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    Things have been really tough. We barely had gas or water for a couple of days. But now things seem to be getting better, slowly but surely. There's still a lot of places that we're affected worse than me.
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    As teased in my spinoff festival store this past June, I hinted that Post Fiction was due to come back. Once again inspired in part by the goings on in my cbox, I'm also planning on taking a lot of stuff I have planned for Community Deathmatch (because a lot of that stuff I probably won't be able to get to anytime soon in that format at this rate) and melding them into what I already established with the original Post Fiction. So this will be continuing where the original left off. Does this mean it will also relate to Community Deathmatch? Only time will tell. But yeah, the same content advisory for DM applies here. Here's a link to the original series if you wanna check out what a hot ass summer far away from home and being surrounded by his sister and her family's drama can do to an 18 year old guy fresh out of high school. https://www.thesbcommunity.com/forums/topic/8422-post-fiction-v6/?tab=comments#comment-341826 Synopsis: Six years have passed, yet the story of Imposter SOF has not aged well. Ayatollah Rodriguez; Casual poster, airhead...an actual person? Mysteriously finding himself in the heart of SpongeBuddy Mania, a once dead place that has found out the hard way that with new life comes new drama, Ayatollah must navigate the treacherous landscape in order to get a new account going for himself at the, reportedly, more chill SpongeBob Community. But with shit waiting to go down every corner, and with absolutely no clue of how to go about things, he readies himself with the strongest of all his senses, his common sense™, as he sets forth to find answers as only he can in a world where you can't tell who's real from who's fake. Can Ayatollah Rodriguez learn a little and find peace? Find out, if this doesn't flop first. Episode Uno: "Same." Day One. SBMpire Status Building. 6:09 pm Ayatollah Rodriguez enters the bustling epicenter for status feeds full of potential drama, daily questions, Supermandude's indomitable opinions, Trophy's many tangents, Prez throwing shade, ACS teasing something new regarding his personalities and putting himself over everybody else and Aya cutting and pasting a Rick and Morty retrospective on the show's complex philosophies. He brings with him only questions, but the real question is, does anybody have the answers? Ayatollah: Hey, I'm new here! Just joined yesterday, to be exact. This is a pretty nice place you have here, but I'm having some trouble to really take it all in. Is anybody else having a hard time logging in or is it just me, and what can I do to finally get myself around it? After posting it up for any potential passerby's to see, Ayatollah makes his leave to sleep on it, planning to come back in the morning to see if there's any updates. Day Two. Ayatollah Rodriguez's Notification Station. 6:19 am And indeed, the updates came flowing in the next morning. Vuvuzela Smasher: same Wintermelon43: same Puffy Fluffy: same Ooooooofy: same TheLocalAquatic: Same. Cream: same Squidzy: Same ElectricPikachu: Same JackIsCool: same The Guy With the Computer: same MrTortellini00: same Less than satisfied with these answers, Ayatollah backs out of his notifications and heads back into his loft, questioning whether or not there is a future to be had for himself here as a member of this community. His train of thought is suddenly interrupted by a knock at his door. His common courtesy told him to answer, but his common sense™ told him not to. The knocking became gradually more impatient the longer he kept whoever was on the other side waiting. Ayatollah collected his thoughts and things before making his next move.
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    Fuck. http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/03/entertainment/tom-petty-obit/index.html
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    Krabby Patty Creature Feature and Teacher's Pests plots: 10:00am ET/PT - 222A - Krabby Patty Creature Feature: A new secret krabby patty formula has disastrous results for Bikini Bottom, and only SpongeBob can save the day. 10:15am ET/PT - 222B - Teacher's Pests: Mr. Krabs and Plankton have to take boating school classes. Teacher's Pests sounds fun. I've been awaiting for a Plankton and Boating School plot mix forever, so it's cool to see that finally happen.
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    As Spongebob once said, "What the barnacles is going on here?".
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    Premieres: Saturday, October 7th @ 10:00am ET/PT Encores: Saturday, October 7th @ 4:30pm ET/PT Sunday, October 8th @ 12:00pm ET/PT Monday, October 9th @ 4:00pm ET/PT Plot: A strange moon turns everyone in town into wild animals, and Sandy is the only one who can save them. Clips: http://www.nick.com/spongebob-squarepants/videos/215-clip/ This episode, along with "Don't Wake Patrick!" already aired in Israel and are floating around online. This episode is also 14 minutes long instead of 11, so it is another slightly extended episode in the vein of "Shanghaied" and "Back to the Past". Patchy and Potty will return in this episode.
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    Seek and Destroy - Metallica
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    I think they have a personal doctor since they got the money. Probably good friends
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    Okay that got a good laugh out of me.
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    happy late birthday to @HelloMisterSpringtime and happy birthday @SpongeOddFan
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    what a great way to start off my b-day That's great, OMJ!
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    It's time for the final part of “Tonight You're Going to Go Down in Flames, Just Like Jesse James!” / (This episode is dedicated to the memory of Tom Petty). / The plane lands in an open ranch area, within the desert that is Arizona near Tombstone. Sniz announces: “We have now arrived at our destination. You have fifteen minutes to change into the western costumes that we have provided for you, then you better come on out with your guns blazing, I reckon!” General Barracuda walks back to where Bulma is sitting, and General Barracuda chuckles, and says: “It must absolutely SUCK to be YOU right now!” Bulma asks: “Why would you think that?!” General Barracuda says: “Everyone is against YOU winning; Captain Retro plans to duel you PERSONALLY, and you have no comparable athletic skills to speak of! If I were in your situation, I certainly wouldn't want to deal with Captain Retro right now!” Bulma chuckles and she says: “Actually, I predict that Captain Retro won't lay a FINGER on me! I've devised SEVERAL strategies for getting MEDDLING dogs out of my hair, for just such an occasion like THIS one! You tell Captain Retro to meet me in the Cargo Room, where we can settle this dispute in a 'professional' matter, ONCE and for ALL!” (Confessional) Bulma says: “I don't care HOW smart and/or genre savvy Captain Retro IS! He can't POSSIBLY predict all the things that I'm ready to THROW at him! Since he's my biggest threat, I need to get rid of him FIRST! We'll see just how good Captain Retro is at WINNING challenges, when he can't even PARTICIPATE in it!” / General Barracuda says: “I personally know, that when someone wants to settle a dispute 'professionally,' it ALWAYS means DIRTY, and I DO mean always!” (End Confessional) General Barrcuda goes up to Captain Retro, and the General says: “Captain Retro, I'm not sure why, but Bulma Briefs says that she wants to settle something with you in the Cargo Room. Personally, I wouldn't give her the time of day. It smells like a dirty TRAP!!!!” Captain Retro gets a vision, and he says: “Not one trap, SEVERAL!!!! But I've GOT to go back there!” General Barracuda asks: “Why?” Captain Retro worriedly says: “Because, I have a feeling Bulma isn't ALONE back there!” (Confessional) Captain Retro says: “Personally, it's not really Bulma Briefs that I'm worried after; it's this sneaking suspicion that there is something TRULY wicked and UGLY lurking in the Cargo area, and Bulma Briefs KNOWS what it is! It needs to be found, and STOPPED once and for all!” (End Confessional) Captain Retro knocks on the door of the Cargo Room, and he notices that the window OF that door has been broken, as if somebody jumped THROUGH it! Captain Retro asks: “You want to settle this dispute now?” Bulma sweetly says: “Come right in. I've got nothing to hide!” Captain Retro, under his breath, says: “In a pig's eye!” Captain Retro walks into