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    i havent updated this since...ever probably, oops i have a new drawing im proud of recently ,,,this is the best sonic ive ever drawn prob. aside from maybe drawing the legs a little too short, but im proud of everything else. im considering coloring it later, but for now, have this.
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    Here are titles and synopses for the October chapters: 74. In the Past: Mai reminisces over a past adventure about the previous guardians and knights. (October 7th) 75. Slittercold vs. Karmania!: When Slittercold is angered and goes on a rampage through Karmania, only the heroes can calm him down. (October 14th) 76. Night of Fear: A mysterious specter haunts the heroes, making them see their worst fears. (October 28th) Only two chapters remain of S3 after these, which are a two-part season finale.
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    "Champagne Supernova" - Oasis
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    Team SpongeBob - Season 10: Reformed Ep.157 "The Time Jewel" Team SpongeBob HQ Sandy and Aria were seen sparring in the team's training room. "Come on! Show me you're worth something without those magic powers!" Sandy joked, swinging at Aria with a bo staff. Aria dodged, swinging her own bo staff at Sandy. Sandy did a back flip, and then hit Aria's leg with the bo staff. "Ughh!" Aria shouts, having fallen to the ground. "It's all about proper footing. But, don't worry - you'll get it." Sandy said, helping Aria up. "Yeah well... combat training kinda sucks." Aria said, catching her breath. Sandy throws her an energy drink bottle. "Thanks." Aria said. "No problem." Sandy responds. "Hey, are you alright? Lately, I've been getting an off aura about you. Just every now and then." Aria admitted. "I feel perfectly fine, Aria." Sandy said, confused. "Okay..." Aria said. Suddenly, a red alarm goes off. "Mission room..." Sandy said. Both ladies made their way to the mission room. SpongeBob and Linda are seen at the monitor, as the rest of the team arrives. "What's up?" Pearl asked. "Exciting news, guys!" SpongeBob started. "One of the drones picked up a specific energy only emitted by the Divine Jewels!" Linda said, excitedly. "WHOA!" Alex said. "No way!" Debbie cheered. The rest of the team gasped in excitement. "So where are we talking, exactly?" Aria asked. "The last place anyone would've expected." SpongeBob said. Linda pulled the location on the monitor. "Patel Reef. A desolate land that used to be inhabited by an ancient civilization on the island." Linda revealed. "From what I've gathered in my research, there seems to be a temple there. Perfect spot for a Divine Jewel to be found." SpongeBob said. "I mean, we thought the same about the tomb - but that was a bust." Debbie said. "But this time we know that something's there - and it's more than likely to be one of the last Divine Jewels." Linda said. "Are we flying out?" Alex asked. "Yes." SpongeBob said. "Oh! Maybe in the Skyripper?" Pearl asked. "PEARL!" SpongeBob shouted. "What's... the Skyripper?" Aria asked. "It was supposed to be a surprise. Me and Sandy have been working on it." SpongeBob said. "It's a ship. Far more advanced and spacious than the S-Jet." Sandy said. "Wow, you guys couldn't let me in on the secret?" Linda asked. "It'll be amazing... when it's done. Trust us." Sandy said. "Alright, well we do have a mission to get to. So, let's suit up and head out." Linda ordered. While suiting up in her room, Sandy's eye pupils become black. She pulls out the burner phone from her secret drawer compartment, calling Triton. "... Triton, I hope you're ready for this. The team has found the Time Jewel - and I know the exact location." Sandy started. Alex is seen walking into the lounge, where Aria and Debbie are talking. "Hey, what's everyone waiting around for?" Alex asked. "The S-Jet is juicing up." Debbie said. "Uh, don't mean to interrupt, but may I talk with Debbie for a moment? Alone?" Alex asked Aria. "Sure." Aria said, stepping out. "Hey." Debbie said. "Hey. I know I've been distant lately." Alex started. "Ever since that whole sex-debacle." Debbie said. "It wasn't about sex, it was about me. Honestly, why can't you understand that?" Alex asked. "I do!" Debbie argued. Alex sighed. "So, anything more on the surgery?" Debbie asked, trying to ease the tension. "I have an appointment in two weeks." Alex revealed. "I'm happy for you. You should do whatever makes you feel more like the man you are." Debbie said. "Thank you." Alex said. "With that out of the way, maybe we can work on rebuilding what we had." Debbie said, stepping closer to him. "I actually think we should take a little break." Alex said. Debbie looked saddened. "I just... need to figure out my comfort zone and my feelings. I hope we can still be friends during that time." Alex said. "Of course. I care about you, Alex. Whether we're dating or not." Debbie established. Alex nodded, as Debbie left the lounge. Finally, the team all gathered on the S-Jet, as SpongeBob took the wheel. With everyone buckled in, SpongeBob started the engine. "Alright, let's get this damn jewel." SpongeBob said, with a smile. ---- Patel Reef, Karate Island The S-Jet is seen approaching the temple on Patel Reef. "The color is so beautiful." Debbie said, referring to it's golden hue. "Touching down in 4... 