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    "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"- The Smashing Pumpkins.
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    "Story Of My Life" // Social Distortion This song has a super soft spot in my heart because I remember listening to this right before I went to bed at night, of course, on my first day of 8th grade in 2014, which was off the heels of the two worst school years of my life. Really thought this year would turn things around, and boy I was right. That was a great year.
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    Goodbye Blue Sky - Pink Floyd
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    before I say anything about this show, it is apperantly set in X-Men film universe but pretty much far away from X-Men movies or something. We might get to see Professor X in season 2 or probably not but no one really has to watch X-Men films to get this show. Hopefully Professor X will pop up in season 2 tho. I saw all episodes in season 1 and I gotta say the show is fucking awesome so far. It's definitely more different than anything else in MCU shows and DC CW shows and that's a huge praise if you are tired of superhero cliches. This was pretty much mind blown from start to finish. From such breathtaking visuals, cinematography, background music and direction to incredibly strong storytelling and it kept me edge on my seat. It was so damn creative, trippy and nonsensial and I loved every single minute of it. I pretty much adored the whole storyline of David (Legion) being mentally ill or not and what's going on in his head (literally). And the romance was actually so adorable. I hate romance in DC's shows because they are just melodramatic and forced. Here, it felt so natural, sweet and compelling. Characters were very loveable and performances are strong. Dan Stevens is a really fitting choice for David but honestly the huge praise goes to Aubrey Plaza's character, whom I won't spoil to see for yourself. I hope Aubrey Plaza gets an emmy for her character because she knocked out of the park. And I loved others like Syd, Kerry, Oliver and Cary etc. The show kept it's suspense and at times it even felt like a horror movie. Tons of scenes were so memorable here, particually one scene from Chapter 6 and the climax of Chapter 7. I highly recommend this series. Next to Agents fo S.H.I.E.L.D, this is my favorite superhero show. It sucks when we have to wait 1 year for season 2 but it'll be so damn worth it. First season grade: A+
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    I think The Loud House is good from what I've seen. Not amazing, just...good. But yeah, this just feels rushed trying to get a movie out this soon. If I were Nickelodeon, I would consider airing The Loud House far more than they do now if they really want this movie to succeed and prepare for it to be the next big program for the network...just don't pull a CN and air it 178 times a week.
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