the darkened Cargo Room, but he immediately LUNGES to the ground, and avoids SIX projectile spears being SHOT at him, than he leaps forward to AVOID a net trap that springs up to try to catch him, than he shouts: “Kamehameha!!!!” And BLASTS a giant boulder that comes ROLLING toward him! Than Captain Retro looks down at the ground, and sees a trail of DOG kibble, leading to a box with a stick being held with a string. Captain Retro says: “I expected MORE from you, Bulma, but this is just SAD!!!! How stupid do you think I am?!” Bulma, from somewhere in the room, says: “You don't really want me to ANSWER that one, do you, PEON?!” Than Captain Retro DUCKS to avoid a cannonball, jumps BACKWARDS to avoid a FLAMETHROWER that spurts fire; than a paintball gun FIRES six paintball pellets at Captain Retro, but Captain Retro is SO fast, he CATCHES every single pellet in his hand, and they DON'T even explode! Bulma finally LOSES it, and SCREAMS: “Why aren't my plans WORKING?!!!” Captain Retro says: “Give it UP already! Isn't it obvious that no matter WHAT you come up with, that you can't defeat the forces of good?!” Bulma defiantly says: “How DARE YOU?!!! With my brains and money, I've done more GOOD for people in the past twenty years, than you've EVER done for ANYONE in YOUR entire LIFE!!!!” Captain Retro asks: “And you think THAT entitles you to be a selfish, conniving, disrespectful, self-centered, unapologetic female dog?! You didn't even EARN the RIGHT to own a Clean Slate!” Bulma says: “Oh, I've EARNED it! I've spent my LIFETIME earning it! I don't care what it TAKES, but I'm going to GET that mask off of your FACE, and there is NOTHING in the WORLD that ANYONE can do to STOP me!” Than a CREEPY familiar voice screams: “PRECIOUS!!!!” And Anti-Timmy comes LUNGING in, and GRABS Bulma in his creepy geen hands! Bulma screams: “NO!!!! I took CARE of you! I bathed you, I fed you, I gave you muscles and determination you NEVER would have had WITHOUT me; and how do you REPAY me?! By touching me with FILTHY hands?!” Captain Retro says: “So Anti-Timmy WAS still alive back here! How do you EXPLAIN yourself, BULMA?!!!” Bulma sarcastically says: “Yeah, right! Like I would REALLY admit to Sniz that it was all because of ME that Anti-Timmy even exists?! Get REAL!!!!” Anti-Timmy says: “You did this to me! You STOLE it from US!!!! We had looks, popularity, good plots, and great animation, before YOU came along and ruined it for US!!!! You left US with NOTHING! You RUINED OUR LIFE, so now, WE will destroy YOURS!!!!” Bulma desperately yells: “Captain Retro, SAVE me!!!!” Captain Retro seriously says: “But what can a 'peon' like ME do?! I thought YOU were the GENIUS who knew EVERYTHING, and could handle ANY sort of situation!” Bulma yells: “I was just trying to IMPRESS people, in order to cover up my own inadequacies of HORRIBLE feelings for all the STUFF I've pulled on all of you THIS season!” Captain Retro asks: “And it NEVER crossed your mind that you could have acted NICER to everyone else this entire season?!” Bulma yells: “Fine! I ADMIT it! I was a TERRIBLE, LOUSY contestant to ALL of you! I SAID it! Now SAVE me!” Captain Retro thinks about it, and says: “Just admit on International Television of all the rotten things you've DONE this season, and I will be more than willing to save you!” Bulma screams: “And humiliate myself on International Television yet AGAIN?!!! You're out of your MIND!!!!” Anti-Timmy says: “Don't even THINK about trying to save her! You KNOW she DESERVES this!” Captain Retro seriously says: “Nobody DESERVES anything! Just put her down, and we'll discuss things RATIONALLY! Everything is okay!” Bulma asks: “How is everything OKAY?!” Captain Retro says: “I'm saying that everything is going to BE okay!” Anti-Timmy says: “Don't BET on it, Dog Boy!!!!” And holding Bulma in his claw-like hands, Anti-Timmy JUMPS through a glass window on the airplane, and lands on the ground without a scratch! Anti-Timmy says: “You seem quite FOND of DANGLING other contestants over a CLIFF, so it only seems FAIR to subject YOU to the EXACT, same TREATMENT!!!!” Bulma desperately screams: “NO!!!! Not THAT!!!! Anything but THAT!!!!” Anti-Timmy says: “You reap what you SOW, Bulma!!!!” Bulma screams: “HELP!!!! HELP!!!!” As Anti-Timmy runs across the desert! Captain Retro says: “Not good! Looks like I'm going to need help after ALL!!!!” (Confessional) Captain Retro says: “This is why you should NEVER just assume that you have a problem taken care of! In Anti-Timmy's case, unless you KILL it and you kill it with FIRE, then he's just going to keep coming back and coming back until he gets what he WANTS! And unlike Bulma, he's got NOTHING left to lose by DOING what he is doing! And that makes him more dangerous! It's going to take ALL of us to bring Anti-Timmy down ONCE and for all!” (End Confessional) Captain Retro runs back into the First Class section, and he says: “We've got a situation, and for once, it's not Bulma Briefs!” Reggie asks: “What do you mean?” Captain Retro says: “You know how we kept thinking Anti-Timmy was gone? Well, he's NOT gone! He's STILL alive! And now he's got Bulma Briefs, and he's going to KILL her!” Suzie defiantly says: “That's HER problem! She CHOSE to create this problem, and NOW she can deal with the consequences of her LOUSY DECISIONS!!!!” Captain Retro says: “Look, I KNOW Bulma made a lot of bad choices this season, but that doesn't mean that WE have to.” Patrick asks: “What can we possibly do to stop him?” Skipper boldly says: “We saddle up; ride like the wind, and confront Anti-Timmy once and for all!” Chameleon says: “That sounds like a plan to me! Than we can all pitch in, and deal with Bulma Briefs together!” Reggie says: “But whatever we do, let's not hurt her! I know we're all angry for what she has done to us, but I STILL don't believe that it's all right to destroy a person, no matter HOW horrible they have been on the inside!” Captain Retro says: “Agreed. It's actually a WORSE punishment to let them live, because THEY have to live with the guilt and horrible feelings that they have for the rest of their lives!” Patrick says: “Wow! I never thought of it like THAT way before!” Suzie says: “That's because you've rarely THOUGHT, this season!” Patrick says: “HEY!!!!” Suzie shrugs, and she says: “Well, I'm just SAYING!!!!” Skipper says: “We can argue about this later! We've got an Anti-Timmy to round up!” (Confessional) Chameleon says: “This season, I've learned a lot about the way good guys think. It's not simply about taking the anger you've had as a bad guy, and transferring it to being a good guy; you have to act more rationally than that! It's a good thing that I have someone like Captain Retro to show me the ropes, it really helps me to learn the right kinds of moves I need to make, in order to be a genuine good guy.” / Reggie says: “If someone needs to be punished for doing something wrong, I prefer to do it the right way. I don't like rushing in and making a hasty decision that I'll regret later! That's why I make all of my moves calculate and rational! It keeps me honest, and I get to keep feeling good about myself!” / Patrick says: “Even in a situation like this, the other contestants STILL feel the need to insult me! Can't I EVER get a BREAK this season?!” / Suzie says: “I was just saying what everyone ELSE was thinking! It's certainly not MY fault that Patrick can't take a little criticism!” / Skipper says: “I've always wanted to ride on the open range, and hunt down a bad guy like a Western Sheriff and his Deputy would! This is my big chance to do so!” / Captain Retro says: “I admit, this is not the scenario I had in mind for dealing with Bulma Briefs, it's actually better! This way, we ALL get a chance of fighting with Bulma Briefs and dealing with her ONCE and for all!” (End Confessional) Sniz walks outside, and through a megaphone, he announces: “All right, contestants! It's time for you to come out and--.” But the contestants quickly rush out, and Captain Retro says: “Sorry, no time to listen to the rules and regulations today!” Sniz asks: “But why?” Skipper seriously says: “Because Anti-Timmy is still alive, and we need to stop him once and for all!” Sniz asks: “SERIOUSLY?! How many LIVES does that creature HAVE anyways?!” (Confessional) Sniz says: “Personally, I've had it up to HERE with the contestants having to deal with Anti-Timmy! It's getting OLD!!!! I hope that they KILL him, and that they KILL him with FIRE!!!!” (End Confessional) Anti-Timmy pants, and he says: “Where's a cliff, where's a CLIFF?! Where's the Grand Canyon when we NEED it?!” Bulma laughs and he says: “You ARE a freaking IDIOT!!!! We're like, 300 MILES away from the Grand Canyon! It would take you like, fifteen DAYS to run there if you ran two miles an hour for ten hours in a day; and that's ASSUMING you don't need to stop for FOOD!” Anti-Timmy says: “FINE! So we won't go to the Grand Canyon; we'll do BETTER than that! I'll drop you off a TALL mesa!” Bulma sarcastically says: “I WISH you could actually FIND one anytime soon!” Blonda suddenly appears, and she says: “Bulma, your WISH is GRANTED!” And she poofs up a TALL mesa just FOUR miles away! Anti-Timmy evilly says: “You were SAYING?!” Bulma sourly says: “I've REALLY got to learn how to stop talking when I'm only SLIGHTLY behind!” / The contestants see their path blocked by a bunch of former contestants posing as buffalo! Among the former contestants are Jimmy Neutron, Patty Mayonnaise, Kitty Katswell, Haggis McHaggis, Twister Rodriguez, Treeflower, Dib Bitters, Judy Funny, Sway-Sway, Stanley Squarepants, Guano, Invader Zim, Keswick, Kaput, Otto Rocket, Heffer Wolfe, Globitha, Robot Default, Buhdeuce, Phoebe Hyerdahl, Monster Krumholtz, Spongebob Squarepants, Larry the Lobster, Tigress, Randolph, Daggett and Norbert, Gonard, Po, Dog, Stimpy, Marlene, Wally, Rocko, and Dudley. Reggie says: “You know, I was just thinking; it might help if we round up a few of our friends. I'm sure THEY have a few things they want to say to Bulma just as much as WE do!” Chameleon says: “That's a good idea if I've ever heard of one!