy and Lane were seen. "Take the shot! This is as good a line as you'll get!" Lane encouraged Sandy. "Got it." Sandy said, lining up the shot. Sandy fired an energy beam from the cannon at Rita, who was blasted down into the street. Rita's fall managed to crack through the ground and send small tremors to nearby cars. SpongeBob, Linda, and Pearl ran over to surround Rita. "... I'm done. I know when I've been beaten." Rita said, slowly rising. "Do you?" SpongeBob questioned. "Whatever I was hit with has affected my powers, I can feel it. Though, I still have a little in me to escape!" Rita said, creating a blinding mist in the surrounding area. As the mist cleared, Rita had disappeared. "She got away!" Pearl said. "She'll be caught. In 2017." SpongeBob reminded them. "Right." Linda said. ---- Super Society HQ At the base, General Lane conversed with Team SpongeBob. "Are you sure we won't be seeing anymore of Rita Thompson?" Lane asked. "She'll be dormant until late 2017, where me and my team put her down for good." SpongeBob told him. "I'm taking your word here - and so are they." Lane said. The Super Society entered the mission room. "You guys are alright. Wait, where is Puff?" Sandy asked. "Comatose." Krabs said, with a sad expression. "I'll leave you all to catch up." Lane said, heading out with his troop. "Puff will wake up, trust me." SpongeBob said. "We're hoping so." Victoria said. "Everything alright?" Linda asked. "Something happened to me and James when we were hit by the lightning conduct." Victoria said. "Maybe in reaction to the guns we were carrying." James said. "Wait... no..." SpongeBob whispered. Victoria lifted up her hand, producing an icy gust from herself. James lifted his hand, turning it into magma. SpongeBob, Sandy, Linda, and Pearl stared at each other. "We're metafish now... like you guys." James said, a bit concerned. "This is strange." Krabs said. "It's kinda cool. No pun intended. I'll be sure to use these abilities for good." Victoria said. "I'm... sure you will." Linda said, a bit saddened. "What's next for you guys?" SpongeBob asked. "We're splitting up." Krabs said. "What?" the four Team SpongeBob members said in unison. "That's right. Things have changed since Rita entered our lives." Krabs stated. "None of us have the heart to carry on anymore. Especially without Puff." Plankton said. "But first... we do wanna help you guys get home." James said. "Maybe Sandra and Plankton can work on something..." Victoria suggested. At that moment, a portal opened. "What the hell?" Krabs said, as everyone looked back. Aria stepped out of the portal. "You guys are here! And okay!" Aria cheered. "Aria!" SpongeBob said, excitedly. "Man, you're a sight for sore eyes." Sandy said, rushing over to hug her. "Well, this is uncharacteristic." Aria said, as Sandy stopped hugging her. "Looks like you guys got your way back home." James said. "Yeah, we do..." SpongeBob said, a bit saddened. "Take care, Bob. Maybe I'll see you around in 2017." Krab said, shaking his hand. "I'm sure we'll meet long before then." SpongeBob hinted. "Hey, Victoria... I don't know what else to say, but... always remember to choose good." Linda said to Victoria. "Yeah... of course." Victoria said, feeling odd. "Goodbye, guys." Sandy said, waving. "Hey, P... look me up in 2017. I would love to be friends even if I'm all old and wrinkly." Krabs said, laughing. "Trust me, we'll see each other in 2017." Pearl said, kissing his cheek. With that, Aria, SpongeBob, Linda, Sandy, and Pearl left through the portal. ---- Patel Reef, Karate Island The heroes arrived back at temple. "You guys are alright!" Debbie said, closing the portal. "Oh god, Triton's ice ashes have melted." Sandy said, looking down on the floor. "Wait, where's Alex?" Aria asked. "We were hoping he was with you guys..." SpongeBob said. "He certainly didn't end up where we did." Linda stated. "We have to go after him." Debbie said, tapping into the time jewel. "How'd she get it from Victoria?" Sandy asked Aria. "Long story." Aria said. A new portal opened up. "Alright, come on Alex." Debbie said, walking through. ... NOTES: SpongeBob, Sandy, Linda, and Pearl were sent to 1983. The Super Society of Bikini Bottom, first mentioned in "Dis-Appear", are seen for the first time in this episode. The members consisted of Eugene Krabs, Plankton, Victoria Chrome, Puff, and James Knox. The lightning conductor machine was responsible for giving Victoria / Ice Queen her abilities. It is unknown if Krabs, Puff, or Plankton received metafish abilities through this incident, but none of the three have shown such indications during the present day timeline. Debbie and Aria retrieve the team from 1983, all except Alex, who is still missing in time. Main Characters Absent: Alex
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    "W-well you know I have a thing for S-Shinsuke-sama, Bansai-senpai!" -Katsura walking by- "Sorry but the feeling is mutual between us." -matako looks dead inside and out- -Later to Takasugi- "Bro, I think that blonde haired worker of yours has a crush on me."
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    I love how the video that plays next is the Smash Bros Lawl video
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    Yuri would tremble in orgasmic glory at Wendy's axe
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    teach me your ways of good coloring my lord damn um Crew - Goldlink Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man XO Tour Life - Lil Uzi Vert November - Tyler the Creator End Game - T-Swizzle Hallelujah - Logic Do Not Disturb - Drake BLUE - Jaden Smith Location - Khalid (that was this year right?) do re mi - blackbear Bleach Blonde Baby- poppy Brian Wilson can do no wrong when he started rapping along to him singing double, I lost it lmfao
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    Wonderful pre-finale. An homage to Indiana Jones that shows what Indiana Jones would be like if you took away everything that made it good. I'm going to take them constantly falling down and having to fight off illusions as symbolic. They don't care how many things this show gets wrong at this point, they're just trying to get to the end as quick as possible without having to convince themselves that this show is good.
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    Undersea Mysteries Incorporated 24. Journey To The Castle
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    I do agree that people tend to overrate Nick's "improvements", however, not only is that a different subject altogether, I do not see anyone voicing their grievances on Cartoon Network as doing anything wrong so long as they're cool about it. I know you've had bad experiences elsewhere on the internet, but here, this is just for fun.
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    I can appreciate them trying to reintroduce such a classic cartoon icon to a whole new generation of audiences, but yeah, I'll just stick to the memories of what originally introduced me to the character, The New Woody Woodpecker Show.
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    It's not a true CGI movie adaptation unless he's stuck in the real world and running around New York City with a kooky white family
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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi Honestly thought it was even better than The Force Awakens.
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