3... 2... 1." SpongeBob denoted, as they landed near the entrance. The outside had a small water oasis nearby. "Interesting that the temple has hardly withered away after all these eons." Pearl said. "Agreed." Sandy said. As the group walked closer to the entrance, they came upon a magic barrier. "A barrier? How is this possible?" Linda questioned. "Maybe the society that built this didn't want outsiders getting in after they'd perished." Alex suggested. "No. This barrier is recent. I can feel it." Aria said, getting a sense of it's energy. "This means someone's here." Debbie said, as the rest of the team looked at her. "... Triton." Linda spoke. "We don't know that! We don't know anything right now!" SpongeBob said. "He obviously called upon the power of the Dark Jewel to create this barrier. He doesn't want us inside." Aria said. "That's odd. On the same day we discover the Time Jewel is here... Triton also miraculously discovers it too?" Pearl stressed. "Pearl's right. This is weird." Debbie said. "I think we just need to focus on getting inside." Sandy said. "Yeah,... and facing whatever's waiting for us." Linda added. "Alright. Aria, may you?" SpongeBob asked. Aria stood directly in front of the barrier, whispering a magical spell to break down the barrier. "Break the barrier, unleash the hold, all secrets come out from the fold. dlof eht morf tuo emoc sterces lla , dloh eht hsaelnu, reirrab eht kaerb." Aria chanted. The barrier let down, as the heroes stormed inside the temple. The inside is decorated with beautiful and shining green crystals. Up ahead, the heroes see four figures. Clarissa, Jonathan Jacks, Brock, and Amy step forward. "Triton IS here!" SpongeBob shouted. "He's already gone deeper into the temple, and should have the jewel by now." Clarissa stated. "It's OVER!" Jonathan shouted. The team appeared shocked. "... SpongeBob, what do we do?" Linda asked. "Fight!" SpongeBob said, racing toward them Team SpongeBob and E.V.I.L collided. Pearl shot out multiple arrows, which the E.V.I.L members managed to avoid. Clarissa let out a clam cry at Debbie and Alex. Both of them dropped to their knees. "ALEX, LIKE LAST TIME!" Debbie said. Alex transformed into living electricity, striking down Clarissa again. SpongeBob rammed past all of the villains heading deeper into the temple. "I'll follow after SpongeBob! Help out everyone else!" Alex said to Debbie, as he took off. Sandy (sporting her Jelly Bite), went into combat against Amy. Amy avoided Sandy's blows, performing a backflip and tossing out stilettos. Sandy kicked them out of her way. "YOU NEED A NEW TRICK!" Sandy said. "Luckily, I have one!" Amy said, quickly tossing out a dart at Sandy. Debbie jumped in front of Sandy, as the dart pierced her above the stomach. "Debbie!" Sandy said. Debbie had passed out. "I laced that dart with a knock-out component." Amy said. Suddenly, Amy was hit over the head with Pearl's bow. "Speaking of 'knock-out' components." Pearl joked. Brock shot out green energy blasts at Linda, as she jumped to avoid them. Linda embrace her powers, using her light to fly. Brock also used his abilities to fly. Brock then tackles Linda into some crystals up against the walls. Linda releases a bright light from her body, which stuns Brock back to the ground. Meanwhile, Jonathan uses his telekinesis to launch large chunks of rocks and crystals at Aria. Aria uses magic to redirect them out of her way. The rest of the team soon comes over to help. "GO AFTER TRITON, I GOT THIS!" Aria yells to them. "She's right, come on!" Linda said. "What about Debbie?" Pearl asked. "We don't have time!" Sandy said. Sandy, Pearl, and Linda took off. Jonathan now uses his powers to create rips in the ground around Aria. The opening of the temple begins to shake. "YOU'RE AN IDIOT! YOUR POWERS WILL BRING DOWN THIS WHOLE TEMPLE!" Aria shouted. "WELL, THEY DON'T CALL ME MOTION MASTER FOR NOTHING!" Jonathan yelled. Jonathan released a massive telekinetic wave. The opening of the temple began to rupture. Aria releases an almost unprecedented amount of magical energy, as the entire area appears to be fixed. "... And they don't call me Ms. Magic for nothing." Aria said, as her eye pupils appeared purple. Jonathan's eyes widened. Aria quickly releases another