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Over the communicators, Sniz says: “And while you're rounding up your friends, I want you to sing a hit song by The Beatles. Preferably; one that was written by George Harrison, and comes from the Rubber Soul album.” Captain Retro says: “Than I think we've got JUST the song for you!” / Genre: The Beatles. Sub-genre: Pop Rock. Song: “Think for Yourself.” Sung by: Captain Retro, Skipper, Chameleon, Suzie, Reggie, and Patrick! / As the contestants round up their friends, they think about either all the things that Bulma has done, or that she ORDERED other former contestants to do FOR her! / Captain Retro: “I've got a word or two, to say about the things that you do!” Skipper: “You're telling all those lies, about the good things that we can have if we close our eyes!” Chameleon: “Do what you want to do, and go where you're going to! Think for yourself cause I won't be there with you!” Suzie: “I left you far behind; the ruins of the life that you have in mind!” Reggie: “And though you still can't see, I know your mind's made up; you're gonna cause more misery!” Patrick: “Do what you want to do, and go where you're going to! Think for yourself cause I won't be there with you!” Skipper: “Although your mind's opaque, try thinking more if just for your own sake!” Captain Retro: “The future still looks good, and you've got time to rectify all the things that you should!” Suzie: “Do what you want to do, and go where you're going to!” Reggie: “Think for yourself cause I won't be there with you!” Skipper: “Do what you want to do, and go where you're going to!” Captain Retro: “Think for yourself cause I won't be there with you!” Contestants: “Think for yourself cause I won't be there with you!” / And the epic song ends as all the former contestants are rounded up! Jimmy Neutron says: “Wow! It's certainly been a long time since some of us have seen you! But why did you wound us all up?” Chameleon asks: “Listen, most of you guys want to get BACK at Bulma Briefs for what she put you through, right?!” Kitty Katswell says: “More than ever! Nobody makes ME think that another contestant, such as you, is bad when they really WEREN'T!” Suzie says: “Well, this is a perfect chance to get even! We're going to confront Bulma Briefs and we're going to put an END to this charade, ONCE and for ALL!” Twister says: “That sounds like a plan if I've ever heard of one!” Patty Mayonnaise says: “Then what are we waiting for? Let's get a MOVE on!” (Confessional) Jimmy Neutron says: “I have to give Bulma credit! It takes a lot of brains to get ME eliminated and then make Snaptrap take ALL the credit for coming up with that EVIL plan! But now, we're going to set the record straight, by any means NECESSARY!” / Kitty says: “I'm glad that Sniz gave me a chance to come back for this challenge, because it finally gave me a chance to apologize to Chameleon for falsely suspecting him of being a bad guy. Keswick and Dudley were certainly happy that I did!” / Twister says: “I knew all along that something wasn't RIGHT about ME being eliminated! It was ALL Bulma's doing! The Twister shouldn't have LOST!” / Haggis says: “Bulma's plan of using Kaput to trick me into hitting Treeflower was evil; no question about it! But now I can finally show her why you should NEVER try to lie or deceive a Scotsman under ANY circumstances! She's going to PAY for her crime against me!” / Kaput says: “I used to think of myself as the MASTER saboteur of this season; but what Bulma pulled AGAINST me after 'CLAIMING' to be my ally?! That was just COLD! And I do NOT like being USED like that! She BETTER hope that everyone else is able to hold me back; because I do NOT want to show her ANY mercy!” / Otto Rocket says: “Now, don't get me wrong. I'm glad that my sister has managed to get as far as she has; but if it WEREN'T for Bulma's doing, I probably could STILL be in the contest right now! Since I'll never know for sure now; I guess I'll just have to settle for letting Bulma know just what I THINK of her!” / Larry says: “I certainly don't appreciate what Bulma has done to me OR to my friends throughout this season! There are several things that I would like to CALL her, and NONE of them are appropriate for the standards of PG rated television!” / Tigress says: “Bulma should consider herself lucky that I found myself some enlightenment this season. If I was still inclined to resort to my OLD standby, I would just beat her up! But instead, I'm going to rely on a more MENTAL technique, and psyche her out, just to see how SHE reacts to a taste of her OWN medicine!” / Norbert says: “I think I speak for myself, my brother, AND my wife when I say, Bulma Briefs is GOING to pay for ELIMINATING all THREE of us!” / Stimpy says: “Personally, I'm not even THAT upset that I was eliminated; I'm more upset that Bulma had Zarbon cover me in black paint! That wasn't a very nice thing to do! I want a personal explanation from her, as to WHY she DID that to me!” / Marlene says: “Bulma's got a lot of NERVE to THINK that she's NOT going to pay for her crimes! I mean, did she HONESTLY think that we WEREN'T going to take getting eliminated PERSONALLY?! It is SO over for her, and I will be one of the FIRST to tell her, 'I told you SO!' In THOSE exact words!” / Rocko says: “I always knew that karma was going to strike Bulma when the time was right! This is what it will all boil down to! This is Bulma's moment of reckoning!” (End Confessional) Anti-Timmy is climbing up the mesa with Bulma, and Bulma nervously says: “Come ON!!!! What is this about ANYWAYS?! Is it because I convinced Sniz to THROW you off the plane FIRST as a JOKE?! Is it because I convinced Guano and Snaptrap to convince the rest of Team Doom to vote YOU off FIRST?! Does this have to do with the fact that I had Kaput and Taotie torture you and TORMENT you with hideous scientific experiments until you grew all UGLY and DEFORMED?! Is this because I MADE you eat all those votes for Oonski and fit you with an Electronic Collar?! Is this because I tried to shoot you back in the Congo?! Is it because I tied you up into a pretzel shape, and left you to STARVE in the Cargo Hold?!” Anti-Timmy GROWLS angrily, as if to indicate that it's ALL of those things! Bulma angrily says: “I'm just TOTALLY NOT helping my case at all, am I?! Why can't I STOP talking when I'm only SLIGHTLY behind?!” (Confessional) Bulma says: “On a scale from 1 to 10, this day now OFFICIALLY ranks in the bottom FIVE worst days of my entire LIFE!!!!” (End Confessional) Both the former, AND the current contestants, arrive at the bottom of the mesa! Dib Bitters says: “There they go; they're almost at the top!” Judy says: “We have GOT to stop Anti-Timmy!” Wally asks: “But how?! When Captain Retro tried BLASTING him, he just regenerated his lost hand!” Captain Retro says: “Than we've got to destroy him ALL at once; by killing him with FIRE!!!! Chameleon, can you transform into a volcano?!” Chameleon suddenly gets an Anime sweatdrop, and says: “I'm not sure. I could try!” Captain Retro says: “Just dig in deep. I believe in you! The rest of us will go up the mesa and intercept Bulma Briefs! We'll make sure that she has NO avenue of escape!” (Confessional) Wally says: “Personally, I don't like having to get THIS desperate in trying to destroy something, but it NEEDS to be done! This is the only way to make SURE Anti-Timmy gets canceled—I mean, eliminated!” / Chameleon says: “There's a very SIMPLE reason as to WHY I don't KNOW if I can change into a volcano; I've never had to TRY a morph like that before! But if it works, it will definitely be a good way to get rid of Anti-Timmy!” / Captain Retro smiles, and he says: “I've always WANTED to do an ending homage to The Return of the King, and what a better occasion to do so, than with Anti-Timmy's EPIC end?! Peter Jackson, eat your heart out!” (End Confessional) Anti-Timmy gets to the top of the mesa with Bulma, and he says: “Are you ready to be flung about a THOUSAND feet to a hideous SPLAT?!!!” Bulma nervously says: “You don't want to DO this! You'll be a MURDERER! A social pariah! No one will ever like you AGAIN! Think about the CONSEQUENCES!” Anti-Timmy angrily says: “YOU should have THOUGHT about the consequences of MESSING with things that you DON'T understand! But you just kept PUSHING me into THIS! You have NO one to BLAME for THIS except YOURSELF! And now you will finally PAY for what you've done for me! You will pay for it in INTEREST!!!!” Captain Retro shouts: “Kamehameha!!!!” And he shoots off Anti-Timmy's left hand! And Anti-Timmy turns around, and sees all the former AND current contestants, coming up and surrounding him on the mesa! Anti-Timmy regenerates his lost hand, and he says: “You think that ganging up on me will make a bit of DIFFERENCE?! I am TOUGHER than ALL of you!!!!” Otto Rocket removes a gold skater ring from his finger, and he angrily says: “I am SO sick and TIRED of all your STUPID posing, and your HORRIBLE attitude towards EVERYTHING! You WANT the precious so BAD?! TAKE IT!!!!” And Otto Rocket THROWS his ring TOWARDS the edge of the mesa, and Anti-Timmy screams: “MY PRECIOUS!!!!” And Anti-Timmy quickly RUNS out for it, leaps, and catches it, but he is COMPLETELY oblivious that he is FALLING towards CHAMELEON, who has JUST managed to transform into a volcano, FULL of LAVA, and he HITS the lava with a SICKENING SPLASH as he starts to get BOILED away into NOTHINGNESS! Cosmo yells: “WANDA!!!! I think we're going to need another TIMMY!!!!” Wanda says: “You've been waiting seventeen YEARS, just to say that LINE, haven't you?!” Cosmo coyly says: “MAYBE!!!!” And Chameleon BURPS a cloud of smoke ring, indicating that the job is done! Bulma pants, and she says: “I'm ALIVE! I'm SAFE!!!! I knew you wouldn't fail me! You LIKE me! You REALLY like ME!!!!” Sway-Sway incredulously asks: “Do you think we came up here because we LIKE you?! You have no RIGHT to thank us for saving you!” Buhdeuce says: “Our show might have done some questionable things, but what you have DONE to all of us is simply REPUGNANT!!!!” Bulma incredulously says: “Don't blame ME for ALL of your short-comings!!!! Do you HONESTLY think that ANY of you could have made the Final Seven even IF I hadn't been a FACTOR?! You're deluding yourselves!!!!” Heffer Wolfe says: “Whether or NOT we would have made it isn't even the POINT, Bulma!” Robot says: “You took that chance for us to find out AWAY from ALL of us, Bulma!” Globitha says: “With only a FEW exceptions, you NEVER let ANY of us get eliminated in a matter that was FAIR! That wasn't RIGHT of you!” Phoebe says: “Even ANGELICA had the decency to tell me that she was BACKSTABBING me to my FACE!” Daggett asks: “And was all the pain and agony you put us through WORTH it?! Just to get yourself a few inches CLOSER than you would've gotten OTHERWISE?! You never even TRIED to play fair!” Bulma finally screams: “But, I had no CHOICE!!!!” Marlene asks: “What are you TALKING about?! You've ALWAYS had a choice!” Bulma says: “Not for my Clean Slate! Dr. Gero told me that the only way I could GET my Clean Slate from HIM, was to actively sabotage as MANY contestants as I can, in the most HEINOUS way possible that I could THINK of!” Dudley asks: “Do you expect us to believe you NOW; after all this LYING you've done throughout the season?!” Bulma pleads: “You've got to BELIEVE me! I never would've TRIED to pull any of the STUNTS I've pulled this season if I didn't have a REASON! But you don't know how DESPERATELY I NEED this CLEAN Slate! I could FINALLY be a QUEEN!!!!” Rocko exasperated, says: “You're NOT fit to be Queen of...NAME a PLACE!!!!” Bulma asks: “Barstow, California?” Randolph says: “ESPECIALLY Barstow, California!” Bulma says: “I can PROVE Dr. Gero made me do this! He has been hiding on the plane this whole time! I can SHOW him to you! Just SPARE me from a HORRIBLE elimination!” Captain Retro says: “Oh, I BELIEVE that you WILL show us whether or NOT Dr. Gero IS on the plane or NOT; but you're NOT worming your way OUT of your punishment!” Bulma nervously says: “Come on! Lighten up! Are you STILL angry that I tried to eliminate you BEFORE this challenge even STARTED?! COME ON!!!! Can't you take a JOKE?!” Dog says: “I KNOW jokes! I've TOLD jokes! But everything YOU'VE done this season, has been NO joke! And it's TIME to reveal the punch-line to EVERYONE, once and for ALL!” / Genre: Pop Rock. Sub-genre: Cher. Song: “Just like Jesse James.” Sung by: The current contestants! / The current contestants surround Bulma Briefs, as they are all brandishing a paintball gun. / Captain Retro: “You're strutting into town like you're slinging a gun.” Bulma: “You’re just a small town dude with a big city attitude. Honey, are you looking for some trouble tonight? Well, all right! You think you're so bad, drive the women folk wild. Shoot them all down with the flash of your pearly smile.” Captain Retro: “Honey, but you met your match tonight. Oh, that's right!” Skipper: “You think you'll knock me off my feet until I'm flat on the floor. Until my heart is crying ‘Uncle’ and I'm begging for more!” Suzie: “So come on baby, come on baby; come on baby, show me what that loaded gun is for!” (Shoots Bulma!) Reggie: “If you can give it, I can take it. Cause, if this heart is gonna break it's gonna take a lot to break it!” Bulma: “I know tonight, somebody's gonna win the fight!” Captain Retro: “So if you're so tough, come on and prove it. Your heart is down for the count, and you know you're gonna lose it! Tonight you're gonna go down in flames, just like Jesse James!” (Shoots Bulma!) Chameleon: “You're an outlaw lover and I'm after your hide. Well you ain't so strong, won't be long until your hands are tied!” (Shoots Bulma!) Patrick: “Tonight, I'm gonna take you in dead or alive, that's right! You break the laws of love in the name of desire.” Bulma: “Take ten steps back, because I'm ready, baby!” Captain Retro: “Aim and fire! (Shoots Bulma) Baby, there's nowhere you can run tonight! Ooh, that's right! Well, you've had your way with love, but it's the end of the day. Now, a team of wild horses couldn't drag my heart away! So come on baby, come on, baby; come on baby, you know there ain't nothing left to say. If you can give it, I can take it. Cause, if this heart is gonna break it's gonna take a lot to break it!” Bulma: “I know tonight, somebody's gonna win the fight.” Captain Retro: “So if you're so tough, come on and prove it. Your heart is down for the count, and you know you're gonna lose it. Tonight you're gonna go down in flames, just like Jesse James!” (Shoots Bulma) [INSTRUMENTAL BREAK] Patrick: “You think you'll knock me off my feet until I'm flat on the floor. Until my heart is crying ‘Uncle’ and I'm begging for more! So come on baby, come on baby; come on baby, come on! If you can give it, I can take it! Cause if this heart is gonna break, it's gonna take a lot to break it!” (Shoots Bulma!) Bulma: “I know tonight, somebody's gonna win the fight!” Captain Retro: “So if you're so tough, come on and prove it. Your heart is down for the count, and you know you're gonna lose it! Tonight you're gonna go down in flames, just like Jesse James! (Shoots Bulma!) Tonight you're gonna go down in flames, just like Jesse James!” All Current Contestants except Bulma: “Tonight you're gonna go down in flames, just like Jesse James!” (They ALL shoot Bulma!) Skipper: “I'm gonna shoot you down Jesse James!” / And the epic song ends as the current contestants shoot ALL their paint balls at Bulma! / Sniz finally shows up, and he claps enthusiastically at the performance! Sniz says: “Well done! It's over, the challenge is ALL over! And in an UNUSUAL twist, we have a SIX way TIE!!!! Because you all FIRED at Bulma Briefs, you ALL won the SAME amount of points! To determine the winner of this challenge, we will settle this with a tie-breaker question! Jenny, bring in the tie-breaker pedestal from Legends of the Hidden Temple!” And Jenny flies in, carrying a six-pedestal buzzer for the six contestants. Sniz says: “Your question will be related to a Wild Western movie, since this WAS a Wild Western challenge! Who played the title character, in the 2013 movie version, of The Lone Ranger?” And Skipper QUICKLY buzzes in first, BEFORE Captain Retro! Sniz asks: “Skipper?” Skipper says: “The answer my friend, is Armie Hammer!” Sniz says: “That is absolutely correct! You've won immunity and a spot in the V.I.P. Lounge!” Skipper sighs and says: “Sorry, Captain Retro; but I couldn't RISK Bulma trying to eliminate ME again! You understand, right?” Captain Retro says: “Statistically speaking, you HAD to win a challenge SOONER or later!” Sniz says: “That means this evening, you seven contestants can NOT vote for Skipper! Everyone is fair game, because it's time for another Elimination Ceremony, to DETERMINE the Final Six!” (Confessional) Skipper jumps up and says: “YES!!!