spell, which wraps Jonathan in binds. Aria approaches Debbie's body. Debbie suddenly jerks up. "WHAT HAPPENED!?" Debbie asked. "The villains are down, but Triton is still a problem. We need to find the rest of the team." Aria said, pulling Debbie up. Deeper into the temple, we see Triton and Victoria step inside a chamber room. A flight of stairs led up to a platform that hoisted a blue Divine Jewel on a glass stand. The two walked up the stairs. "The Time Jewel." Victoria stated. "Isn't it beautiful?" Triton said. "Yes. Able to change anything we want." Victoria said, looking on in awe. "Hold this, while I admire the jewel." Triton said. Triton handed Victoria his scepter, engaging with the Time Jewel. "Thank you for always trusting me to be right by your side." Victoria said. "Well, through all of this... you've been the one I can count on most." Triton said, still looking at the jewel. Victoria moved behind Triton. "... After you killed me anyway." Victoria said. "Yeah, well that was a necessary evil." Triton said. "And so is THIS!" Victoria shouted. Victoria stabbed Triton through his back with the scepter. "AHHHHHHHHH!" Trtion shrieked, falling to the floor. Victoria pulled the scepter out, turning him over on his back "Vic - toria... why???" Triton said, coughing up blood. "It slowly became clear to me why you're not fit to rule. You're still a person. That's your downfall. Me? Well, I'm something else. Something you were responsible for creating. I'll carry on your plan, Triton. Because... I believe in it. But, I don't believe you were meant to execute it." Victoria revealed. "Y-ou crazy witch!" Triton let out. Victoria kneeled down to his body. "Let me make you feel better." Victoria said. Victoria gave Triton a cold kiss, freezing his body from the inside out. With Triton's body now an ice statue, Victoria smashed it into pieces with the scepter. After that, she kicked the pieces down the flight of stairs. Finally, SpongeBob arrived into the room with super speed. Sandy, Alex, Pearl, and Linda came after him. "What the hell?" SpongeBob said. "JUST IN TIME!" Victoria called out. Victoria took the Time Jewel, placing it in the third incision on the scepter. "Oh no..." Sandy said. "WHERE'S TRITON? WHY DO YOU HAVE HIS TRIDENT?" SpongeBob asked. "Triton is DEAD! And his ashes are on the floor before you." Victoria stated. The team looked at the ice pieces on the ground. "Oh my god." Linda said, shocked. "WHAT DID YOU DO?" Sandy yelled. "Triton was a person. I am not. That's why he couldn't be the one to rule - it had to be me!" Victoria told them. "Victoria... if there is still a decent part left in you... you'll think about your son, Tomoya. You'll stop this!" Pearl said. "I don't feel love for anyone. And I won't be stopping. I'll continue Triton's plan." Victoria said. Victoria used the power of the Time Jewel to open up a massive wormhole inside the chamber. "NO!" SpongeBob said. The wormhole was strong enough to completely pull in all five of the heroes. "Well, that should keep them distracted while I finish what Triton started." Victoria said, walking down the stairs. From outside of the room, Debbie and Aria secretly witnessed the entire thing. "Remain silent." Aria said. "I know..." Debbie whispered. Victoria opened up her own portal into time. "2010, here I come." Victoria said, stepping through. At that moment, Aria and Debbie ran into the room. As the portal was beginning to close, Aria chanted a magic spell to hold it open. "I CAN'T HOLD FOR LONG!" Aria said, as she struggled. "Are you crazy?! We can't go through." Debbie said. "Victoria is likely planning to erase Team SpongeBob from the face of history! WE HAVE TO." Aria told her. "FINE! Let's go." Debbie agreed. The two walked through the portal. NOTES: The Time Jewel is finally located in a temple on Patel Reef. E.V.I.L intercepts Team SpongeBob at the temple (thanks to a mind controlled Sandy). Victoria murders Triton, taking the scepter and Divine Jewels for herself. Victoria sends five Team SpongeBob members through a wormhole, with their whereabouts unknown. Victoria enters a portal to 2010 (the year Team SpongeBob first formed), with Debbie and Aria going through it as well. The end of the "Reformed" arc.
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    Y o u a r e a l r e a d y d e a d ?
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    wow who knew I'd get so much flak for saying I'm not going to miss the founder of a trash magazine that objectifies women
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    This just made my night?
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    some possible drunk dude outside a liquor store above my window was shouting MARIA twice. all I can think of is MARIA COME OVER HERE ?
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