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!!!! I did it, I DID it, AND I DID IT!!!! I've got a spot in the Final Six!” / Captain Retro says: “Losing to Skipper? Tragic; but I'll settle for Bulma Briefs going down!” / Patrick says: “It will be interesting to see how Bulma reacts to having her NAME show up on the pass-port stamps that we will punch OUT for her!” / Suzie says: “Bulma, my mother once told me if you can't say something NICE about someone, don't say ANYTHING at all! Needless to say, I have NOTHING more to SAY about you!” / Reggie says: “The moment of truth has finally come, Bulma! It's time for you to see why crime simply NEVER pays in the LONG run!” / Bulma growls angrily, and she says: “If ONLY I had GOTTEN that MASK; I would have had it MADE!!!! Don't they REALIZE that they're voting off the biggest REASON for this show HAVING the ratings that it DOES?!!! This CAN'T be OVER!!!!” / Chameleon says: “It is SO over!” (End Confessional) The contestants have all cleaned up, and all dressed back in their normal outfits. Sniz says: “First of all, here is your Immunity Popcorn, Skipper. Treasure it like a TRUE winner would! Now for the rest of you, six of you have fought hard to make it this far, but only five of you will get to join Skipper in the Final Six. Now, does anyone have anything they'd like to say before we commence voting?” Captain Retro stands up, and he says: “I do. My fellow contestants, I know some of us have had our differences in the past, but I just want you to know, that all things considered, I've had nothing but the utmost respect and honesty with you. And if it comes to a vote, I've already got a pretty good idea, that my vote is going to either Suzie or Reggie, when the time comes. Bulma Briefs, you have been a HORRIBLE contestant this season, and you've caused nothing but AGONY and GRIEF to our former contestants!” Bulma asked: “How so?” Captain Retro says: “Well, for starters, let's go back to the micro-chip incident from the Idaho challenge. Snaptrap's micro-chip SOMEHOW wound up on Reggie Rocket, despite Reggie having NEVER personally made any sort of ill will AGAINST Snaptrap, and Snaptrap having never TOLD anyone ABOUT that micro-chip! Tell me, why would his micro-chip wind up on Reggie Rocket, if she had NEVER done anything bad against him?” Bulma asks: “Why would Snaptrap NEED a reason?! He could have just done it because it AMUSED him, a lot of villains DO that!” Captain Retro says: “No; that simply doesn't seem plausible! It always seemed like trying to sabotage Reggie Rocket NEEDED a reason to happen, and Snaptrap didn't HAVE the proper motivation to WANT to eliminate Reggie, but perhaps someone ELSE in the game DID! And YOU, Bulma Briefs, have always BRAGGED about being the SMARTEST contestant in the entire game! SURELY you would have RECOGNIZED Reggie's potential for WINNING the game early ON, and would have TRIED to SUBVERT her chances early ON; BEFORE she could become a THREAT to you!” Bulma says: “You're just trying to throw BASELESS accusations at me! You have NOTHING based in reality to back you up on THIS!” Captain Retro says: “It is NOT a baseless accusation, and I CAN actually prove this!” Bulma asks: “And just HOW, might I ask, can you DO that?!” Captain Retro says: “Because your BIGGEST weakness has ALWAYS been your inability to keep your mouth shut, and you would NEVER divulge your secrets to ANYONE you THOUGHT of as a THREAT; I ASKED Gonard to RECORD your voice with a Dog Bone VOICE RECORDER that I GAVE him, and HE gave it back to ME before he got ELIMINATED! So if you don't MIND, everyone, I will now play for you EXACTLY what Bulma Briefs has had in MIND during her competition THIS season!” And as Captain Retro plays his Voice Recorder, the camera changes to focus on the expressions of the other contestants, Bulma gets more and MORE horrified that her thoughts have been exposed, while all the OTHER contestants get MORE disgusted by Bulma's TRUE thoughts! / Gonard says: “It's nice to see you here, Bulma. How are you doing?” Bulma scoffs and says: “Not so well that I'm not WILLING to spend at least a FEW minutes of my life with you!” Gonard asks: “I just don't understand what your problem is. Maybe if you talked about it, you would feel better about yourself, as well as everybody else.” Bulma SERIOUSLY says: “I don't WANT to know anybody else! I don't want to have ANYTHING to DO with them!” Gonard asks: “What about Zarbon? You seem awfully chummy with him.” Bulma scoffs and says: “Chummy? PLEASE!!!! Like I 'ACTUALLY' love him, he's just a guy that I'm leading on for as LONG as it's CONVENIENT for me! When he ceases to be useful, I'll BETRAY him and DUMP him at my first convenience! He's just a PAWN that I'm using to FURTHER my own game!” Gonard asks: “Are you SAYING that you honestly don't CARE for Zarbon?!” Bulma groans and says: “Not only do I NOT care for Zarbon, I don't care for ANYBODY in this competition!” Gonard says: “You can't HONESTLY mean that!” Bulma says: “Believe me, I do! Can you keep a secret? Of COURSE you can! Besides, who would believe YOU even IF you told anybody? NOBODY! That's WHO! I am a GENIUS, and you're...GONARD! It's MY word against YOUR word! And we BOTH know who would WIN in a debate!” Gonard says: “I'm not trying to come down on you, I just want to get to know you!” Bulma says: “All you need to know is that despite what Zarbon has claimed, I have been in charge of ALL the power moves of this game! Zarbon MIGHT have been the one to carry out the dirty deeds, but I WAS the one who came up with ALL the ideas!” Gonard says: “NO!!!!” Bulma confidently says: “YES! Who ELSE could come up with the BRILLIANT plan to have Timmy Turner eliminated so soon, so I could have Zarbon MUTATE Timmy Turner so that he would grow all ROTTEN and HIDEOUS and be the PERFECT weapon to have in order to protect me in Elimination Ceremonies?! Who ELSE would give Snaptrap the idea to RIG off Jimmy Neutron, the GREATEST threat to my genius, so that he couldn't POSSIBLY have a chance to use HIS brain against MINE?! Who ELSE could have come up with the plan that if Zarbon were to RIG the plane, it would CAUSE Captain Retro and Marlene to KISS, RUINING her relationship with Skipper?!” Suzie angrily says: “SHE did IT! It was ALL HER!!!!” Gonard seriously asks: “That was YOU?!” Bulma says: “That's not all! Who else could engineer the eliminations of Fanboy, Roger, Kitty Katswell, Snaptrap, Haggis McHaggis, Twister, Lil Deville, Skipper TWICE, Angelica Pickles TWICE, Pearl Krabs Star, Treeflower, Dib Bitters and Judy Funny, Sway-Sway, Harvey Beaks and Craig Slithers, Stanley S. Squarepants, Super Chum, the REAL Guano, Invader Zim, Keswick, Kaput and Oonski the Great, Otto Rocket, Sanjay and Heffer Wolfe, Globitha and Robot Default, King Julien and Buhdeuce, Monster Krumholtz, Spongebob, Blonda and Larry, Taotie and Tigress, Randolph, Daggett AND Norbert?! That was ME!!!! It was ALL me! I KNEW Angelica would be SO conceited and DENSE, that she would BELIEVE that if she DID all the HORRIBLE things I said and SAID all the HORRIBLE things I TOLD her to say, that she would automatically GET all the money, then be DESPERATE enough to go to Dai Shi to help her get back IN the competition, which would lead to Otto Rocket's elimination! And Treeflower? She could have held out longer, IF I didn't tell Zarbon to SPIKE her food with chemicals that would CAUSE her to get sick and ill! I also told Zarbon to SPIKE Dib Bitters food in order to MAKE his food fail with General Barracuda, and I HAD Zarbon inject the bull named El Toro Loco with a serum to make him go CRAZY with rage when Judy Funny took a ride on him! I BRIBED Jenny Quackles to GIVE Sway-Sway a chance! I knew that if Sway-Sway HAD Jenny Quackles to go after, he'd QUIT the game! It was MY idea for Kaput to DAMAGE the food conveyer belt, FORCING Craig Slithers to eat the uncooked pizza and therefore, be UNABLE to help his team get a win! I FED Stanley S. Squarepants the LIE that if HE bragged about his being able to drive to SPONGEBOB, that Spongebob would APPRECIATE Stanley, knowing full-well it would SET Spongebob OFF!!!!” Gonard, in an unbelieving tone says: “You DIDN'T!!!!” Patrick just shakes his head and says: “This is unacceptable!” Bulma says: “But I DID!!!! I was the one who called Global Warmer to attack Man-Arctica, FORCING the latter to seek out Super Chum and get HIM out of the competition! And Otto was DESPERATE enough for a win, that he was willing to believe that if he took out Guano, it would help him OUT in the competition! Of course, by this time, Keswick was getting NOSY and getting FAR too close to the truth, so I HAD to use Anti-Timmy to engineer HIS elimination! After that, Kaput and Oonski had outlived THEIR usefulness to me, so I decided to get Kaput out with his allergy to MOLES, and dug up the VERY useful information about Oonski's parentage to Daggett! Ironically enough, Blonda's entrance into the game, which I could not POSSIBLY plan for, ended up helping ME immensely! With her OVER-BLOATED ego, I could use her narcissism to make HER look BAD to everyone else and make ME look good by comparison! Her ego was the best weapon I could have HAD in order to take out Sanjay, Heffer, Buhdeuce, King Julien, AND Monster Krumholtz! Of course, I also couldn't possibly IGNORE the double-threat of Globitha and Robot, CLEAR audience favorites that would get in the WAY of MY eventual win, so I convinced EVERYONE, even MONSTER, to vote her off, and Robot Default wouldn't be ABLE to compete WITHOUT her, so he would QUIT the game WITH her! I HAD hoped to take Blonda out for GOOD after the Australian challenge, but she ended up providing me with an opportunity that I COULDN'T resist; taking out Spongebob! So I threw OUT the idea to Taotie, that if he were to micro-chip Spongebob's koala, it would get Spongebob out for GOOD! And because Blonda had just made SKIPPER the brand new target of the instigator who would be BEHIND Spongebob's elimination, it was the perfect opportunity to get RID of him AGAIN!” Skipper angrily says: “How DARE she?!” Gonard shakes his head and says: “I can't believe ANY of this!” Bulma says: “I assure you, that what I am telling you IS true! Of course, there was no WAY I could risk either Blonda or Larry making it to the team merge, which is why I convinced Zarbon to convince LARRY to cheat on his behalf, and CATCH Larry cheating once I RATTED Zarbon OUT for it! And while Taotie was INDEED useful to me, I couldn't STAND his ugliness anymore, which is why I convinced Zarbon to hack into the computer main-frame, and write up that automatic double elimination rule for the Congo challenge, and to make SURE Taotie got paired up with Tigress, knowing full well that Tigress would do ANYTHING to get Taotie out of the competition, EVEN if it meant sacrificing her own game! As for Randolph, I BRIBED him to quit the game in case he got caught and potentially tortured, 'promising' him a healthy sum of money should he be inconvenienced by his treatment in the game. Finally, I couldn't POSSIBLY ignore Daggett and Norbert TRYING to throw a WRENCH into my plans, which is why I made SURE that Zarbon would TARGET the BOTH of them, based on his FALSE notions of getting anywhere NEAR to fourth base with me!” Gonard reluctantly asks: “Don't you wish you had done ANYTHING different in this competition?” Bulma says: “Sure I do! I wish that I had Timmy Turner TORTURED more for how AWFUL his show had and has become! I wish I had told Zarbon and Taotie to make MORE fun of Fanboy and Super Chum's BLATANT homosexuality for each other! I wish that Taotie would have humiliated Kitty Katswell even WORSE before eliminating her! I constantly wish that Captain Retro wouldn't INTERFERE with MY game, like when he found out about Snaptrap's micro-chip on Reggie Rocket, FORCING the removal of Snaptrap from the game! I WISH that Haggis had HURT Treeflower even WORSE than he DID before HE got removed from the game! I wish that Twister had been even MORE obnoxious and oblivious than he was! I wish that Lil Deville got HURT even WORSE than she did when SHE fell out of the plane! I wish that Otto Rocket had been MORE nasty to Angelica Pickles when he dumped her for GOOD! I wish that Treeflower's misery of being SICK could have LASTED longer before she finally dropped out!” Gonard says: “That's NOT true!” Reggie says: “That is SO despicable!” Bulma says: “Why couldn't it be true?! She means NOTHING to me! Nobody DOES! I wish that General Barracuda got hurt WORSE by Dib Bitters sabotaged recipe, and that Judy Funny suffered far WORSE injuries after getting thrown off by El Toro Loco! I WISH that Jenny Quackles had BROKEN Sway-Sway's PATHETIC little heart, instead of ACTUALLY falling in 'LOVE' with him! I wish that Spongebob would have gone COMPLETELY evil and knocked the living DAYLIGHTS out of his LOUSY cousin, Stanley! I wish that GUANO had been hurt even WORSE by Otto! I wish that Blonda had been MORE cut-throat, and had caused REAL damage to King Julien, instead of just emotional damage! I wish that koala had hurt Spongebob even WORSE than it did! I hoped that Skipper would ACCEPT defeat like a NORMAL contestant, instead of TRYING to come back TWICE in his PATHETIC attempt to TRY to win! And I wish that Tigress didn't suddenly become all 'moral,' and that she would actually TRY to MAIM Taotie BEFORE eliminating him!” Gonard asks: “So, you WISH that everybody who has EVER done your dirty deeds for you, would've done MORE to hurt those they eliminated?” Bulma replies: “Why should I CARE what happens to anyone ELSE?! I'm the ONLY one who has a CHANCE of winning this thing! Nobody else can come anywhere CLOSE to matching my genius! I have this little bet going on with everyone back in West City, that by the time I'm DONE completely RUINING their STUPID little game plans and SHATTERING their pathetic self-confidence, that every contestant that I wanted OFF in this competition, will have to seek YEARS of self-health therapy, just to get over the fact that I mentally CRUSHED them! Now, if you'll EXCUSE me, I have some jury votes to work over. I want to see if I can make it FREAKING unanimous that I WIN!!!!” / Captain Retro turns off the Voice Recorder and says: “Well, there you have it. And as it turns out, Bulma; it's now YOUR word against YOUR word!” Bulma screams: “WHY COULDN'T I JUST LEARN TO KEEP MY BIG, GIGANTIC, FAT MOUTH SHUT?!!!” Captain Retro says: “Your words, not mine.” Bulma nervously says: “But you STILL can't vote me OFF! You'd NEVER see Dr. Gero for yourself!!!!” And she runs off into the Cargo Room area! Chameleon says: “After her!” And they all rush into the Cargo Room! In the Cargo Room, Bulma says: “Oh, Dr. GERO; I've brought Captain Retro's MASK for you!” And everyone STOPS as they see the giant, floating green head of Dr. Gero FLOAT in the air! Dr. Gero billows: “So, indeed you HAVE!!!! But WHY is it STILL on Captain Retro?!” Bulma says: “You just said that I had to BRING you Captain Retro's mask! You never SAID just HOW I should do it!” Dr. Gero loudly says: “So you TRICKED him into coming back here, didn't you?! Very resourceful!” Bulma says: “So it's time for YOU to uphold YOUR end of the bargain, if you don't MIND, sir!” Dr Gero shouts: “Not so fast! NOT SO FAST!!!! I'll have to wait until after I've given it a little thought! Go away and come back TOMORROW!” Bulma incredulously asks: “TOMORROW?! I NEED that Clean Slate NOW!!!! I've given you PLENTY of time already!” Dr. Gero angrily says: “Do NOT arouse the WRATH of the GREAT and POWERFUL Gero! I SAID, 'Come back TOMORROW!'” But none of them APPEAR to notice that Captain Retro is HEADING back TOWARDS a suspiciously GREEN curtain located in the Cargo Room! Bulma says: “If you were REALLY great and powerful, you'd keep your PROMISE to ME!” And Captain Retro PULLS the Green Curtain to REVEAL a tall, OLD, Sinister, fairly UGLY man! Dr. Gero, through a microphone and operating controls, says: “Do YOU presume to CRITICIZE the GREAT Gero?! You UNGRATEFUL creature, should think yourself LUCKY, that I'm giving you an audience TOMORROW, instead of TWENTY years from NOW!!!!” Dr. Gero looks back and says: “OH!!!!” Dr. Gero speaks into the microphone and says: “The GREAT Gero HAS spoken!” Dr. Gero panics and says: “OH!!!!” And he pulls the curtain shut! Dr. Gero shouts: “Pay no attention to the MAN behind the CURTAIN!!!! The GREATEST Gero has SPOKEN!!!!” Bulma pulls the curtain back, and she asks: “Who are you?!” Dr. Gero through the microphone, shouts: “I am the GREAT and POWERFUL--!” And Dr. Gero decides to drop the charade, and he plainly says: “Dr. Gero!” Bulma angrily says: “You're a HUMBUG!!!!” Dr. Gero says: “So, the GREAT genius Bulma Briefs FINALLY catches on! Do you THINK I was helping you because I LIKED you?! I was just USING you to gather some HELPFUL information!” Suzie asks: “What information?!” Dr. Gero says: “Information that I will use to complete my GREATEST technological achievements, Cyborgs 17 and 18! Once I am done with them, Bulma Briefs, the world you live on as YOU know it shall CEASE to exist! Therefore, there will be no NEED for you to HAVE a Clean Slate anymore, as there will be NO ONE you PERSONALLY know of LEFT alive to CARE about your STUPID secret anymore!” Bulma gets shocked, and says: “But I only agreed to personally HELP you if you PROMISED to not SEND those Cyborgs AFTER my friends! CONTINUING to create those Cyborgs was NEVER part of our DEAL!!!!” Dr. Gero creepily says: “I ALTERED the deal! Be THANKFUL I have decided not to ALTER it any further! Does THAT ring a bell to YOU, Bulma Briefs? You should know, you SAID it YOURSELF!!!!” Chameleon angrily says: “You'll NEVER get AWAY with this!” And he PUNCHES Dr. Gero, only to reveal that he is NOTHING more than a ROBOT made in Dr. Gero's IMAGE!!!! The Robot menacingly says: “You will NEVER find ME, BULMA; but I'll find YOU; and your PRECIOUS, bratty FRIENDS!!!!” And the Robot shuts down and breaks into pieces! Bulma suddenly breaks down and cries! Bulma screams: “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bulma cries tears, and she says: “It's all been a JOKE!!!! My entire RUN this season has been just a CRUEL, SICK Joke!” Skipper asks: “Do you HONESTLY think we're going to feel SORRY for you, after ALL the stuff that you put EVERYONE through this season?!” Bulma cries, and she says: “I didn't mean to do ANY of this! I didn't KNOW Dr. Gero was using me, I SWEAR!!!!” Reggie asks: “How am I supposed to believe THAT?! After what you TRIED to pull with me?!” Captain Retro says: “I know of one way; a milder form of 'Redemption Equals Death.' I was given many things when I came to this dimension; one of the things I was given WAS a Clean Slate! I can GIVE this to you, Bulma, so you can erase this embarrassing mistake that has consumed your life, but you HAVE to eliminate yourself; and you have to promise to start becoming a better, nicer person after you are eliminated! Then, and only THEN will I give you this Clean Slate!” Bulma says: “But if I erase my mistake, I would STILL have to come back to my home planet where everyone has SURELY seen what I have DONE this season! If I go back, then I would have to face my past! I've been running from it for SO long!” Skipper SLAPS Bulma with his flipper, and Bulma asks: “OW!!!! GEEZ! What was THAT for?!” Skipper says: “It doesn't matter! It's in the past!” Bulma rubs her face, and she says: “Yeah, but it STILL hurts!” Captain Retro says: “I know, the past CAN hurt! But you want to know what I've learned in life? You can either try and run FROM your past; or, learn from it!” And Captain Retro THROWS a punch, but Bulma ducks it! Captain Retro says: “You SEE?! So, what are you going to do?” Bulma says: “First, I'm going to TAKE your MASK!!!!” And Bulma SNATCES Captain Retro's mask, causing Captain Retro to drop the Clean Slate! Captain Retro covers his face and says: “No, no, NO!!!! Not my Mask!” Captain Retro puts his mask back on, and turns back around, as Bulma has grabbed her Clean Slate, AND a parachute! Captain Retro asks: “Where are YOU going?!” Bulma shouts: “I'm going BACK!!!!” And she JUMPS out of the plane! Captain Retro says: “GOOD!!!! Go on! Get out of here! YAHOO!!!!” Patrick says: “WOAH!!!! Bulma Briefs eliminated HERSELF?! I did NOT see that coming!” Fondue says: “I guess she really DIDN'T mean to do any of the things she did this season!” General Barracuda says: “Well, she was STILL kind of a JERK anyways!” (Confessional) Captain Retro gulps, and he nervously says: “Kamehameha!!!!” And he tries to produce a ray of energy, but NOTHING comes out! Captain Retro says: “Oh NO!!!! My powers HAVE all left me! That means there is no more EVIL left on the plane! And that means, I'm down on level playing field with everyone ELSE! It's certainly not going to TAKE the other contestants that long to figure this out! I'm on borrowed time!” (End Confessional) Sniz says: “And with that, it is all over! Bulma Briefs has left the plane, and we are down to the Final Six Contestants for this season! Any one of them has a chance to win up to $44.44 million, but one of them will STILL have to take the Drop of Shame before we get to the Final Five! Find out who it is on the next exciting episode of Total Cartoon Global Cruise!” / Epilogue: A montage of scenes of Bulma speaking (which there are a LOT of); are juxtaposed to show Bulma getting more and more unnerved, and finally despairing, as a hit song, sung by Captain Retro, is performed during this montage! / Genre: Alternative Rock. Sub-genre: Funk Rock. Song: “Little Miss Can't Be Wrong” (Clean Version). Sung by: Captain Retro! / Captain Retro: “Been a whole lot easier since the witch left town. Been a whole lot happier without that face around. Nobody upstairs gonna stomp and shout, nobody out the back door gonna throw my laundry out. She holds the shotgun while you do-si-do. She want one man made of Hercules and Cyrano. Been a whole lot easier since the witch has gone. Little miss, Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong! Little miss, Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong; ain't nobody gonna bow no more when you sound your gong. Little miss, Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong! What you going to do, to get into another one of these here rock and roll songs? Other people's thoughts, they ain't your hand-me-downs. Would it be so bad to simply turn around? You know you cook so well, all nice and French. You do your brain surgery too; mama, with yer monkey wrench! It's been a whole lot easier since the witch has gone. Little miss, Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong! Little miss, Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong; ain't nobody gonna bow no more when you sound your gong. Little miss, Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong! What you going to do, to get into another one of these here rock and roll songs? (Guitar solo) I hope that attitude is gonna make you cough! I hope you heard this song and it ticked you off! I take that back; I hope you're doing fine! And if I had a dollar, I might give you ninety-nine. Little miss, Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong! Ain't nobody gonna bow no more when you sound your gong. Little miss, Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong! What you going to do, to get into another one of these here rock 'n' roll songs? OH! Little miss, Little miss can't be wrong; no, you can't be wrong! Little miss, Little miss, Little Miss can't be wrong! OH! Oh; oh, OH!!!!” / And the epic song ends. / Episode Notes: Running gags in this episode, Bulma KEEPS asking herself why she can't just ever learn to JUST stop talking, and various people keep saying that Anti-Timmy NEEDS to be KILLED and needs to be KILLED with FIRE!!!! Fittingly enough, Anti-Timmy FINALLY meets his end in this episode, when he falls into a lava-filled volcano; or rather, Chameleon who transformed himself INTO one! The sequence is an affectionate reference to the theatrical climax of The Return of the King. Bulma's private conversation with Gonard from the episode “Baking Bad, and Good!”; is finally played in full in front of the remaining contestants, and it helps seal her fate with her elimination. The sequences with Dr. Gero are on homage to “The Wizard of Oz;” and just like in the movie, the facade is EXPOSED by the DOG who shows EVERYONE just what a SHAM the Wizard/Doctor TRULY is! Bulma Briefs, ironically, gets her Clean Slate from Captain Retro, in exchange for eliminating herself, and promising to become a better person once she becomes eliminated. With Bulma's elimination, not only has every single contestant from “Dragonball Z Kai now been eliminated; but Captain Retro, as a result, loses access to all of his powers. With no more evil on the plane, he no longer has any need for his powers. Skipper wins individual immunity for the first time this season! Featured songs in this episode: “Wanted Dead or Alive; Think for Yourself; Little Miss Can't Be Wrong;” (a clean version), and “Just Like Jesse James!” / Personal Notes: Because I consider this episode to be the high point of this entire season, I wanted it to be something BIG that people would enjoy! That's one of the reasons that I didn't want to rush writing this thing! Ironically, one of the BEST parts of this episode wasn't even MY idea; I actually have to thank Hayden for coming up with the idea to have ALL the current contestants have a shot at Bulma Briefs; I think it really improved the episode a whole lot! One of the things that I wanted to do this season, that I didn't have a chance to do in my previous seasons, was to do a milder version of “Redemption Equals Death.” Because Bulma was never TRULY an evil person; but in the earlier seasons of “Dragonball Z,” BEFORE she gave birth to Trunks, she was an EXTREMELY bratty and EXTREMELY annoying person! And it always puzzled me as to WHY she became so much NICER after giving birth to Trunks! Writing this season was a way for me to answer my own question, as to WHY Bulma became a nicer person. After going through a rough ordeal in order to get something she wanted, it made her realize that her having such a bratty personality wasn't the way for her to live her life, which is why she became such a better person in the later seasons of “Dragonball Z.” / That's my episode idea for today! Enough said!
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    No worries haha popchips are chips that are cooked with heat and air pressure and aren't fried such as your usual potato chip. They're more healthier too and come in many different flavors, they're really good and are made with non-gmo saffflower or sunflower oil. gluten free too. some might have allergens such as dairy (PopChips Barebeque, Crazy Hot & Sour Cream+Onion, PopChips Tangy BBQ, Chili Cheese, and Cheddar+Sour Cream Ridges and Kettle Corn Popchips). Others are non-dairy. They have a bunch of questions on here if I forgot some http://popchips.com/faq
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    yes man makes up his own, happier universe ? mom and dad won't let them too close to meet them, sadly
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    I always used to hate American Girl playing whenever I came onto the original SBC Xat, but now I get a feeling of nostalgia whenever I hear it. Tom Petty and his music will be sorely missed.
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    It's unfortunate that people trying to call for action against senseless crimes like this are being silenced by people who think it's "too soon" to talk about how these mass shootings relate to gun control. It's always too soon for some people. This kind of thing is going to keep going forever if no action is taken. It is truly disturbing.
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    Im fucking screaming why js this so real
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    Elias vs Apollo: I actually like Elias, so it's nice to see him picking up another W here, but at the same time, I am a fan of Titus Worldwide and what they have going for themselves as sort of this underdog group. Hopefully both sides here can find more solid footing soon storyline-wise soon, especially Titus Wordwide since they seem to have fallen by the wayside in recent weeks. The Miz vs Jason Jordan: Solid match, it's a shame that Jordan's athletic ability in the ring is getting overshadowed by the stigma of being in such a stinker of a storyline, can't help but feel for the guy. That post match promo tho. Yikes. I suspect these two ain't finish with each other yet. Finn vs Bray: Gotta give these two props for still putting out a good match in spite of the lackluster storyline that's been keeping it on life support for the last month. The right man won (sorry Bray). hopefully now, Finn can go onto bigger and better things (like maybe the next challenger for Brock?) and Bray can get his shit together (which I honestly doubt). Tag Title Match: Holy shit, did these warriors come out to play. Best match of the night without doubt. The brutality being further exemplified with Cesaro's sick ass injury. Teeth injuries are no fucking joke, mang. Much respect to him for roughing it and still giving us this great match. This reunion between Seth and Dean is something that's really been beneficial for these two, Dean especially. Honestly can't wait to see more from these two teams, I mean, who else are they gonna face amirite? But srsly, between this feud and the one between New Day and The Usos on Smackdown, tag teams have been killing it as of late. Women's Title Match: Nia was definitely the MVP in this one. That bump alone was gnarly dude. I thought it was a good match. Bayley eating the pin in her first match is definitely not a good look for her. I wouldn't necessarily mind if it wasn't for how badly she was booked before her injury. I think they were sorta selling whether or not she came back from healing her injury too soon (which is, admittedly, something pretty interesting and fresh to toy with since its such an inversion of the cliche ole "returning conquering hero" thing that Cena's been famous for when it comes to returning early from his injuries) But yeah, that combined with everything else that made her look like a goof before the injury, it's gonna be tough for her, that's all I'll say. It was nice to see some Bayley/Sasha tease tho. I just hope most people will give a shit when that time comes. Alexa retains and I fully expect her to keep that title nice and tidy for The Empress of Tomorrow. They seemed to be heavily teasing Alexa vs Mickie James next on Raw Talk. I wish Mickie was put on better display beforehand, but I ain't against it. I really hope they cool off on all these multi-women matches (and that goes for both brands). It takes the novelty away from such matches. Give these women more individual stuff to work with. Reigns vs Cena: Good match for what it was, but it still leaves more to be desired from these two. I noticed that it incorporated a lot of moves and spots from Cena's past matches of similar magnitude such as his AA off the ropes (which he also did to AJ, but it's something that I've always associated with his match against Bobby Lashley at Great American Bash 2007), the diving Fameasser countered into a power bomb (from Cena's first match against Batista at Summerslam 2008) and the double decker AA's that he used to put Styles away at this past Royal Rumble, I believe. That was a nice touch, especially for this, the ultimate of all passing of the torch matches. Speaking of, I wasn't really feeling it, it just felt forced and tacky to me. I was hoping Roman would remain his snarky, condescending self during that post-match, but it is what it is. Maybe he'll go back to doing just that tonight like what he did after he beat Undertaker, who knows. All I know is that Cena's more than deserved to do whatever the hell he wants with his life and career from here on out. Enzo vs Neville: I didn't necessarily hate this one as much as the next couple people. It was what I expected to be, Neville being the superior combatant by a large margin but Enzo Eddie Guerrero'ing his way to victory and the Cruiserweight title. I'm honestly pretty intrigued where they're gonna go from here because Enzo is like the perfect antithesis to this entire division, he's not necessarily as good in ring but he trumps them all in the character and promo department. He's not only trash talked just the heels of the division, but the faces pretty lowkey as well. And someone like him being the champion is the ultimate slap in the face of everybody in this division. This whole situation is very much like art imitating life because its well known just how hated Enzo is amongst his peers for many reasons and its also pretty well known just how lowly the Cruiserweight division is perceived at the moment. I feel this has the potential to be something much bigger for the entire division if WWE is willing to go the extra with it, which will hopefully get more eyes on the cruiserweights, as much of a sour pill that may be to swallow for most. Brock vs Braun: I can agree with the consensus that this was the disappointment of the night. The match was indeed solid and it told a pretty good story throughout, but the ending really did detract from it. I didn't really mind this shit with the Samoa Joe match at Great Balls of Fire, but they decided to do it again with a guy who was booked to be much a stronger of an opponent than Joe was for Lesnar. Joe mostly relied on properly utilized underhanded tactics to get the better of Brock whereas Braun would go toe-to-toe straight up and physically bested Brock every chance he got, not to mention the monster among men lifted over a freakin ambulance and survived a vehicular manslaughter attempt (in kayfabe, mind you), so it really took it out me to see that all it took was just one F5 to seal Braun's fate (and not necessarily with the best looking F5 ever, to boot). Like I said earlier, the match told a pretty good story with Brock slowly chipping away at Braun's armor and Braun slowly getting the wind knocked out of him with the more punishment he took. It was a fight that was taking its toll on not just one, but both men, as Brock himself looked gassed. I'm all for protecting finishers, but I really feel that this was one of those matches that would've benefitted from maybe hitting a couple more. I'm not saying that Braun has to kick out of all them like he's Roman Reigns, but to take a page out of the good ole Undertaker vs Undertaker match from Summerslam 1994, I would've rather to have seen Brock really having to dig deep inside himself to find the strength to lift Braun for at least two more consecutive F5's (something they made a point of throughout the match, whether or not Brock could actually lift execute it) to make sure that Braun is down and STAYS down before feeding him that pin. Brock, of course, would come out looking like The Beast Among Monsters that he is, while Braun would come out of this looking more stronger than he is now in knowing that he is the one competitor who really took Brock beyond his limits, having to eat like 3 F5's before being put away whereas it only took one to take down both The Destroyer and The Big Dog (who ate like 4 AA's earlier this same night and still won). But, what has happened has happened and what we must move forward. I'm sure Brock will still continue being Brock and I have some good faith that the powers that be know what to do with Strowman from here since he's been pretty protected in the months leading up to this one match. I doubt he'll fall that far from grace, he'll continue being the highlight of our Monday nights when The Beast is away. Hopefully. Overall, I'll give this show a solid B+.
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    Can you please closed down your restaurant! The food is HORRIBLE!
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